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Spin - Electric Scooters [Travel] App Description & Overview

Spin gives you the freedom to move. Just download our easy-to-use, reliable app for access to thousands of shared scooters and bikes across the country. Need a lift? Hop on a Spin for a safe and affordable way to commute, get around campus, run an errand, or get some fresh air. Spin scooters and bikes are emissions-free, so you’ll also help keep the air fresh every time you ride.

How to Take a Spin:

- Open the app to find the nearest Spin scooter or bike.
- Unlock your Spin by scanning the QR code or by entering its ID.
- Ride safely to your destination, using bike lanes where available.
- Park responsibly, avoiding pedestrian right of ways, building entrances, and wheelchair ramps.

Want Spin scooter or bike-sharing where you live for your commute? Have feedback on your ride? Contact support@spin.pm, or find more info at www.spin.app

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Spin - Electric Scooters Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for riding with Spin! To make your rides even more enjoyable, we update our app regularly. What's new: - Bug fixes and general improvements

Spin - Electric Scooters Comments & Reviews

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- Kept charging!

My first experience and I found it too be too fast for me, but my son has no problems with it. I rode about 4 min minutes and decided to end my ride and the darn thing would not stop! The app that went into a perpetual downloading mode and the time continued on! It’s Saturday and I called the number on the scooter itself, in addition to two other customer service numbers from the internet and no one picked up bc business hours are Monday through Friday. When it was all over it had been 35 minutes and now I had to find a valid parking spot. I checked the requirements as listed on the app and still it took a total of 4 minutes to get it in the exact spot! Omg! I was charged for 39 minutes for a 4 minute spin!! I am so disappointed! Well, looks like I owe Spin scooter an apology...I WAS WRONG!!! Apparently, these guys do work the weekends. One of the calls I made allowed me to leave a message. I explained my issue and left my email address and phone number. After being home a little over an hour , I again checked the app , and to my surprise, noticed my account had been refunded! I had a missed voicemail from Phill with Spin support advising me that he had located the scooter and my activity and refunded me. It WAS THAT EASY!!!! They jumped right on it and resolved the problem. I AM SO IMPRESSED! THIS IS EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thank you and I’m amazed at your professionalism and quick reponse.

- The first impression was so bad and not lucky

I get out of the metro station and I was looking to find a scooter to ride home never found any of Lyft and lime around so I found only Skip, I downloaded the app and I tried to use it, the scooter started with the problem on the app and I rode the scooter and was very slowly 5-7 mph, the battery was flashing then I arrived to home and the app was messed up and the scooter never turned off, I parked in front of my house, so no one can steal it, and I am sure there is someone took it or steal it. Btw you should buy the balance $5 to start riding the Skip Scooter, others Scooter providers are free signing up fees!!! I will give them one another chance and I will edit this review after or I will keep it the same its depending on the service I get. Sami

- Huge design flaw...

#1 A cell phone holder would be great so that we can use google maps for route guidance while riding and not have to stop so much and pull out our phones, reopen the map app, wait for it to orient to our new location, etc. #2 Design Flaw: I was riding along the sidewalk when I realized I was about to ride off the curb. I quickly jumped my feet off the board to bring myself to a stop, but my hands were still gripping the handle bars and therefore the throttle. You would probably think it’s easy to let go of the throttle, but when you are riding as fast as the scooter will go and then take your feet off in order to stop the thing, your grip becomes tighter because it is the only thing keeping the scooter to you. You are wanting to come to a quick and complete stop, not launch the scooter down the street or off the curb. Anyhow, this is how you see people stumble-running with a scooter. It’s because your body doesn’t let you release your grip (and throttle) and so the wheels keep spinning, so the scooter keeps going. The Solution: there should be a weight sensor in the foot board so that as soon as there’s no more weight on the board the [motor] acceleration stops. Again, as soon as a person steps off of the foot board the motor cuts off. You don’t have to apply the brakes—stopping the motor’s acceleration should be enough help to prevent someone from crashing or stumbling when trying to quickly stop.

- Customer service and lack of user friendliness

I really do enjoy the spin scooters, I do, however today I ran into an issue with the scooters which took me 40 minutes to solve. I was riding the scooter back from my university gym when I had to stop by a local grocery store to pick up something’s so I locked the scooter. Little did I know this was out of campus, which means I cannot park there. When I got back and tried to unlock the scooter, it did not allow me. I got a message telling me to move the scooter back to campus but every time I tried to move it, it made a ridiculous sound. I tried calling customer service but all the representatives were busy and I needed somebody to tell me what to do so the scooter would stop charging my bank account. There was nothing I could to unlock the scooter, which is a major flaw considering the app keeps telling you to move the scooter into campus to unlock it. In the end I had to carry the scooter back into the campus grounds despite the awful sounds it made. This was probably the most annoying experience I’ve had with Spin and I hope this is fixed. I understand that the mistake was mine however the app charged me 5 dollars and didn’t even let me unlock my scooter. This is absolutely ridiculous. That’s 5 dollars down the drain for nothing! I was just standing there trying to figure out how to unlock the scooter and i got charged for it! I always loved the Spin scooters but this left me quite disappointed.

- Kinda Weird I Guess

My family and I decided to go for a ride, but the scooters kept acting up. They deactivated in the place where we found them. At me point, my brother’s scooter stopped when he was cruising at max speed. He immediately fell off and onto his face in the cement. On one other occasion, everyone else in my party had their scooters deactivated when we reached the no-ride zone, but mine didn’t. Then, later, when we reached the reactivation zone, my scooter deactivated and I was left behind. All these things happened, but there were some other problems as well. One of the dividers between a no-ride and ride zone was literally a lamppost in the middle of a parking lot. A warning would also be nice before you get to a no-ride zone. My group was just cruising on our local bike path when we apparently reached the no-ride zone. By the time I realized that we had somehow crossed the line, I was at least 40 feet past it and had to drag my scooter back. Payment was another of many problems we encountered. My mother was paying for the rides, but couldn’t pay for all three of them. Instead, my brother and I had to download this clearly flawed app and enter the information ourselves (and you know how kids can be when they get their parents’ credit card info). All around OK, but you’ve clearly got a lot of bugs to work out.

- Has not yet worked seamlessly once (in 4 attempts)

Attempt #1) Pre-Original scooter ban circa mid-2018. I signed up, deposited $5 into my account, because unlike the other services in SF at the time, Spin required a deposit. When I got to the point on the map where the Spin a scooter was supposed to be, it was nowhere to be found. Fooled me once, shame on you. Attempts 2 & 3) Twice in the past month, I have arrived at a Spin scooter ready to hop on, only to discover that due to my owning an iPhone SE, the Spin app literally would not allow me past the page where I have to check the boxes where users must attest to not riding on sidewalks and wearing helmets... the issue is that that page has one more checkbox attestations that must be completed than can fit in the screen of an iPhone SE (with its smaller screen) and yet, inexplicably, will not scroll to allow me to select the final necessary checkbox so I can submit and move on. Fooled me two and three times... shame on me. Attempt #4) Upon hitting the “ride” button, the scooter never unlocked. Then when I went to end the ride, first the app said it couldn’t lock the scooter (which never was unlocked to begin with) and there was a server error that prevented me from ending the ride, so I was incurring Billings long after I rented a Jump scooter instead so I could get to my train on time. Fooled me four times... we won’t get fooled again.

- Enjoyable, but not dependable at all

On my college campus these bikes are super convenient and fast, but only when everything goes right. It can be very difficult to locate a bike- more times than I can count, the bike doesn’t exist where the map says it is, which is a huge pain when I’m trying to find one to get to class on time. When I do actually find a bike, sometimes the bike doesn’t unlock but the timer begins- making it impossible to find another bike if you’re short on time. Using Bluetooth to lock or unlock a bike is also quite fickle when this happens. Sometimes the app asks me for my payment information again, even though I already have money loaded on my account. I would say that about 75% of my rides have gone perfectly fine. They are not dependable at if you are in a rush to get somewhere, and oftentimes when something goes wrong, it can take longer to fix/look for another bike than if you had just walked to your destination in the first place. I do have to commend the support team, who usually fix any problem quickly. One time I accidentally forgot to lock a bike after a perfectly fine ride, and they refunded the whole ride to me. The bikes have adjustable seats and the step-through style are really nice.

- Walk. Avoid spin scooters. Look for lime/bird instead. Terrible!!

I rent scooters fairly often. Lime and bird are both good choices. Recently, spin has been very available in our city. Now I know why. Their parking and locking system is terrible. If you try to end your ride and happen to be in an area the app thinks is inappropriate, the scooter will in fact lock, but not end the ride and you will continue to be charged. Parking zones are not shown on the in-app map. We rented three for an hour. We parked them exactly where we had unlocked them originally. The app kept saying that we needed to find a new, approved zone. When we picked up the scooters to move them, they make a terrible alarm sound and tell you to unlock them before you move them. This is not possible as the app is still charging you for the ride, but you cannot simply keep riding anywhere. It took us an extra 20 minutes if walking around our park, trying to find an acceptable parking zone with three scooters yelling the whole time. This ruined our night, was exhausting, and embarrassing. The app also will not work unless you allow them to know your location even when the app is closed. Both Bird and Lime allow location setting to be active only when the app is active. This is the worst choice by far. I’ll never use spin again. Worst scooter service by far!!

- Multiple issues

What should have been a 5-minute travel turned into a 40-minute nightmare. First, a scooter showed on the map that was available somewhat near my home. Not there. Reloaded the app, still showed that the scooter was there and fully charged but I was standing in the location with no scooter. I made the 10-minute walk in the opposite direction to the next closest scooter. This scooter randomly shut off on me 3 times. I had to go through a process of ending the ride (can take a minute to do so) and rebooting the ride in order to get it to restart. After 20 minutes of this adventure, I was no closer to my destination and even further away from the bus to be able to change modes of travel. So I decide to walk. I park it in an eligible parking space. It does not end the ride and starts sounding an alarm at me. So I ride around, pushing it manually, (alarm still going) to park it near other scooters. Doesn’t stop. Finally after restarting the app and trying to find support, I was able to get the scooter to successfully reboot with the power button and stop the alarm. I was extremely late for my commitment despite giving myself extra time to find a scooter. If it was just one glitchy scooter, that’s understandable, but with the second glitch of expecting to find a scooter some place and have it not exist is just enough for a 1-star

- App is garbage and constantly freezes ride is fine

I’ll preface the only reason I chose this over Lime was the handle bars were lower and not as intimidatingly high. Of course unlocking is fast and they make you rate the parking beforehand 🙄. Each of my 3 SHORT trips (less than 20 minutes) I’ve fussed around with trying to end the ride for several minutes adding onto the $0.27/min premium in PDX (which is on the more expensive side compared to other ones!!!) because the app won’t register what I’m trying to do. Thus I have to restart the app repeatedly before I even get the option again to end the ride! It freezes then FINALLY it registers while continuing to tick away. Just using up the initial balance as much as I can and abandoning the rest probably. This is honestly MORE EXPENSIVE than public transit when you factor in all the time wasters like the super glitchy app. Even toggling the menu it will freeze up. Now I’m in a slight negative balance. I attempted to submit a complaint but it did not go through. Also there are a few different designs of the e-scooters out there... where you have the pull down throttle for stop/break or a manual hand one vs. foot one on the back. Is there a way to incorporate that into the app???

- Will auto-reload balance without your permission

This app will allow you to use Apple Pay which is cool at first, but when your balance runs low, they will automatically reload $5.00 into your account without notifying you (I didn’t know that was possible with Apple Pay). When I went to turn off this setting, the switch would always toggle back on... I recorded my screen when that happened. Super scummy. I asked for a refund of this amount so I’m waiting to hear back otherwise I’ll issue a chargeback with my CC. Lastly, even if you’ve funded your account, they’ll ask you for your CC number when you try to scan a bike! They say your card will be “secure” but I wouldn’t trust them with it given my current experience with them. It also defeats the purpose and security of using Apple Pay if you eventually have to give them your card number. UCSD students: STAY AWAY. I know the free $5 is super tempting but dealing with this company and it’s BS charges is a pain. There’s so many other options in San Diego (limebike, ofo, bird, etc). UPDATE: Spin reached out to me and told me that they cannot refund auto-reloaded balances (despite it being enabled by default and without notice). I will be contacting my CC to issue a chargeback.

- Great scooter experience, terrible in-app support

I had a good experience with the scooter and app, but when I parked and attempted to take a picture of my parking job as the app instructed, it got stuck on a loading screen. I tried to go back to the previous screen, but the app wigged out on me and ended up failing to load the picture and charged me $5 for not uploading the picture. I went to the FAQ/help section to submit a report, but the app would not let me select a location! Every time I tapped an option in the drop down bar, it would close the menu and leave the spot blank. I tried to submit a report for roughly 15 minutes, restarting the app several times. I called the support number and was on hold for another 10 minutes or so. I was finally prompted to leave a voicemail, which I did. It has been two weeks and I have not heard back from them. I will be disputing the charge through my credit card company if this isn’t resolved soon. It’s a shame, because it was working so well for me until then! I would still recommend this to people, as nobody else I’ve talked to has had this issue. I’m pretty sure it’s not a common problem.

- Cheating you out your money

Scooter was very raggedy and Wobbly also unstable shimmer with a lot of shimmy Spin Scooter The scooter is a nice ride it’s self but The spin app has a Lotta flowers and flowers in it it overcharges you for your scooter it turns the scooter off in the middle of your rental I have been over charge each time I rent the scooter the scooter is supposed to be $10 to ride until the battery dies without turning it off once you turn it off and the battery is not dead you cannot ride rad off a bed saying $10 if you turn it off you have to re-rent the scooter which is fine with me but if it’s $10 to ride until the battery dies why am I being charged 1650+ a dollar and some change for the school 3×. Times I have been charged for the scooter at a rental price of 1650 and a dollar and some change has been taking out of my account for the rental of the scooter when it should’ve only been a flat $10 also when you call the customer service number it’s always a recording Bryce sell them you get lucky and are able to talk to a live customer service person

- Lots of bugs and issues

I’ll start by saying I fully support anything that gets more people riding. That being said, after using the service for a month I finally called it quits after all three bikes in different locations I tried to use today were either “currently on a trip” or “in need of repair”, according to the app. Before Spin I used my own bike, but for bouncing between buildings at my university I figured Spin might be more streamlined than locking and unlocking my own bike with a U lock. In practice, I’ve found the experience to be extremely buggy, having to force close and open the app again almost half the time (I have an iPhone X, so not an old phone issue). In addition, I’ve had 2-3 trips continue after locking and parking the bike (true to their word, I wasn’t charged, but still stressful). After a month, I would venture to say that at least half the bikes in my city are in disrepair. I’ve opened at least a dozen support tickets this month... support has been prompt and I appreciate that, but I can’t justify spending money anymore on this service.

- Frustrating App - Good Scooters

I have no idea how this app has a 4.5 star average. I’ve never used the app without issue. The screen freezes and the app begins my ride without telling me. It has too many buttons to press and has 10+ second lag times for the prompts at the end of the ride. Currently, my app has been frozen for over 10 minutes on the screen where I took a photo of my parked scooter. In the past, I’ve simply not been able to submit photos at all because of the slow prompt issues and essentially not realizing that more prompts are coming. Then the app tells me I will be penalized. Customer service response emails seem canned and robotic, and don’t address all issues. On the other hand, the scooters themselves are pretty great. They’re placed in locations where Bird and Lime scooters are not, and they make a cute droid noise when they’re activated. Throttles are positioned a little too low to get a solid, steady push with my thumb, but I have that problem with all of the scooter brands. I like the handlebar height and base width too.

- Read before scooting

Nothing compared to the pure joy I experienced scooting through the night life of the city. The exhilaration of whipping past pedestrians was a feeling like no other. At max my scooter reached speeds of 16 MPH, I was Usain Bolt. I’m not kidding when I say this was one hour of nonstop, continuous, constant, unrelenting fun. Unfortunately the app was trash. Slow, hard to navigate and ultimately did not allow me to end my ride. My anxiety soared as the timing meter continued to tick higher and higher and higher. Will I be able to Uber home after this? Do I have enough for a bus ticket? I found myself in the trenches of customer service. The phone number was buried deep within the folds of the gruesome, dark pages of their website. Ultimately I was put on hold and no one ever picked up. I resorted to sending emails- which they responded to in 20 minutes promising a refund of the time I spent trying to park and end my journey. While email was the most effective tool for ending my ride and getting a refund there were other scooter options that have better apps.

- Hassle

Unable to do two rides on one phone with the app, have to use work or student email, clock and money starts running as soon as you hit submit... not when you get on the scooter and turn the go switch. There is no navigation on the app, which makes no sense considering the scooters can and are left anywhere. The scooters are not given an exact location on the app, we are meant to be on the lookout for them as we are driving whilst we have put in the directions for the cross streets to find them in the first place. The battery percentage is made clear on the app before arrival which is nice, but if the scooters aren’t solar powered and can be left anywhere and there isn’t anyone policing them up on a daily and recharging them, then 🤷‍♀️. Also to have this many mis-steps for a company that is so established, the pricing at $1.00 to activate and then $0.29 a minute isn’t going to work...AT ALL!!!! Good concept...needs more work, also absolutely no advertising. Wouldn’t have known about this unless I happened to see a few people scooting by on a whim.

- Not a fan

We have Lime and Bird scooters galore in Salt Lake, and these orange ones just started popping up. Why not, give it a shot? First impression, it won’t let me get anywhere in the app without giving it permission to know my location “always” instead of just when using the app. (iOS user) All the other apps don’t require this and work fine, including Uber and lyft. I don’t think that some company knowing my location at all times is necessary like that, so that’s my first issue. Secondly, I can’t even use the service without providing a picture of my drivers license in a form of a photo. It’s reasoning for this, it says it’s state law that you need a drivers license to drive the scooters. It’s simply not true, and it feels like another way to poke into ones personal privacy and give them all of your personal information with a photo ID to boot. I know the laws here in Utah and you can drive an electric scooter legally without a drivers license. Summary, don’t bother. Lime is my first choice, and Bird second. I’ll just walk if there is only an orange scooter sitting there.

- Worst app experience of my entire life

Holy crap. I tried this app because I saw a bike that said I could ride for a dollar and it seemed like an awesome idea. I got the app, put my credit card number in and loaded the number of a bike to see what would happen. Before I understood what was going on, a timer started indicating I was on a ride and there was NO way to get it to stop. I was on my way somewhere and got trapped at this stupid bike worrying that my credit card would be charged or that someone would steal the bike. In a panic, I read all the FAQs and submitted a bunch of support requests, and nothing could get this damned thing to stop. (Its still running right now while I’m writing this.) I honestly don’t know what to do other than to just cancel my credit card and walk away. There is no way to get someone on the phone in support. When you are trying to submit a support request it says “DONT PANIC”. This must happen to people all the time.

- I urge you to try anything else

I have given this app the benefit of doubt over 5 times. It a single good experience from costumer service to the hardware to the software. Finally connected to a scooter and honestly wish I never did. Despite its 82% battery reading, it died on me twice. The first time it died was in the street while moving. Not fun not safe. I really needed to get home so I I tried to reconnect but it said I wasn’t close even though I was touching it. So I had to end the ride after the app and scooter crashed so I was charged an extra dollar for a scooter I had already unlocked. The brake button was getting jammed and some notification about Bluetooth came up. Throuout the past couple weeks I have emailed them twice asking for some sort of explanation or at least my credits back since I haven’t been able to unlock any scooter until now. NOT A SINGLE REPLY. So overall everything has sucked from customer service to its actual use. I’m giving up on this. Try anything else but skip. They’re garbage and they don’t care.

- Cheaper for college students, and better quality scooter, with some bugs

The main advantage is that there is a 50% student discount. So long as it is offered I will prefer this over uber scooters or lime. Some other benefits include: - you can’t prereserve scooters, unlike some of the other apps so if you see one it’ll be available for use. -the scooters themselves are pretty high quality and comparable to the uber scooter, except I think the speed limit they have built in is higher. This makes for a really smooth and stable ride The main drawback is the bugs. There are a bunch of bugs with locking/ ending your ride. -One time I got a confirmation that the ride ended and everything but then apparently it didn't work. I was charged for an absurdly long ride, using up all my balance. -locking the bike and uploading a picture each can take a long time. This shouldn’t be that way, because the other companies’ apps don’t take so long. Also if I have to wait next to the scooter for two minutes like an idiot because the app is taking its time to lock the scooter, it defeats the purpose. People who need to use it for short trips will migrate to an app that doesn’t have that wait period at the end. Fix this please. Overall the app is good, and the company’s service is good, but their engineers have kinks to work out.

- Total scam

My friends and I were parking Bolt scooters (which we use all the time w/o issue) when a Spin truck pulls up to unload a bunch of scooters. The guy says “Why are you riding those?” And hands us all the SPINFOR10 card that says “Enjoy $10 off your next ride.” So, we use them later that day. 3 of us got our scooters up and working, after putting in our ccrd info. The 4th in our group couldn’t get the app to read any of the other available scooters so, we all rode up & down the street waiting for his to work. After a few min we gave up, parked them and went back to our Bolts. 3 days later I see Spin has charged my CCRD $11 and in the app, used $5 of the SPINFOR10 promo. When I emailed them (because calling only got me to voicemail) “Belle” told me they don’t refund the $10 initial “credit” to my account so that “free” $5 ride cost me $16. No other scooter app makes you preload. You can’t even go in and remove your ccrd info without giving an alternate card. I won’t be using Spin ever again. They’re scammers.

- Location great; bike needs repair

I love the concept. We don’t own bikes so this was a fun Saturday experiment. Confusing that a family can’t share an app. We were all set to go, having put the app on my husband’s phone, and left everything else at the house, only to get to the bike site and not be able to unlock more than one bike. Maybe it is only intended for single people and not families? I know users need to be over 17. Then the pricing for the second bike was also confusing, one dollar for the first bike and five dollars for the second? We will do more research and I’m sure we will figure it out, and as I said this was an experiment. Definitely willing to try it again but seems a little hard to jump on and go. I do like the bike it’s self and it is easy to use. Mine needs some sort of repair because it squeaked with every rotation of the wheel, but the other bike my husband used worked great.

- Garbage app and scooters

When you try to end your ride the app is constantly loading, regardless of your signal strength. So, it always takes an extra 30s-60s, meaning you always get charged too much. The other big issue is that the scooters stutter all the time because their speed regulator is so finicky. You’ll constantly get jerked from 15mph to a few mph lower, which causes a lot of instability. This even happens when you’re not at max speed. All the other companies manage to regulate the speed very smoothly, while spins just put you at risk of falling. They’re much worse on wet surfaces than any other scooter; a spin after a rainy day is suicide. They’ll allow you to unlock them even if they’re in need of a fix, so you get charged for a scooter with no motor. Lastly, they just randomly stop running sometimes mid-ride. Just use a lime/uber/bird. Only time to use a Spin is when they’re all that is left, which is quite frequent because everyone knows to use the others first.

- Easy to use and get going fast

The Spin scooters kinda popped up out of nowhere in Miami and Coral Gables but they work just like Birds and Lime. The interface is easy to use and get around. I haven’t noticed any issues for some time now. I like that the developers are constantly updating the app and keeping it in check because really the only thing they really need to get right is how fast the app launches and gets you on a scooter and I’d say it’s pretty fast once you’ve got past creating your account. The app connects to the scooter very fast and I’m off with in seconds! I’ve only noticed some scooters may have funky brakes and accelerators but I’m sure this is due to wear and tear as people don’t tend to treat things that aren’t theirs so well. Other than that I love Spin!

- Easy to use

Except when you’re out of a service area, it turns the screen orange and hides the map, and good luck figuring out if it’s a mistake like your phone might have poor GPS signal, or seeing if the map shows you in the correct location - no way are you going to get that information BECAUSE YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE SERVICE AREA and we’re not going to show you what that area is! And you’re stupid standing there looking at a line of parked scooters, trying to rent one. How the heck did they just get there? Magic? If I try to see if they are 5 feet outside the service area it alarms and says please unlock and ride. What do you think I’m trying to do!

- SPIN-d Your Money

I’m not usually one to write a review, but Spins are awful. My campus outlawed Birds last Fall and we just got these scooters and they’re terrible. Not only are they flimsy, the app doesn’t work at all. Don’t worry they’ll be great at unlocking the scooter, but when it comes to ending your ride, good luck. Today my roommate and I rode the scooters to class and we had to try 3 different parking zones and even when we were parked in the right place it told us we weren’t. We ended up having to undownload the app, to which Spin told us we’d been using the scooter for “49 years.” I’m sorry but I can barely ride one of those things for 5 minutes let alone 49 years! These scooters are supposed to save time, but I’ve been late to class numerous times because of the crap app. Not to mention they charged me $11 for a ride that should’ve been around a $1. Now I can even find a place to contact the company to get my money back. You’re better off walking my friend!

- Use Bird Instead

These bikes are nice..... when you can find one and it works, which has to be a miracle. My downtown has spin, lime, and bird. I’ve tried all except lime. Bird is way more reliable. Spin has missing scooters all the time, and half of them don’t work. i’m not even kidding, 50% of scooters i try don’t work. one locked up while i was crossing the street and it was really embarrassing and could’ve been dangerous! the wheels stop turning completely when it locks up and then you have to pick it up and carry it. super annoying. ALSO—- IMPORTANT! Apparently I never ended my ride (i always wait for the scooter to lock and then i walk away) and it charged me $25. They refunded it, BACK INTO MY SPIN ACCOUNT and not back into my bank. This is ridiculous! Sounds like a scam to keep my money. when am i gonna use up the $25 in my spin account!??? this has apparently happened to others and iM just disgusted. Just use bird or walk. it’s worth less the stress

- Charged me 5 extra minutes!

There are many scooter services in the market and one day I thought I would give spin a try. The ride experience was like any other scooter experience but when it came time to lock the scooter it took 5 minutes of me standing and fumbling with the app to lock it. The scooter was obviously parked but I could see the timer clicking away as I tried frantically to end the ride. I kept getting error messages saying the scooter couldn’t be found and to stand closer to it. The entire time I was standing right next to the scooter and my cell service had full bars. Needless to say I probably won’t be using spin again as there are so many other scooter services on the market that I have never had any issue with. Oh but wait, I still need to use the $5 in credits spin made me load onto the app instead of just paying per ride like every other service!!!!!!

- Non working scooter

Please, please recall the scooter I last rode. The breaks were not properly working on this scooter. I literally had to jump off a full speed scooter every time I reached a traffic light in order not to get hit by a car. Since the scooter kept speeding I had to hold on to it as I jumped off. Also, if I rode off the scooter through out a “no riding zone” I would press on the break to slow it off and it would begin to shake uncontrollably ( so I had to walk with a vibrating scooter). Just FYI, I couldn’t stop riding the scooter since there were no others around and was on my way to work. However, this is my first time using spin and it’s safe to say that I would be skeptical of using this brand again. I am afraid this scooter will be involved in a deadly accident so please retrieve it from the street and check it out. I ride scooters all the time but this was plain scary. Have a great day!

- Smooth bikes, pleasant experience

I took one of these bikes for a ride after coming across one in the city I live in (Charlotte, NC). I walked one way for about three miles on a local greenway and didn’t feel like walking back so it was placed in a good location to try it out. I’m also a person who likes to ride pretty often around town on my own bike. The bike had a really smooth riding feeling to it and even had a couple of gears to use, which was something I hadn’t seen on other bike shares I’ve tried here and in DC. The bike was also pretty light compared to other bike shares I’ve tried. Overall, a great experience and I would definitely ride one of these again.

- Find another way...

This service and app are horrible. There is no indication is given to tell the rider where you can park the scooter yet every time you stop the app tells you that you can’t park there! I was riding in DC when a huge storm blew in. I made it to the metro to seek shelter but there is NO way to end the ride! While I sat, soaked, during a massive thunderstorm, the timer just kept going. I attempted to call to have the ride terminated and reached a voicemail prompt that never gave me enough time to leave a message before hanging up on me! I tried three times... Finally after more than an hour the app notified me that the ride had ended. Luckily I only put $10 on the app for a ride and I’m hopeful that is all they can charge me. I am sending an email asking for a resolution as there was no way to turn off the ride and no indication of where I could have parked had I been able to!!

- let me ride on the sidewalk lol

everything about the app is fine but sometimes it will think i’m in a no ride zone when i’m just on the sidewalk. the sidewalk can’t be a no ride zone. it’s public grounds. so if one stretch of sidewalk is unable to be ridden on, by that logic, no sidewalk is able to be ridden on. but that’s not the case. please just fix the location accuracy so you can know that i’m just riding on the sidewalk maybe near a no ride zone, not actually IN the no ride zone. it’s super inconvenient because i know for a fact i’m not in the no ride zones yet i keep getting stopped and it’s a waste of my time and money

- Nonexistent customer service

The scooters themselves are basically no different from Lime, Jump or Bird. However if something goes wrong you are out of luck. I checked out a scooter and after a few feet realized the accelerator did not work. No big deal, in a city like Baltimore you have to expect some broken scooters. However when I went to end the ride the app would not end it, but kept telling me to repark it somewhere else. I tried at least ten times, including parking right next to another Spin, but no luck. I think there was something wrong with the transmitter. So, I’ve got a broken scooter I can’t use but am still being charged for, and I’m late for work. I went into the app, and of course there’s a “contact us” function but no phone number. I sent two messages and finally after half an hour just left the broken scooter and took a Lime. I never heard back about those two messages or the third one I sent later that day, and ended up paying $11 for the experience, which apparently is never going to be addressed. I told them that if they did not make it right I would stop using it and tell others to do the same, and here I am. The scooters are fine but the company does not care about its customers. Take a different scooter instead.

- Every time we end the ride the clock still runs

Every time we ride spin the app will not close out the ride and the clock still runs. I watched carefully today. By the time I contacted customer support and I was actually able to end the ride they got 5 extra min on my scooter. I only had an 8 min ride before that. Spin really needs to fix their app. Like I said every time we ride spin it does this. I figured after 6 months they would have it fixed. Next I pre loaded everyone’s app with $10. 6 months ago this was plenty for us to get around the green belt for some inexpensive fun. Wrong. Prices have drastically increased. Every $10 I loaded I got a $2.30 fee. That’s a 23% fee for all 5 riders. Also, prices have increased to: $1 to start and $0.25 per min there after. What happened to $0.10 a min. Definitely the last time we use these as fun.

- Slow App

I really like scooters themselves, they are comfortable to ride, very smooth, with good acceleration and braking. I would compare them to Bird scooters (way better than Lime!) The problem is the app itself. When locking the scooter after the ride, I have to hit the End Ride button over and over trying to get it to actually respond and end the ride. Then the app takes forever to end it, all while you have to stand there with the scooter because the app also requires you to take a photo of the parked scooter. This screen takes way too long to come up. I don’t want to stand next to my parked scooter for five minutes, nor do I want to be charged for it because the meter is still running while it thinks.

- Terrible experience

Has a big shaded red area that says no parking, did not see any indication that I was only allowed to ride in the area leading to my scooter not working after it whispered something at me. Realized after that the big area shaded in red that says no parking is actually the only place you can ride them. Walked it back a block and tried parking right next to a parking place with a marker on the map as well. It kept saying I was out of range while right next it. Had to walk another block adding another 10 minutes to my ride. Tried to go to support which did not work and then suddenly my ride was over on my app, but the scooter was still working. Had to re scan the scooter just to shut it off. Absolutely horrible experience, be more clear of where you can ride and have the location actually work for parking.

- Worst of the scooter rental brands

I was not impressed with the Spin scooter and app. Rather than pay by the ride, like others, it wants to preload a charge, that is after one scans a scooter first on the first go. The location services on this app drained my phone battery over a few rides of about an hour total. My phone was hot from the location services being active on my phone during the rides. I also don’t like how there’s no option to only have location services only on while the app is in use. When we had problems with a ride, the customer service portion of the app is unacceptable and didn’t help. Other competitors are much better with problems. Three of the five of us had problems with scooters malfunctioning before or during a ride. The other scooter rentals are much better and I’ll leave Spin scooters alone next time.

- App scams you out of money

Spin has the best scooters with great engines and responsive brakes but the absolute worst app I’ve ever used. Everything about the app is slow, tapping the options button is slow, trying to scan a scooter is slow, and worst of all trying to lock the darn thing after you’ve parked is slow - as in it takes 3-4 minutes for the app to ‘wake up’ and do it’s job while charging you for the time while you stand around like an idiot. My city has both Spin and Lime. Spin scooters are the best but the Lime app is more responsive. I always park the scooters in the same place during the work week after taking them to the office and have a solid 4 bars of cell signal. Lime responds immediately and lets me lock the scooter as soon as I hit the button. Spin on the other hand *always* takes forever. Restarting the app or even my entire phone does nothing, the app is just trash and always delays parking. I’m almost convinced this is intentional as charging millions of users across the country for an extra 2-3 minutes a piece is millions of ‘free’ revenue. Whatever developed they’re using to tune the app need to get booted and replaced by a more competent team. Fix that and Spin is the best in all categories.

- Spin scooter.

I found the ride itself fine but the app is cumbersome and not clear as to you should interact with it and the scooter ride. For instance I didn’t see instructions on how to ride it on the app. I had to ask someone. When we parked the scooter it asked if I enjoyed the ride. I ignored that until I went and had a chance to relax. Once I clicked through that it asked me to “take to a picture” of the scooter parked so “You don’t get penalized.” Well is to late for that now that we left the parking area. Also in the beginning while I had to wait for the license verification process, the app keep acting like I need to keep signing up. Took me to a sign up page each time I went to check if I was approved. So it needs to be cleaned up and made more user friendly.

- 🚮

This app along with the scooters are garbage. The app crashes, full of bugs, doesn’t link up correctly to the scooter. The scooters bug up too. None of them are charged, if you get one that’s charged, it’ll be dead after an hour or so. The list goes on why you shouldn’t give them your money. Oh and if you do decide to give them your money, don’t preload more money than you’re willing to spend that day because I paid for an extra 30 mins because their app and scooter crashed at the same time making my session time out only when I ran out of money. Guess who hasn’t heard from customer service 1 week later even though I reached out in 3 different ways. Don’t let the ratings fool you either, everyone in my city never has anything nice to say around them either. They’ll be gone by next summer.

- Fun but unreliable

It’s fun to zip around on the scooters, but the app can be misleading. The app shows you all the scooters that you CAN and CANNOT use. I’ve been burned by the scooters when trying to get to class because the closest scooter to me needs repairs or has a low battery forcing me to find another one (which might have the same problems) or wait for a bus. Sometimes the app doesn’t let me unlock the scooter because SPIN can’t process my request on their end. Being late for class because I relied on SPIN leaves a bad taste in my mouth and having fun riding around after class is just a temporary bandaid for how I feel in the long run. Having said all of that, I will still use SPIN if I’m in a pickle, but I will not count on it to be a reliable mode of transportation.

- Use Lyft, Bird, or Lime. At least their apps work

I’ve been using spin for about a couple months daily as well as other scooter apps. Spin’s app is by far the worst and functions horribly compared to their competition. If you submit a photo regardless if you have good connection or not, half of the time it will not submit. The worst part is: you get penalized for it because the app doesn’t recognize that it’s its own error rather than the user’s. Recently, the “End Trip” button started not appearing, which left me standing on the sidewalk for 20 minutes trying to reach customer support to end my trip. They never picked up, and I was prompted to leave a voicemail. If the developers read this, please fix your app. Your scooters are physically really nice to ride, but I just couldn’t take the incompetence of the app.

- So many bugs

My girlfriend and I attempted to use these scooters in Omaha. Big mistake. We spent so much time trying to find a scooter that was working or not low on battery, that we got our workout in for the day. Then, trying to end the ride was even more difficult, meaning that you are still getting charged while you find a “suitable” location to leave it. Ours took just under a half mile of punching the scooter away from our destination. So, we didn’t learn our lesson and decided to try them on the way back to the hotel. Bigger mistake! She rented a scooter that accepted her phone (only took 15 tries and 5 block) and after rental was flashing a big red wrench and wouldn’t move, yet it was still “rented” and was charging her card. Needless to say take an Uber or the bikes, because they actually work.

- Charged me $14 for 0.25 miles

Do not use. Every time I tried to get off, scooter would speed up to 20 (while I was off it), I wasn’t injured but an injury very well could of occurred. After that happened, I went to end ride I hit end ride then took at picture of scooter. I then got notified that everything was good to go. Several minutes later a got a notification that my card was charged almost $15 after it told me i only spent $2 on the app. Very disappointed. Lime and Bird scooters are better and safer as well as their user friendly app. I don’t not recommend these scooters at all. Do not use. If someone would like to reach out to me to resolve this feel free. If not, I have a large following base and influence a lot in Scottsdale. I can post a very public review on these Scooters that will impact sales. Very annoyed and upset.

- Laggy App

Spin here's the thing: your scooters are super fun to ride and are a great alternative transportation option for short distances. Your new scooters are pretty awesome and are way more comfortable than the first gen scooters. BUT, your app is laggy AF. It takes forever to unlock a scooter (I once had the "unlocking your scooter now" screen even after I'd finished my ride) and it takes forever to lock a scooter (ending a ride takes on average 2 minutes for me instead of 30 seconds on other apps). Seems like small nitpicks but the competition in the scooter segment is heating up fast and you need to convince me that I should pick a Spin instead of a Bird on the regular cuz their app is way more user friendly.

- Horrible experience

Vehicle took off. Was unsteady. And exhibited full throttle when I did not want to. Very unsafe. Parked it. And it took forever to lock it. Then I am ask for the number and I can barely see it. It’s almost 2 o’clock in the morning. You need to get your customer service and your app together. This was an unacceptable ride. And I demand a refund. It took forever to lock. Your scooter is talking to me in gibberish and nonsense. What do you think this is? Some kind of a joke. I’m trying to get home. Utter nonsense… And now I am to enter a nickname that is taken. Am I supposed to sit here at two in the morning and come up with a nickname? You guys need to get your act together. This is completely and totally unacceptable from a consumer viewpoint. And I am not walking three blocks home. Thanks to your in efficiency.

- Worst App Performance Ever

It really shocks me how a company can have so many holding (ex. Scooters) but still have the worst app I have ever dealt with. I remember when I first started using spin, the lock button would never work, inflating my time and increasing my fare. It’s been 3 months and the button is fixed but the lag is unbearable, even it comes to unlocking and still when I try to lock it! I’ve come to believe that spin is just a quick l pump and dump “Start-up”. I’ve seen school projects have better app performance than this. It’s actually quite sad, it’s made me hate spin as a company and has made me assume that they are trying to secretly finesse their customers. Don’t waste your time with this app, if it weren’t for the immense amount of scooters they have around campus I would never use this app. EVER.

- Terrible app!!! Don’t bother.

ZERO STARS. First time I use the app, the GPS location of where bikes are is completely inaccurate so you’re walking around like an idiot to find a bike. Then, when you find a bike, the app takes several attempts to unlock and doesn’t. When it finally does unlock and you use it for 10-15min, you go to lock it again and it won’t update on the app. And the app has no fail safe in case this happens so essentially my timer of renting this bike continued and I couldn’t do anything about it. And it’s .50-$1/hour so it’s been on still for 15 hours....and I’m powerless against it. Do the math —stressful. They don’t even have a number to call! You send an “email” and hope someone answers. Worst experience ever. Don’t waste your time. If I see this on my card statement I’m disputing the charge.

- I got a Spin my friends got a Bird

They’re birds went to the next brewery in Denver mine stopped halfway through and said I had to go back to their “area”. But it wouldn’t let me ride it. I had to push it back get a Lime and meet up with everyone. Tried to report the problem from the next stop on our tour of Denver and Spin wanted to know the specific number of the scooter I had! Couldn’t send a complaint, no phone numbers for customer service. Found an email for support and said the above and never got a response. I would like a refund please. Also, I think having a better way to deal with issues would be a plus. Oh and the scooter was slower than everyone else’s and slammed on the brakes when I was going down hill to limit my speed, very dangerous. Ride with caution folks!

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- Ran out of battery left me in between my laces

Fun to ride, not reliable

- Won’t lock and won’t tell me where to go

I am appalled that this app doesn’t give you clear instructions on where to lock the scooter. I can certainly appreciate there are certain places that you don’t want scooters left, but I wasted 5 minutes trying to find somewhere to park and lock my scooter as there where no instructions on where the no parking was or was not. Highly disappointed and will not be using this service again. In a city where there are multiple rental companies, you would think customer satisfaction would be paramount, and this information is needed as to not frustrate the customer (as I am now)

- I wanted to hire 2

It wouldn’t let me hire 2 scooters

- It didnt work

As above

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- Dang

Love it

- Scooter

The best day of my life 🤷🏼‍♀️

- Spin unlocked bike wouldn’t go

We unlocked the bike but it wouldn’t go so we didn’t even get to ride it at all.

- Worst verification process ever.

Enough said. Try to use Apple verification and it fails. Probably because I wouldn’t share my email address.

- Was charged for a scooter that didn’t work and it wouldn’t relock

See above

- Didn’t work

Did not start. Tried several times. Waste of time.

- Fun when phone works

Bad network connection kills the system. You can’t lock it properly with a bad signal. Also map borders (a notable zone) is not obvious in the map. Otherwise really enjoyed it.

- Glitchy app hard to end ride or know where to return the scooter once stranded

Glitchy app hard to know where to return the scooter once you are stranded and scooter won’t move but you are still being charged for ride and also warning about $25 charge for leaving scooter in wrong spot!?

- Bad

Scooter stopped working after one minute and then wouldn’t allow me to lock it and continued to charge me for the time.

- Battery. Died

Not fun

- Battery died

The app said the battery had 42% but it quit after about 25 minutes and had to walk to get another scooter.

- Didn’t work

I signed up and started a ride but it didn’t work. I would like a refund.

- Dc spin riding

Loved it! What a fantastic way to get around this huge city and way more affordable than lime scooters.

- Scooter didn’t work

Scooter power doesn’t work!

- Did not work

Did not work

- Dead scooter

The scooter had no power ! Charged for nothing. Hope they will reimburse me.

- I want my money back

I’m in town for a week and my first 12 hours of needing a ride, there a no rides available. I want my money back.

- Bad ride

Won’t run or move and still charges you money... stay away from these scooters.

- FromNashville

App is so slow. Brakes were brutal. Not recommend

- My ride got taken while paused!

My ride got taken while paused

- Broken

Scooter didn’t work

- Voice notifications

Riding in Knoxville, I hear a garbled message and so keep going and the garbled message comes up again and then no throttle. I went to park the unit and wasn’t able to and so had to walk it back a few blocks to park. Notifications in the app would be better.

- Awful first experience

Scooter unlocked and didn’t work then said it was illegally park so I move it manually to a legal parking. :(

- Awesome!

Was easy to use, I was able to get to point A to point B quickly!

- Brutal...never again

Worst experience ever. Signing up was brutal. After entering all of the payment info requested the APP did nothing and there was no way to move forward. I could only go back and try and try again. After 4 times of writing the SAME info it worked. Then when my Wife and I were finished using the scooters she could End her ride and with my Scooter 6” away I could not because it was not a legal parking area according to the app. No matter what I did I could not find any legal spot to park my Scooter while the APP kept happily taking my money. Unbelievable! Never will I use SPIN again.

- Waste of time and money

Scooter did not work, so couldn’t use it then wouldn’t lock so being charged the whole time? We’ll find out. BF’s also wouldn’t unlock so couldn’t use either

- Slow app

The app was very slow to start up

- Family

On vacation trying to rent for myself my wife and my kid, app won’t allow, sucks, Spin just lost out on $$$$

- Piece of s app

Won’t let you register as a new member.... how tf do I use it.

- Poor riding quality

Worked half the time I paid for

- Couldn’t end the ride

Ridiculous guarding this thing for 10 mins trying end the ride. Parked beside a ton of other scooters and with 2 other people who parked there and ended no problem.

- Buggy app

Have to restart it often. iPhone 7

- Power

No power on that one. First ride for me

- Frustrating

Why are you charged $5 before you ride and why can’t you sign out two bikes at once.

- Didn’t work - no instructions- waste of $5

Waste of $5

- Hh

Didn’t work

- Thanks

I would totally use them if I could add money to my account using PayPal

- So much better than normal rentals.

Riding a bike for $1.00 is so much better than having to pay out $10.00 for a traditional bike rental!

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- So much fun!

I felt bad bc I initially left a bad review bc my husband and I rented the scooters and couldn’t figure out how to use them... I received an email back with instructions on how to get the scooter to start going (🤦🏼‍♀️ operator error- my own stupidity) and a refund on the money for the time I couldn’t get it to work. I’ve ridden them twice now, once with just my husband and once with my husband and sister and brother in law. Every time was a blast! They’re easy to use and steer... and not expensive at all! I would recommend them for a date night for anyone!

- There are other better companies

Cool service and would have given it a decent rating if it charged per ride rather than taking $10 at a time from my account for future uses. There are many other alternatives in my area such as lime and bird and they seem to have a much better system. Not to mention that they actually put a brake on the scooter in certain areas that forces you to push it with maximum resistance while the brake is on. It’s supposed to be easier to get around so why am I manually pushing your scooter with a brake on in the middle of summer until I leave the area? I’m paying you for a service, you should not be limiting my usage. If I rented a car, the risk of getting in trouble for speeding in certain areas would be my responsibility not the companies.

- ID verification.

The app has been stuck on “ID verification in progress.” I can’t seem to start over or get passed the verification process. Can’t find any way to contact support unless I have a vehicle ID number to report an incident, which I obviously don’t have. I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded it with no changes, still stuck on the ID verification process. I would just start over with a different email if I didn’t already upload money on to this account. Anyone know how I can get in touch with support about the app issue?

- Only worked half the time

There were several times during my ride where the scooter cut off completely and we were not outside the geo fencing area. We stayed in the allowed areas the whole ride. Also would not let me park and end my ride. Had to try several times and still wouldn’t. Finally had to walk the scooter several blocks down the road (bc it still wasn’t working) to end the ride or the meter would have kept running all day long. Not a satisfied customer . The VeoRide is much better.

- Did not work, and there is no way to get a refund, so beware.

We tried to rent 2 scooters from Spin in Nashville last night. Neither scooter would work, and the app was much more concerned with the parked location of their scooter than our experience. An “advanced” system such as this should ask you why you are abandoning a scooter after 100 feet. After being frustrated, and pushing the scooters about 100 feet, we gave up on Spin. We then found Lyft scooters a few hundred feet away, downloaded the app, signed in, and were off and running in a jiffy. We still got charged for the Spin time and there is no discernible way to ask for a refund. Thanks to Lyft, our bad experience with Spin was averted. If you’re in Nashville and want to Spin around town, grab a Lyft scooter, you won’t be sorry.

- Awful

My campus signed a deal with this brand so they are now the only scooters in town. Their app keeps the timer running even after you end ride just because it waits for the photo proof you parked correctly this function always takes at least 3 minutes to load. If it loads at all Their customer support button in app is awful so i cant even call someone to fix this issue like you can with bird lime or any of the other scooters. More than once I’ve unlocked a scooter that will not work. Like will not even read 1 mph when i am walking it to get to a rideable area. Parking gps is off because i will be off campus and it wont let me lock. I could go on forever to be honest about how awful spin is

- First time riding

It was my first time and at first it was difficult to get it started after I tried to sync it with my phone. However, I finally got it started and wow was I scared but a fun scared. That thing is moving fast! Like 15 mph. I didn’t expect that but it was super fun. And I like the safety hazard of it slowing down in a no scooter zone of 5mph. But once I got the hang of it, I was zooming through like super woman! It felt great! It felt like I was flying. What an awesome experience. First time ever before in Nebraska we don’t have that. So it was so awesome!!! Thank you!!!

- Restricted Parking

I studies at UC San Diego. Got to say that Spin offers convenience, but it is annoying that when I ride the bike off campus, the system asked me to ride the bike back to place near or in campus. Otherwise I will be charged for 25$ fee. This is totally ridiculous! If I must ride the bike and park it somewhere near campus then I don’t even need the bike as I’ll just walk to take a bus which is free for UCSD student. Pls someone else can also ride the bike even if it is off campus. Bike-sharing App that I used in China does not restrict a parking area or force you to comply “return policy”, which completely undermined the convenience of the App offering to the users.

- Love & Hate Relationship

First of all I hate how glitchy the app is, it takes to long to find a scooter on the map, waiting mins to find out if you hit the button or not.. it’s ridiculous.. especially when ending a ride and it takes 5 extra mins which you get charged for.. But the love I have for this scooter keeps me coming back, I broke My ankles and can’t walk the same since, always in pain, so these scooters help me get around without being in pain. I live off NE 162nd in Portland, but all the other scooters have a border right there, but I have to got into Gresham (Ne 181st), to shop and stuff. So spin being the only one to allow scooters that Far East make it my goto, it does cost more then lime.

- Horrible app, horrible scooters, do NOT trust Spin!!

I finally decided to use spin for the first time and I was very surprised to see that they REQUIRED you to add $10 to your account to even use the service! Why??? This makes no sense!! No other ride sharing company (Bird, Uber, Lyft, Lime) does this! This policy is ridiculous!!! The first scooter I used was incredibly slow, breaks didn’t work, and it stopped running after less than a minute. On top of this, the app doesn’t even work!!! It would not allow me to lock my scooter and end my ride once I realized my scooter was broken so I was charged $15 for a scooter that didn’t even work and I couldn’t even use! Horrible service I will never use SPIN again, and I will make sure no I know does either. Bird is WAY better.

- Horrible & Dangerous !!!

These are the worst thing that could happen in Miami!! I hate to say this but I believe this year somebody will die or be seriously injured because of one of these. They should require a license & a safety training course !! Also there should be a limit on the speed - especially on sidewalks !! I REPEAT !! Somebody will die this year because of irresponsible operation of these things !! I was almost hit 2x this year on the sidewalks in a Coral Gables. I am actually going to report my concerns of these to the local police. I am sure this was not the intention of the designers of these but it is YOUR responsibly to put relevant safety measures in place as it pertains to their operation. - What happens if somebody gets drunk at a bar, rents one of these and then accidentally runs into a little kid on the street and kills them? - What happens if(and I see often) the people renting these things intentionally runs a red light(and I see often) and an oncoming car hits then and kills them? - What is the speed limit on these for SIDEWALK use ?? The owners of this company NEED to take on a PROACTIVE role with local law enforcement as it pertains to RESPONSIBLE operation of these.

- Super easy and user-friendly!

If you take the time to swipe through the tutorial when you download the app, look at the instructions on the scooter, and take it slow to start, you’ll find this super fun and easy! I’m 61 and was pretty nervous about getting on. But, we took it slow to start, stayed in low-traffic area, and very quickly we were zipping along at the top speed of 15 mph. Definitely plan on using this over and over! (Oh, and the free referral bucks make it even better!)

- Consistent app with great customer service

I’ve used many of these apps to rent bikes and scooters. Spin is the only one I’ve used which offers a refund to you immediately when you encounter any problems. Other apps work fine, but sometimes a bird scooter (or a spin bike) won’t work right etc., and there’s no easy way to get help (whose going to call a help line for a dollar?). With spin, if you rate the ride as bad and explain it, they refund no questions asked. Refreshing to see a company like this.

- First time user - Very confusing.

I could not end the ride when I wanted to. When you are first accessing the scooter, permitted parking places should be clearly shown so that the user can make sure their location always parking. Also, I didnt know that I had to take the pic, because I was struggling to end the ride and had already left the scooter. Users, especially first time users, should be offered an opportunity to read a brief tutorial explaining the basics. I have never used any of the other scooter services, so Spin was my first one. It got me to where I needed to go but that’s it. It’s also not clear how much that ride cost. And since I was unable to end the ride I suspect that I was charged for another few minutes that I didn’t mean to use.

- Worst scooter service out there

It’s ridiculous that I can’t even browse scooters where they’re available when I’m not currently in that city. If I’m heading to another city, I’d like to be able to see where scooters are so I can plan accordingly, but this app just gives me an orange screen that says “this region is not enabled” without the option of moving around a map. This is the only app I’ve seen that restricts this for some unknown reason. Also, the last time I tried to actually use a scooter inside an enabled city, it told me they were “closed” and only available from 7am-10pm. What kind of crap is that? What does it matter what time it is when I need a scooter to get from one place to the next?! Absolutely worthless.

- 10x worse than Bird or Lime

The scooters almost never unlock properly for me even when I have a good internet connection, and just give a vague “unable to unlock your ride” message. If you don’t have background location enabled for the app it will literally spam you to turn it on constantly. And then if you’re lucky enough to even unlock a scooter, (at least on my campus) there’s large areas where the scooter will automatically slow down and cap out at 8 mph, which basically makes you go barely faster than people walking while also increasing how long your ride is and making you pay more. Bottom line don’t rely on these to get you anywhere when you’re in a hurry as they are terribly inconsistent.

- Tired of trying to try it out

I see these on my streets and wanting to try them out.. today decided and it asked to scan my license. Which failed but I guessed because it was an expired licence card. I just renewed my license a week ago and still waiting for the card in mail, meanwhile there’s no way to prove or show them the paper copy they give you from the DMV... no way to reach an actual customer service.. Gave it a neutral star because of poor contact process. And I judged this by simply visiting the Bird app and found out you can easily message a customer service for issues on theirs. Deleted the Spin service.

- Bad experience turned good

I had used the spin bike for the first time and tried to lock and end my ride but it kept charging me! Long story short I contacted customer service. I just googled spin customer service. I left a VM and a guy called me back. He gave me a full refund and let me know that I might not have had the best service that’s why it was bugging! I really appreciate the great customer service and appreciate not being over charged. My BF scooter worked perfectly though!

- Love the ride, not the parking

This app is so cool and I really like riding scooters around the city at any time. I’ll end the ride, I’ll park it, and upload a photo of the parking job. But the photo will never upload. I’ll have great phone reception and/or WiFi close by. I’ll wait ten to fifteen minutes for the photo to upload and then the app will kick me out saying something like, “In not uploading a photo, you risk your further use in renting a ride.” I don’t know what to do. I have called the office in San Francisco and emailing them, but they couldn’t help me. I would definitely use it more if this wasn’t such a problem. Thanks!

- Great Ride/Horrible APP

The ride was great and a lot of fun. The APP, however, is Extremely slow and keeps hanging. I was done riding and stood there for literally another 10 minutes (being charged) trying to End the Ride. Then it asked for a picture of where I parked it, which I took. That picture kept uploading until I closed the APP and reopened it. Then it said I needed to load a picture or risk being penalized. I took the risk since I was blocks away from the scooter by the time I got the APP to respond again. All-in-all, the ride was awesome, but not worth the trouble of the APP. There are other e-scooters in Portland.

- Timer wouldn’t end

This was my first time using SPIN and I will not use this service again. I rode the scooter in DC and stopped by the African American museum. When I parked the scooter it provided a “no parking” message. I attempted to move the scooter and it was locked. It would not unlock. I tried closing and relaunching the app. My time continued to go. I tried to move the bike to a “parking zone” and it made noise and wouldn’t allow me to move the scooter. I even tried picking it up and it made noise. I tried using the “help” option and it didn’t help me. I left the scooter. I continued sightseeing and returned to my hotel to find the timer still going (3+ hours). It now allowed me to cancel the scooter. I will be disputing the charges with my credit card company.

- perfect!

the app is straightforward, the interface is simple and easy to use. the scooters are just as simple as the app and they ride smoothly. i’m relatively short so a scooter like spin’s that’s a little shorter than bird’s or lime’s is very nice for me. i’ve had no problems at all with the scooters or with the app itself. if you do the $10 reload, you get about 66 minutes for that amount, so a great deal in my opinion! you can shut off auto charge so it only charges you the $10 amount. have been zooming around downtown denver all morning. love it and will be using again! only thing i would say is that if you’re looking for just a quick ride, you may wanna find one that’s more like pay per minute instead of the minimum $10 charge. overall 10/10, would recommend!

- Information

While riding the scooter itself can be fun, the app didn’t give me enough enough on how to start the scooter, in fact I didn’t receive any info until I submitted my $10 to start the ride. I waisted a few minutes of my ride trying to start the scooter before realizing that I needed to get a kick start on the road to make it go, I also didn’t realize I would need to do this same thing every time I stopped at a light or stop sign. I also am unaware of how to use my promo codes that are expiring because i can’t find a way online to load them to my current ride. Help.

- Problem with Spin billing. Refund requested

Dear Spin, I try to reserve a Spin scooter at 1425 Missouri Blvd., Jefferson City, MO. However, the app did not take my credit card. I went home to 1012 Sutton with court to enter a different credit card; however, when I got back on the app, it thought that I had rented a scooter even though I did not have a scooter. After I entered a different credit card, I picked up a scooter at the intersection of Edgewood and Wildwood, Jefferson City Missouri. I was able to successfully scan and ride that scooter. Please delete any erroneous charges from the first attempt where I did not successfully get a scooter.

- Worst app EVER. Stole my money and time

Full disclosure: this is my first review ever. It was such an abhorrent experience that I felt the need to explain a very stressful situation I had tonight riding these Spin scooters with my girlfriend so that others can beware. First of all, the scooters have location limits which we were fin with. But when we tried to end our ride, the app said we were in a no parking zone when we clearly were in the designated spot. The timer went on for another 10+ minutes to charge us even more money. After fighting with the app for longer that our actual ride, the scooters locked up and we had to hand carry them even further to eventually lock it. Do not use these!!!!

- Will not lock and will continue to charge its customers

I have enjoyed the scooters for sometime but these companies continue to disappoint with their rental system. I have picked up a broken scooter by accident, it will not ride. When I try to lock my scooter to find another one the app traps me in and denies my access to lock the scooter. I have been charged HUNDREDS of dollars by these companies when there apps malfunction. I have the NEWEST iPhone with great service so it’s not the phone. I just ride them to work for under 6 minutes and that’s all. I am now being charged as I write this. This has been a terrible experience and now I’m late for work.

- Shady app

I tried Spin on June 5. I thought that it was weird that it wanted to track my location in background, even though it’s completely unnecessary. Tracking location while the app is in use should be sufficient. The app is really obnoxious about it too — constant warnings that background location tracking is required and it won’t work until you enable it. Fast forward to yesterday — three days later. My phone alerts me that the Spin app has been tracking my location in the background the ENTIRE time. I quickly shut that down. I don’t recommend this app. Aggressive location tracking and an unnecessary Apple Pay $5 “preload” are just shady business practices.

- Great!

My wife and I are brand new to this. And we picked your scooters after seeing the others parked around. Traveling fir the first time to Nashville from Orange County Ca, we didn’t want to walk all over the place and parking was a nightmare with the rental car. So we scootered-up. I normally ride a Harley so my wife was getting a kick out of seeing this burly guy with the cut riding a scooter but I think we had a blast. Thanks fir having the service available and easy to use.

- Will it work today? Will it not?

Spin is an amazing concept. I was elated when they showed up on my college campus. And then I actually used their bug filled app and unless I’m truly desperate, I won’t even bother with their bikes. 50% of the bikes “are in need of repair” and the other 50% say they’re unlocking, then sit and load for 5 minutes. Spin needs to sit down and give their app developers a good yelling, because obviously after months of these issues, someone isn’t doing their job. The only reason this review isn’t one star is because these bikes are awesome when they do work and don’t refuse to lock and then charge you all day.


There we were merrily riding along downtown Phoenix and all of a sudden the scooter stopped working because we were out of the zone even though we were still downtown. The radius for these scooters is extremely small and unpractical. They need to work on their zoning limits because we were only trying to get to the state Capitol building which is a pretty big tourist spot so it makes no sense that the scooters don’t work in that area. And of course when you’re out of the zone, you can’t end the ride so you’re continuously being charged for however long it takes for you to manually ride your scooter back to the zone. Absolutely horrible experience.

- Worst Experience

I tried multiple scooters while in downtown Omani ad most didn’t work or weren’t charged properly. I finally found a scooter that would scan and it ended up being broken. I tried multiple times to end the ride but it wouldn’t work and it kept charging for a ride that never even began. It kept charging me for 16 minutes. I tried to call customer support but couldn’t get through to anyone. There should be a way to lock the scooter and end your ride no matter what. I get that technology may not always work but there should at least be some form of customer support. There is none and it’s a terrible business model.

- App is bad

The scooters are fun when they work, but I find that the map of allowable parking spots is sometimes much bigger than the actual building, making parking irritating. Also, when entering an area that has a slower speed limit, it will quickly pump the break without warning an cause me to loose balance sometimes. Also the app constantly freezes when trying to end a ride. It wouldn’t be too bad if it didn’t still charge me when it was frozen after I’ve stopped my ride when it waits for a picture to load. It’s very irritating at times but overall the scooters are dope

- WORST app experience I have EVER had

Spin not only wasn’t able to process unlocking a scooter for me, but it also charged me once & kept the timer running (charging me an additional $0.15/minute) even tho I did not ride with them. Then, when I walked to where I needed to go, it began spamming me with notifications saying I entered a “no-ride” zone (which of course I did — I couldn’t ride with them in the first place). I must’ve gotten 50 notifications before I finally had to disable them in my settings... Awful app experience. Now I’m currently dealing with their customer service trying to get back the money they wrongfully charged me. Use ANY OTHER riding app if at all possible!!

- The timer should stop as soon as you click End Ride! We are all being charged more then needee

The app freezes all the time while in ride mode and while trying to end ride, causing me to have to close and restart the app over and over, which is technically costing me money. every time I click end ride the wheel just spins for at least thirty seconds or more till it goes through, and the timer just keeps ticking. The timer should stop as soon as a user clicks End Ride. Seems shady to me honestly, like your trying to sift more money out of us without us realizing, but I see you. Will not be using your app anymore, going to a competitor whose app is more reliable

- Out of gas

Tried to sign up but app would not allow me to register, message across screen stated I needed to snap shot photo of back and front of driver license which I did, it still did not work, so now my identification out in oblivion. Renters/buyers be warned, if you don’t want your personal info out there, careful how you use this app. I don’t even know how I would contact the developer to even make a complaint. This feels like fraudulent, and it’s the holidays where most stuff tends to be slick. I will research harder to find out why my information wasn’t accepted, yet accepted. Weird, I know. Just be careful people. This is for all who do happen to read reviews before locking in.

- Opinion

To whom it may concern; Have you ever consider scooters! I’ve heard a lot of people on campus (likewise myself) saying it would be better if we had scooter. Especially as athletes, we tend to get tired riding the bike before practice that’s a lot on our legs. My teammates and I went to other school for meets and the scooters were even better to get around. They are planning to buy scooters because the bikes take a lot out of us. Nevertheless! The bikes come in handy at times!

- Ride didn’t end right away:-/

My ride didn’t end right away when I locked the bike. I stopped riding just under 30 minutes. When I figured out that my phone had to be close to the lock to end my ride (even though I had manually locked it already) I was over 30 minutes. Hopefully that doesn’t effect how my credit card is charged. Not a big deal though. Overall it was a lot of fun to ride:-)

- Rip Off Scam Do t Use SPIN

I have been charged over $50 for scooter that do not work! 3 times! No 800 number to call for help. 1st ride would not end after 3 minutes, wouldn’t let me take picture either, it just continued to charge me for 70+ minutes and would not end the ride no matter how many times I tried to end the ride. 2nd ride, brakes didn’t work first try and my mother crashed breaking her nose. 3rd ride suddenly had mechanical issues 1.7 miles from my hotel and stop working with a maintenance light on, it would not let me end the ride no matter how many times I tried to end ride the timer just kept on going for 70+ minutes.

- Bad experience but maybe it’s ok

Scooter died on me 5 mins down the road. I tried to park it where it died but it wouldn’t let me bc i had to take it to a parking site. I took it to where more scooters had been set up and it still wouldnt let me end the ride. It rolled it around the corner to a parking site and the app STILL wouldnt let me end the ride. I ended up just leaving it there and called customer support but they haven’t answered yet. The whole ordeal took 30 mins and i was late for where i was trying to go. Really upset with this experience. Maybe this was just a weird fluke but i wish it wouldnt let me unlock the scooter if the battery was dead in the first place.

- Hardware is great but using the app is awful.

I really like using the Spin scooters because they’re fast and plenty around, however I decided to delete and stop using Spin altogether due to the horrible app. It’s incredibly slow to unlock scooters and end rides, so long that it always adds a minute or two of charge time to my ride just because it won’t connect. Not a huge deal but I use scooters 2-3 a day for transport so it adds up. The app often freezes as well. No issues with my phone or connection to any other scooter service so I’ve decided to give up on Spin until they decide to revamp the app and make it comparable to the other options.

- Customer service

I ride the Spin scooters occasionally, and while I have had problems with the no-ride boundaries, I wouldn’t consider that a problem with the app itself, but with the way the boundaries were drawn. Their customer service is what keeps me coming back though, as they have been extremely easy to work with and willing to help, responding to my email in as little as ten minutes.

- More power than the other companies

Running late to work, I missed my first bus, however luckily there were a few of these around. Up a hill that is only 2 blocks long and probably 20-30+% elevation this scooter only went from 15mph to 13mph at the very top, compared to other companies that went down to ~7mph which at that point I was basically pushing the other companies scooter. Thanks for the ride!!!

- Downtown Memphis

It’s nice to have scooters in downtown Memphis! My family & I rode them all over the place! I’m not sure what happened with the last two scooter companies that were in Memphis last summer (Memphis is a hard place for nice things to stay bc of how careless & reckless folks are down here IT’S SAD!!) but hopefully spin will stay here permanently so we can enjoy the scooters. Nighttime is the best time to ride....just make sure you have Off spray bc mosquitoes are the WORST!

- First time

Just rode from my first time didn’t know there was certain areas you could or couldn’t go very difficult to operate once you get going because all the notifications are on your phone and you need to keep hands on the handlebar so you can drive safely versus looking at some app on your phone. And I couldn’t shut the thing off because I was on the edge of an area so it charged me almost double the time since I had to stop and look at my phone

- Flakey App

Spin’s scooters are nicer than the competition, but the app is so unreliable that it might not be worth it. Sometimes when trying to lock a scooter, it just gets stuck on the loading screen - this is problem, because the meter keeps running while the app is locked up! And I’ve never been able to successfully upload a photo at the end of my ride - the app takes a picture and tries to upload for a while, but it gives up, and then it has the nerve to scold me for not providing a picture! Look, I did my part, it’s your software that’s falling down on the job.

- Nags for “Always” location. Wish for >1 res at a time.

Current version incessantly pops up “to enable background location, set location permission to ‘always’”. 1) Don’t insist on this, it’s rude and you have a “while using the app” option that used to suffice. 2) AT LEAST let “cancel” do the trick until the next re-open; it pops up again in 400ms or so. In order to use the app, I have to change that setting, use the rental, then undo the setting change so that you’re not tracking me everywhere. Stop it. Otherwise, your scooters are the best I’ve used (except the ones with, what, a supplementary battery on the rider side of the stalk? I bump my knee on it constantly; hate that) and I’d love to be able to rent multiple scooters at once to ride with other people. Also, weird problems with payment keep on coming up. I guess Apple Pay is fixed now but other CC payments are failing.

- Injuries

Yo spin, my dumb friend broke his wrist jumping over some steps with the scooter. Just so you can add it to what I’m sure is a growing list of injuries lol Edit: Actually he broke his one wrist and tore a cartilage in his other wrist. So he can’t use both of his hands 😂 💔 He’s going to the doctor today to see if he needs surgery, and won’t be out of his cast for like 8 weeks. Just thought I’d put it out there. Guess this probably warrants not a 5 star experience

- Terrible

Literally uploaded $10 to be able to ride, And after riding about 100 yards the battery died and wouldn’t let me lock it to finalize my transaction! I filed 2 customer support claims to no avail , the meter kept running so I just parked and made the conscious decision to never ride another spin scooter! With how many options there are on the market, situations like these should be easily fixed and avoided. However my problem is not with the scooter itself it is with the software and application used to complete and finalize the transaction. Definitely a terrible experience and not worth the $10 that I spent at all. To sum it all up it feels like I wasted my 10$ on a dud

- Great service, two big problems.

Background location and slow locks need to be addressed. I don’t want to take a scooter for a 5 minute ride and spend 5 minutes at the end satisfying your random asks. If you want a photo, as soon as I punch end bring up the camera, then start negotiating the “hold?” or “locking scooter” process. And your app does not need my location in the background all the time. Stop forcing it. Privacy concerns exist. Will likely stop using app if you can’t find a way to work with “while app is open”. Nobody is stealing your scooters, and if they are they aren’t activating the app first.

- Awful

I typically try to take the eScooters home because they turn my 15 minute walk into a nice 5 minute ride. I hadn’t used a Spin scooter before so I thought I’d give it a try. I started riding for about 30 seconds before it started to slow down. The battery said it was fine but I didn’t have an issue I figured there was just a glitch. So I walked it over to a rack of scooters and tried to lock it. The wheels locked but it said I couldn’t park there. I checked my app and I was inside a no parking zone. No big deal still. However now the wheels are locked so I have to pick it up and carry it. I walk it outside of the no parking zone. Still can’t lock it. So I walked it all the way to the curb and set it next to some other spin scooters, but farther away from the no parking zone than those scooters. Still no lock. Having now spent what would have been my entire ride home lugging the scooter around, I gave up and walked away from it. I am very disappointed and don’t plan to use a Spin scooter again.

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San Marcos Record

Electric scooters have started appearing around San Marcos after the city, in collaboration with Texas State University, signed a pilot agreement with Spin electric scooters. @txst @CityofSanMarcos #smtx #txst

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SPIN — Electric Scooters v2.16.0

Great Locations

Texas State, San Marcos welcome 200 Spin electric scooters to community


Spin Electric Scooters is looking for a remote Central Operations: Operations Academy Manager #workathome #remotework #digitalnomad #remotejobs #remoteworking

Gary T. Ray

Texas State University, San Marcos welcomes 200 Spin electric scooters to the community on September 23rd. #TXSTBound #TXST

The University Star

#TXST and the City of #SanMarcos have signed a pilot agreement with electric scooter company Spin allowing for the deployment of 200 scooters in the area beginning this month.

San Marcos

The City of San Marcos is pleased to announce our collaboration with Texas State University to introduce a scooter pilot program with Spin electric scooters that will provide alternative transportation on campus and to regions of Downtown San Marcos. .


spin — an app to use the electric scooters

Spin - Electric Scooters 2.18.3 Screenshots & Images

Spin - Electric Scooters iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Spin - Electric Scooters iphone images
Spin - Electric Scooters iphone images
Spin - Electric Scooters iphone images
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Spin - Electric Scooters (Version 2.18.3) Install & Download

The applications Spin - Electric Scooters was published in the category Travel on 2017-06-21 and was developed by Skinny Labs Inc. [Developer ID: 1214585316]. This application file size is 77.16 MB. Spin - Electric Scooters - Travel posted on 2020-09-23 current version is 2.18.3 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: pm.spin

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