Kick the Buddy: Forever

Kick the Buddy: Forever [Games] App Description & Overview

Your new best friend is here! Play with Buddy in his new cool game, and try out all incredible weapons. Experiment, blow up, use atomic weapon, dress Buddy up, and do so much more in the brand-new Kick The Buddy Forever.

Enjoy upgraded amazing graphics, new interactions with Buddy, hilarious weapons, fantastic backgrounds, and lots of unique features.

We Love You. Enjoy.


Subscription options

We have the following subscription options in the game:

1. Weekly Premium offers weekly subscription for $7.99 after 3-day free trial. It unlocks 3 exclusive weapons, including Magic Card and Firecracker, and offers 1,000 Gold and 100 Gems on a daily basis. It removes all banner ads and pop-ups. Moreover, we will add a favorite weapons bookmark to make your game experience better.

2. Monthly Premium offers monthly subscription for $19.99. It unlocks 3 exclusive weapons, including including Magic Card and Firecracker, and offers 1,000 Gold and 100 Gems on a daily basis. It removes all banner ads and pop-ups. Moreover, we will add a favorite weapons bookmark to make your game experience better.

3. Yearly Premium offers yearly subscription for $99.99. It unlocks 3 exclusive weapons, including including Magic Card and Firecracker, and offers 1,000 Gold and 100 Gems on a daily basis. It removes all banner ads and pop-ups. Moreover, we will add a favorite weapons bookmark to make your game experience better.

End of trial and subscription renewal

This price is for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.

Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase.

Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

Canceling trial or subscription

You can turn off the auto-renew for the subscription whenever you want to through iTunes.

Check When your current trial/subscription period expires, you will be unsubscribed. The current active subscription period can not be canceled. After your subscription expires, you will no longer be able to use elements included in Subscription option.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at

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Kick the Buddy: Forever Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We are ready to make your game experience even greater. Bugs are fixed and game performance is optimized. Enjoy. Our team reads all reviews and always tries to make the game better. Please leave us some feedback if you love what we do and feel free to suggest any improvements.

Kick the Buddy: Forever Comments & Reviews

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- I have some Ideas!

Don’t get me wrong. I love this game so much and nothing could change that. But I have a few ideas to help! My first idea is maybe you could chose a background? It would be way cooler than how it is now! And make your own background and animate it or keep it not animated! Also you could add another buddy for more difficulty! Like you are playing, winning a lot and you can add up to 30 buddies or something like that, like up to 20 or 30 buddies! I think that would be cool! And maybe you can add a fight to whoever kills their buddy quicker and you can like go against someone with the same amount as buddies as you or a different amount. I think that would be cool also maybe just maybe my last favorite idea not so cool but coolish like customize a buddy? I’m not going to go all out and maybe you could add a instead of a ribbon to pull to get new items maybe a phone with a shop button on it? I think that would be just so so cool! Please add these I would be super happy if so! Once again please add these. If you do, tysm a million billion infinity times! It would mean so much! I love this game<3

- Too hip for its own good. :(

The buddy series has had a lot of games, kick the buddy, kick the buddy 2, Buddyman, buddyman 2, all great games. But for some reason they all disappeared for years. Now buddy is back, I’m happy, but all that’s left is kick the buddy 2, buddyman run (which hardly even runs on my iPhone 8 and iPad ((pro?)) ), and this game, the oldest revived buddyman game is just kick the buddy 2, but chocked full of ads, purchases, memberships, and “free weapon” opportunities, while you can get most weapons for free one way or another, a lot of them are locked behind the gold membership, so once you unlock it via watching ads it tells you to buy the membership. That’s fine, it has to make money somehow. Plus it still lets you know early by the premium weapons having a gold badge in the corner. But THIS game is a whole different story. Buddyman is back, and the game is incredible (if you turn off WiFi and Cellular data), but what truly ruins the experience is buddyman’s annoying and unnecessary commentary, every time he gets revived or pretty much anything, he’ll perform some crappy dance and say something like “hit the dab like west kalifa”, so it already has the worst phrase ever, but it tops the whole thing off with constant fortnite references and stale memes. If you don’t like obnoxiously out of touch with today’s generation companies, than you might as well give this game a skip. Despite its awesome graphics and stuff.

- Not for me

So I like it it looks so fun but the name calling in ads made me cry. I have been through so much and I get emotional sometimes with things and it should be a 14-16+ game cuz the all the violence in it and it can lead kids to think it’s ok. And I’m a person that says sorry like about everything so sorry if I hurt your feelings BTW but I just don’t like this ad for the game and how it says loser on it. But other than the violence and the name calling on ads it’s a good game Parents: please don’t let kids younger than 12+ get this game. I mean you don’t have to but it would help kids not hurt people and make them think it’s ok to hurt people like this. Developer: again I’m sorry if I did hurt your feeling but this really is not that kid friendly it’s cartoon stuff and that’s really cool and I do like the age right now but if you are going to make a another game like this please put it at 14-16+ for kid safety so they will not think it’s ok to do this to people. But I’m not saying you have to. do you. And I know kids like to see cartoon violence and stuff like the road runner that’s funny really funny but the big thing for me is on the ad and the name calling on the ads for this and other games like this (if there are ones)

- I have a suggestion.

Ok so if you’re reading this. I love KickTheBuddy! It’s great! But like the first one you should add the Picture face thing for buddy, Also You should add a create your own weapon Ya know so The game Is more creative! It’s Already Creative But I also Wish that my wish would be in the game! Ok back to the case. So the create your own weapon would make it so you can color in a weapon. But your own, Like no templates Just Like a Create your own Weapon. But if you press the help button that should be in the create your own weapon Then you can press a Template that would get you started. But then when you got it you can just throw your weapon in the game to Play with and test it on Buddy. If you can and you read this all. I know its a lot but I’m just suggesting, just please try to add this, I’d be super happy, Then I can go tell my friends that doubted this game THAT IT GOT MORE CREATIVE! Anyway thanks and hope that that gets added in the future but You should respond to this review And I’ll re-read this and see what you say. Thanks!

- Why kick the buddy is five star for me

Very fun game you get to beat up buddy witch is funny for me lol 😂 fun game for when your bored the fact you can buy all kinds of different weapons is cool you gotta work hard for the money to buy weapons in the game if you wanna get money quicker you can just buy it with your real life money if you have any if you don’t have any you can work for money but if you don’t want to we can just play the game normally and earn the money from beating up buddy and I like playing the game normally because it’s very fun doing it normal so yeah this game is just a really fun game and whoever sees this should download the game and have fun with the game and by the way buddy is very very funny he says all kinds of things which is funny he does Fortnite dances and I love fortnight and yeah so this game is just a really fun game you should download it and try it and see what you get and tell me if you think it’s A one star two star three star four star or five Star hope you enjoy kick the body and have a great day 😆

- ~ Kick the Buddy

Kick the Buddy is very interactive because of all the cartoon violence. Most kids enjoy violence related to cartoons like Looney Toons. I personally enjoy this game because it entertains me with all of the explosions and all of the items you can use. This game also increases you to purchase more products from the shop which I think is worth it; considering that this game is much cheaper than other games. This game is much more enjoyable and interesting than other games so I think that people who like explosives and animated violence should play this game, considering that it is not too violent to ruin a child’s mind. This game won’t cause a major obsession to the point of such an addiction that they will no longer respond to you trying to interact with them. It will also not brainwash a child to the point of nonstop talking about this game. But I am definitely going to recommend this game to a lot of people; mostly including kids. If this game ever asks you to rate it, I hope that you will give a good rating too.

- The best game for stress and entertainment!!

It really does help with stress it is amazing and I love how they do those cool packages it’s OK if you can’t by the blood pack or anything like that it’s really fun this game and is very entertaining and it helps so much with stress it makes you laugh and happy and it’s good that it doesn’t have that blood because some people don’t like glorious or bloody stuff like that so I’m very impressed and the other one was not like this yellow one was just like getting an essay like a never defeat something like that but this one is very entertaining and it’s very fun and it makes you so relaxed then it’s an entertainer not just for stress and I love how the developer or the creator did this it’s just beautiful thank you so much for making this game it is very worth getting and it’s not really 12+ like it’s fine if it is but I am no sir thank you developers and creators of board of is that it is executives I mean sorry thank you it’s a very entertaining game and I hope it will never get off the App Store!!.

- Kick the Buddy

I only hade it a short time but I can tell it’s a very fun game. I also think that with this game is a good to take your anger out on the buddy. Like I said I only had this game for a short time so I believe there will be some glitches but that doesn’t stop me or you from downloading this game. If you always let your worries stop you then you would never get anywhere in this world. I give this game five stars ⭐️ because jug only I believe that this game can help with my anger problems then I’m pretty sure that you can help with a time of your parents separated you can use this game with that problem. This game can be use in many different ways but I am sure that it can help you get through in very bad times if your angry. I hope that you take my word and get this game and use it to help you in some angry times or even some sad times maybe this game can help.

- Awesome game

I love this game! I’d say I’m addicted to it but once you play it for awhile then it gets boring but as long as you have a lot of coins or play it a short amount of time then your be all right. The game has a variety of things to buy with your coins and gems but unless you use a lot of different weapons every time you KO (doesn’t get you very far any way)him or you watch a bunch of videos to get tickets OR you pay for the subscription and get 1,000 coins and 100 gems every day then your be playing for awhile to get the really good ones and sometimes even if you go On the app and KO him you won’t get your daily gift. Also it is kinda ridiculous that it cost so much money for blood! You pay 5 dollars for blood! It should be something you turn on and off! 8 dollars weekly for the diamond membership to! Not only that 2 bucks to turn off ads!...weekly! How about to turn it off forever! Anyway now that I got that out it’s a pretty good game I except for charging you for a high price and more it’s a pretty neat game

- So many ads

This game is fun but to get droid, you can either pay a thousand gems or watch 60 ads. Looks like theyve gone mad with their ads just because they watch money like if you kill buddy and get one of those pick a card things you have to watch an ad to claim it even though you earned it by playing. If i buy a new weapon and i select it i turn my wifi off for no ads i select the weapon and it says no internet which means they are going to ad me so to select a new weapon you have to watch an ad. Every button you click. Ad. Theres only one point in ads. THEY WANT MONEY. Its always the same ad like will they get the point. WE DONT WANT THE GAME! This game makes its own ads, and most games that have ads, lure you in to play their game even though its worse then it looks and you end up watching more ads then playing the game. So if you dont want ads, turn your wifi off, but if you want to select a new weapon then just watch only those ads. I hope playgendary heres this cause this is the same for all their games. I hope i get a reply from them because i want to know why they want all this money by making us watch ADS!!!

- Fun game but some problems

First of all, this is a really fun game. You get to use all types of these violent weapons and get to destroy the buddy. At first I thought that it would be relaxing and I could take my anger out on a game and it would relax me. That’s not the case at all though because it’s basically forcing you to use all these weapons so you can get more coins. It’s not just kill the dummy and that’s it and I know that sounds boring but it would be more relaxing than getting coins. Every time I knockout the bunny there’s a stupid add. Every time I want to change my weapon there’s an add. I know that that’s how they make there money and it’s free but it destroys the purpose of the game. I just want to let my anger out on the buddy thing or whatever it is and have fun destroying it. Not have to switch weapons each time I’m having fun to get more coins. So basically the point of the game for me is to get more coins to get better weapons. Don’t get me wrong it’s a really fun game I think but to much adds and small details in the game that destroy the reason the game should be fun.

- I don’t hate it...

This game is okay I guess???? I saw it and was like hey I can let out my anger on this but like, all it is THIS COSTS MONEY THIS COSTS MONEY like chill if you want us to get all these beginner packs just allow us to check it out ourselves! I mean yeah this is a great game but I don’t see the point that when you first join you get nearly any money on this game but, when you click the red ribbon there’s some many things that are asking for so much money! I mean if you want us to buy cool things and get good ratings you at least got to give us reasons why we should. Like i give this a 4 out of 5 it’s just I’m saying all I want is this not to be a little tempting to spend money to get all these things when you realize your paying your actual money for something that isn’t a good price for its quality. I say maybe you should just at least give us more money in the beginning of this game. Because seriously Kick Buddy is a great game but there is things I would wont to change about I’m just saying!

- Fix ads and suggestions

1. Lemme say, hello, and thanks for reading. 2. I keep getting ads where it brings me to a website or news articles, IDK why, but I don’t like how I have to wait 10 to 20 sec. just to do the same thing again, and wait more! Please fix the ads, just to clarify: 1. IDK if this is a feature or not. 2. It’s only when I WANT to watch one, for example, when I K.O buddy. 3. Suggestions: I would love to see a feature where you can get a random weapon of the games choosing, and a feature where you can watch ads to get say: 5 gems or 25 coins, would be cool and 3 maybe a feature where you can make your own weapon, of course for you to use only, and there could be some limitations, plus IDK how you would make the weapon sprite, but anyway, love the game, keep up the good work and i hope for future updates where we get more stuff

- It’s ok

KickTheBuddy is a pretty cool game but however there is some things that can be improved first off first there are a lot of adds but I mean what do you expect from a game also on the add that I saw for the game you could draw a weapon in the real game you can’t with I feel is kinda clickbait but then again it’s not the first time it’s happened to me before also the little box above his head doesn’t actually help for me because it tells me to use items I don’t even have and when I push the lever thing when I get a match I don’t even get a weapon or anything now I don’t know if it’s supposed to give you a weapon because it never gives me one when I get a match I don’t think it gives me money either so I’m not quite sure what it does but if anyone does know please let me know but besides those few errors the game is pretty cool and I think if you fixed those things that it would probably be a 5 star.

- Game=awesome but I have suggestions

I love the game but I wish there were just a little less ads I understand the way to remove ads by paying but not everyone has the money for it and maybe less things to have to pay for. Maybe there could’ve a wheel to spin each day that gives you a different amount of coins or gems for whatever you land on and if you miss a couple days you just get more spins the next time you play! That would make the game way more enjoyable and give people the chance to get more weapons to use, but overall the game its self is really fun and stress relieving it is also a funny game! I have one last suggestion I think it would be fun if you could customize your own buddy I don’t know if these things will happen but I hope they do ~a buddy fan

- Amazing, and I have some ideas!

This game is really fun, I love beating that little kid everywhere I go. The only problem is, I wish there was a way to stop time in it. It’d be really nice if it were for free. I was thinking it could be like.. “Za WARUDO!” You know? You just stop time, you can throw anything, use anything, and even use 2 things at a time. You can add a settings button for it, or if not, could you just make it where if you use a thing, it still has the potential to go forward wherever you aimed it at, but since time has stopped, it would stay there until time resumed, you know? My other ideas are just adding more weapons and stuff to the game. Even though I haven’t unlocked everything, I don’t really see that much stuff to pick. Anyway, that’s about all I have to say, thank you for the fun game!

- This game is amazing

When I started to play this game I was bad but then when I go to the other level I became really good at it so I just want to tell you that the game is so much fun and I would play it every day but we have plans with my friends and play dates so I want to write a message real quick this game was so much fun to play and I’m gonna play it every day and have so much fun I’m sorry to whoever closes game like do you want to change the game don’t change the game it’s so much fun I’m telling you don’t forget you are amazing and this game is amazing I love this game so much because of you you thought real hard and it made a beautiful game it’s so much fun to other kids but if other kids don’t like it and they write something bad don’t mind that just read The other comments I love you and you’re game

- Great but needs updates!

I think this is the best violence related and gun related game ever. It is fun and I always play with my sound on and my family asks me what I am doing although they always ask to try.i tell them they should download this awesome game but they always have different types of these games. Im sorry but I have to give a 3 because the false advertising in the adds that you can merge guns and other items. My sister always gets exited thinking this actually happend.I just want this to happen this company is great and it can do much better than it had been giving false updates. Im sure im nit the only person who thinks this. Because in many other apps (almost all) they have done this. Im very considered about it but im going to let it slide for now but they should do almost t better than rhe have been. Im saying they should have a update in all of there apps to meet the standers in there adds. Thanks for reading!!!😊😆😄😃🙂🙃😝😋😄😃

- It’s ok I guess

I mean it’s really fun but one thing I hate is that whenever I skip watching an add for a reward like a KO card it still makes me watch the add I just got it and I’m just that annoyed that I had to write a review 5 minutes after I played it stress relieving yes but could you let us put like a face of a human on buddy mostly because people get stressed by well people I’ve been Imagining that buddy is a jerk or something like that because we’re just trying to kill buddy for no reason if it were our enemy it would be a lot less confusing and a lot more stress relieving also can you make things less expensive Like come on I’m not watching 70 adds for an explosive like really I’m really sorry if I’m annoying I want to keep things positive and don’t want to spread any hate I really feel like this is a good game (sorry if I’m asking to much I just want to improve this game)

- Kick the buddy forever

This game is really fun and I like how the Second one it’s like more creative than the other one and it’s more like funny and like it’s it’s not like old it’s new and it’s cartoony and it makes it really fun but I would like we like you to start off the game and you can make your own buddy and it would just be so cool if you guys were able to do that and then you’re like able to make your own buddy and combine guns to upgrade them and then like make them more powerful and then like you can combine bodies to make them be radical bodies in so I just wish that would be a game and I really hope you guys are able to like work on that really soon and get back to me as soon as you can I hope they make a new game in this game I give it a five star rate it is very funny and very funny.

- I love your game

I just wanted to say I am a big fan of your game but it has some great effects for this app I think it’s awesome I can play with all new games and have fun playing this game I can’t wait until next week or two more days after I get home from now but I will not go back again I don’t know how many times I got on this game but I cannot stop going on the game it is very cool I would like this game better if I could be in in it and if I were in it I would play it a lot more often and I would never ever stop loving your game I just started playing this game I am addicted to it so please make more updates soon I would give it more than it would like so maybe you should just make more updates plz fix it and with more update and love this game

- Good game but..

Great game at the beginning since when you get a KO you got a free pack of cards to pick from! But when you get later in the game you need to watch a 30 or more second game and it starts to make me and others not even want to get there card pack and you have to play on airplane mode to not need to watch ads but bad thing about that you can’t get any packs and it makes it hard to get coins to buy more weapons. I hope you see it and make it so you can get a free card pack them next time you need a add then card pack.. I know without ads it’s hard to make money so still have ads and in game purchases which I know you get money from every day but make it so you can get it without ads sometimes to! Nice game.. it would be a five star without the way he dies and mostly ads.. hope you take this lightly! 🙂

- Hello!

Thank you for making this app. I liked the Kick the Buddy series so much when I was younger that I played it everywhere. It was so cathartic playing with Buddy and it really calmed my nerves sometimes. There are some things I would like to address regarding KtBF. I have noticed that iPhone X and XR users reported that they are unable to hit the "X" button to exit out of the screen for the Diamond Membership. This forces them to pay for the subscription or else be unable to play the game. Other users have complained about the price of the Diamond Membership. One user complained that the subscription "costs more than a cell phone bill". I know you desire profit and revenue like other app developers and it's not wrong. Believe me, many things in the world require subscriptions to gain certain privileges or even access them. A possible solution to the issue iPhone X and XR users experience would be to make the app compatible with those two iPhones (for lack of better wording). As for the Diamond Membership, I would like for you to at least reduce the price of the subscription. This does not pertain to just KtBF, but all apps and games by Playgendary. I really like Playgendary apps, especially the KtB series. Thanks for reading my (positive) review, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

- This game

I don’t really understand that I kind of like the first one better than the way I don’t have them at static come with which that’s not really OK and by the way why do you spell OK KOM makes no sense and please tell me what Means I don’t know what it means. And I would like to know what it means but anyway I like the game of course it’s amazing but the thing I don’t get is why do you didn’t so it’s money when you don’t have moments when it makes since I don’t really get it. Anyway why do you have to pay so much money that’s all one of my questions and the question is that like I don’t get it like you did in so much and again only really asking about the money in the ad it in the KO it makes no sense but anywhere from asdfghjklzxcvbnm. happy New Year’s.

- Cool game, but I think there is a bug

So first, this is an awesome game and I can’t stop playing! But today I was just kicking buddy when all of a sudden, buddy talks like he’s in slow mo! I can’t even make out what he’s saying. At first I thought it was the alien guy in the ufo that helps you but when I clicked the music box he comes out of, and after he’s done, it’s still making that sound! So after that, I decided to close the app then open it back up, but when I start kicking him again, “sssssllllloooowwww mmmmooooo vvvvooooiiiicccceeee”. Then I decided that I had enough of the slow mo voice and write a review telling this to the game devs and that’s why we’re here now. But other than that, the games fine. So keep making games, guys👍

- Best game ever!!!

Hi so, I think it would be soo cool if we made a few change’s but I’m not saying I don’t love this game of all but I think it would be cooler if... so on the ribbon you could change it now that would be soooooooooooo cool!!Oh and if you could change the buddy’s for more difficulty soo cool!! And if you could change the backround every year so it would be a surprise for everyone who has kick the buddy forever and whoever doesn’t would to miss the surprise🥳 oh and if you could fight against another person and it’s who can destroy the body first and you could pick do you want them to be at the same level as you or harder I’m just saying that will make it so cool and the game byyyyeeee!!🤗

- A cashgrab and barely worth noting as a sequel

When I saw this app advertised on the OG Kick the Buddy I was skeptical right away. Knowing playgendary, I had doubts that this would be anymore than a poorly designed trap to drain the wallets and well-being of a new generation’s parents. I tried to have some hope, nostalgia from the last game being my only purpose for giving this a shot. I ended up with what looks like a Chinese knockoff of the original, but with an ungodly amount of in-app purchases and more items requiring the premium currency than ever before. The graphics are worse (not exactly hard to copy the first one, guys), the content looks like it came straight from Reddit’s fellowkids sub, not to mention the ads that flood the screen every time anything starts to happen. Pure garbage, the second star is just for a (botched) effort to clone a game for a new audience. I’d suggest just playing the first instead.

- Chloe Coles Review

This game comes in handy when I’m mad, although it’s on my phone, it still helps. I do wish the weapons were more easy to handle. Not only the weapons but the whole game to. The buddy kinda just flys around, and the weapons just swing everywhere. Some people may disagree which is totally fine, they have all my respect. I know this is a lot to ask for, but I think it would be a absolutely brilliant idea to make a story mode version. Like buddy gets here, then he does something, so we get the option to use weapons and this game comes into play. You definitely don’t have to do that, that’s just my opinion. Other than those things, I love the game. It comes in useful when I’m on a trip and squished and I want to relax. Thank you for you time -Chloe Cole

- Cute, Cathartic Time Waster that Doesn’t Work On Phones

Sure, it’s yet another app that’s blatantly trying to get you to spend more money to get at the worthwhile features. But at least what you do get to play is amusing enough to begin with, which means it offers you more for your money at the outset than a Vegas-style slot machine. A nice, simple, bus-stop-or-waiting-room amusement. One SERIOUS caveat reduced this game rating from four stars: On iPads it works fine, but the pop-up ads won’t let you play AT ALL on a smaller screen like a phone. The X-out option in the corner is sized offscreen and out of reach, so you can only play if you make purchases if you want to play at all. This makes a lie of the implied free-to-play game and, since I see other reviewers have noticed this and updates have not fixed the issue, one is forced to conclude the “flaw” is deliberate. Not cool, Playgendary!

- Fun game to play

This game is really fun to play when you are bored like waiting for your friend to come over? Yeah that’s the only example I can think of or waiting for fortnight to update is that just me? But anyways this game is extra fun to play because it’s one of those games where you just can’t put your phone down because it’s just too fun I have no idea why it’s so addicting but it’s actually really fun do you only thing is That I don’t like the option that you can turn on the blood oh I just don’t like that but the thing that makes me mad the most is that the cloning weapon just turns on the blood for no reason I hope that you can fix this love Bobby

- KickTheBuddy

It’s so bad because if a baby or a little one plays that I’m pretty sure they will scream and we will come running for them and delete this game. It even has blood in the game and when you click on it it has a picture of buddy drinking it. And even if you allow the notifications on when it tells you that you need to play with buddy it makes noises and it creeps my kids out. One day I deleted it and my kids wanted it back. So after they were begging I installed it again and you know what my kids got the blood thing and buddy slurp it up said yummy and even pored it on his head. If the creator sees this just stop make a buddy that’s a girl with hair and let kids dress her up and paint her nails and maybe name her skye so that’s all I have to say you don’t need to banner it just make it a animal or a girl or just keep it buddy but not with weapons. THE END

- It’s ok...

Ok. I loved kick the buddy always. When they took it off the App Store, I was so sad. When they brought the original back, I got really happy, and when I found out they made another, I was so happy! And then... I saw an advertisement for the first one... and the buddy was riding on a fortnite llama. I got a little ticked off, but I downloaded the new one anyway. Then, I saw that there was a skin for buddy dressed up as 6ix9ine. 1st: they named it lil buddy (lil pump) but that is 6ix9ine. 2nd: 6ix9ine is a CRIMINAL. That is not a good thing to put in a KIDS GAME. He has litterally commited MURDER. And then, I sucked it up and played through. When I KO’d buddy, he respawned... and did a fortnite dance. That’s when I took a star off this review. I then was FORCED to leave a review. I removed another 2 stars for NO OTHER OPTION. Overall, this game is good, and original. If they removed the fortnite and 6ix9ine, I would leave a 5 star review.

- KickTheBuddyforever

Kick the buddy is awesome :-) I am so happy that you guys got an updated version the old version wasn’t as fun and it had a lot of add this one is a little bit better with the ads. Although one thing about the app that is an amazing which didn’t make me give it five stars is that when you go into the app it doesn’t work it glitches so I decided to delete the app and download it back it’s still did the same thing so I got my iPad in my parents phone I downloaded it and it happened again So I asked my friends what happened when they downloaded KickTheBuddy forever and they told me the same thing so I hope you can change it . that’s why I gave kick the buddy a four-star but it’s still fun game

- Why I give it five stars

I love the game because it’s very good it’s fun to play and I love how it gives you just five videos and you get the register and I like how it gets VIP I even have one of the VIP myself so you should play the game yeah that’s why give it five stars it’s amazing and it also gives 10 videos you can only watch you can also watch tennis videos and it has really strong stuff and for some reason you can’t control your anger skills with this game so if you really angry just come to the kick the buddy forever and that’s the bid you dig up that’s why I love the game so yeah see you later play the game and you’ll be happy and then your anger issues gone forever

- It has great graphics and details

I like how it is very detailed and realistic, but it is better than the original version. What I like about this version is that it has backgrounds and character customization. What I also like about this version is that it is related to the original but the character is better and realistic, that the old version needs more updates. I used to play the original version A lot until this version came. I think I might play this I thought. When I did start to like it was when I saw the weapons and cool gadgets with magic or electronic products. I also liked how every update has new weapons 🗡 💰💎

- Like it, but a bit too violent for younger kids..

It’s a cool game, and I like to stop by sometimes to play the game. However, I have one thing to just suggest. In many violent games like this one, after you download it, you have to set your birthdate and year for the game to know that “okay, this kid cannot see or play a certain extra-violent level.” This game doesn't have that. Me, personally, am responsible and mature enough to understand that I should never do any of those things. But young kids, they’re different! They don't know how to correctly separate reality and the game. Again, I just think that the quick little age-setting system should be appropriate for this genre of games. THANK U FOR READING THIS VERY BORING COMMENT OR WHATEVER THXXX!! ,next

- Suggestions

Of course, this is a good game, and I like it already, but I have some suggestions. 1. Changing the background. The same cardboard box background gets boring, and maybe some locations could be interactive, that would be interesting. 2. Changing the skin of buddy/adding that photo feature from the ads. I think it would be cool if you could change the way buddy looks, maybe dress him up or add some skins to the game. Also, in one ad for this game, they show a person putting the face of someone in a photo on buddy, and I think it would be cool if you actually put this in the game. I like this game, just wish there were more features. 🙂

- Such a good game!

I’ve been playing this game for a while now. And it’s awesome! It has entertained me for so long. I never get bored of the game because there is so much stuff to do. All of my friends have downloaded this game because I showed it to them. Whenever we have spare time on our phones we always play this game. Not really any ads. I haven’t got any “payment” memberships for the game yet too! This game is free, which is also another great explanation, I have downloaded so many games that are glitchy and boring and they cost mostly 8 dollars. But this game is different. This game is amazing!❤️ definitely recommend getting it.😊

- If stress-balls were video games

I absolutely love this game. It’s a great way to reduce your stress, like a stress ball! There’s so much ways to kick the buddy from simple fingers to a freaking ALIEN, you might be questioning why I have this in 4 stars. Simple. The amount of things cost. Without this, I would’ve rated this game 5 stars. When I say the amount, I mean amount as in “EA amount”. What that means is they cost way too much. You have to play for weeks in order to get a shot playing the droid and less in a minute, you already figured out all the antics to it. Minus that, the game’s all good. A few kinks need to get worked out, but it’s good game to reduce stress (well, just don’t talk about the prequel. The smile was... something else).

- This game is stupid

I do not like it I gave it zero stars Because it is not like it was the first one to you get a little bit more it I would have no problem I just want it I have no pets to do this but if ur looking at the game and I’m not a game it is awesome game but it up for the iPad to go back and forth to the game I have no idea what I can play with my iPod touch and play ur friends game and play ur game I play this app it I play this ur game it is a great way of play it roblox it I love the game play it is a golden moon game it I play this is a great play it is a golden moon game it I love the game it I play this is my ur favorite play game I love this app it is a golden moon game it is a golden moon game it I love the game it I play this is your game I play this is a great app you yt it and play it all my friends play it is awesome I play this app I play it and it is a golden moon and I can’t even

- Good Game, but it needs more! +Where are my free spins?

I absolutely love the Kick the Buddyman games, and the new one is just as good as the classic ones. One thing that I loved about these games is the things that Buddyman would say when you hit him with different objects. I’ll be hones, this game lacks a lot of that. I know it’s a very many minor criticism, but I just want Buddyman to say more stuff like when he gets cut by a sharp object, set him on fire, or when you summon an earthquake or a tornado like the previous games. One more thing; It’s been 3 days since I first used the new slot machine to get new items. It says, “Get more free spins tomorrow,” but I waited 3 days for them, and I got nothing since then. Is this my fault, or the game’s?

- Well amazing game!

Soo when I got this game I was scared beacause of Gacha life I was playing the game and the Gina glitch came to me so I was Sad and well stressed out and soo I want to see what new games for kids I was slither.o and there was this add that it was kick the buddy. And I knew allot of kids played this game and the add let me play the game so I played it in the add and it send me to the App Store and I got it! When I was playing the game my heart. Filled with joy and happiness I deleted slither.o and played this game all night long and I was going to get the talking Angela app and I saw the reviews and I didn’t wanna be stalked by a hacker so yeah that my story I hope you enjoyed it :)

- Perfect for Releasing your Anger 😊

I absolutely love this game! It is a perfect game for releasing your anger, stress, sadness, or anything else. It is also really funny how buddy does noises every time you hurt him, it’s absolutely hilarious! But above all, the game is perfect for trying to stay calm, relaxed, and just wanted to have fun! I would definitely recommend this game for everybody but over all, those who have anger issues, anxiety, etc. I enjoyed this game so much that it deserves a 5 star rating. Thank you for reading my review and I hope you guys feel proud to make this game for entertainment and being relaxed. Thank you also for making this game! 😊😁😂

- Why so many ads?

I played this game in 2014 it was pretty good the game mechanics were fine then I got rid of it 6 years later I I see it on ads I will like sure I will try it must be better I download it I could have been more wrong I play it like 1-2 times buddy died boom! Ads and I was like that was way too quick next there was this game pass just for blood i think it was like 3$ or like 4$ anyways I was like for blood just blood then I saw this premium pass it said get access to all these weapons and maps my mind went wild and I am pretty sure. It was a monthly fee for a game most of the times it is kids and now I Already knew. This game was only made for money I saw no thank you or like supporting them all these years they were just like oh yeah let’s just give them double ads anyways I rate this 1 star if you agree write reviews

- Cool game

So this game is really fun and I wish that I could play the game a lot but then my mom says no you get my phone because I don’t know why but I do you know that this game is really fun because I played it and that when I downloaded it I thought it was just going to be like a normal game where you have to run with buddy and hit him in the head but instead it’s like where you have to get weapons and you do stuff with the weapons and for me if I was a kid that wanted it would be to violence but OK but it’s really fun to play and I like to play a lot because it’s fun and I wish that I could’ve played a lot and I ❤️ The game so much

- Stress Reliever

Ok. So I got this game because I saw it on an ad and it said some thing bout stress relief. So me having a lot of stress because I’m raising 3 boys decided to get this game. Its really fun. There’s barely any ads, which I love because most the games that I have for my boys, every time I watch them play their game their are always ads. But this game is great. My kids always laugh and have fun with the game. For all the other parents this game is really aggressive so if you don’t want your kids into that stuff I wouldn’t recommend this. But for me this is a great game to get rid of any stress. This game has no ads so feel free to get this app.


This game is great but I had some glitches the game is good but I saw this game and the video when you first get the game had a different face so I thought it would be good to get but it was the same as the other kick the buddy!! So why make another kick the buddy and STILL have the same things in the other one so you get what I mean?? Good because I gave this game a 5 star cuz it’s not bad it just confuses me but overall it was an amazing game thank you so much for making the same game again!! Jk jk!! You guys keep making games please make some changes in your future games thank you!! Maybe some new graphics? Bye!! ☺️☺️

- why...

3 main problems, the ads, the memberships, and then THE FLIPPING COMMENTS. So I get into the game, kill the buddy with my mini gun, or something like that then BOOOM an ad comes up. Then I go to switch my weapon. I look for a new weapon to buy, and then I click on one I want, then after I buy it, it says HEY, WANNA GET A MEMBERSHIP WANNA GET A MEMBERSHIP WANNA GET A MEMBERSHIP. I mean, I get it, you wanna make money, but JEEZ calm down with the amount you advertise your membership and also LOWER THE PRICE OF THE ACTUAL MEMBERSHIP. I’m not paying 8 dollars or something for just a few weapons. Alright, so I get back in after an ad, then buddy says “hit the dab like blah blah blah.” And also the Fortnite references in the game. Stop making him do the hype every time he gets respawned. You tryin to get kids more addicted to it? Thanks.

- Great game but two problems

The game is very very addicting but I have two problems first problem is with the ads fist of all there are two many and you know that if you watch an ad you get a reward yeah sometimes you don’t get that reward mostly because when you’re done with an ad you press the x to get out right? Well sometimes the x button doesn’t work so you can’t get your reward and the second problem is the lag the lag mostly happens when you don’t have internet and that’s a problem for me because I bring my iPad everywhere and when you have lag the game is like 6 frames per second but overall it’s a good game

- Not that good

I really love kick the buddy! But, their are some really bad problems. First: blood should be free. $4.99 is a ridiculous price. Second, there are way to many adds, I understand that you need to make money somehow, but the adds make it difficult to play! Third, I can’t find some of the weapons that I saw in its advertisement. That seems like false advertising, and I would like to search for weapons. Also, I cannot draw a weapon like in one of your ads. This really bothers me. Last but not least, there are more problems, there is to little weapons. I wish there was more. Please improve the game! I really like this game but these problems are annoying. Thanks! edit: please remove your membership. It is stupid and I just want this game to be how it was before.

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- Kick the buddy: forever

I love this game I also want a number 3 kick the buddy and I want a the creator to make a kick the buddy that you can be buddy and the person can kill you with dangerous weapons and I hope there's a part 3 of kick the buddy because I love to kill the buddy and the thing I love the most is you can kill buddy in different ways and on part 2 kick the buddy is that giant robot its crazy if I sow that in real life I would just run as fast as I can the best one of kick the buddy is the second one because there's more cooler weapons and buddy looks more detailed and I like in the start wen you play the game is in a box and you can see his eyes poking out from the box and he's blinking I love the words he says there so funny like he's saying to stop hearting hi but I don't listen to him I'm just keep hearting him and I have 655 coins in the game

- Good game but some improvements

It is a great game and really fun to play on and I know that you make money out of the adds but it has to have some time for me and it has a lot to be made but it has a good app but I can’t play the app I can’t stop play and I don’t know what it has ever do is it has to do it and I don’t want it I can’t stop it from it again I don’t know what to play but I don’t want it I can’t play the app I can’t stop play and I don’t know what to play and I don’t know how I play play it is so good game I play the app it and it is a fun app I can’t stop play and I can’t play the app it I play

- Kick the body for ever

It’s really fun but you feel bad and there’s too many videos and ads positive but you feel really bad for buddy and you have to earn the money to buy new things same as the James the reason I gave you three stars is because it’s hurting buddy and there’s too many videos and dads and you have to pay to get gems if you want to buy something and the same is money it’s getting really annoying when I do that and I hope everyone has different reason to not like it and like it I like it but I feel bad for buddy you’re buying new things to hurt him why couldn’t you make it something that you wouldn’t feel bad for and I just hope that when it upgrades that it will only get better things to hurt and mushroom or something either way something is going to die

- Slots machine isn’t working

It’s a fun game with creative items and exciting colours I have almost every item on it. My two complaints are that the buddy doesn’t have a lot of health and the slots machine doesn’t work anymore for me and my friends. I understand that the less the health the more adds we have to watch but it feels like there is a major imbalance with playtime and add watching time. It puts me and my friends off playing all together. And the slots machine keeps telling us that we will get more spins tomorrow and it’s been a bit more than 1 days. Maybe months. It might be easier to excuse if the spins weren’t so expensive $31 for 90 spins is too much to pay for a max of 6 items.

- So nice to play

Kick the buddy is a game that I could not recommend enough . It feels so good to just to know that there's someone out there worse than you... and the fact that you have control of all the pain he gets put through play a big part of why KickTheBuddy is so satisfying.I highly recommend this for people who hate somebody else so much they want to blow them up with a grenade, all you need is to imagine the persons face on the dummy. A highly recommended game in my eyes.

- Feedback

Make all weapons for free all my friends hate it because you have to save up for ever to get the weapons and I’m beginning to not play the game because you have to wait for ever to get the good weapons I hope you make all the weapons for free so I don’t delete the game and I hate instagram because you have forced us to go on instagram and like and stuff to get weapons and it feels like you are taking advantage of every one hoo plays this game and I’m sick of it so make the weapons for free I allso read through some of the comments and one said I like buying stuff from the shop so why don’t you give every one unlimited gems and coins so they can buy stuff and not have to save and I allso think there should be more weapons to so read this text again and think about my ideas.

- It’s “ok”

I like it cough micro transactions cough spam adds cough. It’s annoying that a decent game is ruined by spam adds example; I got on to play for a bit, then I go to press on the little book marker menu thing then immediately I get an add, not even a frickin second into the game, and there’s an add. Micro transaction example; you can’t even have blood without paying, especially the “vip” for these games, IT’S SO FRICKIN EXPENSIVE, like come on, a Netflix subscription costs less and you what me to pay $10 - $15 a week!? T O O E X P E N S I V E. Summary; adds are too spammed this why people hat games that don’t play without internet and micro transactions are disgustingly expensive.

- Alien needs more. Pls read devs.

Great game👍. I just got the🌪 in godly powers and completed the Grand Prix. But when I got Alien I was a bit sad to see that it was only able to spit venom and tail whip you. It would really be cool if it could face hug buddy as well and then after a few seconds buddy would be chest bursted and a baby Alien would come out of buddy. Also I was wondering if you could add Predator and if you had both Predator and Alien attacking buddy then they would start attacking each other. You don’t have to add this in if you don’t want to but it would really be nice if you could. Thx for reading this.

- A bit inappropriate/violent

This game was suggested for 12+ but lots of kids younger than 12 could easily download this thinking it’s a friendly game but in the game all you do is constantly beating up the so called “buddy” who in some round, limbs can be rip off. So it’s not a very convenient game considering that the creator didn’t think about the issues which this game can cause to younger players, this could influence young children to bully and use violence thinking that the person they’re beating up would be just fine and regenerate like the puppet in the game. Regardless of all of that, if you understand that bullying is not ok and could hurt people mentally and physically.....then this game would be a great stress relief and if you’re frustrated

- Ads

Hi I love KickTheBuddy but whenever a video advertisement comes up after it the game freezes. And the only way I’ve discovered is to reset the game which takes a while as an ad will come every ( well most anyway ) time i go into the stuff menu which really irritates me so if there is any possible way to fix this glitch, issue or whatever it is without deleting the app as I have about 27 hours play time into the game or even a way to link my FB or email to save my progress that would be great thanks in advance...

- It is awesome

I only just downloaded the game and wished that I did download it when I first saw it! I have only had the game for 5 minutes not even that and I am addicted and I have 5 KO’s. For most KO’s you get a movie ticket type thing and it has I think 8 options, first one I got was a granade and then I got a CHAINSAW!! I really liked the intro ( when you first download the app.) All in all the game is Awsome and I Recommend it for stressed out people or easily angry people like me! great game!

- Crystal palace app

Favourite app and the only reason it’s free and The first one I got the best You don’t The best part Was the bestest part so then I ran to my bedroom because I was in trouble so then buddy helped me and I went into his world and I keep kicking in because that’s what is what does the Cannonball say than the bike and the deliveryman hundred on $3 million dollars so the $3 million made me skydive from space to a trampoline I felt so great about that so high then I flipped flipped diving in a game Play the game Master story body kick the body so when I kick the body there was a light monster who stole them delivery man Hymes get on his bike and then the road with a squeaky noise squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak can you speak I voted by by everyone Have a great day all my God so subscribe to my channel

- Ok game

It’s good but it is a bit creepy but hey that’s an opinion. At fist it’s a lot and a lot to take in but not as enuf like the original but when you think about it is better than the old game because in the first game and hole “kick the buddy” franchise it’s to be a stress reliever game but in the original game the “buddy” yells mean/rude words to you but in this game you hear strange screams or cry’s? I think that is what is going on but it is not really bad at all but a review is ment to say what’s wrong but when you tie it all together it’s a really good game

- KickTheBuddy

This game is sooooo fun it’s not appropriate for little kids but could be really good and fun for older ones. You can learn self defence that is helpful for when your older and get to know different types of weapons that could come into play it just needs something more new, fun and maybe a beginner version with not as much violence. In my opinion this game is AWSOME SAUCE!!!!!! 😁😁

- Kick the buddy forever review

I think this game is violent although fun to play it is entertaining but again pretty violent for you have to harm a poor little crash test dummy in witch seems to be alive but it is very fun and you don’t have to pay to play the game however there are certain weapons you can’t get unless your vip I give this game a 4 star rating and I personally think that anyone over 9 should be able to play this game ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

- Better then other

It was better then the first one but I wish that you could hit him easer because when I was using the gun it was hard to use it. Also it doesn’t use much damage just shows holes when you use it. Thanks for listening 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😃😘😄😵😒🧐☹️😞😒😛😘🙃😎☹️☹️😢☹️🙁😒🧐😛😗😜😞☹️🙁🧐😝😙😥😥😑🤭🤬😦😐🤢🤮☹️😣😔😎🤓🧐🤨😧😧😮🙄🤥😤😔😔😞😞😒🙁😩😡😨🤔😐😑🤫😡😦😪😧😧😮☹️☹️🙁😬😨🤔😰😰😥😥😓😨😱😨😥😓😑🤗🤭😧😦😵🤢🤢🤮😷😷🤒😷🤐😪😴😴did you feel these feelings thru the text ? Yay also comment if you did love ya by 😺😺😺

- Too many ads

This is a pretty fun game on the whole but the one massive problem with it is the massive amount of ads, every time I try to get a weapon there is an ad. When I try to play offline it is even worse because I can’t load the ad. I know that there is remove ads but it is subscription based and would cost a lot of money. The devs should have a look at how many ads are in there and maybe reconsider how many there are.

- This game has potential...

Ok, This is me being honest. I reckon you can calm down with the excessive amounts of ads, It's always trying to make you watch ads. I understand they MIGHT be broke(Just a prank bro.), But seriously though. It's an adequate distraction just to watch ads alone. Then theres the disapointing thing of either spending diamonds or wasting time watching some/lots of ads just for a single weapon. I'm getting peeved just thinking about it, Thank you for your time. -EmperorCamel

- I love this game

This game is so much fun l love killing the buddy but some improvements are needed like why do you have to pay real money to get blood effects and the giant robot should be 60 short videos these two things stopped me from giving this game a five stars plz change these things and congrats on making this amazing game from aroob

- My most loved game ever

My brother is obsessed with this game so I thought I should try it so I got the game and I can get why he is obsessed with it it is so amazing because it so fun with so many weapons and I was mad at someone today and I went on this game and it helped me so much I absolutely recommend this game have a great week and remember to stay beautiful

- KickTheBuddy:Forever

It’s so stress relieving but not really showing on the ADS as much, because it calls you a ‘loser’ apparently...but I’ve never ever in my life, NEVER! Although, this is a good review and this game certainly isn’t lying about being stress relieving. It’s wonderful and so fun to play and gives you an influence to create a game by yourself. This game is really fun indeed.

- Fix your formatting for newer devices

I have an IPhone XR which was released last year, and you are telling me that after 5 months. You couldn’t be bothered to update your software format for a new phone??.... When I try and open the game it comes up with that stupid do you want to buy premium message and the button to X out of the offer isn’t on the screen cuz it assumes your device has a thicker screen, so now I am just forever stuck on that offer that nobody will ever play. Congrats guys, u have lost many customers due to this ignorance

- Fix the sounds

For some reason my sounds on this game are broken and they are 50 per-sent slow mo, 30 per-sent high pitched and a 10 per-sent normal so please fix my sounds and that’s why a gave this game a half rating it was because my sounds are broken so remember to fix my sounds and make it a update and make sure to make the sounds 100 per-sent normal and hopefully my data saves. Thank you.

- Amazing.

Although I’m not a victim of stress, for those who are, download kick the buddy forever now because it is the ideal game for you! Though it’s 12+, the graphics and concepts in this app is only suitable for older audiences, and should be changed to 13+. Other than that, this is an incredible app and should be highly commended.

- I love this game

I love this game because if you had a bad day at school or work or anywhere. You can just imagine the persons face and kick it and shoot it and put a bom next to it and then it will just booooom and make a whole and so soo sooo sooooooo many different stuff too many I can’t count. I recommend this game. It is the best.I just love it ?

- Best game ever

QWERTY is the season for the season to come back to the season and then play games with me again and I play it again and again I am a noob and I am a noob at this game and I am so sorry I am not a noob I like to play games with friends and I play games with friends and I play games with friends and I play games with friends

- Kick the buddy:Forever

I really like this game but I hate how I love to buy things from subscribing in Instagram when I am yet too young to have and instagram account and therefore we should just use our money in the game to buy more weapons to kill buddy and not going into Instagram or other social media’s, but other than that, I reckon both kick the buddy apps are brilliant

- Great

This game is the best game I’ve ever played it is fun and it helped you just like do whatever you want if this gets to you if you read this please make more of these games I will love to play them like I love this game like it I’ve only been playing it for like two minutes I fallen in love with it

- Warning must read before playing

WARNING!: This app contains violence, killing, blood abuse and much more! This app is NOT for children under the age of 6, it’s about us killing, harming, abusing, shooting and stabbing a innocent little buddy! This app is taken seriously, if you can’t stand this please do not play this! This is like bullying someone to death, and why on earth would you want to kill and beat up a little cute buddy when he is sent to your home wanting to play with you? Can’t you just change this app!?!? This app should not exist Ever!!!!

- We kill buddy boi

We kill you all day at the end of the day I wanna I know iyou ieioooiy is a time for me a little while I’m thinking 💭 I want you and I can come over next Tuesday afternoon and then I will have just come to the school holidays and I can pick up some dinner iand ii uu u to be honest and I will let you know if I have a look at

- Great Game

I really did enjoy playing this game over, and over again... and again. It was really enjoyable seeing how much money you can get from hurting someone! Overall a great game... The only thing is there is quite a lot of ads. I know it is a free game but why not make it a $2.00 game with no ads?

- Pretty bad

I loved the original KTB so I was pretty disappointed with this one, there were far less items than the first one, and the amount of ads for in app purchases is ridiculous, it’s fine to have an ad every know and then, but if I’m in the middle of killing my “buddy” and an ad appears it really kills all momentum. It is also quite sad how much they’re trying to appeal to young kids and gets extremely cringey. I’d stick with the original one.

- I like to putting my stress on it

when i’m mad i pitcher the that made me mad i picture there face on the buddy 😁 I just love it watching them suffer it’s so so so fun to watch them scream one by one i just love it! ☺️I’m not a devil 😒i just like it but! hearing him or her scream it’s great! hahahahaha u got to agree with me..Right? It’s nice to hear them scream

- Pretty good

This game lives up to the original, but I do have one suggestion. You should be able to put all of your saved weapons, money and gold (which should be converted into gems) into this new game. If there are weapons that you have that aren’t in the game, they either do or don’t. Do this and I’ll rate it five stars. Keep up the great work!


I love it! So fun! 100X better than the other one!!! I don’t even care if some things cost money! I absolutely love it! So stress relieving! Even though things cost real money, I love that you can watch ads to get items for free! Totally awesome, me and my brother can’t stop playing, and we JUST got it a day ago!

- Great game amazing

Kick the buddy is amazing but its just that everytime you KO you can get a prize after watching an ad but even if you dont want one it still shows an ad so yeah but still its a Great game overall 5STAR RATING keep up the good work its a good game to cheer you up and all too thank you

- Tooo violent/killing/hurting/inappropriate/some kids might download the game

This is tooo violent some kids might think they should do this at school and beat up some people at there school and this could be a stress reliever but I don’t think this should be the best stress reliever and this might make someone more stressed because the person who made whoever’s stressed might make them more stressed because they might remind whoever’s made him stressed what he did to him so this SHOULD NOT BE A STRESS RELIEVER BECAUSE IT WILL REMIND HIM WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Kick the buddy

This game is the best app I ever had played and it’s very good for my friends it has a great selection but still not fun at times though so if you’re looking forward to playing or play games with you can get some of that go down on your iPhone 3G day one time.

- Really Like it you should try it if you haven’t already

I like it because in member 1 they didn’t have cards but you can now! And there’s new weapons and all that kind of stuff. So what are you waiting for jump right into it!

- About it

I think kids like me would really enjoy this games because, most kids would like shooting and other things that toucher people so I would say you should get this games. This game is also free so that's the thing I like about it too. 👍❤️

- Kick the buddy

This game is amazing because you can get things for free and a little bit of another that you added as well which is the card one but not quite the same as normal one but it is an incredible I am glad you created this game

- The jackpot is in the way

Ok so the game it’s fun and I love but the jackpot it’s in the way of the TNT ignition and when I try to click it it send me to the jackpot so my be if you move it so where it dose i interfere with any of the tools but the games fun amazing 10/10 and keep up the good work :) XD

- Cool game!

What I really love is the start when he comes in a box and if you Are having a bad day you can let out the anger on buddy or if there’s someone you hate just imagine that buddies face is theirs! Overall it’s a really cool game and I would extremely recommend installing it!

- Kick the buddie

Ok, this is a very cool game. It rlly deserves 5 stars (I think) and yea. When in stressed or have a headache, I can just snatch meh iPad, and play kick the buddy forever. I think the 1st one is cool, but this one is WAY better. And my brother thinks it’s rlly awesome. Thx for making kick the Buddy forever!

- Okay

I would recommend to get the old kick the buddy because it lookes more realistic and if your bad at getting used to things like me you would not like this game. All so every thing is so expensive to by. The game is so bright and I have to turn down my brightens to ten very bottom, other then that Its a pretty good game

- Fun stress relief

I myself am a fan of this game (I just have to say the drawing style is amazing) some other adults might not agree with the violence but it’s pretty much a punching bag without having to pay! This game is well done, Keep up the good work!

- Very funny

This game is super funny to watch and hear what buddy has to say and seeing him all beat up but I feel bad sometimes because I feel like I’m punching, throwing grenades and killing my brother and that’s why I gave a four star rating pls if the people who made this game read this maybe make this not too violent and sad.

- It still talks when you get out of the game

I liked this game until I got out of it. I was having so much fun until I got out and it kept speaking for four seconds it really scared me and I deleted it straight away after that I don’t really know why but I like the weapons and other things but that really scared me I just wanted to let you guys know and you didn’t know either so thanks for reading.

- To many ads!

I like this game but there’s one problem. Ads. Yes. Ads. Because when you kill buddy you get a ad. It’s really annoying but I have a game called tomb of masks (same creator of this game) one good thing about it is that there are not that many ads! I hope you remove ad pop ups that are annoying. Please do the same thing like tomb of masks. Thanks!

- Wow!

This game was sooooooo fun! I hope there is another version! I knew this game when I was little like about 10, but the game was over my age. It’s really fun!i hope there are also new updates to! And creators, if you read this, THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

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- Kick the buddy

This game is an awesome stress reliever! If you turn up the volume, it’ll e an even better stress reliever because he sounds annoying as H E double hockey sticks!!!

- Wow...

Fun fact, this game was not made by the company who made the original

- No me gusta

No me voy de vacaciones con la tarjeta del correo que tengo que pagar

- Not as good as it used to be

When I first got kick the buddy or found the series it was in 2014 and they had a great game with free blood I spent lots of time on the game but now it’s not the same having buddy be all ads it used to have no ads whatsoever and the only micro transactions were buying more coins to get items quicker

- Ads

Your ads have offended me and you should change the ads. Even if you’re trying to trigger me to kick you, don’t use those words. Bad game anyways and boring.

- It’s pretty good

😁😁😁😁😁it is really fun and easy to play😀😀😀😀😀 and that’s why it’s my stress reliever

- Its good

This is a fun game but I try to stay away from death(but I love this game cause I can hit buddy and that is fun).

- Weird noises

This is a great game, But ever since I got the cloning thing, The game makes extremely weird noises.. It’s like really deep sounds and sometimes it even sounds like a Raptor! Please fix this it’s kinda scary ;-;

- Original was better

hate to say it but the original was much more fun. this version just seems way worse quality

- 😪 BORING 😪

This game is fun but also kind of boring, somthing i like about it is that the’re are barely any adds.

- Seriously?

Age rating should be a lot higher. I don’t need my kids thinking this is OKAY to do to anything real or not. Stress reliever? Really?! Working out at the gym. Jogging around the block, even smoking are considered stress relievers. Pulling apart a dummy ... well then you must be wired differently

- Growling

It really good game but there is some random growling going on and after I watch an ad the screen turns pitch black and forcing me to leave

- Sexual assault??

This game is showing bad behaviour by beating and “killing” a doll. This is my opinion. Imagine how many people show assault to actual living things!! I know this is just a game but come on I’m sure most people downloading this game are 9!! So please just be aware that this is showing sexual assault

- Wow

Vrm j’adore ce jeu

- Cool game!

Such a cool game! I’m ready to check the new updates! Can’t Buddy have a pet? So u gut twice as much as coins?

- Bellissimo 🙂

Un gioco ben fatto!

- Best game ever

it’s so fun and it’s so fun

- Cool


- Awesome

Can you tell me a plan a baby sister keep passing the buttons but it’s ok

- Rip off of despicable bear

Most of the guns are rip offs of despicable bear

- $;:9:


- Kick the buddy forever


- Kick the Buddy

So much FUN 😁

- there is fortnite dances

please stop with the fortnite dances

- WoW

Tros cool

- Best

It’s fun great and fantastic and I got no ads for 6.99 yay

- I can’t stop playing

This game kept me awake until the morning

- Can he just stop talking?

He talks to much can he just stop?

- Kick the buddy

Look this game is so fun and everyone should try the game trust me it’s really really fun

- Good

Très bon jeux divertissent merci mais le fait de devoir regender les pun pour avoire la AK-47 est domage

- Konglma


- Great game!

I love it, how after each win, you get those little cards! And both of the prizes are great! Either money to buy more items, or the items itself!


thanks for the kick the buddy forever version I LOVE THIS, but I wish there was no ads . But it’s fine!!!!🤪🤪😚😛😝😜😎😝😛😚

- It’s dumb

I love murdering buddy

- Fun

Very fun game


Infinite rate

- Fun game

Found some glitches

- Awesome game it’s just so awesome

So good should play

- Good

But it asks you to pay in the beginning but you can still play But you have to pay 💰 that’s bad 😡😡😡

- hi

This is the best game ever

- wowow

too many pop ups so far

- Hi sans


- Super Funn

The game is really fun and nothing is wrong with it

- Cool

Game fun I beat him up

- I love that kick the buddy game

Love Hannah

- I love this!

It is a stress relieving thing good job!


This game is so addicting but plz less ads

- Great game!!

It’s super fun to play !!

- Good game

xD for my mom

- Fun


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- I love it but a few suggestions

Ok so I’m being honest I love this game but it needs a couple of suggestions first it really needs to hv comepletly no adds unless it’s for whatever it you need and then you rlly need to upgrade the weapons there rlly old and then you can make a surprise and I’m so happy to share this with you and I rlly like the detail on the buddy and I wanna talk about the beginning I like that he’s in a box and lol he gets beaten up and it’s just a good 👍 up I would totally get this game oh and this game is Greta when ur mad and u feel like beating someone up lol and thx for reading this letter ❤️💜♥️❤️💜♥️❤️💜♥️❤️💜♥️❤️💜♥️ xoxo Haylee

- Good game until this happened. (Edited)

So I was playing the game until I get a daily reward. I collect it and I decide to use it but nothing happens. I kept pressing it but it never worked. I then got a Instagram subscribe item and then I try that and it doesn’t work still. Everything that has been redeemed doesn’t work so I would be grateful if they did something about this bug. I will still try and if something changes I’ll update. Edit: I finally got to use my items! I’m not giving 5 starts because of the wait but I did get to use my items but I had to wait until the next day. I don’t like it but I can now enjoy this game! :)


Hey people I just want to let you know that, we all know we love this game but there is some problems. And yes, I have some problems to...... Well the rest is fine. But let me tell you some problems I've been having. My first one is, that it kicks me out the game... Second it doesn't let the buddy speak, and I tried fixing it by going to the button extra but it's still not working. Last, it needs a new update because it keeps lagging on my device. But the rest is fine. So guys, if you had the same problems just comment that you can agree with me. My nickname is Methelittlechild. Have a wonderful day thank u

- Best app ever

I love it It helps me get all my anger out it will take is that you did when my kids need it because their anger because they’re mad and I will give it to them and they are so happy with him so he will put them in full so happy with the lake so it’s fun it’s on video an it helps me get all my anger out with the kids when my kids need it because they’re anger because they’re mad and I will give it to them and they are so happy with him sleep well I was so happy with the lake so it’s fun it’s all in or out and you don’t think about so I don’t want out of One through 10 I recommend

- Kick the buddy glitches and fixes

This game is so fun, but I have found some glitches, and things to fix. First of all, in the laboratory, when the switch is down, and it blows up with the acidic explosion, you have to reset the map because you can’t pull the lever back up after the explosion. And a bad glitch I found is after get ads during gameplay, after I skip or wait it out my screen goes black and I have to turn the app off and restart it, and with how often you get ads, it’s so annoying. I hope you respond soon

- Absolutely Amazing

This is by far my favorite game I’ve ever downloaded because of all of its amazing features! I love the fact that there are tons of weapons to save up for and so many things to get! I think that the pack, llama and egg systems are very fun to use, and I also loved that gems and coins aren’t to difficult to get. The good thing is you don’t have to spend a dime on the games features and you will get the full experience for free! Still, I did buy the blood effects, but you’ll never have to worry about buying money or gems. I love this game and totally recommend it!

- The worst game in the world

I’m very sorry if you like kick the buddy forever but the same isn’t very kid friendly because I got my younger brother the bloody pack and then he started crying because well because that game is so bad that you kill somebody for calling u a loser not cool this why you just need to get rid of this game now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!though he’s not terrified of really anything my brother is like six years old and I am 20 years old pretty much I’m actually 19 but my little brother woke up the the next day bursting in tears I ran in the room I asked him what was the matter and he said that he is here and I looked around I didn’t see anything but on his tablet buddy was just starting at my brother he told him cuss words ur gay ur stupid I deleted that game on this tablet and told him to never redownload this bad bad bad bad game.!!!!!!

- great game!

honestly everything is awesome about this game let’s start with the pros it’s fun, stress releasing and has many other features that can honestly be exciting to have them there. now the cons, it’s very fun but if you play for a long time of period it can get boring. another con is that when collecting cards, you have to randomly choose a card and when it reveals the other cards and one of them were to be an awesome weapon or a large amount of coins or gems, it can be annoying. overall I believe this game is perfect and was made very carefully as you can obviously see.

- This game is amazing 😃

Once I start the game I can’t stop playing it. It’s so fun you get new prizes every time a ticket it is awesome if you are just like me you know how it feels because this game is amazing and they have two of them I have both downloaded so if you like the first one you should try the second one it will be amazing but before you download the app check the reviews because you might not like it. But it is amazing it the same but better. Thank you 😊 your reading my review 😊if you don’t have this app and you have stress you should get it

- Pretty good game

This game is amazing. I love how many weapons there are. One thing is, gems. You have to have these for almost half the game. It makes you really want to buy them. Speaking of buying things, the most annoying thing about this game. ADS. There is ABSOLUTELY way to many. One will just pop up out of nowhere. I know they probably get paid for it, but NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO OR CLICK YOU GET A AD. I mean, come on kick the buddy forever, you can do better. Plus whenever you want a reward usually, you have to see the ad. Sometimes it’s not even worth it. Even AFTER you watch an ad, you still have a 50 - 50 chance of getting gems.

- Very buggy

Don’t get me wrong, this game is great. However, some of the bugs here are game breaking. First, broken speech. Sometimes when you skip a pop-up ad the buddy’s voice becomes horribly low pitched, destroying that component unless you completely reinstall the game, which erases progress. Second, deaths that last forever. Sometimes you KO the buddy and a pop-up appears, naturally I skipped it, but then the buddy just stayed dead. I couldn’t trash him, I couldn’t do anything really, forcing me to restart my iPad. Those two bugs are horrible and I would play more if they could somehow be fixed. I hope this criticism will be take seriously and the dev team will fix this game.

- Buddy

He’s really retarded he told me that I’m ugly he cursed at me I’m gonna give you guys a one because you guys you guys need to just get it together because you guys are heard buddy cursing and he said water and it’s very very very very very very hard to not react and not throw my electronics so you guys need to get together and my brother told me that this is not how you do a reading but this is how I want to do the rating so if you guys mad at me because y’all don’t want to make me do something like this or Yanny to fix your game because your game is very very very retarded picture game and if you’re listening to review yeah when you try out this game is very horrible very very horrible that’s a fact you might be like oh it’s not a fact it’s so fat so if you guys don’t know if you guys do not want to do what I said it’s on your own.

- Amazing!

This game has to be one of the best games I have ever played... I recently started playing it and I loved it, please add more items and gadgets to K.O buddy! But their is one thing I would really want just to add a bit of style. Yes, STYLE... please make more skins to give buddy a personalized look. I would also like the old custom buddy feature and to buy clothes. But not only that... I think the game needs more consumables as well. I liked the fact that you feed him in order to blow up buddy! And to be honest, I think I find it funny 😆. So please add these features so that us players can enjoy.

- Great until this spooky glitch happens :c

So over all, The kick the buddy games are always the best games I’ve played. It was just one thing I wasn’t expecting to happen. Everything was just as normal as it always was. Until I started attacking Buddy. His voice wasn’t the goofy voice he always had. Instead, his voice was deep and extremely slow. It sounded less like him talking and more like a monster growl. He made these noises each and every time I hit him. But every time I left and came, he sound normal. I’m not sure if it was all just a bug. But I do know it was a terrifying glitch to ever happen. And even if I delete and redownload, it would have the same glitch.

- I love to kick it!

I thought it was really funny 😁 so I played it was gr8 I loved the cinematic and the dances I played the last I loved too but soon it sucked but when this game came my sadness went low and my happiness went up I never wanted download bow masters but I want download right after this review I’ll think about party masters but for now I’ll give bowmaters a shot get like bow shoot I love ❤️ your game btw #kickthebuddy he’s funny I also love the rick and Morty portal it’s funny btw I still bay kick the buddy 1 Rember I ❤️ KickTheBuddy please make more as as women games like this one ☝️ Gotta go download bow masters from Joshua

- So satisfying but here are some ideas for improvement

I love kick the buddy! Its awesome! But there is always room for improvements! For starters, when you use the chainsaw Buddy should just stay still, and ya know let the user do the rest 🤪🤪. Also, when you get coins, make it so the shorter you are to kill him, the more coins you get. Maybe that’s already a thing but still, I think that would be good. One last thing is that, you could upgrade your weapons. Like more strength or something. Anyways..other that that, I love this game and hope everyone enjoys it!

- Like it... except...

I like this game. It’s way better than the original version. But can the ‘daily’ gifts be cut to 12 hours? And every time I want to get a ticket for completing a level, it’s always wanting me to watch an ad that I don’t want to. The tickets should only include new weapons and a bit more gems. Plus, the spinner casino thingy shouldn’t give slots that you already have. And if they do, it should give back the spin. Otherwise, it’ll be so annoying if you don’t fix this. Anything should not use Wi-Fi because those things take FOREVER! Thanks for these thing being fixed! I bid you a good day!

- Add draw your own weapons

Now this game is very fun how you can beat the buddy but you can be more creative by adding this and probably more people will play your game because it’s awfully seldom to find a draw and create game so if you could take this recommendation that would be very nice It would be very convenient to add that and to get it you need to unlock it for 100,000 coins or put it for free I would recommend the free one because that would make you more noticeable I hope you read this and try it and you’ll see how popular your game gets thanks.

- Amazing game😍😊👍🏻😄 developers please read

This is a great game. Since it is free ads are how this game makes money so I understand. I love killing/ knocking buddy out. I also love unlock new weapons. There are two new updates I see though. Developers, I see 2 opportunities for this game. 1. You can make it so that we can use our tokens to buy new buddys like a girl or fancy or something similar. 2. You can make it so that we can create/weapons to knock buddy out. These to things would make kick the buddy forever so much better. I hope my ideas can come to life in this game.

- Original is Better

Now I just got this game and I thought I would be better considering it’s the same concept and all. The first thing I did was check out all the stuff you could hurt buddy with. I was surprised because the original game had probably more than two times as as many items as this one. This game has so many adds but because it can be played offline you can just turn off your cellular and WiFi and it fixes that problem. I have one more thing to say. The company that made this game has another game called despicable bear. And it is basically the exactly the same, even the graphics they just changed the background to a box and replaced the bear with buddy. I still think the original kick the buddy is the best in games like this.

- Kick the buddy

This game is just so nice and like I love GTA so and it’s like fighting people and all that stuff so it’s kind of shooting fighting all that stuff so but GTA has stealing cars but I still like it either I do but I play a lot of games like this so it is like a firstThis game is just so nice and like I love GTA so and it’s like fighting people and all that stuff so it’s kind of shooting fighting all that stuff so but GTA has stealing cars but I still like it either I do but I play a lot of games like this so it is like a first time only playing this game console first time I tried to play it and it wouldn’t let me sell💖💖💖🥊🥊🥊🥊

- Great game but

I started playing this game when I was younger and decided to re-download this game, I forgot how much ads the game had, I would try to switch my weapon and I would get a ad. I would try to change my background and I would get an ad. It gets really annoying because you have too turn off WiFi and cellular data too not get ads but you then can’t buy weapons without internet and that causes me to be forced to close the game and turn back on WiFi. Please stop with these goddam ads. But the game is great overall

- Best game ever

I just started and I love it already! This game is amazing and very relaxing. Its the perfect game to play when your mad or annoyed about something. I think this game is great! Also, you can get free weapons from following playgendary on Instagram. This game is like a perfect game to relax and get rid of stress. The thing I don’t like is the add’s though. I know that there is a remove add’s but the only way you can get it is for buying it for real live money! I don’t like that but other wise this game is great! So if you need a game to get rid of stress, just download kick the buddy forever.

- Meh

It's a pretty cool game I must admit. However, I kinda expected blood and cool effects only to be disappointed when I saw that it costed FIVE FRICKIN DOLLARS! If you're gonna put it in the overview, you gotta have it for a no charge item in the game. Also, I was trying not to rate, as I don't put ratings for mobile games, but it wouldn't let me click off so I could continue playing. I think the winter pack is cool and I like that there's a coinage system. The way the game is designed is nice. I mean the buddy's practically amused at the fact that he is being brutally abuse. All in all this game has its ups and downs. Please don't take this as a a hate review, but as my thoughts on the actual game. You know. A review.

- I love this game is so fun

hi I love this game and I’ll never stop loving this game this game Is the best game ever ever for me and my family I just can’t stop playing this game I love it so much and it’s awesome and fun to play with friends and family and I just want to play it all day long this game is a great way to play with friends and family and I will never stop loving this game I was so happy wen I got the game I loved it the day I got the game I will never stop loving this app and I hope you will love this game to i love this app so much and I hope u to please give this app 5 stars ⭐️ i love this game!!!! 🥰 😁😍

- Therapeutic!

This app is so stress-relieving. And opens exits for my anxiety as well! I totally recommend it! Whether you have premium or not, it's still an awesome experience. It's great! And Buddy is this annoying little package you received one day lol. Buddy's clever and doesn't just stick to the same old phrase like most video game characters do. When you don't hit him or injure him or anything like that, he makes smart mouthed remarks, lol! He's even a bit adorable in my opinion! He makes it so hard to hurt him! Overall, KickTheBuddy is a very fun app/game. I HIGHLY recommend it :D

- Good game but it needs....

Afeagin1 is my morning I just wanted something else and a little something that would help me get my hair done and get back in my room again thank everyone I have a good night love love to you I will try to make a change of plans and get a good nights out with you I know you’re busy but I’m just going to get you some food you want something something you need to do something else and get to know me something else you want I just want you to be good to my family and I know you want to

- Doesn’t let me play

I got this game because my friend told me that there was a 6ix9ine buddy so I got for the memes and overall the game was good I loved I played it almost everyday I loved it but I took a week long break for life I got a new dog and tried hanging out with friends and family so I got on it a couple days ago and it would show the title screen and then it would kick me to the homepage and people who are reading this did you see what I did there kick me to the homepage get kick....KickTheBuddy??? Huh huh get it so back to what I was saying it would do that I got on the game everyday since and all it does is kick me to the homepage if the creators are reading this please find what’s wrong and fix it I almost have the 6ix9ine buddy

- What went wrong with development???

So I was playing this game for a while when I saw something wrong with it. I looked on KickTheBuddy and This one and... how does it have less good rating??? I also. Noticed something that could be the reason, it has less weapons then the first... what’s up with that? How does the first KickTheBuddy have more then this one? For the second one, I feel like it should have more things, but no, it has less, so I was wondering if you can please in the future add more things, weapons, skins, modes, or something to make it seem better then the first one. If you can do this I feel like it would be better.😃

- The add for the app...

I get adds for this game a lot, or actually, more of just one add, and its kind of insensitive. The one add that always pops up is of the buddy hanging from a noose. In front of the noose, hanging buddy, and wooden stand, there’s a leaver which hangs the buddy. Maybe people looking at this can’t say the same or empathize, but when your depressed and/ or worse, this add feels like less then stress relief, but an insult or taunt. It’s using something really serious personally and historically for entertainment, and as the front attraction for people to play the game at that. Alongside that, the buddy is telling you your a looser the whole time, making it sound like your a loser for not hanging someone. I get that people enjoy this app, but I just don’t get the thought process on this one.

- So many adds!

This is a fun game in general but the amount of adds is really annoying. I understand that they need adds to make money but with all the things that you can buy with real money it doesn’t make sense. The adds also ruin the point of the game, which is to have fun because it isn’t fun when you can’t play because of all the adds. It is also way to easy to defeat the buddy and every time you do there is an add. Also every time you switch your weapon there’s an add. In my opinion this amount of adds is ridiculous and people should not have to sit through it. So I’m warning you now that if you don’t like adds then this definitely isn’t the game for you.

- Briza

I kinda feel bad for buddy but It,s a game and buy the way i am in love whith this game I play it all day and night this is maybe the best game I have ever played my friends and I love this game my friends all ready played it they showed me this game wene i saw it i qas toatally in love whith it i showed my cousin and she was so excited to play this game in the morning I saw her in the game she came to my house and was so excited because she got a lot of money now she play’s this game evry day and me to your game is probably the best game ever i hope this game gets a lots of stars


This is much better than the KickTheBuddy 1 because of the adds this one took almost all of them down and the weapons are nice but you could add a section that is only 1000 coins that you can type what wepon you want but depending on what it is the cost should be 100 to 5000 coins like a railgun, 2000 coins and a draw wepon and if it dosent recognizes it then type what it is supposed to be and a merge section like the chainsawsword and a flamethrower, a chainflame! This game is so relaxing so pleas add my things it would be an honor and I would be so happy

- This game is incredible

This game is incredible! Great concept, like to beat the carp out of him. If only they had a weapon like a fish that’d be cool. You’ll probably charge for it though, most likely in the bundle for buying a yearly subscription (smh $100). It anyway you should add a fish weapon. Speaking of ads, why so many? I get an add for every 3 buttons I click. It’s ridiculous, then you have an ad for an ad, you click the ‘X’ and it says “are you sure?” And it shows another ad in that same window.... great game but maybe tone down the ads? Kinda turns me off and I’d rather do something else

- Terdygugygyjugujygguhuhuguhihuhihujuh

My child likes the game but wants the blood to be free because he doesn’t want to spend my money some blood or his birthday money and wants the draw a weapon to be there on the game so he can draw his weapon and don’t have to wait to unlock it and he wAnts the places to put buddy in to be like in a house or something not box them he wants to have another person for Buffy to play with he mess with and not just buddy and he wants to have unlimited access to spin wheel when ever he wants sincerely mrs hunter.

- Glitch/Bug

Okay, so I was using the adrenaline weapon on buddy, then I wanted to use something else. So I get buddy’s pan and use it. I get a KO then start using the adrenaline again. Then I accidentally aim the adrenaline at the pan that was on the floor, and the syringe was on the pan, but it was glitching out and making the noise when the pan hits something. It dose that for a while, and then it disappears. I tried to do it on other cold weapons, but it just breaks. I think it only works on buddy’s pan. I was just curious and wanted to point this out. (If someone’s reading this, try it out!)

- Great Game!!!

This is not only a great game, but it helps relieve my stress! I play it whenever I feel angry, and next thing I know I’m laughing! The only thing I’m a bit iffy about, is the ads. There are so many ads, it’s like they have an ad problem. I go to get a new weapon-ad. I try to kick the buddy-ad. I try to get an ad-never mind. That’s my only complaint, so otherwise, great stress reliever. I would recommend it for people who get angry a lot. And I wouldn’t recommend it for people who don’t have patience when it comes to ads.

- Creepy sayings

Creepy sayings like pay attention to me put me in front of the TV and other things like like how it talks about apps and what even is Carmen this is supposed to be a kids game but you have made it on kid friendly well you have made it really enjoyable but the things that buddy says it is really really really creepy and people be like oh no what are people be like oh no buddy knows if I’m watching TV but he knows I’m not paying attention to him but he knows I have different apps but that is really really scary and I am writing this report because I am not paying attention to this I am giving you a one star rate for a reason I would give you two if he didn’t say nothing about payation you to the screen hope you understand I hope you fix bye


Fbsoff day hdhjhjffhjhn unyielding has been an hour and yuuioi is my day I am in the mood and I am a little too excited to be back home to the next time of my year to the end I love the music and I cannot is a really good day of the week I have a great weekend and I have to get a new one fdgggh I am not tvgurhy was the last time we were in a yyut ylast here is a great game that you would be able for the day yuiebd Th gdhggg Th hi gghjf G fhghhhhsbfhsngdjdhnrgdksidkenehdhrn jdhdjfhdnfh shdnydjdyd uxhhdhudu usurious do hdhdjfjydj jdhdjhdhd ghhhf dday you all iridejuduydhdy I dloved iosujyeiisgshgdheiwngs was a day usgshdgdjtsjdt

- Good game

Hi They’re so I’ve only been in this game for like one day but the game has been very fun I think really good so would you make more versions maybe I am like you’ve already gotten another one my plan chick buddy kick buddy forever they’re so I’ve only been in this game for like one day but the game has been very fun I think really good so would you make more versions maybe I am like you’ve already gotten another one my plan I kick buddy kick buddy forever so anyways I think your game is pretty cheap so yeah I think your game is pretty good


I love the game but bring back the old elements like music and the other old elements that are gone and stuff and make it where you don’t pay for blood pay for it with coins and make different types of blood. Thank you! P.S can you make so you can spawn a bunch of buddies depending on how many we want like limit is 30? And old elements that are in the game could make second ones too like the chainsaw was a thing with two fingers and the shower that freezes with the hose that freezes in this game?

- Horrible To teach kids

Me, being a kind and loving 12 year old had my sister downloaded whatever game she wanted. She chose this one. While Im a loving soul and would never hurt a bug, I rate this game 1 star because it is extremely graphic and shows the ‘buddy’ getting hit and kicked and hurt when in reality, he did nothing wrong. I find this could lead to animal abuse or thinking that its fun to harm things, which I would never do. I hate the way in this game, you are beating up a poor soul that cant defend its self. I honestly feel bad for the buddy and would like him to live out the rest of his life in peace. Maybe he can go to higher education after you stop abusing him. In conclusion, this game may cause increased animal abuse, so I dont like it. Thanks for reading this comment

- Way to many adds!

I remember a friend who had the original version of this game, and it was really fun when we played it. Since this one was newer, I got it instead. First of all, I’m pretty sure that it said that buddy never dies? Well that’s not true at all, but I could be wrong. Second, there are WAY to many adds! After every KO, a 30 second add plays! And half of the items and extra try’s require watching an add. I realize that every free game has adds, but this one basically has one every 20 seconds. And to get rid of all these, you need to buy a premium subscription. I thought this was a stress reliever? Well unless you buy a subscription, it isn’t fun at all.

- Jac

Hi there are you guys coming in for me today I’ll come to your place I’ll see what I’m talking into I’ll let him get you I’ll let her in the morning thanks so so very very sweet and I’ll be happy with your birthday love I will let him talk I’ll talk about your stuff tomorrow morning let us talk with him and let me talk with him and let me talk with you I’ll talk about him and I’ll talk to you about the car race car and I’ll talk to him I’ll talk to her tomorrow and let you talk or text him I’ll be sure you will talk with me later thanks I’ll ok

- Ads

I love this game and I think it’s come a long ways. I like a lot of the new things you guys have done but I’m actually spending more time watching ads then I am playing with buddy. That’s kind of sad. I understand having ads but I literally get 20-30 seconds before another ad just automatically starts playing. Then when I do k.o. Buddy I get another one. Then there’s another one. And you can’t avoid them. Like I said I don’t mind an ad every 5 minutes or so but but every other minute ?? Once again I’m not going to spend my day watching ads 7/10 times and playing with buddy 3/10 times. If it was the other way around I would continue to play.

- It’s Great, but a few probs

I’m playing the first Kickthebuddy game, “relieving my stress” and an add pops up for KickTheBuddy Forever, which at first, i though this’d be another cash grab, although it look better than the original. So i got the game thinking, this’ll be garbage, PROBABLY not worth my time. So as i equipped my beretta, i realized buddy was fortnite dancing! I quit fortnite a little while ago, and Playgendary added this to be cool! It isn’t, also, they even made Bowmasters cancer after they started doing fortnite dances! And, they even have 6ix9ine as a skin, labeled as LIL BUDDY. Come on Playgendary, you guys are better than this!

- This game is fun but just a few things I would say you should put in it

I really love the game it’s amazing I’m 11 so me and my friends all have phone and they will take my phone and start playing this game but I think that the game should have some better weapons and it should be a bit harder to kill him oh and yeah I also think that you shouldn’t have to watch 20 something ads just to get a gun or a golden gernade if you guys fixed that you guys would have a lot more people playing

- Ehhh

I love this developer, and the games fun, but there are several things that they need to reduce or remove. First, they need get rid of the vip membership. They say 3 days free, then 7.99 a week. A WEEK. I can pay 50 bucks on an Xbox for a gold membership and get like 36 games a year. And most of the time there good. Ether make people pay 7 bucks a month or even like 20 bucks a year. Second, remove ad’s. There’s way to many ad’s in all of the playgendary games. If you did a ad like every hour or something like that then you would still earn money. I love all of these games but please consider this playgendary.

- Great game

It is kinda sad there is now a second version of this game and the old one just left behind, but! You added the K.O sounds again and the little ticket thing is back. The character is a bit of an improvement but I preferred the old character better but I think I will get used to it. The reason I rated this 5 stars is because this is one of my favorite games the old one and this one are my favorite ones and also I like it cause it was unique from the other ones.

- Good game

I love this game but just wish there were less ads overall I think this is an amazing game with a lot of cool weapons to chose from. Also i think the membership is too expensive for a mobile game .the 1 year pass costs 100 dollars just for one game and that’s almost as much as an Xbox live gold pass for a year but has more games. I think if you lowered the price down to 50 dollars or even 35 i think a lot more people would get it. But this game is still great

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Kick the Buddy: Forever 1.5.5 Screenshots & Images

Kick the Buddy: Forever iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Kick the Buddy: Forever iphone images
Kick the Buddy: Forever iphone images
Kick the Buddy: Forever iphone images
Kick the Buddy: Forever iphone images
Kick the Buddy: Forever iphone images
Kick the Buddy: Forever iphone images
Kick the Buddy: Forever iphone images
Kick the Buddy: Forever iphone images
Kick the Buddy: Forever iphone images
Kick the Buddy: Forever iphone images

Kick the Buddy: Forever (Version 1.5.5) Install & Download

The applications Kick the Buddy: Forever was published in the category Games on 2018-12-25 and was developed by Playgendary Limited [Developer ID: 1487320337]. This application file size is 203.57 MB. Kick the Buddy: Forever - Games app posted on 2020-05-02 current version is 1.5.5 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playgendary.ktb2

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