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Build your own city as the new mayor. Create residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Build parks and recreation spots. Respond to crime and disasters. Watch your city come alive!

No microtransactions or long wait times! Everything is unlocked and rewarded through gameplay.

Pocket City re-imagines classic city building simulation gameplay for iOS devices.

Pocket City App Description & Overview

The applications Pocket City was published in the category Games on 2018-08-07 and was developed by Bobby Li. The file size is 28.21 MB. The current version is 1.0.8 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- Increase minimum requirements to iOS 10.0
- Fix typo in screenshot

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Supper fun  Jesscat42  5 star

I love this game. It’s fun and and no in app purchases!!!! I have a request though, after unlocking the party DJ and the duck, could you fix it so they can be used in other cities please. :-)


Great little city builder  _ibsh  4 star

First, thank you for charging one price and having no IAPs. Second, this is a really nice little game. No hugely challenging but a nice serene experience. But please work on the battery usage! It empties my iPhone 8 Plus like no other app.

Code name pinky

Solid app, please keep updating it  Code name pinky  5 star

Update- Dear Dev: I’ve played this for a few days now; please make expansions because right now the game seems a little limited and unfinished - please do more w/it. Such a good start though. ——- This is great, I’ve been looking for mobile Sim City for some time now. Some crashes but no data loss (awesome). If you want that on a mobile app JUST BUY THIS GAME. IT IS WORTH IT. Some constructive criticism - The city peters out when you buy all the land so I would like to see land expansions, multiple item placement functionality (placing bus stops is awful), and a random pool of quests/objectives so you don’t go through the same ones every new city. Money counting in sandbox would be a nice option too. Also need filters for fire, health, and education to make it easier to evenly distribute those structures. Good features- Thank you for auto build after disasters because rebuilding that stuff would be tedious. I like how the roads “stick” when you’re laying them, the controls are pretty intuitive and good for mobile. Ideas for future- map builder mode? Otherwise it’s sleek, charming, and a total time stealer :)


Better than the other city builder  Tipp1981  4 star

I agree with another review. This game is what sim city should have been. So much fun and brings back a lot of memories of the original. There are something’s that need tweaked. For instance, if you turn a sky track over a road, the road gets demolished. It really hurts the effectiveness of using rails. However, this game is great overall and I can’t wait to see what the devs come up with next. Worth every penny of the price.


It’s good  Dossvirex  5 star

It’s good but there’s nothing to do after a while. A larger map with its own goals and playable cities connected to each other might help.


Wow  dheongfoclensivo  5 star

I don’t usually write reviews, so just doing this shows how much I love this game. The “story” mode is very engrossing and fun, while the sandbox mode satisfies other users need to build the best city they can. One thing I would like to see added into the game later is more variation in buildings, especially in the leisure section. I feel hat that would make it much easier to customize your own city. But overall, amazing game, best 5 dollars I ever spent.


I LOOVE this game, but..  273$3726626272737  5 star

First off, this is the most played game on my phone and has been since its release, I just reached level 60 on my main city, and I feel I’m continuing to make good progress. The one downside is, after level 55, I had already taken up most of the land in the game, so the one thing I suggest is adding more land that’s available to buy after all the main land is bought, and more expensive, too. Aside from that I love everything about this game and will continue to love it. Level 100, here I come!

James Borden

Need more games like this!  James Borden  5 star

Smooth and simple with no micro transactions. A truly enjoyable experience for a fair price. Looking forward to future titles from this developer.


hm  Finch200  2 star

well I want to start off by saying this game is very fun but I have the same issue with this game as I did with rebuild 3 and that is that it gets boring fast, too fast. I know games deteriorate in enjoyability after a while but I’ve only had it for about a week and this game costed money! the leveling system is well done and feels nice and that’s what I praise most about this game, which should be saying a lot. the worst thing about this game is the random disasters, now I like this feature so things remain interesting but when stuff gets destroyed you should be able to tell what got destroyed so you can easily replace it and move on. I shouldn’t have to memorize my whole city’s tile set to prepare for disasters 24/7. this game is good, but so much more can be done and I expect a lot more from a building game in 2018.


Great with one bug  markgb  4 star

Wonderful game. Just one bug that has just appeared: when I purchase land the first time, it dones not complete the first land quest, and land prices stay stuck at $23,000. Any ideas? Thanks to the developer for his hard work.

despacito is my spirit animal

Very good but....  despacito is my spirit animal  4 star

This is a great sim city style game with no micro transactions unlike that other game. (Which will not be named) but the game chugs to a halt in the later stages of building and when a disaster occurs, granted this may be due to the settings I have, but this factor has somewhat let down the game as a whole. But don’t get me wrong, this is a good game


Best city game ever!  TaneshiaJayne92  5 star

I downloaded and delete games constantly, and after reading the reviews for this game I took a chance and paid for it! And I don’t regret it at all! This is the best city building game I have ever played and I’ve played them all.. I’d even rate this higher than sim city, and I’m a die hard sims fan. Apart from a little lagging here and there (probably my phone, not the game) I can’t find any faults. I truly love it so much! Best game I’ve downloaded in a very very long time!!

the lag police

Pretty good  the lag police  4 star

This game is awesome except for one thing... you can’t rotate the buildings! This can be a tad frustrating at times but other than that, it’s a good game.


Good game  Clairehull12345  5 star

Great game and love there’s no in app purchases but I’ve purchased all the land and filled it all up. So now it’s kinda like what do I do now. Please make the map bigger


No micro transactions  Sideshowbong  5 star

Thanks for not going with micro transactions, or go timers or any of the other money grabbing rubbish models used by game developers these days . Good game , Has the potential for greatness.


Great mobile game  Thgbf  5 star

Amazing to see a dev building a game like his without constantly trying to get me to buy gems or something similar. Awesome game that has been hours of fun. Well worth the price!


Love it  AshleyManney91  5 star

This game is great. It’s fun, easy to understand, good humour and NO MICROTRANSACTIONS. I love it.

=[xD]= Prime

Great but Annoying  =[xD]= Prime  4 star

This great game is amazing, I’ve been hooked for about 30 minutes from purchase and I’ve ran into a couple of problems already, the residential areas have no way of being able to rotate buildings which makes your city look ugly. Other than that, game is pretty solid. $8 is kinda pushing it I’d say maybe the price should’ve been $4.99. Great game, addictive, creativity sparks in this game. PLEASE ADD ROTATING DEV PLS


Excellent city builder  timzh97  5 star

Free of micro transactions, no fake paywalls. Perfect!


Decent. Has a lot going for it.  omgwtf1337bbqhaxor  4 star

Really fun game that does a lot of things well. The no micro transactions is great, the quests and leveling/rewards system is great too. The only thing that lets it down is the lack of content and the mechanics need tweaking a bit. For example, I’ve maxed out my map and upgraded all my zones and it’s not clear if I need to keep optimizing to be able to move up to another tier of buildings, like skyscrapers and such. I hit the limit in about two days. Hoping there is more to come from this developer!


What mobile gaming should be  Nutshanglow  5 star

It is so refreshing to see a great mobile game that does not want you to pay money every few hours to keep playing. Great game, no wait or additional fees.

Chanel 33454

Amazing, beautiful game!  Chanel 33454  5 star

When I first seen it, I had to get it. I love city building games so much! It’s very clean, easy to play and understand. I do find it a little boring sometimes but I’m sure with future updates, maybe adding more entertainment buildings or a metropolitan theme / Asian / jungle theme would be a nice look in the game. Or to have the option to customize yourself like the mayor and have them just walk around in the city would give it a little more of a personal touch in the game and to customize the colors of the buildings? These are just suggestions that I wouldn’t mind paying for but I love the game! Great work and keep it up 👌🏽


Thanks for no IAP, but not a good game  Ryko31  1 star

Pocket city - a lot of passion into this product. Bought it blindly as there are no IAP! Needs a lot of work, I’d be willing to pay more to a sim city game that kept up gameplay refinements/additions with more dynamic difficulty. I’d would even subscribe to it - maybe carry a vanilla version and other versions down the line. From playing every sim city ever made - some critiques. Overall too easy of a game. treasure chests seem cheap, too overt to accomplish. Can build too much way too fast. Maxed out cash instantly. Had a huge city in ten minutes... Feels like an on-rails experience. Everyone hits the same achievements and progresses the same no matter what Have a date with ability to speed up, slow down. Pop up events are frequent, which is fine but are too distracting and too easy to accomplish, everyone gets them no matter what. put them off to the side or with runner at top or bottom Make more buildings available with more variety from the beginning. Part of the challenge is salivating over that 50K gas power plant, buying it early and pulling it off or failing miserably and digging out of debt. Embrace a dynamic, difficult experience, encourage borrowing. Have scenario disasters such as what keeps happening to the poor city of flint Michigan Define how far buildings can be built from road with a marker. With more variety...maybe a farm pops up up to 6 tiles away. I love the mystery of how to affect how the AI builds on zones. i.e. AI builds a farm and country style buildings as it’s far from the city, builds larger buildings closer to downtown as there is higher property values. Size of buildings from the beginning...from day one my city was building skyscrapers...start humble then working to achieve skyscrapers through trade or property values. 4 and 6 square buildings should take a little longer to achieve. Don’t worry about balancing everything in the game. If you want a building to have multiple perks and negatives then go for it. Gas power costs more, but is slightly cleaner and makes more power. Above list is just a start. As is- this game can be mastered instantly and requires no thought whatsoever. Very shallow experience. Game lasted an hour on my device.


Great game  propomusik  5 star

I love this game very much as I’m a fan of city builders and being able to have that experience on the go is awesome. Although I wish the map was bigger and there was more variety in services. But definitely worth your money.


Good game  Darkshadow9056  4 star

For the time of that I’ve had this game, I’ve really enjoyed it, however, I just wish it was A little harder to level up and progress I pretty much unlocked everything and maxed out my city in a couple hours. Hopefully more content arrives but overall good game

PktCty Critic

Great game, but a few notes  PktCty Critic  3 star

This is a really addicting game with honest values. I appreciate the constant updates to improve this new app, and I love the fact that there are no long wait times and no in app purchases!! Everything is built in seconds, unlike other city simulations. I do have a few small issues, though: 1) It REALLY drains the battery on my new iPhone 6S 2) Quests don’t come up enough in levels 20+ 3) All the buildings look VERY cramped 4) The whole land space is really small 5) Money is made too easily Other than that, this is a great game! Update: After only three days my city is already full! I’m very disappointed that this cost $5 for only a few days of playing. THE TOTAL SPACE NEEDS TO BE EXPANDED ASAP.

paper towel

So refreshing  paper towel  5 star

It's nice to have a mobile game without ridiculous countdown timers or that I have to pay to progress. Definitely worth the $5 and I'm happy to support this game.


AMAZING but suggestion!  pinker908  5 star

This is an absolute must have if you like sim city. I got this a few days ago while on vacation because I got bored in the car rides and have been playing it almost nonstop since. Only thing is that it is too easy to expand your city. Maybe add more space to the cities to build on? Make income a little harder to get (Income comes in too easily)? Make different map zones? Ie don’t use the same map default, there is little difference in new maps. Otherwise, this is amazing !


Great Game But Need Work  Isuoerbky  5 star

I love this Game But I a think it need bigger worlds so you could build more and have a bigger city then the small world right now.


Very nice game that I hope gets even better  finalfr0ntier  5 star

This really is such a relief for mobile games in the genre. It’s surprisingly engaging, satisfying, and sometimes challenging. I’m so happy to pay a few bucks, because you get great content without the ridiculous hassle of advertising. I quite frankly don’t have complaints just some hopes for the app. I really really would love to see just further growth. More upgrading of areas (higher and varied buildings) more landmarks and sites, maybe a bigger map, and higher resolution. But that’s just the ideal version of the game, it’s wonderful as is! The dev has done a great job. Also I built an entire city filling the map, then got the mission to find the busker, where the heck is that fool?? Haha. Anyway, keep up the good work, hope that things continue to improve!

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