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Shopify Inbox [Business] App Description & Overview

About Shopify Inbox
Use Shopify Inbox to talk with customers and sell over chat. With Shopify Inbox, you can grow your business, build strong customer relationships, and spend less time on support all from a free business chat app.


Shopify Inbox is so much more than support. In fact, 70% of Shopify Inbox conversations are with customers making a purchasing decision.

Use Shopify Inbox to:
• Save time managing customer conversations from online store chat and social media all within a single business chat app
• Send products, discounts, and new orders from your Shopify store directly inside chats with just a few taps to turn more conversations into checkouts
• Send automated messages and continue chats over SMS or email so you don’t need to respond in real time
• Know when customers add or remove items from their shopping cart
• Assign chats to your staff and team to scale customer conversations

Shopify Inbox connects with popular messaging platforms so you can manage your customer and team conversations from the convenience of a single business communication app:

Let customers contact you through Messages on their Apple device.

Let customers contact you from your Facebook Page and Facebook Shop.

INSTAGRAM (coming soon)
Let customers contact you through your Instagram posts, stories, and Shop tab.



For 24/7 support visit the Shopify Help Center:

Thank you for using Shopify Inbox on iOS. We love hearing your feedback. Please let us know what you think of Shopify Inbox by leaving a review.

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Shopify Inbox Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Big news: Ping is now Shopify Inbox! • Now you can manage messaging integrations, FAQs, quick replies and more all from your Shopify admin in the Inbox sales channel • We’ve also added more features to our web app at, including quick replies and scheduling of automated messages

Shopify Inbox Comments & Reviews

- Love it! Wish they could integrate WhatsApp Business

I love Ping and how well it works with Facebook Messenger and Apple iMessage. However would be awesome if WhatsApp Business could be integrated as well easily, to allow the largest chat platform in the world to work with it. I have WhatsApp for business and it’s really great. Keep the updates coming...

- Helpful but needs work

It’s really convenient and helpful to have a messenger chat to talk with customers, but it needs some work! First off sometimes it won’t load the messages, I will get a notification and when I Open Ping that message thread doesn’t show up, and never loads later either. Second, would be VERY helpful if it was possible to edit/select multiple message threads at once to delete/hide them, swiping right and clicking “done” is very very slow and annoying to do. Third and worst flaw, you can’t see who is messaging you, it just says “shop visitor 001”, that’s understandable if it’s a new customer that’s never been on the site and never made a purchase/input customer info, but they really need to make it automatically identify customers who have an account or have placed an order before, so many people message about their order and You can’t see who it is unless they say their email/phone#/name themselves, it would be very helpful to be able to respond to answer a customers question right away instead of having to ask questions to identify them and their orders.. other than these few flaws the messenger is great and very helpful!

- New integration is losing my company money

I absolutely appreciate the app being free. But!!!! the whole point when it was Ping was for a customer to be able to reach you in real-time if they had a question by clicking the ‘Chat With Us Button’. The speed of being able to reply to a customer while they were in the store was invaluable and converted to sales. This new Shopify Inbox….absolutely no notification. I’ve had to add a Quick Reply message to compensate that says we are helping other customers and we will answer their question as soon as we can because we are not being notified. The Ping was amazing because even if I was sleep that distinctive sound would alert me a customer had a question and I could respond before they left the store with items still in their cart. Lastly when I tested the Inbox the delay from me acting as a customer and sending a question was an intensive amount of time. I know change and bugs need to be worked out. But I would literally PAY to have PING. The inbox leaves a lot to be desired. The premise was that this was to make it easier to manage customer conversations but if we are not receiving notification that a customer needs assistance in real time this is actually doing more harm.

- Functional

I like that the app is free and has some built in features like automated FAQs and integrations with Apple / FB / Shopify Chat. I don’t like that you’re only able to set an away message for your unavailable times and that the app doesn’t respect those times you set and notifies you “a customer needs a response or they may leave your store” when I’m trying to set some boundaries for work / life balance on my weekends. Ideally I wish there was a way that you could set those availability times to disable the chat option on your site. I understand the thought process that it’s a potentially lost lead, but having a chat feature display when the chat isn’t actually available is a worse customer experience. I sometimes go through the hassle of enabling and disabling the chat manually, but more often just finding myself leaving it disabled.

- No customization

It’s drives me nuts that I can’t set my availability hours. I’m getting chat requests when I’m in bed at 1 am because my store shows I’m online and available to chat. I reach out to customer service and they confirmed there is no way to set hours. What? On top of that, I don’t always get a notification when someone chats. I opened the app today to see a message that was 4 hours old. It would be nice to set hours and let people submit their question for a later reply. Also, it would be nice to have a text sent to me when I have a chat request, and even that I could just reply to that request via text (using a masked number). This is all standard functionality that was included in most apps when I was using woocommerce. I will upgrade my review when some changes are made.

- Great app

To the developers, when you archive messages, they reappear. There’s several glitches similar to this. The app does a great job allowing you to search your store for products and allowing it to have canned responses. I would like improvement to the AI functions where it doesn’t require an order number if you can look up the customers first and last name, or their email address, or their phone number. This would help when they are looking for a tracking Information, so a live agent does not have to get involved. It would also be great if you can add some other intuitive AI features that would suggest resolutions for the customer.

- Great concept, poor execution

Ping is a great concept for small business owners to be able to provide live customer service via chat, but the app itself is clunky. When you’re having a chat with a customer, in Ping it gets broken out to different chat records (8+), so you don’t have the whole chat thread in one chat record. How was it built this poorly to function like this? Search is completely useless. So if you’ve chatted with a customer a few weeks ago, and you want to find that chat to look at the history, it’s impossible. All searches always come up empty. The welcome and away messages are nice, but they appear EVERY TIME a customer sends a message in a thread. So on the rare occasion that the chat is contained in a single thread, the welcome and away messages should only show once, after the first customer message. No desktop or web app? Luckily I use a keyboard with my iPad, otherwise I would have deleted it s a long time ago. Of course it’s nice to be able to respond to customers on your phone, if you’re away from your home office, but it shouldn’t be the only way to use if. Shopify is a phenomenal platform with excellent customer service. This app feels like it was thrown together as an afterthought.

- Okay, still needs work

Customers use this quite a bit, so that’s both a plus and a challenge. However, notifications seem sporadic, so I often miss messages. Supposedly you can set a message to auto-respond to customers , but when I try to do that on iPhone, I get an error saying I must pick a time zone from the picker below. There is NO place in the app to do that, and clicking okay to close the error results on losing the entire message I had set up. It ought to pull a time zone right from our site….. And, since you can’t actually choose away hours (big issue) it really doesn’t need a time zone anyway.

- Uninstalling

The customer chat feature leaves much to be desired. There is a lag between when a customer sends a message and when you receive it. Often times, the customer seems to have closed out of the chat even when I reply instantly. It would be great to know whether the customer read and received the message or if I am just typing into an abyss. The Kit marketing feature is kind of lame. It doesn’t result in any sales for me and it is always suggesting to market products that “are popular this week” when they’re not actually popular products. It’s all counterproductive and I’ve spent a couple hundred dollars on advertising and have only lost money.

- Great but needs away hours

The app works great especially for being free. I’m looking to switch from Intercom and save money however, you can’t set store chat hours which is a huge downside. Needing the chat to send a message after 5pm that says we will be back tomorrow as we get messages in the middle of the night. I would give 5 stars but the store chat availability is an issue that needs to be fixed. Sounds like a common issue amongst other reviewers so hopefully it’s added to an update soon.

- A good start..

I’ve had my saved replies removed/deleted twice now.... why? I would like the customer to fill out who they are and possibly see if they've ordered before, if they have abondoned cart, etc so you know who you are talking to. Right now it's just a generic ID being assigned to each person and I find that most conversations because of this are very unnecessary. When I fill in my info on a chat box it's because I need something or help. I find because it's so easy to enter anything, useless time is spent responding to people who don't respond back.

- No Images in Chat

I love the app, it works great. Sometimes there is a slight delay with receiving messages from the customer, but it’s nothing drastic. The only thing I hope to see is the ability to receive images from customers. One of the things we use the chat feature is for receiving discount codes. Customers need to be able to send in a screenshot as proof of giveaway completion. Unfortunately, we don’t receive images. We hope this feature is added in the future.

- It’s pretty great!

It’s pretty great. I love the automated messages that are available, etc. since it’s only me responding. The only thing I’m having trouble with is that I noticed that if the same person reaches out twice, the second time they aren’t sent my hours and I just had an issue with that today. The first time they reached out was a month ago and this time they reached out at 4am and and obviously I was asleep, but the message about my hours didn’t send to them and they yelled at me.


I love the integrated features with Shopify like being able to seamlessly share product links, invoices and discount links...but the limitations with capturing the customer's information before starting the chat is annoying and actually counterproductive. If i dont know who i am speaking to or how to reach them if I missed their chat request then I have no way of following up with that potential customer. Very bad, and because of that reason alone I'm switching to the "Pure Chat" app until Shopify fixes these annoying limitations.

- Great app but ideas for dev team to improve

Hey- first, this a great value to your SMB customers. Chat is working to drive more conversions for our store. Suggestions- 1. Ability to only get push notifications for customer chat, I get 1-2 notifications a day from Kit with no ability to turn them off. 2. Web interface, would be great if this was offered on web and not just mobile to improve productivity and response times. 3. Chat as revenue source is not yet in reporting and I think you should add it. 4. Offline hours should either have the chat disappear or give better chat bot prompts, such as hey we are offline, what is your name, what is your email and what is your question to figure out the issue. Thanks for listening to the feedback.

- Has shortcomings.

It would be great if it had a feature where notifications don’t show up on the devices for messages sent outside of available hours. It could be optional. The point of available hours is not to be bothered outside of them. Also, Facebook Messenger integration doesn’t work very well. I have tried several conversations and none of the messages I sent were actually delivered. I could receive messages from FBM, not send them.

- Works pretty good

It functions pretty well. I find the “kit” feature annoying. Biggest issue with it is there is no option to have the customer at least enter there name before they can send s message. Makes it confusing when you get busy keeping them all straight. Would like an option to disable “kit” and most importantly, an option to require (or not) things like (customer full name, email, contact info etc...)

- Keeps crashing after latest update? Normally good

For the past day and a half (since March 19) every time I open the app it immediately crashes — I’ve tried closing the app many times and restarted my phone but it hasn’t helped. If a customer sends a message I can’t reply to them because the app won’t even let me get to the full message. Hope this gets fixed soon! I’ve never had this issue with the app before.

- Not dynamic or user friendly

I don’t usually review apps but after having tried several apps for chat on my website I decided to use the Shopify built in app. I thought it would be better and instead it’s been worse than any other app I’ve used before. It’s a shame as it should’ve been a perfect solution. Now I have to try to find another one.

- Game changer

I have been able to stay close to my customers now more than every bc of this app, I love how it has my products synced so I can recommend products just in case the one they where looking for is no longer available or anything that may come up

- Lost all Saved Replies and Can’t recreate them

Very disappointed in this version, we seem to have lost access to all our saved replies (without any notice) and have no way of re-creating them nor is the app allowing us to do so. The few that we have been able to recover, keep saying that keyword already exists, but they are not available in the latest version. Please fix ASAP! We rely on saved replies greatly to provide a lot of info without having to spend the time writing them again and again each time.

- Quick and efficient way to answer customers

So far this app has been so convenient and has helped me complete sales. I wish there was a way for customers to send photos through the app though.

- Slow notifications

Notifications seem to be clumsy and slow, the inability to send pictures/videos from the me to clients is also super annoying. Not being able to have at least a first name for a person you’re chatting with for the sake of “privacy” is absolutely stupid.. I just find myself continuously annoyed with this app and am thinking about going back to Podium for the better more rounded experience.. even though it cost $400 a month..

- Great idea but.....

This app is randomly intercepting messages from FB from other devices and then crashes every single time I try to access the messages! So they are lost in cyberspace and my customers think I am ignoring them. Not good! UPDATE: This app is significantly improved since I posted this review and I am really enjoying the functionality. Thank you!!

- Poor user experience

Limited images are available to be viewed. Why let customers upload images that I can’t view?! I can’t upload images to share with customers. Often, customers don’t receive my replies even when I reply immediately. Limited ability to organize conversations. Inability to assign a conversation to a customer rather than randomly generated id. Numerous other issues. Deleting app now. Nice in theory.

- Very confusing

Have you folks done any webinars to explain how this works? I do t understand the integration with Apple chat. Don’t understand the automated messages. I change them and then what I wrote is not what customer sees. Don’t understand the automated prompts either like why does it prompt “what’s my order status?” I need help. Trying to make this work but might have to go back to pure chat...

- App won’t turn off alert, ever

We love the functionality and ease of chatting with customers, but the app constantly shows an alert bubble, even with no active chats! No matter what I click, it always says there is a chat, so I have to open the app a bunch of times a day to see if there is anything happening. Would love it a lot more if that worked right!

- Great concept

I love the concept of this app but I don’t receive notifications. I’d love the ability to archive old messages in bulk. If you use live selling on Facebook, it picks up every message. I have over 2000 messages that need archived and the only way to do it right now is one by one. As a business owner, there is no time for that.

- Nitpicking

Why is the automatic message “leave a number and we’ll text you back” if it’s a messaging app? Please allow us to change that. The app is an amazing addition to my website but there is a message telling my customers to leave a number or email. I already have an email subscribing system and I’d rather not ask for their number if it’s not needed

- Needs improvement

As the founder of the company and only Admin of the company Shopify store, Ping should allow the user of the company iPhone to chat with customers on it. Instead, it gives the message “You need permission to chat with customers” when a customer asks a question through Ping. There is no clear path for the Administrator to use to correct this. Not happy. This was not a problem prior to the recent Shopify Ping update. Fix this.

- Love it but i want to know how to view pictures that customers sent

I want to how to view a image customer sent me. I only see customer upload an image and I'm unable to see it.. Please tell me how to fix this problem

- App crashes often

Although I like the idea of this app it does crash most of the time I use it. Usually right when I press send. I also wish I could upload pictures to respond to a customer with.

- A Little Disappointed

I used Shopify Chat in my last store and was a little disappointed. I feel like Shopify could make a much better communication tool than this. The thread should stay together and I should be able to go back and look at conversations that I have had with a customer, previously. The app needs to be tweaked

- Customers not receiving my response

I tested this after receiving emails saying they were not receiving any response from me. When I in fact did respond. I had tested this with my husband and a few friends and they both said the same thing. Even after waiting a few minutes they still never got anything. This is causing me to lose customers/sales. I reached out to Shopify and they said it’s an app problem. Please fix this.

- Love but...

I really do love the app. It makes emails and promotions so much easier. The only thing I don’t like. Is when ping suggests an action. They say “our store” lol I know it’s a bit trivial but I worked too hard to have an app try to take some kind of ownership.

- Complete breakdown after switch from ping to inbox

Back when it was Shopify ping, flawless experience. But now that they switched to inbox, none of my integrations work anymore. Not apple chat, Shopify chat (which is supposed to be native to the app so it should be seamless), as well as apple chat which used to be the main front runner utilized by my customers. After the switch, it’s gone to completely useless and support is so difficult to contact.

- No banner change

There is a default “leave a number and we’ll text you back as soon as we are available (an email works too). This is not necessary and will only confuse the potential customer because the whole idea is that they are now on a chat where they don’t have to give more customer info. This app will be great of you can customize or eliminate that banner. But right now it’s just a decent option(not great)

- Logging in

I love this app, just wish we could stay logged in and switch between stores instead of having to sign out and then completely sign back in. It’s time consuming doing that whereas just switching accounts would be very efficient.

- Good and bad

My ping deletes most of my saved replies and I can’t fix. There is no customer service or reset and kit moves slow when you are mad inputting data so it won’t let me put on fb. There are just as many good features but I am making this post cause it surely effects my business

- Great way to communicate with customers on the website

I would recommend this app to anyone with a Shopify store, it’s a great way to communicate directly with customer service representatives in your business directly.

- Let me get rid of Kit

This app works well enough, except it is constantly shoving Kit down our throats. I have zero desire to use Kit and never will, but there is no way to get rid of it. Recently it has been forcing me to try and set up Kit every time I launch the app, which then fails, and eventually bounces me back to the inbox which is where I wanted to be in the first place. Shopify, I'm sure you spent a lot of money developing Kit, but it's useless to me and I want it to be gone, *please*.

- Arabic messages cut-off

Messages written in Arabic are always cut off after several characters. What’s weird is that when the notification pops up in the iOS lock screen, the arabic message can be seen fully. When you open the app however, all arabic messages are truncated after several characters.

- Please Allow Us to Send Pictures

This app is pretty good, but I would love to be able to send pictures to customers. Running an online dress store, this feature would come in handy.

- Needs more

Need to be able to send and receive pictures, also needs an iPad app. Glitchy. IG dms need to go in there as well, would like to be able to see all convos, once one of my team members replies, I don’t see the back and fourth anymore. Color coding for who is replied to by which team member who is on the account. Has potential

- Request permission with new update

App has a few bugs, I get double alerts for every message a customer sends (been going on for about 3 months now). And with latest update today it says I don’t have permission to view the messages and to request it from the owner. I am the owner (web version is working fine for now). Tried to log out and log back in, deleted and reinstalled and issue still stands.

- Doesn’t notify you of an active chat

Learning to love the app, it doesn’t allow you to send pictures through the messages which would be great for sales flyer

- No Sounds To Alert of Message!

This app is great...if I’m currently looking at my phone. There’s no sound and the notification that someone has messaged me disappears quickly. You have to respond to the customer in the few minutes they are on your website. If you miss it, you lose the sale.

- Does more harm than good

I have been having a horrible experience with this app. I use it to reply customers who ask questions on my online store chat window. However there is no adequate notification system, the app defaults to iOS notifications and I keep on missing the messages even when my phone is right in front of me. I miss a lot of potential sales and give my customers a bad impression

- Thank you emails

There are many features of this app that I really enjoy for my store. But, I’m honestly so disappointed when I miss the window to send thank you letters to my new customers. this morning I was very busy and I missed the opportunity to send 53 new customers thank you letters this morning!

- Stinks

I’ve struggled with this thing for YEARS... between Kit & Ping & alllll the other programs I’m having to juggle with Shopify, I’m about at my limit. Kit/Ping has NEVER been reliable or correct with the analytics or making progress. Just made me spend an ungodly amount over the last few years. It’s sickening to look at the reports. Probably why they’re retiring the thing, thank God. After swindling so much $$ out of us! Good riddance PING-PONG! You will not be missed!

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- A Read Button

This is a great app however I never know if the person has received my response so a read sign or tick to show they have would be very helpful. Also the option for them to go back and add to the message at a later date would also help. I have people message a few times the same question as I think it must drop out. And if they send a message and I respond later they have already lost the connection and never receive my response. Otherwise has been great!

- Good Overall

Overall a helpful add-on for Shopify stores but agree with others that the ability to send images directly from the iOS device should be a priority. Also, whilst I appreciate this is a device app, it would be helpful if you could also reply at the desktop level.

- wonderful


- Unreliable at a stretch

This app is pretty flaky! It crashes often, it seems like live chats end or get lost resulting in poor customer service on the fly to ultimately get the sales over the line. It’s handy to have on your mobile device, but would also be better to access this app/plugin from a desktop to help with quicker custom replies. I’m rating this app poorly for 2 stars based on it needs much improvement.

- Not fond of messages

I find that each reply from myself or a customer is showing in Ping as a separate message. This disjointed feature makes it very hard to communicate with potential customers successfully. Otherwise Ping might be good. Until this part is fixed, I can’t say that it is good.

- Good but needs ability to send images and files

You can only send text messages to your customers it would be good if you could send images and files as well using the chat option

- Great help

This is a great app it helps me run email campaigns and promote products. Not to mention does a better job at msgs that come from my fb page than the pages app.

- Not finished.

A chat app that integrates all the channels is needed, and this is part of the way there. It doesn’t import chat images from Facebook or IG messages which makes it basically unusable for our business

- Not reliable

Too many customers weren’t getting their replies. Tested between my laptop and phone and found when I’d sent replies from my brand, they didn’t appear in the customer chat window on my phone. Better to have no chat than one that leaves customers thinking you’re ignoring them. When it did work it was handy to be able to send links to products easily. Please improve this.

- GKarts Oz

So far this App has been fantastic

- Good, but multi shopify support needed

Good app, but can’t use with multiple shopify stores :(

- Why build something like this just for Apple?

Great concept, but not great for multi-platform teams. Fanboy product management.

- Annoying

This is annoying...getting the same messages from messenger, pages messenger, then Ping. Useless

- Can’t send photos

Really annoying app. Can’t send photos. Repetitive messages.

- Hopeless

Anonymous customers means it is impossible to contact if messages are missed!

- No support for multi store owners.

Please add support to quickly switch between stores.

- Does not work properly

Messaging service inconsistently works

- Ping

I never a sound or ping noise, is there one? Im missing each call to msg !!

- Multi-Currency Checkout

Hi Please be hard at work providing what everyone wants which has been requested for years. Multi-Currency Checkout Listen to your customers.

- Good


- Great

Excellent Apps

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- Chatting with customers

Please allow customers to leave a message and the merchant to reply when they are available. This will allow the customers to find the answer when they come back online! Otherwise, “customer left and can no longer receive your message” is not productive!

- Need desktop app as well

Having this mobile is nice. But for speed of typing having a web or desktop app would be really nice.

- Need ability to view file uploads

Great app just need to be able to view files like photos when customers upload them.

- Does not work properly

Ever since Ping became Shopify Inbox, we’ve had so many complaints from customers. 1 - We don’t always get a notification when I customer messages us. It’s hit or miss. Sometimes we open the app only to see we had a message awaiting response from the previous day. Terrible 2 - Whether a customer “sees” our response is hit or miss. At times we report, but the customer can’t see our response, it appears delivered on our side but the customer doesn’t see anything. Sometimes we get multiple “hello”’s or the same questions again and again because customer feel they’re being ignored. And the integration into the stores dashboard? Has yet to work/launch at all. Terrible…just terrible. Ping worked fine, how did you manage to eff up the upgrade so badly…

- Not notifying of new messages

Update causing problems with iOS. Doesn’t give phone notifications so we are missing responding to customers. Had to disable until fixed. Update: tried enabling it again. Does not load now. Need to send yourself a test message to make it work at all. All previous messages and the FAQs quick responses we set up are gone.

- No notifications

Am missing all customer messages because notifications don’t work

- Chat availability

Good app but lacks the feature in order to set “store hours”. This means you will get notifications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you have notifications turned on.

- No spam control

Needs help with spam control and a way to actually delete conversations instead of marking them “inactive.”

- it’s a mess

Very limited, messy app with no real functionality. It’s like it’s made by a 12 yo for a school project. Why can’t I delete read messages? Why there is only 1!! function attached to each message.

- New apps

Wow, justement ce que je cherchais. Fonctionne aussi avec Kit. Merci au développeur.

- And!

Thank you 🙏🏻 but please a better ringtone...I barely hear it

- Ping is too quiet

When a customer pings me the sound should be a siren not a literal “ping” sound, I need to hear it loud and clear so I can give my customers speedy service! Please let me change the sound and make it loud!

- Weak offering. Free and integrating.

Lol terrible. Use it but I hate it. Only good thing is the notification works. Other apps don’t have fast enough notifications.

- Missing other ringtones

I wish it would have more ringtones, I keep missing messages because the current ringtone is not loud enough :(

- Perfect app

Nice app

- An effective tool for E-commerce entrepreneurs

Since I’ve been using this tool I’ve seen an increase in sales closing. I would recommend this tool to e-commerce users.

- Works but needs more features

The chat works but a few things would make it better: 1. Put the date/time when people send a chat 2. Check if people are still active on the chat before typing rather than rejecting your lengthy reply 3. Allow upload of pictures/screenshots to chat 4. Make the page people chat from a link so you can actually see the page people are on 5. Show the sku people chat from

- Khan

Excellent app!

- Crashes all the time, slow interface

When many messages, app is unusable. Difficult to serve many clients. No way to setup multi-users to answer clients. Can’t send a client chat log automatically by email and crashes everyday minimum 3-5 times. Other features are nice but too many issues.

- Super helpful for easy 5 ⭐️ customer service

This app makes it extremely convenient to offer spectacular customer service to each of my customers - I recommend implementing it today!

- Doesn’t allow to chat as Messenger does.

It doesn’t allows me to communicate or send pictures to my clients. I not entirely satisfied... could I go back to Messenger?!

- Great virtual assistant

Informs me of ads that I could potentially promote. Also helps me target my best selling ads. I’m able to give my customers a live chat interaction that also helps me increase conversions.

- Lost sales

Customers are not getting replies. Losing sales. Not happy

- Replies not received

I’ve noticed that some customers are not receiving our replies through Ping. Have to go through messages in Pages. Lost business.

- Thought it was great but disappointed

Discovered customers aren’t receiving my replies. Several only have shop visitor numbers so I can’t reach out to confirm receipt of my reply. Many people think we just aren’t responding. Makes customers feel we have poor customer service. Please fix!!

- It could be better

I’m echoing the comments by someone else. Great idea, as far as it goes. When I get a message I have no idea who it is - just Shopify Visitor Pv34 or something similar. When I reply I have no idea if they see it, etc. There should be a requirement that the visitor type a name and email.

- This app is really working!

This app is really working, I got a chat after I installed the next day, and got 8 so far, but, I hope I can be noticed and it can show the time they left message for me will be great, because They never come bank to chat again if I don’t respond to them right away, otherwise I will give this app a big 5 stars:) great job for a free app, hopefully get more features soon, thank you!

- A great idea, but not quite there

I really like the idea - having an instant chat is very useful in Shopify, and I have lots of customers use it. However, it has some very critical flaws: 1. You cannot tell if the customer still has the chat window open. In other words, when you reply, you have no idea if they actual saw your reply by the time you send it. Almost defeats the purpose, and it would be fairly simple to fix this. Every other chat app has this functionality, as it’s critical. 2. People should be promoted to enter their email address. That way, if you don’t reply before they close the window, you can email them the answer. Again, simple to implement. 3. Setting active times is useful, but only barely, as there will be times during the day where you are not available (eg in meetings, in the restroom, etc). What would be MUCH better is for an indicator on the chat link to show if you are actually available - or that you have the chat app running on your phone, or have a setting set to “Available” via a radio button or something. This app was created to make customer service better, however the 3 issues above actually do the opposite - they frustrate customers. There is nothing more annoying than entering a chat, and have no way to know if someone is there, and leaving it open for 5-10 minutes and never getting a reply. Idle that happened to me, I’d leave the webstore. For this reason, this app actually makes customers frustrated. As an example, when I see chat come up from a customer and reply, I only get a message back in about 20% of the cases. Did they not see my answer because they gave up because they didn’t hear from me immediately? I’ll never know. I appreciate that the app developer is still updating the functionality of this, but in its present state it’s still like a beta product, as it’s not quite there yet. My suggestion to anyone considering this app is to wait until it’s got some of the really basic functionality listed above before using it, because as it is now, it’s just going to frustrate you and your customers, and possibly even make the customer experience worse, not better.

- Awful

Do your research, this platform sucks and will be costly as your business grows.

- It’s pretty good

And it combines all incoming messages from amazon shopify Facebook Instagram. MAKES MY LIFE EASIER 🤩 just wish it showed me an icon. So I know where these communication traffic was coming from. 🤗 (maybe in the next update 😉)

- I hate this app

Constantly shuts off and glitches!

- No messages being received

Just added the app. I’ve tried multiple different test messages through the Shopify chat widget on my site but nothing is appearing in app.

- Recent update doesn’t send notifications to device

App keeps crashing and doesn’t send notifications once a consumer send a message. Notifications are turned on through settings.

- Keeps closing

Trying to respond to customers and 95% of the time the app just shuts... awful. Makes my store looks bad when I can’t get back to customers.

- A great idea but.....

It’s a great tool/idea for posting products to FB but definitely needs to be perfected. First of all when it asks to do a post for you it picks items from your store that you don’t have stock of. It always prompts and gives you suggestions but it always picks the same products over and over again. When you say “no” it asks “why”, but whoever is behind ping, they are definitely not adjusting their algorithms to bring you different suggestions and they’re definitely not listening as to why I’m saying “no”, so I’m not sure why they ask “why”. Maybe it’s just useless cause they want you to pay extra for marketing but I’m already paying good money a month to have my Shopify store.

- Unusable - no Google login

The app is unusable as I cannot sign in. There’s no google login.

- Awesome tool for Shopify merchants!

Super way to communicate with Kit, and customers all in one place.

- Great start, but...

**Updated Review** Still glitchy. Still very laggy - messages often are delivered about 1/2 hr behind, so not cool when customers are trying to get in touch. I may as well stick with Pages. Sometimes the functions work, sometimes not. Still no ability to send photos, (very important with my business), so I have to keep switching between Ping and Messenger, which kind of defeats the purpose. I really like the ability to link to products, and create draft orders... Hoping for some updates and fixes, as I really want this to work for me. As it is right now, it’s not very helpful and is kind of redundant 🙂

- HD Guns


- I getting useless notifications not related to my store.

Not sure what I am getting useless notifications not related to my store.

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Shopify Inbox 5.2.0 Screenshots & Images

Shopify Inbox iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Shopify Inbox iphone images
Shopify Inbox iphone images
Shopify Inbox iphone images
Shopify Inbox iphone images

Shopify Inbox (Version 5.2.0) Install & Download

The applications Shopify Inbox was published in the category Business on 2018-06-26 and was developed by Shopify Inc. [Developer ID: 371294475]. This application file size is 16.45 MB. Shopify Inbox - Business app posted on 2021-08-24 current version is 5.2.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: