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Build your own city as the new mayor. Create residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Build parks and recreation spots. Respond to crime and disasters. Watch your city come alive!

No microtransactions or long wait times! Everything is unlocked and rewarded through gameplay.

Pocket City re-imagines classic city building simulation gameplay for iOS devices.

Note: Landscape and portrait mode can be toggled in the settings menu during gameplay, or by tapping the icon at the top right of the start screen.

Pocket City App Description & Overview

The applications Pocket City was published in the category Games on 2018-08-07 and was developed by Bobby Li. The file size is 25.53 MB. The current version is 1.0.23 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- New building: Recycling Plant + Environment quest
- New building: Bank Tower
- Balance change: Land cost caps at $300,000 per lot, even in Expert
- Earn Cash from Rocket Launch
- Minor bug fixes, remove iOS spinner on loading screen

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Perfect city building game, only thing missing is Day & Night simulation!  dy3rika  4 star

Perfect game, one-time payment was great. Only thing missing, I hope they update it and let it have a day & night simulation because how great it would be if everything lights up every once in awhile?!


Replaced my MiniMetro Addiction!!  4$$  5 star

I’ve literally played Mini Metro for years! Pocket City has been a life saver and mixed up my game play. It’s so relaxing and rewarding - ABSOLUTELY LOVE no in game purchases!!! I do have a gameplay wishlist though! (1) make highway bridges instead of just road bridges. (2) Add in boats/plains/trains that serve a purpose in transporting goods/people/etc. (3) Give ability to visit other user cities. (4) Add more levels, challenges, story lines for levels after 200. (5) Give better insight on what controls/increases/lowers things such as zone upkeep, etc. Overall an absolutely phenomenal game that I’m sure I’ll continue to play for a very long time to come!


Finally an app that dosent bombard you  secxhi  5 star

This is a fun game, dosent constantly send you notifications or ads!!


Very nice sim City type  Ekholbrook  4 star

Only thing I miss is being able to rotate view. Add that and it's the perfect mobile City building game. Without that it falls short


Amazing Game!!!  adamspicar  5 star

As a 40 something year old I grew up on city building games. Loved Sim City 2000, Caesar 3, Pharaoh, Emperor and other similar games. PocketCity is just like that. Bringing back fun memories and great times. And no micro-transactions!!! 👍👍👍

Andrea ABG

Fun inexpensive game with no freemium!  Andrea ABG  5 star

My first sim game was Sim City 2000, and I’ve been faithfully summing since then, but EA has sucked the life out of it for me. Pocket City is what EA should have put out for its Sim City iPhone game instead of the micro transaction mess it did. This game is the work of a single developer. It is engaging and fun and runs smoothly. It’s not perfectly balanced (good GOD how many stores and fire houses do these citizens need) but it is clever in its own logic + playable for many many hours for one small price. Casual level is very easy once you get the hang of it , which, isn’t the worst thing if you just enjoy building a city and don’t want to stress. The more advanced levels allow you to worry and fret. I love this game. I look forward to updates and new titles.


Worth the buy!  _Dud3_  5 star

I was really hesitant cause I don’t usually pay for games, but this one was exactly what I was looking for! Too cool!


Great game but  tirigüibi  4 star

We need an option to rotate buildings! It bothers me not seeing a building facing the road.


Cities: Skylines & SimCity in mobile form!  julvel88  4 star

I’ve been playing a bit of Cities: Skylines lately, but I was looking for something I could take with me on my phone and iPad. This is the perfect mobile city-builder/urban planning game. If you’re into those types of games, you won’t regret it. 🤓 🏙


Wonderful game, could have different entertainment/fun stuff  Sammy2me  5 star

I have been playing this game since it came out. I actually pre-ordered it. So I have been thinking it would be cool to have a few things to expand the Entertainment ratio. Things like a gym, a night club, burger joint, maybe a drive in theater. Ice skating rink, a cafe. Just a few things to spice the town up. It would be cool. Thank you for this game anyway. I love it because it soothes my anxiety. I must have built or 50 towns. There is no pressure to finish any quest, and best of all no in app purchases. I love this game!


Has potential  Adam2G  4 star

The game at its core is fun although the mechanics and progression seem very basic and get old quick. I hope they plan on adding some more depth into the game. Please please please add a way to auto collect on already completed quests and maybe even consider having less quests in general, they become quite over bearing. Also shut Larry up too it gets annoying him popping up for a chat every time you want some more land, no one likes you Larry! All of that said the game is fun, I can see myself sinking many hours into this title & bonus points for having a flat fee option without micro transactions. Excited to see how this game gets updated in the future.


A basic Cities Skylines for iOS  g3niusw1lson  4 star

Exactly what I expected and happy that I got it. Elements that make Cities Skylines popular are present here and fans will appreciate the effort here that is given whilst avoiding the micro transactions that plague such games on iOS.


Good fun and no IAP  Japius  4 star

Finally a good game without micro transactions


Alright Game  Missxstatic  4 star

So far, so good.


Love it  yesnoidk  5 star

I’ve only had this app a few days and I love it. It’s simple and I love no sneaky in app purchases. The only thing is I wish I could relocate a lot without having to demolish it and also the ability to rotate the lot would be amazing!


Must buy!  Hashmana  5 star

No inapp purchase? Check! Simplicity? Check! Fun to play? Check! This is a must buy. Wish it had a tutorial on how to manage traffic and things like that but that’s a small thing compared to how well everything else plays. Thank you to the developer for making a game with no inapp purchases.


FANTASTIC  Robbie_007  4 star

This game was quite interesting and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges i faced whilst building my city. Particularly levelling up buildings, restructuring roads, and re evaluating the design of the city over and over which led to many hours of fun. The best part about the game is the once off payment, no micro transactions to upgrade or buy items. Although this is great, there is a slight downside that could potentially be updated. Once you get to master the game and buy up all the land, that’s it! The game is basically done for. There are no further maps to create a city beside your city. There’s no further upgrades. That’s where the game basically ends. I’m hitting level 87 atm > $15million > was >7000 population and to be honest the city literally continues to gain people and make money without me doing anything. Guys can we add more upgrades/challenges to the game and extend the map even further?! would be great


Like a dull microtransaction game without the microtransactions  charlesgutjahr  2 star

A lot of the positive reviews of Pocket City talk about how great it is that it’s paid up front with no sneaky in-app purchases, and that is indeed a good thing. Problem is that the gameplay is still too much like those dull microtransaction games. Everything is based on arbitrary levelling up, rather than on building a well-designed city. Your choices of where to place things hardly matter because the simulation is so basic: build a dozen fire stations next to each other or spread them across the map... it doesn’t matter, either one works to satisfy the quest for 95% fire safety that levels you up. The economic model is broken: the game constantly expects you to build more shops than houses, which doesn’t make for a very realistic city. You earn so much tax money that you hit an arbitrary bank account limit within seconds, so money is never a limiting factor... unless the item you want to buy is more than your limit, in which case you have to wait until you level up and get a bigger bank account limit. SPOILER ALERT: you can easily level up by bulldozing then rebuilding the same block over and over and over and over and over... it’s not fun, but then again I didn’t find much opportunity for fun in this game.


HOT  Toddrivers  3 star

I’m been playing this on an iPhone X v12.1.2 and it causes my phone to heat up significantly. I play other games which are much more intense and have no issues. I’ve deleted the app because it can’t be doing the phone any good. Am I the only one to experience this?!


This Game is Awesone  Zedboy06  5 star

I enjoy playing city builder games but most “free” ones are blocked behind paywalls and Microtransactions, the game is worth the money for the next to no wait time


Fizzled Fast  Asdkljf  1 star

This game was fun at first with a nice interface and reasonably entertaining quests. But it became drudgery after about 4 hours of play with very little left to do.


Can I get a refund  die12332  1 star

I Would like a refund please

Olivia the island girl

Addictive  Olivia the island girl  5 star

I’m so addicted to it! Good job


could be good  TheJiveMiguel  3 star

I was disappointed it didn’t support landscape mode on my iPad.


Fantastic!!!  BWF2007  5 star

I love this game and everything about it. It will never be deleted. The only things I want are bigger spaces to add to your city, bigger oceans, more natural disasters, and more buildings. Purchase is worth it, 5 stars!


The Best City Game  Dahuja2  5 star

Compared to the annoying, IAP flooded city games right now, for $4 this game is worth every penny. Addicting and enticing. New challenges including the natural disasters, crime and fire, etc. The thing that really sets the game apart is the fluidity of it. Everything progresses so smoothly! The quests are probably one of the best parts. You easily carry along the game with features you need to learn in order for your city to thrive. The wait times are short, the fun is long, and the game doesn’t stop providing. Worth every penny! The only suggestion I would provide is that when zooming, the quality be a little better. Other than that small reason which hardly affects you, this game works on all devices (iPhone XS currently) and provides the best experience possible. Get this game for hours upon hours on fun.


Finally!  Jan00710022  5 star

Finally, a game I can enjoy without being constantly bombarded with ads to watch videos or purchase in game money to advance. Also, no waiting for real time hours and days for items you build to complete. This game is very similar to the old sim city, albeit a little easier. However, I have so far only played in casual mode, and there are two harder levels available. Looking forward to building a city in hard or expert level! You can save multiple cities! The game auto saves for you or you can do your own manual save. Well worth the reasonable price tag for this game!!! I hope more developers follow suit.


Middle finger to the other “city builders”  brokiwi  5 star

I don’t review games but when Sim City was absolutely decimated by EA I was so sad about the future of our world. Then I bought this game and no joke this game made me stoked for the future of mobile games. Well done 👌🏾


Meh not worth the $$$  lex8888  1 star

Nothing special about this game. Graphics are out dated. Same stuff and spend 4$ up front. I wish I could go back and unpurchase this game. Game worth ZERO DOLLARS Game replay value ZERO


Pretty good  SamuelKehoe  4 star

I like it, it’s pretty relaxing and simple. I wish it had more to it though, there’s not too much going on


Amazing  kalyman  5 star

Great game. It reminds me of good old times playing sim city 3000. Money well spent 😉

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