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Solitaire Grand Harvest Game Description & Overview

What is solitaire grand harvest app? Welcome to Solitaire Grand Harvest and discover a new world of Solitaire! Play the #1 free to play TriPeaks Solitaire game created for online & offline card game fans.

Tripeaks Solitaire is a fun and challenging solitaire card game for all types of players. Play challenging card games online that will train your brain and keep you sharp or kick back and relax as you enjoy Solitaire Grand Harvest’s beautiful game graphics!

With Solitaire Grand Harvest you’ll have twice the fun as you journey through your farm, harvest crops and earn rewards as you play. Advance solitaire levels to build and design the farm of your dreams. Discover exclusive decoration items and personalize your farm!

Are you a fan of Solitaire card games? Join millions of players around the world and play the best free TriPeaks Solitaire card game created! Enjoy this relaxing Solitaire card game and build the cutest farm as you go.

Start your Solitaire adventure by solving tripeaks solitaire puzzles and win stars for completing each level!
The more stars you win the better Solitaire Grand Harvest rewards you’ll get!
Get bonus solitaire cards and win credits for longer solitaire games!
Finish each Solitaire card game level to win credits and gems!

If you enjoy tripeaks solitaire card games, you are in for a treat with this relaxing TriPeaks solitaire game. Solitaire Grand Harvest is a great way to challenge yourself with a fun farming adventure and Tripeaks solitaire puzzles. Clear your solitaire cards and win rewards, credits, boosters, special treats, and brand new gems to collect.

New Solitaire Winter Season ‘Below Zero’ - My Farm Season 4! Winter is here with the best farm around so cozy up, show your solitaire skills and build your very own farm this Winter. Enjoy new farms with fun graphics added to Solitaire Grand Harvest with every season, and keep the solitaire Tripeaks adventure going.

The solitaire game you know and love remains but the exciting rewards are multiplied so you can collect even more gems and build your Solitaire Grand Harvest farm faster.

Build your farm and enjoy bonuses along the way to make your Solitaire Grand Harvest experience even more fun. Share your fun farming adventure with others by connecting through Facebook and earn even more bonus credits.

Log in each day for bonus gifts to keep the solitaire going!
Harvest your crops throughout the day for more credits
Spin the Solitaire Grand Harvest wheel for even more gifts
Find Sam the Solitaire Grand Harvest pup - he always has some credits to share!

The tripeaks solitaire fun goes on: grow new crops as you work your way through each field. Upgrade the crates that await at the end of each field for an even bigger harvest, with credits, boosters and more. And now the farming fun is even better with the new MyFarm feature: collect gems at each solitaire level and use the gems to build your very own customizable farm, including a special corner for Sam the Solitaire Grand Harvest dog!

Your Solitaire Grand Harvest farm is waiting for you, so come along and join in the solitaire tripeaks fun today. Download this fun and relaxing solitaire game and find out what the farming fun craze is all about!

Solitaire Grand Harvest is one of the great online games developed by Supertreat, a Playtika studio.

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App Name Solitaire Grand Harvest
Category Games
Updated 21 July 2023, Friday
File Size 285.68 MB

Solitaire Grand Harvest Comments & Reviews 2023

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Expensive and sometimes skips the benefits I’m expecting. Recently, the emails I get from Grand Harvest haven’t linked directly to the app on my phone… which means I’m not getting the prizes from that source. The link takes me to the App Store but opening the game from there does not give me any prize. One issue I’ve had with this game is that when I go to harvest my Diamond crates at the end of each series of games, I get to pick ten crops to get extra credits and other rewards. I’m very methodical, picking the same pattern each time. When I’ve picked my ten, I often get the option of watching an ad to get one more pick. Again, I’m very methodical, always picking the same spot. But three times now, I haven’t got the option to watch the ad, and each of those three times, it has always been the BEST prize that is hidden in my spot (which I don’t get to pick, because there was no ad to watch). It is starting to feel like a deliberate attempt to prevent me from getting that specific prize. I have other issues, starting with how expensive it is to buy credits, upgrades or extensions. Candy Crush, by comparison, charges mostly in the less than $10 range, with several options at less than $6… but your app’s least expensive option is $7, and then jumps to $16, $36 and $60 and so on. Speaking as a psychology major, I think you will make more money with lower prices on all your options.

Great game with lots of perks!!. I really love this game! It does take awhile to rack up credits especially since I refuse to spend money on any of my games. I have well over 2 million credits. I like that you can get 100 credits just for petting the doggy. And I like the wheel of fortune thing too. The Golden Glades are nice in that you can increase your daily bonus. And the daily bonus plus the occasional free rounds is great too. Only thing is I wish the cost of credits didn’t go up. A lot of times, I lose more than I win but hey that’s just like real life! Thanks again for a wonderful game with pleasant music and graphics. Update: still loving this game. I love the new dice game and the option to watch ads to increase harvest or reduce the cost of a round. The crates are an awesome addition!! It challenges me to get 60 stars per group of levels to get 10 prizes!!! Love it!I don’t understand how people complain that they HAVE to spend money. I have not spent one dime and I’m almost to 9 MILLION credits! The only thing I dislike is that dumb Peggy Pig. Please make her optional. I am never going to spend money to get those credits and her animation is just annoying! Thanks.

The further you get the more it disappoints. This game was so much fun for months! I played here and there and really enjoyed it. It seems like the more I played and once I actually made a purchase it became harder to get through a hand without spending money or taking a whole day for a hand. The further in the game you get the more coins it costs to play and to get the wild card etc but you don’t really earn enough to get through and the daily bonus is the same so it’s really nice but doesn’t do much but maybe help play 1 hand. So, basically it gets to be more stressful than fun. It seems like it’s programmed to be in favor of the game and for us to have to pay to play. It really takes the fun out of it. And it never fails if I need a certain card I will get literally five or more cards of the same one after another but nothing I need. And when you only get a small pile to play from but the board has like 30 cards to clear that’s ridiculous. Thinking heavily about deleting the app even though I’m almost to level 2000! It’s impossible to get through it like I said making it stressful and not fun unless you spend money. I don’t mind spending money but what you get for what you pay is definitely not worth it at all. If I spend $20 it will literally take that much to get through 1 or 2 of the next hands and that’s like a big set up to get me to spend more and it’s not happening.

Fun but a little confusing and expensive. This game has a great concept, sound, graphics, etc. They change things up to keep it engaging. As a player, I have a couple of issues. It’s not clear that you need to finish a special pyramid upon completing a crop in order to maximize game token “yield.” This area feels like a secondary/optional place to play in a different way. So if you skip it (as I have) and carry on the main map, you spend 5k credits per play to potentially win 500 credits. “Risking” 5k and then possibly spending 10k-15k for 5 more cards or a wild card to get 500 coins isn’t an incentive. This definitely feels like a minimal reward and makes you go through credits very quickly-whether you buy extra or not. I would say that’s the most obvious negative mark against the game: reward to effort ratio is off. And it’s so bad, it takes a 5 star game to 3 stars. I realize they need to pay developers etc, but other games make this $ grab feel less obvious/greedy. I’m willing to watch more ads to play. Perhaps there’s a way to work those in more or have an annual ad-free option to help off-set business costs. Had I played the special pyramid levels perhaps I wouldn’t be experiencing this. But those levels are not clearly emphasized as part of the main game strategy. Perhaps putting pyramids as an icon on the path before moving to next crop would help.

Fun Game, Can be played for free. Fun game that’s even better as you figure out the best strategies. They make it VERY easy to spend money. But if you are patient, I mean VERY patient, you can check in daily and hourly and after a week or so collect enough points, gems etc to play it for free. I have so far been playing for a month, maybe 5-6 hours total all for free. You need other games to occupy you time while collecting free points. HINT: Be Smart about using wild cards (they usually cost points). Also, if you start a game (costs points too), then do NOT quit the app until you finish that round. If you quit in middle, you lose those points and must use more points to start game over. It does not resume where you left off. I give it 4 stars because you have to work hard and take you time to collect enough free points to keep playing. Last Hint: early on, never start a game unless you have at least 50,000 points. I now don’t start unless I have over 200,000 points if you want to enjoy and play for free. Of course if you want to pay for your fun, you can do that and play without any delay. Good Luck & enjoy.

Over a year.. Been playing this game for over a year. I agree with the argument for the value of each hand u play. I will say I have made in-app purchases but I do hoard my credits. I play the game quite often. If the winnings could match the hand value , the game would be a lot better! I understand as an app developer , u need to make money. But as a person who loves classic solitaire. Sometimes I rather sit there and let a 30-60 second ad play through, then to worry about only playing one hand every hour. Even if u win. It’s not like your doubling credits. Also, petting the dog only gives u +10 credit. What exactly will that do for my next level?. Being on level 2000+ , it would be amazing to receive more for winning a hand. The daily log in at this point is only 14,000 and each hand cost me 6000. That’s 2 hands. 😩 Although, I do appreciate the free spins that MAY come in the daily credit. I’m torn between loving and hating this game. But I will give it a 5 star because it’s the only card game I can enjoy . Even with its downfalls

$$$ Costly $$$. 5 stars for how well the makers did at playing me :) It took me 7,800 levels to delete it. I’m ashamed at how much money I’ve spent on this game. The further you are the worst it gets. The rewards are minor so you keep spending more money. Even the wheel to spin for freebies always lands on the bare min items. I’ve actually never won the biggest item on the free spin! Another spin is $10. It should be a 1/10 chance for each freebie, why am I always getting the same things? The max coins to win in one game is 1/8 of what you pay to play. And believe me, you lose at least that many times in a row without using Wilds or extra cards, which also cost real money. Now they’ve added another mini game but guess what? Costs $4 to play after the free introduction. Stay away from this game if you’re not wanting to consistently put money into it in order to move forward. A bit of $ is ok, to support the game, but they’ve pushed it too far. It is not for a lack of patience or luck, it’s the way they’ve made the game. I’m going back to Soda Crush.

Oh no! Something went wrong. I’m on level 12,409, so to say I love this game is an understatement. Recently, all I’m receiving after big accomplishments or moments of rewards, I receive the “Oh, no! Something went wrong.,” message. It’s getting very frustrating, especially when you build up to a half a million coins and go back down to 21,000 in record time because of “Oh, no! Something went wrong.” Can we get this bug fixed asap on the asap or reimburse users any money they lose, whether real cash, or game tokens. I love this game. Don’t make me stop playing because of this one annoying glitch that’s easily fixable. C’mon Grand Harvest, step up your game!! I see nothing but complaining about how much money you have to spend on this game to win or what a rip off the game is. If you feel that way, don’t play it. I saw a review where the guy was at level 4200 and he said it was so hard to win now. Are you kidding me? There’s mostly a pattern laid out in many of the levels. A few, will burn you if you don’t select right. I have NEVER spent a single penny on this and I’m on level 12,409. It can be done if you focus. Stop whining and play the game.

It’s a pretty fun game. I will say that I have spent the money to play in order to keep a good balance, but you don’t have to. However, I think it’s fun so I don’t mind paying a little bit just to keep playing. Do you do you get coins every hour ago so if you Don’t mind waiting then you get enough to play another round at least. My big problem is I don’t understand what some of the items are for. But, eventually I find out. OK, I have been playing for a while now and I am going to change my rating to five stars because I love it. I was buying coins for a while but I decided not to and I still stay ahead of the game. I get coins daily just for playing, and you also get them every hour and some of the prizes lets you get them every 30 minutes. Even if not I’m not playing I’ll go and get my coins and they add up fast. There are always three or four different ways to earn credits without having to pay. I love the graphics. One person said she likes where she can get 100 credits from the dog. I get 500 credits from the dog. Just keep tapping his face and he’ll give you 50 credits 10 times. I haven’t figured out how often but it’s probably once every hour or so. Maybe you get more of the further you go and I’m in 700 level right now.

Pathetic Harvest is more appropriate. Stop being so blatantly greedy! 7,000 coins per round, no chance of winning when you’re given six kings (should only be 4in a deck) in a hand and nothing to remove them. Or, you play the same round 5 times, you’re now down 35,000 coins, they finally deal you a winning hand and you get 4,000 coins as your reward?? And let’s not forget how you have to win (not ply) 25 mostly impossible rounds to get a chance to spin the wheel in hope of landing on “harvest” it rarely have happened before they added the “2nd chance wheel” but FORGET IT IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN!! The developers of this game are so greedy that if you don’t pay the $4.00 to spin their 2nd wheel of disappointment, all you’re going to get is 2x’s the amount of the next 2 rounds you play. Don’t get too excited.... they’re NOT winnable rounds! The most you’re “winning” on these rounds (that you’ve paid 7,000 coins to play each) will be under 600 coins per round. That’s’ll spend 14,000 coins and if you’re “lucky”, you’ll “win” a whopping 1,200 coins! So now you’ve literally LOST 12,800 coins in 2 rounds that you never stood a chance of winning! Sounds like a fun and relaxing way to spend some free time! Save your money and take a literally get better odds at an actual casino, playing the slots! SMH & 🙄 as I walk away slowly in disgust at the greed of these developers!

Fun game but…….. I have been playing this game for quite awhile. I am on 2089. I have never played a game where you win u lose. It cost so much coin to play. I find the only way to make sure I win is to use the extra power ups. Which cost double when you do play those cards. So I win but I see my coins going down. So I lose. My question why dose it cost so much to play a card game. I have purchased a lot of packages just to stay in the game. But that also cost a lot for what you get. The dice game is also fun but lately when I play I only been rolling 1 or 2s and I don’t get far on the board. So I guess I am complaining because I feel like the game shouldn’t be so expensive to play and my wins is like losing. I can only play for a little while then I have to quit cause I have to collect coins for a day or 2 just to play maybe 5 games or so. I will keep on playing but probably not so much sense it cost so much to play. Plus collecting more coins takes awhile. So the higher you are in the game the more it cost. Should be the opposite. If you win I should be able to more coin not less. Thanks for a fun game. But it is getting a little obnoxious.

Favorite game??. This was my go to game my game to relax and enjoy cause I always love Solitaire and this just made it even more fun unfortunately now and I caught up till your levels and I am now in the solitaire master league it is no longer fun seeing as it cost me more to play then what I earn when I win or when I bring in my harvest. It upsets me when I’m at now I am in the master league and yet all I get to do a spin after 25 times are levels and yet if is playing I would get the spin and I would get the garden where I can pick up to 10 items. It upsets me when I’m at now I am in the master league and yet all I get to do a spin after 25 times are levels and yet if I have the other part where everybody else is playing I would get the spin and I would get the garden where I can pick up to 10 items it seems as if it is backwards I would think you would earn more. The dice game is the other thing that upsets me do used to be able to have a chance of at least winning the big price on that now I can’t even get that anymore because I can’t afford to play that many times because at one time I counted 10 and I got 10 ones in a row how am I supposed to get anywhere on that I just thank you guys ruined it I dropped the ball somewhere along the line like I said this is a fun game and I recommended it to a lot of people now not so much

It was a great game until..... I used to enjoy playing this game until they started updating stuff and forcing things on the player. Let me explain. They added this feature where you can play standard or grand. Ok, that’s a great feature for those who want to play grand and get more gems and credits. What really upsets me is that after hit the X to get out of the screen and you go to play a level you are pretty much forced to play grand. There is a hand pointing at the plus sign that supposedly lets you change from standard to grand. The problem is that you can’t continue to play unless you hit the hand that points to the “+” sign. When you do that, you can only play in grand because the “-“ sign to play standard is disabled... which means that you can play in grand and only grand. I currently have 24 free plays but since it’s forcing me to pick grand, it decreases my remaining games to only 5 if I continue. It is at this point that I close the game because I want to play in standard. I stopped playing for several weeks hoping that they would recognize this glitch and fix it but nope, it’s still there. I’m extremely disappointed because it was a good game. Please fix this issue.

Fabulous game. I have played countless phone and computer games, generally getting bored with it or the game just gets too hard and it’s not fun anymore. I don’t remember when I started getting laying, but I’m on level 724. That’s astonishing for me. I spent a small amount of money, under $5, in this game once many months ago. I really wanted to win a tournament and got out of control. Other than that, it’s been free for me to play. Generally, your hourly harvest of coins is equal to one game. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s actually enough to keep you playing. You get a daily reward which increases in amount when your level increases. Some days, you get free rounds with your daily reward. Every ten or fifteen levels, you can spin a wheel and win coins, free rounds and such. You can also click on Sam, the dog, and get 100 free coins a few times a day. Every game is a different layout and there are interesting challenges thrown in from time to time. I highly recommend this game!!

Frustrating game. This is my second review of the game as I have now played it longer. I agree with what most people are saying. The longer you play, the more money you have to pump in to get anywhere. The more money I spend, the more of a sucker I must appear to them because the game is designed to make you lose faster when you have more money-and lord help you if you get down under 50,000 because they will gut you to make sure you have no option but to buy to keep playing. In the beginning it was fun but now I lose at least 7-10 times in a row for every game I win. That makes no mathematical sense and guarantees that I will have to pay if I want to keep playing. You only get enough to play one hand every hour so there is no chance of staying in the game without spending ridiculous prices. My advice is to play the game until you need money and then stop. It never ends and I don’t buy the developers auto generated response of “this game take patience”. This game requires a ton of disposable income and I just cant afford to keep playing. I would spend it if I thought I had a snowball’s chance of getting ahead but the money I spend goes less and less as you go. So frustrating. If I wanted to consistently lose money, I would go to Vegas where at least I get a complementary drink.

Cost to win ratio. This game is fun. However I find it a tad ridiculous that to play at top level it will cost you over 150K and if you don’t win you don’t even walk away with a quarter of what you paid back. And if you win you don’t even double what you spent. I also think to buy boosters it should be a set price. Instead you have to buy it for the level you are planning to play. They used to have videos you could watch that would give you double harvest or discount rounds but they got rid of that too. The game is fun to pass time but the cost is getting way to high and the challenges are near impossible to master. I’ve been playing till I go broke daily and still haven’t gotten all the cards I need and the challenge is almost over after having well over 100 days to collect them all. This is my second attempt to collect all the cards and I have also paid out of pocket to boost my money to play even more and still have not been able to collect them all. At some point it stops being fun.

Fun, but expensive. I really like this game. The graphics are fantastic. Many others have noted that this is an expensive game to play and it’s true. I’d like to binge play, but I can’t. You’ll usually gain between 1,000 to 3,000 coins for every round you win. However, you lose A LOT more for every round you lose. Your coins can go quite quickly. That isn’t a good model for a game that is about 50% skill and 50% chance. Also, one of my boosts does not work at all and I’ve contacted them about and gotten no help. Boosts a very expensive, I might add. Every so often you win prizes, but they are small compared to what you spend. You will also earn coins every hour (or 30 minutes if you win that). I try to limit my playing to only playing when I’ve built up credits. At that rate, it’s hard to progress. I’m giving four stars because it is a nice game. I don’t mind spending money on a game. I know the developers have to make money too. I just wish I could play more without going broke.

Relaxing?😕. I have completed level 5628. Yes, this has been my favorite game for quite some time! I try new ones & even have others I play, but nothing as enjoyable, relaxing, or fun as this! The thing is lately I’ve realized with all the stress I’m going through, this game has only been adding more stress. I’m trying so hard to save my coins, because the levels don’t earn much when completed. Don’t get me wrong, I love a challenge, but you’ve taken away all the little helps. Like, you can’t get an extra prize by watching an ad in the prize box. I’ve even been known to set my timer when I can harvest every 30min, so I don’t forget, because so little are earned from completing the level. Sometimes my phone gets turned down so I don’t hear notifications. See what I mean. That’s just not fun anymore. I mean I guess that’s ok, but not for me. I probably won’t delete it yet, but I’m definitely taking a break. It’s just not fun & relaxing anymore. Thank you for all the great graphics and challenges! It is definitely a fun and exciting twist to solitaire!!

Used to be my favorite. This game used to be my favorite but is slowly headed to the trash can. They have recently started changing the game a lot, lots of new missions the deck of cards etc which adds some cool things and the side mission play can be super fun. What’s not super fun is feeling like they want to rip you off constantly and making it so these side missions are un win-able without spending money (for sure deck of cards). They used to let you watch adds to add an extra win with the create or randomly double up on your hourly reward these helped make the game playable. They took both of those away also now your daily reward is literally a joke I got the biggest gift today the last one and laughed at it it’s like what it used to be for winning one of the first “gifts” all this makes it very hard to play as you literally have to wait an hour after every play if you lost until you could play 1 more round. But you know what they don’t lack constant crap popping up trying to get you to spend your money for more coins or decks 🙄 miss the old version wish they just would have added the new cool stuff but kept what made it fun.

Love this, however…... I used to love this solitaire game. I still love the cute characters and the scenes. Beautiful art work. However, I’m at the 3910 game mark and it is way too expensive. If I want to buy a power up (the only way you can win now) it costs 52,000 coins. Then you pay for the game at 40,000 coins. Unless you want to play in the lower levels , but if you do, you never win enough coins. One game costs 92,000 coins. You never win back that many coins in any one game. So you are constantly losing coins. I know the ways to earn extra coins, but you never get enough to play even one game. Once you have a certain amount of coins, the algorithms make sure you can’t win a lot of the times so you lose even more coins. I tried to keep 3 million coins so I could play a few games everyday, but at almost 100,000 coins a game plus all the times they make you loose or use wild cards (79 thousand coins) or an extra 5 cards at the end of a game to help you win (52 thousand and then 79 thousand extra coins) your coins go down fast. I know they want us to pay for coins and that’s why they make us lose, but I refuse to pay. It was a great game, but now it is stressful and not relaxing. All I want to do is play solitaire and have fun. They seem to punish you when you reach higher levels. It’s not fair! There are no more ads, but I’d rather see ads and spend less coins to play.

Not spending anymore money. This has been my go to game to pass time since December . The events are fun, it is challenging enough to keep me interested, and up until this week, the ad perks were plentiful. With several ad options per day, I felt no guilt spending over $100 over the last few months, since the developers had been generous with ads that discounted level costs, and doubled harvests, I felt no qualms spending money to help complete an event or get me through an especially hard section of levels. For the last week I have had no ad options. It is making it especially difficult to play a higher mode, since I can harvest once an hour and one harvest is approximately the cost of playing one level in the lowest mode. I contacted support regarding ads and was told they are being tested, some people have them and some don’t. This is ridiculous, as there is a setting option to receive ads. I’ve had them for 6 months...then nothing. I may still play every once in awhile, I’ll at least log in to get my daily reward so I can save up for the difficult section I’m in now, but I refuse to spend another dime until the ads are returned.

Great game!. I am addicted to Solitaire Grand Harvest! There are lots of great graphics and fun crops. Love Sam, the dog, but Peggy needs to go- she’s so annoying! I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because the only way to really get ahead and have fun with this game is to play in the high modes and play with power ups, which can really eat up all your coins, especially when you first get started! Many of the games on here are impossible to win so it isn’t about skill at all. It’s about how many coins you spend on a game. I was very frustrated when I first started playing because the winnings were much lower than the investment. (Not real money mind you- just the coins that you earn and spend within the game!-I have never spent one penny of real money on this game!) But once I started playing in the high mode, the return was much greater. I won a tournament because I was able to accumulate winnings at a faster pace. Winning the tournament gave me more coins which I invested in power ups. Also, if I lost too many coins playing the game, I would just stop playing for awhile, but continue to harvest until I built a coin base up again. Playing in high mode also lets you earn gems faster so I was able to finish my farm for an extra 2 million in coins. I now have over 5 million coins!

Kind of disappointed 😕. I’ve been playing this game since it first came out, so I’ve seen all the different changes take place, most of which have been fine. As I well know the key to any game is to encourage the player to spend money, to further yourself in the game, and give the producer money in their pockets. However, within the game itself the latest take away from the player has been when spending your coins to increase your chances for 3 stars you were able to purchase the windmill, wild cards, or take 3, which you would get 3 of whichever one you spent your coins on, now you only get 1 of whatever you purchase. I don’t think taking away something that you put in place from the start is endearing to the player, especially the ones who’ve been supporting the game from the start. I know that the daily bonus amounts were changed, but that was relatively soon after the daily bonus was started. The game is fun to play, but as I continue to see changes that decrease your chances, I’m not hooked on playing as much, and am not willing to put any more money into the game. Hence the 2 star rating.

Best Solitaire Game!. This is the best Solitaire game I’ve played....and I’ve played a lot of these games. If you love challenges, strategic games, and practice patience...this game is for you. If you just want to play a free mindless game, don’t play. I gave this 5 stars because unlike other solitary games, you will beat a level and move on without spending a ton of money you do not have. I’ve read a lot of reviews from people complaining about the cost of levels, and I’m thinking they are only playing half of the games. On the top are VIP levels and the Golden Glade. Playing those levels will increase your daily rewards. Yes, levels increase as you play, but unless you want to sit around all day doing nothing, you get money every hour. Something that not all games do. I do reward this game by spending a little bit real money when I have extra money to do so because the developers actually did build this game with people and the economy in mind. Thank you! Even someone hit hard financially can enjoy this game.

4 stars. Addictive. Love playing, just seems like there’s times when the goals for getting bonuses are a bit larger than they should be. Also I don’t like Peggy. I play & Peggy puts coins in a piggy bank based on the coins I accrue & then the game wants me to pay real money to get my piggy bank. Update. I changed my review to 3 stars instead of 4 because I’m honestly tired of as I advance through the game the levels are costing more credits, the rewards aren’t exactly motivating once you win a level, the decks dealt are producing more & more unusable cards, the ratio of cards on the board to the deck doesn’t give you a fair chance to pass the level. Also, now the time allotted to complete a challenge like memory game, puzzle pieces, etc has shortened dramatically. I have a job & can only play when not at work so that makes it almost impossible to complete an 8 part challenge in 2 days when it’s takes a lot of level advancement to achieve one part of the challenge. I have noticed that the developer responses to other reviews tend to repeat themselves almost word for word. This game has become less fun & I’m considering deleting it.

Love this game but.... It costs a lot of credits to play each hand, then you don’t win a comparative amount. So, I just played the best hand ever... won 9,947 credits during the game, got the 3 stars with the dog jumping over, showing I did a great job, then for having cleared the round I got only 1500 credits! What?! I paid 4900 to play, and because I earned so many credits during the game I get squat for clearing the level. There have been times I’ve gotten 1 star and earned hardly anything during the game and then been given almost the entire amount I paid to play the game back for clearing the level. There is no rhyme or reason to the credits earned for clearing the game, BUT you absolutely get less the more you win during each hand. That being said there are no ads, so that is awesome and the game is fun. I have purchased credits, but I will not do it again because the value isn’t there. I’d rather watch ads, win a normal amount, and buy credits when I need them, but this game isn’t worth paying anything for.

I guess it's okay. You should definitely play/buy this game. It gives you wonderful prizes if you get to certain levels and free coins/credits for harvesting crops. If you give a good review it gives coins! And level 10 is free with you not having to pay coins/credits. But one thing I hope that could change would be when you play the level again that it would be half the price than what you played the first time because if you play it again then it is the same price. But other than that you should definitely play this game if you are looking for a relaxing and fun game or if you are looking for a solitaire, then get this one! If you buy it I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!! I will write more about this game when I get further into it. (Ps. This is for the developer) Please could you change the price of when you play the level again. And I read in another review about petting the dog. How can you do that? Could you give me some feedback from what I said about the dog and about replaying the level?And thanks sooo much for making this game!! Soooo....... I have been playing this for a while and it is getting HORRIBLE!!!! I'm always running out of coins in the levels! It is sooooo annoying. Could you plz fix that????!!!!!!

You would think. The longer and more levels you play, the better the rewards. Simply not true. Great game to begin with, it gives you many chances to continue play. However once you get to the truly high levels. The bonuses drop off. I used to play this game all weekend long and be able to maintain my credits. Now, at the level I am at, I only play a few games here and there. With little to no reward. This game literally punishes you for sticking around and advancing levels. I used to love this game. Now I am just trying to complete my current mission. Once that self satisfying thing is done. I AM OUT. I almost xcant wait to be done with it. Enjoy it while you can, and don’t think your loyalty will mean anything. I have almost tanked my coins. It looks like I will not finish this last big project. Even if I do, they pay to play to get the reward is Not worth it. It has been a great year with you guys, but after my coins are gone. So am I. I put in a lot of time. Maybe not enough intelligence and maybe I am being a sore loser. It doesn’t matter either way. This is just a Frankenstein game. Thanks for the last year though and good luck. Not that you need it though.

Fun at a price. Credits slow to build and they are so stingy. There are extras but u never seem to get the extra pieces. And after 4 weeks ur Daily starts over at some low prizes. The wheel of fortune has yet to hit the best one after400 or so levels. Even when building everything becomes too pricey in jewels. The dice game doesn’t even hit 6 s, u can roll and roll and just get 1,2 s. The game is good and fun slow to pay off. And rounds rarely leave u enough to play another round though u won. Cheap skates. Keep petting the dog. Love the cards but they always fix it so u need to buy. Never completed a puzzle. Just never enough points. Go figure. Sometimes u get 6 sixes Who dealing and how many decks. If u pay for 5 more cards one or two of the cards are already showing face up. Go figure. Is the game is glichy. Hate the frog pond the frog always knows what’s coming and sits on the card. No fun in that. Dr Phil who promotes it must have unlimited credits for his endorsement or he has stock in the game. Yes sometimes u win free rounds. But guess what it never covers the whole cost. “Free”? Thanks so much. Piggy they let u buy bAck ur losses. Or a fan Ur the cards are fun.

Disappointed.. This game is fun and I love playing it. I enjoy the challenges and the things to do. But this game is wildly overpriced. All it is is simple solitaire. I’ve played games that were more in-depth and fun that didn’t charge you $7 for a pack of currency. You hardly win anything when you beat levels and the levels are so overpriced it’s insane. How do you beat a level and win less than what the level cost? Or if you’re lucky you win 200 coins. Your coins go so fast you can only play 1-2 games if you’re lucky until you harvest your crops and save up that $ for a few hours. I recently bought a pack of coins and they were gone within 10 mins....if you guys need to make $ off a game that’s fine but you have this so out of balance for players it’s unfair and ridiculous. Nobody is going to give you 7$ for something that lasts you 5 mins and you can’t play the game for hours. Also you took the ads away that gives you money off rounds or doubles your harvest. Game could be fun but it’s such a bad scam that the developers are going to lose money instead. Get it together. Nobody is gonna play your overpriced game if it doesn’t change.

I can see a lot of people rating this high but…. I use to play this but stopped for a long while. Then I seen it “advertised” on The Good Dish and thought I should play that again. Started playing again (first disappointment was I was made to start all over again) but I noticed there were new bonus games to make more coins. Okay this could be interesting. Well that was short-lived! Should have remembered it’s always for their pockets, never for the player. You may make more coins but takes forever to get through a level - I will admit I will go so far on just making it through the level but then I have to make the three stars through each level before allowing myself to go any further but…1 to 2 stars takes twice as long where 3 stars takes “forever” so the new additions of bonus games don’t really add anything. The “old” way, you still accomplished just as much - if not more, with less frustration. Think I won’t be staying - again. Games are suppose to be fun - especially for those that want you to put money out but no chance in getting any prizes in return - the only “prize” here is one you buy yourself is if you get so mad you have to buy a new phone! 😂

Know what you’re getting into. I love Solitaire in general. This is a really cool version of that game with lots of interesting ways to play it. Little animals running around are fun. Understand before you start playing this game that the developers are, for all intents and purposes, very greedy. If you win a free game, you don’t actually get a free game. You get the cheapest game at the early levels deducted off of the cost of the higher levels. For instance, if you pay 22,000 credits to play a game and you win a free round, then you pay 15,000 credits for that round I’m not exactly sure of the exact mass but, you don’t get a free round. If you play at the highest level which means you play with all three bars when you hit play, it states that you get four times the credit. You do not get four times the credit. For example, if you win 14,000 credits for the game you get 32,000 credits 14×4 is not 32. So you see, it cost a lot of money to buy credits. And these developers can’t even give you one free game. Or, give you the credits that you actually won. Because they’re greedy. And, at this point, after reaching level 1642 or something like that, I’m gonna run out my credits and then delete this game. Because as much as I love playing it, I won’t give any more money to greedy developers who can’t so much as give you the credits that you won or the free rounds you won.

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Love Grand Harvest Solitaire. This is the one game, which never bored me, so, even though I lost over 2 million credits and had played over 5,000 levels when my battery had to be replaced, I started all over again. The new games are not as much fun as the previous ones had been. It is harder to win on the original deals, too. Meanwhile, there were, and still are, glitches. Sometimes the items move in slow motion or stop altogether. When clicking the option to view an advertisement in order to increase a bonus, the screen often goes black and the game crashes. I have lost many credits due to these failures. This is very frustrating. Because I enjoy playing this particular type of solitaire, I will continue to play it, but will not be buying credits as often as in the past, meaning I shall not be playing as frequently in order to build up free credits to enable me to play more than one game in a row when I do play.

Fun to play. I like playing this game, however you earn coins at an ok rate. My issue is with game play. If you have to use extra cards or a wild card your game cost about 4 times as more than you can win. I’m starting to get aggravated with it. Up to level 287 and the coins I can hourly are about 2700 and yes you gave chance win them in other ways, but say I play game on the level one of difficulty, it cost me 2700 coins per try, if I use extra cards, it starts at 5400 for 5 cards. As you use them the cost continues to rise, now using a wild card starts at 8100 coins. So if I use one of each my game cost me 16,200 coins but I can only win 3000. That’s way out of proportion. Plus if use none of those, you are only 300 more than you paid. If you have 50,000 coins t they can depleted to zero on about a half hour to an hour or faster. It seems a little crazy and for me I’m about to stop playing. My suggestion would be to be more fair on the usage of coins. It can take a long time to build up 50,000 and it goes within a half hour. Not cool.

Fun Money Pot. This is definitely a fun game to play but do not and I repeat do not fall into the trap of trying to achieve the goals they place before you by spending your own money. You will never reach the goal without spending a whole lot of money. Especially when they have those cute farms for you to develop. They make it rather impossible when you have to have 200 gyms to get the next development on the next level of your cute farm. For example. So it’s like fructose that is in foods to make you eat more and more food because it’s addictive. Well the challenge to reach the goal is an addictive feeling. DO NOT buy into it. Simply play the game and do what you can and do not buy coins because you can go through 200,000 coins very fast just playing a few times because of your desire to not lose a play. And then…. You are sad cause you have no coins. That PIG is a real trap!! You can easily spend $50 or more while she is around tempting you with the coins you earn BUT have to pay for. A bargain yes. But don’t spend your hard earned money on a game!!! Happy Farming!

Too Ridiculous. I will say I used to LOVE this game. Now that I’ve gotten to higher levels, Carrie’s Carrots are only available when you play the in highest mode. Levels are nearly impossible to beat even when I use boosts that I paid for with actual money, not just coins. And everything requires sooo many coins now - even the stupid farm levels. I’m on level 4 in the current farm and it requires me to use 340 purple coin things to move my marker up. 340 on level 4 of 20. Before I reached higher levels, that would be around 120. Actually, I know it is, because I started over on another device and I’m at the same level in my farm and it’s significantly lower. It’s obvious to me now that these developers are money-hungry. I should not have to put so much money into a week’s worth of playing this game. I understand at higher levels, you want to make it more complicated. But I should still be able to pass levels without having to sink hundreds of dollars into this game. Come on now. And it should not cost my TRIPLE the coins to use boosts and move through my farm just because I’ve played the game for years now. Come on. Treat people better than that. Especially the ones at higher levels - we are the ones who’ve been playing it so long. Bring back the free fun of this game. It has drastically changed over the last year.

Amazing game but hardly get to play. Okay I’m I’ve been playing this game FOR A WHILE now. I’m on some ridiculously high level. I tried to really love it and everything in me wants to give this a full five stars but it costs SO MUCH to play one level. It now costs me 5800 each level and I get like 6200 after finishing all but one of the pyramid levels which are supposed to get you a higher harvest. I love the graphic and the gameplay but I only get to attempt one level per hour. The levels got VERY hard. Sometimes I get down to only needing one card with like half a deck left and I still don’t get the ONE I need. Seems a little rigged at times. And it’s frustrating to wait an hour and play one level. I know the devs need to make money but this makes it hardly even worth it. They do have special things where you can earn more coins but sometimes it requires 10-25 starts which means you’d have to perfectly play 4-7 levels which at the level I’m at is incredibly difficult. They need to make the level/coin payout better so you can even TRY to pas more than one level each time you collect.

Fun game but…. Fun game been playing for a while now but not many incentives at all and I love how you win a free game or free round however if you are at the highest level before playing it only gives you a portion of money off which is just dumb and not really fair to those that spend our coins for the highest level fair is fair but not in this case.. and then there’s that “awesome” wheel youget to spin after completing so many levels to me it’s such a waste all that work and you may spin and win $12,000 wow!👍or a useless “free round” that is anything but free for those that are not at the first rank before playing a round! Then there’s the puzzles or the dice incentives you can win some things the puzzle thing is just a waste so is the ranking incentives the dice incentives are not all that bad and then you have the cards that will take forever and aday to complete… I get that it’s a game and nothing is free etc.. but I mean can we be a little more fair with some of these thing’s seriously! Don’t call it a free round because it’s not for some of us!

Loved it till recently.. This was one of the best solitaire games out there. Fun characters tons of layouts, and fun boosts. I loved the collections(villages) but then the disappeared when done. Then they made it impossible to play without lots of $$$$. If you’d make the golden ticket and peggy more affordable instead of hundreds of dollars I might come back. With the Golden Tickets going up to $9.99/week, that’s over $500 a year, preposterous. The Peggy was getting more and more expensive, why not have Peggy be redeemable once, at the end, with 1,500,000 gold coins , then I might come back. Wild cards and reverse keep going up and up in Gold coins. Being on a budget I just had to stop playing since being able to keep gold coins up was getting too expensive. Make the Golden Tickets under $100 a year, make the Peggy redeemable once at the end of the week, and lower the cost of boosts and I guarantee you that many will return. On top of that cost all the items in the “villages” meant you had to play constantly pumping more and more $$ into gold coins. If you made the “villages” more affordable, so players that don’t, or can’t, spend hours and hours, plus $$, might play more. I had recently reached level 4,000, and some of the layouts were impossible to finish without costly wild cards.

Not happy. So logged on today and they cleared out everyone’s farms. The ones that cost and took so much time to build. They just said, Thanks for playing this season keep eyes for next season then took all our gems and gave us very little money for them. Not anywhere close to what it cost us to get them. My farm is gone!! There was plenty of room for them to do another season by adding to our farms. Who does this when one item on that farm could cost us over 300 gems. Yes they gave us some money for getting all 16 areas fixed up. But when a game costs 13,000 and up just to play a single level. Then you add a Power up for 18,000 to 24,000 then if you don’t win you have to pay for extra cards another set could be another 24,000 and up. Each time you need more cards or a wild the prices goes up. That money we won for building to a level 16 farm to doesn’t make up for all we put into the farms and didn’t go far. Especially when it costs so much just to play a level in this game. Then take all the gems we earned after we got to level 16 and give hardly anything. I’m not playing this game anymore and l played it everyday. I want my farm! We all worked hard on them.

Great game, but getting too expensive. I have played Grand Harvest almost daily for the past 4 months as my treat to myself to unwind after a long day. I have really enjoyed it. In addition to the challenge of the game itself, there are so many fun features. The music is relaxing, and harvesting the crops is satisfying. I have occasionally made purchases because I have so much fun playing the game, it hasn’t been a big deal to spend a few dollars here and there on the packages, particularly when there are deals being offered. In the past, the free rewards for progressing have been good enough that I really haven’t had to spend too much to keep playing and having fun. Alas, as I approach level 1000, the levels are getting too hard, and the rewards too few and far between. Building the mini-worlds has required an almost impossible number of gems. The new fairy card pack game seems much harder than the previous card pack game. Like I said, I play the Grand Harvest daily, anywhere between 3 and 15 hands, and I have only managed to complete one set of fairy cards. I love the game and will really miss it, but I don’t want to have to keep paying to play…the fun was in earning the coins through playing well, and supplementing occasionally with real money. I might give it until I reach 1000, but I only see it getting harder and more expensive…which isn’t fun, after all.

It’s no longer fun. I’ve been playing this game for a very long time. I’ve seen this game evolve and first and foremost I have to give it to the developers for keeping a clean, ad free and updated game all throughout. Now, with that being said as time has gone by it seems that with every update the gameplay becomes more difficult. Yes there are ways to earn and level up but the win to lose ratio is insane and leans heavily to losing more often than winning. I have experienced so many scenarios were it just seems unfair and comes to the point were if you’re old enough or smart enough you start thinking that this game adjusts to the way you play. There’s no real strategy to this game other than knowing how to count. I’ve had rounds were I’ve used the three power ups you can choose before the start of the level, a wild card and the +5 at the end and still lose, having to use an extra wild card to be able to win the level. I understand that time, money and effort have gone into this game and you guys need to make a profit but it has gone to the point were is beyond ridiculous and absurd. Make it better, I know you can!

Ok for a diff./new kindA way to peek into Solitaire!. This app comes with several glitches of course not that awful in the ad department when considering what most games make us deal with, however, I mean this is fine and you only different way to peek into the way solitaire works as far as the game of course only! It’s fine, however, I could play natural original solitaire? A whole lot longer, TBH! I have nothing bad to say about this game, other than the glitches were aggravating, & significantly disliked the feature in this game whereUnless you’re purchasing things in this low graded game where you can’t even win cash, to even stay in the game. That is ridiculous. You should always have a way for your fans to be able to play your game freely. That goes without being SAID!-I mean that’s common sense right?! YES. Maybe if your game was something like Tetris maybe you would be on the level of expecting people to buy things to just play your game. Oh! And by the way, this game has nothing to do with skill. Chance only like nine out of 10 games.

Fun but.... I’ve enjoyed playing this game for a while now (on level 3082) and it’s fun when you can actually play. Credits cost too much and get used up much too quickly, forcing you to stop playing or purchase more just to have those get used too fast. There are many glitches in the game as well. Many times I’ve won games with 3 stars and only get credited with 1 or 2 (extremely frustrating). When I’m watching the video that’s forced upon me in order to gain a few more credits, the video often glitches, goes black, and closes itself. When I reopen it, the extra credits are not in my account and no longer available. It’s also very irritating to have one card left to match with a dozen or more in the queue and not one of those is playable and so the game is lost. I also agree with many other reviewers regarding the new ‘Grand’ update. Awful and not fun. Please give back the old version. I’ll wait for a response from the developers but suspect this one is going to be deleted. Sad because it is fun to play when you can get through all the junk. P.S. All my reviews in the beginning were 5 stars.

Fun but…. My opinion echoes a lot of the reviews I’ve seen. The graphics are great. However, the further you get into the game, the harder it seems to pass a level. Maybe not so much “hard” as not possible. It costs 3200, 6400 or 13,800 coins per round. If you have to replay a round a handful of times, or more, that’s a lot of coin wasted for little return. You don’t get back even half just to play the round. But then if you win the round, you only get the amount you spent to play the round and then maybe, if you’re lucky, 1000 coins on top of that ( I played a round at 6400 and won around 7200). I guess that’s how they get you to spend money on buying coins; which I’ve done but they’re gone in minutes so it doesn’t make the purchase worth it. I won’t buy coins anymore. Someone else mentioned that the further you get into the game, the more stressful it is. I have to agree. It’s frustrating to have one card on the board and flip 8-10 cards and not a single one you need only to lose the hand. I’m not sure how that’s possible. One of the responses from the developer I saw on someone’s review was that it’s a game of luck and something about their 2 million followers on Facebook. *eye roll* If the game is set for the player to lose, that’s not luck. And what’s the point of mentioning the amount of people on Facebook? Lol. Seems odd. Anyway, within 24hrs, I went from having over 200k coins down to 3k because that’s how many hands I lost and so I deleted the app.

Love it. I am addicted to this game! Not sure if this will get printed. First time I layer I quickly went from 20,000 to under 1,000 coins then I started taking advantage of what’s on the screen. Such as harvesting crops every hour. Watching videos for twice the harvest value or 25% discount on next level. Have you petted Sam? Take advantage of what they offer. Rack up the coins! The higher the levels the higher the cost for everything. You can easily use up 4-6,000 coins per hand. Sometimes you gotta know when to fold them. Cheaper to end game than to buy a wild card even when you only have one card to go. This game is a lot of fun if you play it right. I keep a 200,000 coins in reserve then just play solitaire. Don’t forget to get your daily prize even if you don’t play that day. Let your friends/contacts about this game. You get 250 coins for each one (can only do 1 or 2 per day) but it’s better than nothing. Hope I don’t get in trouble for telling you cheats. Just tired of bad comments cause people don’t get the cards they want. Really? Where’s the challenge in that?

Addictive but not worth 5 stars. This app is a great and addicting game but it doesn’t deserve 5 full stars. It’s kind of annoying that your device has to be sideways for you to play and you have to spend game credits to play a level. Even though you earn about the same amount of credits once the level is complete, if you run out of cards you can either spend credits to reverse your moves or spend credits to buy more cards, so really you’re only losing credits each round. Now assuming you play a perfect round every single time, you won’t have this problem, but it’s very difficult to have a perfect round because most of the time you don’t have a choice as to which card to put out, which means it could be only one choice you make that turns the game, which just makes it more difficult. But it’s a very good game and worth the storage space. And it gets a full four stars because I haven’t yet run into any issues where u lost all my credits and it’s fun and there are few ads and no in-app purchases.

It’s just ok.. I have been playing Solitaire Grand Harvest for a few months now. I have been working my way up to a goal of completing 21 chapters with “Jane” to earn 500,000 coins. The higher you get in the levels the more coins they charge you so coins go VERY quickly. This is a reason I will never purchase anything in the app because I see how fast it all disappears….It’s just not worth it. I currently have five hours left to get 3 more portion of gems (each portion could be up to 500+ gems and they’re hard to get) to complete mini-levels, and ultimately earn the 500k (it’s not going happen for me). In general, when you’re first starting out, it’s easier to play and not stressful. If you want to start earning more coins and play more, just know that it takes a while to build up those coins….Especially when they take the ads away. They used to have ads where you could double your daily allotment of coins and earn an extra crate reward (thereby giving you more free playtime with some extra coins - those are now gone). I know it’s all about money for Playtika, but I think they should be more aware of how their methods deter people from continuing to choose SGH.

Great but..... Game is fun and graphics are great however cost of coin play is a complete rip off. The cost of levels increase however the amount of coins you win back don’t. Not including a game costing 2000 coins in which you may have to play 2/3 times to win so ultimately you’ve spent 6000 coins only to win barely your 2000 back. Power ups are even more expensive . 6000 coins just to use a wild card or 4500 to get 5 more cards which may not even have the card you need to win the game. To make this game better they definitely need to up the amount of coins you win each game or lower game prices. Also add creative ways to earn coins other than players having to spend real money. I spent $4 (willing to spend more) for a sale of 50,000 coins that were all gone within an hour which is why I wouldn’t dare buy anymore because it’s not worth the money. The game is a lot of fun and if priced right users would be willing to pay for it as it could be worth the money however right now it’s just a rip off. Not even worth playing anymore as you barely earn enough coins to play one game once you run out. Although I love the game im going to delete it and find something similar. I love that there are no ads but I’d definitely watch an ad to earn coins *hint hint* . Take heed to the reviews and make game more cost efficient and you’d retain more players who are actually willing to spend money on the game but not if we’ll be ripped off.

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Colin ambo. Love this game I’m playing it to get a $750 gift have to get though 10 harvest so will see. Every game I have played has never paid out. It will be interesting to see if this one is the same I’m on 629 level thought I had found a loophole when I press Facebook then cancel it took me back to daily coins I built up 5 million only to lose it in a few days. The dice disappeared the coins to get another small pack were very expensive I now have to wait for the harvest or pay. I will wait to see how it goes. It’s a shame as this is of the best games I have ever played in years let’s hope i will be able to carry on with it. F B Colin Ambo now costs have gone sky high impossible to get through anything without paying big money.

Items are too costly!!!. I actually enjoy this game but I’m having issues with the costs of items, wild cards & extra cards to finish a hard level! I’m currently on level 7166 due from playing on & off through the years so I’ve noticed that if you buy or get ahead on coins you’ll encounter such hard levels that you’ll end up using your saved coins to pass! 😠 The cost of boosters, extra cards & wild cards is ridiculously too high…not to mention the coins you acquire from winning a level is too low that it all seems unfair!! 😫 The game is design for you to spend…💸💸💸everything is costly but the returns and prises are low in return! I’ll be deleting it now and wished I’ve never started playing it considering I’ve stupidly spend up to $100 a day sometimes just to win first place in an event that only pays not even quarter of what I spent! If you have the patience to collect for a few days so you can have enough coins to enjoy playing a few levels then yes, this game would be great but be warned that it can get addictive enough and when that sets in you will end up spending and regretting it later… YOU CAN NEVER GET AHEAD IN COINS…the game will always have something for you to spend on just to pass

Getting past the fog. Need massive use of coins to get past the foggy cards. Not sure how this works. I can be on a level & I only the fog cards left & can’t get past. I’ve paid $ still can’t. Not paying anymore when this happens. Also when you harvest you don’t get any more doubles , so slower to build up you coins. This game used to be fun.

Solitaire harvest. Love the game just need a way to earn more coins to keep playing when you get up in the levels only get 1 turn and if you don’t clear it have to Waite an hour to recharge unless you want to buy credit not everyone is in a position to buy all the time every time you want to play

I gave you one star but would have given 4 but.... I have been stuck on a level for some time now. I get all the way to the final two cards but no match. Game after game after game. I think the coin credits needed to play (for me $2900currently] a game costs too much and after a while it is evident that this game is just making real money by luring people in until they cannot help buying credits. Well, not me. Been there done that got the Tshirt and your game is so much like all the rest that it’s not worth paying a large amount of money for. Your game play algorithm needs to be tweaked because if people don’t win a few times each time they play they lose interest.

fun with an F. I have never played a game on my phone or tv or any other electronic gadget, I need the tactile experience of cards and board games. Dr Phil recommended Solitaire Grand Harvest and I got it. Today I played it for the first time when I was in a low mood. I didn't stop until I teached level 10 and my mood went from level 0 to level 10 ad well.

Fantastic game!. I’ve been playing this for years (too much!) and love it. Their support team is fantastic - I had a problem earlier today and contacted them, and they rectified it well and extremely promptly! The loss of a star is only due to updates a few months ago that removed the mission/rewards from the pyramid section, making it nearly impossible to earn coins except hourly if you encounter a hard level.

Great game but too pricey. This game is great. Could spend hours playing however items are too expensive. $2200 to buy in and you only win sometimes a few hundred. Wild cards and extra 5 cards when you run out is ridiculously expensive. Funds run out too quick. I usually delete it and download it again but one day I’ll delete it and not download it unless they do something about the coins.

Money for fun, not required!. Love this game, it is one of my must plays games. Credits are collected via harvest of crops every hour. Each day you get a chest containing a bonus of credits up to 6,000 and usually free rounds. I read reviews when I first started playing and people were complaining that you had to spend money to advance, not so. Only beef I have, I broke my phone and as I didn't have my last game connected to facebook, I lost my hard earned credits and have had to start again. But no money has been spent. And you do not continually push it in my face, so thankyou very much.

Great game.. I’ve been playing this game for quite a few years now and it is my go-to game. I’ve just passed 6000 levels. I think in all that time I have only spent $4.99 on the game. I have amassed over 30,000,000 credits in the positive at the moment. I go weeks without playing and just amass lots of credits. It’s like, I just don’t want to lose any. I usually end up spending credits when Carrie is in play. I guess on my part it just a bit of patience involved between playing the game. I also always try and get maximum stars on each level so that I get 10 picks of fruit / vegetables at the end of each 25 levels. Great game though!!

Frustrating!. I have played this game for a LONG time! Up to level 9958 BUT have just played 13 games to get passed the previous level. And as you have guessed every time this happens (often) your coin pile disappears! While I know it is a game of chance it actually gets quite boring sitting on the one level - there is no skill involved just luck! Don’t know how much longer I can keep playing. I’ll be sorry to see you go!

Harvesting is jumping around. On newest upgrade of app my harvesting is freezing and jumping around making me miss out numerous times. I was 2off levels with 28 minutes to go and 10 minutes on harvesting when harvesting came up my level time expired, making me miss out again not happy at all please fix ..please upgrade harvest is definitely having major problems keeps going backwards now you can’t even upload the app at all. I thought it wAs my phone turned it off and back on still won’t upload, deleted app and reinstalled still won’t turn on, but also doing on my iPad so it’s your end.

Love this game. I love this game. It has lots of mini games and challenges, fun worlds to set up and the main game is fun with excellent graphics and easy gameplay. I’m up to level 9800 and have only been playing a year or so, it’s easy to do if you let your coins build up a day or so then play. Great for any age also. My only criticism is I wish there was a way to make more coins so I could play more.

Too expensive. Cost of the game is okay but the rewards are so small I have to just go in to collect money for a few days just to be able to get a couple of games.... rewards are shocking 😢😢 going to check out other sites Totally agree rewards are just not there 😢😢 I do the same have to collect harvest a few times before being able to have a better play time 😢😢

Great Game. I have to agree with the other comments. I love the game but it costs way to much to play each level and you don’t win much back. Maybe you could drop the cost of playing each hand. I have bought extra cards and you still don’t finish your hand. Pity as this is a brilliant game.

Absolutely love this.. Great game, beautiful graphics and one of few games that is not full of annoying ad’s after finishing levels. My only question I have, is once you are connected via Facebook. It doesn’t appear can not see anyone else’s scores? That does seem a little strange. Otherwise love this game!

Love it. I enjoy the challenge of this game. I have to think of my moves and wha comes next,, the further you play the harder it gets, I’m on round 500 and have nearly half a mill in credits and not spent a cent on apple getting there.. unlike many other games I have played in the past,,,,,😃

Very unhappy. I have had this game for quite some time now I am on a very high level and all of a sudden it doesn’t let me in it does not need to be updated I e tried everything I do not want to delete the app otherwise I will lose all my progress! Every time I try get into it just glitches me out not very happy.

6,000 coins for a Wild card. An enthralling game but once you get to a certain level (not very far) it costs 2,000 coins per game and 6,000 coins for each Wild Card. And after a few rounds it starts to cost 6,000 coins per 5 card draw then 8,000 coins for the next 5 cards and so forth. Even with 65,000 coins in the bank it only lasts a few minutes or 2 games - 3 at best. I’ve even purchased 15,000 coins for $2.99 which don’t last long either. I’ll be uninstalling the game because I’ve lost interest in continuing, especially at the rate the coins are being deducted.

Frustrating and expensive. I used to really enjoy winding down after the day with this game. I find it so frustrating that the cost of a hand is the same as a harvest so coins don’t last particularly long. When you finally do stockpile credits, they are quickly eaten up by a few hard levels. I can go through half a million credits on one level. I am seriously considering deleting the game and I don’t think I will play any more of the challenges even if I continue to play the game. Very disappointing

Love this game but. I have been playing for a long time now and have noticed in recent weeks a change. The program is slow to respond and unstable. The ability to earn progress gems and challenges have been removed from the pyramid play area. There are more game ads. All of this is changing the way I feel about the game.

Thinking game. This game starts off easy however you know it is going to get harder and harder as time goes on. It gives just enough incentive to encourage you to continue and knows when to step it up a beat. If you like a game that makes you think then this is the game for you.

Why I love and hate this game. Great game that keeps your head busy, have played 3590 levels so far, very addictive. Problem with game is the following, it crashes and freezes often, like once or twice a month and you need to delete app and re install it, a lot of the levels are extremely tough and expensive to solve. It should not take multiple goes to solve a levels and deplete all of your credits, at the moment each level costs 9,360 credits to play, granted when solved you get that and a little bit more back.

Great game..terrible rewards. This game is really great but after a while you have to wait an hour to play between rounds. I'm still playing but I think the novelty will wear off soon. There needs to be better rewards and easier ways to gain money to continue. Otherwise this would be top of my list.

Great game. This is a wonderful game, so bright and happy, it’s beautiful Love all the countryside, it make you use your mind, just love it, well done team, five stars.😀. I have been playing this game for years and my level was over 6,000 but the game frozen on me so l had to cancel it, now I downloaded it again and it started me back at the beginning,can you please fix this for me .

Solitaire. Costs to play the next game as you go up in levels is a little to high, 3.9 to play and you might win 4.6. levels I have undo on last card with 2 cards left on screen so I could win the round I undo and when I flipped the last card again it changed so there was no chance of winning either way. Love the game but building up money seems almost impossible.

Too expensive, not very enjoyable if you don’t spend $.. I love this game it’s really fun and puts a nice twist to original solitaire games. The cost of levels and the cost of extra cards/wild cards is way too expensive though, it’s hard to make money in the game no matter how good you are! It also feels a little impossible to win sometimes like the game will win this round regardless of what you do. I’m starting to get over it because of how impossible it is to succeed in the game without spending a fair bit of actual money on it.

It’s ok.. It’s very hard to meet the daily missions without boosts. It’s hard to win as you only win slightly more than the cost to play the level. However you can collect rewards every hour( harvest) if you can be bothered. They don’t accumulate unfortunately so must have notifications on to benefit and collect hourly. Boosts are expensive and they do shove them in your face. I honestly can’t be bothered with this anymore.

$$$ money grabber. You easily run out of credits as levels get more expensive and your free hourly credits do not increase? Those that say you don’t have to spend money to advance are simply wrong & boring! You could either wait an hour to play one game or have a prompt that makes you buy credits (luckily a credit card isn’t linked) You could play the same level 100 times & sometimes still not win as when you only have one card left in the level and less than 7 in your pile you are still highly likely to fail!

Great game. I’ve been playing this game now for a while, I love it, it’s different to all other games I play, it’s a beautiful change, can’t wait to see what I’m going to grow next, keep up the awesome work. 👍👍😁 I just love the dog that jumps over when you get 3 stars, at the end of the level, he always brings a smile to my face, if he wasn’t there I’d miss him.😊

9 years and still playing:). I am so addicted to this game, my husband gets so angry... sometimes the levels get so frustrating but everyone needs a challenge huh. If I have ever needed tech support they are very quick in responding and even reward you with generous surprises which is a nice and professional edge compared to most other games. I totally urge you to give this game a try. Be warned: it’s hard to put down (even when your partner complains):)

Addictive but expensive. I enjoy playing the game but as I like to play more than one level at a time I find it frustrating. It costs a lot of credits to play a level and you nearly always need to buy extra cards to complete it so run out of credits super fast. I don’t understand the system that decides how many stars you get for completing each level. You’d think you would score better by completing a level without using extra cards but this is not the case. I also find the frequent pop ups offering opportunities to spend real cash to buy stuff annoying. The daily login bonus were good but the recent update has reduced them disappointingly.

Love this app. My absolute favourite game….until today, what happened? After the last update it became really slow, I checked if it was something wrong with my device but everything was fine Any advice?

Amazing Game - BUT a bit of a scam. Game is amazing but often I will collect gem cards and the gems are not added to my gem pile. I thought I was wrong at first but have been carefully watching and it’s definitely happening. There is an unfortunately high risk to reward ratio. Also despite the replies I’ve been reading to these comments about how expensive it is to play, I have not yet read a response that justifies the in game cost of playing games + cost of extra cards etc. in comparison to win amounts. Disappointing that such a fun game is so financially predatory. Also noticed a definite pattern with in game purchases = win streak, and then after a few games you need extra cards. The first game you need the extra cards (which you may have for free), everything you need is there in the first extra deck, then the following game its 2 extra decks, so on so forth. I might be going crazy noticing these patterns, but I have also spent way too much time hyper focused on them, so could be correct.

Grand Harvest - Crashing. Will I get an acknowledgement from the developers or are you still working on the problem Just updated the latest update, but I still have the same problem, doesn't seem to have addressed the issue. Love this game but since last update it keeps freezing and then drops back to the Menu. Not sure where to go for help. I have lots of credits and don't want to lose them, I am also over game 4500. Just updated the latest update, but I still have the same problem, doesn't seem to have addressed the issue.

Solitaire. It was so fun and no ads really easy and doesn’t give you a very hard time and just is so calming in my opinion you guys should download it if your a beginner so that you can get used to it and it gets a bit harder as you guys 10/10 would recommend

Great game. Very enjoyable. Easy to burn through your credits, prices are increased as you go and it gets harder to clear all cards on your first go. Unless you are prepared to spend real money on this game you will get to a point where you play less frequent which does make you start looking at other games to play. For the moment I am still playing but I am down to only being able to complete 1 game per day without buying more credits.

fun game but it’s rigged. i was really enjoying this game at first!! very addictive with lots of fun elements! however, as you continue playing levels became WAY to expensive to play and give little rewards. i loved that it was a game that required skill and planning, but once it became obvious that it was ACTUALLY dependent on pure luck, it became way less fun. suddenly you can’t afford to play levels, especially not levels with multiplied winnings (which is the only real way to get enough money for more rounds), meaning you can’t actually play the game without buying more coins. even if you do have enough money go to play a level as multiplied winnings, you can fail the round because of luck and lose all your money VERY quickly. such a shame, i was really enjoying it. i hope the developers fix this soon because it just seems like they’re going to continue to lose customers. would also like to point out that having to wait to get coins from harvesting in order to actually play the game is not a fun concept because it means PEOPLE CANT PLAY YOUR GAME!

Solitaire. Great game to play. You don’t win enough to keep playing. You make it to hard after you get passed 15 level to get the major prizes. I have been playing this around 6 years and enjoy the game until I reach level 15.

Good game but.... It’s a great game but even a few hundred levels in your still getting around 3000 points every game you win win, when every so often the levels cost 200 more to play. It’s programmed so when you do pay a bit of money all of a sudden you are able to win the first few levels with three stars, the longer you go without purchasing anything the harder the games are. I’d give the game five stars if it wasn’t for these issues but the cost to play vs points able to win is out of balance. The price goes up but the winnings stays the same range the whole way through. If I was earning 3000 at level fifty I expect to be winning a lot more at level 243 - but it’s the same, however cost to play has gone from 1000 to 2600....

Cost of items. Hey, great app eye popping colours and great game play, but I think some of the in game buys like extra five cards or wild cards are way to much it already costs over $2000 to play a level so unless like me you just keep collecting bonuses for a few days and then play a couple levels you would just give up. You don’t win much to start with so to buy one five extra cards is another $4000 so you don’t win anything you’ve lost. A few hundred would seem more realistic to keep people interested and feel like you are winning not just going through each level. Anyway great game could be better

Too many in game pop ups. Love the game, but find it really annoying when first hop on the game there are so many pop ups wanting you to buy coins or stuff, when all I want to do I’d get on, collect my coins and play the game, not have to click on pop up to close them. Also find it a bit frustrating when you only get a small amount of cards to play with, yet quite a few times I have gotten a heap of the same cards in the deck and not been able to even remove a couple of cards off. Other than that I really love the game.

Great game. Completely obsessed with this game ! I spend HOURS on it. There are times where it can become a little bit slow to progress but I’m at level 237 now and still going. The only downfall is it could be a little bit easier to get some more gems. Also love this game for the fact you do NOT have to pay to progress !! Finally (:

Addicted in the best way possible. This game is perfect when I have to get up in the middle of the night to my little ones and give them a feed. Sometime I end up putting them back to bed and spend a little too long playing this game before I go back to sleep myself 😂

Great game…but. Loved this game until I was asked to log in via Facebook, then it all went downhill. Lost all my Hall of Farms previous builds that I had done, just kept my current build. Also lost all the special builds we get. Lost all the Grand Album Cards that I had collected, was close to getting full sets and had over +99 duplicates. At least I didn’t lose my level or my coins and gems. Won’t be spending anymore money on this game. Did email support but haven’t heard back.

Miss. Never played any games before. Absolutely loved it and will definitely play again and recommend it to start off with. Was easy to pick up and I have never gambled in my life. Money or credits or points. I’m hooked now, loved it

Great game but needs changes. I love this game! But it’s so expensive to buy the extra 5 cards, a wild card and the power ups. If they’re going to be so expensive as well as levels you need to give us more credits! After I use the credits from the daily bonus I can only play once every hour which is annoying cause I could play it all day. Also, the pop ups are super super annoying! They pop up after everything you do, if I wanna see it I’ll open it, they need to be removed!! I’d definitely give 5 stars if we didn’t have the above issues

😮. It’s a great game BUT too many points are required to either get a free card or use extra cards or just to play a game. You never seem to get too many points unless you win “harvest” on the wheel, that way you get to harvest ever 30 min. I think this game is out there to make as much money out of people as possible. Pity 🤨

Been playing for years, love it. Great game to pass time, only wish there was more ways to earn coins as when you start getting into the higher levels the games cost more so most times if you don’t win you only can play once a hour

Great Game . . . . BUT - TOO EXPENSIVE. A few years ago, I would have given this game top rating but now, as many, many others have written in their reviews, it is getting too expensive to play. I cannot afford to spend money on buying coins that don’t last very long at all. I’m up to 3000 games now and even when you win a free game it is DEFINITELY NOT free, still costing you more coins. It takes many, many days to collect enough coins to play just one or two games which now cost way more than the rewards you get. Sadly, the developers are not listening and don’t care unless you spend your cash to buy up coins. I hope they listen to someone one day, as I am running out of hope as I really enjoy this game. I see that the developers will come back with the usual reply, but sadly, still not prepared to fix these problems, or even look at it, just want money, money, money 🙁🙁💸💸💲💲

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Update. Since the recent update it takes way too long to load and IF it finally does, there is a huge lag...very frustrating

Over it. The game becomes pretty much rigged that you can’t win levels and you’re stuck playing them 10x over, but also you only get enough coins to play one game an hour. Wildcards and extra things end up costing 12k + and the only way to get a head is to spend real money, and it’s honestly not worth it at all.

Great game. Only learned about this game to get me a $750 dollar Amazon card

Don’t like the Pig bank!. I’m not a fan of this new pig- all it does is take away coins that we should be earning on a level, and tries to force you to pay real money to access the coins that you’ve earned. Not cool!

Impossible to play without using real money. I found that it was incredibly difficult to play this game without spending real currency. As of level 63, it costs 2,000 gold to play a round. A harvest provides a little less than 3,000, but you need to wait an hour between harvests. This mean you can play one, maybe two rounds an hour assuming you lose both. It really starts to lose its fun after a day or two when the game literally won’t let you play it. The game itself is enjoyable, just let me play it......

My feedback. I absolutely love this game ! But the wild card prices are way way to high , and there should be more opportunities to win coins to play for those who can’t afford to purchase

Spend your dollars. Way too much advertising. Always trying to get you to buy credits. No rhyme nor reason to getting stars. You will burn up 50,000 credits trying to do one level. Otherwise not a bad game.

lots of fun. A great game to keep your solitaire skills useful.

CASH GRAB. It’s a fun game for sure. I love playing it BUT after 2000+ levels I am giving it up because it’s become a cash grab. My main frustration is that at these levels it “costs” over 9000 a game... As well on a good third of the games they are impossible to win. The coins cost the same whether you are on level 10 or 2000 so a beginner can play a long time on 100,000 coins but the advanced levels that’s only 10-11 games. Which honestly only lasts 15 mins! Sorry it’s been fun but I’m walking away.

Harvest the fun. Challenging and fun!

Great. Awesome

Frustration and delete. Every day I play and it is so frustrating to try to finish one level, you lose 50000 coins and it gives you nothing but frustration and I put my finger on delete but I don’t, pretty’s a very fun game although I do love it but many times I want to delete..thx..

Great game, tired of the ads to buy coins. I love playing this game, but when I can’t get to the screen to play unless I buy 75,000 coins for $3.99. There is no “X” to get out of that screen, the only way is to buy the coins and I don’t want them! Please fix this, not the first time this has happened. Super annoying!!

Fun. i really like this game, but it’s hard to earn coins and I have to stop playing for a little while before i can replay a level. Maybe you could give more coins per harvest/ have more easy way to earn money. another thing is that i would really like to be able to reset my progress easily.

Good game. But I really wish since it takes 2000 coins to play a round that the coins won in the round when you win would be more then just a little more then you spent to play the round that makes no sense the coins won should be double then what it cost to play a game.. And really 6000 coins to buy a wild card that’s crazy it’s not worth it or even to spend coins on getting 5 extra cards 4000.. Please change this or I think I might just delete this game and find a different one to play because I love ❤️ solitaire. ya another thing the crops don’t pay enough at all either.. Hope you fix the coin amount

Coins. Really difficult to collect coins. Cards rarely combine to make streaks. I purchased 80000 joins and they got used up before you know it. Coins earned rarely are more than the coins needed for the next game.

Too Hard. They make it too hard to win without spending a ton of money.

Good but needs improvements. I really enjoy this game however, you need to win more to be able to keep playing.. I am not, nor will I ever spend my real cash on game coins!! Seriously!! I play about 1x a week after harvesting enough to actually play 5-6 rounds! Very disappointed in the fact that you only win 200 more coins than what you actually need to play a round.. I will probably stop playing once spring arrives unless improvements occur from developers!! Lots of other solitaire type games out there that rewards you fairly! And you can play for hours without spending real money!

Princessgail54. I enjoy this game but I find the cost of thing a little to expensive. I wish they would lower the everyday playing amounts to a more reasonable amount so you have a better chance to play a little longer!!!!!!

So sad this is really only a money grab. The app seems just made to make money. The amount of coins you can “earn” does not support playing more than 1-3 rounds an hour on average (unless you log in every hour for a few days and save your coins up to play more in one go). You can harvest enough coins each hour for about one round. If you win, you’ll “win” around the number of coins you spent to play the round (minus any bonuses you bought). If you lose, kiss those coins goodbye. While I like the varied types of levels and the challenge of them, I really don’t play this game much, because I’d have to purchase coins every day to play. I might as well play solitaire on my computer, or literally ANY other game. At least on other games I can buy an ad-free version for a reasonable price and play as much as I want.

Not enough coins. Its a bait trap to get you to spend money on the game. Coins won aren’t even enough to play the next round. Crop harvest is barely any coins. Solitaire games are fun but it takes days to make enough coins to play a few rounds.

V’s review. I enjoy playing this game. I think some levels are hard to pass. It takes longer to pass because you don't have the credits for each level almost every level is 2000 credits and your harvest once an hour but it's mostly only credits for 1 round. Love the colours and the little forth of July character.

Too many pop up ads.. It could be a decent game but it has just far too many pops up imbedded in the program. Every round you play involves a pop up of some kind that is selling you something or telling you about an opportunity to purchase something or telling you why the game is so great. Enough is enough.....

Money hungry!. Was fun until I got above the 2 million credit level. Now I have to play each level at least 3-7 times to move on. Almost impossible to get 2 or 3 stars now, and doesn’t matter if I use the extras. You can’t move without them wanting more money. Every time you spin, they want you to spent money. Everyone is dealing with tuff times, how about making this game fair an fun again. Let us keep our money during these hard times. P.S I know you won’t post this, but I’m allowed my opinion, and I have spent enough money to this game that I deserve more fun and satisfaction.

More bonus coins pls.. Hi I’ve noticed the dog gives out 100 coins no matter what level u are on. Personally I think it should go up the higher level u are playing. Maybe go with 100 for the first couple thousand it cost to play a game and then when it gets to over 5000 make it like 300-500 coins. Plus maybe make a type of extra coin maker so u don’t have to wait an hour to play another game. I’ve put to much cash into this game and I’m just wanting to see a return thanks so much. Been playing this game for just about 2 years now and still not bored. Just need more coins to play.

Good game.. Challenging to get 3 stars all the time.

Loyalty should be rewarded. The game itself is stunningly beautiful. The graphics gorgeous. I have to admit that the design team and programmers are excellent. I’ve never had glitches or crashes. My only complaint is the model of making things play, add-ons, etc... more expensive in essence punishing loyalty by making it hard to purchase extra cards. I was overjoyed to see the pricing brought down to around 4000 coins for 5 extra cards which while still excessive made it possible to extend your play time. I truly hope you reconsider your pricing strategy and reward loyalty rather than overcharging it. You will notice I still gave five stars because I truly love the game.

Awesome Game. Another great exciting game love it

No thank you. Trash. It’s pretty much impossible to gain enough coins to continue playing. You have to literally play perfect games. You must spend game currency to play a level but then make back pretty much nothing or in the negative, so you inevitably run out of coins. You have to buy more to continue. I’ll waste my time (not my money) elsewhere, thanks.... back to candy crush I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

Stay away. I wish there was a rating low enough for this game. Absolutely stupid.

Good game. It’s a good cake but the rounds are too much, if the harvesting brought in more money then I’d be able play the game more than like four different times a day. Could be better

Money grabbing game. It takes so much coin to play a game and the games are hard. I can only play a few snd then spend the rest of the day collecting hourly crop money. Just frustrating and am about to delete it. You don’t make enough on any games that make up for the high costs of each game. Unless of course you watch ads which I don’t. I’d rather pay for the game. Come on developers. Do better

Game cheats. This game cheats just to try to get you spend money. You barely make any money when you win and it cost too much to get into a game.

Drains your money too fast. I love this game but it drains your money so fast that I have to stop playing for a few days and collect as much as I can to be able to continue playing. The crops should give you more money or the hourly bonuses

Finished harvest. Just finished harvesting 2200 coins and then played a level for 2000 and lost so I guess I played my game for the hour... Big cash grab game!!!

Love it. Just wish they wouldn’t do multiple pop-ups all the time. One sales pitch at a time is enough.

This game is an expensive rip off. This game is stupid, you can’t advance anywhere without spending loads of actual money!

Ok but money drains too fast. I have to stop playing sometimes quickly after starting just because the money goes down too fast ... makes it no fun

Expensive .... It can be a fun game, but it costs more to play than what you earn when you win. I’m at a point where it’s 3,000 for one round. A wild card is 9,000 ... an extra hand is 5,000 and higher. You’re lucky if you win a round the first time, but you only win about 3,800. Not encouraging.

Was a good game. Too bad, this was a really good game but now that I am at higher level it is almost impossible to pass level without using all my coins and booster. They just want you to spend money to get ahead. Also, the missions give you way less in prizes then they did before.

Fun. It’s a fun game but you burn through your points so fast it takes a day or two to build them up so you can play again and they’re gone in another half hour to an hour. Not worth the trouble, I’m deleting it

Harvest Game. It’s a fun game , lots of people are playing it .

Only good for the first short while. After your initial gift of coins is used up, you end up being able to play only a hand or two every hour unless, of course, you purchase coins with real $$. A fun game while it lasted but now it's just too tedious. Play one hand of solitaire and then wait at least an hour to play another. No thanks.

Keeps me playing. I’m really enjoying this. I don’t feel pressure to buy,buy,buy, there aren’t ads every 10 seconds and I just love playing and the treasure chest event is really cool too

Fun and addictive. This is very addictive. I found out that if you tap on the dog when he’s in the garden, you can extra coins. 10 coins each tap, and you get 10 taps. You can also slide side to side in the garden looking for the dog... he can be anywhere 😉

Simple. Cute little game

Très amusant. Super

horrible game. its a total money grab. the game 9/10 is impossible to win unless you use all your coins and buy power ups. at the end of the line you have the option to “buy” 5 more cards and almost every time the cards they give you aren’t the right ones. don’t play this game unless you plan on spending lots of money because it’s un winnable otherwise. would give 0 stars

Hate waiting for lives. All in all a good fun game but I hate waiting for lives and how much it costs to get a new deck of cards, my coins run out so quickly.

Great graphics. Great game, just wish the winning amounts were more and perhaps more special bonuses.

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A Note 4 Ur Suggestion Box. It’s a neat twist on the old game of solitaire. However, I wish that the game was more about skill and less about luck. Each round is super expensive to play (& the cost goes up as you level up). That absolutely works favorably for the creators of the app because it tempts the players to want to spend real world money. The only problem with that is that because it’s so easy to lose a round, the player will end up blowing all the in game cash they just purchased in a matter of minutes. No bueno, my friend. When you’re playing the same level for the 10th time and you know that you are doing everything right and have only one card left to play with 10 cards left in the deck and you get five 3s (FIVE 3s!!) in a row... the utter madness... Especially because it’s a common reoccurring experience. So, how about a little tweak: Keep the cost of the rounds the same if you want to, but at the very least make it 70% skill and 30% luck will ya? That way, players won’t mind spending real world money. #HustleSmarter #UrWelcome

This game is very addictive I can’t begin to tell you how addictive it is.... I have given this Game five stars b4 and I am almost to level 1000 I love this game very much as in most people do. I’ve been playing it for years and I’ve put lots of money in this game which I have also stopped doing because you play one round and most of the time you don’t get the cards you need so you end up having to play with more money which is incredible I’ve never played a game that charge you so much to continue a game than you only make anywhere from 2000 to 3000 if you’re lucky up to 4500 and I’ve gone just to see how much money it would take one time continuing to try to get the one card I needed one card and it cost me 70,000 of my coins because each time you need more cards the price goes up. But I do want to say I do enjoy the game very much and I will continue playing like I have over the years it’s my favorite game but I will not spend anymore money I just wait a day or two and collect as much as I can before I play again..

Great Version of TriPeaks!. I just switched over from another poplar app of this game due to the constant changes they’ve made in reflection of their greed for money and I got burnt out. This version is definitely not like that! I love the options they give you to include ads or not, the countless opportunities to earn coins, and boosters to help you win. I’m already addicted and have gotten pretty far along in just 1 day. I hope they don’t change their algorithms to make it impossible to win without spending money like the other game because I am a big fan and I’ve already invited my friends/family to switch over to this version. And as a disabled/stay at home mom, I depend on playing games to distract myself from the constant, debilitating pain I’m in everyday and also as a hobby to keep my mind stimulated. I highly recommend this game, if you love TriPeaks, you’ll definitely love this version. 😊

Grand Havest. First of all , I love your game! I have actually tried to contact you through settings and it won’t allow me to. I had a weird thing happen awhile back. I was trying to turn the next card over in the deck. It wouldn’t turn over & I just kept hitting it. After a LOT of tries I realized that every time I tried it was taking massive coins away like it thought I was continuing to buy more cards! As you know, each try doubles then triples etc. Before I caught on I swear my coins dropped in half & I had about 9,000,000 or more! I was so bummed & tried for a few weeks to reach you through settings. It has also tweaked before & was eating up all of undo’s. It’s done that a few different times & I wanted you aware . I still love your game , the coin thing was a real drag though Sincerely, Sharon Thurston

Used to be Fun to play. Updated: I wrote the review below more than a year ago. To be honest, I enjoy playing the game. But, as you have read from others, the cost per game is too high. It’s really gotten out of control recently, and the more you play, the more coins it costs. With their newest great idea, now you can play the game with reward levels. At level 1500, if you want to keep playing at a level to even remotely sustain a balanced cost:fun ratio, it’ll cost you 32k coins per game, which you can’t win unless you also spend 11k or even more on boosters. Too bad, but these guys just got too greedy. I’m out. Original review: While there are enough pop ups and ads asking you to buy things to be annoying, this isn’t one of those games where you can’t get anywhere without spending money or seeing ads. I haven’t spent anything on it and I’m at level 450. After you play for a while, I suggest saving up coins by opening the app just to harvest the crops (coins) and then once you get up to 100k or so, it’s pretty easy to maintain enough coins to play as long as you want without running out.

No go for me. You need low number cards, you are guaranteed to get k, Q and J’s. You need K, Q and J’s you are going to get 7 or 8 cards in a row of anything BUT THAT. Forcing you to buy 5 news cards to try to get out of that level and even then, you are darn lucky to get even one card you need, again, forcing you to pay even more than the first round for 5 MORE cards. I just blew about 15,000 coins on one game. I was doing great until i purchased my first coin pack. The only reason i bought the first one was because the game was giving cards I actually needed to continue playing. After that coin purchase it went to crap and now it is nothing for me to turn 5 or 6 cards, sometimes even the whole set of cards and get not one single card i need. Game has officially been deleted. I play these games to relax not to get frustrated and angry because i am turning a whole set of cards i can not use forcing me to buy multiple rounds of 5 cards to finish the game. By then, i am ready to throw my device instead of playing the game. No thanks......

Addictive & super fun!. I once downloaded the average version of solitaire until I stumbled across an ad for this game. Normally I don’t bother exploring game ads, but the graphics drew me in. To my surprise, the game is really fun & it has NO ADS, which is hard to come by these days! You can tell the developers put a lot of thought & work into this & they truly listen to users suggestions. Also, what game gives you free credits every day & once in awhile you’ll get a 3k credit surprise if you’re on FB, like their page & are active users I’ll wait..⏳There’s ever evolving levels, missions, crops, prizes. Now do I think the way they dole out credits on levels makes sense? No, not really. But it’s entirely possible to play this game without every having to spend actual money on purchasing credits. I started playing this game about 2 months ago & I'm hooked. I’d rather play a game with no ads that actually cares about their users than a game with ads that dishes out larger prizes. Keep up the great work developers!

Baffled. So I have just downloaded this game a few days ago. It can be fun but the boards they give you are impossible a bunch of the time. This causes you to go through coins and not be able to play for very long. I’m not bad at games either. The game will give you a winning board sometimes when you are on your last coin. Which leaves me feeling toyed with and aggravated. I told them being a mother of three that’s not how I want to feel on my down time. And I certainly do not want to play a game that’s going to have me lose 99% of the time. Before writing a public review I wanted to privately contact support. Give them an opportunity to do something. I swear on everything I got a message back that said they will not be responding back to me due to the fact that I cussed at them. I was stunned. Not one cuss word was typed from my fingers. I thought I would get an I’m sorry. Or a we will look into it. Nope. I got you cussed at us and we will not be responding. Wow. There are so many other solitaire games out there like this one. I will just download one of those.

Disappointed. When I started playing this game it was a lot of fun. Now it’s becoming aggravating. It costs more coins to play the higher the levels. I get that but not everyone has/wants to spend a bunch of money for coins or golden tickets that aren’t going to last long since it costs so many to even play a round. The harvest doesn’t offer that many coins and the rewards for finishing the missions are ridiculous. I just finished a mission and it took me to the rewards. The 1st reward for finishing a mission was blank. I swiped through and the reward for the 7th and 12th missions are blank as well. If you buy the golden ticket you get rewards for all the missions. It has also started changing the game from standard difficulty to the other difficulties by itself. I lost a lot of coins before I realized what the game was doing. That’s really messed up. Update: I watched an ad to get the harvest time cut in half and it didn’t even give it to me. This game needs some serious changes or I’m done playing.

Cost to play is outrageous. This would be a great game if you could win. These developers have done everything in their power to force the player to buy credits —- And frequently buy them! I ve had as many as five or six hundred thousand credits only to need to buy more to win even two or three hands in a row. Many times I “ earn just enough for credits to play one round”. Which I lose with three minutes... then you have to go to a different game for an hour before you get anymore free credits! The ratio credits it cost to play a round compared to what one if a round is very low. It may cost 8.1 credits to play a round while if you win you win 8.3 credits or if if lucky you win 9.2 credits. This game so frustrating because impossible to win enough credits to keep play. This game could be a money pit. One may have o play a level 8 to 10 times at a cost for each round f 8.1 THOUSAND credits. If you win after playing it 10 times at a cost of8100 credits and then you only 8600 credits ___ Do math.... o see how many credits you’ve lost! STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME!

Kind of disappointed 😕. I’ve been playing this game since it first came out, so I’ve seen all the different changes take place, most of which have been fine. As I well know the key to any game is to encourage the player to spend money, to further yourself in the game, and give the producer money in their pockets. However, within the game itself the latest take away from the player has been when spending your coins to increase your chances for 3 stars you were able to purchase the windmill, wild cards, or take 3, which you would get 3 of whichever one you spent your coins on, now you only get 1 of whatever you purchase. I don’t think taking away something that you put in place from the start is endearing to the player, especially the ones who’ve been supporting the game from the start. I know that the daily bonus amounts were changed, but that was relatively soon after the daily bonus was started. The game is fun to play, but as I continue to see changes that decrease your chances, I’m not hooked on playing as much, and am not willing to put any more money into the game. Hence the 2 star rating.

Don’t even bother.. This game is just like all of the other pay to win games with hundreds of paid for positive reviews. There are plenty of other versions of this style of solitaire available on the App Store that offer free and fair game play. Do NOT be fooled by the pretty design. The fact it charges you coins to play a level and then allows for levels that are down right impossible without spending even more coins on the level is ridiculous. Especially when the cost to continue is higher than what you could possible earn and each action costs you in game currency. Each level is not consistent and randomly gives you different card values even when replaying, so receiving a level that is accomplishable with only the level fee is luck. It’s a very shallow, half baked attempt to get you to spend money just to even keep playing the game. What a very ridiculous, immoral way to manipulate kids and even adults into paying money just for a barely passable, unoriginal, faulty game. Please don’t waste your time or money on this app.

Love this game. I play every night to wind down for bed for the past few years. I’m at level 12,672 as of now. I love the updates and mini games within. I’ve purchased maybe a handful of times for more coins or the bundle deals they have. Even if I can’t play a game because I’m low on coins I still harvest and collect to be able to play the highest level eventually. My favorite mini games is the dice board & the bunny/carrots. I do wish that if wild cards or specialty cards are still left in your hand when you win the game, that we get to keep them to use on the next level. I don’t like it when I use my windmill or removable cards to help me win a level but I never got to the cards in my hand to use the specialty cards because I won the game beforehand😅. Other than that I love love this game!

Addictive but expensive. Love playing but its not cheap. Only thing I might add is that they have some instructions or directions on all the different playing options besides just the farm. I found the vip level & played but when I went back my marker did not leave off from where I had reached & I ended up playing a bunch of the field I had already sewn until I finally realized I was replaying it. There should really be some sort of catch to make you have to choose an actual option to go back & replay a field and start you where you left off when you leave the farm to complete a challenge or vip level. I also “won” the grand prize harvest but no points were given for it. Kind of a bummer. Also as you get further on you can try playing the same crop 5 or 6 times and there is no way to win unless you want to use a wild card which is 6,500 coins! REALLY?? That’s a ridiculous amount for just a wild card. I bought some coins 3 or 4 different times because I enjoyed it but now I can see its rigged so you don’t win further on and have to buy all the time. Going to uninstall.

Awesome game/ purchases to much. Love love this game! Very addictive. Someone mentioned it can take 10 tries to get through it. Well yes sometimes some levels are that way but, that’s how solitaire works! You don’t always get the cards you need! The ONLY complaint I have is the purchases. I purchase quite often from another very popular game and in doing so receive ALOT of stuff to which is enticing! I purchased a 10$ pack here once and it lasted 20 minutes! Which I would’ve never purchased but I was so close to completing a pyramid level and I was determined to beat it!! My husband spends close to 100$ a month on that same popular game I mentioned and doesn’t even think twice about doing it. This has now become his favorite game(that I got him to play to receive the 10,000 coins-yahooo!!) But harvest solitaire he refuses to buy anything because what you get for coins is not worth it! So up your coins received(by ALOT) and I bet you’ll get a lot more purchases, at least from me I know you will!

RIP OFF FOR HIGH LEVEL PLAYERS!!!! This game is COSTLY!!. BEWARE: THIS GAME IS COSTLY!! I’m Approaching level 4000 and I must say I once really enjoyed this game. I’ve decided to give it up since the developers have decided to take way more than what they give!! It’s now costing me 100K points or more to get through most of the rounds only to get 25-40K back in credits!!! Where’s the fun in THAT??? I know it’s all designed to make me continuously spend money, but I can purchase 500K points and in 2-3 rounds that’s GONE in a matter of a few minutes because I never get a hand of cards that will get me through a whole round!! Most hands have 3 or 4 of the same value cards back to back that are worthless!! Furthermore, in higher level rounds, you are only dealt 8-10 cards to get you through a board of like 30 or more cards! I’m so done with this game now. It’s been a fantastic rum, but there are tons of other Solitaire games out here and you have forced me to consider the competition because of your greed! I CANNOT recommend this game anymore when you’re DEEP in the pockets of the players. Sad!

Addicting without reward.. This is a great game to get addicted to and even make those that never spend money on games spending $100 no problem. For awhile it’s great and feels Rewarding but truth is you never gain more than you spend, ever! Especially once you pass level 20-30, I have won spins and trophies but then it counters with a level too difficult to pass no matter the genius play since it’s not an actual deck they play with it’s just endless cards so you cannot guess what will be next due to cards previously played/shown. I don’t know why I keep playing. As I am at level 950! Ugh… fun or wasted wallet? I downplay the spending of $200 this month as if I went to a casino. U play and know ur gonna lose. This game u never walk in with the hope to win more than u played. Each game gives u back what the game cost plus a very small bonus, there’s no doubling or any other ‘money’ making bonuses. I hate to love this game. The graphics are perfect! The best I’ve played with.

Fun and GREAT support. Edit: had a problem with one of their promos over a weekend. Support answered and solved my issue in about 24 hours. Amazing support for an iPhone app. This is now my primary fun solitaire app! (Over Pyramid Solitaire Saga) - will spend money to keep me entertained:-) thank you!!! Good game, I like the music, the regular levels are just challenging enough and there are enough rewards interspersed in each field that it makes you want to keep playing. I also really like that the VIP points system gives you hundreds more levels without compromising play for those who want to play for free. My only complaint; make the Golden Glade rewards at the top of the pyramid higher. 7-10k for games to unlock 10 extra coins per harvest? It’s not worth it to play them. Also a suggestion; include the ability (voluntary ONLY) to watch an ad for an extra or double harvest. It would let people play more *and* increase your revenue. Thanks for the game!

Fun but... I play a lot of games. This one is fun, but frustrating because of the obvious greed of the developers/owners. All other games I play make it easier to earn game $ by watching videos... annoying, but fulfills my ‘no pay to play’ philosophy.... this one does not do that.. so either wait for harvest, or buy. I will not buy, never have in any game, so may have to delete... meantime I have started playing 2 of your competitors games while waiting for harvests... I will say the graphics in this game are bright and fun. Game play fun, altho odds obviously stacked in favor of game. But the purpose is to enjoy, not be frustrated by playing and waiting.. UPDATE...deleting... just too frustrating to have to wait for harvests.. there needs to be other ways to earn free credits... and the cost of extra cards and wild cards is beyond ridiculous. (Btw, if I earn wild cards in a streak and don’t use them you should let me stockpile them to use later!) I will check back in a year or two to see if you are listening at all. Meantime, while waiting on harvests, I have found some great, fun, non-frustrating games to play..

Addicted!. I truly love this game! I would just like the rate of each harvest to be worth more than 50 coins…remember, everything else goes up in this game but harvest stays the same! Your game is called Solitaire GRAND HARVEST! Therefore the HARVEST should be worth a great deal of coins by now! And SAM, the mascot of the game, his barks should be worth far more than 50 coins! Maybe you just forgot why you started this game? Anyway, although I think these two should definitely change for the better I still adore playing! I’m up to level in the 9000’s and although I spend money but only when I’m truly after something, I do take advantage of all the hourly, half-hourly and most of the time midnight goodies… I usually am up at midnight and that’s when I get the once daily goodie treats! I doubt that I hold any records but I do have in excess of 50 million coins so I’m now just enjoying the game! Please think about Sam’s worth and The HARVEST’s worth😻❣️

Solitaire Grand Harvest. This game is ok but totally frustrating. Too many times you flip 8-10 cards without getting a playable card. The daily bonus keeps resetting to week one. The higher you get in the levels, the more coins it takes to play. Unless you have money to buy additional coins, you are stuck waiting until you can harvest again. I would only recommend this game if you are desperate for something to do. As with most games you have to have Facebook to get any extra rewards which I do not have nor want to have. Seems unfair that you are not able to be rewarded via email. I have downgraded this app because it is impossible to finish the various side quests or albums without having to pay to purchase the necessary card packs to be able to finish. Not worth the time anymore even though I am on level 3,234. Will be deleting. Was a good game until they made it impossible to get anywhere. I received a reply from the developer and it was obvious that it was a canned reply. Didn’t even pertain to the review that I wrote.

Fantastic game. I’ve played this game for three years now and I love it. It adds a fun twist to regular solitaire. Yet the higher the levels your on the more expensive the game and the add ins are so expensive they can rarely be used unless you win a few one along the way. Even after winning a round with three stars, your lucky to break even on the amount you had to pay to play. The side games, dice , match etc… are fun add ins and I look forward to them but they don’t last long enough. You have to play straight through if your trying to win the big prize attached to finishing it. I work full time and have kids and it’s almost impossible to finish one if you can’t play straight through, and the amount of stars you receive from winning is hugely off balance between the three levels you can choose from.

Peggy the Pig and PopUp Pollution. This app has all kinds of creative layouts and gimmicks woven into solitaire. Most are fun. It incentivizes you to spend your money of course. But you can play for free if you like. Likes: The progressive levels The dog you can pet for coins The ability to play at three different amounts of coins per game and get different prizes Some of the creative things that aren’t totally annoying like the squirrel and his nuts, and the rats and its cheese. Building out the farm with credits earned is very clever and fun. Dislikes: Let’s start with the totally annoying Pig. It needs to become bacon or pork chops immediately. I loathe her. Same for the carrot tossing rabbit. They are both designed to get your money. Allow us to turn them off or get rid of them. I also don’t understand why added cards and the wild cards cost more than the actual game in coins. You can quickly deplete your free coins and then either have to wait hours to accumulate enough coins again to play or buy coins to play. Which brings me to the pop ups that appear when you start the game after waiting an hour for new coins to harvest. Sometimes you are assailed with the three or four popups at a time before you can harvest. That’s usually when I just stop and go play something less annoying.

Money hungry people is what it should be called!!. We have been playing this game daily.....except maybe missed 3 days out of the whole 90 day harvest. I have never wrote a review on anything but if u play this game u will get frustrated. The game is set up to make you want to buy money so you can go on to different levels. I get to the last village level 20 and then I need over 500 Ruby's to buy the characters. They don't give u enough when u do win to even play another game.....yes they have these little bonus' but be prepared to lose the money as fast as u get it....just like the 45,000 I just got. Was gone in 4 games & I still haven't won. I've been up over 300,000 coins & in a matter of an hour it will be gone trying to play. I'll go to playing the golf least they have an option to watch a video to help keep you playing DONT GET SUCKED IN TO SPEND MONEY JUST TO TRY TO WIN. the price of a wild card is the cost of two games!!!! It's a sad deal because this game could have so much going for it if it wasn't for the greed of the developers trying to make money off people!!!

Challenges not worth it.. I’ve been playing this game forever as a casual relaxing time waster, level 1,410. I had amassed 6 million coins through play. I decided to take part in the My Farm Challenge where you earn gems for every hand you play and you use those gems to build this elaborate 20 level farm. The challenge lasts two months because each level takes thousands of gems to level up and you don’t get very many gems per hand you play. I ground away daily to get this challenge completed and I finally did it today with only one day remaining. Whew! When I finally completed the last build I won a jackpot of 6 hundred thousand coins. But I had spent my entire 6 million to get it completed. 🙄🤣 Needless to say I won’t be participating in anymore challenges. What I disliked is that in the beginning the gems are expensive to earn but they go far in building the farm. It eventually costs much more in gems to move forward and after you’ve invested in the challenge you’re compelled to finish it. It felt like a bait and switch with a very anticlimactic ending. Bummer.

addictive and expensive. I personally love this game. I am now on level 1141. It is extremely addictive and challenging!! Once you’re addicted it becomes expensive as well. If i could go back and see how much money I have spent trying to play this game, I’m sure it’d be enough to pay a month’s rent. Only bad thing, the new update didn’t tell me what the new boosters are, therefore I don’t want to use them. I also NEVER hit the big jackpot on the spin wheels, it aggravates me to a new extreme. (I hit the jackpot one time in my 1141 levels and it was only after posting a review) I wish it would’ve told me what each booster was meant for; instead it just wanted me to “try out the booster” which then would take away from how many I’d have left. Also, the “chance to win” if I make a purchase is BS. I have made more purchases trying to win chances and have it to win.

Good game, but.... I love playing this game. It’s fun and challenging. Also, it has some of the prettiest graphics I have ever seen. There are multiple ways to play and collect points and advance. Some levels require more skill (strategy and looking ahead) and the more luck you have, the better. The caveat is that you can go broke playing. The game allows a modest accumulation of credits. However, any given level can drain your credit bank very quickly. I have settled for this strategy: the game allows a “harvest” of credits once an hour. Given the rate at which playing burns credits, the harvest is rather paltry. Thus my the game notifies me each time a harvest is ready. I collect the harvest and let the bank build. Then I play a few games with great pleasure. I can’t afford to buy credits (retired/fixed income). The game is worth checking out. The pluses may outweigh the one shortcoming. Again, beautiful and fun, if pricey.

About To Delete The Game Again. I came back to the game after over a year of not playing to see if any improvements have been made to the coin system. Doesn’t seem so. I love the dynamic, the interface, the challenges, etc. but I don’t like being able to only play one round every hour. The coin system and the in-game pricing is just ridiculous. You only get enough coins to play **1** game and if you lose (which some of these there’s no way you’d win because of the given card selection) then you have to wait another hour. I’m honestly getting sick of it. It makes my anxiety go crazy because all I want to do is play a cute solitaire game. Developers could make it where you’re at least able to play 2 matches every hour. It would be a hell of a lot better than 1. I’ll keep it for a few more weeks but if they don’t finally change that then I’m just done with the game. It’s annoying, frustrating, and really takes away from actually enjoying the game itself.

Used to be the best. Used to love this game! Have been playing it for a long time now. Back when it came out it was a lot easier to win levels/coins. But now its SO hard to win even 3 levels in a row. Now you win a level and basically break even on coins. Takes a lot longer/more resources to win a level. Its turning into every other money grab micro-transaction game out there. Even with the extra add-on missions/daily quests, you still end up losing coins in the end. Ive gone into levels where I could literally only play 3 cards.. not quite sure how thats balanced. I dont expect to win every level, but I used to spend MORE money on the game when it was easier to win. I went from 800,000 coins that I had accumulated from the beginning, down to 130,000 IN TWO DAYS. The devs saying “its a game of luck and patience” You know exactly what you’re doing. Dont apologize for “our poor experience” do right and make the game better. Most likely going to uninstall at the rate theyre moving.

Love it!. I have been playing the game for a couple months now and i love it. I’ve spent my actual money but not because i have to just because its so much fun and i want to keep playing! There are plenty of ways to gather points which i like. I usually delete games like this because after u get to level 100 the levels get too hard to beat but thats what i love about this game , after a while on hard levels they will let u win, and i like being a winner haha :)the only downside is i don’t like that it only goes to 4 consecutive weeks then drops u back down to 1, heck I’ve been playing for 3 months straight but still get the same reward as someone who is playing their first week . But all in all i love the game, on level 3,000 now. Me and my mom complete with each other for coins although she’s been playing for way longer (she’s level 8k lol) anyways, happy playing !!

Interesting spin on solitaire. This game has a nicely designed farm-themed interface. I like the different challenges presented that help you gain game coins that are needed to play each board. However, as you progress in the game, playing gets more expensive, sometimes limiting the number of boards you can play consecutively. If you don’t have enough coins to get through enough boards, you won’t be able to complete the challenges. Also, you have the opportunity to get free coins every hour along with daily bonuses, so if you’re low on coins, you have to pay attention to be able to get those free coins. What I dislike are the pop-ups that try to lure you into spending real money to get more coins and boosters. The boosters are pricey to purchase with game coins. I also do not care for the pig and the rabbit. They are simply annoying animated creatures that show up at various times. I do like the game overall though.

Love it but….. Love this game and find it highly addictive. However, the only reason I took a star off was because when you complete a level, you don’t earn much more than you invested. Unless you win every level, you are losing coins. Play a single level twice and you will not win enough to cover the cost of playing that level those two times. I may not invest my money into playing the game, but I do watch the ads just about every time available which they make money on. You want me to play the game, but I have to wait and let coins build up til I can play. Love, love, love the graphics and the farm aspect. Wish it would cache any winnings you should be receiving when you’re offline and then payout once you connect. Played for a few hours the other not realizing that my WiFi was off and didn’t get any of the credit for the lucky number cards once it came back online.

Too expensive not enough winning. I NEVER WRITE REVIEWS BUT ABSOLUTELY HAD TO FOR THIS GAME! But let me tell you I’m not opposed to spending a little money to play but this game is absolutely awful! How much everything costs is OUTRAGEOUS FIRST While playing the levels the WILD cards, adding 5 cards and the undo button take way too many credits!!! THERE IS NO REASON FOR THEM TO OVER 3 or 5 thousand credits! You are robbing people blind ONE WILD CARD WAS ACTUALLY 22,000 credits SECOND You can’t win the power ups without winning levels with built in power up winning in them or getting enough stars to earn more picks! I spent over $100 dollars this week And now I can’t win a game to save my life! And can’t afford to get the power ups to win the Shame on you all for saying what great fun this game is and that we need these things during this stressful time etc!!!! ; and then make the ability to play the game long enough to be fun only if you spend a fortune or be lucky enough to win more than 1 game an hour!!! Also some of the levels are impossible to win without using power ups! Won’t be playing again and Your Bingo game us the same way! Deleting both

Oh well.. Great game, but the money grab has become too great to overcome. With the new additions of town building, boosts to increase your jewels and Carrie’s carrots I’ve seen some changes in the way the game plays. This last go-around I watched as my odds of winning were LOWER with all 5 carrots AND using pre-boosts (all my boosts went from the 20’s to single digits). While competing in the masters league I was in first place when the update dropped and wasn’t able to finish competing in the league and when I finished all the new levels and made it back to the masters league I was in 8th place and won nothing. And most annoying was was finishing a level with 3-stars and somehow I won LESS credits than I paid to start the level - which wasn’t a glitch as it happened multiple times (or several times with three stars I’d win less than 1k credits over what I paid on a 76k entry fee). I watched my amassed fortune drop from >10m down to <1m over the course of an update. 5-stars to start. Down to 2-stars due to the abruptness of the change (and no kiss to go with the <#>€^ing I took).

Awesome game. I love love love this game. I’ll admit, I spend money but I love being able to harvest coins and pet Sam to get free coins. I just find that sometimes I want to play NOW and I can’t wait hours or even days to grow my account enough to play for a while. The biggest issue I have with this game which is something I thought would be fixed by now is when you start a game with a minute or 2 left on the clock towards a daily mission you might win the mission but not reap the reward because you didn’t complete the round before the time rams put. I think that needs to be changed to consider the round already in session a win if you win. I spend a lot of money on this game and have had 3 or more disappointing occurrences like this. I wasn’t sure at first but as of yesterday I am 100% sure now. I just may have to stop playing this game if this isn’t fixed. Please please please consider changing this. Other than that this is my vice and provides hours of peace of mind.

If you like ads, pop ups and crashes this game is for you.. I wanted to like this game. I’ve played similar games and really enjoyed them so I picked this up to try it out. First of all, the cost to play a level doesn’t seem bad until you get a few levels in. Then it just starts to cost a ridiculous amount and seems every round you need to buy the 5 extra cards to finish, which at times if you’re just playing, it can cost more than just restarting the level. There are some ads and the usual watch an ad to earn something. But the thing that absolutely got me to delete this game is all of the pop ups and ads for the game itself. Every time I would open the game or try to start a new level there would be something pop up. This could range from asking me if I want notifications turned on to a special 24 deal on a package or a special event or another special limited time event. Between that and how many times the game crashed, I gave up.

Dear, Solitaire Team. You can still make a TON of money in this game without making it so impossible to win. In-Game purchases are supposed to make you feel like you can just skate by every now and then and actually enjoy the game. Are you just trying to milk people out of first time purchases and then hope someone else pays next time? Wouldn’t it make sense to make purchases make people feel like they are winning and spend more time in-game so they get hooked?Have you guys even tested playing this game without paying cash? I promise you won’t get far even with cash every hour. After a certain level progress drops. I haven’t bought a single purchase. But being that each round is crazy expensive, there really is not enough incentive. What your selling is enough to get me to the next level but not to keep me invested. I don’t mind paying back a little when a game is good and worth my time, but it’s like this game is designed to make you fail and feel like paying is the only way to progress…. Or try your luck after a few hours of harvesting. Meh… I think not.

What I love about Grand Harvest Solitaire.... I’ve been playing this game for at least a year. I’m currently on level 4281! It’s the only game I play!!! The levels become more challenging as you progress, so sometimes it takes several attempts before you complete one. So while my level sounds impressive, I’ve actually played like 2 or 3 times that number!!! Another thing I like is that you’re not constantly bombarded with other apps! Of course there are “opportunities” within the game, to buy points (and other stuff) ... in fact there are a lot of options/opportunities! The nice thing is you can easily bypass them. No waiting while they try to sway you! Also, if a level is especially challenging, no worries... the random order of cards changes each time. I could go on, but this game has so many cool features to keep you engaged, that I’d have to write a book, which I could, but won’t do!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟& 1/2!😊

Fun but costs are too high. I think this is a great game design but the structure is backwards of what it should be. The basic gameplay should be free and the extras like backing up a step, wild cards, extra levels to increase the value of crops, etc... should be what is sold so one can make the game easier. Instead, each game costs coins which you earn from harvesting crops every hour or winning hands. If I lose a couple of games I can’t play anymore bc I’m out of coins. My crops allow about one hand. I bought some coins once but I’ll never do it again because they go incredibly fast and were really expensive for about 10 hands. It takes about 10 hands won in a row to have enough to buy one game. I hope the devs hear that it’s a well done game and I like it, but you’ll lose me over not making the extras be the money maker for you. I’d also be happy to watch ads to gain hands like the game Threes.

Went down hill. I love this game don’t get me wrong, but it takes forever to get a lot of coins. I use to be able to watch ads to get coins and as i got to the 3k levels, it stopped. It takes over 8k to play on game, it use to let me watch ads to get to play free for 10 mins, now i don’t have that option. You lose coins in order to play, because the levels are so hard you’d either have to use coins to get more cards or to get a gold card and if you lose you keep having to pay coins to play the round over and over until you win, which is not a lot compared to having to pay(in your coins) to play. Also when your playing in chapters, it takes a lot to finish them so i never really get the chance to get past level 9 which it has 20+ levels. I’m thinking of deleting my account and starting over or not playing anymore after playing for over 2 years. It’s just this is the only game i enjoyed playing.

Always there. This game is my Steady Eddie. It’s always there for me. I take the time every few hours to harvest my crops (you can every thirty minutes to one hour, depending) on breaks at work so on the weekends I have plenty of coin to play for hours. There’s always a mini-goal to accomplish so it doesn’t feel entirely endless. I’ve never spent a penny on this game and I’ve been playing for three years. If you run out of coin, just have patience and set a timer on your phone to harvest your crops. There’s even plenty of opportunities to get special cards and you can choose which mode you want to play in. I was a little disappointed when the ads went away (weird, right?). I didn’t mind choosing to engage with ads for a double harvest. But the point was I had the choice and I didn’t have ads shoved down my throat. They always update and the little My Farm adventures are cute.

Fun at first..... It’s really fun when you first start playing. You can make it through a couple of “fields” and then you run out of money to play. You can “harvest” every hour but unfortunately it’s barely enough to play even one more game. You can earn free credits to play by adding friends through Facebook, email and texts but that only gives you 1/10 of the money you need to play one round. As you progress, it’s less likely you will win a round on the first try. Now after seeing how quickly your money goes to play, there is NO WAY I would ever spend my REAL money purchasing credits. I was about 20 levels in before I deleted the game and came to read the reviews. Each level was costing $2500 to play and my harvest only brought in $2400. It’s such a bummer because the game and graphics are really great. It’s just too bad I’m not a millionaire in real life and can’t afford to play it anymore. I am someone who will occasionally make in-app purchases but with this games setup you could literally spend hundreds of REAL dollars and not be able to play very long. Hopefully the game makers can tweak their game play prices and credit systems because I’d love to download it again and play.

They listen. Good game, great art (I love the landscape backgrounds behind each game), and the developers are the first I've EVER seen in the history of app games who LISTENS to their reviewers. They've done (and do) a lot to make sure you get a decent chance to play even without spending real money. They've implemented a daily log-in bonus that I really appreciate. Even before that, a while back I spent a week not playing but jumping on every hour to get the "harvest" coins and that increased my coins so much that... Well let's just say it'll be a long time before I worry about running out. Plus they add little mini games and challenges... Really, they DO give you plenty of options to keep playing. Honestly this is the only app company I've run into that has actual integrity AND quality. It's Solitaire with a cute twist, it ain't fancy, but it's the funnest solitaire app on the market imo.

Obsessed with this game... Thank you for allowing me to play on your game I love the new themes that you are creating and I absolutely positively love my sweetheart boy little Sam he just too darn cute and I love everything about this game there’s always something great coming each and every day there is nothing I mean absolutely NOTHING I would change about this game except for one thing that is the prices for extra things you can get they could be a little bit cheaper than they are but otherwise I wouldn’t change anything about this game it’s absolutely amazing I love it and i would never stop playing it either way so tytyty again for creating such absolutely awesome game I appreciate it all always keep up the good work you are doing fantastic everyone ty god bless and have fun 🤩 enjoy your playing time xo

I enjoy this game...HOWEVER.... I really enjoy playing this game! However, there are 3 things I don’t...🥺 1. I don’t like the fact that you don’t win the amount of credits you pay to play per game (it’s set up to look like it, yet once you get the extra credit for winning with a stack of cards left, which is rare, you only get like 1/2 of the credit you paid to play that round, for winning the game) 2. When ya have a large amount of credits, you strategically lose most of ya chips for winning an entire section...even when you get the big wheel, the bonus chips and the 1/2 hour harvest are the ones I spin for!!! Yet if you don’t get one of the 4 of them, it’s not a great payback!!! 3. Once you get to the end of an entire section or level...there’s not an update or creation of more levels to play in enough time!! All you can do is collect chips! I really like this game a lot!! Hopefully these ratings are positive and taken seriously! I don’t want to “bash” the game...I just wanna play! The ONE thing that impressed me was how the technicians in support services were able to answer my questions and/or issues with the game in a reasonable amount of time!! And while I was usually rewarded for chips I legitimately didn’t receive or a glitch in the game...there are other games that don’t respond at all!!! So thank you for always responding to my emails!! Great character for being a computerized game!😇 My time is up and I thank y’all for yours!

Did rate 2 stars, but now 1. Apparently my last review never made it on here, so I’m doing it again. This game truly is a ripoff the higher you get. It will make you cycle through 10 cards just to play something on the board, and by that time, you’ve run out of cards to play. You’re constantly having to buy boosts to help you through levels, but even then, the boosts only help you win the levels 3/10 times. I had won a boost from playing the dog bone levels and it disappeared once I tried playing a level at a higher cost for more gems. There are many, many flaws in this game and it’s just become way too frustrating to play. I had previously rated it 2 stars because it is addicting. After reading through other bad reviews and seeing the developers generic response of harvesting every hour and “2 MILLION FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS,” I’ve realized they actually don’t give a flying f about the players and so I will be deleting this game. Don’t waste your money on developers that don’t care about their players experiences.

Unfair, unbeatable, and no longer fun! 👎🏽 😩. I have been playing this game off and on for a while now however, it’s getting more and more unfair, too many animations and no enough coins to complete one level. The game can be fun if the programmers were aware how it cheats. For example, in one game (not the challenge games) the regular game, how is it that I can have five-6’s on the screen with a full stack of draw cards and NOT ONE CARD can be played to get rid/play the sixes. Meaning you’ll lose that hand! Or, how can I play with a “strategy” when I have more that 5 cards of the same number???? It’s a card game! In addition to that, you can’t get past the levels without using your boosts and if you don’t have any, you MUST SPEND CASH MONEY to beat a level…it’s ridiculous. The game doesn’t give enough coins to play with even with the hourly harvest. I’m on level 5324, so I’ve spent cash, played for a while but it’s not fair! Who want to play a game they have to wait almost week to accumulate coins just lose them in an unbeatable hand! You guys really need to work on improving the game. I’m ready to delete it and just be done ugh it! So disheartening 😣

Excellent game. Overall addictive game with excellent graphics, gameplay (although it can be a bit repetitive) and sounds. I read many complaints about buying credits to complete each round and how costly it gets, however, I haven’t spent a single penny to reach round 1491 (current max). Have patience and harvest every hour (I set an alert) and spin the wheel to get freebies, credits or decrease harvest time. Note that that there’s a way to circumvent the credit system to get unlimited credits. I will not reveal here as it’ll kill your desire to play or win, plus it’s cheating! Would give this app 5-stars but the Wild card is a major usability problem for me. I’ve fat finger that card many times on my iPhone X. I reported this issue to the developer but they’ve yet to implement a fix (I suggested re-positioning it or add a confirmation dialog — could make it configurable if other users find that annoying — either way it’s an easy fix).

USED TO BE my favorite. This used to be my favorite game. I never enjoyed solitaire until I downloaded this game. Sure it had its bugs but they were fixed and never had the same issue twice. However, they now have all these different competitions going on and different adds for the same in-game experience and all this bologna. I can’t even open the game without being hit by 4-7 different game campaigns that are new and more annoying than the last. Not to mention I have spent GOOD MONEY playing and playing making it to level 480 within a few weeks because I was so addicted-to barely being able to play a level without doing some dumb off game they have within the app. I’m seriously considering removing the game from my phone and finding something different. I am no longer happy and I feel like I can barely move without getting swept into some competition that doesn’t even have a prize for those that tried but didn’t make top 3. This game has gotten very discouraging and disappointing.

Stacked!. This game is completely stacked against the player to make you pay money. I pay money for games often when I feel I’m gaining from the purchase. On this game, you can play the same level 30X in a row with zero chance of winning. For instance, you will get multiple queens in a row when you have multiple queens on the board, followed by multiple eights when you have multiple eights on the board. This happens over and over. I had over $100,000 and spent the entire amount on a single hand worth $2,400 each time. This game is so obviously developed to make you spend money and it’s been that way from day one. Hey devs, had you made the beginning levels in a way that would make the player feel like you weren’t just after their wallet, you may have had something! I had thought about paying this past time but after counting the most recent losses in a row (27) I decided you guys were just scumbags. No one should pay for this app. Download it and play for fun and for when you like to call out obvious greed and unfairness but don’t download if you’re looking for an honest solitaire game to pass the time. Windows 7 is better. In closing, Epstein didn’t kill himself.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 2.343.0
Play Store net.supertreat.solitaire
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

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The application Solitaire Grand Harvest was published in the category Games on 21 June 2017, Wednesday and was developed by Supertreat [Developer ID: 1223338260]. This program file size is 285.68 MB. This app has been rated by 208,677 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Solitaire Grand Harvest - Games app posted on 21 July 2023, Friday current version is 2.343.0 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: net.supertreat.solitaire. Languages supported by the app:

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- Weekly release of new levels! - Grow and harvest amazing crops! - Exciting special events and collections! - Various improvements and bug fixes.

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