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Chop like a real master. It's so satisfying!

- Easy control
- Addictive gameplay
- Simple and fun

Perfect Slices App Description & Overview

The applications Perfect Slices was published in the category Games on 2019-10-01 and was developed by SayGames LLC. This application file size is 173.26 MB. Perfect Slices current version is 1.2.7 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

- Remastered shop!
- New unlocks!
- Bug fixes.

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Advertorial    5 star

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djndgsjsnxg   4 star

It’s a fun addicting game but has a lot of ads. It is a really fun and satisfying game to cut all the slices I really enjoy it but my main problem is that every time you complete a level a ad appears I would like it if you lacked the ads.

jflamm   2 star

Good but.... This is a good game but this game has too many ads. The ads are boring and long. So you can get this game if you like to get annoyed but I suggest you shouldn’t! So I’m about to delete this game .

Samantha-starset🥰   4 star

Great game!. I really like this game. It is super satisfying and helps distract me from other things. Yes, I will admit, there are quite a few adds but not as many as other games. I’m only giving 4 stars because there are some minor improvements that could be made, such as getting rid of some of the adds. I also think that there should be an endless play mode. That would be really cool. I hope you had time to read my review! Thanks!


To many ads. This game has way to many ads. After ever single level there would be a new ad that is at least 20 seconds long. The level are not even long; they are short levels. The only reason it doesn’t have a one star is because it functions properly and has a good concept.

adrianagalo1222   5 star

Perfect game. satisfying and calm

ranzillia   1 star

Horrible. Makes you watch add every 3 seconds.this is actually no understatement.DO NOT INSTALL

mestoriaxo   2 star

ADS. way too many ads omg i would give it five stars but there’s literally an ad after each level it’s so annoying

Achito74   5 star

Awesome. Smoothest game ever 😃

🔪🍆🥒   5 star

Love it. It is FUN

BriAWatson96   1 star

Too much ads. I’ve been playing this game for less than 10 minutes and I despised it already. Too many ads. And when I say “No thanks” to watch an ad to 5 times the gold coins I made, DO NOT PLAY AN AD ANYWAYS!

chvvgbvfbvvvv   5 star

Greatest game. This game is amazing. Love it so much it’s so relaxing and kids love it

daedashell   1 star

It doesn’t. This app is good but it doesn’t do that much

Pooterrrrrrrrrr69   1 star

Way too many ads!. So many ads makes this game unplayable

Theminus   5 star

Funny. This game is funny

kgjckhdijxhjaljcujdghkd   5 star

Best game ever. I literally spent hours on this game it’s just so CAL meaning like play for hours amazing game it’s nice and I love it are you new because guess what I am a freak about this game I will never stop playing this to thousand years games perfect slices perfect slices perfect slices perfect slices perfect slices perfect slices Hahahahahahaha

Amazing Iris   5 star

Starting. I love it and I just started. They should make another of this game. I,THE AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL IRIS DECLARES YOU SHOULD MAKE A SEQUEL.

rylee poitras   1 star

TERIBLE. This app is soo bad😐. It is pretty much just for asmr reasons and even the asmr concept is bad. It doesn’t make a good sound at all. The levels are way to short. And are my there even levels at all? Cuz it doesn’t save your work. And if all of that ident bad enough at the end of each “level” they sweep it all into a pan and you can’t even sweep it in your self? What BS is that? Now this is when I finally say... WHAT THE HELL IS THIS AND WHAT WHERE YOU EVEN THINKING IN THE POSES. Oh and I think that this is when I say “you had one job” -Snapchat

Kat2.0   5 star

Aaaaakakakakakaka. This game is call Sam!!!

foyasoul   3 star

Good game but........ Perfect slices is a good game but it could use some’s really good for passing time when your bored.First of all I think they could have like a spinning wheel so you spin the wheel and it has different categories of food and which ever category it lands on that’s the category you use and you could do it whenever you want.But other than that it’s a great game.So those are all my concerns about the game.😃😊

Hero Brian xex   5 star

Perfect slices. Very good first level Really fun download today give them five stars

𝔹𝕦𝕘   5 star

Love this game. I love this game because it is so much fun that I think that others should play it to.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💯💯😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

goal pups   5 star

Good. It teaches you how to use a knife 🔪

gsnnwtvs   1 star

Eww. Eww

Veronica😋❤️   5 star

I LOVE IT!!!. This game is THE best but I do not like the glitch

Gage537   5 star

Add a mode(option) to play halloween level. Do it

Tom Prichard   3 star

Take the ads out. Cool game but too many ads. One after another soon as the games done ;-; stop it. I’m tryna play

minj345🐍   5 star

Very good. If you are not paying attention to your teacher this is the game for you 🤟🏼🤟🏼🖱💿

neuwgdievidrnoqdjxsgrkeye   5 star


Austeneey   5 star

Great Game. No Mistakes Other than lag... but I love the slick designs on this game thanks for all the effort you put into this

Maddy1456   3 star

Kind of boring!. This game is fun when you are in the mood for it. Usually “boring” games are something I tend to play once a week. I really think this game would be better if there were more different types of fruits and vegetables to slice and to make different meals, not just soups. I hope they change it a little more to make it better.

Advertorial    5 star

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Cgruza   3 star

Perfect slices review. Awesome

mimi06:)   5 star

Rating. I love this game so much:) there are a lot of ads but it’s worth it. The one thing that could be improved is making the levels a bit harder.

what the fox!   1 star

Ads, ads, ads. There are way too many ads in here I think I spent most of the time watching ads instead of playing the game

BigggRexxxxx   5 star

BEST GAME EVER!. I lost on my first try but I got better. It’s a really hard game. E

Delphine Lévesque   5 star

Ouin..... C’est un plate et inutile. Il faudrait rajouter des contraintes et des choses à ne pas faire! Ça serait plus compliquer et amusant.Aussi il faudrait rajouter des modes comme Halloween, Noël, Saint-Valentin... Et aussi des mondes comme les fruits juteux, croquants... Il faudrait faire pleins de recettes autres que des soupes et pouvoir être en compétition avec des gens! Et pour finir il faudrait gagner des sous avec nos recettes pour acheter des couteaux ou autres ustensiles! Merci de votre écoute, il y a du travail à faire mais c’est une bonne idée que vous avez eux. Lâchez pas! Bonne journée... 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

RiseMai446   3 star

Glitchy. This is such a fun game🤗super satisfying... but it’s so laggy. I’m chopping vegetables, and then my knife stops chopping for some reason, and so I miss a really good thing. I found that there wasn’t too many ads.☺️ GOOD JOB on this game OVERALL 👻

pookie houndant   2 star

Ads. This game is great but with way too many ads which makes it kinda stupid. Your watching more than playing it a complete waist of time

boopboopchan   5 star

Great game. Really do love it. Sucks the newer knives cost much but honestly this game helps me calm down and I don’t know why😂

yxh1100   5 star

I LOVE PERFECT SLICES. Omg I love this game like I wanted to download this app a lot it looked so good on the ads so I decided to download this game and it so fun!!!!😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬means so good excellent job creating this game

margierisma   3 star

Too much ads. Can’t believe it’s a good game and a addictive game to play but the worst thing about it, is that it has TOO MANY ADS.

Minty Buny   3 star

Nice :). I really like this app but I don’t like how all you do is chop vegetables. Theres not really anything to do

FrostyPlayz109   5 star

Love it. I Love IT because of the satisfaction totally amazing and I recommended this game it’s worth it trust me

nitfn   1 star

Boring. Are you doing to chop fruits and that’s all I mean add something else at least like

slice meh   4 star

Too many ads. I really recommend this game it is really fun and all but like everyone else said too many ads but what idiot is just turn off my data and WiFi and then there are no ads I do that with any game that has ads! I really enjoy the game even though I have to rake the time to do so

SCOOBY_DOO 😝   5 star

So fun. This game is challenging yet fun I highly recommend perfect slices

H schroter   4 star

Ok oofffffff. The game is good and fun but it’s glitchy and there is lots of adds and sometimes get boring but other wise it’s a 4⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating🌚🌝🌜🌛🦔🦔🦔🦔

please fix it :p   1 star

IT SO BAD. This app sometimes glitches and even when I’m out the app my I pad starts glitching but it started when I downloaded it IT SUCKS DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

MosMos2005   2 star

Ads. Fix ads problems it has a lot of ads it’s so annoying


Too many ads. ADS!

professer cheeks   2 star

😤. Gets boring

ttt11778   1 star

Way too many ads. There’s 30 second ads every 30 seconds lol don’t ever bother purchasing

V Dog🤟🏻   5 star

Game. Just got game 😛

big weeeeewee   3 star

Add every level. Fun game! But there is an add every level 🙁

yo yer poop   5 star

Tooooooooooo many ads. I really like this game. But there are wayway tooooo many ads

BLUE___GYMNAST___   5 star

Suggestion. It would be very cool if you add a burger food category. This game is very fun also!

Anonyoumus1322   4 star

Satisfying. Is awesome how perfectly slicing the vegetables

Fizzy Fazzy   5 star

So fun. Can’t stop

Madz1405   2 star

It’s fun but has way to many adds. I get that free games need to have adds but do you really need one after every level, and sometimes more than one? I would definitely enjoy this game a lot more if there weren’t so many adds.

Muhammad danyal   4 star

Really very creative!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩. I have literally just started playing this game about five minutes ago, and I am like obsessed with it. I just find it really satisfying how the knife just cuts the vegetables so smoothly. It is true that some people might say that it is too easy but I just find that it is a really relaxing game you can play after a long and busy day. I mean no hate but every body is different and someone might just hate this game. Overall I think this game deserves a huge thumbs up and I think the creators have done an excellent job.👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Anthony190   5 star

Really fun game but could have a lot more potential 😊. It’s a really addicting game but it is true that it’s easy, so my idea to make it harder would be to put a hard mode (which would make all the planks become spikes, and for passing levels in hard mode u get rewards after a certain amount of levels passed such as blades or unlock newer items). But overall I love the game, keep the updates coming 🙂

Advertorial    5 star

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Rpewdiepie767   2 star

The adds MATE. What the hell its like the shopping car park or main road advertisements left right and centre I can’t play the game properly without looking at some stupid homescapes or other silly add please stone it down its like suburbia just the houses are frickin advertisement billboards. But nice game thou

vfbgnjukikkj   1 star

should give option for ppl to choose. too much ads u should give ppl options to choose whether they want to watch ads to earn something. Instead of pop up ads every freaking game that’s just abusive us

g$crvrybntvt   5 star

Osijek. I just want a good day

Motor Mad Girl   5 star

I love it. It’s pretty easy and has to much adds its pretty fun

scar car   5 star

Mad about adds. Well turn off the wifi and no adds will come please try it

amackenz   3 star

Good..but also not amazing. This game is really addicting, and fun to play! But there are WAYYYYYYY too many adds, and they are really long. Just some advise, turn your wifi off to stop the ads :)

qwrrtyyuiiopasdghk   3 star

Ads be like. Addsssssssss Nonnnnnnn stopppp

boofa😻😻😻   5 star

Awesome. This games is like totally my favourite out of all the games I have

b33221   1 star


Tom-tom123   1 star

To many ads. Wow to many ads, 2 ads every time you finish a level.

i am raaaaad   1 star

Not very good. So if you like adds get this game if you hate adds don’t get this game because every time you play the stupid game it will show you an add!!😡

💗💗💗🦄   5 star

Good game. This is a fun and relaxing game satisfying game

homayon3719   5 star

Nice. A really good app

whydoineedanicknamestop   1 star

more ads then game. 10 second game followed by 30 second ads everytime , no thanks , added the game and deleted it within 10 minutes - 7 of which was watching the ads . would not recommend , will not be getting this game back

rodelyn moran   5 star

Perfect slices. I love it

lilithhhhhhhhhhhhh   5 star

Amazing. This is great

connection has failed   5 star

Awesome game. It’s sooo addicting I love it and the whole family does too, if someone doesn’t have this game they should cause its amazing 5⭐️

Dj chriantian   5 star

Awesome. It’s awesome apart from the add cause the add is super weird.Also I don’t feel like writing cause I am tired so bye. 😂

Annie Rem   5 star

Fun. I love this game even though iv only been on it for 5 seconds

Hibbird   5 star

Great!. I have no words it’s just a really good game!

Silver Silvy   3 star

Too many adds. I think there’s too many adds because if you want your money or prize you have to watch an add and its really annoying.

Cockney in Oz   3 star

Too many ads. There was to many ads in this game so I recommend to turn the wifi off

Chdidheishd   1 star

Bad!!. It’s bad because it’s laggy and crashes every time vfijdidixhckvkck kfjfhdjckckv

emma loves fgteev   5 star

Really good game. This is a really good app but the only bad thing it has too many ads so before you please just shut your Wi-Fi

aaaaaaaaaa12543980   5 star

Hi. You are the best thanks guys xxxxx oooooo

soph I.T   4 star

Perfect slices. Perfect slices is a fun game but a bit tricky at times it really keeps your brain moving!

charlote summers   5 star

Soooooo relaxing ☺️🙃😎🥳. This game is so relaxing and easy but sometimes people say it’s hard but definitely not for me.

Kingclark06   5 star

Awesome. Overall it’s a good and satisfying game👌

ndhdncnc nc💩💩💩   1 star

Hella. Boring

Lacy_and_Macy   5 star

It’s Addictive and so fun!!. It’s my favourite game right now! It’s so fun and satisfying, an easy time killer. Just a suggestion: maybe for a category of food to chop you could do one with just meats?


DONT DOWNLOAD IT. This game is trash

Coach Bailey   5 star

All of you be kind and be a part of god. I just started playing and I’m in love with it!BUT I think y’all should make more stuff like this!I feel like I’m eating the food and thank you for making this!and the people who hate it is just jealous.It tells you some stuff for soup to!thankyou for the most fun game!bye

byrdz03   3 star

It’s good but not GOOD you know.. It’s okay

billy the alfrado   5 star

This is a good game. I love this game

popgoesthe1   5 star

Very good game. It’s good cause you get yo know what’s its like to cut up things

taytay🤗   5 star

This game is fun at. This game is so sos sos fun

nhrhrsarh   5 star

The perfect game. This game is the best come on and download it and it’s free also if u put Touch ID on settings and download this game it’s free come and get it :)

piper0806   1 star

Ad overload. There are way to many ads to even enjoy the game.

george rico   2 star

Adds but a way to stop. Ads ads ads just take out the WiFi 😜 silly’s

Mike1250   5 star

Cool I recommend it. It’s really relaxing and fun to play for me

i dont know uou   5 star

GREAT GAME. This game is so amazing I can’t stop playing it I love it maybe you could make the knives look cooler and make an option of what you can cut up so it would not be just like veggies and shoes and pumpkins but again this is just my opinion I live this game

Miachel Scarn   5 star

Ads. It’s a fun game really and I love it, but it has way too many ads and I find that very annoying. So if you can fix that I will play for hours and hours.

khannabhdi   5 star

Hi. Hi

hadassshsublett   5 star

The app of my dreams. This app Ythis app is da best this app This is us

The best game. This game is really fun.I just started playing the game but it is very competitive .

Major_Music_Maniac   5 star

Hi. I love it so mush

ricksop33   5 star

I will get it app to fixed my iPhone now or. That’s good

galaxy or fox   1 star


americanidolfan20   1 star

Ads, ads, ads!. Nothing but ads. The most ads I’ve ever seen in any game.

hdmhdgdhm   1 star

It was dumb. I don’t like their game at all


LOL. I am sooooooooooo happy

im a person 657439   3 star

I like it but....... This game is truly satisfying but it makes me dizzy with how fast it goes and I get headaches easily. But it’s a ok game kinda laggy.

sabrandon   5 star

Can,v. Food🥑🥒🌶🍅🥭🍒🍒🥬🍍🍍🌶🦴🥩🥩🥦🥩🍳🍠🥨🍳🥩🥝🦴🥩🍠🥩🥩🌶🥩🥩🦴🥩🥩🥩🥩🥦🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🥞🥩🧀🥨🥚🍗🍖🌭🍟🥙🌮🌯🥙🌮🍕🥨🥯🥯🌭🦴🥙🍔🦴🍗🥞

@blues007   1 star

Only one complaint. Only complaint I have every time you finish, and segment you have to watch a video, it getting old , to have to watch , just too many videos, some time the game start before to video is over and I can get a high score because it was play game when the video was playing , so maybe , do you really need to have all the video in this game , I could understand maybe play four segments and than video but every time between grr

Jazzy Dog🐶   5 star

IDEAS. Please have carnival food as an option , Mexican food , Italian food , like ingredients to make spaghetti , junk food like chips , oooh drinks could be cool , hot dogs , burgers like ingredients to make that as an ending , please consider

Koala bear fan 2007   5 star

Cash. As. C Ask x backs.. Bmvcxzx. Z. K Favvac As.

Duffy 234678   4 star

Great game but........ I think the game is great but it can be slow at times I have a few suggestions....... 😜 1:it would be nice if the levels are a little longer😝 2: u could have a choice on what to cut and what to cut with😋3: u should give 3 lives for every round the if u can do this in an update awesome.💚💙❤️🧡😆😋😝😜😁😐

xh hchxb   5 star

Gang. Gangster

KkLenh2010   4 star

Great game. I’m so good at this game I’m on level 10 now! I love it cause it makes me cool down. But it needs a little more improvement. Like the looking. I can barely see the wood when I chop. But I think I is a fantastic game!

Alana Aviles   5 star

Hcf. Boooooooo

Abbie Winters   2 star

The same ads. First of all there is soo many ads not to mention that they play the same ads over and over again and it’s super annoying I don’t recommend this game if you hate ads or you hate when the same ad plays over and over

why dose this app not work?   5 star

Awesome. I love this game so much 5 stars is all I can give but I can’t wait for new update😃

Some-canadian   1 star

Ads. Fun but the amount of ads really ruin the game.

Thisreallysucks9   1 star

Adds Adds Adds. This is LOADED with adds. You play for 5 seconds and then must watch 30 second adds. Don’t bother

elgringo420   1 star

Garbage. Another garbage game by a garbage developer. Ads every level, no thanks.

dxdvhofi   5 star

Epic game. Epicccccccccccc

yaboibumwack   5 star

Awesome game. Probably the most satisfying game I have ever played

bromln   5 star

Adds and hate. I can’t play becuse of the adds and the ads a long they finish time i get to school

Avadee.2006   2 star

Why oh why are there ads. I hate ads it’s like ad levels as levels

Cheleah   1 star

Ads. What’s with all the ads, it’s really annoying. Ruins the game

iDaniel13   1 star

Bad. Boring game, full of adds.

nerdgirl3000   2 star

Would not recommend if..... The only complaint I have is that there are too many ads. You choose to skip the reward to avoid playing an add yet an add will be played, you can’t move on to another level without having to watch another add, the adds sometimes cause the game to lag, every level you’ll watch 2 adds the one to get a reward and the one to start the next level either forcing you to watch the ads or to purchase the no add option. If you don’t mind ads then it’s fine but if you don’t I do not recommend it.

russianreddddddd123   3 star

Always let you watch advertisements. Is it compulsory for this game to watch advertisements?

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