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RadarOmega App Description & Overview

What is radaromega app? Welcome to RadarOmega, the next-generation weather app that takes high-resolution weather data to a whole new level. More than just radar, RadarOmega provides unique data solutions for all types of weather data that are customizable depending on your needs, whether that's before, during, or after the storm.

Dedicated to providing solutions to our industry, RadarOmega created an exclusive network of weather stations featuring live video and sensor data called cyclonePORT. RadarOmega and cyclonePORT work closely with universities, emergency managers, broadcast meteorologists, and more to provide solutions for relaying critical weather information when life-threatening weather situations are imminent.

RadarOmega provides high-resolution radar data for the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, and South Korea.

Base Application Features:
-High-Resolution Single Site Radar Data
-30 Frame Animations for Radar
-7 Day Radar History with 30 frames
-Lightning Detection/Animation
-24 Hour Storm Reports
-SPC Convective Outlooks, Watches, & Mesoscale Discussions
-NHC Tropical Suite & Hurricane Hunter
-WPC Excessive Rainfall Outlooks
-CPC Temp. & Precip. Outlooks
-Fire Weather Outlooks & Weekly Drought Monitor
-WPC Winter Weather Forecasts & Winter Storm Severity Index
-METARS Data Layer
-Real-Time NWS Storm-Based Warnings
-Non-Precip Watches/Warnings for USA
-Flash animation and in-app sound alerts for Severe, Tropical, & Winter Alerts
-WPC Surface Analysis
-Buoy Data & Tidal Forecast Charts
-NEXRAD Hail History
-Spotter Network Locations
-Map Type Customization
-Detailed City & Road Network
-15 Custom Locations with a RadarOmega Account
-Drawing, Data Viewer, and Distance Tools
-Share GIF and Videos of Radar Animations
-Day/Night Layer
-Access to cyclonePORT network

-Hi-Resolution Satellite Data
-Lightning Detection/Animation, METARS, & GLM for Mesoscale & Storm-Based Satellite Sectors

-National Digital Forecast Database
-Storm Track Drawing Tool
-Access to Project MesoVort
-75 Frame Animations for Radar/Satellite
-Dual View for Radar with 30 Frames
-Smoothing for Radar/Satellite
-30 Day Radar History with 75 Frames
-6 Month Storm Report Archive
-3D Radar/Satellite
-Upload 3 Custom Color Tables
-30 Custom Locations with Icon Upload
-2 Custom Location Lists

*Everything in Gamma PLUS*
-MRMS Data
-150 Frame Animations for Radar/Satellite/MRMS
-Dual View for Radar/Satellite with 50 Frames
-Smoothing for MRMS
-90 Day Radar History with 150 Frames
-5 Year Storm Report Archive
-Upload 8 Custom Color Tables
-75 Custom Locations with Icon Upload
-5 Custom Location Lists

*Everything in Beta PLUS*
-NEW Volumetric Radar
-Model Data with Contours for HRRR, NAM3KM, NAM12KM, RAP, GFS, ECMWF, HWRF, & HMON
-250 Frame Animations for Radar/Satellite/MRMS
-Dual View for Radar/Satellite with 100 Frames
-Quad View for Radar/Satellite on iPad & Desktop with 50 Frames
-Smoothing for Models
-90 Day Radar History with 250 Frames
-10 Year Storm Report Archive

-Upload 30 Custom Color Tables
-150 Custom Locations with Icon Upload
-10 Custom Location Lists
-1 Site Lightning Monitoring with Custom Range Zones

Subscriptions are maintained through the iOS App Store. We will work with our customers however, refunds must be done through the iOS App Store. Please be sure to reach out to our support team if you have any problems, questions, or concerns.

For Support- You can create a ticket and we will resolve it as soon as possible:

See our Terms of Service below:

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App Name RadarOmega
Category Weather
Updated 19 September 2023, Tuesday
File Size 34.91 MB

RadarOmega Comments & Reviews 2023

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Excellent customer service and radar!. I had a problem signing into the app. I reached out to the Radar Omega team by email and told them the problem I was having. Within a couple of days they figured it out and the app works fine now. I’m so appreciative to the person that assisted me in fixing this issue that was literally driving me crazy. Also, the app is excellent!! If you love the weather, than this is the app for you.

Great weather app and radar app. I purchased this after hearing that I was going to be available from a chaser friend Mike Phelps for the iPhone and I could not have gone wrong on the purchase. The program does everything and the nice thing about this program is that it’s being supported and updates continually make it better not like some of the others where it takes months before they fix an issue get Radar omega and you can’t go wrong

Best weather app. Period.. Best weather app period! If you understand the basics of weather take 5 minutes to explore how powerful and feature packed this app is! The inclusion of private gap filler radars and micro weather data from CyclonePort stations is a game changer. Being able to physically see the storm coming through the extensive camera and sensor network gives you eyes on the ground! No need to use any other radar, or monitoring software. Desktop version is amazing too!

The Concept is good but left me wanting better. My Radar App was cheaper and I don’t need a monthly subscription to get a 3D and High Def. version . I had high hopes for this app but definitely it was a huge let down specially for the cost of the app and looks like a kids coloring book ! Not for me I uninstalled it from my phone and just taking a loos on my money. I wonder how many people have done the same , I’ll probably create an app like this and make my money on tricking people into making the first purchase, but then again I will never take advantage of people in that way.

Perfect for the weather enthusiast!. Radar Omega is fantastic. I have been a weather enthusiast for about 25 years. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I have the Alpha subscription ($120 per year). If you are interested in weather and like to look at radar, satellite, wind, precipitation data, IT IS WORTH IT! You can track your own storms. It is a feature-rich program and can be overwhelming at first. Just start with the reflectivity radar and get use to it. Then venture out to other features. I absolutely love it!

Best Weather Radar App On The Market. This app has everything you could want in an advanced radar app. There are more included features with no subscription than any other app and some subscription features aren’t even available anywhere else. If you have an issue or request simply email there support team and they usually reply that day, even on weekends! Who else does that? They work to resolve every issue as soon as possible and seriously consider every single request making the vast majority of requests an actual feature. Who else does that? They are constantly soliciting input and feedback from their users and factor that into all of their development decisions. Who else does that? Don’t pay attention to most of the negative reviews as you can see upon close inspection they are false and some even come from the same person. If you want the truth about this app and their team check out their Facebook support group and/or talk to an actual user.

Pretty good overall. App works really well, in the fire service monitoring flood waters using the live rainfall accumulation map is extremely helpful. Only complaint is that even after paying 8$ for the app, there is still multiple subscriptions within it to unlock more features. Could be just me, but I feel if you’re already paying for the app, should have everything unlocked. Other than that, super clean user interface and functions just as it should.

Superior Mobile Wx App. Mapping detail, ability to use same overlays for satellite info, METARs, etc. is without peer on iOS. Excellent job! My only ask is that I will be sharing screen caps from here on social media...need a feature where the RO watermark can be added to the image to give the appropriate attribution. Quite surprised at both the depth and ease of information available with this app.

Amazing Quality!. Ive tried other apps like Radar Scope but they never gave the features to people who didn’t want to pay for a monthly subscription. Radar omega gives a ton of futures for that one time purchase. Color tables for radar, gate filtering and plenty of radar products just to name a few. Its an amazing radar tool and I will continue to use and recommend this amazing app.

Awesome Radar!!. I fell in love with this radar when I began to use it. Love how your able to make warning boxes like a warning would actually be & the color pallets too. I don’t like how you have to clear the drawing to move the screen. I wish you were able to move the screen while your able to keep the drawing on there. Also, another feature you should add is a text box to type messages or random words. Anyways, it’s amazing & I love it.

Finally everything we’ve been asking for. RadarScope is the gold standard, but over the years nothing has changed and it’s getting very dated. No street mapping is the biggest downfall of RS when chasing. Also the 10 minute radar refresh makes it almost unusable. I understand that RO is still young and borderline still in beta, but the potential is there! Everything everyone has ever complained about with RS is available with RadarOmega. 5 minute radar refresh and street mapping is amazing. Once spotter network reporting gets implemented I can finally uninstall RadarScope. I appreciate the hard work y’all are doing and the windows app is AMAZING!!! Now if only apple would allow it with CarPlay (we can dream ).

Crashes, fails to load, and is just slow.. I tried dealing with it and not it’s gotten to me. The app is great if it works. It has more features for less compared to some other apps like radar scope but it doesn’t matter if the app fails to load. I’ve tried countless times to get it working, and to be fair it did work for a little while but would crash and stop working every once and while. But now it just plain doesn’t work. When I open the app it takes about three minutes to load all the different ui elements but the map stays black. Tapping on anything takes a good solid minute to respond (if it even does) and it’s down right unusable. If the app worked, five stars but it just crashes and stays slow.

Subscription charges. Love the app absolutely incredible. However, I upgraded from the omega to the alpha within the same day and was still charged full price for both? Why am I not charged the difference instead I was charged $22? You would think you spent $10 and for a few dollars more a month you can have the upgrade. If I get charged for both next month unfortunately I will have to cancel I guess

Handy wx toolkit. Waited awhile before buying this app however finally pulled the trigger and glad I did. Signed up for the Alpha data and love having these features on my Mac! Long duration satellite and radar animations work well. Wish there were more sharing options for desktop however I realize this is still in development. Also PLEASE allow dual view with both radar and satellite view, this would be amazing. Looking forward to tracking tropical wx this season.

Has Additional Features Compared to RadarScope. The RadarOmega app has improved dramatically over the past six months, there are only a couple of improvements I would recommend: Tropical System Wind Probability Opacity: TSWP’s over 20% cover the locations on the screen, please make more transparent or have a sliding bar for transparency. Update: This issue has been fixed and is modifiable via Polygon Opacity under Tropical Weather Outlooks Include Hurricane/Tropical Storm Warnings. Tropical Weather Statements (they include information on severity of impacts within a tropical system for a NWS forecast area) Update: This feature has been added under Weather Alert Settings Storm Tracks: Storm tracks on RadarScope are slightly better as they include arrival times on screen, if a T-Storm is tornadic or producing hail, an animating indicator similar to the ones seen on TV would set the app far ahead of RadarScope. Update: This feature has been added under radar settings. CarPlay (For Warnings Only) (Would be only weather app on iOS that offers this): As CarPlay is very restrictive, it wouldn’t be able to display radar. However, if someone has RadarOmega Always Allow location, they can receive an alert when they drive into a Tornado/Severe T-Storm/Flash Flood Warning, (also could play audio of the alert in the distant future). The developer of this app is the best developer is the weather category and is always working to improve the user experience. Keep up the great work!

Almost Perfect. This app blows RadarScope out of the water, and I’ve been using RS for about 8 years, ever since Moore in 2013. With RadarScope’s base cost, you don’t get SPC products, special weather statements, METARs, or 30 frames of radar data. With RO, you get all that plus a road map that gets more detailed the more you zoom in, making this app preferential for chasers as we can now chase with only one app open. What really sets RadarOmega apart, however, isn’t the radar data. It’s the satellite data that can be added for $5 a month. Keep in mind, all of this except satellite is included with the base cost of the app. So with all of this, it’s cheaper than RS coupled with AllisonHouse. Some things I’d love to see added to the app to make it truly perfect are mesoanalysis, the ability to separate cities and roads to only render one invisible if so desired, METAR wind barbs, and the ability to log into Spotter Network to send reports and position information. If it weren’t for these features being absent, I’d be getting rid of RadarScope tonight. Otherwise, this app truly goes above and beyond, and I can’t wait to try it on my iPad and Windows.

Watch out RadarScope!. I don’t normally write app reviews, but I felt compelled to after a recent interaction with support. If you’re familiar with radarscope it is very similar; this app is really catered to Meteorologists and weather enthusiasts, not your average person. I have had RadarOmega for a while now and have watched it improve into a beyond usable app that is threatening radarscope’s spot on my app dock. Only a few months ago, the app was laggy and slow but now it runs much faster. There is a lot more customization and features that are free compared to other similar apps. I also think the subscription prices are very fair, if you buy any subscription you get free access to their Mac/Windows/Linux app. If I had one critique of the app it is that it still doesn’t feel 100% fluid and I do not like the transition when going in and out of the menu it feels slow and dated. I will say if you ever have any issue their team will be more than willing to help you. I emailed about a feature and received a response within 5 minutes! That is very impressive! Overall, this app hasn’t quite earned radarscope’s spot, but it very well could in the future.

Quality app with great features. This app is the best and most in-depth app of its type that I’ve found. I appreciate the customizability and the added data beyond radar (LSRs, METARs, etc). I also appreciate having additional weather alerts available. I do think that the app is kinda cluttered, but that’s probably a symptom of the customizability and I’d rather have the customizability. I wish the app included more real-time weather reports than just METAR data. The rest of the NOAA MADIS suite would be nice. I also wish more weather alerts were visible, like wind advisories and dust storm alerts. I also wish that I could turn off the radar display to only see alerts, LSRs, or METAR data to share that on social media without the radar overlay. A 24 hour clock option versus am/pm for local time and mPING integration would also be small but welcome improvements. Overall, this is a fantastic app and is well worth the price! I look forward to more innovations from the developers!

Is this the storm ive been looking for ?. A few years ago,Weather underground made an application called storm radar. The weather channel bought weather underground and killed the storm radar calling it an upgrade. So far, this is the closest app that gives me the data that storm radar did and has a lot of options for those that are interested in weather. It would be awesome to see a few of the additional things built in storm like the simulated live radar mode, switching between satellites and being able to add fronts and other items to the map. Nice work on this app!

Waiting for the 3d hail swath….. Am an Alpha user and have been for some time. I love Radar omega and truly believe it’s the weather software of the future. I liked radarscope but it just seems so basic and bland after using radarOmega. I am however waiting for the 3d hail swath. Will it be available to single site radar? Or just MMRS? Either way can’t wait to see it. The 3d visualizations (albeit we don’t really need them) are fantastic given the fact you can use your own color table for everything from reflectivity and velocity to different model products. Fantastic stuff and thank you to the developers for bringing this weather laboratory to our fingertips.

Storm Chasers Best Friend. This app has been great in my experience so far! The maps load good and all the radar data is there. The map is probably my favorite part of this app. It finally gives the ability for people to chase storms off one device. Other GR Level Radar apps maps are so bare they are pretty much useless for navigating so other equipment is required to know what roads can give you an exit in a bad situation. Compared to Rasarscope with out any subscription you get way more features with Radar Omega. If you do decide to subscribe, the subscriptions are feature packed and worth the money. Also, this app is for weather enthusiasts and professionals. If all your used to is weather bug or my radar, this app isn’t for you. It’s a great tool to use to learn if you want to get into it but if all you care about is if it’s going to rain tomorrow then don’t download this. All in all I give it a 10/10 and the support staff are great. You can tell they care about the App and it’s users.

Super legit. Best radar app on the market. Period. And that’s with or without a subscription. You just have to take the time initially to go through and learn about all the features/customization options. The wealth of data that this app provides (all in one place) is unparalleled. And the UI, which has been the app’s Achilles’ heel in the past, has improved markedly. If you’re an everyday person that just wants to know if it will be sunny or not tomorrow, this app is probably not for you. But for weather enthusiasts or professionals, I highly recommend it. Best $9 I’ve ever spent.

Obsessed!!. This app has saved us so many times in the field!! The updates only keep making this app better and better AND we just got notice that with the coronavirus, they will be pre-launching HUGE feature updates that will once again bring this app to another level. As it stands it’s already superseding any other radar app I have ever seen. Great job Radar Omega!

Great but a little on the buggy side. So far one of the best radar app I’ve used! I’m coming over from radar scope and I couldn’t be more happy! I was referred by a friend to download Radar Omega. I instantly bought the alpha plan. And I got to say I don’t regret it at all! Radar Scope began to feel limited compared to Radar Omega. So much more is offered here including live streams from storm chasers, live webcams with current conditions (including wind speed, pressures, temperatures, dew points and much more). Another significant feature are the 3D scans from the radar. Unfortunately, the app does have some issues including lag, crashes, and other small bugs that will definitely be ironed out hopefully. Needless to say really great app. Looking forward to future updates. I’m also look forward to using this during the storm season to see what it really can do!

Simply the BEST. I’ve been a RadarOmega user since it’s inception and it is by far the best I’ve ever used. It keeps getting better with each update and new features are also added. I never thought I’d ever switch from Radarscope until RadarOmega came Along and now RS is have to play catch-up. GREAT job to the developers! This app is Must! Keep up the great work!

Great app - Two Feature Request. I love the app a lot. It consistently works well. One thing I wish it had was a custom notification system. I really want a notification for when a 1-2 day tornado region is within 500 miles of me. Another thing I wish this app had is a manual refresh button. Sometimes I need very specific information very quickly and I’m never sure how long it will take to get the latest data. A manual button for this would be awesome.

Wonderful and Essential!. I can’t say enough positive things about this app. I have no negative notes. I live in a tornado-prone state and I can rest easier with the knowledge I can track the storms around. It’s very robust and interesting. I’m a very novice weather enthusiast and RadarOmega has taught me a bunch. I’ve even been able to navigate multiple tornado warnings on days with outbreaks. The support staff and Twitter account is also super friendly and quick to respond. You guys have given me piece of mind and I’m so grateful. You also don’t have to be a subscriber to get value. Thanks so much for what you do. I will keep this app for the rest of my life and use it when things get bad weather-wise.

Everything you would ever need from a weather app. Have been pleasantly surprised with how much information is available in Omega.. Love the tropical tracking dashboard and severe outlook display, radar updates are fairly quick. Considering upgrading to Beta or Alpha to use on my desktop. I do hope the developers consider adding push notifications for things such as warnings and tropical data updates.

One of the best weather app out there!!!. I’ve used a lot of weather apps and radar omega is tops! One of the major things I live about it is the maps. With radar omega, you can get down to street level and see the names of streets, not just major highways. Others I have used just show major highway. Some features in radar omega are pay for use in others. And with the update they just did with history, it just put the icing on the cake! Keep up the great work radar omega.

Map Problems. Just recently got the app and so far 2 complaints. First, is the radar quality. Quality is low until zoomed in. Second (the larger issue in my opinion), the zooming is very finicky. It’s not fluid and seems to jump around a lot. Would love to see this issue get resolved. Also, the app is EXTREMELY laggy when moving around and zooming in and out. It’s now to the point where I can even use the app and just open Radar Scope instead and get a lag free experience. This needs major work!!! Last, why do I need to allow my location to be used EVERY time I hit current location. Extremely unnecessary and annoying.

Loaded weather app. I have yet to encounter an app that comes anyone close to the amount of info this app provides. I just picked up their Alpha service and love the desktop features that is provided. Would like if possible in the future if you could add dual view to the desktop. Overall great app and recommend to anyone who is looking for a weather app that is different than most.

Fantastic App except……. I love this app for all the features and ease of use. It replaced radarscope on all my devices except my Apple TV and my Apple Watch. I really hope the developers decide to add these 2 devices to their lineup. It would be worth an upgrade from the free version. Some Apple Watch’s have cellular connectivity and would be fantastic to use radar omega instead of radarscope, hense the 4-star rating. Other than that, great job!!

Great app but…. Can be hard to use if your not a pro. The list of active watches and warnings don’t always list the state (most states use the same county and town names). Has the best radar I've found. Often shows what other apps and websites don’t. The blue dot that shows my location is off by about 10 miles and seems to be in a different spot every time. Doesn’t sound like a problem but when you’re in the boonies like I am it makes a big difference finding your exact location. We have no warning system here, so i depend on it and NOAA radio. It needs to be as accurate as possible in bad weather. Would recommend buying

Fantastic - a must have for weather!. This app does it all from my perspective. As a retired air traffic controller I was accustomed to having live, up-to-the-second weather when I was working airplanes/talking with pilots. However, I’ve never had anything like that available to me from the comfort of my home or in my hand via my phone. The non-subscription access via this app is excellent. The paid subscription plans are purely wonderful. I love being able to look at anything - historical, current, forecasts, trends, etc. a f with the new features that are or have been recently rolled out it just keeps getting better. Keep up the great work RadarOmega!

Not good for the average person. I downloaded this app because a you tube influencer promoted it as being a potential lifesaver, in extreme weather scenarios. The problem however, I have no idea what I’m looking at. It would be great if it were lay person friendly. I’m not a complete dumb dumb, and it’s not that I’m too ignorant to learn something new, I’m just to busy to take the time. If I were a meteorologist I’m sure this app would be fantastic, but I’m not.

Great Customer Support!. I’m no storm chaser, but the weather has always intrigued me. I’ve used the app for just short of a year. I wanted something more informative than what you can see from the regular Weather Channel app radar. I want to learn how to use the tools to locate rotation in storms before tornado season starts, being on the edge of Dixie alley. I had an issue about my account info (or what I thought was my account info), so when I messaged customer support, I expected it to be a few hours before a response. ONE MINUTE. And within 40 minutes, the issue was figured out and resolved. I highly recommend the app!

One of the better radar apps in the store. I was able to buy this a few years ago when it was $4.99 to download, and sort of let it sit in my phone unused for a few years. Now, it is my #1 go to app for all of weather over the past year. It doesn’t get much more better in terms of having high-resolution radar displays. There are a lot of premium features, to which I’ve tried a few of them, but the meat-and-potatoes version offers both the rain, snow, storms and thunderstorms radar data with warnings and all. It is perfectly fine for my needs, but I may try out the additional features during tornado season here soon. You can cancel them or turn them on at any time. The frames and pixel clarity can’t be beat by another app out there.

Best radar app y’all.. Simply the best radar app. Extremely Reliable. Lots of customizable data. Worth every penny, especially when Tornado season strikes! (take it from someone who never leaves reviews) and if you pay for the upgraded levels (still awesome if you don’t) you can access pretty much everything the pros use in the palm of your hand. THANKS FOR A GREAT APP Y’ALL

Too costly. I agree that this app is loaded with data , but,,,, if you are not a subscriber you will not see any of that information. Just too costly if you want to view radar across the whole country at one time. The purchase price of this app only gets you single radar at a time. This should be mentioned more clearly . For this reason I can only give it 2 stars . If your going to charge for everything else then why not let the user try the app for free. I expected to get more for the purchase price. Very disappointed.

Amazing 3D views, double charged. This is definitely one of the top radar apps out there, and has some great advanced features. This is for more advanced users, so may be overkill if you just want a general idea when precip is coming. For those willing to learn, however, this is one of two I primarily use. I am borderline obsessed with the 3D views on various radars! I also appreciate the free access to the Mac app, but I like using this on iPad above all. That said, be aware, you will be charged twice. Once when you download the app (for recurring subscription apps, normally this is your first week/month/year of service) you get charged, but then once you open the app, you have to pay again for the subscription. (At least this is all I can assume, as Apple denied my request for refund twice, after I was charged a second time, of course with no explanation). I love the app and will continue to use it on the Alpha subscription, but be aware that you will pay double your first month if you want the advanced features.

This is a good app with a big problem. This is a good app for the reflectivity view, but the doppler coloring and values are both confusing and incorrect. When the doppler velocity gets above +50 knots or so, the doppler value turns negative. I was seeing -116 knots next to +35 knots in areas where there was no rotation, just straight line winds. I tried to see the rotation for a tornado warned storm yesterday, but the confusing color scale and the shifting doppler readings made it impossible to see. The center of rotation was very easy to see with Radarscope, but I had no idea using this app. I sent in a report yesterday but do far haven’t received any response.

Still needs work...... On this new version. I know they made big changes, and I’m still working to familiarize myself with them. I do, however, think it has a way to go to be as good as it was before. I’ve lost landscape use, which I used a lot for tracking storms. And you can’t save locations for quick viewing. They say that’s coming back, though. This version is also a RAM hog when running so on my iPad Air2 it runs significantly slower than my iPhone XS. Still a decent application but just not where I’d like it to be yet.

RadarOmega. Without any doubt, no other developer’s radar product has given me the satisfaction in seeing not only the progress of the application’s features but the excellence of the customer service in such a short period of time. Please continue to excel!! Would certainly choose this application over most other apps; the subscription prices are quite fair considering the quality and content and the detailed user’s guide. I’m considering to subscribe again pending authorization of developer given my opinion above. There are a lot of new features that make this application stand out and the staff deserves some kudos for the work they have done. The updated manual will be indispensable to get the most out this high quality features I regret the changes in my opinion since the original review. This application is much more suited for a professional meteorologist or storm chaser; their inability to respond as often reflects this. The website needs a caveat informing the subscriber not to expect responses within 72 hours I suggest that your Radar Omega app description contain a caveat indicating that the software is mostly intended for meteorology associated professionals; this way, the user does not expect to have full knowledge how to operate its many features. It is quite regretful that you had to mention that I asked more questions than anybody else. I hope that your future customers do not find themselves in the same predicament.

5.0 update - Good idea, bad implementation. I love the idea of receiving an audible alert and flashing polygon when a new warning is issued, but it does it every time the warning is updated also. During a severe weather outbreak this gets annoying very quickly. I ended up turning it off. Would be better if it only alerted you if the warning was upgraded (confirmed tornado, tornado emergency, etc.) rather than getting an alert when the warning is “continued” or areas are removed from the warning. I’d also like to be able to change how classifications of warnings are displayed (tornado emergency, severe thunderstorm-destructive, etc.)

One of the best. RadarOmega is one of the best apps for enthusiasts, storm chasers, etc. The CyclonePORT integration is really helpful to get an idea of what’s going on at the surface. I just wish there were more stations. The reason I’m giving four stars is because I have an issue where sometimes the radar and map will disappear and the only way to fix it is to fully close the app and start it again. This is the only issue I’ve ever had with RadarOmega. I’m excited to see what the future brings for this app, it’s coming along great!

The Best Yet!. I am 65 years old and I’ve been using radar and weather apps since the start of personal computing. This is the most professional and informative - and sleek looking! - one I’ve come across. The Metar displays on the maps tops it off beautifully. It took me a little while to find the data inspector but now that I have that there really isn’t much more that can be added for me. Love it!! I’ve been using Radar Scope for many years. This will now be my go to app. Thank you!

Very good!. After watching so many of Reed Timmer’s screenshots of RO, I finally gave in. There are a number of things that I prefer with this app as opposed to RadarScope. I still like RadarScope a tad better, but I love the color ratio much better, and I love being able to tap on a tornado warning and instantly it says whether it’s a confirmed or radar indicated so I don’t have to read through the warning to find out. Once they get the finicky zoom in/out, this will be my favorite. It’s definitely worth the $9! Great job, Radar Omega! I’m a very pleased customer!

Weather Geek Heaven. This is a well rounded weather app for enthusiasts and professional’s . The customization within the app is just awesome. If you want more they offer more though subscription tiers, data isn’t cheap and they are well worth it. They have an active community on Facebook around to help with questions you may have.

Hands down the best.. After years of being happy with radar scope, I felt like I needed more. And this app has a lot more. And then some. It’s definitely not for the average user, and it’s a little challenging to learn at first, but you learn it fast and it will be your best friend for tracking weather. One thing I would like to see added is an app for CarPlay. Apple recently allowed weather radar apps for it and I think that would give this app everything

best weather app. heard ab it from a youtuber (last word in his name is y’all) and it’s best app money i’ve ever spent. without the subscription i still get so much data to look at with the radar (and i get to nerd out). and i know some complain ab it being “not as pretty” as other weather apps but guys! this actually makes it way more accurate than smoother radar displays! it’s called radar windows or something and it’s the data collected from that area specifically- blending it to make it smoother/“prettier” makes it less accurate. hopefully this changes minds ab a “low quality” radar display that is actually much higher quality than most apps’ radars.

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Incredible. I love the look, the feel and helps me get out there and get better images of upcoming storms in my area. Thanks Reed Timmer for helping point me in this direction.

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Us only. No description of Canada so it should not on Canadians purchases

Awesome. Perfect radar app to watch and find some Naders as well as the storm chaser. Also, Ryan Hall Y’all says hi.

Was this a joke? Gimmick?. This app doesn’t not function, there are so many features that are broken, such like MRMS view, where even is that option, sat view is missing many components in the app are broken. The cross platform apps don’t work either, there’s no radar data. There are so many broken functions that it voids the agreement and I get refunded.

Kinda misleading. Bought the app at 12$ cdn … thinking I was good to go .. been seeing great reviews from this app for severe local weather … then is turns out I need to get an alpha / beta / gamma subscription to get more options … pricing varies from 11$ a month to much higher … so just beware getting this app

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“3D” isn’t actually 3D. The “3D” visualization doesn’t actually stack the tilt layers into a 3d presentation. Instead, it simply uses the color map for the 3D mode to add height based on the value of the data point. This means, for example, that RED will always render with a tall point, even if higher-angle tilts don’t return a reflectivity value that would still be RED. In other words, it’s false 3D, and not “volumetric” radar data. I’m going to reach out to Apple for a full refund.

Jtricon. I am learning so much from this app. R Hall and his team are always great to help and explain. Only thing is; I have purchased subscription for my IPhone. Can I transfer and use the same for my laptop without having a separate subscription?

Lots of features!. I’ve used RadarScope for the past few years. I like that this app includes lightning strikes. I have yet to figure out a way to hide the radar icon (example: KILN) and still keep the radar data on the screen. Also wish there was a way to make the screen look “less busy” - maybe a way to reduce the boldness of the colors (county outlines). Sticking with this for the time being!

Great start!. Great start. Would love to see something where you can use a tool to read a point in the current radar image. I tried the one in the app but it only reads one point that is the main point in the storm. I own a lot of radar apps. If you need a beta tester I volunteer. I use my radar apps all the time!

Slow to load, heat. The moment you start using this app your mobile device processor gets really HOT. It’s incredible slow to load/render on my IPad 5th gen and even chugs a little on my iPhone 13. The heat is immediately noticeable on all my Apple devices. No other apps generate this kind of heat. Love this app just not the heat.

Really good when it worked that one time.. I bought this app after someone recommended it to me. When I opened it, it just kept loading and loading and loading. I don’t know where that one time it worked came from.

Worth the investment!. Just used this app yesterday to track a storm affecting our area. Worked wonderfully to show detail about storm tracks and course of the storm to help us be prepared! A dangerous weather event made more manageable with the knowledge that Omega provided.

Pretty nice!. All things considered pretty nice / user friendly with some nice bonuses! *** I would suggest that on the Hi Res Decluttered view you raise the display threshold to 20Dbz- this would help further clean up the image without loosing any significant rain detail- if someone wants the lower threshold they can grab that on the standard Hi Res view ✅

No Regional/National Radar Coverage. This is the first Radar App I ever purchased and was very disappointed that the basic purchase price does not include MRMS which would show reflectivity across the entire United States. That feature is only available to Beta and Alpha subscribers. The customer service was great and the work around they provided to me as a non-subscriber was to change my ‘Single Site Radar’ to a different site to see the incoming weather

Very good but... Really wish the desktop client didn’t require a subscription, everyone who buys the app should have some sort of access key for the desktop version, it’s not really fair for some people who can barely get by as it is enough, subscriptions to so many other services, it gets a little ridiculous.

Great Improvements. Look no further for a mobile radar.. I previously gave a poor review of this app but knew it was going to be something great. Well it has made it. And they are still working on it to make it excellent so I went ahead and gave it five stars. Keep up the great job.

Double dipping?. I bought the mobile app, and was disappointed to learn that I had to buy the app again for PC... seems like double dipping... one would think since I dished out money for the phone app, it would give me the same features on a computer. Guess I’ll just visit another site for my desktop weather.

Possibly the new standard?. The newest version of Radar Omega has really upped their game, with the alpha subscription you really have access to most of the information you would need for spotting and chasing Keep up the good work and excellent fast customer support too

Waste of $$$ better free app’s available.. Don’t Buy, it’s a waste of money. You can download far more useful apps that give more information for free. Once you purchase you will find everything you really want is additional $$$. You can only see the forecast from a half an hour before the current time, or 30 frames. To get the actual forecast in the future you must play more money. Stay away!

Best radar app period!. I got this because our favorite weather person on the internet, Ryan Hall uses it and highly recommended it. Boy was he right! Love it and I haven’t even scratched the surface on what it can do. One-time purchase price makes this a no-brain choice. Get it now!

First couple days was great, then it became 8 bit graphic. said high detailed information and then it became very pixelated. And dropped everything down to just one city. And I was paying monthly. Something went wrong and their support really didn’t help any. They wanted me to send screenshots and I did. Then it got worse. I even try to revert back to the original. Nothing improved. When you have a pixel greater than the size of a city, and other free apps have a greater detail…… Save your money

Expected A Quality App. I bought this based on the recommendation of Ryan Hall weather channel. Boy, am I dissapointed. Practically useless on a Macbook M1. The only way I find to zoom in is the left click on the map. Unfortunately, there is no way to zoom back out. When I click on the radar symbol the map switches the Germany! I need a refund.

Horrible app a Radarscope wanna be. So I downloaded it about two weeks ago to see what was the fuss about, and at first I liked it cause it had all the roads labeled and it looked nice and it packed some extra stuff that you had to get with Radarscope pro. Then the previous update happened and it became horrible, I can’t even zoom in all the way to the cell I am monitoring. I will be sticking with Radarscope and my GR level 2. I would like a refund of my money if possible?

Great app. Man this app has so much information about storms.. it just tickles me pink. Seeing hail cores and estimated hail size has saved my truck twice. Lots of technical settings and data that satisfy a storm dork like me. This is the third radar app I’ve paid for and is likely to be the last. Everyone at work comes to me for radar data now. Very cool app!

Great app to stay weather aware. Absolutely love this app. Has had a few bugs but have seen them get worked out firsthand. Great people at radaromega that are ready to help. The detail is great. Nothing is perfect but def getting better every day and I would have rated 4.5 stars but since a half is not available it is a 5.

Great feature rich alternative to RadarScope. This app rocks, it’s got a great set of feature available for free which normally are paid on other apps. I remember downloading this app when it was just becoming popular and disliking the UI as it just didn’t feel mature and very cluttered, but it has grown since then and is very user friendly. Subscription prices are very fair and offer tons of advanced visualization features like 3D GOES and NEXRAD imagery. Excited to see what other features come to the app.

Pay more to get “full” package.. Bought the basic, and assumed that it would be powerful. It’s mediocre, but if you want the bells and whistles to be cut loose, you have to buy a higher level version. One of those regret buys after listening to a YouTuber extol its virtues. Deleted the app, a waste of money.

Very impressive. After a slow learning curve, I admit I’m not too tech sharp. But playing around with the settings I figured it out and wow. I’m a golf course Superintendent and this app is a bit part of my daily planning. Really enjoy it

Potential. But not yet.. Attempted to intercept sally with the app. The app lag and data consumption was just unacceptable in the field especially when other apps did not have this issue. We ended up not being able to chase with this app and used radarscope instead and flawlessly. Will continue to check back though as there is potential with all the other features. Just not yet.

Misleading. I paid the $8.99 but as soon as you click anything in the app it tells you that feature is not available without a subscription. What was the $8.99 for? If the developers want me to pay a subscription the that needs to be stated AT THE TOP OF THE APP STORE PAGE, not buried way down at the bottom in small print. It’s ridiculous how little of this app works for $8.99. And yeah, about that MONTHLY subscription price, it’s not $3-$4 it’s more like $10 to $20 PER MONTH. Please stop misleading punchers into thinking the are getting a functioning app for the $8.99 price.

Great App,. This is by far the best radar app for Mac and iOS and it's well worth the price. It's beautiful, responsive and perfect for tracking severe weather. The app has tons of settings and customization features to help you make it your own. I highly recommend purchasing this app and one of the awesome premium upgrades.

Pay to play…. I’ll start off with I like the app it’s neat. I just am tired of the world we live in, you have to pay to download the app to start.. ok 9 bucks no big deal but then when you get in the app all features are subscription based. Pretty soon we be charged a breathing subscription. Personally I don’t think I can justify the app or recommending it. What you initially pay for you can use for free through most local news stations.

Simply The Best!. Radar Omega is a weather ap that sets the standard by which all others should be judged. As other commenters have said, it’s more oriented towards professional/serious amateur meteorologists and storm chasers. The granularity of this ap is mind boggling and the graphics are just stunning! Radar Scope has some catching up to do!

Good app, needs improvement. This app is amazing and it has a lot of potential! Especially with the in app purchases. The one major flaw of RadarOmega is that it is extremely slow on locating radar sites and locations. App sometimes freezes in and out. The inspector tool is not like Radarscopes but still good. Overall the app is good, but needs improvement

Great app, has much potential.. I have managed to crash the app a few times by rotating and zooming at the same time. This random crashing event seems to happen often and can get a little frustrating. Other than this slight issue, the usability and features that this radar app has are absolutely amazing.

Great weather geek app!! But... This is a great app to get tons of features for a one-time purchase. If you are interested in the weather, get this app & start storm tracking! Only thing is on my iPad Mini 2, high-resolution radar data sometimes crashes the app when selecting it, which is really annoying. Hopefully this can be fixed. Otherwise, a really cool app!

Updated review: Great app for weather enthusiasts. Big storm day in Oklahoma and this app won’t update radar data. I’ll continue to try it out today, but currently all I’m feeling is buyers remorse. Update: later on into the evening the radar data was uploading much better. I live in Oklahoma and this is a fun app to have when watching the weather roll in. Thank you for the reply and good luck with this app.

Future of Radar App!. This app is great at giving you many options that other apps simply don’t offer. Although there are some bugs at times with the app that can be frustrating at times, these people are on top of it. Support answers you almost immediately! They are always coming out with new features / tools for the users. Hope they come out soon with a MAC version. Keep up the good work!

Awesome update!. Wow, great start for a beginning app! My only issue is the radar display looks pixelated and slightly skewed on my iPad Pro (without the Touch ID). Couple of thoughts.... It would be nice if there was a way to reduce the contrast fo the ground clutter display around the radar site as it’s almost the same contrast level as precipitation. Love the addition of location on severe alerts on the severe weather warnings on the weather panel. Would be nice to see the same thing on the special weather statements if this is possible? This last update with the smoothing of L2 reflectivity looks real nice.

Best app for weather enthusiasts. If you’re looking for the temperature outside and have no idea what correlation coefficient means then maybe use another app but otherwise this is the best option out there. Definitely worth the money. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The best Radar I’ve ever used!!. Extremely happy with this app!! I payed for the alpha subscriptions it’s is great!! Well worth the money if your looking for a detailed accurate radar.

Wow!. I’ve been using radar scope for many years now, and it’s been a blessing. Having that kind of info makes me geek out hard😀 I discovered this app today and WOW. What I had been wanting with radar scope is all right here. A+

Marketed tooo. Yes, I’m just mad I got market to. I go a buy in the App Store. Says one time purchase $8.99. No problem open the app. I now have ads and bubbles everywhere saying upgrade to premium. This is a subscription app as well. Total Jabait, and money grab. No doubt the radar technology, the app development, service, and so on does require money to operate. Lack of transparency before purchase is frustrating. Good job marketing bros

Best radar. I love this radar and it has so much more than a normal radar which is why it is worth the price. I just wish there was a way to have a dual pane mode to see velocity and reflectivity.

Features behind pay wall despite paying $9. It’s a quality radar app but I’m beyond disappointed that there are features only available through an incredibly expensive monthly subscription after paying $9 just to download the app… I guess it’s for professionals or whatever but still…

Nothing can compare to this app. Its very good u can click and see tornado warnings tropical storm warnings hurricane warnings severe storm warnings flash flood warnings its very good for weather even with no alpha or any thing else nothing can compare to this app it deserves a 5 star

It’s a beast!. Has been an invaluable tool in the field. Love that the developer responds to any issues or updates someone brings up. Shows they care about making it perfect. Keep the updates coming. Can’t say enough great things about this app!

Great app for anyone wanting to be weather wize. I would give them a 5 star rating but I was disappointed when after using the basic version I and upgrading to a monthly subscriber for a while - I went back to the original basic version and found some of the features originally available in basic had now been reserved for subscription only users.

Best Radar App!!. The RadarOmega App is awesome!! The latest updates have been excellent!!! I was amazed at all the data and features that you get with the app. I also like the low price for the extra data that you can purchase within the app. Perfect app for storm tracking. Radar updates are fast!! Outstanding customer service!!!

Not enough better than RadarScope. I am a RadarScope pro 2 user and some of the reviews show this is taking the place of RadarScope. I don’t find it to be better than RadarScope. I also was expecting the 3-D model of the base reflection to not just be a 3-D graph but an actual 3-D of the reflectivity. If anyone out there has used GR2Analyst, you know what I mean. If you don’t already have a RadarScope, this would be another option for you to consider. One thing in their favor over RadarScope is they have temp/dewpoint.

One of the best. This weather app is one of the best I’ve used. I love the fact that I can see the CAPE models, significant tornado parameters, and supercell composites. It really helps me ease my fear of storms when I have a way to see what *could* happen and be able to prepare myself and my family to find shelter. Love love love this app!!

Fix worked....for awhile.. Sent out fix for animation stopping . Worked for awhile but back to the same thing happening. Animation for radar stops and have to manually restart after a few frames. Hopefully this get figured out because I like the radar. Support has been quick to respond. That part has been great.

Like/Nice App. I wish I would’ve known about this sooner. I use radarscope all the time. The main feature on this app I like is the satellite and google maps overlay. Where you actually see where the storms are going. Not just having to guess on a black background. I do wish there was a precipitation depiction option.

Please reconsider. As a wx geek, this is one of my favorite radar apps. But devs, come on, please reconsider adding a feature like smoothing to the regular app. Burying it behind a sub plan is just... I'm not a storm chaser or fancy wx man, but i wouldn't mind seeing a new feature or two without a subscription that i don't need.

Can’t figure out how to use it. I guess this would be good for someone that knows what to do with it. But for the average person that doesn’t know anything about how to run a weather app, this doesn’t work. I paid for the app and it’s just taking up space on my phone. It wants a subscription for everything. I just want to be able to see the daily weather and radar.

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Language English
Price $8.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 5.2
Play Store com.stromdamage.RadarX
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

RadarOmega (Versiyon 5.2) Install & Download

The application RadarOmega was published in the category Weather on 14 March 2019, Thursday and was developed by Storm Damage Services, INC [Developer ID: 1298087033]. This program file size is 34.91 MB. This app has been rated by 530 users and has a rating of 3.5 out of 5. RadarOmega - Weather app posted on 19 September 2023, Tuesday current version is 5.2 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.stromdamage.RadarX. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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RadarOmega App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

All Users: - Excessive Rainfall Outlook: Day 4 & Day 5 - Hurricane Hunter Updates - Non-Precipitation Watches/Warnings in USA - CPC Climatological Outlooks Temperature/Precipitation - Graticules with Lat/Lon labels - Various bug fixes Alpha Subscribers: - Volumetric Radar Viewer (Hi-Res Reflectivity only) - Custom Lightning Monitoring Zones

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