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Rhythm Trainer is a series of fun field-tested exercises for mastering your essential rhythmic skills whichever instrument you play.

Practice 15 minutes a day with an individual workout. The app will pick up the tempo and rhythms for you.

You will feel how much the app is efficient and exciting compared with conventional exercises with a metronome.

Whether you practice alone or with a teacher, Rhythm Trainer will help you to develop a sense of rhythm:

• Sight read a rhythm notation.
• Accurately play a rhythm from notes.
• Understand the rhythm and hear mistakes by ear.

Rhythm is the heart of the music. Learn it once, play rhythmically forever.

The Rhythm Trainer App Description & Overview

The applications The Rhythm Trainer was published in the category Music on 2018-01-24 and was developed by Guitar Tabs LLC. The file size is 28.51 MB. The current version is 1.2.7 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bugfixes and improvements.

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Odd rhythms and unforgiving rating  DoctahDave  3 star

I want to love this app. It has a lot going for it. However there are some glaring issues that make it not enjoyable to use. 1) Errors and Bpm slowing - while it makes sense to slow down the tempo if you are not grasping the rhythm, the app counts one mistake and equates it with an attempt that had several mistakes. For instance a 16th note might have gotten missed after a whole note rest and apparently that’s as egregious an error as having missed a whole passage. 2) There’s a small demo before you get to make your attempt, yet there is no count-in. So you simply have to jump right in or wait another two rounds if you want to process the pattern. 3) Some of the rhythms musically make no sense whatsoever. What’s the point of being competent at rhythm if not to get better at complex musical rhythms. I’m not trying to impress someone with my ability to meter out perfect negative spaces between broken notes.


16th rhythms are too sensitive  victory.b  4 star

Idk if this is a bug but the 16th note rhythms are way too sensitive and unless you get it exactly perfect, it fails you and you have to redo it until the bpm falls to like 40 and then that makes it even harder. Can we get an option to set the bpm or can the accuracy be less? I feel like I know the rhythm in my head and many times I tap it correctly but just a little off and it doesn’t let you pass

Behnam Behzadi

Beyond taps  Behnam Behzadi  4 star

After using taps in practices, I wish I could hit the string or play a key with the practices using an actual musical instrument.

Biff M19

Really helpful  Biff M19  5 star

This app instantly allows you to read rhythm.

Millie B.B.

2 1/2  Millie B.B.  2 star

Hey I’m a user of this app, and I’m kinda clueless on what I’m supposed to be doing cause I’m a beginner and I don’t know why I’m tapping with the rhythm, so an explanation would help, and um....I know that you use the “get access to all exercises for 9.99” to get more money, but looking at your rates, maybe taking that out would help effect that, and also, by having added that, children, such as me, are being forced to stop, because this device they were given already took up all the money their parents could afford on them, and yes, that 10 dollars makes a difference, mr.richpants. So....there.


Works amazing.  Shakoach  5 star

Great app really helps you learn how to use and metronome. And trains your to hear it naturally. And to top it all off it fun and interactive. Great job When will you guys upload 6/8 5/4 2/2......


At last iOS version!  vtualetius  5 star

Used this app on my android phone, now I can train with my new iphone.

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