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Looking for easy money? Dosh is the free cash back app that finds you $$ for shopping, dining out, and booking hotels and travel activities with more than 100,000 merchants and brands nationwide. Start getting paid for doing the things you already do.

Simply download the Dosh app, securely connect your credit and debit cards, and live life as usual. Every time you use those cards, Dosh searches for available offers or coupons that match your transactions. If it finds one, Dosh automatically redeems the offer and converts it into cold, hard cash, then deposits it directly into your Dosh wallet. You don’t have to do a thing.

Dosh is also the best way to book hotels. First, plug your destination into the app to get the most competitive prices available. Then book the hotel through the app, complete your stay, and voilà — instant cash back.

With Dosh, there’s no:

• Coupon clipping
• Receipt scanning
• Code entering or remembering discount codes
• Hassle

Just cash back, automatically. It’s that simple.

Download the Dosh cash back app now and get paid to do the things you already do.


• Connect your cards.
Dosh uses bank-level, encrypted security to connect with your credit and debit cards.

• Shop, dine out, book a hotel
Use any one of your connected credit or debit cards to make a purchase from a Dosh merchant — or to book a hotel or travel activity through the app — and get cash back. As an extra perk — when you book hotels through Dosh — you get the most competitive prices available.

• Get cash back
All cash back from offers and hotels goes directly into your Dosh wallet.

• Use your cash
Transfer your cash into a bank account or PayPal. Or donate it to a charity right from the app.


• Cash Back, Automatically
Dosh is revolutionizing the way the world does cash back. Unlike other cash back apps, there’s no need to cut coupons, scan receipts, or remember discount codes. Dosh does all the work for you. Through secure credit and debit card connection, Dosh automatically finds existing offers, redeems them, then puts the cash into your Dosh wallet.

• Get Cash Back from 100,000+ Brands & Merchants
Dosh is available at hundreds of thousands of stores, restaurants, and hotels across the country, with new offers and brands added every day.

• The Only Cash Back App with Hotels & Travel Activities Worldwide
Dosh is the best way to book hotels. When booking through the Dosh app, you get the most competitive prices available, plus guaranteed cash back. Booking hotels is the fastest way to rack up the cash. You can also get cash back on travel activities (e.g. city explorer passes, wine tours, amusement park tickets, etc.). Login to the app and checkout nearby activities.

• Refer Friends & Family
Dosh is better when shared with friends and family. That’s why we give you $5 for every person you refer (once they download the app and redeem their first offer or complete a hotel stay). So share Dosh with everyone you know. It’s like putting cash right into their pockets.

• Refer Your Favorite Businesses
For every business you refer that signs up with Dosh and publishes an offer, you get 20% of the marketing fees they pay Dosh for two years. If they pay us $100 a month, we’ll deposit $20 a month into your Dosh wallet. That’s $480 for two years just for the referral. Plus, you get a commission each time a Dosh user redeems an offer from that business. Dosh loves small businesses. We help them acquire new customers, increase purchases from existing customers, and drive loyalty to keep those customers for life.

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Dosh App Description & Overview

The applications Dosh was published in the category Shopping on 2017-04-26 and was developed by Dosh. The file size is 95.45 MB. The current version is 1.7.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Check out our new look! This release includes a full visual refresh of the Dosh app - new colors, improved experiences, and more. We also addressed several bug fixes and performance enhancements.
Happy Doshing!

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Dosh Reviews


Can’t book  Augustmae94  1 star

I can’t book a hotel which is very frustrating. Have tried multiple times and will end up booking elsewhere ultimately


Credits?!?  Harlemight  1 star

I’m missing over $60 in potential credits using vendors and making referrals. Cashing out and moving on!


No pay out  Anonymous145  1 star

I went to a local restaurant Feb 16th and still haven’t received my payout for the 7% cashback. I looked in the app support and it said it may take a few days so I waited. A week went by and still nothing. I opened a ticket to see if they could get to the bottom of it and see what happened. Three days ago I checked and still didn’t get a response so I opened another ticket about the situation. The restaurant is still on the list and still showing 7% cashback. I feel like Dosh will wait until the offer isn’t available at the restaurant then try not to pay out!


Never get money back  Ala713  1 star

I’ve bought several things online and in person and have yet to get any money back besides the $5 sign up credit.

Thats So Vinny

Cheating, unethical scums.  Thats So Vinny  1 star

They will not pay the referral bonuses I earned! Scam artists and cheaters. So I got the app and was referring my friends, family, and co-workers for the $10 bonuses.. So I sent my link to my coverlet and own mother and did everything exactly as they wanted/instructed to get the bonus. I was even there watching them and helping them download and link their card and saw it with my own eyes. Well I didn’t get the bonus for neither my co worker or own mother. I submitted tickets, the first tickets I submitted they just sent an automated response saying the rules to get the bonus and that I must have not done it correct. Ha, what a joke! I kept replying and submitting tickets explaining that’s a lie I watched and helped them do it correctly! They responded to my ticket/emails once every like 3-5 days! Saying I’ll look into it or their automated emails saying they must have not used my link. That is an absolute LIE and unethical, and just completely cheating someone of who followed all their rules and guidelines so they don’t have to pay out what they are supposed to. Then they sent a mass automated email 7 days after they stopped responding to all my tickets/emails saying they have paid out all bonuses and all tickets will not be received.. Seriously?! I hope the people who made this and watch over all this feels good about themselves that they are absolute scum bags and cheats.


Love this app!  TammyTodd  5 star

I just transferred 32.00 to my PayPal account. LOVE it!


Nothing but issues and you don’t get the money they say you will  LittleMissMeow  1 star

I have had nothing but issues with DOSH. I have an email saying I have $15 but on my account it isn’t there. I tried checking my DOSH ac punt yesterday after I went shopping and couldn’t log in. I emailed about it but my question was not answered. I got a very generic response. It did say the issue of logging in was fixed but it isn’t. Now I am worried since they have all my info of my info if it is safe. This could be a scam to get information. BEWARE!!!!


PREPAID CARDS?  PimpcessKaya  5 star

Seriously why can’t we use prepaid cards, Please make it available I would love to use this app but I can’t due to my card type.


Worst customer service and still no money.  #non_dairy  1 star

I had referred my sister to this app. I had loved everything about it up until that night. I sent her the link, she followed everything they asked for... and she never got her bonus, and I never got my $15 (this was for Jan). I had messaged them MANY times. They always sent me a computer generated message and never help. After the bonus ended they sent me a message saying that the case was over and all the bonuses were paid. But my sister and I still have not received ours. It just makes me wonder how many other bonuses i maybe missing. Fix the customer service situation and the bonuses!


Not getting Referral bonus  affiliateking  2 star

Dosh was good at first I was making a lot of money with the app but one morning I woke up and I had a lot of notifications from dosh sign ups but no money every time someone download the app from my link it and link a card it’s saying you will get your bonus when they link a card this is very frustrating because I’m losing a lot of money dosh needs to fix this ASAP


Chillis  Jalonronnelc  1 star

I have not yet received my cash back for chillis, I went out on Saturday evening!


Disappointed  Ryderrrerrrrrr  1 star

I downloaded this app awhile back and was very excited to check the app out. I had earned $25 towards my ‘Dosh wallet’. After many attempts to add my bank account, and all failing, I decided to create a PayPal account so that I could transfer the $25 to that. I’ve “transferred” that $25 to the PayPal three times now, and after over a month, I have received nothing. The money was “transferred” out of the dosh wallet, but I have not received the money in any way. Very disappointed and would not suggest using this app.


My Experience -_-  Shensellyx  3 star

So my friend signed me up during the $10 referral period. At first I was skeptical but the I saw the reviews. Long story short I made $90 ( with referrals/ totally great full for) in 3 days. Yay! That's great for a college student. MY ISSUE: I'm missing 3 VALID referrals. Referrals where I was right next to my friends when they did Each step. They all did it correctly. So the first time I put in a ticket I got an automatic response.. Saying that their working on it (3 -5). In that another went missing and another. I decided to make a ticket with all 3. Now its been like 2 weeks since any response from them. This morning they sent an email saying "As of now missing referrals have been paid out.." so I rushed to the app to see and my referrals were still missing. No lie I would low key still recommend this app but this is very discouraging. Because I'm being accused of not having valid referrals and that's completely unfair. Nobly kept in touch and then they hit me with that email today. That's very faulty. They need to fix this issue because that's very faulty and there is something going on their end but instead they say your referral isn't valid.


Seriously?  Sss44462  1 star

At first this place said we need a minimum of $15 to cash out, I reached that then I wanted to do so. It said I didn’t connect my card, even though I did, so I couldn’t cash out. I didn’t have my card on me for a moment so I couldn’t input my information. Now I went back to cash out (I forgot about this for a little) and it said I need a minimum of $25 to cash out. Ridiculous, it is as if they don’t want you to cash out...whatever done with this smh.


I used my link and it didn’t give me any money  Yitzhakys  1 star

My friend linked her account and added her card it hasn’t added 5$ to my account

Tina Meenaa

Don’t Waste Your Time - Absolutely Horrible  Tina Meenaa  1 star

I read of others not getting paid out yet still I downloaded this app. You will not eat money back for the places you visit, customer service is horrible horrible horrible, and this just isn’t worth the hastle. I ate out at an expensive restaurant expecting money back, provided customer service with my receipt and and all required details and I was not paid and my ticket with customer service was closed before my issue was resolved. This company baits and switches and I would be surprised if they eventually get sued. Horrible company. Save your money. And DOSH, please don’t respond. This business should close down instead of cheating people.


scam  2rockk31  1 star

wont send linking email so i cant transfer funds


Cash back  KaleeBird  1 star

I have been not been given two cash back opportunities... one from Chili’s and one from a Barnes and Noble... I followed all the directions.

Nikki fontaine

Transfer  Nikki fontaine  4 star

The only issue I have is waiting the 3-5 business day for the transfer.


Adding a Card Bonus & More (Updated 3/3/18)  ezotERIC  1 star

Unfortunately I cannot change my review score; including several issues with referrals and waitlists, as per one of the more recent reviews, I have been experiencing difficulty transferring the cash I have collected into my bank accounts. I created a problem ticket on Jan 7 of this year; I didn’t receive a response until Jan 31. Large in-piles aside (which is still problematic), the response I received did not resolve my issue. Apparently, my address is incorrect? Doubtful, but I replied to my original ticket and received an email confirming my receipt of my reply; that was also Jan 31. As of this writing, still no resolution to my transfer issue, which I am still experiencing. At this point, I would like the money I earned so that I may promptly delete my Dosh account and this cumbersome app. I have lost all faith in this company’s mission statement, especially considering some of the Developer Responses to recent reviews—the Customer Service department strikes me as unable to resolve the issues their members experience. Hard pass. Original Review Dec 21, 2017: So first off, I’ve just downloaded the app and connected my cards; there was mention of receiving $5 upon registration of your first card. I was wondering about how long that $5 credit takes to appear? Also, with regard to another reviewer’s concerns of future fees, I am glad the company responded and even assured that no plans are active to make the service a paid service; however, I am concerned that no mention or attention was paid, explicitly, toward the reviewer’s concerns of requiring user-end confirmation and acceptance of any future fees. Would the company care to elaborate, explicitly, on whether or not such a requirement will be made, should any fee schedules be added to the service in the future? To be clear, I will restate the question: Is there any plan to include user-end opt-in requirements to continue use of the service, should any fee schedule be applied to the DOSH service? Explicit answer, please. Thank you. I will consider changing my review score based on the answers to these concerning questions.

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