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Exciting adventure of the bouncing ball through the helix tower labyrinth.

One-tap easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics.

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The applications Helix Jump was published in the category Games on 2018-02-10 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 217.87 MB. The current version is 2.3.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Small fixes.

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Helix Jump Reviews


So addictive  chickenpowder  5 star

This game is so so fun whenever I go on long road trips this game is the best


Rate  jmoneeehhhh  1 star

I hate voodo the is so much adds and it is very very annoying


Fun  SheilaAK5  4 star

Fun and challenging- too many ads


Best game ever!!  67987766  5 star

I am not lying when I say this is the best game ever. It is so fun and addictive! I am on level 100 and I just got it!Thats how much I go on it.I 100%recomend this game!Once again this is the best game ever!!!!


Helix jump  fgjngttb  5 star

Im on level 1565 and still play the game it’s really fun

leave my phone stupid game

Leave my phone  leave my phone stupid game  1 star

I Deleted the game because of my storage and for some funny reason it won’t delete every time I shut off my phone and turn it on it’s there like no!

20 haschak sisters love 20

Like the game  20 haschak sisters love 20  5 star

You will love this game.Its the best game ever


Constant lag  Zombiehater  3 star

This is a great game but since I’ve upgraded my phone from a 7 to an XS there is constant lag, it’s unplayable


Constant lag  Zombiehater  3 star

This is a great game but since I’ve upgraded my phone from a 7 to an XS there is constant lag, it’s unplayable


Addy s❤️💛💚💙💜🖤  Darriola01  4 star

I love the game but it is too fast to play!


Love this game  paigeo2en  4 star

I love this game it educational and makes you concentrate hard but I think it should be a bit harder.


Great game  navigator65  5 star

If you don’t want ads turn your wifi or mobile data off and there wont be any ads.

Sara sahar dosti

Amazing  Sara sahar dosti  4 star

It’s amazing and soo addicting but a little slow at the Same time.

Etta Liongirl

Helix Jump  Etta Liongirl  5 star

It’ s so good, I have been playing it for weeks now!! Amazing game 🤩😄

lexii5005 Add Me Buh

When You Die  lexii5005 Add Me Buh  1 star

Every time you die an ad pops up I got the no ads but it didn’t work at all


WAY TOO MANY ADS  Shazene  1 star

Can’t enjoy anything Too many ads Not recommended Please remove the ads


TO MANY ADS  Mekaman45  3 star

This game is a great free to play, but the amount of ads is mental, after every game ad, sometimes I’m in the middle a game and an ad just pops up, as I said it’s a great game but please reduce the amount of ads


Love this app  STORMY NIGHT 🌑  5 star

I love this app (I’m over level 2000 no I’m not addicted) but there are too many ads


So addicting  Bigtittiesoooo111  5 star

Luv this game


OMGGGGG IM ADDICTED  Killa1011  5 star

It is an incredible app. As soon as I played it I new it was an awesome game. Yes there are a lot of adds but that will never stop me from playing It. Voodoo is a great company and love all there games another good one is “perfect tower” plz try it.

nba kiddo

Fun and challenging  nba kiddo  5 star

I love playing


Awesome game, something odd  GalaxyGirlImaDonut  4 star

I absolutely love this game it’s the only game on my phone I don’t need anything else, but something that struck me as odd is that the second chance button that plays an add and then plunks you back where you were is actually larger than the restart button, I didn’t notice it was there until level seven. So that was a bit odd. Also, the adds. There are so many adds! I get that you guys advertise because other companies pay you to advertise for them but never in my life have I seen so many adds, so if you are a generally impatient person I would not get this game or it might be worth paying for no adds. Otherwise, this game is great! Literally, the levels have all the same obstacles and stuff which may make it seem boring but it really honestly isn’t. Which just proves you developers are really really good at your jobs. So yeah.


Helix jump  kendilyn  5 star

Helix Jump is amazing and fun for kids of all ages I love it so much it’s my favorite game to play and I’m famous watch my show Andi Mack


bESt game ever  decendeents  5 star

Five star review


Addictive  PokEMon2776  5 star

Fun addictive game that is a nice thing to play


To Much Ads  kaudiddb  1 star


Vendel Ex

Good  Vendel Ex  3 star

All of these types of games are addictive. They are fun. But what makes this game non-fun is the ads. Every kind of simple games like these have way to many ads. I get how you need money by the ads but there are to much ads that makes people not like this game. Hopefully, later in the future, you will decrease the ads incomes


Reasons  😂😂ash😂😂  5 star

So I rlly like the game and stuff it’s pretty fun and addictive but the problem is the Ads pretty much come up every single time after 4 or 3 tries so it gets rlly boring and a bit laggy when using IT it lags and messes a lot with the game plz fix that


Ads  SlimPickens🦄🐴🐎  4 star

Way too many ads

Kathie cone

Fun but boring  Kathie cone  2 star

This game is really fun but the levels are the exact same which gets boring so maybe spice things up


Doesn't work  Ponies2❤️  1 star

Turns off as soon as I go on


Good  btufrhtgfg  5 star

Lot of ads

Snow hat scarf

Really good app and is great for passing time  Snow hat scarf  4 star

Really great app apart from when you are connected to WiFi

princess barbie doll

Helix jump  princess barbie doll  4 star

The game is actually really good but after like 2 rounds there’s an add that goes on for about 30 seconds which is so annoying and that always happens but otherwise I love he game 🙄👌🏼

anonymous 123😺😺😇😇

Ciara  anonymous 123😺😺😇😇  5 star



I think I have the highest score in this game  wlyad  5 star

Good evening dear sir/madam I am wondering if you give a reward for those people who get a high score on this game, please feel free to send me my gifts. My score is 88028 Best wishes Wlyad


Terrible game  gggghhjkyi  1 star

Terrible game, I paid for the adverts free version and am constantly annoyed by adverts all of the time. It is impossible to complain or contact the developer in any way, DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!


Good  EMMAM255  5 star


mimi 🥰🥰

Helix jump but adds  mimi 🥰🥰  1 star

Helix jump is a good game but every time u play an add comes up down load it but adds


Helix  kcun12345  5 star

It is a great game. It really tests your reflexes. Adds are very annoying and it can be slow at times. But it is overall a great game.

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