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Exciting adventure of the bouncing ball through the helix tower labyrinth.

One-tap easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics.

Helix Jump App Description & Overview

The applications Helix Jump was published in the category Games on 2018-02-10 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 144.07 MB. The current version is 2.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

New power-up added. New blocks added.

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Helix Jump Reviews

Happy customer55677

Hexie jump  Happy customer55677  5 star

It is so fun and awesome I love it so much and it’s free

The Couch Patato

So awesome  The Couch Patato  5 star

Hi, I'm a huge fan of helix jump and I got it yesterday. I'm already at level 14, so that's all I hav to say, bye!


One reason...  AnonymousArtist_55  2 star

One, the jump boost thing. Sometimes while I was going down I would hit it. Then everything including the color to go to the next level would be gone. So I would have to restart >:/

Wild Bart

Great game but...  Wild Bart  2 star

This game is really super fun but when it works but it has major glitches and lag AND ADS. So their is one glitch when the floor you win on disappears and you are just floating and you have to restart your app, which is really annoying because it deletes that score you don’t pass the level all because of that glitch. It can have crazy lag where it doesn’t even let you move and then you land on a death piece. And the ads are everywhere, at the bottom of the screen in game, before you start their is a mine one on the right, after you die or win there is almost always one, and Even sometimes in the middle of the game. Love this game when it worked but it doesn’t so yea. Get this at your own risk that disappearing glitch is gonna make me delete this game.


Helix jump  cartrayvious  2 star

This game is cool and fun to play but all you keep doing is the same thing ever time you complete a level and your just going to do it over and over again until you delete the game


Interesting  Snappedpath397  5 star

It is actually a pretty good game I suggest to get this game. Really I would.

Ankrey unkly

THE ADS  Ankrey unkly  3 star

The game itself is very stress relieving but the ads are ridiculous! Ugh every single time when u are in the middle of a game boom an ad appears I know the app just wants to make money but jeez it’s just crazy I also don’t like how when u go on it doesn’t really get any harder for me it’s just kind of the same I am on level 479 and it’s not hard at all thank u for reading but if the app makers are reading this please listen to this one sentence, 1. Upgrade so there are not so many ads, 2. Make it more challenging 😀🙃please!!!????

im a bear named clementine

I was disappointed  im a bear named clementine  2 star

It’s really really laggy, and that gets in the way of gameplay. But the worst thing is when I’m in the middle of playing a video will cut me off and I’ll lose all of my progress!


Hi  bfbissj  5 star

So we have to talk your game is amazing I have every single game that is made by voodoo have a great day


Review  AI123456789002009  4 star

I'm just saying that I'm rage enduring


Issue  PicCollage13  5 star

It’s an amazing game. But the issue is that when I get the green boost thing, I’m sometimes close to the finish. And for some reason the object just keeps on going and it never stops. Please fix so that it stops at the finish

Straight Lord

Gay  Straight Lord  1 star

This game is big gay not good

Anderson Merori

Arvin  Anderson Merori  3 star

I like this game very much and I wish I could have been communicated with game providers to add some attractive analytical features for players.


One of my favourite games!  pretty1000000000  5 star

This app is really fun and easy although there are way too many ads and it’s super annoying, but apart from the ads helix jump is my favourite game!🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂


Airplane mode  thwimthady  4 star

Ads make the game lag, I play on airplane mode so there’s no ads though

lilly pilly❤️

I love games  lilly pilly❤️  4 star

This game is so awesome I love it 💕💕💕


Wow  Marshy844  5 star

Amazing game, very addictive. Highly recommend this game and all voodoo games! 👍😍


Feedback  immygeeenius  2 star

To many adds


Good  boff/Danielle  5 star

This app is sooo good but this is how you stop adds turn your internet of from your device not the box then no adds but turn your internet back on after your done❤️💜💗💙💕💚💛💝🧡💝💝💛💚💖💕💙👋💗💜

Gacha life!!

Terrible game  Gacha life!!  1 star

I think you have completely ruined the game. I also wanted to not even rate a star it’s that bad. I’m very disappointed


Five stars!  Cookiepugz  5 star

Wow! This game is outstanding! If you work really hard you can achieve your goals and get higher levels! I would recommend playing this if you like a game with challenge! Thanks for keeping me busy during long car rides, and so much more! Keep up the good work!


Unfortunately not aged correctly.  Karebearsmom  3 star

The game is like 4+ but the ads they put in are for a teen. Really sad that they aged the game for a teen. My 8yo can’t play because the ads are more for a 16+.


Overall great  alexisdevries21  5 star

VERY good game, but if you get the green power up in the end, it will glitch and you won’t be able to pass the level.

flash lewis

Ok but lags  flash lewis  2 star

It will lag if I try to move at all for example it works at first but then near like level 17 it lags

Êmmâ Hāłł

Ads  Êmmâ Hāłł  4 star

There are way to many ads I’ll be in the middle of a game and and ad will pop up so then I die and I get mad and it’s also really laggy


🙄  liv.♥️  5 star

Way to much ads every time you lose you have to watch a ad it’s so annoying next wayyyyy to much adds but the game is super fun and addicting and frustrating 😂 One time I was playing it and it froze and it was a ad🙄


To many adds  kittyqueen1627  1 star

You literally spend more time watching adds than actually playing the game...


Ok but ads are annoying  unicorndreamz009  3 star

So when I restart a level every single time an ad interrupts so I want you to fix that thanks!


The good game  peyyy😏  5 star

It is just a good game


Ok  lklkoydtgdnhdhd  2 star

All of the levels are the same but it is really satisfying 👎🏿

katie Nathan🦄

AMAZING  katie Nathan🦄  5 star

Great game 👍🏻


Okay  bixy900  3 star

Way too many adds. But fun and frustration. I would advise this game if you are really patient. PLEASE TAKE OFF THE ADDS PLEASE ALSO VERY GLITCHY PLS FIX IT


Like this game  hollogamer  5 star

Is is so good and easy #buy this game it such good coulees and it helps me with maths all the time


Game of the year  🙃🥺  5 star

The only way to make a difference in a game is to be a better game

hi im anna

Helix Jump  hi im anna  4 star

It’s a great game, a little addictive but not too much. I really enjoy playing it


3 STARS  ccccccccccccccciu  3 star

It is a good game

jennifer dennehy

Hi  jennifer dennehy  3 star

This game is cool


I like this game  😂😆😀  4 star

It’s really addictive I can’t stop really like this game maybe it would be good if u could change the colour of the he ball


Amazing!  ZoeDoesGaming  4 star

Okay, to start off with the game is amazing! But there is a slight problem, the game is super laggy at the start. What also bother me is whenever you don't touch the color you're not meant to touch it touches it. Also the ball goes down a bit to fast for me. Too finish off I love this game, it keeps me up all night and super addictive and whatever Im bored, Helix Jump is my first option. Again thank you for this game! 4 stars.


Glitching  doggopaw11  3 star

This game is really good and addictive but I played it and got a really good score but then it glitched me out and I lost my score! I just deleted it right after. There are also waaayyyy too many ads!

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