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What is best buy app? Best Buy has simplified tech shopping, with warp-speed checkout, Curbside Pickup, limited runs, and can't-miss deals.

Ready when you are, wherever you are. Shop from home or enhance your in-store experience. Pick up in store, or have your order delivered to your car. You can use the app to let us now you're on the way, and we'll have it ready.

Imagine the possibilities. Use the AR feature to get the perfect fit for your home theater, kitchen and more.

We've got tech surprises in all sizes. View ratings and 5-star reviews as you browse our hue selection of today's top tech and toys.

Get all the details. Browse products available now at stores near you. Track orders and deliveries. Scan and shop. Also find nearby service options and store details - including popular times to shop.

And of course find all the best deals right here:

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App Name Best Buy
Category Shopping
Updated 12 November 2023, Sunday
File Size 173.54 MB

Best Buy Comments & Reviews 2023

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Needs to be Fixed. EDIT: Changed review from One star to four star. Although it pushed my shipment day back a week, after the original review, it actually ended up shipping one day earlier than before it was supposed to in the first place! Made an order for Air Pods pro online. I saw that it was available to change for store pickup so I did. I didn’t receive an email within an hour telling me my product was ready, so I called the store. Apparently it was never actually in stock and wasn’t available for pickup, despite the app saying it was. My shipping has now been pushed way back than the original date. I shouldn’t have consequences due to the app not working how it should.

Very poorly made. This app is just so incredibly slow and very very buggy. It’s incredulous that a company priding themselves on their technical prowess put out such a dumpster fire. I have worked with middle school kids who have made faster and more stable apps. Pulling up anything related to your account takes eons. Try to access your recent purchases and you can go take a shower, pop some popcorn, and watch the full Star Wars saga and still be waiting for it to load. Absolutely ridiculous. No other store has this issue with their app. Also there’s just poor bugs. If you scan a product, then scan another product, it won’t work and hitting the back button doesn’t work. SKUs don’t work half the time despite pulling up correctly in CB.

Doesn’t record purchases to your account. I’ve used the app to make purchases previously and had good luck. I made a purchase a couple days ago with the app...and realized as soon as my email showed up a few seconds later that I hadn’t selected “store pickup”. I tried to find the order in the app and it wasn’t there. I then ordered another (identical) item less than 5 minutes later and selected “store pickup”. That order appeared immediately in my account, while the original order is still not in my account. I was unable to cancel the first order because I could never find a record of it in my account. It’s been delivered already but it’s still not in my account. This is more than maddening and I will never use this app again if this isn’t fixed. I made a small mistake, but to be unable to fix it or cancel it in any way makes the app not worth it. Same phone, same app, both purchased with Apple Pay (which is very convenient), less than five minutes apart. One purchase is recorded and one purchase isn’t.

Self check-out never works. As an employee that gets to work before registers are open, it is nice to be able to grab a drink or snack and not have to worry about remembering to go ask a coworker to ring me out. The past couple months the app will not acknowledge that I’m in the building or something because self check out won’t work. I have to close and reopen and close and reopen the app and maybe 5 minutes will go by before it allows me to make my purchase. If you want us to push self check out to customers so you can finally just replace us like you’ve been trying to do maybe fix this???

Location services needs tweaked. Right now the location services stays on and tracking when you have the app in the background. This will never go away until you close the app process out. I think this causes battery and performance issues for people that have older phones as well as people that don’t know how to close apps. Change this to turn off if you are not actively in the area of a store, and the app has been in the background for 5 minutes (or whatever is deemed an adequate wait time).

The App is Useless Due to Bugs. Unfortunately, the app is almost useless to me. For some reason, when I search for specific products in the app, the results I get almost never match the results I get when using the browser on my phone. For example, if I search for “apple carplay” using the app, I get one result. If I search for the same in my browser, I get 52 results! This happens even when I copy the SKU# of the product obtained from the browser and paste it into the search bar in the app - nothing comes up. This happens so often that I don’t even bother searching or purchasing from the app anymore. The app also does not let customers enter vehicle information when browsing car accessories like the desktop website does so, again, I have to use the browser to make sure the accessories I’m looking at will fit my vehicle. Please fix these discrepancies!

Slow app. This app is so slow, the app is updated to the latest update and it takes for ever to load and then doing a search takes more time when this is phone is connected to regular internet and not phone data. Find the bugs and fix them , also start putting bot protection on your app and website to keep people or computer bots from overloading your servers when new products come out and people try to by up everything they can.

Slow and stops responding. I have many Store Apps on my phone, and this one constantly is slow, locks up randomly, and presents “Oops” errors with almost every use. Shopping with this application is almost impossible. I almost think it should be categorized as a game in the App Store and called “Angry Customers”. To win you actually have to beat all its levels. Level 1 “Search for your item”, Level 2 “Add item to your shopping cart”, and Level 3 “Successfully Checkout”. I’ve only beaten the game a handful of times, typically on my final life, but usually can only beat Level 1 on a good day. I mainly use the app to check local store inventory. Oh and then I get to play the In-Store bonus level, find the item they claim is in stock. This application needs to be fixed soon I’ve reinstalled it repeatedly, same thing with other phones I have, they all run the app the same way.

Shipping scam!. I’m not too happy I was just shopping for some Popsockets, found what I wanted, then saw that for $5.99, I could have them delivered Tomorrow!! Heck yeah, why not?! Since I need them ASAP. So I choose this option. Then when I’m checking out, I notice it has my works address entered for some reason (even though I’m logged into my own account), so I correct it. Then it tells me “Your shipping information has changed due to a new address”. So I click on that to see what they’re talking about. Not only will it not be delivered tomorrow (Saturday), it can’t be delivered until Thursday!!! Or I have the option of getting it Monday for $8.99!!! WTH! What kind of scam is this?? What difference does it make? I live an hour from my work, not 3 days!! Extremely disappointed. Now I have to wait until Thursday, because I’m DEFINITELY not paying $9 to get it in TWO days, when you already told me I could have it in one for $5.99! Absolute craziness.

HUGE glitch in BB credit card part of app. The regular shopping part of the app is fine, but there is a HUGE glitch in the credit card account part of the app! If you have the BB credit card and pay through the app, be REALLY CAREFUL not to tap on the ‘make a payment’ part UNLESS YOU REALLY PLAN TO PAY RIGHT THEN!! I accidentally tapped on that, and backed out because I wasn’t making a payment, and it made a payment at the highest one of the a available options WITHOUT ME EVER CLICKING ON THE “authorize” BUTTON!!! I am now out $2500 AT CHRISTMAS, overdrawn in my bank account, and have to wait WEEKS for the dispute process to complete to get this UNAUTHORIZED payment refunded!! I have no money to pay my rent or other bills because of this glitch. I am appalled at the shoddy programming that would allow this to happen and am wondering how many other people have had their money stolen by this glitch. It is horrifying that this is possible, and there is no way to get the charge immediately refunded because the app says it was authorized! Be careful, everyone!! EDIT: I have reported this to Apple as a scam or fraud because no credit card app should ever be charging someone without their authorization. That is theft, and I will start escalating if there is no response regarding correcting this glitch.

Recent Version ANNOYING Shopping Cart Malfunctioning. Overall, love the App, happy customer. Have been for over a decade. However, at least 2 months or more, the iPadOS app has a seriously annoying malfunction. The Shopping Cart Saved Items isn’t working correctly. You can move items to save for later, add items to save for later. However, once in the Saved Items List, they become completely inactive and unresponsive. Cannot remove, delete, move to cart or click on the item for item details. If you go to the website through Safari on my iPad Air 2, the saved items list works correctly. On my iPhone 11, the app works correctly, including the saved items list. This malfunction is exclusive to the iPadOS version of the app. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP as I am an AVID customer and this is REALLY ANNOYING. EDIT: Also, you can forget about getting in touch with anyone to EVEN tell about this problem, let alone ask to get it fixed. I have tried “the phone tree” 4 times now, get bounced around from department to department, never getting a person who even understands what I am talking about. Where is your APP support. Don’t even bother telling me to call geek squad, they have no clue. If you’re gonna put an app out, support it and actually listen to the users and make it easier to get in touch with you.

Good but not up to date system. It’s fairly good app. I miss not being able to zoom on product images, specially when using smartphones where the screen size is already so small. Most importantly it seems that the system in the store is not as up to date as app. So for example, if you’ve made changes for pickup person of your product, it is reflected on the app and website but their own store system doesn’t reflect changes immediately. It’s more of store system lag than the app itself but figured they should run in sync.

Love the app but….. Date of visit July 26, 2022 @ 1100 Some of your staff seems like don’t want to be there at all. Not bother to help not even for the question but just to have me what I want to buy. As you see, I just ordered an airpod pro paying from my app as no one bother to give to me to from the shelf in your store. As me and some other tech friendly users, don’t bother but what about people who doesn’t use your app and hate to order online. Just fix this little problem of your staff everything else is great.

Super involved, lots to choose from.. Love the app, easy to work and get things delivered, installed and updated. Would like to see better switches in-between screens and some general bugs to be fixed. But overall a great shopping platform when you don’t want to set foot in the store. Check for items you want and see if it’s in store if it is then you can schedule a pick up order or if it’s not at the location have it mailed to you as well!

I purchase all my electronics and appliances on BB App. The convenience of purchasing from my couch is what George Orwell dreamed about. I literally purchased washer and dryer’s, 75” TV, Keurig Coffee machine , laptops, monitors and other items from my iPhone BB app. I setup installation for the washer and dryer on my iphone!! it even has my warranty information for when a product goes bad or has issues. I get points and get to buy my Fifa 2x every year for free and then some because of my purchases. I have like 4 Best Buy’s in a perimeter of like 25 miles. Bestbuy has something great and with this pandemic they made it easier to get our family electronic needs.

Needs Model Numbers in List View. Let’s say you’re looking at LG OLED TV’s. When you do a search you come up with a list of 4-10 TV’s depending on how you search. The problem is that many of the TV’s are indistinguishable because there is no model number displayed unless you go into each TV individually. At any one time there might be three models of the same size, and both last year and this years models represented. You can guess or infer which TV you are looking at from the picture or the price, but why? The app needs model numbers in list view to serve its intended purpose which is to facilitate shopping.

Missing the “preview in your space” feature. Fell in love with the option on my iPhone which allows the user to get a feel for how a TV would actually look in your home before going through the headache of installing...just to find out it’s too big or doesn’t match with your decor. Unfortunately the iPhone screen felt too small and figured why not try it on my iPad but after downloading the app and trying multiple TVs...the feature is nowhere to be found! Please add the feature to iPad as well. Augmented reality is amazing and should be enabled on every device.

App is killing my iPhone battery in iOS 14. This app is destroying my battery life since upgrading to iOS 14 and iOS 14.0.1. Today it has consumed 71% of my battery life and that is almost entirely while in the background as it never stops accessing my precise location. I'll bump the app back up to 4 stars or better once it stops running constantly in the background especially for location info pulling. Force quitting it does stop the activity but if like today I forget or I'm too busy it drains my phone way too much.

In an update. In an update. (1)Will it be possible to put 2 numbers on the account (as primary) so that if I can’t remember 1 number but can remember the other number then we won’t have to make a new account? (2)Will be be able to see what the store has available in store so that we don’t have to call or drive to said store and find out that the store doesn’t have the item(s) in stock? (3)If a store has a high valued item (PS5 or Xbox Series X) at the store that we go to then let us (1)buy it online and let it be held in that store for pickup or (2)buy it online and have someone from the store deliver it at a set time to our house so that we can meet the console at the same time we get home.

Horrible Experience. Worst service ever. I have purchased the Samsung TV on November 25th, and I never received the item. The item is available in my nearby store but they tell me it's not. I have called 12 to 13 times. They reschedule this item 7 times. I was in a call more then 8 hours in combined. I chatted with them. Didn't get any solution. When I try to cancel the item, they says the item is shipped, can't cancel it. Then I don't get the item I called back. They had issue with shipping and I will get the item next week, which never came. Spoke with useless sales team who could not provide any assistance. They are like we can only suggest you with a new product suggestions but we can't provide you any discount that will be another department or price match with similar item. Finally after a month I cancelled the order because I know they are playing around with me. I lost all the faith in bestbuy, I will return all my items That still have the time. I don't trust their customer service anymore. Horrible Horrible!!!

Credit Card info. I have had this problem before. Once you place an order and begin to process it, whatever credit card you choose is stuck in your memory for this purchase forever. I can’t change to a different card. Closing the app and starting over doesn’t help. Clearing Safari doesn’t help. Restarting the phone doesn’t help. What was there is still there. Today I added a card. The process failed because I entered an incorrect expiration date. I went back and corrected and saved the date. A review of purchase cards now shows correct date. When I go back to complete the transaction, the incorrect date is still there. And ain’t nothing going to budge it. Now I cannot order and pick up in store. I have to up there and waste time locating the item and then standing in a line longer than the pick up line. Not a happy shopper.

Check out doesn’t work any more - UPDATE. I don’t know what they did but I can’t check out anymore. I’ve tried logging in and out and reinstalling and it doesn’t help. I can do everything else right up until the last step, then the app gets stuck. I’m forced to use the mobile site for now. Bad experience Update - I finally found out what the issue is. If you have the accessibility option for reduced motion on, this app will not work any time a keyboard is required. Annoying that they force you to turn it off but it’s possible to get the app working.

Too many notifications that won’t turn off. It’s a decent app but the notifications are annoying. At least once a day I get a notification of some sale I don’t care about. They don’t seem targeted at all. So I went in and turned off all notifications except orders. It said thank you and it will take 24 hours to complete. 4 days later and I’m still getting notifications of sales that don’t apply to me. If they were more targeted it would be one thing. Also if they would come only once a week that would be great. I’ll stick to the website and use text notifications for placing orders from now on.

Edited review. After receiving an email, I downloaded this app once again. I was getting the same results. It was saying I needed to be connected to the internet. After checking my phone, it made me think of the permission section on my iPad. I found that the cellular data was turned off. As soon as I turned it on, I the app was working. This will serve as an reminder don’t assume any apps is automatically connected to the internet without checking. I have now updated my previous review from one star to five stars.

Curbside Pick-up. I arrived at the store and entered my curbside pick-up spot number. The app said it was expected that someone would be out within 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, it said someone would be out soon and gave no further updates. I had to leave to go pick up my daughter, and the app did not have an option to cancel the pick up and come back later. I also tried calling the store, but they did not answer. They called back later, and I said I would come later in the week to pick it up. I later saw the order had been marked as picked up when it had not been. Please update store procedures for pick ups to not mark something as picked up if it has not been picked up. Please add an option to the app to return later for pick up if needed.

Mostly functional. Sometimes when I’m trying to add filters to my searches, the different categories start appearing and disappearing and the touch functionality stops. It will randomly start showing the spinning loading circle and I won’t be able to edit my filters until it stops. Sometimes certain categories like hard drive size will disappear altogether. When the app works it gets the job done but when I’m trying to add filters to my searches it just does whatever it wants. Also most of the laptops I’ve looked at don’t say how much battery life it has, which is really annoying since it’s one of the most important factors for me to buy a laptop.

It works sometimes. There times where the app is slow when loading pages. One thing I notice is when you do a search for products the in stock toggle seem to show that everything is in stock and then You un toggle to show what is actually in stock. It’s like the toggle button is flip showing the wrong side of the stock inventory. Also when browsing for products that are available at the store and when you try to order there no longer at the store. Not sure but feel like a waste of time with in correct inventory. The your store tab should be at the top 🔝 for easier info and know how quickly to contact store or mapping it out.

Such a amazing app. This App is so amazing because it has everything I need to do it or is everything it App is so amazing because it has everything I need to do it or is everything it would’ve everything they needed to order any were never but you never and is always good but other people that they’re out there that they think that is not good at all I’m just like what house in a goodwould with everything they needed to order any wind never say never never in his

PLEASE FIX THIS APP!!. I’m constantly getting an “Internet connection is required” notification when I open up the app on my iPhone X and it’s ridiculously annoying! I use this app everyday and it’s a gamble to see if the app opens up properly when I tap on it. I can’t access anything on the app every time I get that message and it’s literally about a 10% chance that it opens up fine when I want to use it. I have unlimited data so there is no reason to be having this issue. When this stuff happens I have to close the app multiple times and let like 5-10min pass before trying to open it again for it to work properly, if it even does. The only time I do not have this issue is when my phone is connected to WiFi, which is fine when I’m home, but I use the app more when I’m on the road. This has to be fixed already. I’ve had this issue for a couple of months already and I’m just fed up with it!!

The best place on earth. If you love electronics and technology then you’ll love this store. Very important to make sure your schedule for the day is completely open cause you could be here for hours and not even realize it. finding something you need and being able to compare it with other brands of the same item gives you a sense of confidence that you’re buying what you want, there is virtually no room for error!!!!! I love the Bedt Buy store and the employees that help me!!!! A++ rating.

Really love the app. Not only can I find amazing deals on items I need. I called up waited patiently on Hold with the assistant and they accommodated me and Price matched an item I purchased previously on my membership their Sales Service team and Managers went above and beyond and the app when you become a Member it enables you to bookmark or save later it will send you a notification or text when it goes on sale! Absolutely love the app and Store

Great customer support!. Malachi was very helpful in the Avon store to select the right TV and TV headphones. He is very knowledgeable about the products and we appreciated his advice. We were also impressed with the service tech Rod who came and programmed our TV and changed the hdmi cables and receiver so they would work with the TV headphones. Rod also showed us how to play recorded videos from our smart phones on the tv. We really appreciated Rod’s help to set up the system and also to take time to show us how to use the headset and phone connection. Thanks to both!! We give 5 stars!

Payment PROBLEM. I really don’t understand your app and your store when it comes to payment I pay my payment in the store in cash. Yes I understand the business days. But it really does not need to take 2 weeks to update payments history.... saying that I owe money in the “store” but the app is saying different even if you check your balance in the store it’s wrong vs the app. I don’t understand. Now why is it sooooo hard to find my payment history or payment on the app I think you should upgrade your app when it comes to organization and payments. It’s so hard to find things plz make changes I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with this problem

Getting tired of not being able to purchase digital gift cards. Was able to for a little while but then app started being a royal pain where it screwed up my connection to the store credit card it constantly has them sending text to update payment information and everytime I click on link to do so it takes me to the product page of what I’m trying to purchase. Then I went in and updated my information saying it was still correct I even went in and reconnected the account to the card yet I am still having them not only bother me with that but they constantly cancel my order and some of the cards are saying I have reached the limit of these features aren’t fixed I’m not going to shop on app or online but wait until I go to the store. Now they screwed up my credit card so now I can’t even get that option it tells me I need to put a different payment method I am so fed up with them that I am thinking about just waiting to go to store from now on.

Can't Pay Credit Card Bill. I don't use the app to buy things. I like to go in person for electronics. But I do have the credit card. And I have always used it to access my Citibank credit card but for the past maybe six or seven months I have not been able to access the bank and pay my bill via the app. Instead I have to go through the regular Internet. Would be nice if y'all could fix it. Or just remove it all together if it's not important to you. When I click the "Pay your bill at Citibank" tab it just shows a blue circle loading bar forever.

Add more filters. You should really add more filters when browsing products otherwise it’s kind of a waste of time. I don’t care that most of your stuff is sold out especially if I can’t sign up for a product restock notification. Please include a filter that excludes out of stock products. I mean really - if the product is sold out and clearanced out it really doesn’t need to be included in the search results. Also when shopping for washer/dryer sets it would be great to FILTER out any applicants that are gas since I don’t need. It’s a bit overwhelming to browse/search your site when you don’t have better filters.

Latest release has tanked the app. I use this app daily. After the last update it doesn’t even work. Uninstalled and reinstalled and worse than it was before. No Touch ID log in, no password auto fill available, and after logging in by retyping everything, can’t enable Touch ID, and get a generic error on failure. Tried to load member offers and the whole app froze. Tried to look at the featured items in the home screen area, app froze. Had to force close and restart both times. There have been some annoying glitches in recent releases, but this release makes the app entirely unusable. I just wanted to buy something and look through what’s on sale this week, but afraid to place an order when the app is freezing and not working like this.

Worst experience!. I purchased Yale assure lock touch screen keypad and i was suppose to pick it up at the store in one hour!(the app gave me that option) It’s been 3 hours and my order is not ready, I called their customer service to speed up the process and i was told we know you didn’t receive a confirmation email that says your order is ready but still you can go to the store and pick it up they have it at the pick up desk! I went to the store and they told me there are 500 orders ahead of yours so you have to wait until you receive a notification! I told them you guys had it at the front desk from what i was told! But anyway sell me another one from the store and let’s use the payment towards that one. They said we don’t even have any at the store. what a joke!! I asked for a refund and i was told it will take me a month to get the refund. How is somebody going to describe this situation?!

Good app, annoying notifications. The app itself is fine. Very quick and easy to use. My only complaint is the lack of an option to turn off marketing notifications. The only option the app gives you is to turn off all notifications via the Settings app, which is a shame. I don’t care for getting notified of sales, if I want something I’ll buy it, sale or not. I remember a few years back this app gave us an option to turn off marketing notifications, they really should bring this option back.

Credit maintenance issue. I don’t have a problem with the app with regard to purchases & reviewing product info. The problem I have is with the credit card maintenance portion of the app. I generally use this portion to monitor my credit card activity & make payments. I have been unable for nearly a month to access pdf copies of my statements. Now, for the past week, I’ve been unable to open the credit portion of the app at all, on neither my iPad nor iPhone.

ORDER NIGHTMARE!. I have had this app less than 30 minutes and regretted it after the first 5 minutes. I tried to place an order, it said I could have it shipped the same day for $5.99 but I have to have an account. So I tried to create one. Got message “Unable to create an account at this time”. I downloaded the app and tried again using same password since account was not created. Message was “There is already account with that email. WHAAAT? Then I used another email and created an account on the app. I processed my order...this time same-day delivery wasn’t even an option. So I selected delivery by Thursday. I got a confirmation of the transaction that suddenly went blank. I tapped “my purchases”, message was “you have no purchases, any purchases may take up to 15 minutes to process”. Waited 20 minutes, still no purchases. A link said “pending purchases” message was “you have no pending purchases”. I think I have been scammed. WORST TRANSACTION NIGHTMARE EVER! Beware...

I'll change my review when the app gets better.... Usually, this app is my go to and has never failed me... until now. Trying to do last second Christmas shopping. I understand there will be congestion and various bugs, especially with the recent iOS 14.3 update... but, I'm trying to checkout, and it's telling me to change the delivery options for an item that I didn't even select and I can't complete the checkout process. I try to select change delivery option, but I'm taken back to the shopping cart for an non-ending revolving door. Seems a little strange and I hope no one else is experiencing this little SNAFU... I hope I don't have to reinstall the app.

Usually works well. Started using this app to keep track of store card around October 2017. Worked fine at the time- was able to order things, keep track/redeem reward points, pay card bill, etc. Recently, I can log in to my account but it won’t let me log in to any part of the credit card- can’t pay a bill, much less view it. It keeps sending me back to the login screen. Not sure if its from Best Buy’s side, because I do believe login in to Citibank is required- its this section that is not working on the app for me at the moment. Bookmarked the login on Safari as a work around until it starts working again. Just fyi.

Well written app!. I’m an iPhone developer, and this is a well-written application! It’s fast, has all of the features of the website, and I’ve price matched their app in the store a bunch of times. I’d honestly rather use this than their website, as long as I’m not using the credit card payment part of the site, which barely works in the app. But if I’m making payments, I’ll be on my laptop anyway. From an Objective C (iPhone programming language) developer, download this!

Website is better. UPS return labels could not be accessed or printed, forcing me to delete the app in order to use a browser. At least let us use a browser if we want to and don’t automatically open the app. Searching is annoying when reviewing a list of products, wading in and out of details, only to switch to another app to send an email or answer a call, etc. Upon return to the app my position in the search results returns to the very top and I have no clue where I left off. Furthermore, the products I’ve visited aren’t marked so there’s no visual cue left behind. The app makes browsing BB simple, but leaves me remembering that had I used a 3rd party browser that emulates a full sized web page none of these annoyances would be present.

Is the Store Locator broken?. This app used to work as intended, especially with the store locator feature when it comes to finding out if a product is in stock in certain stores...but now it perpetually pretends that there are “no stores within 250 miles...” ...from ANY PLACE, not even inside one of the stores! 😳 It’s been stuck like this for about a week now, and I’m not the only person who has this issue, and yet there seems to be no progress on it getting fixed, if there was ever any intention. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Convenient, but not all there.. The other day I made two pretty large purchases within this app. I had opted for in store pickup as I was able to receive the products same day. I picked them up maybe 3 hours after ordering, and over all the experience was very fluid and stress free. However, the reason that I’m not able to give this application full marks, is that my purchases were not assigned to my purchase history. Additionally I’m unable to leave a review for my purchases within the app, though this may be related to my purchase history issues. Overall, I would say that this app is worth using if you’re only interested in placing orders with it, and maybe scheduling service visits, though I’ve not tried this myself.

Works well… Most of the time. The app works well most of the time. Occasionally the app will have to be closed down and re-opened in order to resolve some operations issues (I.E. Search bar won’t accept input, store select doesn’t always change, etc). Also not all orders are found or saved in recent orders despite being purchased through the app and picked up at the store. The items do, however show up on occasion when purchasing another item as a “purchase again” option.

SCAM. Will steal your money!. Company offered a promotion to receive my product on sat may 16. Up until checkout everything was accurate. Once payment was accepted the send a receipt changing the delivery date with no notice being provided. I won’t be able to get my package (tv) on Tuesday because I’m not home. I call best but spent 3 hours speaking with 3 different people only to provide me with an the answer “oh well there’s nothing we can do” they acknowledge it’s their fault and even tried an attempt On their end and the results were the same. It will say one thing and then after will change the date. They then told me I pretty much out of luck. Pay the shipper $50 to arrange a different day or let the TV get stolen and call them back to file a claim and maybe see if they’ll replace or refund. I asked to speak with their ethic and corporate rep but was provided a fake number and supervisor disconnected.

Useful, good integration with Apple Pay. Somewhat better than the website. Apple Pay is handy and saves entering shipping details. One limitation is that some essential product details are not visible on the items listings, for example paper size and sheet count per packs Ir on Epson premium photo paper. Multiple items look identical when a list of them is shown, and you have to click into the items and look at the photo of the product package to discover the size and sheet count. Better to add more of the main info into the list page.

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Why is it so hard to pay a bill. Gosh this app and website doesn’t make it easy to pay a bill. It gets so frustrating trying to pay a bill threw the app. I change my password and the next thing is telling me I enter it incorrectly. How many time do I have to change the password before being able to pay. Must fix that feature make it easier to see instead of jumping threw hoops to get to that area. I’m probably going be late on my payment cause of this issue cause I’m over seas and I can’t even go to a bestbuy store. Please fix the bill payment feature I just wanna pay my bill on time with out any hassle.

Clunky UI. This app works very slow and clunky compared to all other major retail applications. Especially trying to pay the citi bank credit card if you have one. It doesn’t transition smoothly and takes forever to load. If you try to add a new payment method it takes you to a window in the app that you have to close to continue linking a card, but when you close the window it closes the entire Citibank program within the app then you have to login and start all over again making it impossible to add a new payment method within the app. Needs a big update.

Washer and Dryer. I bought a new washer and dryer recently but for some reason I have not received award points to my account. Not an issue as far as the washer and dryer goes. The washer and dryer are performing as expected and I’m happy with the purchase. The customer service was outstanding, both before and after the sell. Friendly and willing to help. The delivery was 2 hours earlier than the confirmed time slot which normally would be no big deal, but I had to take time off from work to meet them, that was a problem.

Really love the app. Not only can I find amazing deals on items I need. I called up waited patiently on Hold with the assistant and they accommodated me and Price matched an item I purchased previously on my membership their Sales Service team and Managers went above and beyond and the app when you become a Member it enables you to bookmark or save later it will send you a notification or text when it goes on sale! Absolutely love the app and Store

Worst Purchasing App I’ve ever used.. Called four separate times totaling over 4 hours on the phone trying to fix a miss typed address. The app is very inflexible and can not handle issues. Looks more like the SAP/MES system is the issue because the person on the phone could not fix it as well. So far they have not fixed it. Package is going to the wrong address.

Mimics Website- Limited Functionality. This app just connects to the website. There are even ads fir the very app you’re using in the app, suggesting that BB just plugs the website into the app rather than customizing the user experience. I followed instructions to request a price match in a chat, but to complete the transaction they sent me a secure link. But I couldn’t open it because the chat UX doesn’t have that that capability- nor can you copy text. Currently this app is only good for simple functions like browsing products. Anything complex requires a real browser.

Like it but.... I like the app. It works well most of the time. Could be low patience when it doesn’t. What I do wish for though is an option to turn on a notification about accrued points. I get points, use the card to get more points then lose the points bc I don’t know they have expired. Would love to get a reminder a month or so before the points expire. 🤔 And speaking of which, I think point should last an entire year not just a few months. Not everyone has deep enough pocket to become an elite member. 🤨

Changed the Cart. In the most recent update, the cart changed for the worse in my opinion. I used the cart frequently to save items I was interested in and check to see if anything happened to be on sale. It was easy to just scroll through them. This most recent update has made that process agonizingly slow and clunky. Please bring back the old cart or fix to allow saved items and their prices to show in a timely manner. It is super sluggish.

Nothing but round after round of logging in. The email says I have a very important document from Citibank waiting for me. I log in. Offers View Document. Won’t open the document. Hit it twice. Wants me to log in again. Says I can’t have 2 accounts open at once. I don’t have another account. So I close the first log in window. Second one wants me to log in again. Says I can’t have 2 accounts open. So I close the previous window again. Now, log in again, on and on. I can’t see the very important document. I can’t pay my bill. Have to call in to pay it off. This app is terrible. It won’t allow me to GIVE THEM MY MONEY! How messed up is that??? And what’s in the damned document??? I’m furious.

Beware: This app is snooping around. I noticed that this app keeps your Bluetooth active for long after you close it. You need to kill the app to stop it. I shut off it’s access to Bluetooth in Settings->Privacy->Bluetooth. Why does your app use my Bluetooth connection, even when it is not running?? For what purpose does BestBuy have for doing this? Very disappointed. This is not good and trustworthy behavior.

Card services 🤦‍♂️. It’s been years and there is no improvement on the card payment services link. When you expect some decent update, everyday it gets worse. Now, I see a rotating icon each time I log into my card services account to make a payment or view the balance! Why not build a new app and save us all from this trouble? 🤔

Frustrated!!!. Signed on to my app, said I had a payment due so I paid well over the minimum payment. Weeks later I get an email stating my bill is due. I sign into the app and it actually tells me I have an overdue payment but when you switch to another view it says October’s payment is due. I already paid it! Call customer service and they said I made the payment too early and it can not be credited for October’s payment so now I have to make another payment or risk screwing up my credit and having to pay late fees! Such a bunch of bull! I’m sorry but there should be no reason they can’t just put that the bill was paid for this month!

Unable to sign in. Tried to purchase a ps5 but it was not letting me sign in. I thought it was just a server issue due to high traffic but doesn’t seem to be the case. 12 hours later, tried signing in and it still gives me the same issue “something went wrong”. Please fix this issue. It’s annoying. Same password works on the web but not on the app.

The App is great except... It always logs me out of my account. It’s just really annoying to check the “remember me” box and it never saves your account. Not a huge deal, but when you enjoy buying from BestBuy and when you are an elite plus member it gets really old really fast logging back into my account about 98% of the time!! Also does it when trying to pay your bill, come on guys, I’ve looked over it for years now. I just can’t stay quiet anymore. Please fix

Great app and simple. This app is as simple as it gets! I wanna start off by saying everything is very smooth and works properly! Also it is very clear and easy to understand, and navigating is extremely easy to do. Tells if items are in stock at the store closest to you. All the information is very neatly displayed and the design is very clean and organized! Great app 5 stars.

Locked out of app with no help. I set up 2 factor authentication setting so my phone didn’t need it as a recognized device. Not only did I not receive any emergency codes that were supposed to be sent from bestbuy in case I got locked out it also added 2 factor authentication to my phone (which I told the app not to). Now I can’t access my account as the verification is not being sent to me via email or text which is the option I selected. Best Buy’s response was to tell me to start a mew account because there was nothing they can do. Guess I’ll be shopping elsewhere from now one because I am not making a new account.

Improved for voiceover users. But still has room to grow. Very much improved over time. Only downside, I am a voiceover user. And a lot of the buttons aren’t labeled during the checkout. Like Apple Pay, or Visa check out. I had to figure them out myself. It would be great if they would have someone go through the app before it’s released to test that all the buttons are labeled correctly. Overall, improved tremendously over the last year. They are usable. :-)

Worthy/worthless. (1)Bestbuy top heads. Y’all really done messed up when you got rid of the points system for the free membership. That was your main source of repeat revenue due to the cost of items now. You shouldn’t have gotten rid of that. (2)The only reason to even use the free Bestbuy membership now is if you live in the USA and you need a way to keep track of your purchases for the USA’s IRS since Bestbuy (as of right now) will allow you to reprint your receipts for each year of business purchases that you need for tax purposes.

App is A LOT better, but always room for improvement. Great functionality has been added like the ability to easily switch back and forth from menus and windows without losing track of what you’re looking for. A useful capability would be to the ability to price match within the app from other retailers. I understand this would be challenging from many perspectives, but anything worth doing is usually difficult.

Love the app but. I already made 2 big separate purchases. Twice the payment went through. Twice I got a refund soon after saying it was unavailable! I have to wait under a week to receive my money back. All because they don’t update what’s available online. If you want to take my payment right away, you should double check before you take my money. I have to wait under a week for a refund, while you can take my payment in a manner of seconds? Ridiculous!

Never ending issues. I don’t even know where to begin.. the app barely works, endless verification loops when trying to purchase high-demand products, it’ll keep you waiting for hours while it checks if items are in stock when they actually sold out in minutes, customer service will keep forwarding your call to other departments in circles without resolution, customer service will tell you that you can’t speak to a manager because they are having lunch or too busy assisting other customers to assist you even if you wait, customer service will promise you a call back which never happens.

Horrid ‘Checkout’ experience (where’s Apple Pay?). The feel of the app if great. But the Checkout experience is horrendous. In 2020, a large electronics company should already be utilizing Apple Pay as a default option for payment during checkout in its iOS app. But no, I either have to manually enter all my shipping, billing, and credit card info OR use PayPal, which only auto fills shipping and billing address info and leaves you to STILL enter your credit card info manually. What I thought would take 5 minutes to order a printer took 20 minutes after all was said and done. I hated the experience.

Good app overall. Searching site and use of app was easy enough. I ordered 2 items and a quantity of 4 of each item. At checkout, it separated the main item into 4 separate items which was easy enough to see and understand. The second item was displayed only once and did not show a quantity. Since the checkout price looked right that I was ordering 4 of those as well I just went with it. I will see in a couple days if all was shipped correctly.

Credit maintenance issue. I don’t have a problem with the app with regard to purchases & reviewing product info. The problem I have is with the credit card maintenance portion of the app. I generally use this portion to monitor my credit card activity & make payments. I have been unable for nearly a month to access pdf copies of my statements. Now, for the past week, I’ve been unable to open the credit portion of the app at all, on neither my iPad nor iPhone.

Filtering and navigation needs work. The app seems like it is a wrapper around a web view. There is no button anywhere to go to the “home page”. Instead you need to tap the back button a million times. Disappointing. Also when I try to filter items it: 1) doesn’t keep the “more” item options when you select an item — a pain when you want to include multiple brands at the end of a long list, 2) filtering occasionally seemed to *exclude* the items I selected.

GOOD WITH FLAWS. I have Gamers Club Unlocked and with that when I’m searching video games, it’s supposed to automatically adjust the prices to the discount prices by default. Since the resent update, it no longer does that. Another annoying thing I’ve came across is that when you search for something and scroll down, exit the app and go back to it. The app scrolls you all the way up to the top. Which may sound petty, but when you’ve been scrolling down for like 5 minutes it becomes quiet frustrating.

PS5 Pre Order Fail !!. During one of the most important moments of gaming history, you guys decided to nerf your app while PS5 pre orders were open. I added to my cart the moment it popped up to pre order and the cart wouldn’t load for the life of me, always an error. I missed the preorder...even when I knew for a fact I could get it. Would not allow me to check out, at all. The website functioned just fine on my google chrome, but your app was bust. I can’t add nothing to my cart nor see anything in it, even when I tried to put a TV in it...nothing. On the webpage via google chrome, I can access my cart just fine. Thanks a lot. Just lost a customer...but you don’t care so it’s whatever.

Manalapan, NJ Store. I went today to get a new iPhone & Mario was the associate who acknowledged me almost right away. Once he was finished with the customer he was helping when I approached the desk, Mario went right into helping me. He helped me with my purchase but since the phone was not in stock & I was having an issue with my phone, he resolved the issue. I thought he deserved an excellent review! Thank you so much for the best customer service experience!!!!

Waiting and waiting and waiting and.... This app is not very optimized. Going directly to the webpage is much better than this app. 6 sign in attempts failed after downloading for the first time due to server response. What in the world is it doing in the background? Lol. I clicked my account tab and the page showed the loading/spinning circle for more than 4 min. My network is not the issue and I am on an iPad Pro. Get this app fixed! Apps are supposed to be about convenience and speed, not 10x more time to load over a browser page. Pitiful.

API Coders at BestBuy, what are you doing dude?. Holy cow. This app has suffered greatly lately in reliability. Scans are mediocre in performance, most in store scans force you to open a browser instead of staying in the all which I can only describe as cringeworthy. Searches sometimes don’t work at all (often by the way. Not occasionally, I use the app daily). I’ve honestly never seen something struggle this hard at a basic search. Mobile checkout also disappeared after a very brief moment of usage… it just feels like a mess. I’m disappointed, the app used to be amazing, but the coding on this now feels like a beta it’s so buggy. I hope this changes soon, but wow man, just wow.

App needs lots of work. So this app filtering doesn’t work. Much like their website the app doesn’t distance tell what is in the store vs what the will sell online. Often I use this app to see what is in stock at stores. It does a horrible job. Even if you turn the filter for your local store on. It will show you the item and then when U go to check out you find out that is out of stock. Cheap app that really doesn’t tell you anything. You still have to call and if you can actually get to someone good luck with the. Giving you the right answer. Just another big box store that doesn’t understand what a customer wants.

Totally Unreliable. This is a completely unreliable app. There is no guarantee that information is being taken correctly despite trying to ensure that I double check everything. The ordering process is completely unable to change if the information does come back incorrect unless you can catch the mistake within 30 minutes!

Great app but where’s the augmented reality feature?. I love this app and recommend it to anyone looking for tech stuff but I can’t find the augmented reality feature inside the app anymore. You used to be able to place an approximate sized tv on your walls of your house to compare sizes and know which one is best suited for you, however I think a recent update took the feature out. What gives? Is it a glitch on my end or something else? Tried uninstalling and reinstalling

Keep up the great work!. I appreciate the fact that your app has worked perfectly for me throughout the Christmas season and beyond. I was able to make multiple purchases that included appliances, and I had zero issues. Unlike Lowes where I had significant issues including one that I would classify as “bait & switch” like activity. Keep up the good work, love on us customers, and we will continue to love you back!

Shipping scam and poor customer service. Strongly suggest avoiding BestBuy at all. They have pathetic customer care and after-sales service. I ordered Jabra Elite earbuds online and they delivered an empty box. The envelope was sealed with empty box. I contacted customer support, and they asked me to contact the courier. I did that, courier asked me to contact BestBuy.I did. BestBuy asked me to report the case to the police. I did that. Six months has been passed. They didn't resolve my case and whenever I call customer support they asked me to go to the nearest store. I went, and they again refer to the online store. I am following my complaint for more than 6 months with no success

App improvement suggestion. The app works well for me overall, but there’s one really annoying thing about the iPhone version of the app. When you search for a product, then another, etc, you get buried in product listings and have to keep hitting “back” only to go to the previous product you were looking at. Can you please add the “Home” navigation button on iPhone like you have on the iPad app at all times? It’s there when you launch the app but isn’t available once you get into product listings.

Store location is all FIXED. I want to switch location. Store location is all FIXED. I want to switch location. I have 2 houses and I go to 2 different stores but maybe 2 more stores. Depends which home and on stocks. I can not change location to check on status. Should I delete apps and reinstall to change? I am confused. I am DEAF It is all phone system. Email and text are all one way. Got new dishwasher but no service on installing. Then all checklist on service disappear!!! Please DONT BUY or order. Finally I gave up. Deleted apps!!

Bad service; defective products. I ordered one refrigerator last winter for my new home, I didn’t move in until 2 months later then I found the refrigerator didn’t work at all. It’s out of return date, I have to contact manufacturers to have it repaired. Till now, it still doesn’t work. Meanwhile, the staff who delivered the appliances to my home was very rude, I was late to my new home because of the traffic accident on the road, he wasn’t willing to wait for 5 minutes, he dropped all the appliances out of my garage with rain pouring. Also I ordered the two Apple charging pad recently and when I opened up the box, instead of charger, they are Epson Inks.

Smoothest app!. Best Buy’s app and service is unmatched. I order something just about weekly from here. Always find what I’m looking for hassle free. Quick checkout online and what’s even better, my items are always ready within 20-30 mins. When I get there a great service member is out the doors for curbside within 2 mins! Thanks for making shopping both online and brick n mortar feel like a breeze on a summers eve!

Complete garbage. Takes half an hour just to place a basic order. You have to enter your shipping address for each individual item you order. Takes forever. If you order more two items you have to sit there and enter an address on each item. Also constant worthless updates that do nothing. Constant blank screens and processing wheels that take forever to clear. You need a cellular phone to police any kind of order because they send you a confirmation text that you have to enter every single time. This is basically the opposite of what you would want in the ideal app. The a epitome of a failing company like circuit city

Big problem with a solution. With the amount of people who really want a ps5 or xbox there are also people who do stock exchange. For the people who do stock exchange they order the most that they can so that people can’t get any of them so a solution to this is simply just have everyone only order one or two then don’t do shipping only have the option for store pickup so they all don’t go to one singular house.

Can't log in on two devices at once. For the past two weeks or so, it's been impossible to log in to this app on both my iPhone and my iPad. If I try to log in on one device, it tells me the password from my password safe is invalid. So I reset the password, and update the safe. Then, on the second device, it logs me out (reasonable). So I try to log in with the new password from the safe, and that doesn't work. If I reset the password on the second device, the first device is logged out, and it won't recognize the password I chose on the second.

Orders cancelling when purchasing on app. I haven’t bought anything with the app for about 1-2 months and I was purchasing a iPhone X case for my wife and it cancels my order. Did it another 3 times on App and it cancels about 5 minutes after getting my order confirmation. Even used 3 different payment methods and it still gets cancelled. Chose to buy it on my PC at the official website, it’s been an hour and it hasn’t gotten cancelled yet. Gave this app a 3 Star just for this problem. Fix this problem and I’ll give it a 5 Star. Love it just that problem irritates me.

Checkout process needs less screens. The hard sell on the add-ons for my purchase were not great, but then the app couldn’t use auto fill to update my credit card details. That’s only if I’m in safari I guess? I’d figure out what APIs are available to you and get at apple to get parity for the experience. My new password which I had to update isn’t in my keychain either. I know that API is available (or just use a friggin webview, ya know?) Browsing and searching is a good experience though. Just declutter the back end of your sales pipeline.

Website ordering. This website has been set up VERY WELL !!! It “is patient” allows us to be able to come back and reread things and take our time in trying to decide and feel confident in returning the device if we feel it is not for us. Health issues makes us not able for travel much at all , so little things mean very much to this house hold. Thank you

Super involved, lots to choose from.. Love the app, easy to work and get things delivered, installed and updated. Would like to see better switches in-between screens and some general bugs to be fixed. But overall a great shopping platform when you don’t want to set foot in the store. Check for items you want and see if it’s in store if it is then you can schedule a pick up order or if it’s not at the location have it mailed to you as well!

Garbage customer service, garbage business. Ugh If you ever have to deal with customer service they are in a different country and can not speak and understand English sufficiently to provide any service. I called back and spoke to a second customer service rep. They said they would refund me per their policy after the first person just said they didn’t understand anything. Then the next day I get a form letter email saying my refund has been rejected, the form letter lists every aspect of their policy and no specific reason for rejection. Sending your dollars overseas to provide waste of time service.

Nice for shopping but has issues. The app is good overall for shopping online but recently I stopped being able to pay my bestbuy card using it. When I try to go to my card to pay or view my balance it just shows me the bottom on the page asking if I want to view in Spanish. Maybe it’s just on my phone but it was a lot nicer when I could pay my bill from my phone.

Uses power like crazy in background mode. Not a bad app but like all apps like this, you wonder why it exists when the website is better. Much worse than that is that it uses a lot of power even when it is not being used. The Battery section settings revealed this. My phone normally lasts all day without issue but lately it was only going about 3/4 of that time before I deleted it.

Where’d the store ad go?. I’ve used this app for years, from making purchases to comparing products to checking out the newest deals. In one of the recent updates, the Local Ad feature, which used to be underneath My Store, has either moved to a hidden location or disappeared completely. I don’t mind going to the store and going through a physical copy, but the online one is far more in depth - i.e. the paper one will show a few movies on sale and say “40 titles available”, whereas the online one will show each title.

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Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 23.11.10
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Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

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The application Best Buy was published in the category Shopping on 16 May 2009, Saturday and was developed by Best Buy Co., Inc. [Developer ID: 314855258]. This program file size is 173.54 MB. This app has been rated by 790,739 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Best Buy - Shopping app posted on 12 November 2023, Sunday current version is 23.11.10 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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When you're a member, we know what you like. Get personalized deals based on what you shop for, only for My Best Buy Total™ and My Best Buy Plus™ Members in the app. Best Buy Drops™ is still it. Switch notifications ON and never miss a limited release or chance for serious savings. Let Live Activities track your in-store pickup for you, down to the minute. Or, step inside, skip the line, and easily scan most items with self checkout.

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