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Hey! Welcome to Clubhouse — a more human place on the Internet, where people come together for great conversation.

The hallway is home to hundreds of thousands of discussions on every topic under the sun — from SCUBA diving to social justice, crypto to comic books, fashion, backpacking, Japanese language, morning news shows, meditation, movie clubs, book clubs, and so much more. It’s all unfolding in real time from all around the world.

On Clubhouse you can sit back and quietly listen, raise your hand to chime in, or host your own rooms. Whether you’re talking with your closest friends or making new ones, it’s a place where you can experience unforgettable moments with other humans, and leave feeling better than when you arrived.

We’re so excited for you to join!

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Pinned Links - Now you can add a link to a room you’re hosting! As always we're constantly fixing bugs and otherwise improving the product. For full details, please see the release notes in the app. Thank you!

Clubhouse Comments & Reviews

- Who is Talking?

Let me start by saying that this is, by far, the most excited I’ve been about a new social network since Instagram first entered the ring. But, in my couple days of usage, I’ve began to notice one thing that really stands out as being a bit annoying: lack of speaker indication. When rooms have a healthy amount of people on the stage, you find yourself playing a game of hide & seek as you tediously scroll to find who’s avatar has the ring. So here’s my 2 possible suggestions & wishes: 1) As they already have for “Followed by Speakers”, make a “Moderators” section at the top of the room and a “Stage” section below it. Then make it to where speaker notifications (“___ is speaking” as a drop down notification) are exclusive to when a moderator is speaking. This way, the amount of scrolling to find who is talking would be reduced to on stage participants only. And the audience will be alerted when a moderator is speaking. 2) Decrease the profile sizes of those on stage as the number increases so that more avatars can fit on the screen. That way, when someone is speaking, we can see who it is without scrolling as much.

- Amazing app

I absolutely love clubhouse, the only thing that I dislike is industry people charging others to speak on a free platform that was built to create the connection between the industry world with individuals who are somewhat already in the industry. I feel like clubhouse needs to keep the app invite only maybe doing 1 invite every two months to stop the app from being over saturated like Facebook or Instagram where anyone can join. I think they need to have someone go into these rooms and make sure all guidelines are being met because most of them are not. This shouldn’t be a popularity app, but a tool to help creative minds link with professionals and network. People should not be charged to enter a public room by people claiming to be professionals. Cashapp’s should not be allowed in profile descriptions on a public platform. And I feel like being that the app was create to be an open form raising of hands should not be disabled. Moderators should just pick who that want on stage but not make someone feel less then by disabling hands.

- I love this app !!!!

I love this app because it allows you actually have a conversation with numerous people that you may have NEVER had the chance to talk to. But the one thing I that should change on this is maybe a space in the chat where the person who is talking make their picture bigger so that you can find their info, follow them on the app or on Instagram. Sometime I’m trying to figure out who is talking to connect with them but I have to scroll down to see who is talking instead of their profile picture popping up a little bigger (like zoom, I hate to compare. But I think it should show a bigger picture of the person talking but still have all the little pictures of people in the discussions. And maybe move the IG icon next to the follow button so that you can get back to the chat quick without having to scroll all the way down. Could you guys also a question chat so it is easier to the moderators can answers questions for the audience of course allowing the mediators to pick which questions they would like to answer. Again this app is great !!! I look forward to seeing this app flourish wish y’all the best.

- Help!

Let me start by saying this app is amazing and actually it’s the only social media app I get on every day now. My IG and FB are suffering because I’m all about Clubhouse every day all day. With that said, I’m frustrated. I was accidentally logged out of my account today and can’t get back in now. I’ve searched high and low on how to successfully log back into my account and I don’t see the information anywhere. Why isn’t that easily available? I know I didn’t delete my account but I can’t get into my existing account anymore. I tried reaching out to Clubhouse support via email and Twitter and haven’t received a response. I can admit it wasn’t that long ago that I sent that info in but I was expected to be in a room and can’t even access it now. The problem now is when I click on the app it’s trying to make me sign up all over again. Asking me to pick a new user name. I need to access my groups and contacts so I’m not trying to create a new user name. This review is to let it be know that Clubhouse is one of the best apps I’ve been a part of in a long time but how can I continue to enjoy it when I can’t even access my account that’s I’ve grown to love? Can someone help me with this??

- Great! Needs a few things!

Additional features I’d appreciate: 1.) I’d love to have an “add to calendar” function to save to an itinerary within the app (kinda like apps for academic conferences) so that I can see the things I’m most interested in listed in a separate place from everything in the “Upcoming for You” tab. If this function was added, I’d prefer to be able to be able to “double-book” in the itinerary if at all possible (e.g. so I can peruse a few rooms during one time slot before settling into the best fit for me and so, if my top choice room finishes first, I can jump over to my second choice before it’s over). 2.) I’d also like a way to “favorite”/prioritize certain users and clubs so I see them at the top of the “Upcoming for You” tab. 3.) I’d love to be able to search for room titles (and maybe descriptions?) using keyword search in the “Explore” tab. 4.) I’d like for club meetings to be linked to their page so if I know somethings happening for one club, but it isn’t scheduled in advance or I haven’t saved it in my itinerary, I can quickly search for the club page and enter the room there.

- Great app overall for networking

This app definitely offsets one of the most fundamentaly important things that we as a people been missing ever since the pandemic started; social gatherings. This app is perfect for networking with like minded people to help you on this journey called life. The app is a lil addictive ngl. Its a great alternative to regular podcast bc its live and interactive. You guys definitely cultivated a great app and would love to see it grow. My only form of criticism is that the audio could be a bit louder and a bit more clear or a way for you to stream music seamlessly through the phone/app overall five stars "💫💫💫💫💫"and when this company become public, I would love to invest in the brand ‼️ Re: would also love to see the explore page i like that ability to change rooms with different topics not just one specific thing. If it follows that curve it will turn into ig and it would lose its novelty to me at least. I dont wanna see 50 rooms named: "music review" .....I like philanthropy and stocks too y know? If its not broke..... u get the point

- Find your voice and your tribe!

Listennnnn!! This app is the “stage” I said I would stand on and speak to the masses. 2020 said ok the stage is virtual babygurl but you gon’ be just as profound because now ya don’t hafta worry about hair and makeup! Just speak! This app revives the art of verbal communication like the good ol’ days when you had a 30 ft house phone cord so you could kick up your feet and chat with your friends about your goals! Just what we need during this pandemic to keep hearts, minds and spirits LIFTED! When you are intentional with your connections and your message, this app brings your tribe to you! Results NOT rhetoric with the genuine interactions! Keep a notepad, sticky notes, SOMETHING because the jewels being dropped on a daily will blow your mind and shift your life! And thus ends my dissertation on Clubhouse: The juxtaposition of social distancing and verbally embracing✊🏾 PS I may or may not be operating on 3 hours sleep writing this due to a phenomenal 6 hr discussion with some movers and shakers last night that started as a welcome room for my friend who had just joined.😂

- The Best Social Media Platform For Building Your Business

Before joining Clubhouse, I was unclear on what the application would truly offer beyond being yet another social media platform. After joining Clubhouse I became aware of both how misguided I was about Clubhouse and how much as a new small business owner I needed this forum. The connections I’ve made have been various but all have been invaluable. I’ve received what can arguably be tens of thousands of dollars worth of free advice about everything from branding to best business practices. The potential business collaborations are unfolding but I believe that they will be mutually beneficial. I think the big challenge for Clubhouse going forward is to not try to be a platform for all people and all things. I’ve seen some of the rooms take on the postures and topics that are more “traphouse” than Clubhouse. I am not advocating classism but I think that perhaps making “hallways” for certain types of rooms may be interesting (but this may create echo chambers that would be counter Clubhouse).

- Zero respect for privacy. Red flags all over.

The app requires your phone number (first red flag), then it requires your contacts (the list of which it keeps forever, for all we know - second red flag). So anyone who has ever had your phone number not only can see your profile, but also share it with anyone or any room without your consent (a giant red flag - at the time of writing there's no way to selectively restrict your profile to certain users). Which makes Clubhouse a superspreader feeding ground for stalkers. Currently there's no way to simply delete your account, you can only request its removal and wait until someone attends to it - another red flag, that points at data collection, likely to sell it to third parties. At the time of writing Clubhouse "temporarily" stores voice recordings on their servers, which is a complete U-turn from their initial promises during the release. Some of the data the app collects from your phone has nothing to do with the service it provides - yet another red flag, and yet another app that treats its users as a product. On top of that, despite the app being in its early days, there's little to no moderation of hateful and toxic content, making it easy to exploit for people spreading dangerous conspiracies.

- Great app but unfortunately it’s limited now.

I loved loved loved the app until today. Before the update, I got to jump in and out of very diverse chats, from finance to music to psychology to poetry to straight up gossip chatrooms. After the update; my listening is very limited to the people I chose to follow and their interest in the two weeks I’ve been on the app. Clubhouse has turned itself into another Instagram app where it shows you targeted content based off of the content you “liked” when you first joined. I HATE IT HERE NOW. What made the app great for me was I had access every space, every topic, everyone everywhere (within the app, of course) with just a click on a globe. Now I have to scroll thru people I follow to find other people to follow in hopes the start an interesting room when in reality they are avid listeners and note takers like myself. Since you removed the explorer page, I can’t expand my knowledge or explore other topics I may not have known existed. Since I didn’t follow enough people early on, I lost access to many spaces including psychological and finance chats which is directly within my field. So now with such a heavy heart, I dislike the app because I’m stuck listening to the same people talking about the same things every other day. Can y’all bring back the explorer page?! Please and thank you. If not; I’ll stick to Twitter b|c there I can at least click on a thread within the thread and learn something new.

- Love this app

So I definitely found my crowd of ppl and it’s awesome and heartwarming. I can network if I so choose or just explore different rooms with my interest. Definitely five stars. I can’t wait to see how the app is improved over time. Here are some of my suggestions: ▪️A clapping or heart emoji when someone says something that resonates. And everyone can see the reactions of each other or maybe just the speaker. ▪️A brighter color highlighting the speaker(s) and maybe if their icon became bigger so when you want to address someone it will be easier to find them when scrolling through the room. Design feature idea: what if the stage icons were set in a circle with the speaker in the middle. Idk. Just putting that out there. ▪️Maybe a raised hand feature when on stage to speak next. Sometimes ppl talk over each other and while mostly everyone is polite about it we forget who should speak next. Maybe a number system! for example when I am done speaking whoever raising their hand on stage after me gets the number 1, 2, 3 and so on, on their icon and they get to go next. All in all I love the app and it helps greatly in these times. Some ppl are getting jobs, it’s helping small business, ppl are doing interviews and find their safe spaces to express themselves. Excellent work to the team. Love and light.

- Blocking people

Although I enjoy using this app at most times. I have come to realize one of the major flaws which concerns me. I was in a chat playing a game with most of my clubhouse friends. During this game I had said something which was allowed but a individual didn’t have the same view us me so they got sensitive and ended up blocking me. Unfortunately this individual happened to be friends with many of the people I associate myself with on this app so therefore when the person goes into the chat before me I am not able to join the chat. I feel the need to speak on this because I honestly find it under that someone could prevent you from enjoying a good time and gaining new information from others due to their feelings. There should be a better way to avoid these sort of problems. One can be not being able to notice the other is in the chat or even hear them speak so problems could be avoided

- Clubhouse first impression.

I was adamant to join at first. It’s reassuring that they keep it invite only to help filter through our point of reference and contacts. Plenty of powerful keynotes and quality material including the incredible minds who open their hearts, life learning experiences and motivational energy. Exactly the kind of platform I have been searching for. Thank you for designing this. I am looking forward to hosting and engaging with everyone. I actually feel confident about networking through this app where as I had to learn to restrict and create barriers with other social media streams because of the dangers we now fully understand that comes with exploring social media. My heart and thanks to the developers for creating a quality media stream for all of us. My body, heart, mind and soul feels at ease. Beautiful minds.

- Love The Site!! Hate The WiFi Glitch 😒

I practically don’t turn it off, it’s like the 90s party line lol.. It’s great to actually hear voice with knowledge, inspiration, honest help, laughter, and emotions. Not just text and emojis that leave you to your own emotion of interpreting what’s read. I’m glad it’s bringing back communication, something that’s been lost with technology advices. I enjoy that there’s a invite only I hope they keep it that way, and better transparency which keeps away those that hide behind the keyboard. It’s good open dialect. Just what the people need 😊 Only fall back with the app for me..I just hate it consistently ask to find a stronger signal, even when I have full cell bars but not connected to a WiFi.. it’ll play anywhere on my iPad with or without WiFi...but my cell it just doesn’t stay connected unless I’m on WiFi. 😒... For the most part the app is great 👍🏽

- LOVE it so far but curious to see how it develops.

I absolutely love this app so far. It has such a great and eclectic mix of people (especially POC) from a breadth of backgrounds; the conversations I’ve joined and listened to have been genuinely interesting, at all hours; and I like the range of topics. It’s quickly becoming my favorite social platform — and, yes, it is addictive. But I definitely echo some of the other reviews. It would be great to explore topics I didn’t pre-select during sign-up, just to see what else is out there. Being able to at least ‘react’ to conversations would be nice (even with an emoji to show appreciation). And I wonder how bloated it’s going to feel when it’s completely open (it’s already pretty big but the conversations have been on point and pretty respectful vs. Twitter that just gets crazy).

- Not easely hooked, but...

I am completely hooked this time. There is something special about conversations where nobody is trying to be something they are not. You don’t need to worry about lights and cameras, you just bring yourself just as you are. There are good content, good opportunities for real conversation and of course is all audio. I like also that it makes inclusion better, nobody is worried about disability, color, or looks. The UI is clean and easy to use. It would be nice if there was an indication of who is talking. There is nobody going crazy and interropting others. Over all I love this app and whatever little things they will be able to fix over time. I just hope I won’t be to hooked. It is the first social media I find easy to engage with and contribute in. Congrats club house

- I didn’t know I needed Clubhouse

I LOVE this app! It has been 8 days and I am absolutely addicted! I heard about it from a travel group I’m in on Facebook and thought I’d give it a try. Not only am I enjoying my travel clubs (shout out to GLT!), but I am also enjoying clubs for my other interests! I’m a teacher, so I’m in clubs for education and science. I love languages, so I am in clubs for people learning the same languages I am! In my free time, I join social rooms and talk to random people, some have already become my friends. You can Ping people into rooms you think they would like, and they can do the same for you. Finally, I end my day by falling asleep listening to the Lullaby Club. If you have a niche interest, there might already be a club for that, or you can start your own!

- Timer

Users should be able to see how long a room has been active because there are more times I enter a room that’s wrapping up than catching it from the start. And if the room creators are only hosting for only so long then it should be timed and they can be given the option to extend the room if that time runs over. It will be able to give users the opportunity to know at what point did they enter the conversation, users will know when it will end so they can plan accordingly, and moderators don’t have to explain as much. Another feature should be planning a schedule of rooms you want to enter in a queue. Give the option to start in one room and when another scheduled room starts it will jump to that one unless the user chooses to stay in the room they’re in longer.

- best social platform i’ve ever used

this is quite simply a revolutionary take on social media, and for me personally being in the creative entertainment world it’s been incredibly beneficial to me just being able to network and put a voice to peoples names instead of just seeing a traditional “DM”. i’ve been in rooms with attorneys, other musicians, experienced people all around who are willing to talk and she’s their experiences or even advice to anybody listening. it’s a game changer. i think the invite only aspect should stay though, as the loose-exclusivity makes it a lot more powerful. it’s not like it’s that hard to get invited either, just have to know some people. but again, it’s a game changer for social media in my opinion

- Ocean Waves of Information ✨

It’s been 4 days and I have connected with professionals that have great information on investing and other areas of interest. People sharing experiences, invites to participate in podcasts. Being able to express yourself and ask questions. I feel on Clubhouse you will find individuals with like synergy. For me it has been all positive and encouraging. I’m grateful my friend/colleague Leila Steinberg introduced me with an invite. It has a fresh vibe. With new innovations there will be growth. It will be exciting to experience the shifts. Clubhouse feels like infinite ocean waves of information and possibilities. I appreciate the opportunity to connect, share, listen & learn ✨

- Basis of joining?

I found out about this app from an article in August or so of 2020 and immediately looked it up to download. I found out it was invite only and since it was relatively new still I decided to sign up, thinking it wouldn’t be that long since I got in early. Half a year later I’m still waiting for my invite text, but that’s not the best part. I live in Shanghai and the Chinese community has recently found out about this app because of a little chat Elon musk had with RobinHood. So it’s gotten quite large over here. So I’m seeing the people that have been able to sign up has spiked because now most of my Chinese friends ( who has no idea about this app two days ago ) have accounts except me, someone who has been waiting for ,what feels like , forever. I understand that it’s mostly my FOMO that has me upset but I don’t understand that, just because one irrelevant person got into the group that now I have other friends who are asking me what this app is, have accounts, and I don’t when i was really excited to join this community from the ground floor and discuss really awesome cross culture issues . Now I feel like I’m missing all of the good stuff already. So shouldn’t people who are actually interested in joining be allowed to join first before people who are just joining because their friends tell them to?

- Privacy

If I deny ClubHouse the ability to access my contacts, imagine my dismay when I start getting notifications that other people are finding me because THEY shared my contact information with the app. I don’t want ANYONE with my phone number to be able to find me. And please hide the “nominated by.” I came by the app by chance and the person who “nominated” me after I signed up is someone I haven’t worked with in years and who I do not want to associate with. I didn’t ask for their nomination and would’ve been happy to wait for the app’s release but I’m assuming you abused my privacy and mined my number and then spammed anyone with it as soon as I joined. Bring better privacy features to this app. There is no room for another social media platform that can’t afford basic respect to their users.

- Lots of room for improvement but amazing.

Honestly I have already had so many enriching experiences, educational experiences, great connections... but I’m confused at HOW I find a chat that is apparently open? I see lots of people on other social channels advertising their talks and encouraging you to join but I can’t find them. Why aren’t they listed on the user profile who is hosting and moderating them? Also, the “upcoming for you” section is just about always garbage. I have no idea how this is recommended for me but I’ll assume this app still needs some help with algorithms and I’m sure it will improve as the app is updated and improved. It would just be nice for it to be more curated, intuitive, and an in-app walkthrough would be chill.

- Wonderful app!

The things this app allows are crazy. No other social media platform puts me in direct contact with the people I strive to be like—it doesn’t feel one-sided at all. The app is for discussion, and that discussion happens, regardless of who you are. I’m having questions answered by people I could only dream of actually speaking to. It’s insane. I just hope the app stays like this to where followers represent nothing on the app, and the app keeps its casual, idea-oriented tone. We have plenty of Facebook and Instagram alternatives. In its current state, this app is super unique and has plenty to offer as an idea sharing platform.

- Mute all button for moderator

This is an amazing concept, like an interactive podcast. It allows networking with well known professionals to underground/upcoming creatives. It's a great thing but can sometimes get overwhelming. I think If there are easy access buttons for moderator such as mute all, mute multiple at once and mute rows. Second, easy access for speakers such as step down, and also a secondary raise hand button for speakers or an ability to signal to moderator something. The hand raise option is not available for speakers, but only for audience members who want to speak. That I think should extend to speakers, it will make moderating easier. We should have an availability to block/hide rooms from our home page.

- A verbal high!

So...I’m new to the platform and as an entertainment publicist, I love the networking opportunities and more. I do have a few suggestions, in fact, they’re some of the same other reviewers have mentioned. For instance, making the speakers in a room stand out more, being able to send a message, and also a better way to add my IG account. I run several pages and I tried to add my main account, yet it pulled up another even with my password. Now, it seems like each time I try again, it still pulls up another account. If this got fixed along with the other things I believe would enhance someone’s experience, I’ll definitely come back and give it 5-stars.

- Love it + Recommendation

So I actually never leave reviews, this is my first one. I really like this app. Something about just having voice is amazing! My only thing is, messaging. I would love to privately message people that I like on here. Having to do it outside the app can be very annoying especially when you’re trying to network. Another thing, the rooms should have a chat room options for multiple reasons: 1. Some people are introverted and don’t want to speak but would like to show agreement or make a point but can’t do so if it’s only voice. 2. Sometimes the moderators are forced to remove the hand raising option, which again limits opportunity to connect.

- my one complaint

I dont like that anyone who has my number can find me on the app without my consent. if I blocked someone on my phone for safety reasons it feels compromising that if they join clubhouse they can immediately find me. and the block option only keeps them out of rooms where i’m on stage. that simply isn't enough. there is an option for me to dis/connect my address book but they need an option dis/allow my contacts to find me and we should be able to toggle the option as we please. again, this is a safety concern as someone who has been stalked and harassed via phone, and I know for certain i am not the only one. Thank you!

- Most productive app

When you use this app the correct way your limits are non existent. Lot of people not using it correctly get what THEY want out of it. 4/5 cuz there is room for some improvement on moderators abilities. Mute all mic, levels to moderation, and maybe even allowing convos to categorized instead of having a free for all timeline. If I want to enter music discussions have a that as a separate tab from sports convos or gossip talk. I think connectivity and the way you receive notifications can be fixed. I think once it goes public the true value could go down by scaring away useful users like celebs, industry connects etc So far so good tho

- a super safe place for black people(for now) to network and talk about important issues

this app is phenomenal and as of this moment i’m tying the review, this app is 95% black people which as a black person i love! but even if you’re not black you can still meet tons of great people to have amazing conversations and networking sessions with! Tons of famous people come on here and you can be able to talk more directly to them than you could on twitter and it’s great for advice or just a regular conversation. now is the best time to join the app before they let EVERYONE get on and it becomes a circus lol

- Absolutely Love !!!

I believe Clubhouse is a great concept. especially for people in creative fields, business owners, entrepreneurs,etc. You can drop in on conversations but also network with people and exchange ideas, possibly come up on an opportunity you never know. I would like to see if possible as conversations are engaging if as: 1. A group there was a chat box where if anyone had any links they wanted to add you can type them there. 2. If the moderator / speaker wanted to show the group a video that’s relevant to the conversation sort of like Netflix/Disney Plus Group Watch.

- What The World Needs Now

The Club House App. Has been such a God send to me! It is a place where like minded people can get together and discuss ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in a safe zone of respect. I appreciate this app so much for helping me navigate and better understand my feeling and my emotions. By entering clubs and talking with its members, I’ve opened up so much. By being able to speak and listen on these platforms is such an honor each time and leaves me with sense of accomplishment I wasn't getting in therapy. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much to the creators for literally Blessing the Earth with this App. Thank you!

- Great App - see some consumer feedback below:

This app has blown up in last few weeks! So so many public figures are on here giving insightful tips. You could only understand the algorithm if you join chat rooms and listen to mods. Here are some of my feedback for the creators: - include a chat room for non-mods in big rooms to chat and add links to! - include a questions where non-mods could ask questions while speakers are talking to continue the conversation. (Similar to how IG Lives ask questions) - add some type of queue for speakers so people aren’t fighting for the mic

- Bad UX because of the weird recommender system

Well, the app was great and brought much fun for the first few times I used it. But after two weeks usage, I was frustrated that I can’t train the recommender algorithm at all, and my recommendation list was always stuck with rooms I’m not interested in. For example, I didn’t check the Russian language as my interest, but yesterday, half of rooms on my list are Russian rooms. And I know my friend’s friends are hosting some interesting topics there but I can never see them on my recommendation list. Even if I have got the link to a specific room, I can only add them on the Apple or Google calendar but not the clubhouse calendar. I enjoyed the app but I really have a big doubt about your algorithm. So, I gave a negative review, and hopefully this issue could be solved.

- Direct Message to moderators?

I’m loving my time on the app. Took me visiting a few rooms before I got the swing of things. I’ve received some great tips/advice in a number of rooms and for that I’m appreciative. While in a few rooms, I found myself wanting and sometimes needing to get a direct message to the moderators quickly. Is there a way to add this option so those listening can get speak with moderators without needing to raise your hand, be invited to the stage, wait your turn to speak? I wanted someone to repeat a website address and a name but couldn’t do anything on my end. The moment passed and in one instance the person left the room.

- A fad that is delightful but useless

Do we really miss the noise of chatter in the background of our lives that much? If I want high quality audio content then Podcasts and Audiobooks would provide me a wider variety, along with reviews and ratings. If I want social content from random people, we have enough of that on so many different social media platforms... where we don’t have to take turns to speak , waiting for a moderator to put us on the spot. If I want social interactions with close friends, how about also adding video in a video chat? There is delight in the radio like experience of randomness in what you find while you scan the radio frequencies, and there is nostalgia in the noise of chatter. So 2 stars not 1.

- Who are you?

Much has been raved about Clubhouse, and rightly so. It is like a never-ending infomercial about your future self, and the only price to pay is the amount of time you spend on the app and the effort you expend to make it happen. Perhaps one might suggest the same could be said of the internet, but the level of depth this app provides in terms of immediate feedback from other users is infinitely greater. If you have the right “heart posture”, as they say, this portal will open incredibly beautiful and vast worlds, with amazing communities, for you.

- Bad

A friend gave me an invite so I tried it. My impression is that it’s very, very slimy. The “art” community is filled with “venture capitalists”. The “meditation” community is filled with fashion brands and someone who who claims to have $100m in startup money. Self proclaimed experts in mental health lead to Twitter feeds where they are pitching Netflix shows. The entire community is like scooping the bottom of the social media barrel of hustle culture, self promotion, and snake oil salesman. Imagine all the rejects from TED talks combined with Twitch and you get the idea. It’s super gross and I deleted my account. I can only imagine the business model behind this, probably hoping to scrape your data to sell to third parties as usual for Silicon Valley. The first thing it asked was access to my contacts, which is data scraping 101. No thanks!!!!

- A social platform for Creatives and Entrepreneurs

Nothing flashy here, just good conversations & that’s what I love. The invite only feature weeds out the random people and I feel is very necessary to keep. I love how people are held accountable for who they invite. And that pressure causes them to choose someone who will use the platform respectfully. I’m afraid when this goes public that people will flood the app with ignorance & arguments. Right now it is a safe community where people can exchange knowledge and network through conversations.

- a very young app

This app has a lot of potential, but there is so much to be improved on. First of all, it would be really nice if we had reaction features, like clapping or dislikes, something along those lines. Because when your in the audience you can’t put your input in at all and it feels very alienating, especially since there’s no typing. I think there should be a messaging feature or some sort of option to have a typed chat while talking. it’s kind of ableist that it’s audio only. what are hard of hearing people supposed to do? people who have different accents? it’s a mess of an app but i still see the potential

- Invasive App When it Comes to Privacy/Personal Safety

You must use your phone number to set up the app. It then asks for access to your personal contacts and every time you log in it shows you the photos/profiles of every single contact you have in your phone who is on Clubhouse. It’s disturbing to me that my photo and profile are shown to every person who has ever had my number saved in their phone. A big red flag is that you are unable to delete your profile in the app or on their website. You must first confirm your e-mail address in the app, then e-mail them and request deletion. They have stated they will take a long time to respond via e-mail. Clubhouse is so invasive it is not worth downloading.

- Love the platform

I really love the platform. Just a few order to maximize my time, I would suggest adding categories to add when moderators set up a meeting. That way I can go to the category I’m searching for. Right now I have to scroll through every meeting. Time consuming. Add a function where the moderator can notify people who attended one of their meetings about the next meeting. Lastly, the notifications feature on the app, streamline. It’s all over. Organize it from newest to oldest or in groups from newest to oldest. Just some suggestions. I really love the app.

- Join today!!!!!!!

For this app to be in Beta, it’s amazing. I have been able to network and meets many people from literally ALL walks of life. If you’re a business owner I would string encourage you all to download this app. You may be waiting for approval unless you know someone who can invite you personally, but get on the waiting list in the meantime and start networking!! The developers created something with this app and I love it. Just be careful because not everyone with 4-5 digit followers are well known or famous.

- Great idea, could be better

It’s a great platform that allows thoughts and ideas to be discussed while the audio humanizes those behind the screen name...even through there are trolls, they are limited because they can’t get away with just creating a bunch of anonymous accounts. Issues: 1.) it’s not clear up front that whoever you accept an invite from lives on your profile permanently. That may not seem like an issue to most but it can create a privacy issue for some AND... 2.) you cannot delete your own account. I’ve tried to email their only customer service email daily for the past 2 weeks and they simply do not respond. It’s infuriating. 3.) reporting incidents: I’m not sure how you don’t record conversations and then enforce penalties - ie suspension and permanent ban (founders words) because they can’t review anything. Sounds like if anyone reports an account, they will take action without proof. Cancel culture will kill this app based on this alone.


I never write reviews, but this one worth the time... you guys did an amazing job I've never been so excited about an app as I am right now.. there is finally some interesting things to hear and learn, a sea of knowledge. Thank you! And I would like to give an ideal, a simple one.. I believe that you guys should increment a mute button that mutes everyone at the same time, because when I'm trying to listen a audio on my phone it keeps playing on clubhouse app. Again thank you!

- It’s just...

So far so good, one thing I want to point out is that this app lacks big time with PRIVACY SETTINGS which other major social media apps like instagram do provide. ** This is the major issue of it all.. idk why but it gives me contact numbers as one of my friend’s list that I have already deleted or blocked years ago which is pretty terrifying since I blocked those people for a reason. ** I hope they can adjust and add more privacy settings for users to be satisfied of who they want to find and who they don’t want to see on the app.

- Immense security and privacy concerns

You need to create a way for users to be able to delete followers ASAP. It is bad enough that you force user’s contacts to be accessed in order to use the app. But from a safety and risk perspective, ppl should be able to remove any follower they like, not just have any person they don’t even know have them ability to follow them. Recently, a woman who tried to ruin my career started following me, no doubt to gain information about my recent employment and there is no recourse for me to remove her from my followers list. This is unsafe and needs to be remedied immediately. The same situation would be true for survivors of domestic violence. Please address this and do not ignore this.

- Beware privacy invasion!

While this app is fun, it won’t let you invite anyone unless you share your contacts list. Then, it can only be shared with someone in your contacts. But what’s really bad is that Clubhouse, without disclosing this in their privacy policy, keeps a copy of all your contacts and then uses it! There appears to be no way to have your contacts removed from their server as I continue receiving notifications about contacts who sign up even though I have since revoked access to my contacts. I’ve asked the company multiple times what they’re doing with my contacts, why they’re keeping copies on their server, and to delete my contacts. But they won’t respond.

- What’s all the hype?

I downloaded this after getting an invite. For the first day or two I learned what it was and how to use it. Pretty easy and I was on board. Now after. 2 weeks on the platform, here’s my honest and transparent feedback. 1. The forums and topics are somewhat interesting until you actually get in them. You’ll find folks go off topic and the convo evolves into a much different topic and convo than was originally stated. Some moderators bring it back to center snd stay on point. Most do not. 2. Moderators usually invite their fellow friends to talk about topics. The same people seem to be in the same topics so it gets to be I like others povs but these moderators not to invite new folks to speak and share. This turned me off completely. And YES, I could of started my own topic and chat to curb all this but I got turned off by the app before I even cared to do that. Net net, it’s fine. I’m super bored of it after 2 weeks which isn’t a good sign. My friends also share the same sentiment. Great concept. A solid meh experience and that’s being kind.

- It’s addictive but it’s a great space

I just joined there is so many great people, trying to help others, easy way to connect, come in with positive vibes. Be respectful, and there is a slot for everyone in the rooms. Some tailored to specific things and people but overall it’s a good way to network and connect. If you like interacting people you will enjoy it. All types of topics, finances, healing, morning meditation for those who want that, podcasts, women empowerment but I’m also seeing men really empowering women. You will love it.

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- Life shifting insights

This app is HUGE. Such a powerful, incredible platform with endless opportunities, insights and knowledge to be gained from some of the most influential people in the world. To have the opportunity to ‘speak on stage’ alongside the people you look up to and are inspired by is an otherwise impossible experience to have in this world, particularly right now, but Clubhouse makes this possible. It’s also an INCREDIBLE funnel for your business and services. CH is all about substance, removing all imagery content which is the base of all other social media apps, a place where you have to be PRESENT (no recordings allowed — be there or miss out) and be actively listening to take in all free knowledge shared by the speakers. Incredible app, so grateful to be a part of this community so early on.

- Good app but club dynamic needs change

Club membership or the ability to create a club should not be limited to active members only. This will be the exact thing that brings in users who might not otherwise find utility in clubhouse

- Fail

This is the biggest failure of the 2021 so far. You register and then that’s it. You can’t get in but need an invite? Let me guess 🤔 all the celebrities got an invite. I won’t be using fake apps. If I could give no stars I would had have because this is a joke

- Has potential

If you like listening to podcasts but you often wish you could join the conversation then this app might be worth a try. They could make some improvements by adding some better privacy options.

- Clubhouse... can’t hear anything bad connection constantly

Love it when it works... the poor connection message is now continuously on and I can no longer listen or join any rooms and I can’t find any information on why this is happening. I’ve turned wifi off abd off plus turned phone off. Then re installed app twice... and still I can’t hear anything in any room. I’d love some help please.

- Amazing App!

Just downloaded it 3 days ago! Set up and account and listened in to a few channels! Really awesome app!! Highly recommend for a talk back radio like podcast app. Has some amazing features!!

- Hard to Find Friends and Their Events

Can't follow Twitter and Instagram friends even after connecting accounts. Still need to manually search for them. Feed is useless as it's auto-populated with random events by power users that you don't follow. It's like a Twitter feed with only sponsored posts. Literally had to write down the time of my friend's event on a paper now so I wouldn't forget. Why is there no friends-only feed?

- Useless

You can’t even use this app unless you get an invite. They said they would send an invite and it never happened. Coincidently someone I know was talking about it and was able to give me an invite but the app is not great. Not finding anything to listen to. I’m assuming if I follow people or groups then everyone will be able to see that information. Also, do I have to look at that idiot‘s face every time I launch the app? Why is he wearing a hat?

- Clubhouse amazingness

Loving it. Would love to work out how to see more rooms under certain topics. Would be INCREDIBLE If you can add reactions - like we can on FB lives so the audience / listeners can love / wow / clap etc when we hear the panel sharing something that inspires us etc. So we can give them “feedback” whilst listening

- If you love error msgs, this is your app.

The ‘poor connection’ message, when you have full strength wifi/ phone signal is frustrating beyond belief! And zero help to fix it or even to begin to understand why it keeps happening. I want to love this app. But it’s so buggy, and frustrating it feels like it’s really not worth the effort. Pull your socks up guys! Before someone else makes a far more reliable version.

- Loving the audio format

Early days for me but already seeing the value of consuming and contributing content on this platform.

- Cannot login

After my friend logged in the App and then logged out his account on my phone, now I have been unable to log onto my own account. No matter how many invitations I’ve got, the system just keep denying my login information. Why doesn’t it work?

- Amazing.

You can Have your stars back when you fix disappearing notifications

- Waiting for approval

Waiting for approval of account since last 1 month still no reply... can anyone please send me invitation.

- I have a problem

App now allowing me to sign in , due no internet but i have a great internet please solve this issue

- Questionable and untrustworthy

Seems questionable, look at their privacy policy saying they will record all your conversations. Also you need an invitation to sign up, but they already ask for your phone number even if you don’t have one, so now people scam others online selling invites. Very dodgy. Don’t bother wasting your time and downloading.

- Game changer

Love this concept and the content that is being broadcast through this platform. Pleasure to be a part of the community

- Why I have the poor connection?

I live in Australia, and I’m using Telstra service. I do suffer from poor connection problem, I can’t use CH while I’m using my 4G, WiFi does work. Could you please help me solve this problem?

- Very fun to use !

Still room for improvement : - make the app easier to find interesting people and chat room. Perhaps provide categorisation of people ??

- The Social Media Platform We’ve Been Waiting For

Thank you, that is all.

- ClubHouse is a great idea

Congratulations to the developers it’s a grea idea. It’s really relaxing and lovely to just listen. I look forward to contributing.

- Game changer!!

It’s like attending a virtual panel or conference anytime you want at the click of a button!

- The system crashes to often

Was going to rate higher but today after trying for a few hours I was not able to get on. Need to invest in some infrastructure to ensure the platform is more steady. Also need to improve platform integration.

- Poor connection on mobile network

As titled. Always says poor connection when on mobile network. All other apps work as normal, but only this app, it never works on different mobile networks. Works on wifi.

- Please make available for older IOS

My phone isn’t compatible. Please make available for older IOS users. Sounds like a fantastic concept!

- Amazing!

Just joined and it is fantastic! The audio is so clear and it is so personal it’s like chatting with friends! Loving this app! ❤️

- The best social network for Adults

Absolutely stunning concept. Must have app.

- Enjoying

Newly found and invited. Looks like a great networking platform. Looking forward to exploring more.

- I need an invitation

So easy, what are you waiting for? Amazing speakers, easy to access. A great way to meet. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Dark mode

I’m in love with this app. I’m only writing this review to ask for dark mode.

- Accessible with voiceover

I appreciate that this app is accessible with voiceover.

- Too long for registration

Waiting an awfully long time to get registered with this app, very off putting. I’ve been waiting for over 5 days and still no response. Pretty poor.

- Account

I tried to download the app but it’s stuck and waiting for the account to be ready. How long does this process take. What a joke......would’ve left a no star rating if it was an option

- Privacy

I don't want anyone to be able to see who and what interests I'm following or what room I'm in

- Interesting but....

It’s a real lottery as to who is in the room, what the quality of discourse is and how disingenuous the participants are.

- Good so far

I wish there will be iPad or tablet format application of this. Would be useful f

- Sign up then no access??

If you want to listen live I am guessing you need to sign up weeks in advance? As I’m still waiting to be admitted, a shame as sounds like a great platform

- Doesn’t work

Why can’t I log in- sat up Acct with phone and email but I have been seeing a message about getting my Acct ready for the past 3 weeks

- Connection / sound

I got the best internet service- but it’s been 2 days the app still saying I need stronger connection. I can only see mics and join the stage but no sound for me.

- so far, so good!

Clean & easy to use!

- Annoying notifications

Getting notifications on random rooms

- Still waiting!

I’m still waiting to receive my text that my account is ready and I joined 2 weeks ago.

- Unique. That’s it.

Loving the layout and content. Mad love to Clubhouse 🤙🏻

- Buggy as hell.

The app thinks I’m on a slow connection and won’t play any sound at all. Which makes the app fairly useless.

- WOW! The newest weapon in connecting with people! Truly love this platform

The newest weapon in

- Loving this app. Is real engagement

Hi get the most out of this

- Poor connection

Voice doesn’t come through even tho they see that I have joined.

- Hate the icon

Really wanted to use this app, but the icon with a face just makes me want to delete it every time.

- No support response

Unable to login for over a week. Have emailed support 3 times but there has been no reply.

- Back of the line

Of no use if you’re shoved on a wait list after install. Nothing to see here.

Payoneer 💰

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- Great networking

So worth the wait.

- Be aware - Privacy

This app does not allow you to set any privacy config. Everyone can see all your followings and followers and inviters. They don’t offer a feature to change your phone number or delete the account. Once you share your contacts information, “they will keep this information forever even you request to delete the account.” This touches the bottom line of many people’s involving mine. Please add the feature to set as a private account, or offer the functionality to delete the account with ALL INFORMATION. If you are trying to download this app, think again before you share out any personal information.

- Accessibility

While the app has seen a lot of excitement around getting on and engaging in chat rooms, the inaccessibility for CC for people who are Deaf of Hard of Hearing is a no for me. As we create new physical and online spaces, we need to consider how we can include everyone. You’re leaving out an important and incredible community from the conversations. I hope you can think about this as you improve the app.

- No delete option

You can’t delete your account in the app. I contacted help and waiting for them to reply. Ridicilous!!

- Gated community

How can this app have any hype when it’s not even open for business yet? Silicon Valley is blowing smoke up our asses, I don’t believe the reviews are even real.

- Waste of time: FOMO based podcasting platform

FOMO based podcasting platform. I’d wasted time downloading app only to realize I am not worthy enough to use it. So ... I have checked out leaked stream on YouTube and boy was it lame... if it wasn’t for Elon distracting me from dull moderators and infantile comment stream I wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes You have only one live with limited number of hours. Use it wisely

- Awful!

It’s been so long waiting to be eligible!! I wish people would think before making a crap so popular!

- You lost me at Enter your Cellphone Number

Was looking forward to this. Not any longer

- Love this app

While there is always room for improvement i love this app. 1 it doesn’t tolerate any kind of racism & bulling. are speaking to real people no trolls. Everyone there has Ginuwine feelings and ideas they wish to share about every aspect of life & business. 3.Great place for networking and meeting cool people. I understand why its invite only and why if you aren’t invited you are on a long waiting list. This isn’t your typical social app. It’s a meeting place for real people.

- Bad app

This app is not worth the wait at all. They pick and choose who they deem worthy of using their app. I suggest you don’t waste your time downloading it at all, don’t listen to what Twitter is saying about it. Next time they should launch properly, or don’t launch at all.

- Invitation

Got an invitation from 2 friends, however its not working and it says my phone number is incorrect!!!


Please give us the option to delete our account. And the nominate thing is stupid.

- No privacy

There is no privacy and there is no option to delete your account. Once you sign up anyone who has your number gets a notification about you joining. Zero stars.

- Social media slavery

This is the new dumb app. If you think you’re special w your invite, you played yourself. You’re a slave to social media. HFSP


The developer have struck gold. Shout out to the whole team

- Back Button

I absolutely love the app. I'm totally blind, and I use VoiceOver on my iPhone. Accessibility is amazing! There's just one thing missing. Whenever you go to invite a friend to the room, there's no back button, and I'm stuck in the friends list screen. The 2 finger scrub doesn't work, and I have to turn off VoiceOver and tap the very top left corner just to go back to the room screen. We either need a back button or a dismiss button. One more thing, Music. Why isn't Music added to the list of interests?

- Surface-level conversations

Everyone is so horny on this app lol

- Logged doesn’t work even with invite

Received an invite, clicked the link, enter phone number, get an error message saying Unable to log you in, try again later. 5 days and no word from support. Stick to Discord, same app but with video.

- Hi

What Happen I got invited

- Doesn’t work

Make a account and nothing happens

- تفاوت و درک فرق من با خودم

گاهی نا آگاهی از شناخت واژه من و خودم و عمق این دوکلمه از به کاربرد آن در زندگی ما را به راه و بی راه بودمان می برد ،،،،، کمک کنیم به تجربه این موضوع

- Useless

I thought it was gonna be like discord but it turned out to be a waste of time as I asked about 250 people and not a single person have even heard of the application, how am I supposed to get an invite from someone across the world when no one knows what I am talking about!

- NG

Hard to enter Too much demands Not software friendly

- Seriously why is this on the store ??

Why even have this app on the App Store if some users can’t even use and have been waiting literal weeks to even gain access to the app. I’m still waiting. Guess I’m not some elite.

- Very good


- A

اتمني ان يُسمح بتغير الاسم اكثر من مرة

- Microphone

My microphone is not working properly

- My clubhouse experience

Love it!!

- It’s like radio but worse?

ZzZzZz Bad audio, boring content. Self absorbed people who think their phone calls are “content”

- Feels like catching the first wave. Side note, review text isn’t showing any text.


- Glitch

Sorry love the community but can’t see anyone I follow if they are online. It never works and is hard to find rooms that interest me or have people I want to hear

- اسخف برنامج


- No privacy

This app has no privacy to private your account any kind of people can follow you and see your followers and following! You should solve this problem...

- Silly app

1- Disruptive to work 2- Terrible onboarding 3- non-contextual apps 4- Tons of fake gurus and influencers trying hard to make a name for themselves 5- Insane amount of notifications I have never been more stunned this sort of all passed product-market fir and user research.

- It is a excellent program

Very good

- Scam

This application is very useless, dont get into it

- Clubhouse is changing my life for the better

Truly a revolution on online connection. Such a feeling of authenticity and vulnerability in the rooms. And great opportunities as well. Thanks Clubhouse!

- Low


- Platform for dictators

It turned to be a popular platform within the doctatorships around the world because its a one-way communicating platform and no one else can speak in the room unless the moderator approves him/her!!

- Bonne

Bonne application qui serait meilleure avec l’option écrire message dans une room.

- Censorship

Very hard to not get suspended for holding conservative views. Same stuff as on every other platform.

- Great but missing a major feature

Great app, but please add a function that will allow for searching of specific ongoing rooms. The only things you can search for now are people and clubs, but if you want rooms, you have to scroll into oblivion. This seems like an obvious thing that is missing. Please improve on this.

- Love but can’t find rooms if you click on wrong notification

Sad atm because there is no way for me to join a room with someone I’d love to learn from. My thumb landed on the wrong clubhouse notification :(

- Too many notifications

Love the concept of the app and the ability to meet/speak with a diversity of people, however receiving constant notifications is incredibly overwhelming. I’ve even set it to infrequent notifications and yet I receive them every 5 minutes. It makes me completely disinterested in the app and want to remove it from my phone.

- Great For Business

Great platform to connect and also learn!

- Great experience.

This app is just awesome.

- Our groups

The servers connection is bad and it keeps shutting our groups down

- No support and dose not work

When it dose not work why even have the app Not user friendly and dose not explains what to do.It say sign it then it took me 1 h but could not sign in waist of time

- Privacy

There are bots who come into the rooms to disrupt the stage and also collect data. There are also websites that take peoples information from clubhouse and upload it online.

- Poor performance

The application has a poor connection and performance. Shows that I’m online while I’m not and gives poor connection even with different connections.

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I don’t think I’ve made or answered a social phone call since 2010 it’s all texts but ANSWER ALL MY PHONE CALLS in the clubhouse

Ole Fancy Ass♎️

Clubhouse finally gave me some invites


Tik Tok and clubhouse ain’t for me mane

Clubhouse 1.0.18 Screenshots & Images

Clubhouse iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Clubhouse iphone images
Clubhouse iphone images
Clubhouse iphone images
Clubhouse iphone images

Clubhouse (Version 1.0.18) Install & Download

The applications Clubhouse was published in the category Social Networking on 2020-09-14 and was developed by Alpha Exploration Co. [Developer ID: 1481002987]. This application file size is 75.92 MB. Clubhouse - Social Networking app posted on 2021-10-27 current version is 1.0.18 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: co.alphaexploration.clubhouse