Solitaire - Grand Harvest

Solitaire - Grand Harvest [Games] App Description & Overview

Get your Farming Gear Ready - it’s Solitaire Grand Harvest!

It’s tripeaks solitaire meets farming in an epic FREE solitaire card game! Enjoy all of the usual tripeaks solitaire fun while you farm around in Solitaire Grand Harvest.

Run Your Farm and Play FREE Tripeaks Solitaire
This isn't free tripeaks solitaire like you've ever seen it before - this is Solitaire Grand Harvest tripeaks! Grow your own farm as you play!

• Farm your land: Harvest crops in each field as you complete fun challenging solitaire games
• Get cool extra bonuses with each crop harvest! Keep playing tripeaks solitaire for more harvests!
• Let off steam and get even MORE bonuses in the Golden Glade - even cooler solitaire bonuses await you!

Farming is FUN! Solitaire Grand Harvest is the coolest, most rewarding free tripeaks solitaire game around!

Grow, Crop and Harvest: All the FREE Tripeaks Solitaire Features You've Ever Dreamed Of!
Looking for classic tripeaks solitaire, with an added farming twist? You got it. Enjoy these extra awesome solitaire features too:

• Crop Master bonus goodies - unleash each field's crates, loaded up with credits, boosters and other goodies - for even more rewarding tripeaks solitaire fun!
• Sam & Bones - scavenge for those solitaire treats with your trusty sidekick, Sam the solitaire dog, because more treats mean more rewards...and a very happy Sam!
• Hoppy the Frog - as much as you’ll love Hoppy, be warned that once he hops onto a solitaire card, he blocks the card from play! Sweet talk him around it and he might just reward you for your help!
• Bonus wheel spins - grab even MORE tripeaks solitaire bonuses like FREE coins, EXTRA cards, FREE solitaire rounds and EXTRA harvests!

Social Solitaire Games Get Rewarded!
Play fun tripeaks solitaire card games with your friends for even more rewards!

• Get 10,000 FREE CREDITS for inviting friends to join you in their own tripeaks solitaire games - send them a link or Facebook invite to have them join the tripeaks solitaire farming fun - then send them solitaire gifts!
• Tripeaks VIP: Harvest, farm, and card flip your way to VIP tripeaks solitaire levels and earn exciting rewards - but be warned, you’ll need to harvest and think strategically!

Download and Play Tripeaks in Solitaire Grand Harvest NOW!

Your crops and cards are waiting for your harvest, and these tripeaks solitaire games won't play themselves! Swing by the farm, flip your cards, and download one of the most exciting solitaire games of all: play Solitaire - Grand Harvest tripeaks now!

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Solitaire - Grand Harvest App Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think Solitaire - Grand Harvest app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

Solitaire - Grand Harvest Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- 75 amazing new levels! - A new Golden Glade pyramid! - Grow new crops! - Various improvements and bug fixes. - Happy harvesting!

Solitaire - Grand Harvest Comments & Reviews

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- Great

Love it

- Best Game Ever

Love this game.. Super addictive!!

- Rating

Very intertaining!

- Omg, it’s awesome. Wow.

Hiiiiiighly addicting, I love itttttttttttt.

- Great


- Play your cards right

This is a great game-if you play the game right it’s easy to get coins between the little dog that gets you 500 to making sure you harvest every hour to winning the missions that are presented-the little pig gets you a lot of coins at a low price-I complete more rounds than I lose so I always get coins-I have played over 700 rounds and hope to play 700 more

- Fun game

Love it

- Fun times


- Game

Great game

- Love

Love this game! Have played daily for some time now and have not grown bored like I do with other games!

- S a A w

Hi am here is that it was not until you are looking to

- Awesome

This app is a wonderful game love playing it

- Super Fun

This card game changes graphics and game play every hand. Totally enjoyable and hard to put down.

- Too Much

The game used to offer free credits every 30 minutes many times a day. Now, they hardly offer this. Maybe a couple times a day? The higher the level, the more credits it cost to play one game. The higher the level, the more it costs for an extra five cards. The game just keeps increasing in credits the higher the level. I had fun at the beginning, but now I’m seriously thinking of deleting the game.

- Fun and Addictive!

Great app

- Nice brain distraction!

This game is calming and challenging at the same time. It’s a great brain break!

- Grand harvest

An amazing game

- Wonrful

Great game

- Love it

Great game

- Fun

Very fun and exciting game

- Love the Game hate the

I’m hooked on the game. I love playing it. However the scoring is crazy. You need more opportunities to get coins. Prizes for winning a game should be higher. Other than that this game is gold!

- Just enjoy

Good game

- Keeps glitchy

Every time I try to play it just stops and shuts down

- Love this game!

I love that the game keeps giving you new challenges and isn’t always the same game. The graphics and colors are great.

- Solitaire

Great Game

- So fun

I really enjoy this game. I have not had a single issue with it.

- Give players a break

This is a fun and addictive game but it is so hard to ever get the feeling you have won. You can NEVER get ahead no matter how you try. I don’t want to win all the time but once in a while would be great. I collect credits every hour and then get to play for 5 minutes after collecting credits all day, it’s not balanced between good and evil! Give us a break

- Solitaire Havest

Great game

- Love this game!

This game is being constantly upgraded and I look forward to playing it every day!

- Jh

highly recommend this game.

- Ok

Things were going well then all of a sudden within the last month daily bonus weren’t showing up. Try to contact support directly through the game and it won’t let me.

- Fun card game

It’s fun to play and a good time passer during lockdown

- Game

I love the game

- Debbie

I Love this game!😁

- Too much

I would have given five but it just cost too much to do any thing!

- Love it

Very fun and addicting

- Love this game.

I started a few weeks ago and I love this game.

- Love this game

It’s so fun

- Best solitaire game EVER

I LOVE this game! Regular solitaire is not the same. Different levels to challenge the mind You never know what power-ups you will find You receive credits every hour Spinning the wheel can give you more power. The hard levels are with the frog But no worries, you get help from the dog. There are boosts to help you along the way This is a solitaire game everyone should play!

- Good time

Good game needs better rewards

- Love this game

This is a great addictive game

- Awesome game!

Literally am addicted. Almost to level 1000!

- Fun,fun,fun

This is the best solitaire I have played in a very long time....

- Great game!

Great game for solitaire lovers. New spin on it with increasingly challenging games.

- Fun

Helps keep down the boredom during the pandemic!

- Kdguidry


- Love this game

So addictive!! I am on level 500+ in less than 6 weeks. One of the most enjoyable games I have played

- Fun and rewarding

I like that you don’t have to use real money to advance in this game like a lot of others. I feel like some solitaire games take advantage of you in order to make you lose coins so you have to pay for them. This game seems more fair. Will definitely keep playing.

- Fun and addicting

Love the game

- Heather 😊

I love this game so much!

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- Harvest solitaire

Relaxing! More enjoyable if fewer ads requesting cash.

- This game is super addicting

I haven’t spent money on it yet tho

- Great


- Sonata441


- Rigged

This game is rigged to drain your money. I hope the developers change this because it really takes the fun out the game.

- Fun

Very fun game to play it

- Excellent game

Always a fun time playing this game!

- Glitchy

Is a really fun game but can barely play without it glitching. It takes 3 min. For it to load and then it freezes up half way through. Would really like them to fix it. It only got really bad about a month ago

- Super fun

Love the game, spend way too much time playing it

- Amazing

Best card game

- Solitaire

Excellent game

- Addictive

I love this game !

- Get it

Started this game because of a friend at work now almost on level 1000 so fun.

- Je suis désolé depuis la nouvelle mise à jour

Très déçu c’est même pas le fun de jouer

- Amazing game

Lots of fun

- Awesome

Awesome. Game

- addictive

I have been addicted in this game for months now.

- Addictive

I love this game. It is challenging and fun. Time flies by when you are playing it. Very addictive!!

- A fun nightmare

Do not download this game and use ur time on something better as this game is aimed to do nothing but take ur money scammers , u have to pay almost a dollar for one power and u have to repeat the same game some times 30 times all day till u pass and as u playing u will feeeeeeeeeeel how the game is rigged to make u lose to the last second so u can come back and harvest or just give away ur money , fun my a""

- Rip off

Since last update if it was possible to give ZERO starts I would. Winnings are minimal compared to cost of rounds!! Even with THREE stars you can’t win more than 1000 credits over the cost of the round!! With each update it gets worse. Used to be a fun game, rewards were always low, costs alway high, but now? Utterly ridiculous!!

- J’adore

Mon conjoint et moi faisons une compétition. Nous adorons jouer.

- Good

Good game - but it gets a time when you mever have enough cash and needs to pay.

- holy....

i played this game a long time ago,deleted it,and just redownloaded..holy F***,im addicted! the new changes are super! 10/10 for sure!!

- Amazing game

Love playing this game its addicting but the amount of coins you eyed to play a game is ridiculous, I’m at 12,100 for one game and dont get me started on the wild cards or extra 5 card. It should be a lot less and we should win more coins if your gonna charge that much for one game

- Solitaire harvest

Awesome game very addicting and fun

- Excellent

Je joue à ce jeu depuis plus de 4 ans et j’ai vu les améliorations apportées. Les développeurs ont usé d’imagination pour rendre le jeu toujours plus intéressant. Bravo!

- Awesome.

I have at least 8 solitaire type games on my phone and this is by far the best.

- Not enough coins

Its a bait trap to get you to spend money on the game. Coins won aren’t even enough to play the next round. Crop harvest is barely any coins. Solitaire games are fun but it takes days to make enough coins to play a few rounds.

- So much fun

Not bored time passes by fast

- Passing time

Fun game that passes time. So many different ways to play and win.

- Harvest game

😍 great game.


Great game!

- Harvest Time

I love this game! The new space challenge is out of this world! Quite the addiction! Thank you for updates and new ventures!!

- Solitaire

Très bon jeu j’adore

- Démotivant

Je m’amusais bien au début. C’est relaxant! Jusqu’à ce qu’ils mettent une sorte de faux défi avec une ligue de joueurs. Plus tu payes, plus t’as de chances d’être au top. Non merci! J’ai de l’argent à investir dans plus intelligent que du ludisme passe-temps.

- 5stars for play and 2 stars for cost

I think the developer is a bit greedy. The levels cost too much , and start high. They’re set tight ( not easy to play ) their customer service is great however. I like the game. Just exercise caution in regard to purchases I guess.

- Super fun game

Fun spin on solitaire. Great app. Easy to use. No complaints. Just plain old fun!

- Solitaire grand bar est

Bon jeu mais ce qui est platte c est que le plaisir de jouer ne dure pas car tout ce qu on a on le perd presque tout de suite. Dommage !

- Game

Very addictive game & not boring at all

- Problem

I can't open the game since a couple of days. ☹️

- Grand Harvest

Awesome. Addictive. Great Fun

- Awesome


- Love it

Such a fun game

- Addictive, can’t stop playing

I’m having so much fun since i got this app!

- Grand Harvest Solitaire

Great game for killing time but it is frustrating that levels cost so much to play in comparison to what you get as a reward when you complete them

- Love this game

I love this game, very entertaining.

- Solitaire grand harvest

Great game enjoying thank you

- Addicted

I play every day for hours. It really gets my brain working with not being in school. I enjoy feeling like I defeat the game when I get perfect scores. I wish the coins were a little cheaper and the wheel was 6.99 again prices seem to be going up. But I still spend most of my day playing. Love all the different categories you can choose from playing either the pyramid, farm or Vip section. Can’t believe whoever created this game has Took the time to create thousands of levels considering I’m close to level 2000. Thought it would be like every other game that comes to an end eventually and would have to just keep replaying the same levels. Awesome pass time!

- Best game yet

I reall love this game lots of bonuses with out paying extra.

- Fun


- Super fun

I love solitaire and this game adds a fun element to it :)

- Really cool game

This game is amazing 😍

- Great game

Great game love it

- Awesome

Great game!!

- Love this game

Great game enjoy playing this game

- Grand harvest solitaire

I have been playing this for ages. Just love it.

- Great game but needs changes

I love this game! But it’s so expensive to buy the extra 5 cards, a wild card and the power ups. If they’re going to be so expensive as well as levels you need to give us more credits! After I use the credits from the daily bonus I can only play once every hour which is annoying cause I could play it all day. Also, the pop ups are super super annoying! They pop up after everything you do, if I wanna see it I’ll open it, they need to be removed!! I’d definitely give 5 stars if we didn’t have the above issues

- Love this game

Cool bananas

- Love it

Love it, love it, love it especially the unexpected bonuses. Keep up the good work

- Great game

Love it

- Solitaire harvest.

Pretty good

- Great game

Absolutely love it very well made lots of things to do

- Totally awesome

Absolutely fantastic just love this game

- Recommended for Tri Peaks fans

Addictive, with an amazing change of difficulty.

- Nicky

Love this game. Big way to expensive for everything. Have to save for days just to play a couple of games. Also. Needs to ask if you are sure you want to use bonuses like another 5 cards and reverse shot, cause sometimes you accidentally hit the button by mistake.

- Top game!

Can’t describe it better than addictive! Top game!! Love that bonuses don’t carry time constraints and refreshingly, there is no energy component which means you can just keep playing to your hearts content!

- Brain wave

A fun game which keeps the brain cells awake and active.

- Money Money Money is all you need

I think when you collect your daily bonus it should be double the amount it costs to play 1 game as it’s hard to wait every hour jus tri play 1 game and if u fail you have to wait another hour just to play

- Bentley

Great game only problem it takes so much to get the credits

- Great, lower prices

This is literally my favourite game however, I wish it didn’t get over 3k to play a level as you lose so much money 😕

- Awesome solitaire game.

I love this game. It’s challenging but fair. If you run out of coins you can collect a harvest in an hour and continue playing. Different levels, along with varied games, makes it interesting and enjoyable. I recommend it to any age group over 5..

- Rating

Love this game, can’t wait for my money to come in so I can play. Always exciting to see what’s going to happen next!! Keep up the good work. Love it

- This is a great game

Great game

- Solitaire

Best games ever. 2020 The new version was great

- So addictive

I love it

- Jac

Addictive game

- Wish I could play more

Great game but levels need to be cheaper especially when you want to replay a level to get more stars please make cheaper so I can play more often

- Good game

Pretty good addictive game

- Positive

Really like this game and it definitely helps kill the isolation boredom

- Love this game

Been playing this game for ages god knows what level I’m on over a thousand great time filler

- Grand Harvest Solitaire - my kind of game

I love this game and you can spend as much or as little as you want. A shame though the the harvests don’t reap more coins, and that the rounds can get expensive to play, making you have to wait. Overall very good though.

- Great game

Love this game, but is very addictive 🤪

- Loving this game

This game is so mindful I find it challenging and relaxing at the same time

- Solataire

Love the game , addictive .

- Good but you need lots of credits to play

A good game for a short time. Too easy to run out of credits

- Amazing

Love it!

- Slow!!!

Since the latest update, this game has been incredibly slow, which is so disappointing! Would be great if the game developers could fix this. I have given a 1 star rating as it can sometimes be that bad that I am unable to even complete 1 level.

- Yes


- Rigged

I enjoy playing but it is definitely designed so you lose more than you win. Collect money every hour so u don’t buy credit. Don’t get lured into buying credit

- Great game!

Love this game

- Fun

Love it

- Solitaire

I’m am so addicted to this game. Love it

- Great game

Great quick games.

- Mel

Good game, addictive

- Great!

Addictive and satisfying

- Best game ever!!!!

This is my fav.... I’ve downloaded it on all my devices so I can start over and over again

- Enjoying this game

Collect free on the hour until I get great stockpile to allow me to play longer without paying. I won’t pay for extras

- Grand harvest. One. Two. Three. All games great to play

A. Teddy

- Great game

This game is very relaxing job well done.

- Solitaire

I can’t stop playing this game. It’s thoroughly entertaining & masterfully wonderful -‘*YAY*’

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- Love

Actually possible to win not like other impossible levels in other games.

- Harvest Solitare

Lots of fun.

- Awesome

I love playing this game

- Update

Since the recent update it takes way too long to load and IF it finally does, there is a huge lag...very frustrating

- Expensive ...

It can be a fun game, but it costs more to play than what you earn when you win. I’m at a point where it’s 3,000 for one round. A wild card is 9,000 ... an extra hand is 5,000 and higher. You’re lucky if you win a round the first time, but you only win about 3,800. Not encouraging.

- RubyboopSilke

Love the changes to the game. More opportunities to gain coin’s enabling one to play more often and longer. Enjoying this game.

- Glitchy

I love the game don’t get me wrong i’ve been playing for months now but ever since the last update it has been very glitchy and slow and every time I go into a game the pick up cards freeze the game causing me to lose the money I spent on the round. Please fix this!!

- Fun

Not a bad little gsme

- Awesome!!

What very fun, change it up funky way ton play solitaire!!! I live the power ups, you get plenty of coins and the missions which you have tons of time to finish, give you power ups, I love the new added gift of coins and a power up or 2 every day, pet the dog for a hundred coins... it’s just an amazing well put together game!!! You’ve got to try it, I’m level 635!! I LOVE IT!!!

- Solitare

A fun game 👍😀


Great time filler

- Great game!!

Great game!! Totally addicted.

- Fantastic game

Fantastic game, a great twist on solitaire

- No more levels

No more levels ??? Thats it ? Since a few days...

- J’adore ce jeu... je suis addict !!!

J’adore ce jeu... je suis addict !!!

- Kristi202020


- Solitaire grand harvest

Love this game

- Love it!!!!!

Favourite solitaire game by far!!!

- Perfect

A not too easy and not too hard with lots of ways to play game

- Rob

It’s a pretty good game

- Challenging fun!

Keeps getting better.


i can’t stop playing. Love it so much

- Cards

Best game ever

- Yummy


- Snow may

Terrific game fun to play

- Tons of variety

Many games within the games, way more variety to keep you interested. Best solitaire game yet. They could be more generous with the coins but overall pretty good balance. Just when you think you’re out of coins you get some. Would be nice to have some really easy levels mixed in so you can get a bit of a bank roll going. Overall great game!

- Good


- Like it

Like it

- Solitaire Grand Harvest

Love this game

- Great game

Very entertaining! Love competing with friends to see who does better.

- Spend your dollars

Way too much advertising. Always trying to get you to buy credits. No rhyme nor reason to getting stars. You will burn up 50,000 credits trying to do one level. Otherwise not a bad game.

- Fun

Fun to play have to wait for harvests or it get expensive

- Solitaire

Pas capable d’ouvrir le jeu. Merci

- Why?

Why is the app crashing on iphones? It was fine now cannot open it

- Booted

I cannot get into the game. I play it every day and I enjoy it please help me get into the game, thanks

- Great Game

Fun to play and not many ads

- Fun

A little addictive. LOL

- Addicting!

Solid game to pass the time.

- Addictive

Love this game. Good for going to bed at night. Fun little bonuses and prizes within the game.

- Addictive

Found this game by accident and I can’t get enough.....even when I’m stuck on a level I just cant stop. My new addiction.

- Cool Game

Cool game. Coins run out really quickly though.

- Only good for the first short while

After your initial gift of coins is used up, you end up being able to play only a hand or two every hour unless, of course, you purchase coins with real $$. A fun game while it lasted but now it's just too tedious. Play one hand of solitaire and then wait at least an hour to play another. No thanks.

- Stopped working

Welp game is done. Don’t download. Won’t work

- Lost levels

Never had an issue before with switching phones with this game. Everything else backed up but not this. switched to my new phone the other day & lost everything on this game. Was on level 1750 or so with about 4.5 million dollars. Now starting at the beginning. Agh!! Took 2 years to get that far. Kinda sucks.

- Solitaire

I really enjoy this game and how the layout is constantly changing for a. Real challenge

- Solitaire

I have played games like this before, but this by far is one of my favourites.

- Good game

Such a good game

- Love it very addicting

Love it Love it Love it

- Very therapeutic

Love it

- Fun game

Love this game.

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- Great game

Very addictive game

- Grand harvest

Good game

- Good

Love this game addictive fun time sucking

- Solitaire grand harvest

Fantastic game x

- Nice game

It’s a very good game the only bit that let down is the fee we have to each level 😔

- Happy

Great game, but wont pay for pig to release coins we have collected that’s cheating

- Best solitaire game ever

This is the best game ever. I play for weeks on end, then stop for a while, but this is always my go to game

- Great game

Well set out and addictive

- Brilliant

Amazing game, and no adverts either! Which is a miracle these days in free games

- Love it

Fab game

- Love love love

I love this game It’s addictive and great fun to play

- Addictive!!

Yep addictive

- Brilliant game

Brilliant game

- Cards

Great for passing the time in quarantine

- Lock down fun

Amazing game to play during lockdown 😊

- Great solitaire game

Great looking game and fun!!

- Great fun

and very relaxing

- Mr

Great fun game for myself and my young daughter not only a game she can practice her numbers ready for school

- Grand harvest

Brill game, spend hours playing it

- Solitaire


- Great App

Brilliant game, brings a whole new dimension to Solitaire👍

- Addictive game!

I really like this game, the only problem is waiting every hour for harvest (unless you’ve won a bonus), then that is pretty much the cost of the level is annoying. Would play longer but can only really play hourly. Maybe in the night, when you miss say 7 harvests, there should be an option in the morning to get those back!

- Great game

Addictive 😉

- Great game

I am totally addict to this, very clever and smart game

- Excellent game

Love the game keeps your brain going

- Fun

Great game!

- Card game

Great game

- Good

Good game to kill a bitta lockdown time

- Great

Brilliant game. Very easy to work and enjoyable

- Addictive

Good gamw

- Great

Love this game

- Addictive

Brilliant game

- The best

Awesome game, addictivly fun

- Great game

Lots of fun

- Great game

Love the game but hate waiting for credits to refill so play other games while I wait 🤷🏻‍♀️

- Grand harvest

Totally addictive I love it

- Enjoying the game thank you

Thank you the game stimulates the mind

- Addictive

Very good and addictive

- Occhhhhh


- Anthonydeanad


- Ateeq

There's a new update but it doesn't work can anyone help

- Great game

Spend too much time trying to collect coins. Lol

- Great game

Great game very addictive

- Fun and Frustrating

When you get to pull of one of those long chains and then win the level this game is really fun and satisfying to play. My problem comes when there is no conceivable way to beat a level forcing you to spend more credit to try your hand at beating the level again and again until you get lucky. In games where there are multiple move options losing feels like an element of bad luck but I have played levels where there was only 1 possible move each turn and with the last card you have to go through your entire 7 card deck and still cannot beat the level or challenges made impossible by having the necessary chain split between early and late game cards.

- Great game

Fun and a nice relaxation game

- Sarah

Great game to play I think the cost of the game is a bit much as at times ou get to only play one game otherwise quite addictive

- Seriously addictive

Spend far too much time on this game. Love it

- Awesomely addictive

Been playing this game every night for months. On level 1578 and still loads more levels. Lots of games within games. The farm level VIP levels and pyramid levels. Love it

- Mr Morgan

Great game

- 😊

Great game

- Awesome game

Awesome game

- Got worse

Loved it however as I got to higher levels it keeps crashing mid game making me lose progress and money

- Addictive fun

Fun, easy to play game. Could easily spend a lot of money on in app purchases but otherwise fun

- 🙄

It’s a good game but I’m actually SICK of having to pay so much for one game like I only get 3000 after a harvest and have to pay that much just for a level 🙄 change the price or give us more

- Great game

Enjoying game but go through credits too fast

- Great Game

I love playing this game. All aspects are good.

- Harvesting is jumping around

On newest upgrade of app my harvesting is freezing and jumping around making me miss out numerous times. I was 2off levels with 28 minutes to go and 10 minutes on harvesting when harvesting came up my level time expired, making me miss out again not happy at all please fix ..please upgrade harvest is definitely having major problems keeps going backwards now you can’t even upload the app at all. I thought it wAs my phone turned it off and back on still won’t upload, deleted app and reinstalled still won’t turn on, but also doing on my iPad so it’s your end.

- Will not open

I cannot get the game to open this morning. Tap the icon, it starts and then goes straight back to the icon.

- Keeps Crashing

It was fine but now it keeps crashing every time I open it, it won’t even load enough for me to play it. Is it a bug that needs fixing?

- Great game

Love this game but has started not opening for me, hopefully you can fix it don’t want to start from the beginning again :(.

- Review

Awesome game, highly addictive

- Good


- Great game some quite challing

Thank you for a great game only one problem you charge way too much per game with little return I have so often lost all my credits in one game as dut cards turned over other wise I love it

- Harvest

Good game

- Great to help grounding and focus

Great focus and grounding game

- Relaxing game

No hurry

- Great fun

Thanks for the fun

- Time waster

Great game even though it’s a time waster when I should be doing other things lol getting close to needing new levels

- Addictive

Great stress reliever and relaxing

- Fun, addictive game!

I have loved playing this game. A great way to pass the time, easy levels with lots of interesting levels.

- Grand Harvest

This game is addictive

- Love this

Best solitaire game I’ve ever played

- Great game

Great fun game

- Great game

Love you can still play without spending cash

- Great game


- Challenging ever changing

Great family game, keep coming back

- Addictive family fun

Love this game! Would like the rounds to be cheaper, or win more, so I could play longer! Although it’s probably good that I can’t :)


Very fun game, would recommend to anyone who loves getting addicted to games. Love this version of solitaire

- Winners here

Theses guys play fair as they give you a chance to win rounds unlike other games who want you to purchase to win.

- Solitaire grand harvest tri peaks

Great game super bonuses,every something different

- Hi

I love the game, but you just don't get enough money when you win plus it cost to much to play each game

- Awesome fun and chilled

Great relaxing game

- Jacky

Great game, keeps your mind active. Love playing it.

- Best Solitaire Game

I have played so many Solitaire games but I always come back to this. It has wonderful graphics and it’s challenging but not too difficult with plenty of rewards. It’s very relaxing at the end of a hard days work.

- Awesome fun

Love this game. Fun to play

- Fun game

Really enjoy playing this game although the amount of coins needed to play each game get too high.

- Excellent graphics

Beautiful to play this! Engaging, colourful.

- Love it

Loveeeee this game

- Ms

Great hc

- Card game

So happy with this game

- Great game

Love love love this game

- Fun

Lots of fun and different areas to play, good daily coin amounts

- Addicted in the best way possible

This game is perfect when I have to get up in the middle of the night to my little ones and give them a feed. Sometime I end up putting them back to bed and spend a little too long playing this game before I go back to sleep myself 😂

- So expensive to play!

The higher the level, the more $ you need to spend and you go through your credits waaaaaayyy too quick! I got frustrated and deleted the game. Don’t waste your time with this one!

- Great game

Love this game. Very addictive.

- Solitaire Grand Harvest

Fun game that gives you a chance.

- Fun game of solitaire

Lots of fun with this game.. you just need to be onto the free credits with being able to harvest often

- Sin sin

Good game

- Great fun

Play you will love it

- Solitaire Harvest is the best!

Love this game! It is amazing!

- Nice so far. The coins needed are much sometimes

Same as above

- Lovely

Cool game. Makes you think before you move

- Nice game


- Too good

Really nice

- Entertaining


- Solitaire

An exciting card game

- Fun

Enjoyed it

- Nice game. Add more solitaire games

Nice game, but can’t you just add other solitaire games like Klondike, spider and the rest.... only Tripeak can be so tiring

- Excellent


- Nice

It’s actually amazing. No jokes

- Nice game

I love the way I get tasked at every level. Nice game

- Addicting game

Am in love with this game, I play it even at work, best game ever.

- A very nice game.

Lovely, I enjoy its simplicity, it is adventurous too. I like it, cheers.

- Great game


- Yehtie

Enjoying every bit of this game

When I was ~10 years old I played playstation / computer games like a lot multiple hours per day My favorites was…

it's also very funny because I think the only ads in its system are a zombie game called state of survival and solitaire grand harvest

I've just posted a new blog: Solitaire Grand Harvest-Gift

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Solitaire - Grand Harvest 1.64.0 Screenshots & Images

Solitaire - Grand Harvest iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Solitaire - Grand Harvest iphone images
Solitaire - Grand Harvest iphone images
Solitaire - Grand Harvest iphone images
Solitaire - Grand Harvest iphone images
Solitaire - Grand Harvest iphone images
Solitaire - Grand Harvest iphone images
Solitaire - Grand Harvest ipad images
Solitaire - Grand Harvest ipad images
Solitaire - Grand Harvest ipad images
Solitaire - Grand Harvest ipad images
Solitaire - Grand Harvest ipad images
Solitaire - Grand Harvest ipad images
Solitaire - Grand Harvest ipad images
Solitaire - Grand Harvest ipad images
Solitaire - Grand Harvest Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Solitaire - Grand Harvest Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Solitaire - Grand Harvest (Version 1.64.0) Install & Download

The applications Solitaire - Grand Harvest was published in the category Games on 2017-06-21 and was developed by Supertreat [Developer ID: 1223338260]. This application file size is 190.34 MB. Solitaire - Grand Harvest - Games posted on 2020-05-28 current version is 1.64.0 and works well on IOS 10.2 and high versions.

Solitaire - Grand Harvest Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Simulated Gambling

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