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Do you like mind games and riddles? Here's the best 3D mind teasing game ever! Join 100M+ players mastering tangles and knots!

It's a challenging yet super fun brain puzzle with easy to play controls. Just sort the ropes in the right order and untangle ropes on time! Remember you also have limited moves to complete the level so focus on matching colors, sort ropes and untie the ropes.

Tangle Master 3D is like a color puzzle, you need to sort and match colors of ropes and pins. If you get stuck, we have plenty of boosters to help you along the way :) You can cut the rope, or explode the locks.

Two ropes is a piece of cake! Tease your brain, relax and enjoy the game :)
Three ropes makes you a game master, a 3D Tangle Master! No knots can hold you back!
Four ropes "quadruples" your fun! Wow you are a genius!

Are you ready for a master challenge? Come and enjoy this puzzle game! Hundreds of uniques levels, customized features and special weekend tournaments!

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- Hate on me but...

So I say u should download it because it’s a fun game but the difficulty is like a one for me it’s not that hard and I like things to be difficult you might not but I think the difficulty is really low and they need to make the difficulty level higher and the ad just seems like a stupid person doesn’t know how to do that and it’s super easy and I think they should make it to where you can do it because then people don’t want to do it if you say harder than you think so that’s why I think you should download the game because it’s a fun game but it’s really easy I was on level 100 and it was still so easy I was like this is just too easy for me so I decided to delete it and write a review just a towel feature people I want to download this game like if you’re reading this right now you probably aren’t because it’s super long so I’m going to end a really shortly you should download the game if you like really easy games yeah I see Ende bye

- Ads Galore, Confusing

I originally saw an ad for this game through another games's *voluntary* in-app ads, and thought I'd check it out. It was a huge disappointment is many ways. A big turnoff was simply the visual layout. The main screen in cluttered with ads and some vague icons, with the tangled ropes in the middle, with no explanation of anything. I wasn't quite sure what was part of the app or what was part of an ad at times. Please believe all the reviews warning of too many ads! Despite the warnings, I was shocked with how much screen space ads took up while playing the game, in addition to numerous ads between games (levels?). One small ad was placed right on the "bar" the tangled ropes were hanging from, making it difficult to avoid touching it. Not to mention, the graphics (perhaps due to whole cluttered screen) were not nearly as nice, sharp, and clean as shown in the AppStore photos. Yes, I am playing on a newer, up-to-date phone. Finally, the game lacks any instruction, tutorial and/or intro when you open the game the first time. I was already familiar with these type of tangled rope logic games, and though the objective may seem obvious, a basic tutorial should have available, in the settings or otherwise. The rope logic game itself has potential, but not this particular app unless it undergoes a major overhaul. A 1-star review overstates my opinion of this game. I do NOT recommend!

- Only if you are young, with perfect vision and neuromuscular System

I’m 73. My vision is less than perfect. I have a tremor in my hand. These make this game nearly impossible to play. Some levels are timed. To move what I need to move, I must move carefully. Nearly each time I touch a rope, my hand tremor makes it come up and before I move my hand away, t have done another touch and it is back down again. This makes it nearly impossible to do the “complete in N moves” levels, and contributes significantly to my failure to “complete in N seconds” levels. When I hit the first “complete in N seconds” level, I gave up after about ten tries. The intrusion of 30-second mandatory ads before each “scene”, with no way to skip them, is truly annoying. They may think that “if we annoy them enough, they will pay our overpriced subscription rate”, but the real result is some users react with a one-star review (we can’t make it 0, and this game requires negative stars), and simply delete the app. Which is what I have done. These games should have ADA compliance options, such as “no timed levels” and “no counted levels”. I am not playing it to compete, I’m playing it to challenge my mental acuity. If the rope goes up-and-down quickly, then it is hand tremor and should be ignored. I’d give it -2 stars, for its combination of obnoxious ads and its assumption of perfect vision and a perfect neuromuscular system.

- Well!! Different options would be better

I see you already have a lot of comments about the ads! I completely agree with all that I read so I won’t repeat. I have found no value at all in the “coins” that it says you earn, using them to purchase extra turns would give them some actual value, increasing the coins earned for the double, more for the triple & more yet for the quadruple would give the game a bit more challenge. Increasing the number of ropes in levels would also add interest to the game. I also agree with the 10 yr old who complained about the inappropriate ads. This is a game that while it could be of interest to children, would never be allowed for my children. Bathroom cartoons-yuck! Teenage girl that has given herself away for free asking someone to fix her life after being abandoned? How about fostering things that help kids learn to balance their checkbook, or figure out how much they can spend on some desired object, to learn how they will use percentages in real life, how fractions work, basically games that, while a lot of fun, are also a learning challenge. Kids & parents would be much more likely to even purchase such a game.

- Good but not Great

When I first got this game I was addicted to it. But when I started playing it more it also started to relive stress while at the other hand it also made me have more stress. THERE IS WAY TO MANY ADS! Especially when you run out of moves and have to watch ads to get more moves. And to be honest, some levels you can’t even beat if you don’t have enough moves. So here I am watching like 13 ads just to get past one level. Other than that, the game is amazing. You get to change your rope style, your pin and much more this is definitely one of my favorite games ever. Another thing that I really like about the customization is that you can be different and it makes the game a lot more fun. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who wants to have a fun and challenging time. It would also be really fun if they could have head to head challenges to see who can unknot the level the fastest. Great game and I am in love! 🥳🥳🥳🤩🥳🤩🥳😍🥰

- Easy fun but something needs to change

Before downloading this app, just know that after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL THEIR US AN ADD. Some adds are weird too and some are inappropriate. I get adds for chapters, a game where you chose what to do about your cheating boyfriend and stuff... which is bad for people like me that are the age of 10. I think that some adds should be taken out. And there also shouldn’t be adds after every little level because it gets SO ANNOYING. I do like the game ,though. The adds for the game that I got said it was harder than you think when it’s actually very easy. I got all the ropes and ends of the ropes in one day. Very easy. Right now I have like 20 thousand coins and this is my second day playing. This game does pass time ,too, which I like. It’s pretty fun I do recommend it if you have the patience for a million adds.

- Game fun wears out quickly.

Please make a replay/ restart/ redo option available at the end of each level where “next” pops up when a level has been completed. It is a pain to scroll through the long road map to redo a level to try for a better score. If I am at level 275 and choose to go back to level 93, when I complete level 93 please don’t zoom me back to level 276. I prefer to go to level 95 automatically. Please only forward me to the next level after the previously completed level regardless how many levels I have done in the game. The game also becomes very repetitive and boring after about level 200 and up. I am currently at level 300+. No more rewards to go after other than an endless supply of coins that are essentially useless, except for getting an extra button or scissors upgrade for the round. Please get rid of the plain white bar at the bottom of the screen when playing. Why is there the “Progressive” logo when I paid to have the ads removed?

- Honestly..... don’t bother.

Ok, so I was looking for a time waster. This game is that, but in all the wrong ways. At first you get two or maybe three levels before you have to watch an ad, but very soon it’s EVERY LEVEL. The game itself is overly simple, so you actually play less time than you watch ads. When you win a prize after completing so many levels, you have to watch another ad to claim it. Don’t bother! It’s only some stupid flower or cat shaped button to add to the end of the “ropes”. You also earn coins, but they are only good for slightly changing the look of the “ropes”, and then there’s another ad... And, the ads are the REALLY ANNOYING KIND... Toon Blast and GardenScapes mostly, and you CAN NOT MUTE THE SOUND. They are really loud too, even if your device is on low volume, the ads are loud. If the game itself was more engaging, a few ads wouldn’t be a big deal, but the game is probably suitable for a four or six year old. I can understand ads every other level if it’s one of those money earning games, but for a simple kid level game it’s outrageous to have to watch an ad every level. This game is getting deleted now.

- It’s Alright...

It’s an alright game. I love the concept of the game & it’s pretty fun to play, the problem with it is that I finished this WHOLE ENTIRE game in ONE night. Unlocked all of the things in the game, from the different types of ropes to the different buttons & the bars that hold the ropes. After unlocking all of them, there are the challenges in that game. Beat them all & now I’m in a predicament where all of the different ropes that enter twine with each other are all the same repeated rounds from the very beginning. Granted, they do start giving you a limited amount of moves to make it more challenging, but like I said, even with all that the rounds repeat themselves & it just gets easier & easier to the point where it gets kind of boring (& this is with all of the pop-up ads, might I add.). Developers, if you’re reading this, please put more stuff in the game. More prizes, more challenging tangled-- uphbsh-- ropes, like five or six of them as you get higher & stuff, & heck, why not unlockable different backgrounds too? Other than that... it’s not that bad. Pretty good, but I’m only putting three stars because they could put so much more stuff. I know that making a game app can be a bit challenging with all the physics & stuff, but what’s life without a little challenge? Anyways, if you made it this far into the review, be safe out there & have a nice day/morning/afternoon/evening/night/midnight/next day.

- More annoying than relaxing

First I want to say this. Don’t get get me wrong, this is a very relaxing game, HOWEVER, it’s more annoying than relaxing. I honestly hate how every game by this developer gives you an ad after just about every other level. It’s super annoying. What happened to having the free-to-play games that had ads but not as often. I understand that the way they earn money for the games is through ad revenue and in-app purchases. But for this game and the others like it by the developer, the amount of ads it has per five minutes, counting the time the ad takes to finish(at least for me it’s like five to ten ads in five minutes) it’s unnecessary. The games aren’t that good, it’s just one continuous motion every single time. Yes, a lot of games are like that but they have a story to them, they have actual goals. This game and the others like it, they don’t have that. What I’m trying to say is, if it had less ads and the ads were spaced out much farther from each other, and the games were actually good, maybe I’d be willing to play them again.

- Very addicting!

I downloaded this mobile game because I needed some distraction and it certainly achieved that! I would recommend it to anyone who finds calm in solving simple, repetitive puzzles but also likes the occasional challenge and collecting in-game items. This is definitely not for people looking for an “exciting” game that changes a lot or level; they will get bored easily. I’ve collected almost all the different skins, but I still have over half of the levels to go so I can see myself even reaching a plateau in gameplay soon. The UI is a little ugly with the overly bright colors and it was a little hard at first getting used to clicking the pin that I want to put the rope on rather than dragging, but once I got the hang of it these small annoyances faded into the background. What I wanted was some brief fun and this is simple but definitely very fun.

- Not worth it

The basis of the game is good. The concept is good, the puzzle is intriguing and unique, but there’s so many things about this app that make it not worth the hassle. First is the crazy amount of ads. There’s an ad after every other level, and the levels are relatively easy and can be solved in under a minute, so that’s a video ad less than every two minutes. More annoying is the game can’t keep up with its own physics engine so it lags. The ropes used are nice and bouncy and resemble real life, but it has major lag and jolts a lot. This is frustrating particularly for timed tasks. Also, there’s not a lot of ways to customize even though there is a shop. There’s also not a ton of levels either, less than 100, and with the levels being so short it’s not an app that will last you a long time, if you can suffer through the ads (I just put my phone on airplane mode so the ads wouldn’t come up) Not worth the space on my phone

- Let’s talk ad management.

For all these sort of crappy gimmicky games that you downloaded because you saw an ad, expect a load of ads in game. Luckily there are management options. These may not be helpful to some, but work well for me. I’m on an iPad. 1. So long as you are not waiting for a phone call, swipe down to bring up the widget screen and turn airplane mode on. Viola! No more ads. 2. For those moments when you must watch an ad to claim that ‘free’ prize that you worked hard for, I recommend turning airplane mode back off and waiting a second or two before clicking the claim button. Sometimes I forget to do that and it will glitch out and I lose the prize. But let’s be real, those prizes usually have little gameplay value anyway. 3. If you can’t turn airplane mode on because you need service on your device; There are these little arrows in the corner of the ad that pop up after about five seconds. Tap that and your ‘x’ will appear allowing you to skip the ad MUCH more quickly. Mandatory ads where you are claiming a prize will not have the arrows. You gotta watch the whole thing which is fair IMO. That’s it. As for this game, it’s fine. Good for those late nights when you are struggling to sleep and need something mindless.

- A blatant ad platform, you rarely play the game!

The ads take three times as long to watch as it does to play a single level of the game. About every two levels, sometimes every level, you have to watch another ad. In my experience all of the ads carried a second advertisement behind them, in other words it would show you an ad for solitaire, you would click close, and then it would show you an ad for the same game, which you then had to close. You genuinely spend a fraction of your time actually playing the game, and after 20 levels I couldn’t take it anymore and simply uninstalled it. I didn’t have a chance to find out whether or not it was fun, because all of the advertisements made it so painful. Since I did not have a chance to find out if it was fun or not, I don’t see why I should bother paying for it. Perhaps this company should reconsider their strategy on free demos. All they have demonstrated is that they are capable of writing an extremely good advertising platform.

- Fun but repetitive.

It is fun and pretty relaxing. There are the occasional ads, but it’s it’s a lot better compared to what I’ve seen. You can skip some ads, unlike other apps I’ve had in the past where you have to see 2-3 30 second ads at once. It can get really annoying. In terms of the game, I got to level 204 in only a matter of days because that’s how much fun I was having but at some point it feels like you’re playing the same levels over and over again—and I think I am because there aren’t many variations. They should probably add extra ropes to make levels more challenging and different the further you progress. You can unlock different designs and stuff and you get some really cool rewards in the form of gold coins, but other than that the lack of challenges is what makes me want to uninstall the app because I feel like theres nothing else to do.

- Good game, but other stuff is too long

Everything takes so long. The intro when you open the app, the showing you moved up to the next level, the ads, after you win. I’m just here for the challenge. I don’t care for it showing me all this other fluff. But I like the way it clicks in my hand when I earn coins. If the other fluff does have to be here it would be nice if it didn’t take so long to show me. I don’t need to see how many stars I earned and I don’t care about how many coins I earn unless it helps me buy new levels. I don’t care to see how I progress to the next level. I wish the bombs would actually explode. I was disappointed it gave me another chance to play with another long timer when the bombs “go off” and that was it. The puzzle part of the game is great though.

- Tangle Master Ad Pop-up, the game with more ads than actual game play. 3 extra moves don’t work

Downloaded the game. Started playing it. I ran out of moves a few times, so I clicked the button for extra moves, watched the 30 second ad, was given the 3 moves, but I couldn’t do anything, it didn’t let me move anything! The constant ads. We see and hear enough political ads on tv, the radio and now on this game! Fix the game so we can actually use the 3 extra moves after watching more ads like the game “promises”. 1 ad between between each level, 1 ad to watch to get 3 extra moves (that you can’t actually move- you basically waste your time), total of atleast 2 ads per level. Maybe need to change the name to “Tangle Master Ad Pop-up, the game with more ads than actual game play”. Even disconnecting from the WiFi/internet does not stop the ads. The ads are embedded in the app it’s self. The game maybe only a few mb,but the ads are what take up most of the storage!

- Relaxing game, frustrating rewards and ads

To start, this game is really relaxing and has nice graphics. It really is one of my favorite games to play. However, there are so many ads that I had to turn off the app’s permission to use my data and WiFi so that I could actually enjoy it. Another con that I didn’t realize until about 75 levels in is that you get the same amount of coins for every level. Example - you untangle all four and it says “Quadruple!” You would think you would get 4x the coins, but no. You get the same amount either way. Honestly I stop playing the game when I think about that just because it’s a slight means of subtle manipulation. I suggest cutting out a LOT of ads so that you actually generate the money from the ones that get watched instead of people cutting them off completely. If I hadn’t been able to turn my WiFi and data permissions off, I would have deleted this game after the fifth level just because nobody wants 30 seconds of ads for every 30 seconds of game play. I also suggest making each level worth a certain amount and if it says “double!”, “triple!”, or “quadruple!”, actually make those points multiply. It’s a small thing that would mean a lot to your players. You fix these things, and you’ll earn yourself a lot of five star reviews. 😊

- Great for what it is

I try to rate a game by the actual gameplay. Considering ONLY THAT, this game can be a therapeutic way to spend short periods of free time. Puzzles like this can actually really help with stress and/or anxiety, as they require the focus of the other side of the brain. The overall app has the unappealing trend of exposing the player to more ad time than game time. The ad interruptions severely break the immersion and reduce a lot of the therapeutic benefit mentioned above. But, as the developer makes no claim it is intended for such purpose, I can’t fault it for that. As I saw in another review: turn your cellular data off for the game to stop the ads. Then you can better judge the game for itself and decide if you want to support the developer by actually paying to remove the ads.

- It was just plain boring plus the ads

At first i thought this game would be awesome! So i was excited to get on to the first level and it was way to easy so i thought it would get more challenging level by level but as i kept playing it was basically the same thing over and over then the game added one more rope... after like at least seven levels! And did i mention the ads there was one right when i logged on and then one after the first level then it stoped for level two but it just kept going after that. And last but of course on of the least... the timed rounds, it was a bit more challenging but i guess you could say that the game was too easy. Also because of the ads my iPad would overheat and sometimes it started to burn my hands, and i don’t know about you but i hate when that happens. So i guess I’m giving this game a bad review Yours truly , Anonymous

- Great game

I love playing this game. It’s a fun challenge and it’s relaxing for me. The only issue I’m having is that the ropes often don’t move where I want them to—they automatically go back to the spot I’m moving them from, and that counts as a turn. This is happening more frequently—even when I slowly or strategically move a rope and try to relocate it. It just snaps back to the spot it came from and I lose another turn. This has happened several times in a row, causing me to lose turn after turn, and I end up having to restart that level. You can imagine how frustrating this is, especially when I’m at the end of a level and every move counts. Please fix this! Thanks!

- Real review

Don’t bother with this game. It’s unbelievably easy, and you’ll be blowing through levels of the game so fast that you’ll be spending more time watching ads (10-30 seconds long) than actually enjoying the game. You’ll see so many “Klondike Adventures” commercials that you’ll rip out your eyes and scream in ecstasy because the unforgiving time you’ll spend waiting for ads to finish is finally over. This game is just an advertisement money farm. I understand advertisement is what drives most of these games to be free and honestly I don’t care to watch and advertisement to play a free game, but when there’s an advertisement EVERY SINGLE LEVEL and sometimes two ads per level. Then it’s not a game. It’s a massive commercial program downloaded to your phone. So, if you’re a huge fan of late night infomercials then you should definitely get this game. If you want a nice free game to burn down time then this isn’t your cup of tea. Complete waste of data. I DO NO RECOMMEND.

- Beware of ads around children

For a game that is marketed for ages 4+, some of the ads are incredibly inappropriate for children. I downloaded the game and within 5 minutes / 10 levels, I got an ad for every level. That’s not a big deal for me, but some of them are more adult range (zombie hunt, find the murderer) games. After the last level I played, some sort of RPG/adventure game ad came up that has a cartoon image of a classroom full of high school students and a female student is *hanged outside the classroom window, dead, with blood dripping down her body*! I don’t know if it was a mystery whodunit or suicide (I quickly closed it as soon as possible), but it was disturbing for me to see as a 35 year old adult. Idk if the developer is responsible for what ads are placed, but I have played many games with the basic “ad after every level” structure and I have never seen an ad like that before. This is the fastest I have ever gone from “hey, I’ll try this game” to “nope, deleted”.

- App Centered Directly Around Feeding You Ads

I’d rather be the one invested in this app then the one playing the game. Because there’s nothing but ads. And the entire thing is geared towards watching ads. Watch more ads to get more coins. And it’s not just those normal ads. It’s the kind where it’s a 15 second ad then another 15 seconds of them trying to get you to click on the screen and play a demo of the game but then it redirects you to the App Store to download the app that was in the advertisement. There’s even a specific half inch of space at the bottom of the screen to show you clickbait ads while you’re actively playing. It’s just overkill. Thankfully the game offers an option to purchase ad free content for $2.99. Because I cannot experience the game without seeing an ad every .5 milliseconds to know if it’s WORTH it I’ll just delete it. Should have known better as the game itself was a Facebook ad lol.

- Great until...

I paid to remove ads, which worked decently well. Great game until now. I don’t know what level I was on, because I deleted the app (it stopped working completely- literally no response of any kind) so I could re-install it hoping that would solve the problem. Now I’ve got the game back, but “restore purchases” button down work. I can’t figure out a genuine way to contact the makers. When you click their company website it brings you to their main page. There is a “contact” button that requires you to give them your email and phone number and agree to let them use your data- then when you push the button it just tells you “contact completed,” nowhere to actually tell them your problem. So now I’ve paid to remove ads for a game that I have to start all over and either deal with ads or re-purchase. NOT OKAY!!!

- What are the coins for?

I liked the game and found myself turning it on throughout the day. I paid to remove the ads and highly recommend that tact if you like playing. The ads disappear completely. Currently on level 417 (in about a week of playing) and I’m curious what the coins are for besides extra moves? I currently have almost 115,000 coins and I almost never need extra moves. I can’t seem to buy any more threads or snaps. Additionally, once you’re past the first few hundred levels, it seems like the same puzzles over and over. I’d love to get some more complicated puzzles with more than 4 threads instead of playing the same thing over and over. So I’m about to quit playing and will just watch for an update I guess, with more things to spend coins on and harder levels to play.

- Yes!

I love this game. So addicting. I also am 73. I have no problems with being rushed. I just pause and take a few minutes break. Occasionally the ropes want to go their own way, but it’s not bad. Challenging! I think they just did an update, and all seems fine. I was able to do a new app download and it was ok. But i love the quickness of play; a couple games for a quick break and move on. I ve played 2 or 3 games without ads. That s Nice. Thanks guys. Keep up the good job. Granny-J./eoj (retired programmer/analyst). Add-on 5/1/21: you have taken away the ability to back-up or start over. This needs to be restored since there is still the problem that I tap one rope to move, but a different rope moves! Granny-J.

- Don’t like this app 😕

So this app is really the worst. I got it because my brother did. At first it was good but then horrible. I thought at first I would beat the game but instead it seriously is IMPOSSIBLE. I can’t even beat one level anymore! I got it just two days ago and this is already horrible. I’m on level 63 and bruh cannot even pass. Make your game easier is what I’m trying to say for the first paragraph! For my second paragraph I would like to say this game is ad crazy. Every level an ad pops up even when I say NO THANKS 😡😡😡. Fix that too and I’ll so be much much more happy to play your game. Plus I bet you hate watching ads too so why even bother with ads?! Why give every one else ads when you are at home annoyed with all the crazy ads?! Dude fix it to where you can make it to NO ADS. Anyways, sorry don’t be upset with my review. Fix your game and bruh you’ll get a lovely supporter. ❤️ Now bye.

- Developers care more about ads than gameplay

Throughout this game, you get constantly spammed with ads. Not a big deal, since many free games are like that nowadays. BUT, when you “lose” a level, you get asked if you want extra moves if you choose to watch yet another ad. Because of this, some levels if you aren’t perfect with your moves, will try to tell you that you lost and present you with the button to watch an ad to get more moves, even though your last move beat the game (level 20 for me). The game thinks you lost since your move count is 0, but the ropes are unknotted. It’s like they can’t wait for the animation to go through or maybe it is a bug with the locks on the ropes. Long story short, after more ad time than playing just to find a really annoying bug to force you to watch more ads, I am uninstalling (barely 20 minutes of actually having the app).

- Too many ads to even decide if I like the game

The developers need to reconsider having ads in the first 20 levels. I was trying to decide if I liked the game enough to unlock an ad-free version. The cost is reasonable. But from level one it is play a level see an ad, play a level see an ad, play a level see an ad. By the time I got to the fourth level I hated the game and uninstalled it. Somehow I doubt that is what the developers are going for, but that is what they accomplished nonetheless. I don’t know if the game gets any harder, more interesting, tests my problem solving skills... I couldn’t answer any of those questions. All because they end every single completed level with a 30-second ad. Really people, consider it an introductory or learning set of levels. Whatever you need to justify a set number of beginner levels that do not have ads that push away people who are evaluating the game.

- Cute if the game let you play more than 5 seconds

The graphics of the game are appealing, so I thought I would try it. Of course the first ones are easily solved, then you are sent to a 30 second ad without an opt out, which is 25 seconds longer than one has played the game. The ad will not go away once it has used its time up, so you have to abandon the game to get rid of the ad, and come back another time. Then, once I got to a level where it took a little longer, it timed out. WHY ARE YOU GAME DEVELOPERS OBSESSED WITH CLOCKS AND TIMERS? Do you use a timer when you read a book? Listen to music? Games are RECREATION. They are a LEISURE activity. At the very LEAST, make the timer an option, if someone thinks rushing makes it fun. I’m in no hurry. I prefer to have time to think and appreciate. Let me know when you turn the timer off. Until then, I am deleting the game.

- Weird game

It came up as an add when i was playing a game and i thought i would try it,it was fun for the first levels but then it started getting annoying and you do the same thing for every round,nothing changes it was a total fail i didnt like how they just made up a game where you have to untangle string that is the most annoying thing to do and so many adds pop up on my screen you cant put an add every single level you pass. Dumbest game ever. I dont like how they have like 35 second adds its fine if theyre 5 second adds cause at least you can click of them in a bit bit when your not interested in the game that is shown on the add. I think just the fakt that its untangeling ropes which is the most annoying thing to ever do,i dont like these games that have no sence its not even intertaining. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME😡

- Dis a Meh

I don’t usually do reviews but I just have to say this. The game itself is actually fun and supper easy. The thing that I don’t like are the ads. There are just to many ads. I don’t get why you need to watch an ad in order to get your rewards even tho you worked hard to get them. It just doesn’t make any sense. Like the key meter, once it’s full you get to choose which chest you want then when clicking in order to get the item from the chest the game gives you two choices, 1 to watch an ad to get your prize, or 2 to forget about it and don’t claim it. And when clicking forget about it they just throw an ad at you anyway. I really wanted to give it a 2 star but I’m being nice cause I know that the ads are there way of making money but still. It’s annoying.

- Too many ads!!

I love puzzle games and this one is no exception, it is well done, but there are Way Too Many Ads. Every one or two puzzles, I have to restart the app because it quicker to close and reopen the app than it is to actually watch the ad. That keeps me playing for a little bit, but in a recent update, they added advertising written on the actual ropes! I was able to replace the background that had advertising with a background I had won in a contest, but forcing advertising to show up in actual gameplay? If I wanted to stare at the Progressive Insurance Logo, I would have downloaded their app, opened it, and stared. I understand that the developer has to make some money, but having a banner ad down the bottom should be more than sufficient. I’m deleting the app because of the excessive advertising.

- Relaxing but ...

When I first started playing this game it fast became my favorite. It was fun and relaxing but maybe because I played it almost everyday every chance I had it started becoming boring... the puzzles kept repeating itself. I didn’t notice at first but once I noticed one constantly repetitive puzzle I began to see other repeating puzzles... I’ve played other games similar to this which at least had a large enough variety that I did not notice repetition until well into the game. I’ve only downloaded this a few weeks ago... I still full around with it sometimes trying to improve how many moves I make but after awhile even that gets tiring... I just noticed an update so hoping there’s some newer puzzle. Happy but not satisfied... I’m sorry.

- I hate the limited moves update

This game was always really fun. But one day I didn’t play it as much so I kinda forgot about it. I wanted to play it again and they got the limited amount of moves now. Since then I have deleted it because I just enjoyed having 4 unravel at the same time now you have to do whatever in 10 moves or less and that seriously is a very idiotic idea. They should at least have it as an option to better yourself but not everyone wants the limited moves! I will not be playing this game anymore. Also the ad’s are very annoying. Almost every time you finish one you have an ad pop up and sometimes freezes my phone. This game was deleted off my phone as soon as I saw the limited moves. Poor choice guys poor choice.

- Pleasant game the ads are the absolute worst ever

The game is pleasant enough. Not bad. I can tolerate ads but there are 4x more ads than other games I play and when the lending tree ad came up and I literally could not get rid of it no matter what I did, i deleted the app. If Lending Tree contacts me I will be furious (I did try going into lending tree and asking for a nonsense loan since just waiting for the ad to be over didn’t work, there were no click boxes to get out, etc. ). They said my fake person did not check out ID-wise. Duh. Still, that ad would be up there for me on this game. I hate to buy games on the App store since they have never transferred from one phone to another for me because Ive had to get new email addresses when apple switched from mac to me to icloud to needing a non-apple email for apple id... so I didn’t want to buy the app. It was cute enough - but not worth ad torture.

- Just another platform to throw ads at you.

The game itself is a reasonably fun game, although it does tend to get boring because they don’t do anything to make the tangles more complex. And there’s only so much you can do with this concept, anyway. But it’s an amusing way to pass the time. The only problem is that this game is just another platform for the developers to throw money-making ads at you. And they’re not good ads. The majority of them are for gambling and casino type games. Not something you want your children exposed to. And they throw an ad at you after practically every single game you play. And it’s the same ads over and over and over again. You spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. And for that reason, I have decided to just delete the game. I don’t need this in my life.

- Too many ads

It’s got way too many ads for a mobile game. I kinda knew it would because it was recommended to me via Facebook. Facebook seems to only advertise games riddled with advertisements themselves. I passed like one level straight into an ad. And the worst part is as you play you start to unlock a present by percentage as you progress through the levels only to be told that the only way to collect your hard earned present is to watch an annoyingly long ad. If you don’t watch it you have to let it go and you don’t get the present. But be warned. If you do that you have to watch an ad anyway. Waste of time and every level is the same. I would rate it negative stars for how scummy the ads are. Good well put together game. Terrible ads. Kinda ruins it. Just don’t play mobile games In general unless you have an advertisement fetish.

- Really Good Game but some complaints about how many adds there are...

This game is really addicting to me, but I have some complaints about the adds... I love this game and it is very fun to play, but the problem is, is that I think that there are WAY too many adds and it’s REALLY annoying. I play this game a lot when I’m bored, but it gets super frustrating when I finish a tangle, THERES AN ADD!! I feel like the creator of this game or the company of the game should limit the adds just a little, or even a lot... I feel like a lot of people would agree on this and if not, you’re weird. (just a joke) I hope the creator or the company see this, so they could change this by chance.🙃

- The game lasted 2-minutes - Trust me, the ads ARE bad.

I read the reviews and asked myself, "How bad can the ads be?" I downloaded it. They are bad!! After downloading the game I started playing. I counted the ads I was exposed to. If you count the double page same item ads (those you have to cancel twice to move on) as one, I was subjected to nine ads in three levels. I just had to delete it. Life's too short to play a game like this. I wish I had those few minutes back in my life that I wasted on this game. I have apps and play games supported by ads, but this is abuse. This game had so much possibility. If the developer hooked you by providing some free pages (ads neatly placed at the bottom or top are ok) before pausing the game for an ad break, it would be tolerable. Their ad free version price is a little steep for a game like this, but I'll never know if it is worth it now. Bye!

- Only 15 levels

Pretty good game, especially if you pay to remove ads, but unfortunately there's only 15 levels. They just repeat them over and over and over and over. I guess I’m dumb cuz it took me over 300 levels to realize this, but then I started screenshoting levels and comparing them and sure enough... every 15 levels they just start over and repeat the puzzles. I’d much rather the puzzles just get more difficult as you go along, rather than repeating the same 15. If you actually put new puzzles on every level, I’ll up my rating to 5 stars because this concept really is fun. But as it stands now, I feel like you’re cheating us, making us think we’re getting a full game and it’s only 15 levels repeated over and over.

- Ad after every game

Another one of these games where the ad-to-gameplay ratio favors the ads. I prefer to watch ads by choice when I may need a coin boost, but it is too discouraging to get hit with an ad after every game, especially when the ads are longer then it takes to clear a level. Could you imagine if you had to watch 3min of commercials after every 2min of tv show. I understand you have to have ads, but at least space them out and let us play more before we have to deal with one. Or better yet, make the game more enticing for us to watch voluntary ads to get rewards. It’s sad because I could see myself enjoying this game, but the ad frequency is too frustrating and I have to delete it before I even get to experience any challenging puzzles.

- Paid and still see ads.

Some levels are very difficult to do without a certain number of moves. In order to get those extra moves you have to watch ads even after you paid for the app to be ad free. You Also have to watch ads to get max points for each game. The game is non responsive sometimes, I will be on my last move to win and click three times and lose moves because the rope bounces backwards wasting a move. No matter how many times I click or drag it to the new location and I would say it’s my fault, but it only seems to happen on the last move. This again forces me to watch ads to continue the game. Seriously, don’t waste your money. Sorry. I gave it 2 Stars because I liked it in the beginning until after I paid for it.

- Not bad, not amazing

Yes, as complained about the ads are extremely annoying. Essentially every other level there is a 30 s ad to sit through, and since the levels themselves aren’t very difficult, I himself think I spend more time putting my phone down and watching tv while the ads are on and waiting than actually playing the game. The game itself is a great idea and the art and general concept is amazing and very fun! But it’s easy too, and more an exercise in a little patience and going through the motions than actually thinking. And the levels just seem to go on...and I swear they repeats (how many permutations of roles crossing one another can there really be I guess), so for the dumb ads and the repetitiveness this isn’t the best game out there and kind of a waste of time.

- Free version is more ads than game

I get it I get it, they want to sell the paid version of the game, so they make the free version so ad-laden that you buy the paid version out of sheer aggravation. In my case (and maybe yours, too) this backfired, because instead of buying I just deleted. The other problem is that the game itself is just ok. If it were great, I probably would have caved and bought the paid version. It’s not. It’s just mediocre. The supposed “gifts” and upgrades you earn are frankly kind of lame. You earn coins for passing levels but they seem to have no actual purpose in the game other than accumulating them. 2 stars for amusing me mildly for a couple days, -3 for making me feel like I wasted 10 min watching ads for every 2 minutes of actual play.

- TOO MANY ADS!!!!!!!!

The game worked fine for me. I didn’t see any glitches but I didn’t play the game very long either because I got sick of the ads. From what I experienced, the game was kind of relaxing, especially since there wasn’t any timers or number of moves you had to be under in order to beat the level, which I really liked. I also liked that they gave you the option to earn extra coins, by watching an ad probably. I also liked they had pop up challenges too, to add some difficulty you could play with a timer or set number of moves, but it was optional and only for that level. My only problem with the game is the number of ads. When I first tried the game a couple weeks ago, I could make it through 3-4 levels before having to watch another ad. But there has been 2 or 3 game updates since then and now at the end of every level you have to watch an ad. Hence the reason I just deleted the app. I wouldn’t take it from other games like where’s my water 2, and I’m not gonna take it from some no name game either. Fix the ad thing and then maybe you’ll have a hit on your hands.

- Fun concept, WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!

This game is fun in concept but the over reliance on ads is what made me delete the app within 10 minutes of downloading it. You get points based on your games to earn a key. You can triple your points after each puzzle by watching an ad (thankfully it’s not required). Once you earn enough to get the key, you pick a chest (out of 3). To even progress from this screen you need to open the other 2 chests and how do you do that? Watch an ad for each chest. I couldn’t find a way past it without being forced to watch two ads. Oh and in between puzzles they’ll show you ads you can’t skip through. I honestly think in the 5-10 minutes I played the game I must’ve watched 12-15 ads. I’d have rather paid a few dollars for the game than be forced to watch an ad every 15-20 seconds.

- Nice game but SOOOOOO MANY ADS

The gameplay itself is enjoyable and relaxing, but you literally have to watch an advertisement every 30 seconds. I wish I was exaggerating but I honestly think I am *under*-quoting it by saying every 30 seconds. Every time you finish a puzzle, you have to watch an ad to be able to move on to the next puzzle. It has completely ruined what otherwise would have been a very enjoyable game for me. I’m only 4 minutes in and have watched over 10 advertisements. The game gives you the option to earn more coins if koen “gift boxes” by watching ads, but you are forced to watch ads even without selecting these options. I will deleting this all already because of I just can’t stand being constantly berated with advertisements.

- Would give -34 ⭐️ honestly. Here’s why

So, I know they use ads to pay for the game or whatever. But the amount of ads I got. Not to mention how inappropriate they were. 16 ads before each level. Why? Just WHY?! Then I get an ad about people and when the do the *deed* 😶😬 I couldn’t stand how some of the ads the person would like PURPOSELY fail the level to peruse me to download it like, “ Pfft I can do it better than THEM😌😎” no. Just...... no. I want quality games not ads before a level that doesn’t work. I HAD TO RESTART THE GAME TO GET LEVEL 41 WORKING 😡🤬 get rid of the entire game. Idc how hard you worked on it. WORK HARDER. I don’t want to see some 13 year old “ dancing”/ twerking on my screen. All I can say is WHY!? That’s it I guess . Just make it better with an update or something. Please. My head hurts just thinking about this game.

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- Its kinda easy

I usually turn on the airplane mode, so the ad couldn't bother me much but I get to level 160 but it’s still only 4 ropes, it just repeats again and again kinda boring they should increase the number of the string so the game will be better

- Forced to watch ad for no reward

I don’t mind the occasional ad when I’m playing a free game, but what’s really annoying is when I select “no thanks” to extra moves or an additional reward because I don’t want to sit through an ad, it then I’m forced to watch one anyway and I do t even get the benefit of the extra moves or coins. And there’s no rhyme or reason to when the ads will pop up. Sometimes I can go for a few levels without one but then I get one at the end of the level and then after I collect my coins, really annoying.

- Fun game but extra aggressive ads

I don’t mind a few ads in a free to play game-that’s what free to play is all about but this is too far and it feels like it exists just for revenue raising and not actually trying to provide any entertainment between the ads since they pop up during and after every single action/screen transition. If they’re trying to incentivise us to pay the fee to remove ads (something I’ve happily done quite a few times) then maybe it will work on some users but this app just goes too far and I hope others won’t want to encourage sleazy developers.

- Constant barrage of ads

Thought this game looked fun and downloaded it on a whim. Discovered very soon after opening the app that it is a constant barrage of ads. I’d say the playing time to ads ratio is about 1:3 in favour of the ads. After solving the first tangle puzzle - simply two strings requiring one move - I was treated to two ads, one of which was a YouTube-style video ad that couldn’t be skipped or exited. Same again after solving the next puzzle which took all of three seconds, another two ads including video ad. By the third puzzle I’d played about 10 seconds of the game and had about a minute of ads + game loading so I gave up.

- Too many ads

I get it, app developers have to make money, but I have never ever seen an app with this many ads. It’s literally after each level (and at the start the levels only go for like 5 seconds, cos it’s easy). Then if you want to collect more coins you need to watch more ads. On top of that, if you want to open more than 1 treasure chest, you need to watch another ad 😵🤯 It’s hard to even get into it because you spend more time watching ads than actually playing. I got bored and lost interest because of it.

- Good but simple

I don’t think the adds in this game are really a problem you could always change it to aeroplane mode, but I feel like this game is kinda simple. For example, when you think that it will get trickier it suddenly gets easy again. There are sometimes where you do have to think but you eventually get the hang of it and it gets so easy. Overall it is not challenging enough.

- One of the best games

OMG I have been asking and asking Mum for this game and she finally got it for me. I can’t believe how fun it is, even though there is a lot of adds it still is amazing!!! 😊 When I am bored and can go on screens what I do is literally lister to music when I play. I haven’t played a game like this for a while now.

- Boring after a short time

It starts off well, but once all the challenges are completed and the upgrades unlocked (which did not take long) there’s nothing more on offer. It needs more puzzle complexity, more challenges and more achievements to unlock to stay interesting. And there are too many ads! Also, what are the coins for? They do nothing!

- Too many adds and too easy.

I stuck out this app for a while but getting an advertisement literally every second game is incredible obnoxious (this isn’t even counting extra advertisements they sprinkle in everywhere). I made my way up to level 320 expecting somewhere... at SOME point the game would increase in difficulty. It doesn’t. Boring, repetitive and much too easy. No point or satisfaction in grinding levels.

- More adds than game play. Time waster!!!

Downloaded this game at random. Far too many adds that take at least 30 seconds or more after each individual game even though you pass. Not going to purchase an add free game when I’m unsure how I really like it as these add interruptions are tiring and frustrating! Take 80% of the adds out and I might reinstall the game as the game itself may be fun, but far too frustrating too see where you can get with it because of the constant adds.

- Very average fun, for a bit

Good concept. Simple and fun. But it gets tiring very quickly with the limited number of ropes. Wish the ropes didn’t wobble so much like they were made of jelly and during an earthquake. Also adverts after every level is a pain and no way to purchase an ad-free version so it seems this game is really just designed to make money from you watching the ads. Deleted after a couple days.

- Like the concept but it is annoying and TOO MANY ADS

Okay I love the concept for this came but it is really annoying that you need to click on the rope then click on the place you want it to go. Why can’t they just make it that you drag it to the spot that you want it? Also secondly, just like every other review on this game, IT HAS TOO MANY ADS. Like one or two ads after every round is CRAZY.

- Adds adds adds

It might be a fun game if u weren’t subjected to a constant barrage of adds When u first start the games are just a few seconds long and then u have to watch two 30 second adds and when the add is over and u X out of it they give u another 12 seconds to endure...I understand that they need to put adds in but for the love of god don’t bombard us...I watched more adds than playing the game. And got very irritated and bored....delete delete delete

- Ads not a problem? Give me a break!

The fact that every time you push to do something or activate a game or claim a reward you get a minimum 30sec advertisement. The irony and what I think is a scam is that you pay to remove the ads and yet you still get them. After resets, after restarts. A complaint is going to Apple regarding this little money spinner for the developers.

- Way too many ads

I like to play a game a little bit to see if I like it before paying to remove the ads. However this game has so many ads that I’m just going to uninstall it. The game is quite fun but being absolutely inundated between every level with 30 second ads,Sometimes multiple ads between levels. This does not encourage me to pay to remove the ads it just annoys me so I’m going to remove the game.

- A 30s ad 10s into playing!

Didn’t have time to properly test this game, as it starts playing a 30 second ad for another game only 10 seconds into playing. Developers- if you want people to try it, let them try it for 5 mins first, and be reasonable- an ad every 10 levels or 5 minutes (the sooner of).

- Great Game but extremely way too many ads

Great game and kind of addictive, but the ads annoyed me so much I had to delete the game. You literally spend more time on ads than the game itself. This isn’t a game to be played if you are over the same old boring ads showing up every single time you pass a level.

- Tangle master 3D

I think you should do the 5 star and the review thing a little into the game instead of after level 1! But I can’t wait till it gets harder I always like a challenge!!!!!

- Too many ads

Could be relaxing fun but the sheer volume of ads makes it unplayable. At best you’ll spend 30% of you time playing and the rest sitting through ads. You can pay to remove the ads, but I never get I had enough of a gameplay experience (in between ads) to determine if I was comfortable making the purchase, so they lost me.

- Ive only started and ima pro already

I’ve only downloaded this app today and I’m already a pro! Wait I know this was a short story about me and this game by the way I love the app! Bye

- Way too many advertisements!

Two stars granted, because the game is fun - when you can actually play it! 3 stars withheld, because of all the ads. Couldn't even do one full puzzle, without having to stop for ads, every couple of moves! If you need that much advertising just to run the app, then make it purchase only. Deleted.

- Has potential but far too many ads.

Play for 5 seconds, watch 30 second ad. Play another 5 sec, 30 second ad. If you’re lucky you can play for around 20 secs without an ad, and the shortest ad I saw before deleting the app was 17sec long. The game itself has the potential to be fun but I’ll never know as the excessive ads just ruined it.

- Ads with a speck of game

If you like a game where you literally just watch ads with the occasional game to play, this is the app for you. If you win on the last move it tells you you lost but you have to watch an ad to get 3 extra moves - but there are no ropes because you've already solved it. You can't get the gift you worked your way up to win ... until you watch an ad. Way too boring.

- Boring after level 50

Was a good game for a while maybe until about level 50 and then it just stops progressing and you are repeating the same 4 or 5 level over and over. You also earn coins but they seem to have no use so not sure what they are for. They need to create more levels that get increasingly more complex

- Umm to easy 😬😐

Hi umm so this game is WAY to easy I am at level 30 and I just got it a couple of mins ago I really think you should start the first couple of levels easy but then make it hard thank you so much for letting me have a opinion but still play it even though it is easy it’s fun 😁😁

- Disappointing game with too many ads

The app is filled with too many ads and doesn’t flow well. The idea of the actual game is good but there are 30 second ads after every single round. Rounds only take about 3 seconds to solve to its very frustrating. Don’t bother getting the free version. I’ll be deleting what could have otherwise been an addictive game

- AD Simulator! The game

Game idea is kinda neat, but man would a terrible shame if more then half the time you are looking at an ad. Ads on bottom of the screen, you finish a puzzle that takes 5seconds, have a 30 second ad. I get it, you gotta make money, but make it every 5th level there’s an ad, or something else.

- Pod for no adds. Still get adds and restore purchase button doesn’t work.

I downloaded this game and the kids and I really like it. But the adds were annoying. So we paid $4.49 to remove adds. Adds still come up none stop. We clicked the restore purchase button and it does nothing and adds still come up. Don’t bother paying for this.

- This game is awesome and I love it so much

You should have this app it is so fun and easy to play but level 100 is pretty hard but fun and it tests you’re brain 🧠

- Disappointed I paid for full version

I paid full version cause the adds were constant and annoying. I also thought the levels would become more challenging but they're so easy and the game is kinda simple and boring. I'm 400 levels in and they don't even get harder.

- Too many ads!

I really enjoy the game itself but the number of ads is infuriating. You have to sit through a 30 second ad after each stage. Given some stages are quick to finish you spend more time watching ads than you do actually playing the game.

- Good at first

It gets boring pretty quick. Not only do the levels get easier, it ends up just repeating the same levels over and over. There’s no challenge. No extra ropes or moves, nothing. Great concept but needs work.

- Basically an ad simulator!

This game is basically an ad simulator as majority of your time in the app will be watching ads. A level takes on avg less then 10 seconds to complete, then you’re forced to watch a 60 second ad... I get the creators wanna make money but this “ads every couple of seconds” approach isn’t the way... HARD PASS on this obvious cash grab.

- Too easy

I got through 30 levels and deleted it because it was too easy. It would be nice if you could skip to more advanced levels, but the thought of mutant sitting through another 30 stages until it got more challenging turned me right off.

- Too many Ads

It’s such a shame that there’s too many ads on every level and takes the fun out of it. I’ve deleted the app because i don’t want to keep waiting for 30 sec ads on every level.

- Way to many adds

Good game, but about 5 mins of adds for 3 mins of play.. I have deleted it.. very annoying

- Ho hum

Mediocre. After a few games I got the method then it was just more of the same. Releasing 3or 4 ropes together is a bit more challenge but no reward. There is no real goal so all a bit pointless. Ads are annoying but easy to cancel after 5 sec.

- Just another app with too many ads waste of time

Developers of this app waste people’s time to make their customers buy this app by rewarding them with relentless ads that are happening after every single level Thank you for making me waste my time downloading this app and then having to delete it

- Can I just play the game

Omg this game would be enjoyable if there wasn’t ad after ad... Fun game but I’ve given up playing because every time you complete a level you have to watch an ad. At least let me complete 5 levels before an ad, honestly it’s super annoying.

- Easy and boring.

Got really repetitive around the level 130 and by 150 I'm sure they were throwing in the exact same puzzles regularly. Plus, an ad after just about every level unless you use Airline mode.

- I will pay for no ads!! Please!

Please make a paid version! Perfect game for kids except I had to delete because of the constant ads. I am happy to pay for an upfront purchase - even a bundle with knots. Please!


There are too many adds and when you press the remove adds button you have to pay $5 but that does not work properly so you end up spending more than you expect. It only works on the skip level button but instead of watching an add you have to use 1000 well earned game coins!

- If you like ads, download this game!!

Seriously, more ads than gameplay. Like not even close to even equal gameplay for ad watching. I get that devs don’t work for free, I am a software dev too, and I like getting paid, but this app and the level of unavoidable 30 second ads is just taking it to level ridiculous.

- Unbearable ADS!

This game is awesome, the ads that are literally everywhere makes it unbearable. I deleted the app after 5 rounds because I was wasting 30seconds of my lifeeeeee after every single game with these tacky ads! Seriously consider just a premium mode so users can actually enjoy and play!!

- Not cool 😒.

Who ever made this game is silly . They put WAY TO MANY ADDS in it. I can't even think . But if I was saying something nice . It will be ..... NOTHING!! 😒 like "Pom P🐣"said , you can always change it to no adds , but still . It is stuffed up . It doesn't even get hard . But I will get angry if the dumb people who made this game doesn't read this 😡. I gotta go get some air that I Ma that mad .

- Ads ads and more ads

Way too many ads after the first very basic couple of levels I had ads every second game that took so much longer than play time. Shame I did like playing the actual game except for the frustration level caused by advertisements

- To many adds

It would be a rally fun game if there wasn’t that much adds like a few is fine but one after and before every level like I would play it so often if it didn’t have all of those adds so please get rid of some adds to make it a better and more enjoyable game

- Ad overload

2 levels 1 as us what it should be called. I understand the need for ads in free games, but the number of them is excessive, especially when you see the same 2-3 on repeat. Update on the space of 10mins - got to level 50 before I’d had enough of the constant ads. Detracts from gameplay too much.

- Ads need work

I do hope you are making a good amount of money since a level on average takes about 20 seconds and before and after a level there are ads which means that when doing a 20 second level you spend an extra 2 minutes watching ads EVERY LEVEL. If you are reading this before downloading, please reconsider because I thought this game looked pretty decent but it is just a waste of time. I got sick of this game after 10 minutes and I only played past level 2 was because I thought that the ads would stop. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME

- So many ads that you can’t even work out if the game is any good

Made it to level 4. But had to endure 3 x 30 second ads for 30 seconds of play time. You should let players at least have 5 minutes to work out if they like a game before bombarding them with advertisements.

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- Just turn off your wifi

Everybody is complaining about the ads but if you like the game then turn off your wifi and the ads go away.

- Yahoo!!!!!!

Hi I love your game

- Avis

Trop de publicité

- Ads with a nice little game

It’s pretty sweet, you get to have unlimited ads, some of which are cool puzzles on how to solve to skip. And every once in a while you get a little game about ropes or something 🤦‍♂️

- Not much of a challenge

Was fun at the beginning but the levels all seem to be repeats. Doesn’t get any harder. Same three and four rope twists. Expected more of a challenge by level 250. Delete

- Ads overload

The game is overly aggressive with the ads and unlike most games when you have silent mode turned on it still plays the ads audio interrupting the music. I did see the suggestion to turn wifi off to stop ads but that also stops my Apple Music so I have decided this game is not for me.

- Dont ever install the game

The game is entertaining and well made. However its UNPLAYABLE due to ads after each stage. You are looking to spend more time on skipping stupid ads than playing the actual game. Not worth the time.

- Nice but ads are way to annoying

Ads are way too anoying to have fun

- Love it!

I am a master at this fun game! The levels are incredibly easy! You have come to right person here, because I love ads! Rollic games, I think this one is a great 👍 success to the world and please download it! Yes there are ads, but it’s very interesting to watch! Leave a like on this if you agree with me! I think they are just being nice sponsoring a lot of games to make them feel better! I turned off my wifi and then there were no ads! Totally recommend this app game reached level 💯 and really is not so hard but I understand. As long as it’s fun. I have the game on three devices! My mom’s phone 📱, my grandma’s phone, and my iPad! Again, love your fun games, Rollic Studios!

- Great concept, poor execution

I really enjoyed this game for a bit, but as others have mentioned, it gets extremely repetitive and doesn’t get harder as you progress. Like I don’t even think there are variations on their puzzles, they’re all just the same 4 or 5 puzzles repeated over and over. And yeah, the ads are awful. I disabled data for this app and now only play it with wifi off so that I don’t get ads but I wish there were more variations on the puzzles available and harder ones too! There are also lags and moments where it doesn’t register that you solved the puzzle or where it places the rope somewhere other than where you tapped.

- Way to many ads.

There is a ridiculous amount of ads. I deleted it. I don't have time to watch ad after ad.

- Do not download

Do not download!!!! Terrible game + so many adds just to play twice.

- Way too many!!!👎🏾

I made a mistake, I am going to delete this app there is way too many ads. Not enjoyable at all 👎🏾

- Kid friendly

I got to level 60 before deleting the app, really just because it’s not challenging enough.. it would be better suited for my 8 year old. The levels don’t really get more challenging as you go either so that’s annoying. I think the makers are onto something but if it’s aimed more for adults then it’s a fail. Definitely better for children. The ads are also annoying and there’s no way to turn them off on my iPhone as the app doesn’t even show up in my settings. Weird

- No more rope since level 106!

I loved the game so much that I decided to pay to remove the adds. It was great until level 106. Since then, there is no rope, only the jewel « pin ». I did the update and no change. Please help or refund me. Thanks.

- Woo hoo!

The ad is a lie you have a certain amount of moves you can’t go crazy and use a lot of moves but really fun game!

- (To translate)Le problème

Salut j’adore ton jeu mais lorsque que j’essaye de mettre une corde sur un autre point,elle retourne sur sa place actuelle.Des fois,c’est vraiment pas marrant quand il y a un minuteur car je dois essayer de déplacer la corde 15 ou 20 fois.Translate this on Google Traductor if you dont speak english.

- Kind of fun but a waste of time

WAY TOO MANY ADS!!! When you spend more time viewing ads than you do on actual game play, there’s a huge problem and the app is a WASTE OF TIME! Goodbye!!

- Tangle Master 3D

I paid to remove the adds since it was only 3.99 and they were very annoying. Even after paying the ads continued. What a rip off!!!

- Waste of money

Ads do not stop after purchase!!!

- Love

I love this game

- Boring

I play two games and then I get bored of it

- Déconseiller

Le pire jeux de toute ma vie il bogue vraiment beaucoup

- Annoying ads

Would be enjoyable with all the ads , deleting this game

- Adds adds adds

Adds every time you complete a puzzle , then adds to get bonuses more adds than I’ve ever seen and turning wifi doesn’t work . I will delete game now

- Terrible!

Can’t get past the first level bc there is a glitch that freezes the rope😒. I will put five stars if u fix this.

- Arnaque

J’ai acheté le jeu pour ne pas avoir de publicité, mais il y en a toujours grrr:(( I paid for this game, but I still have publicity:((

- pseucasso

Is a great game BUT it’s sometimes difficult to move the ropes to another spot.

- Good


- Fake

Even when I win it asks to play the level again .. I played like 10 times winning every time still didn’t passed me to next level

- Annoying Game - Time Waster

How to play this game would be a good idea. How to use the credit coins you earn, how to get scissors, pins, bombsEtc. And the ads - well don’t get me started - even in the middle of a move just to break ones stride. Ridiculous! Do not play this game - the ads will drive you bonkers & waste your time. I deleted it in exasperation!

- Ads

Use to love this game, so much so that I bought the “no ads” option. Now they have put ads on the map screen! NOT IMPRESSED! I want my money back! 😡

- Ads

Not a bad game but the ads are crazy. Every second or third puzzle there is an ad. And if you want to collect better rewards from solving the puzzles you have to watch more ads. Overkill much!

- Way too many ads

I don’t mind few ads but this game has ads after every single level and it makes it so annoying

- Like it BUT

I like this app but having an ad partly blocking the screen is REALLY ANNOYING.

- glitchy af

this app is so annoyingly glitchy. half the time when i go to move a rope, it rejects the movement and i have to try ten more times before it works. please fix this

- Ads ads ads

This is ad infested garbage, there is more forced ad time than actual game time.

- Fun but...

Needs some work. I like that you can drag and drop the rope in one motion (instead of click to lift then click to move) but it seems a bit buggy. Sometimes the rope does not move where you want It, even when there’s only one spot open. It keeps reverting to its original position. Also, too many clicks to get to next levels...

- Too much ads

Ads time is more than playtime

- It’s just ads

The game takes so long to build up to a challenging level. I even paid to “eliminate ads” and i still get them, which is really annoying.

- Scammers

They scam Zynga name to get you to download a shoddy game with ads every 30 seconds

- Ads still there

I paid to remove ads - they are still there. RipOff

- Where’s the Rope Game?

It might be fun if I could find it. It’s buried in so many ads that I gave up after a few minutes.

- Why did I pay?

I paid and I’m still getting ads, can I get my money back?

- F&$#ing ads

I paid to remove ads, but I keep getting them!

- Commercials commercials commercials

Do you like to watch commercials? Well this is the game for you!!!!

- Tangle master

Only button that works is No Thanks. Should have said no thanks to game

- Way too many ads

You finish a game you have to watch an ad if you want your coins you have to watch an ad. Long ads I might add. SUCKS BIG TIME

- Disappeared

All gains disappeared??

- Too many Ads

I get ads are part of free games. But having an ad after every single level is excessive. I like the app but am deleting because of this

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Tangle Master 3D 32.7 Screenshots & Images

Tangle Master 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Tangle Master 3D iphone images
Tangle Master 3D iphone images
Tangle Master 3D iphone images
Tangle Master 3D iphone images
Tangle Master 3D iphone images
Tangle Master 3D iphone images
Tangle Master 3D iphone images
Tangle Master 3D iphone images

Tangle Master 3D (Version 32.7) Install & Download

The applications Tangle Master 3D was published in the category Games on 2020-05-14 and was developed by Zynga Inc. [Developer ID: 295913422]. This application file size is 556.25 MB. Tangle Master 3D - Games app posted on 2021-10-29 current version is 32.7 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.rollic.tanglemaster3d