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Bloons TD Battles 2 Game Description & Overview

What is bloons td battles 2 app? The ultimate head to head tower defense game is back bigger and better than ever! Featuring powerful Heroes, epic Monkey Towers, dynamic new Maps and even more ways to play Bloon bustin’ battles!

2 heroes will enter the arena but only 1 will emerge victorious. Can you reach the fabled Hall of Masters and claim the ultimate prize?

PvP Tower Defense!

* Passive defense or all out attack? Choose a style to suit your play!
* All new lineup of maps containing dynamic elements.
* Go head to head in realtime battles against a real world opponent.

Lock and Load!

* Choose one of the epic Heroes or Alts each with unique abilities.
* Build a loadout from 22 monkey towers with 3 upgrade paths and awesome abilities.
* Optimize your economy with an all new Bloon send system.

Multiple Ways to Play!

* Competitive arena’s await. Can you reach the fabled Hall of Masters?
* Test new strategies and perfect your play in Casual or Private Matches.
* Mix it up and have fun with special event rules while earning unique rewards.

Choose Your Style!

* Complete daily quests to earn epic new cosmetics every season for free.
* Customise your loadout with unique animations, emotes, bloon skins and more.
* Show off your achievements with hundreds of accolade badges.

We’re not done there! We are continuously adding new content to Bloons TD Battles 2 to make it bigger and better than ever. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to Battle!

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App Name Bloons TD Battles 2
Category Games
Updated 02 April 2024, Tuesday
File Size 109.51 MB

Bloons TD Battles 2 Comments & Reviews 2024

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Love but one problem. Okay so I enjoy Battles 2 but here is something I want to be fixed so since you’re adding like wheat farmer and stuff it’s mainly from Btd 6 so this is something from btd 6 so you know about like battles 2 round 20 moab but in btd 6 round 40 moab battles 2 IS SO RUSHED! Because I was on round 12 there is where camo comes I was so focused on my defense I SAW THE REGEN CAMO GREEN I was like DID I GO IN A TIME MACHINE! Because battles 2 is so rushed but In btd 6 is way better even though I never played it I saw videos of it but I think it is because battles is supposed to be competitive and btd 6 is just a calm place.

The one problem. Would have given this game a 5 star review due to its fun nature, different strats so it doesn't get boring easily, and also its not really p2w. My main issue with this game is its towers and heroes are locked between monkey money, but i see why this is the fact since the devs need to make money, but i have a proposal, allow players to use all heroes and towers with all things unlocked in casual and private matches, this way you still make money from monkey money purchases but people get to sort of try-out the fifth tier Tower before they unlock, i feel like this would be the perfect response to this issue

This game needs to fix this. Ok so I’m trying to play the game normally and get into a match and the second I get in the opponent just keeps spamming and spamming balloons from the start so I can’t do anything! Like the towers have to deal with streams of Bloons while dealing with the waves and you can’t do it back because you have to focus on your towers giving you a huge disadvantage causing the game to be very unfair. Please NinjaKiwi I know you can do better than that like add a limit to like how many you can do per round/rounds like you could add it where you can have it where there is a limit to how many you can do on round 1 and it gets larger and smaller depending on how many you use or like something! It’s very annoying and irritating so please do something! Everyone else hates it too. I’m not saying this is a bad game but I’m saying you can make it so much better with this little fix because kids play this and some kids and control their emotions and get really angry when someone just spams down balloons without being able to do anything Please think about this.

Your just bad (sorry). The game is great. I think that of course, during the beginning stages of the game it kinda sucked, but now they have fixed a lot of bugs and balanced out a lot. If your complaint is that "ooh ddts are too fast" thats your problem, not the devs or the game, the game is ment to be challenging, your supposed to cone up with a way to counter ddts. Monkeys aren't weak, you just aren't synergyising and or picking good upgrade paths that fit with your playstyle. The monkeys dont cost "too much money" you are just lazy, not only have they lowered the cost for like everything but they have a lot of event "tournaments" that once you complete them you get in total around 3000 monkey money, that's enough to buy 3 monkeys or one and a 5th teir, and I dont even play this game that often, so im not just sitting in a room playing a game about monkeys and baloons for the whole day. Lastly I do like the first btd battles, I think it might even be a bit better, but I prefer having three upgrade paths instead of two, and this goes for ALL games, JUST BECAUSE THE PREVIOUS GAME WAS BETTER, DOES NOT MAKE THE NEW ONE WORSE, if you like the previous game, THEN PLAY IT and stop takin a dump on the new one bc the old one was better. Thats all

Great game but some lag. Best game I ever played but they can make it worth is not it you can make it to where there’s not as much action I want to say because there’s some lines because of how much action there is but five I’m putting four stars because it’s the best game do you know what I’m trying to put 4 1/2 of that if it lets me but it doesn’t help at four because there’s still someone otherwise I feel fine let me just put five stars.

Needs reworks. So I do really like this game, but the unlocking system and ads are… not ideal. The unlocking system was good at launch but I personally don’t like the change to spend monkey money for 2 - 4 tiers, and I think this shines too much light upon VIP. The ads are good overall, but I will get the occasional lords mobile ad that literally doesn’t have an X, and I think this is because when the ad should pop up the demo game flips the screen to a portrait. In general I think you should focus on capturing the first game but changed like how btd5 went to btd6

I want to try the old bloons td2. So I rated this review 4-stars because after writing a positive review I read some 1-star review and they all said that the old bloons td2 was way better, and some review also talked about how op and p2w Jericho was. Ninja Kiwi, if you can bring back the old bloons td2 for a while, thank you, I just started and it been really fun grinding. This is my personal favorite grinding game, and in my book it top 3 and I have only been playing for 1 week when posted this. - bloons fan

Good but stupid glitch. Just went against a guy and he had to have lost at least half his lives. The life bar blinked which means lives were lost but still at full. Not even the first time this has been a problem since the game came out. Ive lost so many trophies due to this. Otherwise the only other thing to say is stop making certain hero’s op. Highwayman Jericho and fateweaver adora to name a few. Plz fix this glitch tho I watche 2 ceramic regrows leak and no lives lost.

My Most Played Current Game. I really like this game. I’ve been in ZOMG S. for the past 3 seasons and the balance is the best that it’s been. Unfortunately, with the time it took to fix the meta, no game changing content was released. This creates a lack of advertising because there is nothing new to advertise on the game. I really hope the next couple updates really bring life back to the community and brings new players.

The ranking mode is very messed up. So whenever you lose on ranked mode you lose like a rank token and I really want to know why that has to happen. I would’ve enjoyed the game mode a lot more but this feature makes the game a lot more frustrating. It doesn’t make any sense and why didn’t you do it like how you did in the first BTD Battles to we’re you lose money? I would’ve like this game a lot more if it did that. And could you please fix the helicopter!

Cheaters. Listen I love this game a lot, I don’t usually have many issues with this, but I recently was thinking about joining a clan so I was checking some out… There’s a clan that’s called Monkeylegends, and the description is ‘if you aren’t cheating you aren’t trying’- and that made me think back to times where I’d be getting sent camo bloons on the first round, the other player would have a full setup by the second round- things like that. I don’t know if it’s a super easy thing to be able to cheat, but I don’t think you should be able to do that at all. Especially in online games.

good but so glitchy. definitely one of the best tower defense games but it’s filled with glitches and bugs that can make you lose or makes the game straight up unplayable, first off the bloom trap engineer sometimes just doesn’t give you money, another glitch is sometimes you or your opponent doesn’t lose lives, I discovered this when I sent 30 DDT’s and like half of them went through his exit but didn’t lose a single live, but when he sends 2 fortified bads I lose when they go through my exit?

A Veterans opinion. Hi, I’ve played bad since the second game was released.. back then it was on coolmathgames. Com and I grew up enjoying this games predecessors. As someone who’s played every single BTD game besides the first one and 6th.. the thing that is horrendous is that late game is dead, but beyond that DDT’s are way to fast.. slow them down and add more moneys that can actually damage them. It’s not fun to have a garunteed win at round 26 just bc I have 2,500 eco.. what were y’all thinking? The moneys are weak.. the ranking system is horrendous and getting monkey money is severely limited. Not only that but to unlock chests you need dart medallions.. bare with me while I elaborate on that.. this is fact.. from in game experience.. after winning you get at most 5 unless you watch the multiplier video which only brings it to 10 medallions.. the only decent chest (the gold chests) take 200 dart medallions to open.. which means it takes 20 wins plus 20 videos to open ONLY 1 gold chest.. that’s utterly ridiculous.. I absolutely LOVE THIS GAME besides that.. plus the game only gives decent benefits to vip players which is even more of a kick to the throat for anyone who loves the game but is smart enough to NOT PAY REAL WORLD MONEY on a freaking phone game.. I ask you.. the developers to take my advice into consideration and even out the gat dam playing field

MonkeyTower402. I rated this game 5 stars because of the quality of the monkey towers and heroes they are all balanced but one thing I have to say is that I hate when players keep spamming balloons when the game just started and I’m trying to get my towers upgraded and sometimes I have to use my tower boosts to make the balloons stop and it’s just a waste of a tower boost that actually might come in handy when it’s tough to defend against the enemy.

Ruined itself. This game used to be so fun. Grinding this game to get upgrades, trying new setups with different towers, getting mastery for towers. Now you can just get any upgrades you want by doing barely anything at all. There is literally 0 point in playing this game anymore. It is not fair to the old players that the new players can just play the game for 37 seconds and have all 5 upgrades for a tower. I have put a solid amount of time into this game just trying to unlock tier 3 and 4 upgrades. Now i can get everything for $1500. Dont download this game unless you like using your storage for a solid 10 minutes of playing time. Thank you for ruining an enjoyable game.

IF YOUR NEW TO THE GAME READ. . I put it at one star so people see it. Every bad review is about how opposing person and they lose. And they are saying do ban them? Wow, first of all the main goal is to win as fast as you can so of course they are going to rush you. Second of all, the upgrades aren't expensive, if you've been listening to the tutorial you send balloons go get more eco, in return gives you more money in a certain amount of times. I'm tired of noobs who either never watched a guide on it or never play the tutorial complain about balloon spammers. Please stop writing bad reviews because it shows other people the game it's bad in reality you really just don't know how to play.

bug?. so i’ve beenPlaying Bloons tower defense six for about six years now and my friend wanted to get a game like that too but for free. So he got this game BTD battles 2And everything worked out fine, but I didn’t have it so I went to the App Store to get it and i made sure it is the same one Buy ninja kiwi and I got it but I’m stuck on the screen where it asks me whether I already have an account or if I wanna make a new one or so I press make a new one it stays on the black loading screen for about 20 minutes I try again the next day but this time for two hours still nothing I don’t know if this problem happened anyone else but her I’ve been on several different Internets trying to get it to work, but it stayed on the loading screen ever since I got it. many dev’s can help or if anyone has any tips, I’ll be reading this for the next few days or months.

Ruined. Ok so I have been a fan of BTD since 4, and have played all the games following, BTD battles was such a great game, and really all that should have changed for the new one is the towers and upgrades, that’s it, tons of people would have played it, all the og guys would love it. Well instead they kinda took out everything that made the first one fun to grind. So let me explain; it has the same system where you make money and buy monkeys, except you fully unlock all the tiers except the 5th which you will never get to in a game, not sure why that was changed. So there’s still xp and universal xp except it’s actually useless besides overpriced skins. Literally everything has micro transactions trying to get 5000 money to grab a new specialist is literally impossible because you make 100 a game so have fun playing 50 15 minute games to get one guy which would take 12 hours added up. Ranked it actually useless now too lol, there’s no cash pool and the prizes are priory much the same for a normal match. So there’s not really a point to play this as there’s nothing to grind for, you just spend $5 to buy a specialist try them a couple times, lose to a Gatling gunner, and never play it again. To all the showcases reviews that say they love the game they all are wrong and either stopped playing by now or is paying to actually unlock stuff. End of rant, just remake old BTD battles with new characters and upgrades from 6, super easy and would make an actual decent game.

The xp grind that all the 1 stars are complaining about is gone.. You’ll see a lot of 1 star reviews that say that the xp grind is horrible, and while that was true when they wrote the review, it no longer holds up. If every reviewer played this game again, i bet it would be bumped up at least half a star. All xp is used for now is cosmetics. I hope those reviews don’t discourage you from getting this game.

It’s a really good game but there’s a really bad issue. Now let me tell you this is an amazing game by ninja kiwi. But the annoying thing is that you could barely even get any other monkeys since you don’t get that much money after completing a match so maybe if ninja kiwi improves this, maybe it will be a better experience and his ninja kiwi sees this can you please increase the money given after completing a battle

Such a Disappointment. This game is poorly optimized, my iPhone 11 gets hot after a few battles. There’s constant lag, sync issues in game, lag when you use a tower boost which is very bad because usually I’m boosting only if I’m about to die and by the time I press it and the game receives the command I’m already dead because the boost didn’t activate. The UI is too small, I have no idea if certain bloons sent to me are camos, compare this with battles 1 where it is blatantly obvious if camos were sent. There’s lag when you sell towers, which makes micro harder. The bloon pathing is very confusing for new players. There’s certain maps that change the pathing of the bloons each round or remove towers off the map with map changes, just things completely unnecessary that frustrate new players. Late game doesn’t exist anymore either. The game ends round 50 in normal mode. There’s also no stats for opposing players. In battles one you can click on a player’s profile before a match begins and see how good they are with win/loss and badges. If there’s one issue I can put in particular why I’m deleting the game though, it’s the small UI. I’ve lost several games where I had no idea what bloons were sent to me. Are they camo purples or camo leads? I don’t know they look the same to me.

Top 3 favorite games. First off I love this game I’ve played BTD battles 1 btd6 and5 loved all of that but there is one small thing that happened to my opponent in one of a playing with fire game we where 3 round into sudden death and he didn’t take any damage but just died I wanted to report this so It don’t happen to other All so I would like to say to people that play the game I saw some of you put in you reply’s that you can’t get t5 in your games I have had all wizard t5 ninja t5 and boomerang t5 in a normal game it’s called get you eco up and have good monkey placement so just get good

So stupid. I actually like this game game three years ago I was amazing, by the monkeys, and the design I really like it but it’s always the same and I don’t really like that you need Internet connection to playing the game and I felt very annoying to because Rusty I don’t have Internet connection. I would do it a five star when it does in the Internet question for the battle and to play the game actual game but I do like kids is really good and I hope you guys can change to know needing Internet connections, and I hope you can add more things to the games cause I felt very bored by the same texture and I do like the new monkeys but the monkeys aren’t very like powerful so I would like still give it one star and I think this is stupid for having Internet connections and Internet connection for everything OK

Skins. When I first played this, I wondered why the skins were so expensive. Then I realized that the skins also change your gameplay! Like Ezili’s cat skin, for her first ability, instead of cursing 1 Moab class bloon for 8.5 secs it would curse 3 Moab class Bloons for 5 secs or Jericho’s thief skin also for his first ability, sending the Strongest Moab class Bloon to the opponent instead of adding a decoy Moab which has inf Hp but doesn’t drain lives to distract the towers. I absolutely love this and makes really cool strats!

If u are complaining you are just bad. I love this game and if you cant afford towers in a game then you are just bad, that simple. I can consistently buy true sun god in normal games and its not even that hard, if you cant you just have to raise your eco. One of the only flaws id have to say would be getting xp rather than buying upgrades, and also to make you buy each upgrade with xp. this would make the game more grindy and id like to save my money for the specialists.

Terrible clan rewards!. 25 people spent an entire week playing a total of 525 games. Our reward was 1/10th the cost for a single cosmetic. This awful clans update excepts my clan to play over 5 thousand games PER cosmic….. and they have over 60 cosmetics. I cannot recommend this game due to the awful reward system. Quick note it takes about 7000 missions with premium or 1400 without it give or take to unlock the special battle pass emotes of the season. Or wait for it to randomly appear in the shop for 8$. The grind to play is unexpectedly worthless for singular useless cosmetic eye candy. If I feel like I’ve made little progress in 20 hours of gameplay, I don’t understand how a play test for these mechanics exist. Note they limit each player to 3 games per day in clan wars making grinding impossible. Hopefully higher ranks in clan wars will receive a lot more rewards, but first impressions were really bad and not recommend as a reason to return to the game.

8 months later.. well from my last review, it was positive, but now i will state my new opinion, the original was actually better, it was fun, and it set a goal, all that is new is that they added. the btd6 stuff to bbtd5 tower battles *a better one* and do you remember when they made the eye grinding poster, well thats a reason im giving a 1 star, play btd 6 bloons td battles 1 and btd5. i recommend those 3 games instead of this, ninja kiwi please stop. 2 days later, a dev responded to me and heres my response, ninja kiwi had lots of time to create btd tower battles 2, and i know he possibly needwd to prepare for the new bosses for btd 6, but he could have delayed it and some people would be mad, like past me, but it would have enough time to prefect the game. but he rushed it and now the game is not really working that much in money. if your listening to this message please dont say *we are sorry your not enjoying btd6 tower battles* try and fix the game, alot of people are talking about this game and has some good points, but its ok, my final response, goodbye. ok. 2 days later, i played the game a bit more and i decided to give it a 3 star. your welcome. the reason im giving it a 3 star is because i can get more money from blue bloons, thanks

The one problem. I have always loved this game and I still do but the one and only problem is that it won’t let me create a new account because when I try it just turns into a black loading screen. The reason I’m creating a new account is because I can’t remember my old one and even if I try to it goes to a black loading screen again. I love the game but if you are the creator I think its the new version that is doing this, pls fix it! That is the only reason I gave it a 4 star.

Super fun game, but customer service is nonexistent!. I absolutely love this game. The monkeys are fun and I love that they add new game modes and rewards. However, the two biggest issues I have are with updates and connections. I do not think the game should allow u to enter a match if you have 2 bars of connection or less. There have been numerous times I have lost because the other player has poor connection but the game states it’s me. I have reported this issue with pictures showing it was not my connection but theirs but the issue persists. As for the updates, they aren’t huge or take awhile but they’re kind of a pain. This latest one “version 1.9.3” states I need to update, but when I click on it there is no button to update it so I can’t play the game. This wouldn’t be terrible because I assume it will get fixed, but I just spent money on VIP so time will be “stolen” from that until it does. Both times I have contacted NinjaKiwi, and neither time have I gotten a response or reply. Disapppointing…

This game gets a 5 out of 5. Y’all hating on tiny things grow up the games amazing if you cant handle nerfs or in game currency like every other game has than you don’t respect the time and effort these people have done to creat an amazing game for you do t hate the game over the things the devs have to do also there was a guy who wanted to be able to try out all the tier fives and hero’s in casual and private matches but that makes no sense because of that was the case who would grind ranked????

Dear ninja kiwi. I love this game so much! I play it on the go and at home with my friends! But my one issue that I think you should address is the Bloon system. When I play a match- I usually don’t make it past round 25 not because of my defense against AI Bloons but players Bloons. What I’m saying is that you should make unlocking Bloons every couple of rounds a little longer because I’m casual mode player send me rainbow fortified Bloons and I die. I still win a lot so this isn’t a big issue- I just think you could try to fix it thanks! Scooter shrimpy-

Dartling is too busted. Its ok to have very strong or always useful towers but dartling is waaaay to reliable. On maps like mayan or oasis you either use dartling and spam B.A.Ds on round 45 late game or use a less busted tower and lose. Even just a 10-20% price increase for hydra rockets or a pierce decrease on forceful darts would balance out dartling and still leave it viable but the only attempts to alter dartling were a 100 buck price raise on forceful darts?? Other the that the only real game play inconvenience ive had is early game bloon sends are really bad now and its pushed farms onto the player more

An OG btd enjoyer since btd4. This game is perfect, to every minute detail. I played btd battles 1 since I was a kid and this just feels like the best btd battles 2 I could have ever asked for. Several different strategies for advanced and intermediate players each with their unique strengths and weaknesses and late game or short game capabilities. Ninja Kiwi is an amazing development team and any online pc gamer before the ban of flash games will agree to this. Imo I think Apple deserves to recognize this game much much more and push it for the public as it is reliable, fun, online, not pay to win, competitive, and challenging and a lot more high iq than 99.9% of all these cheap Chinese developer games Apple is pushing to the public. TLDR: Better or at least on par to Clash Royale in terms of game style and strategy development. A fine work of art by NK

A masterpiece. This game had a rough past,so do you think that you Karen’s will get everything you want?NO,No game is perfect but they haven’t looked at this game,awesome graphics,fun gameplay,and a funny and skilled player base,I am so happy with how good this game turned out and I want ninja kiwi to have only the best future!I mean ddt’s can be countered and rushes are fine if you do them the right way,monkey money is plentiful and it’s so fun!thank you ninja kiwi for being the most awesome developing team

One word: DDT. All I have to say is whoever decided to make DDTs so insanely easy to get and use was not using a single brain cell. Not only are DDTs almost impossible to kill, but this is paired with the fact you only have access to the two hero’s without having to pay at least 10 dollars on monkey cash AND the fact you can only use 3 monkey towers AND how maps are insanely small. Ruins every single match I play. It’s just plain unfun when either party only has to send a single DDT and the match is guaranteed to end.

Version 3 ideas. For version 3 I think you should add the paragons because what are you supposed to do if your map is filled with towers and you 12m? That’s one of my ideas. Idea 2- I think you should maybe add some heroes that are from btd6 into battles 2 like sauda,adora, maybe even Psi! Idea 3- I think you should add co-op so 2 players can work together to beat the other team! That’s all the ideas I could think of

I want to kill those tryhards. I like this game but the biggest problem? Sweaty discord mod tryhards who never touched a single blade of grass in their life, seriously these players are the most common and hated people in the world all they do is spam fortified bads while the player isn’t ready for that type of thing, I was only there to have fun, not to become a tryhard who grinds 24/7 to have a cool profile which shows how much of a tryhard I am, and rarely if I ever see nice and chill players who want to have fun like I do. These type of people must be wiped of the face of the planet. Plz for the love of god if there’s a way, NERF the bad and fortified bad if it will get rid of their tryhard strategy.

It’s great. I think it’s a great game but I think they should let you choose any game mode when you play social play and make it let you get a refund if you accidentally purchase a monkey but only if you haven’t used it yet. I also think they should make it so that if you chest slots are full you should be able to replace any chest because imagine if you got a great chest and you have a inventory full of common chests and one mighty chest like I experienced I should be able to replace one of the commons and not just the mighty. But these are just small problems and overall the game is amazing.

Fun and enjoyable game. Only real issues with it is that in ranked you only go to round 40 then it ends at sudden death, the issue with that for me is that I use Ezeli. So once sudden death hits, wether I was destroying bloons faster or not, I’d I used my ability that takes 10 life I just lose. I usually have to use it when they rush with DDT and then they realise that they only have to defend which isn’t really hard once it’s late game, they didn’t take my lives, I took my own yet I’m losing for my own ability. It’s pretty much discouraging me from using my ability to try and help.

Please change this. I love this game. It’s really fun and entertaining. However I can hardly play because it keeps disconnected. My internet connection seems good but it keeps removing me from the server. IDK if it’s the game or my phone but plz fix this. Other than that problem this is my third favorite game(bloons td 6 is my favorite). I highly recommend both games. Thanks for reading this far I hope you find peace and prosperity in your life. 😁😊

Big problem- BIG pay to win. Ever since the addition of Jericho its become entirely pay to win, want a specific tower or tower upgrade? Too bad your opponent steals away the money to get it, not to mention the money steal is on such short cooldown. But not only that, they EARN from it! Basically you earn less money to rush them while they earn a LOT more! I was in the ice island (White Wasteland for those of you asking) and I literally went from 34 trophies alllll the way down to 29, yes! 4 of my opponents used Jericho! Not only that but you have to spend over 3,000 monkey money just for a new hero- good luck if you earn a measly 30, and even if you did earn the stuff for it. Just- good luck, this game went from fun to extremely pay to win so fast..

Deal with it. I hate people saying its bad and all this is a amazing game first to the guy named disappointed how bout you restart your i pad you dumb monkey second to the guy that complains about spamming heres how you deal with it get a steady defense and now you have money spam him back since he is focused on spamming and not his towers third to the guy complaining about losing vip restart your i pad and also WHY YOU PAY FOR VIP YOU DUMB MONKEY lastly to the guy that says that gold chest is expensive LIGMA BALLS LOL CRY ABOUT IT ITS A GOOFY SUPER GOOD MONKEY VIDEO GAME loollllllll

Goodbye to Lategame.. Half of the fun with Battles was going late-game with a random player and not even trying to beat one another just surviving. Seeing who can outlast the other and can have the least bloons on screen. Well goodbye to late-game because the rounds are capped at 40 and even if you manage to get passed round 40 with a random player into sudden death. The rounds and waves also become harder and harder the higher up you go in Ranked. So it makes it that much harder to build up Eco without making your opponents lose lives and making them think that you're aggroing them. Also tower tiers are capped with ingame currency VS XP like before. What was a perfectly good formula and game was scrapped for an entirely different and much more competitive game. Some players may like it others may not and me personally. I don't like it because this again kills late-game potential and encourages players to go for Meta strategies and aggressive wins unlike the first BTD:Battles Game. Other than that everything else is an upgrade i'd say.

Minor fixes. Very enjoyable game, I’ve been playing this game for about a year or so. I’ve noticed there is not many new monkeys in this game. It is also somewhat difficult to obtain monkey money and battle points. The chest system could use a deduction in battle points as they are a bit too expensive considering you get a few after winning a match. It is just too expensive to purchase monkey troops along with heroes. This game has potential but I think it just needs a lot more.

Pretty fun, predatory ads. The game isn’t bad, the balanced it a bit better than the first battles, (albeit missing the card mode) but the horrible thing is that it waits several games for you to get hooked before forcing you to watch ads before your game loads. I’ve already dumped loads of money towards btd 5/6 and had already watched ads voluntarily towards this one, not cuz I felt I needed to but cuz I wanted to support the devs, and this was a spit in the face. I convinced a dozen friends to get btd 5/6 and play with me, and I was about to do the same here, but mandatory ads are a spit in the face that I can’t look past. You guys are better than this. You don’t need those to keep the game running.

Why 4⭐️ weeellll. You see. in the first review the guy is upset with the the scammers and late people andregular. i am upset with scammers and stuff. like bruh. they a. get so much mochodanrio(money)but like millions of cash so like trillons of regrow my way like uncool. so fix that pls. plus make the players get more the big money. couse i have played the game for years but they are so expensive so. pls make the hero’s less and more money. plus will you make more hero’s and maps. also make a quincy are jericho electric ⚡️ guy

N-N-N-NICE GAME! 👌👌👌. Please read this, fans and devs. Please. Yo, this game is awesome! Ninja Kiwi, you’re the best! One thing, though. Please add heroes like Sauda, Etienne, and Captain Brickell. Add Arena (where you make bets), Card Battles (the card thingy), And Club Battles (Bananza, Megaboost, etc.) Also, the Monkey Alchemist blinks weirdly… it creeps me out. So, also fix the Alchemist. Also I feel like you should add COBRA (from BTD Battles). Make it less expensive, make it not so powerful, make it a hero, just do something cool with him. Add more things like the Weekly Leaderboard, Prestige, Tournaments, and more. Add back some of the old features. I mean, BTD Battles is a hit! So, it would be better if you added some old things to the game. Also, can you add a free Sandbox mode so people can test and see if things are worth buying.

Battles was better. This is a downgrade from battles the graphics and 3rd path were ok but why nk why you can only place one cobra and what happened to “we will not add cobra to battles 2” you added and what ever happened to grinding for every tier above t2s one ddt can kill you this is why I never get super late game like sure WHY CAN SUPER GLUE STUN A BAD and mad cannot deal extra damage to DDTs cobra needs to actually give me moneyand on top of that battles gets no updates you only care about battles 2

Very good one some suggestions. Very good good game does not get boring after a while although a while ago I had the game and you required exp to gain level three and four upgrades and now you get those for free but level four you need so much monkey money for those upgrades and I would like monkey money changed to Xp second could you add like Jukebox option and add songs from other game like Balloons tower defense 5 and 6 that would make it much better.

Fun, unique, original. Just one problem.. this might be my favorite tower defense game of all time ( except for 6 ) not only is it free, it comes with a whole new concept that isn't seen anywhere else. The “battles” part. You compete against another player, whoever depletes their lifes first, loses simple but fun! So you might be wondering why i rated this 4 stars. Thats because of balancing. In this game you are 3 types of people. The spammer, the late-gamer, and the normal player. And let me tell you, the spammers are a real problem. Not to mention that for people who want a good late game match, usually cant get that from the sheer amount of people with no skill sending rushes. And dont get me wrong, i know thats the point of the game, but its so annoying when they spam you, you can defend easily, and then they cant even take their own medicine when you spam them back. All i want is a good long match and instead i get a bunch of regen rainbow blooms. Also round 27 ddt rush. I Yayy! Now this doesn't mean that you cant rush, i totally encourage it, as long as you do it right! Also one more thing, please, and i mean please nerf Jericho. PLEASE.

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Add lamb monkey. The game needs a lamb monkey a monkey dressed in a lamb outfit.

Great game 👍 but…. It’s a great but since the new update the won’t open up. It always just shuts down as soon as I tap it. Please fix this and I will change my rating. Hoping to get back playing again.

Casual battle. I really really love this game and I like people sending me and everything in ranked but when I do casual I want to not get sent but instead I get bombarded with bloons and blimps so I’m saying (maybe) take away sending in casual but this is only my opinion

Connection to the server. I’ve tried to play ten games and lost every one due to connection issues with the server. Very frustrating.

Best game ever, but something can be better. This game is really fun and I enjoy playing it, it gives you f2p perspective of the original btd 6 game in a competitive format. But no game is perfect, so here are my suggestions. Make the matches last longer, currently the match last till round 50 as each round is the equivalent of 2 rounds in btd6, can you make the match till round 70 ( round 140 when you vs a fortified b.a.d ) or better make it just random after round 50 (or 70), 2: correct me if I’m wrong but there is no emote to say that you want to play late game, if you do add this please make an emote you don’t have to unlock but you just start with it. 3: this is just a question but what do you use exp for now that you just buy the first 4 when you buy the monkey the buy the last 1 (tier 5) with more monkey money, as I’ve been grinding universal exp since I started play at season 4. Thank you for listening, hope I keep enjoying this game.

Pay to unlock towers and tiers of them.. Pay to win garbage.

The BEST GAME Ever. It is good fun but l just want to see more heroes new monkey

So bad it made me get hacked. I was so sad pls help my pp

Very Good Indeed. In my opinion and standards I shall say that this game is unique insquisite and may I say pure fun!

So much worse than the first game. This game is literally just a cash grab. Massive pain to unlock everything and no where near as fun as first one.

Downloading too slow!. The games all fun and all but the downloading. It is soooo! Slow can you make it faster thank you!

Colab Please. This game is already awesome but I would like to see a dinosaur themed monkey or a marvel character. There’s so many different types of super heroes like Superman, Hulk, Thor etc. Or you could just add the single player mode. Besides getting spammed BLOONS which lowered the rating sadly. I say that you should be able to use the BLOONS at round 10. I also have a complaint about the players I just fell like I’m getting bullied for losing literally there’s no point in playing a game that has people that are bully’s. My name Is monkeyfreezer1 by the way.

Bad account stuff. You have the option to logo out of your account and when I try to sign in again it did not work. I am not sure if it just for me but I am very disappointed at the game and I have been playing for a long time now I am very disappointed

So bad. It’s impossible when your aponetnt is hacking or cheating even if they are not it’s so bad it’s impossible I tried for one and a half hour as a starter trying to win but it’s impossible

Needs a solo gamemode. I would like to see a solo game mode like in btd1 I’m referring to practice mode so please add this it would be so cool

Tbh this game is good but the gameplay. The game is not going to add single player because of BTD 6 to make revenue

Best game ever. So fun i love how it’s a tower defence simulator and you get to place towers and i love the lil and animations

Complete Dud. Wont connect

Awesome Game. BTD Battles 2 is a great game and I love BTD battles 1. I think you should turn the causal mode into defence mode like the first one. the only difference would be that it’s similar to bloon sends except nothing is sent.

Won’t load or connect. Won’t connect

AWESOME GAME!. This game is amazing, but it could be better. First, make a solo game mode, because some people are worse than others. Finally, get rid of random quad, it’s super Annoying, and I like using the monkeys I’ve earned! Other than that this game is pretty chill, thanks for making it ninja kiwi

It was fun but now it's just stale. When i started playing this game i thought it would be like a better BTDB 1 but the upgrade paths were worse and instead of just adding a new upgrade path they moved upgrades around but then they gave everyone all the upgrades up to tier 4 which is ok and stops the grind but now each time i enter a ranked match i verse a noob or a pro who send an infinite amount of bloons somehow.I wish i could like this game but you should play the original its better in everyway.

GOOD. Keep going ninja kwi

I can’t sign up. When i tried to sign up it said service was unavailable.

Solo only Gamemode. This game is quite unique as I, started playing this game. Very competitive. Very clean, very neat indeed. But there is once gamemode I really like to see. Just like I saw on BTD6, there’s a solo gamemode where you only verse no one but balloons, do you think you guys would add that to this game? It would be enjoyable? For online/offline too.

Btd battles 1 is better. Btd5 and btd battles are significantly and objectively better than anything their sequels and successors have to offer. Play those instead.

Idk. It’s a good game

Good game. This game had a lot of things to do and honestly was a great experience to play a tower defence vs

So fun. This is so fun!!! I actually like it better than BTD 6

Bad. I can’t even create an account, it just either doesn’t create it or sends me back to the previous screen

Go back to the original!. BTD battles was perfect in a lot of ways, easy to use, fun to play and it didn’t matter if you were competitive or just casual you can have fun. BTD battles 2 is the opposite, hard to use, chunky, not fun, hard to understand, not competitive or fun for casual. The online side of it is trouble and nothing like the original

Pls fix the bug. When I play a match I cant place any units but good game athother then that

insane game. Balloon TD battles is a amazing game there is so much action and things to do. lots of events happen my favourites were playing with fire and speed battle. This is the best game l have ever played. At first l thought it was not worth my time but my friend showed me the beauty of the game. l really recommend this game for all ages and people.

🤮. This dosent make any sense why cant the lasers penetrate metal

It’s ok. It’s a really good game But there’s so much bloon spammers they just spam bloon every wave it’s really annoying but this game is good

Nasty Game. All this game is a power game to destroy no matter what. Most of the people I have played with they just want to destroy you. You can’t play the game to have fun . You have created a game for people who want to win no matter what. Nasty people. I play a lot of games this would have to be the worst game. Well done

Prema-spikes are nerfed to hard!. Prema-spikes are nerfed to hard! The damage is to low!

Very poor execution. So I got this game, because I enjoyed btd battles 1, and I started playing, and I really don't like it now. I like the idea that its like btd battles 1, but with btd6 towers and upgrades, but there are so many things that could have been improved on. So firstly, the way of getting towers and upgrades, heros etc. with monkey money is way too pay to win or grind, I got over 100 wins in ranked mode and I don't have enough monkey money to buy even the t4 towers, also the unlocking of t5 is way too expensive. Secondly, I know that otherwise, people will cheat their way out of a loss, but it's not my fault I have bad internet that shuts down every 10 mins, because of this, I have downgraded so many places, and lost my win streak of 11, just because you need good internet to play. Lastly, the matchmaking. I'm getting put against players that have been at the masters arena with all monkeys and tier 5's, that have perfected the art of eco'ing and have bought the club pass. WHY? Overall this game could have been so much better, and I will continue to play it but ninja kiwi, please do something about this I beg you.

I love betting up little small monkeys. I love betting up little small monkeys

Really fun but needs more things. This game is really awesome with all the special matches and monkeys but you should add paragons it would make the game more fun. Oh did I mention you should add different heros?

Add 4 player. Ninja kiwi add like a 2v2 game mode or like a 4 player mode

Bots. I love the game! Although, I hate how all the people I versus are bots and always have the same name. For example, AmberLeader with at the end numbers.

The pinnacle of games. Every thing is just perfect and it’s truly the best game I’ve played but I dislike the option to buy a monkey and instantly get all the upgrades.

Good for a bit. The game was good but I stopped playing then when I went back and my account was deleted so I’ll will rate it higher is you get my account back

best game ever. this is the best game i get to play against other players it’s so cool.!!

Free bloons td 6 pleaseee. Some people cant afford to spend money on games so itwould be nice if u guys could make btd6 free please. Or just btd without battles free pleaseee

Very good. It’s good

LOVE THE GAME!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️. I LOVE THE GAME but I play the game why do you not get Unff money to place your best Tower. Over all I LOVE THE GAME♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🥰

Great game. This game is awesome but the only problem I have is that there is no defence/ survival mode like in the bloons td 6 game

stale dissapointing disconnecting.. alright, so I try to play this game and guess what! reconnecting for an hour straight!!! I’m actually angry at how trash ninja kiwi is at preventing lag. It’s on your end and I’m not the only one to complain about this. You had One job ninja kiwi. I don’t want your auto robot generated replies because they don’t help. last time I went to your customer service I was told to kill myself for giving a review that wasn’t what they wanted. I’m so very disappointed in you ninja kiwi. This game has no fun to it and last time I played was back when syncing was an issue. Suprise suprise this reconnecting bug is still here. do better ninja kiwi. do better.

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Amazing but. This game is amazing but their are a couple of bugs and where is sauda???

Doesn't surpass the first game. BTD battles 2 on launch was a mess and deterred half of its player base away day 1 practically and I still feel like it left some massive stains today. It's only 1v1 in the linear "Clash Royale path of legends-esk" progression system. I liked taking chances and I feel like I'm always in a safety strap. Where did trophy gambling go? That's what made BTD battles 1 so fun in my opinion. Tension, but all the stakes in this game is that I only get half of the literally useless EXP I would have earned and, get this. 1 trophy. And I sunk a lot of playtime into this game and it just did not live up to expectations from my standpoint. It's overall better but it feels so bland. Like if Gordon Ramsey made a dish catered to you but without any sort of spices or flavorings, it's still good. Just so, so bland.

1 défaut. On peut pas jouer sans wifi ses dommage pour se magnifique jeu

Amazing game. The down side to the bloons td franchise is the btd6 I would personally make it free but otherwise great game I love it

I never actually got to play it. The sign was so tricky it didn’t let me. I spent a whole day trying to get signing in and it didn’t work. The game looks super fun and I wish I could play. It just didn’t work. I didn’t even get close to playing it. I didn’t get what I had to do the sign in and it took way way way too long

Im still waiting for it. It’s still taking a long time but if it gets fix or I get I will like it

Why. I love bloons but I got on one day and i have an account and I tried to go on it but it was loading eternally Please fix it

Crashing. Constant crashing

Late game is terrible. Game would be so much better if people new how to go late game and everyone didn’t try and win before round 10, haven’t played one game yet where I’ve gotten over round 25

Fix the loading screen. I love the game but when I try to open it it says to download the files and I press download on the game and it keeps saying connection issues and It doesn’t let me download it and I can’t play the game.

Very good. It’s a very good game

Monkey. 🐵🐵🐵 I poo

Xp. I think a lot of people spent much time on the grind for xp so they could buy new things but in a few recent updates we switched to cash being the main currency. I and many others think the in game currency’s should be changed. This change would make all tower upgrades would cost xp to unlock and hero’s would cost cash like they always have for the purpose of making the whole game easier to progress therefore getting more people hooked. Please look into what I’ve written and make changes accordingly.

Wtfrick. When it asks me for an account it just loads eternally and it’s soooo annoying because l love bloons

Huh. What happened to the old crates that you could open for money and stuff?

BEAST HANDLER. The games great but we need beast handler bro it so fun to have a dinosaur on the map and make the game easy

Making. No explanation needed

Make more room for monkeys. Title says it all

Ihhi. It’s good. But I would rather btd6 no be worth Money

Fun but. I love this game but it need the update and it wont update

Game won’t start up how to fix it?. My game won’t start I’ve been playing this so could you help me

Good game add new heroes. Add new heroes like anime and classics hero

This is a masterpiece. This game is so good and it’s better then btd6 co-op mode and it’s fun and I have great memories with frends playing this game if you like the btd series please play this game I know it’s not everyone’s game but it’s my game

This Game is sweaty. Every time I hop into a Ranked Game, people always using the best strategy for each map, try killing you so early and this game is ruined because of a YouTuber, Ryan Mehalic. In his videos, he showed the best loadout. So Unfair 😭

ddt rushes. would be better if there was a way to stop ddt rushes

🎧. This game is awesome but everyone wins before round 10 from spamming bloons to spawn this a problem for many others and I’m quitting cause of it.

Good game but…. I have been saving my money for a month and i finished a round and my money was gone.

We need défensive mode back please…. Defensive mode from btd battles 1 is not there anymore, i think it should have been added to the game when it first came out. Now the game is boring since it’s just 1v1 all the Time.

Okay game. I feel so good 😊 this person is to nice 👍 I love them 😍 my cusun was like so mad 😡 cus of this person

tough on my phone. I love this game but my phone heats up a lot and gets laggy when I play it, are there any ways to optimize the game more for a mobile platform?

Good job. Great game you should add chimps and muddy puddles

Could be better. This game is great but it could be way better if it had the graphics from btd6

Flashing Lights. The game is good but can you please add an effects scale.

connection problem. why can I watch an ad but when I go to play a game, it tells me I have to surrender the service problems are a little bit messed up. as long as you can make us watch those ads though

Great game!. But where’s my boy ettienne?

3 players. Really needs 3 players

Best game ever but. Add beast handler and let us put all the towers down pls and add more Moab’s 👍🏻😑

Great game but... It’s a great game but there’s this bug where if a balloon leaks the person doesn’t lose any lives please find a way to fix this!

Add beast handler. The game is amazing but what is monkey xp for also add beast handler

Mode idea. Add a sandbox map or a practice map that’s free PLEASE-Monke ethunistent

Late game. Please bring back the “Late Game?” text. Used to have an emote in btd battles 1 where you’d say “Late Game!” to let the other person know you actually wanted to play the game, not spam early and win by round 12.

Monkey farmers. It’s a great game but you should add a in app purchase for infinite monkey farmers. Me personally I would buy it because I’m always using banana farms and I wish I had more monkey farmers

Remove/Nerf DDTs. There is no long game. Most players cannot defend against a DDT so when the option to spawn DDTs pop up it is just a race to click on the button first. Now you don’t have to remove them completely. Just make it so the towers can actually have a chance at popping them. New players don’t stand a chance.

It’s good. I am a massive btd fan but I think if used balloons tower defence six graphics it would be a little better

Will not work. It said new account or a old account none of them work they load forever so I have never got to play and I have updated it many times

.. What happens to the card battles?

I lost my account. This game is absolutely amazing but I lost my account. This game is great, 5 stars

This game sucks. I spent hours playing it. they had an error and deleted my account. 🔥🔥🔥 don’t get it.

Tewtiy. game is great you guys

Fun game. Cool graphics Totally mediocre performance Fun plot There me is no best player, you will probably end up playing against the best and you have a chance of winning. Awesome game

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1 MAJOR problem. So the game is great it is like btd6 but 1 problem the players like I just wanna play the game not get a insta-lose cuz I got rushed with greens before I could even play a tower by that I mean the players are annoying also there is that one guy that never stops using emotes like I sent him a b.a.d and he is sending me the waving emote like bruh FOCUS

The opponents screen froze. I love this game but it wasn't working right today. I've had freeze ups b4 that usually remedy themselves. But today the opponents side froze when I was about to kill them then my side was fine. I couldn't send them balloons anymore to get more money the rest of the game either.

It’s Alright. It’s great for if you want a quick game, but there are several problems. 1) the game is a bit pay 2 win, but you can unlock everything with enough playing 2) the game has several glitches that can ruin games 3) sometimes you’ll get somebody with garbage internet and it’ll be very difficult to play

Love the game but it has its problems. Love the game. I just wish there was a playground to try different attacks without starting a new game against someone. I have been playing against myself on another phone but it’s annoying to do.

Frustrated. Fix your game servers or do something about the people using crappy internet to win I just lost a game to a guy with a 2 bar connection and I sent a 600k bad rush in bananza and he counter rushed me only for me to lose. why you ask? Well because the game didnt say he was dead after leaking all the zomgs and bfbs that were left over. And my defenses were way better he had a 5x2 super monkey and I had a 52x super monkey along with 4 other 4x2 super monkeys with max sacrifices on all of them (50k military, magic, and support) and I lose because of his crappy connection.

It’s a really good game but there’s a really bad issue. Now let me tell you this is an amazing game by ninja kiwi. But the annoying thing is that you could barely even get any other monkeys since you don’t get that much money after completing a match so maybe if ninja kiwi improves this, maybe it will be a better experience and his ninja kiwi sees this can you please increase the money given after completing a battle

I love it. Ok first of all I can’t stop playing no matter what it never gets boring! Although I don’t like the purple balloons being almost invincible. But other than that I love it please don’t stop updating this game. It is the best tower defense game I’ve ever played. Keep working hard!

Really good but one problem. Everything is good and fun but the attack meta is really annoying which makes it difficult to defend on a lot of the maps, maybe if all bloons came from one end like in most maps it would balance it out a good bit but still..

So much better. So I am a btd veteran and have been playing a while but one of the first ones I played was blooms td battles and it was my favorite game ever but I’ve gotta say, this second version is so much better than the first game and I think y’all did such a good job on this and am proud of ninja kiwi for making it this far.

I give up creators. We all have tried so hard to get you to take the exp thing out or at least buff it by 1.75, but you are just so stubborn about it. We love the game but you have to grind for like years to actually level up a tower to all 3 paths not including the 5th tier. We just want you to buff the exp and if you reply to this…LITERALLY I WILL PASS OUT

Good game but…. There are too many spammers in the game that make it very difficult to win a match there are also many spammers in ranked. Can you take off the send balloons thing for ranked or like a spamming kick thing? This would really make the game better for many others can enjoy it and have a competitive experience. This would be awesome!

Stop ruining your own game. Impossible to generate revenue anymore. End game is non existent unless it’s an LTD with extra cash flow. Speaking of LTD, what were you thinking? Pain no gain is literally trash. Defeats the entire point of the game and also the “star” system you have in place. It’s like the developers weren’t good at the game anymore so you punish high ranking players in the earlier seasons. I quite literally only play your game when the LTD has extra cash flow options. Ranked play is dead, causal was never a thing ( don’t kid yourselves ) and at least 2 LTD’s need to be removed. Make Bloons TD2 great again

Very hard to play. Trophies shouldn’t be lost in ranked battle and they really should give more money to the players because they have to grind to get Heroes and. The reason you shouldn’t lose trophies is because you really cannot grind well I hope ninja kiwi sees this because I play btd6 and they give you more money without VIP and VIP combined so I just really like to play Bloons games

Connection issues are atrocious!!!!!. I have great WiFi and great data in my area yet I can rarely even make it to round 20 without lagging out and losing the match it doesn’t matter what wifi I’m using or how good the wifi is and the games where I’m not the one to lag out my opponent lags out instead could be a 4-5 star if I was actually able to play but I’ve lost my last 20 ranked games every single one due to my “connection” issues and it’s to the point where I’m about to delete the game I was sooooo excited to start playing

Fun game but a few things that u want to add. I like this game because this reminds me of tower defenses ripoffs and the sounds and balloons look sick but you should add rebirths and new monkeys also I would like you to add a battle pass also I would like some cheaper monkeys thank you!

Update now. I have played this game for a while and I always had a problem with dcing. When I dc I want to keep my trophies because I didn’t die, but I lose trophies and in most cases, my winning streak. The game knows when you dc but you still lose so please do something, it is very annoying.

Cheaters running rampant in higher levels.. I’ve been playing for a long time, and there’s been a constant problem with this game and it’s the people just don’t lose lives. I’ve had so many games that I’ve lost quite literally because they don’t lose lives when they are supposed to. A fortified Moab goes straight through, their health bar flashes, but they stay at the same lives then spam laugh. This game used to be fun but with how many cheaters there are in the higher tiers, it’s not worth it.

Things you should upgrade. The game is overall really good there’s just a couple things that must be changed no more Rushing balloons like that’s the only reason why I don’t wanna play this game all the time secondly please add paragons and fun bosses for every eventBesides that everything is done the game is overall really good

The towers. Excuse me ninja kiwi I just like more towers because I know all the past to all the towers so I just like more towers as soon as you can update the game please also warm abs I just know all the Maps small towers so I just really like for this to happen thank you

The start doesn’t work. I downloaded this game but when I got on the game so create a new account so I tried creating a new account and it just turned to a loading screen so I waited about 30 minutes later real steel on that loading screen so I downloaded the game again and turned on my Wi-Fi and it still didn’t work so then I turned off my phone deleted the game download it turned on my Wi-Fi again tried again and it still didn’t work please tell me why this is happening.

The people in the reviews dont seem to realize the goal of the game is to win. Like bro why are you getting mad that people are being competitive in a competitive game? Also, you CAN defend against rushes, but you just have a skill issue. I cannot fathom how people get annoyed that people like rushing in the game where your goal is to kill the opponent.

Stuck in an ad loop. Every time I try to join a game I have to watch a 2 minute long ad about some stupid game called archer or something. Then I have to play a mini game for the ad, and there’s no way to get out of it, an x never comes up to exit out of the ad. I close the game and try to join a game again, and boom, SAME AD and I still can’t exit out. Haven’t been able to play recently, Ninja KIWI please get rid of this ad.

):. This game is a little bit more frustrating than the last one and I think I might like the last one a lot better especially because of all of the hype the developers put up and then they kind of just dropped it when they drop the game ):/I would recommend balloons TD battles not this one. it is also really frustrating because you can only have four towers and don’t gang money easily.

Only one problem pls fix. This game is an amazing game but the only problem i dont know if this is for everyone but i cant sign in for some reason like when i press the existing account button, like it just exits me out of the game and i tried deleting it and installing it but nothing works. Pls fix

Fun but it has a problem. It’s great it’s original it’s so cool, but you only get three towers and one hero and it’s not even all the heroes. We’re missing some like sada and it’s hard to get monkey money it’s not like it’s easy. Why can’t you do one player or single player I mean it’s not like balloons tower defense six is that much better so why give that more

Unlocking Grind. Too much of a grind to unlock all towers and heroes because they cost monkey money. Not pay to win, but too boring to get anywhere. Especially when you only play a few towers at a time and repeatedly click over and over on bloons to send them to your opponent to get any sort of extra money which just feels like an idle clicking game but is probably the meta

Just wanna have fun. I like the game, but every other match theres someone using the money stealing try hard hero’s. There should be a game mode for people who just want to play the game and then the try hards. I know theres ranked and casual, but what if i want to progress without some loser actively making me hate the game. I played this game then went to touch grass I guess thats a plus side to it all.

The grinding is horrendous. To put is simply, the grinding is too much. You get 25 coins a match but the towers cost 500 and 750 coins. This means that you would have to win 30 matches. Also, the chests that you get cost like 100 battle points but you only get 5 battle points a match which doesn’t really make sense. Like why would I have to win 20 games just to open ONE chest. I would recommend giving 25 coins in casual battle and like 50 coins for ranked battle.

Screen lag. Hello,I like your game but there is this one thing that always makes not fun. The thing that makes everything not fun is screen lag which is when your opponent is supposed to leak a life but he/she doesn’t so please fix it in the next update .Pls

I like it but something to new players. I just started in beat the tutorial level and the first person I faced against with somebody with an Ezily and wizards and others this person is probably paid a win I’m OK with people being Pay to win but please try not to match new players with pay to win players it’s just very unfair.

Too many hackers 0 support. People are dropping towers they definitely should not have the money for at stage like 2-3. Spamming 10x the amount of balloons they should be able to all at once s even with the speed boost and spamming balloons they definitely do not have the income for. Another common one I come across is Bloons just flying by without my moneys even hitting any, when I have multiple moneys that all have the ability to see and hit camo, magic, and metal…

Reason why four star?. This is game is amazing! BTD BATTLE Have a good strategy with tower and however heroes. But one problem only limit three tower for impossible of higher round. That problem with enemy’s spam giant balloon but need four tower would be good defense and what about rank, would be competition. Hopefully this happen on update with for new four tower. Would be crazy game and excited.

Good Game. Inconvenient Ads.. BTD Battles 2 is a great game. BTD Battles 1 was great, and this is even better! However, the only downside is the annoying and outright inconvenient ads. Now, I know that Ninjakiwi needs revenue from this game, but why not make all ads not only optional but rewarding too! Like you get 100 XP on a random tower every time you watch one! TLDR: Make ads rewarding but other than that great game! 8/10

My Most Played Current Game. I really like this game. I’ve been in ZOMG S. for the past 3 seasons and the balance is the best that it’s been. Unfortunately, with the time it took to fix the meta, no game changing content was released. This creates a lack of advertising because there is nothing new to advertise on the game. I really hope the next couple updates really bring life back to the community and brings new players.

The worst thing in Battles 2. I love this game and I play it all the time but there’s 1 problem, DDT’s, if you send one to your opponent it’s an instant win. There is no way someone in the universe has beaten all 3 in the pack. So can you make it like really weak and way way way slower or just get rid of the whole thing. Thanks

One problem. It’s a great game but there’s just some unfair advantage One match I experienced a balloon rush he just spam balloons ninja kiwi can you fix can you fix this? Plz like you can release balloons hhhhmmm well just not the starting area place for beginners this would be helpful for beginners and for technically everyone but I still like the game it is good this is gust The problem that I found and was very annoying.

There’s one problem a slight problem. You guys should I add one person mode because like everybody doesn’t like fighting other people like in the next update you should add one player Mode it’s good td balloons 6 make it free because like everybody has the pay no one likes paying so you should do that.

Great game but I think I’m bugged idk. I keep going up against the same people idk if there’s just no one on when I play but I can’t get chests and I can’t get money so I can’t get new units or hero’s idk what to do to change that or if it’s a game feature but other then that great game love the btd games keep up the good work

One of my favorite games to play with a friend. Honestly this is like making btd6 a 1v1 endless survival mode and the sandbox mode’s bloon spawn. I highly recommend this game for people who wanna play bloons with a friend but not the btd6 multiplayer mode (thats not the greatest and is pretty disappointing).

Great game, don’t listen to haters. This game is great, literally anytime I’m mad at it is when I lose fights and even then that’s no reason to hate on a game. The haters are just mad they can’t get good and if you look, most of their complaints is about them being bad at the game. I have never encountered any glitches, near perfect 👌

Stupid rules lead poor games. The game could have been better if not encouraging attacks that much. Because the easiest way to have a quick win to send balloons and later MOABs, it leads unfair and rude behavior. About 5-10% the chance to have a good game where you can build your towers and learn how to use those. Most of the time the game is just sending balloons and trying to defend yourself against the balloons from your opponent. Because of that it become boring too soon.

To laggy. I’ve lost ~10 trophies due to lag issues, it’s not my internet because all of my other internet-requiring apps work still seconds after I disconnect. Which isn’t helped by the fact Ninja Kiwi makes you lose a trophy plus your win streak after disconnecting which makes sense when your losing but it only happened in the first few seconds of the game and when I was about to win. Also, my opponent had DC’ed but it kept trying to sync so I left the game and lost a trophy (and I was about to win)

Syncing issues. I just played a match just now and I had perfectly fine internet, and the syncing happened a little bit, and I was like ok it’s fine it’s not like it would crash. So, I kept going until the third time syncing popped up it said I was forced to surrender which made me kind of mad, because I wasted a ticket just to stop playing in the middle of the game. So, can you please fix this bug Ninja Kiwi.

Please fix wizard monkey wall of fire. Love the game, but I’m unbelievably frustrated with the mechanics of the wizard monkey wall of fire. It seems as if the game randomly chooses the placement for it on the track, making it unpredictable to use. It also doesn’t follow the targeting mechanism, so even if I put it on “Last” it doesn’t place the wall of fire near the first possible point on the track within range (i.e. where “Last” targets).

Good but some problems. So it’s a great game and all but there are a few problems first off for some reason when my opponent leaks but doesn’t lose lives it’s annoying but rare so I won’t take off a star second monkey money is difficult to get without spending so I think you should buff the monkey money rewards by 50% otherwise it’s a great game

I didn’t get a answer. I asked about a month ago but the problem is still happening if I don’t get the problem resolved I will go to Walmart pour water on the floor and say there’s no wet floor sign and walk on the water and get hurt then I will sue Walmart and then I’ll own Walmart so please fix the problem

The usual.. Ofc they are trying to get your money .... unless you want to spend the same amount of time you spent on clash of clans from 4th grade till now .. don’t even bother . This game could of been so golden if they actually put effort into it lol . It’s the same character minus the hero’s uh oh lol but good luck unlocking anything without spending actual money .. other than that have fun grinding for hourssss just to unlock one card ☠️ tbh I’d go back to the first one don’t even both downloading this .

Advanced chess.. I love this game I have 1200 hours in it and I’ve played many many seasons. If you lose it’s because you made a mistake and I love that. This game tickles my fancy in particular and I have always loved bloons games this game is definitely a adult game just as much as it is for someone younger.

I rate this a one. Basically when it says ranked it’s supposed to partner up you up with other people have almost the same amount of trophies I have 4 rn but then I got partnered up with somebody who had so many other characters is supposed to partner you up with people who are strong as you this game isn’t the best

Good but 1 thing. So I played this game on my iPad then I downloaded it on my phone the graphics were great but when went on play it again on my phone the graphics were not good it’s good on my iPad but not my phone please fix this or give me instructions of how to fix it on my phone

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Bloons TD Battles 2 3.3.1 Games Screenshots & Images

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 9+ years and older
Current Version 3.3.1
Play Store com.ninjakiwi.bloonstdbattles2
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Bloons TD Battles 2 (Versiyon 3.3.1) Install & Download

The application Bloons TD Battles 2 was published in the category Games on 30 November 2021, Tuesday and was developed by Ninja Kiwi [Developer ID: 386241773]. This program file size is 109.51 MB. This app has been rated by 11,792 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Bloons TD Battles 2 - Games app posted on 02 April 2024, Tuesday current version is 3.3.1 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.ninjakiwi.bloonstdbattles2. Languages supported by the app:

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Bloons TD Battles 2 Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Turn your opponent's strength against them with the new hero: Fateweaver Adora! This cosmic trickster can wipe out boosted bloon rushes with her Sharp Sting of Fate, hinder the enemy hero with her Eye of Misfortune, and harness the power of your opponent's own defences using her Chains of Fate. No strategy is safe from the Fateweaver's gaze! Plus we have a new bling season and a host of other improvements to make Battles 2 even more awesome!

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