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Roll the ball through a 3D world to reach the goal!
Carefully maneuver through stages, or meet your doom!

Swipe your finger and tilt the stage and roll the ball.
Be careful not to tilt too much! Game over if the ball falls!

TENKYU App Description & Overview

The applications TENKYU was published in the category Games on 2017-01-05 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 209.04 MB. The current version is 3.12 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Minor bug fixes

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TENKYU Reviews

Eric Gaskill

Like Adds?  Eric Gaskill  1 star

If you enjoy 15 seconds of game play between a minute of ads, this game is for you.


Love it  Starriffical  5 star

Love the game. Need levels added and more balls for diamonds. Or maybe some background colors using diamonds.


Its o...k  Rallanah020  3 star

It is a great game but the reason I said that it was ok because there are to many ads


TENKYU  DeeDeeSF  5 star

I love this game it is so challenging and addicting!!


I liked it because I’ve never tried it before and when I did it was fun  1234467790009(,:?$.$::)!:  5 star



The game  .,?!'lk;4568024  5 star

Great game!!

bad ahh

The best game  bad ahh  5 star

This is the best game I love it


Get better controls  [email protected]  3 star

The controls can be better, there kind of hard to play with

lo lo loooooo

I like this game  lo lo loooooo  5 star

They said this is relaxing but it is not but other than that this game is fun it is like really really weird golf do not play at work please


Heck  eatmybuttandcallmeatoothbrush  1 star

This game trash it’s so booty

Gamer GURL 5

So relaxing! (∩_∩)  Gamer GURL 5  4 star

This game is so thing with all the sound effects and how the rolling ball is so smooth. The only thing I don't like about this Fame is the fact it has so many ads. When you fail or just complete a level

hooooooooooooooolllllyyy osch

TENKYU  hooooooooooooooolllllyyy osch  4 star

It is so good and fun . It can sometimes be a little difficult

voodo prow

Ace family  voodo prow  4 star

It's so hard but fun at the same time


What are the gems for  Alice_is_amazing  4 star

Great game. Very addictive but I jut can’t figure out what the gems are for.maybe it’s just me but I’ve got no clue


It’s ok  TransitOfVenus  3 star

I downloaded this thinking it would use the iPhone’s gyro sensor but you gotta drag to tilt the course.

Restaurant Rules

To the amazing game  Restaurant Rules  5 star

I love that game it is amazing game I ever played keep it up and the thing that I dissent like was how the tube was so small ok bye bye see you later bye


This game is terrible  Thomette  1 star

This game is terrible don’t buy it,it is not realaxing at all! The controls are weird and the main aim of the game is pointless

best 4x4 game

FML  best 4x4 game  4 star

This game is not relaxing it makes u want to smash your phone


It is so so so so good  hatchimals11  5 star

It is so so so so good


Average  #omgyolofunlolcute  2 star

TENKYU glitches a lot and has to many ads. It is fun but there is no choice of skipping a level if it gets to hard.


Tenkyu  ubjskishsgsvvdjdjshvshd  5 star

This game is really fun. I just got this game and I can’t stop playing this. Thank you for making this game and letting it come out I really appreciate it!

Chloe Brikens 🥳

FIX THE APP PLEASE  Chloe Brikens 🥳  4 star

So I’d say that this app is really fun, but there are some problems. First, there are many adds. Oddly it seems that some days it’s better than others 🤔. Second the levels are a bit funky. Personally I struggled a lot on some levels. The way that they order the levels is very odd. I believe I got stuck one one level for about 3 days and I would be so mad that I couldn’t pass this one level. I t made me want to delete the app and break items around me. Eventually I had my friend pass the level for me. The odd thing though was that the 15 levels after that were super easy and I passed them on my first try. The last thing that I would ask for the creators to fix is limited levels. I have ben very “addicted” to this game, so I passed many levels. I was so excited when I got to level 999, because I really wanted to get to 1,000. However, THERE ISN’T A LEVEL 1,000!! So right now the app is just taking up space on my phone and since you can’t go backwards to previous levels there is nothing to do on the app.


Made me gay  Hannnahhdhdhd  5 star

I found this very appealing and made me gay so I definitely recommend this app to anyone looking to be gay:)

a random person 2004

OMG this is so relaxing🥰😋😉🙃😁😂  a random person 2004  5 star

i will say that some of the levels r quite annoying bc they can get hard... like the ones with the moving circle with the open line in the center and u have 2 try 2 get ur ball in the cntr and stay there without falling off and get 2 the other side....😔🤦🏽‍♀️😤


Ads  Dinojumper  1 star

More ads than any other game I’ve ever played. Really not worth it because you’re watching more ads than you are playing the game. Don’t waste your memory space.

Ellie J R🎉

Good Game  Ellie J R🎉  4 star

I like the game and keep making them:)


You  redftgbjbfkki  5 star


color queen1017

🤦🏾‍♀️  color queen1017  3 star

It’s a good game but every time i collect a diamond my diamond counter doesn’t change until the color scheme changes and also took my diamonds i had 806 now i have 105


I don’t like this game  cutie🦄🐶  1 star

At first I love this game but sooner every time I filled a level they started me off three levels before that level .Also there are too many ads.


Fine  🤖😲😸😲👽  1 star

I started playing this game and all the levels are basically the same and it’s just on plain play color and way to many ads. In the ad why do you way it satisfying it’s not because it is stressful to stay on the track. And then there’s that it looks like there was no effort put into the game as a already said it’s just one simple cream color and ever level is basically the same


Glitchy but good  CaSeY CoOgS  3 star

I do like it but it’s very glitchy and has many adds ...I CANT GET PAST LEVEL 26 😂😫


Terrible  MrJafoole  1 star

Glitchy and built in order to scheme people out of accidentally purchasing in -app features


Too much advertisement  ykurmangaliyev  1 star

It is just unplayable with this amount of ads. And it is also laggy

liv loves life!💗🍉💗🐬🏃🏻‍♀️

Fun  liv loves life!💗🍉💗🐬🏃🏻‍♀️  5 star

Fun so far

kiwi squash

Ok  kiwi squash  3 star

It’s ok on aeroplane mode and ads r annoying fun game tho 🤙🏼

sad bin

Small bit annoying  sad bin  4 star


ahhhh rating

Bad  ahhhh rating  1 star

This game wouldn’t let me play over level 6


Hope you like ads!  MsBarbIreland  2 star

I got this game for it seemed interesting and a good brain challenge. All it is.... is ads. You fail a level? Ad. You win a level? Ad. You open the app? Ad. In the middle of a level? Ad. You click on settings? Ad. You try to find a way to turn off the sound? Ad. It’s an ad haven. It doesn’t matter what the game is like really, for you’re going to be spending more time watching ads. When you actually get to play the game? It’s actually really neat.

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