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What is the zeus network app? Featuring some of the biggest stars on the internet, The Zeus Network delivers the best in new digital content. Subscribe today!

To access all features and content you can subscribe to The Zeus Network on a monthly or yearly basis with an auto-renewing subscription right inside the app.* Pricing can vary be region and will be confirmed before purchase in the app. In app subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of their cycle.

* All payments will be paid through your iTunes Account and may be managed under Account Settings after the initial payment. Subscription payments will automatically renew unless deactivated at least 24-hours before the end of the current cycle. Your account will be charged for renewal at least 24-hours prior to the end of the current cycle. Any unused portion of your free trial will be forfeited upon payment. Cancellations are incurred by disabling auto-renewal.

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App Name The Zeus Network
Category Entertainment
Updated 24 October 2023, Tuesday
File Size 48.04 MB

The Zeus Network Comments & Reviews 2023

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Fresh, talented, forward thinking. I’ve followed many of the creators from Vine to Instagram and just wanted to support young men and women forging out on their own and being entrepreneurial. As for the app, it works as expected. Auto shifts videos to landscape without having to tap another button, and plays videos crisply and clearly. My only rub is that when I search in the search bar, by expectation is that it will return ALL results of that creator - for example, if I type “Bach” I get a handful of results and “King Bach” I get different results. A creator search should return everything that creator is in or contributed to, and organize accordingly. Keep doing your thing!!

Five star rating. The app is very very good. I appreciate that because I really like watching the shows the app is just good but when you’re writing a review, they want you to put a nickname and every single one you would try to use it already says taken, so I cannot even leave a review until I finally found a user name that was not taken this might not be for everybody else, but this is a for but I’m not gonna take away any stores because of this the Apostille five star rating

Mainly Watch it Because of Bad Girls Club. Honestly, I genuinely like zeus. Its inexpensive(mainly because they just started up) but either way...Production is great! The video quality is surprisingly extremely good, considering you pay $6 for a month. The only thing I hate is having to wait for Baddies West/South episodes to air EACH SUNDAY. But that's obviously most streaming sites and most tv shows in general. I definitely recommend it if you're into the reality tv kinda thing. Again I was and STILL obsessed with "Bad Girls Club" so thats why i use Zeus. Enjoy!! :))

Zues Gots The Juice!!. When I first decided to download Zeus I didn’t know what to really expect. When I first watched Zeus as they began their journey it was dry the little shows for me they were very comical but very low budget. I stuck with them over the years with every bit of hope it would get juicier!! But now hunti I’m hooked the great shows like Jocelyns Cabaret, Chance finds love the Baddies West has reached the peak of my expectations. I love zues and don’t mind the cheap subscription, now-if y’all go up like Netflix then we will have to part ways but for now to this none watching cable tv person Is in love and definitely recommend

Zeus Zeus Zeus!!. I love Zeus. Been a subscriber since the beginning. I think it would be greater if #1 they finish what they start. Don’t give me a piece of a reunion(Joselines Cabaret) but never come back to finish it. At least come back and say something vs letting us figure things out on IG. #2 Maybe throw in some contests every now and then. #3 Give “creators”, “influencers” shows as well like “Dearra Taylor” her following alone would shoot Zeus to new highs. #4 Create a show that’s never been done before..a show with maybe single struggling moms, DV survivors, ex cons, trafficking survivors, drug addicts, etc. #5 Do something for the community that pays for you guys regularly. Do something like possibly a contest type and have subscribers maybe tell you about their life and you guys pick 1, if not a few, to change their lives for the better. Whether it be with a home they can call their own, money, car, etc…just something to take them from wherever they may be in life. Give back. Overall I love Zeus and it’s currently the only network I subscribe too. It’s Bad Boys, Baddies, Joseline, and Bobby for me🤷🏽‍♀️

Ratchet Entertainment. If you love drama and black reality tv this is the network for you! I wish the app would auto play the next episode or give you an option to select next episode without exiting out of screen sharing. Otherwise the app works great! I wish some of the shows like baddies were shot a little better it gets annoying seeing the production crew ALL the time. It’s distracting and takes away from what’s going on with the show. I also wish there was more down time in between things instead of every scene feeling like a set up for something to happen versus things just happening naturally. Im still a fan regardless though and I support!

Zeus producers are genius. This network is one of the best networks next to ID plus or Discovery network that has ever come out in my lifetime history of watching reality tv. These producers know how to catch the audience and know exactly what we need, GENIUS! I came across this network by accident because I googled “where to watch baddies” on google and Zeus was only way besides Facebook clips. I was hoping I didn’t waste my $ on a network I never heard of but I don’t think they charge enough for this kind of entertainment!!!! If you are reality tv type personality this is where it’s at. Doesn’t get any better then this. Whoop whoop!

No filters. Continue to broading the horizons of the company and give opportunities. Set more boundaries and regulations and limitations for all cast because no one is perfect but everyone deserves fairness and equality and for the views don’t show the best part’s all the time give us one good seen then just a little tea and when they do the reunion I think it’s best to kind of give a run down on all the new tea and animosity within one another from they’re social media need to the behind the scenes and once you kind of give viewers a clear understanding and view on what transpired threw out the season it’ll make a lot more clarity of everything overall.. My name is Tia and if your hiring or if your not I’m interested in learning more about the works and eager to offer more of my coordination skills. I am willing to show you ways to create a different outlook for the viewers and your content. What makes me different is that I am brutally honest and trustworthy passionately creative and open to learning constructive feedback from others. I can be reached for a job opportunity or given chance to embrace the arts and creative mindfulness coordinations. God Bless you I look forward to becoming a apart of the team. I’m inspired i wish you the best continue to support us as a unity and culture much love.

Just another one of those days by your girl, linda Lujuan Castleberry. I enjoy watching baddies. My daughter introduced me and download the app. I’ve been binge watching. baddies and I love love love it would love to see some more new shows but if you’re ever interested, I would love to see some baddies women like my age that look good for their age so keep up the good work I love what you’re doing, but if you ever think about it hit your girl up linda L Castleberry Facebook, linda castleberry , private edition meets elegantly Express, linda’s world am Instagram, Lujan Latona linda castleberry, tick-tock, linda castleberry I can’t wait for season four to come out with the baddies love it keep up the good work I still got so much to watch keep being zuses

Needs work. The actual shows are amazing and worth the 5$ a month.... but the logistics and technology behind the actual app is trash, it's giving AliExpress.... It never remembers where you left off at on the show, glitches out if you leave it in the background too long, my shows never show up as resume I always have to find the last eps I was on and fast forward the video, y'all don't even have the feature where you just have to double tap and it fast forwards 10 seconds for you, y'all need to enhance that part... this is better than Netflix but needs Netflix's app developers

Great shows, just long teasings of them. They have some really good shoes that’s features people from VH1 and Oxygen as well as others. I’ve seen a lot of the dating shows they have and other stuff and can honestly say they’re making moves to becoming the biggest, plus the subscription is less that $5. My only complains are that they tease shows for a long time and while that’s happening your subscriptions is still going on and by the time u get to a reunion or another show your subscription is probably into its 2nd or 3rd week of the month. I feel they will definitely be really big just need time and help improving.

Zeus Review. Where this network get it right is the casting. With all the shows the casting chemistry is perfect. You either love or hate each cast member but they invoke emotional feeling towards the individuals. That’s hard to do. The area of opportunity lies in the dragging out of the shows. Sometimes the episodes are filled with filler scenes to extend run time and some may perceive as obvious. Personally, I sometimes find myself skipping ahead to get to the parts that have some sort of meaning or impact to the plot. A second opportunity for this network is the amount of new shows running congruently. I understand the strategy of this new network to maintain subscribers however, I feel it’s at a point where more than one new show can be running at the same time. Instead of watching this network once a week I would love to watch a couple of times weekly. Keep it up. Love the shows! I would love to write synapsis or reviews for the network.

False Advertisement. Don’t get me wrong the shows on here are good but they’re overrated and the episodes are stretched out so bad that one event can last up to three episodes if that makes sense , they get to the plot I guess you can say , too slow and input boring conversations that last up to 30 minutes that’s half the show !! Honestly you’re better off just watching the TikToks that come from it the TikTok’s will show you everything that happened there ! And they put out unnecessary shows like the bad boys and bad girls auctions those are uncalled for and unnecessary all they do is judge judge judge the worse way ever and the “baddies” become the bullies. The women are too old to be acting the way they do they need to get rid of Natalie and let some new younger fresh faces come in , the original people are good but it’s time for something new. The old women are irritating for acting the way they do , nobody wants to see y’all anymore & everybody knows chrisean is the real baddie ! We need more of her , she needs her own BGC

Organization. I gave a 4 stars only for the fact that the app is kind of messy I wished they would put time into organizing the app so it’s easier to navigate to each show and also help some of us with OCD lol. I see they have it set up a certain way but if you guys had a better lay out it’d be easier to browse other shows are even see total names on the side ya know? I watch Zeus on my sling tv and on my iPhone so it’s kind of likeee weird I know there’s more shows on Zeus but it’s kind of hard to see the variety of shows when there’s not a good navigation. Maybe put on the side instead of just explore and other things out Show categories of all your shows them you can click on one and navigate seasons of that Specific show ya know ? Like if I click on baddies tab it will open up to all seasons affiliated with baddies or I open one mo chance then there’s both seasons of that like I get baddies has different meanings like south and stuff but let me push “baddies” tan then it will navigate me to different types or all seasons the baddies series has produced ya know ? Let me know y’all I’ll come help my mind always going ☺️

Surprised I actually like it.. I was actually surprised that it’s how entertaining the content is. I originally just wanted to see one show and ended up binge watching almost all of them. I did notice often times some members that were on one show will appear as contestants on another but I think that’s just because of exclusivity contracts barring them from being in other reality shows for a specific time and I say that to say I’d like to see more fresh faces. In other notes, I’d like the network to be more transparent on the production of some of these shows because I honestly haven’t been able to find much on the bad boys Houston season. If more content is added, I’d love to keep being a subscriber. But I do understand it’s fairly new so I’m patient.

I hate waiting a whole week to watch the next episode. Not a lot of shows to choose from but what is there is entertaining. Once a show is supposed to come out you only air 2 teasers which makes no sense at all then it takes another 5 months to play the first episode. Time between shows takes away from wanting to watch the network that and only one show a week sometimes I’ll forget it only comes on Sunday and miss it.

Zeus Subscription Definitely Worth It👍🏻👍🏻. Very affordable👍🏻👍🏻 and very entertaining👍🏻👍🏻I just wish I didn’t have to keep pressing play after watching each individually episode 😩omg 😔 I just wish it played on its on like Netfl** does. The network also needs more great Editors & Writers onboard❤️ I seen a little oops lol reminded me of some rushed Tyl** P scenes🤭 that were forgot to be cut 😂lol 😂❤️💋 and although reality there should be a specific characters and a overall theme created to avoid the few awkward artificial so obvious scenes of them clearly running out of ideas/dialogue scenes🤭❤️💋

👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. Where do I event start! Bach, Destorm, Amanda, this concept is absolutely amazing and essential to the entertainment industry! The acting ability of so many talented social media influencers often goes unseen due to the lack of recognition from the mainstream media. The Zeus Network is the first platform to say to social media influencers, “I see something greater in you then a one minute clip.” This is not just another streaming platform, this is an investment in the careers of so many influencers who have worked tirelessly to bring smiles to your faces on every single social media platform for years. As someone dedicated to the development of artists and entertainers , I strongly believe stars are going to be discovered from Zeus and get the recognition that they deserve. $3.99 a month is not too much to give to support people who have been entertaining you for free for years. Zeus literally bridges the gap between social media and main stream television. - TheHollywoodWingWoman, Talent Development and PR Consultant

Love it!!…. I love how the network allows you to comment under the shows. Great way to hold conversation with the world and see everyone’s views. The network has great shows and keeps you entertained. I only wish there were more shows and if they would inform the views of when the next episodes would be airing. That’s about the only thing I dislike because I don’t like when you get into a show and then they have you waiting for weeks for another episode. Other than that, I love the network.

If it ain’t for you move along. I absolutely love zues. Zues network is VERY inspiring! In this world many different things are created for the many different types of people we have around the world. Zues is diverse with the cast they have on their shows. No discrimination! Which is what we need. RAW FOOTAGE! Congratulations to whoever created this. This is just the beginning this is going to be as big as VHL MTV etc. if you don’t like it ? MOVE ALONG. Not everything is for everyone. Thank you Zues for entertaining me every Sunday night ! Love love all your shows

Loving Zeus. I love this black network! I hope it does well and gets larger & try to continue to promote us in a healthy light. We are producers, film makers, actors,Entrepreneurs,Executives, screenwriters, we are all these things and should not be limited from being successful when we participate in these career fields. like this network has tried and our black shows are our black shows for OUR entertainment not the world to judge and exploit us. I am just loving this idea and the guts to do it & do it for our people! I love Baddies South 🙌🏾 Big up Zesus

Air time. I feel like as a paying viewer I understand production takes time but once you have the finished product it should be released to those who are willing to pay additional versus everyone having to wait 2 to 3 weeks for something that you have already had in your possession for months… other than that I know there’s ways that things have to be done and rules that have to be followed I enjoy the shows that you have there provided to watch. I just think that production time could be a little bit more efficient and there should be more options to view more content if available.

I love Zeus!. So...I been seeing ads and everything for Zeus Network and I wasn’t gonna subscribe tbh...but I love it. Joseline’s Cabaret was so entertaining. I loved watching that...which is the main reason I suscribed. I also enjoy watching The Conversation and I’m excited to see the new shows that will be coming on. Reminds me of a lot of shows I watched back in the day like I Love New York and Flavor of Love etc. I like Draya so I’m excited to see her show when it airs and I also have to catch up on Blac Chyna’s show. Zeus is something I look forward to watching after a long day of work or even when I’m just chillin in the house like today. Absolutely love it.

It’s amazing. I love the show because I like Natalie Chrisean rock Tommy Lee and Steiner but overall this is an amazing show and Natalie I really do you know like look up to you. I know I’m a man and stuff like that I’m not gay or anything like that it’s just the fact that I really like how you know created the show from what you went off of and what you went through in the things that you’ve been doing in your life so now it’s like you’re showing the world what you did and what you went through and now you giving the world something to look up to look forward to to possibly being on the show I wish I can get on the show but man I don’t know what I’m really saying but I really freaking love you, so I don’t think y’all should go off air. I think y’all should add more shows you know put more Black people on and stuff like that so I’m 100% amazed by the show.

I’m gonna give a 5 but ready my review!. Zeus is awesome ! I love supporting the shows and have watched almost every show on there so far. My beef is with 2 things. 1) it seems like the app volume is so low. It doesn’t happen with any other streaming app but I can not hear the shows fully without headphones. Tried on other phone in my house and tablet and same issue idk why. Secondly, please create an easier way for us to pin save and find our favorite shows. Im sure the organization and ability to save shows/ episodes will improve once you guys have even more show options. I do want to say THANK YOU for adding subtitles options to some of the more recent shows it helped so much and I’m sure our hearing impaired baddies appreciated it too! Can’t wait to see what’s next ! #teamzeus

Fix glitches. There’s glitches and oversize. The biggest one is when you make a comment and someone replied to your comment, they email you but when you click on the link, the link doesn’t take you to your comment. The link takes you to everyone’s comment no matter when you made it. So you comment at six months ago, you’re supposed to scroll through every comment made since then to see what they said to you? That’s dumb. You also should put what day of the week episodes are posted I had no idea at first. also you need to have series instead of treating different seasons of The same show as a different show. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started to watch a series on the second or third season just to find out there was prior seasons because they mentioned it. It shouldn’t be that hard to find season one. Overall the app is good but these small improvements would make it a lot better.

Run Me My Money. It’s something every single day with this app. Why did y’all take my money if you’re not going to let me view the content?! Saying my password is wrong and I can sign in on the device that I can hear off of but I’m still signed in. Says it takes up to 2 hours for a password reset to come to my email and I’ve been waiting now for 45 minutes lol I guess I gotta wait an hour and 15 minutes before I get the email. Y’all need to fix this app while ya run’n up and down streets with cameras how about take some of that time and fix this app or hire developers who can because this is ridiculous. Y’all didn’t have a problem taking that money but I can’t watch what you have on the app &&&&&&&&& this the second review. Guess the first one y’all didn’t like so y’all took it down? I don’t know or care, stop playing with me an run me my money or run this content that I paid MY MONEY I WORKED FOR TO WATCH!!!!!

The hottest of messes. Every single show on this network leaves you wanting more. I’ve never been addicted to a network before, but I’ve watched every show on here from beginning to the end. Every show is messy too. So full of drama and I am here for it. Worth every penny of the $6.99 imo. I use to hate that I have to wait til sundays to watch my favorite shows, but they’re smart for that! Because I’d binge watch it and not use the network again til the next show came out. And they make sure your payment is due RIGHT before the biggest episode of whatever show your watching… making sure to get that money, cause ain’t NO WAY I’m missing out!! Can’t knock the hustle tho.

Must watch for Sundays!. I am so grateful to be spending my money with a black own company! I enjoy them over regular cable shows because of the nudity sometimes!!! 😁. I think this is good money well spent, and I’m excited to see the continued growth like with Zeus original movies one day. Though for now their various reality tv series is great! From One more Chance, to Chyna and her Mom, to Joseline and and Now the baddies series I’m thrilled! Though I wish they would get some one like Khia to host the reunions shows. I keep putting my bid in, so hopefully one day it will happen. Until then I enjoy the First Lady and who she guest host for now. I like how they have been keeping the content coming now, which is very important! Been subscribe for like 2 years now. I love them!

Entertaining content, poor morals. The content on this app is entertaining, they have been improving the quality since they first started up which is when I first signed up. And I love that it’s black owned. But morally it’s the fact that they allowed a grown man to hit a woman, allowed another one to be attacked by Joseline Hernandez and 2 cast mates at the same time and nothing but a statement is done about it. S2 of the Cabaret show we see that same man involve himself in womens business and get aggressive the moment the cast treated Joseline the same way she treats them. Unless they cancel the Cabaret show, and show the reunion unedited I will be unsubscribing.

What can I say...I WAS HOOKED. Original:I’ve been contemplating for months now whether or not to subscribe to ZEUS and now I have and I’m in love. The originality of the shows are phenomenal, the B. Simone dating show was the push I needed to subscribe, it’s hilarious. This network is definitely for the culture and can be viewed and useful to everyone. Thank you for creating this network, I love seeing my favorite social media stars all in one spot doing what they love. Creating Magic! Edit on 9/14: Promises of new shows are not fulfilled. I know it’s a new network, but please don’t promise something and not follow through and don’t even follow up with your subscribers letting them know of any issue or changes. Inconsistent and a bit unprofessional, I don’t want to lose faith in this network since it’s for the culture. I might be back once they get it together.

Bad Customer Service. I contacted The Zeus Network June 7, 2019 via email to cancel subscription because they didn’t have the option to do so via website, app, iTunes and no contact number whatsoever. I reached out again on July 26 until present and have sent multiple emails and still no response. I even tried to contact them via Instagram and still no luck. I just want to cancel this yearly subscription as I don’t even use their app or watch the videos. I find it ridiculous that customers can’t even get a hold of one person or get a response. 2 months! This is my last resort to find other ways and file a complaint. I just want to cancel my subscription and get a refund on the transaction that occurred recently for this year’s subscription. Something I was trying to avoid from continuing by contacting them before my subscription expired. No response to date.

Here for this. I love the content so far. Only had 2 issues with the app. First, it freezes every time I rewind too much. Have to reset the firetv or app to resolve that issue, every time. Secondly, it would be nice if there was an autoplay feature, so the next episode starts. Even having a next episode button on the current episode’s screen would be helpful too. Currently, you have to back out of the current episode’s screen (to the series home screen), to play the next episode. Other than that, I enjoy using this app.

All the drama & REALity I’ve been missing!. This app has all the classics we used to watch on tv & used to be mad about how it was edited or what they didn’t show. Well this app is more REAL to me because they make sure u don’t miss a beat & they have so many shows I used to see go viral on fb but just never knew where to find these shows, well they’re ALL here!!! Definitely worth subscribing I’ve been binge watching for dayyyyssss there’s so many shows to catch up on! I feel like I’ve been under a rock. I hate all the fake, edited crap we have to deal with for reality tv now but THIS APP IS DEFINITELY IT!!!! Download it NOW & thank me in your head later

Just a little idea on the website. I think as a person that watch your shows all the time you keep your previews on too long it’s taking too long for the show actually to hit to watch the TV do you have more previews and actually shows and you have a re-run several times those should only be on for a short period of time not constantly please update the old shows with the new shows we’ve been waiting for a long time you have so many seasons we’re waiting for the actual shows now thank you take off all the reruns l have them air weekly not sooooo long!!!!

So much better if .... I love Joseline Cabaret and Chance of Love but honestly those are the only two shows on the app. We have seen Blac Chyna’s show so we need new content . Also don’t tease new shows and never release them like the Draya show . If it isn’t coming . Just take down the trailer . I love the fact that I can comment on the videos and engage in conversations with other viewers but there is no way for me to go back to my comment . I have to stroll through hours of comments just to reply . No good . One last thing ... baddies ATL had no purpose . When will the plot begin? Remove Sydney Start because she represents her community in a terrible way.

Why do we have to pay?. This is a very well developed app the only problem is that you have to pay money to be able to fully use the app. I just don’t understand why we have to pay in order to be able to look at some of the shows on here. To me I think it would be so much more easier to have it free But, their could be some type of V.I.P pass or something so way more people would be able to enjoy the use of this app. Over all o would have to say that this is a very good app to have but you just would have to pay money in order to be able to really enjoy this app.

It’s ok. The Zeus Network is a entertainment platform where you can watch different types of shows as other people say, but to me, I feel like that everything is always the same. especially when there’s reunions because nobody can’t really sit down and talk because everybody’s always yelling at each other wanted to fight even though this is a black owned company I feel like it really paints a bad picture to the black community because of all the controversy and not being able to act, I wouldn’t say normal but professional. besides that Zeus is an OK net work I think it’s like five dollars or four dollars something like that but for me, even though The shows never come out as fast as I want them to, they eventually do, but I feel like it takes time, and even though they pre-recorded these shows, I feel like they should send them out faster.

Love and Hate. I love Zeus and joseline show as far as the camera work and quality of the filming and the release of the shows thru out the season .i have a huge problem with how after watching the last show they asked me to pay ten dollars to watch the show or wait I guess months before it’s released . That seems abusive since all reality shows give this to use for free and doesn’t make us wait a long time for the reunion … I keep hearing reading everywhere they talk about the show how Zeus is trying to milk the subscription but why not just give us good service since we are your customers … anyways I’ve definitely thought about cancelling my subscription

Very Entertaining Content. This app is awesome. It’s filled with all the grit & grind that every reality show needs to keep one’s attention. There’s 1 or 2 kinks that I don’t like. It’s confusing to find where/how to start a show from the 1st episode especially if you stop watching and have to come back later. There should be a way to easily get to the last program you were watching without having to save it on your watch list. Other than that it’s now my favorite app to watch & I’ve only been subscribed for less than a month! The price is very reasonable as well please keep the price nice and affordable.

Subscription not working??Read this Review. This is my second review! The first time I gave 1 star and complained about what I thought was a glitch in the app .By reading other reviews I wasn’t the only one unable to use their subscription. Turns out after exiting the app , and going back to the log in screen, there’s a small link that clearly says “restore iTunes subscription “. (Common sense🤦🏽‍♀️) I was also impatient on the response time by the developers because I was really tryna see the real Blac Chyna🤣😂So after receiving a response, on how to correct my issue I gave the five stars this app clearly deserved! I am now able to access my subscription without being asked to subscribe when I was already subscribed!!

The Ratchet TV I needed. Since Mona act like she can’t give us love and hip hop, even though it was getting kinda tired with the same people, this app is great. The first show I watched was TITI, DO YOU LOVE ME? Which was absolutely hilarious. I expected nothing less. Kway is hilarious. To someone I know personally who has a show that was filled with some good non scripted drama, then Joseline’s show is filled with some of the most ratchet non scripted fights. No, violence is not the answer unless for the right cause and for entertainment purposes lol now baddies ATL has arrived. It’s a lot of acting on it, which baffled me but entertaining nevertheless. Seven is the most authentic on there. Love her. Great app. Looking forward to Santana’s show. I’m really going to be living it up once with a glass of champagne once that hit Zeus should do a SANTANA & TITI combo. They are both so funny. I could see it. I hope it’s a lot more hilarious ratchet shows in store because Zeus is giving “VH1 who?” 😭

excellent network. y'all. this network is so real and raw! i love the reality shows because they show everything without all the editing. and i do mean EVERYTHING! and if that's not the case, viewers definitely feel like it. i get so much entertainment out of the shows on this network, and i love the social element of it too! the only thing i will say is that when im about to watch something fairly new, the social feed under the show has so many spoilers about it that it kinda ruins it for me, especially if it's a competition show. but honestly, i can get over it! 😂love this app and love seeing my black people in real life 😍

I love Amanda and King Bach but. I love the creators who founded the platform but honestly the app needs a lot of work. It’s really buggy, the design is sloppy and is really hard to click on anything, I haven’t been able to watch any video and I already payed.. I am disappointed because I really want to support your new entrepreneurial journey but if you guys are not gonna take the time and money to find a top notch coder then how are you going to compete with other platforms that have excellent quality and really well made apps ? With this app’s ugly design it just shows that you guys didn’t care and just launched the thing without even making sure it worked properly well. Trust me, if it’s not fixed soon I doubt people will continue their si subscriptions. This is similar to TanaCon . Everyone has faith on it but the creator just didn’t care enough and it turned out a real disaster. I bet the series are good but how the f* I am going to watch them if the app doesn’t even load anything? Besides I subscribed because of the for Lil Tay series and no episode is unlocked :/

Progressive programming. . I really enjoy the net work. I think this is some of the most progressive programming that I’ve seen in quite some time. It captures the heart and soul of the hood yet exposes us to very good music and very good locations to go check out. I do not complain about some of the themes and the nature of some of the episodes. I think the show can be a little on the I don’t know how to say it, but Too much with the guys things sometimes but in the end, it’s very good to see people I can relate with grew up where I grew up doing anything this net work can go real far long is consistency is respected. I think there should be more content on this Nettwerk, consistent content that people can rely on, but not just one show Every six months there should be more shows where are you were trying to keep up with 34 or five different shows every week then there’s net work will be everything. The monthly fee is about an worth but right now I support this effort I appreciate watching good programming that I can laugh at in the relay wouldn’t understand and I like it but I would love to have more content there are so many washed up reality stars that we have watch that could probably do a show at this point and we would watch it we just want content lots of it. Thank you You guys understand your audience

Good but…. Wish I could give it 2.5 but I’ll give you the 3… It’s decent to watch what I want but it’s definitely one of the more annoying/ inconvenient apps. They don’t have a captions option or menu for select shows or spin off shows. Um HELLO?! Some people are hard of hearing. Add captions! It would be easier to navigate if there were a menu that showed all cabaret or all baddies. Basically going by the specifics. Especially for people that don’t know the order of release. I started baddies south then realized I had to go search for ATL first 😒 It’s inconvenient trying to scroll down an entire page to find one show. Also there should be a next episode button instead of having to exit big screen mode exit comments section THEN seeing the next episode to click. Just let us move on! I like… the content. It’s just the app is an annoying process all in itself.

Update: Subscription Issue Solved. My issue with the app was solved by customer service. For anyone else that may be having a similar issue with receiving a message that you are not subscribed to watch shows when you have paid the subscription fee: 1) uninstall the app 2) Re download the app from iTunes 3) When you open the app scroll to the bottom (do not sign in) and click “Restore ITunes Subscription” and from there enter your Apple ID when prompted and you should be able to watch your shows again 😊 The only critique I would give is the customer service responses need to be quicker as I have reached out about this issue over 2-3 weeks ago and I am just now getting a response/solution after my second attempt to get assistance. Other than that, great, thorough customer service.

Contestants. I’m loving how Natalie doing her thing, lots of respect for her. However not because you are a bad girl means you should act unprofessional on your own show, there are better ways off conducting yourself as a bad businesswoman like I think you’re choosing the wrong people for the next season they should not be fighting each other just to be apart of the show, been a bad boy not only means violence, it also means you’re an entrepreneur that can handle his own, knows how to sell yourself and your business and does not care what the common person thinks, be talented in ur own way, and let nothing stop you from reaching your goals.I think that’s the definition of being a bad boy and a bad girl.

Love This App! But This Would Make It Better!. I love this app so much many of the shows on here are so interesting, one of my favorite features about this app is that we are able to comment under each video that is made, a lot of these streaming platforms. Don’t have that as an option. Considering the price of this platform, it’s very much worth it. If I can change anything about this app to make it better it would be to have more shows like , the baddies series. Let’s be honest, the baddies series is carrying this whole platform, having more well-known social media influencers on a show like the bad girls club, possibly even with a different name other than baddies in a location would definitely keep subscriptions constantly active as the baddies series end.🤷🏾‍♀️ just saying❤️. Keep doing your thing Zeus network!!!!

Your perfect reality/scripted App. When I first downloaded the app I didn’t think much of it. First it’s 5 dollars for the monthly subscription which is awesome…you get a ton of shows featuring stars that aren’t as talked about as much, which is cool! Then it’s a Black led App!!!!!!!!! The production team is amazing! One thing about it is that they put out shows in a weird order to where you can watch all then cancel then two weeks later they’ll add a “reunion” to series but the spacing is so weird so I’ll have to pay 5 just to watch one episode and wait another two weeks for another, that would be the only thing I put under the con list. Other than that it’s a good app, it could use a few more better scripted shows, with people who don’t seem like they’ve been on tv before. But then again I love this app!

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Amazing App. This app is amazing. It has great visuals and the shows they offer are very educating and entertaining. Highly recommend

Nickiski. Love what y’all doing

Baddies south. Loving the drama,loving the realness of rock she really be popping tf off😂😂😂


No glitches or ads. Pay a monthly subscription and watch heaps of drama ad free 😃😃😃😃

Do it like it’s your bday! Best reality TV streaming for real real!!!. Ohhh - maaa-gawwwd! I LIVE for the shows on ZUES! Gahhh if you love reality and don’t have a subscription- who are you EVEN!!??

Great!. My favourite entertainment channel

Baddies west. Love this streaming love all the shows

Zeus please make the episodes abut longer xo. Please Zeus’s make the episodes longer and at least 3 times a week

Entertainment! At its finest. Great shows, great Quality, best entertainment iv seen in a long time

Merinda.. Love the shoes on this app

Baddies. Absolutely love the show but you need to be more up to date with the sessions of the show instead of having us wait for the show to be dropped.

We need less security. Security always getting in the way of fights like go away

i love. this app sm 🥺💓

Its a Vibe all the Time.. Great app to watch drama shows and watch your fav celebrities. Easy episode lay outs but wish substitutes were available to all the programs only a few don't have them. I am partly deaf and I love subtitles to keep up with what they are saying. I love the app though ❤️

Excellent. Heaps good shows.

Love love love. Love it

Love it. Baddies is amazing main reason I pay xoxo

Whew chile. The ghetto! Love it

Zeus Down Under. I love this network. I watch most of the shows but have some all time favourites… Keep releasing raw content for the viewers like myself that appreciate it…

Best app!. I loooove this. Best shows and also live fights! Never lags and has always streamed in HD quality 😍

shdjakskdksks. honestly th best.

Lier do. Scams

Best ever. I looove this app and how cheap it is!!! And I love all the shows especially THE CONVERSATION!!!

Best app. Love this app, it is amazing and the app is definitely worth downloading and paying for 😍😌

Needs more work. Need more shows added Better lay out of app More Natalie Nunn and more joslyn cabaret 😊

Baddies. For Life

Love it. Good American shows

Zeus review. Great app! easy to use and pretty aesthetic. Only problem is they only upload an episode once a week.

BADDIES SOUTH !. Love it! great show with spicy action 🫶🏽

zeus network. has all the best shows, and it’s preety cheap for a subscription each month, definitely recommend

Joseline Cabaret?!?!. Waited weeks and weeks for the Reunion of Joselines Cabaret.. and nothing. How much longer?!?!?! About to unsubscribe 👎🏼

Kuolmayz. C

Great. Easy to use. Great app

love. Loooving the entertainment 🤪

No subtitles. It’s a good app but it doesn’t have subtitles luckily I didn’t tell my deaf friend about it!

Selection could be better. The app tends to repeat the same episode instead of just playing the next.

So fun. Honestly so entertaining Came for baddies but stayed for joseline

Zeus. Love Zeus and all the shows, But can we get a 10 second skip and reverse buttons, but other than that keep it up!!

Best platform going. Love watching all the shows on zues I’ve finished majority of the shows on there just started one mo chance thought it was gonna be boring but it’s so good love from Australia

It’s every ghetto show on here. This platform shows every rachet, ghetto and negative stereotypes of African Americans. For people who are marginalised to produce shows that represent themselves as a bunch of brainless, always violent and fighting and just no respect for themselves is disgusting. It makes for great TV cos it’s nice to look at the people who were considered once low enough to put in zoos acting like damn animals who belong there. Complete embarrassment!

Natasha!!!. Make sure you watch this app the best drama I’ve ever watched


I Like It!. Can’t complain, does what it says it does no probs with the App, someone suggested a 15 sec forward and backward option you can do that if you press the arrows on either side of the pause option it doesn’t skip the episode it just moves it forward or back 10sec 😁

Big love, Zeus in Australia. Best streaming site in Australia and the best shows Zeus going up

Zues. Love it

Zeus. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Zeus is where it’s at!. Love Love Love the shows Zeus provides but just need a bit of updating on the app for example when I’m watching a season it doesn’t play the next show so I have to search for the show I’m watching and click on the next scene. Other than that I love zeus it’s where you find the drama at when your life is boring 😂

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Love. Love love love

💅. Only place to watch Baddies… all I’m saying

Zeus. Honestly… love it! Yesss

cool. love it.

Love the Drama. I really enjoy The Baddies and Joselins Cabaret , keep it coming.

Zeus Shows. Zeus needs more shows. There is also missing some episodes from Jocelyne's Cabaret and the only show that is consistant is "Baddies". Waiting on new releases of tv reality. Yall need to step up your game.

❤️. I love this

Love this app. Watching from Canada and it’s great

Good but needs work. Definitely need to work on their editing skills and not make them damn episodes drag on multiple times they’ve wasted episodes and made me consider not being subscribed anymore and they also need more shows I’ve watched everything already

Love. Easy simple navigation

love. ive watched almost everything on here love love love ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Baddies. Great shows! Let’s bring back the bad girls club lol

Useless. So unprofessional when something is supposed to drop a certain day it should be up that day. You wait till afternoon to upload an episode? All trashy trashy tv

Baddies. Never misses I love the show so much! I love how you guys have season after season right after each other

Chanybaby. Y’all the best bring back rock stop playing

Ally from the 6ix. This app is amazing contacting with the culture would love to see a gospel series ! 10/10 don’t stop doing what your doing !

Constantly glitching & randomly shutting off. I can never watch a full episode without the application glitching & shutting off. This needs an intense update with an immense amount of bug fixes because I shouldn’t be paying for a streaming service that’s unable to provide a smooth watching experience.

It’s Getting better!!. ITS GROWING RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES!! Keep up the great work Zeus.

Great. Love all the shows you guys are awesome 💞


Pay extra. Once you get the app not many shows to watch and once you get the app you have to pay for some shows to watch. Smh horrible

Zeus sucks. Their could be more shows offered for this price I’m unsubscribed as of today

Review. Baddies, bad boys and one mo chance entertaining af !

Zeus. Good very good

Good stuffs. Love love this app

best app. I love it

A++. Love the app

Zeus. Really good

Love it. Good job

Hey y’all. If your in the mood to be entertained Zeus Network got you. You got many options I’d recommend any season of baddies

The mix upppp. The drama!!!

It works. it works for the most part but sometimes it crashes when air playing to my tv

Love the shows. I love the shows I just wish the app it self could be more organized

Zeus 💯. Best shows ever

🔥🔥. Just needs more content

Never airs anything on time. The app constantly fails to meet its own deadlines.

Extremely entertaining. Love it, so many great shows!

Review on Zeus. My daughter got me into baddies west, I absolutely fell in love. Shout out to Zeus for bringing the entertainment !!!

Tun up. Always on point

Bomb. Bomb love this channel it’s a vibe for sure Wish there was more new shows faster waiting sucks


Yassssss amazing. I love Zeus. Ray J thank you for creating this & also thank you for not hiking up the prices. One thing I love about this is nothing is covered all cuss words are there & im not gonna lie THE PRICE IS FCKN WORTH IT! Not to mention the video quality is fire 🔥

Love them.. Best shows best price.

Zeus. Top Tier Quality

Loving it!. I’m so glad I found this app!! I’m loving that I can watch all these awesome shows!!

zeus. enjoyable.

🤷🏾‍♀️. The app shuts down randomly i don’t know why

Good. Great app need more shows

Loving it. Worth it

Not to bad. If it’s a 10 outta 10 imma leave a 4

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Five star rating. The app is very very good. I appreciate that because I really like watching the shows the app is just good but when you’re writing a review, they want you to put a nickname and every single one you would try to use it already says taken, so I cannot even leave a review until I finally found a user name that was not taken this might not be for everybody else, but this is a for but I’m not gonna take away any stores because of this the Apostille five star rating

Love the Baddies. However, I feel it would be great to let Natalie continue with Baddies. Plus, let Tanisha( hope I spelled her name correctly) do a different, more positive show. She really deserves it. She is on a different path. Let her help those that want that path. I honestly respect what both are doing, bgc fan( too old really) . But honestly I am. I love to see people become the best that they can and I like the drama. The balance of opposing shows would give me a reason to watch this network more, for I watch different shows depending on what mood I am in.

Hard to Navigate. Even tho it stumped me on how to find shows or how to get to a list of shows that the network offers, a lot of people won’t or don’t use it even if it’s someone else account because they can’t figure out how to get past the page where it basically says welcome the Zeus. All you gotta do is click browse at the top, but for your older audience they often just opt out of using Zeus all together. And also y’all need new shows, like more than one popping show at a time.

Worth the subscription. Has great content and fantastic streaming quality. It’s cool if you’re not subscribed you just have to wait longer. But if you pay the money it’s definitely more beneficial as far as how much of the content you can access. Update: Kinda wish there was more content with the subscription but hopefully once there’s more subscribers that can happen.

Ratchet Ghetto Mess that I Can’t Turn Away From. This network is like Bravo RHOA’s, Oxygen’s Bad Girl’s Club, Love & Hip-Hop smashed all into one ghetto hot mess. Such a guilty pleasure to see women in their 30’s who’s glory days of throwing cereal, snatching weaves and low blows were a claim to fame reenact their bad behavior! I know it’s a bad depiction of people of color, but I can’t help but stay tuned for the next brawls!!!! Even though I feel like I’m losing some of my IQ, I can’t turn away from watching the train wreck!

I loved watching the shows on here but …. So …Recently I didn’t have enough money in my debit card for this months payment right.. and my bank statements show I got charged this month & so I was like “okay whatever I do wanna watch bad boys club !” & I did try to watch the new episode but sadly my account still saying I haven’t subscribed this month ?!! Like wth ?? So I contacted contact support and they didn’t help me get my money back nor was I able to watch the show !!!!!!! Like seriously disappointed 😔 I was gonna be a loyal subscriber 😒 haha like fr but not anymore this surprised me in the way that they couldn’t do anything to satisfy there subscribers

More entertainment and shows. Good shows so far and very entertaining. They need more shows however. Also I like to binge watch on these apps. It would be nice to see all the shows at once, although I know there I will be bored after having seen them all at once. The new shows are exciting and very much entertaining! This is the number one network right now! Better than them all💯

Love and Hate. I love Zeus and joseline show as far as the camera work and quality of the filming and the release of the shows thru out the season .i have a huge problem with how after watching the last show they asked me to pay ten dollars to watch the show or wait I guess months before it’s released . That seems abusive since all reality shows give this to use for free and doesn’t make us wait a long time for the reunion … I keep hearing reading everywhere they talk about the show how Zeus is trying to milk the subscription but why not just give us good service since we are your customers … anyways I’ve definitely thought about cancelling my subscription

Zues receive.. I love Zeus network I originally came to watch Joselines show & chance. & then came to have watched every seres on here. I don’t like the fact they would play us on the 2nd season of baddies & make us wait 2 weeks for a new episode but since then they have been fair. Zeus is so big I would love to be apart of it someday rather it’s behind the sense or in them. Speaking it into existence Chances show season 3 or baddies I’ll be next. Love Mazi/The real Drose.

Almost there. A lot of the content on this is GOLD but there are also quite a few question marks. Some of the earlier content is noisy and messy. The big hitters though are gold. Two reasons why I can’t give it the full 5 star rating that it’s capable of; 1. The lack of content & consistency examples being the obvious like 1 show a week at a time & the other obvious is the social media presence and editing (you know I’m referencing joseline reunion) 2. The way the leadership of this network is acting on social media about their competitors is just lame Aside from those two issues, season 2 of baddies is killing it, every season of the cabaret is lit, one mo chance is the nostalgia we miss plus more, and the sleepers that nobody talks about but can fill a void you’re missing are b simone, titi do you love me & maybe even Tokyo Toni finding love I have so much faith in this company and that’s the only reason my review is this detailed

I hate waiting a whole week to watch the next episode. Not a lot of shows to choose from but what is there is entertaining. Once a show is supposed to come out you only air 2 teasers which makes no sense at all then it takes another 5 months to play the first episode. Time between shows takes away from wanting to watch the network that and only one show a week sometimes I’ll forget it only comes on Sunday and miss it.

5.99 a month for 4 episodes !!. Zeus just prolonged all the shows to long on episode every end of the week is ridiculous 30mins a episodes is not enough after a long week baddies most of there episodes are in one setting they can’t even get the bag zeus can at least space out every show so we can have something to watch each single night y’all need to band fighting and get to the bag fr like Nathalie been saying for a whole year y’all better do something put out a new show i dont know but before i cancel my subscription because ain’t no more shows as good as baddies to stay subscribed with you any longer and baddies west coming to its end

Zeus…. I love all the ghetto stuff of course. But y’all make us wait for literally two episodes… Each month… It is definitely not worth it. If I’m being honest. And then there’s things that are filmed that y’all make us wait for just so it can seem like y’all are pumping out content. But there’s absolutely no reason for it. I love all the ratchet stuff though. The only reason y’all get two stars is because we can comment under the videos which is amazing and you get another star for the constant you lose three stars because the amount of weight time that y’all make us wait just for one episode. It’s ridiculous

Zeus Is Everything. I love watching Zeus. I downloaded the app for Joselines Cabernet but quickly discovered more shows that I’m also addicted to watching like the Baddies! The app never have problems with glitching or anything. I literally can connect the show to my TV from the app with no issues. I love that it’s black owned! I will continue to pay my monthly subscription because I am satisfied with everything thus far!!!

My review. I love the content and it’s so addictive to watch my only thing is why do the episodes come on the last day of the week yes Ik no one does anything on Sunday nights but ppl have school, work and etc so staying up till 8 to watch the content is crazy especially when half of it is previous clips and intros but I love baddies and bad boys and I’m obsessed with Chrisean and blue but if it came out on Saturday me and others would appreciate 💗💗💗💗💗💗

It has its moments…. The concept and trailers of the shows make it seem interesting and worth watching (and the subscription) but the actual shows have so many unnecessary scenes and before you know it the episode is over. I think they do it because the ideas of the shows aren’t well thought out and there isn’t enough content to supply a full episode. I also think if the good parts are split up amongst multiple episodes the more likely we are to keep subscribing and more money for zeus.

Sign in. I wish I could give this zero stars! I literally just subscribed and it will not let me sign in on my tv! It keeps saying my email is wrong! News flash: how can my email be wrong when a receipt for my subscription was sent to the very email that this service claims to be wrong! This is worse than BET+! Customer service is a joke and so is this streaming service! I can only sign in on my phone, but my email address is wrong though! These rinky dink streaming services are really starting to tick me off! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY LIKE I DID! On a positive note, at least I found out within minutes that this service is crap so I’m only out of about four bucks! That’s right canceled within 15 minutes!

Interaction. In my opinion it would be better if it were easier to interact on the app. You all made it possible to leave comments about the show but when someone replies to said comment, there’s no way to track down the tread. I’ll leave a comments, someone will respond to it, but i’m not able to go back and reply to them unless i scroll through the hundreds of comments that have been posted after my comment. That really takes the thrill out of tuning in.

I want my refund. So I pay every month for the same trailers , no realease dates or nothing. When your airing a new show you should start filming the next one so when the one you’re airing is done we can get the next show because this what we pay for ! I feel like I’ve been scammed and a lot of other customers do as well . This isn’t right! I’m paying for shows to watch but y’all aren’t holding up y’all end .... that’s like me paying for my cable services but all they do is air commercials and trailers. It’s not right and I feel like I should be reimbursed for what I paid for . It’s like paying for shoes and they keep saying coming soon. I would definitely like a refund! Your not offering the services that your customer’s pay for !!

So entertaining. I’m big on reality tv. And I’ve watched all the popular shows and whew baby they keep me rolling. The camera crew for these shows are A-1 sauce! I hope Joseline comes out with another season because I will be tuned in…..the app is easy to use simple as 1.2.3… I use SmartCast for when I want to watch it on my tv since the app isn’t available on there and it’s very convenient. The subscription isn’t pricey either.

MUCH LUV 4 ZEUS. The Zeus Network is in a lane of its own! Zeus has been nothing but consistent, hilarious, and filled with more than enough great content, and the gift that keeps on giving. The creators for this streaming platform continues to do an amazing job and inspires me to create my own. However, I’d always have to thank Zeus for making me want to take a step into my own creative lane, and I’d love to collaborate someday or work for the company itself! If you don’t have Zeus or unsure… GET YA LIFE!! It’s mandatory in my household! 🤞🏾🌟🎬

The best network out. I love the shows that are played on Zeus network! The different personalities on all the shows are impeccable some of these people may never get along again but there is still room for growth there is a lot of growth on a lot of these shows an it’s amazing to see people come together black folks especially!!! Thank you for providing this network for the world to see an learn about who each of these individuals are.

Great. So far so great. Just warning you, only a couple of episodes are free then you have to pay but it’s only $4 a month and you’re gonna want to pay after watching the first couple of episodes of certain shows. That’s how they ween you in lol. Funny shows. The blacc Chyna show. The app itself works fast and smoothly and it is chrome cast compatible, so you can watch it on your TV. I hope Zeus gets more known so they can get more shows, I personally see a lot of potential.

Love it. This app is good still needs work but it’s manageable. I like that everything is on the same screen but it would be nice if it was sectioned better. It needs more space in between the shows. Sometimes I’m scrolling and I miss the show I’m looking for because they are so close together. The colors are helpful though so please keep that theme going. All and all the shows are great.

Needs work. The actual shows are amazing and worth the 5$ a month.... but the logistics and technology behind the actual app is trash, it's giving AliExpress.... It never remembers where you left off at on the show, glitches out if you leave it in the background too long, my shows never show up as resume I always have to find the last eps I was on and fast forward the video, y'all don't even have the feature where you just have to double tap and it fast forwards 10 seconds for you, y'all need to enhance that part... this is better than Netflix but needs Netflix's app developers

Comment Section. One improvement that Zeus needs is a way to review comments the subscriber (like myself) leave, and then a way to review others that comment under it. No one can go through thousands of comments to find their own post. I get a email saying someone replied and when I click the comment to review, it goes to Zeus app following me having to stroll through thousands of comments, so I never find it.

Zeus is good. Zeus is good . I have pretty much watched everything on their app . I just wish there was more to watch. But I can’t complain too much since Zeus hasn’t been around that long . I’ve only known about it for about a year or two now. I haven’t watched everything yet but that’s just because of my taste in what I want to watch. I just wish there was a little bit more, because now I only watch or pull up the app when an episode of the current show I’m watching releases. Please put some more shows on here!

The best reality show app. This app is very beneficial because I love reality shows, the fact that I can actually watch new reality TV shows that may not make it to main stream cable TV; I’m still able to enjoy it sometimes you want to watch a good reality TV show and not something just made up like the main stream cable tv... now I’m just waiting for that blacc Chyna show to come out because if it doesn’t come out by the end of June I will unsubscribe!!! Or do another season of who what’s to be b Simone booyfriend.

I been recommending since day 1 !. I stumbled upon this app using my normal websites and that was the first year it was broadcasted to the world and I haven’t had a disappointment yet ! The app is great , ad free , commercial free , and easy to use ! All my favorites in one place for a small fee . I can watch them free but choose to pay and support the only way I can besides shares and recommendations . Never had a issue with the app ! And it’s real entertainment ! Worth every Penny and all the dedication and energy 🤞🏽🫶🏽👑🏆

Can I cook for the network pls. I love love love this network I been watching it before it blew up and will continue to watch it. The main reason why I love this network because they give people a chance without judging them as long as you got a personality they will book you. All I’m asking is if I can cook for y’all I’ll be the house chef on any show my first pick is the baddies but I’ll do any show okay… I’m just a chef trying to get on the big screen and feed the people!!’n

AH-Mazingggg. If youre reading the reviews it means that you’re thinking about getting Zeus… This is your sign to DO IT!!! The shows are hilarious but they’re also high quality. It’s reality that is completely real, the fights, the smoking, the drinking, the animosity. All the things that other streaming platforms cut out, Zeus keeps in and it makes the shows ten times better!! (Also I recommend you watch Joselines Cabaret Las Vegas first to start off.)

My review. Zeus is an amazing network but when you are watching something you get logged out and sometimes thats gets aggravating because it won’t let me log back into the account when my password is correct I wish that they would fix this but overall the shows are good but they waited until my favorite show to come out before they glitched my account out they also say something is wrong with me account when all of my information that I created was correct

Zeus app. I love this app. At first i wasn’t too sure how to even download the app when ever i see the advertisement for it. The commercials and advertisements could be a little more clear as to how someone is to go about downloading the app. But the app is 100% the best . I love the context and i love how easy it was to set everything up. I would definitely recommend to others, it’s very affordable , and it’s enjoyable.

Programming. I don’t know who the program director is. But y’all have duped me with all these coming soon. It’s mis leading and frustrating. As a network that’s quick to say”We’re black owned.” You put the responsibility on your back of being upstanding. But since I’ve subscribed all I see is angry comments about programming. For a minute it was good for exp…The B2k series and the Chance show when consistent it’s great but that has been far and in between. My advice is fire whomever is the current programmer and hire someone with a good track record of feeling the pulse of the subscribers and put out content that will bring new subscribers.

Ghetto. I love it tho I wish it would be more love between our sisters being shown cuz we can support each other but still be ghetto I feel y’all like to prolong the negative part more then our sisters supporting each other the boost for ppl music is amazing that play form it’s self is love but the more negative then positive will saw viewers away plus our young is watching much love spread peace we are living in our last days Big dri energy ♥️

Incredible programming. I’ve been obsessed with this network since I picked up a subscription last week—literally the only reason I give it 4/5 instead of 5/5 is that so far every show I’ve watched doesn’t have subtitles and the one time the option appeared it didn’t even work! Please fix this, it’s an accessibility issue and even people who aren’t deaf or hard of hearing can have trouble with reality show dialogue levels sometimes!

It’s a good app but…. I can’t even watch the first episode of Bad Boys Huston. I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded and I still can’t watch the episode. I can watch any other episode after it and I can watch other shows with 0 problems. I can’t even watch the beginning of Bad Boys Houston so how am I supposed to know who’s there and how it started? I’m just not gonna watch the show overall til that glitch is gone cause once I click on the 1st episode it freezes the entire app and restarts it.

Why do we have to pay?. This is a very well developed app the only problem is that you have to pay money to be able to fully use the app. I just don’t understand why we have to pay in order to be able to look at some of the shows on here. To me I think it would be so much more easier to have it free But, their could be some type of V.I.P pass or something so way more people would be able to enjoy the use of this app. Over all o would have to say that this is a very good app to have but you just would have to pay money in order to be able to really enjoy this app.

More!!!. I’ve only watched one mo chance, and a few episodes of Blac Chyna I couldn’t really get into the other shows! One mo chance was pretty good and I feel like you all can really make a killing with more shows for ppl finding love! They don’t have to be former realty show ppl just find regular ppl off social media like me for instance!! There are ppl out here like myself unknowns that can bring ratings and make money my point is don’t just focus on past reality show ppl make new ones!!❤️🥰✅👍🏽

Do it like it’s yo First of all I wanna say I’m here for JOSELINE PURRRR and the Bad girls now but REALLY JOSELINE I love her show y’all need to get my girl on Tv she brings so much to this network , she gives us REALNESS and I really just admire how she is able to create something so original on her own ! Run my sis her CHECK 🤑‼️ Then you got the baddies doing they big one . I love how I’m always surprised , never knowing what’s about to happen . Last but not least the bad boys of course was superrrrrr lit . I can’t wait until they return , the boys was a KEY ! Zeus going upp

I haven’t heard of this network until Baddies South. I don’t mind the network although the only thing I would change or ask is for them to add a 10 second skip or 10 second rewind. There’s been plenty of times I’ve wanted to rewind and I have to hold down and drag where I want to rewatch. It can be a pain because then I end up rewinding too far. Another thing they can add is “skip intro” or “play next episode”. None of these things are hard work just annoying I have to constantly do it lol. I know it sounds lazy but whatever.

ZUES IS A THIEF!!. IF I COUKD SCORE THIS AT ZERO STARS I WOULD!!!! I purchased this app through the App Store and was never given any log in credentials. I tried logging in with my email address connected to my Apple Pay account as this account was used make the purchase, THAT DID NOT WORK. In fact, I used every email I have just to ensure it wasn’t any fault of my own. I tried several times to reach out to customer service and the responded to my initial email providing me with instructions on what they needed me to do, I gave them all the information they requested and they stop responding to my email(s). This is by far the worst experience I’ve ever had when subscribing to a any app. They never even refunded me my money!!! OVERALL A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. THEY FRAUDED ME OUT MY MONEY. SHAME ON YOU!!!

keeps me entertained while working out!. I go to the gym daily and lately my music playlist hasn’t been doing it for me until i started watching baddies, crazy in love, bad boys, and joselines cabaret. All i can honestly say is my workouts are much more enjoyable and better for me. It was definitely the push i needed i highly recommend watching these shows while working out it does wonders and makes each set go by quick.

Cannot Stream or Download any videos. I loved the shows this app has offered. After paying 4.99 monthly and trying every troubleshooting technique listed, I still can not watch or download any video. My iPhone IOS is updated to the latest version, I uninstalled and re-installed the app, I logged out and attempted to restore purchase, and I checked my subscription status under profile settings. The app will give a, “Thanks. You’re ready to watch,” message only to still tell me I need to subscribe when I’m already subscribed. Please fix this Zeus Network! Wonderful content on your network, but I literally cannot access after subscribing.

It's ok. Zeus Network has great reality tv content. Explore shows such as One Mo' chance, Blacc Chyna's show etc. , outside of the ones they capitalize off of . One thing that needs to be improved is pricing . Mostly college students look to this network for entertainment and there's no special discount for us. Also, Zeus needs more shows to watch and new faces to recreate the thought of the network besides Natalie, joseline , Bobby , and crisean. Overall though it is the network with the perfect mix of classy and ghetto .

Need more options for the account.. Hi I’m not trying to complain or anything but I don’t like that I can’t change my profile picture or I can’t even upload a profile picture on the app but I see other people have their profile pictures on the app so I wanna know how can I change certain things on the app to like detail it with my personal information and how can I change my password to the app? It really don’t show u..other then that the app is great!

Loving it. I had seen different ads about Zeus on Facebook an never got around to check it out that was almost a year ago ! I’m upset with myself I didn’t download the app back then IM SO IN LOVE! It’s raw and uncut which i love! Lol every single unscripted series I’ve watched felt so much more relatable! I love that type of tv ! Continue doing great Zeus my fiancé as well as my mom and my sister have fallen in love with Zeus! I may even discontinue my spectrum account and save 200$ a month ! THIS IS TV😝🥰

One mo chance and joseline cabaret. Hello my name is Sonhai I just wanna say I love Zeus network it’s a great network they make sure that there customers are happy and satisfied with the current and latest shows I really enjoy the two shows that I seen so far I and looking forward to seeing the rest of them yes Zeus keep bringing us the great shows you get a A+ and 5 ***** stars from me just a awesome production and network thanks again🙏🏽Zeus for the entertainment Sonhai

the best reality tv app. i didn’t think i was going to actually want to watch anything on this app, i actually thought it was dumb and ridiculous until i actually started watching the shows and to be real, it’s better than oxygen. —another thing is it’s really entertaining and fast updates! v e r y much a needed download a MUST have and MUST watch app 😂 have you laughing your pants off for real!! PUT dance moms on here but a hood one! i guarantee y’all that’s BREAD 💰 put me as the EP though 🤣

Entertaining content, poor morals. The content on this app is entertaining, they have been improving the quality since they first started up which is when I first signed up. And I love that it’s black owned. But morally it’s the fact that they allowed a grown man to hit a woman, allowed another one to be attacked by Joseline Hernandez and 2 cast mates at the same time and nothing but a statement is done about it. S2 of the Cabaret show we see that same man involve himself in womens business and get aggressive the moment the cast treated Joseline the same way she treats them. Unless they cancel the Cabaret show, and show the reunion unedited I will be unsubscribing.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 8.402.1
Play Store com.thezeusnetwork.www
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

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The application The Zeus Network was published in the category Entertainment on 30 July 2018, Monday and was developed by The Zeus Networks [Developer ID: 1399446591]. This program file size is 48.04 MB. This app has been rated by 55,379 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. The Zeus Network - Entertainment app posted on 24 October 2023, Tuesday current version is 8.402.1 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.thezeusnetwork.www. Languages supported by the app:

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