Samurai Flash

Samurai Flash [Games] App Description & Overview

Time moves when you move !

You want to know what it feels like to be a Super Hero ?
Join us and become a Samurai Flash !

-Dodge and slice your enemies to reach the next level

-Defeat bosses and show your skills

-Make the most of your speed and appreciate the slow motion of your enemies

New features are to come ( character upgrade , skins and accessories )

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Samurai Flash App Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Samurai Flash Customer Service, Editor Notes:

_ Bug fixes

Samurai Flash Comments & Reviews

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- Funny

I do the funny

- Great but

Bruh where the F$&@ing sound

- Sucks

The game is broken and it got put up on my safari somehow and I can’t use safari now 1 star

- Love the game it’s a lot more fun than other games ❤️

Great game I love it it’s so fun and cool maybe updates? Great creators ❤️❤️❤️

- 3 stars.

The game is well made and quite enjoyable when you first download the app, however, it’s gets quite repetitive and there’s no real challenge to the game. The game would be 4 stars if the swords were a button you had to click and the enemy would actually attack you before you can “slice ‘em up”.

- It crashes ☹️😡

I hate how it crashes cause I’m playing in the middle of the game and it crashes but it’s a good app

- Very Good

I would rate 5 stars if you get rid of the ad to get the characters

- Best

My cousin have this game and I wanted to fit it you git it to

- Super boring

Its really boring make it more interesting


I played on my cousins phone and it was fun so I played on my iPad and I will nor delete this I need grammar skils

- Super hot copy

Blatant superhot copy

- This game is the best game



It’s good because there is slow motion because its more easy to see fast stuff that can kill you and you can dodge it and you can slice things with your sword

- It good

Just need’s some bug updates and lag fixes


I can’t played my IPad for a week and it happens while playing it!So never download.Promise that won’t download

- Downhill since yesterday

Loved the game till yesterday since that update it’s just a black screen

- Likeing it so far an I will say how I like it soon

I will give up some more feedback my feedback right now is very fun😉🥰🥰

- The best game ever !

I love playing it on road trips it passes time super fast best game play it ASAP !

- It’s amazing🌟🌟⭐️⭐️

So the game has a good graphics but the bad guys are so easy to doge and I like changing things so it’s a four

- Alright

Before it was complete trash not gonna lie. This new update improved it a lot and now it’s alright as a game. I recommend that you can get cool animations if you use the right skin and the right sword. Also you could add a dance shop so when ever you beat a level it chooses the dance you can equip.

- Stolen idea

In case you live under a rock, this is an obvious copy of the VR game “SUPERHOT” where the time only moves when you move and you have to defeat the red figures. Hmmmmm, time control? Hmmmm, red figure enemies? Garbage game doesn’t deserve support.

- I hate it

I was about to get my favourite character and i was like omg but the game did not show the sign get it and now I hate it so much

- Super hot

Also kind of a copy of super hot

- Awesome please read this😁😁😁😁😁😁

People who think this is bad are so wrong this game is awesome When I played this I was in heaven this is not stupid the people who think this is trash are stupid🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

- Great game

Amazing game

- Omg

It is so bleeping good I recommend it

- Laggy but great

Keep on lagging and lagging with some crashes but the game is awesome

- I love it

I think this is a good game for kids like me who thinks pain is funny 🙂😌🙂😌🙂

- Noice Game


- It’s ok

The game is kinda fun.but u get bored after playing for a while.And some times they just make u play a level that u already played befor,it’s the same with all boss to.So I give it a 2

- Good game

My little brother said it is a very fun game

- Suggestions

I like the game but it seems like the only female characters are the hostages. So maybe make some girl characters you can play as.

- It good


- Good game

Good game but I can’t see more than six skins please fix this.

- Le jeu plant (The game crash)

Bonjour! J’adore le jeu et ses mécaniques mais je peux même pas y jouer car il plante chaque fois que je rentre dedans. Hi! I love the game mecanics but i can’t play to it because every time i get in, the game crash.

- So many glitches and ripoffs.

There are many glitches. One is that if you touch the end of the goal you can fall off the edge of the stage and dance while falling. Also if you find a bunch of cutable objects, cut them so much that the screen’s lag turns into 5 FPS. Then it will launch you in the air. After a boss, when you kill it you fall off the edge of the platform, and then it’ll show the dying animation and then say good job. This is a super hot ripoff, and the missiles are obviously just the bullet bills from the Mario series. And also there is an infinite money glitch. Find a enemy who shoots missiles and has another enemy in the level, so touch the goal at the side so you fall off like I previously said, while you touch the side have a bullet bill hit you while swiping at another enemy. This makes the game freeze, since you get hit with the bullet bill while touching the goal. Then make sure you are hitting the enemy and it’ll put your character in a loop, hitting the enemy getting infinite money. After 30 seconds you will have 99,999 big bucks. I rated this two stars because it is glitchy and a huge ripoff. The reason it is not one star is because it is kinda fun. But the dances are stupid. Not as bad as Bowmasters though.

- It’s pretty good for a mobile game

The first time I played it I thought I would have to wait through an ad but I was surprised to see that there was no ad until the boss level. It’s fun and doesn’t have ads after every level! I recommend it.

- Good game

Cool game good game fun game perfect game

- Not able to play

I can’t play because the game crashes every time I try to get in

- Get it

Amazing I love it

- Wow so fun 🤩

Wow i love this game it even has pikachu I will get is and not switch to an other

- Is is good

Game good download still chill

- Good game

It’s a cool game however it crashes a lot and it’s sometimes boring cuz there’s no back round music

- 60 FPS?

To many adds but nice plz add better frames it will help the game and make u very popular

- Guns as weapons

Use guns of weapons for four range two of them and it should go to your wall for both ends and your character and in close range do you use both of your swords.

- Fun concept; too easy

The concept is nice, as well as the slicing physics. However, the levels are way too easy and get repetitive after about 10 levels. Please make the game more difficult and less repetitive (ie. more projectiles at a faster pace, add a jumping mechanic, needs much harder bosses, maybe add power ups, add ways to progress your character other than skins). These are all ways to improve a very interesting game and concept. You have had a very good idea with this game, now you just need to make it an actual playable experience as to ensure such an interesting approach doesn't go to waste.

- The Next Top Gamer

This is a great game other than the lag! Great Job!!

- Good game but

It is a really fun game but I feel that the sensitivity for me isn’t that good

- It doesn’t load anymore

It used to work but nowWhenever I go in the app it doesn’t load and sends me out otherwise I love the game plz fix

- Bad

It was good for a little then I noticed it’s really easy and it crashes now so fix it

- Addictive

Very fun i recommend it not that much adds very shocked so try it I thought this game will have lots of adds but no i love it

- Should download

Highly addictive

- Love it

It da best

- The best game ever

I love this game and it’s so much fun but I can do this all day but yeah I can’t I want to I want to watch YouTube a lot bye it’s good I love this game I’m good this is better than all the other games that I have on my iPad Utnehmer and it will never hurt my feelings

- This is so fun

I love this game it’s great so good who ever downloads it you will have fun


It’s so COOL!!! THE NEW MAPS LOOK LIKE A LAB AND THE ROBOTS AND HUGE ROCKET SHIPS!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOO COOOOOL 5 OUTTA 5 FREAKIN STARS BEST GAME EVER NEEDS TO BE EDITORS CHOICE GAME! It’s just a 10/10 game everything’s great difficulty harder than before it’s just a great game.... A N D I F T H E R E ‘S N O F I V E S T A R S O N T H I S game.......

- Do this

Add the ability to sell swords to get them for the price you bought them


Pretty good attention to detail and whoever’s designers characters did a mad as job if you could put his swords in too that would be awesome.

- Buffering or glitching

Good game but can you please fix the glitching or buffering.Because I can barely do anything.

- this is so good because it makes me pee a lot

I love this game

- Good but

I wish it had music it would be much better to me if it did

- 3things

You can slow time and I cut a pillar into 10000000 pieces I’m only on lv3

- I love this game so much

I love this game I was almost completely done with the game until my mum deleted the app so now I have to start all over again 😟😟😟😟😟

- Super


- Good but easy

Really fricken fun but just when I stop moving the whole thing pauses. I think that makes it to easy the bullets should go faster. Maybe you can put that as a mode cause that would be amazing! Other than that it’s a good game!

- Great

It’s fun

- 👁👄👁

👁👄👁 👁👄👁

- This game is super fun

I really like the game it’s really fun



- I like cheese

As you can see I like cheese

- Repetitive

This game is great for the first couple of levels until the levels repeat and the melee bots can’t even kill you and most of the skins are bad

- This is the best fighter game in the world

This is the best fighter game in the world you have to play this game all people Love this game trust me this is the best game in the world that I ever tried out!🤩

- Hi it’s the FBI (and/or Eli L-D)

I need more difficultly Extreme map thingy thing thing it’s too easy Me: shutup fbi I do not need u talk fbi: fbi open up!

- Very repetitive

This game is very fun in general but all the levels are the same and it doesn’t get harder please make the levels different

- 5 star game

The only reason I gave it stars is because it has pikachu! XD

- Addictive...but needs more.🦋

Hey guys! I just wanted to come past and tell you that your game is more than amazing...BUT I’ve repeated the cane more than 4 times and I just thought that I think it’s time for some updates and add-ons! Overall your game is amazing and I hope the improvements will be made! THANK YOU✅


I just started the game and I realised that I’m going to beat it

- I love this app!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this app because I love to play great games like this

- This app is ok

I really like this app because you get to run around slashing people and the bosses were easy to kill but it was still fun.This would be five stars but it’s not because I can only go into the app once so if I close it and go back in then it just closes but besides that it’s a great game keep up the good work!!

- Game of coolness

Best game ever you cannot say no to this game

- super good game and i recommend it

Its a really fun game and i love it i don’t have anything bad to say about it except the boss levels they are a little to easy but altogether its a really great game!

- Nice game dude also nice job

This game is pretty cool I’m giving my honest opinion I kinda find this game cool cuz you slice stuff and that’s what’s fun


I love it but can u pleeease add I banana skin

- Needs a update but great game

I love the game just wishing there were more skins and the melee people and bosses are a bit harder that’s all as I said great game

- Plz fix this

The game ur VERY fun but after closing the game to go out somewhere I can’t open it it’s just a black screen and doesn’t load please fix this bug

- Why I like this game

😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱WOW BEST GAME EVER 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 I CAN PLAY THIS GAME ALL DAY AND NIGHT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- This is the best game since 3D run

Best games ever

- Addictive

This game is really good! I recommend it as you can play it for hours and hours and you will never run out of levels! It can’t get any better then this!

- This is an amazing app

I like how you get to do boss levels and I think that maybe kids could be aloud to play it too because it’s a really fun app and it has really cool swords to smash the bad guys right in the tummy and some people think that the boss level is easy and so do I so I think kids are aloud to play this too. Thx for you lovely app❤️❤️

- Best free game for killing time

This is a great free game one of the best ones yet despite having adds this game is a must get

- This is a great game!!!!

This game is really addicting when I get on I can’t stop playing!! Its like the better version of the VR game SuperHot!!

- Copying

This is an absolute super hot rip off

- Best game in world

Just the best game but needs updates so it will be the best game in the world

- Faster

Great game but could the dude go faster

- Hi guys I’m sorry to bother anyone else but I’m sorry

Hi guys I wanna is a time for you guys to join me and I’ll play on the road for you and I’ll be home by the way I’ll talk ya guys out tomorrow night I wanna was a great day I love you I’ll tell ya I’ll talk ya guys out of my house and then I’ll tell you what you I’ll tell ya I’ll talk ya guys out tomorrow and then I wanna play time and I will be there in a little while I’ll talk to ya guys I gotta go get my car I’ll talk ya guys out tomorrow I’ll tell ya I’ll talk ya guys out tomorrow night I’ll talk ya guys out and see what you guys gonna is like the best thing you I’ll be happy you I’ll tell you what I’m talking about you I’ll tell ya I’ll tell him I love your mom I’ll talk to her tomorrow I love 💔 ❤️ was the time to be my epic day of work and then I’ll tell you tomorrow I’ll be home tomorrow I’ll be back tomorrow I’ll be home by five or I’ll be home by five so I will talk to ya I’ll tell you later love you guys I wanna was the day you got the money I got you and I’ll be there tomorrow I’ll talk to you later bye 👋 I love love 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

- I’m starting to hate this game

Every time I enter the game it will just kick me out for no reason l try to remove the app but when l download it again it just won’t work please fix this the owner of this game👿👿👿

- Fun but updates?

It’s really fun but I noticed it said classic on the skin shop and there were some square sections beneath it but I haven’t gotten any new characters is that a future update or what? And also I noticed a lot of people keep getting kicked of so could you fix that pls :)


This is the best game ever you should totally download this game it is so fun

- Nope just no.

I played level 1 closed the game to eat lunch but I went on again and it crashed but I had fun fix glitch and I will reinstall it!

- Please add my feature

Please add a feature where u can press a button to swipe with the sword

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- awesome game

No complaints great game play awesome premise but I really just want more skins for the sword and samurai awesome game 👍

- It’s the best game

It has bosses and cool stuff in it good job



- This game is cool

This game is really good I will recommend

- Correction for tetra27

Just do it on a I pad ok 👌


TYSM the game had a loading bug and I was just about to type another review but I went back in the game and it was fixed! Best game ever

- Awesome

This game is really cool and fun

- It’s so fun to play like my

It’s fun to play it’s a good game

- Hi Eleanor here

I just want to say this is lit

- Wow

This game is the best it reminds me of a game that got banned so thanks to the developers

- Doesn’t work

The game and ad for the game looked really cool but when you go on the game it just kicks you out

- The game is broken.

I can’t download this game it just won’t let me and the advert for this game is cool so I downloaded it but it just won’t download.



- Y

The game is good but after I closed the app I couldn’t get in it just kept kicking me out but the game is fun

- There should be more avatars

I think there should be more avatars or characters in the game when you add more then I can give it 5 stars. That’s all that is hindering me

- Good Game

It is a good game and I recommend you try it. Thank you for reading.

@Sydsnap Samurai pizza cats, ranma 1/2, cutie honey, la blue girl, blue seed, legend of the overfiend, golgo 13, va…

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@nilbold: the way some people revere and worship the franchise as the highest form of cultural achievement is worrying i'm honestly not…

@nilbold: the way some people revere and worship the franchise as the highest form of cultural achievement is worrying i'm honestly not…

@nilbold: the way some people revere and worship the franchise as the highest form of cultural achievement is worrying i'm honestly not…

@nilbold: the way some people revere and worship the franchise as the highest form of cultural achievement is worrying i'm honestly not…

@nilbold: the way some people revere and worship the franchise as the highest form of cultural achievement is worrying i'm honestly not…

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Samurai Flash 1.95 Screenshots & Images

Samurai Flash iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Samurai Flash iphone images
Samurai Flash iphone images
Samurai Flash iphone images
Samurai Flash iphone images
Samurai Flash iphone images
Samurai Flash iphone images
Samurai Flash iphone images
Samurai Flash iphone images
Samurai Flash iphone images
Samurai Flash iphone images
Samurai Flash ipad images
Samurai Flash ipad images
Samurai Flash ipad images
Samurai Flash ipad images
Samurai Flash ipad images
Samurai Flash ipad images
Samurai Flash ipad images
Samurai Flash ipad images
Samurai Flash ipad images
Samurai Flash ipad images
Samurai Flash Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Samurai Flash Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Samurai Flash (Version 1.95) Install & Download

The applications Samurai Flash was published in the category Games on 2020-04-24 and was developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD [Developer ID: 1499845738]. This application file size is 325.27 MB. Samurai Flash - Games posted on 2020-08-06 current version is 1.95 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Samurai Flash Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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