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Exciting adventure of the bouncing ball through the helix tower labyrinth.

One-tap easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics.

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This game is so addicting! My friend and I can’t stop playing it. It’s a fantastic game, and the quality is great! It’s fairly well done! I just have a few suggestions or minor issues with the game I’d like to say. First off, ads! Of course, you have to have ads to earn money, but the fact that you have an ad that’s on the screen before you play (thank god its not there while you play) is just a little, idk, odd? It annoys me a bit. I mean, ads are kind of there all the time with you anyways. There are those ads at the bottom, the ones that come when you die and say continue with a video pictured on it, the ad that comes after the continue section. It’s quite annoying. But then again, it’s not that bad. Some games are worst. To add on, I’m sure many people have already said this but I can’t unlock that last skin. I have unlocked over 5 skins. I’ve actually unlocked all the skins except for that one. Idk if this is some kind of bug or glitch of whatever, but it’s not exactly great. Another reason is when you watch an ad to continue, it drops you onto the other color that makes you die. There’s not even a count down!

- Fun passing of time at best

So the concept behind this game is really interesting and very addicting. But besides that this is simply your very basic dime a dozen game that was clearly made with the intent to make money rather than to make an entertaining and fun game. First of all the ads are rampant in this one. That’s nothing new and it’s been far worse in the past, it’s still really annoying. (I would recommend turning off your cellular data for this game in settings and just play with data and all the ads will be gone). The other thing is while this game isn’t necessarily a buggy mess it still has some huge game breaking bugs that at times makes me want to throw my phone across the room. The most annoying one is when you hit a green arrow right before you reach the bottom and it will break the bottom block and you’ll just be suspended in air forever and the only way to fix this is to restart the game which resets your score and level. (I got a score of 390,000 just to have this happen to me. Other bugs include things like teleporting through walls and the platform you’re on breaking but these are barely noticeable and not even a big problem. In conclusion this is a fun passing of time if you can find someway to disable the ads but the game lacks polish and doesn’t share the spirit of game development that other games have and in the end just seems like a large quick grab for money.

- Greedy, inconsistent

Even if you can look past all the ads in this game, I personally can’t shake the feeling that the developer is just trying to take advantage of me. I have a weird relationship with these kinds of games in general, probably because I play them a bit more seriously than other people, but it really just boils down to high scores. In this game, there used to be a system where every time you passed a level, you kept the points from the previous level, and they kept carrying over until you died. This made high scores fun to shoot for, as you could technically go on to infinity if you had the patience. However, once you’ve played one level, you’ve played them all, and with the fairly recent removal of the aforementioned scoring system, I have no reason to open this anymore. I only keep the app so my high score doesn’t get removed and the sliver of hope I have that the system gets reinstated or the levels get some kind of improvements. The other thing that is more of a minor annoyance is the fact that it’s literally impossible to get all of the ad-locked balls. You can get all but one, and then you’ll never get the offer to watch another ad. I don’t really see why, because this seems like it would at least give the devs a tad bit of money. Maybe my game’s all bugged out or something, but I’m sick of waiting for the devs to fix these issues on their own and I’d rather just (hopefully) bring some attention to this.

- Couple glitches

I honestly wish I could give this five stars but there’s just a few things that moved it down to four. First, the add glitches. I’m pretty chill about adds in general but one thing that annoys me is that it says “watch an add to continue” but sometimes if I just cleared a bonus level for some reason, the next level when I die the “watch an add to continue button either doesn’t give me an add or just won’t start the add, and after about 30 seconds my game closes and when I start it back up it just gives me two 20 second adds. Another problem is the lag. After I get a rush or just in general, the game starts having a mental breakdown and lags to the point to where I have to close the game to turn my internet off and back on. All in all the game could use a bit of fixing but it’s actually a pretty good game. It definitely helps boredom and just something about it is just kinda satisfying. I tend to have panic attacks frequently so this game definitely helps me relax and loosen my mind a bit. I recommend this as a boredom cure and just a fun thing to do. Just so you know don’t download this cuz I said it helps my panic attacks, I’m probably just weird. Don’t have a seizure and be like, “oH, tHIs peRsOn sAiD It hELps pAniC attCkS, So iMa plaY tHis iNSTeAd oF gETiNg mEdiCaL heLp!

- Having trouble with ads??

This is a awesome game. Time will pass really quickly. My favorite part is how the levels don’t get any harder it’s the same levels. I really like how easy yet challenging it is to pass a level. I do thinks that it was more fun when the levels were a bit more of a challenge. But there is one thing. On an iPad the game is smooth and great, but when I play it on my phone then it gets really glitchy and it pauses and makes me loose the level. I really love this game but I can’t enjoy it on my phone. I wish that there was a switch in the settings that could make it easier or harder. Because I have seen a lot of people like how easy it is and a lot who think that it is too easy and needs more challenge aspects If you are having troubles with the ads I have found a hack. The app works without WiFi and data so. If you turn your phone to airplane mode then all the ads will disappear because it can’t load them. I hope this was helpful. Also after I downloaded the update it keeps on asking me to verify that I am over the age of fifteen and that it has my consent to use personal data to give me certain ads. Well I don’t know what that is and I would please like some help. It is really annoying and is making me want to get rid of the game

- Developer, plz read

I would’ve given this game 5 stars, but the annoying intro when u log onto the game is so annoying, I gave it 3 stars. The intro shows the Helix ball going through all ur lvls u previously passed and I’m on lvl 222, so that takes forever to finish. Whenever an ad came on, I would’ve just exit the game and log back on, but now that that annoying intro keeps interfering and wasting time, I don’t even bother logging back onto the game. You may think that that intro is preventing Helix jump players from skipping the ads, but in reality ur preventing Helix jump players from playing ur game. Get rid of that intro or make it wayy shorter, and this review will jump to 5 stars. If u want to developer, respond to my message but I don’t need u to. I’ll know u read this if u got rid of the intro/make it wayy shorter That was my old review, but now I can’t even play the game at all cuz it’s stuck on the loading screen. And what’s more? The developer never responded to my last review, so this shows me that the developer doesn’t read the recent reviews. Now my review has dropped from 3* to 1*. If the developer would just fix the app MAJORLY, then it would jump to 5*, but no. I can already tell that that is not gonna happen and this game is officially too messed up to be fixed. Most players have already been playing for a long time and therefore do not want to start over, so that’s all I have to say.

- Frustrated

I'm not here because I think my review is going to improve the game at all. Voodoo never listens to reviews and lashback, I'm just letting future players know what theyre getting into. The game is amazing but practically unplayable. Voodoo has so many games with millions of players, and i don't understand why they need so many adds. They would get significantly more players if people didn't quit playing because they were frustrated with the amount of adds. If they were to cut the adds in half, they would make just as much (possibly more) ad revenue due to more players playing for longer instead of rage quitting. When you die in a match, the game asks you if you want to watch an add to keep your progress. I usually say no as i can (on a good round) finish the round in the time it takes me to get through an add. But they give me an add anyway!! It doesn't matter if I say yes or no, it's just a matter of keeping my progress or not! Voodoo cares nothing for they're players, wants nothing but ad revenue, and doesn't care if they make a game miserable or not. They put no thought into making a game that is actually enjoyable for players and see every game as just another source of money that we inevitably end up giving them

- Good review with a little changes that has to be ✅.

I really love this game, especially the green boosters. Today I got to one hundread thousand and my brother is calling me a try hard. I just love this game and I really want this game to go on and on for years and keep upgrading to the top. The only problem I have with helix jump is the skips. You only get 1 or 2 ads to get back in the game. and I wish there were about like 5 ads to stay in the game per game. The reason I thing helix jump should have more than one or two ads because, if you are in a match where you are about to beat your high score, you can us ads so you can stay alive. and also, I wish helix jump would have the standings. for people who play all around the world should get rewards for our standing if we move higher up. I really think helix jump should have standings because it can be competitive for others and people will play it more. Other than that I am really addicted to this game and I do not want to stop anytime. I really want this game to last for decades over decades over decades. By a user named Rylee

- Ads ruin it

I downloaded it on a whim because it was popular and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. It was fun at first, and the little video saving thing was very helpful if I was only a few away from the end. But the ads, and their obvious greed for money. For one, they cram ads ANYWHERE they can. There are ads at the bottom constantly, there are ads after you “die”, there are ads when you reach a new level, there are ads when you restart a level, there is an ad on the side of the screen before you start a game. I’ve had a ad play just because I took to long to start playing/bouncing. And I’ve had an ad play in the middle of a game. This is unacceptable. Keep the ads to maybe after you “die” (short ads), when you progress to a new level, and the helpful video that can be the difference between finishing the level and not, beating your high score and not. But recently, the button just doesn’t work. Now, I’m not sure if that’s just a glitch or if they started doing that to be sneaky, but either way it needs to be fixed. The only reason I gave this 2 stars and not one was because it can actually be an enjoyable game to pass the time, if you don’t mind the ads. PS. I kept my WiFi on for the emergency video save but now that it isn’t working I’m considering turning it off to get rid of the ads

- Much fun, except.......

I love this game, but a few minor things NEED to be fixed. The intro is 👏 so 👏 l o n g 👏! I know people that are far past level 1,000+ who hate the intro because it takes up so much time. Many people have time limits on their phones and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them never really played because of the intro. Yes, I suppose, that you could just not completely close the app in the background, but that, over time, takes up. a lot of battery. If the intro is made optional or faster, then this game could TOTALLY get five stars. There are also a lot of ads, which knew give the game money, but can get super annoying, and make the game run slow loading for an add, right when you tap the screen to start the next level. There are also little ads of other of these little games, which never really get in the way, but they are still annoying. This is a very popular game and I know so many people that play it, so the people who make it don’t really need to pay for advertising on other games, so why have so many ads on your own? Anyway, if you are planning to download this game here are some warnings but you should totally get it because it is so much fun!

- Is it just me

Ok this game is great. Don’t get me wrong. It’s really nice. I play it all the time. Now there are a few things i could do without. Number one, the adds. Maybe it’s just me but the adds are always the same and pop up after every 3 tries. It just gets really annoying. I always just get frustrated and play a different game. I suggest switching up the adds sometimes and playing them less often. That would be amazing. Second issue, the glitches. This, for me, is the biggest problem because the glitches on my device are super bad. Is it just me? Like I can’t even go two “bars” before it glitches and I die. I even have to turn off WiFi just to be able to play it continuously. That gets really annoying having to turn it off and on. So, I suggest finding out whatever bug that is and fixing it. That would make the game a LOT more enjoyable. Honestly other than that, I’m on level 209 and it’s super fun. This game is a great way to pass time and it doesn’t require internet connection. I don’t have Cellular data so it helps a bunch for car rides. Anyway thanks for reading my review. I will continue to play this game and I would like to say thank you and well done to the producers of Helix Jump. Bye 👋.

- Good.. but needs work

Really, I love this game. It’s super addicting and I can always jump right on when I’m super bored. The technical stuff is really good, and it’s super smooth. I like how the difficulty progresses and grows harder as the levels get higher, and the new green boosts are super fun to use. But. It’s super annoying that when you exit the app your high score isn’t saved even though you didn’t mess up and only exited the game. It think that people should be able to save their high score so they can pick right up where they left off. Also, the game glitches a lot. It really bothers me that sometimes when I’m playing the game stops for a second then starts again. This has made me lose my high score so many times and it’s vexing to know that I could have gotten a higher score, if only the game didn’t glitch. In addition to this, I think that a new color scheme would be good. The same pairs of colors come up over and over again and it gets a little repetitive after a while. I don’t really know, but with any changes that the game undergoes, the simplicity is really something that shouldn’t be lost. Otherwise, it’s a really good game!

- Ideas to make the game even better, some complaints

This game is truly addictive. I’ve only had it for a few days and I already love it. It is really fun to fall down multiple platforms without touching them so the next one you fall on and touch, breaks. But I have some ideas to make the game better and some complaints. An idea I have to make the game better is to have an endless mode where there is nobody on and the goal is to beat your high score. Obviously it would get harder and harder and you progress. One of my complaints is that you can’t replay levels. Sometimes I just like to start from the beginning to see how far I’ve come but with this game you can’t do that. I think that if you could replay levels and have an endless mode the game would be a lot better and less confusing, because when I first got this game I thought there were no levels and it was just to beat your score. Anyway I love this game and I hope people agree with me on my reviews and the game makers consider my idea to make the game even better.

- Luxypuppy

Ok so first let me start off with the game is amazing I definitely recommend it but there are a few errors I mean I do not like adds but I can tolerate it but when it gets to the point we’re I am like ok I done with ads that’s when I loose it so then I click on the no ads thing but there is something blocking it so like I am just like I can’t read what it says I need that offer gone so it goes away and then another one pops up and it just does it over and over and over again I am on level well I am not going to say but ya know ok and also why every time you play it something on the bottom pops up is that a offer 😮 I just want to say if that is an offer then there are way to many ads and offers but technically ads and offer are the same thing cause one on the side before you play one on the button and also when you are done with the game so I totally thing you guys are going a little over board with ads but other then that I love the game that’s why I gave it 4 stars cause the ad thing but hope you had a great day if you are reading totally recommended this game 😎*plays game while writing ✍🏿 *😂😂

- Great game but...

I love this game, I’ve had it for a month or so and it is very addicting. It adds a bit of a challenge without requiring a lot of time or difficulty to complete a level. With that said there are too many ads. I know there are a lot of reviews about how many ads there are but it really is a bit of a problem. They will pop up after every game and sometimes even in the middle of a game, causing instant death when you start playing again. Also (and I don’t know if this is just mine) it’ll start glitching and freezing up in the middle of a game. When the screen goes back to normal I almost always die right away. Also, if I try to do a second chance it (most of the time) just drops me to my death right away. I do love this and if voodoo could fix this, or at least a few of these it would be wonderful. It also feels like it could be upgraded a little bit to engage the player a bit more. Maybe it can have bonus levels every hundred or so. It would also be nice if there would be a way to replay levels so you can get higher scores. And maybe some sort of rewards system?... Anyway, hope Voodoo can fix a few things, but all in all it’s a great game.

- It’s a pretty good game

Overall I really like this game, but it does have some flaws. Like they play the same add over and over again. It gets kind of annoying sometimes but it’s fine. Like almost every time I die it plays an add and all of today the only add that played was Tik Tok. And I already have it. Also a suggestion would be to bring the old update back I really liked that one where it added up your score until you died. Sometimes it glitches and it lags and when it stops I have already died. I also think that it would be cool if they could add something that you could create you own “world” and what I mean by that is your own ball or item that bounces on the platform. I also think that it would be cool if the could add something like you could create your own platform. Other than that if it doesn’t trigger you with the adds and sensitive glitching then I recommenced this game! I also think that the age rating is unreasonable I think it should probably be like 7 or 8 and up I’m 10 and playing this game and I still don’t understand why it’s 12 and up. Thank you so much for reading this and I hope that the creator considers my changes!🙃

- Best game ever!!😂

I recently got this game (4 hours ago) and it is so fun!! And annoying but in the good way lol! It’s so addictive like I’ve been playing it for 4 hours strait!😂 it’s so frustrating when u get out at like the end! I hate it but then I play it again and again and again......... you get the point. Then I get it after like an hour lol this is like the best game ever I can’t stop playing it. When the rating thing came up I’m like omg I have to write the best review bc it is such an amazing game☺️. And here I am now writing a review home I’m doing a good job 😉. If u look at this game your like ok..... but then when u play it your like OMG I love this game like what the helk! And your mom is like go to sleep and your like when I m finish this round and you secretly play like 9 more rounds!😏 lol! And I’m still writing this review bc it is such a great game the won thing that is annoying about it is the ads but there all like 5 seconds so it’s fine (for me) when I’m done this review I’m going to play it more bc it is LIT🔥. And bc it is the best game evaaaaa!! Bye y’all ❤️,Dara

- This game is AWESOME!

I got this game in a whim. It was offered thru another app I was playing. I went oh this looks fun.....what an understatement...this game is beyond fun...it’s challenging, aggravating, stimulating, it tests your reflexes, u improve your attention span out of necessity. This game has got me hooked! What I like is you pay to rid yourself of ads but for second chances you can watch one. Plus there is no way to buy points etc.....it isn’t necessary. Each stage is self contained and you work to get to each level. I love this because one price buys it and nothing more needed money wise. Thank you so much! So if you are looking at something to tear your hair out with, want to challenge yourself, test reflexes, and just wanna have fun....this game is for you. It is a great time waster with a purpose. I recommend it if you have kids as it will help improve eye hand coordination, attention span and memory. If I had kids I’d hav them play this game at least 15 minutes each day to help improve the above. GET THIS GAME! YOU WONT REGRET IT! 😇😎😇😎😇❄️☃️⛄️🙀😎😇


Can I be honest? Ok well, we all know Voodoo has a TON of ads, and more then often you can’t avoid them. I downloaded this game to keep me occupied in the car, and for the first ten minutes I loved it. But then ads. I was offline and there was STILL a ton of ads. Not only that but the levels repeat themselves too. I normally have a very good attention span but this game didn’t keep my attention. Oh, yeah, AND whenever there was an ad, I would watch it, but then there was no X button to close the ad. So I had to restart the application many many MANY times. THEN, it asked me verify that I was older than the age of fifteen. I take a computer programming and software class. So, I know that the government says that the developers can’t take information from people under the age of 13, so they ask you to verify if you are 15 so that they can take your information and sell it to other companies who buy it. The same goes for Google. To make a gmail account they ask if you are over the age of 13 so they can take your information. That’s why you NEVER lie about your age. I Overall, this game is extremely annoying, and if you are reading this review, don’t get it. There are better games like this, I promise you.

- Amazing game but honestly.....

First I would like to say that this game is super addictive I'm not kidding. When I saw this game as an ad I was like " why would I get this it doesn't even look that fun" but I was wrong, it is AMAZING, I usually don't get addicted to games but this one is worth buying. It also doesn't kill your battery like good games usually do. Anyway as good as this game is it still has some things I would like for the creators to fix. My number one problem is the ads. I know you kinda need the ads but these come literally almost every single time, I also know that some people have complained about this issue so I think this will also help contribute more players. Also this might just me but it glitches quite a bit and when it does glitche it messes me up big time but again this might just me. WOW I wrote quiet a lot and most of this review were about the good parts of this game I guess that means I like this game ALOT. I know you might think that I'm trying to bribe you but I'm honestly not, I usually don't write this long of reviews but I really did mean that this game is actually SUPER addictive and this not like those fake ads this is from an ordinary kid. I really hope people who read this review ( which I don't expect that a lot of people did ) to download Helix Jump.

- LOVE IT😻😻😻😍😍😍🤩but...

I really REALLY LOVE THIS GAME BUT... where do I start, I love how you continue making new levels but I think that there should be a prize more than just a new ball or ink, and if you did that people would be more motivated to get to a few certain levels where you win different prizes, I have all the balls and ink but I barely play it anymore, I feel like there should be a good motivation! Another thing is the advertisements,😡THEY COME UP SO MUCH 😡😡😡it gets annoying! If your gonna put adds in the game at least make them more interesting or less repetitive!!😤And there should also be a way to get back to levels that you already passed (level selection!)!For example: One time I was playing Helix jump for the first time on my friend’s phone, but she was on level 70 something, so it was SO HARD FOR ME, I asked her to bring me to level one but she said that she couldn’t. So, I had to wait till I got home to download the app to play the game! It’s annoying 😑🙄🙄.I hope you listen to my request, I 💗 Helix jump but, please!😍😍😻😍💗💗🥰

- Excellent and ad-free game! However, I have one complaint

Helix Jump. To be honest, this game is actually more entertaining than it might seem. I could see myself planning for an hour or so. Since the game doesn’t have much to do besides new balls and better high scores, I doubt I would use all my battery for this game. That’s not the main problem, though. When I first saw this game in an advertisement, I refused to play this game because of how poorly it was advertised. “When me and my friend reach level 5” with a Sponge bob reference is just cheap. In fact, it makes you NOT want to play the game because of it. This game has great potential and I feel like this improvement could sky rocket the game’s downloads. If you advertise outside the game rather an inside, fine by me, but please improve at least put some effort into it. Footage of gameplay, bland title, and a cartoon reference is a big NO. I’ll still rate the game a 5-Stars because of the amount of potential the game actually has besides the poor advertisements. Thanks! - Helix Jump Player

- Love it

I play this game literally every day. The only thing I don’t like about it, hence the 4 stars, is that it’s wayyy too laggy!! I’ll be moving and the ball will stop and freeze then go down on the part you aren’t supposed to touch. It’s annoying and makes me angry, especially when I get up there in scores. My highest score is about 800,000. It would be higher if the lag was fixed!! Other than that, I recommend this game as that game you play at the doctor’s office, procrastinating, or just to play it. ***Edit I love the new feature about the ball falling to the level you’re on but like it takes like a whole minute because I’m on level 500ish. I’d suggest it falling faster OR start from every 100 (like if you’re on 589, the falling starts at 500). Another cool idea would to make it like candy crush and be able to play back levels. But, the lag was fixed pretty much. You can FINALLY get the last ball which took no time to get. I would suggest adding more and more splatters or something else though because now I just have pointless money. Otherwise, I still play this game daily.

- Why I Love Helix Jump

There are many reasons that I absolutely adore helix jump, but I’d have to say one of the main ones is that the levels are beatable. With other games, once you get up to the higher levels it becomes nearly impossible to beat them, but with helix jump, although they do get increasingly harder, you can still beat them within a few tries. I am now on level 1557 and they are still interesting and fun. Another reason this game is flipping awesome, is that you can really “learn” how to play it. You can become really really good at it and just be able to nail every level. I especially love the new power up, although there is a glitch with it,(if you use to many and beat the level then it will just go into an endless abyss and you’ll have to restart the app) once that is fixed I’ll update my review. Also, I cannot seem to get the very last skin which is “unlock 5 skins” for some reason, so maybe someone could help me with that, but other then those 2 small things I absolutely love it!

- The app is great! But there is a problem

I love this app a lot and I had it for awhile without having any problems. I was on level 1077 and I exited out of the game to do something and when I went back in the game started its normal entrance (which I don’t like because it takes forever to get through when you’re in the higher levels) and the ball stopped falling on level 55 and nothing popped up I tried restarting the game and it didn’t work. I reluctantly deleted and redownloaded the game, got to level 56 restarted the game and it did the same thing! If you could fix this issue that would be great. Now I’m going to explain something. ADS ARE ANNOYING. every. single. time. I die I get an ad! It doesn’t make much sense at all. I understand you need ads to make money but I don’t feel like paying to get rid of ads. I have to wait 30 seconds to play my game after I pass a level or die. If you could lessen the amount of ads people would probably like the game a whole lot better! Overall the game is great but if you could fix these problems the game would be amazing!

- Great game, a few bugs

I’ll start this by saying I’m obsessed with this game, my friends and I have this competition going where we’re trying to be at the highest level. There are a few bugs I’d like to point out. The first one I I noticed was sometimes when you go through your first layer, it’ll only give you 1 point instead of whatever level you’re at. It’s not a big, or a frustrating bug. The 2nd bug I noticed was the very last skin, that requires you to unlock 5 skins before you can get it, doesn’t give you the skin. I’ve unlocked every skin, but it’s say I have “0/5” skins unlocked when I click on the skin. The 3rd bug is whenever you land on several of the green arrow boosters, they may glitch all the way through the course, and once you get to the end you just fall infinitely. They aren’t very big bugs, so I’m sure fixing them isn’t difficult. Like I said, overall it’s a very fun and addictive game overall. I’m looking forward to more updates.

- Helix

Helix jump is a good game for me u need some new features to make people more interested in what ur selling bc at first I wasn’t but then I gave u a chance and I liked it but everyone’s not like me everyone don’t give things a second try so u need to fix that and how the game is set up I think others can agree when I say that I think I speak for all helix jump fans when I say that but overall pretty good job I’m impressed of what u did u made this amazing game for boys and girls to play age appropriate nothing bad so overall one out of ten I give u a eight because u need new features for example why not have a Halloween theme because it’s just so plane and boring no one likes those types of games but their so original u want your game to stand out and be better than other games of course ur going to go big u want everyone to talk about it so that’s why I ranked it that way thanks for letting me talk about this topic by guys change it or I’m leaving helix jump and others are to bc I’m gone tell people to stop playing it since it takes a while I will give 1 month and two weeks or else

- If only...

2 BIG problems with this game: 1) The ads are more than annoying- they significantly effect game play. As other reviewers have said, there are WAYYY too many ads. I’m accustomed to playing free games with ads, and after looking thru the reviews figured I wouldn’t be too bothered by them, but due to the speed of this game you play for only SECONDS (as in 2-8 seconds) between ads. I’d estimate I spent more than 90% of the time in this game watching ads. AND, very importantly, because there is no start button to this game you are thrust from an ad into the game quite unpredictably which damages your ability to play, thus continuing the very brief cycle between game play and ads. Some ads are the 2-part kind where you have to X out of two screens before being returned to the game, others you only X out once, and are back in play. So the ads are more than an annoyance- they really do prevent success. 2) There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to why a turn ends: there’s not a time limit, there’s not a consistent number of hits before your turn is over. I can’t figure it out. The game would be a really fun one without the above issues. As it is it is just an exercise is very frustrating futility. Too bad. I have uninstalled.

- I LOVE this app. I’m addicted. But...

Honestly, the first time I clicked play, I was addicted. My relationships and work are suffering because of my addiction... just kidding. But not really. But one thing I hate about this app that takes 2 stars away from it is that you always progress levels but there isn’t a map or some sort of “boss” 10 levels in that you have to beat. It’s more of the same, level after level after level...the difficulties increase so slowly, I can’t tell if it’s getting more difficult or if I’m just impatient. I wish I could go back to level 1 and beat it again and see if I could get higher scores. That would mean my reflexes are much faster now that I started playing this game! My goals aren’t to last as far as I can into each level by taking minimal risks—I hurtle the ball as many levels down as I can so I can get more points. It’s exhilarating. It’s a rush. I could play this game 24/7 and not get bored, but I do wish I could go back and start over to gauge my progress, or at least look at a map or scale that shows me where I came from, where I am now, and what my goal or end game should be. Thank you.

- A bit one-note

I really enjoy this game. It is pretty addictive, but I have some complaints/suggestions. First of all I would like to say that before I downloaded the game I read some of the reviews and saw that there were a lot of complaints about adds, but some of the reviews said that if you have airplane mode on you can still play the game. After I downloaded it, it became clear that there way too many adds so I used that suggestion and now the game is add free for me. Secondly sometimes when I’m playing I landed where I was supposed to, but the app said that I needed to restart the game. I was like 😠. This has happened to me twice and I would like it to go away. Last of all the game is a bit one note. How about adding some obstacles when you get to higher levels. Maybe you could add some spikes, or you can have an option were you can add more obstacles. I heard from people that Voodoo does not check reviews so I’m not counting for an answer. I have tons of Voodoo games and I must say this one is one of the best. Most of the others are terrible, and you can see that Voodoo just wants to earn some 🤑.

- Great but...

I really like this game and can play it for hours. But there are a few problems. #1, The Glitches. When I begin, end, or when I’m in the middle of a game, it’ll glitch. This annoys me because I usually do a big turn, and then it glitches. I often end up on the “death zone” when it does this. Then I have to start all over again. I don”t know if others complain about this or if it’s just me, but please fix it! #2, The Ball. At the bottom right corner of the balls, or skins, it says “unlock 10 skins”. I have no idea what the skins are, or if they even are the different balls there are, but I have every other ball. I wonder if this has been a problem for a long time or not. Please fix it! #3, Ads. Not too bad, just annoys me. I guess I’m just asking to tone it down with the ads. Almost every time I pass or begin a level, ad. Passed level 200! Ad. It isn’t as frustrating as the glitches, but it’s annoying. But overall, this game is awesome! I recommend to all. This would be 5 stars for me if all that was fixed. Thanks!

- Challenging!

I love the fact that it’s so challenging, and it’s not like any other game out there. I’ve been trying to beat the game for a couple of hours, and it was super addicting! The only problem is the ads, it’s really frustrating wanting to keep playing and you can’t press the replay button right away, because of these ads. One certain ad, though has been driving me crazy, it’s a Dunkin Donuts ad, that is cut off halfway to the screen and the (X) is cut off. Now, it does get really annoying ‘cause my highscore is 6,000+ and yet an ad keeps popping up after I complete a level, instead of just adding on to my recent score, so close to my highscore, of course this ad has to pop up and I have to refresh the game, and I was that close to beating my highscore, which to me is so ridiculous. after a while, the game does lag, and glitch in ways that really bother me.. after a while of playing it does kind of reduce itself, but overall the game is a great challenge, and I would say that I would never delete this game, and I totally recommend it!

- Not bad but ads ruin it

For all the people saying simply “put your phone on airplane mode,” just know that people may need their phones to be active in order to receive alerts, especially if it’s important for them. Also, airplane mode eliminates all means of getting a “second chance” offered once you fail, as it requires you to watch an ad for you to move forward. For many, the absence of a second chance means more frustration when you hit higher scores and want to redeem yourself but have no way of doing so. Overall the game is pretty good, but there is a lack of a challenge as you pass the first few levels and notice that you are in a limbo, as everything is repeated for several hundred or thousand levels. The developers should amp it up a little, maybe add some more traps and a time limit for how long you can bounce on each deck. The game is salvageable, I just hope they know what they’re doing. Obviously for the people that have stuck around and played past the first hundred levels, they aren’t afraid of a little more difficulty.

- Dumb Developer & I’m very infuriated.

I downloaded this scrap after seeing the advertisements, and it has become very hard to enjoy playing. First, The ads are stuffed in the game. Every time an ad pops up, I press X and then the game just turns off. That means I have to restart the game. Second, when you’re playing, it teleports you everywhere. So I just got to the finish ring and it moves me to a separate red stripe and kills me. Similar this, is that the finish turns out to be a killer. It’s like an impossible finish. Third, when I get to the finish that ACTUALLY is legit, it spams me with tons of ads and notifications that lags me out and kills me, voodoo, don’t think you can get around this. Fourth, this game puts bloatware on my IPad, making it kinda laggy when I play. Finally, I want to describe what Voodoo does. they just copy a game, paste it in App Store, and slap their logo on it. Then they buff it up so it has tons of ads so they can get rich, then they brag about their money and post ads saying “voodoo games! rich with money! Play now! No ads!” And then it gives you a demo, so it says “ Tap to start” then when you tap it takes you to App Store’s download for this scrap. DO NOT DOWNLOAD unless you want to see what happens when you do.

- It’s good but

Ok so a lot of people are complaining about how their phone freezes after you watch an ad. But honestly I’ve been doing that and it hasn’t affected the game in any way so I think maybe your problem is your phone. There is only two things that’s wrong with this game. The Ads and the levels. I think maybe that there could be an improvement with the levels they are getting repetitive and it’s very clear to see that it’s not that hard to at least change the colors of the levels voodoo makes a lot of games they can at least try. The ads a pretty annoying I got used to them but still can’t you at least try to put less ads I know they are trying to make money but it’s Ok if you at least try to do it after every level instead of putting it every five seconds you’re not going to lose anything. Other than those two things I think this game is all that it says it is it’s very addictive and fun and can be used for all ages. I truly do like this game. Thank you if you read this :)

- Really fun game but some flaws

This is a super, super fun and addicting game! But the 2 major things that bother me the most is first, the game lags a LOT. When I start playing, I’m at a good speed, and then all of a sudden I land on the “death spot” because of the lagging. I’m not saying that I ALWAYS land on the death spot because of the lagging, but it does happen quite often. Then second, there are non-stop adds. Almost every single time I end and start again, an ad comes up. It gets pretty annoying. But I do really like how you don’t have to pay or anything in the game. I like how you can just watch an ad to get a second chance instead of having to pay or something like that. And I also love how each level is a different color. It keeps me more interested in playing the game some more. This is a great game that is really fun for playing when you’re bored by the way. There are over 200 levels (that I know of), and super addicting as I mentioned. A great game, but with just a few flaws that might not even bother some. I recommend!

- Addictive, Amazing, and Ads -_-

I’ll start off by saying that this game is remarkably simple and greatly challenging at the same time. Kudos to the developers, they made an addictive game that runs smoothly, as well as a game that is visually pleasing. They did a great job. Although I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game, I have one major complaint surrounding the amount of ads included and the repetitive-ness of such ads. The amount of ads in helix jump is akin to spam. You can’t go one reset cycle of a game without one or more ads popping up and being incredibly frustrating. Most of these ads cannot be muted, making them even more irritating. Adding (pun intended) to this Adpocalypse (I’m not sorry) is the aggravating repetition of these ads. I wouldn’t mind these ads as much if they were different each time, or at least on a rotation- but no. You’re just gonna watch the same stupid ad for a baby-game that you were never interested in the first place. Anyways, the sheer amount of ads is my only complaint. Still a great game, and definitely worth a try, but long term.... the ads are just unmanageable.


Over all I still love this app!😍1st after when I die like after five time I die a add pops up and takes for ever for the ex to pop up on the adds 2nd it’s a little to addictive it makes me miss out on small things cause I always want to play it overall 2nd is just a joke don’t make this app less addictive 3rd there’s no way you can make it pass some levels they are so confusing it seems like there’s wrong colors everywhere 4th all there is is adds adds adds adds and more adds a lot 5th it’s time to say something good about this app I LOVE IT SO MUCH there’s no way I can delete this app it’s so addictive and fun no matter what I will never stop playing this no matter how much adds and adds and adds and more adds I will never ever stop playing this app!😃 and also sometimes after the adds are over it goes to the App Store and then I double tap and go back to the game and it goes back to the App Store as fast as ever so I double tap it again and swipe out all the apps that are available on the double tap screen and get back on the game helix jump is a fun game but this things happens almost after all the adds for no reason!🙄😑

- Most ACCURATE review: Reliable Steve

Very basic and repetitive, but it’s a great time killer when you’re taking a long poo or can’t sleep. Other than that, however, it’s not good for much. But the worst thing about it is the most recent update. The game is now unplayable. For everyone. If you scroll through the most recent reviews, you will see hundreds of people expressing this issue. You will be frozen on the loading menu (which was annoying and time consuming to sit through anyway). However, Voodoo is notorious for not caring at all about the people who download their sloppy, lazy, half-hearted games. And this instance is no different. It’s mind boggling to me that this company still exists, though I’m sure it won’t for much longer. Millions of people are now starting to catch onto their shady ways, terrible customer service, and all around crappy games. This game and it’s many flaws and glitches are just one small piece of the problem. The big picture is the Voodoo company and how horrendous they are. Never again will I download anything by them. You should spare yourself the time, headache, and storage space and also avoid these leeches.

- Not about to many ads but...

Okay so I absolutely loveeeee this game this is so much fun and sooo addicting. But unlike most of the reviews I’m not here to complain about how many ads there are (sort of) No doubt this game has a crap ton of ads. I understand you have to pay for the game but this just went overboard. Anyways that’s besides the point. My problem is the way the ads are PRESENTED. During the game it starts to load ads and it makes my game glitch up, causing me to die and what do I get? Another ad. So basically I’m getting another ad BECAUSE of another one. Before you think it’s just my phone or something, I know for a fact it’s the ads since when I go offline and ads can’t load, the game works beautifully or in other words the way it should. There is the same problem on other games I play but it’s normally only the first one or two rounds or whatever and isn’t as severe. The only reason I’m not deleting this is because it has a good concept and it’s really fun (offline, that is). Other than that game is great.

- Kind of boring and very glitchy

This game was fun for a while and then it got boring because there were no challenges and I had the same goal of finishing the level every time I played. I had played the game a lot and I got really good at it and it became even more boring so I deleted the app. After a few months of not having the game, I downloaded it again and the game was updated. I like the idea of coins and that there are challenges to get balls and splashes, but there weren’t enough challenges and I finished them all in a week. I hate the part of the update that whenever you open the app, a ball will go down a weird course of as many helixes as the level you’re on. It is pretty short for the first few levels but when you’re at a high level, it takes forever and is really annoying. That course glitched and the ball would keep bouncing on one helix and not go down, and I think the glitch is pretty common because the same exact thing happened to my sister. I had to delete the app and download it again, which made me lose all my progress. I hardly ever play this game anymore because of how glitchy and boring it is.

- Awesome!!

This game is amazing! I am going on a big road trip in a few days and this game is a great time waster. It’s so satisfying to put your finger on the screen and slide. My favorite component is to go far down and then break a level. I also enjoy that each level is different colors, so you don’t get bored with one background. Lastly, I appreciate that the makers of this game, (Voodoo) added in moving blocks, so it makes it a lot of fun to go down each level because you don’t know when the levels/blocks are going to start moving. If you like this game, I would recommend the other Voodoo games. My friend introduced me to this game to me on the bus when we were coming home from school. I immediately went home and downloaded it. But back to the point. I also found more Voodoo games, and downloaded them. Voodoo, if you are reading this, you just are an amazing company/business that makes easy, fun, and interesting games. Thank you for your hard work!

- 5-Star Review

I think that this is a super fun game and it is the best for long car trips. Helix jump actually got me into liking more of the levels games whoever made this game is incredible and an incredibly huge imagination. I think all kids should play this and I think that they should all enjoy the game because this game is an enjoyable game for young boys and girls or adults maybe because my dad likes the game but he does not ask me that often because he has the app on his phone. My little brother and my little sister are both wanting to play the game, but I say it is not for their ages but I still let them play at some point. I think that this game is fantastic and it should have 5 stars when someone comes to look at the app and they have got to download it. I love this game because it even has balls that you can unlock by doing some achievements and by doing a lot of high records or high scores. Thank you to all the people that created or developed this game.

- App Store

I love to play this game it’s amazing and I play it a lot but their some issues about this game first things first their are so many ads and it’s quite annoying and the game is broken every time I get on it keeps in the same place and I don’t have a virus so if you could get these things I listed fixed I would be very happy right now I refuse to play the game because it’s not good that it won’t work so I read some other reviews and they said basically the same thing as me so I guess they are getting the same thing as me so please get it fixed because it’s so annoying and I am not the only one experiencing these issues also like I said about the ads their annoying because whenever I die theirs an ad or when ever I pass a level I die and when your trying to move and the ads at bottom pop up you can hardly play the game because they are their and when it says you need to unlock five skins which I have them all and it still says 0/5 which is really annoying because I really want that skin so please fix all these issues if possible

- Interviewer: is this game good? Me: sure :3

:3 This game is good of course! No lag, a easy going game, no timer ( like super Mario), and no adds ( for me anyway 🤫). Okay, so I know you are like you probably have the no adds, but.....NOPE! It’s simple: turn off data (if you have data ;D ) and turn off WiFi. Then all you have to do is play the game. SIMPLE! Why four stars you ask 😏? I NEED MORE SKINS!!!!!!!!!😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😖😖😖😖😖😫😫😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺WHYYYYYYYYYY!!! :c *sigh* But other than that, the game is brilliant! Simple, but brilliant. * British accent * Stop stop, before you poke someone’s eye out! Besides, your saying it WRONG. It’s LEVIOSA not LEVIOSAAAAAA! Yes I’m a Harry Potter fan 😏 * play’s Hedwig’s theam * 🦉 me: what’s your name? 🦉: who? Me: you! 🦉: who? Me: YOU 🦉: who? Me: YOU!!!! 🦉: who? Me: that’s it- * takes broom and flys to Harry’s dorm that is open and KINDLY ask Harry if he can speak owl after he had Hedwig * me: HARRY YOU BETTER SPEAK OWL OR I AM GOING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE AND THIS OWL’S LIFE TOO! Harry: ok- me:OH YOU WANT TO TRY ME- YOU WANT TO TRY ME!!!??? Harry: I said ok! Me:OKAY SO NOW YOUR GETTING ANGRY AT ME!!??? Harry:🤦🏻. Sorry I’m a nerd 🤓!

- Fun Game.... but seriously ADS

I love this game I am so addicted to it. One time I stayed up until 3:00am just playing. But when you have ads pop up in the middle of the game, ads every single time you die, and there are like 30 seconds with mini games at the end and you can’t skip. Also another HUGE problem is that when an ad comes, the app keeps sending you to the App Store and it won’t stop. I hate this. It is the most ANNOYING thing ever. If I ever made a game, I won’t include ads because they are dumb. If I were to put ads, it would be to revive. Voodoo really have to step it up. I HAVE A LOT FUN GAMES FROM TASTY PILL THAT EVEN HAS AS MUCH ADDS AS VOODOO DOES. At least a Tasty Pill lets you play five rounds of the game before putting a 15 SECOND ad on. I am going to delete all my Voodoo games if they don’t change their software. I understand you can purchase a thing to stop ads but I really don’t want to spend 0.99 on it because it is pointless. Games shouldn’t have as much ads that Voodoo games have. The ads are RUINING THE GAMES SOFTWARE. I say get this app if you like challenging games because it is a great game. But if you hate ads STAY FAR AWAY FROM VOODOO GAMES.

- One of the worst apps ever

So like I know I put a two star rating. We’ll BE GLAD. Because I would have rated it none if the game were not fun. Here are my reasons, THE ADDS ARE SO ANNOYING. Every round now that I die, an ADD comes up. I get so annoyed and often swipe out of the app to play something else. This NEEDS fixing. NOW. The people that say this app is great, are wrong in my opinion. This app is trash. I still okay it when bored, but otherwise, I don’t recommend this app. Another reason is THE LAG. Every now and then suddenly it gets super laggy and I just end up dying. I was super close to level 234 when I died. I almost cried. So just be happy that I rated this two stars. Another thing, why is it 12+ ?! It’s a hard game, yes, but honestly, there’s nothing inappropriate and I’m 11 years old. 4 year olds can handle this. It may seem boring or hard to them, but there is nothing inappropriate to this app. That’s it. I have deleted this app by the time your reading this anyways. Horrible app. Don’t know why I downloaded this. The only reason is because my friends at camp made it seem cool. Well by. You won’t see me playing this EVER again

- Helix jump

My game is broken and I’m mad! I can’t get off this level it’s like a virus! I would like if App Store could fix this because it would be a great game if it was fixed! I used to love it but I’m upset that I can’t play it. I don’t want to delete the game because I am on a really high level and if I deleted it, all my work and progress would be gone!! This is something to be aware of if you’re getting the game. It may work for you, but for me it doesn’t. My biggest concern is that it may be a virus not on my phone because I have a great phone. Please Please Please get it fixed so I can play again. If it doesn’t get fixed I’ll have to delete the game and then I won’t download it back for all the trouble! I know that it your game may work because it works for my friend. On the other hand it down work for me and my other friend so it just depends. It is definitely something to be aware of before getting the game. I would like to say some good things though. The game is fun and addicting to play(that’s why I’m kinda sad it doesn’t work). That’s honestly the only good thing I can say about the app.(that’s kinda sad)!!!!

- What This Game Could Do Better

To start out, first off this game is really fun and challenging once you really get into it. However, some of the serious problems with the game are how often the ad stream and if you did want to purchase the ad removal, a different ad is covering the purchase button. Secondly, this game isn’t very “color blind” friendly because for someone (like me) that has problems with red, it makes it difficult to tell the color variation and which blocks you can’t land on. Also, skin options are very limited and you only have 12 to choose from. Allowing more shapes and festive skins would improve game enjoyment. Next, the second chance option doesn’t work at all and if you click on it, it will just restart from the top after watching the 15-30sec ad. Finally, having the option to go back to certain levels and having individual high score per level as well as a running “no death” tally would be nice and less frustrating if someone is stuck on a level. Overall, fun game that needs some improvement.

- Super fun game, and has room for improvement :)

I got this game about six months ago, and I’m addicted! It is a really fun way to pass the time, and the new updates (the fortune wheel and new skins and splat settings) make it even more entertaining. However, there are a few things I would like to see improved. The first is, I don’t love the game map. I am on level 1854, and it takes a long time to get to my spot. It was a good idea, but it seems kind of pointless. The next is, the ads. I totally get that they are necessary to make money for the game, but there are so many that it can get pretty disruptive. They pop up every time you die, and every time you pass a level, and sometimes even when you have just begun playing. Just a little bit less would make a big difference, but in the whole scheme of things, this isn’t a super big deal. Next is a small thing, but when you are the thousands, when you fall from the tower, it says you only get +100’s points, when in the score on the top, it ads points based on your level, which for me is in the thousands. Not a big deal, but it was kinda bothering me. ;) Last, in other voodoo games, ( such as rolley vortex) there are missions, which I find really add a lot to the game, and make it more challenging and exciting. Like I said, this game is super fun and addictive! I enjoy the geometric visual aspects( though they could be improved) All in all though, I definitely recommend. Thanks!

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- helix jump four star review

Helix Jump is and was a fun and enetertaining game. I had seen friends and few acquaintances using the app and decided it would be fair if I tried it as well. I was very excited. Finally an app that would never lose lack of its entertainment! I was using the app more than usual, trying to beat high scores and pass levels. it was only last week i got the game. Now, Helix Jump Glitches and freezes where it never used to in the slightest. Thanks, I’m extremely happy with the app and would maybe like a new update. Not just for me, because personal requests never happen but i have seen many others wanting and update and would like to make it clear. Thank you so much, we appreciate you consideration reading this! your sincerely, instinct mind of death!

- Very disappointed— DO NOT DOWNLOAD

When I first downloaded the game a few months ago when it came out, I was rather impressed. It was an addictive game. But there were too many adds and I had to turn off mobile data to play and it still gave me adds. After a while the adds stopped showing and I thought all was well. But the newest update is terrible. It is stuck on the map and I can’t get off it. My screen is frozen and will not leave the app unless I turn off my phone and restart it. I was on level 1893 and was looking forward to hitting 2000. After deleting the game and reinstalling it, it is no better. I cannot get off the map. It also has always glitched when I play. Many times is has made my phone screen go funny after playing and I have to turn my phone off. I do not know if it is just my phone (though I doubt it as I have an iPhone X) or what, but I am very disappointed. The levels are the same and do not get any harder from the first level that I completed. It becomes boring. Do not download unless you want it to glitch and not work. It has caused me lots of frustration and I do not recommend it to anyone. If the app is fixed, then I will reconsider downloading it, but until then, I will remain disappointed.

- Too many ads!!!

It’s an amazing game and I’ve gotten quite good at it. It’s really fun. But..... but but but.... the ads are just.... RIDICULOUS! I know you guys need to make your money but an ad when you pass a level, an ad for another life, an ad when you die, ads as a banner in the bottom of your game screen (moving ads which are distracting and I clicked by mistake a few times cause that’s where I was putting my finger to play) it’s just TOO MANY ADS! And $4.50 is insane for such a basic game. It’s not complex, it doesn’t have multiple game modes. It’s just the same thing. It’s challenging and fun but not worth $4.50. No way! I could understand ads when you ask for another life and maybe when you pass a level but every time you die(which by the way will be a lot) is insane. I died on the first jump of level by accident and had a 30 second ad!!! I have gotten to the point of shutting down the app and reloading it cause it’s better than watching the ads which is very tedious and annoying. All in all - LESS ADS!!!!

- Way to many ads!

This game is great and so fun and addictive and I have gotten quite good at it too. The only problem with it is that there are way to many ads it makes me and my friends want to delete the game and rage quit. Every single time you die or complete a level there is an ad, which doesn’t make the game fun it makes it boring. We all get that the company voodoo makes money from showing us these ads but there are just WAY too many! So many of the people that play helix jump are addicted but that doesn’t mean that they like the ads every second. If helix jump did remove some of the ads and played ads less helix jump would be one of the best games and would have the best ratings and reviews. In conclusion helix jump is many peoples favourite game (including mine) and we would all love it way more if there where less ads. Thank you and please take this review under advisement

- Be Ready

I’ll spit out the problems first. This game has ads. Loads and loads and hoards of ads. It’s like walking into a hoarder’s house and they give you everything you don’t want. The levels are always including the same obstacles and events and do not get any longer. I don’t mind if their short when I’m getting the hang of it but I’m on level 590 and they haven’t gotten any harder. Oh and the store. There aren’t many things to buy and I would like to expand the store. Can they at least include colours to buy. Instead of whatever default one. The game can get glitchy. When my finishes an ad to give me a second chance my ball with be half way down the route and no where near as close to its normal. Now finally the good things. This game is totally addictive. Whenever I’m bored or just lying round, I’ll play. It does include ads that give you a go of what their about so that’s handy. I would tell you to get the game and give it a go, but with what I’ve told you, you may not be so sure.

- The Bad Thing About Helix Jump

I’m really good at Helix Jump and the people who are on level 100 says that “level 100 keeps on freezing” but I’m on level 110! But that might be because I’m on an iPad and others are on a phone! Other then that disagreement I absolutely ❤️ Helix Jump. There are also too many ads. As fellow players has said there are too many advertisements. There are advertisements on the bottom of the screen, when you first turn on the game, if you want a 2nd Chance and every time you die. It’s too many and I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of all the ads. Please don’t think that this is a bad game because it’s really an addictive game and is really fun and it’s challenging at the same time. As I said before I’m on level 110 and I did that in about 2 - 3 weeks! You will want to keep on playing it! Sorry about this long and boring message.

- Abesolutely awesome. Apart from one thing

Personally I am overly addicted to this game and spend most nights staying up until like 1:00am playing it, it has amazing graphics and features like the great details on the weapons and objects. I love how you can play with your friends or basically anyone. There is a huge range of different weapons which is very handy. The only couple of things that are wrong with it are these, first of all I play on one of the newest iPads, iPad 6th generation. So you’d expect everything to be in pretty good order. But when I go to click the backpack symbol it is very hard when the controlling button is covering most of it. Which obviously it then takes a while to click on it. Which is annoying when you are trying to open it quickly. Secondly.

- Rosegoldpenny

When I first started using helix jump in 2018 I loved it, it was a simple fun game where you bounced from platform to platform and I got to pretty high levels! I really enjoyed playing in my breaks. Not long ago I redownloaded it in 2020 and it’s way updated and really bad! Rather than just seeing how many levels you could get, it’s introduced this thing called chests where every five levels you get interrupted with some ball toy thing you don’t even want! And after all that, to actually get the prize you have to watch a video. There used to be occasional ads, like every 8 levels or something, and I understand games need to make money so that’s fine, but now when I play, there are ads after I finish every single level. It’s ridiculous and there’s no point playing 10-20 seconds of level only to be stopped for a 30 second ad break before resuming play. I’m really disappointed with the new version and won’t be playing any more.

- Great App! But has its ups and downs..

I have became addicted to this game, but as well as it being fun to play, I get frustrated by the fact, when you die/ land on the wrong thing, a selection of your choice shows up; you can either select watch a video for a second chance, or try again. Even if I press try again, an ad still shows up. I disagree with having this in a game, because it is wasting people’s time by putting in the same ad for Garden Scapes every single time. If you change this, I will guarantee you that many other people including me would continue to become more and more addicted to this game.

- frustrating and not worth the time

this app became slightly annoying to me even before I downloaded it in the form of excessive instagram ads, but when I caved in, that annoyance only grew. not only is the app extremely repetitive and glitches to the point where all the enjoyment is painfully sucked out, but it doesn’t work as a quick two minute thing for when ur in a line or bored or something like I imagine many people would want to use it for, purely because of the sheer volume of ads. between each attempt I was forced to suffer through the same boring ad over and over only to mess up and have to sit through it again. perhaps more exasperatingly, they often have ads randomly pop up on the screen in game in positions designed to have you accidentally tap them while trying to play and thus lose your progress. mediocre concept, dreadful execution. if it wasn’t already obvious enough, I wouldn’t recommend.

- The worst update

This was one of the first games downloaded to my phone and besides a whole lot of adds, it was reasonably addictive. After accidentally deleting this app, it probably updated many times before I re-downloaded. The updated versions (expected to be better), were not. Now, there is twice as many adds, and before deleting this, I was on level ~2000 with a high score of ~1,000,000, and the update won’t even save the score from the previous levels, it only records the score from one level alone (which wouldn’t be as high as a streak of 40 levels or so). The update is so frustrating and I don’t recommend downloading this unless you were lucky and quick enough to have downloaded the earlier version of this game. If only these problems were resolved or the updates non-existent, hopefully, it would be a better game so please fix this game! Thanks.

- Best game ever!

Ok if I could then I would give this gave a higher rating because it is the best app I’ve downloaded on my iPod for a long time( even though I only got my iPod the other day(to be exact Christmas Day) so I know that a frickin lot of you complain 2 things you can do: turn off the internet or buy down in on of the bottom corners get rid of all adds and what they mean by that is they won’t get rid of the second chances they only get rid of the adds you don’t want to see! By the way there are more levels than you think on my iPad I’m up to level 1034 and on this iPod I’m up to 50 Thank you for reading!


Ok so I love this game and all but I have a bone to pick with the creator, I know you need to earn money and all but there’s so many ADS, Like really it’s just too crazy, you die there’s an ad and even when you complete a level. I’m at the point where when ever there is an ad I feel angry and i close out of the app and go back in cause it’s actually faster than watching an ad! I mean like and add to get another life and once every like 2-5 levels you beat an ad can pop up but not very time you die or beat a level. Also the LAG! I was close to the end lots of times and then there is a lag that pauses and freezes the screen for about 3 seconds and I die.... In the end all I’m saying is less ads and fix some bugs!


I absolutely love this game, everyone has it and is so addictive to it...BUT THERE ARE TO MANY ADS , ad after ad after ad, I am sick and tired of the ads, I get it your trying to make money, but I have asked all my friends who play this game and they all agree that you guys need to put less ads and none of my friends have actually bought a game that you were advertising, you put an ad after you die, after you pass a level, to save a life and I could go on, you guys just got carried away with putting ads into this game But this game is really really fun and amazing But you need to put less ads in

- Sensitivity & ads

To start off I think this is an amazing game that I am addicted to but I just hav a few issues! The sensitivity of this game is a bit too much, like where the paint splattered when the ball hits, even if it’s just a spec it will say I’m out and I have tried to see if I can change the sensitivity but I couldn’t find anything!! Also, the ads! There r way way way way way way way too many ads! Like whenever I die, whenever I win, ads at he bottom of the screen and many more places! Like I understand u guys need to make money but I personally think that it’s way too much!! But I do like the game!!

- Helix Jump

I’ve had this game on my iPhone and now on my iPad. I love this game but there’s one problem and one thing I would like you to know. This will help the people wanting to purchase this app. What is the problem is: When you die (sometimes) it says “CONTINUE?” in a circle if you want to continue you need to watch an ad. If you press “NO THANKS”, you might want to think again. It still gives you an ad. I’m not complaining, as it is a great way to advertise games, I would like you to fix that though! You don’t have to, just a suggestion. What I want you to know: Somebody has stolen your game, that have given it a different name. If you change your location to Australia and search “Pain Tower” it comes up with it. All the helixes are the exact same. It’s not letting any reviews go out. If it is made by you though I am sorry. I just thought somebody in the Helix Jump team should check it out if it wasn’t one of your games! From, A happy Helix Jump user! 🤗

- Please Fix graphics and interactions

"Hey Epic games, so lately I have been playing Fornite Battle Royale on my iPad 2017. It’s been prettty smooth for IOS until you guys did updates. My graphics are terrible, really pixelated and not playable. Theirs has been massive amounts of lag even though my wifi is fine, and I have had this iPad for less than 6 months. There has also been interaction differculties, for example ‘Junk Junction’ I cant search any chest there. I am having second thoughts about this game as I also play on PS4. Please epic fix these graphics and bugs for the iPad 2017

- Honestly!

Honestly, every second a new ad shows up during my gameplay! When that happens I get killed and then need to watch another ad to be revived! And even when I don’t press on second chance, an ad decides to pop up just before I hit play. Another problem is the lag and bugs. It seems the higher I move up the more laggy it becomes and every time I try to jump over those walls lag comes and glitches it so I don’t make it over! Overall this game is fantastic to play but, you do experience ads very frequently and lag.

- Awesome game!

When I first read the reviews for this app I was very disappointed to hear that this game had a significant problem with ads because when I saw the video it looked like a truely awesome and addictive game. So I tried the game out anyway and was astonished with the results... there was hardly ANY ads! They must have read the complaints and fixed the problem because I only ever got ads was when i clicked on an extra life and every second time I died I got an ad. Anyway, the ad annoyance is gone and this awesome app should be applauded!

- Love it ! But...

I love this game! I have passed level 100 already and I am loving it. I play it all the time and it is great for car rides. I love all your games you have made and you should keep making more. But there are way to many ADS!!! I have NO time at all to even enjoy the game because there are ads that waste your time and the ads only show you reasons to get other games. I think many people will agree with me and hopefully you will too. Keep making great games, but with less ads. From a fan of your games MIA

- Good game, but WAY too many ads

I personally enjoy Helix Jump and think it’s very fun, but the main reason I find myself not playing it that often is that it has WAY too many ads. Every second time I lose (don’t finish the level) an ad pops up, and it really disrupts what otherwise could of been a fantastic game. The annoying and disruptive ads are the only reason I’m not giving this game a 4/5 star rating. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that ads are the only way for the company to make money (if the game is free), but I have played many other free mobile games and none of them have as many ads as this one. NO ONE 👏 LIKES 👏 ADS 👏.

- Why I rated it with a two star

This is kinda silly because my reason was you could only play Fortnite on specific devices and I did not have any of those devices. I just wish it’ll come on iOS 11.3 (my iOS version device) hopefully they will maybe I’ll get another device that I can use on FM. I do also have another reason why do you have to sign up on a list? Well it’s just a fun game I been waiting for, is because there’s to much people I dunno. But aside from the different devices this is a fun playing mobile app.


This is my favourite game. There’s no faults, except maybe that there’s too many ads when all I want to do is keep playing. Usually when I get games, I lose interest in them after they get boring, but with each new level and bonus level in between, helix jump never gets boring! Finally it’s that game y’all been looking for, it couldn’t be more perfect. Appropriate for all ages. If any parents are reading this to see if they should let their kid get the game, then by all means LET THEM because helix jump is the best game.

- Stop the adds

I have found that any game created bye this company, could have the title as an “add simulator”. It get very annoying always watching adds when you die or even randomly. I have to turn off wifi or mobile data to play this game to its fullest. If I don’t, the game even laggs because of all the adds. But however, when I do turn off mobile data, the game is fun and addicting. It’s very simple and keeps me interested. I would recommend it, but I would tell anyone getting the game to turn of mobile data of wifi.

- Just turn off your Wi-Fi!

Hey, everybody, how many of you think there are too much ads? A lot of you. I know, I know, me too. Well, I have a simple solution to it. Here it is - just turn off your Wi-Fi!! I tried this with all the games I have that 1. Have too many ads and 2. Are able to work without Wi-Fi, and guess what? IT WORKED! I encourage you all to try it and you will be happy with the results, trust me! I love the game Helix Jump, it is soooo addicting. I do it every time I get bored and am bored no more. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP TO EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU GET BORED A LOT. LOVE THE GAME!!!

- Wait wha-

I literally don’t get how this game is 12+, there is nothing wrong with it :/ but this game is pretty good and i like it a lot but maybe you should add more levels and try to make it just a bit more difficult because i did them very easily and this is just a question If you can add more levels and make them harder and if you wanna please respond cause I’d love to see more. Although, the adds are just too much! It’s also very laggy and you should limit the adds they have on there, maybe an add every 5th time you die would be good or just no adds at all, of course my opinion, no hate, goodbye.

- Could you please add something

"Hello I really love the game I play it a lot I sometimes win but I mostly lose, one of the reasons why is that there's no shoot button on the right, but on the left there's a shoot button which I will never use, so when I'm 1v1 with someone I find it really hard to shoot, like it's hard to tap the screen and run at the same time, please could you please make a shoot button there or customize your controls I would appreciate for you to do that, but you don't have to.

- Too long to gain energy

I’m loving the game, but it takes so long to fill the energy meter, and it gets used up so quickly! Gems are extremely overpriced to refill the energy meter. The game is really cool, the graphics are great and all that, but only being able to play for a few minutes at a time before all the energy is used up is pretty frustrating. I’m not sure what the solution is, but I can see the reoccurring problem getting old fast and I will probably end up deleting the app.

- A 3 star review

Sometimes it glitches and it shuts out on me for no reason even if I am in the strongest room of the wifi, every time I fail a add comes on, I do know that there is a option of no adds but there is just so many, so sometimes I will turn my wifi off to ovoid the adds but then it gets super glichy so I won’t play it. That’s enough of the negativity but it is super fun and really gets the brain thinking! I would recommend this to my friends and family but I wouldn’t really bother on recommending this to other people but if you consider yourself lazy this will get your brain up and going!

- Great but not so great

Hi I don’t know if it’s my phone or the actual game but i can tell you I love the game but hate playing it!!! Know why? It’s so glitchy! Plus there is way to many adds! It goes like this “ yes I am on the next level, oh wait another add!!!” Also like this “ okay almost got it that’s it that’s it then bam great I was this close 👌to going to the next level and then glitch glitch glitch!” Over all I love the game and would play it slot more if there were less adds and less glitches!!🤗🤗🤗😉😝😊😊🙃😘😊😆😘🤣😆😘😊🤣😘😊😘🤣😊🤣😊😘😊😛😊🙂🤣😘😆🤣😘😆🤣😘🤣😁😆😘🤣😊😂😍😊😍🤣😆😂😊😛😂😊😊🤣🤣 Thanks for taking your time today to read this have a nice day!😀😀😀😀😀

- I love helix jump But......

I love helix jump But me, my sister and cousin keep getting the same, and that’s not all the levels are getting easier and easier and every 4 or 5 levels there is this easy one when you can’t die and there’s nothing new like the green-arose-speed things come on!!!! OTER then that the game soooooooooooooooooooo good!!👍🏼!! If your wondering what level I’m on I’m on 559 almost on 560!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😺😸😺😸😺😸😺🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥰😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😘😘🥰😘😘🥰🥰😘😘😜😜😝😝😛😛😋😚🤪🤪😚😋😋😛😛😝😜😜😝😛😋🤪🤪🤩🥳🥳🤩🤩🤪🤪🤩🤩🥳🥳🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😳👍🏼👍🏼😺😺😘😜😝🤩🥳😝😝😋🥰😚😍😍👍🏼👍🏼😺😺😘😛😛😘😘🤩🥳🤯😋😋🥰😚😍😘😘🤪🤪🤩😳😝

- Ads are overload

I honestly love the game I thinks it’s very basic but fun it’s not such a detailed game which makes it interesting and like a little small entertaining thing to do while your bored but ..it’s frustrating how ads never leave they come back one after another and another . Yes, yes you need to make the money but that’s way too much ads ..way too much, the ads honestly are going to make me delete the game at a point because what’s the point with all those ads that will not let me play in peace ..and it ruins my mood I’m not trying to be dramatic or anything but yeah I really don’t like getting frustrated.

- It’s a good game but

Every level seems to be and same level of difficulty, they aren’t getting anymore challenging for me and it’s a waste of time. The adds drive me insane the ones that pop up down the bottom that move are so distracting for me, I just have to put my phone on airplane mode so then I can just play the game without getting distracted. I would suggest this game if you have like nothing to do but if you think it’s going to be great fun and your going to play it every day just think twice before you download it read some reviews and see other people’s perspective first.

- This game is really fun but.....

This game is a really good game to pass time with though there are way to many adds! Also the levels get to hard to quickly! Though then once you have got the hang of it it is an easy fun game to play for example U couldn’t get passed level 2 then 3 then 4 but then once I had done them each about 30 to 50 times then all the levels were easy and fun to play. Even my sister who are under 12 can play this game with ease now!

- Game and ads

Amazing game but SSSSOOOO many ads. So so so so so so many ads. I mean I know you guys have to make money but come on, really? Do you really need an ad EVERY SINGLE TIME you die? And some times they come up in the middle of my game I mean seriously? I understand maybe one for a life and maybe when you pass a level but maybe cut it down a bit. But a thing I like is how it doesn’t get any harder but you still want to keep playing like I’m on level 123 and I still want to keep playing. All in all I think it is a good game but way way way way way to many ads.

- I love the app but

Hey there. I love your app. It is so entertaining and probably the best app I have ever played. It’s just with the adds, there is just to many. I understand you get sponsored and paid but there is just to many and it becomes glitchy. Also when you want to continue on the “round” your on and you click the watch an add to continue button, it always makes me go to the start of my level. Most of my friends experience the same thing and it gets very frustrating. Love the app, just some constructive criticism❤️👍🏻

- Great game

This really is a fun game and surprisingly addictive. However the ads are far too frequent and extremely annoying. Please don’t make them so frequent and then I might consider paying for the “no ads” even though a player buys the “no ads” apparently it won’t stop all of the ads from coming entirely (why, I don’t know). To me it feel like a money grab and I don’t like that. If I’m paying for “no ads” that should mean that I get no ads when playing.

- Good but....car trips......ice cream.....and chocolate

This game is good for car tips, it definitely ice cream 🍦 and is absolutely chocolate. I’m going to tell you how. Firstly this game is good for car trips because you have no wifi usually, and if you are out camping it is good to play whenever you can. I have used this going camping many times. So it is good for this reason. Secondly this game is definitely ice cream 🍦 because it makes me cold 🥶 extremely on the blue levels since I live in Canada 🇨🇦 and I get cold easily to blue stuff but I don’t get cold in the snow. I think you should see if it makes you cold. Finally it is chocolate 🍫 witch means it is very good I think you should install it but hopefully it doesn’t make you cold or you could use it while your camping or have no wifi also if you are stressed or depressed 😞😣 Make sure to use emojis to express I love emojis you should too. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🥳🥰🌈⭐️

- This game is great but not so much for me now🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

So the app was great until one day I got on and all once I finished a level it would just restart the points at the top and it’s rlly annoying cause I’m on level 1886 and it just randomly started happening, when it first started to happen, I thought it was just a little bug and thought that if I refreshed the app as in deleting it from recent apps opened, but nope and I sought it’s the phone cause I have the xr which is a great phone, I’ve tried everything to make it work like it did before but nope nothing happened. Pls fix it I rlly enjoy playing this game but I can’t play it properly without having to restart my score every new level🤦‍♀️

- Chews through the Battery

It is an amazingly fun and challenging game. But..... The ads can easily chew through your data. This is because there is a ton of ads, but this can be avoided by turning your wifi and mobile data off. And the game also chews through a lot ( and i mean a lot ) of battery. It used about 10% of my battery on the space of 15 minutes. This may be because of my phone being an iPhone 5 ( not an iPhone 5s or 5c or newer ). Otherwise it is a great game and would recommend to my friends.

- Game challenge

This game is fun and addictive to play although it has recently become boring to me. This is just because the game doesn’t really focus on the features of being competitive, it’s all pretty much all in the same level trying to make you reach as far as you can. I’m up to level 406. And nothing has changed. This game will be 10x better if you just make it a bit more challenging to play. For example adding in other obstacles or lives.


I just have to say that this game is really addicting, but it needs improvements on the ads! They are so annoying and every time I make a mistake, an ad pops up! Or if I finish a level an ad pops up! Its not fair! Anyways, apart from that, I love this game so much and if the ads weren't there, I would rate this game 5 star!😂😂 If your looking for a fun game to play, I would recommend this game or ROBLOX or some other fun game...😐😐😐 Lol! In conclusion, I recommend this game as a fun, addicting app! Have fun!

- Great game

This is a great game. The graphics are excellent but a downfall would be running out of energy. I am an absolute potter head but was disappointed to discover that the game as a striking similarity to the sims regarding energy, gems and coins. Happy with the game but it would be wicked if you could explore the castle and there was another means of completing activities. On a more positive note the constant theme music and striking character resemblances to the cast of the movie was amazing. I love the character choices. An overall great game.

- What is with the new ad?

It’s not my idea of a fun time to sit and watch some weird tower parade s l o w l y up the screen while I wait to play the actual game. No chance to skip or fast forward. Shutting the game and opening again brings me back to exactly the same place. Something like ten minutes of waiting, waiting, waiting. I’ve deleted the game now. This used to be an amusing pastime (even though it seemed to drain more power than anything else on my phone). It became unplayable and so it’s “goodbye” from me. Oh - I have tried the “pay to remove ads” option with other games in the past, only to find the ads continue after my money has been taken. So it is not a real option.

- Ok but the levels

Ok so this game is really fun, but as you go up in levels they need to be harder, I am finding it easy to beat levels. I am up to level 101 and it is getting boring. Another thing is the adds, there are too many adds. This is a real red flag for me, there is an add almost every time you die, pass a level and for every time you want to get a second life, why can’t it just be a couple adds here and there? But in the end this game can be enjoyable and I do recommend it for others.

- Good apart from the ads

Helix jump is a really fun game. I got it about 2 months ago and I am on level 231 all my friends love it too and one is on 500!! It is so entertaining, exiting and addictive🙃 Now comes the bad part😢....... TOO MANY ADS!! Sorry to sound rude but there really is too many ads. seriously an ad after I pass a level, an ad on the bottom of the screen when I am trying to play. Sometimes I accidentally press on the ad when I am trying to swipe to get down and I die before I can reach the next level. I have had so many different ads that I can’t keep count!! ☹️ But I found a solution for those ads all you have to do is turn on aeroplane mode and then there will be no wifi and no ads!!😋😛😝 But overall it is a great game and I would definitely recommend it!!

- To all the IPhone 6’s and below

"Fortnite is a battle royale with exciting combat and many different features with new updates coming out. The reason why fortnite only works on latest devices is because your iPhone/iPad is unable to run it. It is not the developers fault if you are unable to run it. Fortnite is to big for your phone to handle and even if you tried to open it. The app would most likely crash due to the phone/iPad being incompatible.

- Greatest game ever

Helix jump is the greatest game because it involves your concentration your power and if you give up just keep on trying and trying and trying to get and . Helix jump has more than about 200 levels so you can start over and over again and what’s a good about this game is that it will challenge you so because it has two different colours for example I’m level 41 and you have to stay on the green and avoid the yellow By Akur deng

- Doesn’t work anymore

"I think the game is awesome, I downloaded it today and played for about an hour. After closing it and going onto another app it stoped working, I tried playing again it it said “Fortnite servers are currently undergoing maintenance please try agin later”. so I deleted the app and re-downloaded it and it has the same problem. I have also turned off the wifi and tried again several times and it doesn’t work.

- It’s a great game

Over all it’s a great game and I love it to just pass the time. Plus I have a great tip for customers involving adds-just turn off wifi as the game does not need wifi to work. I also think it needs to be updated as you can destroy the end goals which means you have to restart. If you do it just right you can get more boost from the green boosters as they don’t disappear. but thanks for making the game as I would suggest it 😀

Payoneer 💰

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- Pretty good

I saw my little brother playing it and fell in love. But there are a lot of ads doesn’t bug me that much. But this games is so much fun. Good in long car rides

- Too many ads

I think I might have spent more time watching ads than playing the game itself

- How to solve the ad problem

Turn on airplane mode. You’re welcome :)

- Keeps crashing

So much for the nice ad , I deleted some stuff to play this not worth it at all

- Good Game

Great Game, Voodoo! One thing you should do is add more splashes and balls.

- No Ads Scam

I paid to get rid of the ads but to review and replay I still have to deal with a long ad. I paid $3.99 and still dealing with the ads because of this I think it's a Scam to get the money in my opinion

- Too many ads

Watching more ads than playing the game. Also sometimes the ads interrupted the game

- Ads ads ads..

You spend more time looking at ads than actual game play. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- Broken Update

The game has been stuck on the loading screen with the ball just bouncing on the level I’m supposed to be playing ever since the last update

- Publicité

Trop de publicité! C’est vraiment excessif! 🤬

- Good at the beginning

Started out good, but then more and more video ads get added as you progress. Then I got to level 101 and the game crashed. Restarted my phone, updated the app, and it still won’t work. Game had other bugs and problems along the way too

- Super fun game but the ads are too much

The amount of ads this game has is just ridiculous, there’s more ads than there is gameplay, but this can be easily fixed by just going on airplane mode. It’s just a bit of a hassle to remember to do that every time I open the game to play. Other than that, though, this is a super addicting game and I really enjoy it.


I went all the way to 100000 and it brought me down to 90000

- Amazing Game

I really love this game, and people are saying there are a lot of ads but actually if you turn off wifi the game is amazing!

- bruh

why does it restart our score after we pass the level? i miss the old one this is garbage

- Not good

Too many ads, there’s many bugs and glitches. Use to be much better, now it’s just plain boring and there’s barely any selection for different balls. Definitely deleting.

- So fun!

I don’t care what others think it’s really fun!!! I totally recommend this!!

- Score

Bring back the cumulative score. Otherwise it’s kind of pointless

- Fun

Definitely is good for a long car ride

- Helix jump

Helix jump is a great game. A tip is if u want no adds of free just turn off your wifi

- New bug with adding power up please fix

There is a bug if you hit a power up at the end of a level it will knock the finish base off and you can't finish the level and the game is stuck in a loop. The only way to restart is to close the game completely and start again. Screwed up quite a few of my high scores.

- Sahanna

Helix jump is a awesome game, in age rating I would say 8+ the adds get annoying, and it is very frustrating when you can’t pass a level. I gave helix jump five stars because there’s basically thousands of levels and it is fun to play and compete against some one, who can get the highest level!

- Love it

Best game ever played🤩

- Bug

Quand la plateforme se pete mais que tu meurs pareil...a régler👍👌

- Ads

Can you please remove the ads they are really annoying or make it so you can buy no ads because the one you have does not work.

- Buy Idiot

Stupid people I’m pregaming keep being on

- Amazing. Pls read

Saw my sister playing it so I decided to download it. I fell in love with it but I noticed there was too many adds. So I turned off my wifi and put it on air plane mode for no adds. So if ur complaining about adds turn off wifi and put it on airplane mode.

- Awesome

I love this game and it's awesome for when you're really bored

- Great Game Devopler, terrible advertising

I love VooDoo games, they’re simple yet fun. But the Ads ruin every single one of your games. If you’re connected to internet it’s almost at the point where it’s unplayable. And I’m not paying $6 each app for no ads. Listen to your customers.

- Meh

Decently fun arcade game, but nothing special. However, they spam the ads so hard that you never get to enjoy the game. After each death, they ask if you would like to watch a add to keep playing. (Like most arcade games.) But after they ask, they play an add anyways. Never mind the add at the bottom of your screen constantly.

- It’s a good toilet game but...

It’s a fun little game, but it’s laggy. The commercials are bad but hit retry once sometimes twice before a commercial comes on and then when it does just closer the app and start it up again. Takes 4 seconds to restart rather then a 30 stupid commercial :) your welcome!

- Helix jump

hey! I used to have this game a while back loved it got a new phjne and totally forgot about the game. Honestly a really fun game! Other than the game being great!! It saves my iCloud to Game Center but didn’t save my progress! To be honest I was past level 1000:( now I have to start back at start:( when I played it a while ago there was no adds. Now evry two times you play you get an add. People don’t like adds might wanna do somthjng about that. The bottom of the screen even has an ad:( to many adds was a great game a while ago until you have to watch an ad evry two plays! -Adrianna

- Bad game

Really frustrating

- Why on earth I cannot restore purchase?

I purchased this with my iPhone 8+ and now I have iPhone 11, it won’t restore my purchase. 👎🏼

- Arhggg!

This game is super fun but it can be glitchy and there are too many ads please fix!

- Why

So much ads, this game is trash

- Bad

100%you can not beat level 5 until 100th time and then just wait until level 6

- I literally love this game!!

I play it like all the time. I fixed the ad problem and I'm using the new version, the new version lets u play as an apple,diamond,chest and more...😊😌🤗I loooove this game

- 👎👎☹️

I don’t like it cuz it’s just there’s nothing fun too do and well I deleted it bad game 🙁

- Okay, but is too repetitive

I don’t enjoy it very much and it’s not a lot of fun in my opinion. It’s too repetitive, and needs some variation. The game does not have a lot of ads, but it’s very laggy! (My device is an iPhone 8).

- Helix jump

I love this game💕 it’s so much fun I like that they have different colours for different levels, there are a lot of adds but I don’t mind. This game would be good to do if ur bored or have nothing else to do. I also like that the levels never end. Like at my old school I saw an eight grader play and she was on level 2000 or something like that.

- So relaxing

For some reason the ads don’t bother me! Totally recommend

- It’s ok

I play when I am bored


It’s the worst the app puts way to many lose points! If they fix that then it would be better

- Old Helix jump

So I used to play this when I was 6 no ads and it was fun no chest just satisfying but when chests and ads became out it ruined it and made ist similar to other io or games

- 😘

I love helix jump

- Helix jump

I play this game every day

- Wth

So when I was BitLife I got an ad for this and then my speaker started to make some weird noises and some people say if you hear that they are watching you I recommend you don’t play this.

- Ads

This is a great game don’t get me wrong but the ADS! It asks if i want to revive and continue the game for the cost of watching an ad. I clicked the exit button and it does the most annoying thing! It hits me with an AD!!! WHY!!!

- Age rating


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- Fun Game!

This game is super fun, and I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love the game itself, because there’s no stress or “punishment” if you mess up on a level. However, like most games, there are flaws. I recently had to delete and re-download the app because of a HORRIBLE glitch. I had gotten to a somewhat high benchmark, and when I opened the app it glitched. Normally, the ball falls through all the different levels. Instead of it dropping to mine, it just paused on level 54. I closed the app, restarted my iPad, and no matter how many times I reloaded the same glitch would occur. I’m mildly upset that my progress was lost, but it’s a fun game so I’ll have no problem regaining my progress. One more thing before you can stop reading my absurdly long review; the adds aren’t too much of a problem, unless you have little to no patience. Thanks for considering my feedback, and I hope you enjoy the game (because it’s really fun)!

- Too unpolished for this many ads

This game has a lot of potential. It could reach the same popularity that Doodle Jump once did, but it feels unfinished. The game does not respond smoothly to a finger sliding back and forth, at least on the small screen of an iPhone SE. Additionally, that finger blocks such a significant portion of the screen that it is difficult to look ahead far enough. With all this, it feels like I am beta testing, not playing a finished game. This brings me to the ads. I know mobile games need ads to survive. That’s not my issue. My issue is that there are SO MANY of them. As well as the banners and ads when you fail a level too many times, there are two ads in between every level. That’s absurd. This game is not nearly finished enough to justify even a single ad between levels, much less two. Also, the lower banner ad takes up much needed screen space, making the game significantly more frustrating to play. A note to the developers- consider implementing alternate controls that use the accelerometer (like doodle jump). I like the idea, and I like the visual design. Keep it up! -J

- Has potential

Overall I like the game concept but there are some issues that would make it better if they were resolved. 1. I know a lot of people are complaining about the ads and I too found them annoying but I was willing to pay the small fee to eliminate the ads. Now in the middle of playing a level, sometimes the option to purchase the ad-free option pops up in the middle of play. Since I’ve already purchased the option it should never appear again. 2. Scoring displays wrong after you get to 100,000 points. It seems to cut off the last digit during play after you get to 100k. It still keeps track of the number properly so it’s displayed correctly at the end of a level, but the running total is incorrect any time you get past 100k 3. Progress during the level. I’d like to see an actual number and progress for the level as I’m playing it.. For instance most levels or maybe all have about 38 layers that need to be played. It would be more helpful to see something like 12 of 38 with 12 being the number of layers I’ve already passed and 38 being the total number of layers on that level. 4. Difficulty does not change as you progress. There are different options her but at a minimum add layers to the higher levels. 5. Themes - I’m not sure who thought this new feature had any value. Whether I see a plain sphere or some other shape as the bouncing ball has no impact on the game. This was a waste of time to develop the feature.

- This game has something special! Please read.

This game may be horrible in ways such as adds and lag but even then I cannot put my iPad down... Something addicting about it makes it hard to stop playing. It is challenging fun and satisfying. Also it makes you rage which is not a bad thing really. This game must have something satisfying about it that I don’t know about. And with a variety of levels, colors, obstacles, to skins! I swear that it Is a game I will never ever delete, and for the developer, you have made one of the best games on the App Store. From the first time I saw an add about this game I was dying to play it. From the first time I played it I couldn’t put my iPad down. Now developer, I am very picky when it comes to games and you are one of the few who have succeeded to amuse me in the game. Congrats! Continue working hard to make this game better and better. Sincerely, CooCooKitty 😸

- Sofia azzarello

I like how the kids have to do different things and it’s a fun game and it’s challenging different things that will come upon you in life and you have to let them go and they’ll be challenges so this is like good practice for kids and I really like this game and I’m I made it to level five or four I can’t remember but I am so yeah I am really enjoying this game and I think it would be so much fun if someone else can play in the world because I know I will I love it so I think that other kids would love it too and in life there will always be easy passes enough to make our choices and this game is like a challenge and other kids can like it too it’s just you don’t have to like it but you should know that there should always be a path that leads you to different levels that just come make you come across the different things in life I love this game I really do and one day some kid will love it to

- The challenging

This game is the most fun in my life but it has some problems it’s really hard and every time whenever I push the video button and I’m watching add it goes right to zero and sometimes I go back to the beginning and the last very last skin is unlocked 5 things or whatever those um skins are and I’m not quite sure what it is because I have all of the skins and I don’t have that one skin so it’s kind of in the middle like it’s really fine but it has some problems which is OK but it’s actually in between three stars and five. This is the first thing of ever expressed in my life the only game I’ve ever expressed but it’s really really good game it’s really hard to express it’s fun difficult and hard at the same time but it’s a lot of fun and if you want to try it it’s really good like all you do is challenging things like you don’t move the ball around you move the pole with the sticks for the platforms.

- Great Game But.....

I’ve really enjoyed playing Helix Jump so far. But after the new update, I’ve noticed some problems. If you use the green power up too many times in one level, it will cause the bottom tier to disappear and the ball will basically keep falling forever. In order to fix this issue, I have to close out the app and restart the whole level. This issue can be very annoying and ruins the game in my opinion. I hope you read my review to try to amend this problem. Edit: Okay now I’m really upset. I wrote this review on Friday and it is now Sunday. I’ve continued to play the game after I wrote my review because it’s one of my favorites. Earlier today, I reached a high score of 8 million (I know, overachiever) and I was really happy with it. Because of the stupid glitch, the green power up caused my ball to fall forever. Because of this, I had to exit out of the game and come back. As expected, when I came back, all of my progress was lost and I was really mad. I even contemplated deleting the game. Please fix this troublesome problem along with the annoying ads before people get fed up.

- I love Hexa jump you should go buy it

It is free a lot of people have it I rated lot of it but I have one star two star three star four star five star you can do our posters if you can just tried out and you’ll see how funny it is too so you should see how families and you should go by it will be really fun for you I don’t know you should expire family just to go try it because it’s really fun and a lot of people read nice so I think you should really go and try not to copies of the people I can give you some reason to show you what so you can’t hang like it’s like this you can’t get a color you can only have like one color it’s like hoop smash if you have already got it who is national recall copied that game so don’t buy hoop smash you should really go home and get him to drop his hot to drink with me for them first and it was really it’s really fun it’s really really fun it’s really just go get out OK guys bye that’s mine


Okay. so i actually love this game so much. i play it like 24/7. i play it any chance I get. the ads aren’t a problem cause there isn’t many of them which i like - i mean there could be less but ik ppl need to have ads in their games for money reasons - anyway, i also don’t think how each level isn’t a different color. there’s like a recurring pattern and it’s kinda annoying but again, it’s fine lol So yeah, over all i love this app get it, it’s amazing thx bye 😂😂 — okay update (a few weeks later) — while writing the previous review i was stuck on level 60 something. after the update i’m on level 151. the update made the levels SO much easier which i don’t like at all. i like a challenge and i like being stuck on a level for days maybe even weeks at a time and after this update i pass through 3 to 4 levels at once which is really annoying. the games too easy now and i don’t like that. i do still love the game i just don’t like how easy the levels got

- Why it is a good game

Because I can take off your stress even though you lose at least you can have a second chance and it’s always a winner I love this game is the favorite game I love this game whoever invented this game I love them because this game like whenever I’m mad at someone at least my stress comes out and that’s what I need because I can never come out but this game makes it come out you make me tired but I don’t want to keep going because is my favorite game at want to give up on it I know someday I would win this game I love this game to be honest everybody should love this game because if they don’t they’re missing out I don’t know I never played this game they’re also missing out like everybody should love this game and know how to like be kind whoever made it like you don’t want to be mean if you don’t like that game some people had I seen it I am and I hope you can read this whole thing

- Wayyyyyyy to many ads

At first I thought this game was really fun. I spent hours trying to get to like level 200 hundred. That might sound stupid. Well...Because it is. That is absolutely your only fun playing this game. I’m being serious. I’m going to be 100% honest every single level is the same as the last. Besides ads repetitively is the most annoying thing about games like these. Well you might think okay that’s a good thing to do when your bored at least it doesn’t have ads. Well boy are you WRONG. There is so many ads I actually want to throw my phone and watch it shatter just so I don’t have to see the same 5 ads on repeat about other free game’s that are also filled with ads. After you get to like level 1,000 there is only one reason you keep the game. So you can brag to your friends and after you’ve done that there is NO point. Like it’s suppose to make you not bored when you play the game. But I get bored WHILE playing that game. Now I think that would be something to be ashamed of in the app world. If you get the app be prepared to only keep it for a week tops. Or at least enjoy it so I suggest not getting it.

- This game is my favorite!

I love this game a lot! I always play it when I’m bored which is pretty often, even when I get bored of the game I just keep going sometimes I wish there was a list of people with the most levels done, because I’m at level 390 something and I think it would be so fun to compete with others too get the most levels. Probably something only too happen in a dream though. As I said, this game is my favorite, it’s not super complicated but it’s still pretty difficult and it’s always fun too challenge yourself too beat your high score on this game. I really hope this game gets more fun updates too make it a bit more interesting, I’d love that but I wouldn’t want the game too change completely. This game is pretty addicting even though sometimes I don’t play for a while, no matter I always come back. Thanks to the person who made this game!

- Ugh

I think the game is good for the first few levels but they give you the same levels over and over again and I think die there should be different types of levels like it’s just the same amount of difficulty right now I’m on level 426 and it is easiest level four so I think that there should be more difficulty in the game but other than that the game is pretty good but maybe be working on that a little more very disappointed and it’s a Wi-Fi free game but when you do have Wi-Fi and you want to play that game then he gives you add like what in the world it’s a Wi-Fi free game but it gives you ask I just don’t get that I think it’s a good thing to have Wi-Fi but when you do have the Wi-Fi thing you have to get bags that is so stupid so maybe you should fix that just because that you are putting ads on there to make more money and the new intro that you guys made was stupid every time I want to click on and get off of an ad as you go to that dumb stupid intro same but love one month like fixed that you guys are really watching the game before was pretty good not great for sure not great but Now it’s just plain stupid

- Great game but....

I really love the game. I played it non stop, I was on like level 428! It was so addictive I couldn’t stop playing it was so fun! But I don’t really understand what the wheel of fortune feature is for. It gave me coins but I didn’t know what for. I also got annoyed with the fact that to see what level I was on I had to sit there for like a minute to wait for the map to get all the way down to the level I was on. Again I was on like level 428 so it took a while. Then I opened it one day cause I was bored after I got out of school and it glitched out. I didn’t think much of it the first time because I know apps do that sometimes. But then I opened it the next day and it was the same thing. So I was like maybe it’s just my phone so I restarted my phone and reopened the app.... same thing. So I kept opening it for the next two weeks.....same thing. Finally I got so annoyed that I deleted the app. Again good app but there was a lot wrong with it. Should you get it? Well it’s ultimately up to you but I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone because its so buggy.

- Love this game but horrible update!

1-Please fix the green arrow thing, it was fun to use both in a row and now I can’t do it anymore. 2-Takes WAY TOO LONG to load, I’m only on level 715 and every time this opens it makes my head spin. I’d like to play the game without having my eyes explode. 3- Bigger score font is distracting, the score used to be smaller but now it’s huge and I can’t concentrate. 4-These updates have no point, and it’s just a waste of phone storage. Please remove the entrance because it’s very annoying and I’m sure others can agree. I love this game so much and I really don’t want to have an annoying update ruin it for me. Please take this in regard and respect, I may sound harsh but I’m a little frustrated about this. At least take out the level jump intro. I understand you must have been making it for a long time but there should be an option to turn it off, please. So much lag and too many colors flooding my screen. Making the game so hard to play and it’s not the same. Thank you!

- The ads ruin it, near unplayable

This is such a fun game but there are way too many ads. It just ruins the experience. Die? You get an ad. Die again even though it was really early? You get an ad. Win? You get an ad. There’s nothing you can do that won’t get you an ad. The worst part in my opinion is that all the ads have sound and some of them you can’t even mute it. I play this game only with music in the background, and the ads pause it or play at the same time every single time, it’s so annoying. I understand that this is a really popular game right now and that’s why they’re flooding it with ads but it would be a hands down five star game without them. I don’t want to pay $1-2 to get rid of them, and I feel like the game becomes near unplayable with the ads. It would be a much better game if it were $1-2 to buy with no ads, but then again not nearly as many people would get it that way. I’ve come so close to just deleting this out of frustration with the ads so many times, and I think now I’m just going to delete it and find another fun game.

- 2 different versions of the game

My husband downloaded this game and it looked super fun to me. His version of the game had green arrows that when touched by the ball, they made the ball to go into super turbo speed breaking like 10 platforms all at once. When I downloaded the game, I didn’t have the green arrows at all. Instead, my version of the game had keys that I could collect while going from platform to platform and once you collect 3 keys, you open up the treasure chest and get a free skin. My version of the game was super hard too. It had moving obstacles more often and the obstacles that didn’t move in my husband’s version of the game moved in mine. I played all the way up to level 100 to see if the game would get harder or if the green arrows would eventually appear but they didn’t. I deleted the game and re-downloaded it and lo and behold I got my husbands version of the game with the green arrows. I zoomed through the levels in 2 days and I’m now on level 448. I kind of wish I had the old, more challenging version instead now. The green arrows are fun but I likes the crazy amount of moving obstacles that made the game more tricky in the other version. Overall, this is a fun game and a great way to pass time but could be a bit more challenging. It gets boring pretty easily once you master it. I also wish the levels would get harder or long as you progress. But alas, they don’t and we are left with the same game throughout all 448 levels.

- I love the game but....

Look the game is good and I love it and as far as I know the world record for this game is the 4 millions and my high score is 1,850,000 and idk but I’m just an ordinary teen trying to beat a lot of world records because playing games is what I do best and what I love the most and do a lot in spare times and when I came across this game and it’s world record I really thought I could beat it and when I was getting ready to beat my high score this happens at the end of level 915 instead of beating the level when I use the green boost it glitches out and goes past the final row and just keep going with no rows and there’s no way of stopping it other than exiting and swiping out the game which makes u start over which is fustrating please fix it or tell me what I can do to fix it and get back to me plz great game but for this reason I give 4 stars and take note this happen on Murillo levels keep up the great work and plz fix this major issue

- Please read before downloading

So I have explained in another review I gave and I had 3/4 complaints but said other than that it’s a good game but now it’s not and I’ll tell you why. So the day after I made the complaints I went to play, but then it seemed even MORE glitchy. So things that frustrated me I forgot how many any way at one point I used that thing that lets you skip levels and then I hit the bad spot on the last one and it was supposed to skip it THEN IT KILLED ME SAYING “100% Done” so then I was like phew BUT even though it said 100% I WAS IN THE SAME LEVEL. I got so frustrated that I deleted the game. Very frustrating game, glitchy 66% of the time. Developers if you read this. Please look at the people with complaints I probably have the same ones but I had so many, I FORGOT. Please fix it if you don’t want to be frustrated or be yelling at your phone/IPad DO NOT download this game.

- It’s very addicting....

So this game is full of surprises because I think it’s wonderful and then when I was on level 20 this game just keeps on getting better and better so right now it’s on April 17, 2019 and Umm right now on my level 130 and it doesn’t really make much of a change but it just makes it a tiny bit harder not much so if you guys like games like this then they’ll be really funny do you to play with and there’s the screen thing that he touches to get to skip five times and get extra points that’s really cool I try to get that all the time to get extra points and it helps you go on the level next level I mean so I think it’s really fun and enjoyable so if you’re reading this when I think you should get it it’s really fun you should’ve known if nobody if your friend doesn’t have a tell that person to buy it because it’s really fun got to go now and what I think is just go for it is my really cool and just have fun so bye!

- Good GAME... but the ads....

I have had this game for a while now and have reached level 70. It’s a really fun game to pass some time and is just the right amount of challenge. That being said, I have 2 problems. One is the ads, which if you have read any of these reviews at all, you must grasp on some level by now. I don’t feel the need to explain any further than this: there are way too many ads. I understand that the developers need to make money, but it is at the point where there are too many ads. The second complaint I have is with the most recent update. Like I said, I have reached level 70 before the skins update. I would have liked for all that work to transfer into the skin level of that makes sense. For example, one of the skins require me to pass 5 levels, which I clearly have, yet I don’t have the skin. Maybe just figure out a way to fix that and the game will be amazing. Thanks for reading this really long review.

- Overall a great and fun game

I’ve had this game for quite a long time and it is very fun to play when you have free time. There are a couple things that could be fixed though. First off, there are lots of ads and i know that that’s how the company makes money but i think there could be a little less because sometimes it gets annoying and makes me not want to play the game. Another thing is that the game freezes quite a lot. Then i refresh my phone and go back to it and it is still frozen on the screen. The first issue isn’t necessarily a problem but it’s just something that gets annoying sometimes! And the second issue will hopefully be fixed soon. I know the second issue isn’t my phone either because that kind of stuff doesn’t happen with any other apps that i have. Overall a really fun game to play and if those two issues get fixed i would definitely give it 5 stars🎖

- New update is suddenly glitching

Edit 2: thanks to the new update, everything seems fine again! Five stars! Edit: I’m now given obstacles, but the ball doesn’t actually fall. Any time I die, no matter how far I made it, it says I completed none of the round. But hey, we’re getting somewhere. I’ve been playing helix jump for a while now, and I’ve never had a problem with it until now. First of all, I’m on level 386, yet it is displayed as level 3. My point score at the top was also reset. There are no obstacles, so it’s basically just one of those easy levels that are thrown in from time to time. There’s no bouncing animation- it kind of just falls, and sometimes it stays suspended in midair. At the end of the level, it lags out and I have to redo the level. Please get these things fixed! I’ll bump up my star review once I see improvement.

- Bug Fixes

First of all I am not writing to show Voodoo games I am writing to inform the public on this game. I love this game it is really fun but since the new update I have been having some issues with it. For example ever since the new update when they added the new balls and such the game only will let me use one ball I have tried changing it but it won’t work I don’t quite understand why this is happening I would love to know if any other people have noticed. Also sorry to say this but I’m thinking about deleting the app because I have grown bored with it. Another Example that everyone has been saying is ads look I don’t quite understand why Voodoo needs so many ads I mean wouldn’t it be awesome if I could just play the game without looking at an ad every time I die I think this is ridiculous. I would definitely recommend this game to everyone if they would just fix all these minor issues. I would love to actually see a good review on Voodoo every once in a while.

- Dissapontied in the new update

I play this game basically so I can fidget while I listen to music. I gives me something to stare at. Seeing that I use this game almost everyday I am at a fairly high level. Around 3400. Now the map feature is cool and visually pleasing for a bit but it starts getting annoying around level 750. It takes way to long. I don’t want have to see it every time I open the app. I would recommend doing what other level based games do– automatically send the player to the level they are at and if they want to play a different level, they can find it themselves. You might say something along the lines of “Well, what if someone like yourself who has thousands of levels done wants to go back and play a level again?” I think I can speak for the majority of people who have high levels when I say I don’t. If someone is at such a high level they probably have a goal. Personally, mine is to get to level 69,420 and the map is getting in the way of that.

- It's okay

First off I like this game, it's passes time great, and I play it when I'm bored. But heres the thing: Ads. Theres alot of ads, and it seems like everytime I die or level up, I get one. But for those that don't want to pay, just turn off your wifi or cellular data or whatever you're using. You can't get a second chance, but it will get rid of the ads. Second, I find it legendary that on the loading screen under Voodoo, it says h8games with a little chess piece under it. The way I pronounce h8games is hategames. Yea. Also, when I click the mo ads button, I get a popup saying; Buying helix jump premium will remove all banner adsand interstitial ads (fullscreens between games) You will however still have rewarded ads to reviwe. (the reviwe is not a typo it actually says that.) Maybe nother star if you lessen the ads a little? I get you need money but, not an ad after every level? That just drives customers away from your app.

- Read this if you get ads too

So I am currently at level 670 because this game is just so addicting. However it gets quite repetitive and would be better if by the more levels you pass the more challenges you encounter. It would be more of a challenge and not so predictable. I feel that Im basically on autopilot every time I play it. However it still is addicting and a great game for me to play whenever I have some free time. Now about the ads. At first I was so close to deleting the app because of the ads but all you have to do is go to your settings on your phone and turn off cellular data then when you go on the app turn off your WiFi and bam. No more ads. Or you can just turn your phone on airplane mode but it was more accessible for me to do it by turning off cellular data for it. So when you do that you don’t get ads and you can completely enjoy the game to it’s full glory. You’re welcome

- WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!

This game is okay. I was merciful to give it two stars. It has a very limited ball selection as well as the splash selection. But the worst part of this game is... THE LLLLLLLEEEEEEVVVVVVEEEEEEELLLLLLSSSSSS (if you can’t read that it says levels) !!!!!!!!! The levels are randomized!!! Listen VOODOO if you want to make a level you BUILD the LEVELS!!!!! Not make them randomized! A level is something you build so ya it fine if people memorize them that’s how levels are you can’t do what your doing! All the games I have that have levels the levels! Ok so maybe the level sequence is just something that’s there like a guide not a actual level. Not Madge that is actually what you did! People are going to think it’s a level not a guideline! It says level completed people are going to think that it’s a level OK! There are a TON of people out there that probably don’t even know what game design is. So a lot of people are going to think that this is a actual level system not a guide!! And yes I told you that a ton of times not I want to get it in your head OK!

- Glitching

Ok I have had the game for a little over a year and I loved it. I didn’t mind the ads because I could just do something else while they were playing, or something, but I was a little bothered by some of the ads, like the episode ones because they aren’t the most appropriate when out in public. Another thing is I don’t like the newer updates. I don’t mind the green arrows but I hate the fact that now when you open the app after “swiping” it out of your phone if you know what I mean it takes you to an animation of the ball going through all of the levels you have been through. Now normally I wouldn’t be upset about this but because I have had it for so long, I happen to be on a level in the 3,000s. It take over a minute just to start playing the game. And after the recent update, the animation doesn’t even work, but I’m not willing to delete the app because I don’t want to lose my high level and highscore. Hopefully they fix this.

- There was a problem but I found my solution

Hi I’m Let’s Talk About That, I recently downloaded this game and its truly addicting and I play it every single day that I can. For me there was one flaw. I didn’t mind when my phone froze because it rarely happened, but what was my problem were the ads. I got surprised when more people talked about there phone freezing then the ad issue. But i think I found my solution, I can turn on airplane mode! I am not sure it works every time or for certain phones but I just turn it on and their our no more ads! Overall I was gonna say that I love it but there one flaw but since I think I found my solution I can do every time I play and there are no more ads. So what I’m really gonna say is this is a very addicting game and there are no flaws yet that I have come across other then the one that I fixed. This is a game that I’ll continue playing and enjoying.

- Please developer/creator read this... (EDIT)

(EDIT) ->The game now is fixed I’m am very happy about this. Thank you to whoever fix the game. This game is a great game and a good way to pass some free time. (ORIGINAL) ->I’ve been playing this game for a long time now and I’ve got to level 400 or 500 (it’s in that area). I would know the exact level but... the game when I get on freezes on the level 72. Let me explain. When I first downloaded this game it’s was just coming out then after awhile the game developer put in a ball falling threw the levels. That’s the best I can explain. So now when it falls threw the levels it’s stops and freezes on level 72. I’m really upset with this and I don’t just want to delete it because I’ve worked so hard to get to the level I’m at(me and my friends have competitions to see who can get farther). PLEASE developer/creator fix this.

- Ok

This game is fun and addictive, but I’ve been noticed some things that need to be fixed. First, sometimes when I’m playing, the game crashes. Secondly, every time I die, I get and ad. Thirdly,no matter what level you are on, they are all the same! THESE NEED TO BE FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The game is pretty good overall though. Also when I get an ad, sometimes the ad freezes and I have to close out the app which stops all my points even when I have a high score, and I think you should be able to back to all your progress when you delete the game because I deleted the game and I was on level 1,100 or something like that with a high score of OVER 6,000,000 million and then the game wouldn’t let me play it EVER AGAIN and I crashed so I had to delete it. Also when I press continue playing and I get another life, I go down to the next line and it glitches and makes the ball really tiny and makes me can’t barely see anything. Hope this gets for fixed:)

- Awesome!

I’m just going to come out and say it... I LOVE this game! It’s is addictive and I’ve only been playing for two months and I’m already on level 583, my high score is almost one million. I only have three things that I would recommend changing. It seems that once you pass level 50 the levels don’t get any harder at all. They just stay the same? Another thing is there are a lotttt of adds. I realize you could just turn on airplane mode but it’s kinda annoying when your texting someone and you have to turn it back on. The last thing is could you make a option for like boosters or blackouts? The blackout means that it just does the whole level for you and if you could add a blackout in that would be great! Thank you so much if you read this and please make these changes. Overall a 4 star review! Pretty good!

- Good but a few issues.

I absolutely love this game, and it is very fun. It’s super addicting and I’m so glad I am honored to play it, but there are a couple issues. First of all my screen happens to lag right when I am about to fall on the wrong color. I’ve checked and my WiFi is working perfectly fine. Also there are quite a few adds, and I’ve realized on little games like this that there are always a lot of adds, but I know that this game is better than those little games, so if there could be just a little less adds it would be perfect. I’ve seen a couple other reviews about the laggy ness and adds; obviously it is a problem to most people, so I’d recommend to cut down the adds a little bit and also see if you can do anything about the laggy ness. This game is almost perfect, but for those two mi er issues I had to give it four stars instead of five. Keep up the great work!!

- I love this game but a few improvements can’t hurt

I really love helix jump. Though one bad thing is I just got a new iPad and on my old one it worked fine but now helix jump is lagging and very glitchy. Other than that I love helix jump it is so addictive. I don’t mind the adds too much. I would definitely recommend this to everyone even adults. It is so so so fun and you just want to keep trying every time you pass a level. I did notice that there is something that happened where after you passed 2 or so levels you would go without red-spots or bad-spots. However I didn’t delete the game I actually enjoyed them it was like a refreshment from hard levels. Once again I love this game and I would recommend this to every age group(except babies and toddlers). Voodoo keep making great games and I am sure I will love them. Bye. ———QJK

- Enjoyable ... it could be better.

I do very much enjoy playing the game. It’s easy to jump in and play a few rounds and then leave to carry-on with other tasks. The recent changes, adding more green arrow downs and the coin is great. However, what can you buy with the coin if you already have the skins? What’s the intent of the spinning wheel to get coin with nothing in which to use them for. I have tens of thousands of coin. Yet nothing in which to use them on. The number of pop up ads is crazy. After you die or complete a level. I complete a level typically without dying so I see a lot of ads. Additionally, when I’ve watched an ad after I’ve died and regain my life again often times I fall straight into a dead zone. There should be some sort of delay when you get back from watching an ad or you should go to a circle ring with no dead zones as you do at the beginning of a level.

- Great Game, but...

It really is! It’s addictive and I think the power ups and new obstacles are a nice addition. It makes going through the levels easier. Sometimes it glitches, but that’s not a big concern. As for the ads, they get annoying, but I deal with them. Though sometimes when I click on “Second chance?” no video pulls up, but that’s probably because of the connection. My main problem is that when I went to privacy settings and turned off both data sharing switches, it asked me “Are you sure?” twice, which was a bit disturbing...But then there’s this banner at the top that stays there even while you’re playing, it says “Support us by turning on Data sharing!” So I click X but it eventually comes back. All of these things are pet peeves of mine, but the game is still a enjoyable in many ways. Sorry if it was long, but definitely get the app!

- Ads... so many ads

When I went to the App Store to buy this game I read the reviews about ads.I thought there might be an ad here or there.I was so wrong. Ads come up every single time you die, win, or get a second chance. Almost all of the ads are for PayerUnknowns Battlegrounds which is exactly like Fortnite, Rules of Survival, etc. This game is really good otherwise and it is super annoying to have to pay three dollars for no ads. I mean, if you up a free game you shouldn’t have to buy an in app purchase that actually makes the game playable. Sometimes I try to get a second chance in the game but when I press the button the game pretends that I didn’t press it so I have to start over. I think this game would be way better if only the developers reduced the ad count and made bug fixes. This might sound like a long review but I have only been playing for TWO MINUTES. It’s strange how much you can say about something you know so little about. Anyway, it would be hands down five stars if there were no ads.

- Helix jump

I have had this game for a while and I really like it. I am twelve and I think it is a great game for all ages. There are only a few changes I think should be made. First, the game needs to change with the levels. No one likes to do the same thing over and over again. You think, “I finally past this level!!” Just to do the same thing again on the next level. Also, I have a lot of coins saved up but I am out of things to buy. There should be more prizes and skins for you to earn. Next, there are way to many ads. You play for like 30 seconds and then you have to watch a 2 minute commercial. The last thing I think you should change is you should make it so you can compete against other players to make the game more challenging. Like I said in the beginning I love this game and play all the time. I just think a few minor adjustments should be made.

- I have a suggestion

Hi creators of this game and also people who play this game or are getting it! I just want to say that I love this game!!!! It’s so addicting and you can’t stop playing it! I love it!!!! It’s so much fun!!!!! But, I have a suggestion. Can you add different game modes like, easy, normal, hard, or extreme hard core? I would love it even more if you added different game modes!!!!!!!!!! I would really love it even more if you added different game modes like that cause it’s to easy for me!!!!!! And I’m serious! To easy!!!! I’m already on level 132!!!!!! So, plz, pretty plz add different game modes like that!!!!! Plz!!!!! Plz and thank you!!!! Well, that’s all I have to say!!!!! 💖😍🥰🤩😁👍 EDIT: about 3 months later and you still haven’t took my suggestion? 😢 Plz take my suggestion 🥺 Another edit: It’s probably gonna be months before you take my suggestion😭🥺

- Competitive girlfriend loves it

My girlfriend is competitive about literally everything. She got this game and then taunted me until I played it... now I can never put it down! I play on the train, waiting between commercials on TV, in bed, on my break at work, everywhere really. Once you get the patterns down, you can get some really crazy points !! I’ve now got the upper hand on my girl at around four million points. It’s so addictive and it’s pretty rewarding to see her be the one to get frustrated and try to catch up for once. You can avoid lag by closing everything on your phone and sometimes turning on WiFi helps. The only thing I’d like to see change about this game is **MORE SKINS PLEASE**, possibly a new gamemode, and just more ways to personally customize the game in general. Good fun; great way to pass the time; keep up the good work bois. :^)

- It’s ok 😐

Overall I think this is a great game! But, I think there are a few things that Voodoo could improve. For starters, I’ve been playing this game for a pretty long time and now that I’ve been playing for a while I now realize that all of the levels have the same concept! So it doesn’t have a very good feel to it like it did the first time I played. And believe me I would know, I’m on level 1,742 and it still hasn’t improved. Second of all when I got the new update it wasn’t a real change. All they did was change the intro and add coins to buy the skins and different splotches. But if you’re like me and you’ve already earned all of it you’d think it was a complete waste of time. Not trying to hate on the game or anything, it’s a good time management game if you’re bored but I think if they added a few slight changes to the game I would totally give it a 5- star rating!

- Fix your game

I really love the game. I am on level 417 and still going. But I have found some glitches that I would like to see fixed. First things first, the walls. If you do it right you can go right through them. You wait until you are at the bottom then you swipe your screen really fast and bam you’re through. This works on big and small walls(I tested both). But there was a glitch that ruined a good high score of mine. I was just playing and found a new power up and used it like normal. It then somehow destroyed the end laver and I had to exit the game and come back. It got rid of the score I had and had to restart the level. I still love the game though I would just like to see these glitches fixed. Edit: turns out you can just go really fast and pass the big and small walls. No joke, if you go and swipe fast enough you can go through the walls no timing needed

- I love this game, but there are a few stuff I don’t like

I love this game so much I’m going to talk about the good things first. I really like that you can change your ball or splash it’s really cool!Now something bad about the splash and ball, I don’t like that you can’t change the color of the ball it’s really annoying. But it’s good that every single level you get to explore different challenges and there are different colors! But I have a suggestion, I beg you to make a home button to see what level your on or change your ball color and splash, also I really want there to be some new update or something a little bit harder FOR all of the challenges. Other then that i love this game a lot and there are a few glitches but I still love the game and will always love it. I love this game so much! Keep up the good work Helix Jump!

- So entertaining!

I love this game! It’s great for when you’re bored and need a game to play. It’s truly the only game app that I haven’t deleted because it’s so enjoyable. I love the color choices and how you can pick the shape and of your ball and the shape of your splashes, although I would like to see more back drops! The city one is nice, but I think adding custom back drops would be great. Also, the ads are outrageous. I get them after every game and sometimes even during a game, that’s irritating and I would like to see less ads. Also, when I get a text as I’m playing the game glitches and restarts me so my high scores are gone and I have to redo the level. Speaking of levels I would like to see different levels that are more challenging as the game goes on. Sometimes it gets boring when you basically know how to do each obstacle. Overall, I really love this game and is very fun. If you’re looking for a game I’d definitely recommend this! 👍🏼😊

- It's a good game

I think this game is one of those things that you have to decide if you care about the ads. You can pay to remove them, but I think that a game is not something to necessarily spend money on, but it would only cost two or three dollars. Also if you do pay to have no ads then you don't have to worry about having the game end soon. There is no end level which is cool. There are actually records for highest levels achieved and that adds another aspect to the game. It seems like every time the level ends because you either failed or beat it there is an ad, or at least almost every time. Sometimes there is some small or major lag which messes you up a little and this may be caused from the ads but I am not sure. Overall it is fun and addicting so that makes me keep playing it just keep in mind that you may not like it. I just do.

- What happened?

I’ve owned and played this game for around two years now. It’s addicting and I have a love hate relationship with it. I had recently neared the level 600 mark when a new update rolled out. After the update was installed, I was demoted to level 3 and given a ball that doesn’t bounce. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think it’s hard to jump over the walls if you have a ball that doesn’t bounce. The icing on this disaster of a cake, is that the ball doesn’t even free fall correctly. Not only was I harshly demoted and given a defective ball, but the broken ball won’t even drop! It just hangs there, mid air over a break in the tiers. If this update was supposed to give the game added difficulty or mystery, then A+. Kudos to whoever came up with this demented idea. All I’m asking for is a rule book, or maybe some rough guide lines. Even a cave painting would suffice! Just SOMETHING to help me understand how to control this temperamental, gravity abstinent ball. For my hardship and pain, I will accept full reinstatement to my former glory and a proper bouncy ball. Thank you, and have a nice day.

- People need to stop whining about ads this game is awesome

This game is great peoples ratings make me mad because this game is fun but there are a few ads. SO WHAT?? a few ads won’t hurt you most of them are literally 5 seconds. The ads don’t matter why are people so upset about how many ads there are?!?! And if you don’t want them use 2 dollars to get rid of them. THAT IS NO MONEY AT ALL! That price is very cheap to get rid of ads if your upset with how many there are (which there isn’t that many) so use your 2 dollars that I’m positive you have and stop whining about it. This game is awesome and it shouldn’t be getting 1,2 and 3 star ratings because of the ads. It’s not the game makers fault it’s only because of advertisement. Every other game anyone plays has ads too! So stop getting mad and whiny about it because this is my favorite game ever.

- Most addicting game

I LOVE this game. I got my new iPhone for Christmas in 2018 and this was one of the first games i downloaded. I’m already level 2500+, which to me sounds like I’ve been playing a lot. Definitely my most played phone game, and I actually know other people who are past level 1000, so must have for all phone users (unless you just don’t play phone games) Simple, addicting, and you get a feeling like “I wanna beat this level.” Or “Just one more round”. Or maybe even “I wanna get a new high score”. It’s so simple and fun and it’s simplicity makes it feel like you can do things, unlike more complicated games where you might feel “Hmm... Idk if I can do this” In this game, it’s different. Download it. It’s amazing. Trust me. Even if u don’t care about my review, there’s prob another review better than mine. Thanks! 👋

- Let’s be honest.

4 stars - Why? The game is a great game to play when bored. I’ve personally used it a lot to waste time. The concept, style, and art are all standing features of the game, great to attract new players. The thing is, whenever you die you do get an ad. If you get annoyed by ads this game may not be the best. Personally, I don’t care and I don’t see why others do, but sometimes the ads are literally impossible to avoid. Before a level, after a level, in the MIDDLE OF A LEVEL, to get a ball, etc. I get the hussle. We need to make money, but just a PSA in case it drives people away. The game is also very repetitive. Being a time waster does override this, but the levels aren’t even randomly generated. They are all the same levels with the same plates, just different colors each round. Overall, cool game, fun to waste time on, could be better but it’s current state isn’t bad.

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Helix Jump 3.5.6 Screenshots & Images

Helix Jump iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Helix Jump iphone images
Helix Jump iphone images
Helix Jump iphone images
Helix Jump iphone images
Helix Jump iphone images

Helix Jump (Version 3.5.6) Install & Download

The applications Helix Jump was published in the category Games on 2018-02-10 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 311.72 MB. Helix Jump - Games app posted on 2020-07-01 current version is 3.5.6 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.h8games.falldown

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