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EveryCord, by the makers of iRec, flawlessly records your iOS 11 screen and saves it locally on the device at full HD and 60 FPS. Our app supports device-wide screen capture/recording – it IS NOT a “web browser recorder” that cannot record out of the app. With EveryCord, you can record your entire screen, including your favorite games, moments, and funny videos on the fly with fully customizable settings.

We also support live-streaming directly to YouTube, Twitch, and more services that support RTMP streaming!

EveryCord – Record & Broadcast App Description & Overview

The applications EveryCord – Record & Broadcast was published in the category Utilities on 2018-02-01 and was developed by Anthony Agatiello. The file size is 22.67 MB. The current version is 1.1.4 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

This update consists of:
• Full support for iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

Thank you for using EveryCord and leaving your feedback!

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Emergencyshoeshine  jghdjs  1 star

I just downloaded this and can’t use it at all there’s no control center anything just the settings thing and I control and broadcasting that are all blank with nothing to push record or anything like that and I can’t find the control center anywhere complete joke will be disputing charge on my credit card I have googled a bunch of things to try and help and this is not working


It does not let me view my clips from fortnite mobile and it just has like a play button crossed out  yxxngbuk  2 star



iPad Pro 11  henryphenry  5 star

Anyone know why when I use this app to record on my iPad Pro 11, it compresses my screen into a square recording. It’s supposed to be wide screen but when record, it’s now recording into a square shape.

Tony Satriano__769

The app won’t record app and game sounds in stereo audio.  Tony Satriano__769  3 star

wen I chose the stereo two channels option in the settings section, the app only records in mono audio. How do I fix this?

please enjoy the game

It’s good but ther are some problems  please enjoy the game  3 star

How to a change it to landscape mode please can u guys try to help me

Jonathan Doern

It would be 5 stars BUT  Jonathan Doern  4 star

Everything works perfect I just don’t understand why when I’m trying to live stream it doesn’t change the orientation for the viewers needs change with how I’m holding the phone


It won’t record game sound  KuulZly  5 star

Yeah I have some issues you can help me with I have an iPhone XR and when I record game play there no sound, pleas help.


iPad Pro 2018 support  Marvais  1 star

This app works fine on my iPhone XR but on my iPad Pro the app scales the resolution all wrong orientation is messed up and I can’t record in 60fps. Please get this resolved quickly


Good but....  Pufflin  3 star

It’s a great app but whenever I screen record on my IPad 2, go into the app and find the “My Recordings” section, The Video won’t play. It’ll just have a play button with a slash across it. Also when I try to save the video to my gallery it has an error that pops up, even though I gave the app permission to. Please fix these two problems!


Landscape mode doesn’t work  Sarengetti  1 star

I’ve tried countless times to stream through the app, but streaming through twitch turns my stream picture to portrait mode, meaning you’d have to tilt your computer screen 180 degrees to watch my stream?! Very annoying and seemingly no fix for this bug that I haven’t seen anyone else have. iPhone XS Max


Doesn’t work,  Djchameera  1 star

For app developers, this app doesn’t work i even pay for this app, fix this app or give my money back.


I don’t know how to use it  ShaeLou80  2 star

Whenever I start broadcasting it does not work, help!


Streaming  Maxico22112211  3 star

When streaming on my YouTube channel the video is set in portrait mode even though my device is on landscape and none of the in-app setting such as 90, 180, 270, 45 degree turns fix this.


Help me stream I don’t know how to stream from twitch help  streamboyistaken  4 star

I don’t know how to stream to twitch can someone help me

Ultimate Cricketer

Help  Ultimate Cricketer  1 star

When i record a long video and go try download it, it says error and says make sure everycord has full perms to access photos and it alr has full perms now why do i get this then pls help

Mahmood Algazi

I want to be able to hear my teammate voice  Mahmood Algazi  4 star

Good quality but when I finish playing squads I look at the recording I can’t hear my teammates

beggar boy

What about ios12  beggar boy  5 star

Why is it not compatible with ios12


Why does it only record portrait  ueyxtxjbsyxjch  1 star

Why does it only record portrait I didn’t just spend 2 dollar just to record portrait YOU NEED TO IMPLEMENT LANDSCAPE RECORDING


Can’t record longer than 2 mins?  TaitRochelle  2 star

It says recording until I stop it but then I only have like a minute thirty of footage and not the full length I was recording for. I record art videos so I hope there is a solution to this


Jay I  Jasperrazoo  1 star

Very disappointed with this app. It seems it can’t be used for longish videos. There is no contact for email questions and I don’t want to use Facebook or Twitter....not good guys. Should be able to email re a question....


Sound  AndrewP3314  4 star

Dear developer/s So I got the app yesterday and it worked really well. I used a mic and had internal audio off. So when I went to review my recordings half of them were not playable. So I went to the ones that were playable and they were really nice. Good quality and a good mic sound but... you could not hear the game audio that I recorded. I was playing fortnite with my friend and you can’t hear his voice or any of the shooting in the video. Please make it to were you can choose both mic audio and internal audio. Other than that it is a really good app. Thanks, AndrewP3314_YT


It doesn’t work  HARTLESSxSHADOW  1 star

For some reason when I play a game and then end the recording it just doesn’t record... I press start broadcasting and stop broadcasting and it doesn’t record sometimes


Keeps streaming in portrait mode  NuisanceTheGamer  4 star

Everytime I stream on YouTube it records in portrait mode when I’m playing a landscape game.


Broken  Pro_gamingsavageYT  1 star

When I typed in both my stream key and the url I made a stream it did not go to my yt channel so I retyped it and still did not go to my yt channel.


Only records in vertical mode  Boeing737master  3 star

This app is pretty good. The only thing that really annoys me is that the recordings come out weird. They squish the screen. I am on an iPad Pro 2018 so I don’t know if that has anything to do with my troubles.

The best flappy

Doesn’t record in 60fps in iPad 2018  The best flappy  3 star

The app doesn’t record my screen in 60fps. The resolution is great. That’s the only problem.


Recorder broken  potatosaucevids  2 star

Can’t play videos after recording


Internal audio DOES NOT WORK  Griffyen  1 star

Developer doesn’t have a contact address or number? Internal audio doesn’t work. All I get is a video. SMH. Advertised function DOES NOT WORK. iOS 11.4.1. App is not eligible for refund. I feel scammed


Won’t save recordings  Spirit_unbroken  2 star

I’ve tested out the app at first and it worked, but when I started recording my gameplays, none of the recordings ever save. I really think this app is cool and easy to know what to do but please fix this bug. Thank you


Doesn’t livestream or record  killakai907  3 star

I don’t know why but I type stream key and link but it will not stream or record is this a bug?


Help  OfficialNoobYT  2 star

Yes it is a good recorder but when I record PUBG mobile it records but afterwards it glitches the videos and there’s nothing I can do about it I change every setting and still nothing help me fix this plz


Simple, easy to use  cawnj  5 star

Would recommend

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