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Culinary Arts: Learn recipes and techniques from the best chefs in the world.
- Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking
- Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques
- Alice Waters Teaches the Art of Home Cooking
- Wolfgang Puck Teaches Cooking

Film & TV: Nail every casting. Take lessons from celebrated screenwriters, a great value compared to screenwriting workshops.
- Ron Howard Teaches Directing
- Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking
- Shonda Rhimes Teaches Writing for Television
- Werner Herzog Teaches Filmmaking
- Helen Mirren Teaches Acting
- Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Acting
- Steve Martin Teaches Comedy
- Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting

Music & Performance
- Armin Van Buuren Teaches Dance Music
- Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing
- Herbie Hancock Teaches Jazz
- Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring
- Usher Teaches the Art of Performance
- Reba McEntire Teaches Country Music
- Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production

Writing: Learn about the process and inspiration of your favorite authors.
- Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing
- R.L. Stine Teaches Writing for Young Audiences
- David Mamet Teaches Dramatic Writing
- Judy Blume Teaches Writing
- James Patterson Teaches Writing

Sports & Games: Learn strategy, tactics, and training techniques for your favorite games and sports, including basketball.
- Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring
- Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess
- Serena Williams Teaches Tennis

Design, Photography, & Fashion
- Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography
- Frank Gehry Teaches Architecture
- Diane von Furstenberg Teaches Building a Fashion Brand
- Marc Jacobs Teaches Fashion Design

Politics & Society
- Bob Woodward Teaches Investigative Journalism
- Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation

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MasterClass: Learn New Skills App Description & Overview

The applications MasterClass: Learn New Skills was published in the category Education on 2018-04-02 and was developed by MasterClass. The file size is 104.28 MB. The current version is 6.3.1 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

We know some of our users have talked about wanting to use their Googe login to view our amazing classes. So here you go!

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MasterClass: Learn New Skills Reviews


So amazing!  Stanley4377  5 star

Love MasterClass. Love the corresponding app.


Content great - app needs work  Designer-x  3 star

It’s hard to back up to different chapters in the lessons from the iPhone app and similar little issues. Content is tops and works better on Apple TV and the web site page.


Masters are interesting but why not enrich the video with more content  ScreamAgainstTheWind  3 star

Associated files, such as recipes, should be easier to find and download. The cooking videos should have helpful info such as: measurements of ingredients and alternative types of butter displayed while the chef is speaking. The user has tools, ways to pause the Video, so why not enrich the video content with interesting info such as where Madeline’s first created. Give the user the option to display or hide this type of additional content


Weak content  agjogsfb  1 star

The content isn’t as in depth as it appeared to be by the ad’s.


Problems  j------n  1 star

This app only works some of time. Great content, but doesn’t work very well on the phone


Worth The Investment!  ozzieperiod  5 star

Usually I don’t do app reviews but MasterClass offers a great sales pitch. “Come and learn from your favorite person”. The curriculum is very simple and easy to understand and the passion of the people teaching the MasterClass drives it all home. Im a firm believer in MasterClass as a more effective way to learn the arts!


App still has issues with offline videos  capital-t-bone  2 star

March and still issues with downloaded videos. Set my preferences to HD, all videos download in SD. Half of the videos won’t play and freeze up the app until I force quit. The others indicated they downloaded while I was home, only to find them incomplete when I’m on the plane. I don’t what outfit they’re using to QA this app, but they need to be fired.

Myriam Araiza

Happy  Myriam Araiza  5 star

It’s amazing to learn in this way with such incredible people


What are you waiting for?  Salmonella77  5 star

If you have a curious nature. If you ever wondered, “how do they do that?” If you have a pulse and still want to learn,then jump in and join the family! These courses you take in your home, in your pajamas, with no stress, no papers to turn in, no commute, no grades! My god man this might be the best thing since sliced bread. And when you do sign up and you love these courses remember who told you to sign up. Me!


App crashes constantly  abachalypse  1 star

App never works!!


Keeps crashing  k-leb22  1 star

Was really enjoying my class with Jimmy Chin, but struggling to download them as I live out of reception and WiFi and now the app won’t even open. Please fix soon. So I can watch the rest of my class


Great content, terrible offline support  Bitmeizer  3 star

The content is excellent. But as many have noted, downloading lessons is basically a journey of frustration and disappointment. It's always unclear if something is actually downloading or not, and even when it appears to have done so, the playback typically fails. This makes it fairly useless for the times when I actually have free time to watch one - while on the commute, or on a flight. Fix downloads - both the user interface and the actual function - and it goes back up to five stars.

Dust morcarn

😰  Dust morcarn  3 star

Trying to login and frustrated as I cannot see the password I have typed in, think I will give the app a miss and continue on pc without issues.


Amazing content but app is buggy  andrealau  4 star

Some seriously amazing people on this list. Very inspirational and educational. Production quality on the videos is great. The app however is pretty buggy especially around downloading for offline viewing. Otherwise if you’re streaming it’s pretty good. The interface is also slightly confusing and there are multiple ways to do the same thing; or maybe different things? I don’t know. Just feels like it needs some more user testing.


👍👍👍  kkstm  5 star

really worth it!!!

Freo Hippie

Download video option a disaster  Freo Hippie  1 star

TLDR video download feature is temperamental and unreliable. Don’t expect to be able to watch your classes if you can’t stream them I was preparing for a trip where there would be little phone reception and tried to download a number of classes. Even though I changed the setting to allow cellular download it would only work over wifi. I emailed customer support asking for help and they just said to use wifi. Then when I was on my trip and had wifi access I tried to complete some of the class download. Instead of completing them it just deleted all of the videos I had managed to download. No matter what I do now — reinstall the app, reset my phone — the downloads all just say queued or downloading and half of them don’t appear in the actual download queue.


One more star for Apple TV  GlenjaminLinus  5 star

Just got this as a gift and love the content, especially the new games development course. Love the Apple TV app for this.


Great content. Below average app.  Kleinsma  4 star

So far, the content is great. It has a true exclusive feel and I’m enjoying learning all kinds of new things. The app, however, is almost too annoying to let you enjoy the masterclasses. No autoplay of the episode or class, when you close your phone and accidentally open the app again the video plays from the start, and the offline download often doesn’t work. Fix these things and I’d be much more likely to recommend an all-year pass.


Question  euphospug  4 star

Hey, if I buy a course on my phone, can I access that course on my computer, iPad or other device? Cheers.


Pay to update  Monkeyhouse07  1 star

So you pay a subscription fee of nearly $300 to access the site, and then you charge for the app??? I paid nearly $300!!!!


Gotta fix downloads  joshpp  2 star

Masterclass has some of the best educational content in the world, but unfortunately this app makes for a very frustrating user experience. The download experience is especially disastrous. Downloads randomly disappear, reappear, download halfway and pause to never restart, queue infinitely... absolutely no way to depend on them. I mostly use this app when flying or on the subway, so a bad download experience makes it essentially useless. Navigation is also clunky, but that I can forgive.


Extraordinary!  VincenzoGotham  5 star

Very unusual classroom experience. Totally unlike any online courses. You feel as if you’re in the living room with an old family friend who is trying to make you understand his life, how it came about, what he does what he enjoys about it. This is one on one personal education at its very best.


The app is garbage  io098  1 star

It’s buggy, and has the most unreliable download process I’ve encountered. Which is a shame because the courses seem great, but most of my viewing time is in transit. Masterclass, please find a new developer and fix this!!!!!


Fantastic. Love it.  pankrationfighter  5 star

Fantastic courses, app works great.


Frustrated  shadow.88  1 star

So I just spent a good chunk of money on this app two days ago, and I already can’t watch the rest of the Sam Jackson lessons due to, “Technical issues”!

João Melo

Download HORRIBLE  João Melo  2 star

Very bad downloading experience. Really disappointing


Crashes  crashesess  1 star

Crashes a lot plz fix it


The App is Wasting my subscription  Kyotocharm  1 star

As several reviewers have mentioned, videos are slow to download and most importantly after being downloaded they disappear into thin air. They simply cannot be found and because the video shows up as being already downloaded, there are options to redownload the video. This problem has been going for far too long. It is impossible to get value from my all year pass if I’m spending so much time deleting, reinstalling the app, and redownloading lessons. This is frustrating and MasterClass needs to address this issue ASAP.

blue mosque

Generally solid  blue mosque  3 star

Generally, this is a well-organized and solid app. My two complaints are that it doesn’t always do a good job of remembering my last place listened to from device to device, and that there are no options to choose bitrate . I listen most frequently in the car, and in a week I’ve burned through around 15GB of data. It would be great to simply choose audio-only when I want to listen but won’t be able to watch. Also I would like to see an easier way to bookmark a moment.


The Value Is There!  RandyNettles  5 star

Having subscribed to the all-access package, the amount of information available is amazing. You can get most of the technical information from almost anywhere. You can’t get the practical insight, the behind the scenes tips, the boots on the ground experience to guide you through the hidden perils and go beyond the technical information. These courses are designed to teach but they are designed to inspire even more.










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