Sleep Sounds, Tracker: ShutEye

Sleep Sounds, Tracker: ShutEye [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

When you lay in bed after a hectic day, does sleep seem just out of reach? ShutEye is here to help.

Sleep is one of our most basic needs, yet, in today’s busy, buzzing world, it is one of the most elusive. Your productivity, quality-of-life, health, even your happiness, all depend on getting the rest you need.

So stop tossing and turning all night, and starting falling asleep in a healthy and natural way.

This app bring a wide variety of tools to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Create a comfortable sleep space with our sounds and ambient noise. Drift away with a bedtime story, wake up gently with a smart alarm, or learn about your body and improve your health by following our sleep tracker. With so many options including white noise, nature sounds, and the option to make a personal mix, you can finally get the rest and renewal you need today.

• A huge selection of sleep sounds, to ensure your sleep environment is as comfortable as possible.
• Wide variety of relaxing music to help you wind down after a long, stress-filled day.
• Sleep stories to help lull you into a deep sleep.
• The ability to make your own personal mix of sounds, so that you get just the right ambient noise.
• Sleep tracker so that you can start to understand your sleep cycles from a scientific perspective.
• Smart alarm; to make sure waking up is as gentle as possible.
• NEW! Snore detector informs you of how much you snore during the night

A good night’s sleep isn’t always easy to find, but it is the key to so much in your life. Finally achieving the deep and meaningful rest you need will lead you to a healthier body, mind and more.

Stop short-changing yourself and those around you. Stop accepting your ever-present fatigue and lack of vitality. Use ShutEye to achieve the peace you need.Sleep well and become the best most vibrant version of yourself. Try today!

ShutEye saves your sleep sessions to your Apple Health app.

Subscription Information :
ShutEye offers an auto-renewing subscription at $59.99/year to provide you with unlimited access to the VIP features. Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account as soon as you confirm your purchase. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal from your Account Settings after the purchase. Your subscription will renew automatically, unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. The cost of renewal will be charged to your account in the 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. When canceling a subscription, your subscription will stay active until the end of the period. Auto-renewal will be disabled, but the current subscription will not be refunded. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription.

Terms of service:
Privacy policy:

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Sleep Sounds, Tracker: ShutEye Customer Service, Editor Notes:

1. This version is adapted nicely to IOS14. 2. You can add a beautiful new widget on the iPhone home screen.

Sleep Sounds, Tracker: ShutEye Comments & Reviews

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- A Tad Confused

I got this app because I have sleep apnea and the app says it records snoring and times awake which is exactly what I need. I decided to do the trial but it won’t let me listen to any of the snoring, talking, or grinding that was recorded. I have recorded my sleep for three nights now and I can’t listen to anything from any of the three nights. Am I doing something wrong? It keeps telling me I need to have a VIP subscription but I’m doing the trial. I don’t know if I like the VIP if I’m not really sure what it actually includes.

- Seems suspicious

I suffer from insomnia so I wanted to find a way to better track my sleep habits. Unfortunately though this app want you toTo commit to paying a entire year before even trying the app. The seven day free trial and should be available on the monthly option as well. If I’m going to try some thing I should still be given my payment options. People are less likely to try the app if they fear that they will be charge $60 if they forget to cancel because they didn’t like the app. I believe this is part of the companies plan. Some people will try the app and be fine with paying the yearly price. Others howeverMay not like the app but forget that they had the subscription and end up being charge $60 for the year when they meant to cancel instead. Seven day free trial shouldn’t come with so much of a risk. So it should be available for the monthly price as well

- Bit Disappointed

I like how this app can detect when you fall asleep and wake up. It’s a good app to get when your main goal is tracking your sleep. However, if you’re getting this app to hear yourself talking or snoring, or whatever you do in you sleep please note that it cost money. It may be just me but I really wish this app wasn’t as expensive, as I was very excited to hear the recordings of my sleep last night and instead was taken to an subscription add. I can understand where they come from and why they make it cost. If this is the case I don’t understand the point of saying you can click on something and use it when really you have to buy it.

- Stopped working after a few days

First off, I missed where they said they were gonna charge me $60. That was a surprise. (I guess that’s the perk of an app that you use when you are you’re most tired. Second, the app stopped working after only a few days. It records nothing now, even when I know I’ve had a conversation. It also isn’t even recording the correct time anymore. I work 3rd shift and have an odd sleep schedule. Last “night” I started the app around 9 am and slept until 5 pm. The app shows I slept 12:51 am-6:51 am... Third, the meditations restart when they’ve finished playing. There have been times that I’ve been right on the edge of sleep and the meditation restarts, waking me up. Fourth, the wake up feature DOES NOT work for me. If I do not set a backup alarm, I will not wake up. I don’t know if it’s even going off or just so subtle that I don’t hear it or what. Fifth, many times when I do finally wake up, the app is already off and only tracked for about 30 minutes. While hearing the sounds that occur while I’m sleeping was neat, it is definitely not $60 neat. And my FitBit does a much better job at ACTUALLY tracking my sleep.

- TONS of Sounds, Music & Meditation

I absolutely LOVE this ap! I’ve told everyone about it. There is tons of music, sounds and even voice assist meditation to talk you into a calm place. They have stories and even hypnosis if you choose. You can even custom make your own mix of sounds and it’s really user friendly! It will record you’re snoring and sleep talking so you can hear it the next morning. You’ll know how much/how many times you snore in a night and record what you say if you sleep talk. The ONLY thing is, your recordings do not save. I’d really like to keep some because I’m a sleep talker and I like to keep them.

- stopped working all of a sudden

I loved this app a lot. I didn’t pay for premium, because it’s way too expensive for me, but I really liked the features that it gave me without premium. It was usually pretty accurate, but some mornings, I would wake up and the app had just stopped tracking my sleep on its own which was very annoying. Just recently, I started playing music to help me fall asleep, and the music messed with the tracker, so I had to stop doing that, but last night, I didn’t have music playing, and it told me I got one minute of sleep even though I know I slept for at least seven and a half hours. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m really upset that it’s not working anymore.

- Great. Amazing. Fantastic. Excellent. Good.

(there are not enough words to describe) I have been using this app for about a week, and I can say that it has helped me A LOT. I love you can make your own mixes and that you get a score each morning you wake up. I think it's interesting that you can hear what you did when your sleeping. All and all I love the app. 5 out of 5 stars!! (so far this app has made me very happy, I would love to keep using it)

- Apparently, I never sleep

I did the free 1 week trial. The first couple nights seemed to be extremely accurate. It caught a couple times that I snored and even recorded my son talking in the other room (thought it was me talking in my sleep). However, since the first couple days, according to this app, I haven’t slept a wink. It says I’m awake all night, even when I fall asleep within minutes of turning it on. Last night, it says I got 9 minutes of deep sleep and 30 minutes of light sleep. I was asleep by 11pm and didn’t wake up until just before 7am and; by my calculations, that nearly 8 hours of sleep, not 39 minutes. Disappointed that it went from doing well to not working at all.

- Accurate prior to update

I don’t know what happened. This was a great app until the last update. Now I’m getting a 97% score (previously mid 60’s), giving me 8+ hours of sleep.. even though I have almost 2 hours of awake time in between. You are counting from the moment I set the app until I physically tap awake. This app used to give me the amount of light and deep sleep I acquired, as well as the correct amount of time it took me to fall asleep.. it reported 7 minutes last night, even though I read for almost an hour. Like I said, it used to be accurate. I was considering the upgrade, but I’m looking into other apps.

- I love the idea of this but it’s poorly executed

So I snore and sleep talk frequently. I also have lots of trouble sleeping and falling asleep. After paying for a year subscription I was hoping this app would work better than it does. It continually says that I fall asleep within 10 minutes which is never true. It also says that I don’t snore very much and get great sleep every night. I was hoping I could use this to take to my doctor to help find away to solve my sleep issues. Unfortunately this app falls short of my expectations. I have tried placing it on my nightstand as well as next to my pillow but there isn’t a difference.

- Love the choices for building best sleep

I am sad that I can’t presently afford the subscription. I was laid off due to CV-19 and unemployment pay runs out in two weeks. The spot a lot of good people are finding themselves in right now. You have built the best sleep app I’ve experienced. We need this during stressful times. It is amazing. I love the choices for building layers of sounds and meditations. I will subscribe once I find a new job and can afford the cost.

- Glimmer

I really have to agree with “love it”. If you say you get 30 days you should get the 30 days. And $59 is kind of high. Think about this : if the app is as good as you say it is, then lower the price so that people will not cancel before you charge them the high price. In the long run I think you would make a lot more money if you charged less because you would get more subscribers. Just a thought.

- Love it, but...

I love how the app tells me an exact analysis of my sleep. I’ve only had it for 2 days, but last night it said I was awake for a whole 287 minutes, even though I know I was asleep. Other than that, the analysis was pretty accurate! I just don’t like how it makes you pay to listen to the recordings though :( but besides that, it gives me a pretty accurate analysis! Hopefully I end up keeping it!

- Good but...

I am only giving this a four-star because it really is a good app. However, the sound quality is awful. My house is very quiet and yet when it records it is very muffled. I know it is not my phone because the sound quality is really good with my videos. But I do love everything else about this app. I enjoyed the deep sleep meditation. I just wish the sound was better. I literally have the phone right next to me and it sounds like I’m 1,000,000 miles away

- Love it

I love this app it helps me fall asleep with all the different sounds and music it has to choose from and its always fun in the morning to listen to the sounds it recorded😂 One thing they should add though is a "Other" category for recording the sounds because sounds such as my hamster running on his wheel or my dogs barking are either deleted and I dont get to hear them or just put into talking or snoring. Still great though😁

- Smart Mode

Literally do not know whether the sleep tracker is accurate, I like it, but man the thing that got me is the SMART ALARM. It wakes you up as soon as you go into light sleep within the 30 minute window of when you want to wake up and let me tell you it makes waking up the smoothest easiest thing EVER. Even when it wakes you up earlier. It’s so smooth it’s kind of a turn on, love that, will always use this from now on

- Great app!

So much sounds and music to pick all the other apps didn’t have any free sounds or music all costed money but this is perfect I’ll be using this every time I can great app if you have a friend with sleep problems or looking for a app or just tell them if you don’t know but this app is awesome for sure best sleep app in the App Store I’ll be recommending this to people I know you should to and great app whoever made you did a awesome job!

- Amazing app

It’s a really good app for people who have trouble sleeping. One night I couldn’t sleep until I came across this app, I fell asleep in less then five minutes. It also helps because it keeps track of everything that happens to you in your sleep, for example if you talk, snore, or grind your teeth in your sleep it tells you in the morning, all you have to to is allow notifications.

- great app, wish i had more options

This is an amazing app! I can listen to different sounds and stories to help me fall asleep. But the vip service annoys me. I have limited options of what I can listen to or do when I open the app. I can’t listen to certain stories or sounds. I originally downloaded the app to see if I was snoring at night, but I did not realize I had to pay for it. I wish the recording portion was free but the rest of the app is amazing. Definitely download it if you like stories or sounds to fall asleep too for free!

- Fake?

I think the idea of this app is super cool but i don’t know wether or not i should trust it. I know from my family that i sleep talk like CRAZY, especially when i dream, and this app shows no evidence of it night after night. The only thing that seems accurate is how many minutes it takes me to fall asleep and how many times i wake up in the night. I downloaded this app to hear what i say in my sleep and it’s showing nothing. Great app just disappointed.

- My reveiw

This app is very helpful and interesting. My only complaint would be that you have to pay for the premium. However it is only $20 a year. So it’s not bad. It has so many cool, free features too. For instance, how it shows when and for how long you woke up in the night. I also like the feature that shows how many times and when you snored, talked, farted, and chattered you’re teeth. So in summary I would 100% recommend this app.

- best app for sleeping and a lot more...

this app offers so much. it has a bunch of sounds and songs to play as you fall asleep. theres also a few storys and alot of pre-recorded songs. me, myself, i like the office one because the sound of the clock with the keyboard just makes it eaiser to sleep, it really helped me get asleep faster. it also can track your talking, snoring, light sleep, deep sleep and farting XD. im nine writing this.

- Why the sudden change?

I was honestly incredibly satisfied with the large selection of melodies, meditation and otherwise. I was quite pleased, thinking that there was an app out there to help me sleep that wasn’t absolutely money-hungry. I’m, quite frankly, disheartened to find that they’ve started charging users to get access to more than just a handful of sleep aids, especially at quite an outrageous price. I don’t expect change considering once an organization realizes it can make money it does anything it can to milk it’s users into spending more, but I still wished to express my dissatisfaction and anger.

- Want great sleep

I never write reviews!! But I Love this app, and wish it was free or the free trial was longer then seven days. But other then that love all the options of sounds and music for myself and my family very universal. Definitely feel like I’ve slept better since using this app then I have in the past. Would definitely recommend to others. Very glade I got to try it out.

- I have never slept better😌😌😌

Hi I have insomnia so sleeping basically never heard of it. But I need it to live(as I’m wrighting this I’m listening to my sound). The best part is you can costume make your own sound and when you get off the app the sound keeps going you can even set the time, and I know it works cause as I’m listening to it I’m for the first time sleeping😌😌😌

- Not Sold

I have used this app for 3 nights to test it out. At first I thought this app was amazing and really tracked my sleep. However, I knew something was wrong when it told me I fell asleep within 3 minutes every time. This made me skeptical. Also, there have been a few times where I couldn’t fall asleep, but It showed that I was asleep. I don’t think this app is very accurate about calculating when you fall asleep, and how deep of a sleep you’re having. I gave 2 stars since it actually recorded me snoring. That’s all I’m impressed with.

- So helpful

I have been losing track of time and going to sleep super late and then waking up the next morning super tired with this app I have been able to go to sleep on time and wake up refreshed I recommend this app to all of you it’s a miracle app

- Will update if I’m given fix

I’ll happily give five stars if I’m given the solution. But I woke up today, and there are about 8 recordings from last night. When I play them, nothing happens. You can see that it’s playing, but nothing at all coming out of speakers. Tried headphones, nothing. Yes I made sure phone wasn’t muted, volume all the way up. Tried everything. Still can’t hear the various recordings from last night. Other than that, it’s a cool app

- I Love Shuteye

I love this app because I know I snore and sometimes I want to hear myself snore, I have enlarged tonsils and they want to do a sleep study on me to see how bad I snore and I can’t just go to sleep and when I wake up I already have an alarm set for whatever time then I can see if I farted, if I snored,if I sleep talked and if I was grinding in my sleep I also can turn my phone off and that is why I love this app so much ❤️

- Disappointed

I down loaded this app about a month ago and was so happy the way the layout was then out of the blue bang you go and change it I don’t understand what or why you couldn’t leave it the way it was . Now I don’t really like the new version it’s not easy to read out and it’s kinda of stupid every day it says the same report ... A adult needs 8 hours of sleep the normal sleep is blah blah blah sorry to say I am deleting this app and trying a new one !

- What I have to say

Great app I loved that it records stuff and tracks your sleep I figured out that I slept talked for 8 minutes and I wanted to listen to it. I’m one of those people that doesn’t pay for premium stuff because it’s expensive well that was my only problem I couldn’t listen to what I got the app for because of the price 😕

- Partner’s sounds

I’m usually a sound, quiet sleeper. Occasionally, I talk in my sleep or have nightmares. This app picked up everything my partner did: snoring, talking, shuffling to the bathroom and back. Not me. I have another app that claims to pick up my sounds and filters out my partners. This app makes no such claim and obviously doesn’t function that way. I’m not sure I’ll keep it, especially if I have to delete all HIS sounds everyday or mark each as an error.

- Amazing

It’s a little pricy but with this app it really showed you that every penny counts. I have gotten the best sleep of my life with this apps premium subscription and it has just made me a health person. I have actually started to look forward to bed!

- ShutEye

I loved this app very much but I did not really like how I can’t listen to my recordings anymore it say I either have to pay or I can’t listen to them. I would really like for it to be free or to at least be able to listen to your recordings, otherwise highly recommend this app it’s very useful!!

- Accidental purchase while waking up

I’m not going to use an app that takes advantage of my tiredness by accidentally purchasing a year subscription to it while I’m trying to turn off the alarm. Either find a better place for your subscribe button or don’t sleepy people mistake it for the off button. I’m so mad right now.

- Groom, but

Don’t get me wrong, this app’s great and all but I kind of like it how it was before, like if I sleep twice in one day— it used to catch that, but for some reason it just doesn’t anymore; I think it’s stupid and it shook go back to how it used to be.

- Doesn’t Track Hours Correctly

I have been using the app for one month with no issues. Now, the app doesn’t accurately measure the time I fall asleep. It’s off by one or two hours. This affects all of the other sleep data. I have tried re-installing it but I’m having the same issues. I’ll probably need to find another sleep app. It’s a shame because I was really enjoying bit!

- Incredible app!

This is such a helpful application! Helps greatly when I want to sleep and the alarms has pleasant sound options. The best thing is if you sleep alone you can easily pick up any health concerns or problems.... I was grinding my teeth, talking and snoring.

- Great app

I just read using this app and it is amazingIt tracks what I do in my sleep plus it has some sleep stories that I could listen to what I need to go to sleep I read this a five star how do you recommend to get it

- Not good for me

Seems like a neat app, but just isn’t right for me. I can’t take advantage of the cool sounds because I sleep in ear plugs. Why? Because my boyfriend snores. A lot. That being said, it picked up his snoring, of course. I was awake for a good chunk of time during the night, but it didn’t register that at all. So while this may be great for some, it’s just not for me.

- I love this app

Usually I can’t go to sleep and I like nature music and it’s cool how you can listen to peoples music and you can create your own & some people will like it to I really like this app tell some people about it ✔︎

- Enjoying this app.

I really love this app. It does help me fall asleep. however, I wish I can keep it on all night. I toss and turn and I would like to hear the sounds when I try to fall back to sleep again. I don’t want it to turn off after 2 hours max.

- Confused

I don’t understand if I’m doing something wrong or if there is a problem with the app. I paid for the VIP membership but it’s not granting me access to the VIP stuff. That’s the reason I even wanted this app to begin so I’m only giving the 3 stars because the sounds are cool. Other than that, not happy with it.

- Helped Me So Much

I had trouble falling asleep and I got the app and the meditation really helped and I love the option you can create your own noises to help fall asleep. I would give this Five more stars if I could

- Please explane🤬😡😡😡😡🤬

Ok now that I have you attention developer can you please explain how it tracks my sleep when I’m not connected to anything amazing app btw I just want to know how it works thank

- Confused

My app is lying to me or I am mistaken, It said I didn’t wake up last night, I wouldn’t have noticed if it would have been a normal night but it wasn’t. I am having trouble with my kidneys and was up 4 times. Either the app is false or you can go to the bathroom and still be asleep somebody explain that one. What does it mean to be awake on their app. Now I don’t trust it

- Amazing

Best app ever no paying needed it tracks my sleep very well and it’s literally five star what I’m trying to say is it’s one of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded and I should download it and give it a 5 star!

- Okay not bad but still

Okay it’s not bad. But you really have to pay 59$ to here your snoring! So I tried last night I was said my family heard me sleep talking and I recorded it. But it tells you if you have good sleep! So I just a kid tho- And I got 6 hours of sleep so imma try to sleep early! Also could you low the price pls? Okay bye! 😊

- Track What

Worst app ever! I’ve tried to use it several nights using different variations from listening to nature sounds to silence. Every morning when I wake up I go to quit tracking and it pops up a message saying “It’s been less than 30 mins, not enough data to generate a report.” Don’t waste your time or money with this one!!!! I’ve had far more success with the free version of Sleep Cycle.

- Inaccurate for free probably same for paid

Doesn’t accurately track sleep when it’s free I can’t imagine it be better when u pay. Also when it’s free it’ll track when you fall asleep, how long your asleep, snoring, sleep talking, farting but until you pay $60 you can hear anything your saying in your sleep. $60/yr is a ridiculous price to pay for this app. I already deleted the app 👎🏻

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- Fantastic

This app has helped me sleep better and get in a schedule waking up with more energy. I recommend this very highly n I’ve only used the free portion of it. I’m excited to try the full version it’s everything I honestly needed. Thanks to the makers it definitely has helped me out a lot. Keep up the great work thank you.

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- OMG love this app

It’s free and it dose realy track my sleep and also for free let’s me make my own music by selecting what I want in it also for free cuz other apps would make me pay to have all the sound but this one dose not I love this app ( BTW I’m not a ro-bot lol )

- No audio allowed

While the app is wonderful at tracking my sleep, every time I try listening to the music it provides, it causes the app to “wake up” after 15 minutes. Still recommend.

- Not the best....

Okay what I mean from not the best that it isn’t that good I just don’t know how to word it so 1st if all the alarm is SO weak how do I know????? Well I am a light sleeper and I woke up at 12:00 pm sided of 8:30 am. 2nd of all I wanted to know what I did in my sleep!Thats like the appeal to the app but NO! I had to get premium! I was so excited/scared to know what I said/did in my sleep but I can’t intill I find a better app that will just listen to me sleep

- I love it

This app is awesome it has cool sounds you can mix then it tracks your sleep but you set an alarm and then in the morning the alarm will go off l recommend you getting this app it’s amazing

- Amazing!

This app isn’t a fake app at all! The best part is it’s.... FREE! The only thing I’d say that’s gonna change your experience is if you have pets but otherwise your experience using the app will be amazing!


This app is awesome!! When u get out the tab you still here the music and the story your listening to. It also tracks what you do when you sleep. It’s so AWESOME 😎 the best part it’s FREE !!! Get it now !!!!

- i wish i could hear how i snore

I downloaded this app to see if i snore and i undertsand that there is a premium membership but i wish that at least i could be able to hear how i snore. its a nice app otherwise though.

- Just one problem

I love this app but you have to pay for some stuff that I want to listen to but do not want to pay it. I always wanted to track my sound in my sleep and I got this app and I like it over all.

- Good

It worked very well but it costed a lot of money for the subscriptions I just did not want to spend 60 bucks a year for recordings

- My review

This app Rey helps me especially when I’m sleeping I really recommend one tiny problem I have is how do I track my sleep I know how to it’s. How do I see my tracking but overall amazing. Four in a half

- Not recommended

I downloaded this app about a week ago and every night it has claimed I never woke up at all or registered anything each night when I Have been waking up 3 times each night. In fact I forgot to hit the wake up button this morning and it claimed I slept for 19 hours straight. It’s not able to accurately register sleep patterns or habits like it claims.

- Alarm

The alarm is great when you need it. But on days you don’t there is no way to shut it off or change it. I emailed customer service and no reply. I would love to use the app, but I had to delete it because it was waking me up at 4 am everyday.

- I LOVE IT!!!!

I love how it has so many music choices and it got me to bed in a snap! I like how it says if you were in deep sleep or how many hours you were asleep and I just love it, although the talk it didn’t have any sound..?

- What the heck?

This app was great. I use it every night. I’m one who always wondered if I snored or talked while I slept and this app told me just that with no paying cost. But recently I open it up and from the night before it says that I snored so I go to listen to it as I usually do and it was saying I had to pay for it. I no longer have a use for this app now.

- I love it

It is A very good epic could be better but i’m not changing it because I like it but you should Put Music and more A lot more calm and slow Music

- The free trial doesn’t let you try much.

Just don’t understand why if there is a free trial, we can’t test some of the most important features like the recordings; it actually makes me want to cancel thr free trial and never look at this app again.

- Ok but forced 1 year subscription

So I wanted to give this a try. I went fir the first week and liked it enough to try a month. However instead of charging me for a month, I received the $60 charge for a full year. And now I can’t get out if it. Grrrr. That causes me to lose sleep!

- Best

I got this app because I have sleeping problems and right when I got it I fell asleep like a baby this is the best app I’ve ever gotten and it’s basically free and this helps a lot

- Kinda bad

The worst part I think is u have to pay money to listen to the recordings

- Thanks

Your app has provided me with a tool to help me fall asleep. I love the ability to set timer. I am never awake when my thirty minutes are up.

- Support

I love the sounds and how you don’t have to get month premium for everything and it’s so satisfying

- Wonderful app!

I was skeptical at first, but this app has delivered as promised. Using the tracker and the alarm together has really helped me achieve a more regular sleep schedule.

- Help!!

Although I haven’t gotten to experience the app, I accidentally purchased it without getting to try it. I need a refund! Please!

- Thank you

My daughter is so much better with her hearing the music and know I can see what she says in here sleep

- Fantastic app

I love this app so some. It tracks my sleep so I know how much I slept and when I slept. If I snored, if I talked, I guess if I farted. Also it’s says how much I spend in my deep sleep wow

- Disappointed

The reason why i got this app is to hear what i did not to pay to hear what i did. I’m disappointed because of it.

- Disappointing

I really wanted to see if I would talk, fart, or snore in my sleep so I got this app. Right before I went to bed, I did as said. In the morning when I woke up, it said it caught talking and snoring. So I was really excited. But when I tried to play the recordings, it just now told me that I had to pay. Right then and there I deleted the app. Very disappointing

- Love it!!

This app is amazing. I finally got to get my sleeping patterns down. And I found out that I talk in my sleep!!! I’ve tried many sleeping apps but this one is the best.

- Meh

If you track my sleep as being the same good quality sleep on nights when that’s true and also on nights when I was up til 3 am and watched tv and talked to my cats etc while recording then this ap doesn’t really track legit data, does it?

- Doesn’t work

I am using the free trial for the premium and so far it says I have slept 12 minutes the first night and 16 minutes the 2nd night. WRONG! I have followed the direction to keep it plugged into my charger. I can believe the time it took me to fall asleep but So far not impressed at all with anything else. I’ll be canceling for sure after the free trial.

- I love this!

I love this because it helps me sleep way better than I did before and it is very using. e useful!♡︎

- Great service

It helps me sleep and I get to make my own sounds 10/10

- Subscription

I am considering getting a subscription but I really don’t know what to chose there are so many choices and just MAINLY want the tracker and the alarm can be nice but not necessary

- it’s ok

In really like the music one here but why do I have to pay, like come on it’s just something that I would like to track and I think it would be fun if I didn’t have to pay for this every week I would rate it 5 stars and I am deleting this app sorry!!

- Accuracy?

I don’t really know how accurate this app is? I used it several nights, in a row, and one night I couldn’t go to sleep for over an hour and I noticed that it recorded that I had fallen asleep in 3 minutes (as it had ‘calculated’ every other night). I had even gotten up during the time that I couldn’t fall asleep!

- It does track your sleep

It does track your sleep and it will tell you what you did and you don’t have to get vip

- It’s a bust!

So far, this app has been worthless. I set an alarm and started the tracker and when I woke up, the wrong alarm was going off and the tracker had turned itself off as if I had never started it. I’ll give it one more night, but it hasn’t worked for anything it was supposed to!

- Great sleeping app

I dont ever review stuff no matter how much I like it. But this app is slapping! I love it to help read stories to me when i fall asleep. Chefs kiss of sleeping apps

- Bad

I got this cuz I wonder what I do at night so when I got it I started it when’s to bed and then when I woke up I went to press play on the talking interaction but it would try and make me buy something and what’s the point of having a free app if u have to buy stuff to do most of the things

- Great but...

I wish people like kids would have more choices Creating Mixes

- This app is amazing!

There’s no reason not to get it! It’s free You make your own sleep mix Its tells you when you fall asleep It tell how long you’ve slept It tells you the actions you did in your sleep It tells you how many hours you slept on the weeks chart! I use it every night and you can too!

- It is not worth the money

This was a horrible app I didn’t pay the money and I tried it out for the first time last night and I went to go click sleep talk and it brought me to an ad for this app I do not recommend this app what so ever. I do believe that they are only in it for the money.

- This is a great app

In my opinion it helps me sleep and I feel as if it gives me better sleep

- Wonderful app

This is a great app mostly if you have problems sleeping and it does track noices

- Great for sleeping

You can make like 5 different sounds at the same time

- First day did not work

The tracker is out control with the timing and with tracking the sounds. I agreed with the other users that the price is to high when this company is having to many technical issues. I’ll try it for the rest of the trials days and see what happens.


Even those this app is a sleeping app I feel like it’s the best app on my phone I feel asleep so fast. 10/10

- It’s great

This app is really helpful to improve sleeping habits and to track your sleep. Highly recommend.

- Did not track my sleep properly

The meditation was great for falling asleep I feel asleep at 10pm and woke up at 7am When I checked the statistics, excite to see if I had talked or made any weird noises, it told me I was only asleep for 15 minutes. I cancelled my trial because this is way too expensive for it to not work properly.

- Shut eye

Does this app cost money or is it free because when I downloaded it I never saw a free trial for so many days. I’m assuming it’s a free App???

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Sleep Sounds, Tracker: ShutEye 1.3.5 Screenshots & Images

Sleep Sounds, Tracker: ShutEye iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Sleep Sounds, Tracker: ShutEye iphone images
Sleep Sounds, Tracker: ShutEye iphone images
Sleep Sounds, Tracker: ShutEye iphone images
Sleep Sounds, Tracker: ShutEye iphone images
Sleep Sounds, Tracker: ShutEye iphone images
Sleep Sounds, Tracker: ShutEye iphone images
Sleep Sounds, Tracker: ShutEye iphone images
Sleep Sounds, Tracker: ShutEye iphone images
Sleep Sounds, Tracker: ShutEye iphone images

Sleep Sounds, Tracker: ShutEye (Version 1.3.5) Install & Download

The applications Sleep Sounds, Tracker: ShutEye was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2019-12-09 and was developed by Enerjoy [Developer ID: 1490078803]. This application file size is 146.57 MB. Sleep Sounds, Tracker: ShutEye - Health & Fitness app posted on 2020-09-29 current version is 1.3.5 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: health.sleep.sounds.tracker.alarm.calm

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