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Exciting adventure of the bouncing ball through the helix tower labyrinth.

One-tap easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics.

Helix Jump App Description & Overview

The applications Helix Jump was published in the category Games on 2018-02-10 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 224.99 MB. The current version is 2.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Challenge Map
- Wheel of Fortune
- New Obstacles

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Helix Jump Reviews


This game is so good and allsome  jewelldollar  5 star

Sooo cool I love this game

Gàl Adrienn@8€

Fv  Gàl [email protected]€  3 star

It’s very hard ,so it’s hard to play and some issues bother me a lot for example ads

A Sonikku Fan

.  A Sonikku Fan  5 star

This game is a poopyhead


ADS  Magnifisent7  2 star

Okay so when ever I am playing the game an ad just pops up in my face and it is SO frustrating! I can’t stand it please fix it!! thanks


Best  DobreFan4  5 star

This is the best game I have ever played. I enjoy it every second I play. I’m in love with this game.


Great but has issues  _EssieMae_  4 star

This game is really great but it has many issues😶


Sooo boring  jj101🐼🐼  2 star

All u do is scroll and make a ball go down it’s weird... it’s boring there’s a lot of color but it need more fun

YouTube fan123456

SO ADDICTING  YouTube fan123456  5 star

I’m am so addicted to this game. This is the only game I play. It’s the best I love how u can play with it when there is no WiFi. I just came back from a road trip and I really had nothing to do so I just started playing. It’s so easy and I am on level 28. I REALLY enjoy this game.


Amin  anaamincorvette7  5 star

I love this game and it’s so much better then it was I would recommend you to play it


Won’t let me download  cody._.  3 star

So I deleted the app because it was acting weird and now won’t let me re download it, otherwise I love it

Bob / Bill

Is a awesome game  Bob / Bill  5 star

I love this game because it has never ending levels


Helix jump  maxmillon998  5 star

Best game ever


Great App but need to stop showing challenge map  _Fad3d  4 star

This app is awesome and I love playing it however I am sick of having to watch the challenge map load every time I open the app especially when you have passed a far few levels it becomes quite a nuisance to sit thought the ball falling. Please change


Helix jump  Stayart  5 star


winnter ice freze

I love the game but there are to many ads  winnter ice freze  5 star

I am really good at helix jump I’m on level 175 but the ads are crazy there are way to many of them. My friends like it as well but they get annoyed by the amount of ads there are just get rid of some


Ads  I,fyfjyjfyftu,cut,d,Utah,ttf  4 star

Wayyyyyyyy to many ads But love the game otherwise! Also hate the ladder thing


life line to add  seeksy  2 star

you should add for every 5 stages you pass, add an extra life.


Really fun  viyvivug  5 star

I highly recommend it, it is a great passtime and really addictive.

soccer 58363

Glitches and adds  soccer 58363  1 star

The game is great! But it’s sooo glitchy!!! And there are soooo many adds!!!!


The best game  Soundy6  4 star

I love this game and it’s really fun and challenging.😝👍🏻


Good with a large device  dancer4261  4 star

This game is great but could use some fixes. There are a lot of ads and it is only good on a large phone. I first downloaded it with my old phone and it was to small to play on.


Awesome game  AliyanaMariah  5 star

I love this game so much.every time I see it on my iPad a party is hosted in my head.


Alpha  helixJump_ALPHAmale626  5 star

I am level 2,871 try me kid

mc bankroll

Best game ever most funnest  mc bankroll  5 star

this is the best game ever you should make more games like this


Great  Shadowofhallows  5 star

Love playing this game

mik and ike

Helix Jump  mik and ike  4 star

I love this game.It is so fun and challenging in all different ways.The only thing I am not fond of is it has been a little slow and glitchy ever since I reached level nine.other wise this game is fantastic.❤️🙂


Love the game but...  SeanMc123  4 star

I downloaded this game and loved it, decided to purchase the full game no ads, I’m still getting ads why is that? And it still shows the option to purchase it doesn’t make sense.


Amazing!!!  samwhichSam  4 star

It is so fun!!


Please fix app  stlouistenor  1 star

Love this game so much, but I’m having the same problem as so many others and it just won’t load. Please fix this. Revising my review from 2 to 1 stars. Now the game won’t load at all. I wait for about 7-8 minutes for it to load, then the app quits on me entirely, and I have to try again, only to wait another 7-8 minutes for it to fail again. Why is this not fixed yet?


Helix jump  tasniha  5 star

I love Helix jump because I keep on winning💝💝💝💝


Too easy  EllaIsBrilliant  2 star

Too easy. I’m on about level 750 and it’s very boring and too easy. I would complain about the ads but I just turn off my WiFi. I have to turn off my WiFi every time I play because if I play on WiFi it’s extremely glitchy and laggy.


Play it  SuperDudeBro69  5 star

The game is soooo fun to play if your bored. Test your skills and try it


It’s ok  littlejoeD1  4 star

I am on level 874 and the new introduction to the game is a a bad idea it takes 5 minutes just to get to my level

spooder man 123456

Sub to pewdiepie  spooder man 123456  1 star

Sub or else John cena will get and put u in ruby rubes shed


Review  Char🥰  1 star

I hate this game sooo much. There is way to many ads. There is an ad every time I die🤬🤬 I wouldn’t recommend getting this. I don’t know how this has 4.5 stars


terrible new update  M😂✌🏻😎  1 star



...OMG!!...  TropicalPeach123  5 star

This is my favorite game ever!!! It’s so addicting and so fun!!! I don’t really mind that it doesn’t get harder once you get to a higher level!! Probably...because I am a Noob at most games! But there is just one thing that LITERALLY kills me! -ADDS!-


Less adverts  usnewjkb  4 star

It’s a good game but to many adverts

i gues 101 sis

Ads and lag  i gues 101 sis  1 star

The amount of adds in the game is horrible. During the duration of the game you are showered with ads everywhere. Then the lag is annoying as it lags every time you move.

e canning

Bill canning  e canning  5 star

This game is very good so you get five stars

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