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State of the art ballistic solver for calculating long range rifle trajectories. This solver and the library of ballistic coefficients is provided by Bryan Litz and is the most accurate and complete ballistics app available.

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The applications Applied Ballistics was published in the category Sports on 2014-07-13 and was developed by Applied Ballistics. The file size is 11.18 MB. The current version is 1.48 and works well on 8.1 and high ios versions.

- All known fire control solution issues have been resolved
- New database of bullets (v. 684)
- Fixed web syncing bugs
- Fixed DA to 3 decimal precision
- Fixed mover direction error
- Added March and Bushnell reticles and put in proper markings/subtensions
- Eliminated banded BCs

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AIAX Shooter

No longer works  AIAX Shooter  1 star

I just performed the latest update (10.2.1) and this app no longer works. You can change data but when you try and calculate a solution, the app quits. Please fix asap

Marc Denis

Good App and a few tweaks would make it better  Marc Denis  3 star

Bought this after owning Shooter and studying Bryan's books. My only suggestion for change concerns the moving target feature. Target motion is not accounted for in windage displays on the reticle view. Changing target speed changes 'wind' windage but not target windage. So... a few tweaks are needed. Looking forward to field use with a new 6.5mm rifle.


Dont  ccm812  3 star

Bought this app out of curiosity. Mildot Ballistic, Ballistic AE and StrelokPro are much better apps with StrelokPro being my favorite because it already has just about any reticule built into the app. Each gives data for your loads that are comparable but with every imaginable scope reticule built into the program makes StrelokPro stand above the others.

Military Shooter

Clean Install - New Version Works Great  Military Shooter  5 star

Works great after the update, it is best to do a clean install.

Jon Pynch

No stars. Horrible.  Jon Pynch  1 star

I have shooter. Ballistic. Bullet flight etc. they all work as advertised. I wanted ab to look how crosswind jump affects impacts at longer ranges. I've never rated an app or left a review but this app is terrible So it needed one. I triple checked my inputs into ab, and still couldn't find why it's outputs were so far off. It doesn't even come close to matching my other programs which have been confirmed by shooting in he field. It has a few bugs where it would freeze and need to be restarted, but mostly it's just a faulty app. Unfortunate because the ab kestrels are widely respected.


Big let down  Mrniceguy2010  1 star

Purchased because it's Applied Ballistics. I was expecting accuracy and custom drag curves as promised. This app is full of bugs and is slow with updates. Combine this with their history of releasing new apps and abandoning current apps, I say stay away. Until problems are fixed and they show a track record of regular updates save your money.


Unreliable  Qleeraym  1 star

This app has failed every turn of the corner. Especially on the day I'm at a freaking PRS Match. Waste of my money.


Used to be good, not it doesn't work.  Ffjohn  1 star

When I bought this app a couple years ago it worked well but needed some features added. Since then most updates have broken base features while attempting to add things like local weather auto populate. Currently Manually added Bullets don't calculate any info, bullet BC editing has multiple issues and updates and customer service are nearly non-existent. I once highly recommended this app but now it is pretty much worthless. Skip it and try another.


Does not work  …..  1 star

Changing any value causes the app to crash immediately.


Love this Ap - problems solved  speed.wagon  5 star

This is a great tool for anyone interested in long-range shooting.


Bullit Proof Arms BullitArms 3 star

One of the many Big rifles from the #worldslongestshotchallenge This one belongs to Pro - Applied Ballistics...


Instant Time Deals InstantTimeDeal 3 star

Kestrel Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics - #weather


Eddie Falcon HomeDefenseSite 3 star

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