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What is baba is you app? Baba Is You is a puzzle game where you can change the rules by which you play. In every level, the rules are present as blocks you can interact with; by manipulating them, you can change how the level works and cause surprising, unexpected interactions! With some simple block-pushing you can turn yourself into a rock, turn patches of grass into dangerously hot obstacles, and even change the goal you need to reach to something entirely different.

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How to contact Baba Is You (Hempuli)?
Find this site the customer service details of Baba Is You. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Baba Is You Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Baba Is You Version 1.0217 July 2021

- Improvements to power/battery usage. - Fix for a level selector issue..

Baba Is You Version 1.022 June 2021


Baba Is You Comments & Reviews 2022

- Best Puzzle Game I’ve Ever Played

Don’t get me wrong, I love Monument Valley and Gris, but those games rarely challenged me like this game does. I’m almost never stumped on puzzle games, but there’s several levels in this game that I can’t figure out, and many more that took me a long while to get. Which is exactly what I want! The actual logic of the puzzles is so refreshingly new and interesting. The levels have a range of difficulties, and you don’t have to beat all the levels to progress. This allows you to skip levels that get too frustrating while having the option to try them again later. There’s also some bonus puzzles and secret areas which are so satisfying to find.

- Incredible Experience

As IGF Winner, the design concept is awesome. I feel extremely surprised for the level design, and I enjoy the process finding solutions. The most amazing part is finding the inner world, solving levels outside the levels. The levels tell me that things can also be different ways, and never bring your fixed opinion into the game. Great! The developers also respond fast to the issue report. Worth for a like. The only weakness may come from the full openness of the concept. Some levels may be too hard for first players to solve, the attributes of some special nouns or objects may be too hard to figure out.

- Best Puzzle Game I’ve Played

Despite its simplistic appearance, this is definitely the hardest puzzle game I’ve played. And the best. The fact that it was created at a GameJam is awesome. The concept is fun and unique, great to pass the time, works your brain, nice eerie soundtrack, neat Easter eggs, a boatload of levels, however the game is still beatable (which I like), and some of the thought behind the levels is actually crazy. Truly challenges you to think outside the box. Plus, the developer collects no user data, which is a nice cherry on top. (One thing to note, I also own the PC version, you should bring the level creator over to mobile ;)

- Innovative, challenging and rewarding!

Baba is you is completely unique! Being able to mess around with the control logic made me laugh at how static I have become after decades of typical arcade games - fixed in my head that walls can’t be moved or the flag is always the goal. Some of the boards are super challenging, taking me several sessions to work through, but when you finally get it right, it’s totally satisfying! I especially like that the game is non-linear so that if you get stuck, you can work on another level and come back to it later. Thank you for putting a fresh spin on puzzle games!

- Great game, problem with the screen on some levels.

A really good mobile port, the controls work great and I’ve only noticed one problem that actually affected gameplay; the screen formatting for some levels can get screwy. Usually there’s just some stray pixels at the top of the screen that look weird, but on rare occasions you can’t see some parts of the level. The only level this has happened with for me so far is heavy cloud, where there’s text completely off screen.

- Brain cells go brrrr

I have no hundred percent completed this game is so good I have enjoyed every moment of this game and will replay over and over And then and again every single moment of me playing through this game had me thinking looking up hints and figuring it out for myself just lied to the end and all the secret levels everything came together for one beautiful game I enjoyed heavily and was pretty good five stars

- Amazing puzzles if you can decipher the graphics!

I love this game. The puzzles are challenging and highly addictive. I find myself coming up with solutions outside of my play time because the problems continue to cycle in my head when I close the game However. And it’s a big one. However, the graphics are so dark that some objects are essentially invisible while they are in their inactive state. I’ve used the setting for “force high contrast colors” and it does Nothing. No change. I’m on an iPhone SE second gen. I continue to play in dark spaces with my screen brightness turned all the way up. And this is the sacrifice I make for this game. But it shouldn’t be this way. Please tell me there is a fix coming!

- No lag and no problems so I will give it a

This role-changing game is the best. I got stuck around Level 7 but I managed to find a solution. I’ve been messing around with the in-game rules to give it a little more spice. I like all the obstacles and how they’re made. Some obstacles that I really like are the jellyfish the water and the skull. This game is really fun and I hope you make a Baba Is You 2, soon. Sincerely,Biocam1

- Brilliant

Absolutely the most original mobile game I’ve played. When it’s hard, I find it’s because I’ve not been thinking creatively enough. There’s a special pleasure then to solving it. That keeps it challenging — very challenging often — but not frustrating because there’s always a new way to attack the puzzle. Highly recommend.

- Great puzzle game

I like this game a lot, as it goes on you may learn more about text and logic such as you can do baba and rock is you, and there’s many ways to do one thing it’s even award winning, wow baba is you is a fun, battery saving puzzle game and I say that 7 dollars will be worth it and I recommend this to everyone who dose not have it :D

- Perfect game, meh port

So I've 100%ed the PC version awhile back, and it is a literal masterpiece, my only gripe with this port is the control scheme. I really, really wish there was an option to change to just a sort of D-Pad and specified "wait" buttons on the screen. But if youve never played Baba before, please please do. Literally one of the greatest puzzle games ever made.

- Great game, impossible level?

This game is ingenious. It’s one of the best I’ve ever played. I’d highly recommend it! A note to the developers: One level seems to be impossible on this platform. ‘Adventurers’ (Garden 10) is slightly different from the computer version, and I don’t think it’s still possible to solve.

- Add iCloud game save synchronization!

It’s a great game and has actually become of of my favorites. But, because there isn’t any save data syncing between iPhone and iPad, I’m kind of stuck playing on my small iPhone screen if I want to continue the progress I’ve made. All because I chose to start the game on iPhone and didn’t realize there would be no game save synchronization. So, I don’t play much anymore.

- Awesomeness

Baba is you is an interestingly thought-provoking, challenging and charming little puzzle game that sets itself apart from the others. The controls and interface are also near perfect on mobile.

- Good but needs a few features

Amazing puzzles. Love that it accepts the magic keyboard for input. Very pleasant to control. Unfortunately there’s no cloud save, so it’s pointless to play on my phone. It would be great if we also had access to the level editor. Finally, iPad has some weird gray borders that appear to be unintentional.

- Flawless

This game is definitely among the best puzzle games of all time with an innovative core mechanic, mind melting but creative levels and simple but charming art style. If you are a puzzle guy, then go ahead and buy it, you wont regret!

- Brilliant! Baba is WIN

Saw Cracking the Cryptic play this on stream and had to get a copy of this delightful game to play myself. This app is easy to pick up and play for just a few minutes (or for hours). Worth every penny!

- Fantastic

Absolutely brain-melting good fun! This game requires such impressive lateral thinking from the player and is so unique. Very clever, addictive, and engaging puzzler. Great value and the controls are easy and intuitive. Highly recommended.

- Amazing game, great port!

Not only did they port one of the greatest puzzle games of all time to iOS, but the port itself is actually really good! The only gripe I have so far is I can’t find a way to change the buttons to be on the right side instead of the left.

- Perfect

Battery drain was a big issue but the most recent update completely fixed it. Now the game is perfect.

- Baba is great!

This is quite frankly one of the best sokoban-type games ever made. Touch controls are very well done for this mobile port. Thank you, Hempuli, for bringing this gem of a game to iOS!

- Amazing game

I love this game and I’m glad it’s on mobile. But the level Ultimate maze is different from the pc version and I don’t think its possible anymore.

- Great game. Missing iCloud save.

This is one of my favorite puzzle games but without iCloud save I cannot play on my different devices.

- It’s worth it

If you can’t figure it out get a friend to stare at the puzzles with. My gf and I do this and we solve some together.

- One of the best puzzle games ever made

Outstanding game and great port. The controls are intuitive and useful. Baba should be on everyones list.

- Crashes on macOS Monterey

Trying to run the program on a MacBook Pro M1 Max running Monterey (12.1), but there's no way to get Baba to move; the game either does nothing or crashes. Runs fine on iOS, but that's not the point.

- One of the best puzzle games of all time

I love this game. Period. It’s amazing. As for the iOS port, when will it support iCloud saves?

- Why

Where is the level creator otherwise the game is good.

- Love the game but not stable on 12 mini

I love this game but it keeps crashing on my phone right in the middle of puzzles. Not acceptable for an app of this price as genius as the puzzles are. (iOS 14.7.1; iPhone 12 mini 256 GB; using most recent version of app at time of review)

- Great game, Heavy Cloud level is partially off screen

Hope they fix the Heacy Cloud level.

- Its great! But i have a suggestion.

Can you please add a level creator

- Impossible level.

Level “whoops” is impossible. You will never beat it. Trust me. There’s no way to make ice not you without getting rid of baba. I mean it. Were you thinking “Oh, let’s just add an impossible level and nobody will notice.”?!!!!!!

- I love this game but wheres the editor

Baby back baby back baby back ribs

- Great game

Great game, I would give it 5 stars but the level editor isn’t on mobile.

- Best PC Puzzle game, ported to iOS

Fun, mind-bending, and challenging. the port isn’t perfect but that by no means undercuts the playability of the game

- Worth every penny

One of the best puzzle games ever

- Where

Where is level editor???????

- Baba is Adorable

12 out of 10

- Crashes if other audio is playing



This is the most innovative game I played ever since I born

- Make a sandbox mode

We have sandbox mode on computer but why not mobile

- Baba on my phone!

Nuff said

- Baba is good

Baba is fun game One rule that doesn’t exist for this game is Baba is bad

- We need Chinese!!!


- Baba is I

I is Baba

- Clueless

I am absolutely without a clue on how to play this homely game

- Chinese can not be use!!!


- Gimme a refund plz

Refund plz

- Cool, Clever


- good game

no chinese

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- Just beat it and i love it 4/5

I hope level downloads come soon

- Really good game

This game is great and the puzzles get harder as you play, but please add editor because computer has it but for some reason mobile doesn’t have it. So please add editor, but other than that it’s a great game.

- Need iCloud backup

It’s a great game but it’s also quite unthinkable there’s no way to continue where I left off on different iOS devices, also it’s risky to lose the progress if the app’s got unloaded.

- Good game poor app

Not even cloud save? really!? iOS storage optimisation feature removed the app when I wasn’t using it and now that I have re downloaded it my save file is gone forever. I guess this is it for me with this game.

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- Adorable and Challenging Game

This game is such an adorable puzzle game! The music and sound effects are lovely and puzzles are well thought out. Definitely worth it! :)

- You like puzzles? Don’t look elsewhere.

One of the best game on iOS out there. Every penny is worth.

- An amazing game

For the price and quality the game is amazing. Music, graphics and the variety of the puzzles really make this game a sight to behold and I’d truly recommend this game to anyone looking for a challenging yet calming and relax game

- A super game

It’s a very good game,I like the style end Baba is so cuuute! But I would want to know how to set the game in English since I don’t understand japanese or whatever it is at all so… could somebody tell me how to change it?

- Great game! Walls are hard to see.

When I enable Reduce White Point in iOS settings, walls are in dark gray and hard to see even with High-Contrast. Great game otherwise.

- A must-play, challenging puzzle game with good controls

The artstyle is amazing, it runs amazingly on my iPad (which most games don't haha), the controls are great for this type of game, and a whole lot of the levels are way challenging. Really, the cost of this game can barely measure up to the content inside. ...When I mean challenging, I mean CHALLENGING. A lot of the puzzles, I find myself staring at the screen for at least 10 minutes 😂 All I can say to you is good luck. You'll need it lol

- Worth the money!

It may looks expensive, but it’s one of the best games I have ever played! The atmosphere and the idea is so original and fun!

- Best puzzle game I have played

also it would be awesome if they added build mode on mobile

- Game of the Year

Check out the reviews elsewhere - this game is a true gem. BABA IS GOAT

- Brilliant

A challenging but completely fair and very satisfying puzzle game with a totally unique mechanic. Check out the reviews on other game services and then come back and buy it — it’s perfect for iPad and iPhone.

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Baba Is You iphone images
Baba Is You iphone images
Baba Is You iphone images
Baba Is You iphone images
Baba Is You iphone images
Baba Is You iphone images
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The applications Baba Is You was published in the category Games on 2021-06-22 and was developed by Hempuli [Developer ID: 1517281886]. This application file size is 136.11 MB. Baba Is You - Games app posted on 2021-07-17 current version is 1.02 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.hempuli.baba