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What is gamechanger classic app? GameChanger provides simple - yet powerful - free scorekeeping tools, advanced statistics, live updates and team management solutions for sports teams. We calculate stats, generate a scorebook, and stream live play-by-play and audio to parents and fans.

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App Name GameChanger Classic
Category Sports
Updated 26 September 2023, Tuesday
File Size 72.88 MB

GameChanger Classic Comments & Reviews 2023

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Geendreemer. I love to watch my grandson play sports, especially baseball. I am disabled and can’t always make it to his games so I watch it on GameChanger. This weekend he had a game so I decided to go for the free trial and if I liked it, I would buy it. When it first started out, I thought “this is going to be great”. About halfway through the game things started going downhill. I couldn’t see the game at all, the score was behind, the batting was behind and the program crashed!! Since I was in the free trial period I couldn’t get back to the person who usually does the plays for GameChanger. I was so frustrated! I actually had enrolled in your basic plan but immediately cancelled my subscription. I did not want the hassle that I was getting each time I watched a game. I liked the little extras that come with the paid subscription but not well enough to put up with the interruptions while I’m trying to watch a game. I am a senior citizen and am on a fixed budget. I can’t be spending money on things that don’t work like they are supposed to. Perhaps in the future I may try it again. But for now, I will just have to watch the local guy who does GameChanger at our games when I can’t be there. Thank you for your time.

Few options for convenience. I’ve been using this app for a number of years and over all the free version does its job. When I did use the full paid app I didn’t dig in enough to use all the bells and whistles. So if these feature are already available disregard. In all honestly overall no complaints! what I would like to see if possible is a couple of convenience features. Can you add a time start feature so that coordinators can keep track of their games. Also, can you add it to the Apple Watch feature to include a quick score and time screen while using it. Think about it, what better way to reference time and score then on the watch screen. Again merely suggestion to make a great app better.

A must have application for youth baseball.. I’ve been using Game Changer for the past 6 years from my little league, travel ball, and for my high schooler. This is a great app... easy to score, track stats, automated sports articles for the team, and a fan favorite for family and friends to tune into the game when they can’t be there in person. Tracking is now closer to real time, and this year they have automated sports announcing. I gave this app 4 stars because I am hoping they take this app to the next level with integrated video broadcasting (I’m the dad with the GoPro mounted in the backstop filming the games), and artificial intelligence for automated scoring 😃.

Meh. I got this app about a year ago when my son’s team used it, however I haven’t used it since because my son doesn’t play for that team anymore. I deleted the app until today because his current team is using it. With three kids in sports my husband and I are having the to divide and conquer and it is nice to have to see how the game is going when we’re with our other kids. But I would love to be able to stop following my son’s previous team and there doesn’t seem to be an option for that. It gets pretty annoying to have teams you have no interest in pop up notifications.

Vs. IVe used TeamSnap since they started but when they raised their prices I started to look elsewhere for similar features. I definitely found it in the GameChanger format. Not only do they have availability status and messaging but there isn’t a limit to how many players you can have and they have stats too. Most of the players just want to see it but some do want to keep up with How things are progressing throughout the season and they have the ability to pay for that on their own if they want it and that’s a huge advantage over TeamSnaps platform. Thanks

A Good App That Could Be Great. Not user friendly when it comes to following or unfollowing teams. Players change teams, move up to different age groups. It’s impossible to unfollow or delete a team off your team list. It should be NEXT TO THE TEAM! Too slow to use at the game, several pitches and plays behind. Most fields don’t keep using the scoreboard during Covid. (Which makes zero sense, it’s outside and in the sun) It’s good app to watch at home. Larry Geiger

College Baseball Coach. This app is such a great tool for me. I have easy access to spray charts from store throughout the season which gives us a tremendous leg-up in building a game plan with a detailed scouting report. I love the ability to send stats, pictures, and messages to players, parents, or position groups. This app allows the parents of my players to follow the games and get extremely detail reports despite the fact the game may be happening several states away. This is a great addition to any team!

Good App when not physically at game.. Good App when I am not able to physically attend games. One issue, my daughter & niece on same softball team they both share the same first initial as well as last name. When they are on defense, it does not differentiate who is who. While they play multiple positions, it would be great if developers would allow for the 2nd initial in first name to appear so we can correctly identify which girl is where. On offense it does differentiate between players cause it shows the players number next to the name. Or simply add the players # next to the name while on defense etc. Hoping the developers can fix this or provide some valuable feedback. Other than that, the app is good although I have not paid for it nor tried the free trial.

App notifications. Update! The issue was fixed in a timely manner and I’m impressed with how well the staff fixed the problem! Thank you! Old issue: We are having problems getting app notifications. App notifications are turned on when I check the app but I never get notified when team members write in our messages. It used to worm fine but it quit about a month or so ago. I’ve tried logging out and logging back in and that didn’t work.

Glad something like this is available.. Being in law enforcement and working 12 hour shifts means working every other weekend. My boy plays travel ⚾️ and that means tournaments EVERY weekend. The weekends I work I don’t make the tournaments so GameChanger has been a LifeSaver! The kid is smart and he knows his daddy’s schedule but he still asks every time if I’m gonna come watch him play. Instead of just saying “no, sorry bud” every time I can follow that up with “but I’ll be glued to the play by play on GameChanger the whole time kiddo!” Kinda makes it more than about baseball at that point. Anyway sorry for the rambling but splitting weekends with his mama and seemingly missing out on half of his life makes GameChanger worth every penny and so much more! Baseball is his passion and he’s mine! Thank y’all for everything!

More complex than iScore. This app is not as user friendly as iScore. I wasn’t able to edit the line up after the game started. If this is an option I could not find it. I just found it more difficult to find the next options of a play than iScore. In iScore after each play it was ask you “what happened to the runner on 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.” to remind you to move the runners. I also preferred tapping on a runner and the iScore app asking me what I would like to do with runner rather than me having to drag the icon to the next base. Then I had to take an extra second to make sure I held the icon on Safe or Out. At least with a simple pop up “runner moved to 2nd” the icon would auto move and I wouldn’t have to worry about dragging it. I also had a hard time bring in/out subs. This was new for me though...It would have been easier when setting the lineup if I could include subs as an option. Just like a paper line up has a separate section for Lineup and Subs.

I am there when I am not.. We were at a restaurant in another state when I pulled out my phone to see if Grandsons game had started. Low and behold I saw he was up to bat. I watched as my Grandson hit a 3 run homer. We screamed and celebrated! Granted we weren’t there but in a small way we were because I knew before anyone could call or text me. If I can’t be there, it’s the next best thing especially when you have multiple kids playing all over the area.

Great Baseball App When You Can’t Be At The Game!. L❤️VE Game Changer! It gives me the opportunity to have the experience of watching/hearing my grandson play when I’m unable to be at his games especially when they are played out of town. I keep up with the stats and share those and the summary with him. I can talk with him and know how he did. Our relationship has grown closer because of the information I’m able to have and can talk with him about his participation in his games. I’ve got his cousin interested in watching on Game Changer. She doesn’t drive yet and lives out of town. So thankful for it!!

Good app. Nice; where else can you get a radio-like broadcast of your kid’s game!? Wish the app would change the pronoun applied to people, allow the user to select a gender so you don’t hear “they’re 0 for 1 today,” who’s they? Seems a simple thing to add. First-world problems, right? Mispronounces common names as well, and a disconnect warning would be nice—sometimes your hear the background noises but no game, and you can’t tell if it’s lost connection or if the person entering the updates is working on it. Also would be nice to get non/play updates, entries titled, titled “conference at the mound” and “coach-umpire discussion” would help there. But overall very glad to have it despite its minor issues.

Excellent App. The best tool for softball or baseball coaches who want to evaluate actual performance instead of making decisions based on gut feel. Let the numbers back your decisions, and no one can argue about your lineups and fielding assignments. This app will track every stat you can imagine, limited only by the knowledge of your scorekeeper. You can also live stream your scorekeeping, giving parents and fans an opportunity to keep up with the game when they can't be there. And you can limit access to stats to various groups of people if it becomes a problem for some reason. Absolutely critical to our team, and fun for good old fashioned stat junkies like me.

No more editing names?. This app was great until this last version does not let you edit names on the fly or even on the team view. You type in a wrong name and you’re stuck and cannot edit. I don’t always have the roster handy and need to edit later. Sometimes I have to put an identifier until I get name/number etc. Anyone that has used this app knows how important that feature Was. Please fix ASAP. *update-I see the response, tried it, and it works. Still too cumbersome. Did update to 3 stars, because updates should not include taking 2 steps back to move one step forward. I do however, sincerely appreciate the reply. *

Keeping in touch. I love this ap. I can watch my grandson all the time. I can also keep in touch with other young kids that I have met over the years and enjoy their journey in this sport of baseball. Years ago when our daughter was being recruited by Florida State University we wanted to know if we could get videos of her softball games. This ap would have definitely been beneficial at that time. My daughter stayed in the Midwest to play for the Northwestern University softball program. Go Cats!! Thanks for all the data that we capture from this ap as well.

Game changer crashed. The app crashed in the 5th inning of our game on 4/3/21. I was not able to score the game past that point. I contacted support via e-mail that evening (there is no phone number or chat support). I received a return email and was told they “refreshed” the game. It still did not work. A second return email asked me to “package” the apps data from the app screen. I did that but never heard back. The next evening I was able to follow instructions on the app’s help screen to delete the game. After that I was able to re-enter the entire game using the hand written book. As you can imagine this was quite frustrating and time consuming. In my past experience the app has been very easy to use but as this latest experience tells me their customer support needs improvement.

Great app but update brings it down a star. I have been using this app for 5 years and it has really been good. There was a recent update on which it does not allow you to move to the next player while in the lineup to give that player a position. Instead you need to click the player then back out and choose the next player and select his position. There might’ve been some people that didn’t like the option but maybe there could be something in the settings to be able to choose which one you prefer. Also the ability to change a player from P to 1B, if the player originally playing 1B and original pitcher swap positions it used to do it for you automatically but now you need to change each individual player. It’s a lot more convenient especially when you need to make a few changes so you don’t miss anything. Other than that it’s a great app and I have spoken to some reps at conventions and they are always looking to get better.

Great app. Can only think of a few things to make it better. It’s a terrific app. Easy to score games, and the detailed stats are pretty good. Seemed pretty easy for this beginner to get started with right away. There are a few things that would make it even better: 1) Many youth leagues have “mercy”, or run limit rules. It would be great if the app had a place to enter that limit in the team profile, and used that profile data to offer to end the inning when the limit is reached. 2) Many youth leagues allow pitchers and other players to be substituted out without losing their place in the lineup. It would be great if the app had a toggle for that in the team profile, and if toggled, automatically leaves players in the lineup when they are subbed. This will prevent some errors I have had in the past where I forgot to go back and put the player back in the lineup after I sub them out. 3) Many youth leagues have time limit rules for starting a new inning and ending the game. It would be great if there were a way to enter those limits in the team profile, and then the app could provide warnings when these limits are approaching or reached (maybe using the first pitch as a starting point if the scorekeeper doesn’t set it). 4) it would be pretty entertaining if the app could calculate a hypothetical “optimal” lineup based on past games. Or perhaps just a lineup based on sabermetrics :).

Opportunity to Watch. This app is just fantastic for me to watch my grandson’s ballgames. First, I live in Michigan and I would not be able to watch any of his games! Second, I have health issues that make it difficult to stand or walk distances. This app gives me the opportunity to watch in real time from my recliner or my cell phone in Michigan! The real bonus is I can comment on the game so my grandson knows I was watching him play. This app is fantastic! It should be expanded so I can watch my granddaughters softball games.

Extraordinary scoring program!. I keep score of ball games strictly for my own enjoyment. What I used to do on paper, I now do on GC. My favorite feature is that I have not come across any scoring issue that is not covered by the program, and I have experienced virtually all of them! My 4-star rating is based on one issue only. When I make a change to a team’s roster or lineup, for example a new player, regardless of the situation, I would like to see the program make the same change all across the program automatically. Hypothetically, if my Opponent is Team B, and I have to create a new player, say Player #43, in this particular game, then Player #43 should be added to the roster in all other instances where Team B occurs. That seems only logical to me. I must mention one other item. I have had occasion to ask for help several times. Let me say that your response has always been quick, professional, and effective, and when necessary, your team has stuck with me until the situation was resolved. Thanks for a great experience!

Needs a lot of work. I don’t know if it’s the person taking care of the game or if it’s game changer itself but it’s not an app I’d pay for. I have paid for it in the past and it was great but the last several years it’s been horrible. There needs to be someone who is committed to taking care of the scores and what each player is doing. My husband and I are very disappointed in this. And it’s not like it’s the same team. Our grandson has played for several different teams over the years. All the same.

Great Statistics App. This app is great for keeping stats, following teams, and messaging. Way better than Team Snap for Baseball/Softball. However a few suggestions. 1) When editing team games/practice the players availability always reverts back to zero. So either the admins have to manually put the availability or each player has to do it again. I’m assuming this is so everyone gets the change. But this makes scheduling changes tedious. Maybe making a button to reset players availability an option when scheduling. 2) Can you add a function? Please add an “event” to the schedule. There are more team functions than just games and practice. This way all team functions are on one calendar.

Why Narrators Should be Added. This app is amazing already to start off. I use it to watch my cousin. I just feel like the creators should add a narrator because the only way that you could see what happened in a play without starting the trial is that you will end up paying often without even watching some games. My point is that the creators should add a narrator that is free so you don’t have to possibly pay to see plays of a game when you aren’t even watching it. Plus it would be easier in a way that you don’t have to look at your phone to see what happened every five seconds. I just believe that a narrator would be easier for everyone that watches a GameChanger game.

Game Changer Review. It is a nice way for grandparents who cannot make the GE Ames to be able to keep up. Sometimes the scoring is not as accurate as you might want but that is a function of the individual that is feeding the info to the application and not the app itself. Also the lag time between pitches is unfortunate. The audio is pretty canned but I am assuming that unless we agree to pay a lot more it is about as good as it can get. All in all: a pleasing and efficient way to keep up with your team and players.

Poor and inadequate customer service. After four or more requests for customer service regarding billing plan questions, we have still not received the answers to our questions. They refuse to provide phone service and just keep responding (always more than a week later) with repetitive responses of what our current plan fee/s is/are. Check your account charges closely- we wanted to know if our families (and we) are getting overcharged with community team plans PLUS individual accounts, and they refuse to answer our questions. If you are paying $250 for a premium community membership for your team, that should refund/replace family member personal plan charges of $50, but they will not answer if that’s the case. It was not the case for our account- we are charged for both.

App freezes and logs me out constantly!. I have been a premium member for years. Never ever EVER have I had SO many glitches as I have this summer. WHY does the app log me out every time I close it??! I will be watching a game, go read a text, come back a minute later, and I’m logged out!! This is not a banking app. It’s GameChanger. I shouldn’t get logged out every time I leave it for a minute!! The mom who does our team’s GameChanger says she gets logged out during games!!! That is unacceptable!!! I also often get the error message when logging in saying I’m not connected to a server—try again or go offline. But of course I am connected because every other app works perfectly fine. I never had these annoying issues before this summer. FIX THESE BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!

Need Some Updates. Hi there, I have used GC for 3-4 years now and the updates are getting better and I agree with the updates of the latest review. My problem lies with this situation: With a runner on base if my pitcher/catcher make a bad throw on a pickoff attempt then my only option is to select fielding error or other when it’s neither. I wrote in and was told to select fielding error as the errors all lump together. That’s not right because now the fielding percentage would be skewed and furthermore an error is assigned to a player who didn’t make it....

A Great Concept With A Few Imperfections. I would rate this app 4.5 stars if I could. I love the concept, as well as the ease of using the app and having all the stats in one place; however, the app doesn’t have a few key components that would make the app amazing. It is difficult to change a mistake if you don’t catch it right away, and I wish you could view which players subbed for who in the regular viewing as opposed to only in the scorebook view (or gave the option to remove “burned” players from the lineup), but my main problems with the app come from scorekeeping high school and adult slow pitch. I wish the app had a slow pitch option with an automatic rover/4th outfielder setting, a time limit, home run limit, and 1-1 automatic count (so it doesn’t affect pitch count). You can change all these once you’re scoring, but it’s tedious for tournaments when you have to change the settings every game.

Good app,but glitchy for the price. Overall I’m a big fan of the app. The stat keeping is cool but the live action part is glitchy. The watch live function keeps me up to date with the action when I’m unable to be at my son’s games in person. And while I know it’s only as good as the person updating the plays, the app is still awfully glitchy and will freeze time, go back in time and fail to update for long periods of time. This is not user error. If it were a free or less expensive app I’d just live with it, but for a subscription of 8 bucks a month, you need to improve reliability. I’m a fan but you deserve to have a competitor to keep you guys honest.

Great ap. Great app, just a little pricey. One time fee of $49 wouldn’t be too terrible. But, $49/yr is not a cheap app. Also would like to be able to be logged in from more than one device at a time. When I can’t attend games, my wife scored the games. She’s not very familiar with app and struggles create players, correct names and numbers, and make corrections within the app. If we were both able to be logged in at the same time, I could quickly make corrections for her and she could continue to score without missing any plays etc.

Watch Support...Please. As a coach I would love the have the ability to get a very basic display directly to my watch so I don’t need to carry around my phone on the field. At least showing the Score, balls, strikes, outs, and inning. Quick look at my wrist during the game keeps me on point. Then when you are on defense to display switches to show the same from offense but adds the pitch count for the pitcher. Nice to haves would be on offense: what current batter has done this game, what on deck batter has done. On defense: show balls vs strikes for pitcher and the same nice to have above but for the opponent current and next batter.

Great App but Could Use A Few Enhancements. App works great and love the analytics it keeps. Would like the see the following enhancements to make it an even better experience. 1. Allow the same account to login on multiple devices at once. I’m not suggesting unlimited but sometime like 2 or 3 would be nice (similar to how Netflix works). My wife and son also like to use it to follow friends’ games and we end up kicking each other out the entire time. 2. More filters in team searches would be very handy. Just a few simple ones like age, state, and year would be great. When searching for a team with a common name it would be nice to limit it to only 14u in TX for 2019 year so that I don’t have to scroll through a bunch of stuff like a lot of 10u teams in FL for the last 8 years.

Not a Manager - Player Review. The updates are kinda cool if you miss a game, but 8 dollars a month to look at stats is rough. I can’t look at my own stats without paying. If there’s a way to only view you and your teams stats that’d be nice. They also have professional teams on this app, which I think is hilarious. Why would a fan pay for premium when they can get updates, box scores and stats from ESPN for free? Update: I went on the website to try and ask some questions. The person who answered said they need premium payments to keep the company afloat. Gamechanger is owned by Dicks, the largest sports retailer in the world…. Also, one of my teammates made the decision to buy premium, only to tell us it doesn’t work.

Very slow right now. Have been using for over 4 years now. Really enjoy the app, but last few updates have really made it slow when entering in lineups at the beginning of a game. Long lag between each click. I counted as long as 7 seconds between each click to be able to make another selection or adjustment. Also, now when entering other team lineup, there is an addition click you have to make when just entering their numbers. Slows things down. Overall, great app, just slow until you get things going. No issues once you actually score the game. Please fix the set up so it doesn’t lag. Thanks

Love the radio feature!. I love, Love, LOVE the new radio feature!!!! I have five great-nephews spread over the country whose teams are in GC. Not only can I “watch” their games, but now with the radio feature, I can multi task (use Apple News or my favorite game app while listening to the game). The only reason I gave it four stars is that it will it will suddenly just stop broadcasting (except for the crowd background noise). I eventually will realize that it has been too long for a normal stoppage in play and will stop-and-start the app only to discover that I missed a number of at bats. I would also recommend an enhancement that the crowd on cheers for the team that the customer is watching. Or at least is louder for that team. ;-)

Game Changer. I use Game Changer to watch & upgraded to listen to my grandson’s baseball games. I have found it is only as good as the person inputting the information & plays. It worked pretty good for my 11yo grandson’s games, but it was very hit & miss for my grandson that plays on the Sr Legion. Sometimes it would be on, other times not at all or not until the game was almost over. The plays were often very delayed & they never ended the coverage, so it was hard to know when a game was actually over. If I was just doing the free app, I wouldn’t complain, but since I upgraded & was paying, I expected better coverage.

Good App. Love this App. Easy to follow and score. Two things that prevent me from giving GC 5 stars are one, constantly having to log in. Any App that makes you enter your password nearly every time you use it, really isn’t an App. I might as well just use my browser and log in that way. It’s not like my team’s data is important to Russian hackers. Secondly, it would be nice if I could score a game after the actual game quickly. Sometimes it’s easier if I don’t have a parent available to score later. In that situation I want to load the data. Still the best scoring App out there.

Please consider this. Parents volunteer to follow the games and provide the data we watch on game changer. Some do a great job and don’t miss a pitch, others not so much. It’s taking your fan/parent time to report each play. I would like a button appear at the end of each game that a subscriber can hit that says “TIP” that we can give a monetary reward for those who disrupt their own leisure enjoyment of the game so that many relatives far away who can’t make the games can enjoy the kids game.

Excellent App. I thoroughly enjoy using this app. Extremely easy to use, love the ability to “undo” when needed (especially needed when your a mom and you’re still responsible for your other kids during a game). Love that parents and other family members/friends can “watch” live when they can’t be there. There are just a few items that I would like to see enhanced. 1. I would like to have a place to enter the time limit for a game and have an official start time with a count down clock. While this would be nice in the profile for specific seasons, I think there needs to be an option to change it per game as tournaments often have varying rules. 2. I would like to see an option to add a run limit. In youth sports we often have a run limit per inning. This would be more helpful than a manual override to end the inning. As with the time limit, I would like to see it in the profile to set it for a season, but with the ability to override per game in case a tournament has a different set of rules. 3. I would like to be able to set a tournament schedule so it groups all tournament games together and allows for tournament stats as a sub set of stats to a team and player’s overall stats.

Good app needs some work. I have been score keeping for years with this app. One thing it needs is the ability to drop fans. Especially if a player or fan is disgruntled with the team. Also in some scenarios it does not allow you to record throwing errors. For example a base is stolen. And the catcher throws the ball into the outfield and the player advances a base. It does not allow you to give a throwing error to the catcher. Also there needs to be the ability to give an error on a dropped foul ball error.

Good but flaws. Does a very good job scoring games and having options to cover most scenarios, but there are still gaps (at least in softball). The fact that you can’t go back and edit plays after the fact while you’re still scoring is a pain. This mostly impacts incorrectly scored errors (or failure to score them as errors). There should be an option for free substitution so when you’re playing games that don’t count, you can make easier substitutions for any and all players. This is especially annoying when playing friendlies and showcase games where traditional substitution rules don’t apply.

Great App to Manage 8u Baseball Team. Hi, so far I’m enjoying the app. Not having to do math is awesome. Live updates are also a huge bonus as we have some parents in the military and can keep up with the game live when they’re abroad. I do have some feedback for the developers on the app. When you change your team name, the old name still appears at the top of the app and all notification still have the old team name associated with it. Should be a simple coding fix on the next version. Thanks for your time!

A Baseball Fan’s Dream Which Can Be Even Better. This app has what every baseball fan wants. Using this app now for two years, I’ve loved every bit of it and have experienced very few problems in putting in stats. With that said, I do wish they could look into adding a two features and fixing something when it comes to editing stats. The two additional feature: 1) Adding Custom Stadium dimensions/shape (length to the wall). Would be easier and much more efficient in the placement of the outfielder. 2) Adding two options for Homerun (Homerun to right-center & left-center) The fix I think could be easy is that if you miss doing stats for the game, instead of just putting in the score of the game, you could add in a box score inputting the runs in every half inning, hits and errors.

+\- Thougts. The response time seems extremely long. I know much may be due to operator delay. Consider some movable icon to entertain the users while giving them a sense the person proving updates is still engaged. My wife just transition her older iPhone to my iPhone 6. I now have an iPhone 11. We were watching a baseball game while separately monitoring our twin grandsons play in a baseball game many miles away. Both of our phones have the free version of Game Changer (GC). During games I get to see the action of balls being hit. The ball’s path shows on my screen. That was the same way GC acted when it was my phone. Why doesn’t it show path of balls now?

Great for 12 and under.. This app is great! It is not as robust as GameChanger but that’s full on scorekeeping and overwhelming for me as a coach also trying to be involved. This app is the perfect mix of simplicity and pragmatic stuff every coach needs. It eliminated my clipboard and paper! I can keep track of vital game stuff quick and easy and still watch and keep my eyes on the game. This was definitely designed by a coach! For future versions maybe some kind of simple fielding stats would be welcome but I get the difficulty in that. This app saved me this season! One of the best app purchases ever!

Beware of anything but the free app. This place will not be forthcoming about charges and straight up lied to me about upgrading and getting a prorated rate if i did so (after the first upgrade i did did not include the features I needed even though the marketing stated it would). So i was double charged. It gets worse as when i tried to contact to fix the issue, they said they could not do anything to help and to get the upgrades i needed, i would then have to upgrade again... but remember if they could not credit or pro-rate, they would then be triple dipping. Horrible customer service and bait and switch tactics. Stay away.

Great app. This app is awesome to hav ether ability to watch you child play their game even when you cannot be there. It’s also a really great tool to check in on upcoming teams on the schedule. However, one feature that would be really great would be the ability to see previous searches when looking for a team. Sometimes you find a team and they are playing another team on your upcoming schedule, it would be cool to tap that team and be taken to their page. These would make the app so much more powerful.

Not happy. I’ve been using this app for a couple of years now to watch my granddaughter play when I couldn’t make the game. And was very pleased when you added the voice, didn’t have to keep eye on phone constantly, but could watch when they said her name, so wasn’t missing a thing. Today I was excited to stay home in my air conditioned house with the temp outside at 105. Get ready to watch and no go! Very disappointed, it did give me score and inning, but not live! I tried everything, looked up my account doesn’t end till April of 2019. Not happy!

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Great app- need to change colours. Nothing wrong with the app but the colour changes have made it hard to read - especially score and innings

NewScorer. Being a new parent to baseball, learning to score on the pad for my sons team took the enjoyment out of the game. I found this ap is so easy and I now get to see the game. Its just so logical.

Great Stats. Almost live, track action in your hand

Awesomeness. This program saves me tonnes of time and effort. The only issue l find is that if you make a mistake and don't notice it straight away, you have to go back pitch by pitch

Great app. This is a terrific idea, especially if you are not familiar with the game and scoring it helps to follow the game effortlessly

Game changer. The app is delayed and freezes up all the time even when I’m in good reception

Out at first….. not so. The out at first option does not automatically give the out at first and is an extra step which it not required

The best baseball scoring app around. Tried all of the baseball scoring a apps out there. Have been using Gamechanger for appx 3years now and it keeps getting better; way ahead of their opposition re user interface, gameplay know how and support. Keep up the exceptional work Gamechanger GT

Baseball Gran. Easy to follow & all the information you need. Love the commentator

Simply the Best. Easy to use. Intuitive. Fantastic look as you score.

Great Software. I love being able to keep track of our local baseball games.

Superb. Close to perfection. Beautiful interface, easy to use, intuitive, informative.

Game changer the great app. Game Changer is so cool! I'm a member of the Adelaide Bite and I score the games when I go to them!

Aussie Saints. Easy to use - still haven't mastered scoring the same time as the plays but am getting use to it. The stories that Game Changer writes about the game is fantastic and all the players love reading it. They also like seeing their stats as well.

Great App. After years of scoring in books, using coloured pencils, etc, it is such a delight to have an app that does it all for me. Game changer is a quite brilliant adjunct to the dark art of scoring baseball.

Scoring. Powerful tool, with many advanced features makes scoring much easier

⚾️👍. Great App. Really useful but one thing I’d like to see is some sort or statistics for field catches resulting in an out. Seems strange to me (to a junior player) that it’s such an important thing but isn’t recorded anywhere.

Too easy. Amazingly easy and functional. Just pick up and use, so simple I get a bench warmer to do it during the game. Would have been 5 stars, except the website only let's me on periodically

Disappointed. Have been unsuccessful trying to make payments so I can get info and stats. Basic app tells us very little

Jason. If your involved in baseball and not using Gamechanger your making a huge mistake. Fantastic for your stats, and spray charts for opposing teams. Anytime I have had a problem GC support staff are only too willing to help. Can't rate them highly enough.

Adam R. This is a fantastic addition for club and tournament games - both baseball and softball! Would add this to any budding or advanced scorers, simple to use!

Great on iPad..... Easy to use the app on the iPad (I don’t love it as much on the phone though......screen just a bit too small to easily manoeuvre plays around the field). I have limited scoring experience but the tutorials were helpful and it’s so easy to use that you’ll pick it up in no time. I don’t get caught up with the more involved stats keeping, but the coaches appreciate the info that comes out of even the most basic of scorekeeping. I had a minor issue during our game on Saturday......emailed tech support that afternoon and had a reply within a few hours with some feedback, which I responded to then received a further email advising how to fix the problem, and as of Monday morning it’s back up and running 100%.....very impressed that they were able to help over the weekend. Great job Game Changer!

Granny BB tragic. I’m a grandmother of one of the RH players and l love that I can watch the game here ....l also watch the other games in his comp ....when I remember but mostly...❤️💙❤️the graphics 😉

Terrible. This platform is awful.

Love game changer. Just fantastic to watch a game played out as I could not see the game live. Feel like part of the action without being to be there.

Awesome. Great app. Easy to master and the new way to score

Fantastic App. This app is the best. I am relatively new to coaching and does all my stats straight away, so I don't have to wait for a senior scorer to decipher my scorebook. My players can log on to see how their season is going. It rocks, so easy to use.

Excellent for scoring youth baseball. Easy to use and great features !

Great on both iPad and iPhone. I've used this on both iPhone and then iPad. This is a great way to both learn how to score and to make scorekeeping easier and more comprehensive. this app got me totally turned on to scoring, whereas the old large scorebooks scared the heck out of me… On the iPhone, make sure you have a full charge before the game. Before you start scoring live games, make sure you do lots of practice games, and then shadow score some games, as it will teach you how to use it under pressure, without the added pressure (straight-up) of being the official scorer for your team while you are also learning how to use it quickly. There are loads of ways to do advanced scoring including errors, fielder's choice etc, so this is very comprehensive. I can't see why this app can't be the official way of scoring in our league, and any of the junior leagues.

Delayed. When you pay for the premium package, and all that keeps happening is the game keeps coming through delayed, not by only a couple of minutes, but by hours, it’s not really worth it !!!

Comprehensive. Very good interface and well laid out. Way to go GC

GC. My 2nd time using GC and I started from the beginning. Created team and opponents and I still need to tweak a few things , but I think I will eventually get the hang of it!

Brilliant. What a brilliant app. First time scorers pick it up with ease. Coaches love the stats and spray charts. Players love the data that is calculated live. Supporters can watch live games from wherever they have Internet connection. Awesome app.

Awesome except for one missing feature. This is a really great app. Very easy to use even if you only know the basics of scoring. I use it every week for my daughters games and ver happy with the results. I'd give it 5 stars except for one thing. Although people viewing the game remotely get pitch by pitch, the scorer only gets play by play. Meaning if the umpire or other scorer wants to check pitches with you, you can only give a count. If this differs from what they have it's a nightmare to work it out, particularly if you don't have a 3G iPad. But the rest is so good I'll put up with that lack. I've spoken to their customer support and pitch by pitch for the scorer should be in the next version.

Fantastic. Awesome app! Easy to use and great stats. Will never go manual again.

My review. This is the best app that i have ever had. I love it and it lets me watch games that i aren’t able to go to. If this app dose not get 5+ star ratings i will be quit upset. THIS APP IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the end of my review. Thank you for making this app and please keep improving it⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎⚾️⚾️🥎🥎🥎⚾️⚾️🥎🥎⚾️⚾️🥎🥎🥎⚾️⚾️🥎🥎⚾️🥎⚾️🥎⚾️🥎⚾️🥎⚾️🥎⚾️🥎⚾️🥎🥎⚾️🥎⚾️🥎⚾️🥎⚾️🥎⚾️🥎⚾️🥎🥎⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️🥎🥎⚾️⚾️🥎⚾️🥎⚾️🥎⚾️🥎⚾️⚾️🥎🥎⚾️🥎⚾️🥎

Not impressed. All features should be unlocked w a paid subscription. It times out all the time and shuts down. Annoying.

GC Review. This is a fantastic application. I am the administrator for three teams and have shown this application to both the managers, coaches and official scorers and all are very impressed with all aspects, particularly the statistical component where there are many more statistics than are normally available. The statistics are also available immediately after the completion of the game which assists the manager and coaches immensely. The club is now using this application for the official scorers for this season.

Game Changer review. I previous years this app was free and I had access to game stats etc. Now I am paying and still can’t see the stats

Love it. This APP is great. I love everything it does. There are two features I’d like to make it perfect. When we input a called strike or a swing and a miss or a foul I’d like to see that displayed on the home screen or in the plays somewhere. So the calls can be seen during the game. Currently we just see S for strike for all these. The second feature I would like is someway to not record a play immediately it happened but leave a gap and move on like you can on paper and sort it out soon. Juniors sometimes have some crazy things happening that take a while to sort in your head what did I just see then.

Great app. This is the best app available

For the grandparents.. Being a proud grandparent this app makes available a blow by blow commentary of our grandson’s team progress.

Love it. Have been using this app for a couple of years now. The only thing I've found that I'd like to see added would be the ability to see career stats (ie across multiple seasons). Otherwise it's been great.

Good stuff. As president of our club when I'm not there I can see how ours teams going critical as we lead into finals so we can manage our club rosters between grades

Gamechanger rocks (tee ball). Real easy to use, simple team setup and admin. I use it for tee ball scoring and stats. Help system is second to none, I needed help with one aspect of scoring, sent an email and ten minutes later I had the answer. awesome!!! Highly recommended.

Handy tool but too slow. A handy tool to have but response times against the state of play is far too slow.

Great app but not very social league friendly. The app is great but for a social league you cannot share games between teams even if you select the team you are playing against. Should be able to score 1 game for both teams. Also exporting/moving a game from one account to another doesn't exist

The Best. Love GC Classic it is the best not just 5 stars but 6 stars!!!!

Made my life easier. I have stats and score books in my iPad. Life is so much easier.

Great app for beginners. Great app for beginners. Really intuitive, makes scoring a cinch. Stat's aren't the easiest to manage - can't view them on the app, and on the the website, can't manipulate the sequence of columns to show key stats as you want. But on whole happy with this tool.

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Game changer classic. Love Thai so.

Softball parent. Should not have to pay for sound !!!!

Awesome app!. Feels like you are there!

Love Game Changer..minor glitches this year.. I love Game Changer. This is my second season using it as a parent. Love being able to watch/listen to the games that I can’t be present. Last year it worked great. This year there seems to be a lot of glitches. I have missed quite a few games.

Great Stats App, needs some improvements for team management. It would be great if you could add events like tournament placeholders over multiple days or for playing weekends before schedules are released, team meeting or parties without calling them practices. Also add the events/games/practices without informing people or putting on the announcements. Also need the ability to remove fan emails.

Disappointed. Hasn’t worked for 2 weeks!

Traduction.. Ce serait plaisant que les parties soient en français, nous sommes au Québec.

This is so cool!. Can’t be at the game and first time team has used this app! So awesome for parents not there!

Game changer. Plusieurs arrêts du site impossible de voir toute la game

Standings?. Fantastic app but would like to follow standings as well. Ty

Great opportunity. Follow grand daughter

Baseball games. Love watching my granddaughters

Loving Ball!. Thank you so much to the people that take the time to do GameChanger ! Now during these unprecedented times I am still able to see what my Grandson’s are doing in their ball games. Can’t wait to be there in person! Even then I use GameChanger so I don’t miss anything! A wonderful app! Bravo!

Audio. The audio on the app is great. When I can’t make it to the game I feel like I am listening to a game on the radio

Score. When you live 6 hours away this is great. 😃😉

Very cool. Amazing

Great app. The only baseball scoring app you need

Great. Great for following baseball games. Needs an Apple Watch app though

Great app for when I can’t make it to the game. This app is great for the times I can’t make it to my daughters games due to being on shift work.

Sultans. This great, just like the big leagues.

Not working. It’s not working…freezing all the time! Just paid for the subscription 🤬🤬🤬

Game. Great way to watch my grand son play.

Awesome. Great app for long distance grandparents! I get to “see” his games. 😄

The Best. This ap is amazing I can follow along on screen and watch my nephews game 1000s of km away. 👍

Disappointed about cost. Disappointed that each parent is asked to pay a monthly fee for the app o follow team akd stats. Should be one fee for full team access

Game changer. This app keeps one in touch when you can’t be there in person

Great app for baseball. Great app would like to see more features like extra players on field, mercy rule warning, and needs much better edit function I quit using the app because you can’t edit. need to be able to go back to each play and change everything that may have been tracked incorrectly including pitches, errors, fielding etc.

Organization Founder. Back when game changer came out it was a great tool to track our teams, now as a viewer or many teams it is les than adequate to stay entertained

Love it. I am watching my grandson play from the comfort of my home. I can’t believe that this is happening.

Great app but could use a couple more options. It is a nice app. I would like to see a few more options such as having 10 players in the field, able to end the inning after a certain number of batters and/or runs, mercy rule options, etc.

Great. Great!

Amazingly wonderful app, love it !. So great to have to watch the games !

In Palm Springs for the summer.. Love being able to listen to the grandsons games ,great job.

Unsubscribing. I would like to stop my subscription. How do I cancel it? Imthere is no cancelation choice under ipjone settings and under the app itself there doesn't seem to be an easy way to cancel.

Great. Really enjoy it

Fan. Would like to see who’s on deck. Good app.get to “ watch “ grandson

App. This app doesn’t even allow you to watch it on a desktop computer. What year is this? 2022 this app schtinks.

Pretty Cool. Awsome idea we can be there live and still be 3 hrs away

Don’t really get to see the game only bits of it. The delay is making it hard to watch but at least you can see the scores etc

Whoop whoop. This app is amazing!!!!!

Review. Structure fees are ridiculous. Can’t follow games.

Features. Great features but keeps losing the wifi connection. Really frustrating

Cooperstown. Watching my sons Cooperstown experience from home; grateful! ⚾️❤️

Nationals Experts. My girlfriends sister is playing in Nationals this weekend. I wish I could have gone but the app has been amazing at keeping me up to date with the live feed. Amazing app

Rating. System locked up and no reply to message sent as to what happened ?

The absolute Bomb of baseball apps, a true walk off home run. Having Game Changer brings the games to life. Grandparents and parents working or living out of town can follow games live. Awesome product

Classic. The Classic GC is far more user friendly

Game changer. Top way to watch our boys play Paul and Darlene Kretz Burlington Ontario

Should not have to pay. How desperate can a company be for money? Making people pay to see box scores and stat lines. Terrible

Charleston ball. We are grandparents 3500 miles away and LOVE that we can ‘watch’ our boys play ball with this amazing app....

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Great app to follow baseball when you can’t be there in person. My wife was the first to use this app, we love to go to the games but sometimes we just can’t make it, this is the next best thing. It gives you play by play in almost real Time so you can follow along. If you have children that are in Little League and you want to watch the game from a far, this is the app for you.

Great app but has software issue.. I have used it for both baseball and softball from machine pitch to college level for years. I loved it right until today when it continually froze up and then kicked me out when I try to open it on my iPhone. Did I mention that we had games today? Update: I got with GC customer service and the problem is now fixed. Big thank you for your responsiveness.

Having fun. I’m enjoying learning how to score games to keep our out of town family in the loop. I do have a question/issue with my phone locking when I’m scoring a game. If I’m just watching GC, my phone never locks (despite my phone settings). However, when I’m scoring, it does lock...which can cause a scramble when I’m trying to get back in before a play is complete. Just curious why that’s different and if there’s anything I can do on my end. Thanks!

GC fan. Great job GC from the mom of the coach of the Florida Surge and now the West Florida Hammerheads Team, George Sands. You help me enjoy the games when I can’t get there due to health reasons or distance. I’ve been watching you since you started and you are the first thing I tell player’s parents about, telling them to get the best package so they can go back and watch if they miss a game. Thank you so much. Keep up the fantastic work!!! Becky Wagner Eustis, Florida

Awesome App for Baseball Families. Love Game Changer App! Great for parents and families and even players to track favorite teams and family player stats. Wonderful when our teams are traveling and spread all over! Stats are helpful and provide learning opportunities for players. 👍🏼 The data is as accurate as is entered by the Administrator who records the data. We highly recommend Game Changer! It is a blessing and a joy to use! Indispensable for ballers and their families. Thank you, GC!

Great in theory but poor performance. Loved the idea when my son’s coach suggested we use it to keep up with the games. But the Live functionality is extremely poor from a performance perspective. Connectivity is poor and I find that I have to open and close the app continuously to refresh. Initially, I thought it may a problem with my device, but then I heard from other parents that they have the same problem. Nice attempt by if app performance doesn’t improve soon, I am getting rid of the app. No need for the continued frustration. Don’t believe the high ratings here in the App Store as there are an equal if not more dissatisfied users from what I can tell

Game frozen. This app this season is awful! Every game I have watched, has frozen. There is nothing happening, even though the game is still being played. I have signed out, signed back in , uninstalled and reinstalled. There is crowd noise, but nothing else. This has happened to every single game I’ve tried to watch this season. Very frustrating!

Great App. I made a mistake with substitutions and went back to the play as described in the help section. Followed the instructions and worked like a charm. I thought I was going to have undo every play and pitch to get back to the point of substitution. UGG! Was pleasantly surprised to find this fix. Keep up the great work and thanks for all the fixes made! I highly recommend this app to everyone. I can't believe people still use the old pencil and paper method!

Great on game day, but not with scheduling. The app only has 2 small issues in my opinion. When RSVPing to your events, you have to click into the event to do so. When you click back to the schedule, it bumps you back to the top next event, not where you left off. I could be two months into a schedule and have to scroll all the way back down to RSVP to each event. It would also be nice if the location was listed on the schedule screen and not have to click into each individual event.

Great tool for managing your teams.. The interface is intuitive and handles screen size well. This is a good tool in the dugout, as well as a good place to keep track of rsvps. My teams also use the group chat feature quite a bit to keep our team-related communications in one handy place. When I had a problem with the app, the GameChanger team promptly reached out and helped me resolve it, so add great customer service and support to the list of pros. Highly recommend!

Insanely priced for teams/parents. For what is charged, they should have options for absolutely every year a kid/adult can play from T-ball to majors. It’s clear the money isn’t going into further development of the app. If you’re charging HUNDREDS of dollars for a youth teams 1.5-2 month season at least make the app worth it, different numbers of pitches/outfield players for youth teams etc. If the prices were 1/2 of what they are, maybe it would be worth it... but probably not if you have young team or player. Not sure they’ve fully thought through the number of small teams they could reach if they lowered prices. Think minivans not Maserati.

Need Some Updates. Hi there, I have used GC for 3-4 years now and the updates are getting better and I agree with the updates of the latest review. My problem lies with this situation: With a runner on base if my pitcher/catcher make a bad throw on a pickoff attempt then my only option is to select fielding error or other when it’s neither. I wrote in and was told to select fielding error as the errors all lump together. That’s not right because now the fielding percentage would be skewed and furthermore an error is assigned to a player who didn’t make it....

Great scoring and stat app. Sometimes get issues with syncing when switching between devices. Wish the line-ups would default to the last lineup scored so i dont have to re-order all the time. Same with other teams- wish when creating opposing team line up that it would remember the lineup and default to last used lineup when playing them again. Otherwise- love scoring ability and stats are awesome

Great app, great concept, great execution. I’m an app developer and I wish I had thought to do this! I am also a little league coach and we are using this for scheduling, communication and live game updates for those who can’t attend the game. I’ve been told that people who are AT the games are watching the Game Changer live scoring even though the game is right in front of them. Only positive things to say... well done!

Very good app which can only get better. I’ve been using the app for a few years for both baseball & softball. It keeps getting better. A few things I’d like to see would be 1) a place to note who the umps are & perhaps their tendencies, 2) a way to mark visits to the mound / offensive timeouts which you can refer to in-game, 3) offensive 1st pitch strikes taken (1st pitch strike not swung at), 4) pitcher step-offs with runners on & no throw, 5) bunt offer strike, 6) end game comments for coaches. Keep up the good work.

Good, almost great. I’ve used this app for 4 years. I love it. Not a fan of some of the recent updates. The app seems to run a bit slower and sluggish at times. Not a fan of no longer being able to rename on the fly while scoring. There are times where I need to score an error on a play and the option to do it isn’t there. Changing in the box score later is annoying. Overall it does a great job and look forward to future improvements.

Irreplaceable app. I love this app for keeping up with game data. There’s no comparing the data you get here with the data you see in a paper book. This paints a vivid picture of the game. And customer service is amazing! There was a problem with one of the games not syncing properly and being unable to open the game. I emailed customer service and they had it fixed within a few minutes on a Sunday evening!

No longer reliable. I have used this app to keep score in baseball for several seasons. It desperately needs to be updated. There is something wrong with it. The last three games in a row my data has been corrupted and I can no longer rely on it. Tonight as I was trying to fix the corrupted game data, it said there was a serious error in the app would be shutting down. The helpdesk no longer response. I guess they have given up.

Great app, one suggestion. We use the app for Little League and HS softball teams. The coaches love the ease of use and detail. The parents love the stats. The only improvement I could suggest would be the ability to set your fielders ahead of time. We move girls around every inning to maximize playing time and let them try different positions. It is time consuming to make those changes on Game Changer between innings. It would be great to be able to set a different defense for every inning ahead of time. Thanks for a great app.

This is great, but. I’d like to see options on when someone pitches adding wild pitch or passed ball after you hit ball... not every wild pitch or passed ball has someone on base, but you’d still like to be able to add that without trying to pick the pitch every single time. As 12 year olds we just want to know who is hitting the glove and what catchers are missing. One more option is ability to add error or multiple errors on every single play. Other than that this app is phenomenal and worth the premium!

Awesome - but improve chat please. Great app! Makes my life easier as a scorekeeper and fans/family that can’t attend games really appreciate the ability to follow along with the play by play. One thing that would be a great enhancement — can you please add the ability to “like” a post in the chat window. Currently, everyone feels the need to respond with an “okay” or 👍🏼 thumbs up to acknowledge a post which clutters up the chat window. And creates too many notifications...thanks!

Text Option. Just starting using this app for score and stat keeping. Really liking it so far but wish there was a text message option to send player, team and game stats and info. A lot of players don’t use email. So sending info for what I mentioned above and other things through just email isn’t always a great option. But a great app overall!

Awesome Program!. Been using GameChanger to take stats for both the high school’s baseball and softball teams for many years now. It’s so easy to use and essential in planning our defense for upcoming games. Recently I updated my iPad and I was concerned on getting previous data on my new one. After installing the app, logged in and all was synced to new one! Kudos to the software developers! Keep up the good work!!

Freezes up Very Frustrating. This season and last the about half of the games quit working after about the 6th inning. It goes from “live” to “delayed” status and just never returns. Tried logging out and back in with no success. VERY frustrating! Definitely won’t try premium features if this is how it’s going continue.

Game Changer. It is a way for grandparents who can not go to all the games, to keep up with the games. However!! It goes awhile and stops. It may be a long time before it starts again. Then it stops one more time. It could be an inning or two before starting again. On & on through the game, start, stop. The game may be over for awhile before we know it. Now, with all that said, this program does provide some ability for us to know what is roughly going on. We appreciate what we do get from it

Awesome. This weekend I am on vacation and downloaded this app to keep track of my team. I have been watching it for as long as they have been playing and it’s so helpful and I don’t have to ask how they are doing I can simply go into this app. I highly recommend it to any athlete who is unable to be at their softball or baseball game. My favorite app on my phone!!!

Fun way to keep up w/ the game!. Often times I’m keeping up with my other kiddos at the game. So I miss a lot of the game. But when I’m able to focus my attention,game changer keeps me “in the game”. I LOVE IT! Also, once we were at my daughter’s tournament. We had to miss my sons tourney. But during a break in a different city, hubby and I could still watch to see how my sons game was going. We watched the whole game from Game Changer!!! It was so exciting for us even though we were watching our devices.

Downgraded. Used this app to follow grandchildren from afar and first year was great, just like ESPN gamecast with each play live. This year, the “scorer/manager” doesn’t enter boxscores, or even end game scores for days. I won’t be renewing next season unless this improves. Sent a message to the manager about this problem & he returned with “I’m busy with my job and family”. Well, me too, but I’m also paying for this service. App improved to it’s old form for the state tournament. Will see about performance at renewal time next year.

Recommendations. Great app. Love it. Just need to have a way to be more specific to where home runs go. They only have left, center, and right. Hopefully they can add a left center Hr marker and right center he marker. Or a add a drag arrow to where I went. Then also another thing I would like to be added is for switch hitters you can pick which side they are batting from. Those are my 2 Recommendations for the app. Other than those recommendations no complaints at all.

Great App. I love the app, it really is great and makes score keeping so much easier. I would have given a 4.5 or even a 5 if there were a few extra options. First, I would love a game clock. Our games are timed at 1:45, having a running clock on the screen would be great. Also, I love the spray chart. We play teams multiple times and it would be great if the spray chart included a players spray chart for all games scored against us, not just the current game.

So disappointed. I had been enjoying keeping up with the score and other things with the app during the game. Then the first time my grandson has and out of town game I’m sick and have to stay home so I’m thinking ok at least I can keep up with the game changer right WRONG!!!! I even decided I was going to pay for the year’s premium package after all my grandson is worth it then game time nothing I wait and wait and wait and still nothing I call his dad he said he doesn’t know they don’t have it either very disappointing

Parent & Scorekeeper. Great app. Recommend. As a parent I love it. Works great. Do wish the team capabilities were a more like TeamSnap when it comes to communication. More user and team friendly. As a scorekeeper it can be difficult in correcting errors. I wish it had a first pitch game time (that could be adjusted), but at least we could see what time was first pitch. I would also love a “scorebook” option where the scorekeeper could just have a page that looks like a real scorebook that you could actually keep score on.

Single/Working Mom — Awesome App. This is so awesome...I hate that I can’t always be at the games. This app makes me feel somewhat better because I can listen/watch as I work!!! Sure makes this Mom feel better -less sad that I can’t be there to watch my son I person. Love GameChanger—it’s truly been a “GameChanger” for my family!!!! Note: Also, PERFECT for my out of town/out of state family; allows them to “see” my son play... ⚾️💯100% Recommend 💯⚾️

Great app ... when it works. This is a great app - I love being able to follow the game when I can’t be there - or even at a smaller park where they don’t have scoreboards running. I would rate this app five stars easily if it worked consistently. For instance, I’m trying to follow a game right now and the app has been down for at least 30 minutes. This seems to be a regular occurrence this season. I don’t think we’ve gotten through a game without lag or with the app going down entirely. Very frustrating. Please fix!

Needs a few things. This seems to be a great app. I would recommend just a few small Improvements. One would be to be able to add an event to the calendar that is not a practice or game, the way team manager allows. The other would be a way to add some kind of team logos to the site/app for your team. The app feels plain. Also a way to add pictures to players fans and family. Instead of having gray circles with name initials for rsvp add the ability to add pictures.

Game changer classic. I subscribe to game changer classic. I pay the premium package which has always been $7.99. It’s going up to $9.99 June 23 which is my renewal. My debit card that I used to pay the subscription was compromised. So I had to get a new one and when I put the new card as my payment and my payment for the app was accepted but I still don’t have access to the premium stats. What do I need to do?

Love Game Changer but...... Love Game Changer but after paying for a premium account I real thought my husband would get to "share" my premium account :( we both follow the same two daughters but now I have premium and he doesn't. There's no way our family is paying $100 a year for this service...hell more if my 14 year old wants it on her phone! I think you should have family plans that share a premium subscription! Thanks!

Near perfect.. I love that GC has done a great job incorporating suggestions. The messaging feature is still clunky and isn’t as good as Team Manager. The notification is slow and cumbersome. One feature that would be great if we could get is the ability to share lineups with opposing admin. It would save a lot of time it might also be helpful to create leagues and share recaps in the league.

Love the app, but add this feature. I use this app to track many games on a tournament weekend - my kid’s team, the teams of friend’s kids, as well as other tournament participants. One enhancement I would LOVE to see is for the app to show teams actively playing first in the team listings as well as show a preview of the current score. That way I know to click on that game because they are live. Almost like a front screen dashboard of all the live games with scores.

Great app but..... Was using GC tonight to score a baseball game and it was acting wacky. It added an additional run to my team when only one runner scored in the inning. Had to manually override it. Also two instances, the app went back to the previous batter even after they made an out the previous inning. I missed it the first time and will have to fix the stats manually. I caught it the 2nd time and had to go back to the previous inning correct it. Also at the end of the inning, pitches keep showing up as zero. Please update ASAP!

In my top 3 for apps!. Simply put, I work and have kids in sports much like most parents so we can’t always be there in person. Beyond that, all of the family that doesn’t live nearby can “watch” too and cheer on the team! Special props to the individual in whatever organization you’re in, in my case another parent, who updates it in real-time for all of us!!

Email bombardment. The app is pretty good and informative but the emails are horrendous... once I signed up I was getting anywhere from 30-40 emails a day and still am even after I have emailed the developer. Emails are for dating Foreign woman, home warranty, roofing etc.... the developer emailed me back stating my mail notifications could be turned off, no luck. I have deleted app along with changing my notifications and still get hammered with 50 spam messages a day. This is harassment. I would not recommend this app or any other app made by developer. Several other family members from my sons team are complaining about the same thing. STAY AWAY

Good scoring app. This a really good app to keep track of team attendance, comms to parents, stats for the season but there are cons. For youth leagues where the players change positions every inning you can't preset the lineup past the first inning. You will be scrambling in between innings to get the lineup adjusted. The layout could be simplified a bit. During scoring if you want to quick jump to view the box score you have dig a little bit. These things are fixable and not show stoppers but it would be nice to see more improvements to this app.

Great, just a few small tweaks...?. First, I’m just a blessed grandpa who gets to “watch” his grandsons play baseball thanks to this app. I can’t thank you enough for helping me feel like I’m still involved even though I’m several hundred miles away. Any chance this can be made compatible with Apple TV? Would love to be able to watch this without having to do screen mirroring and tying up my iPad. With the extra real estate/space behind hime plate and off to the sides why not put in an on-deck circle to show the next batter in the line-up? Can you add ballpark organ music between innings? That would really help set the mood. Why not change the banner with the teams/scores at the top to look like one of the older scoreboards? Looks like there is enough real estate. Thanks!

Great product. ❤️ this product but I do have some suggestions I think would improve it. I am a grandparent who uses this regularly. I would think it would help if I could see the who the on-deck batter is while watching the LIVE feed. I would also like to be informed if there is a rain delay or a pitching change in progress. The long pauses while watching are frustrating. But if I know it is a pitching change or a rain delay would help

Overall great app. Great app for scorekeeping. 5 stars for scorekeeping. 5 stars for stats. 3 stars for communication. The only reason why I’m giving it 4 stars, is that we use the group chat to keep all players and family in the loop. The problem is when a player leaves, you cannot delete the chat and you cannot simply remove the player from the chat. You have to start a whole new chat. Other than that, great app!

Grandparents using game changer.. This app is great when you can’t get to the game. I am a grandparent and my father is the great grandfather, he frequently can’t get to games due to weather and health. He enjoys it and it almost as good as being there. I have recommended this app to many friends. My grandchildren and I also enjoy the stats. Still learning all the uses for the app. Thanks so much and thanks for the volunteers that enter the information making it possible to watch the game.

Baseball - screen info. At the bottom of the screen it indicates who is pitching and who is batting. That is redundant information since that information is already included on the field of play. A better use of that space would be for the team at bat who is on deck and who is in the hole. Most of us are following individuals and we don’t know the batting order and are checking on the game periodically. It would be helpful to know Who is coming up in the order and like I said earlier the information provided there is also provided on the field, who is batting and who is pitching. Thanks - stan

Love it!. For a mom who has another boy involved in other pursuits, I can sign into Game Changer - crank up the volume and listen to a clear play by play. Last spring, it was the final game in the last tournament of the season and our team came alive and was crushing it. Thanks to Game Changer, I jumped in the car with my older son, our puppy, and we made it to the game just in time to see my son hit in the last inning. They won and I was there to celebrate!!

Game changer. I love this app. I can chose if I am family,fan and j forget the other thing,but you can see the game live! Like I’ve never had an app like this and it tells you if the batter hit a foul or if the swung and missed the ball or if it is a strike or a ball! I love this app because I can watch live baseball games!! I love this app in my opinion more people should get this app it’s free!!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 11.8
Play Store com.fungomedia.GC
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

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The application GameChanger Classic was published in the category Sports on 10 June 2009, Wednesday and was developed by GameChanger Media, Inc. [Developer ID: 318906318]. This program file size is 72.88 MB. This app has been rated by 765,235 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. GameChanger Classic - Sports app posted on 26 September 2023, Tuesday current version is 11.8 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.fungomedia.GC. Languages supported by the app:

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GameChanger Reviews 4.8 405,903 Free
GameChanger Classic App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

UPDATE: GC Classic will not be supported after December 31, 2023. Please download the new GameChanger app to start your next season. Questions? Email

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