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Triple Match 3D [Games] App Description & Overview

What is triple match 3d app? Spend hours of fun playing Triple Match 3D puzzle matching game and enjoy awesome levels and fun challenges!

Enjoy your brain time, and improve your sorting skills to become a matching master!

Spend a relaxing, fun time as you find and connect tiles and complete different missions.

Develop your skills by playing everywhere and as much as you want offline. Grab this amazing puzzle from the store and start searching for hidden objects today!

How To Play:
* Tap on three identical tiles and connect them into triples
* Keep sorting and matching objects until you clear all tiles from the screen
* Complete the goal set at the start of the level and become a master of 3d puzzle games!
* NOTE! Each level has a timer, so you must move fast & reach the level goal!
* Use boosters to help you sort through the objects and pass tricky levels
* Use Shuffle to rearrange the items on the board

Fans of mahjong games will experience endless excitement and fun with this awesome match 3d game. Enjoy unique gameplay that will keep you busy for hours!
Put your logic and strategy skills to the test in this addicting Triple Match game and discover these Fun Features:

* Amazing boosters to help you along the way
* Beautifully designed match 3d levels
* Fun brain training missions
* Easy and relaxing tile matching game
* Free to play online or offline, no Wi-Fi or internet connection is required

Enjoy unique gameplay that will keep you busy for hours! Put your logic and strategy skills to the test in this addicting Triple Match game.

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Triple Match 3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Triple Match 3D Version 102.0228 December 2022

Thanks for playing Triple Match 3D! We frequently release new updates that improve bugs or add new features to make our game more fun for you. Hence it's always recommended to keep the game up to date. For any questions, please get in touch with our support from within the game..

Triple Match 3D Comments & Reviews 2023

- Love this game!

I’m totally addicted to this game. I love that you can request lives from other players instead of trying to hit up friends on FB. You also get coins for helping others who request lives. The ads are not overwhelming or long. You do need to be careful where you touch! If you already have two items you need in the bar, the game will intuitively pick up the third if you’re tapping close to it, but it’s easy to click the wrong item if you’re going fast. This game is my new favorite!

- Game is Awesome-Ads are a Pain

This game is addictive! It’s great fun! I’ve told everyone about it and they have downloaded it too! I don’t mind ads…what I do mind is these ads are loud!!! I have the game settings on mute, but when the ads play, I have to click mute. Then I have to click skip, then I click and X, then I have to wait 5 sec to click another X. I play many games where the ads don’t make a sound and you only have to close the ad once. Developers…PLEASE fix this! UPDATE IN RESPONSE TO DEVELOPERS: I know I could pay for the app, I am very aware of this. You cannot close the ads quickly. And they are not QUIET! That is the main issue I have with the ads, that they make noise even though I have my sound turned off. Also, there is not one click, but four before you can close the ad. You have to click to stop the sound, then close the first part of the ad, then click done on the second part of the same and, then you must wait 5 seconds before yo can close the last part of the same ad. I am simply asking for you to remove the sound since my settings for the game are quiet. Thank you

- Fun but aggravating

Takes 30 minutes to refill one chance to play and will only build to 5 chances. Some of the hard levels are very difficult to pass- either my iPad screen is very sensitive to touch or the area around the objects isn’t specific because I touch an object and the one next to it is selected. This causes the boxes at the bottom to fill with objects not matching and a chance is lost. Also, the timer seems to quickly run out on these levels. Rewards are few and far between, so there’s not much opportunity to build up rewards. Every 24 hours, the game gives rewards but they will not go far on the difficult levels. For example, one magnet and one freeze time. Sometimes it gives 15 minutes of play time but with ads after every game, which most of the time includes four clicks to get off of it, around 15-20 seconds, most of the free play time is consumed with ads. I suppose it’s designed this way so people will spend money to buy extra game chances. (I do realize ads pay for the game to be available to play for free.)

- Beware of online purchases

I LOVE this game and am seriously addicted like I’ve never been to any game. I would give it 10 stars if I could BUT! I would think twice about buying any additional play time or coins. Last night I spent $2.12 for an additional minute. I only got about 10 seconds and then my round timed out. I immediately wrote to their support staff. Twice. Both times I received a reply saying “sorry… we can’t refund you as you used your minute.” Oh really? Were you there next to me to verify that? I did NOT get a minute. Either the site crashed or there was a technical glitch, but I did not get a minute, wouldn’t lie about it, and these guys dishonestly made $2 for nothing. I have since escalated this up to Apple and hope to get resolution with them. Great game. Dishonest, unreasonable people. (Yes. I know it’s only $2 but it’s the principle of the matter.) Think twice before buying any in-app purchases.

- Addicting but too many ads

I downloaded this game after seeing it in another game. It looked fun and it was for the first 200 levels. At first, they would offer an ad free version at a discount but there were no ads being shown. As soon as I hit level 200, the ads started and they are relentless. They come after every single level and it takes forever to get through them. You can’t just bypass them, unless you close the game out completely and go back in, which is surprisingly shorter than waiting for the ads to finish. I understand the company has to support itself and nothing is truly free but the frequency of these ads is obnoxious. I wouldn’t mind a banner running while I play or an ad once in a while but after every level is ruining this experience. I tried dealing with it but am now deleting the game and moving on. The ad free version is not expensive in the whole scheme of things but I’m not interested.

- Very hard levels make you spend coins

I really like this game and am at the 200 level, but as the other reviewers said, it needs ads. Some of the levels are impossible to play without spending coins which is really not fair and makes me want to quit the game altogether. If you want people to spend money on the game, then don’t make it impossible or it pisses people off. Make it fun and passable so people want to spend money. Look at June’s Journey. They made tons of money from their game by making it fun. They got bought out and are changing though from Playrix who are a greedy company. You should not make it insurmountable to clear a level without playing coins. It is not an issue of being fast enough or having a good set of eyes. The pieces are hidden under the other items and are impossible to click on. Then you try to charge 240 coins for more time and some other high amount of coins for a lightening bolt.

- “HOURS” of fun? No way!!!

A lovely game. Perfectly relaxing for the very FEW minutes you get to play before your five FREE lives are used up. After that, it seems the developer of this app is all about only getting us to spend money for more rounds… Worse yet, thus is the ONLY game I’ve ever played where — after spending the goodly sum of $4.99! (Imagine!) — the game isn’t yours!!! No unlimited gameplay! Zero. Zip. Nada. Thus, the reduction from what would be a deserved 5 stars down to only 3. Removal of the, also, impossibly long, long ads, after every round, needs to be far, far, far less if the game cannot be owned — and fully enjoyed. Really cute graphics. Nice variability among rounds. The pieces are all rounded, fluffed, colorful, and really enjoyable to see. Now, at level 218, held up, with even the daily giften tool tokens not in play for the harder levels. But the really chief drawback — even with infrequent chances to earn needed tools to help in the pretty regular hard and very hard levels (meaning one plays the same level over and over and over) — is the in-minutes-used 5 lives, putting gameplay to an END for several hours. You’ll get HOURS of waiting for your $4.99, NOT hours of relaxing gameplay. Really, really bad…

- Change of opinion - Ads killed Game

See my original rating below, that came with 5 stars. Now I’m deleting your game due to the ridiculous amount of ads and giving you one star! The game wasn’t ad bombing until level 200 - then you either pay or you get ads after every single game - win or lose - you get an ad. That’s absurd. Loved the game / but definitely not enough for that nonsense. Original review: I waited until I got to level 150 before I submitted a review. The game has remained consistent. It’s challenging, some boards too challenging because you spend days on them. They need to program in “mercy” for when you’ve had to play the same board 50 times. Overall a pretty good game! I hardly ever give good reviews. This one deserves it - so far. 🤔😉

- Not as shown in other games advertising/don’t fall for it!

I feel ripped off, I liked the way they advertise it in other games, shelves that need to be matched by whats on it. Instead, you get a small window with a mess of objects and a very small amount of time to finish. What happened to the game they advertised? I kept playing thinking I had to earn that level, I’m at 94 level and feeling really stupid at this point that I kept playing and sunk so much money into it!!! Don’t get this game.

- Game is addicting but has problems

This makes the 3rd time this game has went black. I get up to around the 600 level and everything goes black and stays like that for days. I eventually delete the app and add it back in, losing my level but the good thing is I have not lost any $$ the 3rd time. I do think that’s why I get blacked out. The game has normal, hard and extra hard levels. You aren’t given very much time to do the extra hard levels so you lose a life. You are given way too much time to finish the normal levels. I can’t give this game 5 stars because they black you out if you don’t spend money. It’s froze up again for the 5th or 6th time. Glitches? Probably not.

- Great customer service

ETA: I was contacted very quickly regarding this problem, the solution was quick, easy, and effective. Thank you so much! I was up to almost level 500 (I know, I need to get a life).I left the app to wait for lives to refill. When I went back,I was back to level 1!!!!!! I am so disappointed! I force closed and reopened, and it was still on level 1. I will NOT be playing (or spending $$$$$ on in app purchases) unless this can be fixed. :(

- Fun and addictive, but now deleted

I am fine with in-app purchases. No reason we shouldn’t pay for entertainment. I have been playing my two favorite games for years and they require in-app purchases to progress. But rewards correlate with accomplishments and purchases won’t bleed you dry. Triple Match requires playing a level several times to beat it—should be fun to figure out the strategy. But it takes a half hour to earn a life. Play for 15 minutes. Use up all your lives and then wait a half hour to get just one more life. Whether given as a reward or as an in-app purchase, the boosts are pathetic and insulting. Not fun anymore. I’ll only show loyalty to an app if developers have respect for fans. These developers don’t.

- Triple D Match

The game is great for my 82 year old Grandmother. It’s really sad to see all the ads. It ruins the whole game playing. My Gram refuses to let me pay $4.99 to be ad free. She said that this game keeps her mind sharp. I understand your need for advertising but your game is really over the top. It’s to bad and in a way really sad. She wants to rate you 5 Stars because she has fun playing. She’s going to stop because of your over the top advertising. She asked me to find another game for her that’s free.

- Love it !

This can really get super hard at times.. as soon as you start t learn some of the items and can match them quickly.. they will add - well let’s just say the item with have a different color scheme lol I had to figure it out on my own the hard way. Pay close attention to your space, tap carefully, colors matter ! HAVE FUN ~ I know I do ~ it’s one of my favorite games


It was fun at first. Now it is RIDICULOUS: too many items with similar color and shape, too little time, no way to obtain helps unless you pay…. All of this in the same box over and over: Black square, black triangle, black rectangle black pie triangle, orange, 2 red circle shapes, 2 yellow ball shapes, lemons, yellow bells the same size as lemons, swords, bolts, gears, airplanes, gray elephant heads, gray mouse heads (same size as elephants), dark gray rhino heads, and sometimes Chinese food boxes, and sometimes gold coins (I think that is all.). You win. I concede. I have tried this perhaps 40 times now over several days, used up the perks I had earned and can’t win. Customers: It was fun at first. But it is designed to make you pay or quit.

- Could use work

I love this game but I agree with another review that other objects are constantly being selected causing the boxes to fill up and cost a life. Unless you purchase a package you don’t get much of an opportunity to get rewards. It takes me days to pass some levels. I’m almost ready to stop playing this game. I like the difficulty of this compared to similar games and prefer this one over those but the rewards or lack of is making me look to other games instead of this.

- Needs an option to earn rewards by watching ads!

I would easily give 5 stars because this game is so addictive and great fun! But the only way to get rewards is by completing levels. So if you get stuck on a level- like one of those extra hard ones- there’s nothing you can do to help yourself (other than spending your own money- which I don’t plan to do too often). I can’t think of a single other game I play that doesn’t allow watching ads to earn needed rewards!

- Too many ads but fun game

WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!!! I understand free games need to have ads but one every level, that last longer than it takes me to beat some levels? Is ridiculous. I do love the game and the graphics! It’s challenging but still fun so I love the concept and actual game. I do notice though that it will select items I was not trying to click on which Is annoying as the bar gets filled without me knowing until I lose the round. Also sometimes after watching ads and trying to exit out, the game freezes. So it needs some work for sure and LESS ADS!!!

- Too Difficult

I’ve been playing this game for several months now and truly experience hour upon hours of enjoyment. However if you reach an extremely difficult level and the time allotted is very limited it becomes truly frustrating. I have used more than 40 free lives on one level and still have yet to get past the short amount of time. I would rather lose points so the player could advance without having to play the same level 4 days straight. For this reason I gave 2 stars, otherwise it would easily be 4-5 rating.

- Difficult to proceed

I am happy to pay to remove ads from an app to make the experience more pleasant (and pay the designers) but I don’t think levels should be deliberately designed to stop you proceeding simply to get more $ out of you. There are also very few opportunities to gain aids as you pass levels. 1 week stuck on the same frustrating level with only the option to give more money doesn’t make it a fun experience anymore. Considering deleting even though it’s just my kind of game.

- Great customer service!

I had a problem with the game, I couldn’t advance for several days because the items were barely visible to me. I wrote to customer support and within 24 hours they responded and fixed the problem and I am now able to continue to play. The BEST customer service anywhere!! I love this game!💜💜💜

- Triple Match 3D

Love this game highly addictive not getting enough sleep lol! The only thing I can’t stand that’s getting me to the point where I might want to delete the app is the 30 minute timer. Why? Just why? I want to keep playing this game I don’t understand why I need a 30 minute break after a loss. I feel like a preschooler that is getting a time out. If you get rid of that 30 minute timer you’ll get a five star rating. 😉

- Freeze, freeze, freeze

I liked this game a lot in the beginning, however, once you hit round 200 when it becomes harder the game continually freezes. You have to wait for it to free up or you may have to reboot the game. And if you reinstall the game you lose all the progress you made. Working on my second time to play the game and I am done! Frustrating, time consuming and there are too many games out there to waste your time on this one. I will not be installing any of their other games either. So disappointing.

- Takes too much

It’s a fun game however when you run out of time or fil the bar too quickly, you lose too much. Usually other games, you only have to watch an ad. In this game, you lose almost everything you just earned. Very difficult to get ahead to keep playing. And if I only have a little bit of time to play, I don’t feel like waiting 20 minutes to gain more ❤️ or $$ or ⭐️. I enjoying playing, but unless that changes, will look for another.

- Fun game but so aggravating!

I really enjoy the game, even though it only seems to have one mode of play rather than what was advertised. However, my rating is based on the extremely high cost of coins and the frequency of really difficult scenarios, as well as the lack of matching bonuses with the difficulty level. Coins should cost about 100 times less than they do if you want people who enjoy the game to keep it. I am about to delete it because I have spent so much money just to have an hour of game fun in a given day.

- Good game - costs too much!

I love playing this game! However it gets very frustrating when the games are so tough you burn up your lives quickly and have to pay money to keep playing. The board filling up costs a hundred points to clear. And it fills easily. Next thing you know you’ve burned through twenty bucks. Or you stop and can’t play again for over 30 minutes. It’s an enjoyable game but sure would be nice if it was more user friendly.

- Fun for a couple of days

I purchased this game because it seemed fun and the ads were beyond obnoxious. As others have pointed out, you get one life every 30 minutes. Now THAT is really obnoxious for a game that you have purchased. Sorry, developers, but you can’t defend that aspect of game play. It’s ridiculous. Wasted another $20+ on in-app purchases. Literally just to be able to play longer. For several days, I am stuck on level 315. Not spending another dime.

- Frustrating and everyone has the same complaint

I and others are having the same problems. I wanted to check the reviews to maybe find a solution to get past a level I've been on for so long I'm tired of playing it. The developer has the same exact answer to several reviews and it's not really helpful. The game is fun when you get a chance to play and advance. I feel the only way to do that is to purchase your way to the next level but that's just a bottomless money pit.

- Ads Galore after Level 200

Edit: This game and it’s people are so awesome. Be never bought a game but I’m buying this one! Loved this game. Was obsessed. It was fun and challenging but not too much. Then everything came to a screeching halt after level 200. Yeah — it’s you, not me. With so many other fish in the sea, you’re deleted from my phone.

- Very frustrated

First of all, I absolutely love this game. However, I think I will delete it and never play it again. For the second time now, the game has kicked me out and started me back at the beginning. The first time, I was at level 933. This time, I was headed to level 400. The first time it happened, I pulled up the screen to play and the screen was black. The next morning, I was going to play, and I found that I was back to the first screen. Just now, I was in the middle of playing when it sent me back to the beginning. I am sure it is not my device, because I have not had any problems with anything else. I am tired of having to start over so am going to look for another game and hopefully will enjoy it as much as I do this one. Perhaps some day, I will load it again, but it will be a very long time. Nana V

- Fun, but…

This is a fun game. I purchased the ad free version. Why did I give it 4 stars instead of 5? I would love to see an option for non-timed matching. Sometimes those hard levels can take days to finally pass, there’s just not enough time to pass. I would love to be able to play this game without anxiety as I’m running out of time. Please consider a non-timed option in this game. Thanks!

- The Perfect Amount of Challenge and Fun Combined!

I’m completely addicted to this game. I had downloaded one like this, if not this and it was ridiculously difficult and after a few months I got rid of it. This one is similar, but much more playable and enjoyable while still challenging. Love it!

- Triple match

The game should be relaxing and fun , some are almost impossible to beat , some people don’t want to spend extra money on beating hard levels , there should be other options to get past these rediculous levels. Surely someone on your team can figure something like that out . If not what’s the point of the game ? Just to get you riled up and frustrated? I thought games were supposed to be fun with some challenge but not impossible. I would not recommend this game at all, unless changes are made. Sorry guys do better.

- Expensive

This game is addictive. I love playing but I have spent so much money getting to level 670… I’m deleting the game because I can’t afford it. When you sa a level is hard or extra hard what you really mean is we’re not gonna let you win until you buy more lives or helps. I can’t move anything to get to what’s underneath and many times the game doesn’t collect the item I have chosen! Very frustrating and verging on criminal with what you charge for coins.

- Go Granny Go!

It’s the most fast match up I have! First scan a 2- second look then pick your twins to make your triple. Higher and higher the levels quickly soar, clever coloring test your eye hand skill . I’m a glorious old hippie and I’m sailing thru this brilliant event. So glad there’s no witches ! Join me , join me, 4 free

- Not enough time!

Not relaxing at all. I am using an iPad with a stylus and it is impossible to tag items that are small or partially hidden, even with pausing to be sure it gets grabbed. This results in the tray constantly overfilling and lives being lost. I think that even if the only items on the board were the ones I’m seeking for that level, it would be difficult to finish in the allotted time. I have similar games I’m playing at levels over 1500 and I’m still having fun. I’m ditching this one at level 79. Frog Clan

- Levels difficult for older adults

I really liked this game. However there are levels very difficult for older adults & while I find this challenging the limited lives make it VERY frustrating. I don’t complain about watching the ads you get paid for so it makes sense to have unlimited lives to keep me from playing other games doesn’t it.

- Developers don’t get it

I was reading a few reviews and agree, overall it is a decent game but you should make it easier to earn coins and not basically try to make people pay for coins at every turn of the game. Also I understand you have to make it difficult, but putting 4 objects with similar color and shape when you only need one is evil

- Addictive

I really love this game. And the ads aren’t too bad. My one true frustration is that you can undo a move, but NOT when the move causes your choices to fill up. I’d like the opportunity to u do a move rather than spend coins or start over.

- Match three Butterfly

Was fun til I got to 100, now is NOT FUN,OR RELAXING. AFTER YOU GET TO 100, game is IRRITATING, ITEMS ARE SO CLOSE TO GETHER, IT IS HARD TO HIT THE ONE ON TARGET. NOT ENOUGHT TIME AFTER 100, also do not like being. Forced to play with other people in order to play after so many games Was fun til I got in mid 70’s,,, not fun any more, irritating, so I deleted it, also not a game for people with big fingers. It is very up setting when you hit the correct icon, and you get the icon next to it

- Minor flaw…

Love this game, very addicting. What I don’t like is how there is no ability to redo a level unless you fail. If I pass a level with only one or two stars, I should be able to replay it. Players should also be able to see a map or trail of previous levels and how they scored. Please incorporate this. Thanks!

- Love It… but

I love this game! For people who get worked up and nervous super easy, it might not be the best though. Just a warning! Anyways I love this game but I clear the entire board often and I think there should be a small extra reward for that. Just my opinion. Thanks! :)

- Super Fun

This game is so enjoyable! I agree it is very addictive and I do not know why! Wonderful 3 d graphics. My complaint is life regeneration is tooooooo slow and 5 lives don’t last when my fat fingers hit the wrong item. I enjoy the rewards too. Thank you for this game.

- Ads came back!

I’d give this a 5 star but for whatever reason ads came back even though I’ve paid to have them removed. I’ve done the “restore purchases” and complete shutdown but nothing has worked. Hoping it’s a glitch on your end and it gets resolved soon.

- Hmmm!

Pros: Cute, starts out fun, can be addictive, but . . . Cons: Unable to choose for yourself” between the different levels, i.e., easy, medium or hard. No! I don’t want the game to choose for me! Games are meant to relax you, not stress you out! I also want to have a “choice” of “when” to use my boosters! Believe Developers should go back to the “drawing board” on this one; the game does have potential, if given more realistic options. Just sayin’!

- Rip off

So while this game is fun, you end up paying more and more money to win levels. And then you buy extra time but don’t get the extra time. Then in order yo report it you have to fill in a support request and you need your account/player number. Which I couldn’t find. So long story short unless you want to keep throwing money at this game in order to win, there are others that are much more player friendly. I’ll be deleting this one.

- Where the game I signed up for?

When I signed up for this game because I saw an ad where player would be moving objects out of a cell and into another to match three. But the one game I get I need to find 3 items alike from a screen full of objects and in doing so i’d empty the board. This is not what i thought this game would be. It is frustrating. I am on levelWhy do you advertise one game and provide another? Will wait for a response before I delete the app.

- Max level?

I was wondering what the last level is? I am at 635 and it’s not passable! I am on day three now fighting this one level. I enjoy the game and would love to keep playing it but sadly I can’t. 😕. Can this level even be passed??? Thank you!

- Really Annoyingly Addictive Game

It’s so much fun and keeps your brain alert but I end up playing so much that I am actually too tired to play anymore so spend money on it to get past the levels later in the day. I would only recommend this game to people that play seldom or you will end up spending too much money as the freebies are minuscule. I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn’t so money grabbing

- Addictive but not fair!

This game is definitely fun to play. One thing that’s not good is that it stops you from playing up to 25 minutes when you run out of lives. Then when your on a “very hard level” and try to use your EXTRA TIME you PAID FOR or EARNED, it HIDES THEM under the pile and it’s almost impossible to find them before the time runs out. That’s cheating 100% and definitely not fair!!!

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- Glitch in Christmas sale

Since this started showing between levels yesterday, the screen locks up and nothing to do except exit game for at least an hour before it goes back to opening screen Boom Box 😫 please fix asap! Thanks

- Ads about drugs! 😠

I would really enjoy the game if the ads aren’t about drugs for fat people. Are you serious? Kids playing this game and get to see this kind of ads. And there’s nowhere a button where I can report these ads. And I’m not paying for the ad free version to get rid of these kind of disgusting ads. The game itself lags some times and the “extra hard” is awful. I wanna have fun playing this game not getting frustrated. Shame, it was a fun game while it lasted. Update: Yes, the game is completely free and I have no problems about ads in general BUT I have a problem with ads about drugs. Kids are playing this game and I don’t want them to see these kind of ads. This is unacceptable!! Update: Seriously Support, this is your answer? Just an automated answer how the app is free and we should just shut our mouth and watch these scam ads? Shame. Shame on you. You’re not even worth a star.

- Misadvertised

I downloaded this app after it kept being advertised in another app. I thought I might try it. I have played it for a week and I have not seen the game as it is advertised. If you advertise a game and then give a different game that is false advertising. When I play a game I want the game that is advertised. This seems to be a common thing among game apps. Advertise a really interesting game but then give a boring game with little or no access to the actual game advertised. I would give you minus stars if I could for false advertising.

- I think purchases are too expensive and not good value as they do not last long

As above I have spent money for playing extra time and the money goes too quickly. A money grab.

- Problems

The game will not let me play on for 100 and only offers to buy points. The graphics are very good. Must there really be an ad after every attempt at a level?

- Hours of fun

I love this game. It’s so challenging. The only down side is that you might lose track of time.

- Love playing BUT credits are too expensive!

I really love playing the game & look forward to the time when I can sit idle, chill out n’ escape reality while I play….BUT the cost of buying game credits is ridiculously expensive for what you get imo 😏

- Thank you

Love most of your games especially this one

- $$$$

The only way too continue playing this game is to spend $$ on in app purchases for boosters. Too many hard and extra hard levels. The levels in between repeat themselves. Fun for awhile, now annoying.

- Game play

Very enjoyable game. Makes you think.

- Awesome game

I love the game, very addictive, it would be good if you had an option to watch an ad on the really bad level to keep going.

- Freeze

I downloaded game yesterday and got to level 23 but the game has since frozen or something and won’t let me play

- Totally Addictive

This game is sooo much fun. Keeps my mind active. Just be warned….it is totally addictive.

- Triple 3DMatch

Graphics, 3D Extraordinaire , Brilliance in colours, Captivating and Enhancement game for us oldies. A+++High Distinction for the fantastic graphics too

- Love the game but it’s buggy

Love playing this game. Sadly it will freeze during a game which is frustrating.

- Not the game shown in the adds

I got this because it looked good but it is nothing like the game that is shown in the adds when playing other games.

- Hi my name is Lennon

This game is okay but I’m…WONDERING if you could take away the annoying ADD’S

- Super Game

Great challenge for motor skills & cognition

- Great

This game could be one of the best but there’s so many ads..

- Addictive

Mind exercising!

- Forced to update - SO GLITCHY

This is so glitchy I can’t believe you released this. Just stalls. Can’t actually play.

- Great game

It makes think good for me with slight dementure

- Loving it

I love this game.

- Faydee

What a great game

- Smoothie

Great game

- By Annika Wilmot.

I rote this.

- Cool


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- Awesome Game

I got this game through an ad on happy color. This is a great game with no ads for 10 levels. It tests your memory and times it as well. I would recommend this game to anyone. It’s that great of a game.

- Revised review

I had a technical issue but Danielle resolved it with easy to follow instructions. Thank you very much. This game is fantastic and I think anyone would enjoy it.

- False advertisement

False advertisement = automatic one star….

- Triple match 3D

This was a fun game until you get to level 200 then it’s an ad after everyyyyyyy single screen ridiculous glad I didn’t waste any money on it

- This game will make you feel like you have fat fingers

I actually really enjoy this game, but it’s super frustrating when you know you didn’t hit the item that ends up being selected… and I certainly don’t have fat fingers!

- Don’t waste your time

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t bother with this game. 1) Unless you spend money you will eventually get stuck. 2) When you try to hit one item, quite often, it selects something else. I even tried to use a stylus to be more precise and it would still select the wrong item. 3) The levels are ridiculous. Some are so easy it’s a joke and some are so difficult that I have spent a few DAYS trying to beat the board. This leads back to number 1. If you don’t spend money you get stuck. 4) If you’re just trying to relax and play a game at night, this one will inevitably piss you off. Find a different game.

- Love it

Really enjoy the game but is very frustrating when I touch an item but all items around it are chosen before the one I touch.

- Fun but

After a while too too many ads some of which are absolutely ridiculous.

- Triple Match 3D

Very very addicting , but in a good way…….kind of

- $$$$$$

This is a great game to play until your money runs out. You think you’re doing okay until a tagged Hard pops up and if that doesn’t make you spend enough just wait because there’s going to be VERY hard coming along. Just a cash grab, enjoy similar games that are a challenge but don’t want to cost you your common sense (cents lol)

- Not as advertised

Okay game but it is not the game that is shown on the app “ad”

- Great game

I really enjoy the challenge of these games. Unfortunately they are geared for you to buy coins if you don’t it can take over 100 times before you beat a level.

- Triple Match

Fun increases cognition

- Awesome

If I had to rate this game, I would give it an A+ ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟IF YOU HATE THIS GAME I WILL MAKE YOU LOVE IT 💔❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹Unlock the fun! 🔒🔐🔓I love whoever made this

- 5stars

It’s fun but it’s not what it advertised on a different game

- Removes points by itself

I was collecting points to pay with them to go to the next level. Had 187 points. Today discovered that 100 point were deleted by developers. Very disappointing. After leaving this review received unrelated response from boom box with suggestions to change review.

- Entertaining

It is a game that has kept me entertained for hours without costing a fortune, and not so hard that eventually you stop playing

- Playing game

Why can’t I open this game? Just keeps circling.

- poo

I love this game and i am 17 it uses your brain

- Très bien mais …

C’est très bien mais à partir du niveau 200 il y a des pub après chaque niveau. Et comme les niveaux peuvent se terminer rapidement … ça devient un peu ennuyant à la longue.

- Expensive

Too bad because it’s fun to play but life’s run out fast and you have a long wait unless of course you BUY more!

- Fun app

Lots of ads but fun

- Wrongly charged!

I had the free version and was enjoying it. On a few previous occasions I purchased extras, all was fine. However, today I purchased a completely different app from the App Store, and my receipt shows an additional 3.99 charge for Triple Match?!!! I never made a purchase today, in fact I haven’t even played this app for several days!!! When I tried to report this, it combined this $3.99 purchase with the correct App purchase I made, so I can’t even make a complaint!!!! This is exactly why I deleted Candy Crush - due to fraudulent, sneaky charges. I have absolutely no tolerance for this - have deleted the app, will never use again. Trust is gone.

- Not as shown

I’ve download this game 3 times and have played many levels but it never looks like it does in the ad.

- Highly Addictive!

I’m really enjoying this game!

- Fun but frustrating

The time allotted for the game and what you have to do to clear the board is ridiculous! The game is fun but they make it impossible to finish in the time given. If you want to lose over and over and over again this game is the one! You may get 2 games you can finish then a hard game followed by an extra hard game which you did not ask for which means impossible to accomplish and eats all your lives and all your tools ! … even if you purchased all the lives and tools they have for $150 you cannot finish the game lol …. so if you want to be in the tournament you will never win the prizes . Even if you bought the most expensive lives and tools they have to offer you cannot finish the board for the tournaments…. I would love to make a game like this one but make it with fair time allowance … it is fun but the time allowance is cut short on purpose ….Sadly .. they are already making good money on advertising … I am not opposed to that but if you watch all the ads at least make it you can finish a game … sheesh .. lol

- Actual game isn’t at all like the ad for it

It’s an okay game. I’d like to play the version I keep seeing on the incessant ads for the game!

- Love it

Really enjoy your game

- Tile match 3D

This game is the most frustrating game I’ve ever played. Every time l touch something to make my 3 it takes something else. I’ve tried to hit one thing 12 times and finally it works. Most of the time l die. I really like this game but it really pisses me off. Please fix this problem in the game..

- Ads steal lives

This is a great game except for when the ads cut in as soon as you have started playing and steals your life. I have to turn off my WiFi on my iPad in order to play without the ads stealing my lives!

- Good


- Fun but not relaxing

Easy at the beginning but more challenging as you move up. You need to complete your matches within a time limit so you have to really rush. I prefer relaxing games as I rush enough at work. Also not the same game as represented in the ads promoting it.

- Super fun

I love it.

- Amusant mais pas ce que la pub annonce

Le jeu est plaisant, mais n’est pas comme la publicité annonce. Le jeu consiste à éliminer des objets prédéterminés dans un gros tas d’objets. Mais la publicité annonce un jeu qui consiste à assembler 3 objets pareils sur une tablette ?!? J’aimerai bien avoir celui annoncé.

- Great game but…

Game keeps locking up. Would keep playing but happens way too often. Takes away the fun.

- Quick mind challenges! Love it!

Love how there is a mix of items and that they move around. Time is of the essence!

- Level 1-200 fun but after that

I really liked the game until level 200. After that you are forced to sit through ads for other apps. Long and hard to get out of. Pity. I deleted the game at level 201.

- Fun Game but Ad Placement is Ridiculous

Was fun up until I reached the levels where ads pop up before you can “finish” the level. Then it says ad free version is on sale with 45% off at $6.99 (Canadian). The game is fun, but not THAT fun.

- Great game but…

I was really enjoying this game quite a bit, and the ads were okay. I can appreciate the need for ads as it supports developers. However the ad frequency has changed and now it’s an ad after every attempt which has made the game tedious and less enjoyable.

- Great but Expensive

I love this game; so addictive. But you’re given piddly little rewards and the cost to continue is so high that I end up spending a fortune to get anywhere in this game. A bit of a money pit but fun if you can afford it.

- Triple match

C’est amusant et pratique l’observation 🥰

- Fun and not bombarded with ads

So far enjoying this game. Visually stimulating. So far no pop up ads which determines whether I keep the game or not. Thanks!

- Not cool

My progress has been reset multiple times. I reached out about it and no response. Today makes the 5th time it has reset the first 2 times I was a high level and I have lost my “team” twice now since it was implemented

- Beautiful

This is a awesome game I played for so long, and not a single ad showed up✨🥹

- Tip top


- Suggestions

Great game, but I have 2 suggestions that would make it even better. 1. Add a colourblind mode. When there are multiple items that are identical except for the colour, please make sure the items are colourblind friendly. A plane with orange wings and one with green wings looks the same. I’ve seen similar block match games where users can select the colour palette in settings. Currently, I have to pass the game to my wife when there are problematic colours. 2. Reduce the amount of time to get new lives for people that have paid to remove ads. If you’re on a difficult level, you don’t have the option to watch an ad for a few more seconds game time. Maybe cut the wait time in half for people that can’t extend time by watching an ad.

- Great game


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Triple Match 3D 102.02 Screenshots & Images

Triple Match 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Triple Match 3D iphone images
Triple Match 3D iphone images
Triple Match 3D iphone images
Triple Match 3D iphone images
Triple Match 3D iphone images

Triple Match 3D (Version 102.02) Install & Download

The applications Triple Match 3D was published in the category Games on 2022-04-13 and was developed by Boombox Games LTD [Developer ID: 1529787666]. This application file size is 434.46 MB. Triple Match 3D - Games app posted on 2022-12-28 current version is 102.02 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: net.master.triple.3d.find