Shutter - Sony Camera Remote App Reviews


Shutter - Sony Camera Remote App Description & Overview

What is shutter - sony camera remote app? Easily capture photos with Sony Alpha and Cyber-shot cameras (supported models at the end of this description.) Shutter comes with a full-featured Apple Watch app.


Shutter's timer allows you to specify an initial delay and intervals between photos. You can control waiting sound during the countdown, and photo capture sound when the self-timer triggers.

You can remotely control exposure settings. Included histogram ensures you don't clip highlights or lose shadow details.


With the help of intervalometer, you can get rid of a dedicated cable release. Capture RAW photos and use your regular RAW developer and video editor to put together incredible time-lapse movies.


With timer app you can finally include everyone in family and group photos. Set up timer and allow it to capture multiple frames at one run. Timer sounds will make sure everyone smiles at the exactly right moment.


Ever been to a perfect travel destination with no one around to take a picture of you? Strangers cutting off your limbs? With our intervalometer, you can capture those sunrises and sunsets in the most remote locations.

Shutter's optimized battery usage allows you to enjoy the day to the fullest.


With the recent Eye-AF update for 3rd generation cameras, our remote controller can always focus on the eye. You've never had selfies and group photos this sharp!


Use exposure bracketing to easily capture multiple exposures of the same scene. Recover all shadow and highlight details in post-production.


By combining ("stacking") multiple photos with the same composition, you can drastically reduce camera noise in post-production. Use Shutter to catch multiple exposures of the night sky. This will allow you to produce stunningly clear images of the Milky Way and Northern Lights (aurora borealis).


No one better understands your Instagram business than yourself. Compose perfect shots and improve your Instagram engagements. With Shutter's timer you can take as many photos as you want without hubby's bored face. Your Sony camera will take care of the rest, giving you the sharpest and most flattering pictures!

* configurable initial delay
* configurable interval between shots
* set exposure values from the app (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation)
* support for BULB exposure
* exposure bracketing
* focus bracketing (see compatibility below!)
* audio feedback - know when to smile
* continuous shooting
* video - see compatibility notes below
* live view
* optimized for low battery usage
* histogram to preserve highlights
* control timer from the lock screen
* transfer low-res photo previews from camera
* Dark Mode


* Sony a1
* Sony a7 I*, II, III*, IV
* Sony a7R I*, II, III*, IV, V
* Sony a7S I, II, III
* Sony a7C
* Sony a9 I, II
* Sony a5000*, a5100
* Sony a6000*, a6100*, a6300,
* Sony a6400*, a6500, a6600*
* Sony FX3, FX30
* Sony RX1 II*
* Sony RX10 II, III, IV*
* Sony RX100 III, IV, V, VI, VII
* Sony ZV-1, ZV-E10
* Sony HX400V, HX60V, HX80, HX90V
* Sony WX500
* Sony NES-5R*, NEX-5T*, NEX-6*


a1, a7C, a7 IV, a7R IV, a7R V, a7S III, a9, a9 II, FX3, FX30, RX100 VII, ZV-1, ZV-E10
Only Sony AF lenses are supported!

WARNING: a7, a7R, a6000, a5000, RX1 II and NEX models do not support video.
WARNING: a7, a7R, a7S, a5000, a5100, a6000, RX100 III, HX400V and NEX-series cameras do not support burst shooting.
WARNING: a7 III, a7R III, a6100, a6400, a6600, RX10 IV don't allow tap to focus.


Sony, α, Alpha, Cyber-shot, NEX, RX are trademarks of Sony Corporation.
Uses the Camera Remote API by Sony

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App Name Shutter - Sony Camera Remote
Category Photo & Video
Updated 21 March 2023, Tuesday
File Size 110.13 MB

Shutter - Sony Camera Remote Comments & Reviews 2023

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Terrific app, excellent service. Using Shutter with my A7R4 and A1. Flawless with the A7R4 and I particularly like the combined focus+exposure bracketing mode. Really simplifies this process. Right now doesnt quite work on the A1 but I had an amazing interaction with the developer who gave me full explanations of what was happening, and their plan to make this work in future versions. Extremely responsive developer! I look forward to using the intervalometer mode for astrolandscape. This is a really nice app.

Who needs an intervalometer. I recently switched from Nikon DSLR to Sony mirrorless. My old intervalometer isn’t compatible with the new camera and while researching a new intervalometer I came across this app. After trying it out, I’m delighted. I like the remote operation, easy to use UI, and the tap to connect feature. I had some questions and the developer was very quick to respond.

Shutter gives us the features Sony left out. This app works great as an intervalometer for the Sony cameras. I use it for timelapses and for taking multiple astrophotography exposures for stacking. I love not having to bring a physical intervalometer around or pay Sony for a feature that should have been included. Grzegorz, the developer, is also very polite responsive to questions. I am using it on a Sony a7rii.

Elegantly functional app with a useless and fatal flaw for Astro-photography.. This App does NOT support RAW, ARW, or any other file format that is important to imaging. I wasted 12 hours of data imaging IC 434 using the intervalometer function thinking that when I get back to the telescope that the data was good. It was all .jpeg files. I troubled shooted the setting and the camera was on RAW and jpeg. I’ve also tried just RAW with the same results. My advice, do not support this app developer. I spent years struggling with cheap equipment before going to Astro-Physics and Stellarvue. This app is right there with cheap. And as a note to the developer: please do not reply to my review trying to defend your product. Fix the issue instead so in the future unsuspecting imagers like me aren’t disappointed by an advertised function of your app failing miserably, and costing time and money for “basic” functionality. Coding is not that hard. Actually, I will do it myself.

Great little app for my Sony. After hooking up WiFi from your camera I can control both from my iPhone and watch. Since my A6400 does not flip out for vertical low angle shots this will be a very helpful app. Also great for star shooting. Can do interval shooting and never bump your tripod.

Frustrating and glitchy. All I need is a remote to make the camera take a picture. This falls fat short of what I need. Every time I try to take a picture something different happens except for a picture being taken. The menu of the type of shot comes up again and again and when I select, the shutter button won’t work instead cycling back to the type of shot. Horrible.

Great app overall, very minor qualms.. I use this app as a cam ranger alternative for interior and real estate photography. The ability to check the frame away from camera in real-time is extremely helpful and the main reason I use it, which is the compromise of using a bulky phone and 600w monolight in one hand and a fully loaded tripod in the other. My only “wishes” would be to have the choice of selecting multiple/all previews that are saved so I can delete them all instead of selecting photos one by one. I have to delete the app and reinstall after every shoot. Not a big deal, but would be helpful if implemented. My only other dream wish would be able to communicate to a flash transmitter attached to the hot shoe of the camera to control flash settings while away from camera. I’d pay whatever you wanted for that feature, but I understand that’s not possible with today’s technology, at least not yet. Overall, extremely useful for my purposes. I appreciate the constant updates also. It shows you care not only about your product, but the community who uses it, so I say thank you for that, because it matters to me.

Love everything!. There’s nothing about this app to not love. It’s fun and effective! The only thing I wish would to be able to download images to phone from camera initiated shots. I often use phone interface to set up shot then camera after that to take real shots using intervalometer for time lapses or long exposures. I’d love to be able to pull this into phone or iPad for review and/or sharing. Keep up the great work. I also love your responsiveness to users.

Didn’t have the feature I wanted. Overall a pretty great app. I downloaded this program assuming I’d be able to overlay a photo in order to create a stop motion animation but realized that feature doesn’t exist on the mobile app. I’m hoping to get a refund for this as I no longer need to use this application.

Grainy photos. I connected my a6400 to the app and app point of view from the camera was extremely slow every pose I tried it took the app a long to show up on the screen. Also every photo was really bad quality. It’s almost embarrassing how bad they came out on the app. They was good on my camera but not my phone and the app. Waste of money. Developer could have done better just saying.

Worth the purchase. I downloaded this app when it was still pretty new! I was disappointed at first because it didn’t work. I actually forgot about the app until I wanted to take some long exposure shots and thought about purchasing a remote. I then decided to open this app again and it magically worked. I’m not sure why I had a problem in the first place but like I said I downloaded when it was still fairly new. Maybe some bugs needed to be worked out or I had to wait for an update. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m really glad it works now and it’s easy and convenient to use.

Works Fine. This app works fine and the pairing process was easy. The only issues I experienced was the noticeable delay between taking the photo versus the time it actually registers to your camera. The second challenge was disconnections—I was standing a few feet away from my camera and the app disconnected within a few minutes of purchasing it. I have to manually close and open the app to establish a connection. My third problem is that during Shutter usage and after closing the app, I’m not able to send or receive texts. I’m a product photography who also uses airplay to send images to my TV—which I use as a backdrop. Whenever I have to use Shutter, it interferes with airplay even after I close the app. After using Shutter, I have to turn my phone off completely to allow my phone to receive messages and to use airplay, even though I have consistent Wi-Fi and cellular data. At this point, this works fine for in-studio shoots, but it’s not reliable enough to use at offsite shoots. I hope in time this app improves in its funactionality. 😊

Almost perfect.. I purchased this app to take burst shots of my toddler and I, in a beautiful setting outdoors. I love that it allows you to take as many pictures as your card will allow, for as long as you want. You can change everything you need to perfect your shot on your phone, which is amazing. And I love that you can take photos with your watch, so you don’t have to quickly hide your giant phone for group photos. I just detached the watch band and kept the watch face in my hand. My only knock on the app is that I can’t use my watch for continuous shooting. This did result in me having to use my phone and awkwardly trying to hide it in some shots. Which isn’t a huge deal, but I only had a 100mb memory card on me so my first dozen pictures are of me placing my phone down, and picking up my child THEN trying to pose. Which by that time my camera started to slow down due to trying to process the string of rapid fire pictures. I will continue to use this app. I just hope that in the near future there will be a development of continuous shots on the Apple Watch. :)

Marvelous documentation. Oh, it was such a pain to update my firmware and camera software. I’m very grateful that the documentation in this app made it even possible with their clear instructions. Thanks!

Perfect. Sony should include in manual.. I tried using the Sony Imaging Edge mobile app and it never worked. The camera never connected to my iPhone. This app works perfectly! I can set focus, exposure, etc and get a jpeg immediately to share to Lightroom. I don’t think Sony supports raw transfer to mobile, but I wonder if it’s possible to use FTP transfer? Maybe this app supports it. Regardless, I am super pumped I have a good app finally and it’s well worth the app store price. A manual shutter tool would cost this much with shipping, and that’s just a shutter!

Ugh. Updated review May 23, 2019 I’ve been working with the developer and some beta updates, which have been implemented. The app is much more usable for me now. There is still some shutter delay (iPhone 12Pro Max) but that may be a general Bluetooth issue? Overall definitely a very useful app. ——————————- Can I get a refund? Really all I want is to be able to trigger my a7RIV using my Apple Watch. I do own and use all the time the actual Sony Bluetooth remote. I was hoping to have this app as a back up, however... I need to have the camera in a bracket mode and I need to trigger the camera for each of the brackets manually, when I press the shutter. With this app when it’s in single shot mode it overrides what I have on the camera. And as I say I need to control when (fire the shutter) each of exposures is made. Soooo setting the app in bracket mode is no good for me as the app triggers the full bracket (3, 5, or 9). Also it seems, even if I could live with the app controlling the bracket, this can not be initiated from the watch, only via the app on a phone or iPad. Sooo I’ve owned the app about 10 minutes and I can see in its current version it is useless for me. I wish there was a better description of its function here on the App Store, it would have saved me the pretty high cost of this app. Disappointed.

Well, it’s free. This app did actually save me when I needed to remotely turn on the video of my Sony rxm4. But it is also maddening because it looses the connection and the aperture control is frustrating. So if what you need to do is stand in front of the camera and start vidéo I think this is the only app that will do this for my camera, which isn’t new anymore. I am envious of the other apps out there that work with newer cameras.

Exposure Bracketing not working - fixed. My camera is Sony A7iii. The Exposure Bracketing is showing disabled and off. Tried Aperture and Shuttle priority also didn’t work. Update: impressive response from Grzegorz. Issue resolved by setting the exposure compensation dial in camera to 0. I noticed there’s a delay between the shots using the Exp Bracketing . Will be good without any delay. I also noticed that sometimes it doesn’t take as many shots as set - example: I set the Exp Bracketing to 3 but it only took 2 images; set to 5 and I only got 4. Not sure why.

App is ok but not really worth the money. This app is nice but not completely worth it I’m my opinion. I figured for the price it would have a more impressive featureset. It’s seems like it can change very basic camera settings. Doesn’t offer any sort of focus changing on an auto lens. Also if you can transfer photos from this app to a phone I have no idea how. My biggest issue is how delayed and jittery the playback video is. And the video freezes so I have to sit and wait for it to catch up. It’s not all bad though. I like how easy and fast it is to change aperature shutter speed and iso. However as mentioned before you need to wait a few seconds for the update to take place. When the image updates it seems good enough image quality so that’s nice. I have a Sony a6400.

From 1 Star to 5. Changed this rating because originally I gave it 1 stars since I was unable to use the app ur t a Sony sever error. Shutters customer service rep Grzegorz Świrski actually replied so fast, and changed my experience with shutter making me change this to a 5 star! I realized the problem was not with shutter it was with sonny. The app it self is great! Prefer it to imaging edge 100 percent .

Decent but missing one big feature/functionality. I like this app. It’s streamlined and has a simple unobtrusive user interface. The Tao to connect feature is awesome but it’s missing something pretty big in my opinion. It only imports/saves the image previews to the phone when the shutter button is pressed in the app but not when the shutter is pressed on the camera body itself. I would love to be able to have my camera connected and shoot with my on camera shutter release and still have the image previews transfer over to my phone cause the LCD on the back of the camera body isn’t as reliable at times. Another smaller missing functionality is to be able to control the time in which the app shows the image preview after taking the picture. Wish I could choose in app to disable the automatic image preview and shoot without the lag. Also it would be a great addition to have the camera control UI change orientation with the phone. If I rotate my phone landscape I have the ability to rotate the live view but the camera control UI are sideways.

Great, but with some Bugs. More functional than Imaging Edge app, when connected Works wonderfully when connected even with Apple Watch. When trying to connect, sometimes it’s wonky. At times, laggy on screen and touch functionality especially when using Bluetooth. Moreover, you need Bluetooth [on] to connect to your iPhone with Sony A7IV and to use Apple Watch to use remote shutter. With or without Bluetooth, on Sony ZV-E10, it’s extremely laggy! Ironically, they recommend to turn Bluetooth [off] to avoid lagginess. All that said, Still I’m using it.

Sony Shutter remote. I really like the app for just what it does. You put your camera on a tripod and with your smartphone or iPad, you trigger the camera. You can also bracket 3-5-7 frames, which is what i use the app for. Warning, if you shoot Raws and even if your camera is set to Raws, when you use this app, the default is set to Large JPG and Fine (quality). You’ll end up with JPs on your card. You’ll have to set it manually from within the app, every time you disconnect. Wish they would fix that.

Please read the description info before eating!. Dear fellow Sony users, please do not rate this app one star just because you did not read what it was designed to do. It supports a great deal of Sony cameras, my a6500 included, but no, it will not connect to every single model Sony has ever sold. There is a list of cameras listed that you would do well to read before buying. If you bought it before reading, please check the list before commenting about how it doesn’t connect to your a9 or whatever. I use this app as a remote control and monitor, and it works great. The design is great, and I love that it has an Apple Watch app. My use case is simple, but it deserves five stars from me for how well it does what I need it to. The app developer(s) work hard at updating this app and providing support. Please make sure you are rating based on your experience and how it lived up to the performance the description promises, instead of uninformed expectations.

Extremely slow!!! I needed this to take portraits. I’ve had this for a 3 weeks now and the outcome is the same ! Slooooooow! The connection from the phone to the camera isn’t nearly close to real time and you would need to take a good photo. I’ve taken so many bad pictures bc I am guessing on when the communication from the app to the camera will sync. Definitely not worth it and I don’t recommend this for self shooting.

Great when it works. It’s so nice being able to toggle the controls of the camera with an app but the problem I face is connectivity problems. It’s always a pain trying to get the app to connect to the camera when first starting out. When it comes time to to actually taking the shot I have missed so many chances because the camera hesitates after clicking the button in the app. I’m not sure if the camera WiFi just isn’t the best or the app struggles? I will have to test the native Sony app to see how well connectivity works between the two. I have also noticed the in app preview of what the camera sees “wobbles” if you move your phone around.

How to choose focal point on a scene?. It seems the focus is based on a human face only. If you want to focus an object and blur the human face how do you do it? If I can’t choose my focal point then what good is the app? Please answer and clarify. My camera is Sony A7 III. If I can’t choose an object to selectively focus then this app is of no use to me. Can I get a refund? I only bought it yesterday.

Mostly a success. It’s a little buggy, ends up closing and needing to reconnect frequently but generally works and allows me to do multiple, longer than 30 second exposures for Astro photography so overall I’m happy. I hope it improves over time as this is basically the only option I know of to do this sort of thing with a Sony camera.

Great so far but would love ability to turn off photo send on intervalometer mode. App has been great for Astro photography, could you please add a toggle to turn off WiFi picture previewing entirely? Sometimes this can take as many as 5 seconds to send to the phone and prevents the app from starting the next exposure on time which can be quite frustrating!

Very convenient for panoramas shooting. I have two Sony cameras DSC RX 10 III and DSC RX 100 IV. Both of them work fine with the app. I mount my camera on the panoramic head. Make appropriate setting on it in manual mode. Then I make setting of the pictures’ quantity and the interval into the app and start shooting rotating panoramic head with my camera to the next position during the interval. I need 10 pictures to get cylinder panorama and it takes 20 seconds to complete the shooting taking high quality pictures by stable camera do to remote control.

Software lag and inoperable bracketing. Just bought the software (since there is no trial version available) only to find some flaws in it. Moving between focus points, there is lag in display. Also, when exposure bracketing, the software locks up and does not release the click button. There could be other bugs as well that I have not discovered yet.

Fantastic support!. This app is super easy to use and designed in a very clean way. No complaints on the functionality. What really stands out to me though is that when I encountered a bug that prevented my camera from focusing while using the app, the Shutter support team responded to my email AND had a fix ready for me to test in less than 12 hours. I really appreciated having the app fixed in such a short time, as I could get back to shooting the next day!

What it does it does well!. So far really like the app to control my Sony camera! Sometimes a little laggy but overall works well. The features it provides work as intended and I’m excited to see what new features they add to this app! Off to a great start and keep up the solid work!

Better than the Sony app!. So far, a solid remote with functionality better than I ever got from the Sony app. (a6300) allows use of the iPad to see so much better than on the camera. Not sure why use of AF seems to negate use of any other setting like aperture and ISO though. Can we get an option to assign a basic Bluetooth remote to action the shutter instead of sound volume increase?

Perfect!. This app is absolutely perfect, it connected to my Sony a7iv very easily and there’s were no glitches while using it. I personally use this app for taking self portraits of myself and family and when using Sonys built in IntervalTimer you are limited to using one shot focus and it doesn’t refocus between photos. With this app you can use continuous focus and it refocuses for every photo!

So far, so good! Just watch out for any VPN software!. I haven’t had a chance to fully test the app, yet, but I have certainly tested the support and it is awesome! I couldn’t get the camera to connect. The wifi would work, but the camera couldn’t ever be found. It turns out that it was because of my VPN software. Once I figured out how to set the camera as a “trusted” network, it worked flawlessly.

Works great. Great support - fast to respond when I had an issue updating the software on the camera. All features work. This has been a life saver with a few projects for me, making adjusting settings and remotely operating the shutter so much easier. I am using this with a Sony A7RII.

Great alternative to ImagingEdge. Similar to Sony’s free ImagingEdge app but with additional features and flexibility on the settings. I recommend this product to anyone using the ImagingEdge who feels limited (e.g. only two time options for delayed shutting). Also great customer service. Ran into a bug, contacted them and it was quickly fixed.

Hesitant but Happy. The reviews for this app made me so nervous to make the purchase but this app has been amazing so far. A lot of the negative reviews come from people who did not read the description to see if their sony camera model was compatible with this app. I am working with the a7sii. I had to upgrade my Smart Remote App in order to adjust manual settings from the app and the instructions were straight forward. The ONLY issue I have with this app is trying to connect by touching the N mark. I cannot seem to make that happen and always have to connect manually —could be user error or it could be a bug but other than that, this is the best remote app i’ve ever used. Great Job!

Perfect!. I just purchased this app for my Sony ZV-1 and it works perfectly!! No glitches, no problems. There are a few features I wish it had such as transfer photos from camera to iPhone. I also wish it had zoom control and tap to focus (but i understand Sony discontinued tap to focus). But as a remote shutter release for my ZV-1 it’s exactly what I wanted.

Great customer service! Thank you Grzegorz!. At first i had a problem to connect my new Sony A7iv. I emailed y the customer service and Grzegorz was able to resolve the problems and also he will try to connect and implement new features. In reference to the app, it seems to work correctly so far. I’ll be testing a lot more once the weather will get nicer.

Awesome and Easy. This app is thoughtfully designed and well executed. It’s worlds better than the Sony app. I use it for cycling photography self portraits and it’s wonderful to be able to control the camera from my phone, mounted to the handlebars. Thanks very much for making this app!

Great little app and awesome customer service. I picked up this app hoping that it would be better than the native Sony app and it is. However it was missing an important feature for my work, so I emailed the company a couple months back. They replied quickly and said they would look into adding the feature and I forgot about it. Today out of the blue I got a personal email from the developer that he added the feature I had requested. I am FLOORED. I have never experienced such responsive customer service before. Very glad I paid for this app, and encourage Sony camera owners to pick this one up and support this awesome developer!

Only works in photo mode, doesn’t create a timelapse video. It worked with my Sony RX10 IV in photo mode, but not in video mode. You need to make the photos into a timelapse video yourself. You need video editing software that can convert a sequence of photos into a video to use this and I haven’t been able to find one that does this on iPhone.

No long exposure support. There doesn’t seem to be support for long exposure when the camera is in bulb mode. Meaning you can’t automate exposure sequences longer than the 30 second camera limit. I can see this is useful for time lapse but unfortunately it isn’t a complete physical intervalometer replacement. I’m not sure if its intention to be though. The sliders for the controls also seem to close in the middle of adjusting them which is a bit frustrating.

Am still learning. I am in the process of exploring night photography with my Sony a 6000 and this app, once I figured it out, has really helped. Had an update issue initially and emailed support and got reply and assistance within an hour. I do wish I was able to preview each photograph (maybe I can just don't know how) as that would make it 100% for me.

Great app. Very versatile!. Easy to use. Great quality photos. Very liberating for tripod shots where you can’t be on the camera. 10/10. (Using Sony AR7iii: only down side is no tap to focus on this camera model)

Searching for this !. I’m a real estate photographer and I have been searching for a remote control app for my Sony camera that wouldn’t, automatically, turn my Raw images to jpeg. This is it. It’s great app! Only thing I would wish for is a rule of three guides for my old eyes. Other than that it’s great! Customer service is qwik to respond too.

Amazing. Better app than the official Sony one by miles. Tap autofocus, controls in the appropriate camera mode. Awesome. Also the watch support and customer service. Worth it.

Almost good. Needs a new update.. I remember that this app it used to connect to the camera even if you were checking out your pictures on the camera but not anymore. I have a small rig cage and it’s a pain on the neck to connect it back again because it covers the N logo and I’m using my Iwatch to snap pictures with my family anyway the weird part that I found from this app is that somehow this app communicates with the imaging edge app from Sony while I’m using my watch to snap the pictures with a short time lagging and still focusing. I hope they can keep the app more steady on their future updates. That will be only reason for 4 stars.

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No preview available for Sony a7iii after last update. App working fine before the last update now no preview available after a7iv update

Forget it for A7R. Waste of time and $, the developers should take this camera off the compatible equipment list. It’s probably flaky due to Sony’s old software on the A7R.

Extremely Laggy. Trying to do self portraits or anything timed is an absolute disaster, also the shoot button is ambiguous to use.

Stable and well made. This app is much better than the Sony made one. The preview quality is much higher and the app is generally more stable. The interval shooting and other timer based functionality is really useful and works well. The only thing it’s missing is the ability to control the focus point although I’m sure this is a limitation on Sony’s side and just isn’t possible. All in all a fantastic app and well worth the money for me!

Not worth. I would like to cancel the purchase and get refunded

No control over bulb settings. No controls over bulb setting

Totally worth the investment. This is a really well designed app, the team have done a marvellous job with solid functionality. I was blown away with the live preview on the phone, and the support team is quick to respond to any questions. Thanks again and keep it up guys!!

Great app and customer service. I didn’t know Sony has a different menu when using the remote control app. I realised that when I came home and only had jpeg on my cart instead of RAW + jpeg. I thought it’s an app issue and e-mailed them. They responded in less then 5 minutes, explained what’s going on and said they’ll try to highlight this fact in future release. Thank you for your honest customer oriented approach!

Poor support. My camera is not supported by this app. Asked for assistance from app provider but they can’t even be bothered to reply Simply a rip-off/scam

Best Remote App for Sony Cameras. This is an app I didn’t want to get but it is completely worth it compared to Sony app itself. Given Sony as a leading Camera equipment developer cannot include the ability to capture long exposure images with precise timing is quite disappointing. The Sony Imaging Edge app is something so unreliable and useless, I cannot put it to words how stable this app is in comparison. I put it to test in cold night shooting timed long exposure Astro photos and wasted an hour of good weather with Sony Imaging Edge until I decided to use this in desperation. Things to consider - Great replacement for a Sony Remote. - Stable connectivity. - Long exposure timed photo shooting scenarios. - More features preferred. - Best alternative app for Sony Imaging Edge.

False reviews - useless app. This app is not as good as it claims. I purchased this app after reading the reviews expecting something I’m far better than the FREE Sony app. Buggy to connect and offers half the features that the Sony app does. You can not download stored photos and the connection drops in and out. Default Sony app works perfectly with my Sony A7 MK IV. Don’t bother wasting the money on this ridiculously over priced app.

First rate. I have used this app with my A7IIIs and A9 and it works perfectly on all 3 cameras.

Outstanding Support. As a lover of landscape and long exposure photography - Shutter is a handy accessory particularly at night and in early morning. Being able to be adjust settings from my phone is great. I can see and be more comfortable than if tethered to my camera and tripod. I have found at times that the WiFi connection is a bit hit and miss but once connected Shutter is a great app. I did contact support for help with a setting on camera that prevented exposures longer than 30 seconds and their response was immediate and accurate. This alone sets this app apart. I have not been disappointed with my purchase. (For long exposures the shutter setting cannot be electronic for bulb or longer than 30”)

Nothing like screen shots. This app is nothing like the screen shots. Took a long time to set up with a Sony A74.

Great app!. Great app, works with both my Sony A7I and RX100VA

Perfect with my Sony. I did my homework before choosing this and I am impressed with it. It’s intuitive and lag free live screens to iPad, iPhone or my Watch. It has great features and auto connected to my Alpha no probs. Would be good if the developer could rethink the mode selection method down the bottom right on the iPhone view, as I love tripod dark shooting and the option is not very prominent in low light. Perhaps modify it to look like a three way rocker switch? Otherwise nine out of ten. Awesome.

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Doesnt work with Sony a7iii. Well, it doesn't focus in the app so I paid 22 dollars for something I cannot use. Id like a refund, please. And yes, I did google how to "fix" and using wide AF on my camera just doesn't work as well.

A refund please. I purchased this app and within 20 minutes of testing it lags so much. Ended deleting the app.

It does JPG ONLY instead of RAW. Didn’t even give me the option or warning of the auto-JPG. It’s a joke

Sony AS15. I mistakenly thought it would work on my cam but it didn’t. Got contacted immediately for a refund There guys are on it. Thanks

Newest version is horrible. I updated it and it works on neither my a6000 or a6500 . There is no option to scan to connect and manual connection does not work. Totally useless

There are better options. Sony’s imaging edge app is awful, and this is definitely an improvement but not as good as other free options I’ve found.

:). Expensive, but ideal

I use it professionally. Used this app with my a7iii for a year and now 4months on my A1 since upgrading bodies. Solid app, and use it every day for taking real estate flambient photography.

Anita. An excellent app that allows for live view of camera generated image on your phone. The range is impressive and camera settings are easily managed remotely. App support is very prompt and personable.

One of my best app purchases. The app is super easy to use and very functional. I believe it gives a better value (for money) when compared to traditional shutter remotes. To add to this awesomeness, the support is readily available. My inquiry email was replied under 5 mins. In summary, great team, great app!

Not worth it. This app works but it’s not worth it. It’s not convenient to use and I think there is a free app now that does the same thing. I tried returning/refunding the app through the App Store the day after I bought it and it said “app not eligible for refund/return” so be careful if you buy this and don’t like it you can’t return or refund it. Also... 20.00? Are you kidding? I know apps that do waaaaaaay more that aren’t even 10.00. It’s ridiculous. At the time of purchase I thought this was my only option. I wish I had not purchased but it does work and that’s why I gave it 2 stars.

Lags alot with a A7C on a iPhone 13 Promax. It lags to the point where the app is not usable and the camera doesn't focus and doesn't take the picture within the shutter time. Its not great!

Lag. Huge time lag between Moving the camera and seeing the picture on your phone.

Easy to use. I love it!

Amazing app. I needed an app with Intervalometer that allowed me to make changes during a time lapse shoot. This app does it all.

Awesome. This app is what i’ve been looking for forever!

Comprehensive and Simple. Has an exception amount of built in functionality for a remote shutter app. I love being able to tap to connect and save my shots straight to my library. I couldn’t adjust my white balance or zoom with a Sony power lense, but I’m unsure if that’s missing functionality or if I wasn’t sure how to do it. Still can zoom and edit setting in camera however. Pretty great considering the price is comparable with a physical remote shutter, yet has so much more functionality.

Easier connection than Sony app. This app seems to connect more easily than the Sony app, although I sometimes have to make multiple attempts to connect. Works well after it does connect. I notice there is an exposure compensation setting, but it is greyed out. How do you enable this function? When I am using a flash in TTL mode, it remains greyed out. Can you please advise on how to enable the exposure comp function?

SONY A7II. It says the app works with the Sony A7II, but not at all. The continuous mode is not even working and it was the only reason why I bought this app. The app is very expemsive and does not even write the good information before we buy it.

Never works. Really laggy and barely ever takes a photo when I click it

Intervalometer!. Bought this app for the advance intervalometer settings to take family photos. Expensive but have provided a lot of great family photos without having a photographer.

Bad. Super slow The Sony edge app is awful but at least it is free. This one is just a waste of money. Painful to use.

Waste of money. Sony zv -1 problem

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Works Great with the 6600!. Was pretty easy to set up, I enjoy it

Sony A7 IV solution. To use this app with Sony A7 IV, go to network settings and then to network options and then disable Access Authen. Setting. Then the app will work again with 2.0 firmware.

Where is the support?. You link to your site to say AppSupport but there is none on your site. Also, will Sony A7C be supported?

Doesn’t work for a6400. It connects to the WiFi but after it connects it says “Connected to Wi-Fi. Initializing camera connection...” and it never shows up it just stays there...

Constantly freezes up. Freezes after a few seconds any time I try and use it. Waste of $16. Avoid.

Really awesome app!. Does what it says and does it really well. However, for me, the Apple Watch viewfinder doesn’t work for some reason. It’s Sony a7 II, iPhone 11 Pro iOS 14, Apple Watch 6 WatchOS 7.0.1.

Disappointed. For the price I expected it to be better than the official Sony Imaging Edge app, but it has fewer features (can’t change the shutter speed or aperture or focus mode.) Waste of money.

Total bait and switch. I gotThis app for my Sony a 7S3 and the interface doesn’t look anything like the photos shown nor does it have the same features. I still don’t know how to use the Iwatch feature. I don’t think it actually works with it.

Works great while hiking!. This app has made controlling my camera so much better! Especially when I’m out and about in the wild

No professional features. No focus peaking(other apps do) No histograms or anything More laggy than imaging edge

Best Service -EVER!. This app comes with the BEST customer service, EVER! Thanks for giving us Sony camera users, other App options, besides Sony!😃

Very minimal featured, over priced for what it is. Really minimal camera control features. I have no idea why it should cost 20 bucks. I would like disable the app and get a refund

Great app.. Has a little trouble connecting but not too bad and the control is worth it

Doesn’t work. My first problem with this app is that every time my phone’s screen locks, the app disconnects from the camera. My major problem with the app is that it doesn’t take a photo when I push the shutter button. It literally does nothing at all. I want a refund.

Love it !. Works beautifully with my Sony alpha a7iii. Update: Upgraded to a7siii and unfortunately the touch to focus or track is not supported. The native app dies support this function… I hope it can be updated soon

Shutter Review for Sony A1. I have been using this app for a few days now and so far I am very impressed by it. Way more functionalities than Sony Imaging Edge.

Meh. The program is constantly disconnecting especially when I’m stopping to check how the pic looked on the camera. Wish it would work with bulb.

Not Good With ZV-E10. It connected with the camera much better than other apps, but the connection was laggy and it disconnects too easily. Frustrating for a $20 app.

Update to “Doesn’t work” Post. With the developer working hard to give the app clarity, this now works excellently. Took Sony ariii on shoot. Had zero issues.

Does not work on my a7ii. I cannot take bracketed photos with my a7ii. Only reason I purchased and does not work. I would like a refund but apples stores says refund not eligible. Need to report it to my credit card

Great Shutter Release for Sony Digicam. This is a very convenient Shutter Release for Sony Digital Cameras. I personally own Sony RX100V and Sony Alpha 6400. Very easy interface and works great!

HATE this app. I’ve been messing with it for over 2 days Everything’s downloaded and up to date The app just says-waiting. Save your money

Amazing. Better app than the official Sony one by miles. Tap autofocus, controls in the appropriate camera mode. Awesome. Also the watch support and customer service. Worth it.

Update seems to mess up iso settings?. Before the update it was super easy to use this app, but now that it’s updated it seems like no matter what I do my lighting is too dark. I use this app for my Cinematic portraits with my Sony A7ii, and usually will set up all my lighting stuff before I connect to the app. No matter what I do, it’s always way too dark now.

Worked and stop imaging. I started an imaging session with the intervalometer and bulb mode. Took 3 pictures out of 100 and stopped. Same thing on the morning, took 7 pictures out of 20. On principle seems like a good app, but if it’s not reliable, it’s useless

Waste of Money. Purchased this for remote control of video and rapid continuous shooting. The fastest multi shot setting is 1 second but it actually takes 3-5 random seconds between shots at a 1 second setting. Also the continuous video control mode acts like it is recording something, but nothing is recorded either on the iPhone or in the camera. Very disappointing waste of money that I would like refunded.

Shutter. Awesome helpful App Only issue is sometimes it doesn’t focus. The steps to update the app are difficult

I love this app!. It’s amazing! I’m a content creator and this app is a game changer! Love ittttt

No focus on tap for A9?. Is this feature not available for sony a9 I?

It keeps disconnecting. Everytime I try to take a picture it disconnects and then try’s to reconnect to the camera. Extremely frustrating.

5 Stars. What an amazing app!! It delivers what you need when you need it.

Fantastic for twilight shots. Worked great with my A7Riii. I can set the intervals and not have to babysit camera. Great App

RAW?. My A6400 is configured to only shoot RAW files so I was disappointed when I used this app and had an entire session result in JPGs.

Meh. Once you get in app, the feature that says “update to get access to shutter iso” and other important things is way too overly difficult... improve usability (saying this as a 21 yr old....)

Only works sometimes. It’s convenient beings my camera doesn’t allow me to focus on stuff when it’s on the self timer but the app is very glitchy. When I try to save pics, it’ll just exit out the app. And then half the time I can’t get my camera & the app to connect. I expect more from an app that I have to pay for.

No connection !!!. Trying and following all directions... no connection. Pretty expensive app - yet a complete no-go!!! I’m awaiting help and will change the review when I can get this working.

No eye af on A7iii. The description mentions that the app works with eye af. There is no option in the app to auto focus. I have to walk to the camera to use eye af but that’s kind of pointless when you have to walk back to the spot you were stand at f1.8. Please add the af feature to the app as advertised.

Doesn’t work for A72. App successfully connected to the camera but camera view never loaded. It said camera view loading but it never loaded. This app is a joke! Sony imaging edge app can connect easy and fast. This app is supposed to be better!

Works well with Sony a6000. This app works very well with Sony a6000 camera. It is better, easier to use and set than Sony’s Imaging Edge Mobile. If you have trouble with the Sony app, try this one!

No working. I got this app today for my iPhone 12 And didn't work I just pay $19 dollars and this trash app no work 😪😪😪

Requires wifi connection and no other connection options. Requires a wifi connection and my A9 will not connect to 5ghz networks. I also shoot remotely and could not find a way to connect to my A9 while on the go.

Tap to focus is not an option. Sony a7c. Can’t tap to focus. Also, the focus point doesn’t match what is displayed on the camera. Was expecting more features, especially for how much the app cost. Underwhelmed, honestly.

Not good for importing photos, connectivity issues. I have better luck using the Sony app to import pictures on my phone/ipad. The connectivity issues are there. If you just want a remote control app, this may work. Not worth $20. I wish I could get a refund.

Please support my handicam. Please add more functionality for the Sony handicam fdr-ax53. App works well enough to act as remote stop start button, but even if I set up spot focus before connecting via WiFi, the focus setting reverts back to automatic upon pressing start. Cmon, let’s take those go pro users out of their position of power :)

Not what I expected. This app is not what I expected it has a basic not great interface to interact with and i I can’t access my images through the app , definitely need to get a refund , for a 20 dollar app this is not worth it !

Love the App. Hey I love the App but can we get a tap to focus feature and also I’m having problems with the app and my Apple Watch

Works great. Easy to set up, works perfectly! Thanks for a great app!

Terrible absolute waste of my money. In the pictures that display the app it specifically says that you can use it to mirror video but I bought it and it can only be used for photo. Also the screen in the app is way too small and the screen is the only thing that rotates which doesn’t help because it doesn’t get any bigger.

Control issues much?. Giving them one star, not because the app is broken, but simply because they require my “precise” location be shared in order to use the app. Why? You don’t need it. Just let me use the freaking app any way I choose!

Laggy but works. It’s a great app! I only wish it didn’t lag so much. When I press the button on my phone to take a pic sometimes it takes forever to get to the camera.

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shutter - sony camera remote ipad images 2
shutter - sony camera remote ipad images 3
shutter - sony camera remote ipad images 4

Shutter - Sony Camera Remote 2.83 Apps Screenshots & Images

Shutter - Sony Camera Remote iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $19.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.83
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 14.2 or later

Shutter - Sony Camera Remote (Versiyon 2.83) Install & Download

The applications Shutter - Sony Camera Remote was published in the category Photo & Video on 2019-04-17 and was developed by Camera Control Apps Sp. Z O.o. [Developer ID: 1459044147]. This program file size is 110.13 MB. This app has been rated by 370 users and has a rating of 3.9 out of 5. Shutter - Sony Camera Remote - Photo & Video app posted on 2023-03-21 current version is 2.83 and works well on IOS 14.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Shutter - Canon EOS Remote 3.8 28 Free
Shutter - Sony Camera Remote App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Added support for Sony a7 IV (firmware 2.00)!

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