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Hey! We're working hard to add people to Clubhouse as fast as we can, but right now you need an invite to sign up. Anyone can get one by joining the waitlist, or by asking an existing user for one.

We really appreciate your patience and can't wait to welcome you. Thank you!



Clubhouse is a space for casual, drop-in audio conversations—with friends and other interesting people around the world.

Go online anytime to chat with the people you follow, or hop in as a listener and hear what others are talking about.

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Hey there! We're constantly adding new features, improving the product and fixing bugs. For full details, please see the release notes in the app. Thank you!

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- Find your voice and your tribe!

Listennnnn!! This app is the “stage” I said I would stand on and speak to the masses. 2020 said ok the stage is virtual babygurl but you gon’ be just as profound because now ya don’t hafta worry about hair and makeup! Just speak! This app revives the art of verbal communication like the good ol’ days when you had a 30 ft house phone cord so you could kick up your feet and chat with your friends about your goals! Just what we need during this pandemic to keep hearts, minds and spirits LIFTED! When you are intentional with your connections and your message, this app brings your tribe to you! Results NOT rhetoric with the genuine interactions! Keep a notepad, sticky notes, SOMETHING because the jewels being dropped on a daily will blow your mind and shift your life! And thus ends my dissertation on Clubhouse: The juxtaposition of social distancing and verbally embracing✊🏾 PS I may or may not be operating on 3 hours sleep writing this due to a phenomenal 6 hr discussion with some movers and shakers last night that started as a welcome room for my friend who had just joined.😂

- Great app but unfortunately it’s limited now.

I loved loved loved the app until today. Before the update, I got to jump in and out of very diverse chats, from finance to music to psychology to poetry to straight up gossip chatrooms. After the update; my listening is very limited to the people I chose to follow and their interest in the two weeks I’ve been on the app. Clubhouse has turned itself into another Instagram app where it shows you targeted content based off of the content you “liked” when you first joined. I HATE IT HERE NOW. What made the app great for me was I had access every space, every topic, everyone everywhere (within the app, of course) with just a click on a globe. Now I have to scroll thru people I follow to find other people to follow in hopes the start an interesting room when in reality they are avid listeners and note takers like myself. Since you removed the explorer page, I can’t expand my knowledge or explore other topics I may not have known existed. Since I didn’t follow enough people early on, I lost access to many spaces including psychological and finance chats which is directly within my field. So now with such a heavy heart, I dislike the app because I’m stuck listening to the same people talking about the same things every other day. Can y’all bring back the explorer page?! Please and thank you. If not; I’ll stick to Twitter b|c there I can at least click on a thread within the thread and learn something new.

- best social platform i’ve ever used

this is quite simply a revolutionary take on social media, and for me personally being in the creative entertainment world it’s been incredibly beneficial to me just being able to network and put a voice to peoples names instead of just seeing a traditional “DM”. i’ve been in rooms with attorneys, other musicians, experienced people all around who are willing to talk and she’s their experiences or even advice to anybody listening. it’s a game changer. i think the invite only aspect should stay though, as the loose-exclusivity makes it a lot more powerful. it’s not like it’s that hard to get invited either, just have to know some people. but again, it’s a game changer for social media in my opinion

- As a creative, entrepreneur I love Clubhouse

I really enjoy using clubhouse and it’s been so beneficial in helping me network and connect with others. I’ve got a lot of followers to my socials and even a client! I see a lot of other people saying that the app should have features like video, chat etc. but I personally think the app is great as is with audio only. I think it’s what makes clubhouse stand apart from a lot of other apps plus you get to focus on one thing only and that’s listening or talking. You don’t have to be distracted with messaging, video etc. I love it simplicity and focus on a drop in audio and hope they keep it how it is✨ Clubhouse is literally my new favorite app.

- Ocean Waves of Information ✨

It’s been 4 days and I have connected with professionals that have great information on investing and other areas of interest. People sharing experiences, invites to participate in podcasts. Being able to express yourself and ask questions. I feel on Clubhouse you will find individuals with like synergy. For me it has been all positive and encouraging. I’m grateful my friend/colleague Leila Steinberg introduced me with an invite. It has a fresh vibe. With new innovations there will be growth. It will be exciting to experience the shifts. Clubhouse feels like infinite ocean waves of information and possibilities. I appreciate the opportunity to connect, share, listen & learn ✨

- a super safe place for black people(for now) to network and talk about important issues

this app is phenomenal and as of this moment i’m tying the review, this app is 95% black people which as a black person i love! but even if you’re not black you can still meet tons of great people to have amazing conversations and networking sessions with! Tons of famous people come on here and you can be able to talk more directly to them than you could on twitter and it’s great for advice or just a regular conversation. now is the best time to join the app before they let EVERYONE get on and it becomes a circus lol

- Mute all button for moderator

This is an amazing concept, like an interactive podcast. It allows networking with well known professionals to underground/upcoming creatives. It's a great thing but can sometimes get overwhelming. I think If there are easy access buttons for moderator such as mute all, mute multiple at once and mute rows. Second, easy access for speakers such as step down, and also a secondary raise hand button for speakers or an ability to signal to moderator something. The hand raise option is not available for speakers, but only for audience members who want to speak. That I think should extend to speakers, it will make moderating easier. We should have an availability to block/hide rooms from our home page.

- Absolutely Love !!!

I believe Clubhouse is a great concept. especially for people in creative fields, business owners, entrepreneurs,etc. You can drop in on conversations but also network with people and exchange ideas, possibly come up on an opportunity you never know. I would like to see if possible as conversations are engaging if as: 1. A group there was a chat box where if anyone had any links they wanted to add you can type them there. 2. If the moderator / speaker wanted to show the group a video that’s relevant to the conversation sort of like Netflix/Disney Plus Group Watch.

- Most productive app

When you use this app the correct way your limits are non existent. Lot of people not using it correctly get what THEY want out of it. 4/5 cuz there is room for some improvement on moderators abilities. Mute all mic, levels to moderation, and maybe even allowing convos to categorized instead of having a free for all timeline. If I want to enter music discussions have a that as a separate tab from sports convos or gossip talk. I think connectivity and the way you receive notifications can be fixed. I think once it goes public the true value could go down by scaring away useful users like celebs, industry connects etc So far so good tho

- A social platform for Creatives and Entrepreneurs

Nothing flashy here, just good conversations & that’s what I love. The invite only feature weeds out the random people and I feel is very necessary to keep. I love how people are held accountable for who they invite. And that pressure causes them to choose someone who will use the platform respectfully. I’m afraid when this goes public that people will flood the app with ignorance & arguments. Right now it is a safe community where people can exchange knowledge and network through conversations.

- Direct Message to moderators?

I’m loving my time on the app. Took me visiting a few rooms before I got the swing of things. I’ve received some great tips/advice in a number of rooms and for that I’m appreciative. While in a few rooms, I found myself wanting and sometimes needing to get a direct message to the moderators quickly. Is there a way to add this option so those listening can get speak with moderators without needing to raise your hand, be invited to the stage, wait your turn to speak? I wanted someone to repeat a website address and a name but couldn’t do anything on my end. The moment passed and in one instance the person left the room.

- a very young app

This app has a lot of potential, but there is so much to be improved on. First of all, it would be really nice if we had reaction features, like clapping or dislikes, something along those lines. Because when your in the audience you can’t put your input in at all and it feels very alienating, especially since there’s no typing. I think there should be a messaging feature or some sort of option to have a typed chat while talking. it’s kind of ableist that it’s audio only. what are hard of hearing people supposed to do? people who have different accents? it’s a mess of an app but i still see the potential

- Started off good

Started off amazing full of inclusion and 2 degrees of separation. Now it’s ran by what I perceive redlining algorithms, six degrees of separation and segregation. ( they just made an update that you don’t see all the rooms in the hallway only ones they believe pertain to your interests). We can see where that’s going to go.. There’s two clubhouses. One hallway for people of color and the other keeping them out. It’s become a big redline house so I think I’ll just wait for cookout.

- Meh.

I’ve been on the app for over a month now, from beta to soft launch and it’s very homophobic and transphobic in terms of how people are treated here. Clubhouse directors haven’t done anything to change this culture and continue to be complacent in upholding White Supremacy and cis-hetero norms. Not the app for me. But I have found a small community of Queer BIPOC folx who have made Clubhouse much more bearable in these trying times of all that is 2020. Hopefully another developer will do better. I like the concept, but the execution leaves much to be desired and only proves how racist and homophobic America truly is at the core. Not to mention the app completely depletes my battery and freezes constantly.

- This App is almost perfect

I do think Clubhouse needs an option to enter a room without being seen by people that are not in the room. There are some topics I join in to listen to I don’t want every connection I just made seeing my name in the room list. Similar to how LinkedIn lets you view a profile incognito. My profile could appear in the group once someone enters, just want an option to choose not to be listed on the list of names that appear to people not in the room. Thank you!

- So simple it’s genuis

This is just telephone conference calls in an app! Why didn’t I think of this lol. Great concept. It’s a secondary medium so you can be on clubhouse while you do anything else. This is going to be an alternative to traditional podcasts even. I see it as an interactive podcast. It brings a whole new experience to social media that no one knew we were lacking.... but we were.... see you on stage!!!!

- Reached out to Support Multiple Times

This app is great but I have reached out to support multiple times in regards to the error I receive when creating rooms in my clubs. It is not allowing me to make the rooms public. I am the founder of both clubs I am running. I also asked for a name change to my legal name and was told you guys are not doing name changes when my friend who requested a name change on the same day was granted. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. This is an amazing app. But consistency matters.

- Club House is a game changer

This is the first platform that I would consider a true social network (epitome of socializing and networking) Tap into conversations I typically wouldn’t have Getting different perspectives and a 360 view Meeting/convos with people I typically wouldn’t be in the position to meet Opp to connect and a personal real level Finding like minded people that I didn’t even know existed Moderator training, Speaker training, Listening training How to package your value How to communicate what you do Opportunity to be the teacher and student Able to share our Ls more frequently Learning how to ask the right questions Witness the evolvement of a new application of social networking Expedites the conversations for immediate answers

- The best app to come out in 2020!!!

I love this app. I can definitely see it being a long lasting app. The amount of topics and opportunities are endless.... I only have one COMPLAINT: I am unable to change my bio.... I wasn’t sure what to put but now that I know what I want, it is not a clear way to change it. The instructions don’t work. Please fix this. Overall 10/10 app!!!!! Love it!!!!

- Privacy concerns, cannot unfollow

The app asks me to grant access to all my contacts. Which I’m sure they’re uploading to their servers. If not; they wouldn’t need access. It might be just to notify me when someone I know joins, but I don’t want that. I don’t want to give any app access to all my contacts. It randomly makes you follow a bunch of people with a very small button to “skip”. Which i couldn’t click on because of a fat finger. On the following screen, I cannot unfollow the people as I don’t know who I’m following. The button next to the person’s name says “Follow” and it appears in my “following” screen.

- Love the exclusivity

The app has a few bugs with the mute button going on and off but I hope it stays invite only, it's a cool platform and safe space to have real progressive and productive conversations. Considering the climate we're in, I think something like this excluded to invite only is perfect considering there are a lot of "higher ups" on this app. 🔥

- Please Bring Back The Explorer

I don’t ever write reviews, but I loved this app and wanted to help it. This app has opened me up to things I never knew existed, but after the update. I am stuck in the same conversations, same people, who I already follow on Instagram and Facebook with the same topics. CH was a place for me to explore and learn different things. Now it’s turned into an audio version of Facebook groups. Please fix. Thanks.

- Greatest social app I’ve ever used

Just scary to think what will happen when it’s open live to the public . It should stay exclusive, so many intellectual conversations to be had, I would hate to see it ruined by paid adds and people who don’t really want to network and build with others .

- So far so good. A few suggestions

It would be better to have the light when someone is talking another color besides the light grey. Also please allow us to customize our display names. The name can show when our profiles are visited but please allow a display name option.

- A great way to feel connected during quarantine

Clubhouse has helped me feel connected to the community during a time when I need it most. The drop in audio chat format makes it very easy to listen in or join conversations similar to how you would at a dinner party.

- Amazing App!

I believe this app is AMAZING! The creators of this app was very genius to create this. I love the ability to chat with people with “text” and really hear the emotions through responses via voice. This is great for creators to host events via the chat rooms. I hope this app continues to grow because I can see this going very far!!! Love it!!

- Suggestions

I really love this app but just a few things that would be great updates. I think it would be easier to identify who is speaking if the ring around their picture was a brighter color and if they could somehow be moved to the top of the audience of a stage within the stage.

- Room for improvement

I think the app needs an instruction page. As someone who just got in and messing around to figure out what’s what, would’ve been much easier if there was instructions. Also wish there were search pages to find chat spaces on specific subjects: ie: #business, #entrepreneur, #woodshop, #travel, etc.

- So far so good

It’s so easy to spend all day on the app. I love the app and the concept but my suggestion to curb usage would be some sort of timer feature. This would allow you to listen in but also leave the room without having to manually do so on the app. Similar to the feature of podcast. Just my two cents.

- Loving the personal connection!

This app allows you to actually join a group (clubhouse) that you’re interested in (by topic) and engage in meaningful conversations vs typing a response. You can audibly hear people’s passion or tone, making it a new personal way to connect, get inspired, share, and learn.

- More than Social Media Here

Clubhouse is an aimful platform with little to no distractions disguised as features. Its a purposeful application comprised of thought leading conversationalists, found in ‘rooms’ of think tanking; real-time, round the clock masterclasses on industry, professions, entrepreneurship, and politics. It’s a much more than social media. An environment of meaningful exchanges.

- Nice To Be Talking Again

With most interactions for everyone (myself included) being via text, email and social media messages it is nice to be talking again. The app provides a simple easy to navigate platform to “talk” with friends and network with new people. Awesome idea!

- The Next Big Thing (Game Changer)

I’ve only been on a few days and have been blown away more than any social media site I’ve been on. So many genuine users on there and I’m meeting some amazing people. Right now, it’s only for Apple users (😁) I’m learning more and more.


One of the most amazing virtual networking experiences I have ever been involved in in my life. As a creative and especially during this pandemic, this app allows you to share intimate space with not only you peers, but also puts you in the room with creatives who inspire you.

- Please Keep Invite Only

Happy to have been invited to this because it’s fresh and highly addictive. I understand that growth is inevitable but hope you guys can please keep this app exclusive as there are executives like myself, who enjoy listening & speaking on this positive platform.

- Connecting to Instagram

I haveI uninstalled this app multiple times and added it back. I still can’t connect my Instagram account to the clubhouse app. I have sent in multiple tickets but I have not gotten an answer as to what is the problem other than that it is an amazing app.

- Love this app!!

I love the concept of this app. You really get to connect & network with others from all around the world while getting to put a voice to someone’s profile picture. Keep this app invite only!

- Intriguing conversations - should get better

I can imagine that this will only get better as there are more people and this Kore topics that get discussed. Right now it’s fine for when I want to listen to something whole on a walk.

- Needed this app

I really needed this app. Hearing so many discussions across the world and learning other people’s world view has been enlightening and interesting. I’ve spent hours on this app since downloading and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

- Just Different and Timely

Clubhouse is so many things wrapped in one. Great for networking, a great way to learn and great space to share your own knowledge and insight. I’ve connected with so many people in such a short time and have gained knowledge and even clients. Super appreciative.

- Invite not received

My sister received access to Clubhouse and was given the ability to invite one person. She forwarded an invite to me via text and it was not received - We both have iPhones. i Please let me know how we can retrieve the invite.

- Historic

I never leave reviews but this app will go down as one of the best ever due to the concept. I have made so many connections and talked to some industry vets id never imagine talking to. Afraid that when the app goes public it will change.

- So much fun !

Just joined ! Really great app so far I am still figuring out the logistics of the app . I think you should be able to comments in chat rooms even if you don’t want to voice in maybe a comment or to. But overall great app .

- Possible add-on

I think if you guys add photo sharing or file sharing it could really help with sharing creatives works and getting advice from others. It really would help to connect creatives!!

- I see the potential, but!

I definitely see the potential, but I want to be able to search for room topics despite who I’m following and/or search for followers who are interested in certain topics. I also want to be able to react no verbally to a room I’m listening in on with icons that symbolize applause, cheers or disagreement.

- Support needed.

Hi! I can’t find any info on customer service support... so I’ll try here. I sent my invite to someone that already has an account accidentally! Is there anyway I can get a replacement invite? I can verify that they already had an account. Please let me know!!

- Best Social App

The number of connections and positive energy I have been able to absorb on this platform is incredible, say goodbye to the gatekeepers. This is an app where friendly business individuals can connect with HIGH net worth individuals

- Huge potential

Really smooth running, seamless way to interact with industry professionals. The calls flow incredibly and I’m very excited to see where this goes once the community is larger

- Virtual Networking app bringing us together

I hope this app remains invite only. Very fluid and easy to use. The app works seamlessly for me to navigate through rooms and use all of the functions such as mute and exit. Very cool app!

- Favorite app

By far - such an interesting concept like a podcast without even having to set up your own equipment or find your guests I love the emphasis this app places on voice

AirBNB 🎁

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- How long is the waiting period?

I’ve signed up and reserved a username a while ago, how do I get an invite ?

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- Great networking

So worth the wait.


The developer have struck gold. Shout out to the whole team

- How long is the wait?

How long is the wait?

- Game changer

This app is about to take over. It’s bringing the social back to social media. I love what the creators stand for. I’m from the talking on the phone generation so I feel the importance of connecting through voice and having dialogue out loud in real time with people.

- Approval too slow

I don’t know why it’s taking forever for this app to approve me .


I HIGHLY recommended this app to any and everyone who desires the best version of themselves. Love this app. Thank you creators.

- Add me on clubhouse! @retailboss

As a retail consultant, I have already met so many people in my niche, that otherwise are a needle in a haystack to fine! Very impressed and has helped me secure speakers off topics I’ve joined, to have at my upcoming events and summits!

- A interesting concept

A fun app to have interesting conversations with people who you would have otherwise have not spoken to

- Account creation

How long does it take for an account to be approved, this one of the slowest app with no support system to help out 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

- 10/10 - there goes my data 😂😂😅😅😢

Wicked app, great community, great opportunity to network. Hoping it remains this way as they grow

- The most personal social network online

I love the depth of conversation happening on this app, and the quality of community. It’s stunning.

- My name??

Lmfaaoooo why did I try putting my first and last name and it told me my name contained words that were not allowed... I- 🥲

- Clubhouse

I made an account a week ago and I am still not able to use it, I am not hating on the app but like how long does it take to let a person in?

- Great for independent artists

Love the free knowledge from mainstream artists & executives like meek mill & 21 savage

- love the app

needs a comment section tho, the listeners should have a input on the conversation without having to mic up

- Great networking

@northern_maverick on insta and on here :)

- Best app I’ve used in a long time

This apps been phenomenal for networking and was built amazingly !

- i wanna try

Yo let me in i wanna try the app plssss my username is « doglogan »

- Despite certain features

So far I am enjoying the app and it’s many features , there are many different rooms depending on your interest. I would enjoy it much more of there was an option to remain incognito when joining in on rooms, and also I don’t like the fact you can see who is online and when. That gives much access to people and gives users the idea that you are available

- How to unsubscribe

Does anybody know how to unsubscribe? I just don’t want to wait anymore.

- Bad app

This app is not worth the wait at all. They pick and choose who they deem worthy of using their app. I suggest you don’t waste your time downloading it at all, don’t listen to what Twitter is saying about it. Next time they should launch properly, or don’t launch at all.

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- Love this app -keep it invite only

I love this app and I hope you keep it invite only. It will control the quality of the conversations, give celebs a safe space. Etc. it’s almost the soho house of apps.

- Find your tribe

This app has been a great way to connect, network and converse with others during a time when we are confined to our homes.

- Clubhouse is my favorite current App

I love it! The only social media app where I consistently meet people. A place for authentic discourse. I love the small sense of community. I hope it continues to have this organic feeling!

- Your new favorite place to connect, learn, and grow

Thank you to the ClubHouse team for creating such a beautiful platform. Excited to see how the rest of the world will engage with your baby.

- This is THE best networking app!

The amount of knowledge and genuine connections almost has me fearful of it going public. The wealth of information is unmatched and even in beta, the experience has been top notch.

- The next major social network

The next major social network - and the first one that is actually social in all the right ways!

- Incredible!

My first experience was in a conversation all about gratitude and coming back to gratitude together. So excited to continue to be involved in these conversations!

- The new radio

It’s like how everyone used to sit around the radio as a family - you just get to grow the family you want.

- Inspiration

This idea of getting platforms in a space where people can join together on all types of levels and learn and inspire is amazing.

- Necessary

There’s nothing I love more than being able to interact and engage with likeminded individuals who can share information and insight with one another!

- No way to retrieve account

Great concept. Deleted the app in error, upon reinstall I can no longer access my account, with no way to reset. Put my number in again, no confirmation text. Looks like I have no choice but to delete.

- Super addictive live audio platform

If you are familiar with live video, then you’ll understand this live audio app. It’s super addictive. I spent like 8 hours on it in one weekend. Michael Stelzner, CEO of Social Media Examiner

- Obsessed

I’m absolutely obsessed with this app. There are so many DOPE people to connect with. There are so many uplifting rooms that inspire you to be your best you. It’s now my favorite social media app for me, as an entrepreneur.

- Great platform

This app is awesome. I love that it’s offering a live platform to speak on these issues that NEED to be talked about. Such an open and easy space to connect to our peers

- Great app!

This has been by fire the best app I’ve downloaded all year. Super fun and different than any other social media platform right now.

- Great social media platform

This social media platform has been a breath of fresh air during 2020! Keep an open mind and be ready to learn, collaborate and grow!

- So Useful! So User Friendly!!!

This app is incredible! I love talking. I love talking about my professional work. I love sharing my experiences and this app gives me an awesome platform to do so. Love it!!!

- Make it available for all iPhones please

I was able to download it on my iPhone 11, but I lost the phone & was trying to get it back on my back-up iPhone 6 & it’s not available for me, because iPhone 6s can’t get iOS 13. Please, help!

- Love love love this app!

Absolutely love this app! Easily becoming one of my favorite social media apps♥️ Shameless plug, once your in & if you have an interest in herbalism, join the Herbalism club 🌱 Thank you again Paul & Rohan!!

- A great app to stimulate the mind and make great connections

It’s a nearly flawless and ever evolving app/concept that i think brings a whole new element to social media and how we converse and exchange idea

- Awesome

I really love this app ..I love that it is invite only and wish it would stay that way as a journalist in the industry I like that it’s exclusive and not just anyone can join

- Exclusive Networking

A great social media platform to vibe and connect with people in a drop audio format. Conversation topics range from business tips to relationship advice. I love it!

- Love the App

The app is totally worth downloading! Of you are looking for a intentional networking and building relationships this is it! By far a very easy way to connect with anyone!

- It’s actual social instead of social media.

One of the most engaging apps in a very long time. It brings back connection, NU wants conversation, and respectful dialogue.


I’ve only been on here for 2 hours and I’ve learned more than I’ve learned in my 4 year university!!! Love love love the concept . Back to basics ... back to reality!

- Amazing Platform for Discourse

Imagine the comments section of a tweet or IG post come-to-life but with moderators and you essentially have Clubhouse. Very interesting conversations and meeting of minds! New fav platform

- Love it so far

It is what it says it is. I’m hooked! The conversations are everything. They are working through any user experience issues.

- Love it here

Clubhouse is the platform of the future , I can see it changing the game completely and I’m happy I get to be apart of it before it does!

- Cool Concept Trash Excecution

I joined because it seemed interesting & I was looking forward to networking with people in different groups but you cant even look groups up or view chatrooms started by people who you aren’t following. Bring back the search/discover bar.

- A private audio Twitter. I think this app is simply genius.

Love this app. Believe in it so much I’ll invest and take equity. Enables you talk to industry experts about a wide range of subjects from naughty to nice.

- Creator Alias

The app is great, but one thing that I have a problem with is the creator alias. I have a typo in my name and was unable to change it because there is no re-do. Please fix this ASAP!

- audio quality and other settings

I need to manually adjust incoming and outgoing audio quality. Also I need to beable to change my name/username. Thanks

- Clubhouse is brilliant!

This app has been a lifeline during social distancing — 24/7, Clubhouse hosts incredible people having fascinating conversations. Brilliant format, drop-in chat!

- If you get an invite, use it

I have never written a review nor do I use SM. This is what you’ve been looking for in a SM platform

- I hope you never go public.

This app is perfect when it’s invite only.

- Love the concept

During a time where we are not engaging as much du to COVID, this app brings back some normalcy... meeting new people and hearing different perspectives.

- Love It But Needs Additions

I really love the app! But I’d suggest making a feature where we can DM each other as well.

- Love the concept

This app should remain invite only and with the different rooms based upon interest!


I received and invite text link, however, I was still met with a waitlist message upon login. I'm not sure if this is a normal occurrence? If someone can explain or access my account to verify would be appreciated. Thanks!

- 5stars plus another one in the comment

⭐️ Now we have the full experience of interacting with a complete stranger.

- Great for networking & sharing or learning!

Come here with a purpose or mission in mind. Know your interests and dive in! Don’t get lost in the sauce... be smart and this app is useful.

- 5mins Later

Honestly I am impressed and looking forward to spending more time in this app

- Wow Innovative

I’m learning so much and already making meaningful connections with people! Thank you for this app!

- Social Media that is alive

Clubhouse is what people do when they desire authentic connection with private perception. The future is here.

- Pretty good and voice quality issue

Over all this is great, but. Voice quality sometimes fuzzy

- Great idea

I Hope it grows to become an incubator of ideas and organization that shapes the future in a meaningful and positive way.

- The best yet

Honestly didn’t know what this was when invited. But Hour 1 I have learned so much and love the flow of this app!

- Clubhouse Community

Clubhouse is incredible!!!! It’s so refreshing that our society now has a platform for thought leaders to interact, listen and learn.

- the future

The next big social media app is here

- A great way to connect

And listen to or talk to people you know and people you don’t know!

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Sam Harrelson

@RGreenIV Ha! Nah, hot new ticket in the tech world. Big fan. Going to be huge.

DJ Caricom

@LILMARCHE actually, just sign up, someone will approve you.


Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat by Alpha Exploration Co.

Ty Barber

Creating a Clubhouse room later. “Tired of catching L’s on SNKRS” Come on by and get it off your chest.

Aneri Shah

Dropping a link 👉🏽:

KC 🥊

Everyone go download Clubhouse I will be doing a Q&A soon possibly with other producer/songwriters!!!

Mobile App Developer

Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat - Alpha Exploration Co.

Julio Maldonado

Just heard about new Clubhouse app “drop in audio chat”. The next big thing...

the finesse

@acegyal Clubhouse? It’s like an audio drop in chat room app. It’s super cool but someone has to invite you in and everyone only gets one invite so it’s like almost impossible to get in.

Simply Ebony

Listen!!! I’m in @joinClubhouse this morning on a “Welcome Call for @LilCease!” Doug E Fresh, @CASSIDY_LARSINY & The Game dropped random freestyles. It’s hip hop royalty in the room! Join me on Clubhouse! It’s a great new platform.

Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat 0.1.20 Screenshots & Images

Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat iphone images

Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat (Version 0.1.20) Install & Download

The applications Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat was published in the category Social Networking on 2020-09-14 and was developed by Alpha Exploration Co. [Developer ID: 1481002987]. This application file size is 58.42 MB. Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat - Social Networking app posted on 2021-01-01 current version is 0.1.20 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: co.alphaexploration.clubhouse

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