PLANBELLA - Planner App

PLANBELLA - Planner App [Productivity] App Description & Overview

A minimal and modern calendar app with an exceptional design. A digital version of your bullet journal where you can organize events, tasks and notes.

- enjoy an elegant and eye-pleasing design
- plan appointments and set up a stylish agenda
- write daily to-do lists and mark tasks as completed
- take notes for every day and create a diary
- set reminders for important events, tasks or notes
- synchronize with other calendars
- add highlights to significant calendar entries
- save time with recurrence options
- create backups
- no sign-in or registration necessary

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PLANBELLA - Planner App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

⁃ Calendar sync - New highlight colors - Push notification improvements If you have a question, a problem or an idea, just write me an email at Happy planning! Jana from PLANBELLA

PLANBELLA - Planner App Comments & Reviews

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- Awesome Planner App

I absolutely love this app! I love that it’s an actual day planner, not just a calendar. I like that I can differentiate between events or daily tasks I need to check off. That is awesome! The only thing I would say is that it needs more event highlight colors... you have cream, pink, or gray to choose from. While it’s very aesthetically pleasing, I like to color-code my events and tasks based on work, doctor appointments, personal life, daily goals, and the list goes on. More colors would be nice! Also, the journal feature doesn’t seem to work. I can write a journal entry as a note on a given day, but the journal feature itself doesn’t work. Still, I use this every single day. Highly recommend!

- Still just needs a couple tweaks

I saw this advertised on IG awhile ago and thought it was gorgeous. The only thing that kept me from buying it right then was the lack of sync with other calendars. I appreciated what the developer was trying to do in keeping it private, but having the option to sync for those who wanted/needed is pretty important in this day and age of technology. So when I saw yesterday that it was available in an update, I immediately bought the app. It is gorgeous and so well made, but what wasn’t clear was that it’s only a one way sync. I can click a button and everything in my gmail calendar will show up in this app. But I can’t create a new event in this app and add it to one of my calendars. That’s disappointing because it still just makes this a “view only” app for me. I have five children. Each of them have a calendar within gmail. I also have one for my husband and one for myself, as well as a couple other calendars. Not being able to choose which calendar to add to in this app defeats the purpose. I wish I had realized this before I paid $8 for it.

- My New Covid Planner

Each year, I buy my vertically aligned white, marble planner. The medium size. But ever since Covid, I’ve been working from home and it’s been a lot of work to carry my planner around to different locations. I never bothered using google calender because it just inst a planner. And I have to have things visually linear for a planner to work for me. Otherwise it drives me nuts!! (I have to be ocd for my job). So, one day, I saw an online ad for this and thought it could work. It also looked cute which is really important for me. If it were ugly, I probably wouldnt have gotten it. Ive used it a few times and I could really see myself using this daily!!! I have never been a fan of digital planners even though Im a Millennial but this is changing my mind! Im definitely telling all my friends about this.

- Love the look but...

1. Is there a way we could get a macbook version of this app so i can sync use it on multiple devices? 2. Also has very strange interface features such as: when i create a task, it assigns it for the day before?? And if i am i click on the three tabs in the top left corner it sends me straight to the main menu and i cant easily go back one screen(i.e. main menu > settings> options> “click three tabs in top left” > main menu? Cant it just send me back one? 3. As for things i love: i like the look, i like the colors, the font, the structure of different ways to see your tasks and calendar. I feel like i would use it so much more if it had a better user interface. However, i still really love your app and will be using it. Hope any of this feedback helps.

- Simple and functional

I really love this app! It’s beautiful and easy to operate. A lot of planner apps can feel cluttered but this one keeps it simple and uses nice fonts/color schemes. There is definitely room for improvement. For example, I wish after highlighting events with a particular color, the dots on the calendar would reflect that highlight color. That way I can tell which dates are actual events and which dates are just notes/tasks. Currently every calendar date that has an event/note/task is just a beige dot so it’s hard to tell them apart at a glance. I look forward to future updates and the direction this app will take.

- Love but has 1 major flaw

I LOVE everything about this app, the only thing I count as a negative (and it’s a big one for me) I can not get it to sync the info I have input into the app downloaded on my ipad, to sync with the app on my phone. Having to enter info twice is not cool, and is going to get very old very quick. Now as I am super picky about my planning, planners, and apps used in the process, and this by far is my favorite. Fix that sync problem between devices (maybe as an upgrade feature even) and it would be 5 stars hands down and I would promote this to all my fellow planner nerds.

- Pretty design, could use some updates

I love the layout. It is aesthetically pleasing, and tasks are easy to create.I would prefer holidays to be added to calendar instead of having to set them up manually. There could be a holiday section under options so users could turn it on or off if they prefer. Also, it would be nice if the recurring task option could be scheduled by day instead of date. For example, I would love to schedule monthly house chores like “change air filter” by second Saturday of the month. If you have standing meetings or classes that are always fall on first Friday of the month, they will need to be added manually.

- So close but not great

This is by far the most gorgeous app I’ve seen. I love the aesthetic, but it just isn’t user friendly. It’s really frustrating that you can’t just click on a day and add an event or task—every time you add something you have to scroll to select the date. It would be amazing if you could access the app on the computer too, because I found between the functionality and it only being mobile, I spend more time entering things into the app than just getting them done. I hope some of these things are changed because I would love to use the app, but right now it feels like just a waste of $8

- Great app

Some suggestions: - Tapping on a day/date in the journal should be a way to add an event/task/note for that date. For example: Tapping “Tuesday 3” should prompt the selection page to create an event/task/note that’s automatically set for Tuesday the 3rd, so that it’s not necessary to manually set the date. - Please make a widget for the home screen that shows the events and tasks for today. - Is it possible to be able to save the events created in the app to the actual iPhone calendar?

- Exactly what I’m looking for!

When I was looking through the ratings before I purchased this app, a lot of people said it wouldn’t notify you of a task or event which is a deal breaker do me. Well I got it anyways, and ITS FIXED! This app is exactly what I was looking for. I personally don’t like to sync calendars, so this is perfect. It’s so aesthetically pleasing and right on with how I organize things. I love that your events, tasks, and journal entries all show up on the calendar. If I could rate this a 10 I totally would!

- Super pretty! But...

Okay so here's the thing, this app is GORGEOUS and very pleasing to use. However, I'm constantly feeling like I'm missing something. I'd like it if the regular holidays were integrated into it and maybe some sort of sign in? Or something to assist in making it more personal? It just feels...blank. Very beautiful, don't get me wrong! And the different options for notes, tasks, and calendar are nice. But for $7, I would like a bit more customization. I'll keep using it for now since it's been paid for but I'm really hoping for some good updates in the future!

- Love this but needs landscape layout

I love this app and how it adds a cute aesthetic to my phone. However, when I try to use it on my iPad it does not flip to landscape. Would not be a big deal, but with my iPad on the magic keyboard I wish I had this option. Not a problem on my phone, but on the iPad is kind of inconvenient. Will keep using since I already paid the $7 but I hope to see this improvement in the future.

- Clean Design & Easy to Use

I love this app because of its clean design and it is easy to use/read. But for the price of $7.99 I think it should be able to do more such as option to print (different views- daily, monthly, annual, notes, journal etc.), option to sync events/appointments like iCal, auto calculate start to end time when event/appointment duration is entered, option to save file copy or back up via iPhone vs. laptop, link to Maps/Google Maps, option to share events/appointments via text or email, etc.

- Missed the Mark

I looooooove this app. The aesthetic of the app matched with features like task lists, notes, and calendar reminders is gorgeously put together. It is fairly easy to navigate and would be one of my frequently used apps. However, it does not allow you to sync to other calendars. I use a google calendar for work, and i would love to be able to sync those appointments to the app. For me this is a very crucial feature as I heavily rely on my calendar. I’ll be uninstalling it and hoping that someday this app comes out with the feature to connect to your google calendar.

- Could Be Improved

Although this app has a very beautiful layout there is a lot to be desired. First of all I think it would be needed for this app to sync with Google calendar and Apple calendar. Second I wish there was a biweekly option. And third when you create a reoccurring event I wish you could delete one occurrence (ex. if I don’t have work because it’s a holiday) instead of deleting the whole series of events. I am hoping that this app continues to improve because there’s a lot of potential here.

- Mediocre

Just went to add a future event and noticed that if you scroll over to the day you want to schedule the event and tap the + button to add the event, it still pops up for your current day so you have to scroll through manually to the date and time you want to schedule something. For an app that’s purpose is to add future events I feel that this needs a lot of work and could be streamlined for ease of use. So far the Apple calendar is more accurate and convenient but is also free. The only benefit to using this calendar is the aesthetic.

- Aesthetically pleasing

It’s a simple planner app and I love it. I just wish I could synchronize it with my Google calendar. And if you want it to notify you before a task/event, you can’t choose anything more than 2 days before. Other than that, I’m satisfied with it! I don’t really think it is worth purchasing for $7 because there aren’t so many options to choose from in the app. But if you have the $7 to spare, I guess try it out.

- Take my money! Now make it better!!

I rarely buy apps but I seriously just bought this cuz it’s pretty and I know that will 100% make me happier to use it. BUT it absolutely needs to import or sync with Apple calendar and reminders etc because I have all my crap on there already and re-entering it may not ever happen because I’m a extreme list maker. Please please please make this more functional ASAP! That’s the most important thing for sure. After that you can add font choices and other pretty options.

- So many glitches

As beautiful and aesthetic as the app is it’s definitely not worth $7.99. There’s so many glitches that need to be fixed. Also, general holidays should be added or at least have an option to add day specific holidays (i.e. Labor Day - repeats every year on the first Monday of September) I feel like a little more thought could have been put into the app. I’ll still use it however I’ll be switching back and forth with my apple calendar which is annoying. All in all, visually appealing but very basic with limited functionality.

- So far so good but....

So far I really like this app BUT I’ve notice when I downloaded it it’s only showing the DARK MODE THEME and won’t allow me to switch it to the pretty white theme. I really would like the white them vs this dark theme. Please advise me how I can change it to the light mode or if there will be another update to fix this? Thanks so much! I messaged about this too to see if maybe there was something I was missing but haven’t got a response just yet. Once I receive a response I’ll be changing my stars 🤍

- Aesthetically pleasing calendar app ✨

I love this app so far! I enjoy the fonts and neutral highlight colors within the app. Definitely the most aesthetically pleasing calendar app I have seen. Two things i would be excited to see: be able to switch the app individually to light mode since I prefer to keep my phone on dark mode; a way to add in locations for events!

- Unable to sync/inconvenient

This app is exactly what I was looking for. Absolutely pleasing to the eye and I love the colors. Its a calendar app so I prefer to click on the app and it immediately goes to my calendar. Instead, I’m having to click on the app than click on the calendar. I am unable to sync from my other calendars. So it’s very inconvenient with my schedule I have two jobs and a teenager. I have apple and so far google calendar has been the best on the go! I may have to stick with it 😔

- Great for College Students!

I’m a really busy college student and love having a planner but it’s hard to find the time to write everything down the way I want. This app is gorgeous and makes it so easy for me to enter in events and notes. Absolutely love and paying $8 wasn’t a big deal because I would have paid more for a physical journal I’d end up not utilizing. Totally recommend!!

- Aesthetically pleasing and very well organized!

I absolutely love this app! Easy to use, I can fit everything that happens within my day. Keeps me organized everyday and has such a good look to it! I would love to see more colors for the highlights! Add more colors that fit the chic look like soft pastels of lavender and/or mint pastel! So there’s more of an option to color categorize events, tasks or notes!

- I see so much potential

This app is executed flawlessly as far as aesthetics, but my issue is that it doesn’t notify you of upcoming events, also, I like to keep my calendar open on my iPhone to show me the date etc.. like the normal iPhone one, this app doesn’t do that, nor does it have a shortcut to place on my dock app. If these issues can be fixed I’m sure this app would be worth the $7 I paid for it. Although I will continue to use it purely for the aesthetic aspect of it.

- Beautiful

Honestly, I’m glad I have something that’s aesthetically appealing because if I don’t - I won’t use a planner. 😂 The color scheme is great, too. I’m switching over to this entirely. Highly recommend it!!! I love the journal option too. Right now, a few things would be really useful: - being able to reorder my tasks and events per day (right now I’m doing it by manipulating the due date time) - being able to opt out of a date/time something is “due” - being able to sign in on my computer Also, some more colors would be fun! Same sort of light, med, dark pallet - but I’m also thinking light/muted blues and purples (similar to the colors you have now) might be fun and pretty with this style.

- Love it!

I love this app, I can keep my calendar, notes, tasks, and events all on one app with a super cute aesthetic! If I could change one thing it would be to show the date on the front of the app like the apple calendar does that would be helpful. I would also love a way to see the whole year instead of only one month at a time.

- Love it!!

This is perfect for me, if you’re into simple, pretty, girly planning this is perfect for you too! Sends you notifications for reminders which I love and I can check off my tasks or events so I know what I’ve completed and have not. Perfect for me as a college student. Just saved me $50 on a planner that wouldn’t even be at my finger tips at all times.

- A question to support - previous entries at a glance

I like the app, very beautiful. I have found the Backup option that addressed my last concern. Is there a way to see all of the journal (diary) entries for the year at a glance? Or someway to make it stand out in calendar view? I cannot find a way to see journal (diary) entries in chronological order from the beginning of the year. The app only shows present to future. I have been utilizing this app as a student journal and I have found to be somewhat inconvenient to have to go to calendar view then tap on every day of a previous month to find a research entry, if I did not give it a specific title, I have to then open up and read. Has been time consuming. Perhaps you have a FAQ on this that I have not found yet? Thank you.

- Beautiful app!

This app is one of the most beautiful apps. The fonts and colors just make it so appealing! Some suggestions to improve this app is allowing calendar sharing options. Especially the ability to link this to my Apple Calendar would make this so much better ! Please make this improvement in the next update !


I was sad to have honestly wasted my 2020 paper planner (shocking, right? #thanks2020) and I knew I didn’t want to buy a paper one again. I don’t love Google calendar or my iPhone calendar. They’re just too busy and not very pretty to look at. This app is BEAUTIFUL! I enjoy using it and it stays open all day. My only wishes: •I would love for it to sync with my iPad. •I would love to be able to change the order of the daily tasks by just dragging and dropping instead of having to edit the time to change the order. Maybe those capabilities will be in future updates! Highly recommend!! Simple, easy to use and pleasing to the eye!!❤️❤️❤️

- Beautiful!

I love this app. It has the exact look I wanted for my bullet journal, but I had to be real with myself that I just don’t keep up with a bullet journal, no matter how minimalist. This fits my bill and I’m super happy I’ve found it! As others have stated, I do wish there were more category colors, but I can handle what’s there right now.

- Decent

I love the calendar view and how events / tasks look. However I wish the journal and notes feature were more like journals and notes. I don’t understand why notes have a due date and I wish journal could mean “journaling” It really just seems to look like a different view. All in all it’s aesthetically pleasing but it is slightly misleading. There aren’t too many features and what you can do is very limited for 7$.


My [new] favorite app. I saw it sponsored on Instagram. I love physical daily planners but I always lose it, forget to look at it, etc so I’ve been waiting for an app like this! They have it ALL in one app, tasks, calendar, journal and more! Honestly will be saving so much money and time by having this app. Very elegant and simple to use. I recommend 10/10!

- I wish I had this earlier

I am a to-do list queen and this app literally saved my life. I like my to-do lists simple (which is why I’ve used notes the past 4 years) but this helps me stay waaaay more organized AND is so cute I keep wanting to look at it throughout the day which means I get more done 😍

- Almost perfect

I gave a 4/5 because the app isn’t made in iPad format as well. I am a planner SNOB and this is the most beautiful planner app I have ever come across. The design and layout is extremely similar to all of my favorite past paper planners and I knew I needed this on my phone. My organizational life would be absolutely complete if I could use this app on my iPad!

- LOVE but ....

I love the clean and “trendy” look for the calendar and planner. It’s very easy to use and makes planning fun and very organized. I just wish that it was a little more customizable with colors AND a huge thing would be that the date is show on the home screen when you’re out of the app, then I could replace my other calendar app. I’m glad I have it but it was expensive for just the “look” of a cute planner!

- Suggestions

The app is beautiful and very aesthetically pleasing! It would be awesome if you had the option to insert photos from your phone or digital stickers to the journaling portion of the app to add a more personalized touch! And maybe the option for planner stickers to post on the calendar and tasks? Other than that it’s awesome!

- Gorgeous

This calendar is the most aesthetically pleasing app I’ve ever seen. I love that you can see the full month view and all daily tasks/events in one view. Hope to see a sync with iPhone calendar and the ability to add more than one notification (I’m the kind of girl with 4 alarms set in the morning ya know?).

- I like this planner

This planner is beautiful, simple, straight to the point. However, I don’t like the fact that the notes section forces you to put a date and it shows up in your calendar. It’s not an event, it’s a note. Same as the journal feature. It would be nice to have these sections for notes and journaling 😊

- Lovely, but no sync to current cal

I love the look and feel of this a app, but I don’t like the idea of having to now manually input all of my current calendar items. I wish it would sync with iCal or google calendar. I look forward to at least trying the app since I have purchased it, and look forward to updates to hopefully include this.

- Love the aesthetic, but needs a little more functionality

The simplicity, font, and colors are perfect. I wish we could share the calendar and invite others to events. I also wish there was a search feature to find events/tasks scheduled further out.

- This is the BEST planner App!!!

I found this app and downloaded it right away! It’s the best planner app I’ve found! It’s so beautiful! I love how pretty it is and how you can add notes, tasks, events and I just can’t say enough good things about it! If you’re looking for a beautiful planner app, this is it!!! I absolutely love it!!!!!

- Initial review

I enjoy the layout and design of the app. However, I wish this app was available on the Mac and iPad as well. It would also be great if the information could be saved under an account (whether with email or Facebook), rather than the ICloud so the planner could be accessible on any apple device, it would just require a login and refresh.

- Beautiful app but missing major function

This is a beautiful app but missing a few major functionality like syncing with your emails so it can automatically update like the regular iPhone app. Because it can’t sync makes it more of a nuisance because I’d have to get the updates from my calendar and then transfer it to this app. If we had that function- I’d probably give this app 4-5 stars

- Great app! Needs a few added features

Love the app, but it needs a 12 hour time format and the ability to add a second alert for notifications. Other than that it’s great! Update: the app now has the 12 hour format and it’s perfect!!

- Great app!

Great app full of potential. I love the layout and am looking forward to updates. I Think it can really be amazing. There’s a lot of cool features and fir the price it’s worth a try. It’s not super complex and it has a beautiful aesthetic. I haven’t seen anything like it in the App Store.

- Love it....but...

Love the look of the planner and the simplicity of it! I wish we could view the calendar as the whole month and not just by day. That helps me plan for bills and such. Also wish the normal holidays were already in there that would help a lot. Other thank that I love it!

- Connect to Google Calendar

Beautiful planner. But I wish it would also connect with my google calendar. Now I find myself having to re put all of the years events into this calendar manually. If I would have known that this app doesn’t connect to it then I probably wouldn’t have downloaded it & paid the price for it.

- Lovely, clean, doesn’t sync

I purchased this calendar not realizing that it would not sync with my iCal (my bad). Unfortunately, for me, this makes it unusable. If this does not matter to you, the calendar is terrific. It has the lovely, clean look I’ve been searching for all over the App Store.

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Absolutely love this planner app! So beautifully designed and easy to use. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I would love if there was a search option to find any events and tasks in past and future, this would be very helpful as I’m constantly having to remember on what dates I had appointments, meetings, etc. Also the ability to delete reoccurring events for one day. What I mean by that is that I have my scheduled work roster but every so often it changes and I want to be able to delete my work event on a particular day without it deleting all the future events too. Hopefully these requests will come soon but other than that, I am really enjoying Planbella! Keep up the good work x

- Missing features

I’m loving the app, the layout is beautiful, and I love that you can have tasks and events intertwined. However there are some features I feel this app is missing. Firstly and hugely, I find it quite frustrating that you are unable to sync other calendars. Secondly, having an option to create a backup is great but would be so much more efficient to be able to create an account, where you can log in and work simultaneously through multiple devices. And thirdly, out of personal preference, I wish you could choose whether the app itself was in dark or light mode, instead of automatically copying what mode your phone is in, and that you could have a larger range of colour options for highlighting tasks and events. Overall, has some beautiful features, but is missing some crucial aspects that I think it needs in order to be a superior calendar app.

- LOVE this App!

So functional and easy to use. Makes me so much more productive! Much easier to view and edit events than my Google Calendar and I never forget about something because you can set a reminder! Love the theme, the app is absolutely beautiful! Only thing I would change is the ability to set and event for everyday - for example “Read a book for 30 minutes” and then edit the description in each day to include something like “Read Chapter 1” one day and the next day “Read chapter 2” or something like that because right now it changes the description for every entry and you’d have to set a separate event everyday. But that’s it - the rest of the app is amazing.

- Beautiful with a bit of functionality

Love how beautiful this is! A few things I’d love the developers to consider: 1. Creating labels- I love the colours but I keep forgetting which colour I use for different things. It would be handy to be able to assign a name to each colour so I can keep things organised. 2. iPad sync: it would be very convenient to be able to sync my iPhone calendar with my iPad calendar. At the moment my apple calendar app is superior to this app as I can’t seem to do this with this app. Also, making a specific iPad app rather than just the phone app on iPad would be beneficial. Overall great functionality!

- It’s the best planning app!

Planbella is pretty, and was exactly what I was looking for- a calendar view where you could tap on days and the days tasks, notes and events would come up colour-coded! The journal I thought was going to be real journal form and not deleted every day! If you improve the journal, it will be the best app in the world! Also, can we sync other calendars? If we can, my whole family will be buying this app!

- Lovely, simple & effective

Planbella is exactly the app I was looking for.. I love the design & how easy it is to use. I wanted both a calendar that would remind me of future events, and allow the input of daily tasks but also a journal so I could jot down my thoughts & events that happened in the day, and I can do this effectively in the ‘Notes’ section and look back on them when needed. I love it ! And it was also a winner for me in that it was a one off purchase & not subscription based. Five stars for the beautiful design & wonderful simplicity *****

- Beautiful But Not The Most Practical

A very beautiful calendar app but it is missing the most crucial feature of being able to sync events with Google or iCloud. I had to manually create my events which was quite a tedious process. After I created my events, I backed up from my iPhone onto iCloud in the app settings, but was unable to restore my events onto my iPad. It is quite disappointing as the app is not the cheapest to begin with. Some feedback I would give would be: •The ability to sync events with Google or iCloud. •Being able to back up & restore the events on multiple devices. •Creating all day events. •Having fortnightly as a choice for recurring events. I hope you take these feedback on board to improve the app & make it more user friendly as I would love to use it as my main calendar! ☺️

- Good, but not sure it’s worth the money!

I quite like this app, but cannot give 5 stars as it does not have a dedicated list function. Yes, you of course can make a list in the notes, but you cannot check off the individual item in there, only the note it belongs too. For this reason I will still be using the built in reminders app for all my list needs, such as groceries.

- Beautiful and simple

Worth every cent for this gorgeous planner. I love planners but never could get used to carrying one around all the time. This app is perfect! I do wish it had a function to save your colours under a title for more Organization. I also wish there was a daily journal function that you could jot about your day and thoughts. Everything else is perfect ❤️

- Great for quick planning

This app looks pleasing and great for scheduling things in without it being too complicated. Would love to see little features ie weekly/monthly goals, and also to just be able to list tasks without having to set a time in. Other than that, lovely app for the price.

- Stunning App

Thankyou so much for creating this App! I have been looking for something like this for so long & have been left feeling very underwhelmed by the limited aesthetic & functionality of the other planner apps currently on the market. Planbella appeals to my desire for simplicity, minimalism, beauty & perfection - and it ticks every box! So refreshingly easy to use as well. Worth every cent.

- Almost Great!!!

I do really love this app however for the price point I wish it was a tad bit better. For instance, the overall layout is a bit strange but workable. It would be nice to have seperate options like lists (I.e. to do or shopping) or just a general notes page that doesn’t disappear as the day goes by. A budget section would be awesome as well / a way to sync with apple or google calendar. Aside from that the app is cute and fun to use. I like it!

- Looks beautiful but adds another app

Beautifully themed app. I assumed I would be able to import my outlook and google calendars to manage in one location. This adds another app to use so other than looking nice it's no good if you have have events to manage in several accounts. I thought the journal would allow a diary type page for journaling but can only add things as events or notes. Not a lot of function.

- Love it!

This app is so cute, and so easy to use! I was looking for something that was convenient to jot down my events and daily to dos and this has been perfect! I use the notes to add in my expenses so I know what’s coming out and when. Absolutely love it! Would highly recommend

- Beautiful User Friendly App

Elegant and functional ✨ However, unfortunately you are not able to set an event as recurring fortnightly! That is a big let down for me, as my job works on a fortnightly roster. Would have received 5 stars is above problem was corrected.

- Love it!

Seriously the best app on my phone. Keeps me up to date and organised. So many people comment on it and end up adding it to. Wish there were more highlight colours but other than that it’s amazing.

- Pretty and ticks most boxes

So pretty and love the task tick function. Suggested improvements - It’d be great to be able to do checklists (ie a to do list or shopping list) and notes that aren’t linked to a particular day. Being able to label the colour coding is important - I keep forgetting what colour I’ve assigned to what.

- Lovely

I love this app. It’s very easy to use and beautifully presented. A couple of changes that I would love to see in future updates are badges on the app for number of tasks for the day, option to add ‘all day’ to a task instead of a time and sync in with Siri reminders.

- Beautiful at first then let down.

Love this app beautiful elegant. Would love to be able to select a fortnight feature when for re-occurring tasks and notes or events. Also Apple Watch compatibility And notification centre widget on iPhone. Thought as app was $12 this was a given. But disappointed that not a lot of accessibility is included. I paid for a pretty font 😕

- Pretty planner

Thank you for the beautiful design and colours. Keeping to the theme. It’s really easy to create events, schedules, to do list, and set alarms. I hope there can be a Apple Watch version too, that would be so beautiful to look at and use every moment.

- Beautiful app

Worth the cost But if you when selecting a colour it would show on your calendar in month view this would be really helpful so I don’t need to click on all circles to see what’s what’s :)

- Best app

Love this app, it’s so pretty, functional and just all round good app, high cost upfront for an app but way cheaper than an actual planner and it’s way better, love having all the features with no ads and no subscription, awesome app

- Beautiful but some functionality could be better

I love the app, but I wish you could make undated lists and have general reminders set without being tied to the calendar - if this was an option that would be great!

- Pretty; just need a few more options

It’s a girl’s kinda planner. Wish it had more colour options and the ability to attach/upload photos or documents. Just ties everything together better.

- Notes and Tasks Review

Just something that would be a nice update, with the notes, it’d be great if they all stayed rather than having to find them by date. Just like we view events, this’d be great with tasks as well.

- Love love this app

I use a very similar paper calendar to write all my appointments and bills etc on every month, I love the simplistic design & love that I can now access this on my phone... goodbye paper calendar it’s fantastic!!! 💕

- Beautiful app!

Absolutely loving the aesthetics on this app. Would love to have more colour options on highlights and also adding a fortnight option in addition to the daily, weekly and monthly. Thanks for creating a wonderful app!

- Not functional

I unfortunately feel for the aesthetics of this before having a good look at the functionality. It doesn’t sync with anything on your iPhone. Not contacts, iPhone calendar, reminders etc. I wanted to set a fortnightly reminder but was able to. It’s not customisable in any way. Don’t waste your money!! I’ll be sticking with awesome Cal. Not as pretty, but is fantastic in every other way.

- So cute

Liking the app so far. My only feedback is to offer a fortnightly recurrence option. I couldn’t see this there. Apple calendar offers this. Thanks!

- Very good - missing a widget and Mac app

This app is great and very useful, but it would be even better to be able to add the widget on the iPhone’s homepage to see daily task at a glance. Also a synched Mac App would be awesome. Thanks and keep up the good work!

- Love the style but limited functions

Can’t set events at fortnightly intervals; Can’t set events that occur for the whole week and then set them fortnightly; Quite frustrating as I have to keep my iPhone calendar close by and refer to that as well.

- Wish there was a widget

The app is really pretty and functional, however I wish there was a widget shortcut to make it even more functional

- Amazing!!

This planner is everything I have been searching for! Love the interface, simplicity and functionality. Thank you!!!

- Nice Layout However....

I would love to keep this app considering the cost, however please add fortnightly or custom reoccurrence. From many reviews you can see how common these reoccurrences are especially fortnight. Also it does not sync with existing calendar so have to manually enter all data.

- LOVE!!!!

I have been in search for an app like this for so long! So minimal and everything I need in one place, definitely worth the $$$

- Function to re-order tasks

Hi! I have just downloaded this app. Aesthetically perfect, but would really benefit from a function to re-order priority of tasks (hold and move).

- Gorgeous App

One of the best organisation/producivity applications I’ve ever seen. 3 things I’m looking forward to: • calendar sync • ipad compatibly/sync • a bi-weekly/fortnightly option when creating tasks

- Amazing!

I can’t go a day without using this app, it’s so pretty and yet so helpful and easy to use!

- Love it

Love the app! Helps being organized but the app is not working now after the dark mode update :(

- Looks good but doesn’t give me any notifcations

Sighs. Not getting any notifications from this. Looks good and that’s it — none of my tasks that i needed to do today came up at the times i scheduled them for. Isn’t that something a planner like this should do?

- So simple, elegant and pretty

It’s perfect just wish you could add a fortnight option

- Good

Need to add - custom recurrences - eg every 3 months or 25 days ? Link with other calendars to make other events easy to add like your usual gym app would send to the normal iPhone calender Add more colours to choose from - or make the notes colours a custom colour, then tasks, and with events provide a few colour variations Then I would absolutely rave about it !

- Waste of money

I really wanted to love this app but it just doesn’t do what most people would need it to. No way to cancel or edit one event if it’s in a stream of reoccurring events and no option for fortnight reoccurring. Hopefully an update with this comes soon.

- Great ap

This app is great. However, there needs to be an option in reoccurrence for fortnightly and three weekly etc.

- Does not sync with any other calendar

I love the format and style of this calendar, but it’s very frustrating that it does not sync with any other calendar on the phone. Had I known that, I would not have purchased the app.

- Excellent app

Love this app Looks great and helps me to remember things that are in my planner at home

- Didn’t know I couldn’t sync my google account

I use google calendar on my desktop computer so the fact I can’t use this anywhere except on my phone is pointless for me. Waste of money.

- Lovely looking - but ...

Lovely looking but I need more linking to existing apps - and the option of fortnightly. It’s not working for me - especially at the price

- Love!

This app is so helpful to me! I also love the minimalistic layout and the soft colour scheme, it’s very calming!

- Pretty but not functional

Very pretty app makes me want to use the app however it does not support google calendar which WAS SO DISAPPOINTING. Waste of money as can’t use as any of my normal calendars. Please add google calendar option sync.

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- Love this app!

It’s such a beautiful app! I know I will be using this app 24/7 and ditching all the other planners. 😍 Quick question, can you create this for Mac desktops? I would love to sync it to my computer. Thank you!

- Should have listened to the reviews

The layout on this app isn’t as functional as I had hoped. I wanted to give it a try for the benefit of the doubt. My main issue is that if you put a task under a day and you happen to not complete it, it doesn’t then move to the next day. I found that you can lose track of your to dos since you will have to go back to the specific days you planned to do the task to remind yourself.

- Deçu

L’idée est bonne, l’agenda est jolie mais n’est pas efficace. Je retourne à l’agenda originale du iphone. Je ne recommande pas.

- It’s a great app!

This is a beautiful app. Always cheers you up looking at the heap of tasks you may have. It does however require some further enhancement. I hope you consider the following in your list of potential enhancements: 1. Category colours - they’re currently beautiful. So thank you for choosing these pastel hues. We could really do with more colours. Of course keeping in line with the theme of the app, more pastels but we need some more options. 2. Category names - most tasks that I add to my calendar, I also add the colour so it’s colour coded for me. But I have to keep up with what colour I’m assigning to which category. For example, I have a colour for fitness, one for my socials, one of my groceries, etc. It would be so easy to see what colour is what category 3. Widget - with the iPhone 14 OS, we’d love a widget, not a cover but an actual widget which smoothly transitions into the already beautiful app. This would be such a game changer. Your app is beautiful nonetheless. Thank you for sharing with us. :)

- Just pretty with useless functionality

Problem 1) Not ios 14 compatible, whatsoever 2)Creating a task is too long (entering date, info etc), so I still find myself using the reminders app from Apple. I hope there can be a similar thing here. 3) Can’t sync with other apple devices

- Beautiful but needs a few updates

I love the look of this app and how beautiful it is. I’ve always had a real day time because I love stationary and this makes it feel close to that. Sadly it needs a few things updated that would make it by far the best day timer app. 1. Have the option to open to Calendar automatically instead of main menu 2. Have a Bi-weekly option for recurrence (this should be an easy fix, many people need this) 3. Sync with Apple calendar 4. Sync with other Apple devices 5. Have option to sync/share with another user

- Love!

I love the app, it’s the first digital calendar that really works for my life. My only dislike is the shortcut. I find the initials to look busy and wish it was more simplistic :)

- Good

Good app , i would like more possibility for the event repeat ( every 14 or 21 days )

- Love

Other only thing I wish it could do is cloud share with my other devices. Otherwise I’m in love with this app!

- Unfortunate

This app doesn’t connect to your regular calendar so you cannot sync those dates, you must always type them in manually. Also, the app opens up to a menu each time instead of your actual calendar. Wish I didn’t buy

- Not awesome

I thought that this would have a lot more functions than it has for the price. It’s extremely underwhelming. I switched to a new phone and NONE of the content from this app was transferred over, so that was extremely inconvenient. The notes and tasks can only be added by day and there is no option for a master list, but again, that’s because this app is very basic. I wouldn’t waste the money on this app u less you’re looking for something that looks pretty and you’re not worried about productivity or efficiency.

- Aside from the aesthetic. The practicality of it isn’t there

Aside from the aesthetic. The practicality isn’t there. It doesn’t sync with your iPad or other devices or detect when you have events coming up via gmail etc. It’s just very pretty and pleasing to look at.

- For improvement

Add checklist button on every description under Task.

- Love it!

I love the look and appreciate the work that went into the aesthetics! Worth the money in my opinion :)

- Beautiful

Beautiful design I don’t think it’s worth the price... it’s not really customizable, I would have preferred options like a journal bullet system... stickers etc. That would make it worth 12$ considering the look of the calendar note and journal are all the same. Beautiful but a tad over priced (I know the price is probably based a lot off of the cost to make design etc, but hopefully the future consists of adding to it!!)

- Visually beautiful

Love the app but there could be better updates. (Sign in feature, bi weekly option)

- Nope

Total waste of my money

- Beautiful app

App is wonderful, but can u update so I can have a bi weekly event

- Cool app BUT

It needs more recurrence, like bi-weekly or every first Monday of a month for example. That would help lots for a paid app considering google does all that. Should also have the option to connect address with maps. It's such a cute app, just needs more stuff in it for the price!

- Meh

The reminder alarm does not work. My appt was last May however I got a reminder in June.

- want to love it but can’t

wanted so badly a great agenda with great design but very poor features. please improve the options. needs to synchronize with other agenda, I want to change the sound of notifications, ba able to receive more notifications, I miss all my appointments ! also need a widget

- So cute & functional

Beautiful app! Aesthetically pleasing, basic functions work well. It’s going to be an amazing app once all functions are added. Worth the $10.99

- So cute!

I really LOVE this planner. The layout and everything. It also helps me big time with my work. But I just want to request for the developer to be able to somehow add an option in the app to be able to just see all the dates, notes and events in each tab when you click the dates, notes and events on the app. So it’s easy to see all the dates and events and notes in each tab when you click it. It’s a hassle having to click the date and seeing notes, events or dates written all in one date. Because with a busy, hectic schedule it’s hard to remember where you put the notes or event on certain dates. But otherwise, a lovely pretty app. I’ve deleted my calendar app. But not my notes app yet just because of the hassle and forgetting what dates I’ve put the notes in. Anyways, I hope this get added on. That would really make a huge difference. I wouldn’t feel so bad for spending $10 on the app.

- It’s just pretty

Unfortunately, this planner does not sync with other calendars and cannot be used on multiple devices. You need to input everything manually. Not worth paying for.

- Love this app!!!

This was exactly what I combines two apps in one!! Having a to do list is so great!!🙌🙌

- wow

love love love this app

- Don’t bother.

It’s pretty but useless. No syncing between devices. You won’t be able to tap on something in an email to add. Everything will need to be added manually. Time consuming and expensive.

- Worth it!!!

I know the price may seem much for just a planner app but the aesthetic is beautiful and its so easy to use! Ive deleted the apple calendar app cause it’s not simple enough but this app is definitely not only simple but beautifully designed ☺️

- Very Pretty, and Aesthetically Pleasing

I love how pretty this app is, and how easy it is to use. But there are a couple of issues that I’m finding frustrating because of the $10.99 I spent on this app - 1) I find it frustrating that there are a very limited number of options for recurring tasks (I have meetings and things that only occur on certain days of the week that I can only schedule in weekly or daily) 2) it would be nice if it could sync with my google calendar as a lot of my meetings for work are booked via google cal. I will continue using this app because it does ultimately serve its purpose, I personally find that it lacks those two specific features disappointing.

- Highly Recommend

At first I wasn’t sure about paying this much for an app. However it has been worth the money. The apps is both aesthetically beautiful AND very functional! It’s easy to navigate around and enjoy the layout is perfect.

- Q

Is there any function that I can add to the widget screen?

- Enticing to use

I was looking for an app that I would be exciting to use. Most planning app make planning dreadful. The user interface is really nice and stylish. There are more complex app out there and I do miss certain features, but I end up not using these app because filling them up feels like a chore. Anyways, thank you for this app. ☺️ If I may suggest a few features that would be nice: options to add sub-task, more colors (aqua) and a full day option.

- I’m in love...

I am litteraly in love with that schedule planning.. Congradulation!!

- Enjoying it so far

I’ve been waiting for a beautiful planner app to show up in the App Store. Obviously this a brand new app so improvements will come as users provide feedback. So far I’m really enjoying it. What I would LOVE is a desktop version that’s synced with the phone app.

- Beautiful Planner!

Such a simple, compact + pretty digital planner💗 Only reason that I gave it a 4 star is because I wish you were able to select a bi-weekly reoccurrence (ie. I submit payroll every two weeks, but it won’t let me enter this as a bi-weekly reoccurrence). Hope they fix that!

- very aesthetically pleasing

love the minimalist design and very easy to use

- Lots of Potential

Bought this app with the knowledge that it will continue to improve and include additional features. Put simply, I love the design! Areas of improvement: colour scheme (I love terracotta colours), device syncing, full screen for ipad, and the ability to draw on notes bullet journal style (perhaps compatibility with Goodnotes)? I’m really excited to see what’s next for Planbella! 😍

- Plannells

Love this app! It’s beautiful to look at and easy to use. Just wish it could sync to my google calendar. Also wish it had more colour options.

- Really great

Just started using this app tonight. I will always use both paper and electronic journaling. Could you guys please expand your highlight colour selection? I would like to see green and aqua added. I would also like the option of the app holding two journals- personal one and work related one. I’d like to click on which ever one I need at the moment but I don’t necessarily want work related stuff in my personal journal.

- I love the look, but it could do better.

I really love the look & feel of this app. However - I do feel like they will need to up their game. - there should be an option for “bi-weekly” for recurrence. - the app should have a default setting if you click on the app you can automatically go into the calendar, events or tasks & not a list of your options (unless you want it that way). - the journal should be an actual journal spot & not be related into the calendar; a spot where you can add photos, pull information from a weather app for that day (people love those features). - & last but not least, the app should be able to pull data from any other calendar you were previously using to make it more convenient. I still love it either way. Probably won’t switch to it fully, but if some of these improvements were implemented, then this could be a great planner.

- Can’t rotate on an IPad

Love how beautiful this app is, but I would love if the calendar was more compatible with the rotation of iPads so you could type with a keyboard and have the calendar rotate to accomodate

- Beautiful app...but

Beautiful app! Very simplistic. I wish it had a biweekly function though...I use my planner for my bill payments & need the biweekly option!

- rip off

paid for an app that doesn’t work (can’t type) and it isn’t transferable to my ipad even under same account...

- Beautiful App.

This app. is beautifully designed and elegant. 1. I would love to see the ability to add birthdays in an updated version with the ability to set birthday reminders annually.

- No calendar sync

If I could sync my calendar onto here this would be the best app on the planet. It is SO pretty and minimal. But without my events getting brought in it’s not helpful in day to day. If you’re looking for a paper bullet journal replacement though, it’s great.

- Obsessed

I love the simplicity of this app, with so much going on all the time and so much in your mind its nice to have a nice simple schedule/to do list. Very aesthetic too, colours and writing is beautiful.


I’ve been waiting for an aesthetically pleasing planner app for ages. This is absolutely beautiful.

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- Almost perfect

I wish the notes section didn’t have to be dated and I could just hold notes (but maybe I’ll work through this) and I wish for some events I could just set it as all day but otherwise I’m loving it

- Almost there, but not quite

I wish i had read the reviews on this app before coughing up nearly $8. While the aesthetic is everything and then some, it’s inability to sync with other calendars is a deal breaker for me. My husband and I must be able to share our schedules and I’ll never have enough time or patience to go between this app AND my Apple calendar.

- Stylish but one tweak

I really like the app, but I wish there was a login or had the capability to sync on all my apple devices. I have to enter the information twice on each device (cell and iPad). I haven’t tried my laptop but I’m sure I’ll have to add it there as well.

- Great but need more customizable options

Gorgeous app and very easy to use, however the app would be better if more choices were available to customize your calendar (event colors, fonts, background colors, etc).

- Love but needs some updates.

I absolutely LOVE this app. But a few things would be nice when paying almost 10$ for it. 1. The military time is absolutely annoying! 2. The fact that you can’t connect your calendar is also annoying. 3. Would be nice if you could name the colors for easier labeling.

- Isn’t compatible w/a modern lifestyle

After spending much time looking for an appropriate calendar I thought I found the calendar of my dreams. The layout and design makes it enjoyable to plan my life. There are two major flaws, I can’t sync with my iCloud calendar nor can I access my inputs on multiple devices.

- Almost there

I want to start by saying this app has a beautiful interface. Five stars for aesthetic. This app is only missing a few things. 1. Definitely need to integrate with other calendars. This is killing me. Also a web version would help. 2. I would like to have an actual journal where I can keep notes for the day. 3. I’d love to be able to add categories to the color coding. Otherwise this calendar is visually stunning. I’ll continue to use it. Hopefully additional features will be added soon.

- Love the look of it, but not easy schedule

I wish there was an option to choose days/dates (Every Sunday, every Monday, and...) when scheduling a task or an event. If something is happening every other day or every week but only on specific days, I don’t have any option but to add it manually.

- Visually appealing

This is definitely one of the most visually appealing planners. Love the layout and minimal feel. Like other reviewers I wish developers would add more color to use for highlights. I wish you could drag and drop incomplete tasks to the next day


I would absolutely LOVE this app...if I could make it sync across all devices. There doesn’t seem to be any way to contact the developer through App Support or the website. Is there any way to make this happen? If there is no way to sync between devices, that app is worthless. Other than that, 5-stars for everything else in the app! Happy to change the review if this can be fixed. 🤗

- SO CUTEEEE.... but

Just some suggestions for future updates: - log in (so you can access from other platforms) - browser access/laptop access - different calendar views (day/week/month/year) - option to change layout colors - insert address - a way to edit only one day of a reoccurring event - a way to tell on the calendar at a glance exactly what kind of highlights are on each day - more options for reoccurring meetings “custom” - a way to search any of the content/notes/tasks/events (search bar)

- Aesthetic, but needs work

I recently downloaded the app and there are things that could be improved! I would like to be able to sync my Apple calendar! I wish there were weekday reoccurrences rather than daily, if we try to delete it for the day the event isn’t happening it erases the entire event.

- Could be awesome, just isn’t yet.

This app could be amazing with a few adjustments. As of right now it is not worth the money you spend for it. It looks gorgeous, and I love opening it and using it simply for how it looks. BUT there are some major things that make it annoying/not practical to use. 1. Desktop version and synching 2. When you have an event that lasts several days, the event only pops up on the first day, and doesn’t span the entire three days/week/month etc. There are a few other things that make this difficult or frustrating to use that if updated, could make this a staple calendar app.

- Love it!

The calendar is so cute and easy to manage. It helps me stay organized and on task. However, I wish it would have the option to set an occurrence for every other week and every other day.

- Amazing!

This is app is gorgeous! The color scheme and font are so aesthetically pleasing. I’ve never wanted to plan something more than I do with this app! It’s incredibly user-friendly, and I can’t wait to use it more!

- The App is Beautiful but Lacks Something...

I love this calendar/planner app. Elegantly made. But for someone like me who functions with multiple gadgets, my calendar is very important. I wish this was made account based so that whatever I record on my phone also gets updated/sync on my ipad calendar.

- Just what I needed

I love this app makes everything so much easier. I just wish it would turn sideways when I turn my iPad. But other the. That wonderful!

- Decent

The aesthetic of the app used to be my favorite part. I have a couple requests to improve this app. The font is lovely. This used to be my favorite app when the theme color was white not black! It would be so much more convenient if there was a Widget to this app. && please allow it to be an option to change the them back to WHITE! The font the highlighted color on the calendar stood out so much more prettier!!

- Love!

I love the sleek look of this calendar. It’s my favorite so far! My only complaint is i wish there were more colors to choose from to separate how i have stuff labeled, all the colors blend right now and that i could choose bi-weekly or bi-monthly.

- Amazing presentation

Love the way the calendar looks and works, I just wish you could sync it with Google Calendar since I have a lot of work stuff that would be impossible to pass every event

- Beautiful but....

This app is absolutely gorgeous! The second I saw it on Instagram, I had to download it! But there are some suggestions that would make it outstanding: - provide a widget version so you can have a snapshot of your day in one spot. - sync with google calendar - sync with phone to input contacts bdays

- Calendar invite

This is a great concept and I love the layout. I would love to the ability to invite someone to a calendar event. It’s a setback and I’ve had to switch between my calendars as a result which defeats the purpose if you want to use this as a primary calendar on your phone.

- Needs work

This is a great app! I just wish it had a “find” option for those who don’t remember when an event is and can search it by name/keyword It would also be so helpful to have a simple dot to represent holidays

- No google or calendar integration?

I just bought this app and am disappointed to find that I can’t import my calendar like every other calendar app out there. Probably won’t come back to it until there’s a better way to do that, but I’m not mad I bought it. It’s a pretty app! I just need a better fusion of function AND form.

- Beautiful App but....

I really love the aesthetic of this app, I just really wish that entering a start time and end time was optional for certain things not for all entries in the planner. Other than that the app so far is working just fine for me

- Great app, missing a few things

Awesome app, I just wish there was the option to have holidays automatically appear on the calendar, and be able to sync the calendar between apps

- Love it.

I absolutely love the design and look of this app! My only complaint however, is there’s no biweekly option for occurrence and that would really help me with automatically populating things like my paydays. Other then that it’s amazing. ☺️

- Amazing

Very simple and elegant layout. Love the font on it and overall really easy to navigate. Let’s you easily add multiple tasks a day. Would recommend 100%

- Beautiful app but definitely a basic calendar

The calendar is stunning! I might not use it longterm. At this time it does not connect to my I-pad when I add things on it from my phone. It also does not rotate on my I-pad so I can use my keyboard with it. Hmmm. Very sad because I want this to work.

- Wish it had a feature for Shopping list

I wish it had a feature for shipping list and that it would allowed to delete . But it’s a very cute apo


This app is absolutely stunning and functional. Completely done away with my actual planner because this app has made digital planning elegant. I now don’t have to worry about carrying a heavy agenda.

- Love love!

I love this app! It is so aesthetically pleasing and functional (two must haves for me in a planner)! I’m really hoping that there will be widgets with the iOS 14 update - imagine how cute it would be on your home screen!

- Dark Mode change

Love the app but there really needs to be an option for using dark mode and light mode, this app looks way better and appealing with light mode for me personally and the dark mode is throwing me off. Please make the option. Thanks!

- Great app

Great app, I just wish it had the option for to put an event biweekly under reoccurrence and also the option to not highlight certain events (like trash night I don’t need highlighted)

- Would love to be able to import

I love the app and how it looks however I wish there was a way to import birthdays or events that are already in your iCal so you don’t have to use both or re-enter things you’ve already scheduled.

- Beautiful

Giving 4 stars instead of 5 because I wish there was an option to link up to my google calendar

- Loveeeee it !

The aesthetic of the app is everything + its super easy to use! The only thing it’s missing, is the prefilled holidays & other marked calendar days you’d find on the apple calendar. It’ll get 10 ⭐️s once that happens!

- Actual Planner App 🥳🙌🏽

I love that this is an actual planner, not just a calendar. It’s beautifully designed and very customizable with this recent update. To refine and perfect it - it would be amazing if there were customizable widgets for it!

- Sync Contact Birthdays!

Love how beautiful this app is, just wish I could sync my contact birthdays instead of having to check my regular calendar app!

- Potiential

Love the design and love the app but I really think it should have Bi-Weekly option for events that are reoccurring every month. Also, sharing the calendar with people is important too. The app is beautiful and I love how chic it is!

- Pretty, but not functional

Not one appointment can be shared or forwarded from existing email. Zero syncing or interface capabilities. So pretty though, please upgrade and I will be a fan for life. Being just pretty doesn’t get you very far. I’ve tried it for 2 months and now I am going back to regular ol’ iCal. So sad!

- Love

Love it. I would give it 5 stars if there was a biweekly option under recurrences in the calendar. Also, if there was an option to turn on holidays to add to the calendar.

- Dates confused

pretty good app, looks very nice. but whenever i press a day it has the wrong date. for example, i press on sunday the 20th but on the number at the bottom it says 19, not 20. if that issue got fixed it would be a better app

- Beautiful app! But...

I really need more options for reoccurring events! It would be nice if it were totally customizable in that aspect. Also needs “all day” events! Really I need a perfect mixture of this and Apple or Google calendar! Love the to do list and event layout though!!

- Cute but could be better

Very aesthetically pleasing but I’d love the option to sync my calendar to my email. Especially in this day and age, so many calendar invites come through gmail or outlook and it’s a pain to have to input them manually

- calendar

Really wish this would sync for other calendars such as calendar, Gmail, outlook. Adding this feature would save a lot of extra steps. Overall, I like the design and basic features.

- Beautiful interface but still needs some work

Just a few things I hope they add in the next update: - biweekly option for reoccurring events - syncing calendars from other platforms

- I love the look

Function wise, I don’t feel like there are enough alert options. It doesn’t sink with any other calendar so for appointment times it doesn’t have like an alert when to leave type of thing. Also tricky to use. It looks really nice tho

- Love the aesthetic but f this digital calendar

The app needs to sync to other calendars. It needs give font size options. ( print is small) No military time. Hopefully updates are coming soon.

- I really love this app, but...

Everything is amazing about this app, but I only gave 3/5 stars because I cannot sync my calendars. It would take too much time to sync the calendars and reminders manually. Other than that, it’s a great app!

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PLANBELLA - Planner App 1.7. Screenshots & Images

PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images

PLANBELLA - Planner App (Version 1.7.) Install & Download

The applications PLANBELLA - Planner App was published in the category Productivity on 2019-12-04 and was developed by Netzinkubator Software GmbH [Developer ID: 1147661116]. This application file size is 25.76 MB. PLANBELLA - Planner App - Productivity app posted on 2020-11-28 current version is 1.7. and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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