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What is camera for obs studio app? If you've ever wanted to use your iPhone camera as a video & audio input to stream using OBS Studio, we've got you covered. We've tried all the apps that let you do it over WiFi, but they're not fast enough, so we also allow you to use a wired USB connection.

Your iPhone/iPad camera's are good, really good. In fact, there’s no comparison between the highly recommended streaming webcam, the Logitech C922 HD Pro and the iPhone 6 Camera. Stream Landscape or Portrait video.

If you don't have a separate mic for your streaming setup, you can now use the microphone on your iOS device to stream audio & video.

Stream a selfie with the front camera support. Switch anytime during the stream with the familiar camera switch button.

Controls just like you're used to from the Camera app.

Take control of the focus, exposure, white balance as you would on a manual DSLR camera.

Stream video over a wired USB connection. This avoids the issue of delay over wifi, as many other solutions suffer from. This is just as fast as a USB webcam!

Choose the connection type. If you want low latency, use USB, if you'd like portability then use WiFi. WiFi is done using the NewTek™ NDI® protocol, so you can use Camera for OBS Studio with any NewTek™ NDI® compatible receiver.

Control the app from your web browser on your computer. No need to have access to the device anymore to line up that shot perfectly.

If you're lucky enough to own multiple iOS devices, use them together and produce a multi-camera stream.

Supports OBS Studio running on macOS and Windows.

You will need to install the OBS Studio iOS Camera Plugin from our website, or use an NDI compatible receiver to use this app.

For the best possible experience make sure your device is listed on our website


Subscriptions will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless automatic renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage your subscriptions and automatic renewal status in Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. Price may vary by location.

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Camera for OBS Studio Version 3.3.307 April 2022

- Just a couple of tweaks under the hood..

Camera for OBS Studio Version 3.2.311 January 2022

- The IPv4 address will be displayed instead of IPv6 for the remote controls address. - Fix the remote controls not always starting when launching the application for the first time. - The exposure now behaves as expected when the scene's lighting is changing. - The microphone status is now remembered between launches. - You can now enter any URL to connect to in the remote controls interface, use Enter + Alt to submit a new connection. - The remote controls interface now matches OBS Studio..

Camera for OBS Studio Version 3.2.218 November 2021

- You can now tap the remote control URL to share it with your computer, no more typing! IPv6 is now supported. - Improved onboarding for new users..

Camera for OBS Studio Comments & Reviews 2022

- Usually works, recently had some issues

Hello! I bought this app over a month ago and for a while it worked fine! I tried streaming a couple days ago and since then the app doesn't realize I have a USB connected like it used to. I recently updated my phone to iOS 14 so maybe that made issues with it? I also connected it to a different computer recently so I'm wondering if that's why it is having the problems. I've tried reinstalling the app and removing the iOS camera source on OBS but nothing has fixed it. Hopefully there's a way to fix this, I genuinely like this app and it usually works great.

- Irreplaceable!

I noticed some low reviews for this app, and I can only assume that this person has other issues that were unrelated to this app, and they jumped the gun. Trust me when I tell you... during the quarantine, I was forced into a position to learn (quickly) how to stream our worship service at Forks United Church of Christ in Stockertown, PA. I’m their A/V Tech as well as Music Director. I quickly discovered OBS, but was extremely disheartened by camera quality. I tried multiple webcams... and I mean decent ones. I even purchased a game capture device and tried using my Sony HD camcorder. It was noticeably better, but latency was an issue, and the video still lacked what I needed. This app is incredible. The iPhone cameras are SO much better than moderately priced webcam options. I love it so much, I purchased an iPhone 8 from eBay just to use as a second camera. Even at $200, it’s far better than any option in that price range. Here’s the best part... I ran into a slight technical issue, so I emailed Will. He was incredibly helpful and extremely nice. I love this app! Get it!

- A huge improvement !!

I use OBS to make videos and I had bought a web cam for it. But the image was not sharp and the biggest issue was that green screening in OBS was a nightmare. Getting a good result was extremely fickle requiring filter adjustment depending time of day and outside light coming in. I always assumed OBS chromakey filter just was not that good. After reading about this app I decided to give it a try. It took just minutes to set up and get a video feed. Wow! the picture from an iPhone really is a magnitude of order better than a good webcam! Then I decided to try the chromakey soon as I turned on the filter it was perfect! The default settings have a great image. No need to spend 5 minutes tweaking the filter settings! I really really did not want to spend 15 bucks for the App fearing it would not be any better than what I had with the webcam. But it turns out this was money well spent! Installation really was a breeze, I use a USB connection. Can’t speak for the WiFi connection. But it was very quick and simple and the improvements in image quality were huge!

- Awesome solution for iOS video

This app is great, especially because it offers hardwire connection via USB! There are other OBS solutions for iOS that use NDI over Ethernet, but this can quickly lead to bandwidth problems and force you to sacrifice stream quality. (I personally use a bunch of other many media protocols over Ethernet besides OBS so I am very happy that this app exists for a solid wired USB option.) Although the instructions advise to use Apple lightning cables, I have connected successfully via third-party cables and USB extension cords so you can really space cameras out around the room for a real production studio feel. The instructions also offer a disclaimer that iPhone models 5S and earlier may have encoding issues, but I have used the app successfully with 3 iPhone 5S’s simultaneously streaming at 1080p All around great app, bridges the gap between iOS cameras and broadcast software for a very low price! To achieve the same capability with enterprise-level iOS broadcast software costs hundreds of dollars a year in subscriptions. Keep up the great work guys!!!

- Not sure why people don’t like this, it’s great

I have tried several of the options out there, including paying for epoccam. None of them are as easy to use as this one. Yes it’s expensive, but the developer gets to choose what it costs. If you want it, you pay. If you don’t, walk away. This is also the only app that I could get to send 1080p from my phone to the mac. The other option I tried could not get obs to receive it that way. For people thinking you can use this to get obs to send your phones video to skype, why would you think that? This app is specifically for getting the video to obs. Obs to skype/zoom/etc is entirely different functionality, called virtual webcam. The devs of this have nothing to do with that. There is a plug-in for obs to serve as a virtual webcam. It’s not available for Mac, but currently being worked on to be brought in natively to obs. But it makes no sense to slam the developer of this because of a lack of that feature in obs.

- What I’d love to see...

The app works great overall. I’d love to see one possible feature developed though. During livestreams for my band we use 4 phones to give different views (one overview, one for each bandmate) but the view in each is a static field of view. It would be REALLY something if there was an extension of the app to allow each camera to randomly zoom in for closeups once in a while—just to give a bit more visual dynamics to the livestream. A 5 second zoom in for a closeup, then pull back out to full frame. We are playing so we can’t control the cameras—they are fixed frame. It would add a bit of dramatic flair to the footage if that feature was added. The controls would include speed of zoom, extent of zoom, and perhaps have it react to transients in the audio feed to go “monkeycam” when the music gets really frenetic. Maybe someone else will do this first in their app. I’d love yours to be the first to do so though!

- Simple, easy, high quality webcam. Worth it!

This app is a no brainer for anyone looking for a new webcam, or even just wanting a higher quality webcam. With a spare iPhone, or even your own iPhone with this app, it’s incredibly easy to get running, and you don’t need to buy any new hardware! Just follow the directions on the developer website, everything is laid out right there. Once you get a successful connection, it just works! I have only used the USB connection as that really makes the most sense so you can charge your iPhone at the same time while using the fastest quality connection. For anyone wondering whether you can have another app running while this app is in the background (e.g. twitch chat), you cannot unfortunately do that. However, using a spare iOS device solves this. Overall, fantastic app and amazing developer with quick responses to questions. Thanks Will!

- Does not seem to support iPhone 13 Pro Max in Windows 11

I got my phone and was pretty excited to put it to use as a webcam. So, I bought this software (OBS is great and I’m sure this will be resolved), and my computer seems to forget my phone exists after any more than a couple minutes. I have to restart my computer for it to recognize my phone again, and again… I can only get it to stay connected and transmitting signal for a couple minutes. I have “Trusted” my PC, I’m using the cable that came with my phone directly plugged into my motherboard, I’ve installed new Apple Mobile Device drivers, I’ve installed iTunes from an executable, I’ve flashed my BIOS, and I’ve updated chipset and Thunderbolt drivers, and this problem still remains. I think this is an iTunes/Windows problem, as my phone also disappears from iTunes when I experience this issue, but it still means I am completely unable to use this application.

- Need better directions for NDI connection

I’ve scoured the web on help and resources on connecting my iPhone using this app to connect with OBS on my Windows 10. I have downloaded OBS v25.0.8 and this app v3.0.3 and the NDI plug in v9.0. I still can’t find my phone as the source under NDI in the studio. I made sure that I’m on the same network, I don’t know what else to do, all the resources and FAQS and videos I’m coming across is using NDI HX as the app and I don’t want to shell out another $20 to get it or the articles detail more on the USB connection from phone to computer. I figured getting the camera app from the same developer as the OBS would be less hassle getting it set up. I’m planning on streaming multiple views and I need one of the cameras to be mobile or on hand to use as my perspective and I’ll be moving around a lot. Anybody out there, please help!

- Fix the audio settings!

Bought a new computer and couldn’t wait to try out streaming using my iPhone and OBS. Old laptop couldn’t handle it. Several friends gathered for a Christmas party to play music and stream it for our regular audience. I spent several hours turning our living room into a place for a quality sounding jam session. Tested everything the night before. Played our songs and had a great time! Saw the meter on OBS never peaking and consistent with our activity. I’ve been feeding good sound to my iPhone for 8 months with my digital mixer. No problems. Went back and listened only to discover our audio was not coming from my mixer. It was coming from the iPhone microphone. OBS Camera automatically switches your audio capture preference to default (iPhone mic) every time you clear it out to connect to OBS. WHICH YOU HAVE TO DO TO ESTABLISH CONNECTION. 4 hours of prep, 2 hours of fun singing, and all you could hear was bass and drums. I love the overall quality of the app and especially the option of being hardwired from my phone to my computer to the internet for a steady upload signal. PLEASE FIX THE AUDIO TO SAVE PREFERENCES OR AUTOMATICALLY SWITCH TO HEADSET WHEN AN APPROPRIATE 3.5mm HEADPHONE JACK IS INSERTED.

- Worth it!

Finally! Somebody did it. We can finally use the iPhone as a webcam via cable for PC! I rather support and continue using this app than some weird unknown software that only works over the WiFi to be able to use my iPhones or the spare older iPhones that you have lying around as a webcam. This app from what I can gather is fairly new and it obviously needs some work but it does what it says it does. Yes, they are some really low reviews and some sound like they’re children but like I said this apps is going through the process of becoming something great so... Give it time, support, and help by writing to the developer any bugs you come across and he will most likely address it faster with updates!

- iOS Camera plug in will crash OBS

I appreciate what Will is trying to do here but the iOS plugin download will crash OBS. And it will not open, even if you try to open/execute it from terminal. If you have macOS or an iPhone don’t bother. Also if you try to use it with the cable without downloading the iOS plugin your screen will have a bunch of buttons on it and will freeze and not resume unless you unplug and plug back in which isn’t feasible. Save your money for the time being maybe one day it’ll work. Also if OBS won’t open for you uninstall the iOS plugin/driver and I’m hoping that will do the trick. Now I have to go about getting a refund.

- We Need Customer Support

I’m disappointed that this app has not been able to serve its purpose because of one major issue I’ve had. I’m seeing several people reviewing and commenting issues with audio “looping” while using this app. The issue occurs whether I’m recording or streaming. As soon as I switch from phone cam to computer cam, the problem goes away. I’ve adjusted many settings on both OBS and the app, and nothing seems to improve it. I have reached out to the developer, but haven’t gotten a response. The positive aspects are that the picture quality is great, and the setup is simple. The tech is probably very well designed. However, it’s not usable to me if I can’t fix this issue. I do not recommend purchasing this product, because there seems to be no customer support available.

- This is SO HELPFUL

I only just installed this and got the premium. But I did a bunch of testing before, and I can highly recommend this as a budget option for all things OBS. I can stream 1080p 60 fps video from my phone wirelessly, or low latency via USB, easily! I can go as high as 4K 60fps if I want. I prefer the 1080p option however. But this is the easiest to download, use, and understand software that I could find for using my phone via USB as a webcam in OBS studio. Thank you. If I have any issues with the app or with it within obs, I’ll make an updated review. But so far, as of Day 1 using this app. This has been very pleasant and convenient.

- Explicit config required and eats the iPhone battery

It took a lot of trial and error to figure out how to get the iPhone to stream video over NDI WiFi to OBS Studio. The issues include that I had to switch WiFi to 5Ghz; I had to install the various software in the correct order and not change the default locations, the iPhone app *must* be started after OBS Studio *every time*. Even once it's is working, a fully charged iPhone will last less than 2 hours so I'll have to plan to keep them plugged in. I don't expect to stream for 2 hours but with all the setup required for OBS Studio, I need to start 30 minutes in advance. Addendum: if you can use USB, the app works well. To get longer range you can use an "active USB Cable". This solution basically turns an iPhone into a high quality webcam and is not wireless.

- Was Working Great........At First

When I first downloaded this app, it worked great. I didn’t want to buy a camera for OBS yet, so I found this app after tons of research. There was no lagging and the picture was great. Maybe 2 weeks ago, my live videos started sounding off. The voices were lagging and you could hear several pops, like it had bad audio. The people that talked on my videos voices were a lot deeper than their actual voices. I don’t know what happened. I really liked this app because it saved me tons of money not having to buy a camcorder. Now I have to look into buying one and I wasted my money on this app. I’ve only used it for a month, it shouldn’t be giving me problems this soon. It should be giving me problems at all.

- Fantastic, useful

This app is a must-have if you’re an artist like me who’s been pushed to doing all shows virtual/streaming because of current events. The app makes OBS much more usable with very little expense. The camera settings are now quite configurable. As a nod to whatever negative comments here in the “reviews” - understand this: there are a ton of variables in any given setup and you need a bit of persistence and know-how to make sure everything works. The fact that the developer GIVES the options to configure it in different ways is a GOOD thing. It’s a well supported and developed app. Get it, and do great streams!

- Great app

Ok so I have no idea why this is only 3 stars app! This app is actually awesome and thanks to it I was able to save lots of money. My iPhone has a better camera than a lot of this webcams out there! One thing I would like to get some help to set up my older iPhone 7+ to work I downloaded the app just like I did on my iPhone X I originally got the app and everything worked beautiful with my iPhone X but with my iPhone 7+ I’m only getting a black screen (no image) i can see it in OBS and it connects but just black screen. Even when I open the app on my iPhone 7+ is no image just black screen. PLEASE HELP

- One of the best apps ever!

I purchased this app about a week ago while trying to get an app to use my old iPhone as a camera for OBS while I stream on twitch. After a little install and a few instructions this app was up and running. During these times where webcams are crazy over priced this app is the go to if you are in need of a webcam like I was. I also had a question so I emailed them and within a few hours they had responded and helped me figure everything out. I can not say enough about how greatly appreciative I am of these guys and their app. Thank you so much!!

- Powerful App, for Strong iPhones

Been in the market for a 4K@60 usb streaming app that I can just plug and play my phone in for, and this seems to be a solid option. I can take 4K@60 videos but I stop/start a lot when making content so this isn't a flexible option for me. The app's price was a little high if I'm honest coming in at $70 something for a lifetime purchase, maybe the subscription model would be best for others but I can understand developers gotta eat too. So overall solid app and functionality, I used DroidCam ($5 for 1080@60) up until it no longer supported my newest mac which was a pain, and as of now it does not support 4K@60. However on the topic of 4K@60, according to the devs, the app has to encode every frame in real time so, my 11 Pro on the app just can't do 4K@60 on the app. Most likely with the 14 supporting 8K 60 this will be a lot smoother in the future, looking forward to it improving my workflow.

- Very difficult to connect

This camera works when it wants to do so. It is very inconsistent at the time you want it to connect with OBS. If I’m using NDI connect over Wifi, the vast majority of the time it does not connect. When it does connect, it loss connection during the streaming and to get it back to connect it is almost impossible. You could think, well lets connect using the USB option... good luck with that! I’ve try so many different things, including making a new rule in the PC’s Firewall to allow NDI connection. It worked for a very brief period and during a streaming I lost connection and began having the same issue once again. And yes, I have a good and strong wifi signal. The thing does not connect with OBS, period. It foes not appear in the Source Name of OBS NDI Source window. Stay away from this app!!!

- So far so good; responsive developer is a relief

So far this app has performed as well as can be expected. I’ve been using my old iPhone 6+ as a webcam for about 10-15 hours now with few problems. I’ve had some freezing and frame drops but that might be my hardware or internet. I’ve updated and performed some tweaks so we’ll see if things get better from here. When first installing I had an issue so I contacted the developer. The fault was found to be OBS’ but either way the developer got back to me promptly which gives me great confidence going fwd. Well done!

- Works well for me, full quality to zoom

The order is important, have to open both OBS on computer and the phone app, BEFORE connecting the phone. If you do the wrong order you have to close the app on the phone, disconnect the phone, reopen the app and then reconnect. Sometimes it take a few clicks of “reconnect to this device” in OBS to get it working. Never has cut out on me, great support with light adjustment issue on iPhone 11 Pro. Full resolution and quality when going OBS to zoom (via NDI plugin in OBS), which I couldn’t get with epoccam or ivcam direct into zoom or through OBS

- Works Great After Plugin Update

Initially this app did not work for me, there was a terrible delay and lag that got worse and worse over time. However, after emailing support I downloaded a new version of the OBS plugin and this solved my issue. I turned on “hardware decide” in the plugin settings. I love that I can send my 1080 video into obs now without an expensive camera. Also remember that this isn’t an OBS official app, it’s a 3rd party that has to continually work on and update the app to ensure it works. If you run into an issue, check out the app FAQ or email support.

- Worth every penny

I was hesitant for the price, but the level of camera control for this is amazing, and streaming over NDI works very well. Creates a bit of heat which is somewhat expected, but probably could optimize a bit. I think it needs a Connect/Disconnect or Start/Stop button somewhere…I didn’t see a way to stop streaming. It would be nice to have a way to see what is connected too. It says streaming to 2 devices when connected to it, so I guess one is video and one is mic. It would be nice to see the devices connected though.

- Help with an update issue

I’ve been using OBS for live streaming my fitness platform for the last couple months and absolutely love it! About 3 weeks ago, after an update, the voice settings were off and somehow my voice tone was lowered significantly. I had no idea what was going on and tried everything on my end to fix it but had no luck. I sent an email to OBS and was totally prepared to not hear anything back for days. To my surprise, I got an email response within minutes about my issue and an awesome dude by the name of Will kindly let me know it appeared to be an issue on their end. Within 30 minutes, we were testing things out together and finding a solution. The issue was fixed but I’m just so grateful for the awesome communication on the OBS end to help a newbie like me continue to run my business and solve the problem. Super impressed and happy to be a part of the OBS fam.

- A learning experience

I’m editing my previous review. I had initially given this a lower rating. This app promises a lot and I was excited to try it, even at the high cost. At first I was disappointed because it wasn’t working right. Turns out it’s a little more complicated than I was prepared for. I’m used to more plug and play stuff so it’s been a bit of a learning experience. However, it gives you a great amount of control over the camera. I just need to learn more about how it works but so far I’ve been able to connect to a Mac and a PC.

- 3 weeks in... 6 successful streams!

Working with Will (this App’s Developer) has been amazing. I encounter some technical issues “out of the box” while using the app, and after reaching out to Will with the details and logs, he got it fixed and prepped a new release with VAST improvements over what I had purchased! I absolutely recommend this app for anyone wanting a drastic improvement in video quality over a webcam for OBS. The app is very simple, and the improvements coming down the line are even better!

- My old iPhone 9 no longer lives in a drawer!

I use this app and my old iPhone to add a second “selfie” cam to my streams, and I absolutely love it. Every once in a while when starting the app I have to unplug/replug the phone’s USB cable for OBS to see it, but once that’s done I’ve streamed for hours with no issue. Overall I really think this app is perfect for what I need it for. I’m thrilled my old iPhone has a new lease on life as quality streaming camera (love that portrait orientation!), much better than any regular USB webcam!

- Great quality, easy setup, but might have latency problems

During my first stream while using the webcam app, my computer screen and audio( I am not using the app as a mic) had little latency. However, the webcam had lots of latency. I have my phone plugged in with a usb directly into my desktop but the webcam is between 2-8 seconds off the video and audio. I’m hoping I find a way to fix that and I hope I did not waste my money on this app.

- OBS Camera

Been playing with this program and when you get it working it works, sorta. First issue is exotic resolutions. When selecting one it does not work correctly and looks to just magnify the image rather than create the proper resolution chosen. That’s ding one. Ding two is when you disconnect and the computer goes to sleep you loose the ability to restart just by plugging your usb back in. I am running the most current software on my MacBook Pro. My Sony camera works great with the Blackmagic ultra studio mini recorder. So for now it’s a broken bit of software to allow the iPhone to be used reliably for live video streaming. Ding one I can live with, not so with ding two.

- DO NOT BUY! - it likely will NOT work!...

The descriptions all seem to say this will work as easy as anything and it’s just great etc... Not true. It may work if you’re running the latest and greatest windows and Mac OS but if you’re not you’re wasting your time and money. To work properly you must download and install a driver on to your computer. in order for this driver to work your computer must meet some pretty high standards. I would have to guess that most computers do not meet the needs of these drivers. Basically you have to have a brand new computer in order to do so. Nowhere does it say this within the AppStore or the app description. Worse than that, if you do buy this app and it doesn’t work for you due to the reasons described you will not be issued a refund. You will however be out $20. The major camera co’s are all moving toward creating legitimate software that will enable your existing cameras to become webcams. And when they do apps like this will thankfully become a thing of the past. Until then don’t waste your time or money here.

- Literally a GAMECHANGER

I’ve been tweaking my OBS setup for a month now and getting everything in order. As a Mac user it’s been a task to try and find plugins and things that work with the Native Apple OS. OBS Camera makes it all worth it. The Logitech C922 “Pro Stream” is $100 for quality that is frankly....trash. With OBS Camera I’m able to plug my iPhone in and just go. Setup is easy and it helps offset the cost of streaming the video content people wanna see! Do yourself a favor if you have an iPhone. Buy. This. App.

- 2.5 most stable!

I’ve been using v2.5 for the last month and across the board using a 8+, 6S, SE, IPAD Pro (2018) no issues! Found out about the latest update when my 6S somehow was on automatic update and I liked the new features. I ended up updating all of my devices except for my IPad and there was a constant refresh delay between the devices every 20-30 seconds that was not apparent before. Had to wipe all of my devices and restore from back up to use the previous build. This is all from 3.1 version. Great new features but not really stable. Hope that can be fixed.

- Works perfectly on Windows 10

Got this set up and working in less than five minutes on a fresh Windows 10 install and multiple different iPhones running latest iOS. I even got it to work pretty well in a Win 10 virtual machine running on a Linux host, just out of curiosity. It makes me wonder what is going on with the negative reviews. I am sure some people are having legitimate issues but they just don’t match my experience at all.

- Not worth it at all and save your money for an actual camera

Went to buy this app and see how it was because all the reviews said it’s the “BEST”. I am a new streaming and was going to stream off my 11Pro because of the quality of the camera it has. Little did I know it only works for Apple products only. Tried finding my phone hooking it to USB and it never pops up. This app is a garbage and don’t buy it. Don’t give in for the hype just because Joe Bob says it’s the best. Not worth it at all. Go buy yourself a real camera and stream off that. All I know is, either fix your problem or give me my refund. Your app never says it worth specifically with one brand and not all

- extremely buggy and high latency the last few times I tried to use.

Was working like a charm upon initial installation but as of late it is completely unusual with my system. Nothing has changed on my end settings or hardware-wise. Tried to use for the last 24 hours and the CPU percentage in OBS spikes up and my screen either pixelates, attempts to re-draw or completely freezes and/or extreme lag. I thought it was my computer but tried two other web cams in the App Store and they both work flawlessly. Perplexed as to why this is now occurring after using for weeks on end w/out problems.

- Works great.

It works great. You can’t beat the quality and the price either. It’s clear and it’s super easy to use. I’m using it on my Windows 10 build. Only issue I ran into was installing iTunes on my computer first. It didn’t connect properly until I install iTunes. This is actually an Apple issue and not the OBS Cam App. I was hesitant to get this because of the reviews, but I don’t see any of those complaints using this. This is a must if you want to get into streaming or recording using OBS.

- It Works!

I see other reviews of people who can’t get this to work, but it does. I was a little confused at first because it does take several steps to set this up: 1. Buy the app 2. Have iTunes installed and used at least once. 3. Install OBS 4. Get the OBS iOS camera source plugin from the app website and install with OBS closed 5. Plug in your iOS camera and launch OBS (your app will say “USB: Waiting for connection” until the last step) 6. Add “iOS Camera” (not to be confused with video capture device) 7. Open settings for iOS camera in OBS and choose your device 8. Choose Refresh Devices/Reconnect to Device On a side note, the live feed doesn’t seem to work well with anything past 1080p, but neither do the $200 webcams you would have to buy instead. Keep working on the app it’s great, thanks!

- Great app and dev

I’ve been using this app for about a year with no issue whatsoever. It does a great job with OBS and for Twitch streaming. A recent update included a bug with some flickering. I contacted support and had a response within the same day! They invited me to the Beta program and the issue was resolved within days. Now it’s back to being the same reliable app. No need for a new camera with this.

- Easy to use

A lot of people seem to have a problem reading the directions for this device. Simply download the plugin for OBS, purchase the app and you’re good to go. If there’s a problem connecting force close the app, unplug your iPhone, re open the app, and then plug in the cord again and it should connect just fine. Quality looks great and there’s very little latency when using usb cable. Would recommend as a camera solution.

- Great support - USB connection is best - no latency

We use 5 iPhones (all connected through usb with extenders) and it works great. It took some emails to get us there but customer support is fantastic and our issues were related to horrendous internet speeds (less than 2 upload) but he helped us find optimal settings to where we’re able to have the best stream possible within our limitations.

- This app is astonishingly useful

This is my go-to when I need a webcam. I *own* a real webcam and this is much better. have had a couple connection issues on occasion, but they are few and far between. One thing I would ask for is to somehow reduce the computational load that VirtualCam uses, because it affects my stream quality sometimes. But other than that, well done!

- Perfect app for streaming!

My fellow co-hosts and I wanted to switch from just an a audio podcast to an audio and video podcast, but we didn’t want to shell out a bunch of money on expensive cameras. After finding out we could use our phones on OBS using this app we jumped on the opportunity. It’s super easy to setup and use, it works great, and the video quality Is amazing! I 100% recommend using this app. It’ll save you a bunch of time and money.

- Perfection

This is such a useful feature that I’m shocked more apps aren’t out there that allow USB connectivity for the iPhone camera to function as a webcam. Unless you’re a pro or enthusiast, your iPhone camera is likely the best camera you own. Why not put it to work? It will always crush whatever shoddy webcam comes naked into your laptop. Plus, OBS on desktop just works, and this app seamlessly integrates.

- Fantastic

Using this app every week for the last year and it works flawlessly. Only killer feature I would love to have is the ability to flip cameras (front-back) without loosing settings and do it through OBS. Loosing custom zoom settings between use is a bit annoying, but everything works so well, that resetting is not a big deal.

- I had this running within minutes.

Follow the instructions. It can be tough to get iOS to play nice with Windows. I had quick success after reading. I know, it hurts to read... iPhone has such a nice camera compared to the most expensive webcams. Webcam industry is wayyyy behind. Apple is not in regards to phone cameras. For $16, I was very impressed on how I could turn my phone into a great webcam. Thanks!

- I got the app to work. I’m changing my review and rating

I got the app to work I’m changing my review and rating. Initially I couldn’t get the app. The mistake that I was making was that I was downloading the driver while I had OBS STUDIO open. Once I downloaded the driver with OBS closed I finally saw the iOS camera option. So I’m changing 1 stars rating to a five star rating. If I can go back and delete my old rating I will.

- So far amazing

Wow... I was super Leary about paying this much for an app, but I told myself, “hey I have wasted more on dumber things”. To be honest I had some issues getting it to work, but not because the app was broken, but I did not read the FAQ’s. 1. Make sure iTunes is installed and setup 2. Make sure the plugin is installed 3. Add the device in OBS 4. Open the app then connect the USB. Boom works perfectly and the video quality is amazing. I directly compared it to a Logitech 1080p cam. No comparison to the iPhone XS Max using this app. Yes, I know the camera on the iPhone is superior, but didn’t know how it would be with the app.. have to say it is amazing . Spend the money it is worth it. I’ll try to reposted after streaming for extended times to make sure there is no issues .

- Awful !! I want a refund !!!

First I downloaded the app installed iTunes on my hp and it worked for a day. The next day OBS would not open at all. I had to remove OBS and reinstall it and it did the same thing . Finally it work after the third attempt. The plugin was working fine for 2 days and out of no where the app did not connect to my phone via usb, and it would not recognize it. I went online and downloaded the drives and manually installed them and nothing happened. This is the most frustrating app ever! All drives and versions of the app and OBS are recent . I will like to request a refund !!

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- It works. But battery drain is a problem.

Disclaimer: I’m using this on an iPhone 6s Plus so my battery isn’t great anymore. $30 for a high quality webcam is a good price so I took the risk and I got it to work great except for two main issues (one I may be able to work around, the other I think ruins it for me). The issue I think I can work around is that the camera stop working when you get a phone call, the app is interrupted I suppose so it makes sense, I could probably put it on airplane mode or something to stop that I assume. The other issue is that even though I have it plugged into my computer the battery drains faster than it can charge. I wanted to use this for streaming so that kind of ruins it for me as my session time would be limited. Now I do have red USB ports on my computer that I could try with this (they output more power) but I don’t know if this will mess with the quality of the connection in other ways. I haven’t tried it yet because they are a pain to get to. If you think of it as $30 for a high quality webcam it’s good, but I wouldn’t personally consider it a long term webcam solution for myself (unless I got a new phone so my old iPhone 6s Plus was only used as a webcam and I manage to fix the battery issue).

- Please add iPhone Pro 11 support!

This app works really well with my iPhone 11 Pro - lovely landscape HD footage for my streaming, as long as you carefully follow the instructions to connect - swipe-close the Apple Camera app before launching OBS Camera is the key - but please please add support for the wide angle lens in the iPhone 11 Pro!

- Low latency with heaps of settings options

There are many other cheaper and free options but none offer options as much as this app! EV, zoom, flash, grid, WB, shutter speed, resolution even to bitrate and output choices of USB or NDI. It will also capture phone mic if needed. Even better to save battery life of phone you can also opt to turn the screen off!! We have been using this since!

- Streaming made simple!

Bought this app desperate for an easy solution to simple live-streams for a local church. Instead of buying an expensive camera, to utilize my iPhone 11 camera for just $25 is an absolute steal! Developer is quick to respond to any issues, and helped us resolve a glitch within hours on a Saturday!

- Works Well For Me

I have been using this app for the last twelve weeks without a problem. Does everything I need it to do. Thank you OBS Camera Apology: A previous bad review under my name written by someone who didn’t follow instructions. ITS A GREAT APP 🙌

- Super happy!

Worked perfect on my 6s plus and windows 10 machine. I was actually suprised at how little tweaking I had to do. Thank you for making this app!!

- Doesn’t work for me.

Tried today to connect my iPhone 11 but from the pc on OBS I can’t find my device. Hope for a refund or the issue get fixed. But I still give 3 stars because the app looks great.

- Best in class

Love it.

- Please help

I bought this app today to teach a class but I can’t get it to work at all and had to cancel, I downloaded the application on to my Mac but it can’t be seen anywhere Please help! Kind regards

- Doesn’t work, quits itself

Paid $27 but it doesn’t work at all-I have iso 14 but every time I click the app it immediately quits itself. Can’t use at all, disappointed

- Please help

It won’t connect to my pc I read the guide and it still doesn’t work

- Dan W

The accompanying software for Mac (obs-ios-camera-source-v2.5.0) won’t install as it is not verified. Please sort this problem out. Just spent $25AUD for nothing!

- It won’t work on Streamlabs OBS

Just download3d and waisted my money. A warning should be front and centre that it will not work with the USB connect with Streamlabs OBS. Please refund my money.

- Can’t get it to work on PC

We can get it to work on Windows 10 PC, tried two iPhones and two PC’s. Any suggestions?

- Stay away unless you want to cut off multiple streams mid-stream and lose your audience

Whether or not it will work on any given day is a gambling game. I did everything according to manual, chose the recommended settings, set up carefully, use Apple original cable and adapter, put phone on airplane mode and do not disturb, not use the highest resolution (also important to know they say once you buy the app that you shouldn't use 1080p (why buy this app I'm the first place then). This app, and therefore your recording or stream will freeze or cut to black at random. It will randomly connect and show image on iPhone but not send any data to OBS (the camera app is saying this). Other times you will get either a full black or semi translucent black screen on the app (and obviously no vide in OBS). Other times it will just not connect on startup. In all these cases what you can them do is frantically trying and unplug, replug, close down obs, restart app, restart phone, untill randomly it works; meanwhile telling your audience: Sorry, technical problems again, will start later! will freeze randomly (maybe 20% of the time?) Other times it will go to translucent black screen and freeze when you are trying to change the camera from ultra wide-angle to normal (which you have to do every time you open the app). Other times it will just freeze mid-stream for no known reason and show image and connection is in order but no data is being sent to the computer. I have now wasted days trying it on 3 different computers that I borrowed from various people: MacBook 2017, Macbook Air 2019, MacBook Pro 2011. All same result. Contact developer obviously, sent log files etc, no response.

- Sigh😒

Not reliable. Frustrating

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- Delayed in the camera.

Since oBS update this app is delayed - feels like I’m in a badly dubbed movie right mown

- Finally an update! :o

You made it!!

- It works!

You need to go to the link and download plugin on your computer.

- Won’t work with NDI 5

This app won’t work with the new version of NDI 5. Guess I will have to downgrade to NDI 4

- Essential for live-streaming!

I don’t write many reviews but I absolutely couldn’t livestream without this app. Apple/Mac tools are always a limited selection so this has been a fantastic way for a budget streamer like me to use the more than good camera on my iPhone.

- Lags

Video lags and does not match to my audio when I use an external mic

- Wouldn’t connect

I have a brand new PC with an RT at 6800, and Ryzen 5900 X OBS itself runs so incredibly smooth with four different 4K cameras, it might hit 4% of my processor in there. I wanted To add a fifth camera which was my iPhone 11, and even with following the steps about 7 to 8 times my phone would not connect within OBS, even though my phone was recognized and accessible on the computer I wasn’t able to get it working

- Lag / overheating my device

This app is lagging and overheating to the point that it’s unusable. Refund

- NDI doesn’t work!

It doesnt connect using ndi. What a waste of money. Give me my money back!

- Worked great... and now it doesn’t

I’ve been using it for months and last week the program stopped recognizing all phones... refreshed one and the drivers... still nothing works

- Disappointed

I wanted to screen broadcast my phone screen (not cam) over to the computer, but it doesn’t have the function. The computer version can screen capture live your computer screen but can’t with iPhone. I feel I wasted my time and money trying.

- Question.

Can this app record just your gaming session on your computer (since I’m not a fan of showing my face), or is it just for recording your face and audio for music?

- Waste of money

Just paid $20 for it and it doesn’t work.

- Worst app ever

It chooses when to work. It cuts out and doesn’t connect. It’s literally a huge waste of money

- Not compatible with streamlabs obs

No instructions on how to add the capture device to streamlabs obs, really disappointed

- Very poor quality video

I bought this in the morning to use with OBS. I was very excited to set up two iPhones and use them as video inputs to do a multi camera podcast for my show. I bought two new iPhone cables to connect them to my laptop, plugged everything in and.... choppy, 3 seconds video delay from real time — just REALLY bad latency. It made all the other elements freeze and OBS kept freezing. I tried to lower the quality of video and everything else — on its own, OBS cannot handle video from this app and two iPhones. Not even one. Really a disappointment. Looking for hardware options to link iPhones at this point.

- Worth every penny.

This app works great. I use it to record long art time-lapses. The video quality is clear without artifacts. I don’t record audio or stream with the app. The small file sizes are exactly what I need and because my iPhone is attached using the lightning cable, battery life is not an issue.

- Excellent Quality and Options

This app is well worth the price. It saved me from buying an expensive webcam for OBS, if I can even find a webcam since they’re all out of stock. Follow the guide online. The plugin is easy. I think I had to restart OBS just once to get iOS Camera to appear. Open the app, connect via USB, et voila, you have video. I like the zoom and exposure options. Make sure to mute the iPhone mic in OBS if you have another audio input. This is a life saver of an app!

- Great App

We purchased the app earlier this year for use on iPhones as our video source for the live streaming at our church via OBS Studio. It has been great to use and the video quality through USB is also great. We have used it with three recent iPhone models. We recently contacted the developer to address a minor issue and it was fixed within days. Highly recommend!

- Works great, what about streamlabs?

Can this work with streamlabs obs as well?

- Works well on iphone 11

Using an iphone 11 im getting really good video quality out of it. I installed a plugin on my pc so i also yse this for video chat on discord and as a camera in a unity project im doing. Great app, but a little pricey

- Flawless on my PC

I’m using an iPhone XS connected to a PC and it works flawlessly. I have some hiccups at the beginning but the developer contacted me with the solution. I use this app all the time and never had a problem.

- App stop working properly

My whole screen is showing up in OBS with all the menu as seen on iPhone. Not sure why it stopped working properly. It was working 2-3 days ago now it’s not..

- It works

You need to install a plugin on you computer and be sure to connect your phone to iTunes on you computer as iTunes will authorize the app and install a plugin on its end.

- Great Quality! Low Latency!

I was able to get everything working in OBS Studio in less than five minutes. Nearly no latency with the wired connection (there is always going to be some degree of lag), which is why I chose this app over the other options out there. I haven’t really pushed it yet to see whether I can get some 4K or 1080p60 streaming happen, but 1080p30 is still incredible. Thanks Will for making a great app! 👌🏻

- Audio input issues on iPhone 11

With an iPhone 11, Video to OBS works both wired and wireless but audio is extremely choppy and unusable. Contacted the developer and he invited me to beta test the new version that fixes the issue. I can happily say it fixes the issue and I see some other improvements as well

- Zoom issues

Everything worked as described, great for recording, but when connected to Zoom the video slows to a crawl, almost stops. This is why I got this thing, what’s the answer?!


BEFORE DOWNLOADING THE APP.... go to camera.obs website and read the instructions. Once you follow/ read them you’ll see obs camera works on your device. I use an iPhone XR and it works perfectly!

- Unusable - lags in OBS.

This would be great, except that when using as a source in OBS, gets progressively more out of sync over time. Completely unusable. Turns out you can actually just open the camera app on the iPhone and use that as a source inOBS, although you have to crop the frame so that you don’t see controls. This works perfectly. Developer of this app should refund our purchases. This simply is unusable.

- Works

Ok so it’s a lil bit of a pain to setup but it works. I want to give it 4 stars because of the price but it’s cheaper than a webcam so... 5 stars

- App not working

Disappointed, I was high on this app but it just doesn’t work.. hoping to get refund.

- Easy to use!

I downloaded this app for streaming a concert from our living room. The app is simple and easy to use! I love how it sleeps when you stream to save the phone from over heating. When I had questions, Will was very helpful as well. Great app!

- 5/5 but..

The app works perfectly and smoothly, the only think that i would like to request it’s if it could be updated to be able to use the 3rd lens (wide angle) from the iPhone 11 Pro. I was hoping to use it for my streamings but the only options are 1x (Regular lens) and 2x (Telephoto lens).

- No contact or response

I purchased this app in December in hopes to use this for streaming my iOS on OBS and the option would not show up in that program. I contacted Will the programmer multiple times on email, Facebook and Instagram it received no response. I went through all the troubleshooting. I hate to leave a bad review but there was no support on a very expensive $26 app (Canadian)

- Will isn’t there for you

The app didn’t work, but Will was helpful as he could be.

- Doesn’t work

App doesn’t work

- Fantastic app

Tested with two phones for a dual cam setup and worked flawlessly. Internet connection quality and device capability (ram and graphics) matter to take full advantage of the app. Use wired connection when on unknown wifi network. Great work!

- So there’s a few problems

The first of which is for phones older then an iPhone 6, the camera tends to be behind the mic, ie: if I’m recording and using a mic my mouth is either behind or ahead of the capture. Another problem is the setup can be very long and confusing, I had to go to multiple videos and sources, and had to re install OBS to actually get it to work, which is annoying if your just trying to record a youtube video. My final problem would probably be the price, the current Canadian price is 21$ I think this is to high just to use your phone in obs and considering that obs is free it seems like a scam, I’d probably put it in between 5$ to 15$ max, but aside from all these problems, it’s still a great app, and can be really helpful if you just want to record with your phone

- Doesn’t work on stream labs OBS

This App doesn’t work on stream labs obs. Wish they had put a disclaimer here before I wasted my money on this.

- Add streamlabs OBS!

Great app, really working good with iPhone X in OBS! It would be great if you could add a plugin for Streamlabs OBS, is it possible? Thanks, Atomic

- Don't update your older devices

On newer device -SE and 7- it works fine. On a first generation iPad mini, this update totally broke all functionality. Picture comes through all garbled and is totally unusable.

- Don’t

Pure garbage, expensive and does absolutely nothing. Get this scam off the store please

- Pas de commentaire, 25$ a la poubelle 🗑

: (

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@KJon88 Not for that all you need is to connect the camera to the pc/laptop and download obs studio. You dont need a capture card for software that's already on the computer

Cameron Smith

@QuickKap Settings with microphone, camera, streamlabs or OBS studio can be irritating. Lots of googling and YouTube videos for sure.

CoolcatTerri | Rage Queen 🦸‍♀️

In case you didn't know you can use your green screen and background when on Discord. You don't need the Nvidia tool for newer GPU either. OBS Studio added a Virtual Camera feature you can use as your webcam source in Discord and other apps. Have a background just like Zoom does.

Camera for OBS Studio 3.3.3 Screenshots & Images

Camera for OBS Studio iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Camera for OBS Studio iphone images
Camera for OBS Studio iphone images
Camera for OBS Studio iphone images
Camera for OBS Studio iphone images
Camera for OBS Studio iphone images
Camera for OBS Studio iphone images
Camera for OBS Studio iphone images

Camera for OBS Studio (Version 3.3.3) Install & Download

The applications Camera for OBS Studio was published in the category Productivity on 2018-03-15 and was developed by Loft Labs Interactive Inc [Developer ID: 482491153]. This application file size is 25.5 MB. Camera for OBS Studio - Productivity app posted on 2022-04-07 current version is 3.3.3 and works well on IOS 11.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: io.townsend.obs-iphone