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PLANBELLA - Planner App [Productivity] App Description & Overview

What is planbella - planner app app? A minimal and modern calendar app with an exceptional design. A digital version of your bullet journal where you can organize events, tasks, and notes.

- enjoy an elegant and eye-pleasing design
- plan appointments and set up a stylish agenda
- write daily to-do lists and mark tasks as completed
- take notes for every day and create a diary
- set reminders for important events, tasks or notes
- synchronize with other calendars
- add highlights to significant calendar entries
- save time with recurrence options
- add widgets to your home screen
- create backups
- no sign-in or registration necessary

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PLANBELLA - Planner App Version 2.4.4228 January 2022

This version includes bug fixes and performance improvements..

PLANBELLA - Planner App Comments & Reviews 2022

- Love this app so far, but a few features could make it better

This app has done a great job keeping me organized so far. It’s so beautiful, but minimalistic so it doesn’t feel cluttered. it also is convenient that everything is kept in your journal then you can easily navigate to your calendar and have the ability to just see your tasks. The only thing I think would be beneficial is having the ability to switch between light and dark mode for the app itself instead of it being determined by your phone settings. I like mine to be dark mode most of the time, but prefer the light mode for the app. I also think it would be amazing if this was Siri comparable. There are so many times I’m busy doing something and need to create a quick task or event but I’m not able to stop and physically type it in. Also, when doing speak to text there seems to be a bit of a bug where it won’t type. EDIT 4/5: the addition of the widgets is amazing and so fun. I’m a little bummed you have to pay additional money for some of them, but it’s only a $1 each so it’s not bad. In addition to it being better if it was Siri compatible it would be great if you could choose to delete or edit a single event that’s part of a recurring event. Apples calendar allows this which I think is super helpful when there’s a change needed to something without having to change or delete all of them.

- Just like my bujo

This app is so beautiful and perfect for me. It’s exactly how I set up my bullet journal, except it’s on my phone so i always have it with me. I have ADHD so to function I need to have my appointments and tasks laid out in sequential order all together which this app allows me to do, rather than having separate views for calendar and to do’s. A lot of people complain that the calendar sync is only one way but I don’t really mind that since I prefer to manage my events in ical anyways. I would like to be able to reorder tasks by dragging and dropping but in the meantime I workaround by slightly adjusting the times. The only complaint I have is that it doesn’t sync across devices. When I’m on the go I use my phone but at home I prefer my iPad. Also if there is in fact a desktop app coming soon the sync function would be mandatory for me. Currently I do have a workaround by backing up from my phone to iCloud, then loading the backup onto my iPad but this is really something that should be done automatically.

- It’s pretty, but I can’t depend on it to be accurate.

I’ve been using this app for over a year now. I love the aesthetics; it’s pretty and minimalist enough to not be overwhelming. However, recently I’ve been running into quite a few bugs that have grown more and more frustrating. I travel often, and it seems that if I’m putting events in the planner for, say, 12 PM while I’m in Florida, if I then travel to west Tennessee, the event changes to 11 AM. I may be in a different time zone, but the timing of the event is still the same regardless. I’ve also noticed that happening with dates as well. Specifically, my friend’s birthday was listed as July 8th. I check back a few weeks later, and now it’s moved to July 7th. I almost texted him a Happy Birthday on the wrong day before I caught it! I’ve noticed this on several, several occasions where I put in a date, and it’s moved a day back. Because of this, I no longer feel like the planner is accurate, and I’m anxious that I may have the wrong day or time. It’s been my favorite planning app to use because of the aesthetics and minimalist design, as I’ve mentioned, but it’s proving to be undependable.

- Still just needs a couple tweaks

I saw this advertised on IG awhile ago and thought it was gorgeous. The only thing that kept me from buying it right then was the lack of sync with other calendars. I appreciated what the developer was trying to do in keeping it private, but having the option to sync for those who wanted/needed is pretty important in this day and age of technology. So when I saw yesterday that it was available in an update, I immediately bought the app. It is gorgeous and so well made, but what wasn’t clear was that it’s only a one way sync. I can click a button and everything in my gmail calendar will show up in this app. But I can’t create a new event in this app and add it to one of my calendars. That’s disappointing because it still just makes this a “view only” app for me. I have five children. Each of them have a calendar within gmail. I also have one for my husband and one for myself, as well as a couple other calendars. Not being able to choose which calendar to add to in this app defeats the purpose. I wish I had realized this before I paid $8 for it.

- A beauty but needs a few updates

Love the simplicity of the app. Very easy and straightforward to make the task that you want. And it is beautiful. Also the calendar sync is great. Just a few things I would want to see updates For imported calendar, right now you can add a label, but it would be great to assign all items of that calendar a color. Right now you must set a highlight color to each one individually Able to switch between light and dark mode. Not making it be whichever your phone setting is. Option to have app in light mode even if your phone is in dark mode Able to move unchecked task to new day. If you didn’t check off a task it will disappear. Wish there was a simple way to simply move the task to a new day But so far so good, I like that it keeps it simple. I will continue to see how it goes

- Very Pretty app but some features aren’t working

This app is so pleasing to the eye! Love the font and the eloquent pastel highlights but definitely room to improve. 1) I bought the app on my iPhone and began using immediately. When I downloaded the app on my IPad, nothing transferred- it was completely blank. Most of your users will want to use this app on multiple devices so hopefully the developers will allow it to sync. 2) I tried multiple time to create a recurring event on my calendar with no end date and it would not save. I then created the event with an end date decades in advance and it saved- suggest the developers ensure both features work. 3) The journal feature is not working. When you click on it, the week of event are displayed but no option for journal entries. I’m leaving this detailed of a review in hopes these bugs can be resolved because it is quite a beautiful looking product. Also, if more colors can be added to the palate that will allow more categories.

- Beautiful but doesn’t deliver

I dwelled on purchasing this app for about two weeks before I bit the bullet. I kept receiving ads for it on Instagram and followed their page, with the promise of added widgets in January and it seemingly looking like an aesthetic but also well functioning planner app I went ahead and purchased. It is a great looking app and I’m happy it syncs to my other calendars but that’s about all their is to be happy about. I don’t utilize it because they haven’t added widgets which although a new feature, all of my other planner and calendar apps already have them. Why am I going to use the one that doesn’t, the developer said they would come in January and we’re almost in March already! The unprofessional attitude of posting stories on their Instagram while ignoring several comments asking for updates really turns me off. As a developer myself I’m highly dissatisfied and would gladly undo this purchase if I could. They don’t deserve your money when they won’t even respond to simple questions on social media.

- Functional and gorgeous

Loving this app so far! I’ve been struggling to find a way to organize my life - paper planners haven’t worked and on my phone I’ve had to use multiple apps. This app though puts everything (beautifully) in one place 🙌🏻 I can set a recurring reminder for daily habits (taking medicine, journaling), add “To-Do’s” for my day, and of course keep track of events/appointments The only addition that would be helpful is a section with a running To-Do list that isn’t tied to specific dates. I always have a few random tasks that aren’t time sensitive but I’d like to keep track of/knock off my list as time allows, but I haven’t seen a place for that. Otherwise, I’m super impressed and so happy I purchased! Also love that the developer doesn’t collect data - makes paying for the app even more appealing.

- Pretty but I still need calendar app

I love the aesthetics and how simple it is to use! I also love the journal feature! I also like how you can view tasks and events at the same time on the calendar view. Overall it’s a very nice app. Works perfectly for everything if you just have one calendar. I have mine synced with multiple, so it becomes less organized. A minor change I would like is being able to add a default color for each calendar, instead of manually needing to add a color for each single event. The biggest issue I have is syncing to the Apple calendar app. Since there is no option to pick which calendar when adding an event, I have to use my calendar app to add to a shared calendar instead of just simply adding it on Planbella. As most of my calendars are shared, I find myself using mostly the default calendar app and then opening Planbella just for the aesthetics. Additionally, if you add something directly on Planbella, it won’t show up on the Apple calendar. Kind of like writing everything in two different planners, which is not as efficient. Basically your calendars are not “synced”, it only transfers data over from your Apple calendar. Some other suggestions I have to improve this app: - A feature where you can add the location to events, and it will route you to that address. - More colors! Like pastel green and yellow

- To sync or not to sync...

I think this is exclusively an iPhone App as i don't remember reading anything about it being awesome for an iPad.. But it WOULD be if the app would sync to both devices. Right now I can have the app on both for one purchase, but it doesn't do much good if I have to make my entries in each device. Also, the app on my phone won't even give me an option to sync with my Google calendar where as it does for my iPad. Though it doesn't actually work beyond that so far as I can tell. And finally, on the iPhone, at least 2 of the Unlocked widgets instruct you to tap on them in order to add them onto your home screen... well home girl don't fall for it lol. That hasn't worked yet either. But I'm hoping there's a way to fix those issues and even if there isn't, I'd still buy it again for it's practicality, simplicity, and ill top it off with this revelation; someone finally stepped outside of the now humdrum expectation of devices being dressed to the 9's and "aesthetically pleasing" to present a next level anthology where this type of creatives are soon to be seen not just necessary to technology but essential for the any winning team. Bravo

- My New Covid Planner

Each year, I buy my vertically aligned white, marble planner. The medium size. But ever since Covid, I’ve been working from home and it’s been a lot of work to carry my planner around to different locations. I never bothered using google calender because it just inst a planner. And I have to have things visually linear for a planner to work for me. Otherwise it drives me nuts!! (I have to be ocd for my job). So, one day, I saw an online ad for this and thought it could work. It also looked cute which is really important for me. If it were ugly, I probably wouldnt have gotten it. Ive used it a few times and I could really see myself using this daily!!! I have never been a fan of digital planners even though Im a Millennial but this is changing my mind! Im definitely telling all my friends about this.

- Brilliant with a flaw…

This is such a beautiful, clean and easy to use app that I happily use daily! It has a dark mode, supports iOS calendar sync (not gmail or outlook) and offers widgets-> for a small fee. The only feedback I have would be the Notes and To Do List… they are tied to the date you created them so after the day has passed, they won’t show on the widgets anymore! 1. Why have a Note section that’s tied to a date when you have the Journal tab that’s already doing that, it’s literally the same thing? I’d like to see the Note section be more like a “sticky note” where you can jot something down quickly, with an option to add it that date if you wanted. 2. Same concept for the To Do List. Allow users to make a task that doesn’t default to a specific day so it will stay on the widget until you go in the app an mark it complete, like an actual to do list. To view it in the app you have to go back to the specific day. I’d like to acutely get use out of the widget since we have to pay for them separately. I hope these comments are taken into consideration for future updates.

- Very pretty and easy to use, just needs a few tweaks

Loving the app so far, it’s gorgeous and just the kind of simple aesthetic I’m looking for. Just two little things holding me back from using it full time. 1) If the calendar colors be synced. I love how the highlights look, but I have my calendars color coded and don’t want to have to highlight each event individually. 2) Sync with Apple Reminders. I like using Reminders to manage and setup for my lists and folders for my tasks, but I would love to view them in Planbella in the daily journal feed. One last thing is that there seems to be a lag syncing calendars, or else I have to do it manually. Beautiful app overall, can’t wait to see how it develops!

- Love it aesthetically - two things I would add

I loved switching over to Planbella. Love the asthetic and that it combines my calendar and to-do’s/reminders into one app. Only two (rather impactful!) things I think are missing: 1) Search function - ability to search for key words so that a past/future events/task pops up, rather than having to scroll through all of the Journal or search manually through the calendar to find them. iCal has the magnifying glass icon which allows for this and I didn’t realize how often I used it until it was no longer an option within Planbella. 2) if I do not complete a task and check it off, there is nothing that alerts me that it has yet to be completed after the day has passed. I’d have to go back to the day I scheduled it for on the calendar in order to see that something was left unchecked. I wish it would show up as still incomplete, similar to how tasks within Apple reminders do not disappear until you check them off. Again, aesthetically, I absolutely love this app. I also love the combo of both a calendar and a task/reminder app, and I do really love being able to switch between journal and calendar views.

- Awesome Planner App

I absolutely love this app! I love that it’s an actual day planner, not just a calendar. I like that I can differentiate between events or daily tasks I need to check off. That is awesome! The only thing I would say is that it needs more event highlight colors... you have cream, pink, or gray to choose from. While it’s very aesthetically pleasing, I like to color-code my events and tasks based on work, doctor appointments, personal life, daily goals, and the list goes on. More colors would be nice! Also, the journal feature doesn’t seem to work. I can write a journal entry as a note on a given day, but the journal feature itself doesn’t work. Still, I use this every single day. Highly recommend!

- Love the look but...

1. Is there a way we could get a macbook version of this app so i can sync use it on multiple devices? 2. Also has very strange interface features such as: when i create a task, it assigns it for the day before?? And if i am i click on the three tabs in the top left corner it sends me straight to the main menu and i cant easily go back one screen(i.e. main menu > settings> options> “click three tabs in top left” > main menu? Cant it just send me back one? 3. As for things i love: i like the look, i like the colors, the font, the structure of different ways to see your tasks and calendar. I feel like i would use it so much more if it had a better user interface. However, i still really love your app and will be using it. Hope any of this feedback helps.

- Ehh

I’ve had this planner for two years now and I haven’t seen it change much. It’s beautiful, but the software has some issues. The biggest and most annoying one is that every time you update something, the date jumps to the original date that an item was added. So, you have to back out of the page and click the journal tab to take you to today again. It’s also always freezing. ALWAYS. Since the beginning. If I click an item to add, a task, event or note, it doesn’t load for 10 seconds so I’ll click it again and I end up with two windows for an item. I have to back out of them which also takes a moment. I’m currently looking for a new calendar bc I’m pretty over the poor functionality of this one.

- Please sync this app with all my other Apple products.

I really like this app. It’s easy to use, I love the journal section and separate calendar; I love the layout, font and colors, basically the whole entire look. My only complaint is that I wish the app would sync entirely with my Apple products, my phone, iPad and desktop. It syncs with my google calendar but I stopped using it since I got this app,(personally I prefer the Planbella layout better) but when I’m out and add a task or event on my phone it will not sync/ or update on my desktop or iPad which I find really frustrating. If and when this app is able to sync throughout all my personal products, then I would rate five stars. Please add this feature!

- Great, but not the best…

I really wanted to love it. First they barely added widgets and they each one cost a dollar. Second, it does have a quick access button for you to go to an specific month/ year. And third, for some reason my phone doesn’t sync with my iPad, and is frustrating that I have to write them twice! The only way that it would sync is if I write my appointments on another calendar(google/gmail) which then it doesn’t let me edit from the app. Is honestly very aesthetically pleasing, but a wait of time and money for me, oh and by the way, it doesn’t look that nice on the iPad, I guess I’ll just go back to google calendar, but if you know of a nice and smooth app, let me know!!

- Simple and functional

I really love this app! It’s beautiful and easy to operate. A lot of planner apps can feel cluttered but this one keeps it simple and uses nice fonts/color schemes. There is definitely room for improvement. For example, I wish after highlighting events with a particular color, the dots on the calendar would reflect that highlight color. That way I can tell which dates are actual events and which dates are just notes/tasks. Currently every calendar date that has an event/note/task is just a beige dot so it’s hard to tell them apart at a glance. I look forward to future updates and the direction this app will take.

- love love love!!!

i downloaded this app a while ago and i feel like i’ve used it long enough to give an honest review. and i honestly love it! im all about the aesthetic calendar look!! there are a few suggestions that i have, my major suggestion would be to make the app compatible with the macbook, i work from my computer and it would be awesome to be able to download this app onto my macbook and be able to see it on a larger display and update it without having to get on my phone. the only other thing is that i wish i could have a continuous event, but be able to skip days within it. let’s say i work the same hours and days every week, i have it scheduled on my calendar and it recurs every week, i love that part, but when i take a week off of work, i would like to be able to delete that from that specific day without strewing up my whole calendar. but thank you for this app, forever will use it!!

- I usually love this app

This app is so visually appealing which is one of the reasons why I originally purchased the app. I have used it consistently for over a year, maybe longer now. Recently I started using the widget feature but it has not been updating on my Home Screen so I cannot see the recent things on my task list. It also doesn’t allow you to cross the task off. The actually app has also been freezing every time I try to click on a day to update task. I’m a little disappointed at this and now am tempted to search for another every day app to use. I really wish this one would work correctly because I’m used to it and I do like it. Please fix these bugs!

- Functional, helpful, and cute - but it still needs some tweaks

The Planbella app is functional, helpful, and cute (with some amazing widgets) - but it still needs some tweaks. I really like the combination of calendar and task list. It’s very helpful to get a glance at my day and all the To Dos and appointments I have. I use this app everyday, but some of the things that would make it work perfectly for me would be: • Add the ability to cancel just one task / event in a recurring series • Have a separate Master Tasks list that does not require a specific date so that I can keep a list of projects/to dos and then move them to my Tasks list (with the date) as time is available or as needed • Badge or notification of some kind for overdue tasks (the days just keep running on, and a task that wasn’t checked off is just lost in the past journal list) • Have a fail safe “are you sure you want to delete?” message • Have the “day&date small” widget open the calendar in the app instead of the journal list

- Looks very nice

It looks very nice, although my reason for 3 stars is that I feel is a little excessive having to pay $1 for each widget. At least include 3 or 5. It really adds up and I don’t think is worth it. I recently found free ones on other apps. And I only paid $2.99 for the week trial. Downloaded everything I wanted around 100 icons and widgets. Could have downloaded more but that’s just what I needed. Imagine having to pay a $1 each? It sounds cheap but it really isn’t. When you buy all of them it will be more that $20. I still like the app so will keep using it. Also very limited with task reoccurring ones.

- My Go to

Been using Planbella for over a year now and I LOVE ITT. Simple , minimalist and chic. However there are a few things that I wish was updated and added. Whenever I go to my journal section I could see my events . Things should be separate from each section. Also the task section I have found to be a little frustrating. The title area for task would be better if you can name the list and add the task in the description area with the boxes next to them. Also new background colors and pictures to add to notes and journal would be awesome 🤎

- Pretty (but expensive) Calendar App…

First off, the app is visually pleasing and minimalistic. If that is all you need then it is perfect for you. But… There isn’t a to-do list. Yes, there are “Tasks”, but they require a “Due Date”. There isn’t a running to-do list. Also, a big bummer is they don’t rollover if you do not complete them, unless you have a reoccurrence on them. The task section is only usable if you know you will complete the task that date by said time, OR you purchase the “Overdue Tasks” widget. The “Notes” sections is identical to the tasks, and requires a “Due Date”. This is just weird for an option called “Notes”. Widgets that may or may not offer other options listed above cost extra. I did in fact purchase one of the widgets, but at this point I cannot validate purchasing others. Especially when I already have apps on my phone that do all this. I ogled this app for months before deciding to purchase it. It sounds amazing, but overall it’s just a really pretty calendar app. Not really worth the cost in my opinion. ***Updated rating to reflect the fact that calendar sync doesn’t work!***

- Love this app, it just needs a little more work

I love this app! I love that I can put events and tasks into the app and set reminders. I do wish I could set a custom reminder, like set it to a certain time instead of a day or a couple hours before the event. It would be cool to set multiple reminders for events too. It would also be nice if the notifications for an event would show the actual day the event is supposed to happen. It’s confusing when you set a reminder 2 days out for an event and then the notification tells you now when it pops up

- Love but has 1 major flaw

I LOVE everything about this app, the only thing I count as a negative (and it’s a big one for me) I can not get it to sync the info I have input into the app downloaded on my ipad, to sync with the app on my phone. Having to enter info twice is not cool, and is going to get very old very quick. Now as I am super picky about my planning, planners, and apps used in the process, and this by far is my favorite. Fix that sync problem between devices (maybe as an upgrade feature even) and it would be 5 stars hands down and I would promote this to all my fellow planner nerds.

- Aesthetic but lacking functionality

It’s cute but there are some definite issues with usability. 1. The calendar doesn’t show holidays which is a major downer for me. I don’t want to enter each holiday on my own and seems like a basic calendar function should show national and major Holidays. 2. I would like the ability to turn off the calendar date highlight for notes as some notes I’ll keep each day as a running record, but it highlights as an event which is misleading at a quick glance. It’s cute, so I’ll keep it for the widgets, but the traditional Apple calendar and Reminders apps are way more versatile.

- Pretty design, could use some updates

I love the layout. It is aesthetically pleasing, and tasks are easy to create.I would prefer holidays to be added to calendar instead of having to set them up manually. There could be a holiday section under options so users could turn it on or off if they prefer. Also, it would be nice if the recurring task option could be scheduled by day instead of date. For example, I would love to schedule monthly house chores like “change air filter” by second Saturday of the month. If you have standing meetings or classes that are always fall on first Friday of the month, they will need to be added manually.

- Beautiful App

This is a beautiful app. I’ve been looking for a replacement organizer app that fits the bill. One thing I think would improve the app would be to change the Notes so it has no date or expiration. This way, the notes are just that & not part of the calendar. You can add notes & return to check it whenever you’d like instead of having to scroll to the date of when the note was created. Another change would be that there are more script fonts available to choose from so we can customize our organizer to other script fonts we prefer. Lastly, I noticed when you sync the app to the actual calendar app, you are allowed to apply icons to the event. Please add more icons & allow us to add icons to events we input into planbella & not just an outside calendar. Thank you for listening. Otherwise, I think its a really great app & flawlessly executed.

- So close but not great

This is by far the most gorgeous app I’ve seen. I love the aesthetic, but it just isn’t user friendly. It’s really frustrating that you can’t just click on a day and add an event or task—every time you add something you have to scroll to select the date. It would be amazing if you could access the app on the computer too, because I found between the functionality and it only being mobile, I spend more time entering things into the app than just getting them done. I hope some of these things are changed because I would love to use the app, but right now it feels like just a waste of $8

- One Small Suggestion

So far I really enjoy the app. I like that I can have my events, appointments, and to-dos on one platform in bullet points. It’s also easy to use and the widgets are super cute. My only suggestion would be that the days on the calendar wouldn’t show up as circled/highlighted if there are just tasks and no events. If I put in all my tasks then almost every day is highlighted and I don’t know which days have the important events. Make the small widget to show tasks free so we can have our tasks and events shown separately.

- Simple beautiful 97% perfect

I love the look of this app. It’s beautiful and simple and includes task list, calendar, and journal all in one! It’s perfect except that I wish there were a few more color options (ie. green for my pay day reminders). I love that it syncs my google calendar but I wish I could edit the events even though they’re from another calendar! From the previous reviews it seems this app is consistently updating and improving so I’m sure it will only keep getting better! Definitely worth the $9!

- Aesthetically pleasing but lacking

I normally wouldn’t spend $9 on an app but I just thought this calendar was so so pretty that I had to have it. I’m bummed that it doesn’t allow for multiple notifications of events instead of just one and that if I don’t check off a task the app doesn’t remind me again. I wish it would continue to remind me until it is checked off. I like most people have a lot going on and sometimes need multiple reminders. Because of these issues I am stuck still using my other free calendar and am out $9. I really hope the developers actually read these reviews and update the app.

- Perfection!

This app is exactly what I was looking for! Not only is it beautiful, but it syncs perfectly with my Google calendar for work and Apple calendar for home. In addition, the push notifications to my Apple Watch throughout the day are extremely helpful. I love to make lists of tasks to complete, and this app gives me that option and allows me the satisfaction of literally checking off the completed task. Thank you for creating such a great organizational tool for this working mom!

- Beautiful Planner but could be better

I love the aesthetics of this planner! It’s simple, clean and very pleasing to look at. I want this to ultimately replace my Google calendar. I hope that soon, there would be an option to integrate Google/Apple calendars in the app. I’m also hoping that the developers work on adding an option to personalize notes. I like adding photos on my notes for things that I like to buy -sorta like a vision board. Also a box or bullets would be nice to be added on the lists as well.

- I don’t usually write reviews but…

I don’t usually write reviews but I just had to for this app. It’s my favorite planner app ever! I was looking for an app I could use as a calendar and a to-do list and this one is perfect. It’s got everything I need, and is very aesthetically pleasing as well. The only part I don’t like is when you make an event it only shows when it starts and not when it’s done. So to fix that I just put the time in the event title and boom, perfect

- Love the design, could use a reminder feature

I have started using this as an everyday planner since I am starting back up in school and started a new job. I love the layout design, the fonts, and colors. One thing I would love is if you could set up a reminder for the events and such. You can only set a time, but do not get a reminder and this is an inconvenience because I would like to be reminded when things are going to happen.

- Great planner app

For the last year, I’ve been wanting to try having a digital planner. I was using a traditional agenda to physically write everything down, but that became to cumbersome. And to be honest, I wasn’t carrying everywhere with me anymore so I kept forgetting about appointments or forgetting to do things because I wasn’t writing in it. Then I found about this app. It is 1. Very helpful to have everything on my phone and 2. It’s so aesthetically pleasing.

- Exactly what I’m looking for!

When I was looking through the ratings before I purchased this app, a lot of people said it wouldn’t notify you of a task or event which is a deal breaker do me. Well I got it anyways, and ITS FIXED! This app is exactly what I was looking for. I personally don’t like to sync calendars, so this is perfect. It’s so aesthetically pleasing and right on with how I organize things. I love that your events, tasks, and journal entries all show up on the calendar. If I could rate this a 10 I totally would!

- Minimal Functionality

It’s very inconvenient that you can’t cancel a single event without canceling every recurring event— IE, I work every Friday— but occasionally use vacation time. My only options are to individually out work on every Friday or keep my work schedule on days I am off. I also wish there was a way to add more event details such as an address etc like Google Calendar has to be able to click right on the event for directions rather than having to open multiple apps. This app is pretty, but that’s about it.

- Super pretty! But...

Okay so here's the thing, this app is GORGEOUS and very pleasing to use. However, I'm constantly feeling like I'm missing something. I'd like it if the regular holidays were integrated into it and maybe some sort of sign in? Or something to assist in making it more personal? It just feels...blank. Very beautiful, don't get me wrong! And the different options for notes, tasks, and calendar are nice. But for $7, I would like a bit more customization. I'll keep using it for now since it's been paid for but I'm really hoping for some good updates in the future!

- Almost Perfect

For the most part, this is a great app. I do wish that there was two huge things that would make me turn this 4 into a 5. First thing is when putting anything in the calendar there is no biweekly option. For an example if I wanted to put paydays in there I have to put it in manually every other week. Last thing is widgets would be amazing. In all other aspects, I love how it’s a daily planner in the palm of my hand.

- Planbella

I love this app aesthetically. Before purchasing note that you have to pay .99 for each widget. Only three are included with the purchase of the app. Also, the app does not sync from my iPhone to my iPad and the purchase of the extra widgets do not transfer device to device. It’s frustrating to have to double entry everything, but it’s a beautiful app with several areas to journal, calendar and note take.

- Minimalist Feature is the only good thing

I believe the app is great if you want to get that minimalist vibe and motivation but the features are not the best it doesn't have repetitive task to place, no dark mode, it doesnt throw your task to the next day if you didnt finish it so its not really pushing you to finish it. You can reorganize your task and the overall feature you cant change the color. And you cant change the small event and items to the color of the whole scheme. It a bummer I saw really good reviews but looking at it theres cheaper planners that do 10X more.


This is literally the best planner crossover app. I love all of it it’s so aesthetically pleasing I love that you can have your to-do list in with appointments and everything else you have going on that day. It’s literally a bullet journal in your pocket except better because all of the handwriting is beautiful 😂 can’t recommend it enough if you’re someone who likes the look of having an actual planner or bullet journal.

- Great organization with room for improvement!

The aesthetic was just what I was looking for. Clean and bright and beyond helpful to organize all events. I would like an update with a yearly view as well. The monthly with daily view is great but a yearly view would also help note down the busier months, longer vacation times, etc. Also, adding an image feature to the journal to complete the experience of authentic journal.

- Daylights Savings

Absolutely live this app love the aesthetic ! Wondering 2 things: can we add sound to the alerts? Even when my phone isn’t on silent there’s no actual tone to my alerts. & the most important issue that I’ve just come across. Daylights savings time happened 2 days ago & the app is still running as if time hasn’t been pushed forward for example my alarm goes off for one of my classes at 11:35am but the alert from the app goes off at 12:35p even though the time on my phone is correct and the time I put for my alert has been the same since I created. I now had to delete alerts for all my classes and put them in again hopefully this works but I don’t think I should’ve had to do this in the first place.

- Found my go to planner app

I love this! I’ve been looking for an app like this for so long that was simple and hit all of my personal check marks for a planner. So worth paying for! Only giving 4 stars because - Suggestion/Ask for Developer: please add to the capability of recurrence of tasks and events to be customizable (every 2 weeks, etc). I have events and Tasks that have to be repeated outside of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Would be SO appreciative.

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- Great app but missing features

What a great app that has seriously made calendars and organisation so aesthetic and easy to use! I’ve become a lot more productive with it!! The only reason I didn’t give the app 5 stars is because on the calendar each day with an event or task has a light brown circle around the date, but I wish we could have different colours so that I would know exact where I put the date for an appointment or an upcoming assessment, instead of having to look at each individual marked date to figure out what I have on. Furthermore, this feature (of different colours marking calendar dates) would allow me to distinguish between days that have a daily task, and days with a big event. Currently, when I put a task to reoccur daily, I end up with a calendar that is all marked with light brown circles that makes it hard to tell which days actually have anything significant on! So I have had to use a separate app for those daily tasks, but if I could mark dates with different colours, and some without colour, that would seriously, SERIOUSLY change the game with this calendar. This is literally the only thing holding it back!! Everything else is so good!


Absolutely love this planner app! So beautifully designed and easy to use. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I would love if there was a search option to find any events and tasks in past and future, this would be very helpful as I’m constantly having to remember on what dates I had appointments, meetings, etc. Also the ability to delete reoccurring events for one day. What I mean by that is that I have my scheduled work roster but every so often it changes and I want to be able to delete my work event on a particular day without it deleting all the future events too. Hopefully these requests will come soon but other than that, I am really enjoying Planbella! Keep up the good work x

- Missing features

I’m loving the app, the layout is beautiful, and I love that you can have tasks and events intertwined. However there are some features I feel this app is missing. Firstly and hugely, I find it quite frustrating that you are unable to sync other calendars. Secondly, having an option to create a backup is great but would be so much more efficient to be able to create an account, where you can log in and work simultaneously through multiple devices. And thirdly, out of personal preference, I wish you could choose whether the app itself was in dark or light mode, instead of automatically copying what mode your phone is in, and that you could have a larger range of colour options for highlighting tasks and events. Overall, has some beautiful features, but is missing some crucial aspects that I think it needs in order to be a superior calendar app.

- LOVE this App!

So functional and easy to use. Makes me so much more productive! Much easier to view and edit events than my Google Calendar and I never forget about something because you can set a reminder! Love the theme, the app is absolutely beautiful! Only thing I would change is the ability to set and event for everyday - for example “Read a book for 30 minutes” and then edit the description in each day to include something like “Read Chapter 1” one day and the next day “Read chapter 2” or something like that because right now it changes the description for every entry and you’d have to set a separate event everyday. But that’s it - the rest of the app is amazing.

- Beautiful with a bit of functionality

Love how beautiful this is! A few things I’d love the developers to consider: 1. Creating labels- I love the colours but I keep forgetting which colour I use for different things. It would be handy to be able to assign a name to each colour so I can keep things organised. 2. iPad and Apple Watch sync: it would be very convenient to be able to sync my iPhone calendar with my iPad and watch. At the moment my apple calendar app is superior to this app as I can’t seem to do this with this app. Also, making a specific iPad app rather than just the phone app on iPad would be beneficial. Overall great functionality!

- Love the design layout

Love the design layout and being able to cross off the tasks are always very satisfying, the only thing I would hope for in the next updates would be in the daily calendar section, the hours to the left so you know where you have spare time to fill and being able to cross out the daily events like the tasks but other than that it’s an amazing app love love love, Thankyou ☺️ (Have put on my iPad to place permanently on the fridge as a fridge planner just wish it was fully compatible with the older iPads) as it won’t transfer from my iPad to my iPhone

- A lovely calendar

It’s nicely laid out and I love the subtle tones. I would like to be able to set multiple reminders about things however, one is not enough. It would also be good if there was an option to choose one of the modes to open on start up of the app, so like, it opens the calendar straight up if that’s the one you use most. Also, the widget for line art is a cute idea but seeing as I’m paying for it, it would be nice if it also incorporated the line art into the background of the app or something while you actually use it.

- Love but..

Why can’t we set a fortnightly event? For instance I get paid every fortnight and would love to put this in my calendar. (I used to do this in the calendar app). Also in the widget, I noticed that if you set an event for a few days, the calendar will only show you the first day of it (the other days the number does not show anything planned on the widget). Hope it makes sense. Please dev fix this that would be awesome thanks! Love it otherwise. Also would be nice to get all the widgets for free! This app isn’t cheap so it should come with it!

- Pretty purchase

I love this app! It's got the prettiest colour scheme and makes me want to plan everything. I'd read the reviews and seen that there were certain things lacking (unable to sync other calendars, unable to tell what day you're on in the calendar) but can confirm they've since been fixed. Nice to see that they're listening to their audience! Definitely great for feeling organised and let's me keep everything in one place - my calendar and events, my task list and notes. Love it.

- Lovely, simple & effective

Planbella is exactly the app I was looking for.. I love the design & how easy it is to use. I wanted both a calendar that would remind me of future events, and allow the input of daily tasks but also a journal so I could jot down my thoughts & events that happened in the day, and I can do this effectively in the ‘Notes’ section and look back on them when needed. I love it ! And it was also a winner for me in that it was a one off purchase & not subscription based. Five stars for the beautiful design & wonderful simplicity *****

- Pretty and ticks most boxes

So pretty and love the task tick function. Suggested improvements - It’d be great to be able to do checklists (ie a to do list or shopping list) and notes that aren’t linked to a particular day. Being able to label the colour coding is important - I keep forgetting what colour I’ve assigned to what. Also, being able to invite people to events would be very useful and set notifications for events invited to (synced via hotmail).

- Pretty good, could be better.

Pretty good app, I like the widgets and the style. Would be much better if it were possible to delete a single occurrence of a repeating task or event without deleting them ALL from all my history and upcoming days… it would be nice too if a widget would show what is scheduled for the current time/what task or appointment I am in the middle of though that’s less important. Over all pretty good app, I am sad that without being able to delete a single occurrence of a repeating task I am now not using the app - it’s ALMOST exactly what I need, but now I feel I wasted my money.

- Great Calendar App

I really love this Calendar app! It’s so aesthetically pleasing to look at but I feel like I’m so much more productive using it because I want to use it! And the best thing for me - it works on my Fitbit just like the standard calendar/agenda app so I can always see notifications on my watch! Definitely worth picking up if you like the look of it - you won’t be disappointed! Highly recommend!!

- Love the idea

Love the simple and asthetical look of the app. But a simple feature would be to click on a specific date when scrolling through the journal to create an action. However I am constantly having to remember to make sure the date is accurate. Also, speaking of dates, I am setting birthday notes in my calendar and even though I’m selecting yearly, it comes up on every month for some entries. Is this a bug fix? These are simples things I’d expect to be ironed out in a Paid app.

- Beautiful But Not The Most Practical

A very beautiful calendar app but it is missing the most crucial feature of being able to sync events with Google or iCloud. I had to manually create my events which was quite a tedious process. After I created my events, I backed up from my iPhone onto iCloud in the app settings, but was unable to restore my events onto my iPad. It is quite disappointing as the app is not the cheapest to begin with. Some feedback I would give would be: •The ability to sync events with Google or iCloud. •Being able to back up & restore the events on multiple devices. •Creating all day events. •Having fortnightly as a choice for recurring events. I hope you take these feedback on board to improve the app & make it more user friendly as I would love to use it as my main calendar! ☺️

- ❤️

The only reason this app didn’t get 5 stars from me is because I think it’s crazy that I just paid for the app and then once I go to the widgets you want me to pay for them too. You should leave all those features open to those who paid for the app not make us pay again. It is beautifully designed and easy to use other than that.

- Almost perfect

Love the design and layout. Only thing that it needs is the ability to create a recurring event and edit just one of the days rather than all of them having to be the same. For example a recurring appointment every fortnight and the time changes on just one of them - being able to edit just that one day in the recurring event would be great!

- It’s the best planning app!

Planbella is pretty, and was exactly what I was looking for- a calendar view where you could tap on days and the days tasks, notes and events would come up colour-coded! The journal I thought was going to be real journal form and not deleted every day! If you improve the journal, it will be the best app in the world! Also, can we sync other calendars? If we can, my whole family will be buying this app!

- Worth every cent

I don’t normally write reviews or buy things Instagram suggests but I’m so in love with this app and so happy I purchased it. I use to use the notes app to plan my life and it was a hot mess. This makes planning so easy and aesthetically pleasing. It’s like the calendar app and notes app combined only pretty and so much easier to use.

- Good, but not sure it’s worth the money!

I quite like this app, but cannot give 5 stars as it does not have a dedicated list function. Yes, you of course can make a list in the notes, but you cannot check off the individual item in there, only the note it belongs too. For this reason I will still be using the built in reminders app for all my list needs, such as groceries.

- Absolutely love it

I went from a paper bullet journal to this app and I love its beautiful layout and the ability to switch between views (e.g Journal and Calendar views). I really love the beautiful pastel category colours, but I’d love it if we could add our own names or labels to the colours as I keep forgetting my own coding system 😊 Otherwise, I love the app and enjoy planning with it!

- Beautiful and simple

Worth every cent for this gorgeous planner. I love planners but never could get used to carrying one around all the time. This app is perfect! I do wish it had a function to save your colours under a title for more Organization. I also wish there was a daily journal function that you could jot about your day and thoughts. Everything else is perfect ❤️

- Sooo good

Love this app, love the idea behind it. The simplicity and aesthetic. Love the seperate views for tasks, events and notes. There’s no other app like it really. One feature I would love to see added would be in ability to drag and drop tasks to a different date. Rather than clicking on the task/event and changing the date there. Oh and Widgets please.

- Stunning App

Thankyou so much for creating this App! I have been looking for something like this for so long & have been left feeling very underwhelmed by the limited aesthetic & functionality of the other planner apps currently on the market. Planbella appeals to my desire for simplicity, minimalism, beauty & perfection - and it ticks every box! So refreshingly easy to use as well. Worth every cent.

- Almost Great!!!

I do really love this app however for the price point I wish it was a tad bit better. For instance, the overall layout is a bit strange but workable. It would be nice to have seperate options like lists (I.e. to do or shopping) or just a general notes page that doesn’t disappear as the day goes by. A budget section would be awesome as well / a way to sync with apple or google calendar. Aside from that the app is cute and fun to use. I like it!

- Pretty and simple but not as useful as I wanted

The good part is that it syncs with my iCal and google calendar. It has a pretty and simple design. The annoying part is that I feel it’s overpriced. After you have already paid (not cheap ) for the app, you have to pay extra for every other small widget, and it doesn’t have a bundle pack or subscription option.

- Looks beautiful but adds another app

Beautifully themed app. I assumed I would be able to import my outlook and google calendars to manage in one location. This adds another app to use so other than looking nice it's no good if you have have events to manage in several accounts. I thought the journal would allow a diary type page for journaling but can only add things as events or notes. Not a lot of function.

- Great App

I love the way this app looks. It’s easy and great to use and helps me keep track of tasks and events set out for the week. However, I do wish I could input address for locations and venues that would link with my phone map or GPS to help me get there. Otherwise I love it

- Love this planner!!

It’s so pretty!! I love the simplicity and the visual delight. I cant work out why it doesn’t sync to all my apple devices tho? What am I not clicking? It is on my phone and iPad but the entries I put in on my phone are not showing on my iPad? Any help would be great. Xx

- Love it!

This app is so cute, and so easy to use! I was looking for something that was convenient to jot down my events and daily to dos and this has been perfect! I use the notes to add in my expenses so I know what’s coming out and when. Absolutely love it! Would highly recommend

- Great for quick planning

This app looks pleasing and great for scheduling things in without it being too complicated. Would love to see little features ie weekly/monthly goals, and also to just be able to list tasks without having to set a time in. Other than that, lovely app for the price.

- Beautiful User Friendly App

Elegant and functional ✨ However, unfortunately you are not able to set an event as recurring fortnightly! That is a big let down for me, as my job works on a fortnightly roster. Would have received 5 stars is above problem was corrected.

- Beautiful at first then let down.

Love this app beautiful elegant. Would love to be able to select a fortnight feature when for re-occurring tasks and notes or events. Also Apple Watch compatibility And notification centre widget on iPhone. Thought as app was $12 this was a given. But disappointed that not a lot of accessibility is included. I paid for a pretty font 😕

- Love my Bella app

I only have one complaint about this beautiful app- please put in a fortnight option for events pls 🙏 otherwise this app is everything you want in a pretty functional diary/planner.

- Beautiful planned

This is a gorgeous planner - best aesthetics for a planner on any app. It also has beautiful widgets! It is very easy to use and syncs with your phone calendar, so no need to re-add everything. I wish I had this earlier!

- Love it!

Seriously the best app on my phone. Keeps me up to date and organised. So many people comment on it and end up adding it to. Wish there were more highlight colours but other than that it’s amazing.

- Lovely

I love this app. It’s very easy to use and beautifully presented. A couple of changes that I would love to see in future updates are badges on the app for number of tasks for the day, option to add ‘all day’ to a task instead of a time and sync in with Siri reminders.

- Love the App

I absolutely love the aesthetics of this app! My only downfall is that it isn’t exactly compatible with my iPad and makes using the app difficult. Also having difficulty syncing data I enter on my phone in the app and getting it to come across into iPad

- Great app but missing some features

I love this app so much! the only thing I wish is for it to sync to my phone’s default calendar so that I can have events and come up on my apple watch.

- Beautiful app

Worth the cost But if you when selecting a colour it would show on your calendar in month view this would be really helpful so I don’t need to click on all circles to see what’s what’s :)

- Best app

Love this app, it’s so pretty, functional and just all round good app, high cost upfront for an app but way cheaper than an actual planner and it’s way better, love having all the features with no ads and no subscription, awesome app

- Beautiful but some functionality could be better

I love the app, but I wish you could make undated lists and have general reminders set without being tied to the calendar - if this was an option that would be great!

- Awesome app

So aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Only reason I didn’t rate it 5 stars is because there’s no “fortnightly” reoccurrence option when adding events into the calendar, only daily/weekly/monthly/yearly.

- Pretty planner

Thank you for the beautiful design and colours. Keeping to the theme. It’s really easy to create events, schedules, to do list, and set alarms. I hope there can be a Apple Watch version too, that would be so beautiful to look at and use every moment.

- Pretty; just need a few more options

It’s a girl’s kinda planner. Wish it had more colour options and the ability to attach/upload photos or documents. Just ties everything together better.

- Love love this app

I use a very similar paper calendar to write all my appointments and bills etc on every month, I love the simplistic design & love that I can now access this on my phone... goodbye paper calendar it’s fantastic!!! 💕

- Notes and Tasks Review

Just something that would be a nice update, with the notes, it’d be great if they all stayed rather than having to find them by date. Just like we view events, this’d be great with tasks as well.

- Not functional

I unfortunately feel for the aesthetics of this before having a good look at the functionality. It doesn’t sync with anything on your iPhone. Not contacts, iPhone calendar, reminders etc. I wanted to set a fortnightly reminder but was able to. It’s not customisable in any way. Don’t waste your money!! I’ll be sticking with awesome Cal. Not as pretty, but is fantastic in every other way.

- Organisation

It not only has helped with everyday tasks and chores, but with me (a very unorganised person) to become on top of all my homework and more!

- So cute

Liking the app so far. My only feedback is to offer a fortnightly recurrence option. I couldn’t see this there. Apple calendar offers this. Thanks!

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PLANBELLA - Planner App 2.4.42 Screenshots & Images

PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
PLANBELLA - Planner App iphone images
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PLANBELLA - Planner App (Version 2.4.42) Install & Download

The applications PLANBELLA - Planner App was published in the category Productivity on 2019-12-04 and was developed by Netzinkubator Software GmbH [Developer ID: 1147661116]. This application file size is 29.03 MB. PLANBELLA - Planner App - Productivity app posted on 2022-01-28 current version is 2.4.42 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: