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For the first time, The Very Hungry Caterpillar is brought to life in the real world, with a stunning AUGMENTED REALITY experience.

It’s almost 50 years since Eric Carle introduced his much-loved character The Very Hungry Caterpillar to the world.

Now with Apple ARKit, the Very Hungry Caterpillar comes to life wherever you are. With Augmented Reality you can see the caterpillar and you can still see the world around you. Watch him appear in your living room, on your kitchen table, in your garden, or anywhere you want to play with him.

Hatch him from an egg, feed him tasty fruit. My Very Hungry Caterpillar will captivate you as he crawls around your environment.
Help him explore your world, or take a peek into his colorful toy box. There are lots of surprises to discover. Pop floating bubbles and watch out for the wind-up Grouchy Ladybug!
And when My Very Hungry Caterpillar gets sleepy, just tuck him into his bed. Each time you wake him up, it’s time for an exciting new day.

As he eats more, My Very Hungry Caterpillar grows bigger and bigger, until he changes into a beautiful butterfly, and flies up into the sky. And next time you play a new egg appears and the adventure begins again.

Children are playing in the digital world but they are are still connected to the real world.

It's a world of beauty and color you'll return to again and again.

My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR is designed for preschoolers and Eric Carle fans of all ages, it includes the following features:
• Amazing AR My Very Hungry Caterpillar interactive 3D character
• Develops nurturing skills and encourages a love of nature
• Wide range of interactive activities
• Non-competitive individualized play — There is no right and wrong way to play.
• Beautifully-illustrated scene based on Eric Carle’s bright and colorful hand-painted collage illustrations
• Intuitive, child-friendly and easy to use
• Charming musical effects and comforting soundtrack

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My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR App Description & Overview

The applications My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR was published in the category Education on 2017-09-19 and was developed by StoryToys Entertainment Limited. The file size is 82.71 MB. The current version is 2.0.0 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar welcomes in the winter season.
Share the magic as snow falls all around you.
Discover a tranquil pond filled with beautiful fish.

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My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR Reviews


Please update!!  Michguy75  1 star

I agree with others, can’t get past the low light message no matter what. You’ve been saying for weeks there’s an update coming to fix this. But in the meantime, we’ve wasted $3.99.


Nice when it works...  HooniverseJeff  2 star

It seems even under the midday sun, there’s apparently not enough light for it to work properly. Worked fine when I first got it, but now it never works.


This update fixes the “needs more light” bug  Unhappyuserstill  5 star

iPhone 8 works again with this app. It’s fun and my young son loves it, not a deep game but for what it is, it’s done really well.


Problems  Cybnext  1 star

All I get is the message that there isn't enough light. Turned on lights, went outside... Nothing. Also the camera appears to be capturing a very muddy looking image. This is on an 8+

Coffee Talk

Not working  Coffee Talk  1 star

I agree with other reviewers. I have an IPhone 8 and this isn’t working. It is saying it’s not bright enough but it is 100 plus outside and this appears muddy and dark. Clearly something is broken and I just wasted 3.00.


Camera seems to be broken on iPhone8 plus  N8Zim  1 star

I purchased this app to play with my toddler and the camera seems to be missing something. I can't get past the"not enough light" warning no matter how many lights I turn on. I also tried going outside where it was bright enough to need sunglasses. The camera image in the app appears muddy, slightly out of focus and very dark. I've compared what's shown to my camera app and its definitely darker. I have gotten the dots to appear, but no character. I've now tried in multiple locations with round tables, square, smooth, textured and even a grid with no luck. Clearly a bug 🐛 in the app, pun intended. Very disappointed for a featured app.


Wondering  WrknGirl  1 star

How do I get my money back?


My screen is black.... update!!!!  Chingchongchuy298972635283  1 star

So, I was excited to play this with my 1.5 year old. I opened the app and all I see is black on my screen. I can hear the serene sound but nothing is appearing in my screen, just pure darkness. I’m not sure what to do... Looks like a great game and I did pay for it I’m also using an iPad... PleaseHelp!!! UPDATE!! I uninstalled and I tried to reinstall and now it’s saying the app isn’t compatible with my IPad Air2!! I want a full refund!!!


Good game but it has no instructions  jhsfggzh  4 star

Good game but it has no instructions

Igor Leandro

Kids love it! But I miss the song and story  Igor Leandro  5 star

I love the app, my three little girls have blast playing with it. However, I can’t help but to notice the lack of the song and story we are so used to watch. My daughters know that by heart, can even tell you the entire story. I would love to see a second mode where we would have a predefined course or set of actions for the caterpillar so it would match the song. Just an idea. Thanks for the app!


My very hungry caterpillar  Racing_mind  5 star

This app has been a great fun app


Works good when works  Ruinweaver  4 star

The developers need to inform people to tap the screen to get past the dots. When the egg hatches this is an awesome app


I suppose it’s a good idea..  nunnsii_92  1 star

But poor execution. The only thing that appears are a bunch of coloured discs. And most of the time they don’t even stay on the screen. Not worth the money at all.


Doesn’t do anything  Lightning!72!  1 star

It just makes coloured dots on your screen and nothing else. Waste of money, and also takes over the App Store so you can’t use App Store without the story doing a voice over.

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