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GameChanger provides simple - yet powerful - free scorekeeping tools, advanced statistics, live updates and team management solutions for baseball and softball teams. We calculate stats, generate a scorebook, and stream live play-by-play to parents and fans.

The GameChanger app is the premiere team management app for baseball and softball teams of all ages and skill levels. Our in-app messaging, game & practice scheduling, team announcements and more make it easy for every coach to organize and manage their teams.

Make informed decisions and keep your baseball and softball community connected with GameChanger!

Key features:

- SIMPLE SCOREKEEPING: Anyone at the game can capture the play-by-play for your team with our free scorekeeping app.

- IN-GAME STATS: See stats and player charts when you need them the most. Back-up your decisions with real-time team and player statistics.

- INSTANT SEASON TOTALS: Your season stats - including team & player charts - are updated automatically after every game.

- PITCH COUNT ALERTS: As “The First Pitch Smart Certified App”, we make it easy to monitor and protect your pitchers’ health, including custom pitch count alerts.

- SYNC: Quickly sync your game data with MaxPreps.

- TEAM MESSAGING: Make sure everyone on your team is up-to-date with free in-app messaging and email or push alerts.

- SCHEDULE ALERTS: All coaches, players, parents and fans will know the up-to-date team schedule through our email and push alerts.

- LIVE PLAY-BY-PLAY: Give family & fans the ability to receive live play-by-play with a real-time field view and box score.

- POST GAME RECAPS: We generate a newspaper quality game recap after each game, instantly, for coaches, players, family, fans, and local media.

Download the GameChanger Baseball & Softball scorekeeping app today for free.


Our Partners: Little League International, Cal Ripken Baseball,, Babe Ruth Baseball and Softball, USA Softball, and PitchSmart.

"A no-brainer" - LA Times


“Friends and family can watch my son's games even though they live hours away.”

“The perfect scoring app.”

"If I see a team using a paper scorebook, I open GameChanger and show them how much easier it can be!"


SCOREKEEPERS: Anyone can be the scorekeeper for their team with just a few taps. Our free scorekeeping app for baseball and softball is easier than your traditional scorebook and is comprehensive enough to track 160+ stats, generate spray charts, monitor pitch counts, and provide key game insights.

COACHES: Get the tools you need to make better decisions with real-time stats, spray charts, player charts and season stats. Our messaging and scheduling features help every coach organize their teams and keep their baseball and softball communities connected and informed.

FAMILY, PLAYERS & FANS: Can't make the game? We stream every pitch live so you never miss a moment. You can also sign up to receive the team schedule, message the coach, family and get live game and player alerts!

GameChanger was founded on the firm belief in the power of youth sports to be a pathway to building lasting life skills.

GameChanger subscriptions through the Apple App Store will be charged through a user’s iTunes account. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current term.

Plus Subscription - $2.99/mo or $29.99/yr

Premium Subscription - $7.99/mo or $49.99/yr

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GameChanger Baseball Softball App Description & Overview

The applications GameChanger Baseball Softball was published in the category Sports on 2009-06-10 and was developed by GameChanger Media, Inc.. The file size is 134.01 MB. The current version is 8.21 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

New: We added the top requested stats including: BABIP, FB%, GB%, and K-L.

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GameChanger Baseball Softball Reviews


Great app but has software issue.  Labsorhorses  5 star

I have used it for both baseball and softball from machine pitch to college level for years. I loved it right until today when it continually froze up and then kicked me out when I try to open it on my iPhone. Did I mention that we had games today? Update: I got with GC customer service and the problem is now fixed. Big thank you for your responsiveness.


A Great Concept With A Few Imperfections  grammarpolice9  4 star

I would rate this app 4.5 stars if I could. I love the concept, as well as the ease of using the app and having all the stats in one place; however, the app doesn’t have a few key components that would make the app amazing. It is difficult to change a mistake if you don’t catch it right away, and I wish you could view which players subbed for who in the regular viewing as opposed to only in the scorebook view (or gave the option to remove “burned” players from the lineup), but my main problems with the app come from scorekeeping high school and adult slow pitch. I wish the app had a slow pitch option with an automatic rover/4th outfielder setting, a time limit, home run limit, and 1-1 automatic count (so it doesn’t affect pitch count). You can change all these once you’re scoring, but it’s tedious for tournaments when you have to change the settings every game.


Great!  Jcrowe1  5 star

Awesome app


Game Changer is Awesome  Nick_5P  5 star

I have been using Game Changer for years and love the app and all the stats. The app is continually improved thru feedback from users.


GameChanger  rocker1357  5 star

Love the app! Helps me keep up with score. Great for when I can't be at game.


Please address the notch in iPhone X  JeffStei  3 star

It’s hard to get to the controls at the top of the screen due to the new UX on the X. Please fix.


It's a great app but....  Supercalafagalist  4 star

I love this app but I hate the fact that i have to pay money just to see my sons stats for a game or to see more than three innings of the game, I get you have to make money but I just want to see the stats for one game and it would be ok if I had to pay to see his stats for the whole season, but other than that the app is great P.S you could just put ads, I would be ok with that


Too slow!  Nanarondaof2  2 star

Repeats plays instead of moving on to the next. Lags relentlessly between pitches, batters and innings. I’ve been to these games and they don’t move this slow.


Crashes every time  Carrie1974  1 star

Every time I get a notification that a team I’m following is playing and I click on it to watch the game, the game changer app crashes. Every single time.

Sparkles Land

Love GameChanger!!!  Sparkles Land  5 star

I absolutely love GameChanger! Very easy to use!!


Great app  Thexmen19712346  4 star

Good for fans and scorers

Redsox bob

Good stuff  Redsox bob  5 star

As president of our club when I'm not there I can see how ours teams going critical as we lead into finals so we can manage our club rosters between grades


Great scoring app  EnkyB  4 star



Comprehensive  Gremlik  5 star

Very good interface and well laid out. Way to go GC


GREAT APP!  Stw182  5 star

Great app, I especially like the mock article it produces following a game. Great fun for a bush league team. Just wondering if there's an option for runner interference? The closest available option is to enter it as a fielder's choice so the runner that was hit with the ball is called out. However, the batter would not credited with a hit which he is entitled to as stated in rule 10.05. Only just started using the app recently, and that's the only query so far. GREAT APP!


Superb  RTd213  5 star

The title says it all


Aussie Saints  54Mitch10  5 star

Easy to use - still haven't mastered scoring the same time as the plays but am getting use to it. The stories that Game Changer writes about the game is fantastic and all the players love reading it. They also like seeing their stats as well.


Miracle worker  Wiggles1977  5 star

After years of slaving over scorebooks for hours at a time, theres finally a solution! What a knight in shining armour! Ive got my Sunday nights back, wowee!!! Its so easy to use, l taught an 85yo male to use it and he loves it too now!!


The best baseball scoring app around  GT38E  5 star

Tried all of the baseball scoring a apps out there. Have been using Gamechanger for appx 3years now and it keeps getting better; way ahead of their opposition re user interface, gameplay know how and support. Keep up the exceptional work Gamechanger GT


Great App  Griggy56  5 star

After years of scoring in books, using coloured pencils, etc, it is such a delight to have an app that does it all for me. Game changer is a quite brilliant adjunct to the dark art of scoring baseball.


K. Inzunza #3/2020 Inzunza2020 3 star

The USA Athletics Moeai/Salamanca 16U vs. Marucci Patriots-Jaquish game is on GameChanger. Follow plays and stats…


K. Inzunza #3/2020 Inzunza2020 3 star

The USA Athletics Moeai/Salamanca 16U vs. Ohana Tigers-Robbie game is on GameChanger. Follow plays and stats here…


K. Inzunza #3/2020 Inzunza2020 3 star

The USA Athletics Moeai/Salamanca 16U vs. Surrey Storm 2001 game is on GameChanger. Follow plays and stats here:…


Love the program  jb7300  5 star

I'm thrilled when I can "watch" the game even when the game is several states away.


Great for Family Viewing  Golfinpop  5 star

Great App. Would love to see complete lineups. Since we can't be at the games this is the next best thing.


Great app  TxIPhone  5 star

Great app

travel coach 35

Great app  travel coach 35  4 star

This is a great app for record keeping and for those who can be at the game, they can watch the feed.


Fantastic  RESpilly  5 star

Love this app because I'm from Minnesota and can watch my nephew play. Thank you.


Deal breaker  Turdmuffin666  1 star

You are required to create an account, and provide name and email. This app is owned by dicks sporting goods, so your info will be sold to advertisers. No thanks.

Mostly good game

Love it!  Mostly good game  4 star

I love that I can see what's going on at my daughter's game when I am out of town.

LP searcher

Great app!  LP searcher  5 star

Great app. My only critique is that it could be faster. It seems like it's delayed at various times more than others.

gc WOW

Wow  gc WOW  5 star

No more words needed other than, THE BEST APP EVER!!!


Great App  BgamerHD  5 star

This is a great app I'll give it 10/10

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