Zoom for Intune

Zoom for Intune [Business] App Description & Overview

Zoom for Intune is for admins to organize and protect BYOD environments with mobile application management (MAM). This app allows admins to protect corporate data while keeping employees connected.

Zoom is your communications hub for meetings, webinars, chat and cloud phone. Your users can start or join meetings with flawless video, crystal clear audio and instant screen sharing from desktop, mobile or conference rooms.

If you are looking for the end-user version of Zoom, download it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zoom-cloud-meetings/id546505307?mt=8

Zoom for Intune gives enterprise users all the features they expect from Zoom, while providing IT administrators expanded mobile app management capabilities to help prevent leakage of company information. And in the event of a lost or stolen device, IT can remove Zoom from the iPhone or iPad, along with any sensitive data associated with it.

IMPORTANT: This software requires your company’s work account and a Microsoft managed environment. Some functionality may not be available in all countries. If you have issues with this software or have questions about the use of it (including questions about your company’s privacy policy), please contact your company’s IT Administrator.

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Have a question? Contact us at http://support.zoom.us.

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Zoom for Intune Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes

Zoom for Intune Comments & Reviews

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I like Zoom, BUT, it is sketchy and there’s an echo sometimes. I’ve gone to settings and tried to adjust things where I can, yet, that isn’t always the issue. I use it to go to Sunday School at my church. The entire time class was happening, there would be seconds where this phone icon would periodically show up on screen rather than my Pastor’s face. It would then go away only to show up again. It was very distracting and I’m not sure what setting would have prevented that. ALSO....WHY is there a time limit????? What is THAT about. When people have to be separated and they’re doing business virtually, they shouldn’t have to rush to hurry up and get their business done or rush through a class. That’s RIDICULOUS! PLEASE.......MAKE IT BETTER!

- Amazing

I don’t know what to say.... I can connect with my friends again. I can finally see them and actually say something to them. I feel so happy. I told my teacher about Zoom and now we did a class Zoom call and we were able to see our teacher. We had not seen our teacher in months due to maternity leave. We can finally connect with each other again and I feel so happy. WE CAN ALL FIGHT COVID-19 AND GET THROUGH THIS! I will still use this app after it is over.

- Error

I logged in with my Microsoft account and this is exactly what it said, “The work or school account you have specified does not have access to this app. You may have to sign in with a different account. Contact your IT administrator for help.” And I don’t get this bc this is my Microsoft account, I do have another but I can’t login to that one, so this account I used to login is the only one I have. Exactly why does my account not “have access to this app”? Also this app is rated 4+ and when I put in my birthdate which would make me much older it said I’m not eligible for zoom at this time but when I put in a different birthdate (which would make me seem like I’m 18) to see what would happen, it didn’t tell me I wasn’t old enough for the app. FIX UR APP, MAKE IT TRUTHFUL!!!!!!

- Not easy to use, could be so much better!

After only using this for a week, I see so many issues! Man, I am not sure who the programmers are and I think they are glad I cannot give them suggestions. They have an opportunity here and NOW to snag a lot of people, yet they need to improve! Scheduling a “call”/meeting is not simple, yet it could/should be. Also, the steps are too many. Then, if you are lucky enough to get it to work and get everyone to connect, the video quality is sketchy. The goal was to hold staff meetings and team meetings using this platform, but even though we have the business model it says we can only be on for 40 minutes!!! Lord, improve or lose us.

- Needs split screen for multitasking especially for iPad

Would give it a full five star but it’s seriously lacking one ability the ability to split screen and continue to watch the video speaker or host. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed if I need to access other controls so what if I have to open it up to full screen i’m fine with that. Other video apps you can do it with so why not with this one. Would also make share screen easier to use. Fix this one problem and you’ll have a great app. I hope you get this and read it and acknowledge it and have a great day😀

- Customer service won’t reply

I have paid for the pro license and pro telephone with a ported number. I can not use my telephone. I have called billing several times to tell them It is not working. Of course the billing department has no idea what is wrong. YOU CANNOT CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT because you have to have 2 strings of numbers or the computer will HANG UP. You will not go any further without the correct series of numbers that the computer has to verify. They are “all out due to the covid pandemic “. This is October 1st. Bottom line...THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. THERE IS NO ONE TO TAKE YOUR CALL. unfortunately I have to give at least 1 star because there is no option for zero stars. The company should be shut down by the FCC for theft violations.

- Zoom keeps us together

I want to express my admiration for the many ways Zoom has kept community, church, studies, family, and friends connected during this time of social isolation. I have personally used Zoom for the continuation of Planning Board meetings in our town, Deacon meetings in our church, Bible studies, gatherings and greetings throughout the holidays with friends. Zoom...you have done an amazing job of helping to prevent a great tear in our society. Keep on doing what you are doing! Judith White

- Retired Engineer

Easy to use, friendly user interface, default feature settings adequate for non-professional users. New security features in Version 5.0 and company’s promise not to sell user data show their willingness to quickly respond and correct mistakes (small startups can usually react and execute faster than big corporations). It’ll be nice if Zoom can offer a family subscription costing around $5 per month, limited to 15 participants per meeting and a duration of 2 hours.

- Zoom ROCKS!

I am a recovering alcoholic. Zoom has allowed me to continue to attend meetings online with other folks all over the world. Most importantly it has allowed me to stay sober from drugs and alcohol and continue my work in recovery by sharing with others and getting to see their faces and hear there experience, strength and hope. I am filled with gratitude for having Zoom to communicate with family, friends and help others in recovery. Kip G.


I heard that people are giving this a one star review because they don’t want to do zoom meetings for online school or meetings. if a app gets a low enough score, they’ll take it off the App Store so no one can get it, so if everyone gives it a low score, we won’t be able to have them. I’m giving it 5 just to help out a little.

- Confused

I downloaded this version so that I could share my screen in class. It has been working very well but for some reason I can’t raise my hand. No one in my zoom meetings can raise their hand either. I am having the same problem on my chrome book. I am singed in on different accounts for each but I also can’t use voice changers or any video filters accept virtual backgrounds and update whenever possible.

- Thank you Zoom!!!! AWESOME APP

Until the pandemic, I had never used zoom. But it’s made it possible for me to attend 12 step meetings, which is truly a life saver in these challenging times. What an amazing job zoom has done creating an app with such a positive impact on my life! Thanks again.

- Great!

This app is great and I think it's better than the app Zoom CLOUD Meetings. However, for the audio, I hope that the option Dial In would always be there, because sometimes after I joined a meeting, I can only hear people using internet audio, so I hope that would be improved. I also liked that now it doesn't cut off when we are in the meeting for forty minutes like it does before. Great! 🙂

- Zoom not communicating with the host

Zoom app on the Apple device isn’t communicating with the teacher device or software. When I try to login it allows me to get in but not stay in. It kicks me out. The error message says the host has remove me. I contacted the host who stated it shows me present. The teacher or I don’t understand the problem. Please fix this problem. Thank you.

- Problem

I have been trying for several weeks to join a meeting, but my microphone will not work. I went through your help line, they went through the same thing I did to set it up, but it still will not allow me to do anything but listen. I need to be able to participate. Somehow, my microphone was disconnected. I’ll admit, I am a new user and may have done something wrong I. The original set up, but it should be fixable. No one else seems to have this problem. This is the pits.

- Lack of Consistency in features between using of different devices

Sharing contents on iPad device is quite simple and nice. However, the major flaw is that the writing on whiteboard didn’t give you the exact same feeling when writing on an IPad should be. Perhaps, providing a feature of scripting generated notes and screen recording on video meeting will be helpful

- Appreciation for Zoom

I am enjoying Zoom... it is a beautiful app... I can see my friends,attend my meetings. I can comment, have virtual get-together. We can have an interchange of encouragement. It is the BEST thing in regards to COVID-19. I Thank my God Jehovah for the knowledge He bestowed on the Person who created this wonderful tool!!!

- Best meeting app and secure

Lots about Zoom recently. Security minded with feature rich account settings. Easy to use and without proper attention by the user- it can enable bad actors to join meetings- stop posting your meeting id in public and this won’t happen!

- Change password?

I have been in a vicious circle attempting to Zoom on my iPad, back and forth not accepting my password and requests that I change it, then rejects my new password telling me that I cannot use a previous password. Then WHY was it not accepted in the first place??? It continues to send access codes to my phone and still won’t let me in. Over and over and over. Perhaps a better system would work better, Sincerely, Fed Up

- Great tool for live meetings

The app delivers on virtually every level to keep one connected to family, friends and coworkers. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and have not had any further problems.

- Hi I’m just iiioi to be a o

Ed yuuu is going wondering what your kids wanted and what utime would have wanted a day or two for you guys and how much money we wanted for a week and two or three or four days uuuuu just wanted you know what the new us were doing today we is ooo

- Zoom is great!!!

I think that zoom is a good app for meetings because there are so many cool features! You can change your background, you can annotate on the screen, so download the zoom app to explore more cool features!

- Terrible

The zoom app is sharing all our information with Facebook and without declaring it in the privacy policy. This happens whether u have a Facebook acc or not. There was also an issue that happened for a few months when they could turn peoples cameras on whenever they wanted. It can steal any information on ur computer. They are taking our data without us knowing. Read this on an article.

- What would we do?

Where would we be without Zoom in a time where to share, to study, and to pray with one another is impossible in the physical! Thank you Zoom!!

- Zoom

Wow this is some app. A true pleasure to use. Keeps me productive, and helps me grow closer to the one above during this challenging time. If the creators of this app knew how much reward they’re getting they would be jumping with joy.😄👍👌

- Easy to use

At first I was very skeptical of using Zoom for a work related meeting . I found it to be easy to use more on the iPhone then a chrome book .

- Healing-Meditation!!

After usual wrestle to enter it was the perfect fellowship! Filled in,filled up what has been missing! The meeting was all good! A most needed media gift! All thankfulness to THE LORDGOD for all that was required for it-it was & will be worth it all!!

- Background selection

If I have a Apple iPhone 6s, do I not have access to the background options behind my video? Also, I do not see how to display a photo instead of me on zoom calls when I do not want a live video through my phone camera?

- AAmeeting

I love my zoom meetings I can look all over the world and meet people it is awesome I would do these forever even when we got regular person to person meetings

- It is all right

I am having I hard time because I can’t enter on of my REQUIRED zoom meetings it keeps on saying error. I also I have to type the whole passcode of the meeting instead of just clicking on the link and entering the meeting, thank you for your time.

- Just a user 55 year old student

This app is pretty cool once you get it setup to work I hope it gets easier to use though because it’s taken me two weeks and I’m still not sure if it’s working correctly and I’m not even on my computer yet

- Zoom

Zoom saved lives bc it was the first reliable service we all (non workers) found to stay connected

- RE: Disruptions

Needs more improvements on connectivity’s with pairing cameras and audio. It’s start to make noise with our voices that is alerting consumers we are going to be booted out. When multiple individuals are in a classroom setting camera and audio are on the booting noise starts. Need more proficiency and effective measures because we are not getting all of the information with all these interruptions.

- Zoom is good

Zoom has been really good but I think you should step up for chrome books. Other than that, it’s very good and fun to use!!☺️👍

- Awesome Zoom

This app is amazing! I can’t say enough of how great this app has been during Zoom. I work from home and use this also for worship. So, flexible and versatile!!

- Should have a better quality of customer services.

Why Zoom should have improve a better quality of customer services? Because the hackers can to spy on your browser when you gives Zoom access camera or wi-Fi, the hackers getting the information of your phone or computer.

- Sign In idea

I love the app it’s great but I wish that there is an area to sign in with google on the website so I can use my premium other than that it has helped me throughout this time.

- Great tool for SIP

Great tool to have for meetings or to talk to family members and friends. Love it. I can’t find myself to change and use the other competitors.

- Great app

it is a great app but when you put your birthday even if your an adult is says "your not eligible to sign up for zoom at this time" so please fix that zoom, thank you

- Great app!

Very cool functions that contains almost every possibility that a meeting app could have. I am a piano teacher and would put 5 stars for its greatness for teaching

- User

Can’t ever join WW meeting says join and I plug in number and just says waiting for it to start. Do I not have zoom completed set up. Last night we were on zoom with friends but signed in via email

- Zoom

Zoom life saver keeps me connected to my clients. Was so easy to operate absolutely nothing to complain about. Thank you❤️

- iPad cohost limitations

Couldn’t record a meeting on the iPad despite having the privileges. Had to request another host to do so. Limited functionality on a full big screen mobile device is needed when it is not a handheld small phone mobile device.

- Cant skip parts of a replay?

While convenient i dont get how it will let me skip around during replays on my computer (macbook pro 2020) but not on my ipads

- I love this app it helps ALOT

I REALLY LOVE this app because I’ve seen my friends all the time since we don’t see each other that much

- Zoom

I seriously don’t know what to say,I love this app I finally get to connect with my friends and family member’s

- PLEASE Update chat settings (to save)

You can save a chat when using zoom on a desktop or laptop. BUT, I really wish the iPad and iPhone app would allow the host the save a chat as well. PLEASE UPDATE!!!

- Sr center discussion group

It has been wonderful just to connect with family and friends.

- Getting in to class

Too many problems for too many people. Please send out technicians to schools, etc. using your service so you properly and more professionally run your company.

- Changing the birthday date

I need to change the birthday date because I did a mistake

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- Just too easy

Zoom on my mobile is just so easy to use

- This would be your Last Resort!

This App would have to be the least user-friendly App I have ever come across. The convoluted Join procedure brings into play Microsoft which is a labyrinth of concentric circles offering no way out and no actual information about what is required to unlock its mysteries. If you don’t own a crystal ball to help you actually do anything with this App -forget it!! Use your valuable time doing something more constructive.

- Annalise

Annalise I’m really sorry you I’m your boyfriend. Nicholas Zrnic Love you. Very see you. Alway be With you. Sent time with you

- Me Upset

The internet is really lagged and kickes you out frequently.

- Elaine Mc minn

Zoom so do disappointing with zoom can’t get any help st all send a small clip on how to do but so fast and too small can’t read or see a thing paying for my WW meeting and because of zoom can’t get it a waste of 78$

- This is so hard to use and useless

Can’t use it because it said company account when I’ve mad account one million times and I missed out on meeting

- How on earth are you meant to get in or sign up


- Really bad

Horrible app. Take down.

- 123

App chả ra cái db gì

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- Zoom is great!

Covid-19 has given me the opportunity to learn to use Zoom to connect with others. It's an amazing way to do business, attend networking events and speak with family and friends. So glad we have this service available. Thank you!

- Zoom

Best app ever

- Invitees

Need to be able to see who was on the invite list.

- zoom is a nice app

i like it

- Violation

Violation of privacy

- Looking for the best developer

^ then contact me, no matter are you alone or belong to company☠,+Paid for developer-☭, if you are a expert on development apps,💀 we are ready to pay you for customize app.👽 Contact me at:* Whatsapp & Skype&Telegram&Wechat♨:+%8615282351612 Or Facebook⑨: aso880ண

- Thanks

Honestly just loved zoom which connects us to do many activities from home specially during pandemic!

- Difficult

This app is incredibly frustrating i downloaded the app and then I’m met with the sign in steps right following? The app will not let me put in a d.o.b.... or if I do it says I'm not eligible to join zoom.... there is no help line or call centre That I can call for help or assistance.. doesn’t seem professional for how large the platform is....

- Zoom Canada

Zoom is good. I talked to my family at Christmas. I liked being able to actually see my family. Also able to attend OSPCA in ORANGEVIILE ONTARIO CANADA via my Zoom connected Gmail account in Ontario Canada

- Amazing

Clear image

- With gratitude 🙏

It allowed me to be connected to to my recovery meetings and be see my beautiful friends. I am grateful. Thank you so much ❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄

- I hate it

I hate it

- Helpful resource

Good for communicating with others

- Hard to figure out

Can’t get it to work yet Going to delete this app soon

- Software

Thanks to Hamid Omar amazing software to get everyone together in these times


I JUST GOT ITS AND ITS THE BEST! You can call lots of people!👍👍👍🍋

- ????

Doesn’t work

- Does Not Like Me

It keeps saying that none of my emails are valid. I can’t use them. What is happening?

- Hmmm


- Just downloading it now... 👻🐒🙏

But it looks like the best step in the right direction I have seen in a long time. I will post again once I check it out and change my rating accordingly. Maybe you might try it and also make your own INFORMED decision. 👻🐒🙏

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Download Zoom for Intune for Android Version: Updated: 2020-12-21 It takes advantage of feature in Zoom in a Microsoft Intune managed environment.

Zoom for Intune 5.6.4 Screenshots & Images

Zoom for Intune iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Zoom for Intune iphone images
Zoom for Intune iphone images
Zoom for Intune iphone images
Zoom for Intune iphone images
Zoom for Intune iphone images

Zoom for Intune (Version 5.6.4) Install & Download

The applications Zoom for Intune was published in the category Business on 2019-05-24 and was developed by Zoom [Developer ID: 530594111]. This application file size is 98.9 MB. Zoom for Intune - Business app posted on 2021-04-29 current version is 5.6.4 and works well on IOS 12.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: us.zoom.videomeetings4intune

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