Pocket City

Pocket City [Games] App Description & Overview

Build your own city as the new mayor. Create residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Build parks and recreation spots. Respond to crime and disasters. Watch your city come alive!

No microtransactions or long wait times! Everything is unlocked and rewarded through gameplay.

Pocket City re-imagines classic city building simulation gameplay for iOS devices.

Note: Landscape and portrait mode can be toggled in the settings menu during gameplay, or by tapping the icon at the top right of the start screen.

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Pocket City Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Minor bug fixes - Add additional monitoring for errors

Pocket City Comments & Reviews

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- More upgrades please!

Fun game overall. Making more classes of buildings upgradeable, such as schools/universities, Hospitals, and leisure structures would really prolong the excitement.

- Best mobile game ever

Love it! Its worth the 3 dollars. Please make more games like this one but for different things like sports or a army one Edit:the game is randomly crashing

- Please don’t take down the game

Please don’t take down this game... ITS SO COOL

- Love This App

Amazingly fun, intuitive, and well-made app. No glitches. I was wowed that there weren’t any ads or in-app purchases. 5 Stars!

- Entertaining

A lot to do, and a calm game you can relax and play. Really easy to spend a lot of time on. I like that it isn’t an idle game like most city builders out there. I did lose a lot of save data. Maybe a couple hours worth, which is a bit annoying. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again. Overall this game is a good game to play to unwind a bit while you watch your city grow

- One Flaw

Awesome game!! I would love to rate it 5 stars; however, you are unable to rotate buildings which is very frustrating.

- No pay to win

This game is amazing and fun to play. It doesn’t spam in app purchases in your face and is basically the only non pay to play game on iOS.

- Great City Game

This is the best city game at a reasonable price.

- Wonderful Game

Best part: no in app purchase, you bought it and start playing without annoying ads or no constant trying to bomb you with buying more coins or playtime. I don’t mind paying a moderate one time fee again for a major version update to encourage the continue development of the game. It is nice and fun. Addictive! The little people in the game are very cute. I wish it can be like the old time game Transportation Tycoon that you can connect the cities with transport. It will be even more fun.

- Great value

Runs incredibly well, tons to do. Very much worth the price.

- Very good

Been playing for hours. I love this game, excellent value for the price. Plays very good on mobile

- Great little city-builder

This app has been a hit for everyone in my family. It reminds me of the SimCity I played as a kid. No microtransactions, no ads, just fun.

- Best

Once you get the city level to 28 it starts rollin.

- Can I get a refund?

Great game overall just not enough so please may I get a refund?

- Spectacular

This game gives me everything I want in a city sim, and without ads or micro transactions. This puts the actual SimCity app to shame. I have put an alarming amount of hours into making my cities run perfect, and will continue to do so. Thank you for making such a phenomenal phone game for this low of a price point!

- Simple and Addicting

A fun little game that is well worth the investment. Watching your city grow is fun to do, and being able to run your city in the black makes you feel like actually running in a local election. Just make sure to use the surplus you make to treat yourself to an extravagant mayor’s mansion in the best part of town!

- Mobile City Skylines WITH NO ADS

Perfect in every way.

- Amazing Game!!!

Highly recommended! Addicting, but extremely fun. 5 stars

- Could have been a 5 star game

This is a fun game but the fact that you have to build and bulldoze the same building dozens of times until you get the right size building you need has ruined the game for me. The developer could have easily made building type selectable, rather than it being random chance and an enormous time sink. There is no reason to spend 15 minutes crafting and destroying the same building over and over and over and over again until you happen to get the right one. This takes what is sold as a game with no wait times and replaced the wait times with a giant time waste when building. Can you play the game with whatever random building happens to show up? Sure, but you will never reach your goals.

- Great game

One time fee and that’s it. No ads, super addicting but in a great way. Wish they would add features where you could interact with friends.

- Great and easy game

I like playing this game to pass the time and it’s easy to pick up and put away when needed. I would like to ask the developer to add cloud backups with iCloud that would allow me to pickup where I left off whether I’m on my iPhone or iPad. Would definitely come in handy with macOS Big Sur and the ability to play iOS games on Mac. Seamless transition of the game between platforms.

- I’m so confused

So I don’t know about y’all but man I played this game for a minute and 42 seconds and deleted it..... it wasn’t satisfying.... it made me wanna play chess. You know the game with the horses in the back. And then it made me wanna eat some chicken McNuggets for some odd reason. And I started doing better at soccer when I played this... So yeah this game was a little strange. But I enjoy the game!! 5 star!

- Very Basic

I bought this app hoping for something a little more realistic and engaging. I did not receive that. The graphics were not very good and the overall game was not worth the money paid. I hope in the future this game will grow to exceed my expectations.

- Update

I love this game so much and I’ve played it a lot. Great concepts and truly thought out. I wanna keep playing it but there’s been no updates, no changes, nothing new for me to go off and build to

- Boring

This oversimplified simulation is simplistic to the point of being boring.

- Great game

It’s an amazing and worth the price tag l. No in app purchases so $3 is all you pay. Very addictive and I highly recommend it.

- Great but simple!!

This is a very great game, y’all can consider adding more features like, being able to rotate buildings to face a certain direction and more building structures!!


I am obsessed with this game! I play it basically everyday! It’s a very basic and simple build a city type game but that’s what I like about it. Even though it’s simple it’s still very fun and entertaining. :)

- Freezes!

Fix it!

- Excellent Sim game!

Like others, I rarely leave reviews. The quality of this game, though, leaves me no choice. It is extremely well designed and play is both fun and challenging. To top it off, one low price gets it! Applause to the designers!!

- Finally a great game that isnt full of IAPs

This is a full on build your own city game for one low price. There are no DLCs you don’t need to watch ads and there is a ton of content. Buy the game and enjoy building your own city without spending 100s on premium currency or watching a single ad. I cannot rate this game high enough thank you devs for making a great game and not getting greedy.

- iPad version?

After my initial problem trying to get game to display in landscape on my iPad, I’m enjoying this game. Kudos to developer for his quick response. Only thing I wish for now is maybe a hints/tips section within the app - would help us less proficient players stick with our builds.

- Psh


- I can’t switch difficulty!

I love this game but I can’t switch difficulty! Please let people switch to any difficulty they want while they play!

- Yes


- The game is amazing! But one thing..

The game is fun and not repetitive like some sandbox games, the ability to create 40 CITIES is amazing! There’s a great amount of space, a lot of things to build, fun events, and dialogue! But there is only 1 tiny thing holding this game back from being a 5 star. The thing is that you can only create 5 manual saves. Yes, I understand that it saves every minute or so, but I would like to be able to not have a limit to have many saves I can make. If that was fixed, immediate 5 star. Overall, this game is the fricking best. ❤️

- Nice sim city clone but buggy

I was just getting into it when I discovered that the buildings I unlocked stayed permanently when I reloaded a saved game, back in time before I had unlocked those buildings. I assume this is a bug, because by going back I am able to take advantage of these unlocked buildings much sooner, which feels like cheating.

- So worth the money

Love this game!!!

- Amazing just amazing

I would love to see additions to this amazing game for instance more landmarks and maybe add a military aspect in a way and to add more upgradable structures like the town hall thank you so much for making this great game.

- not worth $2.99

i didn’t pay almost $3 to get to play the game for ten minutes then just stare at a white screen. but the ten minutes of playing was fun.

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Pocket City is amazing. That’s for sure. I love the new regions, and building on islands is so much fun. Policies are cool too. This upgrade really added to the game. But no matter what it’s great. Building cities, completing tasks, AND without the usual pay to play thing in these games. A must have for all future architects! One little thing that bothers me is that everything needs a road to have electricity because then I have to circle roads around my pretend private beach homes and act like it wouldn’t be a horrible way to live. Maybe we could add some road-less WiFi towers? The game’s still awesome, this is just a suggestion. Don’t let my review stop anyone from getting it. Just pitching a few made on the spot ideas. Super game!

- Awesome and Addictive, Thanks!!!!

Pocket city is now my favorite building game, fair, logical, fun, well worth the price, no in app purchases!!!!

- Hands down best city builder on iOS!

This city builder is so well made and full of deep, engaging content! I’ve spent all day playing it and I’ve only gotten started. This is worth every penny and more! I cannot sing enough praises.

- Good but could be great!

Great concept with excellent controls. Problem with this game however is that it is too linear and gets boring real fast. Needs more buildings and features added. It has so much potential, I hope the developers take note.

- It’s fun

Nice little game. Satisfying

- Night mode

I love this game it is my favirate I should like maybe a night mode so you can see your city at jight

- Great app

It not like other apps it really gets you into the game I love it ,and just over all it’s a great app I want to see more from this brand 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

- A game worth every dollar

I stumbled upon this game in hopes of finding something different to play. A whopping three dollars later I decided to download this game and give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of detail this game has. Mastery of its strategic ‘zone’ system is just the beginning. There’s so much intricate details that make this game really stand out. 5/5, the game should easily be worth $10 or $15 easy for the wealth of content you get.

- It’s not worth the money should be free


- I. Love. This. GAME.

If your looking for a Sim City alternative with the micro transactions, THIS IS IT RIGHT HERE. I cannot recommend this strongly enough.

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- Awesome. What simcity used to be

Great game. Good graphics, It is what simcity was before it added glitzy graphics and made you used coins to advance. Has just of enough city dynamics to make it fun an challenging to play Only issue so far is that some things are a bit out of time order. Schools and farms come way later in the game. But definitely worth getting.

- Love it

I love this game because it’s no in app purchases

- Lot of sandbox fun!

Great game! Offline play, no micrograms actions, multiple city savefiles, and just an overall great timepasser.

- Fun but missing one thing

Almost a perfect little game. The only thing missing is not being able to set policies in sandbox mode. I don’t understand when devs limit their sandbox modes. I’ll make this 5 stars if they allow policies in sandbox mode.

- Good game

It’s good. But it’s giving me ocd that some buildings are not facing towards the roads.

- Looks terrible on iPhone 11 style screens

Was excited for this game, but the stretch seen on the full screen displays cuts many of the boxes and information off. Ruins the experience


Open the app and all i get is a white screen. Unreal. Pathetic

- Really fun, but it keeps deleting my progress

I really love this game and wanted to give 5 stars, but unfortunately, it keeps deleting my progress. Every time I open the game, whether I’ve manually saved or not, it reverts my progress back to level 40. It makes me no longer want to play, because I know there’s no way for me to progress any further and it feels pointless. I hope this is fixed soon because it’s a really fun game, there’s just no point in playing if I keep losing my progress.

- Landscape Mode

Nice game and awesome idea of going back to no micro-transactions for a city builder. Only disappointing aspect is that there is no landscape mode for iPad. Is that update on its way? UPDATE: Feel like a fool. Found the landscape mode button. 5 stars now!

- Makes phone Hot!

I absolutely LOVE this game. But every time I play it for a 10-15 minute stretch or longer, it makes my phone screen super HOT to the touch!

- Worth every cent.

I can’t say enough good about this game. It made a whole genre of games accessible to me I’ve always wanted to like. I have it on my Mac also and I just installed a new ssd and I excitedly started a new game yesterday. I suppose if I had any complaints I’d that it had more depth. However for the price you cannot ask for a better deal. I loved this when it was released and I do now. Great work and props to the dev. If you are on the fence spend your money, the dev in this case has absolutely earned it.

- Great App

Really like the game. Pay to get it, nothing in app is awesome. That also means not having to wait around or get things from other players. It would be nice if they added some new buildings. Casinos or amusement parks or something like that.

- Almost amazing

This game was awesome, it really let you take your critical thinking to the next level, and it molds together so seamlessly. My only problem came because I clock at least 9 constant hours before it froze and closed deleting hours of progress.


I love this game!! If you’re a fan of building cities from scratch, this is THE game for you, hands down. I appreciate there are no ads or hard sells to spend money just to level up game play. In fact, no money is needed at all which helps make it more fun. My only gripe is I dislike the volcanos/natural disasters. They happen too frequently and become more of a nuisance, since you have to stop whatever you’re doing and push a button just to rebuild everything that was destroyed. Now a suggestion: I’ve started building mansions and estates more than just clusters of buildings. How about some pools, tennis courts, or other high end items that could add to creating million dollar properties? Thanks!

- Good Simulator

It’s a fun game but it has UI issues that are easily resolved like double clicking to undo a build selection instead of having to scroll through menus every time. During the start it would be nice if there was more variety instead of just a small park for what felt like 15 levels. These things keep it interesting. Clicking on specific function buildings like the police/fire/hospital/bus (when creating more of the type)... should highlight the positions of those buildings because they all blend in. I also wish there was more open space. It feels like the app is basically a measure of how efficiently you can squeeze everything in a small space. I like missions, they keep things fun, and some of the animations are... cute. Also, it’s a single purchase. None of that speed a build for real $$$ like sim city.

- LOVE IT just wish it had more stuff

I would love if it made specific gangs for big neighborhood, have a virus pandemic for natural disasters, had more styles of bridges, war with other countries, made more npcs, it could have day/night cycle, and more it just has so much potential I love it rn but I would love it more if it was more interactive ❤️🐣

- Amazing Game

Fun, easy to learn, and overall an awesome game.

- Tremendous value

For the price, this can’t be beat. Mildly addictive, clever, and a nice way to while away a few hours. If you want paid and done and not to be hit by constant ads or nags to buy stuff- this is an excellent investment. I’d even pay a bit more. Compared to SimCity, with the pressure to just keep buying useless virtual stuff(give me a break) or deal with the hassle of fighting faux city battles - this is exactly what I was looking for. None of that nonsense. Thank you! Other great pluses include: - low battery mode - ability to create multiple cities(not just one) - sandbox cities you can build just to try stuff out! - decent, even clever, animation Now for a few minor gripes/wishlist items. - city hall upgrades all look the same, just different colors. - be nice if the grid lines were more helpful in laying things out. Makes it difficult to create precise copies of actual cities. Something like a black line every 6, 10, or 12 squares would make it a dream - not enough landscape choices. Different trees, more building types, boulevards, variations of buildings- that would be killer. Ive recreated Chicago, wash DC, Missoula MT but the cities all really look the same. - outdoor stuff shouldnt need a road. Maybe add a “path” option. Some of my parks look ugly. - maybe just a “make your own building” function in which you could model your own type of house or shop with blocks and then render it- wow! That would be a dream! I’m sure this is all known, discarded, maybe someday stuff. But all in all I’m very happy for the price I paid. Thanks again!

- Load Up

Great game. I love that everything builds almost instantly. I have played for hours at a time. One problem is that the game won’t start it will just sit at a white screen. I’ve tried redowoading loading and it still happens.

- Doesn’t work

Purchased this game and all I get is a white screen !

- Just about perfect

This game is awesome!! I actually had to delete the app because I was playing it too much... not even kidding lol. It is everything you’d expect from a city builder. It’s detailed, complex without being tedious, there’s always something to focus on, and all the features just make sense. Between maintaining perfect levels of citizen happiness and income, building enough recreational spaces, completing specific quests, etc, it is constantly engaging. And it’s just plain FUN. Unlike other “simulated city” builders (cough) this one is exactly what a game like this should be.

- Add a new Event

In my opinion this is the best game ever But I have A idea for a new event. The new event should be A riot.

- Fun, Addictive, and just awesome!

This is a really fun and simple game. I love games like this and I hope that you keep putting games out like this! It is just the type of game that i turn to when I have nothing to do. Fun, Addictive, and just AWESOME!

- Amazing

This game is phenomenal. I got it a couple years back and had an absolute blast with it. It’s like SimCity with no micro transactions, and it’s more breezy. If your looking for a game that you can just sit down and have fun with, this is it.

- Dang

I didn’t think this game was going to completely hook me but I’ve been loving playing it. There’s a bit of an “end game” - as in, theres not much to do with your first city after you’ve reached level 115 or so but I’m working my way through the harder levels and larger maps and I’m having a blast. I love that there are no in-app purchases.

- Has most of what made the original Sim City good

If, like me, you’re a much bigger fan of the original Sim City than you are it’s equals, you’ll love this game. The interface could use a little bit of work (you have to do repetitive actions too many times), but it captures the interplay between all the things you can do, while still being simple to play. Complex games, (where each action has multiple consequences, and there are many ways to get where you want), are rich and rewarding. Complicated games, like pretty much all the Sim City sequels, are painful. This one is a good one. Well worth the money.

- It’s kinda like city skylines

It’s kinda like city skylines with 2.5 D

- This game is amazing!

I highly recommend. Especially during these trying times of boredom and lack of stuff to do. This game is beautiful and doesn’t make you want to pull your hair out. Fantastic work!

- Better than SimCity Build It

I quit playing Sim City Build it because it was becoming impossible to achieve things without paying any money. I shouldn’t have to pay any money for a silly app! I just like building things! I paid the $2.99 and this is worth it. No ads, real time building, and it is realistically achievable. Oh and addicting!

- Back to the Basics

This game strikes the perfect balance between easy to digest graphics and game complexity. It’s so fun. I hope they keep building on this game. It’s a mobile classic. I wish Sim City wouldn’t have complicated the gaming experience so much, but I’m glad Pocket City is here to fill the gap.

- Really fun

I enjoy this game alot. Played it for about a month or so. It drains battery and heats your phone but its really fun to play. My only gripe would be after awhile its really tedious and then eventually becomes boring. But for the cost i had a blast

- Battery Drain, Missing Options

This game drains your battery like crazy. Even when you turn on the supposed battery-saving features it doesn’t do much. Also, there ought to be a way to turn off the constant “Level Up” announcements and the “Quests” dialogue. It’s such a constant and annoying interruption to game play having to constantly tap the level up box, then wait for the whole animation to finish , then tap on the item you’ve gained, and then tap on the Quests tab, tap on each new quest, and finally tap the skip button to exit the dialogue, which takes almost as long to appear as the dialogue itself. It’s extremely hard to lose yourself in a game with all of that visual noise happening every 30 seconds. Can’t we turn off the level up banners and dialogue? I’ve played the game enough that I have the dialogue memorized!

- Perfect

No micro transactions fast building and so much to do!

- Omg it’s awesome!

I bought this game yesterday and it is one of the best games I’ve played on my phone. I think when a volcano appears a dinosaur should spawn in the corner of the map as a fun Easter egg. This is all I have to say and keep up the good work guys!!

- My favorite iOS game

Hands down the best city builder game. Looking forward to any updates the developers put out. Great jobs guys!

- So fun!

This is legitimately the only city building and management game i’ve ever enjoyed and i’ve tried all of them. I am super impatient when it comes to waiting on the cities progressing however this game was fast but in a good way. Top Teir :)

- Great game

It is a great game good graphics. Exactly what you’d see in ads. Also it is fun and entertaining. For people who like building things/kinda micro management games

- Excellence

SimCity for Super Nintendo was an absolute classic for its simplicity, beauty and playability, and finally there’s a game that rivals it. Kudos to CodeBrew games for such a cool title. There’s so much beauty in the details, and it’s so easy to build cities. Pls keep adding more options to this game, even at a small fee if needed, for anyone who wants to expand. Bring in attack monsters or aliens, allow us to combine regions to build super cities, let our neighboring cities have rivalries, add more side games like the races through the city. All in all, just a fun game to play, but pls keep it going!

- Really good

I love city building games. This one had good reviews so I tried it. It takes the best of the genre and makes it accessible. I eventually got bored with it. The buildings all look the same and there is no way to change zone density to encourage different blogs. It’s super easy to make money. Also, everything is built around squares. Roads cannot curve. After awhile the city looks plain and unremarkable. Still it’s a good solid game if you like accessible city builders.

- Good, but...

This game is great and I love it, but for some reason, every minutes or so, it will say ‘undo typing’. If you could fix this bug, that would be amazing!

- More stuff needed but good game

It’s a nice game I couldn’t stop playing it when I started but after you unlock everything it starts to get a little boring, I wish they had a bigger map and more things to do, like when you created a new city instead of keeping the buildings you unlocked you have to start from scratch or add different buildings for different regions, other than that it’s a fun game and I would recommend it.

- AaMmAaSsIiNnGg

This game is great. One of the reasons I like the game because It doesn’t have in app purchases AND it’s free. I would really like for policies to be available in sandbox sandbox mode though. I would give it 5 stars if policies were available in this game so DO IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Won’t Open, Paid Money For A Game That Won’t Load

This game opens to a white screen, wasted my money, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, still a blank white screen.

- Awesome game.

Been absolutely hooked on this game for a while now, it’s everything you’re looking for in a city tycoon type game. You’re not really handed anything which is the way it should be, and there’s no micro transactions. There is so much to this game once you get into it but they manage to not overwhelm you at all. Seriously guys, take my word and give this game a try

- Great Game But...

I would really like to be able to rotate the map.

- Can’t open the app

I have an iPhone X and i cant get the game to start up at all... it is just stuck on a white screen. It works on my iPad completely fine, but after downloading and deleting multiple times.. I’m at a loss.

- Great game

This game is the best city Building game you can buy on mobile. You might not want to buy it for $2.99, but renember, you probably will spend more on Free, Pay-to-win games like SimCity. This game has no Micro-Transactions, you just get better by playing.

- Amazing... but

This game is amazing, it’s so immersive, but I wish that it had a more variety of buildings, situations, and events. I also wish that they would add skyscrapers, or a new zone called “downtown”. This would make the game more vibrant and purposeful. Just a consideration for the developer’s. Thanks!

- Screen size issues

The screen keeps cropping off wrong and switching from landscape and portrait randomly

- Crazy frustrating save bug

I love this game. It’s exactly the type of sim town builder experience I want in my mobile device. The gameplay, pacing, and quests are all excellent. I’m currently experience a horrible bug though that deletes process that I’ve manually and auto saved if the app is force closed. I’ve lost so much progress over the last week from this that I can’t keep playing for now. I’ll pick it back up and update the score when this gets fixed.

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- So good!

This is a lovely well thought out game with lots to keep you entertained. An absolute steal at 99p with no ads. 👌

- Great game but would want more verity

This is a very good game but once you have filled up the map it’s over. I think more buildings and an option to upgrade hospitals would add a bit more to the game but other than the lack of verity it is very fun and addicting 👍👍👍

- Best game

Absolutely amazing, So fun, And I highly recommend.

- Unplayable on the X design

Needs to be optimised ASAP for the iPhone 11/X design. Would be lovely game if this wasn’t a major disabling issue

- Great Game with no in app purchases

This is a good game with great graphics. Probably not quite as slick as SimCity Build It, but so much better for not having in app purchases. And all for 2.99! Bargain.

- Building Area Too Small Per City

The building area is way too small and becomes a bottleneck once you use up all the space pretty fast. Needs to have bigger areas & more variety & levels for buildings.

- super fun and addictive

I really wanted to find a sandbox city game to let my imagination free with, and this is it! I love my little cities, it’s such a cute game. although there’s a few things the game could add to be better? a rotating camera, so you don’t have to build on a diagonal; an option to rotate buildings too? ie the town hall. but apart from those things, it’s brilliant.

- This game is underrated

I like the single pay model. This is a game, to have fun, not to bear pressure, and wait, or spend countless money in it. Graphics, control excellent! Should have some more sophisticated social model, for example people less happy by industrial area, they should find construction noisy and inconvenient. And perharps gameplay is too fast, but perhaps its just me.

- No in app purchases

A beautiful game, fairly priced with no in app purchases. It’s great to not be inundated with ads, pop ups, gems, cash, speed ups. It’s just a well designed, quality app. Bravo.

- Amazing.

I’ve been playing this game for a while and what I have experienced so far has satisfied me. I would recommend this game. Keep up the good work! ❤️

- Would love pointer control support

I am a disabled user and require a mouse to play. I had a load of fun playing this game on iPadOS 13.3, since the update to 13.4 though and the way Apple has changed the mouse pocket City in longer works! This is really sad :-(I pray the developers will update the game to allow for the new system.

- Fantastic game no ads

Brilliant game! Kept me occupied for hours during lockdown. And the best thing, no hidden agendas! No adverts, no build waiting time, no in app purchasing to make the game more enjoyable. Enjoyable from the word go like the good old pc games! Fully recommended.

- Excellent but needs more content

Great game but it’s all over pretty quick in terms of what you can build. It’d be nice to be able to level up building etc more and get skyscrapers etc. A bit more choice for attractions and goods in/out etc. Basically those couldn’t be mega if it went deeper. Also it gets tiresome having to dismiss multiple ‘levels ups’ in a row and having to endure the property guys talking every time you want to buy more land. A better way of viewing and acknowledging this would be good.

- Honestly amazing

I biggest pet hate is when city builder games have ‘diamonds’ or ‘jewels’ to make things builder faster etc. This is just the opposite you pay the £2.99 one off and the rest is just play play play. Everything builds within 10sec including upgrades etc. Everything about this game is perfect, the quests, the ‘events’. Really brilliant game, completely hooked :)

- Roads alternatives

The game is well made, and I’m always happy when I can pay for an app to guarantee that I’m not going to be pestered to buy gems/coins/whatever f2p nonsense being pushed. But my biggest frustration with this game is roads! My careful planning to give citizens lovely views and outdoor spaces is thwarted by the need to have everything connected by roads. It sounds like a silly complaint but my dream city would be full of footpaths and cycle lanes, so I find it very frustrating having to put roads everywhere. I’d love an alternative.

- So you've increased and decreed the system requirements

When you increased the minimum requirements, I left your game, but you decreased it back to iOS 9.0, letting me rejoin the game. This is because my iPad is incompatible with iOS 10. So stick around with the requirements being iOS 9, OK?

- Amazing,underrated but...

I absolutely love this game but it needs more buildings and hasn’t had a content update for ages But apart from that a very fun game

- Far too easy

I enjoyed the simply nature and lack of ads etc. But even on expert mode there is no real strategy or challenge to the game sadly....

- Great fun

Great fun and for a single price - no rip off continual charges via I app purchases😀

- Everything a creator game should be.

This game excelled at what games of the same genre fall slow on, and that’s wait times. Every other game where you build a base or city or something of that caliber is fun to start off, but wait times for buildings to be built get longer and longer until it reaches a point of literal weeks (I’m looking at you Clash of Clans) for something to finish. This game? About 10 seconds is the longest you’ll wait. No in app purchases to speed things up necessary. Really allows your creativity to flow, easy to pick up and put down and continue where you left off. Only made my review 4 stars as once you’ve reached a certain point, around level 152, when trying to load up your city, the game soft locks and is literally unplayable, it doesn’t let you play. Other than that, would extremely highly recommend this game. By far one of my favourite mobile games of all time.

- It’s ok for a short while

If you’ve ever played sim city then pocket city looks similar. However in sim city there’s a definite maturing of the city and buildings and areas change with time. None of that here, build, zone, upgrade once, balance the stats and it then never changes. Too shallow for more than a week or so of play

- This is the best City Builder I’ve played for a while

Forget Sim City and the other ones that charge you as you go. I’ve been playing this for hours now and there’s so much more to explore. It’s great. I’m loving it.

- Not really a city builder, more of a puzzle if anything

This isn’t really a city builder. You just keep fitting in more of everything until you reach a score that unlocks more stuff. Kind of boring really.

- Exactly what I wanted

This is such a great game, no micro transactions and super fun to dip in and out of. Take note, I’d rather pay a few quid for the full game rather than be bled dry by paying real money to play

- Good stuff

This is excellent, a well thought out and designed game. It’s all about the game as no IAP’s used. Gets you engrossed. Good work developer.

- A great game

I really liked this game before the update which added 8 more landscapes to your central city. Now it’s even better. My only criticism is that when you have a full and thriving city it slows down and you have to wait while it builds etc before you do anything else. That might be my iPad’s fault though.

- Amazing game

Have been playing this game nonstop for a week. Pros: - no ads - no making you pay to progress - no crashes Cons: - nothing! I’ve evolved a city exactly as I want and it’s such an easy pick up and play that it’s hard to put down

- Stopped working

Good game for 1 day. If you build more than a few blocks, crashes become more frequent. 2 days in it has stopped loading all together. Try something else.

- Thank you

Fantastic game.... love all the new additions, keep giving us more.

- Fun Sim

Great little sim. Keeps you interested and is fantastic in that there are no irritating locked down things, and no in-app purchases. Just a great little sim. If I were to be picky - I think the traffic simulation could improved a little. I think the pollution simulation could improved a lot! Overall though, enjoying it.

- Nice little game

Nice little game and no in app purchase recommended

- Great Small Pocket Game

I love this....great fun and very clever. My granddaughter is fascinated how easy it is to build, now aware how other things dovetail together. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

- Super Nice Game

Super nice game, and i love that it’s a paid game, I think author should have charged a little more, maybe one or two pounds (dollars) more.

- Brilliant!

This game is a breath of fresh air as there are no in-app purchases. New features are constantly being added which makes it playable again and again.

- My game doesn’t load anymore

It’s a fun game that I’ve spent countless times playing , yet now it doesn’t load , I press continue and a white flash appears and takes me to the main menu once more , every single time. I hope this can be resolved

- Would recommend

I found this game really entertaining thank you for making it I would recommend it to anyone

- Addiction warning ⚠️

This is super amazing and i was addicted all day and then my vision went wierd really lovely game

- Fantastic game, takes me back to my childhood!

I used to love playing the Sim City and that brand has lost its way with that awful Buildit app. Anyway this is fantastic, everything you would want in a city simulation, although near perfection - my suggestions for improvement is, 1) Opportunity to upgrade further on residential, commercial and industrial and introduction of tower blocks. 2) Larger maps. 3) Policies that impact on city and also being able to see all expenses i.e unit upkeep costs. 4) More variety on units I.e. better looking buildings near better environment and services like schools police etc. 5) Buildings can be slightly further away from roads to benefit from power/water poss introduce power lines? 6) Introduce a few more buildings like library/museum etc. Thanks for a great app though love playing.

- Lovely game.

What a wonderful game. Can’t wait for the update!

- Good but problems

Fun game but lost my saved game after I got really far.

- Good game, wish land was cheaper tho

Cool game, very cheap, no micro transactions or ridiculous waiting times, my only problem with it is that it kinda grinds to a halt once land gets too expensive. Like right now I can’t expand my city because land is starting to cost about £100,00 a piece which leads to me having to leave the game open for several minutes doing nothing, until I can eventually keep playing. Apart from that, good game, would recommend.

- Would be 5....!!

If there was more options to the buildings such as different variants (colours, styles, etc.) and if there was more crimes to tackle, for example, if there was higher taxes, then consequently more different crimes being committed or impacting businesses to close down and so on. But overall great game, and worth every penny.

- Brilliant but short

I love the game and no microtransactions BUT... Once you fill the city, I can’t see any options but starting over. On lvl 69 I can’t see much fun, we might need more space or bigger lands! :)

- Fantastic for phone, very polished!

Ever since I bought & installed this game I haven’t been able to put it down! It’s extremely well polished, easy to navigate with a clean interface & addicting! I love that there’s absolutely no pop up ads or ‘surprise mechanics’ (lol). Don’t expect it to be an extremely intricate city builder BUT it’s perfect for phone! I love it & hope it expands even further as a city builder. Fantastic app for the price!

- Good app

A fun little game! Really nice to not be full of pocket transactions and ads! Would love more building options and the ability to rotate buildings both independent and in zones please and a way of adding corner pieces to highways.

- What a great find!

Liked playing city building games on my PC. Came across this gem, plays just like some of the greats! All the features of progressive building with the stats. Hours of fun, as others say; refreshing to find a game without ads or in-app purchases. Huge hat off to the developers! Great game.

- A gem find.

I don't often take a chance on games you have to pay for before you have tried them but this game is a gem find. A one off payment, no ads or extra in app purchases. The game plays well and keeps you interested at all levels. Maybe not as graphic worthy as say Sim City but a less frustrating experience. My only two very minor issues, developers please note, when you are working towards areas of interest and you save cos life interrupts you, you reload and that area ( i.e. farm land or treasure chests) has disappeared. That is frustrating when you have spent time focusing on getting there. Secondly, for goodness sake get rid of Larry the landowners irritating and tiresome voice. It really grates on me! Change it to something more soothing and you might get that extra star from me.

- Can’t move around freely

Really disappointed that it costs you extra on the app each time you try to move a building/road/object.

- Best game on the App Store

This game is great it’s has everything you would want and doesn’t have any in app purchases and ads that don’t annoy you totally worth the money!

- 5 stars if it was for going to sleep

Just a really boring game, extremely repetitive and the reason it’s £4 because it has no inapp purchases. Would you like a medal? Can I get a refund please so I can throw the £4 into some sand.

- Don’t get it

Not sure why everyone is so into this game. I grew up playing simulation games, and this one is not great. Played for an hour and I’m bored already. Not worth the money... good it doesn’t have micro payments though.

- The one ultimate mobile city builder

This game is pure joy for those who have micro management cravings that are found in games such as sim city or skylines This game holds the fundamental elements of what makes the city builders a joy to play. However a few suggestions could be added - night life and and a clock - contribution to traffic like morning peaks hours and returning home Variation in special buildings One way streets

- Amazing little game!

Easy to play, hard to master. Thanks for the amazing game!

- Refreshing

In the day and age that we live in with ‘free’ apps that truly are not free, I have to say this is refreshing to buy a game that has no micro transactions or cool down timers, energy, or long wait times. This game takes me back to my childhood playing the old city builders and just enjoying the gameplay without the annoying pay or time walls. This was an insta-buy for me, and so happy I did as it is what I have been wanting for some time. A game I could sit down and enjoy playing on my device that didn’t have all the typical micro transactions that I really wish was outlawed in the App Store. Thank you for the pleasure that is this game to play! For the record, I would be ok with expansions or additional content based on the current business model. Again, thank you for a wonderfully made game, I will continue to watch for more from this developer.

- Love it

As someone who doesn’t usually play this genre, I’m hooked. Props to the dev for doing no microtransactions and timers. Such a breath of fresh air in the app store.

- Amazing

Well worth the money! Already addicted and can’t wait for new updates

- FINALLY a great City Builder!

No micro transactions, wait times or credits to complete things! This is a pure city building game. Love it! Devs: please keep releasing content for this game! Keeping this game exciting would keep me playing forever. Love the simple design, beautiful graphics and enjoyable gameplay.

- Everything you loved from times past - without the microtransactions

Fantastic little game - well worth the money. Sim games like these are great to teach kids and just kill time. The developer has created a perfect mix of pacing, options and flexibility to make sure you have a great time. Buy it. You wont regret it.

- Review update

Just found landscape mode so am adjusting my review! 5-star game all the way. Sit back and build/manage or get down into the weeds and optimize traffic flow

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Pocket City 1.0.37 Screenshots & Images

Pocket City iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Pocket City iphone images
Pocket City iphone images
Pocket City iphone images
Pocket City iphone images
Pocket City ipad images
Pocket City ipad images
Pocket City ipad images
Pocket City ipad images
Pocket City Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Pocket City Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Pocket City (Version 1.0.37) Install & Download

The applications Pocket City was published in the category Games on 2018-08-07 and was developed by Codebrew Games Inc. [Developer ID: 1330451887]. This application file size is 65.37 MB. Pocket City - Games posted on 2020-07-29 current version is 1.0.37 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Pocket City Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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