Solitaire - Grand Harvest

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Time for a break! Time for Solitaire!

Farm your way to Solitaire rewards In the greatest Tripeaks Solitaire card game around - Play Solitaire - Grand Harvest!

If you love classic Klondike, Pyramid, FreeCell, or Spider solitaire games, you’re going to love the Tri-peaks solitaire experience of Solitaire – Grand Harvest.

- Join the fun - get farming and card-flipping as both your crops and your coins grow as you play fun tipeaks solitaire card games!
- Clear each levels on every field as you flip your cards and harvest your crops. It’s fun, it's FREE - and the most rewarding free tripeaks solitaire game you’ve ever played!

This isn't one of your standard tripeaks solitaire games - this is Solitaire - Grand Harvest tripeaks!

Fun REWARDS & Exciting Tripeaks Solitaire Games!
Enjoy all of the excitement that tripeaks solitaire games have to offer, with FREE solitaire bonuses HOURLY - harvest your crops every hour for even more tripeaks solitaire rewards!

- Get flipping, harvesting, and join exciting tripeaks solitaire missions and challenged for even MORE free solitaire rewards and bonuses!
- Level up your solitaire game - clear your cards and receive rewards as you harvest each farm and field! The better your card flip, the better the tripeaks solitaire game rewards!

Need for more awesome solitaire bonuses? SPIN the BONUS WHEEL for extra tripeaks solitaire bonuses including FREE coins, EXTRA cards, FREE solitaire rounds and EXTRA harvests! In a tight spot? Use your coins for WILD cards - got a long card streak you don't want to break? Use a WILD card and play any card in its place!

Tripeaks solitaire games are even more fun with friends!
- Get 10,000 FREE COINS when you invite your friends to play their own tripeaks farming solitaire games - send them a link or Facebook invite to have them join the tripeaks farming fun - then watch them make their way around their own farms, or send them some solitaire cards!
- Go VIP: Harvest, farm, and card flip your way to VIP tripeaks solitaire levels and earn exciting rewards - but be warned, you’ll need to harvest and think strategically!

Download and Play Solitaire - Grand Harvest NOW!

Your crops and cards are waiting for your harvest, and these tripeaks solitaire games won't play themselves! Swing by the farm, flip your cards, and download one of the most exciting solitaire games of all: play Solitaire - Grand Harvest tripeaks now!

Solitaire - Grand Harvest App Description & Overview

The applications Solitaire - Grand Harvest was published in the category Games on 2017-06-21 and was developed by Supertreat. This application file size is 159.84 MB. Solitaire - Grand Harvest current version is 1.49.0 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

- 75 amazing new levels!
- Grow new crops!
- Crop Master – collect stars to pick amazing prizes!
- 2 new Golden Glade pyramids!
- Various improvements and bug fixes.
- Happy harvesting!

Solitaire - Grand Harvest App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Solitaire - Grand Harvest Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Codydoggie   5 star

Becky. Love this game and never get bored playing.

master playee.   4 star

Great but..... I have been playing this game for a while now and for the most part it has been great. I am forced to play the master games and compete with others for top star ranking. I bought some points once and ended up being in the top 4. Now I can’t get past a game after playing it for 20 times. So annoying. I know this is because the game is trying to get me to buy again. Which I refuse to. So I am held hostage until the 5-6 days of master play is over.

ralbrecht   2 star

Fun but too “expensive”. I really enjoy this game but in the week I’ve had it I’m already extremely frustrated with the in-game cost for each hand compared to the amount won in each hand. It barely wins back what you have to spend, and the games are extremely hard to win at times. Basically if you enjoy playing a handful (5 or less) of games each day, you’ll enjoy this.

Buzzman1969   3 star

Too predictable!!!!. I’m over 2000 levels in and the game is getting predictable. I pretty much know what’s going to happen. For example, the free spins, count on hitting the least of the prizes. I’ve hit the max 1 time in over 2000 levels. All they want you to do is spend your money. Good graphics but not worth spending money on. I just keep trying until I get through the level or go broke.

Cotking   2 star

Depressing. Do you realize that people have to win occasionally to want to keep playing?? I remember why I deleted this game before....

ANS47   1 star

Stacked!. This game is completely stacked against the player to make you pay money. I pay money for games often when I feel I’m gaining from the purchase. On this game, you can play the same level 30X in a row with zero chance of winning. For instance, you will get multiple queens in a row when you have multiple queens on the board, followed by multiple eights when you have multiple eights on the board. This happens over and over. I had over $100,000 and spent the entire amount on a single hand worth $2,400 each time. This game is so obviously developed to make you spend money and it’s been that way from day one. Hey devs, had you made the beginning levels in a way that would make the player feel like you weren’t just after their wallet, you may have had something! I had thought about paying this past time but after counting the most recent losses in a row (27) I decided you guys were just scumbags. No one should pay for this app. Download it and play for fun and for when you like to call out obvious greed and unfairness but don’t download if you’re looking for an honest solitaire game to pass the time. Windows 7 is better. In closing, Epstein didn’t kill himself.

towpick   5 star

Love this game. If there were Ten Stars- I would give it TEN. My husband & I play it together & are on same levels all the time. This is the best game of solitaire EVER. All the rest are just so so. Keep it going team Harvest👍

Granbymath5   5 star

Love this game but....... I love this game. I am up in the high 900’s as far as levels are concerned. This latest update is causing the app to crash and I can’t play the game anymore. 😿😿

wellwell22   5 star

Best game. I love this game just wish they offer better prizes

gran tx   1 star

Game is frozen. Please fix

Miss Tupelo   3 star

Slow but fun. Why do you have to play THE MASTERS LEAGUE for a month before playing the regular solitaire game. The game is enjoyable but takes too long to upload new areas when you've completed parts of the zone. Speed it up I've been waiting a weeks

shgabo   2 star

Fun but limited play. Games are hard to win & cost upwards of 2600 tokens to play each game. Have to play each game multiple times to win & tokens awarded are not even close to what you have to spend. I don’t spend money, because the game would eat it up before you even have a chance. I’m done!

f?dfhmststjderyksjt   5 star

Love it. Love this game! Wish it didn’t cost so much to play each round or maybe you could win more each time lol!!

kathyd71   5 star

Love this game!. Terrific game! Very challenging and addictive! Wish it didn’t take so long for new fields to open, although I have won 3 times in the Masters!

trisha663   1 star

Lost my money and levels. I have been playing for a couple of years, I’ve been playing off and on and always been able to go back to the last level I was at. Got a new phone when I sync it with Fb like I usually do, it started be back to the beginning. I don’t want to play anymore because I refuse to put any more money and start over when I was at least level 185.

Bonbub   5 star

Love this game. I play everyday. Can’t wait for the harvest hour. Very disappointed when my point level goes down. Love to spin the wheel and get half hour harvests.

laceyb1   1 star

Money hungry!. Some improvement but it’s built to try to get your cash!

Bittymax   5 star

Grand Solitaire. I love this game! I really enjoy seeing what crop I’m going to harvest next! I also enjoy the extra coins from Sam!😀😀

MrPeteairbrushman   5 star

Fun,fun,fun. I love this game,I appreciate all my coins,harvests,playing with Sam,Hoppy and the nutty squirrel 😂😂best solitaire ever

beanybaby57   5 star

Love it. I love playing this game. Sometimes I do really great and sometimes I don’t but it is so much fun. Love all the grapics

carol 199   5 star

Love Harvest Solitare!. Play EVERYDAY as long as I load up my coins to play. It can get costly, you just have to be careful.

sugarmama35   5 star

Fun fun fun. Every morning, Noon and Night I wake up playing Solitaire Grand Harvest game . I love the free bonus and the bonus game to get more prizes and coins..... THANK YOU SOLITAIRE GRAND HARVEST FOR THIS GAME

chris 13382   5 star

Favorite app ever. Love this great game ...

lollipopvj   5 star

Love this game. I’ve had this game about 4 months now and I still love it. There are always different games to play and some of them really make you think. Also love Sam and his free coins, Sunny and Hoppy. Thanks guys for all the fun.

Caaceecaa   4 star

Grand harvest. Fun but hard to keep enough money to play.

Lin-Din   5 star

Best solitaire game ever. I love this solitaire game. Amazing graphics and interesting gameplay.

Symthi   5 star

My favorite!. Just would like more credits or less needed to play a game. I think it would be great to be able to save wild cards in a pile until I need them. It’s a waste of a great thing in the deck But other I love the game!

Nealx2   5 star

Sam. I love this game! I watch for Sam! He’s always a ray of sunshine......and the coins for petting him helps so much! Thank you!

tmaurita   5 star

Grand Harvest Solitaire. I love this game!

Red headed Chicky   5 star

Love this game. One of my favorite games to play, especially now with the treasure chest bonus!

Advertorial    5 star

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kenz1765   3 star

I play this all the time... I love this game. I spend way too much time playing it but recently it’s been crashing. I’ll start a level and it’ll crash and kick me out, I keep losing coins because of this. It’s up to date so it shouldn’t be crashing on me??? Upset with how many coins I’ve lost!!!

HeenanCurtis   3 star

Like it...but. I like playing solitaire Grand Harvest but I don’t like being cheated out of a prize after I complete 3 missions it makes my time feel wasted

carluth   5 star

Awesome game. What a fun all the levels and the bonus coins... It’s exciting to see what is next🤗

Aramat1214   5 star

Game. Great game.... too much of what we earn (coins) are used too play game it frustrating

Jovi 2   5 star

Solitaire grand harvest. Awesome game

mh726   5 star

Sweet game. Very addicting, haven’t put my phone down since I got it !

Harleygirl Steph   4 star

Great game but low payouts. Hi there, I love this game, it can be addicting over time but really guys can we do something about the payouts pls. I’ve spent lots of cash on this game ( ya I no don’t say a word). I will get stuck on a level and it will take a crap load of the coins I just purchased to win that little old payout to be used for ur next level but only really u profited like a 120 coins after. . I’m still waiting on the one offer u guys had that u get coins back if u purchased coins of any amount that day I’ve received the payout for the amount of people on ur team I think it was 2 days ago but the one I’m talking about was before that so I guess maybe a week or so ago. Please put up the payout and more chances to win the help things we usually need. . That’s not right especially when u need to spend 10 grand of coins to get u to get 5 more cards & more if u want better helper option. Other then that it’s awesome love it but lately I’ve spent a few to many $ on it. Will hold off for awhile to buy more. Thanks guys. Keep up the great work. 🥺😘

cynhel   4 star

Harvest game. Fun, challenging, costs a lot

Tommy kitty.   5 star

Harvest solidarity. My BEST game! Love it!

WisteriaRed   1 star

No thank you. Trash. It’s pretty much impossible to gain enough coins to continue playing. You have to literally play perfect games. You must spend game currency to play a level but then make back pretty much nothing or in the negative, so you inevitably run out of coins. You have to buy more to continue. I’ll waste my time (not my money) elsewhere, thanks.... back to candy crush I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

GameCast00   1 star

Game cheats. This game cheats just to try to get you spend money. You barely make any money when you win and it cost too much to get into a game.

dart leader   5 star

Review. Love the game one if the most fun as well as mist frustrating hate when i only get enough credits to play one level and have to wait hour vefore can try again

Blue tea pot   5 star

Fun Fun Fun. I’m like Hoppy, I’ve flipped for this game.

Oclam5   5 star

Tiresome. It takes to long to earn enough to play. To expensive in coins

deeonita   1 star

Latest update..... Can no longer play as app keeps crashing.

HIGRAPE   5 star

Love it. Obsessed

Kenz11e   5 star

Addictive. Very Addictive

LaydeeTee519   5 star

Addicting!!. This game has me addicted. My brother in law and step son are now addicted too! 🤣❤️

card lover 1235   5 star

Loving it. So addictive!

Sweetsnhoney   5 star

Yay. Very addicting game...problem is when your level is covered by the bottom lives etc.

Morgan2127   5 star

Fantastic. Love playing this game! I wish there were other ways to win credits but I would probably play all day if there were!

SylvieZette   5 star

Grand solitaire harvest. Like the game very much

Gina1948   2 star

Great until recent update. Continues to crash and take my points. Support says issue is fixed but it clearly is not.

ryex2   5 star

Keeps crashing!. Love this game, but after my update, it keeps crashing!

macyn45   5 star

Mise à jour. Je viens de faire la mise à jour et je ne suis plus capable d’ouvrir le jeu il n’arrête pas de se refermer...

Rzrkitty   5 star

Game. Level 2150 keeps blanking out

myboytony7   1 star

Grand Harvest Solitaire. It was fun until it wouldn’t load anymore. Took the points but wouldn’t load.

wdmc1976   5 star

Jumping out. The game is jumping off all the time now.

Lcoor   5 star

Great game but..... ... it has been crashing since the latest update (Sept 21 2019). Update/fix would be appreciated.

bml54   3 star

Harvest Crash. Since the last update game crashes every time I open it. Can’t play.

Advertorial    5 star

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Kerrilea58   1 star

Game stopped loading. Thought this game was good despite the high price of wild cards and extra 5 cards etc but now it wont even load. Have tried for 3 days and it loads halfway then closes so have deleted it

MarilynM54   5 star

Solitaire Grand Harvest. This game is the most addictive game I’ve ever played, everyone needs to get on here and download it. You won’t ever look back.

coldplayloverau   4 star

Can get a bit boring. I like the challenges Its very easy to understand how to play the game But maybe we could get different deck of cards to use Doing the same thing can get boring Graphics are tops!

Jien1965   5 star

Awesome Game!. I love this game. The graphics, the prizes, the hourly free coins, the dog that gives 100 coins every hour or so if you pay his head, the friendly developers & much more. I am so obsessed that if I go out & have to leave my iPad home I set it up for my husband to get my hourly coins, lol.

Ch3rryR3vi3ws   3 star

Enjoying but has bugs!. Normal a great app ... have been thoroughly enjoying it until lately! Crashes before opening. Loads opening screen but then closes, this has happened several times now which is really disappointing. Please fix this bug and I’ll happily keep playing ... if not I’ll have to delete!

kabbuz   3 star

Rocker. Have enjoyed this game for so long & love it but it has become very frustrating because it keeps freezing about three or four times, at the beginning, a few times during the the same game & again at the end. Also when I go to harvest. Hoping this can be rectified real soon. Thank you.

Toydiva   5 star

Amazing game. So much fun !!! Anyone else experiencing issues connecting to their coin store I go to purchase something and it’s comes up with oops you were in the middle of a purchance and it didn’t go through you were not charged please try again and I try again and still get the same message what is going on

teiz24   1 star

Shittiest game ever. Shittiest game ever

Holden cars1   5 star

Game. It’s a really good game to play

Sidey74   1 star

Do not get this game. As a mathematician we have proven games like this are rigged to make you spend money. The card distribution is completely erroneous. Every time you get a small stack of money you cannot beat a level until it’s all gone.

Orhccorvette   5 star

Fantastic game.. This is the best solitaire game I have played by far. When I want to relax I play this👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

PeteClit   1 star

How can we make you send money. So the game begins with a fairly easy and straightforward pay. Then, like most games, once you start playing difficulty increase. However, return on investment per game some how goes from 1000 credits to only 200 credits, once you pass 70-80 levels. Now this seems to be cheating software, cheating consumers out of a fair game and my favourite part of your game is when I cycle through all the cards without playing a single one. Basically force me to play 2200 credits and I don’t even play a card. Statistically speaking that is almost impossible in real life but please continue to rape and pillage everything a consumer has. Congratulations.

Waltham11   1 star

Can’t play if you don’t pay. After the first games you don’t get enough coins to play much more than one solitaire game at a time. I’m deleting.

gisch81   5 star

Gigi81. Really great game

M1Solex   4 star

Great game. Fun easy to play spin on the classic solitaire

mrskleiny   5 star

Mrskleiny. Awesome

Leigh baker   5 star

Changing username password. This game is great game too addictive just one question how can I change my user name password

Luscious Lizard Lips   1 star

No gambling please!. I really like this game but the addition of a "super lucky wheel" after the regular wheel that you have to pay $13 for?! No guarantee of a good prize is nothing more than gambling... Not good

Parsnip10   1 star

What the. Hi.....been playing this game for a yr, and it’s just started crashing, in the last 2 mins I have lost $9000 in coins any change you can refund? Not sure why this has started, but won’t be playing until it’s fix

Minnamunna   4 star

Shutting down. Love the game have been playing it a long time but.......just lately it has been shutting down all the time while playing it, it is very frustrating, why?????, Can’t play it keeps crashing??????pleas help Ok, cannot go and play game 1350 it does not load but can play previous games.....WHY

Elvira 1946   3 star

Solitaire grand harvest.. I love this game, but having to pay about 4000 credits a game is just unrealistic. I have purchased coins in the past but I’m getting nowhere even buying them. It’s a shame, it’s a really good game!

Robyn2013RFS   3 star

Last update crashes game play. Since last update takes my credits to play then closes down not good.

Chelle-bg   4 star

Ms. Great entertainment

Smurfie aunty   4 star

very addictive. Great game to play just costs too many coins to play each game. More coins or cheaper extra cards would help.

Demii'sRad   5 star

Harvest solitaire. Fabulous game

RingoWinning   5 star

Awesome. Addicted fully, great game

Ribs2u   4 star

Cost too much to play!. Great game but costs too much to play a level and if you need just one card to win it’s ridiculous how much it costs. The game needs an overhaul on the costing.

pedro.james   5 star

Great version of solitaire.. Very entertaining

Ramcc21   3 star

It’s ok.. It’s very hard to meet the daily missions without boosts. It’s hard to win as you only win slightly more than the cost to play the level. However you can collect rewards every hour( harvest) if you can be bothered. They don’t accumulate unfortunately so must have notifications on to benefit and collect hourly. Boosts are expensive and they do shove them in your face. I honestly can’t be bothered with this anymore.

Crissy414   1 star

Relies on real money. Great game, but as the levels increase there is no way to collect more coins from harvest. Each new crop does not increase the returns. You can only play one or two hands per day, unless you can collect every hour, on the hour. Just disappointing that this game is just about real money revenue

not good in the long term   1 star

Rigged to fail based on what you need. Still - You are not much fun anymore. Depending on the challenge the number of stars you get changes. Hey idiots if you finish a round without needing more cards it should be worth more stars than when you use more cards. Dah Why is it I get less stars when I am collecting stars then when I am not. And how is it I get less stars when I finish a level without using extra cards. Dah stupid What has happened to this game. Now there are these challenges that totally change the game. If you have to get a certain number of stars then all of a sudden you don’t get as many stars as you use to get when you finish a level. How is it that you get more stars by using extra cards than you get when you complete the level without spending money for additional cards. This game is getting to be to frustrating to play and I may be deleting it shortly. A game that can not be won without spending a ton of money is not fun. Just saying You have ruined this game. Jesus do you not read your reviews. You have ruined this game.

Trucker jack   5 star

The new update is not working. The new update is not working

genci 19   5 star

Good game. I am at 1130 level who is before me with level

Ang205   1 star

Will have to delete. I’m very frustrated because I really like this game, but the way it’s set up I can’t play it any longer. The amount of coins it takes to play gets higher and higher so you obviously have to make in-app purchases. I wouldn’t mind spending a little on a game I really enjoy, but this game would require a lot more than I would ever spend; seriously, 1,000 coins for ONE wildcard? It’s beyond ridiculous. Time for me to delete the game, which is a shame because, as I said, it’s a great game and I enjoy it but it’s just too much money.

FemTech   3 star

Fun but frustrating at times. Love the concept and its fun to play - the only thing i hate is that each game is ‘rated’ - depending on how well you played (in whose opinion??) even though you won, you get a rating of ‘You played well’, ‘Impressive game’ and ‘Outstanding game’. I haven’t been able to figure out what criteria is used to rate the game. Obviously if you have a lot of cards left, it is rated impressive or outstanding - and it seems that if you buy credits or any power-ups, magically the game seems to be rated higher lol. I don’t know why the ratings bother me so much but it does. I know developers have to make their money - but we all don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on games. Also, the higher level you get, the more impossible it is to win the round if you don’t buy power-ups. I would play it more if it didn’t have the darn game ratings.

ig_simplyluxuri0us   1 star

This game is more rigged than the 2018 elections!. This game is soooo dumb! It cost so much to play a game and they advertise the extras so you HAVE to buy them just to win. I will have one card left on the board with TEN cards still left in the deck and can’t use any of them. They charge you double the coins just to get extra cards and you think you saving coins by just ending the game but noo! They will purposely make you lose the game three times in a row which cost you even more coins than just buying the extra cards in the first place.

momof6monkey   5 star

Solitaire- Grand Harvest. I play this game a lot. It’s my favorite solitaire game. Would recommend to friends.

Lalinon   1 star

Used to love this game but now can not open after updating to ios13. So frustrated that this game suddenly isn’t able to open after I updated to iOS 13.2. Support isn’t responding and I have invested waaaaay too much time into this game :( such a shame!

shynnythyme   5 star

Solitaire Grand Harvest. Loved until did update 3 days now can’t play. On level 1160

cwoods54   1 star

Ripoff. Amount of credits used to play a round is ridiculous. Also, the app keeps crashing

fxrtyxrty   3 star

Eh.. Fun game. Unfortunately, for the past few days the app has been crashing. It won’t fully load before it shuts down the app. I’ve removed and re-downloaded the app but nothing. I enjoy this app but it’s annoying that I cannot access it. Hopefully it gets resolved soon.

kattx1   5 star

I love this game lots its beautifully done. It’s graphics are beautiful and doesn’t try to Push anything on you to buy it’s just hours of fun

Lookin4oz1980   1 star

Can’t open. The latest update (Apple) has made it so I can’t open the app. It starts up and says “loading” for about 2 secs and then closes.

Mlebo   1 star

Bad update. Just updated and now the game won’t even open.

hateshowtime   1 star

Not syncing. Deleting this app/game....freakin SICK or losing points and progress when iPhone and iPad sync!!

Briadeena   5 star

Earning Coins. I really like the game but once you reach VIP level there are ways to spend less in coins to play. I save up for several days collecting coins every hour that you can collect and collect my daily coins of 6,000. When I have 200,000 coins I play the VIP LEVEL and when I complete 10 rounds I collect another 3,000 coins. It really isn’t a bad deal since I never spend money on this App and the coins you collect are free.. I really have no issue with this game other than their rating of how you did in any particular round. It seems if you run out of cards before completing and but 5 more.. you get a better rating.. if you don’t buy the 5 cards and end the game you are pretty much guaranteed to beat the next round with a higher rating and more prize coins.. kind of goofy!

Shanguin   2 star

Fun game but..... I enjoy playing this but their algorithm for credits earned isn’t consistent. Also, you barely earn over what you”pay” for each round. Many rounds it is impossible to win on the first try so without paying for credits you usually can only play a few rounds each day. This algorithm needs to be fixed.

realeatategal   3 star

Review. I like playing but I don’t think it’s fair. The fee for each round is expensive and you never earn enough to balance out. I will never buy credits as you’ll spend them very quickly. Don’t waste your money! Fun game though!

candycoin 38   1 star

How can we get more coins. You spend more coins on playing then you actually do enjoying the game less time more credits please and thanks

Jenny$$$$$   4 star

Favorite game. Reading all these negative reviews is cracking me up. Love love love this game. Of course as any other game, you aren’t always going to win huge amounts. It’s not just about clearing levels to earn a lot of credits, you have to make long runs. Keep at it and you will learn little tricks. Hours of entertainment. The reason I didn’t give a 5 is bc I emailed support about 600,000 credits disappearing and they basically shook me off. They wanted receipt for proof and I clear out emails every week I don’t need. Didn’t ever think there would be a problem. 🙁

shanty71   5 star

agree. I totally agree with the reviewer that said not worth buying no more than you get for clearing a game board,just not good incentatives enough to be a long term player

trishie83   5 star

I love this but..... It cost too much of my earned credits to play. And that’s the reason for me buying some. I know that’s the concept. All in all it’s too credits you play.

Cokey84   1 star

Glitches. There is some kind of glitch that keeps kicking me out and it did it after i beat a level not cool this needs to be fixed

Cri124s   1 star

Not working!!!. Is not opening anymore!!!

Zsanidaallenguydev   2 star

Good and bad. Don’t waste money and buy credits because the game isn’t worth actual money seeing how it cost to many credits to play and you loose more than win. I’ve played with 200,000 credits and only have won 1 game. It’s fun to play but not worth spend real money in order to play it just wait for credits to regenerate.

Pennyhailee   1 star

Costs too much and takes away points when syncs with other devices. I had this app on both my iPad and on my iPhone and had logged onto Facebook so they would sync with each other. All day long I would accumulate the points on my iPhone as it was convenient. I would get 3000+ points every hour. Then on the evening when I would sit down to play with the 40000+ points and the iPad would not sync to the iPhone which had all the points that I had accumulated all day. I would go back to the iPhone and it would sync back to almost 0 points that I had left off with the night before from the iPad therefore I lost more than 40000 points. I contacted support and they gave me some song and dance that I had to be on Facebook to get my devices to sync which I was and it still didn’t work. It happened again and I contacted support and they replied that I had sent a blank support request. Tonight it did it again and I deleted the app after contacting support for the LAST time. I spent approximately $130 on buying points because this game does not reward as much as you spend to play. So this is a good thing for me as I will save money. But it is fun.

jessica jmac   1 star

Hmmm. Fun game got into it kinda addicted to it but then higher levels you run out of coins to play and have to keep waiting an hour for more, kinda annoying I’d watch ads etc. so it’s kind of annoying when I’ve come so close with just one card left so many times it’s more like odds of completing the level and not on how good you play

Babygurl_2907   2 star

Not worth playing. This game is fun but u can’t play for long because the levels cost more than u win the power ups are 10x more than u win and a lot of the levels are really hard so u have to play them over and over again.

KG-chan   4 star

Great game, but please fix the glitch!. With the Halloween update, I can’t open the game anymore. I have tried about half a dozen times to open the game without success. When I finally had success, it kicked me out within 30 seconds. It really is a fun and cute game, but it would be more fun if I could play it to begin with.

AJBearz   4 star

Fixed. Thanks for the quick fix, works great now

Kitt Kat46655   5 star

Solitaire - Grand Harvest. Great card game. Fun!!!

fitter 20   5 star

Fitter 20. Great game

Snow Willow   5 star

❤️. Great Game Amazing Graphics One can actually play for a while Love ❤️ Thank You very Much 😊

zamboni 911   5 star

Zamboni 911. Great game

Steveikins   5 star

Steveikins. Ok so far!

Pommelover   5 star

Mtl. Great amusing different solitaire

No name1961   5 star

Great game. So much fun

Krom44   1 star

Finished harvest. Just finished harvesting 2200 coins and then played a level for 2000 and lost so I guess I played my game for the hour... Big cash grab game!!!

IIMalinII   5 star

Good. Ol farming with the tractor and seeds and all. A good sim wow!

tweetyxx   5 star

Tweetytess. 10/10

Haida99   4 star

Solitaire - Grand Harvest - Relaxation. Good game to play when you need to relax and not think.

HubClient   1 star

Bon jeux mais.... Très bon jeux mais trop d’insistance à vouloir qu’on achète des truc d’achat intégré frôle presque le harcèlement... lol

Movealongnow   5 star

Solitaire harvest. Great game

Baby nessy   5 star

Great game. Lots of interactive games to keep things interesting. Love it 👍🏼👍🏼

Bell greg   5 star

Solitaire grand Harvest. Love the game so far

yepAnotherHumanPersons   5 star

What can you expect. It’s a free mobile game it not going to be the next minecraft. It’s probably closer to the next farming game.

peeachezz   5 star

Challenging. Nice. Hangs from fairway solitaire!

nac ski   5 star

Solitaire golden harvest. Awesome

Cjbyzf   5 star

Great fun. Enjoyable game even more so since it is giving you awards and you can play longer

funsudsy   5 star

Fun fun. Fun and addicting

Grammabitz   5 star

Harvest Search. Great game....challenging' and interesting

Nuttynewfie   5 star

Grand Harvest. A relaxing and fun way to spend downtime. Love playing this game.

Ralph1d   5 star

Mic. Great game!

Bud's Buddy   5 star

Solitair. Fun and relaxing

JazzyJess95   5 star

Grand Harvest Solitaire. Great game

BrendaHS   5 star

Good fun. Challenging and no ads!! 😃

Mz Juty   5 star

Farming is fun. Love this fun game

nauglersd   5 star

Super fun gamer. Love it

Payminator   5 star

super awesome and addictive. love it

Jim Cognito   5 star

good time waster. So far so good. Fun solitaire with no ads and no hidden agendas...yet. Worth the download.

richo3985   3 star

Great game. Good game to play good concept and no life’s

Fbobbie   4 star

Enjoyable game. This is an enjoyable easy to play game. I’m hoping that some puzzles appear soon though as per the advert that made me download it! Enjoy all

ebthea   5 star

Sweetie. Hi

Costa K   2 star

Could be better. If you’re after a casual solitaire game this isn’t for you. It seems every thing you in the game costs you credit. New level? That’ll cost you. Undo move? That’ll cost you. Play bonus level? Even that will cost you. Thankfully the game doesn’t nag you to purchase credits. But in the end I gave up. Pity because there are some clever things in the game.

NikolaosIX   5 star

Marvelous. Marvelous

Chezzabu1   5 star

Plantation solitaire. This game is so much fun no comparison to the original solitaire keeps my mind active which is s great concentration exactly what I need thank you

r u m b o   5 star

Great.. Cool game.

crusch84   5 star

Argh. 😁

Beegirl 88   5 star

Great game. Love that it’s just a card game but with a cool twist. Makes it even more awesome 🤗

cez52k65   5 star

Great Game. Loving building my farm and it’s great to see the different parts of the farm grow and enjoying the game immensely

bas 333   5 star

Bas. 333

ricric75   5 star

Great game!!. Enjoy it!!

koda2808   5 star

Fun game. Fun fun fun

Vtii   5 star

Cards. Love the game immensely When you have one card left to touch and no cards left on pile to turn over Why can’t we but a card

Lizasaurus64   4 star

Lizasaurus. I agree with Brian - fabulous game but everything is too expensive and it takes ages to get enough points just to play a game!

Gracie No Name   5 star

Solitaire. Great fun 👍

crazy me 33   5 star

Crazy me 33. Love it keeps your mind active

extremelucky   5 star

Grand Harvest. Great. Addictive.

tarabev   5 star

Tips. To get credits, do missions. Replay lvl 10 to clear levels (consecutive level missions wild card only costs 500), replay VIP lvl 16 to get easy streaks, you will win more often than lose doing these levels. When low amount of credits, be careful getting stars. I now have over 1mil credits by doing it this way. I’m enjoying this game a lot.

Jeeps54   5 star

Great game. Love this game. Easy to follow

WinterLei25   5 star

Great game. Great game to play

janaygx   5 star

Zt. Zt

Skunkau   5 star

Very addictive. Having trouble putting it down

kel8302   5 star

Solitaire. Great game

Smoot7766   4 star

Toot Mara. The only nrn

bumblebees86   5 star

Grand harvest solitaire. Great game, I wish the wild cards we win while playing the levels and don’t use can go to our stash so we can use later . We need more levels finished them all. Over all excellent game will recommend it to anyone that loves playing cards

So annoyed!!!!   5 star

Super Fun. Colourful, bright and cheery. It’s my new game addiction !

jayson cee   5 star

Solitaire harvest. Great game five stars

Lazyfungus   5 star

Solitaire. Excellent game good levels really enjoyable

kezzrox   5 star

Fun game.. Fun game. Love it.

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