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Triple Match 3D Game Description & Overview

What is triple match 3d app? Spend hours of fun playing Triple Match 3D puzzle matching game and enjoy awesome levels and fun challenges!

Enjoy your brain time, and improve your sorting skills to become a matching master!

Spend a relaxing, fun time as you find and connect tiles and complete different missions.

Develop your skills by playing everywhere and as much as you want offline. Grab this amazing puzzle from the store and start searching for hidden objects today!

How To Play:
* Tap on three identical tiles and connect them into triples
* Keep sorting and matching objects until you clear all tiles from the screen
* Complete the goal set at the start of the level and become a master of 3d puzzle games!
* NOTE! Each level has a timer, so you must move fast & reach the level goal!
* Use boosters to help you sort through the objects and pass tricky levels
* Use Shuffle to rearrange the items on the board

Fans of mahjong games will experience endless excitement and fun with this awesome match 3d game. Enjoy unique gameplay that will keep you busy for hours!
Put your logic and strategy skills to the test in this addicting Triple Match game and discover these Fun Features:

* Amazing boosters to help you along the way
* Beautifully designed match 3d levels
* Fun brain training missions
* Easy and relaxing tile matching game
* Free to play online or offline, no Wi-Fi or internet connection is required

Enjoy unique gameplay that will keep you busy for hours! Put your logic and strategy skills to the test in this addicting Triple Match game.

Note that Triple Match 3D ads do not necessarily show actual gameplay.

Have any questions for us? Contact our support team at

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App Name Triple Match 3D
Category Games
Updated 01 April 2024, Monday
File Size 615.24 MB

Triple Match 3D Comments & Reviews 2024

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Less fun when you get to higher levels. **edit** so, in response to your answer, you’re making it less fun ON PURPOSE. Since it’s built in that playing the game consistently is “rewarded” by having the games get harder and less enjoyable for no reason, I have to consider the added aggravation into my rating. I have therefore changed my rating to 2 stars. Thank you for clarifying your position. I really enjoy this game, well, enjoyed. I’ve gotten to a place (above level 2000) and there are far too many ‘hard’ and ‘very hard’ games in a row. So instead of enjoying playing, I’ll get stuck on the same level for 2-3 days. There is little to no time between hard games to build up tokens to use to alleviate some of the difficulty. Playing the same level repeatedly is boring and unfulfilling. If it had only happened once or twice, I’d have grumbled but moved on. However, it appears to be happening consistently now. Prior to this I’d give it 5 stars, now I give it a 3 (perhaps too generously).

Love it !. This can really get super hard at times.. as soon as you start to learn some of the items and can match them quickly.. they will add - well let’s just say the item with have a different color scheme or design on it lol I had to figure it out on my own the hard way. Pay close attention to your space, tap carefully, colors & patterns matter ! HAVE FUN ~ I know I do ~ it’s one of my favorite games. I would not recommend this for anyone who has trouble distinguishing colors. Some levels are all pink for example, it can be hard to find the correct items. UPDATED - after developers response: I will for sure contact the team. This really is a great game.. but when you have to spend so much to play it becomes another money grab.. which is not fun. There should be challenging levels. However when your reward is 10coins after passing ten levels & you need 100 coins for one fan .. it’s unattainable. The team chest is even worse. If you can not maintain a team of at least 45 people who play everyday, you won’t get any rewards. Again, 10 coins for 1000 keys ? Hoping the team considers adjusting this. Yes - my team knows I have edited my review and am happy I have reached out.

Great for cognitive function. Okay. I am a game player for sure and this game is by far my new favorite; with that said, I am a little disappointed at the amount of rewards you get when completing every 10 levels and get the gift box. I just got to level 1000 and thought yay maybe it finally give me more than 10 coins…depressing to only see 10 coins when the box opened. I’ll keep playing, I’m just hoping that the game makers will make it easier to get more coins. It takes 100 coins to keep going if you run out of time and 100 coins to empty the boxes if you accidentally fill them up, but then only get 10 coins here and there so it takes a blink of the eye to use them and several days to regain enough to use again and then your out again. Other than the coin issue…I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this game!

Don’t Get This Game. This game is just like every matching game ever. It started out being really fun. There is a challenge where you have to collect items to fill a bar to earn rewards. If you complete the challenge, your reward is 1000 coins. BUT as you get closer to the reward, the target becomes more and more impossible. I don’t think I’ve ever made it half way to completing the challenge. There were technical issues yesterday, which kept me from requesting and receiving free lives from my team. Customer support kindly gifted us with one hour of infinity lives. Which would have been nice, if I hadn’t been stuck on the same super hard level for 45 minutes of it. Which brings me to what makes this game so terrible. There is no rhyme or reason to when you receive hard and super hard levels. There have been times when I’ve had three hard levels in a row, or finally beat a super hard level only to be confronted by another super hard level. And you are sure to get one whenever you’re getting close to completing an objective, so that you either lose or spend real money trying to win. If you want a puzzle game that you can play regularly without having to spend real money, try Royal Match. They’ve recently added a lot of ways to earn coins, infinity lives, and power ups without having to spend real money. Tldr; This game is addictive in — in a bad way! Don’t get it!

Fun but frustrating. The game is fun; but there are aspects that are very frustrating. Some of the levels are unnecessarily challenging. On some levels there are items that are very small that inevitably are going to be at the bottom. You really don’t have enough time to get through all of the items to get to the ones at the bottom. I’ve seen comments about being able to get to items at bottom more easily, but I have not had that experience. Other than the initial tutorial on how to play the game, I have not seen any other suggestions or skill tips anywhere. In other instances, there are items that are the same except for one minor detail. You may not even be able to see the difference until you pick up the item, which means you fill up your board and cannot advance. Some level seem to be designed to require you to use a booster. Once you’ve used all your boosters, you could be playing the same level for days. I also am not certain how the events work. But for instance, the island racer event, if somebody is in the higherlevels playing against somebody who is just starting the game, the person who’s at the lower level is probably going to win.

I would give it more stars buttttt. I would give it more stars but all this game wants you to do is spend money. You get 5 lives that are gone in a flash, especially if you accidentally hit a fallen object and fill you column which you have to pay to clear. The side games for rewards takes way to long to enjoy because you have to collect 60-90 objects to “paint, clear, or sweep” something but only get up to 3 of those objects per board. You rarely give 15 minutes of unlimited time as a reward and when you do, time starts immediately and then you have to jump through 10 secs of ads and so forth before each match so it’s wasted. I play Royal Match and I have received several rewards of u limited time, given chances for several free lives, played side games to earn rewards, and so on. I have also spent money on that game because it gives me more bang for my buck! The game is fun, my lives fill fast, and my team is great over there. Play it and learn from it. Otherwise, you will lose players and this app that has potential will be just another forgotten hoopla.

Fun to Frustrating 😖. It’s a good game. I like it. As others have noted, in the beginning the game is fun. As the levels progress the game becomes very challenging and not as much fun. Here are some of the issues: 1. You only get 5 lives at a time. If I’m on a difficult level, it takes more than 5 lives to get through it. Heck, sometimes more than 25 lives! 2. It takes hours for the lives to build up again. 3. A good thing is that sometimes you get free lives. The problem is the limit on the lives you can accumulate (limit is 10). If you get a gift of 5 free lives when have 10 lives in the bank, you lose the gift. You don’t get the option to replace the gift for something else useful in the game (I.e. fan or magnet). As previously mentioned when on a difficult level, extra lives are needed. Lives are the ONLY thing limited. 4. When time runs out, you can accidentally purchase more time because the pop up will appear right where your next move was. There should be a confirmation. Suggestion: Take a page from Sudoku and add difficulty levels (I.e. easy, moderate, hard, extra hard, expert). This way the player has some control and can play at a level that is challenging for them. And can play against other players near their level when the boat races are offered. This would definitely open up the game to a wider range of players.

My daily brain activating game. I love this game! I’m a busy mom of lots of kids and I often feel like my brain is mush halfway through the day. I truly feel like playing this a few times a day has helped my brain wake back up and get focused again. I also have bad vision, and this is making me feel like I’m keeping my hand eye coordination up a bit, as you have to tap quickly and accurately for the whole game. I’ve had this game for just a few weeks now and I did purchase the no-ads version so I wouldn’t have to wait for ads to complete. I haven’t purchased anything else though, and I don’t think it’s necessary to - I’ve found that if there’s a level that is really challenging, maybe I’ve lost on it repeatedly for a few days straight, eventually the layout becomes slightly easier (like all the hard to find pieces you’re supposed to find will be on the top layer instead of the bottom layer) almost as if the game feels bad for me that I’m so terrible at it. 😂 I also like how satisfying it is to empty the board completely, or get all of one item, then all of another item. Definitely recommend this game - I convinced two of my kids to play it, too!

Great game. This is a fun and very challenging game at times. Some levels are nearly impossible to pass, but I’ve figured out strategies that work to get past them by using the accumulated tools that I earn by passing other levels. I am on level 2,381, and I have not spent a single dollar in order to pass any of the levels and do not intend to. It is possible to play this hour after hour, for free, especially if you belong to a team with 4-5 actively playing members. My one and only complaint is that the game freezes unpredictably from time to time. It takes turning my iPhone off and back on to unfreeze it. Maybe it’s our wifi or maybe the game doesn’t run well on unlimited data. Dunno. But it happens infrequently, so if that doesn’t bother you, and you like match games, this might just be the game for you.

This game really is a lot of fun, but…. I really do enjoy this game. I do get a bit frustrated though when I FINALLY get through a “super hard” level, only for the next level to also be a “super hard” one. When that happens, I usually feel very defeated and stop playing for a bit. The only technical complaint I have about the game is the green pencils! I understand that it adds to the challenge when there is only a slight difference between objects (different color stems on apples, for example), but there are three shades of green pencils, and I honestly can’t tell two of them apart! I actually screenshot a picture of them and I literally cannot see a difference, so I have lost a number of games as the result of my just “hoping” I pick a match and picking the wrong one! (A couple of the flies I can’t tell apart either.) Other than that, it really is a fun game! (Thanks for listening to me complain!)

Fun … but player beware. I have a few issues with this game. It is quite fun and relaxing, however, as soon as you run out of “cheats” to get through hard levels, your screwed. If you are working on an “extra hard” level (their wording) and you don’t have any cheats, it will be come so frustrating that you either give up completely or start shelling out cash. Someone called this a money grab game, and I see why. Second, the game play does not look like the game advertisement I saw - which made the game look appealing. I played up to level 1200 and never saw any different type of gameplay. Finally, there was a glitch where I could not complete a purchase. I thought it was on my end, so I tried to process a payment several times and did not get any coins. I ended up being charged for each transaction ($60 total). I submitting a request for a refund. It’s been three weeks (as of this note) and I still have not been reimbursed. I’m disappointed. I’m deleting this game because it’s too frustrating to play unless you throw money at it.

Started out good, and I was enjoying it!. UPDATE: my first message requesting a refund for the money I spent or put my game back to level 1968 has been ignored along with the 5 or 6 other messages. As of today the newest version makes it impossible for me to message them at all. They obviously kept a very people’s money, mine included. I would not recommend this game unless you have money to waste. I am a senior on a fixed income and I guess these folks need to take my money too. A few days ago when I opened the game, it prompted me to look at their privacy policy. Since I had been playing the game for a while, I was surprised but I went ahead and did it. When I went to reopen the game, it had taken me down to level one. I was already close to level 2000! Silly me, because I enjoy the game, I actually spent real money on it. I am a senior, and sometimes I need something to occupy my brain. Now all of that money is gone, and they don’t respond to my requests. All I get is a canned response similar to what the people on this page get. So a word of caution. I don’t know how to fix it. I asked Apple to give me a refund for my purchases, and of course they won’t. I gave it a two star because I enjoyed the game, but the developers don’t seem to care about the people playing it.

Really Fun, but Eventually Gets Too Hard to Play without Buying Lives. I got hooked on this game really fast to the point where it was taking up hours of my time. However, it has managed to wean me from it quite a bit simply by getting to a point where it takes me as many as 15-20 lives to get through one level. Since I refuse to buy lives and don't want to be the one constantly begging for lives from teammates, I just quit playing until I'm up to the full complement of five lives again (a few hours) and get on with my real life -- a much better expenditure of my time. One other criticism is that the harder it gets, the less receptive it is to taps on items. I've also tapped multiples of an item and only one ends up going onto my bar while the other simply disappears. Many items also get too small not only to tap but to be distinguished from other items. It got a lot less fun from Level 1000 on.

Fun but expensive. I’ve been overloaded in life this past year. As a person who doesn’t play games,I can’t explain why I thought playing a game would be helpful, but it has been a great change of pace. However, despite doing well, the rewards are very small while game continuation requires much more than you can earn. I’m to the point where I need to stop playing because you can’t move on without spending money to progress beyond some levels. Without the extra spend, it actually becomes unfun. I’ve only spent about $12 so far, but I’m only on level 257. I can see that as the difficulty increases, so will the spend. After 257 levels, I would have expected the board to change, but it’s exactly the same. The only thing that changes are the items you are searching for on each board. I wonder how many levels you need to reach for the game to change.

Love/Hate opinion. To the developers: I have enjoyed playing this game, it has been very therapeutic. I have reached level 2020 and have spent my money trying to get through the hard and extra hard levels. I will no longer be putting my money into this game. Th game has become too Frustrating and No Fun over time. As I have progressed through, you have made those hard levels way too difficult by taking away time (only 1min. 39seconds on some harder levels), hiding my time and lightning boosters deeply underneath, and the items to be found are small and burried under way too many different items to match and clear. As someone who has played consistently and paid money, my opinion is to either not bury the boosters, give more time for the level, or have less items on the board. I like for the levels to be harder as a challenge, but not where I have to use up everything you’ve earned by playing well to have to play a level over and over 15 times. Then when I make it through there’s another hard level or only 2 or 3 normal levels then back to hard again. This is the game trying to make you spend more money to make it through a level. Something needs to be changed.

AI Adaptation to Encourage Spending. First of all, it is a very fun game, especially starting out. Now the thing that bothers me is I really don’t mind spending once in a while to support developers of games that I like. The problem with this game is that after you start spending, it definitely starts, analyzing your gameplay to encourage you to buy more. If you spend money, it continues ramping up aggressively until it’s almost unplayable unless you buy coins. I know this is true because I have tested on multiple devices spending on one and not the other after I started suspecting the AI interference . It would make the same levels harder on the device, where I spent money, to encourage me to blow through more coins. Then when I purposely lost enough levels and tried to save as if I were getting frustrated with the game and on the verge of quitting, it would begin to make the impossible level easier and easier. So I feel less inclined to support a developer that manipulates its players like this. I continue to play though less than I used to. And I refuse to pay another penny now that I know that it only makes the difficulty increase.

Triple match. I really love playing this game! One of my favorites ! After playing it for a very long time, (months and months,) I had gotten to level 1100 when suddenly my whole game disappeared and I was back on the first level. Freaking out I contacted support which finally got back to me, (I understand that they have few people answering many problems) They returned me to the level I had been at but all my tools and coins were gone,(I had so many!)and I was told I would have been able to recover them had I sent a screenshot of my progress so I am writing to alert others that this can happen and that you should take screenshots of your games in case it happens to you. I only gave 4 stars because it’s very hard to learn what all those tools can be used for and being a senior citizen I can use all the help I can get! Definitely download this game but don’t blame me when you get addicted like I did!! LoL Just remember to backup your games and take screenshots!

It was fun until it wasn’t. First don’t be fooled, it is a little bit like gambling but with no payout. If you cave and start buying coins, because the game is quite addicting, those coins will evaporate in one game and it is very difficult to “earn” coins. I went through a weak period where I bought coins until I had to put myself in a time out. Once I refused to buy anymore coins the games got so difficult it was ridiculous. I got to level 480 and had to call it quits. It’s pretty stupid to pay even $10 on a game like this, let alone more. They sell packs of coins for up to $100…for real! Think about what you would get for that $100 - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I deleted the game because it became clear after about a dozen attempts to beat level 480 that I would not prevail unless I paid them off. Just be careful if you have a gambling problem; I’d say to steer clear of this game and any others like it.

Loved the game a lot…initially. I really enjoyed this game and binging play as well. Then you realize what a money drain it is. If you spend money and obtain “free play time”, the timer commences immediately upon purchase. Some of us do work jobs and have to sleep, so the fact that the timer counts down whether you play or not is, quite frankly offensive and a rip off. If I’m paying money for free time, that time should be mine while playing, right? Nope! Also, the difficulty levels make it impossible to pass a certain level for many days if you’ve drained your coins and lives, which makes you “stall” until you spend more $$. I deleted the app, tired of the money drain for the temporary fun, it should have at least a better return for your investment. I’d give it five stars for the graphics, playability and such but the rip off component makes this lose a couple of stars for me. Sorry!

Waste of Money. Like the concept! Very addicting!! But the Ads are long and annoying. Ad tells me to come play their game totally ad free! Counter productive actually. Do you really want me to leave and go play another game? The ad is tempting me to do just that. Ive stayed and played to level 500. It was consuming a huge part of my day! The ads were so annoying and long I purchase the No ad version for $4.99. Aaahh finally no ads. Well now the levels are so hard if not impossible to pass. Timer runs out way to quick. I have no power up’s to help so now I’m stuck. I’m guessing you want me to spend more money to move up!!! Been on level 2450 for about 10 days now. This board has mostly blue items making them blend in and the smaller items are under the larger items. I’m really getting annoyed and bored with trying to move past levels. I’ve gotten pretty good and can eventually beat levels. I’m quick and should eventually be able to move past levels. I’m about to just delete this app! I’m very disappointed I spent real cash here Hate to say it.. but I’m deleting this app! I’m not spending any more money just to move up! I would think after playing a board several times the app would ease up on that board eventually making it passable. I guess it can be beat if played 100 times but I’m not into playing same board over n over n over n over………. What a waste! Don’t waste your time or money!

Ridiculously Hard!. Usually, I am the person reading game reviews that complain about how hard a game is and thinking, “it’s not really that hard and who doesn’t want a challenge?” However, this game is seriously hard and I have a solid comparison. Several months ago, I downloaded Tile Match 3D (which I love!). After I ran out of lives the first time, I downloaded this game to fill the downtime. I’ve been playing them both since then, but on Tile Match, I have almost reached level 3,000 and on this game, I’ve just reached level 500. Now, maybe Tile Match is too easy, but it’s the game I always go to first because it’s more fun and I can play longer. Tile Match also gives way more boosters and coins in challenges than this game. For example, helping a teammate gives you 2 coins in Tile Match, this game gives you 1. Devs - please adjust the difficulty level a little to make the game as fun as it could be or add a lot more opportunities to earn boosters to help with the extra hard levels.

Gets too hard unless you pay. I LOVE THIS GAME. I’ve played it most everyday since downloading it over a year ago. I took away a star because it’s just like all the rest—money grubbing. I will always pay an app to get rid of ads and I figure that $5 is my part to the developers. I wish I could download a photo. I’ve been on the same level for a week +. It gives me six items I must find. And I have to find 9 of each of them—in 2 minutes. There is no way to win unless you buy stuff. In order for me to “earn” anything it takes many hours of play and many more of winning the levels before they will give an extra minute. And on top of that they started stacking all the cute items about 5 deep. Even though I had to find 9 of each item they were all hidden. So I had to make sure I found all three before I chose what to get rid of. Even though there was 9 of each one! I had to get rid of a bunch of things that didn’t count first, so that takes a lot of time also. I’m really sad to have deleted the game. I suppose making a game for pure enjoyment is out of the question. These developers are taking it in.

Enjoyable in the Beginning. Very addictive game that started out to be my new favorite go-to game. However, after the levels began to get more challenging, the fun began to fade. First of all, you must endure an advertisement after EVERY game, which wouldn’t be so bad except you don’t get any type of credit for watching it—no extra lives, no extra boosters, etc.—you simply must endure it in order to play again. Secondly, once you’ve used all your boosters on the more difficult levels, you aren’t able to get more unless you buy them with REAL money. (You do get a booster of some sort every 24 hrs, but you need more than that on harder levels.) Right now I'm on level 355 and have been for about a week. I’ve used all my boosters, so all I can do is play the same board over and over (with an ad between each play!), unless I want to shell out cash. Lastly, probably the most frustrating part is that you cannot earn “extras” unless you win the level. There are special items you can collect on each board. When you find a certain number of them, you win coins/boosters. However, you can only collect them if you beat the level. So, here I am, picking up gems, horseshoes, etc. to help me out, but because I can’t pass the level (because I don’t have gems, horseshoes, etc.) I don’t get to keep them. It’s a vicious cycle. There really should be ways to get extra lives/boosters.

Good idea turned into a cash grab. The game itself is fine. If the ads irritate you, you can pay to have them removed, which isn’t unreasonable. But as the game continues, it becomes impossible to progress without putting extra money down. You start getting “extra hard” levels where the items you’re looking for are completely buried under other items and the time allotted is very short. After you’ve played it unsuccessfully 6-10 times and used up all your lives, voila, the items are moved to the top of the pile. There’s a not very subtle pressure to spend additional money on power-ups if you want to keep playing. As long as you know what you’re getting into, have time to waste waiting for your lives to replenish, and can accept that the game is primarily structured to siphon money out of your pockets, it’s a decent generic match 3. Pay to play is pretty much the rule these days, and it’s hard to find any games that haven’t been turned into a money making scheme.

Fun but also frustrating. I have become addicted to this game, which I have had only for a couple of months. I do have two complaints, though: 1) that it is ridiculously easy to accidentally tap an item you didn’t mean to, which I can understand when I’m on my iPhone using my finger, but I would think that using an Apple pencil on an iPad would make for more delicate, specific touches; and 2) I have a tendency to forget to keep track of the available spaces below, and often find myself out of space, which I know is my own fault; BUT having said that, there are many times when I was sure I had two available spaces left, but after touching the items needed to complete a match, I find the game ended with the notification that I’m out of space. The problem is that I can’t see where I went wrong (if I did) because that space is not only grayed out but entirely blocked by an ad. Can’t you run the ad separately so the players can at least see what mistakes they made?

Great to play, extra lives too limited. The game maintains interest, and applies enough pressure to make you push to finish matches before time runs out. Difficulty increases at a decent pace. I love it. However playtime becomes limited quickly. The game pushes you to join a team to share and get lives. I did, but you can only give one life to a teammate, thus far. You can request one from a teammate every 4 hours or so. You have to wait 20 minutes to replenish a life and there are practically no reward efforts to get you an extra life after the initial download. The amount of wait time is a disincentive in harder levels because you can lose your lives quickly and end up waiting much more than playing. If it continues this way, I will likely delete it. It needs to be a bit easier to get lives to balance the waiting and playing ratio in order to maintain the enthusiasm. It would otherwise be a 5 star rating for me.

Erratic picker accuracy limits game. I have been enjoying this game. A mix of difficulty and object types that your eyes and brain have to learn to see. However, some levels have a problem with the accuracy of the picker. Complex levels have proportionly less time than easy ones, and boosters are gained by winning or by paying. All of which is fine until that wonky picker comes in. I am on a level in the lower 600s with dragonflies, bow/arrows and 4 variations on ants and can make no headway. Using a Pencil, and slowing down to really watch, I have selected one item and watched a nearby one jump to my bar, repeatedly. I can deliberately select a large item, like a coffee cup, and have the ant nearby jump to my bar. This level is particularly bad, and enough to send me on a break from the game. The game often wants to match what you already have, instead of doing what you ask. So its far too easy to fill your bar with things you dont want. So much for strategy.

Do not download this game!!! Nothing but issues!!!. Do yourself a favor and do not download this app because it is nothing but trouble you will work and you will make progress and you will feel great about making that progress and then the app freezes and then you have to delete it and it deletes all your progress because it does not give you a place to sign it so when you’re all the way up in the 2000s and the game freezes like it does three or four times a week you end up having to start back over and it has gotten me so mad that I have decided that I will not re-download this and I will pretend this game never existed. you couldn’t pay me good money to download this game. This game used to be my favorite out of all the games that are out there but since the game started freezing up and it won’t give you a place to sign in like it did in the beginning, it’s a waste of time and absolute waste of time and the creator doesn’t care, obviously, because they’ve not addressed the issue I have left review after review about the problems I’m having I have reached out to the helpline. I have done everything I can and they haven’t done anything.

Time Waster, super fun IMPOSSIBLE challenges. DON’T BOTHER! I actually love, loved, this game. But as of today, I’m stopping. First, I guess I quickly got over that it’s not the game they advertised, but that should have been a sign that the developers spend too much time trying to think of how to give false hope to keep the addiction (and hopefully get players to spend $). I have tried several times to get to the end of their cool challenges. But many, way too many games, are super hard and I’m pretty good at this. I PAID FOR NO ADS. But it’s still hard. impossible. and I play LOTS when I’m not working. I think this is the 7th challenge I’ve attempted. I’ve never finished a single one. I’ve spent a bit of $ buying helps, still unable to complete. This current bakery challenge 9/2/23, I thought after I got 130 cupcakey things, that would complete the 2nd to last level. But, no. I still need another 130 bun things (in 4 days) PLUS that final level will probably be 3 sets of 200. I’m done, a bit sad as I love this game, but failing to complete challenges in a favorite game, over and over, is too much. I will watch to steer clear of other Boom Box games. Bye

Great that cost too much!. I spend a lot of time and unfortunately a lot of Money playing this game. So for 1. The Arctic Adventure, you are better off quitting at the first prize. You get a decent amount of prizes, but if you stay all the way through (if you can beat all those boards to get there and may spend some money along the way) the 1000 coins you have to split with about 40 other players. NOT WORTH IT! If you think your going to win enough prizes to keep playing think again. For the amount of puzzles you have to beat just to win 10 coins is ridiculous. I play other puzzle games and i also spend money with them but they also give you enough to at least keep you playing. That’s something you are not going to get with this game. Besides the amount of money you need to spend just to keep playing this game, the game itself is fun and entertaining! But i think if they want to keep people playing there going to have to give a little more back!

Love it but…. I know the idea of any game is to make money and if you can with ads then ok but when the levels get so difficult that you cannot win without spending money, which I will not at this point, then it’s not fun anymore but causes anxiety. I loved it, I really did and still do but if I’m forced to pay to be able to win, then I just stop playing. When I run out of lives (which we are forced to wait it out or pay) I just close it out and go play something else. Waiting 10m for more lives is not a threat to me. It just means I take my attention elsewhere. So what’s the purpose of making us wait to reload lives sometimes hours? You just lose us to other things. No mini challenges to win extra time to help with the extra hard ones. Just keep it fun guys. If it’s fun then people might spend money but being the only way to the next level? No thanks. I really love playing but it’s frustrating.

Disappointed. On the good side this game is engaging and somewhat addictive. It’s not a good game for relaxation as the speed required makes it very high stress but it does get adrenalin going. On the negative side you usually only get to play 2 to 3 normal fun levels before it gives you the hard or super hard and even some of the non rated levels are pretty rough. Largely they are hard to win without the special tools. These are grudgingly parceled out after winning lots of games which means if you want to play for longer than 5 to 10 minutes you will need to spend a lot of money or just quit playing and come back later which is what I have done. Up to now there has been a daily reward which made it possible, over time to get what you needed to move on but tonight that disappeared from the app. I didn’t totally mind having to wait a week to get what was needed to win one of their ridiculously hard levels but If this is gone too it means it will be impossible to ever move on without emptying my bank account. Not much fun getting on a game and quickly losing. I suspect this may be the end of my engagement with this one. But if you have lots of money you don’t mind wasting, go for it.

Needs some adjustments IMHO!. Game is really fun at first, but as the levels become more difficult, I feel it’s veeerrry hard to pass a level without spending more & more money. Supposedly you can play for free, but the rewards you receive are extremely disproportionate to the coins & boosters needed to pass the hard & extra hard levels. This is when the game becomes really frustrating and therefore, no longer fun to play. Challenging levels can be fun, yes! But not when it’s to the point of being stuck on the same puzzle for days at a time with no way out except to buy a pkg of coins and boosters. That is just neither fun nor relaxing! I’ve made an agreement with my spouse to not spend money on games, so I’m going to have to drop this one and find another I can truly play for free. Too bad, because the game play is really fun when it’s at a reasonably challenging level, with rewards that are on a par with the tools you need to pass & play!

Fun at First, But Then…. I did enjoy this game at first. But eventually the hard and extra hard levels are impossible to beat without using multiple boosters—and even then some are impossible until the game (after you have tried a level dozens and dozens of times) makes it easier by putting almost everything right on top. If it takes days to pass one level, it is not fun. Also, the game does not allow you to move items aside to get to something underneath. That is particularly problematic on levels with only one or two sets of most items. The sensitivity is also an issue as quite often a different item than the one I touched goes to the bar. I frequently end up with a full bar accidentally because of that, and there is no option to use your undo boosts once the bar is full. So if you have a sensitivity hiccup when you are going super fast, it’s game over. The ads are also an issue. I understand why they need to have them, but they frequently freeze the game. I don’t have that issue with other games, just this one. That is particularly frustrating in competition events like the Boat Race since you lose if the game freezes.

Ruined my iPad, Doesn’t Rotate. So I got so into this game that my 3yoiPad had to be charged while I was playing. Unlike other games, this one wouldn’t rotate/flip so that the cable would be at the top. So I was playing for weeks with cable against my stomach and…..charging port got damaged to where I had to adjust it juuust right to get it to charge. Other games just like this one will rotate….but I like the way this game flows and it must have some game play adjustment to where if I lose 10x in a row, it slowly begins to reduce the number of total items that one must sift through to *find* the right items. On every Extra Hard one, I have to start doing screen captures to finish, because it’s otherwise impossible. For some reason, I get many Extra Hard ones. Maybe I should play it less. I payed for ad-free finally. Other peeve: people who no longer play the game but joined a team and didn’t leave the team before quitting playing the game again…..CLOG the teams up with useless non-participants. Please set this game up to rotate so my charging cable comes out the top, and automatically REMOVE players from Teams that haven’t played the game in over 3 months.

Good but could be better. This game takes way to long to refill “lives” and it does not have enough rewards to allow a person to gain more lives without waiting 25 minutes to refill. Cookie Jam does a much better of job of providing ways a player can continue playing the game without having to wait an exorbitant amount of time. While this game is fun, it could be better at giving players more ways to continue playing, once out of lives, rather than pushing the player into making a purchase to do so. Additionally, if you don’t purchase this game upfront, you will be blasted with ads. I noticed these same complaints comes up very often in the Reviews. At what point do the developers start to take this into account? Again, Cookie Jam has done a great job of giving players options for more lives, of course once you exhaust them then there is a wait time to refill but it is not 25 minutes or more!

Got a Tip For You. I absolutely loved this game for the first week or so. But once I reached a level around 250, the ads started, and not a reasonable amount of ads. Every level only lasts a minute or two, but there are now ads after every single level. And you can’t simply close the ad. You have to wait a bit for an option to close the ad, and then, you have to wait a bit again for an option to close the link to download the app. I would have been okay if you could quickly close an ad after every level or if you had to wait to close an ad after every 10, or maybe even after every 5, levels, but having to wait not once but twice after every single level is a bit much, especially when you are racing against other players to win prizes. The game went from being fun to being infuriating, and I was just about to delete it this morning, when I thought I’d try something. After I finished a level, I closed the app and reopened it. Yes, it takes a bit to to that, but it seems to be slightly quicker and a lot less stressful than waiting for the option to close the ads twice. I’m sure I’ll still delete it soon since I downloaded Match Factory the same day I found Triple Match and Match Factory hasn’t been bombarding me with ads, but I’m going to keep Triple Match for now so I can play it if I run out of lives on my Match Factory.

I’m about to delete. This is a money-grab game & im not stupid enough to ever pay for any game I can’t believe there are many that would. Because where does it end? It doesn’t. With that said; this can be a fun game but it’s too hard to distinguish between some of the colors & items. I do get needing to make revenue off of ads but the greed for 30 sec ads is over the top. Why would you ever develop a game that forces players out of playing it? If you lose all your 5 plays (very easy to do) it takes 1 hour+ to restore all 5 & at least 20-30 minutes to restore 1. You’d think they’d want to give you the option of watching a 30sec ad to restore & stay in it. Imo, some of these developers have no common sense. They must think they’re the only game in town. I have several match games that have options to advance w/o forcing me to leave. Who doesn’t like a challenge —but over-the top “I tried 3000 times to win this game” is about as asinine as it comes. No one wants to play a game that they simply can’t win or have to buy their way to the next level. Do better.

Fun but aggravating. Takes 30 minutes to refill one chance to play and will only build to 5 chances. Some of the hard levels are very difficult to pass- either my iPad screen is very sensitive to touch or the area around the objects isn’t specific because I touch an object and the one next to it is selected. This causes the boxes at the bottom to fill with objects not matching and a chance is lost. Also, the timer seems to quickly run out on these levels. Rewards are few and far between, so there’s not much opportunity to build up rewards. Every 24 hours, the game gives rewards but they will not go far on the difficult levels. For example, one magnet and one freeze time. Sometimes it gives 15 minutes of play time but with ads after every game, which most of the time includes four clicks to get off of it, around 15-20 seconds, most of the free play time is consumed with ads. I suppose it’s designed this way so people will spend money to buy extra game chances. (I do realize ads pay for the game to be available to play for free.)

Great game until…. I’ve been playing this game for awhile now, couldn’t wait to hit level 300 because it would be a great milestone. I hit level 300, and then I stop playing and go to bed. I wake up in the morning and the first thing that popped up in my screen was an ad. Never happened to me before, I don’t know where it came from. And honestly I wouldn’t mind the ads if they were actually appropriate. I saw an ad the other day, with some guy in a bed with a girl in a bikini. That’s definitely not appropriate, especially for kids that love this game, either those kids won’t know what it means or they will and start getting the wrong ideas. For now, I will prolly just turn off my internet while I play. I like how the developer made it so that you only get ads once you hit a high level, that way your already addicted to the game and you watch the ads MORE If your child wants to play this game, try to find a knock off version that doesn’t have ads

Addicting but too many ads. I downloaded this game after seeing it in another game. It looked fun and it was for the first 200 levels. At first, they would offer an ad free version at a discount but there were no ads being shown. As soon as I hit level 200, the ads started and they are relentless. They come after every single level and it takes forever to get through them. You can’t just bypass them, unless you close the game out completely and go back in, which is surprisingly shorter than waiting for the ads to finish. I understand the company has to support itself and nothing is truly free but the frequency of these ads is obnoxious. I wouldn’t mind a banner running while I play or an ad once in a while but after every level is ruining this experience. I tried dealing with it but am now deleting the game and moving on. The ad free version is not expensive in the whole scheme of things but I’m not interested.

Fun & Very Annoying. I played this game for quite awhile and it was a blast. Was becoming one of my go-to games. So far I have been able to avoid spending money in the game. That is one gotcha in this game Ince you get really addicted. Recently they did make a change to make the game more fun as they say with their updates, or maybe I got to a higher level and haven’t spent money. The fun is that I now get to watch annoying ads for other games every time their is a game stoppage or game change for any reason, just like every other game I have seen in this software group. They want to get you interested in other games so you will download and play them, also. I prefer a game that I can just play and relax. I can’t relax when I am annoyed. This game is no longer fun when I am looking at ads almost as long as I am playing the game. Don’t get this unless you like commercials that last as long as your game or want to get into a money pit. I have more important things on which to spend my money than games.

Very hard levels make you spend coins. I really like this game and am at the 200 level, but as the other reviewers said, it needs ads. Some of the levels are impossible to play without spending coins which is really not fair and makes me want to quit the game altogether. If you want people to spend money on the game, then don’t make it impossible or it pisses people off. Make it fun and passable so people want to spend money. Look at June’s Journey. They made tons of money from their game by making it fun. They got bought out and are changing though from Playrix who are a greedy company. You should not make it insurmountable to clear a level without playing coins. It is not an issue of being fast enough or having a good set of eyes. The pieces are hidden under the other items and are impossible to click on. Then you try to charge 240 coins for more time and some other high amount of coins for a lightening bolt.

Fun, Addictive, and Challenging Game!. Not sure how many levels this game has, but I’m on level 1040! (and still going) I use strategy on the more difficult levels, like eliminate larger bulky items first to be able to see needed items, while working with speed and keeping an eye space on the bar. I bank all the “help” to use on extra hard levels. Then when all fails, I call it being put in “time-out” because I have not spent one dime to buy coins or anything else (even though I’ve been tempted). I just sit it out, then go at it again when my time-out is up. Sometimes it takes a day or two to get through a really hard level. I’m really enjoying this game! I love the fact that it’s not too easy but a true challenging game.

Kinda fun at first, but then…. I feel like I was thrown into the deep end from the very beginning. There is no FAQ, or anything else to tell you how to play the game. You win *things*, but there is no explanation for what they are or how to use them- your only recourse is to use them and hope you didn’t waste something trying to figure out what it was for. There are all these little side quests, and requests to join “teams”, but there is no information about how anything works. I guess you can earn extra lives and also ask for or donate them, but I have no idea how that works! And now there is a L O N G advertisement for a new App Store game after every. single. game, and they’re so difficult to win- I’m tapping my screen with a pencil to be as precise as possible in selecting objects, and even when the object I’m tapping lights up, it can select an adjacent object and now I’m OUT OF ROOM after I used 100 stupid coins to extend my playing time… OH WELL! Another review mentioned that colors of objects can be difficult to distinguish, and that is absolutely true. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who is colorblind or has any difficulty distinguishing similar colors, and I think this was deliberate. I Sick of the ads and I refuse to spend $$ to play, so I am *this* close to just giving up.

Not sure why this is so addicting!. I’m over level 2000 and thought it was time to write a review. I love everything about this game. There’s lots of ways to get lives, you can build up your bonus items easily, and the levels are the perfect difficulty. Some are easy some hard and some are really hard. The extra hard ones are still playable without purchasing anything, though it may take several tries depending on the level. None are impossible but you do have to be quick with your fingers which I have mastered pretty well. If you are not quick at clicking or visually identifying things, you may struggle with some levels more…but just know they are doable. I purchased the ad removal a long time ago and let me tell you: it is worth it!!! I don’t mind making purchases for this game from time to time because it’s not unfair or loaded with ads like other games. Download this, get the ad removal, and be prepared for hours of relaxing entertainment.

Beware of online purchases. I LOVE this game and am seriously addicted like I’ve never been to any game. I would give it 10 stars if I could BUT! I would think twice about buying any additional play time or coins. Last night I spent $2.12 for an additional minute. I only got about 10 seconds and then my round timed out. I immediately wrote to their support staff. Twice. Both times I received a reply saying “sorry… we can’t refund you as you used your minute.” Oh really? Were you there next to me to verify that? I did NOT get a minute. Either the site crashed or there was a technical glitch, but I did not get a minute, wouldn’t lie about it, and these guys dishonestly made $2 for nothing. I have since escalated this up to Apple and hope to get resolution with them. Great game. Dishonest, unreasonable people. (Yes. I know it’s only $2 but it’s the principle of the matter.) Think twice before buying any in-app purchases.

Game is Awesome-Ads are a Pain. This game is addictive! It’s great fun! I’ve told everyone about it and they have downloaded it too! I don’t mind ads…what I do mind is these ads are loud!!! I have the game settings on mute, but when the ads play, I have to click mute. Then I have to click skip, then I click and X, then I have to wait 5 sec to click another X. I play many games where the ads don’t make a sound and you only have to close the ad once. Developers…PLEASE fix this! UPDATE IN RESPONSE TO DEVELOPERS: I know I could pay for the app, I am very aware of this. You cannot close the ads quickly. And they are not QUIET! That is the main issue I have with the ads, that they make noise even though I have my sound turned off. Also, there is not one click, but four before you can close the ad. You have to click to stop the sound, then close the first part of the ad, then click done on the second part of the same and, then you must wait 5 seconds before yo can close the last part of the same ad. I am simply asking for you to remove the sound since my settings for the game are quiet. Thank you

Good game but Frustrating. While fast playing the game, it will “pick” a similar item to your last pick. Almost difficult to change to a different item if a similar item is on the board. This is awesome and can allow you to snatch an item from deep below others. These rules go away when you only have one space left. With one space left you are often required to hold the item to be sure you have the correct one and it may switch when you let go - game over. This is not a lack of skill this is a feature written into the program. Notice how if you have only two of the same item and nothing else when you try to pick an alternate you often have to pick it twice. That doesn’t happen with only one space left. Often the game will chose an item that isn’t even paired with anything on the board. Just be careful with your last picks and try to run with more than one empty space. Good luck.

Omg let me play for more the 1 sec b4 asking to rate. Once again, I get a game that I just download and I play like for five seconds and I’m getting a pop-up asking me to rate the game honestly how can I rate this and say oh it’s great or oh it’s crappy when I haven’t had five seconds to play it. I literally I’m getting so sick of games doing that but I think from now on if I get a pop-up saying can you rate my game five seconds after I download it and opened it and just started to play it I’m just going to delete it and give it a bad rating and leave it at that because why are you asking me how good your game is if I haven’t had five seconds to play it why don’t you ask that when somebody’s played it for 24 hours not after 24 hours, but after an actual 24 hours of actual playtime on the game my Lord, this is the dumbest thing that you can do as a company you’re never going to get accurate ratings because you’re always gonna get a reading that somebody gave you after playing your game for five seconds. It’s dumb.

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Triple treat is fun and easy at the start but . . .. This game gets you in. Forget about everything else that is happening around you. Find 3 of a kind to win points and find items along the way for bonus points. I’m hooked. Lol😂

Progress lost. I just come on to play the game and I have lost all levels and it’s taken me back to the very beginning Level 1 I was well over level 2000 - not happy

Best Game Ever. This is the best most addictive game ever. I love it. I usually sit down to play to during morning tea on the weekends or before dinner at night. I’m up to level 816, yes this is the first game I did pay for to get rid of the adds, also a hint for those having difficulty with the higher levels. Print screen, pause is your friend. Gives you a chance to find the missing items without stress. That is the only way I have passed the extra hard levels. But I actually find this game relaxing. I recommend this to everyone, and joining a team is a must, you get extra lives plus coins for giving lives.

Totally addictive. Love this game! Said I was stopping at level 400, I just passed level 1600. You don’t need to join a team to play this, also you don’t need to spend money. Each day you are given boosters. One thing I have noticed recently is the game freezes every so often and I loose the life. My version is current to the most recent upgrade but several times a week it just gets stuck.

Great game. This game is so addictive, but I love it. Only issue is that it keeps me up so late at night, I just can’t put it down, until I’ve run out of lives.

Good fun. Different to the advertisement but It’s good fun. Not so much fun on the Hard and Very Hard categories. Takes a long while to build up coins if you are playing for free. Better than a lot of other games, anyway. Go for it.

Triple Match. After an update all the levels i had passed disappeared and i had to restart at level 1 I tried leaving a message but have not had any response Goombie

Don’t make purchases. I wa enjoying this game until I made a purchase that didn’t work and after trying 3 more times it took my money and gave me nothing. they won’t respond. Apple are refusing to reimburse me and I am now out of pocket $50 because although it said it had worked it didn’t. Be very wary when making purchases. Nobody will answer my issues.

Bummer. I just gave a 5 star review but after I updated the game it wiped all my levels. I think I was up to 6192 and now have to start again. Wishing I hadn’t given 5 stars.

Problems. The game will not let me play on for 100 and only offers to buy points. The graphics are very good. Must there really be an ad after every attempt at a level?

Triple Match. What an addictive game!! I love it!! Very easy but hard to play and not enough “lives” lol Graphics are easy and clear enough to recognise. Thank you very much for this game!

Fun but money needed to progress. Loved the game in the beginning. Hard levels are ok and usually able to pass without booster if you’ve got quick fingers. However the extra hard levels are ridiculous. You need to freeze the timer or use other boosters several times to pass. Then you’ll need to pay money for more gold or boosters. I understand the need to challenge, but the extra hard level should be relabelled “cash grab level.

Free of Stress. I love this game, as not only that makes stress feel like it’s coming off your chest, it also really helps by just getting away from the things that me as a person get stressed out or when others get stressed. I think this helps tons! I would also like to see more of these games and many people deal with many different problems and I believe games like these definitely help when wanting to try and stop stress as one of the many problems that happen in today’s society.

Glad that the game won’t let me pass 100. Up to level 100, there would be levels where you would be stuck for some days if you didn’t buy coins. As a Jobseeker no extra money. But then suddenly you could easily move to the next level, until level 100. Been here for ages. But I actually enjoy it. Because I know I only have 5 lives and so it doesn’t become all time consuming anymore, and the short time it takes to lose 5 lives, looking for the objects in the jumble keeps my eyes trained to focus.

Good game but. Good game, challenging and addictive. As per other reviewers it does get repetitive and frustrating at times. Again it is designed to get you to spend money to get past the difficult levels but they have to make money somehow. I also hate that I downloaded the game based on how it was presented in advertising, in Australia, that would be false advertising and really really annoys me. I have downloaded many different games based on what is presented and time and time again find the game is nothing like the advert. However, the game I did end up playing here was good fun. Seriously though Apple, do something about this false advertising, it’s wrong, it’s annoying and it’s harming your product.

Too many ads. When I first started playing this game it was great and addictive. There were no ads but now there’s ads that keeps popping up after each game I play. I tried to play to get rid of the ads but it won’t let me. Also you can link this game to other devices I have like my iPad. Would rate this game 5 stars but but it only deserves 2. Too many adds, doesn’t link and you can’t even register.

I love this game!. This game is so addictive. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a busy day. It’s great that you can play offline when you have no internet (dodgy phone service where I live) but it would be great to have less glitches. I tend to get thrown out a lot which is frustrating because then I lose a life. Support is amazing, they have helped me several times. I recommend this game to everyone, it really is terrific!

Addictive. Won’t lie, this game has got me. I’m on level 2350, and I’m not sick of it yet. I wish there was a more controlled way to flick items around (this happens randomly sometimes but I don’t know why sometimes they flick and sometimes it picks things up). I like that if you struggle on a level there is clearly an algorithm that makes it easier for future attempts.

Ads. Your ads go forever! And no not paying to get rid of but would like to stop them when I’ve had enough of watching. Otherwise love the game

Glitch in Christmas sale. Since this started showing between levels yesterday, the screen locks up and nothing to do except exit game for at least an hour before it goes back to opening screen Boom Box 😫 please fix asap! Thanks

ADDICTIVE GAME. I’m 53 and I absolutely love this game .The challenges are fun BUT the extra hard games definitely live up to it ,meaning they can be frustrating to the amount of items you have to find ,but overall the bonuses comes in handy .The only annoying thing is the adds but apart from that the game designers should be proud of this one .👍🏻

Extra hard levels come up way too often. I was enjoying this game until I got to higher levels and the extra hard level keeps coming up ALL the time. I’m on the free version, at level 386 and I’ve been trying for days to get past, as I only have 5 goes at a time. Do you really want people to abandon the game because it’s too hard? I also tried deleting and reinstalling, to start from the beginning, but that doesn’t work either. You need to be more generous with the help like magnets and shuffles.

This Game needs Calibration. I thought it was just my fat fingers touching the wrong things, but my daughter used apple pencil as she is pretty accurate usually, she touched dead on an object and the object next to it registered. I am sure this is just an oversight, as I think developers aren’t allowed to do things to force us spend real money by deception, without consequences?

Sent back to the start, what a joke. Was absolutely addicted to this game until I open it for a play tonight to discover its updated and I have gone back to level 1 when I was on level 1648. Not happy. I want my levels back and without ads. Cannot find how to contact developer. Keep getting error 404 s. ………..

Best Game Ever. I love this game so much, I’m up to level 416. You get 5 lives but if you join a team you can ask for more lives. After 15 minutes you get 1 life so I just sit and wait until I have a life to play again. Very oddly satisfying. I highly rate the satisfaction that I get from each idiosyncratic challenge. The app is so smart that it adapts to your skill level and learns what objects you like. It’s hard for me to pick a favourite but rn I’m going to say logs. This game also makes me hungry, so I eat the items whilst I’m playing like doughnuts and cheesecakes sometimes crepes. A real winner 😃

Lost all my levels. I absolutely loved this game and was over level 3,500 and number 6 on my team. I went to make a myself a cup of coffee and on my return to the game I found myself back at level 1!! I have reached out to customer support, and they offered me one hour of free lives …. starting back at level 1. Hopefully they can retrieve my data and get me back to where I was. Not happy!!! Not sure how to rate….. 5 stars for the game, but 1 star for what’s happened

I think purchases are too expensive and not good value as they do not last long. As above I have spent money for playing extra time and the money goes too quickly. A money grab.

Misadvertised. I downloaded this app after it kept being advertised in another app. I thought I might try it. I have played it for a week and I have not seen the game as it is advertised. If you advertise a game and then give a different game that is false advertising. When I play a game I want the game that is advertised. This seems to be a common thing among game apps. Advertise a really interesting game but then give a boring game with little or no access to the actual game advertised. I would give you minus stars if I could for false advertising.

Love this game. I always sit down to play a level or 2 however usually ends up 10 plus. Love this game even in the really hard levels eventually you can get them KW

You ruined it. I really like this game. I’m up to level 4250. I’ve watched a lot of ads to make money for you. However, you’ve now started using ads that automatically open in my browser. I really hate that. For a start, it makes me uncomfortable that something I have no control over opens in my browser. But as well as that, it’s messing with my open tabs and that is really annoying. It seems to be messing with targeted ads on other platforms too. I have absolutely no interest in the events being advertised or the travel destinations being advertised, so I really don’t want the rest of my platforms being infected with your ads. Make it stop, and quickly, or I’m going to give up. It’s just too annoying.

Loving this game - it’s so addictive.. I’m up to level 1306 but I must admit I’ve been stuck on the same game for nearly a week 😩. I love the game but I find the most frustrating thing is losing all your lives and having to wait for half an hour to get more lives. Still my favourite game though. 😁

Game gets too hard. Don’t spend money on the game because eventually it will get too hard to enjoy any longer. Eventually you will be given extra hard games nearly every time and it will drive you to quit because it is too hard. Don’t know why there isn’t an option to play in a way that is more enjoyable.

Ads about drugs! 😠. I would really enjoy the game if the ads aren’t about drugs for fat people. Are you serious? Kids playing this game and get to see this kind of ads. And there’s nowhere a button where I can report these ads. And I’m not paying for the ad free version to get rid of these kind of disgusting ads. The game itself lags some times and the “extra hard” is awful. I wanna have fun playing this game not getting frustrated. Shame, it was a fun game while it lasted. Update: Yes, the game is completely free and I have no problems about ads in general BUT I have a problem with ads about drugs. Kids are playing this game and I don’t want them to see these kind of ads. This is unacceptable!! Update: Seriously Support, this is your answer? Just an automated answer how the app is free and we should just shut our mouth and watch these scam ads? Shame. Shame on you. You’re not even worth a star.

Love it!. I love this game as a way to relax. I wish I didn’t pay to get rid of ads though, because it also takes away the option of watching an ad to get additional time on a round. There’s no alternative option to get this advantage. Should have stuck with my home ad blocker and not given my money.

Dodgy update. Was my favorite game, however was made to update and lost all progress, including playing group. Was willing to be patient and start from Level 1 again, but the ads after every single level has ruined the playing experience. I have never played a game that requires you to watch/skip an ad after every level. Have now deleted game.

Set up?. I have enjoyed playing this game. I have reached level 100 and have been stuck there for a couple of days. I think the game is set up so that you fail by the time you get to this level. It should be achievable without having to buy bundles!

Months of playing deleted. I had been playing this game for the last 10 months and was up to level 1002 when my progress was deleted and I lost the team I was in. I contacted support who said they were aware of the problem and working on it. As a. “ gift “ there was a link for 1 hour of free lives. Replied that I didn’t use the link I wanted to get back to the level I was on and there has been crickets since. Don’t waste your time playing this when nearly 1 year of progress will disappear along with the customer service and help you should get.

Love playing BUT credits are too expensive!. I really love playing the game & look forward to the time when I can sit idle, chill out n’ escape reality while I play….BUT the cost of buying game credits is ridiculously expensive for what you get imo 😏

Was ONCE great. Until a few days ago I was addicted to this game. Played multiple times a day. Joined a team, workmates & family played. ONCE there was an ad after 6-7 games that was totally acceptable. NOW since upgrade I HATE the game. An ad after EVERY single game. That’s just greedy & pathetic now forcing people to have to pay to remove ads after all this time. 11 players Totally disappointed in this developer, will delete in disgust.

FALSE ADVERTISING- You don’t get the game advertised!!!. I keep getting ads that show a cylindrical bookcase looking thing that you turn to select items, which is the game I downloaded the app for, but the game looks nothing like that, and isn’t the game I wanted to play. How do I get the game in the ad?! And why advertise a different game to what it actually is? Isn’t that false advertising? I see that you’ve said that the game in the ad is not what you get, as a disclaimer, but isn’t that like advertising that you have a Ram truck for sale when really it’s a 1989 Camry?? I’m gonna delete the app unless I can play the game I wanted. Thanks. Ps, I’ve seen the cut and paste response you gave the last person who called you out for false advertising- DO NOT SEND ME THE SAME GENERIC CUT AND PASTE RESPONSE- it’s disrespectful in its total evasion of actually addressing what your customers have taken the time to give you feedback about. DO BETTER.

Ads don’t match the actual play. Once again the ads promoting the game show levels and gameplay that never occurs. If you choose this game based on an ad you’ve seen, don’t bother. I wish developers would stop doing this. It also further devalues ads generally as I have less and less trust that a game will actually be as advertised. Also, the game is repetitive and boring. Sooo glad I didn’t pay for it and I’ve now deleted it. Back to Angry Birds for me. Now that’s a developer I trust.

Number 1 game. This is by far the most addictive game, I love it. Have stopped playing all other games as this takes all the time from me, lol. It's so great getting free coins , added bonuses, and lives throughout the game. Will be a favourite for a long time to come for me, I think.

Love this game, but…... I installed the latest update and lost my accumulation of coins and levels. Back to level 1, when I was 3000+ is very annoying indeed.

Repetitive. The game is quite enjoyable, but it gets very very repetitive. It seems that devs have put very little thought or effort into adding variety. The ads for the game are misleading, the advertised play never appears. It’s like the game has just been set on repeat and that’s what it does, over and over. Difficulty increases with the addition of more extra hard levels and a few more items thrown into the mix, not any different sort of challenge. So while I often spend on games, this is not one I’ll spend on because it seems the devs are doing very little other than just letting it run. The two week challenges become very hard to complete as we progress and are also very simplistic with uninteresting and childish graphics, just collect x amount of items to get a few rewards. They don’t actually add any variety to the gameplay, just some extra objectives while we do the same stuff over and over. Improvements I would like to see are different sorts of sorting challenges added in at certain levels, so we can work towards earning them, something like the challenge shown in the advertisement for example. Something other than a pile of items… Devs, it’s the basis of a decent fun game and fairly enjoyable but could be so much better with a bit of thought and variety. Give it some love….

Join a team or sit and wait for a life.. After I got asked to write the review I ran out of game money and it asked me to buy some for real dollars. I already paid to remove ads I don’t want to pay more for something that will quickly deplete and need replacing. I was asked to join a team but I’m not interested in that. If you join a team I imagine the desire to spend that money so you don’t lose would be greater than playing alone. I just don’t want that sort of pressure. When I buy a game I want to play it on my terms without hassle. Then there was the competition. Presumably I’ll keep hearing about those too. I’m a bit too slow to move so I don’t always get the matches in time so I ran out of lives. I didn’t mind and was expecting to go back a level or two to simpler puzzles, but I was again offered to join a team to get lives which I declined but I was punished with being made to wait before I could play again! Then I only had one single life restored. I figured this would keep happening so I quit. I’m deleting the game and just having to wear the loss. It’s a pretty looking game and could have been quite enjoyable but I like to own my games when I spend money on them.

Great game- but. I have been enjoying this game but as there are so many updates and I don’t have wifi, it becomes a real problem as it uses so much data on our cellular plan. Is there anyway around this?

Great game except freezes up when ads kick in. I was very much enjoying this game for the first 200 levels. Loved it, then the ads kicked in and now it just keeps freezing up. Plays the ads perfectly, but then the game (when you finally get back to it) and it glitches. So frustrating. Feel like I’m being hijacked to force me to buy the $7.99 package to get rid of ads. Now before anyone mentions that maybe it’s my iPad, it is not. Every other game I have plays great and I can stream at good speed, it’s only this game. Whether it is intentional or not, it’s still frustrating because up to the point the ads kicked in I was having a great time!

Great except needs more lives. I would’ve given 5 stars but some of the levels are too hard with a timer and only 5 lives. Even with asking for more lives I run out too quickly. Too many extreme levels with not enough time. Get rid of the timer please.

Triple Match 3D. Love the game, but am getting most annoyed with the time-out restrictions., especially after I’ve paid for the game. Before buying it, I had more options and opportunities to finish and collect coins with ads. Maybe also look at raising the prize money and awards for each level completed. I also am stuck playing with the same game symbols, with no variety or switch up. Seem to be almost always in the ‘extra hard’ categories with so much to match and collect in an unrealistic timeframe (and a lot of unnecessary items thrown in). Most Unfair, I have paid for the game and am not able to play it when I want, without having to spend more money on buying extra coins.

Tooooo Many Ads. This game is fantastic but having to watch an ad every time you play is pathetic! It zaps my battery and makes me rethink if it’s worth my time. I give it 1 star for how it is set up but 5 stars for the actual game itself. Not happy at all 😔

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Bait and switch. Damn I can’t stand games that advertise levels that you never get to. It should be illegal.

Repetitive. I’m finding that all the games are too similar, can you not change things up, getting very boring

Ads have gotten worse. It’s one thing to have an ad that you can close 5 or 10 seconds in popping up every level, but now every few levels I’m getting presented with a full ad that I HAVE to watch all 30+ seconds of?? Absolutely not. Deleting and won’t ever come back. Would leave negative stars if possible.

Really Great Game!. I enjoy the game a lot. Great graphics and at times extremely challenging. It would be fun to have a zen mode where there is no timer when you want a more relaxing play.

This game will make you feel like you have fat fingers. I actually really enjoy this game, but it’s super frustrating when you know you didn’t hit the item that ends up being selected… and I certainly don’t have fat fingers!

Best game ever. This is the honesty the best match game

D’un but not what was expected. The title says it all. I tried the game because of an add and the game is far from the add. Even the screenshots and the dev website doesn’t show what the add was displaying. Usually I would have put 1 star because of that but since the fame is cool I decided to buy a one. So if you are reading this by browsing apps, go for it. It worth the try

Keeps freezing up. I really love this game, however I am getting super frustrated with it freezing on me. I am now on level 302 and no matter what I do it will no longer work for me. I have updated, deleted, and reinstalled.

I am absolutely thrilled about this game!. I am absolutely thrilled about this game!

Addictive. Love this game! They don’t pressurize you to spend money! I play every single day, multiple times

Awful. Probably one of the worst games I’ve ever downloaded.

Love this game!. Fun and addictive! Can’t wait to win the next level.

Great mind teaser. Keeps me occupied

It’s official…... I am absolutely hooked on this game

Triple match 3D. This was a fun game until you get to level 200 then it’s an ad after everyyyyyyy single screen ridiculous glad I didn’t waste any money on it

Very costly game. This is a really fun game but they are not as generous as with other games regarding free items. Some levels are basically impossible unless you are spending money. When I do spend money, I feel it doesn’t really go far, and for that reason I’ve stopped buying items. Good game but wish it was less costly

Highly Addictive!. I’m really enjoying this game!

Nothing like advertised. Another false advertising app and to make it worse as the levels get harder (north of 1200) the game gets harder by making your finger touches less accurate. So you can do everything right and still lose a round. And what’s with having to wait 30mins for a life to replenish. Useless and pathetic.

False advertisement. False advertisement = automatic one star….

Yahoo. Neat game

Love. Fun!

Daily gift. Enjoy playing this game, but what happen to the daily gift?? It used to be available everyday now for some reason it’s on a timer and not available to claim at any time?

Super Fun Game. Fun game love the 3D

Lolo. Very addictive. Am enjoying the game

Game itself. I love this game and have done over 1000 levels however the last 3 days you can’t do anything. App opens push on a button it makes its normal noise but nothing happens. Tried restarting my phone…nope. Was going to delete and try again but all it did was disappear from my screen. When I go into apps I can see it and open but still none of the buttons do anything

Matching. I love this game and are up to level 200 plus but now I have to watch an ad to play another game each time. The game is frozen now and trying to Upload another game. I need help

Too small for phone screen. I really enjoy this game on my iPad, but am stuck on a level on my iPhone. The images are just too small for me to differentiate in time.

Costly. Love this game but very costly, and the hard and very hard levels are ridiculously hard and you have to pay a lot to get past them. Love this game but thinking of deleting it if it doesn't get better! A game should never be impossible to win, takes the enjoyment out of it.

Fun But too frustrating. It’s a really fun addicting game until the levels get so hard it’s just frustrating. I know they are trying to make it challenging, but at lot of us just want something fun and relaxing. Having the timer so short just makes it stressful. I manage to eventually pass each round, but I find myself feeling aggravated and wound up instead of happy and relaxed. I have found a similar game that is far less frustrating and stressful, so I hardly play this one anymore. It’s too bad, because it could be a perfect game.

Ads are highly inappropriate. The game is fine, but the ads are highly inappropriate for children. If the rating of the app is 4+ the ads shown to those kids should reflect that. I approve this app for my children based on the age rating. Extremely disappointed and outraged. Some of the ads have shown murder, men throwing women off balconies, starved children etc. Horrifying.

Great game. Enjoying the game but the hard games are really hard!! Addicting.

Too many long adds. Liked the game but there are way too many adds

👎🏼. False Advertising

Awesomeness. I downloaded this app from a preview game page- glad I did !!! - enjoy this game everyday, it allows me to focus on something else then this busy world around us for a few mins :0) !!! Great for eye and hand coordination!!

Beware. I keep getting charges to my credit card and have not received any credits even after deleting this game!

Fun game. This is a fun game but the ads are ridiculous. Some are so long that when you earn 15 minutes free play most of it goes to the horribly long ads. I think that when a fan reaches a certain level the ads should no longer be there. Like a loyalty gift for those to stick with it.

Soooo Mad!. I liked this game a lot! I even joined a team which I never do. The the game crashed at level 412 (I think that is where I was at). I had to re-load and now all my levels are gone! So mad! I even spent money on this app. Grrrrr…..I deleted it.

Too many ads. This game use to be fun, with an ad every third round or so. But now, it’s an ad every round. Bye bye. Too bad because I liked this game.

Too hard. It started out fun but the extra hard levels are just too frustrating and not fun. Too many ads as well. Moving on to another game

Too many ads. Too many ads

Awesome Game. I got this game through an ad on happy color. This is a great game with no ads for 10 levels. It tests your memory and times it as well. I would recommend this game to anyone. It’s that great of a game.

Perdre le contrôle. Bonjour avec la nouvelle mise à jour j’ai perdu tout mon parcours ça m’a retourné au niveau 1 n’importe quoi 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Landscape. Love the game. Any chance the game can also be used in landscape ?

What happened?. I love this game but the new update as of Sunday - I cannot click or play whatsoever. I don’t want to reinstall and lose my progress! Please fix it!

Médiocre. Trop de pub et temps d’attente interminable!

So cool!. This game rocks!! It’s so fun and I play it everyday. I love it, if I could give it 100, I would 100%!

Add free at a cost. I like this game and played it TONS but I truly saw a huge jump in the difficulty of levels & amount of ‘extra hard’ levels they gave you. Someone else complained about this & I thought it was silly, until I paid for ad-free & saw the major change as well. 🤷‍♀️

Beau. Jouerai jeux

Game. Too Difficult to level up. Too much items for just a few minutes- short time. Not easy to find the items asked. Thinking of uninstalling this game.

False advertising. The game does not look like the ads with the shelves. It is irritating, way less realistic in the actual game.

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Rigged / game cheats. Don’t get me wrong/ this game is mindlessly addicting. HOWEVER I’ve noticed it’s rigged on the star tournaments it has every other day. I thought I miss saw things the first few times it happened- but then it got fishy. I play for hours straight an am number 1/ or number 2 on the list to win the “ big prizes “An while I’m playing and actively seeing I’m number 1 or 2 or all of a sudden one game later some random name is ahead of me by 100+ stars. Which it takes many many games to get 100 stars. There is no physical way someone could get 100 stars in the matter of 2-3 minutes when you can only max earn 3 stars a game. This game legitimately cheats you out of the star tournament prizes. So frustrating

A money pit!. Triple Match type games are fun and quickly become a passion. However this particular game, no matter your skill level, eventually starts throwing in almost impossible rounds, which, without purchasing time, becomes very difficult, and unless your skill level is very very high, require costly purchases in order to be able to continue play. Additionally the amount of tokens or coins from your purchase did not seem to be on the game screen as you used them up, so one never knew his token balance in making decisions whether to try to continue a game or not. I finally deleted the game, because it was too easy to make one or more purchases in an hours session. Sorry Boom Box, this player is going to try a less costly triple match type game.

Gets shady in the higher levels. It was really fun and addicting at first. I spent too much in in-app purchases. Noticed more items bounced when I clicked on them in later levels eating time. I finally reached level 726 where I only had to find 1 magnifying glass and I paid $1.99 to clear the bar, I got it and it changed so I only needed 1 more bone. I thought maybe I imagined it so I paid another $1.99 for extra time and got the bone. But then again, nothing happened and it said I ran out of time. I took screenshots showing that there was nothing left for me to collect. Then it said level failed. I messaged support and no response. I refuse to play it again because shady.

Addictive but could be so much better. I want to ditto everything T-63 said n March 20. It’s so frustrating that some of the hard ones might take 50 tries to win - especially if you’re out of boosters. Seems like on the easy games if you don’t use your time or lighting bolts, those could be banked to help you on the harder ones, maybe make the inaccessible until you’ve tried 5 times without help. Or, just make them doable. When you have less than 2 minutes to find 30 matches within a mess of 500 or so objects, it gets pretty infuriating. An undo button wouldn’t be a bad idea either - I can’t tell you how many times I tried to push on an object when something falls in front of it and causes me to get the wrong item- almost seems like it’s designed for failure when that happens.

Fun but expensive!!. I loved this game. I initially downloaded the app because I saw a cupboard with shelves and goodies to be arranged in 3’s. I kept going hoping to see this cupboard but nothing, I played until level 1000 (very addictive and frustratingly hard at times)!! But I have never seen this cupboard and the little “Lays” chips etc. Also, to have to use 100+ coins to assist when the difficulty is too much, is a lot of coins. I spent way more money on this game than I have on any other, but quite honestly, I got tired of the same objects over and over and over. I have loved playing and it passed the time but I have just deleted the app as it just got monotonous and too expensive to enjoy.

Don’t bother. When you get to level 200, the ads start. Not just a few, but constant. There's more ad time then game play time. So, you spend $4.99 to go ad free. Yes, the ads stop, but the game changes. They don’t tell you that once you fork over your money the time will be cut down, the pieces get smaller and the piles get deeper. If you’re lucky enough to get any help with lives from teammates, they’re gone in seconds because it’s so hard to finish the round with the time that’s given. The fun is gone. Now it’s just frustration. They’re trying to force you to spend more money to buy boosters. What started out as a fun game becomes nothing but an irritating waste of time. I’ve never paid money in a game before, and I never will again. This one is a rip off, the entire game is just a scam to get your money. I’ve been conned, and I WANT A REFUND!

Lost Game Progress - No Solution After Submitting 4 Tickets. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. I’d give this review ZERO stars if that was possible. I was at Level 2,169 and sadly when I opened the app one day, all of my progress was gone. My levels, team, coins, and bonuses were all gone. Per the website and Support Center, I submitted a ticket to get my progress restored. They sent me 1 hour of free lives and said they were working on requests. I continued to follow up, and never received another response. I waited the “10 business days” per their app, and was helped. Instead, they closed my ticket. I opened another ticket and instead of responding, they “merged my request with my original ticket (which was closed). I never got my progress restored. I tried again another two tickets and every single ticket was CLOSED. They never restored my progress. This is the worst customer service for an app I have ever experienced.

Too hard. These types of games require a particular formula to be addictive. This game could be great with some tweaks: put several easy levels after a very hard level so you feel like you are progressing daily. If I’m stuck on a level for multiple days, I’m not going back. Make boosters cheaper or increase coins won. The boosters like lighting take a few items away. Not exactly game changing. If an impatient person wants to pass a hard level, make it enticing to purchase items. I’m not going to spend money for a few seconds on the clock etc. give good rewards for free so people can see how it helps, make the item better, then make them pay

Here’s why 2 stars. There’s plenty of games like this out here and plenty of them aren’t trying to take your money like this game. The prizes are worthless and the packages you buy aren’t worth the money. Example.. the speed boat challenge they have right now, it’s made to keep you on for hours because you don’t finish the challenge until after 15 rounds or more. The packages that you can buy aren’t worth the money because the boosters are so expensive you will go through what you bought very quickly. This game is to monetize which took the fun out of it for me. I’ll stick with the games that have more for the money and make the prizes after winning rounds more worth it. This game is out to get your wallet. No thanks!

Inappropriate Adds. I would have given this game more stars, but today I was playing it, and an extremely inappropriate add came up! This game is advertised as for children ages 4+, and I do NOT think you should be exposing children to this type of advertising! It “warns” that there is inappropriate content, but to just tap the screen if you want to “see” more! I don’t know many pre-teen kids who would not look if that came ip while they were playing the game. The part of the add that does show shows a man coming up behind a scantily clad woman, and then his body moves up and down behind her…NO! What is our world coming to if our children can’t even play an otherwise innocent game without being exposed to such content! I will be removing this game from my phone if it is not removed immediately!

I’m Done. I really like your game. But I want to relax, not get my stress level up because I can’t pass a level. I’ve been on level 100 for a week and a half. I’m sick of it. I get it, plenty of people have passed that level, but I’m so frustrated I don’t want to play anymore. I want to relax. Not kill myself. Update: The developer response is ridiculous and inane. I doubt they know what those words mean. Yes, I am aware that the levels get harder as you gain levels. DUH! My critique is that I want a nice simple game that I can lose myself in—not get stuck on a level for weeks at a time UNLESS I want to buy my way out. Obviously! I have better ways to spend my money than to buy lives, or coins, or time. And that’s your petty little game. My one-star review stands and I’ve taken the game off my phone and tablet. Don’t respond to me again. Or, if you do, find someone who understands English.

The developers of this game do not care. First of all the advertising when you download the game is incorrect you do not get what you think you were getting. It is a great game in the beginning. It’s very addicting which ends up costing a lot of money. I’m sure that is the plan. I’m stuck on about level 400 and something and I simply cannot get around it. All I can do is spend money to get power ups to have them be basically ineffective, and still run out of time. I am going to uninstall this game. I have been sitting here reading reviews for the last hour, most recent first, and I find it very amusing to tell the developers that the game is too hard and they’re uninstalling it and the developers respond. We are so glad that you are enjoying our game. They don’t even listen to what people are saying and they don’t care they have enough people that are paying for it and buying their product and it’s designed for them to make a lot of money goodbye

Needs improvement. This is my all time favorite game…ever!! BUT…it takes way way way too long for lives to replenish. I love being challenged but having to wait 2.5 hours for lives to replenish makes me want to forget the game. I appreciate not having to watch 30-40 second ads after the use of each life but by the time my lives replenish I’m on to something else and don’t want to come back to this game. Please do something about it!!! Also there should be more opportunities to earn free time (like 15 minutes or so) like other games of its kind does. I find myself playing games like Tile Match 3D instead of this game. You can earn so many things quicker.

“HOURS” of fun? No way!!!. A lovely game. Perfectly relaxing for the very FEW minutes you get to play before your five FREE lives are used up. After that, it seems the developer of this app is all about only getting us to spend money for more rounds… Worse yet, thus is the ONLY game I’ve ever played where — after spending the goodly sum of $4.99! (Imagine!) — the game isn’t yours!!! No unlimited gameplay! Zero. Zip. Nada. Thus, the reduction from what would be a deserved 5 stars down to only 3. Removal of the, also, impossibly long, long ads, after every round, needs to be far, far, far less if the game cannot be owned — and fully enjoyed. Really cute graphics. Nice variability among rounds. The pieces are all rounded, fluffed, colorful, and really enjoyable to see. Now, at level 218, held up, with even the daily giften tool tokens not in play for the harder levels. But the really chief drawback — even with infrequent chances to earn needed tools to help in the pretty regular hard and very hard levels (meaning one plays the same level over and over and over) — is the in-minutes-used 5 lives, putting gameplay to an END for several hours. You’ll get HOURS of waiting for your $4.99, NOT hours of relaxing gameplay. Really, really bad…

Wow ! Update is making this difficult. The new update has made it so that your taps to collect items are way more difficult then they need to be. This is my second account on the game. This is my new account on here. I have another which is level 1023 .. I thought I was having difficulties because of the level, but I just made it to twenty here and it’s the same issue. Tap one item, get something not even close to it in the collection box. I’ll write another review about how my other team mates and I have noticed some of these levels are taking days to get past. That’s with our extra lives, and not having to buy boosters. It was three days with several hours of play for many of my team mates to get past a level. That is not what the developers claim when they showcase this game. To have fun. When you get to a difficult level, you should be able to click the fifty plus items to match.. however there is only two of any given item. Without a fan, magnet AND freeze.. and that going on with extra time and lightening .. you can never get to the bottom where the tiny item you need to collect are. If you are making it more difficult now by not being able to correctly tap the item you have tapped.. and rewards that are few and far between … Where is the fun ? Is it in giving our money to you ? Player beware

Money grabber. This game is horrible, ya it’s really fun AT FIRST!!! but you CAN NOT win after you progress in ANY LEVEL UNLESS you PAY REAL MONEY TO EITHER BUY MORE TIME OR THE EXTRA HELP, The ouch screen in the soft ware won’t let you add what is touched it gives you what ever the tech decides or closest to the item you want I have played this one level over or close to 100+ times and spent countless lives trying to win, it is impossible to win 99% of the levels unless you spend money the game is a joke a HUGE waste of time when there are so many many other puzzle games out there that don’t treat the customers as money bags save your dollars and don’t EVER EVER download this app I have also read the response from the people that made this gam it is a “standard” response it is NOT OR EVER WILL BE FREE TO PLAY that’s a lie you can’t get past like I said earlier 99% of the levels without paying REAL MONEY

Pretty good game…. Oddly, it can be challenging, and entertaining but having to wait on lives is confounding and makes me play it less than I otherwise would. I think aps make money from advertisements, yet, this one has none. Lives: you must wait on or purchase…which I’ll wait on every time. So then this game will sit for days before I even remember it exists…which I guess proves more than anything else that it’s a game one could take or leave. Not outstanding, just mediocre. There are other puzzle games where you don’t need to wait on lives. I’d recommend trying them as those are the ones that distract me from this one as I wait for lives.

Impossible with Pencil. This game I have tried in many different formats. This one is the worst. I use my pencil on the ipad and the minute u touch something it flies to another part of the screen. Some items u can get but others just fly around. I tried with my finger and got somewhat the same results. I have played many other versions of this by different/same developer and all variations have degree of difficulty however this one is frustrating because no matter how fast, accurate etc u r, when they just fly around, u work twice as hard to get them and time becomes a big factor. There r a few others this way where u can’t get the item due to moving but this one is the worst out of the 35 or so I have tried. Don’t frustrate yourself. Go to your apps and find another one. Great idea and good game. Helps with stress also except this one causes stress.

WHERE IS MY PROGRESS!?!?!. I absolutely love this game and would’ve given a star rating until 2 days ago. I went to login for the 72nd consecutive day to get me daily rewards and to try to beat the next level which was level 1675, but when I opened the app it had erased ALL of my info and progress!!!! I updated the version to see if that would correct the progress but nothing so I deleted the game and reinstalled to see if that would fix it and NOPE still at level 1 😡😡😭😭😭. I would love to play it again but I am not going to start completely over!! I have made several purchases on the game as well so I refuse to start from scratch!! If there is any way to restore my previous progress please let me know and I would definitely change my rating to 5 star

Great game, ads are awful. I’d give the game 5 stars except there’s an ad after every single level. Not just a regular ad, one you have to close out of 2-5 times to exit, then half the time clicking the x takes you to the webpage or whatever anyway. Super annoying. I realize I can purchase ad free, but I don’t mind an ad or two usually and know that’s how the developers make their money. But this is extreme. The game itself is challenging and fun. I like the different levels and enjoy trying to clear the entire board even if that’s not the ultimate goal. Response to developers- a few seconds? You’re dreaming! Do you think 30-60 seconds is a few? A few is 3. Few = 3 seconds. I’ve deleted the app and I won’t be back. I loved the game. The ads are too much.

Not a fan. I love the matching games but unless you are willing to spend money to get past some of the super hard levels (and I will not)….plan to spend days trying to get done. And btw….I am good and fast at these games but this is ridiculous. I finally made it past level 100 after 3 days because I am like that and didn’t want to give up……now I am on another super hard level and I am done. I have joined several different teams and no one will help out with extra lives either. So I’ll just stick with my other games and this one will be deleted after I submit this review. I have never reviewed a game before but kinda needed to vent about this thing. Ahh. One more vent- get ready to have your eyes worn out with so many different items that are the same colors and so many layers. Some super hard levels are pretty much impossible and that’s just not fun.

I have been deceived. I am here because I was playing a different game, and this ad popped up. I’ve been noticing lately that most games you see in ad form or entirely different from what you actually get in the game. This game is one of those. The only concept kept the same from the ad was the “match 3,” but in the add, it was displayed on a bookshelf-like system, where when you matched 3 on a shelf, the shelf disappeared. Well when I start playing, all it was, was piles of objects on the screen. I played for a while thinking, maybe I’ll unlock another form of gameplay… nope. It’s just getting monotonous now. I’m thinking about deleting it just out of the pure fact that it lured me here out of deception. Actually, that being said, I’m deleting it right now. I’m getting bored of it and I was disappointed from the start. 2 stars

Didn’t click on that!. I waited to write a review because I wanted to see what the game was like. Currently, I am over Level 1000. Throughout this game, it seems to limit how fast I can click on items, and it consistently puts items in the collection bar on the bottom that I have not clicked on. The game also takes a very long time to collect items to help you when you really need them. I also play MatchMaster3D, and this game is great about putting in the items that I have clicked on. I can also go as fast as I am comfortable with without feeling like I need to go slower so that I can click on the right item, only to have another item put in the collection bar. I am also disappointed that there is no “shelf game” like this was advertised in another game. Unfortunately, I am considering getting rid of this game because it gives very little for what one puts into it.

Love it…but. This is a great game, but I have literally spent hundreds of dollars to get me to the game level I’m at. $1.99 seems great for extra time, but it adds up quickly, and clearing the line isn’t the best because it runs out your time. It would be great if you could buy the different items separately instead of a whole package. The levels with the tools, axes & stuff are really hard because they’re hard to differentiate on a black background. My problem is I LOVE this game so much that I don’t realize what I’ve spent until I look at my bank statement! Please help those of us who love the game and give more rewards for the money we spend.

Fun but so frustrating. This game is very addictive. Unfortunately it’s stingy with rewards and lives. Also the levels jump around in difficulty - they do not progressively get harder as I see a developer told one of the other reviewers. That’s not true. They pop ridiculously hard levels in the middle of easy ones and the hard levels are so hard they can drain all your lives and powerups. This is probably on purpose by the developers to make people buy lives and powerups. I do buy them but they run out too fast for the money I pay for them. It’s just far too much money to be able to play this game for a decent length of time. Can’t binge this game and it’s a shame because I like this so much more than every other Match 3 game I’ve tried.

Challenging and expensive. This game is about 80% enjoyable… Then there are some of the “really hard“ levels that are basically impossible without using up a whole bunch of your tools. So you lose lives and you lose all of the tools that you’re given to help you get through a tricky level, but there are not enough rewards in the successful levels to help you get through those really hard ones without putting money into the game. If this was not such an obvious money grab, I would’ve given this five stars because the game is enjoyable, but there is no way you were not gonna spend money to get through very far at all.

Great Game, but. I really enjoy this game. It is usually the first one I reach for. I’m pretty good at it as my latest level (315) shows. However, there are 2 things that I really DON’T like. #1 is the limit of 5 games in a row. I want unlimited time. (OK, I’m 72 and spend a lot of time on games. I tell myself they are good for eye-hand coordination and mental acuity. #2 - I have played level 315 at least 150 times or more. Yes, it’s labeled Extra Hard, but finding 9 tiny forks in the allotted time is not going to happen. To do this, you’d have to clear the entire game. After this many tries, it stops being fun and makes me start looking at other games. I don’t mind a challenge, but….

Favorite game! Level 3000+. So, I love this game.. I appreciated that so many levels were able to be played through BEFORE ads. I happily purchased no ads because of how much I enjoy this game. The ONLY suggestion I could make is, I wish when we receive 10,15,30 minutes of free lives, extra time, or lightening, that we could choose when to activate it. A lot of times I’ll be on my “last level” and then get a gift of 15 min of lightening and I lose out on it. So, literally no other complaints or suggestions on this game.

Rewards vs Costs are ridiculous. This is a really fun game but you have to go along way to earn just 10 coins, but if you get stuck passing a level, they want 100 coins for an extra 60 seconds. An extra hard level is almost impossible to pass without needing extra time or a bonus tool, but you have to buy those too. If I am going to drop $40 on a bundle, that should last me days or weeks but you can easily blow through those coins in 2 hours. Greedy developers. An extra 60 seconds should cost 10 coins, not 100. I play for a few minutes now, lose all my lives, and go on to Pacman or another game because this one is just too expensive to play for more than a few minutes.

There are many games like it, but this is the best. I've tried many games like this, some even using the same asset pack, but this remains my favorite and now the only one i play. There are always events going on, and plenty of ways to earn coins and powerups. I've been playing for months and currently over level 3000. The level difficulty doesnt scale the higher you get (thank god) but they do love to throw you really difficult levels out of the blue. Ive also never encountered any bugs/glitches/crashes in the entire time ive been playing. Thats a winner in my book :)

Frustrating but fun. This is a fun game. BUT- I refuse to pay for the extras or pay to remove the adds. The game will only allow you to advance if you pay. And the fun stops when after 8 tries at a level in the 300’s that will never allow you find or capture the stupid spoons or forks- which by the way are ALWAYS buried deep in the pile! Fat thumbs or fingers never fail to capture the wrong items. They have this so well done to hook you in and then take you right up to almost win if you would only just pay their prices and buy their package. I have literally deleted this app daily for a week. I kept coming back once my frustrations subsided and I allowed the fun to want to come back, but it never does UNLESS you PAY! I refuse and as of now, I have permanently deleted this app and will NEVER recommend it, unless you want to pay and want to throw away hard earned money. And this app game is not worth it.

It’s an okay game. This game is good and all but once you get it and play it for a little it starts to get boring. Good thing is though that the game doesn’t have much ads, it’s actually one of the games that I know that don’t give out ads like all those other off brand games. But the con is that it’s very fun and addicting at the start but soon dies down. I got not long ago so I don’t know everything but soon it gets very boring and just plain. It’s a 50, 50. Sometimes it can get fun but then again it’s not very entertaining soon after. My idea is to like add more little mini games in it. Like “find the” or “spot the difference” something like that. For a 3/5 it’s just plain but can be fun sometimes. Just add little things so it’s just not the same thing over and over again.

Work hard for very little reward. I really like this game. But… what I don’t like is that you have to play, play, play and then play some more to finally earn a reward. And then that reward is only 10 coins, 20 if your lucky, and maybe one booster. Waste of time! I went through the Arctic Adventure to the end thinking I was going to win 1000 points. I had to SHARE the 1000 points with 9 other people. I got 100 measly points for going through three levels, with multiple games in each level, finally getting to the end. Seriously?? That was the last straw for me. My arm actually gets sore from playing so many games for so little return. Not worth the pain. I’ll finish out what few coins I have left and then I’m deleting the game.

Frustrating &*%$#ing game. This is a fun, mindless game. Unfortunately it is also incredibly frustrating. Some levels are easy and some are hard. That is to be expected. Other puzzle games of this genre have a similar pattern, but even the hard levels can eventually be won after playing them ten or twenty or thirty times over the course of a few days. I have been on the same level for about a month. This follows me being on the previous level for about a month as well. There is no physical way that any human can finish this level without having ‘boosters’, which you either have to pay for, or which you have to earn by playing. Unfortunately to earn the required boosters for this level, you need to engage in a dizzying pattern of playing for a certain number o days, taking a day off, and then repeating. For weeks. Compounding this is that the game is unstable and crashes frequently. If you have done the pattern as above and gotten the required boosters and are almost finished with the level but the game crashes, you’re out of luck. And you have to go back to earning the boosters again over several weeks. Bottom line: fun game, but frustrating enough to make me not want to play it any more. I’m no masochist.

My new obsession game!. Listen, I have played and deleted so many games here recently for the game not being what’s advertised. But let me tell you, Triple Match delivers! I am currently on level 549 and It’s fun, keeps you engaged, and has had mutlipleeee different challenges/ events so it’s keeping things fresh. If I could have a negative, it is the random ad pop ups. However, unlike other games, the ads don’t pop up in the middle of you playing just between levels and they all offer skip options. Honestly, I can handle some ads as long as I can skip and have stayed playing because the skip option has been consistent.

I really wanted to love this game, but…. After only a week, I’m deleting the app in frustration. As many others have said, the hard levels are impossible to clear without spending money and buying boosters. The game packs are so expensive and really give you so little that you could easily spend several dollars per level just to get through them. Also, it’s so annoying that the things you touch aren’t always the things the game selects. Imagine spending days on the same level, then finally get down to needing one item to clear the level, only to have the game select the item next to the one you touch and you fail, again. It’s enraging enough if you’re playing for free, but if you spend x amount of dollars on an extra life or time and have it stolen from you like that it will really send you. This might be a good game for people who want intense challenges, but if you’re just looking for something relaxing to zone out over at the end of the day, this game isn’t it. You’ll end up more stressed than when you started. The developers need to put some work into learning about human psychology and how progress and rewards affect behavior if they want people to invest in playing this game. They’ve totally missed the mark.

Touch is off and too many ads. ADS. AFTER. EVERY. LEVEL. Seriously, I can understand an ad her and there but after every level??? OVERKILL. Doesn’t always register which object I’m clicking on, and will put a different object in the bar or fling it across the screen when all I did was tap, then not get 3 and say I’m out of space. And no, my iPad is fine, and working perfectly. *EDIT* in response to developer response: my device and internet are working perfectly. This is the only app where the touch isn’t spot on. And I’m not the only person who this is happening to.

Letty. I have a very small phone 1.5 inch by 3. I have 1 good eye caderact in right eye Hard to see but love the game. Hard to see such small objects but harder touching the tiny objects and to fill boxes. I finally came close but hard to touch them so so so small Can you limit game size or numbers of objects big enough to touch (see) so we can touch the object. NOT three at a time. WAY to small to win in 1 minutes allowed could we get 2 minutes for vision impaired players and tiny phones ??? Thank you. LIKE to win. At lest l a day I we’ll keep trying!!! Having surgery on righty some very blurry cataract issues ! Thank you Game changer … love to play… with big fingers. Old. EYES!!!

LIKE OTHER GAMES. I have been playing this game for several months and my review is ….your the same as other games. It’s extremely difficult to find some objects and 5 lives will not do it. Your prices are ridiculously high! When I spend $40 for 6 hours of play, I’d like to have my six hours. Unfortunately the clock runs on your purchase weather your playing or not and that to me is a rip off! The prizes rewarded for levels is a joke. You really don’t give anybody advancement unless you make purchases. I know this because I’m in 800’s level. You have a very enjoyable game, please lower your high prices and give decent rewards. If you do this, I’d be glad to continue playing your game. If not I’ll simply uninstall and go to the next…like the other games.

Ad inundation after level 300. I haven’t been playing this game very long but I was addicted to it almost immediately. Occasionally there would be a pop up asking me to pay to avoid “intrusive” ads and I’d decline, thinking why, I have not seen any ads. But then as others have noted, as soon as I hit level 300, bam! Scroll ads at the bottom and a full ad after every round, win or lose. At least they admit their ads are intrusive! I think the developers are in collusion with my employer because even with my phone silenced the ads with audio scream out, which makes sneaking in a few rounds while I’m working a dangerous proposition! But now after reading all these reviews about an update causing resets and issues with purchases I’m not about to pay anything. It’s a shame because it is a fun game.

Fun, but misleading. I am enjoying the game. I even paid for it to get rid of the ads, and I don’t do that much! I did, however, download it initially because the preview showed the items not in a pile, but rather in shelves and cylindrical shapes…moving items up, down, and across to match three. I had already played the non-3D version with the piles, and tired of it after a while. Does this happen at some higher level? If not, then it is false advertising! Also, one smaller detail about clicking on items bugs me. Even when I slow down and make sure I have highlighted the item I want, it often quickly switches to another item that I don’t need as I release. This in turn can fill my slots and ruin the game. Very aggravating.

Repetitive. I enjoy the game, I play on 4 devices. The further you go, you are just repeating the same levels. It would be nice to have a bit more variety as you move along. Also the renovations seem hard to complete. 230 is a lot to collect to finally complete. There was also a glitch that I didn’t get the coins I purchased. At first it said my purchase was all set, but then got green window saying unable to complete purchase yet I was still charged and still waiting for a response to get it resolved. I realize they are going to reply here with there standard response, but just wanted to give my 2¢ worth.

My favorite since candy crush. I am absolutely addicted to this game!!! I will buy the boosters and everything. And I normally don’t believe in spending money on gas from the App Store but I do it without a second thought lol. I had been looking for a good game to play since candy crush isn’t the number one game anymore. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the boosters are a little too high. Only 5 lives for $2. But I’m in love with this game and I tell all my coworkers and family to try it. By the way we should get something for referring people to the game. I know I got literally 10 or more people playing

Fun game…Surprisingly addicting.. This is a fun match 3 game. It really is surprising how addicting it can be and how many levels you can find yourself playing in a sitting. The game has plenty of opportunities to earn coins and power ups to continue gameplay without having to spend money. I rarely find the need to buy coins but will purchase a handful from time to time when they have a sale. The team component is great. It’s fun to collaborate with players from around the world and help each other out. Note to developers. My only issue with the gameplay is the automatic selection of boosters from level to level after using them. Sometimes I forget to deselect the boosters and end up wasting them for several levels unknowingly until it’s too late.

Fun but a little too hard. They give you extra time you can claim while playing easy levels, but there are LOTS of Extra Hard levels where they don’t give you any opportunity for help. I find I’m spending too much money playing this game because there are so many extra hard levels. It seems greedy on their part that they don’t give you more opportunities to earn things that will help you. Compared to other games I play this one is very stingy with things so you can help yourself get past the hardest levels. I hope they’ll take this feedback seriously, otherwise I may have to stop playing. I’m certain I’m not alone in this feeling.

Ludicrous.. This was my favorite game by miles until I had to sit through one too many ads, so I paid to go ad-free. BIG MISTAKE. If you thought you’d be able to play without ads you’d be right, but did you misclick and fill the bar? 100 coins or you lose. Out of time? 100 coins or you lose. You no longer have the ability to opt into watching an ad for help, now everything costs coins. It’s like once they figure out you’re willing to spend money it’s all they want. Many other games remove the forced ads and still allow you optional opportunities to exchange time for bonuses, but not this one. I asked if I could get the ads back but they just told me to log in every day and ask teammates for lives. Stupid. And really shortsighted because I made them way more money in ad play than $5. I still love the game but my play time is about a quarter of what it used to be and it’s way more frustrating and stressful, which kinda defeats the purpose of playing in the first place. Considering deleting the game to start over and not restore my purchase, or simply finding a match 3 that isn’t this stupid. What a waste.

Where is This Rating Coming From?. Looking at the number of low reviews, I really have to wonder where the 4.9 rating is coming from - I don’t think my math skills are that rusty. I agree with the other reviewers. I was really enjoying this game and considering paying for ad removal to support the developers. The game required some planning, quick work, kept the brain engaged but was achievable. Then I hit level 40 and all of the levels became challenging - not a tougher one here and there but I got through. Then level 50 where you are looking for a couple of letters in huge pile. I do not believe this level is achievable without multiple power-ups( which are few and far between). But I guess that is the point - to force you to buy them in order to be able advance in the game. That is when it stops being fun so I will be deleting the game. Such a shame - I would happily pay for a game I enjoy but not if it is a continuous money grab.

Good BUT Not Fair!. I liked this app a lot, BUT I’m really aggravated by the fact that they make your ‘taps’ mis-hit your target - multiple times -in the games starting about level 65. Taps were super accurate until that level. Whenever it comes to the special items- ruby gems, pizzas, etc. you miss 2,3 times , adding items to the collection bar & causing you to fail UNLESS you pay 100 coins to clear the bar & continue playing that level. They don’t award coins or boosters often or many at a time - so you have to BUY them-with real money. I’m quickly losing interest & will delete this if this cheating continues. I will not put my $$ into this app no matter how fun it was before this unfair practice started. AND they have started giving too little time to finish- without spending coins(see above). Nope-I’m deleting now!

iPhone play. I love this game. I have it downloaded on both iPhone and iPad. I have found that the hard/extra hard levels are waaay harder on the iPad as there is a larger screen to cover with objects and so there are more objects that need to be removed to get to the ones you need to collect. HOWEVER, I have found that if you keep playing and keep playing and keep playing those levels, the number of objects lessens over time. (Developers - don’t go getting any ideas of removing this function 😆). Eventually with new promotions/events that give you the extra fans/coins/freezes/magnets, I can beat the levels. I do feel that I get more hard/extra hard levels on my iPad than I do on the iPhone. Also, I have been able to play 18k+ levels without any purchases. I gave a rating of 4 stars because there isn’t an option for 4.5. I do like that they added the clear the board or add 15seconds feature but I do with you could add an option to reverse one move if you have “lost” a level due to accidentally touching a wrong object for the 7th spot.

So much fun and relaxing !. If your looking for a fun matching game but also relaxing, Than you need to play this! This game is all about matching and fun! The main thing that you do in this game is there is a row pf things you need to collect and there are other things you don’t need to collect. Once you collect everything you need. You will move up a level and it will get harder every level. If it gets to hard and you get frustrated. Just turn of your electronic and take deep breaths and than try again! I really think people should get this game! It is so fun and relaxing. It is also good for adults who sometimes are stressed with work or anything! please get this game! Have fun! 😁

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 134.02
Play Store net.master.triple.3d.find
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

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The application Triple Match 3D was published in the category Games on 13 April 2022, Wednesday and was developed by Boombox Games LTD [Developer ID: 1529787666]. This program file size is 615.24 MB. This app has been rated by 241,590 users and has a rating of 4.9 out of 5. Triple Match 3D - Games app posted on 01 April 2024, Monday current version is 134.02 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: net.master.triple.3d.find. Languages supported by the app:

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Thanks for playing Triple Match 3D! This update fixes bugs and adds new features to make our game more fun for you. Hence, it's always recommended that the game be updated. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support from within the game.

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