Old School Musical

Old School Musical [Games] App Description & Overview

A new rhythm game with a total of 55 songs to play and more to come.
Beat the music in this chiptune adventure!

Tib and Rob are the heroes of a wacky adventure that will take them through the Chicken Republic.

Have you ever played a rhythm game before? Well, this is like that, but much better! With each note, you are responsible for the success of our two heroes quest. Swing your sword to the beat of chiptune tracks from Dubmood, Zabutom, Hello World, Yponeko, Le Plancton.

- Challenge mode
- Awesome guests : Dubmood, Zabutom, Hello World, Yponeko, Le Plancton
- Chickens

Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese
This game contains advertisement.

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Old School Musical Customer Service, Editor Notes:

UI improvements + backend change to avoid blockings in China.

Old School Musical Comments & Reviews

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- A good game, but could be better.

This is a great game, with good pixel art and good gameplay, it’s just that it could have more things to it. It only has 5 songs you can play for free, and the rest cost money, but there could be a better way to do this. Maybe, for every percent you get in other levels, you earn one currency. With a set amount of currency you can go on to other levels and earn more. However, if you don’t want to have to grind for that currency, you could pay the regular amount of money. It gives people options, and would make people like the game more. If you changed this, you could add more content to the game, and get better reviews. I just have one more thing to add. Please don’t make this game have too many things to buy with real cash. It distracts from the game. I’m fine with a small bit of things you can buy, but having to buy everything gets exhausting.

- Good game, 5 songs for free

The game is fun. You only get 5 songs for free, which is a bit misleading but those five songs are enough to last a couple hours, excluding the fact that in the game they promise to release at least one free song per week. The game is fun and should be checked out, if nothing other than the fact that it is free. The gameplay is basically 2D beat saber. Update: the weekly free songs require an ad to play. One ad = one play of any song. Replaying the same thing requires an ad. Lowered rating from five stars to four stars: I get that you need to make money but the amount of ads needed to play the weekly free songs is something straight out of voodoo or ketchapp. Edit: The dev responded with what I think is a fair statement. It does make sense that they need money to pay for the downloading. I think a solution to this would be to download a song permanently per ad, and a player can remove a song and watch an ad to redownload it. Up to five stars because the devs actually care.

- Good port

It’s honestly a good port of the game, I liked the original and the only issue with this is you pay way more for way less. There’s only challenge mode, which was good, but it kind-of defeats the uniqueness of the idea being your actions affects game characters. However the game just removes the multiple games concept, so you only see “Chicken Republic”. I don’t really understand why some people don’t like the free songs thing, you either pay for it yourself or the ad revenue does it. So I’ll just leave it at that; good port.

- Amazing game!

This game is so fun just to turn on and play for awhile. Great music with fun and difficult levels. But honestly I don’t like how you have to play for more songs but I love how you can play 5 songs plus the challenge versions of the songs with 3 different difficulty’s. So basically you get 5 songs with 15 different level experiences. I also like the weekly free songs so if you don’t have the money to buy more songs you can still play them. Also I noticed there is a way to pause the game but it’s not really visible. Maybe add a button we’re the pause already is so people can see how to pause. That’s basically all I can say! Love the game ❤️

- Love this game (unlocks suggestion)

I love this game, it’s amazing I have no words to describe how great the first five levels are (including corrupted versions) amazing. So my suggestion is that you devs make a way to unlock the other worlds, like make if you score gold on easy and silver on the other two difficulties (in corrupted versions as well) then the next world is unlocked. I can understand if this is a no go as devs need money to do things, like live, like other members of the human race. So again I understand if your amazingly fantastic creation doesn’t get the update. This is just my wishful thinking I had while playing your wonderful game!!

- Great game, don’t let the negative reviews dissuade you

This is NOT a free game. Even though you can download it for free you can only play 5 songs of the ‘Arcade’ plus weekly free songs. A lot of the negative reviews for this game stem from that fact but the actual game is quite fun. The songs are great, art is great, controls are simple and fun it’s all there. Plus song packs are priced very fairly for a rhythm game. $3 for 5 songs is practically a steal tbh. I recommend giving this game a try. If you don’t like the play style or music don’t but the packs, if you do find it fun however I highly recommend buying the in game song packs!

- No story?

I’ve seen gameplay of this before and thought it seemed neat, but wanted to try it out before buying it. Steam didn’t have a demo, but this one was free to play with in-app purchases. I’ve seen this before with Ghost Trick, where you get the first chapter for free and then you buy the rest of the game in bundles of 5 stages. That seemed like a good deal, so I downloaded this to give it a chance. This...does not seem to be that game. The game I saw certainly LOOKED like this game, but it actually had a story and characters and more complicated rhythm gameplay. Between that and not being able to just turn the rumble OFF while playing, this killed any interest I might have had in buying that other game.

- Free WORLDS, not songs

I know your going to say: weekly songs blah blah. I know! But I’ve read your responses and you said it multiple times. So can you for let it be able to play all WORLDS?! I’ve played this game and it’s really fun but I can’t play the other levels without buying with real money. And I’m a kid so I obviously can’t buy them. This is a MAJOR ISSUE and I know because every review I read said it was a problem. Please fix this ASAP

- Not a bad game, has potential

It’s near concept, the tunes are also very catchy and relaxing. However the game play itself is a bit lacking and repetitive and doesn’t warrant a player to spend 2.99 for each level pack. It’s cool that the first few songs were free but I don’t feel it would be worth the money to spend 2.99 for each set of 5 songs. It is a nice game. But a bit to simple and repetitive in nature, still, it is very fun to play! If your into it then go for it!!

- Good game but

I like the game it’s the best game I ever played but I tried to restore my purchases but it doesn’t let me can someone contact me because I don’t know if it’s my phone or the game itself

- They used to call me baby hands in school

Just to give you an idea of how small my hands are. Also, I’m a girl, so they’re small in terms of female hands. That being said, even my tiny hands were too cramped trying to work these controls! It’s disappointing because I’ve been keeping my eye on this game on switch for a while, just haven’t pulled the trigger yet, so getting the option to try the first few songs for free has me excited. Maybe you guys can add different control schemes in the future, if that doesn’t get in the way of your vision of what you want the game to be? Maybe dividing up the lower portion of the screen into quadrants instead of having to try and mash four different tiny buttons all clustered together? Just spitballing. Anyway! Thank you for taking the time to make a port!

- Good Game, Not Worth Thirty Dollars

Let me just say the game is very fun even though I’ve only played the first five songs and one free weekly one, but three dollars to unlock five song is way too much money for me to spend. There are ten paid worlds so if you want the full experience you would have to pay thirty dollars, and maybe more if they add more levels. I have no regrets getting the game, it’s free to try after all, but I’m not ever going to pay the money to get the rest.

- I never write reviews, but...

This game is actually pretty fun. Was looking for a game to pass time and ran across this gem! I just wanted to tell the developers that this would be an amazing game to incorporate cartoon character such as Adventure Time and The Amazing World of Gumball. I’m a grown 25 year old boy but I know potential when I see it! Hope it grows more and more

- Amazing Game

Out of all the mobile rhythm games out there this one hits my number one spot for the best rhythm/music game! It reminds me a lot like guitar hero and I enjoy the fact that this game really knows how to immerse someone with its colorful, breathtaking environment and old-school retro look. The characters as well strangely reminded me of Sans and Papyrus from UnderTale 😂

- Purchases are gone

Last week I purchased the seaside song pack, and when I went to play the game today, the songs weren’t unlocked and I can’t play them. I was planning on purchasing more levels, but now I’m scared of this happening again. $3 wasted unfortunately. Otherwise, fantastic game. Really enjoyed the first 5 levels

- Rhythm Sensation

This is easily one of my favorite rhythm games on Switch, and being able to play it on your phone is great for more people to experience it. Keep doing what you’re doing La Moutarde!

- Actually Freaking Awesome on Iphone!!!

I have nothing other to say other than it’s definitely a challenge and gonna get your fingers moving!!

- Mount zubla songs aren’t downloading

Just purchased the pack and they will not download. Don’t know where else to go to get it figured out. Love the game la moutarde. Have it on switch as well!

- Pretty good

I'm using it to help with the Undyne fight. So far it's pretty useful. The more I practice the better I get. It's useful and I recommend it to anyone wanting to practice for the Undyne and even the Undyne the Undieing fight in the Geneside rout.

- Controls

I don’t know how to use the shoulder buttons Respond please

- Add a harder difficulty

I love it but once you get good it just gets easier and easier so please add a impossible mode


When I downloaded this app I had no idea what it was but when I got in it I got to the first level on easy and they made the game overly hard so I would personally not recommend it to anyone unless you have fast reflexes

- M

Good game just not for me

- 55 songs? Try 5

5 songs are free. You must pay $30 to unlock the other 50 songs. The game description is intentionally misleading.

- Amazing

This game is honestly so much fun

- Won’t scratch that itch

If you’re looking to scratch that itch to play either Guitar Hero or some other rhythm based games...keep moving.

- <3

Good game, chickens are indeed truly evil

- Buy all

Hey I just found this game wandering through the App Store like I do and I love it!! I love rhythm based games and this hits the nail on the head. Can we just have a buy all option for the songs tho? I’ll happily buy them all but I don’t want to go though them all and buy them for 2.99. Can we get a bundle deal for like $19.99?

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- Good but

This game is fun, and I recommend it for a basic rhythm game. However: - All the packs of songs would cost about $50 all together, but the game sells for $13 on Steam. Please add a ‘buy all songs’ option or lower the price of packs. - Fast combos aren’t doable on small devices, which makes some Difficult level tracks basically impossible.

- A great time killer

This is a pretty good game. It’s unique with it’s challenges are fun and it’s easy to just pick up and play. The amount of content you get is nice, and there’s a lot more if you’re willing to pay. It’s a simple rhythm game and that makes it great :)

- Don’t bother

You get a handful of songs for about 20 mins of amusement then it begs for your wallet. Just play another rhythm game, not worth the download.

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- Neat.

It would be better if the hit boxes for the buttons were spaced apart a bit more, it’s fairly easy to accidentally misstap or pause in the middle of a song.

- It’s okay but disappointed in the micro transactions

3.99 for new levels/songs? Are you kidding me? At this point just make the game 2.99 or something

- Ads stop game from working

Hi I love your game. But when I watch an ad for weekly songs. After the ad the music stops and no songs load. The game breaks. Then if I quit the song then the other songs don’t work either. I have to close the app to play again. Then I have to watch an ad again and the cycle starts over

- Good but..

The button are really an issue for the hard song the game itself is enjoyable but i want some challenge.. and with these button it’s a bit complicated to actually enjoy the challenge, i would recommand to put 4square button with their own color (yellow blue red green) but the game itself is very good :D (except that you need to pay 6$ for each song >w>)

- 💛

Nice game but the levels are not sync with the music enough to really feel the rythm, and I would like to see more stats at the end of games!

- Not bad could use work

Its not a bad concept. However the music scores are not melodic or structured enough for a rythm game and there is no feed back when you hit or miss. overall still a nice try at refreshing the classic genre.

- More music

I love this game, but is there a chance you can add more levels that you don’t have to pay for? Beating the first 5 are pretty easy.

- Damn.

This game would be so fun if you fixed the parts with the grey bars

- Simple, fun et efficace!

L’amour du rétro et des jeux de rythme, le meilleur du genre tout simplement !

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💖 Mayro 'Frog Fucker' Maztæ666 | FG 2296 💖 𓂸 💖

I'm now streaming on Twitch! Playing Old School Musical

Katie DiVita

@danulmao I grew up playing drums and guitar so I gravitate towards a lot of music where people are playing their own music, I listen to a lot of 80s rock, musical theater, and movie scores. I actually enjoy a lot of old school r & b artists but I can’t really get into current stuff.


My parents should of known I was gay when 7 year old me asked for high school musical dolls for Christmas

Old School Musical 1.2.18 Screenshots & Images

Old School Musical iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Old School Musical iphone images
Old School Musical iphone images
Old School Musical iphone images
Old School Musical iphone images
Old School Musical iphone images
Old School Musical iphone images
Old School Musical iphone images

Old School Musical (Version 1.2.18) Install & Download

The applications Old School Musical was published in the category Games on 2019-12-10 and was developed by Plug In Digital [Developer ID: 608306412]. This application file size is 176.04 MB. Old School Musical - Games app posted on 2020-01-08 current version is 1.2.18 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.pid.osm

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