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International Shopping
Browse, search, get product details, read reviews, and purchase millions of products with Amazon International Shopping – now available in English, Spanish, German, and Simplified Chinese. Amazon packs a variety of features and functions into this ample app, whether you’re buying gifts, reading reviews, tracking orders, scanning products, or just shopping. Tap the mic icon and use Alexa to play music, shop, tell jokes, listen to eBooks and more.

Sign in with your existing Amazon account to access your cart, payment preferences, and shipping options. Pay in your local currency with international credit or debit cards. Create or find a baby or wedding registry. No need to create a new account to manage your 1-Click settings, wish lists, or track your orders. Shop just as you do on the web.

Instantly compare prices and check availability by scanning a barcode, snapping a picture or typing your search.

All purchases are routed through Amazon's secure servers, protecting your personal, payment, and order information.

International Delivery
Amazon now delivers to 100+ countries in as quickly as 3-5 days.

In addition to International Shopping, you can change your settings in this single app to shop,,,,,,,, or

In order to provide a rich experience and enable features such as voice shopping, shipping notifications, visual search, customer reviews, and authentication this app may request permission to access contacts, camera, microphone, notification, touch id, photos and Bluetooth.

Amazon – Shopping made easy App Description & Overview

The applications Amazon – Shopping made easy was published in the category Shopping on 2008-12-03 and was developed by AMZN Mobile LLC. The file size is 128.27 MB. The current version is 11.7.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Go on a shopping spree! Shop items under $10 with free shipping. Just open the menu, go to See All Programs and tap on $10 & Under.

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I hate Amazon  R.Kuk  1 star

I was Amazon’s regular customer and endorsed it as well but will never buy from it now as Swara Bhasker is your brand ambassador.I am uninstalling the app now..

BeCarefull !

Sorry this item cannot be delivered to Australia  BeCarefull !  1 star

It’s so annoying, searching for a product in Amazon and just when you want to buy something. “Sorry this product cannot be delivered in Australia”. And not only that prices are not shown in AUD not include taxes. This is not even proper for Australia. Sorry Amazon you failed miserably.


Can’t go to Amazon Australia  KCael09  2 star

Can’t access amazon Australia in the country selection settings.


Not that smart  seriouslyhowdumbisthat  1 star

When you know that I am from Australia, your software displays items for sale... but when you try to buy it, the system advises that you’re not shipping to Australia. Seriously, how dumb is that? Your system shouldn’t display item for sale if they can’t be shipped.


Australia?  Grantxw8  1 star

4 months on and still no support for the Australian store on the iPad version. I’d be stuck using the, comparatively, tiny screen on the iPhone version if I could be bothered. I’m not going to be a customer until this is fixed. A pretty poor show! ********** From December last year: The iPhone version of this app has Australia available as a country option. The iPad version doesn't. A bit of an oversight which makes the app both useless and pointless. I'd have expected better when the Australian store has been available for some weeks now.



I just got this and it’s so good! I also really like how you have a shopping list so you can add stuff to it


Amazon Australia ... not  Ringo8661  2 star

Hey... I searched and got a selection that said “Amazon Australia”, so I downloaded the app, the first thing I wanted was Amazon Echo, and I find that it is not available for shipping to Australia. Two questions: 1. Why have an app that implies it is available for Australia when it lists Amazon products that aren’t available to be shipped to Australia. 2. Echo is available in Australia, so why isn’t it listed.


New design is bad  JJG765566  1 star

The new design is like navigating to the online version via a 2005 IE version browser! The Australia version only has books - the kindle site. It does not let you shop the real au site. Please bring back the old version.


Country choice  bbbear  1 star

Get it together, Amazon. I still can not change the country I wish to look at Amazon. Not all products are available from all countries. Just had an update, no change. Poor performance.


No kindle format purchase support  BetterFeedbackMakesAppsHappy  1 star

When purchasing a kindle format book ahead of release, cannot use this app and instead inexplicably must use the Amazon website.


Intentional Barriers  Xfmng  1 star

Note there is no way-either obvious or with intense scrutiny— to contact Amazon via the app for items not received in shipment.

Old Herc FE

Viewing Images glitch  Old Herc FE  1 star

So, now when I try to view images of items for sale, it continuously brings up the image of only the first item I viewed, not the current item I am looking at. I have to close the app & restart to reset this...only to have it repeat the same thing.


Annoying sleazy marketing to sell more stuff  Amitarun  1 star

It is a super annoying app. Constantly alerts you for the deals available, wants you to spend money all the time, no way found to stop the deals notifications, had to delete it to get rid of annoying cheap marketing tricks. I don’t know how amazon can be so sleazy in marketing...


Great but someone forgot review pictures on the iPad app.  Strokr08  2 star

My iPad will not show customer pictures in the reviews yet my iPhone does. Please fix this! Very annoying seems like someone missed this feature when developing.


Amazon app IPad  Cjgold  3 star

I can not see the customer images on my IPad using your app. It’s working fine on iPhone but not IPad. Please kindly fix this issue. Thanks.


Scammers  cmh716  1 star

A recent update always ignores your first search and instead diverts you to useless trash made by amazon I do not want. (Kindle, fire and alexa). I think I’ll buy less from amazon and more from target.


Ads in the way  BongoBern  3 star

I open as normal, enter the item to search for, but then I get sent to an Amazon ad page instead of my search results. Then I have to re-enter my query. Clumsy.


Ads? Really?!  golfnut35  1 star

I’m a Prime subscriber. I pay every year because it really does pay for itself. I’ve been a fan of everything Amazon has done..up until now. I’m seriously upset at the new Ad Redirect they have implemented with the most recent update. EVERY TIME I search for something, I get pushed to something else. Then, I have to retype what I was looking for!! I’m amazed that they think this was a good idea to implement because we all know everyone tends to buy the stuff they never tried to search for to begin with. This needs to be fixed, at bare minimum for the Prime subscribers, if not for everyone else who uses the app. I mean seriously, the company isn’t making enough money?


App Changes!  Desspair  1 star

The UI of the app changes from iPad UI to mobile UI all on its own. The app initially has a normal search bar, login, cart, etc on the top bar. The bottom bar has home, search, deals, recommendations, orders, etc. I like this version. After a few days, the app changes to a teal top with a completely different UI. The original bars are gone, replaced with a mobile UI that is far more limited. I don’t like this version. I have to download the app all over again to reset the app to the original UI. Why does this happen?


iOS app ignores my choice to rotate screen  RandyB201  2 star

Highly annoyed...


App never works  Buknor  1 star

The application never works... keeps telling me to check my internet with a CS1 error code.

Alzahra ambar

Amazon app welldone!  Alzahra ambar  5 star

Beautiful and instant,using an app with no issues,makes it easier and less stressful shopping on amazon.I love it.


Mr  Ganeshkadoor  1 star

I am deleting Amazon, please all delete this app no more purchase from Amazon. Disrespecting Hindu gods


Amazon mobile on iPhone  Ashiwaju  5 star

Great value. Keeps you up to date and provides essentials for an interactive interface.


Review of Amazon Mobile App - Cicero Mfon  Ciserio  5 star

This is an awesome application! I love it!


Satisfied  Hadeezahmusa  4 star

I'm very happy with this app. It makes shopping so easy for me. I give it a 4 star rating because I wish there was a "shop by delivery destination" option. It would make things so easy.


Scrolling down items  Chwepheshe  4 star

It is very annoying when you try to scroll down items by keeping on jumping back. So you have to scroll down again.

PN Lategan

Awesome  PN Lategan  5 star

But please make the prices of lego cheaper


J  ACIDM1X  5 star

Deleting and reinstalling the App solved all the endless issues and frustration previously experienced. Please suggest this to everyone. Thank you

Norm 😜

Just doesn’t work!!!  Norm 😜  1 star

Tried a few times. Going back to Takealot is

Jane Murdoch

Worst!  Jane Murdoch  1 star

Imagine a shopping app which you can’t shop with? This is it!


Filter option is pathetic  nishi.vidit  2 star

Very difficult to quickly find product unless u know name of product. U he to select department to filter or sort by price. Pls improve

Archie Marais

Great Online Shopping  Archie Marais  5 star

This Amazon App is the perfect extension of the Amazon online store everyone loves. Great design and a ton of flexibility and information. I definitely recommend this App and method of shopping!


Audible and Kindle issues  MdvL9876  1 star

The Amazon app on an iPhone is pretty useless when wanting to purchase audio or digital content as most of it cannot be purchased on the app. You still have to go to the website. Will be deleting this app!


Very Happy !  LittleLady_Kay  5 star

Ordered a book about 2ish weeks ago ... they kept me updated throughout the shipment and delivery process and it arrived about a week before due date !! Thanks amazon !*


Okay...  Adamx1347  2 star

It said that my package would arrive at 8:00. It has not arrived and it is quarter to 9.

Erasmus O

Great app but few bugs  Erasmus O  3 star

A few bugs slow or freeze the app when you add an item to wishlists


Great, but...  bygchyll  4 star

I love this app, but I think Amazon should include the TouchID feature.


Mr  nanaregi86  5 star

This app made my shopping simple .

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