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Daily Blends Recipes [Food & Drink] App Description & Overview

Over 1 million people blend our smoothie recipes and LOVE them— which is why we had to create the #1 best-selling smoothie recipe app!

Daily Blends is packed with the BEST smoothie recipes that'll help you take control of your health, gain energy, lose weight, eat more fruits and veggies, and finally get that glowing skin.

"This isn't a diet. It's a lifestyle." - Jen Hansard

Healthy habits can (and should) taste good— and they start with a daily green smoothie.

Daily Blends quickly became the #1 Food & Drink App the first month it was released and is packed with over 200 quick, simple and tasty smoothie recipes to experience transformation from the inside out. All recipes are vegan, gluten-free and 100% plant-based awesomeness. New green smoothie recipes are added all the time to keep you motivated.

-Jen Hansard, Simple Green Smoothies



• Over 200+ tasty green smoothie recipes that focus on energy, beauty, kid-friendly, detoxing, workouts and desserts
• Filter recipes based on ingredients you have on hand, food aversions or sensitivities
• Easily search for recipes thanks to ingredient keywords or by recipe title
• Mark your favorites for easy accessibility
• Custom shopping list based on your favorite recipes
• Swap options within each recipe
• Access to shopping staples like the Dirty Dozen list + our meal prep guide
• Access to our popular Smoothie Challenges for FREE



I'm loving this app so far! I like the grocery list function. The size and spacing of the text is perfect for on-the-go reference at the store. The app is very intuitive and I love how they've categorized the types of smoothies. Green smoothies have improved my health and given me so much more energy. My toddler loves them too! --Joanna Joy

I am so glad to finally see a SGS app since I love all of their recipes. I also am SUPER excited to see an ingredient checklist that allows you to choose what you have on hand to get recipes with those items. Thank you for this beautiful app :) -- Jounie235

I LOVE this app from the Simple Green Smoothie people. The app is gorgeous and easy to use. I love that they give you options to swap out ingredients if you don’t like something. The Random Recipe is fun...just give your smartphone a little shake to see what you get (reminds me of the magic 8 ball). This app makes blending easy and fun. The recipes are delicious! You won’t be disappointed with this app. I highly recommend it...Cheers! --PreludeK8​



At Simple Green Smoothies, we believe YOU were meant to do great things. We also know that in order to have the energy and confidence to make this a reality, you have to fuel your body properly. And it starts with a daily green smoothie. Simple Green Smoothies helps by creating and sharing delicious green smoothie recipes + plant-based meal plans to inspire and encourage you along the wellness journey.

Jen Hansard, owner of Simple Green Smoothies, struggled with exhaustion and a serious Starbucks addiction in 2011. She was forced to take matters into her own hands when her family hit hard times - unemployment, WIC and no health insurance after moving across the country.

Armed with a daily green smoothie she'd blend for her husband, two kids (ages 1 1/2 and 3) and herself, they were all able to boost their immune system, have more energy and thrived during one of the most difficult time of their lives.

Jen know how to make healthy accessible to everyone- with price, taste and health benefits because she's been there. Healthy can (and should) taste good… and become an enjoyable part of your lifestyle. Today, Jen shares that passion as creator of Simple Green Smoothies.

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Activated the Free 7-Day Challenge

Daily Blends Recipes Comments & Reviews

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- Wow...Best Smoothie App!!

I LOVE this app from the Simple Green Smoothie people. The app is gorgeous and easy to use. I love that they give you options to swap out ingredients if you don’t like something. The Random Recipe is fun...just give your smartphone a little shake to see what you get (reminds me of the magic 8 ball). This app makes blending easy and fun. The recipes are delicious! You also have the option of buying other meal plans through the app which is super convenient. There are tons of resources on this app including a blender guide, a list that tells you the dirtiest vs cleanest produce, and many other helpful tips. You won’t be disappointed with this app. I highly recommend it...Cheers!

- Useful App

I'm loving this app so far! I like the grocery list function. The size and spacing of the text is perfect for on-the-go reference at the store. The app is very intuitive and I love how they've categorized the types of smoothies. I've been referencing their website for years because I have been on a soft diet on and off due to oral surgeries and dental problems. I'm so happy that I found them in the process, because green smoothies have improved my health and given me so much more energy. My toddler loves them too!

- Disappointed

I found the website and recipes that I was able to pull for free. I decided to try the app and was a little leery of having to purchase it but thought I would since there are tons of recipes on the website. Much to my surprise I’m forced to give my email address to get the 7 day challenge recipes . Then I was being forced to give a review on social media to access other recipes . And finally I am required to be nickled and dimed an extra $.99 per recipe for others. After forking over the $3.99 for the app to begin with I’m totally disenchanted. I understand that time and effort went into the recipes and I understand needing to make a living. But seriously, be transparent with all of this so consumers can make an informed purchase.

- So many options

Love the way they organized the app. There are different categories based on main properties of the smoothies (e.g. dessert, healing, energizing, kid friendly). Also several different challenges -so far I’ve only done the 7 day challenge but the other challenges are by season. Another great feature is there are recipe swaps, if something calls for mango there may be 2-3 options for different things that would work. If you’re into meal planning/prepping there’s a tool that pick out your recipes, add them to the shopping cart and viola curated shopping list.

- delicious green smoothies all in one spot!

I am so glad to finally see a SGS app since I love all of their recipes. I also am SUPER excited to see an ingredient checklist that allows you to choose what you have on hand to get recipes with those items. I think there's a lot of potential- There are some kinks to be worked out (it is actually offering smoothies that have ingredients I haven't checked) but I am still happy to see a version of this available. Thank you for this beautiful app :)

- Full of flavor, healthy smoothies!

I am so glad I came across this app. These smoothies are amazing and I feel so good drinking them! The app is easy to use, you can mark your favorites, and there is an “ingredient bar”..so if you only have limited fruits or greens at home you can punch in your ingredients and a list of comparable smoothies will populate letting you know what you can make! The app was recently updated which makes it even easier to use, AND she added more amazing smoothies!

- Ingredient Bar Feature Does Not Work

Well, after doing the Simple 7, I was really excited about getting this app. I’m 5 minutes in and already disappointed. The feature that sold me in the app description does not work! The ‘ingredient bar’ claims that you can simply enter ingredients you have in your kitchen and it will spit out smoothie recipes you can make. What could be easier than that?! Except it doesn’t work as advertised. It generated about 100 recipes for the items I entered, most of which include ingredients I didn’t select. Your app doesn’t do what you say it does. Can you provide an update when this will be fixed?

- So Easy!

Recently discovered Simple Green Smoothies through their Simple Seven challenge, and I've continued to have green smoothies every day since! For me, SGS - and now this new app - have really simplified eating something nutritious. I tend to fall into the trap of eating gross convenience food, but thanks to the SGS recipes, and their tips for batch prepping, my freezer is always stocked with something convenient, nutritious, AND delicious. The app is beautiful, and gives me a ton of healthy, convenient options, literally within my grasp!

- Just downloaded, but looks great so far!

I have been making raw veggie smoothies for quite some time, but I began to get really bored with how I was making them. I googled some green smoothie recipes and ran across the simple green smoothie sight. This app is perfect for what I like to do, which is get some quick and great new idea to keep my smoothies interesting and keep me eating them. This has all the info you need at your fingertips to make an endless variety of healthy green smoothies.

- What a beautiful App!

Thank you for creating this. I’m really enjoying my new smoothie app! This is better then I could imagine and more! It really breaks it down in sections. It goes from basic to energizing, cozy recipes, pre and post workouts, kiddo recipes, and even DYI with home remedies “WHAT!” And a lot more. You can even switch out ingredients for more suggestions. So yes spend the $4.99 and do it! Lol I feel like a spokesperson for this app. But I’m not, I just really like it.

- Long time Fan

Simple green smoothies is where I actually first learned about "green smoothies" several years ago. I loved their smoothies so much I bought the notecards with all the recipes on them. I didn't know I could love them even more until this app! Now I have even more recipes on hand, and my favorite part is that you can swipe for interchangeable ingredients #gamechanger I'll definitely be sharing this with all my friends.


Highly recommend—- you will never regret for this. It’s makes you fresh, increase motivations and I can’t describe how so many positives this. I really loves green smoothie there is many verity in the smoothie and green meals are my favorite it’s makes you increasing energy fresh, light, super healthy. I lost weight over 35 pounds. I promise you will feel complete change your life you will feel confident. That is why I’m stink with my amazing green meals. Worth it!!!!!!!

- Excellent companion app for all Rawkstars!

Having enjoyed the blending recipes and tips from the Simple Green Smoothies website for a couple of years now, the release of this app is nice surprise. It has tons of recipes, a search engine returning recipes for ingredients selected, a grocery list feature. Wishing it would link previous purchases made from the website (bundles) to the app. Otherwise, thumbs up!

- Great idea

Love the idea for this app! I especially appreciate the Ingredient search function as it allows me to make the best use of my produce. The functionality does have some quirks, such as the Ingredient search failing to actually limit to selected options. A search for avocado smoothies only found three recipes that included avocados even through twelve recipes were listed. There doesn't seem to be a way to report these kinds of issues. I frequently end up just going back to my actual book of recipes. Hoping these bugs are fixed in updates!

- Best app ever!

I have used the green smoothies book as my go to for a few years now and absolutely love it. This app is just as amazing!! It includes the recipes from the book and many, many others! My favorite feature is being able to filter by ingredients I have on hand. This app is really exceptional. So easy to use and so, so pretty to look at. Best $5 I’ve spent in App Store, for sure.

- Love SGS! Love Daily Blends!

I've received SGS emails for years now and following these AWESOMAZING ladies and their Green Smoothie Recipes have not only changed my life, but SAVED my life! I've lost 80lbs. since incorporating Green Smoothies in to my lifestyle. I start every morning w a Green Smoothie and the app just makes the effort even more effortless! Quick access to recipes, meal plans, favorites and more! Jen + the rawkstar team are THE BEST! Kam

- Love!

This app is fantastic! I first learned about Simple Green from our group #RunTheYear2018. I have been drinking one these smoothies every morning since the first of the year. This App is intuitive and super easy to use. I love that it puts my grocery list together for me! If you want to try living your best life purchase this app and enjoy! The recipes are delish!

- Keeps Kicking Me Out

Is this a recent glitch on the application? I just purchased it about 5 min ago and it keeps kicking me out. I don’t even get a chance to scroll through the recipes before it shuts down on me. If this keeps happening how would I go about getting my money back?

- Cannot access bundles

The intention behind the app is good and I’ve enjoyed the few recipes I’ve been able to make. The problem, however, is that many recipes require a fee. I do not any issues with paying a modest amount for more recipes, but after purchasing the Autumn Challenge bundle, I’m not able to view the recipes. Instead, every time I try, I’m told I need to purchase them. Attempting to restore the purchase does nothing. If this one bug was fixed, it’d be a great app!

- Awesome!!

I really like this app because it makes it easy to make smoothies. Before I had this app I got bored making the same smoothie every morning. With this app you can pick the kind of smoothie you are in the mood for the day and you have the list of ingredients! I have a different smoothie every single day!

- Lovely photos and great layout

I know the recipes are good as I already have the book. The reason I bought the app too is that it now is even easier to make a smoothie with what I have on hand. The layout and photos are great and I plan to start using this over the book immediately.

- Rawesome app!

Simple Green Smoothies has literally changed my life and set me on a course for health that I never knew was possible . This app is absolutely so convenient & informative! SGS continues to impress me with everything they do . Can't wait to shop and have this app ready to go @ the grocery & fruit stand ! THANK YOU !!!

- Great for going green!

I love the quick access to smoothie recipes - I can quickly check a recipe while grocery shopping to make sure I get what I need. And if I miss something, there's great lists of ingredient substitutions. I'm looking forward to doing smoothie challenges through the app and increasing the greens in my diet!!

- Best smoothies!

I love this app. The way it was put together, you can go to a category and make your smoothies. There are soo many you will never get tired of making them. I love have there are the main suggestions for the smoothies and suggestions if you don’t have something.

- So hood and so easy!

This app is the easiest way to add a healthy smoothie to your meal plans everyday. Recipes are easy to find and there are so many choices. If you want to plan for the week ahead, tap the recipes you want to make and add it to the grocery list in the app then take it with you. Easy.

- Terrible services and unfair practices

For an app this expensive I’m not sure why I had to pay extra for certain smoothies and then...for others you are made to write a “review saying why you love the app” on a social media platform to even open the recipe. I’ll be writing to the place that recommended this app to explain how inappropriate I find that practice. I will happily pay for an app I find useful, but to make people like it on social media is just poor business. I emailed the app contact...and so far no response.

- Needs more development

I found this app when I was trying to find an app that can quickly tell me what I need to blend to make a delicious smoothie. I like the recipes but it still needs some work. All recipes are 2 servings. I’m not eating for 2 and don’t want to leave a smoothie for later since it turns gross hours later, I want it fresh. The app still needs some work. I would like to see more simple recipes. 4 ingredients or less. The Ingredient bar doesn’t work! I tell it what I have but yet it gives me recipes I cannot make! Very frustrating. This app has a lot of potential, the app developer just needs to work out the kinks and make it better. Putting a price on an app that doesn’t work properly is a joke! Should be free to let more people try it out and see how they like it and improve it.

- So many recipes!

Great healthy green smoothie recipes with lots of ingredients I wouldn't have thought to use as well as simple smoothies that work with what I have on hand at home. The ingredient bar to find recipes that use only ingredients you have on hand is an outstanding feature!

- So good

This app is so easy to use and the design on it makes you want to stay on the app forever. It gives you a list of produces where you can check off what you have and it gives you a list of smoothies with those produce. I think it's awesome!!

- Great...when I can access it

I bought pretty much all the bundles, and that adds up- but it’s worse when you pay for them and cannot access them! It continuously asks for me to purchase and restore does nothing! I’ve emailed and I’ve gotten that there will be an update, which should fix the issues but still nothing. It’s disappointing

- Perfect Smoothie App!

I'm so happy to find an app that has all my favorite smoothies in one place! Very easy to find recipes. But the best part is the ingredient bar! No more scrolling through recipes trying to figure out what I can make with the ingredients I have! So this is definitely a time saver👍🏼💚🤗

- i love this app! 💚🥑🌿

i love this app and i love everything about the simple green smoothies website! i have been following them for years and they keep getting better! you can get so many recipes and tips for free, and they are all so simple, delicious, and healthy. i feel amazing when i drink a green smoothie daily. the app gives you so many good recipes and tips right in the palm of your hand. it's colorful and easy to use. if you ever want more recipes or meal plans, there is a great book, and great meal plans you can purchase on the website. i love it all! :)

- Best Smoothie App!

I have been following the developers of this app on their blog for couple of years, so excited when this app was born! It’s so easy to use and it’s so helpful with all those questions about “superfoods” etc. Try it! Make one smoothie and I promise you will be hooked!

- Beautiful pics and great info but..

Love love love this program and the app is beautiful! However, we’ve been unable to use Family Sharing - wants me to pay 3.99 for installs on other devices. Also suggesting a way to show which bundles we’ve already purchased when looking through the sections. Thanks for all the additions made to date!!

- Superb!

I have already made a green smoothie and enjoyed it greatly! I love the categories that and user friendliness. One thing I would love to see in the future is a "seasonal" category! And I wasn't able to add ingredients to my cart yet. Thanks so much for making such a rowkstar app!

- Blending made simple

I love to use this app for blending recipes or inspiration. It's visually appealing and gives me a lot of info so I can also create my own blends !! I can't wait to try sole of your challenges in the near future. Highly recommend.

- Great recipes

I love this app, especially when I need a new idea for our smoothies. I really like the ingredient bar where you can select what ingredient(s) you want to use and it will give you recipes to choose from.

- It rawks!

I finished the 10 day green smoothie challenge and wanted to keep my involvement going. Just started getting into what the app can do! Neat and handy way to search for recipes using what I have on hand. Excited to delve in more!

- Crashes on Homepage

I love Simple Green Smoothies and this is not a review on the smoothies themselves but solely on the app performance. I just downloaded the app and whenever I try to touch the home screen upon opening the app, it crashes and shuts down immediately. This is something that should probably get fixed. Not worth the $4.99 to have an app that cannot stay open.

- Love this App!

So easy to plan out smoothies for the week. I can search using what ingredients I already have on hand. I have also tried so many new concoctions because of these app.

- Love the Recipes, App Not So Much

I love the recipes, but the app takes for ever to load them. It’s visually appealing, but after checking my wifi connection and trying other apps, I’m confident this is an app issue and it’s not convenient at all over the website (which is less mobile-friendly). So disappointing after having paid for this app.

- Good visuals but not much essence

The ingredient function that is supposed to create a smoothie with what one has on hand is useless. You can choose from a very limited list of ingredients that you are “allowed” to have on hand. Eg. Only 5 veggie options and only 2 of the options are commonly available veggies (spinach and kale). The pictures are colorful but other than that you are better off just googling a smoothie or two.

- Awesome!

I’m always looking for new recipes and this app is super helpful and has great recipes. Everything I’ve made so far has been great. I love the shopping list feature too.

- Missing recipes

The app interface is nice and user friendly. However, there are some recipes on the website that are not in the app. I also received the protein powder with a recipe card that doesn’t appear in the app. Why did I pay for an app that only has some of the recipes?

- Fantastic Smoothies!!

The new Daily Blends app is so handy. I live in Bogotá, Colombia and have access to really fresh veggies and fruits. The photography on the app is beautiful and it makes it easy to see how your smoothies will turn out.

- ❤️ the ingredient swap

See a recipe you like with an ingredient you don't like? Swipe left to find substitutes. I hate bananas so I love this feature and the shopping list making feature.

- Easy and at your finger tips

I love the ease of making daily smoothies and how they feel me up and make me feel great. This app makes it easy to do no matter where I am!

- New to smoothies!

This app is awesome. Been doing smoothies for about a week know. Feel amazing. Haven’t had a real urge for energy drinks like I usually do. Having great energy with no crash feels great

- Use daily!

I’ve been using this app daily and I love that I can try something new all the time. Wish there were more recipes, but I’ve gotten good at modifying recipes/ingredients to keep things interesting.

- Okay app but add ons add up

The recipes and pictures are good. I like the shopping list. Don’t like how I purchased the app and now have to pay additional fees or promote the app more to get access to recipes. If I’m paying for an app I would except to have more access to the recipes on it.

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- Stunning

I stumbled across your website and have been hooked ever since. The app is beautiful!!! I only wish there was an iPad version haha

- Excellent

Great recipes. Simple to navigate app. Love how the recipes are categories to specific need.

- Beautiful

Hi I'm in Australia & have been a follower of Simple Green Smoothies since the beginning...this app is just beautiful. It's user friendly & aesthetically pleasing. Love the choice to swap out an ingredient for whatever you have. Jen you're just getting better & better, congratulations. I highly recommend buying this app. A cheap investment for good health. 🙌🏻🙌🏻Kale yeah🙌🏻🙌🏻

- Thank you

Such an incredible resource - thanks for making it

- Everything in one place

I love that all my favourite smoothie recipes are all in the one place. The photos are gorgeous & the simple layout makes this easy to use.


I've been following you lovely ladies for so long and I'm so glad you released an app! Amazing stuff!

- Yum

Great app thank you

- Brilliant!

Best app

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- Love the options!

There is lots of options and great handy tools! Love the shopping list feature. Great that I can punch in my available ingredients and then be provided with recipes I could make:)

- Missing a few good features

When swiping to a substitution in a recipe and then adding to shopping list, the original item is added to the shopping list instead of the substitution. Also, it’d be nice to be able to change the serving size to 1 person and alter the ingredients (and therefore shopping amounts) to match.

- Love it

I literally use this app every day to make my morning smoothie and once a week to make my grocery list! It’s so easy and delicious.

- Love it!!

I have been a part of the SGS community for awhile and this app is amazing and so easy to use! I love the options and shopping list feature. And great recipes to choose from. A+

- Fantastic!!

This is the best smoothie app I've tried so far. I especially love the ability to swipe and swap ingredients in the smoothies. The bundles and challenges are a ton of fun and so creative. Thank for the great app!

- Smoothies

Love this app! All the information I need at my fingertips!

- Travel ready

Have the book, but this app will travel :)

- Rawkstar mom

Great app! Fresh, vibrant and easy to navigate. Best to have options on my phone and ensure ingredients are available to nourish my family! Highly recommend

- Great recipes

This app has great recipes. There are some areas of the app that are not accessible for voiceover users like myself.

- Love it!

I've been making rawkstar smoothies and cleanses for a while now and having the app on my phone, makes it more easy to make them.

- Here's to my best health!

Making healthy choices is a breeze with this app! Can't wait to put it to good use on a regular basis.

- Really well designed! Love it!

This app is really well designed - so beautiful and easy to use! I love that you can swipe through different options when there's an ingredient that you don't like and that it adds everything to a shopping list! And it's great that you can add the fruits and veggies you have in your fridge and it'll show you what smoothies you can make. It just makes green smoothies easier!

- Great app!

Lots of good info and great recipes!

- Great


- Simply fantastic

Love how easy is to prepared everything from my phone!

- Great app

All my favourite green smoothie recipes now in an easy to access app.

- Love love love

This app is wonderful. It includes tons of recipes for Simple Green Smoothies, which can be searched by ingredient,30 day challenges, and my favourite: a random recipe generator. I've followed SGS for a long time and I bought their recipe book but this app combines the best of their website, newsletter and recipe book in one.

- Very Nice app

I have the book but until I reach the book then find the recipe then figure out I don't have the all ingredients ... With the new app is much more easier to do a quick smoothie or a plan a week ahead smoothie. So far I love it.

- Great App

Been following for a few years now. Own the book and this app is just as good if not better

- Finally!

So glad there's finally an app for my favourite smoothies! So easy to use and can't wait to blend delicious food everyday!

- Awesome!!

I've been following for years!! I love all the smoothie recipes. This app is totally what I have been waiting for:D now I don't have to keep all me emails just for the recipes lol

- Convenient and healthy

This app is an easy way to use ingredients in your fridge for delicious smoothies for busy people.

- Great app and easy to use!

I am new to Simple Green Smoothies and was excited that they put out an app that I can access anywhere! The recipes and extra instructions are all included. There are some in app applications but for free through subscriptions or by sharing this app on social media. Looking forward to trying all the great recipes!

- Awesome

I've been making Rawkstar smoothies for a while, so nice to have a ton of recipes right on my phone. App looks great!

- Healthy Fast Food

I love the ideas in the Simple Green Smoothie app. They are simple, healthy, enticing and delicious. Having recipes and grocery lists at my finger tips makes it so easy to prepare a simple green smoothie.

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- Perfect!!

I absolutely love this app! Not only are the recipes amazing, I love being able to put in the random ingredients I have on hand and boom--recipes to choose from!!

- Daily Blends

Hi Jen, I love your app and would give it a 4.5 because it would be great if we could type in notes to ourselves. I like that you give us tips. The recipes are so yummy! Thank you for all that you do to help us be healthy!

- Get this app!

Love the rawkstar team! You’ll love this simple to use app, whether your a seasoned blender or a total newbie, never made a smoothie before... THIS APP IS INCREDIBLE. Perfect for quick on the go, GREAT tasting, HEALTHY meal options and snacks!

- So easy to use

I love this app, especially when I’m in a rut and need some new blending ideas! I especially enjoy the ingredient bar!

- Great app with such amazing simple recipes!

I really love smoothies, and this app is loaded with useful info to really power packing your smoothie. Love the section for ideas for the kiddos too.

- Amazing app

Some graphics are lower quality than others (anyone else?) and I would love a calories/nutrition info for each recipe. Other than that it’s an amazing app I love to use!

- Simple and great/tasting recipes

This app is easy to navigate. I love the pictures and simple instructions. All the recipes have turned out great.

- Oh Kale Yeah!!!!

This app is so beautiful, it just makes you want to go back again and again. I love having my smoothie recipes at my fingertips!!!!

- So many yummy green smoothie recipes

I love this app. It's so easy to use and there are so many recipes to choose from. I love how they grouped activity or goal.

- Easy and delicious!

I love their smoothies, and this app made it even easier to navigate the recipes and fine the smoothie that's right for me. I love it!

- Simple and green

Makes getting greens so simple and the swaps are so helpful. Now if o could only change the portions

- Smoothie Queens

These ladies have designed a super way to get started on drinking healthy, green smoothies. They have all sorts of great recipes, tips, nutrition guides to help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

- The Best Smoothies EVER

I have both of the books! I love them but I love the smoothies more💚 This app is super convenient and I like how it’s separated into categories.

- Awesome!

This app is so neat and useful! I’ll be trying all types of quick and easy smoothies effective immediately! I love it! 🍍🥝🍊🍌🥒🥕

- Mixing up my routine

It’s so easy to get stuck in a smoothie rut. The combinations and suggestions in this app help mix things up, avoiding the dreaded taste bud burnout

- Finally sticking to a healthy habit!

This app makes it so easy to plan and stick to a daily smoothie routine! Love the seasonal challenges!

- Love SGS!

I love this app! So many great smoothie recipes. I love that I can put in what I have on hand and got ideas. And...they are delicious! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Static & hidden fees

The smoothies on the app are pretty much the same ones that are and have been on the website for years. Some of the sections require an additional fee to “unlock” more recipes.

- Great Little App

Love this app and the way that the smoothies are laid out in groups....lots of variety.

- Great App

Great in the grocery store to keep me on my blending path.

- App is convenient

The app Is convenient and handy, but with a very limited selection or options

- My Favorite Smoothie App!

Quick and delicious tasting smoothies 😋

- Nothing here - save your $$

Ummmmm- 10 recipes and I paid $2.99 for this ? The app is filled with more in-app purchases that will probably be as big of a flop as the initial purchase.

- Crashes

Crashes on homepage

- What a joke

I paid $5 for an app I can’t even open. As soon as I tap the app it just goes right back to the home screen. What a waste.

- Smoothie app

What a cool idea! Nice to have smoothie info with me on the go!

- Amazingly refreshing & interactive resource!

This app is at the top of my list of favorites! My husband and I usually tend to wing it when it comes to our smoothies. But this app has been an incredibly useful resource, especially when we're short on ingredients and don't really have a taste for anything in particular, but don't want the same old thing. Also, it's great for when we want to try out a new ingredient but aren't quite sure what to mix it with. The variety of other information on the app is wonderful, but those features are what really pulled me in. Not only that, but I've been following Simple Green Smoothies from the very beginning and have witnessed all of the changes and growth. I knew this app would be something special, and we definitely got more than what we paid for! The pictures and navigation are awesome, too!

- Surprisingly LOVE this app!

I say surprisingly because (I think) this is the first generation of this app. I was expecting some glitches, but it's awesome! They seem to have thought of practically everything you could want or need! I love the random recipe function where you shake your phone and the app generates a recipe for you so you don't have to decide on one for yourself. As an indecisive person, this is so cool! The images are bright and colorful, and the navigation is so easy to use. I like the supplemental posts providing conversion ratios, substitution options for ingredients, and super food ideas. The ability to save favorite recipes and make shopping lists directly from the recipe is also very much appreciated! Overall, I LOVE this app! Can't wait to see what they come up with next!

- It's the Berries! Easier than ever to go green!

I've been receiving Simple Green Smoothie email recipes for several years. Though I don't drink one every day, some recipes jump off the screen and call my name, and over time me I've developed a long list of favorites. But searching through my list has been cumbersome (or maybe cucumbersome?), and I am SO excited about this wonderful app. It is just gorgeous to look at - inspiring, and organized brilliantly. There's something for everyone, from kids to Granny, and the comprehensive selection of categories caters to my mood or physical needs. Don't miss this feature: swish an ingredient left or right to personalize or substitute- Simple Green Brilliant! Not to mention the shopping cart that magically prepares your list...go for it! It's the berries!

- Hope to prevent surgery

I'm hoping this review turns out to be a testimonial. I currently have a herniated disc in my neck. The inflammation is pressing on a nerve giving me unrelenting pain in my arm. Since I have to wait for a month for a surgeon I thought I would click on the healing portion of the app in hopes of recipes that might help to relieve some of the inflammation and pressure it's giving me so much pain. I'd much rather drink a delicious smoothie then to take a pain pill. I found some good information in the description of a couple of smoothies that I'm trying. Maybe it's in my head but the pain is not in my arm while I'm doing this review. I don't think it will prevent surgery but I do think it will help me get through the next few weeks.

- Simplyifing healthy eating

I have followed simple green smoothies for a few years and it has really made my mornings a breeze! I have a green smoothie every morning and sometimes finding a new recipe can be a struggle. Now that there is an app for simple green smoothies it has made shopping for smoothie ingredients and finding a recipe to blend on the spot MUCH easier. Everything is right there at your fingertips. I love trying out new recipes and I love how they are categorized out for what kind of smoothie your looking for such as one after your workout or ones for kids. All in all I really love the website and now the app just as much. I can't wait to see more and more recipes load into the app! Thank you simple green smoothies!!

- Love the new app!!

Wow, the new SGS app is stunning & so intuitive!! I have purchased their book, the mobile Rawkstar Recipes PDF, the Fresh Start 21 Cleanse Guide & Thrive- but I love having an app to corral some favorite recipes together!! I would also love in future updates the option to add already purchased SGS packs to the app, but I realize that may be difficult. It would be so awesome, though!! I strive to make a green smoothie a day, so that would make an amazing app even better- since I wouldn't have to go between the app & the number of purchased PDFs I have saved on my tablet & smartphone. Thanks for the beautiful app & I look forward to future updates!!

- So happy 😋

I am SO HAPPY 😁 I started following simple green smoothies for about three years now on Instagram - I am so thrilled they now have an app. 🤗 Love the recipes that they post - they are always coming up with new ones all the time and encourage you to also to create your own blends. Love that they create shopping lists so that your buying just enough - not to little and to much. The recipe layout within the app are super - love the smoothie substitute slide options on each ingredient - it's perfect 👌🏼 Also their cleanse plan and recipes are wonderful and the food so filling and flavorful - grab a buddy & give it a try!! No regrets 😇

- Dang! These are some awesome smoothie recipes!

Sure- I just got this app... but I have been scrolling through it and there's so many recipes I want to blend right now!!! It's insane how many great recipes are in this app!!! And the pics are making my mouth water- so good! I love that they have a swap feature for ingredients that I just don't like (like bananas and kale). The shopping list is pretty great too and will def help me remember to shop for smoothies each week. I've followed Jen at Simple Green Smoothies since the beginning and always love the recipes she and the rawkstar team come up with. They know how to make healthy actually taste good.

- Rawesome

I love this app! I have followed SGS for years and have subscribed to their challenges and purchased their book. I love this though because of the convenience of it. I now have all the recipes in one easy-access app on my phone. It has some great features that I love too; easy substitution swipes, shopping cart to plan my weekly grocery trip to match the smoothies I want to try, smoothies organized by category and a description of the benefits of the key ingredients in each smoothie. They put a lot of thought into this and I think it's really amazing, convenient, helpful, informative. Great job on this, SGS!

- Fun, easy to use, gorgeous pics

I love this app! The pictures are gorgeous and make you want to blend all the smoothies. I like that within each selected smoothie many items give you substitutions, so if you just don't have kale but have spinach it shows how much to use and if it's a recommended sub. I like the ingredient bar where you can select various ingredients to see what smoothies are similar and then follow instructions to whip up a delicious smoothie. The random smoothie feature is fun! I like the different categories, like workout and glowing. I also appreciate the category for kids.

- Love Smoothies you'll love this app

Love this app - didn't think I would need this app as I thought having a smoothie recipe book was enough, however this app is great, there is often a time I have fruit and veg on hand but have to scour through my recipe book to try and find a recipe that will work with what I have, with this app I can put in what veg and fruit I have with other ingredients and it bring up the recipes for me - no more trawling through recipes and I love the fact I can swap out ingredients too on the recipes to suit what I have Great app if you love smoothies you'll love this app

- Finally!!!

I've been waiting for Simple Green Smoothies to come out with an app, and they did not disappoint. I love the shopping list and ingredient bar features. The latter is especially helpful if you have some produce at home but you're not sure how to combine it to make a smoothie that tastes good. I also like that the seasonal challenges are coming back on the app, definitely easier to keep track of than via email. Anyway, I've been a fan of SGS for a while now, and this app will definitely make it easier to eat healthy by drinking my greens.

- Love, love, love! ❤️

Love this app! Beautifully designed and super easy to use. I love how the smoothies are separated into different categories and that they have a swipe option to switch ingredients you may not like or have on hand. The ingredient bar section is also really neat because you can choose which ingredients you have and it will show you recipes that contain those ingredients! This app makes it super easy to make a shopping list or figure out what you need to grab for a last minute grocery store trip. Totally rawesome app!

- Making my life easy!

I love this app- it gives me new, easy and delicious recipes right at my fingertips. My favorite part of the app is that I can pick the smoothies I want to drink for the week, hit "add to shopping list" and voila- the total amount of everything I need is right there for me when I get to the grocery store!! Not only that but my husband doesn't necessarily like my plain smoothies, he loves the new recipes I've tried from the app and now I have him drinking a smoothie a day:)- thanks for making my smoothie life so easy!!

- Our families favorite daily app!

Omg - I am SO happy that this app is finally here!!! The Simple Green Smoothies book is always on our counter and this app is such a great convenience!!! Especially with the shopping list feature!!! My kids love to scan through and pic a smoothie to make together! The app is so beautiful and has such a great user experience! I know that Jen and the SGS team have worked SO hard on this and it has payed off big time! Thank you so much for putting out such an incredible and VALUABLE app into the world! Xoxo

- Love the app

Thank u thank u thank u!!!!!!!! I am so excited to have this app and I have been patiently awaiting for the development ever since I read this on the website!!!!! I love the app and that I can input ingredients that I have an instantly giving a smoothie to make!!! Plus if I look up a smoothie on the app their is I believe a cart and all I have to do is click on it and instantly I have a grocery list!!!! I am going to explore the app more and again thank you for making this app!!! This going to b a game changer for me!!! Kind Regards

- Thank you for making an app!🍊🥕🍎🍌🍏

I'm so glad that SBS has an app! I've been getting my mom and I on a "Let's Get Healthy" journey and I know without a doubt that this will be an every tool to help us accomplish our goals. All of my favorite smoothie recipes are now so easily accessible and there is even a shopping option that automatically adds the ingredients to a list that you can easily reference when it's time to shop. The visuals are GORGEOUS and makes you want to try every simple recipe. One of the coolest features is the Ingredient Bar! You can check off the ingredients that you have on hand or that you plan on buying, click "Blend This" and a bunch of recipes pop up based on the ingredients you've selected. Matter of fact, an awesome looking smoothie just popped up in my results and so I'm off to make it! ✌🏾 ✨GET THIS APP!!!! ✨

- What a clever app!!

When it was time to make a green smoothie, It was hard for me to decide which one to make. They are all sooo delicious! This app took the indecisiveness away with some great features. First, the smoothies are grouped into categories, just select a category to see all the yummy green smoothies. Then there is the Ingredient Bar, select all the ingredients you have on hand, click on blend it and voila a list of green smoothies. Or I can be adventurous and shake my phone to get a random recipe. Love it!!! Excellent idea!! ❤️

- Just what I've been waiting for!!!!

I love green smoothies and I love the simple green smoothies website!!! I was ecstatic to see that they finally created an app. It is easy to use and you will want to make every smoothie in this app. I love that they have added their meal plans for purchase in here as well. I have purchased a couple of them in the past and they are wonderful. I highly recommend them! They have also included recipes to make your own coconut milk, nut milk, and nut butter. I love this app!!!!

- So far.......lovin it!

I just downloaded the app...have been navigating through it since. I love what I have been able to do with the app so far. Have even signed up for the next challenge already. This unlocked all four weeks of smoothies so I get to see all the recipes ahead of time. I like the "swap outs" that are offered by swiping left. Love that I can mark my fave recipes, too! Appreciate there is now an app and I don't have to print or flip through my online recipes file or Pinterest board for recipes anymore...Thanks Jen:-)

- The best resource

We've been drinking green smoothies for 3 years now thanks to Simple Green Smoothies. We are healthier and happier. Each time they come out with something new I think "I don't need it" but then it turns out I do. This app is amazing, everything at your finger tips whether you are at home making a grocery list, at the grocery store and can't remember what's in a smoothie or just a mating to know what you can make with what you got!! I cannot wait to explore more.

- Love this app!!! ❤️

I have the simple green smoothies book and I love it, but having this app is so convenient! I am able to add recipe ingredients to a grocery list and so I know exactly what I need from the store. All of the recipes I have tried are delicious and my one year old even drinks them with me! It's an easy way for both of us to get in lots of nutrients. The app is beautifully designed, intuitive, and easy to use. Thanks so much for the app!

- Nice pictures. Zero functionality.

I've long been a fan of SGS but this is disappointing. The 'search by ingredient' feature is laughable, pulling up pages of recipes with ingredients I don't have and hadn't checked. When I tried to notify them I discovered that the 'contact us' button does nothing. When you open a recipe, it doesn't fit on a single screen, forcing you to try to scroll with sticky fingers. And the biggest issue is that all of the products of theirs that I've already paid for - there's no way to enter my email and have these show up in app. They're trying to resell me everything.

- Be a #rawkstar4ever !!! BEST app, Kale Yeah!

Omg I'm so excited about this new app! I have been following/drinking Simple Green Smoothies for the past year now. I have the book but the app is amazing too! Everything right at my finger tips anywhere I go! Jen and her Rawkstars have done an amazzzzzing job with this app!! Kudos! They have laid it ALL out for you, all you have to do is ENJOY a daily smoothie! You will not be disappointed, give this app a try! #greensmoothiesrawk #simplegreensmoothies #rawkstarlife

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Daily Blends Recipes 1.7.0 Screenshots & Images

Daily Blends Recipes iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Daily Blends Recipes iphone images
Daily Blends Recipes iphone images
Daily Blends Recipes iphone images
Daily Blends Recipes iphone images
Daily Blends Recipes iphone images

Daily Blends Recipes (Version 1.7.0) Install & Download

The applications Daily Blends Recipes was published in the category Food & Drink on 2017-08-17 and was developed by Simple Green Smoothies, LLC [Developer ID: 1245063270]. This application file size is 75.98 MB. Daily Blends Recipes - Food & Drink app posted on 2020-06-16 current version is 1.7.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.sgsmoothiesapp

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