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Build your own city as the new mayor. Create residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Build parks and recreation spots. Respond to crime and disasters. Watch your city come alive!

No microtransactions or long wait times! Everything is unlocked and rewarded through gameplay.

Pocket City re-imagines classic city building simulation gameplay for iOS devices.

Note: Landscape and portrait mode can be toggled in the settings menu during gameplay, or by tapping the icon at the top right of the start screen.

Pocket City App Description & Overview

The applications Pocket City was published in the category Games on 2018-08-07 and was developed by Bobby Li. The file size is 37.80 MB. The current version is 1.0.18 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

This version:
- Fix bug introduced by previous update where only basic roads were selectable

Previous update:
- New terrain build options (soil, forests, palm trees)
- New random pedestrian speech bubbles (from community suggestions)

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FANTASTIC  Robbie_007  4 star

This game was quite interesting and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges i faced whilst building my city. Particularly levelling up buildings, restructuring roads, and re evaluating the design of the city over and over which led to many hours of fun. The best part about the game is the once off payment, no micro transactions to upgrade or buy items. Although this is great, there is a slight downside that could potentially be updated. Once you get to master the game and buy up all the land, that’s it! The game is basically done for. There are no further maps to create a city beside your city. There’s no further upgrades. That’s where the game basically ends. I’m hitting level 87 atm > $15million > was >7000 population and to be honest the city literally continues to gain people and make money without me doing anything. Guys can we add more upgrades/challenges to the game and extend the map even further?! would be great


Like a dull microtransaction game without the microtransactions  charlesgutjahr  2 star

A lot of the positive reviews of Pocket City talk about how great it is that it’s paid up front with no sneaky in-app purchases, and that is indeed a good thing. Problem is that the gameplay is still too much like those dull microtransaction games. Everything is based on arbitrary levelling up, rather than on building a well-designed city. Your choices of where to place things hardly matter because the simulation is so basic: build a dozen fire stations next to each other or spread them across the map... it doesn’t matter, either one works to satisfy the quest for 95% fire safety that levels you up. The economic model is broken: the game constantly expects you to build more shops than houses, which doesn’t make for a very realistic city. You earn so much tax money that you hit an arbitrary bank account limit within seconds, so money is never a limiting factor... unless the item you want to buy is more than your limit, in which case you have to wait until you level up and get a bigger bank account limit. SPOILER ALERT: you can easily level up by bulldozing then rebuilding the same block over and over and over and over and over... it’s not fun, but then again I didn’t find much opportunity for fun in this game.


HOT  Toddrivers  3 star

I’m been playing this on an iPhone X v12.1.2 and it causes my phone to heat up significantly. I play other games which are much more intense and have no issues. I’ve deleted the app because it can’t be doing the phone any good. Am I the only one to experience this?!


This Game is Awesone  Zedboy06  5 star

I enjoy playing city builder games but most “free” ones are blocked behind paywalls and Microtransactions, the game is worth the money for the next to no wait time


Great Game  Greentree76  4 star

I really like this game, it reminds me of the old simcity and simcity 2000 game play. But it runs into the same problem of those games, depth of game play after multiple cities. That said, having no in game purchases is great and I find my self returning to it after updates


Thanks for trying  JacOz85  3 star

I love that this game has no in app purchases so big cheers to that. Only problem is I filled the map in a couple of days. Either needs more gameplay or a slightly cheaper price I think. Would love to be able to level up the zones some more and level up the other service buildings more. I ended up with a fire station and hospital almost on every block which definitely isn’t even close to realistic lol. Also ended up with way more commercial than residential so the percentages seem to be a little off. Did have a little bug with the residential zone bar but otherwise no crashes or anything.


It’s ok  lukecali97  3 star

It’s great that you’re phone game doesn’t have micro transactions an all but it just felt like I was playing one off those games with unlimited currency cheats on

Shedder boy

Finally a city building game that is free  Shedder boy  4 star

We live in a world where free apps aren’t free, even paid games usually are not a one time purchase. This game is an exception. It is a one time purchase without micro transactions and wait times that mimic real building time. I have one complaint though. Even though you can get hours of fun I just don’t think there is enough content. In a short while you can own all the land and have unlocked 90% of the buildings. If the developers keep updating and adding more content then I would say to buy this game. I bough the game for $3 and for that price I couldn’t recommend it more but I just think it needs more.


Amazing as it is  iceylurves  5 star

I sincerely hope developers don't change anything. The game is amazing as it is. Build your own city, enjoy watching things happen on their own, it's just heaps of fun for people who like casual city building. Definitely worth the price if developers don't add monetizing schemes like mmorpgs and stuff do.


Very nice game  j,nbdsh,wbqdkjlqnedkldwedkdsdw  5 star

It is one of the best city building games out there! The developer is easily contactable and nice and the gameplay and style is so good. No microtransactions as well!!!










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