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What is usga app? The USGA is pleased to present the updated USGA app, where fans will be able to follow the U.S. Open, U.S. Women’s Open, and all 2023 USGA championships with scoring, tee times, live streaming, highlights, and much more!

Key features include:

Mobile ticketing and ticket purchases using AXS

Featured groups and featured holes coverage of the 2023 U.S. Open at The Los Angeles Country Club, and featured groups coverage of the 2023 U.S. Women’s Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links.

Keep up with all of the action as it unfolds for every 2023 USGA championship, from every round of stroke play during the U.S. Opens to every single match for all amateur championships. Favorite unlimited players to build customized leader boards. Watch every televised shot of the U.S. Open, U.S. Women’s Open, U.S. Senior Open, and U.S. Senior Women’s Open with highlights right within the players’ scorecards.

View championship tee times with an easy-to-use, intuitive search feature to find any player.

Stay up to date with the latest videos, news, photos, and more from all 2023 USGA championships.

Stay up to date with alerts sent right to your mobile device featuring highlights, fan information, updates about your favorite players, and more.

Receive push notifications specific to fans attending the championships and use the step-by-step wayfinding feature at the U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open to easily make your way around The Los Angeles Country Club and Pebble Beach.

Browse and purchase the latest championship merchandise from the USGA.

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App Name USGA
Category Sports
Updated 19 December 2023, Tuesday
File Size 119.07 MB

USGA Comments & Reviews 2024

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App user. Great app but needs to have an auto refresh function. If there is a long list like stoke play at the US Amateur going all the way back to the top to refresh takes time and then makes one have to find their spot again.

Leaderboard? Who designed this disaster?. Just look at the US Open Leaderboard - what happened to quality control?

Didn’t work. You would think the usga would have decent internet connectivity at LACC, but it never work on my phone or my Wife’s and we couldn’t keep track of the players on our phones.

Terrible app. This app is horrible I can’t watch on my tv, picture is blurry and small. What a waste of time! Total fail USGA!

Too long. Takes too long to find the scheduling for Adaptive Open

Tee Times. Why are the Tee times starting at 9:30 am Pacific time? Anyone one who wants to watch the leaders on the east coast have to wait until 6:45 pm for the leaders to tee off. The tee off times should start at 8:00 am at the latest. Very bad for viewing on the east coast.

Not designed for tablets.. On a tablet, the app is just a lazy expansion of of the phone version. Videos use no more than 15% of the screen. Probably OK if you only want it for your phone.

USGA disappointing. Try to catch each major tourne. Each time I open one of the major apps I fully expect an experience the Masters App. Full coverage of the entire 4 day tourney. Love stream from first tee to last group holing out. And as always I’m thoroughly disappointed. Why even bother with an app if all you’re going to do is force people to a tv affiliate. USGA and PGA need to contact the Masters and learn how to stream a golf tourney the proper way!!

Update text. Your biggest event of the year. The app shows the “update” message. Highly irritating!

WELL DESIGNED APP. The user interface and experience is extremely intuitive and very well designed.

App is not loading. Tried three times to get app to download but seems stuck.

Everything you need to know about golf & more. Fantastic layout of a complex app with all the information you would ever need. Clean, organized and easy to navigate through. A great user experience start to finish!

How many more times are you going to ask me to update app. EVERY time I logged on it said to update app. Didn’t matter, it never updated so I had to update it each time. Ask The Masters how to run an app.

Leaderboard missing. Downloaded the app so I could get my tickets for the Womens US Open - which worked. However, the leaderboard (“scoring”) is missing for the current Men’s US Open. The picture in the App Store shows “scoring” where my app has “shop”. Not in the extra tab either.

Garbage app. Every time I open the app it tells me to update it. Also I can’t even see the text I’m writing in this review.

Better than Most!. Absolutely the best golf app for watching and keeping up with a golf tournament! Excellent work folks!

Surprised!!!. An organization that should have enough resources to get an app to work but doesn’t makes me surprised. Let’s get this fixed, please.

Great to follow the groups. Very informative . I liked the coverage of the groupings. You can scan for your favorite golfer, current scoring and tee times. I really enjoy the layout details of every hole on the course

Doesn’t work. Updated to the latest and after going through the introductory screens and denying permissions for notifications and location, it just says “Oops, something went wrong!”

Shop. Terrible customer service for online shopping products. On hold twice for 22 and 28 minutes disconnected first time and second person was very helpful. Now they send me that replacement item that was broken during shipping is not available ask to response to email. They it sent back unmonitored email address. Terrible.

Had to update twice already. How could you not be ready? Masters sooooo much better

Jim Stewart. The ladies rule when it comes to professional golf. The USGA has painted a great picture at Pebble Beach.

Amazing Interface. This app is terrific. You can see a lot about the course and the players.

Copy and paste software issue. Can't copy and paste email when confirming email in transferring tixs Process

App Won’t Work. I have downloaded the app multiple times on my iPhone, but after allowing permissions and going through the tutorial, I get a white screen that says Oops! something went wrong We’re working on it. Try again later. I can’t get my tickets without this.

Awesome app. Great features, very handy. Works flawlessly.

Navigation. I’m stuck in a certain part of the app and can’t find my way back to the general settings. Ug!!!!

Not as good as the masters app. Yep it’s OK the shot trackers OK it’s just OK you can’t see every shot from every player like the masters app by far the best golf app out there is still by far the masters app and the USGA 2 to 3 stars out of five there’s a review done

Worthless App. Downloaded the app to keep up with the US Open. After downloading, you go through the initial selections, it defaults to ‘Oooops something went wrong’ then the app is locked and can’t do jack with it. Deleted and downloaded 5 or more times, same result. Worthless since one can’t do anything. Would give it a negative 5 stars if could. Congrats to those who were able to get it to work.

Awesome!. Great app! Easy to use and great layout!

Featured groups live streamed. Now following. Thank you for providing through the USGA app

2022 US Senior Open. Great day! ALL the workers and volunteers were extremely friendly. Had a fun day!

Great for the US Open!. Been using the new USGA app through the US Open so far, it’s really made the live experience better. Live stats and alerts were perfect for keeping up with my favorite players while I was on other parts of the course. The video highlights and shot tracing were handy for catching up quick - and the map was a lifesaver for finding my way around to watch the players. Would’ve been totally lost without it. Solid app!

Outstanding event. Best spectator golf event I have attended . attended. Fun and well worth the time to attend

Awesome App. Great user-friendly app for following the tournaments

It doesn’t work. It literally doesn’t work. Downloaded it for the US Open and the app doesn’t work. When you open it it says “oops, something went wrong” and it’s unusable. I’ve deleted it and redownloaded it several times. Still doesn’t work.

Ugh!. It’s a shame you can’t watch the live broadcast on the app/internet. You can on The Masters—even without a cable operator!!—which is why The Masters is superior tournament!

Poorly executed. I am not sure who is reviewing this app but for me this is poorly done all the way around. There are several great golf tournament apps but this isn’t one of them and they could really have taken a few tips from them. The scoring view, player view, streaming, ah who am I kidding it all needs to be done better just try again.

Wow. Wow what an awesome golf app. Shot caster, live video, it’s so cool! I started using it during the women’s US Open and I am so impressed! Great job on this devs!

Terrible app experience. One of the worst tracking apps I’ve used to date, over complicated and extremely slow to load

Would love to see iPad app. The phone app is great, but would love to see an app for the iPad

Fantastic. Great user experience

Doesn’t Work. They must have decommissioned the old US Open app (which worked fine), and made you download this USGA, which does not work. Huge flop.

Needs Refresh every time I open scoring. Needs refresh every time scoring is opened

Bad. Leader board doesnt refresh on its own. Shot tracker opens up another page. Clunky nowhere near the masters app. And the pga championship app was better this year which is really saying something

Awesome website - thanks - USGA. Great website. User-friendly and it’s easy to catch up on all the great news associated with the U.S. Open.

Does not work; don’t bother downloading. Day 2 of US Open, and I still get the “oops, something went wrong” message. Inexcusable. Update - it’s down again on Sunday. Final round of US Open inaccessible. This app is a complete joke.

Not 5 stars. Giving 5 star so you can see this because only bots give 5 stars. Actually one star. Updates are non stop. Do better USGA.

Tragic U.S. open in every respect. There’s no way people should be double digits under par in the U.S. Open and the cut being +2 people at +3 could have won the tournament There is no reason why a long hitter should benefit over a more talented golfer. The back -450 yards longer than the front nine give me a break you pick the soft course and it illuminates half of the field, harder courses bring out the better players It’s time for something in the middle of the country as well it’s east coast west coast and why would you not start the Tee Times earlier as you cut the field by 2/3 who is the ridiculous +2 they should’ve been taking off 730 Pacific time that would’ve been 1030 on the East Coast even if you have why would you have the broadcast going into? Of Sunday night use this is not the Super Bowl. Most hideous representation of the U.S. Open ever

Fix it. Every time I open the app it needs update. Redirects to App Store and does nothing. Shot tracker and scores lagging.

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Painfully slow, unusable. Takes 12-15 seconds to refresh scores or to show a players scorecard. This is unacceptable. DP World Tour app responds almost instantly with scores and PGA Tour App almost as fast.

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Annoying app!. It’s difficult to move around and the leaderboard is too spread out to compare positions.

Something went wrong. …with this app. Constantly coming up with the “SOMETHING WENT WRONG” screen, when my network is good on every other app. Even restarting my phone doesn’t help. Fine when it’s working, which isn’t often. It’s pretty trash

LPGA. I'm so.happy I am able to watch the ladies play. Apparently golf Channel is meant to show men's golf 99% of the time. Thank you so much for acknowledging that women can play a great round. Susan W

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Terrible. Really bad

Update. Update. Update. Update. Update.. How is it Saturday and the app needs an update every time you open it…..

Horrible.. Worst app ever. Do better.

Lousy. Difficult to navigate, typical of USGA

Terrible app. This app is horrible I can’t watch on my tv, picture is blurry and small. What a waste of time! Total fail USGA!

No iPad app - fail. Opening this on an iPad is like 2015….

Poor navigation. Where are the TV times?

Pathetic. Copy the masters app please. Show every shot. This is a major

US Open Tickets. My US Open tickets no longer show up on the app!

Awful. Shot tracker is terrible for US open. Do you people not realize how important it is? Losers

Had to update twice already. How could you not be ready? Masters sooooo much better

Poot. The app is far behindz

Confusing layout, too many clicks. Really hard to use. Why is the menu at the bottom right to get to the list of things and then you have to click in there to get to more lists. I get that they have lots of events to deal with and all that but you don’t need a button on the top left and then a menu at the bottom right. Just have one Menu list like everybody else, pull down that is in one place and you go from there. So confusing. Because the top left pulls down the event you’re looking for, but the bottom right pulls out the information for the current stuff you’re doing with tickets and all that. Why not just combine it all, so that when you pull down the event you want the information on the bottom right gets pulled down for the event you’re clicking on. The overhead map to the course is awful. Why have that weird green cover. So sad the first two rounds of the US Open is only on Peacock and USA, both of which I will never pay to see. In this day and age just offer it all for free on YouTube with multiple channels, it’s so much easier. The whole world will appreciate you for it. Nobody wants commercials anyway. And where’s the section for “every shot” of a player’s round like they have it at the Masters App???? Hopelessly annoying App. Also, when using the screen mirroring to Roku, the App doesn’t work to tilt the screen horizontally, but it works when done from the standard browser if you access it at the web link. And where’s the live feed of the network coverage????? Is that how it is with NBC???? What’s the point of the App then. Why do we have to subscribe to cable and NBC to get just the over-the-air broadcast???? You couldn’t even do that???? Pathetic

US Open app. Why is the US Open app not working. The USGA app is hard to navigate. 👎

Dysfunctional. doesn’t work at the

App doesn’t work. Day of the tournament and the app is down…

Navigation. No clear link to different tours. Ladies, men’s, seniors, European etc.

App Won’t Work. I have downloaded the app multiple times on my iPhone, but after allowing permissions and going through the tutorial, I get a white screen that says Oops! something went wrong We’re working on it. Try again later. I can’t get my tickets without this.

Locked up! Help. I have tried to install this on my iPhone SE (3rd Gen) twice this past week. During setup, I declined the notifications and location permission and it locks up. I cannot go any further. Hopefully this will get fixed so I can use the app. I had to rate it to send this in…. Ignore the rating since I haven’t truly been able to use the app. The other apps by USGA have been very good-I’d like to use this one too!

Update. Tells me to update app, but doesn’t take me to an update.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.4.3
Play Store com.usga.usga-ios
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

USGA (Versiyon 2.4.3) Install & Download

The application USGA was published in the category Sports on 13 April 2022, Wednesday and was developed by United States Golf Association [Developer ID: 319204553]. This program file size is 119.07 MB. This app has been rated by 6,503 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. USGA - Sports app posted on 19 December 2023, Tuesday current version is 2.4.3 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.usga.usga-ios. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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USGA App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Feature enhancements and bug fixes to improve user experience.

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