Sort It 3D

Sort It 3D [Games] App Description & Overview

Gota sort them all!!

Sort all color balls in the tubes,
How far can you go?

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- Turn the stupid music off.

No way to torn off music.

- Kind of disappointed

The game as a concept is super great and very calming and relaxing, however it has an INSANE amount of ads for everything if you can’t spend money to get rid of them. At least one ad in between every level and more just to collect any gifts that you earned:/

- Fun


- Omg I love this game

I like it so much and it just amuses me

- Trump ads every 30 seconds


- 3D Game

Great game

- Ok

To many ads!!!

- No challenge!

This is a fun game but it doesn’t get harder as it levels up. It’s basically an addictive game that forces you to watch copious amounts of ads in between levels.

- Love the game, but....

It’s a great game, makes you think, but the videos/commercials/game advertisements in between are too much. I’m not sure that I can continue. It’s too much. If I want to kill some time and click on a game I don’t want to have to watch an advertisement after every segment or so..

- Review

Too many advertisements.

- Too Many Ads

I get it that ads are what pay you. But it takes 15 seconds to do a level and then you have 30 seconds worth of ad and that happens every couple of levels. Even prime time TV doesn’t have that ratio. I won’t play this game very much. It’s too frustrating. Which is too bad because it’s really fun.

- Great for Organizing Lovers

I love this new go to during the pandemic! I love to organize but I’ve organized & re-organized everything in my house, so this game definitely helps with that need!!!!

- When does this get hard?

This is a fun game, but it never gets any more difficult. For one thing, after level 50, there should never be 2 open cylinders. This is a game about recursion. Any number of cylinders can be eventually sorted with one open cylinder. The hardest part of this game is the low-contrast colors they chose for the balls. Vibrant, high-contrast colors would have been better. Maybe they should have billed this as a color discrimination game rather than as a sorting game. I will say they got the ads right. Plenty of them, and barely a chance to actually play between ads.

- Ads

No matter how good the game game is good enough to go through that many ads. Rediculous.

- Ads

Having a long as after every single level is ridiculous.

- Me

Love the color easy yet fun

- Political advertising

I have a problem with political advertising on a game! I play to escape TV commercials. I prefer NOT watching either party on my iPad!

- Entertaining

While I enjoy this game I think it could be better by being more challenging, especially if you purchase it. 1. You could make the tubes hold more cubes 2. You could select certain tubes that if left empty when the puzzle is solved you get more points 3. Increase the number of tubes to sort

- Too many ads

I would rather pay a small fee than constantly watch dumb ads

- I would put five and half for my review

I like the game! It keeps me from getting too bored when I don’t wanna play multiplayer games or anything else but something simple. But I feel like you don’t earn enough coins! You don’t get a lot of coins each level you complete! So it’s really hard to 400 and something coins to get new stuff. I would like it if there was an update where you got more coins for harder levels like the really big sorting and then got decent amount for the ones that aren’t so big.

- Keeps you hopping

Good to pass the time while waiting.

- Eh.

Apparently this game is full of ads, but I anticipated that and turned on airplane mode. Even without the ads, though, I can't give this game praise. It gets boring and repetitive after just a few minutes, and feels more like a minigame than something you'd pay money to play.

- Too many ads

The premise of the game is good but the number of ads is overwhelming and offensive

- Fun initially

Gets boring very quickly, no challenge and way too many ads. Oh well. Deleting

- Way too many ads

This is nuts!!! Way to many ads!! You play one round and two to three ads.

- Too many ads!

You play a game which doesn’t take long, you get an ad every time! They are all 30 second ads. I spent more time watching ads than playing. Deleted it.

- Worth it

Pretty easy and good time consumer, ads aren’t that bad and I like you can choose to watch ads to unlock stuff. I unlocked everything so might be starting a new game but highly recommend for anyone that is bored and wants a semi-easy game that’s pretty fun(:

- Where are the harder levels???

I would rate a 5, but it never goes past 4 balls like the description shows. I’m on level 632 on my Android device and it’s still the same. I thought it might be different on my iPad, but it’s not. It’s a relaxing game but never gets more challenging.

- Lacks challenge

I really do enjoy this game but it’s sooooo easy. You would think the more you play the challenging it gets. Hopefully someone will read the comments and apply some different challenges or a timer or something wild and explosive!! 🤗🤗

- I love but

I love this game but it’s gets really hard

- Soooooo fun!!!!!!

Absolutely love this app!!!! Soooooooooo much fun!!!!

- Great

I am absolutely obsessed with this game. Some levels are easy, some are hard, sometimes i play it to pass the time, and other times i play it for enjoyment. I love this game. I get that there are some adds but i mean we need them to keep the game.

- Too many ads

Fun but too many ads that force you to watch. Deleted.

- Very Interesting

This is fun and requires some thought.

- Amazing

LOVE THIS GAME! It’s awesome!

- Ads

Way too many ads! Not enjoyable😟

- Great fun

Great fun

- Ads are far too numerous

This game seemed like a nice game to unwind with, and for the first three levels, it was. Then the ads started rolling in, and they are so frequent that it is impossible to relax or get into. I've played eight or nine levels and seen so many ads I'm disgusted. Deleting within ten minutes of loading. What a let down.

- Fun game but won’t let me claim gift

After winning it gives me option to claim gift or lose it. The claim gift button never works, it forces me to lose it. Very frustrating.

- Love it but you can make harder levels


- 3D sort

Fun! Passes the time. Good for critical thinking, reasoning, all cognitive skill practice. etc.

- Go

Haven’t played it long enough

- Will delete

Fun game but excessively frequent ads

- Dumb game (it remains the same difficulty)

I gave up at level 200. I was hoping it would get hard. Nope! Lame.

- Whoo hoooooo

This game is good for people who want to solve tasks in a limited space. It it easy at first but the there 15 minute rounds.

- Love this app

So fun I ❤️it’s much totally recommend if your bored.

- It forces me to lose

After I complete a level and I get the option to collect my win or lose it, Tapping the ‘collect my win’ button it won’t work but of course when I hit ‘lose my gift’ it works there’s no way for me to pass this. -outside of that I do enjoy this game.

- Ads Overload

Fun game but these ads are an overkill.

- This game is fantastic

This game is non-strategic, it’s also easy and it’s reasonable. To whoever created the game, I’m glad I’m downloaded it

- Amazing and calming

This game is amazing it’s not clickbait this game is exactly how the ads are and it’s super calming me my mother and daughter are upsessed we can’t stop!

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- Good

I only started to play for 5 minutes but it is so much fun on lots of the reviews it said there is lots of adds but there isn’t

- Download now so fun :)

so cool you should make another one

- Sort It 3D

Kind of addictive pointless game. “Get the Gift”, there is no gift!! Why even tell you that when there is no gift!

- The best game ever

This game is so fun like I play it in the car a night when I’m eating it’s so fun

- Good game!

Good game

- Fun so far

Fun so far

- Awesome

This game is so awesome but the adds are way to long and I have a trick just turn off the WiFi and no more adds I hate adds they just waste off your time

- I just want you to get tell you how much fun this is !!!❤️😘😍🥰😘🤩😸😺😻😹😽👍🏻

I just want to stop playing this game I love the game so much and I can’t stop 🦄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🦄

- On Level 560 & still not challenging

Waiting for something a little more challenging or different to come along. I think I’m done by now.

- Check your work

Couple quick things. Why would you run an ad for a competitors game? You can’t find enough ads to run? Also, the ad for tri peaks solitaire crashes the game. Maybe I should look at the other game you keep showing me. Other than that it’s a fair game

- Is there more?

I paid to get rid of the ads almost right away and while this game calms me right down when I’m in a flap, there could be so many improvements. It would be great if the score you get each time provided better feedback. I also have earned all of these coins and have nothing to do with them. I’ve switched through all of the different objects to sort and the different containers to sort them in but there’s nothing further. I guess this game is simple but it would be great if there were some layers of difficulty, goals, and feedback.

- TOO MANY ADDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I like this game but there are SO MANY ADDS!!!!!!So I am giving it ⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars ✨

- Not recommended due to ads

WAAAAY TOO MANY LONG ADS!!!! Game is nice but what’s the point!!! Not recommended

- Manque de son

L’idée de base du jeu est intéressante. Mais y ajouter du son, une musique, des effets sonores assortis aux événements dans le jeu, feraient toute une différence.

- Doesn’t work. Ads work fine though.


- 广告太多


- Not challenging, so it gets boring. Too many ads.

I’ve played to level 215. The purpose of the game is simple, collect each colour in their own container. But beyond level 20, there really is no challenge (if you can call the first 20 a challenge to begin with). I bought the app because the ads were so annoying (due to frequency). This would have been a better app if 1) you had to put the colours in specific containers, and 2) you had to complete each puzzle within a certain number of moves, and the allowance for moves moved closer and closer to the absolute minimum that each puzzle could be solved in.

- Free but Lame

Long ads and not enough challenge to the levels

- Too many ads

Way to many ads on this game. Ended up deleting

- Too many ads too easy


- Too many ads

There are more ads than the rounds. Good game but cannot play due to many ads.. Uninstalling it within 5 mins of downloading. Hopeless app

- Best

This game is so awesome I can’t stop playing it you should get it

- Why I deleted this app

I liked the game despite the ads. However, when one of the ads was for a shooting game that seemed to insist that I aim the target at someone in order for me to progress through the ad, I closed the game and deleted the app. Really inappropriate - especially for a 4+ game.

- Not really that worth it

This is probably the most annoying app when it comes to ads. There’s so many more ads then the actual game

- No difficulty with higher levels. Full of ads.

Okay game, thought it would get harder as you pass the levels but it doesn’t. No time constraints or amount of moves. Also FULL of ads, I understand free games need them, but some you can’t exit and have to shut down the whole app and restart

- Love it!

I love it so much I paid to get rid of the ads, after all, the developers of the game need to be paid too! I’m currently at level 1477. I don’t know how many levels it has but I’m hoping I won’t run out anytime soon!

- Good

This game is really good

- Pretty good

The game is pretty simple/easy but a fun way to pass the time. Very satisfying when you get all your colours sorted, tbh. Has just as many ads as the majority of other iphone games out there, so I can’t complain. The game does get boring after a while, though.

- Sort it

Sort it is the best game ever it gets challenging but it’s so much fun

- To many ads

The length of adds is longer than it takes be to complete a level. Sometimes I’m watching ads longer than I am playing

- Ugh

Like the game but too many ads 😒

- Ad heavy

There are way too many ads. Every skip level and refresh has a 30 second ad. There are short less then 10 sec ads between each level. The game play doesn’t allow you to retry levels you have previously finished and doesn’t count the moves you use. The coin assignment per level appears to be random.

- Super Fun

There are no adds. As often as other games I love it it’s so fun INSTALL IT!! Sort It is the funniest game I love it

- If there are too many adds...

If you’re getting too many adds, just turn on airplane mode. Your welcome!

- Too many videos

It is sooo annoying that all these games make you watch a video promotion after every level. And then force you to watch or buy add free for a ridiculous amount of money!

- Sooooo good but two things

The levels are fine but I’m almost on level 5000 and still I get easy levels like 2 cups open and only 6 cups so make harder levels with more cups so I can have more fun and also add more cups and stuff to sort because I collected them all

- Get the prize

Why can’t you collect the prize it only lets you chose lose the prize. What’s up with that. Level 133 and I still am not able to win.

- MISLEADING: Item in ad is NOT an unlockable item

Downloaded and played through the game because the ad showed cute animals as the sorting item; wanted to unlock that for my young nieces and nephews. I've unlocked every item in the game, waited through all of the ads, and the animals aren't even in the game!! Very misleading.

- Awesome


- Balls

Fun to play

- Do not both to download

Don’t bother it’s s full of long ads so not wort it

- To many adds

The app is pretty fun but there are to many adds

- So far so good


- Tooooo many ads

I like this game it’s a fun way to pass the time and understand they to make a profit but you don’t need ads everytime you pass a level or less!!!!

- Lose the gift?

What’s the gift?

- No ads

I’m happy that there’s no ads not 1

- It ok

To many adds and when I want the present it does not let me get it to many adds

- Good game

It a good game it gets harder as you go but still possible just there are too many ads other then that I give it 4 stars but to turn ads off just turn off wifi I appreciate that there is no false advertising witch I see a lot now

- Sooo


- 3D game

Your game is awesome u am on level 3911

- Love the Challenges

Hi team I love the Challenges. Some are quick & easy & others stop you & make you think. The only main issue I have is the Skip Button. Why is it needed at all as the puzzles are easy to finish? I was quite peeved as I just started a puzzle #226 with 15 tubes whilst lying in bed when my phone slipped in my hand & I must have touched the stupid useless skip button as an Ad came on & I lost my puzzle I was playing. Darn. Next puzzle boring & easy only 10 tubes. Please get rid of the Skip Button as I see no use for it at all. Also please move the paint brush further away from the main game, as when you have 15 tubes the brush is right above the 1st tube & when you touch the tube it sometimes opens up the brush section instead. So annoying. Also why does it t keep showing a red quotation mark beside the paint brush when you have collected everything & nothing new to collect. Please fix this bug.



- Worlds 😉

It is hard but I am trying not to do the ad because they are annoying ... & I LOVE THIS GAME

- Excessive ads.

Ads ads ads ads ads

- Mindless fun

No challenge, no scores, not sure what the gift is as, choose or lose, there is nothing, ever! Up to level 749 but I’ve no idea why. Stress free game, highly addictive but nothing matters so no pressure to continue. I hate the incessant ads too. 😀

- Too easy

Need to make it harder in the advanced levels.

- Too easy

It was good fun but I’m up to Level 100 and there’s no challenge whatsoever. Bye bye!

- Too many ads

Way to many ads, I get you have to have ads to build revenue but maybe wait until you have given people enough time to see if they enjoy the game enough to buy without it them before flogging them with one after every level

- Ads

Ads ads ads ads ads

- Repetitive Ads, Poor game play

Poor graphics, dull game with no challenge. Frequent, unskippable & repetitve ads.

- Amazing

This is awesome hard and I already no I’m a star at it but I now it will get worse🤩

- Amazing app !!!!

This app is so engaging and is also helping my mind to relax and most levels need hard thinking, just thinking that they could put in a lot more effort since it feels like it is repeating itself again and again but other from that, everything else is very good

- So many ad

The app is nice, maybe a bit silly. But the ads are so many. I have delete. For 30 Seconds spend to play one game, there are 1/2 mins of ads!

- No sound

Where is the sound we heard in the advertisement? Boring with no sound

- colour coodinates

Great for teaching colours and sorting cp=ordination.

- Good game

Good game except the ads are soooo long, much longer than other apps

- Where is the challenge?

I’m not the brainest kid on the block but there is certainly is very little challenge with this game. I enjoy the game, but as one reviewer said, one seems to spend more time watching ads than playing the games, since they don’t take much thinking.


just way too many ads. Simple game. Fun. But couldn’t stand how often a 30 second ad came up

- Too many ads

Fairly good game. Assume it will get more difficult. I do realise ads are necessary for you to make money but an ad after EVERY game! Deleting

- Stimulating

Nice and easy game

- 3D

Fun fun fun


I am in love this game, I just downloaded it and now I am addicted. Thank you for making this game!!

- To many ads

An add after every level is kind of extreme considering they take less than a minute to complete.

- Sort it 3D

The game is very slow and not very good I will be deleting it.

- Fun

Fun and easy, but there is an add after every level then when I earn a gift there are no ads to receive the gift.

- Ruined by all the ads

Way to many ads. Could have been a good game but you lose momentum with all the ads, and they last for at least 30 secs. Uninstalled after about 5 mins

- .

i think you should add a colourblind option

- This game is so fun and good

This game is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Dude

I am so happy that y made this game!

- Good

It’s amazing

- Too easy

It is too easy and I’m up to level 1500.. how many levels are they btw?

- Luna


- Andi’s opinion

It’s ok I guess 😑

- Such a good game!

This game is so addictive and I play it every day. I just wish for it to be a bit more challenging but still is is really fun. It never crashes on me and it never lags on me. It is such a relaxing game. It’s so nice that the owner gives free chests after completing a level. 😁

- Great game

Incredibly fun to play, but new version disregards that I paid already not to see ads. It wants me to pay again. Otherwise excellent game.

- Good but easy

This game is good to begin with but then just gets boring because it doesn’t get any harder and just too easy. Maybe add in how many moves your allowed to do ? Or a rule to make it a little more difficult

- Ripped off!

Paid for no ads, but still getting ads! Game gets boring after a while, as format & skill level never change.

- Doesn’t get harder

The game is mindless and enjoyable but I doesn’t get any harder so becomes repetitive. Good for a few days before it seems like a waste of time.

- Far too many advertisements!!

Really enjoy the game but there’s far too many ads. I get that you get paid for ads but ad after every single level and an extra long ad to “claim” a prize is far too many. Seems like you spend more time watching ads than playing the game.

- Ok game

Good game although It doesn’t seem like it’s getting any harder and feels some what repetitive. Also the adds between every level is very frustrating.

- Lilly

Can you make more like this it’s awesome

- Needs to get harder

Way to easy needs to get harder as you move up levels . My Brain doesn’t need to think in this game so I feel like a unless monkey.

- Too many ads

After every single game you get an ad...not a short one...a 30 sec ad..disgusting

- Stephen

Get rid of the ads

- Jasmine

Getting really sick of the adverts, I wouldn’t mind if there was one after each round; but there is an advert after every three moves!!! It’s ridiculous.

- Toooooooooooooo easy😣

When the levels get higher make them harder

- Way too many ads

Great game and pretty addictive, but I found there’s way, way, WAY too many ads. Some of the ads are presented mid play and in a few instances have stuffed my play, meaning I need to restart or skip the level.

- Slow play

Too many adds

- Ads

Levels don’t take long to complete and there’s an ad after every single one

- Way too easy

Fun game but way too easy and way too many ads!

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- It’s easy

Thank you

- Should be 1.99

More of .99 cent game, But the overload of ads are insane. You’ll get more revenue with a good priced game then ad choking everyone who wants to play the game.

- Relaxing game

Very calming and addicting game, however, there is no real challenge. Would love if there was a counter to let you know how many moves it took to complete the sorting.

- I love this game!

This game is very calming and I hope you learn how to sort when you're older and very fun and relaxing game and I just really like it thank you for creating this game!

- Great game

Well I enjoy this game just to relax but it freezes up and always when you finish the gift time sequence. Very frustrating

- Sort it 3D

Fun game, but really...a 15 second ad after every game? Each game may take mere minutes. Again, fun game, but please cut down the ads!

- It's okay, but...

It's a fun game, but it could be a whole lot better. As others have said, there are an infinite number of moves allowed and no particular time limit in which to finish. There are always just four balls in each tube as well. Granted, I haven't played every level, but as of Level 311, it's still just four balls. Time limits, a limit on moves allowed, and adding more balls to each tube would make this more challenging and interesting.

- Sort It

I love the games,but an ad after every single game is WAY to much. I won’t be playing.

- Fun & tactile!

I thought it might be fun, it is ...

- Stack ball



I really enjoy this game. It’s not timed and you always win. It’s bad that there are ads sometimes after every game but I am going to DELETE it IF THEY CONTINUE THE POLITICAL ADS. I use these types of activities to relax and de-stress and my blood pressure goes up every time I see one of them. STOP THE POLITICAL ADS!!!!!

- Fun but

Too many ads

- Ads

It’s completely ridiculous not necessary

- Needed

Super fun game. One problem though, it really needs a colorblind mode!!!

- Read this

It’s a great game pretty straight forwards there like no ads💛

- Great game

Relaxing and simple game.

- Love the game, hate the ads

You have to watch an ad between every game. It’s waaaaaaay too much 😠

- Hours of Fun

Perfect brain game that helps de stress. I spend hours on this game. It’s actually helped me in other areas of my life to organize the same way🤣🤣🤣

- Smh ok

Well it’s a good way to pass the time and I guess it helps with cognitive function but the Trump support ads turned me completely off. I deleted it because of that, but other than that it’s nice.

- Sooo addictive 🤪🤩


- Enjoy the game. BUT.....

Enjoy the game. But would enjoy it more if there were scoring involved. And the “gifts” are them letting you watch commercials. Of course you still get to watch commercials before and after games already. Someone else said there was no increase of skill necessary. Maybe not but my biggest beef is you can’t figure out if you are getting better or not without a score board.

- Ads

Too many ads

- Fun

I have a great time playing this, thank you!


It’s honestly one of my favorite games I’ve ever downloaded. I put the timer on and give myself a certain amount of time to finish and it makes it even more fun. The only complaint that I have is that there’s an ad after EVERY level and it’s honestly quite annoying. I can understand here and there, but it’s literally one after every level and if you want to take the ads off you have to pay. That’s ridiculous.


Clean, enjoyable thinking game. TOO MANY COMMERCIALS and not enough game...but that’s the price you pay to play free....There must be a better way!

- Bad ads very offensive !!!!

I liked this game until it started playing ads that are offensive and insensitive to. Do not waste your time. Game is very easy and repetitive.

- Too many ads

To many ads

- The ads are too mature

The ads on this game are not only frequent but they are too mature for its audience. I reported them a few times but now every single ad (one per game) is the same ad that I reported as sexually explicit and/or offensive. They no longer have an icon to report it.

- Sort it 3-D

I love this game is so much fun

- Boring after a while

This game is very good. Great for concentration. The only problem I have is that it never gets any more difficult. I’ve played over 1600 levels and most of the time I finish a level in a minute or less. It is great if you just need something to kill a bit of time, but it would be so much better if it had more challenge to it.

- Sort it

I love this game

- What Am I Working Towards?

This game is fun, and I enjoy organizing, but there seems to be neither an overarching theme nor goal. You get these gifts, so you can change the look, but that’s not really a goal. The levels take so long to get challenging and I’m just wondering if there are any plans to put in a map, or a board or some way to track progress?


Ads Too long, man. Some just get frozen on the screen indefinitely

- No sound

Fun game but has no sound

- Ummm I cannot get out of the adds...😑

Okay I love the game, but y the adds so difficult to get out of? I had to get out of the app and do that thing were you double click the home button and then u swipe up on the app.☹️please make it more easy to manage the adds

- Overall ok

Overall this is a god game, but some glitch it the game causes it to “lose” a token when being moved, which causes the game to freeze. Then you have to start all over again. VERY frustrating!

- Review

Just started and enjoy playing

- Ads can wait til the end of game!

This is great!


I love this game so much it is so good

- SO fun AND satisfying!!

I’m totally hooked!!!! This truly is an enjoyable game!!!!!

- Sort it 3d

I wasn’t sure about getting the game but i’m so happy i did! Best game ever! Olivia

- Colorblind mode

I love this game and my daughter wanted to play but since she is colorblind she was unable to. It would be great if you offered an option for colorblind. You could use alternative colors or maybe do patterns on them such as stripes, stars, dots, etc.

- Great game

But I want to get more tubes added and make it harder as I go. I can’t figure out how to do this.

- Good so far 😇

It’s really fun and it makes the time go by fast, especially since I’m bored in quarantine. Though I do think it should be a little bit more challenging. But other then that, I think you should consider getting the app!! 😜😊

- Not bad

I have spent some time playing this game. It’s great if you need to unwind from your day. There is no progression though.

- This game is awesome but one thing!

Omg so awesome and not a lot of ads it’s great but one thing is this game doesn’t start getting hard till like level 50 but overall awesome game!!😀

- FIVE STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This game is so fun and time flys by soooo fast 🌬🌬🌬 it can be a little challenging too... but who cares don’t think that this game is one star ⭐️ because one level is hard don’t be like that!!!! anyway it’s better than reading a book in the car... right. FUN FUN FUN!!!!!! CHALLENGING CHALLENGING CHALLENGING!!!!!!!!!!!! this game is awesome!😎😜😛😋 love this game and the creators of the game are awesome too because they invented this game!!!!! 💕❤️

- Stress relieving!

Definitely a great game to play when feeling anxious or just need a minute to relax ✌🏼

- Good for anxiety

This works great for anxiety

- Great game

I really like this game because is helps you relax and calm down its fun to play day to day no matter you mood this game is for you.

- Thank you

Your game I so good I gave you a three cause it’s so much fun to sort stuff

- Missing out on rewards because wifi is off

This game is really funny but there are so many ads so I turn my wifi off to play like many people suggested. Only issue is that I loose all the rewards because the only way to get the reward is to watch a video to claim it which I can’t do because wifi is off. So half the fun of the game is lost.

- Great!

Just turn if wifi and you are golden! The game is great I don’t know what those people are talking about. Give yourselves a pat on the back! I have a slight addiction to sorting so that makes it even more fun!🤯🤩

- Paid for no ads but getting ads

Yesterday I paid for no ads. This evening while playing the ads reappeared and I was invited to again pay for no ads. What a rip off! App support button doesn’t work. So crooked. Don’t fall for this!

- Want a refund

First 3 level i tried i have to follow what the lil points at... very frustrating - i thought it was just to show the game but no no option to stop this plus i paid to stop the add... and still have an add pop up each time i click on something... pls refund me

- Too easy, too many ads

There is an ad break each level, about every 45 seconds. This game never gets hard, on level 45 now and nothing changes.

- Downloaded it and 5 minutes later

Still watching ads. Have NO IDEA if this game is fun or not because there are too many ads.

- Cash grab

There’s an ad between every round and each round is so quick that you’re honestly watching more than you’re playing... Just a cash grab for the creators

- I like the game

I like the game, but it’s too easy. I’m at level 196 and I didn’t use any skips or hints. I wish it was more challenging.

- Ok

It’s a really fun app I love it

- Perfect game!

Look guys, I wish all the people that commented "too many ads!" Read this: okay, go to settings, then turn off wifi and boom! No more ads! Just like magic! Dum dum 💩👁👅👁

- Don’t download

The game is ok but you probably don’t like watching adds and there is 1 every 30 seconds

- Too Many Ads

Long ads every two levels or even every level. The ads are longer than the levels take to play.

- Love this game ❤️

I love this game because it’s so so fun and it’s addictive!

- Tubes??

I have loved this game but it seems to have a glitch that has me not being able to purchase anymore tubes. I have all the balls...2000 coins and only two tubes and can’t get more. Frustrating

- Game

The game is good but it is a little slow.

- Cool but not cool

It’s pretty fun but they have wayyyyyyyy to many ads.Like when I mean way too many,I mean like an ad every 15 secs. They should make it with less ads then I’ll like it more

- Ugh

This game sucks it could be good but it is not it has ads every five seconds even though I paid 3.99$ to have no ads. It is so annoying 🙄

- Still seeing ads after upgrade

I paid $3.99 for no ads and I’m still seeing ads. This company is nothing but a rip off. Avoid at all costs.

- there are more ads than game

1 or 2 long ads between every short level. there isn’t any point. don’t bother with it, it isn’t worth it.



- Great game

People say there’s too many ads but just turn of your wifi and data and there gone

- Hi!

Game is good but once you get to the higher levels it starts to get a little hard!

- Great

Not to many ads

- Adds

A few too many ads

- Greedy developers

Way too much ads, don’t download it, definitely not worth playing since it have ads every 15 seconds

- Piece of crap

It’s so stupid it should be called the stupid Lum app 💣💣💣

- Amazing

Not very many ads, super happy

- Love this game!

This game is so relaxing. Great for little moments on break or quiet time. I only wish it got progressively more difficult.

- Paid for no ads... still getting ads 😡

I paid 3.99$ to upgrade to no-ads and I’m STILL having to sit through ads.

- Don’t download this app

It gives u adds every minute it’s not good quality don’t get it

- Sort it 3D

I love it it’s such a Awsome and fun game I got it and I wouldn’t stop playing it!!!!! 😄😄😄😄😊😊

- The ads are terrible!!

I paid for the app and I STILL get ads! It even has the balls to ask me to pay AGAIN!!🤬🤬🤬

- Numb mind

I love this game

- The games need no ads

Maybe if they take the ads out it will be a good game it looks fun and it is fun but they need to take the ads out and it would be way better than the ads there long and stupid

- I just want to be a good person and if you play this game then you will be a good person

I just got this game and it is so much fun

- Okay

Game is nice but the ads are way too long which kinda sucks.

- Chill with the ads


- Too many ads

Ads every 2 puzzles and they last longer than solving easy puzzles

- Recrevreoikvjf


- Love it so much

If you’re bored just play this game its really addicting

- Most adds in a game I’ve ever played

I do like the game but if you enjoy watching more adds than actually playing games this is for you. Absolutely terrible amount of adds

- Math and brain

Wow 🤗🤗 Great game is kinda easy for me but I said that and it went more far and........🤬🤬 HARD Y’all to scared to play a GREAT game

- Fun but no timer

There should be a timer and stats about time and hits. Would be more challenging. Use Plane Mode and no more adds.

- Disturbing ads even after purchase.

I bought this and still have ads. That’s just so wrong. Do not buy.

- My review

This game has been great and I think you should try it out

- Fine puzzle game

It works and is mildly entertaining, I would say standard puzzle game no major issues just a ton of ads

- Too many interruptions

It’s ok to advertise but they could wait until the level is finished

- Super fun

It challenges your speed and accuracy

- Too many ads

I understand free games need to make money, but having ads pop up in the middle of the level instead of between levels is too frustrating. Deleted.

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- Fun but needs to get harder

I agree with many other reviewers that it's fun and relaxing but once you hit a certain level it doesn't get more difficult or complex. I paid for no ads, but am very quickly unchallenged at all and not sure if I'll continue playing. The levels with 15 tubes only take about 60 seconds to solve once you've become proficient, and then onto more of the same. It would be really great it it kept getting harder - not timed, just difficult.

- Needs challenges!

Been playing this game but getting bored of it no challenges can this be sorted then I’ll come back!! 👍🏼

- Why I like this app and why I don’t

Play this when I’m bored .😀 But it doesn’t let you have different modes .😡

- Great game

Addictive game but relaxing. Only issue is when it comes to get gift, you can’t. I keep clicking to collect gift & get nowhere, the only thing to do to carry on in press lose gift. If anyone knows what I’m doing wrong, I’d be grateful for any help. I’ve not been able to collect any gifts.

- Too many ads

Good game but way too many after EVERY game!! Spent more time watching ads than playing the game.

- Sort it

It’s too easy... don’t see the point in going up a level when it doesn’t get any harder. I’m on level 84 and it’s just as easy as level 14...

- Sort it 3d

Sort it 3D is the best game ever!

- Can’t put it down

Brilliant I love it

- Sort it

Love this gameee!!! 😍😍it is soooo satisfying and makes my OCD sooo much better 😂😂. Absolutely recommend this to everyone and to be honest its quite a relaxing game!!


I just got a new phone and downloaded this coz the adverts look fun and I’ve only been playing it for 5mins but I’m already in love with it!!! 😂🤣 this game is really good!

- So bad

It’s so slow and hard

- Sort it 3D

This is the best Game ever

- Doesn’t work, and So! Many! Ads!

The app is completely unresponsive, except for showing you a load of ads. Very frustrating!

- Fun and calming but easy

I do like playing this game as you do get a sense of achievement when you complete a level. I agree with the fact it is calming and a good brain break game. I am apparently on level 285 which Has not taken long. I have also had times when I cannot get the gift but can lose the gift and assume this is something to do with internet access going down.

- Don’t get this it’s just an ad con

Never seen such a waste of my time ever ....

- Such a fun game

Love the game!

- Adverts galore!

I never write reviews, but this game is so annoying, I had to! Way, way, way too many adverts!!

- Looked good but couldn’t get it to work at all

Doesn’t work for me at all

- 💙💕💜LOVE THIS APP!!!💜💕💙

I love this app I think it’s amazing! 😉 If you have OCD or like to be organised get this app, it’s all about the sorting! I like organisation, so I got this app as soon as I saw it on the ads. Ad aren’t a problem, it’s just I feel that it needs more of a challenge! That is all, but overall, I feel that this a super game and I recommend to EVERYONE!!!!

- My comment

This game is really fun and challenging for some people

- To make it better and fun for the children and adults x

This game is sooo. Fun to play but the one thing is that.... Well the game is fun and that honestly (I can get a new levels so children and adults can have much more fun on the game that is all) So yeh it is a really fun game and it could get hâte only on some of the levels This is all so have a great day bye 👋😁x

- Adverts

The game is nice however is so annoying that every phase you complete there is a long video with advert.... I deleted because it is super annoying

- Absolute banger

The best thing to do whilst watching a woman helplessly try to fix the audio on her tv. Would recommend

- Sort it 3D


- great app to many ads

would have been a higher star review but there are just SOO many ads. Very satisfying game though!! Good in car rides

- Quite boring

This app is quite fun and entertaining to start with. However, after quite a few rounds of very easy levels I assumed that they would get harder. But no. They stayed easy. I think this game is really only targeted at the younger demographic as the levels were really just that easy. It says 4+ but it is really ages 4-10. Don’t bother wasting your time if you want something challenging.

- I Lllllllllllllllloooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee iiiiiittttt

BOOM, this game is awesome okay its like a Christmas gift that Santa brought me that I’ve ever wanted PLAY NOW 🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🥙🥙🥙🥫🥫🍣🍱🍲🥗🥞🥔🍟🌽🍅🍟🌽🍝🍝🍖🍇🍝🍆🍚🍞🍕🥖🧁🧁🍚🍗🥖🥧🍢🥖🍗🥟🍕🧁🥟🍗🍕🍢🍚🧈🧁🥗🍟🍚🍡🍗🍢🍕🍘🍬🍞🧁🥖🌰🧁🍚🍘🍟🍱🥮🍘🍖🌯🧁

- It’s amazing I love its super helpful!!

If some people are colour blind then this will be be a good app to help improve what there actually learning something and with me oh yeah I am kinda crazy over this app because I once deleted it and a year lay which is now (present to me) I remembered the day I got this app!!🥳🥳🤩🥰🥰

- Keeps blanking out on me

Very addictive as it's soothing for my slight OCD but it's full of glitches, I had to download it again as the screen went white and lost my progress as it was over 1000, now it's just in the 300s and has gone to a blank white screen again - gah!!!! Please sort it !!!

- Love it, but needs slight improvement

I love the game, so much so that I actually paid for no ads. It’s a fun game and quite addictive. I tend to agree with quite a number of the other reviews listed here where the game is missing some progression. Once you have unlocked everything then coins just mount up, and you have to watch an ad to open the present when it’s been filled which personally I think it’s a bit scammy after paying for no ads, however that is only every 10-15 levels or so. I would love to see different challenges added to the game, maybe where in certain rounds you have to sort the colours into specific tubes, maybe timed levels, or challenge modes such as trying to complete a level in a maximum number of moves, or levels where you can even challenge yourself. For example a pop up saying this level can be completed in x number of moves. I think just a little bit of variety would make this an amazing game.

- Much of the same.

I expected as I completed a level each further level would get progressively harder, sadly that was not the case. Just got too easy and boring.

- Ads

To many ads makes you want to delete it before you get chance to enjoy it maybe it’s a poor app that’s why so many ads

- Lame

Ads are longer than the games Wasn’t responsive. Deleted straight away

- It’s fun but it shows twisted ads

The game is fun and it WAS relaxing to play until I came across an ad I haven’t seen on any other games, it showed grotesque imagery of dogs being hurt, thrown around in tiny cages and puppies being hurt as well, for the love of god don’t let your kids play this lest they end up in bits due to horrendous pictures like these.

- Stop ads

I have been playing game for it..but sick of the ads.. paid £2.99 to have ads removed... today they are back... Why?

- Ads

A 5 second advert between levels is fine. 30 seconds is not

- Hello(meow)

I love this game but I want harder levels althoughI absolutely love it 😻😻😸

- Sort it

I love this game it’s Amazing

- 😡😡😡


- Good game. But

I liked the game but lost patience with adverts after every level. What happened to the old days when games were made for fun and not advertisement money

- It’s the same sort of levels every time

I’m on level 115 - feel like the whole game is too easy, every level is the same, no aim or goal and collecting coins but nothing to buy. It’s quite pointless, maybe good for smaller kids for problem solving but definitely needs more of a challenge. Also so many ads, it gets quite annoying!

- Good game but soooo many ads

30 second long adverts you can’t skip on between almost every level. Too many adverts. Too many.

- Meh

It's a good game but we're in a crisis so not the best game for covis-19

- Love this game!!

Omg this game is amazing!! It really helps me relax and it’s usually the last app I use before bed. I don’t know why people don’t like this app?! If I had to give feedback then I would say it needs more “challenges” like a timer or something?! I really don’t know what the problem with some levels being to easy is! Honestly easy levels only come every 3 or 4 levels (which could be seen as annoying I guess) but it’s nice to have a easy level ever now and again because otherwise the game could get “too hard” or “boring” I guess?! Honestly I really recommend this app and I can not speak highly enough of it!!

- It’s good but too easy

It’s a fun game and quite addictive but I’m on level 379 and it just doesn’t get harder. I’m thinking how much further to I have to go to get a challenge??

- Spencers reviews

I think this game is for people who like tidying and sorting stuff out

- Too many ads

Have to watch a long video after every game. Driving me crazy - just played three games and likely to delete as can’t put up with this!


Going to uninstall as there’s to many apps

- JanMc0652

Love this game - very addictive. Just paid £2.99 for no Ads and am still getting Ads. Not happy at all! Can not get in touch with the support team either 😠

- Hi

Hi it is ok but I much rather tiktok

- Ads during play

Just purchased game so not sure if there is a bug but game is stopped while in the middle of a round for an ad. Don’t let it be true. Will wait to see if this is fixed or dump if not.

- Best game ever!!! No problems for me

I like this game a lot and I have been playing it a lot it is awesome 😎.like rlly loving 🥰❤️❤️❤️ is relaxing and also very fun😁my mum she has it too and she rlly like it too but I like it more than her👍.So i recommenced u download it have FUN👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. Also it is very realistic. Thanks for reading bye🖐🏻😃 great idea to whoever made is game very fun!!!

- Too many ads in gameplay

Great game, but I deleted it because there is nothing more frustrating than ads halfway through a level. In between levels, I can handle, unlocking items, sweet, but not interrupting the game itself...

- Easy

Works as it is supposed to, but pretty easy. That could change the higher up the levels you go... but what’s with being able to place different colours ON different colours? The rule has always been ‘same colour to same colour, or new colour to empty vial’. In no game ever have I been allowed to put a red ball on top of a yellow or blue ball. I always had to work around until I got a red ball with a free space above it, or a completely empty vial, if I wanted to more the first red out of the way.

- Simple and effective

Sometimes I just need a game to distract me or fill spare time- and this game is perfect for that. It’s simple and easy enough that it’s not frustrating, but still interesting and stimulating enough to satisfy my need to organise.

- Obsessed

I’m currently obsessed with this game. It can be challenging but it’s never impossible. I play it constantly to pass time throughout the day. Would love to know how many levels there are, I’m currently on level 110!

- Levels

Can you please add a way to see the levels we have completed and how many we have left to complete

- Okay

If your looking for a challenging game this game is not for you. In my opinion this game is way to easy but it is relaxing and something to do to pass time.

@pigeonman0: I'm Alan! I just recently got into digital art like 2 months ago and I'm starting to get the hang of it! You can sort of se…

@pigeonman0: I'm Alan! I just recently got into digital art like 2 months ago and I'm starting to get the hang of it! You can sort of se…

@pigeonman0: I'm Alan! I just recently got into digital art like 2 months ago and I'm starting to get the hang of it! You can sort of se…

@pigeonman0: I'm Alan! I just recently got into digital art like 2 months ago and I'm starting to get the hang of it! You can sort of se…

@pigeonman0: I'm Alan! I just recently got into digital art like 2 months ago and I'm starting to get the hang of it! You can sort of se…

@pigeonman0: I'm Alan! I just recently got into digital art like 2 months ago and I'm starting to get the hang of it! You can sort of se…

@pigeonman0: I'm Alan! I just recently got into digital art like 2 months ago and I'm starting to get the hang of it! You can sort of se…

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Sort It 3D 1.2.16 Screenshots & Images

Sort It 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Sort It 3D iphone images
Sort It 3D iphone images
Sort It 3D iphone images
Sort It 3D iphone images
Sort It 3D iphone images
Sort It 3D ipad images
Sort It 3D ipad images
Sort It 3D ipad images
Sort It 3D ipad images
Sort It 3D ipad images
Sort It 3D Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Sort It 3D Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Sort It 3D (Version 1.2.16) Install & Download

The applications Sort It 3D was published in the category Games on 2019-12-31 and was developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD [Developer ID: 1499845738]. This application file size is 136.58 MB. Sort It 3D - Games posted on 2020-07-05 current version is 1.2.16 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Sort It 3D Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Simulated Gambling
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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