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Madden NFL 21 Mobile is an all-new way to experience Madden NFL on the go. For the first time ever, create your own customizable character and take them into a brand-new dynamic challenge mode called The Yard. Experience all-new global locations on your rise to become an NFL Legend while still enjoying everything you’ve come to love about Madden NFL Mobile.

- Create and customize your own character, then rise to fame in brand-new, fast-paced, small-sided gameplay in The Yard: Underground.

- Become an NFL GM and take your team to the Super Bowl as you play through dynamic NFL seasons.

- Take on Madden's Masters where you’ll build your team of NFL Superstars and Legends.

- Compete with friends in Arena H2H or Overdrive as you define your NFL journey in the deepest and most competitive Madden NFL Mobile to date.

Create and customize your own character, then rise to fame in brand-new, fast-paced, small-sided gameplay where you’ll play an all-new, story-driven experience. Build yourself up, earn rewards, and more as you write your own legacy.

Assume the role of an NFL franchise team and take over as a GM. Play games, collect rewards, and upgrade your team - including NFL Legends and Superstars - as you make your way to the Super Bowl and solidify your team as an NFL Dynasty.

Face off and defeat today's NFL Superstars and the daunting NFL Legends of yesteryear as you compete to unlock each Madden NFL Master. Go up against the best NFL players and help others along the way with Co-op Assist to become the real MVP of Madden NFL 21 Mobile.

Within The Yard, take your Avatar player anywhere, anytime. Keep all your gear from The Yard: Underground and use it across Console, PC, and Mobile! Make progress and earn rewards in all versions of Madden while you create your own legacy.

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Go all out in a brand new season of Madden NFL 21 Mobile! • The NFL is Back – Kick start the NFL season by playing all new campaigns and challenges. • The Yard: Underground – During the next chapter of this story you’ll head to a tailgate outside Lambeau Field in Green Bay. This September, fans’ unique version of pre-game football has taken over. • Field Pass – Back and better than ever with new rewards, an all-new leaderboard chase, and exclusive Grand Master Legend Bo Jackson.

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- Great Overall (New Mobile Player)!

There are many different types of modes to keep you busy while you wait for stamina/plays within “The Yard” to come back. That would be one of my few complaints about this game: that it takes 2 days to be able to get the max of 10 plays within The Yard (by plays I mean opportunities to complete games to progress the story). The only other annoying but manageable complaints are sometimes the game randomly crashes (even when not in a match), and not receiving a tutorial on how to complete skill moves once you have the ball (unless I missed it). Juking or trucking seems like it only happens when I get lucky. Gameplay is smooth and all of the screens are easy to get to. Since I’m a console player, I love the idea of connecting The Yard with mobile, and it was a great way for me to understand why Madden Mobile is even a thing (I might continue to play even when the console version comes out since it’s fun and fast-paced). I definitely recommend trying this out!

- It looks like a fun and enjoyable game but....

The game has some issues with crashing and a almost pay to win aspect unless your take a lot of your day to grind the hell out of this’s also has some issues With stamina it’s very very slow and a lot of events that cost too much to play with a not high enough cap at stamina to really be able to sit and play to grid this game...however this game is fun for the 20 minutes you can play per 5 hours to recharge your stamina it has a lot of content and nice controls and okay graphics for a mobile game some bugs and glitches are expected but I haven’t found anything more then stability issues within the game launching....also note this will make your phone hot and burn if you play for more then 30 minutes at a time without crashing they need to update the stamina to allow a better player balance to people you can’t pay for the extra stamina...hopefully the game can become like many other games that have shown that the more free you put into a game the more people will put out to spend more on micro transactions also WHY DO YOU EVEN put a stamina limit why consoles don’t have that issue why make mobile have to wait why can’t I grind without having to pay money to do that...please EA fix this and make it more manageable to the people who enjoy to play these kinds of games.

- Entertaining but too many difficulties that make it not as enjoyable

Madden is always fun and I enjoy the different modes they set up to keep it fresh yet still competitive. The downfall of this version is that it has become really difficult to play in that defensive or AI players have a different speed at random times that make passing or running difficult to predict. This makes interceptions way way way too common. Trucking isn’t really a thing for your power backs, which is the whole reason to get them. Limiting the plays you have for two point conversions makes it many times more difficult with limited options that make success less likely. Also, from a UI perspective, the amount of clicks to open a pack or move from section to section (with the ads and subsequent coins) seems to delay the actual enjoyment of the game where it seems they set up the game to keep people on the game longer. It really just makes me angry and not want to play. It seems they set up this season to be more difficult and frustrating for that reason alone. It’s going to cost them many people dropping out of this seasons Madden iteration. Myself included.

- #NFLDropEA

This game is pathetic, and a disgrace to what it was in its glory days. EA is just not a good, or even reputable, company anymore. The console version of this game is literally the lowest rated game in history (seriously, look it up), and the mobile version is some how worse. EA can remove negative reviews in the App Store, and most of the positive reviews are for older versions of the game at this point, which is the only reason this isn’t a 1-star rated game. The game is riddled with bugs and glitches; even more than the prior season, which just shows an amazing level of incompetence given that it is basically a copy-paste job despite it being billed as a new game. Server connection issues, forced closes and random user log outs are almost constant. EA shows no effort or creativity, and the game has become stale and boring. EA’s CEO reputation for having a complete lack of ethics clearly shows in this game. Items disappear from player accounts, earned rewards are not being provided, and games are blatantly rigged. EA constantly removing the negative reviews really tells you all you need to know about how they view customers. Please drop them NFL, so that a better run company can start putting out playable football games. EA is clearly not able to do so anymore.

- New and NOT improved

Ok so they added the yard (yawn) which KINDA lets you customize your players (that would be cool), the new promo’s have been garbage further separating the gap between “free to play” and “pay to play” players. It’s not even October and we are in the 90’s with players by the end you’re going to be 150 or so. I have over a million coins and nothing to spend them on. The new “promo stamina” prevents you from really grinding the promotion but stacks your madden today stamina (can you say frustrating) the sets by the time you have resources are out of date. Guys I seriously been with you since the beginning (I rocked a founders badge with pride) but I’m about to delete this game cause it’s just THAT BAD. Find some heart and passion that we loved in it. Stop the exact same events “run/pass through the zones”, “run/pass X amount of yards”, “minefield”, “maze”, “comeback/win”, “X amount of TD w just run/pass plays” we had all that the 1st year. What happened to combine events? Why nothing timed (complete 5 passes in 45 seconds), we have the ability to play live vs someone else by now I’m sure so why are we still turn based instead of 2 quarter length half’s, there’s lots more but you didn’t bother. You got lazy and because of that your game is dated and boring.

- Wow disappointed

Why does ea sports go backwards. First off this is suppose to be NFL simulation ... were are the gloves on players visors hair wow dreds... spending all the time on things that are not nfl related look at Aaron Rodgers looks straight up Asian ... Fitzgerald dark skinned no dreds waiting for a upgrade from one year to the next and to see a huuuge downgrade is disappointing to say the lease .... go watch NBA 2K20 mobile and learn something how to replicate players gameplay presentation ,,, why pay for the license and want simulation part off the Nfl your wasting your money,,, it doesn’t feel like Dree Bress or look like him or any other star for that matter ....last year look pretty good that could of been great , if would of added on to the foundation but no .... all those sets master different players on the wrong team don’t mean anything and dumb , start at the beginning real team authentic likeness equipment audio real quarters refs weathers .... and I’m not trying to dump on EA ... but ther priorities are very strange!!!!

- It’s ok but....

This game is ok for people who love football and want and entertaining game to play. Leveling up and upgrading your team is fun, but this game has one major problem: Gameplay. The gameplay in Madden Mobile doesn’t compare to the gameplay of it on consoles, which is bad because it is pretty bad on console too. But this gameplay (Especially in the Yard mode) is just broken tackle after broken tackle and pancake block after pancake block. I can only control on player at a time! So when I get pancaked blocked or my perfectly timed big hit tackle get broken out of, I can’t control anyone else before the ballcarrier has broken through and is on his way to the end zone. Even if I did click onto another player in time, he would most likely be on the ground because he was pancake blocked right after the snap. Like I said, this happens in all modes but it ALMOST ALWAYS happens in the Yard. What do you want me to do when the QB that is a COMPUTER breaks 3 tackles from my defensive player that were there before the ball got to his hands and throws a dot between 2 defenders for a touchdown? If we as the players can’t do this stuff, why can the CPUs do it??? One last word: UNREALISTIC!

- Needs a legacy version.

When I first started playing MM back in my sophomore year of high school, it was quite literally my all time favorite mobile game ever. I enjoyed the simplicity and complexity of the game and I sunk countless hours into it and enjoyed every minute. After the season was over and I transitioned to junior year the game seemed to “fall off”. Meaning it changed substantially. It introduced new mechanics that in my opinion took away from the fun aspects of the game and turned it into a pvp grind fest. Fast forward to now and the game is not like I remember it at all. The game is too loaded to make it fun; unless you have thousands of dollars to spend on power ups, refills, Madden cash, or special cards. What I would strongly suggest to EA is to make a legacy mode for the game. Give players the ability to go to the older, less frills edition of the game where you can experience more fun playing the game rather than running into try-harding mobile sweat gamers. Give players the opportunity to go back and play the legacy edition of seasons where we didn’t have to play team manager and negotiate with players.

- Ehh

The game is good with the yard but the animations and plays and everything else has been the same since the last few years, power is such a stupid concept because someone with less overal but more power than you will still beat you because they get boosted overall as well as boosted player stats making it so unfair, defense is so stupid because usering is useless and defense always gets beat on corners regardless the play call, but mainly the power aspect of the game is so stupid and unfair, nice game but serious updates as well as considerations need to be made rather than a stupid yard mode, also the concept of power is so stupid and unfair, how is it that I have a higher overall than my opponent but since he had more power his gets plus 3 overall or something and his players get boosted attributes, that is so dumb and unfair and just a pay to win game now because all his players are boosted even tho my players are better but since his players are boosted the game is ruined because every drive is a interception and since the gameplay is trash the receiver is wide open but the defense will still somehow make a play on the ball. TAKE POWER OUT OF THE GAME

- I’ve changed my mind

All I want in this game is for auction house to be run by people and not by your robot workers who ruin the market by choosing how to run it. I loved madden 17 and it is the only one I have loved since. This game was my love and now I’m embarrassed to even say that I once loved this. This is a greedy company that won’t listen to the people. WE HAD TO BEG FOR A YEAR TO HAVE SETS BACK. A WHOLE YEAR. Madden 16 and 17 where the most played madden and I wonder why. Something. Changed... THE AUCTION HOUSE. Now EA tell you bots to buy my cards that I posted it’s a good price. Your bots will love it. Is there a zero or only a one?... update nothing sold and my prices are so low. Screw you ea. ( this was my first reaction and thoughts and after laying it’s different) EA this is a 4.5 star game. Coin packs are back and without a limit. I still wish that Scott the bot was removed but that’s cool because now coins have worth. Thanks for making this game better than the garbage that was madden 20,19,18.

- It’s pretty good

I would rate this worse but it has just came out and it could improve but the graphics are worse than the last one and there are random black lines everywhere on the field also the my player almost has no facial features u can add like you can’t make there facial hair longer also I think it could help If they make the faces customizable and hair also in the start of the game in the lobby it kinda is lacking some graphics like there will be some little white lines in between and it kinda seems off but it has plenty of time to improve and I hope it turns out like the app in 2020 that was perfect in almost ever way except not enough modes and this one has plenty except events but those are weekly and monthly so I rate it a five star because it has time to improve and it’s the start but the graphics aren’t as good and the backyard dosent have much options but it is very great.

- Same as every other Madden mobile

A good game with the same flaws as the first edition. If your like me you will play this game for a few months and probably delete it until the next comes out. But overall not too bad except for the tediousness of the same thing all the time with nothing new. Every event is just a mirror image of the last with the same tasks but for different players. If I was a developer I would first fix the madden workshop so you could break down multiple things at once (like badges) and then do the same for the builds. As of right now if you want to tear down and then build 10 other badges it takes you about 10 minutes of just opening packs and flipping cards 1 at a time.... And just curious if the statisticians have ever seen a fast white guy or a slow black guy? Are the truly that much of a unicorn? I have a hard time believing every 300 pound DT that’s black can outrun EVERY whit wide receiver. Just saying every individual has different abilities.

- Laborious messy garbage

Back around madden mobile 18 (or maybe 17) I loved the game. It was so fun and simple. This game, as well as the last few that have come out, have been complete trash. I honestly have no clue what anyone that designs these games is thinking. Who in their right mind thinks having about 20 currencies is a good idea? It used to just be coins and cash, now you get tons of different types of coins and tokens, none of which seem to do much of anything. Sets used to be complete by adding items you had. Now they just sorta happen automatically, so they aren’t at all satisfying to do. The gameplay is no worse than it was years ago, but everything else has gotten SO MUCH WORSE for the past couple games. It’s honestly like EA are trying to make the worst game possible. Everything is needlessly complicated, there’s a hundred different currencies, there’s a team power system for no reason since you have an overall rating anyway, the menus are poorly laid out, and nothing means anything. It’s like 40 different people had ideas for the design of this game, and they just went with all of them, resulting in the biggest mess I can imagine

- A few glitches and I don’t like it... I LOVE IT!

This is the first time I played Madden Mobile on day one and I am so glad I did. I didn’t expect the Yard to be in this game and it is really cool. This game has given me an idea of how Madden 21 (the console version) will be like and I have a good feeling about it, another thing I am glad about is how much shorter Masters Series, last year it was so boring and when I first started I didn’t even bother to actually try and get Juju cuz I knew it was gonna be such a grind but now this year it was done much better and when I decided to try it I was pleased to find out it wasn’t much of a grind it used to be. One more thing, PLEASE FIX THE GLITCHES AND LET US USE COLOR RUSH UNIFORMS, Anyway I love this version of Madden Mobile than any other version I have played❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Glitchy, paid to play, terrible notice of events/players expiring

EA at it again, in the worst kind of ways. I hoped with the prospect of the NFL dropping EA’s exclusive rights that the game would improve. It’s the same old glitchy gameplay, money grab for sets which makes it pay to play, training point power required constant grinding giving lower skilled players who have too much time to kill an unfair advantage, now they don’t even give notice when certain player sets are going to expire. League vs league has constant crashes and 2 point conversions that disappear. There are frequent fumbles from current top ranked players. Now the highest speed players get run down by significantly lower ranked players. The list goes on... I paid $20 for kickoff series sets and that’s still not enough to get George Kittle, then after the whole event grinding, they pull the George Kittle player set on the last day of the event. Until EA goes back to being a gaming innovator and the NFL allows some competition for their rights, I think it’s time to boycott Madden. Sadly, I have been playing Madden my whole life but I’m tired of the same game being rolled out for 10 years.

- EA garbage again

Update 2 - I felt my first review wasn’t fair so I drudged myself to go back in, and I was right. First of all, all this here different currency types is ridiculous. It doesn’t make a bit of sense. Just part of the nickel and dime game EA does. All we ask for is just a simple football game, is that too hard? You do the same thing with NBA LIVE. THESE ARE NOT RPG GAMES. This is sports, please remember that. No need for upgrades to a player. If their good, I should not have to upgrade him to make him better. Real talk, when people stop buying your packs and currencies, you’ll stop this mess and give people what they want - a football game. This is why y’all nickel and dime, because people buy the packs. I ask everyone reading this. Stop buying, and I promise you, you’ll get your football game even if they have to charge you for it. I would much appreciate that, than this format here. Bye bye Madden, we’ll see what y’all look like next season. Update 1 - It’s just like EA to remove Game Center now all my dollars that I spent with real money is gone. I don’t even want to continue now.

- Solid game

This game is really good but I’m gonna point out the bad parts such as it’s almost exactly like last years game going back to the old school ways of the game like not giving people the option to literally buy coins and have a 85 overall team in day one next you should consisintly bring out master series because at this point I’m not even using stamina because there’s nothing to spend it on so making the madden today events worth it like coming out with cooler events kinda like the elite challenge you game out with back in 16 I believe other than that the game is fun but another kink is in arena or overdrive if the opponent even has a 1 overall difference it seems like they blow by my guys every single even tho they have like 72 defense linemen and have 75 dosent matter they blitz every time and it’s almost impossible to score sometimes but that’s it great game switch thing up next year so it’s not almost the same

- So many glitches

This would be an amazing game if ea just fixed all of the glitches. I mean, how are you supposed to win games if your opponent is breaking 10 tackles (that is not an exaggeration), my player is just standing over the ball when there is a fumble and not picking it up, my qb is tripping over nothing, the passrush is non existent, there is no way to stop the toss option, in the yard you can’t even call your own plays!! It is basically unplayable. Wide receivers run at 200 miles per hour to get to the ball when the corners just stand there. It kicks me out and takes my stamina and judging by the other reviews I’m not the only one this has happened to. The graphics are terrible. Ea, I get you want to focus on your console games, but come on. The only reason I think you would want to play this game is because it helps on madden 21 for console. If that game is this bad than I will not play it. There is really not a point to playing this game. The old madden mobile used to be amazing. Now it is just ea trying to make more money.

- Not a fan of Madden 2021

For the last couple of years, in my opinion, the Mobile Madden game has become less enjoyable. Attempts to make the game more exciting has actually failed. We don’t need more currencies and a clunkier navigation through the screens. Additionally, the new features are not all that fun, just a more time consuming and ultimately more expensive proposition. How many people in the last couple years have noticed when you bid on a player in the auction that the coins needed to buy good players is high, but oddly when you attempt to auction them back you cannot even get close to what you paid. In the past updates I had stated at least the graphics were good, this year it looks like your playing a game on vintage film, black streaks, blobs and lines interfere with your viewing. Is it too much to ask that a game about the NFL be about that? who wants to play “underground” football? Furthermore when I logged into the game using last years log in, instead of getting credit for my last season, I had to start a square one. Oh well it was good while it lasted.

- No legacy, really?

Wow madden, that's low. Not only do I have 4000 madden cash left in the old app which didn't transfer over, I don't get to have a legacy team? that's just low. What a bunch of greedy crooks. The new game app also looks pretty much the same as the old one, with the added "benefit" of allowing me to choose if I want TRIMMED EYEBROWS?! Which is somehow important enough in football?!?! If you thought that physical characteristics were that important, at least let me get some abs or something. haha Oh and most of the currency remain the same, except they added a bunch of new ones to make it even more difficult to obtain cool new players and useful stuff. Really ridiculous. That said, I do like "The Yard". It's pretty cool and comes with some added dialogue and personalization to immerse the player, some rivalry with fictional characters, and with seemingly different rules. Kinda shakes things up a bit. Three stars seem fair. Even though your character kinda has a dad bod, even with no gut.

- Complete trash

Unfortunately, EA as of now has the only rights for a good football game. When this changed maybe they will try harder. Over the course of the last few years they have ran this fame into the ground. Fumbling worse and worse every year....They emphasize way tooooo much on big spenders this year than previous years. Not really able to grind for grandmasters as they are all under a pay wall, program stamina regenerates very slow and most the good programs or promos take it (also run at the same time). Sure you can spend and get more gems or MC for stamina but that is a drag. They claim they listen to the players but far from the truth. The days of grinding are over. Either work the auction house to make coin or pay a significant amount of money. They also promised slow progression and we are not even a month in and there will be a 93 pay to win master. They are trying to make this game only a Pay a ton to win. It is getting a little out of hand. If you just play bc you love football this is for you. If you are playing competitively I would run from this game.

- Love the game, but some issues

One problem that always have is a glitched pack or, in this case, a glitched yard notification. I have gone over every item in the yard, but I still get a notification for things I have already done. That isn’t a huge problem , but it is a bit annoying. Another problem is that I just played all the way through the Jalen Ramsey master series, just to get Jalen Ramsey but have everything in the master series reset. This means that I have to play through all 10 stages again, to claim Jalen Ramsey again, just to get an upgraded Lamar. It is upsetting that with all of the updates in this game, this is the thing that messes up and resets me. I’m just making sure that other people understand that there will be glitches in the game, that will cost you time and resources that most likely will never be fixed.

- Epic but needs small fixes

EA was all the way in their bag this year and hit it way out the park with this game. I still can’t get over the graphics! The fact that you can share your myplayer on the console as well is revolutionary. There still are some small problems with the game such as the visors not looking like they do on their previews or one hair piece glitching out. There are also two faces that more closely resembles the other faces preview than its own. I also believe that you shouldn’t have to spend energy to play I. The yard if you don’t get that much or if you can’t buy or earn it as far as I can see. Just some constructive criticism as I really love this game and want the best experience out of it. I know it’s a brand new game and will receive many updates in the future. Keep up the good work 👍🏾

- Auction House

EA has done it again with another great madden mobile game, however, just like the previous years, certain mechanics remained the same. One of the most important mechanics that needed a revamp was the auction house. The auction house is clearly ran by a bot, and the originality of a human based market has been gone for some time now. Imagine how many more people would enjoy the game with a simple transfer to the old auction house. There are proven statistics that any game that has a human based market, like original FarmVille, tend to be more successful and hold a high customer retention. But in MM21, Every different overall is price coordinated and it shouldn’t be that way. They should be genuine prices. The refresh time is ridiculous along with the buy time of your own auctions. Being a long time madden mobile fan i find this to be ridiculous EA hasn’t come around to the communities wishes and provide an overall better game.


By far madden 21 has the best Rag doll Physics looks like super star ko all over again I saw lots of YouTubers playing and it just makes me happy to see y’all make on both mobile and and console or any other platforms y’all know Eli Mack the dude was playing your game the other day and it just makes me think that y’all are really adding up here anyways has the madden 20 aka the last madden that I got for Christmas you could edit the rosters make college football rosters or just make and cool or 99overll stuff on any team I just hope you guys keep up what your doing your bring madden to us instead of us going to it anyways I hope you got this make sure to respond to this cuz I got a lot more to think you for

- After your wallets.

Another complaint I have is the events. They were good last year and at least ya had some kind of a chance to get the players ya wanted to grind for. The event stamina regenerates way too slow, even after ya buy something from the store that is suppose to help. The one event you needed 30 blue jewels to get randy moss, but you were only able to get 20. Leaving it an impossible grind to get the player unless you lucked out and got him in a pack. Or you could spend 100 dollars to get like 6 or 8 blue jewels which still leaves ya short 2 or 4 to get him. If they made it possible for ya to get the players by grinding, fixed the fumbles and the event stamina, and fixed the crashes. It would be a 5 star game. It is very fun to play, just some issues. Also how is this game related this high with a couple of million people already quitting the game. I’m about to join that 3 million people club.

- Good but...

The yard is the greatest thing to come to this game but... oh wait it’s physical impossible to beat your opponent could have their running back break 3 tackles but yours can’t break 1, they can catch impossible passes that randy moss couldn’t have caught and your players fall over when you throw them a slow soft 3 yard toss. They blitz ever play so you can’t pass or you’ll be sacked so you run but you can’t pull of a 27 yard run when your running back is as fast as a turtle and can’t truck, can’t juke, can’t spin, can’t hurdle, can’t stiff and and can’t break tackles. Don’t even get me started on how the players look, they all look the same no sleeves, gloves, visors. All the Americans look the same all the African Americans look the same Aaron Rodgers looks Asian. Seasons mode makes no sense since when did James Conner get signed to the chargers practice squad. Management decision make no sense how does buying t-shirt cannons increase stats. I’m disappointed in u EA.

- Mixed

I’ve played almost every version of Madden ever made. That said, The Yard is one of the most ridiculous features ever included in the game. I couldn’t care less about the dialogue in The Yard. Waste of time. I don’t like the “first to 22”. Along with login issues and an a lack of help resources, this is one of my least favorite versions of Madden thus far and I have previously been a huge fan. And what is up with the lines all over the field. If this is intended as a “fun glitch” then it fails. This version has also taken the most time for me to acclimate to the changes. Not as intuitive as previous incarnations. Myriad of uniform options...doesn’t interest me. Just bobs down the gameplay process. As always, Madden brings solid throwback players and tons of activities. All in all, I don’t play this version half as much as previous years and I am considering not playing at all any longer. When frustration grows, enjoyment diminishes.

- Lack of career mode sports game

Bring back career mode for FIFA, Pes , 2k and NFL. Career mode is one of the best and most played modes in any sports game. Why aren’t mobile gamers given the chance to play career mode on mobile? Why must console and pc take priority over mobile users? Mobile gaming is one of the largest gaming platforms and we deserve to be on equal footing to console and pc. We want career mode not, yes, the online is a good thing, however, the purpose of playing games on your mobile device is to pass time or enjoy a little game. Most cannot do this because your’ll have made it so that all big sports games are online without the option of career mode. Pc an console has both and online and offline platform, why are developers neglecting mobile gamers? We want career mode, we want a my player career mode, a manager career mode, we just want career mode like we did in fifa 16 mobile.

- Horrible broken experience

Countless minor in game bugs. These are both functional and weird little this that happen. Not new to EA and Madden of course, they give no fks in regards to fixing anything as a company. The one positive is their customer service are very friendly. Not the smartest, but they do get the job done. I’ve had multiple things disappear from my inventory which is beyond frustrating. This is coming from a grinder, I was top 100 in the season one a day ago. I decided to completely drop the game after having a player vanish. I got him back a week later when he was half value. ON THE SAME DAY. I lost 8 elites that I didn’t sell. When I went to collect them back to repost they vanished. This is when I called back, and I was clear this was another week process. Requested all the refunds possible and uninstalled. I should get my money back because truthfully I was missing items I bought just with random leftover apple money I had. THIS GAME IS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME

- Might Be The Worst App Period

This isn’t just the worst football app, this isn’t just the worst sports app, this is the most terrible poorly functioning app in the entire App Store on any market. It’s really time EA loses its license once and for all. For the game in specific I’ll name just some of the ways it’s absolutely not functional on All Madden 1. When your stick literally doesn’t move on MAJOR 3rd & 4th downs and you have to literally take the sack. This happens on 4th downs almost all the time on GW drives 2. When literally the weakest QBs in the league like Matt Ryan or Keenan break literally 4 sacks then will throw a hail Mary TD on the way down lol 3. When on 3rd and long the offense will call run and you will literally stuff him then the RB breaks literally every tackle for a first down 4. On Kick Returns one of your blocks literally runs and blocks completely out of the picture behind the return man so you’re ALWAYS one man short on returns 5. The full playbook not available on 2pt conversations This is the most terrible poorly designed functioning app or game on any device, service or system I’ve ever played in my entire life. And Madden on the major systems aren’t any better. Every Madden Mobile is the same, I have no advice for you guys on how to improve. Just completely dismantle this app and never try this again. And if you’re reading this don’t waste your time at all.

- Same old game with serious glitch!

I have time to write this review because the game went blank! Tried turning off the back, nothing. But when it did play a football play, the screen was stripped with black lines. The game is the same old game. Most changes are cosmetic. Create your own player is a joke. By the way, no white players allowed in create your own. If you want a prettier game, this is it. Played a few days, still feels the same. The Yard is an interesting addition, but not a wow feature. Creative avatar is fun, but... I can not give it a 5 until the blackout glitch is fixed. This is third time screen has gone black. I have to delete the game and then download again. Another black screen! I am running OS 13.2 latest upgrade on iPad. DEVELOPERS, get this fixed.

- Best yet

I’ve been playing madden mobile since the beginning and i must say. This is the best version I’ve seen yet. But it needs minor adjustments. With the yard, we only get 5 stamina a day. Can we get a recharge on the yard stamina just like with our regular stamina? Because this is the new mode that everyone wants to play but we can’t play it when we use all our stamina and wait a whole day to get it back. Also with the yard, more stuff. I know the mode is new and i love it but maybe more common stuff to add to our player maybe a plain white red or any common color sleeves, gloves, backplate etc. and can we get not just more face masks, but more helmet choices like helmets from ridell, schutt, xenith and more.

- It’s ok but definitely needs improvements

The game is ok I’ve been playing since Richard Sherman was on the cover and it looks like the graphics are worse then 15 was they literally took all the gloves, visors, helmets away like can we get some accessories or dreads something. the yard I love cuz it looks sorta real and I get to customize my player etc but what the hell EA u give me the chance to cut my jersey change my helmet have my back plate showing wear sleeves where hoodies under my gear BUT LITERALLY HAVE NOTHING ON THE ACTUAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS like cmon now. But the animations are off my 80 Julio Jones is dropping wide open passes it doesn’t make sense. Larry Fitzgerald is literally darskin with no dreads it just throws me off all the way they’ve never added like hair and accessories but I think it’s time to start cuz y’all have NBA looking cool over there but when I start playing this it’s a total down grade and just weird now.

- I love the game.

I need to be told how can I get help in the game. I keep having problems that I “just have to deal with” because there is no way to seek help. Every Monday/Wednesday/Friday event I couldn’t play it and lost out the best rewards given from the event. Right now, I finished the stage where my team power needs to be atleast 1350 to unlock. How come I can unlock the 1350 team power reach but can’t play the 1130 team power unlock?? :/ still can’t play Seahawks team history stages and now the event 1130 team power unlock, which is the Seahawks by the way and cannot play it. It refreshes everyday so everyday I’m losing out. Have to grind harder and spend more because I get what everyone else is getting

- Madden 21 so far

As someone who has played MM since it’s launch in 2014 I have many concerns about this game. I like several areas of the game but the Graphics are worse than previous years and it seems to load and run much slower. My biggest concern is that you can’t play more than 15-20 minutes max without running out of stamina, and apparently the newest way to fleece the herd is called program stamina which you will need to purchase a lot of if you want to win any grand masters. Apparently they weren’t satisfied with outrageously overpriced field and sideline passes in addition to all of their overpriced regular and promo packs, now they want you to invest heavily in program stamina. Sigh!

- What Happened?

Every year I download the latest version and get familiar with it. After a few days, I start to really enjoy the program. When I load the latest program, my madden dollars are usually transferred to the new version. Did not happen this year. I am linked via Game Center and there is no way for me to do this in this version. How do I get my dollars from previous version. Also, I finally enjoy the league I am in. This also did not carry over to the new version. Lost connection with my league. How do I reconnect with them. Your team needs better beta testing for rollout.

- Missing coins

Had technical difficulties on a bid, I had bid 277,000 on an elite DT, was outbid decided not to bid anymore and dismiss the auction to recoup my coins and bid on another player. When I dismissed it my coins were not refunded once the auction from the DT ended I did not receive my coins. Submitted 5-7 cases over that incident over a two week period and only talking to someone that final two times both of which wouldn’t help me saying they will not refund me because I’m the only one experiencing issues. I earned those coins I had an issue previously with a similar player that involving an 80 DT also and I was recouped my coins. Personally I think it’s because of the amount of coins I have now and the way my team looks now because I have 2 DTs that are 81+ and a few million coins. But I had to grind for that also had many many players of my own up for auction. I just wanted the coins I earned back. I enjoy the game

- So many bugs off the start

I pre ordered the game, and it said it would be available at 2pm (eastern time) so I waited and now it says I have to update the game, but the App Store says it’s not available in my country and I live in the US so if this is fixed soon I’ll update my rating, but it’s staying for now. This issues has been resolved, but another one has come up it now says when your logging in you can’t create a new user so now this is a issue and when they fix this I wonder what’s going to happen next can’t wait to find out. 🙄 Finally I can play the game and it seems pretty solid so far, but just can’t give you 5 stars because I couldn’t play the game until an hour and a half after the game was supposed to be ready to go, but a good game I would recommend.

- Madden 21 mobile is awful!

I played the mm20 and liked it. This new season is horrible! It’s been made into a much dummied down version. Seems like they didn’t realize a fair number of people that play aren’t eight years old. It’s a complete regression in the game, and I couldn’t continue playing after just an hour I pulled the plug on it. The stupid cartoonish captions and sayings for each challenge like a sixty year old made the game and thought this would be cool, whoever wrote this version didn’t know their audience. This is what happens when the NFL gives EA a monopoly. They didn’t put any effort into this game and even started a new version, so people that had spent money on the older version couldn’t carry over any of the credits they had. Even the graphics seem wonky. This is like a movie that has a forth or fifth sequel, they just get worse and less creative. This really stinks!!,,

- Broken...STILL

I have been playing this game with a broken Team Museum for many weeks. The “repair” team tells me to be patient, while another team asks me if I am happy with the fix and do I need any further assistance...meanwhile, my team falls further and further behind because I cannot unlock new players without using the Team Museum. They seem to have plenty of time to start new content, such as the team of the week (where it is literally impossible to get the top tier player because the tokens required to fulfill the set are not available for 116 hours, while the set expires in 96 hours) but they don’t have the time to fix such an integral part of the game. With out the Team Museum, you cannot complete fan favorite sets, or Legend sets, and so on... This game is scummy and a total money grab...typical of EA sports games...don’t bother

- My 2 cents

I’ve played madden mobile since the first one launched. It’s been fun! We have had our ups and downs. Definitely more downs than ups this past year or so, but this game is a step in the right direction in some areas. BUT, my major problem with madden is the fact of having a huge pay to compete problem. In order to get better quicker you can drop large amounts of coin and get a stacked team instantly. It’s crazy how easy it is to just get a 87+ OVR and dominate all comp matches. I also hate the graphics. It feels way to cartoonish and even some of the blocking and throwing feels off. I like the concept and ideas for this version I just wish it was presented differently. FIX THE BUGS PLEASE! Thank you

- Took a Step Back from Madden 20. Needs Fixes

The game is great I mean, it’s Madden, what do you expect. The only problem I really have with it is how slow it runs and I have pretty good internet and had no problems running Madden 20. Also kinda annoyed that it’s STILL confusing as heck to start out learning menus and new stuff. Their addition of an avatar was eh, the only free stuff is BLM and stuff with the EA logo on it. Everything else you pretty much have to buy with cash. Their attempt at a “campaign” with your avatar was also pretty poor and really unoriginal, especially when the game runs as slow as a sloth. All around, I’d even say they stepped back from what they had with Madden 20, but great for the veterans and die-hards out there. Thanks for reading this, hope this helps:)

- I just want a simple football game

First off I just want to state I never write reviews! This game is so frustrating, the earlier Madden Mobiles were so much better. All the extra stuff in this game makes it a chore to be honest. I just want the cash and the coins to buy good players. I don’t care about training them, I don’t care about collecting gems and then walking the yellow brick road to see the wizard to trade in 20 items for some item I have no clue what it is. This is the most confusing “football game” I have ever played! Most importantly this is a mobile game.... trying to collect all this crap to upgrade is ridiculous. Some of the past reviews I totally agree with, more focus was put into the wrong parts of the game while the actually football gameplay suffers. I wish I could channel my inner AVGN and add more explicit words to this review because this game deserves them.

- It’s not bad but needs some work

It’s a pretty good start but has a lot of room to improve I don’t have too much complaints, a little similar to the other madden games. My largest complaint is the graphics and game play. There are random black lines that flash everywhere when graphics are on medium or high and it becomes VERY laggy when you control your selected player. I play on an iPad Pro from 4 years ago and should be able to handle this game so I don’t think my device is the issue. If the graphics and lag issue gets fixed soon this game will be much better and higher rated. For now I give it a 4 stars as it is a pretty good start but has a lot to improve on.

- Ok Game but.....

The developers make this game wayyyyyyyy to complicated. There are 27 different game modes that rarely interact with each other. They’ve completely forgotten the simplicity yet greatness of the real gaming platform (Xbox, PlayStation etc) games they are trying to emulate. It’s really incredibly annoying how many stupid, really stupid game modes and challenges they manage to stuff into what is really a very weak platform. The gameplay is just ok, yet they want you to be overwhelmed with the complexity of the game so that you’ll resort to paying money. On top of all that, the gameplay itself is flawed. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to pass to a shallow receiver and the ball sails incomplete to a deeper receiver. No precision whatsoever. Overall a decent game but not deserving of anything north of a 3 star rating imo

- Dude what tf is this

I think the yard game mode is a huge step forward. I have been wanting customization and real looking equipment and players for a while now. But come on ea, you have somehow successfully made ur game worse. Outside of the yard, the graphics are worse, gloves and visors are gone and the players look odd. The only thing good abt this game is the yard and some idiot came up with the bright idea that you can only play that mode for five minutes before running out of energy and having to wait until the next day to play again. If the graphics and customization could be implemented into ultimate team maybe this review would be different however EA has an unfortunate habit of ignoring criticism and being kind of lazy in regards to pleasing players on console and mobile. I’m tired of playing the same game every year.

- Crashing iPhone 11

Just wanted to send a quick review and just want to say for some reason the game/app has been crashing when I click on madden today events. When I downloaded this the day it came out it wasn’t crashing but now it started crashing on me I currently have iPhone 11 i’ve even tried deleting the app and reinstalling the app a few times but still does the same thing. If you guys can fix this that would be cool other than that five stars forsure I’ve been playing madden mobile since 2015 and is it really fun/addicting mobile game

- Still not what I hopped it would be

You see the title it says still not what I hopped it would be I have it a 4 star review because this time the season does not turn into you picking the team you go against and no schedule in the summer it gets boring at that time and also I like that they put the yard in I was very excited when I saw it. But why it was not what I hopped it would be is because I wanted to see a college football season in there and I wanted to see some updates when your playing like adding some stuff from madden 20 and etc... I hope you read this and fix it next review we’ll be a 5 star if it happens.

- Downloaded, now can’t play it 1/2 of the game.

I have downloaded but can’t access Madden Today which literally is needed for almost all sets, grinding non-event/program items, and daily objectives. Everytime I attempt to access that mode, it crashes. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, rebooted my phone, but due to the 1 account per device, I may not get the opportunity to play it. I’m just going to say I’m done and keep it deleted. And when I talk to GC I’m seen as a problem, but I’m trying to fix my problem so I can enjoy the product like everyone else!

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- Good game but things can be fixed

I love the game but some things need to be fixed like its keeps crashing on me whenever I go onto the yard or a game mode and finish a game and go to start a new one. Another thing that cane be fixed is the ratings for Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson they are an 80 overall the former MVP and the greatest QB in the league and the raining MVP it’s just bad in my opinion. Also the uniforms i am a chiefs fan and the helmets look really weird there is a black patch around the logo I wanted to know if it was just the chiefs so I checked the ravens and the panthers and it was the same thing. But if you want to know if you should download it I recommend and heaps of other people do recommend this you should 🙃👌👍👋🏻

- Not the worst

As an avid player of the original Madden Mobile, to some extent it’s an improvement. I like the extra details of having players on the sideline and the updated uniforms (although some lack the better looking versions) are nice. However, there are simply a mountain of small things that compile to an unfinished or rushed game. Firstly, NONE of the play calls in season mode (smashmouth, vert, spread etc) have changed. They’re the same, limited in number and frankly boring. The only interesting trick plays are in 5v5s which you can’t have in an actual 11v11 experience. Secondly, the visual design has gone BACKWARDS. The old madden mobile had much cleaner looking card, scoreboard, play calling and button designs/visuals. It’s frankly disappointing to see previously highly polished visuals look like they went back in time five years. Thirdly, the gameplay is simply patchy and lags a ridiculous amount. I honestly think this doesn’t deserve to be its own game. It would have been quite nice as a big update, but as a new madden game, it’s poor. Step up your game EA.

- Great game

Great game but I’d love it if it would allow us to transfer our players we had from the previous madden mobile to this one because I really don’t want to build a new team again and keep our level we had there aswell.

- Great game but there’s problems

I’ve been playing Madden mobile since MM16 and by far this is the best experience I’ve ever had during my time playing this app But there is some problems with the game every time I zoom out of the play I can see flashing black lines coming out of players covering other players Another problem I’m having is that the game keeps crashing at times when I play or load the game and most of the time the game gets laggy during gameplay. Please make an update fixing those bugs

- Iss aight

Like the game is REALLY good and everything like this is the first time since madden 16 that I’ve actually enjoyed this game again, the only issue is that the game keeps crashing on my for some reason and when I que up and get into an arena this happens most commonly and it’s says I forfeited when clearly the game crashed on my, but other than that the game is my favourite right now, keep it up


The game is good. But there’s no point in me trying my best to score a touchdown if the opposing team can just get them by handing it off to its running back. I’ve been playing on hard mode and I can’t stop these plays no matter what I do. The backs literally break 3 or more tackles and score 80 yard touchdowns every time. I’m using the Raiders team and they have 70+ overall ratings, yet it doesn’t do anything. Please fix this because it’s a really stupid part of the game

- Looks good

To those idiots who posted 1 star reviews! Just grow up, stop being so impatient, the release date was very clear!🤦🏻‍♂️ There is a lot going on, but it keeps you busy and playing for hours!

- Alright game but not the same

I have played madden mobile games for a while and this years design has gone down a little bit but the yard is fun. I would like a mode where like face of the franchise you play through college and eventually get drafted and options like what team you would like to get drafted

- Why

I wish we didn’t have to start again I was an 99 overall and now I am a 60 everything other is amazing

- My App Keeps Crashing

Great game! Didn’t take me long to rebuild make my team a good one. Nice career mode options and a few added details. But my app keeps glitching and eventually crashing - this is becoming very annoying.

- Madden review

Over all the games good but whenever you are in a game or drill or any sort of gameplay the game always lags

- Madden

My gear doesn’t show up and the game was uninstalled so I lost my account. With the gear it’s just black and doesn’t come up with anything I put they’re all just black so I can’t see my customisation

- Archer Johnson

A billion dollar company produces a game that does not work! Shoutout to RBT! It keep kicking me out after 3 events I do. Nearly all the transaction don’t work. They can’t even push the rating that seems like a 60 overall. In overdrives it doesn’t match the right overall that it should be in somewhat similar overalls. They are a billion dollar company. This is a joke!

- Madden 21 mobile

Haven’t played yet bc I have to update the app but I can’t

- Lag Issue

There is a ridiculous amount of lag, this is extremely noticeable in the Yard. It makes some plays near impossible. Please fix this.


Everything in this game is amazing the features and of course the ratings love the game see ya boys

- Good game

It’s got good game and runs smoothly

- Defence

The defence on this game is so bad fix it please and the offence doesn’t stop breaking aking tackles like fix it

- Madden

The game is a little laggy but the gameplay and all that is superb the graphics is amazing also.

- Good game but super laggy

It’s a great game and super fun but also super laggy It’s always glitchy


The game is good and looks amazing but my frames just keeps on dropping when I start the drive it gets annoying.

- Golira


- New user creation unavailable

The login doesn’t work.

- Can’t play

Can’t even play, says requires update

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- Half-Decent

The game feels a lot better than last year, however some animations are not fixed. Lots of pop ups for video to player packs which is annoying. Additionally, game isn’t P2W at the moment and the new mode is kinda cool

- Pretty good

I think the game is good but there are a lot of glitches. One of mine is that black lines glitch on the field when I play seasons

- Horrible game

Black playing field in seasons mode makes it very hard to know if you’re going out of bounds or not. Cannot see where you are on the field. All black field was not a good idea. Also stamina for the yard only comes back at 10:30AM EST. Why not just be a normal game and have it come back every 30 minutes or so? Finally most importantly the game times out every 2 minutes which is very frustrating and has me questioning why I even have the game in the first place. Seems like Madden Mobile is having a lot of problems this year just like Madden on the consuls. Not a very good look for EA at all this year. This is why not just one company should be producing the football video game.

- Fun game, better than last year

Love new yard mode, but would like all archetypes for each position and would like to have the ability to make a defensive position as well. All in all good game ea best madden ever

- Needs more game modes

Can you add a Face of the Franchise game mode?

- Things that are bad in the game

The yard is not underground, also I can’t play a season game with out the game slowing down, remove the stamina for the yard just let us play when every we want not just at 10:30 am

- Cool game

Pretty good game I like it 👍🏾👍🏿👍🏽👍🏽👍🏼👍🏼👍🏻👍

- Too many timeouts

Terrible version as it times out every 5 minutes making it useless in the competitive events, I preferred last years version...hopefully all the glitches get fixed soon

- Not as fun as it should be.

I played the previous app for all 6 seasons it was out. With the new app I was expecting some improvements to the gameplay yet I’ve seen the opposite. While the graphics are better the gameplay has all the same bugs which were present last season plus a few more. In addition to that it has become much more difficult to play without paying for upgrades. Much of the game is monotonous and at times it feels like more of a choir to get through your daily accomplishments to try and keep up than it does a game. Now I still play the game daily so it’s not horrible but I am definitely closer to taking a break than I ever have been.

- Laggy


- Let us play our friends with Current roster teams not just Our my team

Let’ us use real NFL teams to play against our friends

- Good game

Good game. Like the graphics. My only problem with it is it keeps timing out

- Slow motion play

Every time the QB snaps the ball, the game turns into slow motion. It lasts for 1.5 or 2 seconds before the QB throws the ball. I don’t really understand that, if there is a way I can change it or if it’s just how the game was made please let me know. Thank you.

- Don’t work

When I load my game up it gets stuck on hiring coaches around 30%

- In-App purchase pop ups are atrocious!

As a 5+ year veteran, the in-app purchase pops ups and the level of frequency it spams you is absolutely brutal and takes away from the experience. Stop it!

- Cowboys Uniform

Game is really good so far however my one complaint as a life long cowboys fan is not being able to change to the blue jersey it was very annoying only being able to use the white jersey all last season while each other team had two jerseys

- Horrible Auction House system

No point playing auction house is ran by a bot and your cards never sell

- Hope this Hypes it

Hope this year is as fun as last!

- The Yard.

What I don’t like is that a Lvl 16 of upgrading my scrambler archetype it was locked. Plz explain why. It does not seem to make sense. Why is it locked when I have played nearly 3 maps. Is it because I’m only Lvl 3.

- Excellently average

Good idea , love the yard for poeple who are not really into ultimate team and competitive Love controller support though i am waiting for the draft arena they said they were gonna do , and the last update didn’t kick me off the game once, which made me almost give the game a five stars

- Can’t play

I’m stuck on the main loading screen, the game keeps saying can’t initialize ea services. Plz fix

- One Simple Word

Crapola x 2

- 750 journey points not working

I’m trying to do the 750 yards with 4 journey players, I have 3 gold and 1 elite and the yards won’t register, pls fix this issue EA you ungrateful swine.

- It is crashing lots

It’s a great game but I play like three events then the game crashes it very frustrating I have no idea what to do I deleted the game and did everything I could. Ea you need to fix this issue it’s terrible for your game

- Awful on so many levels

Pay to win this buggy mess of a game, if you don’t get banned for just playing their screwups

- Terrible

Do yourself a favour and stay as far away as possible from this game. I’ve played madden mobile since 2014 and it has evolved into a pure pay 2 win model. The game constantly glitches and is filled with bugs. There is a discord madden chat for the community however it’s controlled by coward mods who ban people for the wildest things. This game is legitimately poison.

- Choppy

Gameplay is choppy and slow.

- Laggy

The game is very laggy every time I play the game it lags

- Crashes

Especially in competitive mode

- Boost never works

The boost option never worked for me and the players never caught interceptions even when it was right to them

- Wish there was online pvp

Great game much better animation and graphics than last year love the new modes but I wish that we could play online against people like you can on console

- Almost perfect

Game is great, but it would be really cool if sideline catches were fixed, trading be a thing, and pvp where you can play defense while opponent is on offense 🙏 (full games aswell)

- Fun


- Player Statistics

Hey Madden NFL 21 Mobile, I had a great idea for a future game. In any type of game, especially seasons, you could add the players stats. That way, you could compare it to other teams stats and your own. For example, after playing each game you can see the players new season stats, So you can tell where they are in yards and TD’s, and you can see the other teams simulated games and compare Patrick Mahomes’s stats with Lamar Jackson’s.

- Great way to get your kids into gambling

May the fattest whale win. Typical EA, a greedy, calculated way to get your money disguised as a third rate video game. Enjoy!

- Madden sucks

Makes it slow motion ugly graphics so annoying bad

- Login issue

I can’t even log into the game

- Fun but crashes lots and is glitchy

It’s fun to play but crashes frequently and glitches in gameplay and takes soooo long to load all the time

- Annoying

Your game seams fun but it is impossible to win a game because by the time your players get open your quarterback has already been tackled and it is impossible to run the ball so you can’t get a touchdown.

- Motion too slow

When playing season mode games, the motion goes way too slow, gotta get this fixed to make it run faster.

- Terrible

Worst version of Madden in many years

- One star because of the unbearable lag

The game is laggy and its really annoying

- Plz change it back to 2015

The updates are trash the game was way better before Madden Overwatch I had so much progress but it was drained due to the update the game is worse than idle games

- Can we have franchise mode

The game is much better the the last on but can there be a franchise mode

- Not worth the time

Feels like game is still in beta. Everyday day has a new bug or glitch which just takes the fun out of the game. Promos are confusing and almost not worth playing and are heavy pay to win. Actual football gameplay is still horrible with players blinking around the screen and very poor gameplay physics

- Good game overall, like it so far

Like this new game especially now that we can create our own characters and the yard is a interesting addition. Game is a little laggy at times though so have to turn down graphics so it runs better but it still looks fine on low. Notice it lags mostly on run plays or pass plays at the beginning then speeds up after a second which is a bit annoying. Notice too that on run plays the moving button can stick and can’t change direction after Sometimes the game takes a bit to load between downs or opening packs. Also notice on high graphics there’s black lines flashing on the screen but disappears on low setting. Found it odd that it was a new game and the old one didn’t just update and couldn’t continue with old team or progress but overall enjoying playing this game. Just needs a few performance fixes and I’ve give it 5 stars. Also don’t like how it pushes ads on you to claim rewards at random times and wish this feature would be taken out as it can just sometimes pop up randomly.

- trash

Have fun paying hundreds of dollars If you wanna compete, 2k needs to pick up nfl games 😭

- Haven’t had a smooth mini game.

Every time I play the game lags severely. Very underwhelmed by the game.

- Can’t go back

Each time I go on any game mode it won’t let me go back to main menu

- No

Kicks out too much

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- This game is pretty good

This game is a good game but what’s with all of the Lamar jackson? Besides the fact that he was MVP last season and had a fantastic fantasy football points, you could put players like Jared Goff, baker mayfield, and other young players who haven’t been on the cover of this game. I’m a Washington football team fan and I had noticed that you HAD done a update from the redskins. Keep going EA. My fav madden was the twenty year anniversary one on the Xbox 360. I haven’t gotten any of the recent maddens on my Xbox 1 s because every since 2018 they havesucked

- Wouldn’t Spend Time On It

I’ve never really liked Madden Mobile but I’ve tried go through out the years, it’s just the same garbage ever year with very little variety in gameplay and experience. Same goes for the madden on console. It’s the same stuff every year with new players and stats added in. They’ve never improved the graphics and if they did it would take like 5 madden games for you to notice it. If madden wants to make a quality game they need to listen to their very few fans left. We are asking for stuff we want but again we get no response. Add a college career mode and even high school. And like a path to the nfl mode starting out in high school. Make it so you can change your high school team colors and design their uniforms. This is stuff we want not mut or draft champions.

- So...

The controls are a little wonky on iPhone X, and it does have an issue with crashing every once in a while. The Yard was a cool idea, but the customization needs soooo much work. The faces look ridiculous and the lips are obscene. Also, and maybe I just didn’t figure it out, but it feels like none of the options fore skin tone/faces actually fit a Caucasian. Don’t really care and definitely don’t want to make an issue that f race here, but I am Caucasian and if I am creating myself, I’d obviously model my character after myself. The closest I can find is maybe Hispanic looking. There is one that is closer, but the face is so botched I can’t bring myself to use it. So...good concept, but it needs a lot of work

- come on now

i saw that lie of an ad. i love the game, the yard is better on mobile. but yall know yall made the game look better on the ad. in normal gameplay, everyone wears black cleats and tucked jerseys...based on the ad you would think you can change the cleats and everyone wears relaxed jerseys (NORMAL GAMEPLAY, NOT THE YARD). madden has problems on mobile AND console. i can't figure out why nameplates morph where the previous madden didn' did that get worse? so many new modes but worse graphics? phones are getting better ENOUGH to at LEAST include different cleats and stable nameplates. tighten up ea....why is that hard to ask for? the ad has it.....

- Equipment

In my opinion it’s a great game but the equipment isn’t there all the way. Last year we had speed flexes now we have regular schutts . Can y’all at least put the schutt f7 in here. Second thing is where are the player gloves at I want my wideouts to at least have some gloves on if they can’t have visors ( I want them to have visors to). And with the “yard” it’s great but I don’t like that we have to wait till the next day to get stamina that only goes to ten at that I feel it should be the same like with the regular stamina. Overall the game is not a five star but has the potential if y’all add these little things in there.

- Mediocre at best

I’ve been playing madden mobile pretty much since it first came out. This new season has been straight garbage. EA takes all of this time to develop and release a whole new app, rather than updating the existing one, and almost nothing has changed, except for some things that have gotten worse. Zero improvements on graphics, the game lags horribly, players glitch all over the place, and EA has shifted even further into “pay to play.” They have made it basically impossible to grind for top tier players, you have to pay for them now if you want them. Huge disappointment. I guess that’s to be expected from EA, though. I can’t wait until NFL 2K comes out, to put EA in its place. Even further, the console Madden 21 has been a complete bomb as well.

- The Yard is too difficult

The yard is fun but at times, it’s way too difficult. At one point I lost at least ten times and when I finally do win it like “the other team wants a rematch. Now let’s UP the difficulty”. I lost that so many times that I start to think it’s rigged and I rage quit and delete the game. The problem is that it only shows you how to upgrade YOUR player. It doesn’t show u how to upgrade the characters Tim and Jackson and if you upgrade your wide receiver then it just upgrades ur player for when he plays wide receiver which is useless since he 99% plays QB. Fix this and let you upgrade other players and maybe I’ll redownload it.

- Good but needs work

The only reason this game is not five stars is because The Yard, when you play madden on console and play career mode/Superstar mode you can play all day all night and not have to wait on energy to play. The energy for the Refills once a day. And maxes out after two days. I don’t know which genius came up with that idea but it’s clearly not working. It’s as if EA is forcing you too play the other modes, even if you don’t want to. Sometimes the game slows down and has delayed actions but overall it’s still good and fun to play. We should be able to play The yard all day if we wanted to.

- Like regular madden same as last

So been playing it for about a week. This game is just ok. I would not spend money on it, which is the only way you can be good at this game. Idc for the NFL but played this game bc I love football. I exchanged a bunch of players for training points 13,000 to be exact and when I went to go upgrade my player I had no training points. When I tap on a player to throw to them it throws it to the wrong receiver. Also I hate how when you are doing a set you gotta get rid of like 10 75 overall players for one 80 to 83 overall player and a bunch of other things as well. To me that’s dumb and too much to get one good player. Also the losing takes forever and I have good internet.

- GoodAnd bad

Love the app but it crashes when I get to play madden and I don’t play at all but the graphics are great and I can’t have my players from the other madden and I was a 99 overall. Now I am a 66 overall not happy about that. Everything else is good. Don’t waste your storage until these things are fixed. Thank you for reading this. Please fix this stuff or I will delete it. Thank you . I hope you found this helpful if not I am sorry. But I recommend getting Fifa mobile amazing game love everything about it Messi is expensive but it is worth it. So if you want to get that then do or get this it isn’t up to me but I recommend FIFA mobile. Bye

- Good

I like how you made item exchanges for coins, that’s cool. I think you should have program packs for madden coins, like maybe 50k or 100k. Please do that for me, otherwise, it’s a great game. Edit: also, in leagues there should be a way to speak to your league mates like in NBA 2k Mobile. 2nd edit: after the first time you do the kickoff program you can’t do it again, it just stops at the kick return for 50 yards level. Please fix this Edit 3: I have a glitch where you make yourself available for tournaments but you still can’t play it, all it says is “LEFT, 3”. Also, make pro packs better please


I want to start by saying I loved this game and it’s community for years. I had an amazing time playing it past seasons free to play. But unfortunately this game and this community are NOT the same. The bar for this game was set so low, and they missed it. the progression is insanely fast this season. I have played this game for years free to play and this is by far the worst version of the game unless you’re willing to break the bank. The gameplay balance is awful unless you have the best possible team . Stamina regenerates incredibly slow and it makes it very difficult to grind the game. The community is shrinking as well. This game used to have MILLIONs of players a few years ago and now if you look at leaderboards there’s maybe a little over 50,000 players total.

- Good game but....

I wanna play the game all the time I don’t wanna wait until 10:30 to play the yard! I believe taking the actions off the game and just letting people play the game how much they want too without having something coming to stop them saying “you gotta wait until tomorrow to play some more sorry” it’s always been like that I’ve been playing madden mobile for a while now never liked the concept I know many people back me on this. I also believe letting people play how they want to would make more money and get more players to play the game! My personal opinion just saying..!

- Game has too many bugs

I rated this game one star for a reason if you read this just know this not a game worth playing and paying for. This game has so many bugs and the game will just crash randomly. The game is clearly rigged it, and it so animation based it’s ridiculous I can’t believe that the NFL are associated with a company that was voted “worst company in America” 2 years in a row, so if that doesn’t say anything I don’t know what does. Seriously they put no time or effort the game are rated under 2 stars, they also take as many bad reviews and delete so their game can boost sales. The only good game mode is “The Yard” and evening that isn’t that good, so you really should get this game if you really think about it. If your reading this do yourself a favor and DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP #NFLDROPEA

- New app, same old game

It feels like there’s nothing to do in this game. So far the events feel like the same old same, free to play has to grind continuously to get maybe one decent player a promo. After you use the promo stamina it’s 10 hours of waiting to be able to do anything again. The only upside is The Yard, but even then your team is completely useless and unable to tackle anyone. You could have 3 players on one guy and it doesn’t make a bit of a difference, they’re going to break every tackle and score a touchdown. This game didn’t need a new app, it could’ve easily transferred over but EA couldn’t have been bothered, so 5 years of teams and madden cash was just wiped off the books.

- Madden Review

The gameplay is great. The game music gives it a more energetic feel. I love the opportunities to get stamina, experience and coins. On the other hand, the game could use work. There should be a way to mass produce set rewards like you can for events, “The Yard” should have more play tokens at the players disposal and if not there should be events or a store pack to get more. Lastly, I bought $75 worth of Madden Cash last week and the purchase was successful, but the game didn’t register it, which really upsets me. I asked for EA help and they told me to send a receipt of purchase and I don’t know how I would do that.

- Once every couple of years EA has to ruin this game.

I love this game and I have been playing it from the start. Every few iterations EA screws it up. Really, this year we now have to have Program Stamina? Can’t we just play programs like normal. EA needs to stop trying to reinvent the wheel every year. The Yard is a stupid concept, it offers nothing. Oh yeah, and the lockout after 10 on all or most of the Madden Today events is horrible. They just want people to spend money which I understand but I can already tell this will be one of the less fun years. Last year they had it dialed in. I was hoping for an improvement not a full over haul.

- It’s fine

The overall game such as animations, graphics, and game modes are almost identical to the previous game. However, they added another feature game mode which is the yard is probably the highlight of the game and the most different thing about this game from previous ones. It’s like nba 2k the park but it’s like a story line which allows you to customize your own player which I thought was pretty fun especially on a mobile and football game. I’m only giving it 4 star cuz of the extremely similar features from madden 20 but it was a good move imo to add the yard game mode into this game.

- Bug reports and error reports

I have bug that i would like to report which is the game lagging when i throw the ball and when i run and the error i keep getting the server has timed out lost connection and then it tells me i don't have internet and error resources failed to download its a good game overall but if you could fix these bugs and errors or tell me how to fix the issues if you could tell me or fix it it would make the game better quality for me cause i getting server errors during marches

- Overdrive is horrible

I have played madden mobile for 6 years. The new way they do competitive mode, and yes I know it was like this last year, overdrive is absolutely terrible. Instead of being able to just play you constantly have stupid things popping up. This game would be 5 stars if you’d take it back to the old way of doing it! Another problem I am having is that I see a guy running wide open down the field and I send a bullet pass to him. Why is a defender who’s covering another player able to come off his guy and come bat away the ball before it gets there?? That’s incredibly unrealistic and doesn’t even make sense! If their back is to the QB they won’t know he’s throwing it!

- So many questions why

Been a madden mobile fan since it first broke out but this one, I don’t know. Lacking in some many areas. First, legacy team has always been apart of the series- why did they take it out now? I’d much rather do legacy games than play The Yard. Speaking of the Yard, what’s up with the stamina on it. Two days to get a refill, haven’t really played it since. Thirdly, these sets are impossible to complete without spending Monday. I think back in 2014 or 2015, they had a version where the only way to get upgraded player was for you spent money. If this version is the same way then I’ll be deleting it from my phone. Already annoyed they didn’t carry over everything from my previous version. Lastly, I thought this version would have improved on what madden 20 started. But this version seemed rush to be out out and the product shows that. A few adjustments and this game would be the game that I loved playing. Hope this helps or hope some developers hear what I saying.

- Please attempt to fix my game

I love madden mobile. I have played this game every season i couldve because it is one of the greatest mobile games i have ever witnessed, but this year my experience is a bit bad. When i enter into the game, my game is fine. I get the messages and the calender and the news perfectly fine. The thing is if i go into the store or to any other modes, i cannot backout of it. It shows the home button and the others a bit gray, and i cannot do anything unless i exit out of the app, just to have it happen again. Please make a patch fixing this problem, because i will be genuinely sad if I cannot play this year

- Keeps kicking me out of the game

I like the game a lot so far, it’s really fun and addicting and I already have a 76 overall team without spending money, but the only problem is that I keep getting kicked out for no reason over and over and over again and it’s been happening for 2 days and I’m really getting frustrated. It might just be because the game is new but I don’t know, I can still play but not for long before I have to restart the game. I just want this issue to be resolved so that I can play the game without being interrupted at least 15 times a day.

- Please respond

I love the game I can honestly play yard all day can you give us more opportunities to do so instead of only being able to play 5 times a day can we do something to earn more playing time or just take that off in general, yard is honestly the game mode we have been looking for we love just want to play more of it, also can we get some of the console mechanics like hurdles and some of the new stuff you added on console it would literally make madden mobile the best sport mobile game there is

- I did the Pre-Order for ‘21

Earlier tonight 8/3/20 I receive notice thatMadden ‘21 was now available in the App Store for those like me who pre-ordered so I did and I’ve since downloaded it but it makes it through halfway of the game downloading & I’m hit with a glitch that says “A new update/version of the game is Available/Required” Please Download but I’ve already done I’m not sure what’s wrong??? PLEASE HELP! I’ve been waiting patiently for this to be available. I’ve even tried deleting and starting it over but that hasn’t helped. ????

- So much lag

Even if a put the performance low it lags anyways and the strape I don’t understand why don’t you make it easier to tackle or tackle an opponent that is blocking from getting to the player with the ball and if you where gonna make I for mobile should have at least been offline and online game or make it a paid game like nba 2k20 mobile offline online career mode btw why does nba need internet there are a lot of offline modes like season what the heck and I heard you’re making ufc mobi why waste your time you already made a ufc mobile game Ufc mobile is gonna be the same it’s gonna need internet and everything

- Developers please listen

look I don’t know if it’s possible but there are two things that I would want to see improved. 1. Live head to head matches, I don’t know if It’s possible but it would be cool, and if you can’t could you say why I haven’t found anything that explains this. 2 realistic crowds, please a crowd that only moves when you score and that has 4 different shirt colors and are all the same guy is kind of off putting, and they don’t even match the teams playing, no logos, no correct colors. Other than that I love this game and it certainly gets 4 stars.

- Good but big noticeable problems

So I was just playing the game when for some reason the field started glitching and I was pretty annoyed. The Yard however is the main reason I’m giving this four stars. I like the customization given for your character. Something annoying about it is that I can only be a QB, and the pressure from the defense can be pretty hard to escape from. A small noticeable problem is something that was not in other Madden mobiles. The last names on the jerseys are weird. For Lamar Jackson I got ackson or something like that. I hope ea improves these problems.

- First time madden mobile is actually awesome!!!!!

Ive been playing madden for well over a decade and this is the first time ive actually played madden mobile for more than 5 minutes. Ive been playing for over 4 hours! Most of it has to do with me being able to use my PS4 controller but it also has to do with the fact that the gameplay is actually comparable to madden on the console. The yard is also extremely fun to play and is very smooth. I now expect the console version of Madden 21 to be one of the best maddens ever.

- Pay To Play. EA only cares about profits.

Madden used to be good. 15-16 you could actually achieve a awesome team and it was good. But as usual, EA RUINS a game when they make it “PAY TO PLAY”. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get good players just by grinding. You MUST pay a significant amount to get a good team and to actually win. I gave this game a shot hoping it would be different. People in my league stopped playing because they all said the same thing. It’s a shame that they ruined a good game because of their greed for profits. They see $$$ and because people are so stupid enough to actually pay hundreds of dollars in game just for a team you DONT EVEN KEEP after the season is over, they can keep doing it. How can anyone be so ignorant and blind to spend so much money on something so empty.

- Gameplay is Horrible

I’ve been playing this game since it first came out. And over the years, the gameplay were from good to great but this is flat out bad. You can catch a pass in the end zone but it will continue like you didn’t score but as soon as you run out of bounds, it’s incomplete. And with wide open passes, I don’t care what overall you have or what overall you’re playing against, if there’s a wide open player, that should be an easy complete pass. But this year it will throw the pass 5 or 10 yards away. The only other game I’ve seen this because of the overall is 2K on consoles. Please don’t be like them because they’re declining for a reason. Fix this gameplay or this game will decline as well.

- It is a good game however

This game is gud however there are issues, 1. The gameplay is the same as all other games 2. I was doing a star players challenges and I am on stage 4 (there are way to many stages) and on a level I am stuck on I have to complete passes time the main receiver and that is borderline impossible when he is the definition of homeboy and 4 players are on him this level makes me want to die 3. Why the hell cant you use the character u made in The Yard why would u make a character that you can only use in 1 game mode and not all 4. The gameplay is extremely repetitive causing the replayability by a lot

- Just got game Isn’t available in country

So I just got this game pre ordered it couldn’t wait to play. So while I haven’t actually been able to play it said this game will be available at 2 on when there’s a update. It’s now 2:08 when I’m making this so hopefully they are just a little behind. However I almost got to play but, there was a message when I tried to update it saying this game isn’t available in your area/country. Nevertheless I still think the game is going to be great

- Hope, I guess

Madden 21 seems good right now, I didn’t pay any attention to mobile last year but played it 3 years in a row previously. The progression system right now isn’t terrible and the masters series doesn’t seem bad. Having events share stamina is interesting but makes you think where you want to put your time in. Legends is way to much work for it to be worth it (as it always is). Icon series feels fun and I think you can nab at least one of the 84s if you grind enough. I hope the year continues on as well as right now feels fun to play.

- Great, but...

Hi there, let me get straight to the point. I would like to see some changes to make the game more fun for everyone. First of all, a highlight reel. This would be great for players to see what amazing plays they made in the match, or how they lost. Second, an announcer voice, it would make the experience both more fun and more realistic. I have been playing ever since Tom Brady was the icon For Madden mobile NFL, and I really enjoyed the game as a whole, please take my suggestions into consideration. Thanks, The_Witcher

- Not as good as Madden 20... yet

This game has many good changes from its previous version but I dislike some random bugs. It’s pretty slow, there are lots of random black lines and dots that flicker around the screen, but I do like the Idea of a 5v5 with your friends, but I wish you could change their names too. Edit: I noticed that the game will kick me out right before a drive in League Vs League then it won’t let me resume it, it just says that I didn’t do anything. THIS IS FRUSTRATING! Please fix!

- Good game But.....

Game is great but.... there a lot of bugs I’m coming across. If I play for awhile the game starts to lag bad. I have to close the game out and start again. Computer can run the clock out but I can’t?? What’s with that? 1st downs called when they arent even close to being a first down. I’ve had players catch the ball and get called incomplete. I’ve replayed to make sure I wasn’t crazy, hit the numbers arms were around the ball. Happened twice with interceptions. I understand it’s a new game and there’s gonna be bugs. Other then th bugs I’ve mentioned I really love the game.

- Madden is Madden

Madden it’s madden a game that hasn’t changed since madden 17 especially on mobile now let’s start with the yard this game mode is terrible broken after broken tackle I just played the game and running back never got touched by the first man or the second I’ve never seen programming this awful in a game your receivers can’t and I can be at every where on the field at once my receiver drops game winning touchdown or conversion every time the only person that can catch is my quarterback which is stupid the NFL need to drop EA so there games can improve John Madden would not be happy bar the laziness of his EA and I think that it’s despicable at the poor gameplay of this game.

- EA can’t get it right.

They limit what you can and can’t do.... you have a certain amount of thing you can do, and then it tells you to move to one of their other modes. I’m sorry EA that’s just not how games work. Not sure how this promotes your app or makes people want to play the game when you tell them what to do. A quality game would allow you to have an unlimited experience. You can’t just play something when you feel like playing it and you can’t play it for however long you want. They just care about the money and they allways have. Proof is in the lack of progression in their game quality for 5 years. This is no different

- Love the new gamemodes, still have some suggestions.

I love the new animations for the yard, it makes the game so much better. But, why do none of the players have gloves? That just takes away from the realism. And, why does the replay end the second the player is down or the ball goes across the goaline? I would make the replay end only when the play truly ends. Like show the player getting tackled completely and allow me to see a bit of the celebration once the player scores. Like how the replay was in madden 20. Overall, good game though!

- Love the game but It’s CRASHING

I love the game the graphics everything I even made myself on there see I’ve been a mam we on madden mobile every since 2013 came out But this game every time I got into Master series it glitches out and it doesn’t work and goes back to my home screen see I have an iPhone 6 S Plus and I thought it was because I had Madden 20 still in my phone but I deleted it and it still crashed and went back to my home screen much love Madden and EA plz just fix this

- Good game but...

Very good game, I’ve been playing for awhile now. Tho I believe the game would be better if we didn’t have to wait 2 days just get our 10 energy back for ‘The Yard’ mode! I wouldn’t even mind if there was an ad system where we could gain 2-3 energy for watching an ad for those who want to keep playing. Or even maybe wait a few hours to get 5 energy back, either way 2 days is just not worth waiting for something that is gone in under 10min! Plz fix this and you’ll honestly get the 5 stars.

- Same game different app

It’s practically just the original madden mobil with like 1 new mode which is the yard. I guess it’s a fresh new feel and a great edition to the game but I don’t see why you couldn’t just update the original game and that mode instead of copy pasting the game and making a whole new app which is arguably worse than the original. I mean it’s the same game so how could it be any worse well for starters the whole design and feel of the game is generic and frankly the first is more aesthetically pleasing but maybe I’m just being a old head but I feel like there was a lot of wasted effort in this game.


First of all I’ve created quite a few sets or pushed rewards packs until late by clicking “Open Later” on the pack and have yet to see them since. They just vanished. There is no tab for collection on the team page to see what I have and is normally where these packs would be. The game isn’t too bad, I guess it’s something to keep me occupied, but it’s not like older maddens. I did like the simplicity of older madden mobile games and truly last grinded the game back then. I have a bunch of coins but don’t know what to do and wish there was an auction house. PLEASE GIVE ME MY PACKS BACK IF ANYTHING!!

- Same Game

I was waiting for a month for the new update to come, but when it did I was dissatisfied. It was the exact SAME GAME with rebranding. Not only did they just import madden 20 over with a new theme, they completely disregarded what we really want, which we have been demanding EA to make for years. That is: 1)Completely LIVE auction house, no bots or EA middle man. 2) LIVE PvP modes, I am sick of this turn-based Head to Head where you only play offense. We all want to play defense against our opponents, and play it LIVE in REAL TIME. This isn’t much to ask, but EA seems to think it is. Smh, I didn’t think it would be this bad.

- It’s really good but could use work

It’s a really cool game. It had the new Madden 21 game mode “The Yard.” It’s a little like the other mobile game other than that except for an updated roster. The thing that I don’t like is that you have to wait until the next day to get more Underground Actions (used in The Yard) instead of having it like a lot of other games where it gives you one every 5-10 minutes. But other than that, think of it as the other mobile game except with a new, cool, and overall pretty fun mode to play.

- Little tweaks

So far the game play is great but there are some little things that need to be fixed. Number one is that more coaches need to be added. Number two when you customize your players uniform and set it to a full team uniform it should be just that a full team uniform not one that stops at the socks and cleats I want my guy to wear the full colts uniform not 3/4s of it when I play the yard. Keep making these tweaks and make sure progression and getting better players isn’t to hard and EA you guys might finally make a game that can pass as user friendly and not pay to win

- Good game, needs some tweaks

Overall, a good game. However, the way things are laid out is confusing. Bonuses, training, the Madden bonus thing, “the yard”(?)— it’s messy in my opinion. It isn’t very self-explanatory and after playing for a while I’m still not really sure what I’m supposed to do (and yes I read the tutorial notes). Also, every 30 seconds or so, I get a pop-up telling me to buy a $1.99 add-on, or use Madden cash to upgrade something. It’s happening a LOT. Lastly, I sign in using my AppleID, but every time I launch the game, I have to choose my age and then choose how to sign in. Every time.

- Game gets worse every year

When EA announced that they were releasing this years madden as a separate app, I was excited. A new app means new features, right? New promo formats, reformed gameplay/graphics, new plays? Nope. Game is pure garbage. It really hasn’t changed in over 3 years. I don’t know what the devs do in the year between each update, but I am certain that it has nothing to do with Madden Mobile. The game gets more pay-to-win every year, and despite the cries and complaints from the community and fan base, the ignorant developers just plug their ears and continue down the same toxic path. This game is popular right now because it’s new, I wouldn’t be surprised if it dies by November, unless EA does something drastic.

- Could use a little work

I like to play a game on controller this game is pretty good with the controller is hard to learn it first on my list of sensitivity on it could be a little bit adjusted and I wish I could be more explain when you first get into it if you’re trying to use it with the controller I think there should be an option for that so I think that should be a great thing for y’all should consider like it overall I hope I like it more as Later ((needs work with controller connection!!!!!!))

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Christopher Ceparano

@TMobile @SamsungMobile If I had a @SamsungMobile Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, then all day I'd play @electronicarts' "#Madden @NFL 21 Mobile #Football" game! 🏈 🎮 #TMobileTuesdays + #contest


Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football #бесплатные #игры #андроид #айос

Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football 7.1.2 Screenshots & Images

Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football iphone images
Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football iphone images
Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football iphone images
Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football iphone images
Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football iphone images
Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football iphone images
Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football iphone images
Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football ipad images
Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football ipad images
Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football ipad images
Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football ipad images
Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football ipad images
Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football ipad images
Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football ipad images
Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football (Version 7.1.2) Install & Download

The applications Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football was published in the category Games on 2020-08-04 and was developed by Electronic Arts [Developer ID: 284800461]. This application file size is 145.65 MB. Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football - Games posted on 2020-09-10 current version is 7.1.2 and works well on IOS 12.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ea.ios.maddennfl21mobile

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