Pizzaiolo! [Games] App Description & Overview

Open your very own pizzeria! Knead the dough, place the toppings and bake the most delicious pizza of all time. Can you become the best pizzaiolo?

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Pizzaiolo! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

* Fixed minor bugs. * Improved user experience.

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- Look

Look I am just a kid but the game is alfull it’s nothing like the ad Believe me please


Cut it out with the adds. I’d play more of your games if you didn’t put so many damn adds in

- Bad


- Don’t recommend

Stupid and ads pop up 24/7

- I want crust

My cousin and I both have the app but she gets crust options. And I don’t.

- Love it

This game is the best

- Very GOOD! But..

I loved this app so much! :D but, the adds..please fix that!

- Too many adds but still good game

This is a good game but it has too many adds

- Racist to Italians

This is not how you make a pizza, you’ve disgraced my heritage, I am going to throw margarita sauce glasses at your grandma

- Ewww

One of the customers was way to exited over leaf pizza 🤢🤮

- Coll

This is such a cool game

- Way to many ads

Whenever I finish one step an ad comes out and it’s 🐂💩

- Not great

No satisfaction and not a great game, I would like it if it had people that look more like people. Toppings that look realistic. My problem is it's not realistic I'm not sstisfied

- Annoying

This game is really annoying bc u can’t lose it! No matter what your pizza looks like you get three stars anyway. There is so many ads and the people just look weird. Lots of room for improvements.

- Loved it

I super recommend it it’s amazing and funny when you get three stars and give to the customers they do a little cheer definitely on my recommended list

- Plz fix

I love the idea and the concept but every time I try to make the dough it spreads on my whole screen Can you plz fix this because I love this game so so much

- Better animations

i like it but it needs better animations

- Best game!

I love this game, besides the glitchy customers this game is spot on


I have to say that I’m a little bit of a fan. When I saw the video it was so cool and it inspired me

- Great game but...

I was wondering if you could add some more stuff to the game such as being able to by the ingredients for a shop instead from a stand at the end of the game I would also like it if we could by furniture for the pizza store and last I would like it if we could make our own pizza dough.ty and please please please add this to the game!!!

- Too many Ads

Don’t bother unless you like watching up to 6 ads per level. Most other games just have one at the end, this you get to watch 2 ads for every pizza you bake.

- Lag And Freezing

Hi I love the game but I keeps freezing and lagging. Can you plz fix this?

- 🥴🥴🥴

:3 Best pls play and wash ur hands y’all 😷😷😷

- Pizzaiolo

It takes forever to get into the game

- Littered with adds

This game is absolutely littered with ads and clickbait

- 🤢

I hate it DONT GET IT!!!!!!!! You will hate it too plz it takes soo long to load 🙄it horrible 😔

- Waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I open the app I have to wait a loooooooooooooong time to actually play the game.

- Ads

This is a great game and I love it because I love cooking but there are way too many ads every time I serve a person it comes up with an ad.And the levels aren’t even that long so I am basically watching ads the whole time I am playing this game so could you please just put a little less ads on the game and it will be perfect

- Laggy and ads

When I first got this app it was awesome, everything was good. Now it’s a couple months after I got this game and it is starting to get really laggy, and every time I finish a step there is always an ad waiting.

- Ok

It is cinder glitchy

- Vrey fun

Very fun game, however please fix the bug where the pop corn gets frozen outside of the pizza when taking it out fi the oven

- So good!

This is the best

- Hi


- Too much ad per pizza made

Don’t get me wrong. Love the graphics, the game but omg too much ads!

- Banana

Umm so is it only me or when we have to add tomato sauce it doesn’t reach all the way to the bottom it just triggers me I hope you fix that other than that I would recommend There are lots of people saying there is too many ads you could turn off your wifi and play in peace or turn on airplane mode that also helps Anyways 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

- The best game in the world


- Very boring with repetitive game play and to many adds

This game was the same thing over and over with a ad after every pizza made and at least let me make like 5 pizzas before showing me a ad and game was over all super boring

- Review

Too many bugs and ads I couldn’t play the game without ad after ad. Some of the Pizzas would bug out

- Love this game

It’s such a good game. I love it But there are so many ads. But you can turn your Internet off that fixes it. Otherwise this is such a game. I love it.

- Hi

After you collect all the items you still gain money but you can’t buy anything? After all it’s a good game and I’m playing it EVERY day😃

- Amazing 😉

You guys are the best

- .

Why is there no music? I like this game very much, but there are too many advertisements and I hope to improve it.

- Good game

It’s a good game because you can Learn to cook

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- Pizza games are great

I give it 4 stars but when I try to put the pizza in the stove it puts an add

- Ads

Way too many ads

- Really good

When I try to roll the dough out sometimes it goes really far and then it doesn’t go back other then that it is are really good game good toppings

- Ok I guess

Ok so when I first opened this app I was excited and ready to make pizza!Then I started,I stretched out the dough witch looked like spikes and very glitchy and BOOM right after that there was an ad UGGHHHHH this happened every time after I stretched the dough AND I HATE ITTTT!!!,😩😡 so I deleted the app. Thank you for reading this and plz fix it.😊

- To many ads

Ads ads ads

- Good game

It’s a good good game in all but I like those games when you can mess up crazy

- Too many adds

You can’t even play the game because an adds will pop out every second

- I like this game but...

There are way too many ads! And no option to get rid of them! There are at least two ads per pizza, sometimes more and it drives me nuts! I also think you should put labels underneath the items because it’s kinda hard for me to tell what is what, especially with the meats.

- Trash

So many adds, you stretch the pizza ad put sauce ad put cheese ad put in oven ad take out of oven ad!!!!! I understand an ad here and there but not after each step! THIS GAME IS TRASH

- 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

This is a fun app and i love pizza 😘🥰😘🥰😍🥰😘🥰😍😘🥰😍😘🥰😍😍🥰😘

- Fun but so many ads

It’s a fun game but not very engaging because every few clicks there’s an ad that pops up for at least 30 seconds. It’s just one of those games where you can play it mindlessly and it lives off of having ads frequently.

- Adds


- Kids

Good for kids that if

- Read the review and not the title idiots

There’s an ad every second, fix ur game.


I LOVE this game and it makes me very happy 😊 so you have to get it now

- Good game

Great game and all but the fact that there is an add after every person you serve is crazy. I think that there should only be an add after every day of service. Way too many adds.

- Pizza


- To many ads

way to many ads made this unenjoyable

- Makailyn

This game is fun but I think that it Is not good for kids and why because it may or not make kids think they can just do things like that

- I. Love. Pizza


- Annoying

The game is fun to many ads after each section to the point I don’t want to play anymore

- It’s alright

There are way too many ads so it’s very hard to enjoy the game.

- Nope

Way too many adds WAAYYY

- Too many ads.

You get an ad after every single step of making a pizza. How am I supposed to play a game with an ad every 5 seconds?

- Just ok

It was ok, kind of fun to play I could make a good pizza or make a weird one. But the real problem is that there’s WAY too many ads, I’d get 3 ads before I even finish making 1 pizza it just got so annoying I deleted the game.

- Best game ever😍

I think this is the best game ever😍 download now it’s free

- Getting better

This game has had its issues here and there, but I can tell that you guys are trying your best to make the game a fun and easy experience and I really appreciate it. It’s a great game ya’ll have going here really. One little issue I would like to point out is that when a customer comes in and says “make this pizza for a reward”, while I love the implementation of it, it’s not working right. After making the pizza and selecting a reward, the only option to do after that is click “no thanks.” After that the reward goes away and the player does not receive it. That’s about all I have noticed this far. Keep up the great work!!

- Ads

So many ads for such a mediocre game. Ads every now and then are understandable but one every 7 seconds is excessive and I don’t know how people can play this

- This is the best

This game is the best!!! My friend Love it my enemies love it!!! Download this game you’ll be happy what you got because it’s free and there’s not that much adds ( ˘ ³˘)♥༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ!!!

- Garrett

Very very good game

- Ads

How. The. Heck u get rid of. The. Ads.

- Love it

Love the game make more games like this but. When it said she wanted meet loafers. I didn’t have in the kitchen. So I was confused about it. Do you now why I don’t have meet loafers? I’m on the second day so I just bought this game today. If that matters?

- I love

I think you a should add when you money on the game they should upgrade there kitchen and restaurant

- Worse than good pizza great pizza

This app is nothing more than a time waster. Good pizza great pizza has better graphics, an actual story line, etc.

- The truth of what I think about this game😕

Well......I like the game it’s really fun and I like how there’s not a lot of ads but there’s somethings I would wanna fix like first how you have to do what the customer says and that I would like to have a display area so you can make pizzas however you want and they get displayed I think that would be fun and What I think would be fun is that if you made different kinds of crust like pretzel crust and ect like sugar cookie crust or chocolate cookie crust and sweet toppings so you can make dessert 🍪 pizza 🍕 and that you can buy or unlock new customers and you can design you pizza parlor or factory whatever but you have to buy new furniture to decorate how every you would like but besides that I LOVE the game and PLEASE update 😊

- Pizza game

It a good game and you can play when you are bored

- Ads

This is a good game but there are too many ads

- Glitchy

I was playing the game then the game just automatically glitches me out!Then whenever I go back in it says “loading” and I’ve been at the “loading” part for over and hour

- Fun Game but too many adds

This is a very fun game but after everything you do there is an add it’s a little anoing


Cool but TO MUCH ADS Can ads be banned like now!

- Br33ly

It’s a really fun game it just never gives u 3 stars even if your pizza is really good and then it also isn’t the best add wise either it really needs to put less adds in

- too many adds, or worth getting

I got this app because it looked fun. when it downloaded I opened the app, and it started a tutorial of how to play. after that it lets you play yourself, and after every step there is an add. not worth getting at all!

- 5 stars ⭐️

So satisfying😍

- To many ads

Every move you make is an ad. Dough. Ad. Sauce. Ad. Toppings. Ad. Don't waste your time, this game is a joke

- Harlow

It’s a good game but too many ads🙄

- Oh about it

I love this game it is so much better app than super sloth. I just cannot stop playing this game and it has been great for a long time but it has a good story line and it has to get better and better but the game is really hard but I can’t stop loving it so I can get it again soon and it will get more stars to game but it has been so much fun, But

- so many ads

This game is fun, but so many ads are popping up.

- Pizzialo

I love e this game so much it's like so fun this is the best game ever

- Intimating game ads

Ads are not kid friendly. Please check your ads.

- Intimating game ads

Ads are not kid friendly. Please check your ads.

- G

Great game but once I got all toppings I feel like I have nothing to play for

- LiAM



There are wayyyyy to many ads and there’s a glitch that makes the dough CRAZY!!! But overall it’s a FINE game.

- WAY too many ads :/

this game is pretty fun BUT not sure if its worth it with all of the ads.. there are ads inbetween every step and then after the pizza is complete! what should take 20 seconds to make takes more like a minute and a half at least with the amount of ads. get it if you want... and if you have the patience for it lol

- Bad hrribIe don’t get

Hi it’s not good you can see they have nov eyes and that you can burn the Liza 💔 and you have to move each Leicester it’s horrible

- Plz Fix!🥺

I love this game but there is a glitch with the dough when I shape it it goes everywhere like crazy can you please fix it I will give 5/5 stars 🌟

- Good

This game is super fun but after you buy all the toppings you basically have lots of money that you can’t spend then the days just go really quickly

- Nice 👍🏻 app like it ❤️😃😀😁

I’m happy this app has pizza 🍕 👩🏼

- Too much ads...

Everything is in the title!

- Looks fun

Cannot play it, won’t open on my iPhone 7

- :)

awesome game I love it 😻

- This is the best food game I ever played

Awesome 5 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Glitch but love the game

I got this game a few days ago and I have a glitch when I put the sauce on the pizza it makes a glitch if I didn’t have it I would live it even more please fix it

- ?¿?¿

Just got this game and I liken it so far


The game is soooooooo good

- Good game

Love the game. But would recommend adding a “cook book” for if someone gets stuck on what to add to a pizza. I had no idea what a margarita pizza was and I still can’t figure out what toppings to add for full stars.

- It’s good

I like it how ever I have experienced a glitch where the pizza will get stuck in the oven from time to time which makes me reset my game

- Pretty good

A really fun game to play when your bored, there’s an objective when keeps it interesting. I’d rate it a 5 but there are a lot of adds, but overall it’s pretty fun

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- Oh wow wow



This game is super doper AMAZINGG I’ve had it for a day and I love it so much I can’t stop playing it. I just wanna say thanks to the people who made this game make more like this please I hope u guys enjoy this game like me!!!

- Pizza rate

This you should give 100/10

- To many adverts

To many adverts

- Exes if adds

To many adds

- Gr8


- Rubbish

Now this might only be cause I’ve got a really old phone but I’m just throwing it out there. I couldn’t even get it to load so yeah. 👎🏼👎🏼

- Good

I like the game, but something that annoys me is adverts. The adverts come up quite a lot and sometimes you can’t skip them. Sometimes I think I just spend half of my time watching adverts, apart from that it’s a good game! I highly recommend it and it is a game to keep you entertained. Thank you

- It’s a good game but………

I think there’s to much adds. Like I can’t go one level without one add. There is an add for every stage like STOP WITH THE ADDS ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!Its still a good game though and it is annoying to always see an add. So could you please take away some adds.

- Lies

The reason I wrote this review, was because I saw an idiotic, stupid ad, And it was by YOUR GAME, WHAT THE HECK DOES THIS MEAN? “ I can’t reach pink pizza “ THATS MAKES NO SENSE, THERE ARE OTHER GAMES LIKE THIS, BUT THEY AREN’T AS SILLY AS THIS GAME, IT IS JUST SO STUPID, WHAT IS “ PINK PIZZA “, ITS JUST A MASSIVE LIE

- Dreadful

Dough ad dough ad dough ad DOUGH AD!!!!!!!!

- Good but...

The game is really fun but a few problems and suggestions 1.way to many ads it’s like I know there’s a add waiting to annoy me like what’s with that and my suggestion is that you should add a place where you get to serve the customer's and they sit and can decorate the dining/restaurant it would make it more engaging and did I say WAY TO MANY ADS! Yours faithfully, Bla bla bla :)

- ads

there are WAY to many ads but overall good game

- Alright

The game is fun but every time I actually put effort in making the pizza it always burns it and there are way to many ads

- To many avid errs and laggy

The game is tooo laggy and you can’t play properly and to Kant adverts which makes the games a bit annoying because you can’t play

- nice game but......

A ridiculous amount of adverts. I had to watch 3 just to make one pizza. It took all of 30 seconds to make the pizza and 90 seconds of adverts. I completed 2 levels and then deleted at it was beyond a joke.

- Fun and surprisingly addictive but rendered unplayable by ads.

This is a fun and surprisingly addictive game that is absolutely ruined by ads. After every action you are faced with a terrible 30 second unskippable ad. I tried to ignore it and just carry on but it’s too much and completely put me off the game.

- Very addictive

Super addictive but a lot of ads but you can just go on airplane mode. Very good and lots of flavours and styles. I wish there was more customers, toppings and more of everything, because I have already won it all since I love the game, and I wish there was more to do. This game is very good and i give it a 4 stars out of 5. Please reply.

- Pizza 🍕 Game

I find this game both enjoyable and satisfying only problem is it makes me hungry 😋

- 😳👌🤪🤪🤪🤪


- Not that good

It is a bit boring it would be good if they made it In a restrant and you could bye like chair and stuff so sorry but I am deleting you ga,e

- Pizzaiolo

This game is super awesome you can play it all day. I love this game,make sure you download this game to have so much fun like I am having

- Tilly

I love this game it’s so much fun.

- Wow

I like the game and it’s a good way to learn how to make a pizza.I HATE all the adds that pop up so only three stars not five.The other reason why another star is gone is because it glitches.

- Good game

Good game but are to many adds,especially if you want the good stuff in the game.

- Excellent but needs improvement

This game is expertly made by the owners although the continuous adverts are annoying

- Good game but

It’s good but the game has too many ads

- WHY IS IT SO HARD!?👿😾😡😤🥵


- It’s good

Not gonna lie this game was annoying at times but I love it so much its just the way it drains my battery like I start with 85 percent then end up with 50 when I didn’t play for long which kind of bugged me but I liked the game a lot

- Ads

Far too many ads! Ruins the game!

- Ads


- I hate myself

I keep burning my pizzas because I keep getting distracted and then I look back at my bloody screen and my pizza’s black and honestly I think that’s ridiculous Also when I actually am paying attention I get too bloody impatient and my finger just taps “finish” when the dough is still raw and I never get a normal pizza even though it’s really easy but my body hates me


This is the best game EVER I definitely recommend. A lot of people say that there is too many ads but if u just turn your device onto airplane mode there is no ads whatsoever!!!!

- AMAZING but.....

This game is really fun but when I have the big circle pizza it won’t let me put sauce at the bottom this very good and fun for children to play but I think it’s just a small bug please can you fix it, this game barely has any ads and I don’t know if this is only for me but even when I burn it it gives me 3 stars please keep on making games like this and by the way when it won’t tel me put sauce at the bottom it doesnt bother me cause it’s probably not their fault is just a small bug:)🍕🍕🍕🍕

- Review

Good game. You could add making the dough. More toppings/sauces. Maybe add making the sauce. Add cutting the pizza.

- I love the game

I love the game and how when the pizza is served the costumer does a little dance But however there is a lot of ads but it is a good game and I like it


This is a great game but once I made cheese pizza instead of pepperoni pizza! It is amazing for pizza fans like me. 👻

- Ads every step

Every step I do a add comes up so please remove at least one add but apart from that it’s absolutely perfect 👌 and I love making the pizzas in it so please get it if you want to make pizzas because it’s the best game ever

- Good game

Love it but fix the advert ad thing



- Good but would change 1thing

Love this app but would say to take out some of the apps cos there’s soooo many

- Fun but .........................".."......

This game is fun but every time you make the pizza 🍕 there,s alway, s an add before you put it in the oven By Elsa

- Brilliant

It is so good and entertaining but there is way to many adds all in all I love playing it it is so fun to bake on the go 10/10 recommend if u are looking to purchase x

- Amazing but....

This is an amazing app and I LOVE playing it, but there are tooooooooo many adds. I can’t even put a topping on without an add coming up🙁😂but overall I really like this app, thank you!!!!!🤩

- Hmm

Yeah mate yeah

- Is an amazing game

It is cool and fun it helps calm my nerves

- Disappointing

This game seems fun and enjoyable, however it is very glitchy and I can not seem to be able to make the pizza without it kicking me off the app or crashing.

- This is the best!!!!!!!🍕

I absolutely love this game. You get to make pizzas for customers with the toppings that they want, sometimes they leave the choice up to you! I totally recommend this game to anyone and everyone!😁 There is only one issue and that is the ads but it doesn’t bother me because when you switch off the WiFi it doesn’t even show up! Ignore the ad complaints because if u do what I did it will work perfectly for you and you can make pizzas freely and happily! Please get this game! It will make you more confident in making pizzas 😀🍕 !😍😍😍

- So fun 🍕

This game is really cool customers ask you for a type of pizza and you make it. But one tip : don't ❌ play it when watching TV. You might burn the pizza 🍕 you don't want that now do ya

- Bug

It doesn’t let me play the game , it stays on the loading screen

@pizzadormida Sou pizzaiolo...te faria pizza Qtas vezes quisesse no dia na semana ......😘😘😘😘

@Texugo_da_zoa @ruivajessie @HeyLeticiaGodoy @itau @babi @roboneas *pizzaiolo

nossa o bolo que eu pedi na pizzaria tá cheio de chantilly e o recheio tá no cu do pizzaiolo,só não tô tão puta pq não fui eu quem pagou

sim, virei pizzaiolo, pandemia me deu dotes culinários. pizza n° 2 por neto nietzschemeama

@umymanu: Meu namorado deu uma d pizzaiolo e deu bom 😋😋🥰

Meu namorado deu uma d pizzaiolo e deu bom 😋😋🥰

Pizzaiolo de massa pronta 🤣🤣

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Pizzaiolo! 1.3.10 Screenshots & Images

Pizzaiolo! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Pizzaiolo! iphone images
Pizzaiolo! iphone images
Pizzaiolo! iphone images
Pizzaiolo! iphone images
Pizzaiolo! iphone images
Pizzaiolo! ipad images
Pizzaiolo! ipad images
Pizzaiolo! ipad images
Pizzaiolo! ipad images
Pizzaiolo! ipad images
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Pizzaiolo! (Version 1.3.10) Install & Download

The applications Pizzaiolo! was published in the category Games on 2020-01-16 and was developed by Geisha Tokyo Inc. [Developer ID: 304321146]. This application file size is 303.04 MB. Pizzaiolo! - Games posted on 2020-05-06 current version is 1.3.10 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Pizzaiolo! Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor

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