Join Clash

Join Clash [Games] App Description & Overview

Epic survival run! Racing adventure that will keep you on your toes till the very end! Race, Clash, and Win!

Get your gang together, run with the crowd, and clash against the rival team!

Start running alone and gather people on your way to collect a massive crowd. Lead your team through all sorts of moving, rotating, and expanding obstacles. Calculate your moves on the run and save as many members of the crowd as possible.

Let’s see how far you can get in this crazy survival race! Dodge swinging axes and colossal crushing spheres! Avoid monstrous circular saws, deadly red buttons, and a thorny abyss to make it to the finish line.

Run the crowd until you reach the castle at the end of the level. Crush your rivals in the final battle and capture the fortress!

GATHER as huge a crowd as you can:
DODGE obstacles
CLASH wall-on-wall
FIGHT against bosses
CAPTURE castles

Survival city game
Lots of unique levels
Deadly traps and impossible obstacles
Crisp bright graphics
Super smooth swipe control
Satisfying color explosions
Rewards and gifts

And this is just the beginning… More levels and artful traps and obstacles are coming soon!

Do you think you have the guts to take your crowd through this insane obstacle course? Download the game and try your luck today!

We are looking forward to getting feedback from all of you! Please leave your reviews, so we can keep making the game even better.

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Game improvements and bug fixes

Join Clash Comments & Reviews

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- Wow

Someone here told me that there is no ads. I don’t have ads now just go to settings and go to wifi then turn off wifi

- What’s adds

All you do is watch adds, thumbs down

- Can’t move well

I cannot move that well

- Fun simple game, but my god the ads

As per title

- Read before accepting

You collect a lot pf id informations!!!!! For a game!!!!! Come on !!!!

- Ads

For all of the ads just turn off your wifi and there you go no more ads

- Ads

Ads ads ads nothing else but ads

- To many adds about the same game

I think this game is fun but there are to many adds and it’s about the same game witch is annoying and I love this game but I just wish there was not so many adds please read this and try to tell the creator I am having so many problems with this darn game thank you and goodbye!

- Not bad.

I liked it but it could be better. 😋

- Poop pictures

There are too many poop pictures

- 🤗🤗🤗

Se jeux est super Sais mon jeux préféré

- More than 10 ads in 10 minutes!

The game is ok, but in the 10 minutes I played this game I’ve seen more than 10 ads. It’s ridiculous, I’ve never seen any other game with this much ads! This is at a point where ads are interfering with UX and in the long term it will mess up your revenue too. Wake up developers! Uninstalling the app now.

- J’aime le jeux

Mais ils annonce trop de publicité


The game play is fine. Simple, and you need a little bit of your brain to play. However, there’re way too many ad in the game. Every 30 seconds game play, you probably needs at least 1-2 minutes watching ad. It’s hard for me keep on playing it. I deleted it after a few hours playing and exploring. I seldom wrote review but I can’t help but to write a review to warn people about it.

- Boring and boring boring and stupid

You know why is there noted 4 stars because they created multiple accounts to like there is to many add don’t play this game never because its very boring

- Horrible


- Why I like this game

I like the

- Nice

It’s ok and nice

- Not thrilling enough or challenging and too many ads

I’ve been deleting it after 10 minutes. Not thrilling enough or challenging and too many ads!!

- Join and crash

I like this game but I don’t like the fighting

- $hit game w/ too many adds

The game is super basic. It’s a bit fun, but nothing special. The number of adds is unbearable. Often you are given the option to watch an add for extra treasure or skip the add, but skipping still plays an add. Completely unacceptable.

- Ads ads ads!

Decent game. After every level you have the choice to watch an ad for 30 seconds to get a better reward or say no thanks and watch 15 seconds of an ad before you can skip anyways. Had the game for 3 minutes hope they made a lot of ad revenue off of me. Don't downlod this crap

- Ads

As others have said. May too many ads. More time watching ads than playing by a long shot.


Taaa daaaa! No ads Lots of fun. No brainer, just buy it.

- Ad placement

Purposely placing 2 ads within a tiny distance and putting skipping just in the middle is a cheap move. Didn’t even try the game for long enough to review it, horrible experience for sure.

- Ok

Ok, mindless game... but WAY too many long ads.

- Waste of time

This is another example of developers only caring about ad revenue. There is a banner at the bottom of the screen that never goes away and an ad at the end of every 15 second level you complete. -brought to you by the most ambitious RPG project on smartphone. rA1d $haD0w Legens

- Good but

I love this game but there is just WAY to many advertisements and it’s making the game unfun when you just have to sit there and wait for the advertisements to be over. AND you can’t even skip half of them, Please change this so we can all have fun playing this game because it really is a great game!

- Attention

To all people who think the game is bad because of the ads, turn off your Wifi. It does wonders.

- There are too much Advertisements

I get it ypu put ads to earn money but here they are too much, for example I played one game and I got two ads how is this actually fun to play game. If I wanna see ads I could have gone to youtube for it why would I download this game just for ads.

- Join and clash company

Wow wow wow cooooooooooool love the game

- Can’t not watch ads. Money grab

Stay away

- Ok bommer

It is poopoo

- Bad

Adds make it unplayable. I’m fine with ads because it makes the app free but the amount on this game makes it unplayable and downright annoying. Had to delete.

- Too many ads = boring

So annoying having to wait for ads. Can’t even make it through 1 round without an ad coming up

- Waste of time

Just another game that’s less game and more ads!!! So bad. Shame.

- To much advertisement

Not worth it 10 second game will give 30 seconds of advertisement. Avoid !!

- Trop de publicité

Tu ne peux pas jouer 30 sec d’affilée sans avoir 1min de publicité à chaque fois!! Aucun plaisir ...

- Adds Adds Adds

0 star game After each 5 sec level you have 2 choices. Watch add for a extra coins or watch add for no extra coins. Big deal.

- Adadad

10sec of game for every min of commercial No Thxs


This is a joke

- Adds for every 30 seconds of play

Little fun, full of adds

- Nice

It’s a fun time wasting game

- Ad after ad after ad after ad

Every time you move on they show you an ad which is super annoying. You play for 10 seconds and then watch a 30 second ad. Even if you hit the “no thanks” button, nope don’t care here’s an ad anyway and we won’t give you the extra coin! Had potential but they always have to ruin it with being money hungry for ads.

- Horrible Game

Save yourself the time and do not download this app, it is garbage. It’s one of those games obsessed with making money off in game Ads, after every level there’s an Ad that you can’t close forcing you to close the app and restart it every time- 1/5 stars.


TOO MANY ADDS I’m spending more time watching adds than actually playing the game. This is seriously making me regret downloading it. I like the game, but watching a 30 second add after every round ? That is ridiculous.


Ok I love this game and it’s fun, BUT!!!!.... the ads I know lots of people have said the same thing but it’s true! I tried turning on airplane mode and Turing of my wifi but for some apps that dose not work and I still get ads and this is one. Normally I can stand one or 2 ads but this many is just sooo annoying!!! You also have to watch ads even if you don’t take the prize!!

- Airplane Mode For Free Gameplay

If you go to airplane mode you can play level after level without any adds

- Way too much adds

Game is ok (not great, just ok). But adds are annoying. You spend more time watching adds then playing.

- More ads than game play

Spend 10 seconds playing and 30 seconds of ads. Surprised anyone can play this game for more than 5 minutes

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- Crap

So many ads the game is unplayable. A complete joke!

- Blah

Could be alright. But giving the option to bypass extra coins yet still forcing us to watch adds? BS move. Most games allow skipping adds and forfeiting the extra coins and returning to game. Not this one. You watch the add no matter what 🙄

- Toooooooooo Many Ads

Too many ads which made me tired of this game

- You can skipe the ads

If you turn off your wifi there gonna be no ads

- Pathetic reviews.

You guys are talking about how there are to many adds JUST TURN YOUR WIFI OFF! ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT AND BOOM NO MORE ADDS LIKE GOSH

- Too many ads

Deleted this immediately, definitely a scammy freemium piece of garbage.

- Too much add

Spending more time watching add then playing,

- Could be great.....

Hiya, tuu hi is could be a great game but it gets bogged down with too too many ads. Even if you click “no thanks” it just plays a video anyway jarring you from proceeding. Definitely has potential, but certainly has too many ads. I’m deleting this.

- Don’t download

Spend more time watching ads then playing don’t waste ur time


You pass more time watching ADD then playing the actual game. So annoying !!

- Awful

This game is bad

- New feedback

Just downloaded the game about 5 min ago, I’m not going to keep the app if there’s an ad after every single run. An ad every once in a while, sure, but not after every run, I’m just going to delete if that’s the case. I get that you guys need ads, but not that often, or you’ll lose your players, you may have lost a player, sorry.

- Tyler

It’s so fun

- Fun game, gets annoying fast

I can understand that every free game comes with its load of ads, but this is ridiculous. Might as well call the game join & watch ads

- Trash

Too many ads you can’t play this unless you turn data and wifi off, plus the game is so boring and simple, for the most part you just run straight forward into impassable barriers there’s not much else to do. would not recommend

- I really like this game because I like health so challenging


- Tooooooo much ads

A pretty good game but has way to many ads. Recommend not waste your time on this game

- Too many ads

It’s a pretty fun game, but it’s basically unusable due to the amount of ads. The game play is for maybe 10 seconds and each level is followed up by a 30 second ad. Very annoying

- Lots of adds

One add is ok but two is a lot it’s a game for playing not for watching adds

- Sissy


- Trop bien ce jeu

Trop bien sans bug…...............

- Very bad game

It is bot fun

- Bad game do not get

Please fix the game

- Terrible!

Do you like a game that is 80% ads. You spend more time watching them, instead of playing the game so save yourself some time and avoid getting this.

- Ads

Played it until an ads came... It lasted 20 second

- Fun but not done well

The game itself is pretty fun once you are playing it. The ads every two levels are frustrating and longer then playing the game! Plus no option to skip! Also the levels aren’t long enough! They literally take a couple seconds to get through, and then there are multiple ads. So I deleted it after 5 min of playing.

- Trash

This game has soooo many ads and it is really trash 🗑

- 𝔸𝕕𝕕𝕤 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕒𝕘𝕖

First of all there is Way too many ads the age says 9+ but I’m 11 and I think this game is meant for babies and it’s not that fun and I look at reviews of this game and they are horrible but yet there is a four star rating I think robots are rating a 4 star star because this game is like a 2 star not even

- Way to many ads

30 second ad every 15 seconds. Even for the free version that’s extremely excessive. The games not even that fun to begin with.

- Love the game BUT...

I’ve been deleting so many games recently because of adds. Not only are they repeated but for most of them you don’t even have the option to skip the whole add itself! Extremely frustrating.

- yikes

the game is buggy, there are way too many ads not worth your time

- All advertising

If there wasn’t a forced video between every time you play it would be enjoyable. Impossible to enjoy otherwise

- Adds

To many adds stupid

- Unplayable due to ads

After every level you are forced to view an add, regardless if you select no thanks or not. The levels are not long enough for that to be worth it. Trash game.

- To any ads useless

To many ads

- Fun game - toooooo many ads

Too many ads annoying !!!!!

- :(

Kinda trash

- Hot garbage

Trash don’t download it


Put airplane mode on and bam problem solved!!! No adds will play at all

- Deceptive adds.

Just another game that lets you watch adds to get stuff. But then makes you watch adds if you decline the add a few times in a row anyway. Not nearly fun enough to justify that kind of effort.

- Ads

Way too many ads, the ads are longer then the actually level.

- Too many ads

You watch more ads than you actually play. What a horrible way to structure your app.

- Watching ads aren’t giving me bonus

I realized after watching many ads since downloading, that I am not receiving the bonus offer. Game is fun but that’s quite disappointing regardless.

- Same stupid game same stupid ads

Play for five minutes out of curiosity then delete

- Garbage

This game is pure garbage. Nothing upgraded and the key system is a scam. I don’t know who rated this 5 stars but you’re an inbred simpleton.

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- OK

It's a good game but after every game you have to watch an ad so if you get a prize you have to watch 2 ads to get it 😡 I know you have to make money but too many ads means people won't like your game so less ads = more people = more money see? It's logic .🤓

- R


- Not worth it

Just like many of the other reviews, I am very disappointed with the amount of ads! It’s ridiculous! You spend more time watching mass then playing... absolute joke

- Ridiculous

The game is clearly secondary, clearly created too generate money from adds. Gave you a big fat 1 star 😊

- Awful lol

Really bad game, downloaded it after seeing the ads 100 times a day on Facebook. More ads than game, most of the levels are so easy I don’t see how it’s possible to loose

- ADS!!!!!!!!!!!

You spend more time watching ads than actually do playing the game, piss off

- Far too many adds

You cannot even play two runs in a row because of the adds, you get offers to increase your reward if you watch a video and even if you click no you still have to watch it with no option to skip!! Terrible!!

- Don’t bother

Too many ads. Play a 5 second game and have to watch a 20 Second Ad. Better, more challenging games out there.

- Garbage


- Ads cause crashes

Fun game, way too many ads and once you get through a few levels the ads cause the game to crash after every one

- Good but it glitches when u reach high level

I love this game it is soo fun just a few things to make it better. Make u able to upgrade castle more as it is kinda boring once it is max upgrade. There is also a annoying glitch. I reached level 65 and the screen is all red so I can’t see my person and loads of white hands are moving from left to right at bottom. It does not let me play but I can still upgrade plz fix this. Also too many ads

- So.Many.Ads

The game concept is fine, and can be fun. But each level lasts for about 10 seconds, followed by at least 30 seconds of adverts, even if you didn’t want to open the surprise box etc. Deleted pretty quickly.

- Unusable

Adverts make it unusable. 30% actually playing 70% ads. Deleted

- Far too many ads.

Not only do you have an ad between levels, you also have an ad when you “collect” a prize (you don’t have any choice) and after that you have yet another ad. All the ads are long. The game isn’t that brilliant that you have to put up with so many ads so I deleted the app after 5 games.

- Could be good

Could be good if you ever got to play. The amount of adverts makes it unplayable. Shame

- Worst game ever

When I downloaded this I thought it would be a game I could play but no it was touching and it was not my phone so everytime I went on the app the whole thing froze and it is bot my phone so maybe stop this glitch and then I will play and Wright a great review

- Cool

I love this game but the ads are not so nice But it’s COOL


This app is a rip off there’s so many adds and it’s boring don’t recommend

- Ads were over bearing

Not worth going through 30-60 min adverts just to play for 3 secs! I get it they want you to pay for the game, but it completely threw me off actually wanting to keep in my phone. The game play wasn’t challenging enough to keep me entertained. If it was, I would have wanted to keep playing through the long long ads, and even end up paying for the game just to keep going. But the levels were way too short and easy so I just deleted it. It’s a shame, it’s such a good idea

- good game but WAY to many adds.

very good game with a fun background. The constant adds after every go is a complete mess and therefore I wouldn’t recommend you download it. deleted after 3 minutes. sort it out.

- Dont download if you want a game with your ads

Unless you want to pay to get rid of ads dont bother, played it for about 10 minutes and at least 8 were adverts. Its pointless

- There isn’t enough building

There isn’t enough building and I enjoyed it but okay then.

- Good game ruined by excessive ads

Don’t bother if you value your time!

- Why

Why did you make this game? I can think of a plethora of reasons for my team to remove this off of the App Store. Too many ads, too many unavoidable traps.

- To many adverts

Impossible to play due to the long adverts. Was asked to right a review within 10 seconds All in all do not waste your time with this game

- Too many ads

Ridiculous ‘game’. Ads to collect coins. Ads to play levels. Ads to write a review. Ads to open the game. Hopefully you get the picture (after watching the ad)!


Please stop force feeding us ads through these games

- A ploy to get advertising revenue

Gameplay is not the main objective, they just want you to be shown adverts for everything all the time. Gameplay itself is okay

- Sooooooo many adds 😩

This game is so fun but it has to many adds when I win there’s adds when I lose there’s adds to many😭

- Don’t bother. Way too many ads!

A decent enough little boredom buster if they stopped showing an add every minute or two. Seriously, I must have clicked the button to say no to watching the ad every 30 seconds but I still had to constantly sit through the compulsory adds you can’t skip. Very frustrating and boring, which defeats the point of playing the game!

- Game

The best game on iPhone 📱🐶

- Make a paid version without ADS please

Honestly just charge me a few coins to play the game without ads its worth it for a little cash i just CANNOT be bothered with the ads man

- Game looks fun but deleted after a couple of minutes due to the adverts

All said above

- Game ok shame about the ads

Games ok it’s cool But blimey if you like ads this is the game for You. Will be deleting unfortunately

- Can’t Play

I can’t play the game because it kicks me off every time I get to the ‘boss’ this happened on level 2 so I played it again and i lagged like crazy and I couldn’t even get to the boss! Other than that it’s an ok game and it’s completely free

- Jake whatmore

This game is do muck fun

- To many adds but a good game

It is a good game and I really enjoyed playing but there were adds after every game and it really enjoyed me . I would recommend it but it could be better without all the adds after every 1minute

- Thanks


- Too many ads!!!!!

Literally every 30 seconds there’s an ad. To unlock what you have just won through game play ...... you have to watch an ad to obtain it Pretty cool toilet game

- Don’t bother

An ad every 6 seconds seriously do not waste your time.

- It’s me judy

It’s literally my first game and I fell in love

- Deleted after 2 levels

I’m not gonna sit through an Unskipable ad after every level.

- Too many Ads

You play for like.. 3 seconds then about 10 seconds of adverts.. they’re just trying to cash out which is fair enough.. fun game unfortunately. Played for about 1 minute.. probably earned them a few £.. then deleted it.. don’t download!!!!!!

- Scam

The game is a scam to show you ads. If you ads vs game time is sometime 3:1 for 30 seconds. If you skip the ads you’ll miss out on 20% of the game? Even sometimes you watch ads and not receive the right amount of coins? SCAAAAMMM. Not worth it. 1 minute of game play for 3 minutes of ads. Same ads as well not even variety. If you skip the ads the you cannot complete the game. In short, too disingenuous. Just want to show you ads.

- Ads

The ads on this game are just plain ridiculous I know it’s a free game and all but WOW overkill!!! Deleted it as it was just too much The game itself was decent enough

- All I have to say is........

Amazing game

- ok game

to people that want to get this game i would tell u not to it is a wast of time way to many adds and is kinda boring but it’s up to you - ellie

- No more adds

After seeing so many adverts of this game, I downloaded it. Everyone says there’s tonnes of adds but so far, I haven’t even got one. Plus, it’s fun to play since you have to stay inside now.

- Get it you will not regret it

There’s a little rhyme for you

- Too many ads!

Even for free, there are too many ads.

- Not like advertised

Plus, ads for other games after each level. Uninstalled

- It’s about what you expect

There’s lots of ads, and a lot of opportunities to watch ads to get free stuff. The gameplay is fine, and it looks like the ads too (not that that’s a good thing). Overall, it’s not unique, and there are better games. But if you’re here looking for a new free game because you got bored of all the good ones, I’m sure there are better options.

- Timbo

Ads to fame ratio in minutes, about 4 to 1...

- Worse than you think

One of the worst games ever I’ve seen. The whole game is about advertising about another games

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Join Clash 2.10 Screenshots & Images

Join Clash iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Join Clash iphone images
Join Clash iphone images
Join Clash iphone images
Join Clash iphone images
Join Clash iphone images
Join Clash ipad images
Join Clash ipad images
Join Clash ipad images
Join Clash ipad images
Join Clash ipad images
Join Clash Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Join Clash Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Join Clash (Version 2.10) Install & Download

The applications Join Clash was published in the category Games on 2020-02-23 and was developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD [Developer ID: 1499845738]. This application file size is 246.45 MB. Join Clash - Games posted on 2020-05-26 current version is 2.10 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Join Clash Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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