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Block Blast-Block Puzzle Games Game Description & Overview

What is block blast-block puzzle games app? Block Blast: A perfect mix of block and brain Puzzle games, combining creativity with the classics! The simple control, wonderful sound effects, and a great rhythm! Block Blast will leave you wanting more!

Aside from the classical brain gameplay, you will also experience a whole new original COMBO gameplay. Drag and drop blocks onto the board to fill a row or column to complete elimination and clearing multiple rows or columns at once will produce a cool elimination animation as well as extra points. The more COMBOs you perform, the more points you get. It is up to your logical skills and layout strategy if you want to score high points. Test your IQ and exercise your brain in Block Blast!

1. Simple and easy to play, suitable for all ages, excellent choice to kill time.
2. No network connection is needed; you can enjoy Block Blast anytime, anywhere.
3. Beautiful blocks and wonderful sound effects will bring you a fantastic gaming experience.

How to Play:
1. Drag and drop the blocks onto the board and clear the blocks when a column or row is filled.
2. We will keep providing blocks of various shapes until you have no space left on the board.
3. Plan your next move as you think constantly about what blocks might show up.

How to become a block master:
1. Instead of waiting for the perfectly shaped blocks, take the opportunity to free up more space and score points.
2. There is no time limit in Block Blast, so think carefully about your every move.

No matter where you are, whether you are tired, bored, or frustrated, Block Blast will always be by your side, sweeping away the boredom and helping you relax and cheer up!

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App Name Block Blast-Block Puzzle Games
Category Games
Updated 06 April 2023, Thursday
File Size 128.75 MB

Block Blast-Block Puzzle Games Comments & Reviews 2023

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Fun for every skill level. My husband and I recently completed an adventure. Of course, we had to race. He had a significant head start, but I caught up quickly. We were on the same level with the same obstacles. However, my points needed were about 25% higher than his. It was great to see the game be able to adapt to the individual skill level so it would be both challenging and attainable for every player. Thanks!

Scam!. So many ads! As the game advances you get less blocks as needed so of course more ads and you have the option to purchase to stop ads but guess what? The ads do not stop. And of course you will never get you’re money back . How Apple allows this no one really knows but I’m sure they get there cut from these lousy game developers like this one. Who have no idea how to make a fun game for people to enjoy. But I guess that’s what we get from a woke culture of idiots…DELETE!!

Good game 1 complaint. I love this game I wish that the adventures were a little bit longer and the one thing that stopped me from giving it all five stars is the fact that there’s not an option to purchase because the amount of ads that show up, and it’s the same ad, over and over and over again!! It is so frustrating! Just give me an option to purchase the game so I don’t have to sit through 20 ads every time I want to spend some time playing.

Great, but ads take away from enjoyment. I enjoy playing and really love the game, but the ads for Royal Match & Garden Scapes make it difficult to play. Each one takes 45-50 seconds without being able to close out. Even after that time you cannot exit out and it repeats more advertisement. Royal Match interrupts my game to convince me to download their game because it has no ads. I’m about ready to give up the two games I play the most because I spend more time waiting between plays than I do playing the game. SO UNFAIR!!!! If you can do something about that, it really is a 5 star game.

This could be a 5 star game. But the amount of ads you have to watch and how often takes so much enjoyment out of this game. I enjoy it enough I would be willing to pay for it in order to not have to deal with the ads. I wish you would listen to all of these complaints and do away with three and four ads in a row. Out of all the game I’ve played from the App Store this is the only one that the ads have been so frustrating.

How much I love the app. Love the game keeps my kids entertained for ages and I’ve had so much more free time on my hands I even went to college now I earn a six figure income I love the game it helps me fall asleep at night thanks to my ptsd I just have so much to say in so little time I could right a 90 letters about this app praising it I just love this app so much me and my kids have little competition and it’s so fun I also tell them if they do there homework they get to play the game and it’s so gooooooooooooood :) :)

Listen to your users!. You cannot enjoy this app and get any meaningful points unless you don’t mind spending all of your time watching ADS. Users shouldn’t have to watch ads to rotate units. Please do away with that requirement! The algorithm is deplorable at shuffling. You never get single blocks beyond your first few banks. The shuffling gets absurd with the units given as you start developing points, making it impossible to then use logic to “blast” the blocks. Units are just too repetitive. Other than those MAJOR issues, the app is awesome. I cannot play this game anymore until the app undergoes those changes. People want to play games to reduce stress, and this app just creates more. Please listen!!

Bugs. This game is an excellent way to pass time, but there is one thing that annoys me. When I run out of space on the board a green “revive” square pops up where you watch a video and it gives me a second chance, or at least it’s supposed to… When I click on the button it has me watch the video, but then it just ends my game. The first time I tried it I thought the game bugged out, so I tried a second time and I got the same results. I tried a third time and still nothing. If the developers were to fix this problem it would easily be a five star game.

dear block blast. i LOVE THIS GAME. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's so beautiful and the animation is perfect quality. This game is my #1 recommendation. Everytime i have a bad day? Block blast is there for me. I'm crying? Block blast is there. It's always been there. It's one of my most favorite games. it's my ONLY favorite game. The gameplay is so beautiful. It's so crisp and fun, and i absolutely love the voiceovers. i would kiss the lady if i met her. I would get down on both knees. ifykyk. It's absolutely so sexy. Everytime i see that voluptuous app cover i get hard. It's my one true love. I would absolutely destroy it in bed if i had the opportunity. it's just the most perfect game. Everytime i get that sexy "unbelievable" sound i just orgasm. 10/10 game. Would marry.

Love the game, hate the ads. I love this game. However the ads are annoying. I haven’t found a way to purchase to reduce ads but if I could I would! In addition, I prefer no sound. I chose that in the settings but the ads will randomly come on with sound making it where I can’t play it in quiet settings. So it would be nice if I do have to deal with the ads that I could keep it on 100% silent mode and not be surprised by a loud ad. Otherwise, love the game itself!!

Ads are RIDULOUS!!!. I actually love playing this game… but as the title of my review says… the ads are RIDICULOUS!! They are way too many and they last unnecessarily LONG! Some are like 2 minutes and you can’t turn the sound off unless you silence your phone! Some try and force you to play the game it’s advertising and others you just have to sit there and watch and then press exit and close buttons over and over again! At least give the option to pay for an ad free version!!! Or I wouldn’t care if they kept the same amount of ads but don’t force people to sit and look at the same ads for 1min+!!! And the game drains your battery! Great game TERRIBLE play experience.

Updated Version of the game. The game is an easy 5 star but with the recent update I had to give it a 4 star. I loved the game because it was satisfying and I knew that it is a great game to help me cope with my anxiety and distract me from everything else that is going on! Here’s why I gave it a 4 star though, first, the voice changed to a guy and it scared me and now he’s very anoying and very much not a comfort to me at all. Second, the creators added more block pieces to make it easier and it sounds good but to me it made me feel like I wasn’t doing as good as I should’ve because I beat my high score on the game and it made me feel like Idk the challenge is now wayyy too easy.

Addictive. Good time killer. My gripe would the constant long game ads, that don’t go away even after you X them out. + game burns up phones battery. Fun challenge game but like any game once you start getting far you constantly get pieces ya don’t need no matter how well you manage space. Also can creators explain the scoring ? I know for every shape you get that amount of blocks, but how does the multiply of other blocks cleared work ? Do the colors mean anything or higher points ?

Fun time passer until it’s not. With each 3 pieces I used to think that the game was designed to allow me to use the pieces to keep upping my score. I started noticing that some times, the game would give me 3 pieces that absolutely would not fit or let me continue to a higher score. I tested this theory cus I wasn’t sure if I was tripping. When I got my next 3 pieces, I looked to see where at least one could go so I could make more room for the other two. There was only room for one piece and the game gave me no more room to fit the other 2. It’s fun to play but it’s annoying after you realize the game sets you up to fail after a while.

Love the game hate the ads. I love this game, but want the option to purchase an ad free version. The no - stop ads are torture! I would happily pay them to stop. Love the game- keeps me sharp and great pastime when I can’t sleep or are just waiting for something. I enjoy more than boring, mind-rotting videos on social media. I was a big Tetris fan growing up but like this better. My high score is 17,609 and hope to break 20k soon if the ads ever stop 😂

SUPER FUN GAME, Disturbing ads. I love this game, from the challenges to the free play, even the amount of ads is reasonable I LOVE IT. Best block puzzle app out there. My only complaint is that there are some very disturbing ads, for those crazy extraction game. Theres this one particular one that’s “foot extraction” and it makes me feel physically ill when it pops up on the screen, I have to cover the bottom half of my screen until the x pops up. So could you guys include some type of ad preference settings? Like a “did you enjoy this ad?” sort of thing, cause I don’t mind most of the ads but the extraction game ads make me want to vomit and deter me from playing the game for very long.

Don’t bother. The game was good for awhile. I finished the adventure which is 48 levels and it took some time. But then, if I failed a level and then it give you the retry button and you weren’t able to click the retry. Couldn’t back out of the game either. You would have to completely close the game and reopen it. It got so annoying that I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, losing all the work I did on the game the previous download. It worked for about 6 levels where I was able to click the retry button, then that stopped so I uninstalled it again for good. There’s games like this one all over the App Store it’s just not worth the hassle.

Please change the 3000 point plus block selection. I have played this game for so long and I love it sm I am fine with watching an ad every time I mess up but now with the update they made the blocks you get past 3000 extremely difficult near impossible My high score is 22k and now I can barely reach 3200 I want you guys to change it back so it’s just normal blocks not the plus shaped one and the U blocks love u guys pls change it back to how it was or I’m going to stop playing

Too many ads. This game looks promising from the little bit I can see, but it is unplayable with so many ads. I didn’t time it, but it seems like there’s at least a minute of ads for each minute of gameplay. And sitting through a minute of ads is intolerable when I haven’t figured out how the game works yet or whether I like it. I get that the developers probably want me to buy a premium version without ads, but I’m not inclined to spend money on something without seeing it first.

It died. So I love this game but I have to give it one star After playing for awhile I noticed my phone was starting to freeze well… caused my phone to stop working. I had to drive 45 minutes to an Apple Store because my phone was under warranty thank god!!! So unfortunately I can’t play a game I enjoy. So watch it if your phone starts freezing a lot stop playing. I was playing when my phone went dark. It’s the only time my phone ever did that when I was playing the game. I’m sorry to the company who made this and I’ll bet I’m not the only one this happened too.

Still very much addicted..just a little less😂. I rarely write reviews, but the new update may have faults…unless my eyes just aren’t seeing what the programming does. Sometimes the pieces I’m getting give me no way to continue. Before I offloaded the game my highest score was at least 30,000, now I can barely break 2,000 and my highest is 4,513. I know sometimes I miscalculate, but it seems like I’m alwaysgiven the ‘T’, ‘U’ and ‘+’ pieces when I have nowhere to put them. Also, it would be cool if the game had different looks, for lack of a better word, like some of the ads I’ve seen on Instagram. I had the game before I saw the ad, so I knew it was nothing like it.

It’s ok.. The actual gameplay is simple and satisfying. It’s a very basic and straightforward app. It doesn’t require internet. So, it’s nice when you don’t have internet or want something simple to focus on. However, like other reviewers have said, there are a ton of ads with no premium option. The main problem I have is the settings, because they automatically reset every time you close the app. Every time you open the app you have to toggle the sound off. I don’t want any sound, but every time you open the app you’re greeted with annoying noise whether you like it or not.

Addiction but…. Man I am addicted to this game! It keeps me stimulated and calms my anxiety. I play it allll the time. But- I beat the entire adventure and got no type of reward at all ! On top of that- they only have one adventure every so often… when I beat it, it said “please wait for the next adventure” that still has yet to come lol… can you guys create more adventures and offer some type of reward like points or something?

Please bring back the previous version. I’ve seen multiple reviews similar to the one I’m about to write. Please go back to the previous version where a player can get past 5,000 points. Honestly, the fun is gone because it’s like the game stops between 3,000-6,000. I think a lot of people enjoyed the challenge of how many points they can get and you completely took that away. The game is more frustrating than fun/challenging now. Will probably delete if it doesn’t go back. The new update missed the mark.

Frustrating. I typically play adventure and there have been plenty of times I have pieces to use and it will say ran out of space… when this happens I’m close to finishing a challenge and makes me start all over. There have been times where I’ve watched an ad to get revived and still do not get my revival. Also, not sure how the game never seems to allow you to get too high of a score before they give you a piece that you cannot use.

Poorly developed game. I find it absolutely ridiculous that having the exact same version and release of this game would result in two different experiences. One version makes it impossible to play with pieces coming in shapes such as a plus sign, T’s, and U’s, while another version has the simple pieces. One big part of these games are the social aspect, being able to play and compare scores, but with two completely different experiences, it makes this practically impossible. Consistency between downloads is all that’s required to fix this issue.

Game full of adds. Add for Royal Match is the worst. The game itself is ok, the adds are killing it! You are given different shaped pieces that you put together until you fill the row/column. One it’s filled it disappears freeing space for new pieces. It can go forever! After each fail (when you don’t have enough space on the board to fit the new pieces) an add starts. Each add lasts about 45-60 sec. The worst part is that you have to actually press various buttons to get rid of it. The add for Royal Match lasted about 2 1/2 minutes. After a full 1 minute video and I had to perform the same action over and over again about 8 times! Each time when I would press the ‘x’ or ‘Done’ instead of retuning to the game it would send me to the App Store. Finally, after playing for about 1-2 month I deleted the game completely. It turned from a puzzle game into ‘killing the adds’ game.

Don’t like new version at all. 1. I do not like the male voice. I liked the lady. Maybe you could give options? 2. I do not like the new shapes at all. It often seems I can’t fit them in anywhere. Before, I could often see my error and knew the pieces would have fitted had I planned better. I loved planning ahead in case the large block or a corner piece came up. I do not want to anticipate where I might put these new shapes. If I wanted Tetris, I’d play that. I will delete this game if it doesn’t go back to what it was before. My grandkids LOVED the original one, but can’t figure out planning ahead for the new shapes either. This is a deal breaker for me, and I LOVED the original game. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Used to be fun. This was fun when I first downloaded it but now not so much. There are a million ads but I dealt with them because the game was addicting. Now however the game is impossible to get past a certain point. In the earlier version you could try to logic and reason out ways to delete rows in the higher levels but now the game gives you pieces that are impossible to place and you can’t get a higher score. Probably gonna delete the game now as it’s no longer fun.

Why fix what’s not broken!?. I’ve downloaded a lot of games and deleted them because they had no way to flip the shapes like on the old Tetris from way back! Now I finally find a game I can sit and play for hours and the shapes flip and can be placed where I need them only to open the app one day and the flip button is gone! Before this happened oh I was 5 stars all the way! Now idk if I’ll even be playing much longer or searching for a new one similar that flips the shapes when need be. My question is Why!? Why change something that working?

New update?. I love this game a lot! I race with family and friends! However the new update with the weird pieces is not hitting it for me. They are cool pieces however it always makes my game end almost immediately. Yes they are there for a challenge but for people who do not care for the challenge at all times it’s a little rough! It would be great if it was optional, but all the time it’s by great! I place everything for the normal pieces and then all of the sudden I don’t have spots! Moral of the rant the crazy pieces should be optional and be able to turn off and on! I LOVE this game however not hate just suggestions!

Addicting. This is addicting but once you’ve beaten all the levels available there’s no more available levels so it starts youback at the beginning of the entire game. There’s a bug with the “Retry” button. Revive let’s you click on it, Revive does NOT. You have to close the game completely and then re-open the game. Not sure if it’s just an iPhone issue or if it’s an every phone thing. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it, updated it and still does it.

It’s fun, but glitchy. While I enjoy the game, it can be rather frustrating. I understand that it makes sense for the game to know when nothing else will fit. Alas, it’s decision doesn’t always match my screen. When it gives me my next three pieces and they don’t fit the space, I have left I understand. What I don’t understand is when they clearly WOULD fit and the game declares otherwise. It happens at least once any day I play. Today it happened with half the board open.

Great game, disturbing ad. I’m as addicted to this as I was the original Tetris. It’s hard to stop playing, but there is one obstacle that makes me turn it off. There is an ad for a video game — they don’t tell you what it’s name is until you’ve been directed to the App Store and I have shut the whole thing down by then. It is very realistic, pictures disturbing content like kidnapping, and the gamer is the sniper “savior” who rescues everyone (in his fantasies). It justifies sniper activity in everyday situations and feeds the “good guy with a gun” fallacy. Unpleasant and unsuitable.

An Ad After Every Turn. I really love this game. I’ve been playing it for about a year now. But you have to watch an ad EVERY time you lose and EVERY time you win! Jeez. It’s just becoming too annoying! If you lose, you can’t try again w/o having to watch an ad even though you’re trying/playing the same level again. And when you finally beat the level? You have to watch an ad too! Seriously. Too. Much. There’s not even an option to pay for no ads. I love this game so much that I’d be willing to pay. Instead, I’m deleting the game. And with all these negative reviews because of the ads, this game is rated a 4.8?!! I think NOT.

Stubborn ads. I love this game! However, the ads are often too long and/or frustrating to close. I’ve had to go back and forth between two screens in the ad six or seven times before the ad closes and let’s me back to my game. I just had to delete the app and reinstall it because a lawn ad would not close and it would only allow me to shop - which I’m not interested in doing. I understand the ads are necessary but I should not have to do this to continue my game.

Ads. The game is good. The levels are fun and I like the game itself. However, the adventure levels come with too many ads. I can’t listen to music when playing this game because the ads cut my music off. In other games there’s usually an option to pay a one time fee to get rid of the ads, that’s not offered in this one. The amount of ads is ridiculous too. One ad after almost every level is unnecessary. I would have given higher stars if the ads didn’t block me from playing as much as I’d like to.

Way too many ads, repeated so much. I love this game and it’s a nice way to relax and get my mind off of things but the constant interruptions for ads (and the same ones over and over) is annoying. I would happily pay to have an ad free experience (I have for several games) but I checked through all the options and I don’t see this as an option. If I see one more ad for fishdom, project makeover or royal match my eye balls are going to pack up and leave me.

Fun until it's not. I liked this game at first. It makes me think about more than one thing at a time and how to fill in spaces efficiently while also getting rid of rows. But every single time, and I mean EVERY TIME, there's a space too small for certain pieces or facing the wrong way, it gives me pieces that make me lose. Every time With some apps I turn off wifi and then turn off mobile for it so that I don't get ads. As soon as I did that, the game never let me get past 1500 points. Sure some of it might be me, but the way it keeps happening is kinda sus. Deleting this. Don't bother getting it

Overly intrusive junk.. I actually love the game play. But there are ads after literally every level, and sometimes when you open the app. This completely ruins the game. And the interstitial ads are IN ADDITION to the banner ads they show when you’re playing. I don’t mind supporting good developers who write great apps, and this game could be great. I wouldn’t mind paying to remove the ads, but I can’t. And some of the ads are over 30 seconds long, and there are a bunch you can’t fast-forward through. My advice: don’t install this game, despite the fact that it’s a good game. You’ll spend more time looking at ads then you spend actually playing.

Great game, definitely would recommend. I got this game because I saw my mom playing it a lot. When I got it I immediately started playing it praying and hoping that it wasn’t one of those dumb puzzle games that make you solve games that you might get board of the second you get it. It wasn’t! It’s really brain teasing and it makes you think ahead. I really enjoyed this game!

Fine other than one thing!. It’s a good game. I can just say this game is addicting, simple, and very fun and satisfying. Also I need to say that I appreciate that the game’s ads don’t make it completely entirely unplayable, But at some point during the game, it all becomes luck based and the game will give you random blocks where there will no longer be a logical way to to fit in the tiles in adventure and classic mode. You can’t rotate the tiles to fit elsewhere. Why do they give players tiles that don’t fit their board??? It makes no sense??? Once you lose, you get punished by having to watch an ad before going to the next round. That’s all very annoying, and unfair, and not the players fault.

Fun- until you lose without taking a turn. My husband and I love this game! It really is a lot of fun. But we noticed that we started to lose before we started on the next “level”. It’s not a game where you have to put the blocks in the right place each level to move on. Once you become good, it’s about luck. I have lost so many times because there weren’t any moves to be made when the next level started. Didn’t put a single block down, lost because the next three blocks didn’t fit. Or I could fit one of the blocks in only ONE spot, and I lose because there was no other way for me to put the blocks in. I reached level 12k+ a few times and lost because of my fault OR lost because I had no moves. Now I can’t get past 5k for some reason. It’s just becoming more annoying than fun. Deleting this game. Don’t waste getting addicted!

Adventure. I’m really sad. I’ve had the game a couple months and preferred to play the adventure but the last week or 2 it wasn’t working right. It reset all the way back to the beginning and changed the type of adventure it was but still had puzzles and then all of a sudden a couple of days ago just stop loading at all. so I removed the app and then re-download it just now and that functionality is completely gone and the only other option than regular play is to turn it into Tetris which I don’t wanna play, so I just completely deleted the app. I’m really disappointed. It was fun the way it was.

Is the challenge gone?. I read a similar review to the one I’m about to post. I really enjoyed the part of the game where there was always a way forward if you thought about it hard enough. The new update has now removed that thrill from the game. Now once you hit 3000 points, the game algorithm now gives you pieces that are impossible to use. Is the reason for this to force users to watch advertising more? Genuinely the reason I like this game, so much is because it gives players hope. If there is always a way to solve it, but sometimes it is harder to find this way, the knowledge that it is possible keeps you going. I have started to find that it is not possible. Once you get to around three or 4000 points, the game just shuts you down and doesn’t let you progress no matter how skilled you are. If you take away hope, then it kind of makes you resent the game, and is crazy frustrating. Even if you have a completely clear board, there is nothing you can if the game automatically gives you that cannot be used. Please return it back to how it was before the last update!!!!!! Keep hope alive !

Fun and addictive but ads. This game is so fun and I pull it up whenever I’m bored. It never gets boring and the designs and animations are incredible. However, after every game, there is a commercial. I thought that if you didn’t click the “reprise” button, then you wouldn’t have to watch an ad! But boy was I wrong!!! I had to watch an ad anyways, and the audacity of the commercials! They would not let me skip! I am very disappointed in how many commercials this game has produced but the game itself is wonderful. If anyone who is in corporation of this game is reading this review, please let some of the ads go.

Links At Bottom Popped Up Porn Sites. I loved this game and I was addicted to it. At the bottom there are links that you can accidentally click on and opens them in safari, that didn’t bother me since it’s websites for fixing your credit score or debt relief. Today I was playing the game and I didn’t even touch the bottom and it kept sending these links to safari, I didn’t pay attention because I’ll clear them out later. Thankfully I went and looked prior to my son wanting to look up something on my phone. I see different pages on my phone that were porn sites, and there were several of them. I couldn’t believe that the links at the bottom of the game are for porn sites, kids can play these games!!! I deleted the game since I don’t want my son to want to play the game and sends him to a porn site!!!!

Where is the adventure?. I love this game because the adventure part was fun. I blasted through the levels and it would t let me replay them so I deleted the app and downloaded it again and the adventure was gone. That part was fun. Please bring it back. Even if it has levels slowly added it is still fun to play the levels. This is a fun game. You should download it. If you get to play the adventure part it is cool cause it is different than the other block games.

Don’t trust the 4.8 score. Some people don’t know that Apple allows app publishers to simply pay for a higher score in the App Store than the reviewers give it (BTW one of the main reasons why I will never buy an iPhone again, are you listening Apple?). Sure it has a “4.8 average score” but read the reviews and most people give it one or two stars because it’s not only a simplistic game that gets boring after a few minutes, you have to watch an ad for each of those minutes. Apple is totally fine with publishers using bot accounts to boost scores, and if you just give them a chunk of money they will make the “average score” a 4.8 no matter what the users say. I should have known, the ad has a line at the bottom that says “creative copy goes here that makes them want to download the game” and the app store page itself can’t even spell the word “relaxing” correctly. The developers are even stupider than their target market, but they have cash so Apple is happy to let them manipulate us.

Great at first. I really like this game and the new adventure mode. HOWEVER, recently the retry button has broken, and every time I watch a second chance video the game freezes and I have to do a hard restart instead of continuing from where I left off. I’ve searched for tech support or an email for support, but there isn’t any. Hopefully the developers read this and fix the problem.

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Only one puzzle size. Would’ve loved to see bigger puzzle board available like in the add. The small square size is the same as any other block game.

Ads. Would rather pay a small fee to get rid of ads. Game is addictive but gets turned off because too many ads!

Good Game, ridiculously long ads. Game is good, ads are crazy long and too many

Less ads. The games is good and very relaxing but boy oh the ads is very annoying and constant😣

Ok. Needs improvement. This game is enjoyable but between the constant ads and the game glitching when I fail an adventure level. I am constantly having to exit the game, get back into it again just to attempt the level. Will be deleting if it is not fixed. Not worth my time.

Best game ever. In the whole world

Very Vanilla. In the add pieces fell after matches were made. This doesn’t happen in game. Without it, it’s the same game uploaded a bunch of times but with lots of adds. Not unique or worth trying.

Ads are terrible. That close to deleting the game just because the ads very annoying

Ads ruin it. The game is good, I would give it 5 stars, but the ads really ruin it. I have sound turned off in the game, but the ads are full volume. They pop up any point when you finish a game, going for a long time and not having the option to exit them. THEN you have to click to close them usually 4 times in a row! The ‘x’ pops up and when you click it, it brings you to the App Store. So you click done and it takes you back for another extended ad. People would pay to remove the ads, they’re about equal to the playing time which is draining my battery and causing me to stop playing after a handful of games.

It’s additive but annoying. Lose a game = ad Win a game = ad

Nici. Happy to pay for an ad free version. Way too many ads it’s extremely annoying. The game is a 5 star rating for me but the ads knock it back to a 1 star rating.

Annoying ads. Good game but the ads are persistent, you watch them and then you can’t get rid of them

I clicked an ad to get this game…. The ad showed a game like Tetris - this game is nothing like it. Very disappointed that one thing is advertised but you get something else.

To many ads. This would be fun but the ads ruin it. That’s why ima delete it. Can’t even buy without ads just gotta suffer and it freezes

Not worth playing due to how many ads. There is too many ads and they go for far too long that half your time is just waiting for them To pass.

Addicted but too many adds. Would rather pay a small fee than have to put up with the adds

Get rid of the ridiculous constant ADS!!. Too much Ads ruined the beauty of this game!! I'm on the edge of uninstalling this game if I keep dealing with this stupid retard ADS!!

Hate the ads and battery life!. Agree with above poster I HATE the ads they’re sooo long! And love the game but it eats up so much of my battery it’s not a good game for travelling! Battery life will be gone in no time.

Very nice. First idk what it was, but my friend had it so I downloaded it. It’s so good! Idk what a replay is tho

Great game! Wish there was an option to get rid of ads. Absolutely love the game, am wasting lots of time playing it. Runs well and is engaging. The only reason I’m not putting 5 stars is because I wish there was an option to pay a small fee to get rid of the ads. That being said once you get used to them they aren’t tooo bad and invasive. Just stretches the time between games and can take away from the experience.

Option. Hey guys I dont know what the business model for this game is, but I have a suggestion. How about you offer the option of making it adfree for a small fee-somewhere under $25 would be affordable for many players. Stella. Ps love love love the game

Too many ads. Would give 5 stars if it wasn’t for all the ads! Would definitely rather a paid version of this game over wasting so much time having to watch the same ads over and over again.

So Many Ads!. A decent block puzzle game, but way too many ads. I expect some ads in free games, but this felt like I spent as long watching ads as playing. I deleted it after a couple of days as a result.

Addictive. Very addictive game. Better than the tetris.

Nothing but ads. Have to sit through two long ads before you can even play the game. Utter trash, don’t waste your time

Too many adds. Game itself is good but way too many adds

Hard. Game is unplayable with those new blocks, they are too big for the small areas, please remove

Not the same as the ad. The game is not the same as in the ad I clicked on to download this game

Toooooo many adds. So many adds that are irrelevant and difficult to get out of. Painful. The game is not enjoyable as a result

Stop the ads. It’s such a fun game! I love playing it! But the ads are annoying! Pls do something to fix it.

Block Blast. I’m really enjoying this game.

Too many adds. Played for 39 minutes then deleted the app. Too many adds

Too much ads. Love this game however the ads are way too much..

Loved it but deleted it. This game is awesome but the random ads that open my browser when Im in game and didnt even touch the ad make it feel like a scam and I dont want that on my device

Not as many ads as people make it seem. Ads is the first thing I talk about and then I talk about how I feel about playing it. Ads: As the title says there aren’t as many ads in this game from what people say there are. The one review with the glitch press x brings to App Store thing is just a glitch any phone does every now and again. There are a lot less ads in this game then most games that run ads in this store. The people saying they can’t handle the ads have never played any other app game besides this. Yes there are a few app games with zero to little ads but this is the best you can get with ads. Play: I enjoy this game better compared to the other games like this. I like the idea of getting a certain number of gems before you can move on to the next level in adventure mode. I like trying to beat my high score in classic. Yes it’s not perfect but I think it’s one of the best block (they all have different names) game I have found so far.

OMG THE ADDS. Would pay for this app to get rid of the adds as annoying

Old was better. Since last update after 3000 points u added some new shapes pls remove those cuz it becomes too difficult to play after that

Great game but too many ads. I would rather pay for the app than waste more time watching ads than getting to play, very annoying since it’s such a fun game. I won’t play again until the ad situation is fixed.

Too many ads. I really like this game but every game you gets ads after 5 mins or less so frustrating

This is an amazing app. Me and my mum love this game

Error. It keeps saying I don’t have enough space with the shapes I have but I do. Think it’s an error.

Get rid of the ads!!!!!. This could be a 5 star game. But, like most have said, I would happily pay for this game to get rid of the ads!!! Release a premium version and GET RID OF THE ADS!!!!!

Release a paid version with no ads. I think I speak for everyone when I say this game is worthy of 5 stars, but the ads ruin it… I’d pay like $5 if it meant I never got another ad

Ads!!! Arrgghhh. Please have a paid version. Love the game but deleting it because life is too short to spend all my time seeing the same ad OVER AND OVER

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Ads are too long. This game is great but I can’t stand working through the lengthy ads- especially for Royal Match! Way too annoying to stick with the game.

Too many ads.. Waste of time unless you enjoy sponsored commercials. No real value in this game. I am deleting this app after my review. I only wish I would have been paid for all the ads I watched, because the game creators must have been. But their game ain’t that creative, and I’m kicking myself for downloading the game in the first place. You’d be better off reading a book. *Mic drop* 🎤👋

Not bad. Every couple rounds it ends the game and says that there were no possible moves but there are multiple moves that I could have made? This seems to be a more recent issue too, it wasn’t happening before

Too much ad. The ads are too long, I would happily pay to have no ads, they are so painful. Please allow players to pay for ad free version!!!

Good game- but. Ads are annoying, too long, and too numerous. No option to pay for no ads!

Ads. For everyone complaining about ads I’ve got a solution… Turn off wifi or get an ad blocker

Ads. Way too many ads. Great game but hard to enjoy it with all the super long ads.

Wants to track for a better ad experience. You can take your ads and shove them where the sun don’t shine! Not going to let you track me so you can provide me with “better ads”. Deleted and won’t look back. SOB

Rigged. I like the idea of this game but every now and then it fails you without a way around it. Please fix this

It freezes. When playing it stops and freezes Then you have to uninstall It’s super fun No way of playing without no ads Frustrating Game is super fun

Ads are not worth the play. The game is good but the ads are too long and not worth playing the game. Give the option to buy with no ads?!

The game is rigged. Like the title says the game is rigged giving you pieces that are too big to fit in the square. The ads are also WAY too much Always 60 seconds long

Frustrated. I also love this game but the Ads are way too much. I should at least have the option to pay for ads free. If this doesn’t change I too will delete this app!

Caution: Norton warning about this app. I downloaded the app and started to play. Immediately, my Norton security sent me a flag: “unsafe: we recommend you do not use this site”. Upon viewing the security report, it reads “current categorization: scam/questionable legality and web ads/analytics: content includes but is not limited to the promotion of get rich quick plans, shady work-from-home opportunities, pay-to-surf, Ponzi schemes and sites offering counterfeit goods for sale. Encompasses sites that facilitate plagiarism by selling questionable educational materials such as term papers. Offering scrupulous adobe such as how to avoid detection by law enforcement or other regulatory bodies or advice on how to contravene prevailing laws or skirt societal standards also fits into this category.” YIKES! I immediately deleted the app … The funny thing is, I usually read the terms of use after downloading a game, and if anything feels fishy I opt out. Unfortunately I selected “agree” before I got the Norton warning … now I’ll have to do double security checks to make sure nothing has been installed on my phone just because I felt nostalgia for Tetris.

Game glitches. Love the game, but the ads glitches and freezes the game.

Plus de pub que de jeu!. C’est un jeu amusant mais la publicité après chaque partie rend fou!

Nice game but….. Work nice. Lots of ads, ads are very invasive. Had ti delete the app because of ads.

TOO MANY ADS. I like this game a lot but I hate the damn ads!!! Why can I not pay to get rid of them? I want to play the game a lot but I am going to delete it because of the ads Ugh

To many adds. The game is fun but adds are annoying.

Unbearable long ads. This game is so fun, but there’s wayyyyyy wayyy to many non-skip very long ads. Making it unbearable to play.

BwaJack. Clear your mind and your traffic

Why I like this game. This game helps call me down. helps me go to sleep.

To many ads. The game is fun but you can’t move onto a level without watching an ad. I deleted the game

It’s time for an ad revolution!. It’s not enough that Apple is a multi billion dollar industry, it’s a whole other crap bucket with the harassment and abuse of users that is absolutely ridiculous. Why aren’t the app companies saying ENOUGH! You can’t possibly make money off of all the users who are deleting this because apple wants to inundate users with those damn ads!! Come on already!

Game sucks now. I used to really enjoy this game. It was challenging and fun but now it’s giving impossible situations or it will end your game because of blocks the game gave you that don’t fit. Deleting it after this review.

The ads are too long. I wish there was an option to do pay for the app so that you didn’t get ads - the ads are extensively long for how much you play, with no option to upgrade and have ad free! I will be removing the app if this doesn’t change soon!

Too many ads. When I first downloaded this game it was good. Now the ads are constant and long and hard to close. It’s gotten so ridiculous I am deleting it.

Boring. Not enough events. For the amount of advertising this game does on Tiktok I thought it would be amazing. It has one event/tournament thing at a time and once you beat it you have to wait days for a new one. The classic round is boring. Play something else!

Unrelenting ADs!!. I think I spent more time watching ads than I did playing this game. I deleted it.

Game nice, hostile ads. The game is great. The ads are too much. I don’t mind that there are ads, that some are long (45+ sec), but some ads have a skip/close button built-in to mislead you in opening the AppStore. Sometimes, the App Store just get randomly opened while playing. One too many times.

Worst Game ever!. This game has only Ads. After every level there are at least three and you continuously have to click next. After every failed attempt there is one and sometimes one will pop up while you are playing. You’d think with all the negative reviews they’d do something but they don’t care. I have no idea how they have a 4.8 rating when all the reviews I’ve seen are bad.

Best. I’ve played many similar games and this hands down is the best one. There’s an adventure mode that gets weekly updates adding a new event every week. Everyone should give this game a try!

NOT AS ADVERTISED. Crap game. Not anything like Tetris. The ads show dropping shapes that you rotate and fit. That’s a lie. Just a select block and place game. AND too many ads!! Don’t waste your time on this.

Unreasonably long as, deleted app. I have never seen a game app with so many and long app. To begin with, I think many people should have played similar games and we don’t need to start at a super beginner level with only a few blocks. I tried 2 moves (already means 2 levels) and was forced to see township game twice for very long time before I can move to the next level. You used up all my patience waiting. App deleted immediately after the long wait. I wasted 5 mins.

Block blast!!!. Great puzzle game fun for all ages. Full of colour and fun!! Can you beat my high score - 4873.

Game. Almost like Tetris

Extremely Addictive. Fun game

Ads Ads Ads. If you like watching Ads you’ll love this game. It’s insane ! Door bell rings during game play. When you go back to the game you get to watch a timed Ad. Actual game could be fun.

Ads are way to long. I should have listened to other reviews The ads drag on way too long. Don’t bother getting this game

Ads. Ads are too annoying that i am deleting this game.

Ads are too long. The game is great but the ads and length of each ad is ridiculous. The fact that you have to wait for the ad, then click to get out of the download option and then wait again is enough to make me delete this game.

So fun!!. I LOVE this game! Why? Because sometimes it just calms me down when I’m either upset, mad, or sad, the game just makes me happy!

Like the game BUT the ads are LONG & too many!. I like the game but the ads are horrendous! Seriously LONG commercials and super persistent - really try to make you download from the App Store by automatically loading the App Store and very pop up like. Will delete once my patience limits reach soon.

Freezing all the time. Crappy Game it freezes all the time and the commercials aren’t worth the time.

I love this game. Me and my mom love to play this game at free time it’s so fun ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗💕💘💞💓❣️🖤💟

Block blast. The game is just not a good game, I guarantee you will DELETE It.

Too many ads. I wish there were an option to pay for ad-free. I love this and could binge play for a while but the ads are just atrocious and take the flavour out of the fun.

hadiya mitchell. very good!!!!!

The ads are ridiculous!. I love this game but you spend almost as much time sitting thru ads as you do playing! And there’s no option to upgrade to ad free. Not sure if it’s worth it.

Way too many ads. I really like thus game! But way too many ads, and it definitely drains my battery faster. Would be more fun if less ads, or at least shorter ones that you can X out right away (not have to X out 2-3 times). Also I can’t seem to pass my highest score which is discouraging.

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Addicting but you did me wrong too many times!. I deleted this game even though I was highly addicted, especially when they started the ‘Adventures’. But for some reason the game would tell me no more spaces when I know I did. Now maybe I can be more productive since my nose isn’t in this puzzle every free hour I have. Not gonna change my mind.

Entertaining game but with 2 issues. I like this game, It is fun and entertaining. The 2 issues I have are, first- lack of instructions secondly- no paid version, the ads are long and obnoxious, if I have a few minutes to play throughout the day, half of it is spent on ads. I completely understand the reason for the ads, but offering the opportunity to purchase the game so that I can have more time to play would be great.

Fix game. 7/10 times when I’m playing the game will just suddenly say I have no more moves when I clearly do it’s irritating, but other than that love the game but can you guys fix that problem please

Just ok. The game is fine. What you would expect from the photos. However after about 10 levels there are ads at every level. They all require several taps to get past and take from 30 seconds to a minute, when the levels take 30 seconds. There is no ad free version, and putting phone in airplay mode didn’t seem to stop any of them. I would pay to eliminate the ads, but it is just unplayable this way.

Lots of bugs. I love this game but there’s been a lot of bugs. There have been many times I’ve been playing the language of flowers adventure and the countdown would start to retry even though I can see the blocks they put and i have way more than enough room. They’ve also added way more ads lately. I used to be able to do 2-3 tries before I got an ad but now it’s only 1. Please fix these

better than woodoku. I like this version of the block game better than others I have played. The only thing I would request is an ad free version so you don't have to click 20 times between every level just to get back to the game.

There’s potential but…. The game can be fun and there is a traditional Tetris mode but it’s hidden in the settings area under “more games”. HOWEVER…the amount & length of the ads are ANNOYING. Also it’s started pausing mid game JUST to make me watch a long ad and pick back up where I left off. I’m tired of closing the app to avoid watching the ad and then reopening. Thinking of deleting. If there was a purchase option for no ads I’d pay for it though.

Occasionally and toooo many ads. I love the game overall but occasionally as one game ends and you await the start of the next game, the screen goes BLACK and does not want to restart any time soon. I’m betting that’s a BUG … please fix it. The amount of ads between games is absolutely ridiculous —STOP HALF OF THEM , PLEASE ….!

Why I love this game. Really fun and I have the best high scores on earth and I’m only 9 years old and I still won all my friends lose on the the game I’m live this game and it’s my favorite game to play but I have other games that u like to play on too but yeah I love this game thank you for making it so fun

Was a fan, not so much now. I have been playing this game for awhile now and have enjoyed it until today, now all of a sudden it has animations. If I wanted to play a game with animation I would have picked one. It’s the whole reason I got hooked on this one because there wasn’t any. Thanks, I guess now it’s time to delete and find a different game. The very least app developers can do for those of us who don’t like all the animated movements within the game is an option to turn them off.

Relaxing but annoying ads. I wish there was a way to pay to get rid of the ads. It’s a cool game, very relaxing. But I don’t want to have to sit through an ad every time I lose. Being able to pay a one-time fee to get rid of the ads would make this a perfect game to me.

Bumper98. Why isn’t there a way to save your progress in the game. I’ve been playing for several days n skipped two n I was on level 33 now when I got back on it started all over again from level 1 very disappointed in game

Fun but the ads. I am a person that will HAPPILY pay up to $12 to remove ads from a game if I like it. The fact that I can’t pay my way out of these ads is forcing me to just delete the app. Pity - I actually rather enjoy the game. I’ve learned that there is a SET way you should play each adventure round or you won’t pass it, no matter what you do. And that I enjoyed.

Cool game. Horrible ads in between.. Addicting game, that I really like. Only giving 3 stars because of the annoying “game video bait” in between plays. You can’t click out of it even after you watch the 30 seconds it wants you to. No X to close without taking you to the App Store to buy this “other” game. I’d rather watch 30 seconds of commercials.

Why fix what’s not broken!?. I’ve downloaded a lot of games and deleted them because they had no way to flip the shapes like on the old Tetris from way back! Now I finally find a game I can sit and play for hours and the shapes flip and can be placed where I need them only to open the app one day and the flip button is gone! Before this happened oh I was 5 stars all the way! Now idk if I’ll even be playing much longer or searching for a new one similar that flips the shapes when need be. My question is Why!? Why change something that working?

Fun, but ads are killing it.. I do love this game, even though the newer version won’t let me get nearly as far. But the ads, ARGH!!!!! It takes so long to get through the ads, and you have go through at least four screens to get past an ad! The ads last longer than the amount of time the game will allow me to play. Not nearly as much fun. I thinks I’ll just back to the coloring book apps.

Fun but…. I wish when you completed an adventure you earned more flips in the classic game or something else. Seems foolish too have the adventure with no real reason to complete it. I’ve noticed I get pieces I can use but the game says I can’t and abruptly ends my game. Frustrating when I’m so close to completing the round. It’s fun just wish there was more to it!

the new update won’t let me get past 4,000. Ever since the new update came the game always gives me the new blocks when I cannot put them anywhere. the T, U and + blocks never have anywhere to go and I physically cannot get past 4,000. i think you should take away those blocks that came with the new update. thanks

Used to be a fav but now not so much. This game was great up until recently. When I first downloaded it didn’t have any of the u or + pieces and you could get your score really high. Now that they have added those I haven’t been able to get past a score of 4000. It was more fun when you could keep it going. I feel like there should be an option to not have those pieces…

Fun but the ads.... Fun, mindless game to kill time. It's mostly luck based, like most of these games. This game has the worst ads. Looooong, looong boring ads for other games. So repetitive. You can't skip them. Trying to click the tiny X after you watch a 60 second lame ad is so frustrating because it takes you to the app purchase page. For some reason, there's no option to purchase the game to get rid of these incessant ads. I'm a pretty patient person but this game is ruined by ads.

Love this game… but…. I wish there was a way to get rid of the ads. I’d definitely pay money to not have to deal with the ads. And I didn’t play before the update that made it “harder” but I’d like to get a higher score like some of the other reviews say used to be possible.

So addicting!. Love this game. For Tetris lovers that want something similar without the stress of fast falling blocks, this game is a must have. My only one complaint though is that you can’t pay to opt out of ads. Which I would gladly do! But there is no option for that. Hopefully there is a fix or newer version to fix that soon! :)

Ads are too much. In last few updates there has been multiple ad bugs . Not] sure if it’s to back you into corner to buy add free. Scenario is I have open space and I pick up a piece and i drop it back down to think of my move. Than it says out of room than when you click revive and throws you into a one min ad. Please fix free play and stop the ad after every game and bugs on revives

Too many ads!. I absolutely love this game but the amount of ads is absurd, I understand there has to be some but I wish there was an option to pay and have zero ads. The amount of time it takes to press “done” and then x it out and then press ”done” a few more times, takes away any joy I feel while playing. It’s not relaxing, it’s stressful and triggering to me. I’m autistic and I can’t manage the ads. I wish you would make an option for no ads because the actual game helps me focus and I have to stop playing due to the ads :(

Spamming within app. I would’ve given this app 5 stars but they now have a new way to advertise which pops up And says you can’t play block blast until you update to the latest version and when you click to update it’s an advertisement. Spamming customers and tricking them within the app with advertisements that look just like an app update is pretty low. I’ve played this every day and now no more, I’m done. Never saw an app go this far for advertisements to scam their own customers. Just terrible

It’s fun until you realize…... It would hook you up when you are blasting it throughout the levels until you keep on trying on a certain level and understand you would never pass to the next one. I hardly give up on anything, for me the challenge is an adrenaline rush. But sometimes you need to be realistic and understand the game it’s stuck forever and it’s a waist of time. Plus the revive button is not real, deleted a game that won’t take you no where. It’s a prank on you.

Like the game … but these ads…. These ads are killing me! They last 30 seconds but when it’s done you x out and done pops up again the x out and bam done pops up again the x out a third time and it’s counting down from 5 till it gives you the final X to continue! So annoyed with it now that it just makes the game no longer fun and thinking of off loading it now ! 😣😒

Block Blast. I really like the game but I I absolutely detest the ads better that come on the game. They might not be so bad if they didn’t take so long when you’re wanting to play the game. I don’t want to get rid of it but you got to do something. Other than the ads everything’s great love it. Thank you

Great game but with issues to be tolerated.. i’ve noticed it after a few games are played this app freezes up my phone. Everytime!! and if it is open it causes other apps to run slow. My iPhone froze up so bad I cannot get the screen to go away. End up dialing 911 by accident trying to do a hard reset. Finally figured it out and realize that if I wanna play this game I am having to constantly reset my phone.

Uncontrollable Ads. While playing the game with my phone on silent, ads play automatically in the middle of the game. Absolutely nonsense, instant delete. I will never do business with the company again, actively looking the company to delete any other apps. I understand ads at certain times, but when they don’t respect my phone settings and come up during the middle of the game and continue to play even the phone screen is locked, ya gotta go!

Different versions??. My whole family has downloaded this same game and it seems there are two different versions. One you get more points and different types of blocks. I want their version but am stuck with this version even when deleting and downloading again. Each family member either has version 1 or 2.

Excessive Ads are killing this potentially fun game. Absolutely Love this game, it’s become my new favorite. But the amount of AD’s are the most annoying thing! I have never played a game with this many ads, it makes you not even want to play. I know I would play mulch more, but I’m considering deleting it just for this reason. I understand the need for ads but this is excessive. And they’re long and repetitive. Please work on this, they need to be shorter and much much less.

it can be fun. It is quite obvious that they give you the blocks you need at the beginning, but once you’ve passed your high score, it stops and purposely makes you lose (so you keep playing). personally i find that insanely annoying because i like the satisfaction of clearing all the blocks. i deleted it because it did this. plus, it wasn’t a one time thing, it happens every single time i play.

Revive Option. It was a great game. Something to past time with, but recently my revive option is not available. Before you had the option to watch a add to revive it’s not working anymore. Which means I can’t beat my high score anymore. I tried reinstalling the app but it erased everything including my high score!!!!!! If this remains I’m going to delete the game.

I LOVE THIS GAME. I love this game there’s only a little bit of ads and I can’t stop playing this it’s literally so fun I mean like I win this I get over 1000 and then boom I just win so like it’s fun entertaining and there’s barely any ads I hate ads support the game it’s a fun game it’s a good game I love the game so you better too By: Rosalina Anderson

SO MANY ADS!!!. Amazing game. Graphics, animations, everything about this game is amazing. But the experience is taken away when you constantly have to watch, keep pressing next and having to sit through so many ads. It’s so annoying and I’ve actually deleted this game because I’ve gotten tired of the ad commercials for another game called Royal Match. They need to remove the ads.

Too many ads. This game looks promising from the little bit I can see, but it is unplayable with so many ads. I didn’t time it, but it seems like there’s at least a minute of ads for each minute of gameplay. And sitting through a minute of ads is intolerable when I haven’t figured out how the game works yet or whether I like it. I get that the developers probably want me to buy a premium version without ads, but I’m not inclined to spend money on something without seeing it first.

New Update not as good. Used to be a 5 star game. But now they added new shapes to the puzzle making it too hard to play. The new shapes spawn after 3000 pts and the break up the pattern and predictability of how to plan spacing on the grid. I previously had a high score of 16,000+pts now I can barely get past 5000pts before completely running out of revivals. I Can see how this would be profitable for add revenue, but it makes me not want to play the game anymore.

Ads are annoying. While I like this game, it’s addicting.. the ads are horrible. There are way too many and anytime you want to click out of the ad or click the X, when it’s finally over, it brings you to the App Store. Idk how many times I have had to click the X and it never lets me out. Maybe add an ad free option for people who are willing to pay for it. The ads deter me from playing the game.

Poorly developed game. I find it absolutely ridiculous that having the exact same version and release of this game would result in two different experiences. One version makes it impossible to play with pieces coming in shapes such as a plus sign, T’s, and U’s, while another version has the simple pieces. One big part of these games are the social aspect, being able to play and compare scores, but with two completely different experiences, it makes this practically impossible. Consistency between downloads is all that’s required to fix this issue.

Ridiculously long ads. I like the game but there are a ton of ads and some are up to 1 minute long. There’s no way to buy out of them so I had to give this the lowest score for taking up too much of my time. They should at least let you purchase ad-free gaming.

Best game ever. I can play this game forever this is now one of my most favorite game. It takes everything off my mind now i dont have to think about my grandma’s toe cancer and my dogs oversized nose this game makes everything better thank you to who ever made this bless you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ugh the ads!!!. LOVE this game. I’m addicted. But for the love of all things holy can we PLEASE have an option to pay to skip ads?!? I will GLADLY pay to not have to watch 8 million ads! Also, I LOVE the adventure portion! My husband and I race each other to see who can beat it first! But please give us an option to remove the ads!!!!

Glitches. I really enjoy the game when it’s working properly but other than that, I don’t. I hate to have to wait days before continuous play. Then I’ll be in a game with space for leftover blocks and it will end, saying no space left. The first time it happened I was like maybe I didn’t have the correct block. After that, I realized it was a glitch. And of course, there is an excessive amount of ads.

Not as advertised-can’t rotate pieces. The ads they show on Tik Tok are not of this game. There is nothing that looks like Super Mario Brothers and the pieces don’t rotate. All you can do is place the pieces and you can’t see next. It’s fun for a minute but then needs deleted. Developers- add in the ability to see next piece, allow pieces to be rotated, make a timer, and then you will have a fun game. As of right now it’s just an advertisement trap. Every time you die you have to watch a 30 second ad.

Thank you :). Looks like they reversed the update that made it nearly impossible to get past 3000 points. Thank you so much! I was about to delete the app out of frustration and now I can keep playing one of my favorite apps :)

Block blast (remove ads suggestion). Great game and almost little to no delay. I would suggest to give the option to pay for the ad/ad blockers. I would prefer to continually play without interruption. I would pay for it! Please give the option.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD— CREEPY ADS. a few weeks after downloading, i started getting ads that wouldn’t close and if i clicked the “x” to close it it would open up weird websites. i deleted immediately because i do not want to be phished. then i downloaded another block puzzle and had a similar issue— i wonder if they are by the same person and if so i wonder if they are phishing or downloading viruses. either way something bad is going on and i highly do not recommend

Freezes. Love this game would pay for an ad free version but over the last couple days it stops Working and freezes about every other use. Don’t like the update at all, much worse than before

Fun way to pass the time, however…. The game is fun and I’ve been playing it for so long. My only issue is the ads, I wish there was a way to stop getting them after every completed level. It’s completely annoying when all I want to do is play the puzzle game. If the developers come out with an ad free price in the area of $2-5 USD, I would give a higher rating.

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Block Blast-Block Puzzle Games Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of Block Blast-Block Puzzle Games app? Can you share your complaints, experiences or thoughts about the application with Hungry Studio and people?

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Block Blast-Block Puzzle Games 3.0.0 Games Screenshots & Images

Block Blast-Block Puzzle Games iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 3.0.0
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 11.3 or later

Block Blast-Block Puzzle Games (Versiyon 3.0.0) Install & Download

The applications Block Blast-Block Puzzle Games was published in the category Games on 2022-04-03 and was developed by Hungry Studio [Developer ID: 1655290753]. This program file size is 128.75 MB. This app has been rated by 64,690 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Block Blast-Block Puzzle Games - Games app posted on 2023-04-06 current version is 3.0.0 and works well on IOS 11.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Block Blast Adventure Master 4.8 66,751 Free
Block Blast-Block Puzzle Games Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for playing 'Block Blast'. This version is updated with experience optimizations, spec changes, and minor bug fixes for a better gaming experience! Catch us at Facebook: Block Blast Suggestions or Comments? Give us a shout at

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Find this site the customer service details of Block Blast-Block Puzzle Games. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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