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What is bloons td battles 2 app? Battle through a series of challenging Arenas and prove that you have what it takes to enter the fabled Hall of Masters and seize your glory!

From the creators of Bloons TD 6 comes a brand new installment of the top-rated head-to-head tower defense game. Gather your Hero, choose your team of powerful Monkey Towers, and prepare to battle one on one against other players and relentless waves of Bloons!

Competitive Tower Defense!
* Outwit and overwhelm your opponent in intense head-to-head play
* Balance the strength of your defenses while preparing a Bloon offensive that blitzes your opponent
* Countless strategic combinations can lead you to victory

Skill Based Gameplay!
* Match with players of similar rank as you work your way through 9 unique arenas
* Reach Hall of Masters to battle the best on a dynamic elo-based leaderboard
* Earn and display unique badges each season based on progress

Lock and Load!
* Select from familiar Heroes and brand new Alts with unique upgrades
* 21 Monkey Towers with 15 unique upgrades each to customize your build
* Brand new Bloon send system optimizes economy building and attacks

Build Your Bling!
* Win in style as you customise your loadout from hundreds of cosmetic items
* Flex with unique animations, emotes, bloon skins, and more
* New content added every season!

And of course tons of content and new feature updates are planned to make Bloons TD Battles 2 even more awesomer. What are you waiting for? It’s time to Battle!

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Find this site the customer service details of Bloons TD Battles 2. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Bloons TD Battles 2 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bloons TD Battles 2 Version 1.709 November 2022

Something HUGE is landing in Battles 2. That's right! The Bloon popping behemoth Pat Fusty is making his Battles debut ready to pound your opponent's rushes to pulp with his earthshaking melee attacks. Plus, we're introducing an entirely new way to earn awesome cosmetics with Season Rewards. Complete quests to earn Golden Bananas and unlock this season's exclusive cosmetics, including two new Hero Showcases!.

Bloons TD Battles 2 Comments & Reviews 2022

- The one problem

Would have given this game a 5 star review due to its fun nature, different strats so it doesn't get boring easily, and also its not really p2w. My main issue with this game is its towers and heroes are locked between monkey money, but i see why this is the fact since the devs need to make money, but i have a proposal, allow players to use all heroes and towers with all things unlocked in casual and private matches, this way you still make money from monkey money purchases but people get to sort of try-out the fifth tier Tower before they unlock, i feel like this would be the perfect response to this issue

- My Evaluation of this game

It’s barely ok the limit of types of towers you can use in a match is not enough not to mention they keep getting down graded and weaker every update no actual ranking bracket so you get hall of masters players going against anyone new or in lower brackets which prevents anyone from climbing the ranks and 40 rounds is more like a tutorial to low of expectations and the sudden death after round 40 is more like a sick joke to humiliate and enrage anyone who lost a few lives I honestly think there is a lot wrong with this game and my opinion is that it needs to be fixed and reworked for a more solid game play and for a much more enjoyable experience I have no issues or problems with the cost of the towers or the grind/ only the playability of it as well as the limitations are to sketchy like it wasn’t meant to be this way of playing it with just 3 towers with a hero and feels like no one realized the mistakes or just didn’t care or wanted to make it impossible to enjoy it.

- Hi

Keep it simple for the next couple of days and I’ll get you the money for the next two days when I go back to work and get it done for me I will pay you for that I just need to get it done and get the paperwork for the other one and get the money to pay you and then I’ll get the uniqueness for the next one I just don’t know if yfshavshdjsnsns I don’t know if I can get it to you right away I just need a couple days to go get my car and get my truck or I don’t have the car I don’t know if you want to go get it or what I can go get it and then I just want you can come and pick up the car and you could come get the it is a lot more than that I don’t know if you want to do that is fine with you just give it back but gsbshsbdbdkdbd bye I don’t know if you want to do it or not I know you have a car and you can do that but you can do it but I don’t know if you want to do it

- 8 months later.

well from my last review, it was positive, but now i will state my new opinion, the original was actually better, it was fun, and it set a goal, all that is new is that they added. the btd6 stuff to bbtd5 tower battles *a better one* and do you remember when they made the eye grinding poster, well thats a reason im giving a 1 star, play btd 6 bloons td battles 1 and btd5. i recommend those 3 games instead of this, ninja kiwi please stop. 2 days later, a dev responded to me and heres my response, ninja kiwi had lots of time to create btd tower battles 2, and i know he possibly needwd to prepare for the new bosses for btd 6, but he could have delayed it and some people would be mad, like past me, but it would have enough time to prefect the game. but he rushed it and now the game is not really working that much in money. if your listening to this message please dont say *we are sorry your not enjoying btd6 tower battles* try and fix the game, alot of people are talking about this game and has some good points, but its ok, my final response, goodbye. ok. 2 days later, i played the game a bit more and i decided to give it a 3 star. your welcome. the reason im giving it a 3 star is because i can get more money from blue bloons, thanks

- Needs reworks

So I do really like this game, but the unlocking system and ads are… not ideal. The unlocking system was good at launch but I personally don’t like the change to spend monkey money for 2 - 4 tiers, and I think this shines too much light upon VIP. The ads are good overall, but I will get the occasional lords mobile ad that literally doesn’t have an X, and I think this is because when the ad should pop up the demo game flips the screen to a portrait. In general I think you should focus on capturing the first game but changed like how btd5 went to btd6

- Dartling is too busted

Its ok to have very strong or always useful towers but dartling is waaaay to reliable. On maps like mayan or oasis you either use dartling and spam B.A.Ds on round 45 late game or use a less busted tower and lose. Even just a 10-20% price increase for hydra rockets or a pierce decrease on forceful darts would balance out dartling and still leave it viable but the only attempts to alter dartling were a 100 buck price raise on forceful darts?? Other the that the only real game play inconvenience ive had is early game bloon sends are really bad now and its pushed farms onto the player more

- I need an answer

I already wrote a review but I didn’t really get a real answer. When I try to make a ninja kiwi account it never loads. It just stays at the loading screen forever and I can’t make an account . If you have an answer to my problem then please just say it in the response (because you responded to most of the other reviews so I’m sure you’ll see this one too) instead of just giving me a link to your website. Just give me a direct answer in your response instead of just giving me a link. I don’t want to be that jerk in the reviews but it would be a lot better if I just got a direct response instead of a link.

- My Most Played Current Game

I really like this game. I’ve been in ZOMG S. for the past 3 seasons and the balance is the best that it’s been. Unfortunately, with the time it took to fix the meta, no game changing content was released. This creates a lack of advertising because there is nothing new to advertise on the game. I really hope the next couple updates really bring life back to the community and brings new players.

- What made btd battle 1 good

It was the fact that there was no grind. Theoretically , you could be playing against the best of the best by doubling your money in brother arenas in just a few games. Now you have to play like 10 games just to get to the next arena where players don’t get good until the 5th. That’s 50 wins! And only if you get them back to back. Trophy system was a huge mistake and I get the liabilities “gambling” fake money but srsly grow up and get your money right ninjakiwi! I was mature enough to fall in love with btd battles 1 when I was 12. 12 year old me would not have liked btd battles 2.

- Great game but some lag

Best game I ever played but they can make it worth is not it you can make it to where there’s not as much action I want to say because there’s some lines because of how much action there is but five I’m putting four stars because it’s the best game do you know what I’m trying to put 4 1/2 of that if it lets me but it doesn’t help at four because there’s still someone otherwise I feel fine let me just put five stars.

- Good it’s OK

It’s good but 1 thing the new map is bad no it’s not bad it’s super bad especially the changing part sub is pretty bad on this map also boat is well anyway it’s OK I like this game buff spike and big plane well there are nerfs I still want there is tack ice village one of the best late game deck also Quincy Druid Spike Village and that’s it bye. . . P.S make BTD7

- Awesome game but a change can be made.

Over all this is amazing probably one of the best games I’ve ever played. But in a recent update Ninjakiwi changed the xp system. I like how they are trying to make the xp system better but I don’t like how you can only unlock T5s with only monkey money. Now I have tons of xp that I cannot use, so I hope NinjaKiwi allows you to unlock T5s with monkey money or xp. -A big btd battle fan

- Reason why four star?

This is game is amazing! BTD BATTLE Have a good strategy with tower and however heroes. But one problem only limit three tower for impossible of higher round. That problem with enemy’s spam giant balloon but need four tower would be good defense and what about rank, would be competition. Hopefully this happen on update with for new four tower. Would be crazy game and excited.

- 1 MAJOR problem

So the game is great it is like btd6 but 1 problem the players like I just wanna play the game not get a insta-lose cuz I got rushed with greens before I could even play a tower by that I mean the players are annoying also there is that one guy that never stops using emotes like I sent him a b.a.d and he is sending me the waving emote like bruh FOCUS

- Good Game. Inconvenient Ads.

BTD Battles 2 is a great game. BTD Battles 1 was great, and this is even better! However, the only downside is the annoying and outright inconvenient ads. Now, I know that Ninjakiwi needs revenue from this game, but why not make all ads not only optional but rewarding too! Like you get 100 XP on a random tower every time you watch one! TLDR: Make ads rewarding but other than that great game! 8/10

- Great game, don’t listen to haters

This game is great, literally anytime I’m mad at it is when I lose fights and even then that’s no reason to hate on a game. The haters are just mad they can’t get good and if you look, most of their complaints is about them being bad at the game. I have never encountered any glitches, near perfect 👌

- Good but 1 thing

So I played this game on my iPad then I downloaded it on my phone the graphics were great but when went on play it again on my phone the graphics were not good it’s good on my iPad but not my phone please fix this or give me instructions of how to fix it on my phone

- I give up creators

We all have tried so hard to get you to take the exp thing out or at least buff it by 1.75, but you are just so stubborn about it. We love the game but you have to grind for like years to actually level up a tower to all 3 paths not including the 5th tier. We just want you to buff the exp and if you reply to this…LITERALLY I WILL PASS OUT

- Unlocking Grind

Too much of a grind to unlock all towers and heroes because they cost monkey money. Not pay to win, but too boring to get anywhere. Especially when you only play a few towers at a time and repeatedly click over and over on bloons to send them to your opponent to get any sort of extra money which just feels like an idle clicking game but is probably the meta

- Only one problem pls fix

This game is an amazing game but the only problem i dont know if this is for everyone but i cant sign in for some reason like when i press the existing account button, like it just exits me out of the game and i tried deleting it and installing it but nothing works. Pls fix

- Really good but one problem

Everything is good and fun but the attack meta is really annoying which makes it difficult to defend on a lot of the maps, maybe if all bloons came from one end like in most maps it would balance it out a good bit but still..

- The usual.

Ofc they are trying to get your money .... unless you want to spend the same amount of time you spent on clash of clans from 4th grade till now .. don’t even bother . This game could of been so golden if they actually put effort into it lol . It’s the same character minus the hero’s uh oh lol but good luck unlocking anything without spending actual money .. other than that have fun grinding for hourssss just to unlock one card ☠️ tbh I’d go back to the first one don’t even both downloading this .

- Update now

I have played this game for a while and I always had a problem with dcing. When I dc I want to keep my trophies because I didn’t die, but I lose trophies and in most cases, my winning streak. The game knows when you dc but you still lose so please do something, it is very annoying.

- To ninja kiwi

You made a really great game but it would be cool if you added solo. it would be so fun to add solo in the game. sure you already have Bloons td 6 but come on think about it think about the fun everybody is going to have with just them with no one sending Bloons. And that’s my message bye now ninja kiwi.

- Paragons

Can you please add paragons if you do that will be amazing and a lot of people would be playing this game even the goliath doomship if you do that would be amazing and so many people would be playing this maybe like even billions. Ps:Even the newest Paragon that’s not even out

- Fun game but a few things that u want to add

I like this game because this reminds me of tower defenses ripoffs and the sounds and balloons look sick but you should add rebirths and new monkeys also I would like you to add a battle pass also I would like some cheaper monkeys thank you!

- Struggles

The game is perfect but it is a struggle for free to play players to progress in the game because it is more on the pay to win side. It’s also hard to get the in game currency because every game you get like 50-60 monkey money

- Things I wish where in blooms to battles 6

I like the game itself but the ranking system is annoying and I wish you could get all the hero’s for free and I wish you could choose the map instead of it being random

- Love the game

The game is great about the only down side is it has to update every time i open it and i don’t have to time to allways update it when i have wifi so i have to wait hours and hours Untill i get home to update it

- I love this game so much, but…

All the money I’ve been grinding got wasted on the five tier thing, but I didn’t even mean to, there was no confirmation or anything, so please fix this, it took me months to grind all of that,

- Perfect Game But…

One feature that annoys me is the bloon sending mechanic, One game I had a player spam came lead bloons at me, and another match I had someone send in a Moab at stage 17 and my upgrades didn’t stand a chance against it and it’s annoying. Please remove.

- Doesn’t really compare to the original

This is a great game! But I wish it was a little more like the original. Bummer I had to reset my whole account😬

- Great game 👍

This game is the best bloons Td game out there its so fun to play and I enjoy it a lot! One small issue is you get barley and monkey money from playing ranked and get zero for playing casual. Other than that it’s a fantastic game.

- Ninja kiwi please add this

Ninja kiwi please add sandbox mode so we can play with the towers and also people keep losing and I hate that so sandbox mode would be really great if there is you gotten my wish come true

- Fun game but needs rework

Game is great, feel like the medallion system from bloons td battles would be better. Also theres a cheap trick to win nearly any game, as soon as you get the chance, spam a bunch of the DDT Moabs, they are really fast and really strong and nearly impossible to beat.

- Amazing but

This game is so much fun but you need to be able to use all characters instead of just four.

- Change names

So I was playing and then I wanted to change my name so I went for “I like burgers97”and then when I went back to btdb2 it still says the name that I don’t want so please make a option to change names

- Exp is still a bit problematic

5/5 cause I love the game, but with monkey money replacing exp, you gotta tell everyone to do events to get money. (Plus exp is now kinda worthless tbh)

- What I don’t like

The only thing I dislike about this game is that in one of the updates I lost all my progress and was set back to stadium 2 also when you lose you lose a trophy so that’s it really

- On my screen the enemy’s side was frozen

When I was playing a game of Play With Fire then when I finally got a t5 top path village his screen froze, idk why his screen froze so please fix it.

- Toxic

This game has lots of players thats are toxic and the games end way to quick also you should bring back late game also this game is great with new towers

- Fun but...

4/5 because of spamming the money ad and then getting new stuff but I still like it but you can just have it I'm okay 👌with it.

- They’re trying to see how far they can go without people stop playing this game

There is absolutely no original content in this entire game. Also seriously pat fusty? They’re putting in hero’s that no one likes to see how many children they can get to keep playing without doing an actual good update

- Love it

This game is really fun to play with friends. but takes a long time to get good at it but when you do you will have a great time.

- Issues

I’ve been playing this game for a while and I Really like it but with my iPhone games won’t load anymore and I’ve checked for updates and haven’t seen one yet or any improvements to the issue.

- Funnn so much fun 🤩

It is so much fun and it doesn’t have hacker’s so much fun you have to play it 💕 but it is glitches a LOT

- Feels really unfinished and rushed..

Nothing seems done. And the xp doesn’t even seem to have little to any meaning. Chests are complicated. Inconvenience ads. Better graphics then the first one but there’s almost no good things to mention about this game yet.

- Servers

I don’t know if it’s the servers for this game or if it’s others internet but I’m consistently stuck in syncing in games when I have 3 bars of internet and my opponents has 2. Just played a game where this happened and I was forced to surrender even though they were the reason the game was lagging.

- Unfair

I can’t express how annoying it is when I would send bloons to other side and the bloons would reach the end of the screen but the opponent won’t lose any health. I’ve lost so many games because of this, like how can I play a pvp game where the opponent has infinite health?

- dartling gun "hotkey" pls

I want you guys to add a shortcut button where we can set "Normal" or "locked" for dartling gunners, so it can be easier to control. Please its not fair when pc players have this and us mobiles don't.

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- Awesome Game

BTD Battles 2 is a great game and I love BTD battles 1. I think you should turn the causal mode into defence mode like the first one. the only difference would be that it’s similar to bloon sends except nothing is sent.

- It was fun but now it's just stale

When i started playing this game i thought it would be like a better BTDB 1 but the upgrade paths were worse and instead of just adding a new upgrade path they moved upgrades around but then they gave everyone all the upgrades up to tier 4 which is ok and stops the grind but now each time i enter a ranked match i verse a noob or a pro who send an infinite amount of bloons somehow.I wish i could like this game but you should play the original its better in everyway.

- The pinnacle of games

Every thing is just perfect and it’s truly the best game I’ve played but I dislike the option to buy a monkey and instantly get all the upgrades.

- Great game 👍 but…

It’s a great but since the new update the won’t open up. It always just shuts down as soon as I tap it. Please fix this and I will change my rating. Hoping to get back playing again.

- Go back to the original!

BTD battles was perfect in a lot of ways, easy to use, fun to play and it didn’t matter if you were competitive or just casual you can have fun. BTD battles 2 is the opposite, hard to use, chunky, not fun, hard to understand, not competitive or fun for casual. The online side of it is trouble and nothing like the original

- Bots

I love the game! Although, I hate how all the people I versus are bots and always have the same name. For example, AmberLeader with at the end numbers.

- The new update.

The new update is trash the fact that xp for monkeys is now useless and we have to use monkey money is so stupid please bring back the use of monkey xp it’s so hard to get my progress back after I lost everything if i have to use monkey money for 3 different things

- LOVE THE GAME!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

I LOVE THE GAME but I play the game why do you not get Unff money to place your best Tower. Over all I LOVE THE GAME♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🥰

- So fun

This is so fun!!! I actually like it better than BTD 6

- I can’t sign up

When i tried to sign up it said service was unavailable.

- Great game but…..

This game has been seriously good, I enjoy playing it whenever I know I’ll have a couple mins to myself and is a fun tactical challenge most times. I say most because there’s some strats that you can tell are added to finish the game quickly like camp purple loon rush at level 12 or reinforced MOAB as soon as you can afford it. That’s not the worse part though, I don’t know how it thinks my internet is so bad but it isn’t I can play Val with 10 ping even further away from the modem but I can’t play a 1v1 game???? Even if you try and switch to data once you’re playing it just automatically surrenders you which is the most dumb thing I’ve ever heard from a game with such a big backing, definitely need to fix that issue and have a similar system to clash Royale I think. Apart from those two issues this is a great game and seriously fun and would recommend for people who find themselves with 10-20 minute chunks of time and no way to fill them.

- Pay to unlock towers and tiers of them.

Pay to win garbage.

- Add lamb monkey

The game needs a lamb monkey a monkey dressed in a lamb outfit.

- Its a good sequel

The game itself is pretty true to the original BTD game. However the main issue everyone seems too have with the game is how much grind is needed for the upgrades. BTD Battles 1 was a game i’d usually play in my spare time, so for someone who plays 4-5 battles every other day the grind will take me way too long to get too a point of enjoyment. I do however like the added Heroes and personally think the additional 3rd upgrade line with 5 tiers is a lot more better than the original 2 line upgraded only to tier 4 upgrades on each of the monkeys/towers etc. This honestly makes for better adaptability with your chosen monkeys. Its a great game with lots of potential, but it needs a lot of work to be done until it can officially be better than the original.

- Just buy BTD6

Obviously this game is based around BTD6 but this also just has too many problems. For one, the meta is so stale and Ninja Kiwi don’t seem to be doing anything to stop it. Dartling Gunner should not basically mean you have won the game. There is also the aspect that once you hit a higher arena, and want to level up different monkeys, you ARE going to lose because you haven’t been using them and there is no other way to level them up. It’s not exactly pay2win as most upgrades seem to be cosmetic but the progression is abnormally painful. I just want to play against other people with no limitations, and it takes ages to get to that point. I understand the limit on three towers, and the battle system itself is quite fair, however if you aren’t playing this on an iPad the playing screen can be really small especially if you have bigger fingers like me (currently playing on iPhone 8). All in all I love the game but mostly because it’s BTD6, I’d recommend that over this any day.

- Great game, but there are a couple things that need fixing.

I just want to say before all the changes I think you should make, I love this game because of the amount of strategy and how eco plays a mayor role in it. Anyway; things you could fix .1 Some times when I get a win in ranked battle mode I don’t get any trophies. The weird thing was is that my trophies could decrease just fine, but they wouldn’t increase. Can you please fix this in the next update. .2 WHY IS THE PIRATE LORD 21,000 IN BATTLES 2 BUT IN BTD6 IT’S 17,000 (it’s around that price). I want to use this tower so much, but even with the upgrade Supply Drop I can’t get the funds sufficient to get this upgrade. Other that great game. Can you please get back to me as soon as possible.

- Great app, but the internet bugs are horrible

This app is great. It looks great. It sounds great. It feels great. It seems like a pretty good sequel to battles 1. But the internet issues are driving me nuts. I lose a trophy for every internet issue I face. In my own home we have really good internet connection and with other games I play there seems to be no problem. But for battles 2 it’s -1 trophy every time. In fact I would say 80% of my losses are to internet connection losses. I have the literal iPhone 13, I am playing in my own phone and at level 30 I get a screen saying you have to quit the game cause your internet is bad… I nearly had a 3-0-2 super monkey. I had a 2-3-0 dartling monkey.. please fix this

- Could be such a great game

I enjoy this game more than any other non-paid game, but there are some issues that are very annoying. The lag and disconnection issues are the reason I sometimes rage quit, even with 5g wifi, the bloon sends sometimes just don’t go through, it just stays there and sends after a few seconds. You are basically stuck with zero eco and dead after round 12. Also my game just tab out when I win and it gives no xp and -1 trophies even though I won with a rush, it might just be my device but it is very, very annoying. This is the main issue of this game but otherwise it’s perfect.

- I’m just a tad confused.

This game is AWESOME. I love it so much. It’s what got me back into the Bloons series. But there’s two things that I have a problem with. The first one is the grindy XP system. But the second one confuses me. The second one is that every single time that I go into a game, I get paired with people that have names that are either: master or . This makes me feel like I’m versing bots. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m on mobile, or if it’s because of the age that I set, but I beg of you to make the game have real people, not just difficulty bots. Even the Hall of Masters is filled with “people” of the same naming convention! Once these two are fixed, I’ll jump to change this review to 5-stars. -A player that goes by “Cozmo”

- Only half okay

This game is good, the new 1.06 update fixed a lot, but right now i still hate this game. In ceramic crucible, for some reason, there are literally red bloon camp players and hall of master players in the same arena. This makes it extremely difficult to find a decent person to go late game with. My new prince of darkness which took weeks to unlock hasn’t been used at all after 10 games. Why? Because either you face noobs who dies before round 10, or pro’s who rush you before round 12. There is no in between. It’s really bad matchmaking. But i have an idea. Stop people from lowering their rank to lower arenas. That stops HOM people from coming to red bloon camp. That kind of solves half, but hey that’s your job not mine.

- Amazing but has crashing issues

In my opinion I think the game is way better than similar games but I just have one problem. So basically I grinded cash for days to get all monkeys and heroes and I got Obin, I decided to test him out in a game and every time I played using obin I crashed. And it isn’t just that as well. I also lost tons of trophies due to crashing as soon as I get into a game. If crashing wasn’t as frequent then I’d probably give the game a five-star rating.

- Gets a no from me

I’m a big BTD6 fan and this game just doesn’t have the same level of polish - it just isn’t meant to be a pvp style of game. Most would argue that the skill floor in btd6 can already be quite low when you know what you’re doing. Bosses and races definitely let skill shine a lot more though. This one the skill floor is 0. The bloons are insanely slow and it’s basically a competition of what cheese wins first. I reached top rank first season, huge grind, and there was no satisfaction in reaching it or any other rank. It gets 1 extra star because it’s bloons, and by hitting top rank it obviously killed a large amount of time for that first season - but I can’t even force myself to play this over btd6

- Good game but fix bigs and glitches

Hi Ninja Kiwi The game is a really good game. I played BTD Battles 1 a lot and having the same ideas and adding new ones to create one of the best games in BTD history is what makes the game great. I’ve been playing the game for about 2 weeks now and its been great except now for some reason it keeps kicking me out of the match before it even starts. I had almost 40 trophies now I’m back down to 23. I don’t know how to make or manage a game but if you could fix it that would be great. I have VIP and i have been able to use it effectively because of the bug. Please fix it.

- Really fun at first, gets annoying later

The game starts fun with tower upgrade levels capped at 3 so maxing them doesn’t take too long and isn’t too grindy, but then removes the level cap, basically forcing you to use only the towers you levelled up while the level cap is there and any attempt to use others will result in inevitable failure as the strength of your towers will be significantly lower than your opponents due to them not having the later upgrade tiers, not to mention that the XP system is broken, it’s literally for effective to place towers then throw the game than to actually play the game

- Good game but connection issues are annoying

It’s really fun to play, the only issue I’m having is the connection dropping out for no good reason. I know it’s not my internet either but there’s been times I’ve been in the middle of a game with someone, like up to level 20-30 and suddenly will be ‘forced to forfeit’ because of ‘connection issues’ when there are none.. same with pairing with someone for a battle and I get ‘opponent unable to join match due to connection issues’. Other then that, it’s a really fun game

- Great game but lots of ads

This game is great is a much better version than the original my only concern is there is a high quantity of age meaning the gameplay is less fun and less exhilarating as the old one I would prefer to go back to the old one because the ads on this new one is way too much to quantify I hate to say it but the old one was superior still a great game though do you recommend just please get rid of the ads

- Totally unfair

I played Battles 1 for years - in comparison I find this version to be a lot better in terms of free to play however the advantage pay to win players have is horribly unfair and ridiculously unbalanced. After the first arena, any pay for player will trump you whether you like it or not. The new MOAB type is also HORRIBLE. With the speed boost, unless you have a highly upgraded unit (which takes a long time to achieve FTP, even watching ads) you will lose. If you like winning matches be prepared to dig into your wallet.

- Very bad glitch going on (fixed) new complaint

So the game is amazing and I think that 2 things need to be fixed number 1 the tack 2-0-3 tack is just to op for its cost and how it just does so much damage please nerf in next update it’s just to op Number 2 there is a google pixle ad that makes it so half of the time the game doesn’t load and Ye these are my only complaints good game

- Great but needs fixing

Sometimes after I win a game or even in the map selecting screen the game crashes, resulting in me losing my trophies even though i have won the respected game / not even started. Another problem is how I get the first blood achievement in my games but do not get a reward as I should in the winning / losing screen after the match.

- Really good

I love this game it is very fun and it keeps me occupied and it never gets boring, I have a new challange every time and I love how you can play with friends but if you could change it so it’s just a tiny bit easier to join a game with a friends or make some multiplayer games that would be awesome but other than that this game is awesome

- Slow progress

Initially I had high hopes for this game despite it’s horrid launch and timing, however the progress for the updates has simply been far too slow. I understand that the ninja kiwi team has been on break for Christmas but it has already almost been two months. Everyone understands by this point the myriad of issues which make this game almost unplayable, I thought this next update would be more significant but it only includes some minor, albeit necessary, balance changes.

- Less battle types than first game

I’m enjoying the game so far, when I can actually play it. Most battles I go into have people flooding me with balloons as soon as the game starts, causing the game to end within the first few rounds meaning I didn’t actually get to play. In the first game there were battle modes that were made to avoid this happening but that is not an option here. Why would you make the second game have less battle options?

- Not very good

I would recommend this to a newcomer to the franchise, but this ‘sequel’ isn’t enough like the first, towers, interchangeable abilities, and different cups, when you would have enough trophies you would move on but the current system is bad. I can run into someone with vip, max towers and other heroes. While im stuck on tier 2 and three towers from the get go. The card mode is gone, the different styles of events is gone like bananza and others. Ninja kiwi needs to polish and add to this to call it a sequel.

- Fix this bug PLEASE

Every time I open the game even just hours after the previous time, there is ALWAYS. A 386mb download it needs to me to do before getting into the game, I’ve googled and others have the same issue, great game but this issue has stood for a couple of weeks and I’d love for it to be fixed

- Great game! One thing I don’t like

I personally love the game and always play it although every time I log in I have to do a download even after closing it for just a few minutes please fix this bug it’s super annoying and using SO much storage. Thankyou I hope you fix it Amazing game Bye!

- Amazing but glitches.

This game is really fun, except it has a few glitches. Whenever I go back onto the game it makes me download something again and again. Every single time. It always has the same mega bites aswell. Also the game freezes occasionally midway through the game

- Why all the updates

The game itself is fun, I really enjoy it, there is one thing though that is kind of annoying, every time that I go onto the game it says that I need to download another update even though I already did that day. It takes like 15 minutes to update it, please fix this.

- Huge bug

There is a bug which allows many to not play the game. Many including myself are experiencing this bug. The bug is that when you press the battle with the trophy to go to the battle screen, it shows up with the chest room with no way to exit it.

- Lovely game but I have one issue

Hello developers if your reading this I love your game but it has one issue the issue is that when I battle somebody it doesn’t start the match and when I get it to start I lose immediately or I can not place my troops

- I don’t like the new update

The game is amazing, I love that you added Benjamin to the roster of heroes and the universal XP was a brilliant idea, but I hate that it costs monkey money to apply that XP to any tower and it can get expensive. I don’t want to have to grind for monkey money just to be able to apply that XP to a tower when XP is already very scarce in the first place. Please consider fixing this in the next update

- Good game, however, crashes prevents me from having fun

It’s like having every second game crashes when it ends in my win. I lose so many trophies and hard earned XPs due to these crashes. PLEASE FIX, otherwise, it is a very enjoyable game and fun times when IT DOES NOT CRASH AT THE END OF THE MATCH.

- Crashing

Hey ninja kiwi, I was really looking forward to this game, as I played battles 1 a lot. The problem is, as soon as I’ve done tutorial match no.1, my game refreshes and I have to do it again. It repeats that process forever, so I can’t actually play the game at all. (I’m on iPhone if that helps). So please try and fix that issue

- Ads

This game is very fun to play but whenever I try to claim a multiplier when you win or lose the ad does not load and sometimes I am usually sitting and waiting every 10-15 minutes waiting for this ad to play and give me my extra XP. I am always on a black screen but I do not know if this is a bug or just the game not responding.

- Balloon td battles 2

This is a great game and I really enjoy it. It shows similarities to Balloon td battles 1 but is much better with free battles and chest and the quality of the game looks much better. This game definitely needs some balance changes since it’s a new game but other than that this game looks great.

- I love the game buttt

So it’s rlly good but it is a LITTLE hard to get xp for things, I’ve been using darling for like what, a month now and I only have rocket storm and plasma accelerator so can you make it easier to get xp, it also will make trying new towers out easier. thanks!

- Downloading

Each time I open the game it makes me download the same update again and again even though I have already downloaded it and it's very annoying because the update takes about 3-5 mins to download. Other than that it's a great game!

- Keeps crashing but good game

Whenever I load up the game on my Ipad it always crashes when I’m so close to playing and it is really annoying because it means I lose trophies because I would be in ceramic crucible but don’t get the three stars get you down it is still an amazing game but has a few balance issues.

- Not working

When I try to battle, it doesn’t work. I can only battle friends and it only works once before I have to restart the app to do it again. It worked for about 5 battles but now I can’t battle anyone and it’s very frustrating. Please fix ASAP it was fun while it lasted!

- Crashing issues

I have only had this app for like a week, and there have already been like 5 crashes! And they affect my iPad too. I have been mysteriously logged out of games and loosing characters. So pls fix this bug. Other than that the game is totes awesome!

- Re: Could be such a good game.....

Since posting my previous 3 star review Ninja Kiwi has removed basically all the problems like the freezing Bloons eco and crashing/lagging game. Game is so much better now, patch 1.0.8 is a great one. I will get around to removing my critical review soon.

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- This game is fun and all but

Nerf the bloon sends because they are way too strong. Make them a huge nerf please

- Good job

Great game you should add chimps and muddy puddles

- Pro

My favourite game of my life

- What is happening

When I am playing a game, the game stops, abd says: "syncing..." and I wait a minute or two and still frozen! Fix or else 1/5

- Very good

Add cpu battle that should be cool

- Amazing game!

I love the game but, I miss the cobra maybe you can add him as a hero?

- BTD battles is a huge W

Great game. Would recommend, 10/10. Very competitive, while also being casual.

- good game

good game!

- Bad very bad

Bc it’s glitchy

- Eh

The first one was way better

- It’s ok

Don’t get me wrong I just feel the art for the 3d hero models is unneeded.I just feel it doesn’t really fit the cartoon look of the game and all the others Some bugs and other things ok game


Cobra was awesome and the best part of battles 1 game is unplayable with its removal

- Great game can be better

This game is incredibly fun and I feel like its way better than the predecessor. I like how it’s very fast pace and I love the addition of all the new towers. Although I find it fun have quick and short games I feel like that early battles are bit annoying. What I find annoying is the fact that the opponent can send balloons right off the bat. I have to run tack shooters just to survive the first couple of rounds. I think you could change sending balloons to the second round.

- Add 2v2 and remove the max round being 40

For people who like late game this would make it a lot more fun and adding 2v2 would be fun with friends

- Friend system?

I got this game because it seemed fun it is but I’d like to play /vrs my friends please add a friend system where you can search up player names and send friend requests and players don’t like the feature you could add a button in the settings or something and “turn off friend requests” PLEASE ADD THIS

- Super👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤤

It’s a really good game for people who loves tower games

- 100000/10


- Ideas for updates

Awesome game but the game isn’t 5 star yet cause it needs more multiplayer features Such as -play again in private matches -Friend systems so private matches are easier to get into with friends

- I made a previous review saying titled, “Bad rollout”

In my previous review, I talked about how I loved the game so far, except for its abysmal exp progression system. I’m happy to say the exp grind has been lessened with a few updates and the game is very enjoyable. That doesn’t mean there is absolutely no grind, however I believe that grinding is a necessity for a game to thrive. It’s something I actually enjoy in small amounts. So if you are looking for a new game and have some time on hand, download BTDB2.


After downloading the update this morning, getting into a battle has been an issue/impossible. Every time I click on the “battle” section on the left hand side it brings me to my “chest slots”. Currently I don’t have enough medals/rewards to open them so I’ve been saving but the issue is I can’t get passed that screen. Every time I press battle, chess slots appear & I can’t get back into battle.

- Good and all

It makes me download it every time I want to play it for suppose reason

- Forced to watch ads before every few games and slow progression

Game is nice but why am I forced to watch an ad just to enter a game? This is like voodoo… also the extremely slow progression just to unlock monkey upgrades is pretty absurd. Probably not looking forward to playing this game long-term due to this

- Ads for every game I play now

Pop up ad comes on before every game I start... why would they do this

- Epic game

Very fun game. Exp is only problem

- OP strat?!?!

Guys when playing the game do a 360 and spin your phone on your fingers for 200 extra cash. OMG WORKS! LEGIT!

- Fun game, many problems.

Now, the first issue is all the towers are god awful until it becomes meta. Once a tower becomes meta, all the other towers are complete and utter garbage. For example, in hall of masters, you have to go dartling, sniper, and ninja just to have a chance of winning. We need more viability in each and every tower. It gets annoying to see the same strat used over and over again by others. As someone who tries to get rid of metas, I used dartling at the beginning of the game. It became meta? WELL DAMN THAT SUCKS. My second issue is just the exp. Make universal exp. Thats all I gotta say. Or maybe make it so its like battles 1. You can get both tier 3s and 4s at the same time. Make it in btdb2, but with every tier. It gets boring doing the exact same thing OVER and OVER again. My third issue is bloon sends. You can easily kill people right off the bat, if they pay only 99% attention to defence. Seriously. Ive killed over 100 people only by ecoing with reds and blues. Make it so you can only send bloons at round 2. That way, most people will have a chance to avoid the opponent getting first blood. Seriously. First blood is free af. My fourth issue is also about bloon sends. DDTs. DDTs are op, and need to be nerfed. No more said. Also, not to mention grouped camo purples. And grouped purples. Not fun. Overall, amazing game. The thing is, it’s just impossible to not complain sometimes. I respect this game though, because it got my cousin into the btd series. Poggers.

- Fun game, the launch is absolutely horrible though

At the moment this game is insanely fun - it combines the fast paced bloons action from BTDB and the new monkeys and upgrades from BTD6. But, the system for unlocking new monkeys and upgrades is super slow, and the game is basically forcing you to buy the vip. For now 3 stars, but im sure this’ll change in the near future just like every other bloons game.

- Please Fix This

As a mobile player who enjoys the game very much i’m very disappointed that i can’t play the game past round 30. I play the game very often, i’ve bought vip and almost played 200 games and in that experience every time round thirty is hit my game crashes. i just played a game and for the first time i was happy to see my game hadn’t crashed on round 30 although the second i sent multiple bad balloons to him it was almost immediate my game had crashed. Honestly the least you could to help everyone having this problem is to give the xp for each monkey so we can at least progress. Wishing i could finish a game rn.

- Nerfs and buffs

Two things that would really improve this game is if you would nerf DDT’s like, a lot even a tier four or five has extreme trouble even denting it. Another thing that you could improve on is how many towers you can have in your loadout could you please change it to six or even five towers. P.S. change it so that you can only send camo-lead bloon on the fourteenth round or higher.

- so many ads

the game itself is amazing, and i have nothing against the grinding system and whatnot, but the fact that i have to watch an ad before every game is annoying. go back to btdb1 style for ads please

- Needs a Practice free play option.

The game is fun but I get tired of other players sometime. I feel like the free play would be a nice addition to the game.

- Hi

It’s good game ,but not perfect

- Just a Suggestion

Shouldn’t members of the Ninja Kiwi Community get some sort of thank you? I’ve played 4,5,6 and the TD battles games and put over 150$ into the game. Just wanted to know

- DDT’s r broken

The game itself is fun but as soon as the DDT becomes available it basically comes down to who can send it first and by that point most people have enough cash built up to send 3 or 4 reinforced DDT’s. I’m at 50 trophies and am yet to see one popped

- Skill based please

The people you go against are really strong and I’ve only won like 5 games and I’ve played about 30ish

- New update is bad

This new update is the worst of them all, it keeps crashing when the game is about to begin please fix this issue

- just a small complaint

i made an arena and the code was very inappropriate, i shall specify if asked, but would like it possibly fixed if possible

- Horrible

Horrible game and extremely pay to win, its almost impossible to win games and level up towers when everyone you go against already seems to have maxed out towers. If you want to play btd battles just go back to the original.

- Horrid

Take the ads out of the game Jesus

- My review

Great game but when are you going to add Geraldo

- Unpolished but fine game

The game isn’t as refined as the first and the game contains much transactions than the first however the game itself is still fun. A lot of the new mechanics seem like they were stolen from clash royale and the other new mechanics don’t really add much to the game. The visuals are also kinda mid.

- Late game

Its a very good game but the late game lag to much and my game crash

- Plz add Report

I found a toxic playerLaughing and the and saying oops on me

- great game

the game is great i love it but its too easy to rush early game

- Bloons TD Battles 2

Fix your bugs it aint fun playing tbh

- Good

It’s really good but it won’t let me in matches by this time right now I think it might not be doing this. And please make a friend system.

- Too many ads

Game is over monetized. the ads for reward system is fine, but 35 sec ads that take you to the App Store pre/after game ads are ridiculous.

- .

It’s a very good game but I gave it 4 stars because it needs more moteyplayer game modes outher then that the game is varey good

- Events

For the events can you please pair us with similar ratings, and you can ask for a higher level pls.

- Love it

Love it

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Bloons TD Battles 2 1.7 Screenshots & Images

Bloons TD Battles 2 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bloons TD Battles 2 iphone images
Bloons TD Battles 2 iphone images
Bloons TD Battles 2 iphone images
Bloons TD Battles 2 iphone images
Bloons TD Battles 2 iphone images
Bloons TD Battles 2 Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Bloons TD Battles 2 (Version 1.7) Install & Download

The applications Bloons TD Battles 2 was published in the category Games on 2021-11-30 and was developed by Ninja Kiwi [Developer ID: 386241773]. This application file size is 82.34 MB. Bloons TD Battles 2 - Games app posted on 2022-11-09 current version is 1.7 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ninjakiwi.bloonstdbattles2