TI-84 CE Calculator Manual

TI-84 CE Calculator Manual download

The must-have companion for your TI-84 Plus CE:
• This manual shows all important functions of the graphing calculator TI-84 Plus CE you need to know for high school or college. It comes with step-by-step key press sequences and some secret tips about your calculator. In total it covers 46 topics which will transform you into a TI-84 master.
• The following chapters are available: First Steps, Graphing Basics, Differential Calculus, Solve Equations, Integral Calculus, Matrices and Statistics & Probability.
• You can swipe through screenshots of the original graphing calculator which show every steps you have to do (220 screenshots in total) or watch small animations to see how it works on the TI-84 CE!
• More than 60 math problems with solutions to practice your skills!
• Ideal for exam preparation as you often don't remember all instructions of the calculator after several months. It covers all you need to know for the ACT and SAT.

• The app contains the following topics:

• The Basics of the Basics
• Mode Settings
• Basic Arithmetic
• Storing Variables
• Working with Fractions
• Testing Numbers
• Converting Angles & DMS

• Enter Functions
• Enter Families of Functions
• Formatting the Graph
• Setting the Graph Window
• Zooming the Graph Window

• Tracing a Graph
• Find Y-Value
• Find X-Value
• Y-Intercept
• Zeros of a Function
• Minimum
• Maximum
• Intersection of two Functions
• Draw Derivative
• Inflection Points
• Calculate Tangent

• Polynomial
• Solve any Equation
• Equation Solver

• Calculate Integral
• Integral in GRAPH-Menu
• Find Area with Absolute Value
• Area between two Functions
• Integral Function

• Save Matrix
• Delete Matrix
• Put into Row Echelon Form
• Solve Matrix
• Determinant of a Matrix
• Transpose of a Matrix
• Identity Matrix
• Inversion of a Matrix
• Matrix Arithmetic Operations

• Permutations, Combinations & Factorials
• Random Numbers
• Lists & Statistical Data
• Histogram, Box Plot & Scatter Plot
• Statistical Data Analysis
• Regression

• Practice with over 60 math problems and solutions.

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TI-84 CE Calculator Manual App Description & Overview

The applications TI-84 CE Calculator Manual was published in the category Book on 2017-01-10 and was developed by Graphing Calculator Apps UG (haftungsbeschrankt). This application file size is 41.00 MB. TI-84 CE Calculator Manual current version is 1.5.7 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

+ Performance improvements & Bug Fixes​

TI-84 CE Calculator Manual App Tips, Tricks and Rules

TI-84 CE Calculator Manual Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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icybaby54321   1 star

Wouldn’t recommend this to anyone!. This is by far the worst paid app I’ve come across! You can’t even press anything when you want to graph functions! It’s just pictures of how to enter them instead of actual help!

SueLuSan   4 star

It is good but. Need a ZOOM ability... som of the stuff is too small to see well could have used pinch to zoom.

Moonniiiicaaaa   1 star

Lies. I thought this was a calc. It’s not. I feel played....

The ugly truth 123   5 star

WARNING: this app is a manual. This is a great calculator manual. 👍👍👍

Peidjdlsijekskdhfj   1 star

DO NOT BUY IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A CALCULATOR. This app is not a calculator. It is a manual for a calculator. DONT FALL FOR THE TRICK

Melany Lisi   5 star

My favorites. After using this app, I can say that this application is the best way to make a friendship with graphing calculation. Happy with this treasure!!

Sammie Tremblay   5 star

Number one application for math. TI84 ce app does not contain actual calculation but contains all important features for the graphing calculations.

littykat   1 star

TERRIBLE APP. Nothing like the Ti-84 plus graphing calculator, missing so many options , I want my money back such a waste of money and all these graphing calculator apps don’t work at all!!!!

Michael Kenedy   5 star

Good choice for math lover. There are number of good options which this app is containing. It helps me a lot in understanding the integral and derivatives.

Maricela Dinwiddie   5 star

Very good support. Thanks for all. Earlier it was hard for me to understand the graphing calculation but on the recommendation of my math’s teacher, I download this graph app. It’s really wonderful.

Melynda Littler   5 star

Application useful. It is the best platform for exam preparation. I love it’s all features like differential calculus, integral calculus, and metrics.

Harriett Berthold   5 star

Thanks for a really great application. I download TI84 CE app on the recommendation of my friends. It covers all the important features which I was seeking for my graphical calculation practice. Thanks a lot.

DrK.   3 star

Calculus functions not available. Neither the derivative or integral Calculus functions are working properly. Also, the bland bare-bones keyboard display is disappointing. In marked contrast, the App’s manual videos show a nice color-enhanced emulated Ti-84 keyboard. The graphing functions appear to work well. Overall, this is an App that has much potential, but it needs more development.

shshxhdjejdnbfjfjwjsjs   1 star

Trash. Isn’t even a real calculator and I can’t refund it

Darick Ko   1 star

Sneaky lying to get your money. Basically, you’re paying $5 for something you can google search. They’re sneaky and make it look like an actual ti-84. Don’t waste your money on this useless purchase. There are students who need calculators, and you’ll get companies like this that take advantage of that. Shame on you.

joshv.91.11.1   5 star

Great TI 84 graphing calculator app. This is by far the best manual for the ti 84 graphing calculator! It helps me a lot to handle my ti-84 in school. My teacher recommended it to me and it’s worth the money. Furthermore there are easy to understand descriptions and even math problems to practice yourself. Whoever works with the TI 84 needs this app!!

prtgl76   1 star

Misleading. I thought I was purchasing the calculator not the manual

Hdisanto44   1 star

Make the fact that it’s a manual more clear. It should be more clear that this is a manual I understand that it’s in the icon but not clear once you click on the app when you buy it I only understood that this was a manual until after I read someone else’s review which was after I purchased the app sadly $4.99 down the drain :( and I hope I can get a refund

Can't use the app cuz of adds!   1 star

This isn’t even a calculator. I paid $5 for a manual, foh

Thebov   1 star

I’m sure it helpful but it is misleading. No calculator included... my fault for not reading the fine print but the reviews made it seem like it was a calculator as well. Don’t make the same mistake I did kids!😆

Jmanfundan   1 star

Intentionally Misleading fake positive reviews. They make it seem as if it’s a calculator but it’s literally a $5 manual... most people assume it’s a manually inputted calculator. Even the reviews talk about how good the CALCULATOR is. good job putting out your own misleading reviews on your scam app.

Caapowe   3 star

TI 84 Manual. How do I request a refund?

Het36314790(   1 star

Don’t like it!. I was trying to use this to help with my homework and I can’t get it to work. It won’t let me put a problem in. Very confusing to use.

ChoooseBig   5 star

Very good. Great app! Includes all functions you would need to handle the TI 84

kitty_slimV   5 star

Easy to use and most commonly needed fetures. I've only used it for basic trig and algebra, but works very well and is easy to use.

JoeseISSL   5 star

Great. This app is so useful for my calculus homework :) it does more than most calculators out there. Recommend it to any student.

Manguuu4   5 star

The best Ti 84 calculator ever. This is the best so far in apple app I don't have to spent $100 for a regular Ti 84 for my math 155.

Micheals_Stest   5 star

Awesome app. This app is beast. Take into consideration that it's free and does everything that a $100 calculator does, it's amazing

Coffeeh10019   5 star

Great app. I never write reviews for apps, but this one is worth it since it saved me $100 and has made my life much easier. Thanks!

Duckman D00t   5 star

review. A very good app. I wish i was smart enough to use it to its full potential. Five stars especially for its price. its free!!!

Advertorial    5 star

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jenjenhalli   1 star

I WANT MY MONEY BACK!. I’ve written a nice email regarding your app costing $17 CAD, and doing absolutely nothing for helping in terms of your “APPS” button doesn’t function the same as the TI 84 calculator and your financial calculator seems to have some sort of bug to. Please refund my money! This is bull!

Advertorial    5 star

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Nem.Pro   1 star

SCAM MANUAL , NOT CALCULATOR!!!. The developers make the app look like an calculator, but it's NOT, it's just a poor handbook. A poor handbook for 5$ !!! Are you guys serious? The point is the refund progress take a while because you have to fill a form which cost some time, that why some users ignore it and they accept to lose 5$ for this scam. IF YOU ARE A VICTIM OF THIS SCAM APP, PLEASE CONTACT APPLE !!!

Avery A.    4 star

Great App. Great app! Easy to use. My only suggestion would be to include more topics that encompass all functions of the calculator on future updates. I do a lot of work with business and statistical calculations. I wish the app included information for how to do these kind of calculations. That is my only suggestion though. Thanks for the great product.

IKnowHowToRead.IThink.   5 star

it's a manual!. I bought it thinking it was the calc app. Even thought it say in the description AND the icon. Probably should have noticed haha Besides that, I liked the app it showed me how to do things after I bought the calculator at the store.

Bhjllhresbjkm   1 star

Do not buy. Rip off. This is a scam. Do not buy

Thaniiamariia   1 star

HORRIBLEEEE. Its a fucjbdhdhk manual no a calculator wasted of money

Evfran   1 star

Horrible. It just shows you how to use a calculator. I didn't think they would ever rip you off this bad for instructions on how to use a calculator. Will be calling for refund

Greatest piano app ever   1 star

DO NOT BUY. Absolute waste of money this app taught me nothing. Their horrible 3-4 slide tutorials with no text explanation don't teach you a thing. This app should have a descriptive manual on how to use the calculator, but it does not.

Shotgun152   1 star

This is terrible. This is terrible this is just a manual for a calculator we already know how to use I need an actual calculator not this bs.

Tbsbjsb dbsnmen D.C.   1 star

Not worth it. This app only tells you how to use a calculator not gives you one. If you want to know how to use a calculator google it, it shouldn't cost $5. This is useless. I want a refund!!

Abahasbababs   5 star

Good app. Good manual for calculators

lolsickahahshsh   3 star

thought this was a real calculator. is it possible to get a refund?

Runata123   1 star

It's a manual. You can't use it for actual math, and for learning f(x) function uses you have to buy a separate one

lyka144gghjuyrttr   5 star

Useful calculator. I'm a junior in high school and i'm in love with this app, i use it constantly in my Alg2/Trig class. The thing is i've become so used to this app i have no idea how to use any of the graphing calculators that i'm allowed to have in the state exam in two weeks. So what i was thinking , while it'll be no help to me this year, you guys should make your own actual graphing calculator that runs the same as the app, i highly recommend this calculator over the others.

PolyDome   5 star

Good app. A very useful graphical calculator. Concise design. Powerful and easy to use. I like to use it. It helped me a lot.

TI-84 CE Calculator Manual Book 1.5.7 Download

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