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Watch high school sports live on the NFHS Network Live App.

Stream Live, Follow Your High School, and Watch Regular Season and Postseason Games.

Watch high school games in over 30 different sports from all 50 states. In addition to regular season games, the NFHS Network allows fans to watch state playoff and championship games for 44+ State High School Associations in the United States.

Find and follow your favorite high schools so you never miss a game. Get notified when the school(s) you follow have a game.

Schools that are part of the NFHS Network School Broadcast Program produce their own broadcasts of regular season games so their fans can keep up with their team even when they can’t be at the game. Other top regular season games are also featured throughout each season.

The NFHS Network produces and streams playoff and state championship games for over 44 National Federation of State High Schools member state associations. Watch state championships live for fall, winter, and spring competitions.

· Basketball
· Football
· Wrestling
· Volleyball
· Soccer
· Cheerleading and Dance
· Ice Hockey
· Baseball
· And more – 30+ different competition events

· UIL (TX)
· MPA (ME)
· CIF Sections (CA)
· And more – over 44 state associations & sections

Access to watch unlimited NFHS Network events live requires a subscription of either $10.99 monthly or $69.99 annually. Your subscription will automatically renew each Month/Year for its listed price. In-app purchases will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions can be managed by the user by going to the Account Settings after purchase. Cancellations will take effect at the end of the current subscription period.

High school sports wherever, whenever. The NFHS Network is the leader in streaming Live and On Demand high school sports.

The NFHS Network covers over 27 different regular season and postseason sports, as well as other high school activities, celebrating the accomplishments of student-athletes, student broadcasters, and high schools across the country.

Partnered with the National Federation of State High School Associations (, 44+ high school state athletic/activities associations, and PlayOn! Sports, the NFHS Network is a joint venture created to provide fans with the ability to stream high school sports on any device, from wherever they are.

NFHS Network events are available to watch online at and through the NFHS Network Live App.

Watching high school sports has never been easier.

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- Good with some drawbacks

To watch games, your computer must be supported by Google. Also, having a “smart tv” doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to watch the games. Regular season basketball games have no commentary and do not show the scoreboard, so frustrating! I watched on my cellphone. Better than nothing!

- Broadcast Problems

This was my first experience using NFHS this 2020 football season. Although I was able to watch some of my team’s games satisfactorily, more than half the time live broadcasts were unexpectedly unavailable (no explanation given...I was referred to the seller - Apple Apps in this case - for any refund I desired. I did not request this, but instead I suggested some reasonable concession) and/or totally unsatisfactory to watch due to technical feed issues (video buffering, tiling and skipping). Last night’s playoff game was affected throughout by these issues including garbled, unlevel sound (on announcer sounded muffled and the other was really loud) and black screen every 15 seconds or so through out. The replay I watched today worked better however the volume issue remains and constant video skipping. Since our season has come to an end, I went to stop the subscription for the year but haven’t uncovered exactly how to accomplish this. The NFHS App refers you to the selling source which I’ll figure out. Alas I would probably buy again next year, betting on improvements will be made.

- Great idea, bad on execution

I love the idea of being able to watch my kid play live without being able to be in the stands due to COVID. However, since paying for this service (going on a month) I have had nothing but issues! Do not waste your time or money! Constantly stays on buffering screen, freezes and looses sound. I’ve tried watching on my iPhone, pc and fire stick. Nothing works. My internet has excellent connection with high speeds. I called the school thinking it was their issue. Nope!! Their customer service is non existent. I’ve called and emailed with zero response! I will be canceling before my next billing cycle. So disappointed. I had high expectations. In the rare event it works, it works great. Overall, not worth it.

- Algorithm doesn’t follow the ball

I’ve now watched five high school soccer games on this, so I have enough viewing to give a fair assessment. Each game, the algorithm built to track the ball...simply doesn’t. Most of the action in soccer takes place near each goal, the camera consistently centers to be back to the middle circle/50 yard line. This causes the viewer to miss the important action offensively and defensively. If there are ball boys/girls on the sideline, forget it, the camera pays attention to them. Due to COVID we’re stuck with this as we can’t go to away games, I wish there was a better product but they’ve taken out money at this point. Based on what we’ve seen so far, spring lacrosse is going to be awful to watch.

- Not worth the money

First time I tried watching a game all I could get was sound & a black screen. This was on a smart TV. Next time I hooked up a Roku to the TV & it worked, but talk about crappy quality of picture 90% of the time it was blurry & couldn’t tell which player was which. Camera misses half of the plays because it’s too slow. Couldn’t understand a word the announcer was saying. Also tried watching on an iPhone & had the same issues. So disappointing. I was excited to be able to watch games I couldn’t attend due to COVID & now I still can’t watch them. Will be canceling after my month of subscription is done. (Game was Wrightstown Varsity Football)

- Good content. Poorly managed

If you can’t get out to all the games the content on this app is where it’s at. However their taping are done on a timer and organized more by school than tournaments and events so finding what to watch is a challenge. There is no video editing so the content that is labeled as the game you want is usually the last of a late running game and then stops halfway thru your game and you have to guess where it finishes. Love that I can do this but wish it could be managed so to things are separated properly and easier to find

- Buffering all the time

I am on our high school football booster board. With all the limitations for COVID we hoped this would help families experience their kids games so we pushed it in our communications. Everyone complains about the buffering. We also wanted to use it to stream the game in the stadium at the concession stand, same problem. Our AV guy says we have 45 to 80 gig upload speed and the streaming interface says the upload is perfect. After a couple of away game and all the parent complaints about buffering if these games as well we are sure it’s not our schools network. NFHS is not ready for prime time!

- Unable to watch game

I tried to watch a game this past Friday. Site said event was delayed and never came on . I called customer service and could not get through . I emailed that night and didn’t get a response until today , which said that someone will look into it. There is a game this Friday 10/2 and it’s not listed to watch. I emailed customer service and asked if they only show certain live games I am waiting to hear from customer service and if I don’t hear soon I will probably cancel my subscription. Very disappointed.

- Make this better please

This is just awful for us parents who actually want to watch our kids in real time since COVID-19 is preventing us from being able to see and support our kids in real life when they go out of town for swim meets. We are trying to watch the Angleton vs Morton Ranch Hugh School swim meet right now and it just keeps freezing, then rewinding and replaying the same thing, then freezing again at the same time. So we are missing just about every event. Just awful! What exactly are we paying for? So far, not worth the subscription fee at all.

- Can’t watch any of the smaller schools

Have not been able to watch any of my local west Texas teams even though it shows it will. Will not even update to recent games or even at least show scores. Still showing that the last game was four weeks back. I waisted my 70 bucks and requested a refund but have yet to hear from support. Don’t do it if you want to watch the smaller schools. Waist of money. I travel a lot and thought this would be ideal but nope. I wouldn’t be so unhappy if at least it updated the scores with out video at least. At least a final score.

- OMG!

Don’t know what the problem is with this...subscribed so they got my money but I couldn’t watch the game I had to miss because of COVID. I started out on the .com, didn’t know there was an app until I started looking for HELP because it would not load on my home internet, or either of the 3 mobile carriers I have. Nothing else was having trouble streaming or loading on any of these networks, ONLY this game! Once I downloaded the app I got to watch 5-6 min of the game, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Sorry for the long vent but I am VERY angry right now!

- Okay but can be better

This app is better than nothing, especially in a time when you are restricted from attending away games. The video quality is subpar and the camera pans at nothing every so often. It is frustrating to say the least and can be so much better. This concept is great and when it is perfected, it will be a home run. At $12 a month, this better get better.

- Cancellation won’t process

I cancelled my subscription on the NFHS website in March (obviously there hasn’t been any high school sports for over a month). This month I got charged again. Went back to website and it still showed an active account even though I had cancelled. Cancelled it again. Same thing, every time I log out and log back in still shows an active subscription. I need to be refunded for the month I just got charged for and to have my auto renewal cancelled.

- Good but take games off the live list when they’re done

My only major complaint is going through the live list and finding a bunch of games that ended hours ago still listed. How hard is it to take the game off the live list pretty soon after it ends ? Also, why do y’all give the same canned and scripted response to every complaint? How about fix the issues rather than give the same standard “we are sorry...blah blah blah “. Fix your app and quit the canned apologies

- Nfhs

App is great for on the go only thing I wished they’d do is add a way to chrome it to smart tv add a chromecast like they done on the google play store can they at least do that and some schools you featured don’t even stream their games most of the team

- Buffering issues

Tried to watch a game and could watch for 15 seconds and then would buffer for 2-5 min. Contacted the company for solutions and they said use a computer not a phone. I said I tried both. Canceled subscription and asked for a refund. I had tried to watch 1/2 of one game. There response was that you have to go through ITunes to request a refund from them. Very much not worth the cost and effort. Would rather have a friend live stream through Facebook.

- First Day No Service

Worst rip off ! Paid the subscription today and second screw up. The first was the failure to list my granddaughter’s event. Now there is no event to watch! Message claims the event is delayed but my son is sitting there at the game. Customer service a bad joke. They have a message on their phone saying all lines are busy and to use email. Very disappointing. Will cancel as soon as i can but so disappointed that i am missing my granddaughter’s volleyball games.

- Grateful fan

It is god sent. To be able to see your family and friends children compete and enjoy their efforts when you can’t physically be there! Thank you

- When it works it’s great

I’ve watched some well-broadcast games on NFHS. Unfortunately, too often this season the stream buffered incessantly, was focused on the wrong part of the field it would just not connect at all. It’s very disappointing to miss your athlete’s game, but even more so after paying to see it.

- No score!

This app has been so great to able watch my kids games that I can’t attend. But I have been disappointed that there is no score board to reference during the game. For a paid subscription I would think that they could at least tell me the score of the game.

- Not Happy

Just signed up today....should have read the reviews first. First game I try to watch, it tells me it’s delayed (but I know it wasn’t because I texted someone who was actually at the game), then it tells me that it looks like something is wrong with the event. Thought this would be a good solution to not being able to go to the games because of the pandemic, but now I’m sorry that I wasted my money.

- Not Worth It Very Disappointing!!!

The video is super fuzzy and blurry, you can hardly see the kids numbers on their jersey. The scoreboard was never updated and the sound quality was ridiculous. I literally had to hook up to my stereo system in hopes of being able to hear it more and even at the highest volume it was muffled and unclear. And we have to pay for this??!!! I want my money back

- Good app

I like this app and for the most part everything runs smooth. I did however have an issue a few times where the game I wanted to watch wouldn’t play.

- Always buffering

I can’t hardly watch the game because the video buffers every minute. Not to mention I payed 11 bucks for this thing just not to work. The little bit it does work is fine but it buffers way too much. I think I, and many customers, would’ve appreciated a free trial before purchasing so I wouldn’t waste money on something that doesn’t work.

- Terrible

I paid to watch a varsity volleyball match in Texas and couldn’t watch more than a few seconds at a time. I will be cancelling and will not recommend the app. I never got a score or could see any of where the game was at. Very frustrating and a loss of my time and money. I was trying to watch the game at Rock Hill High School in Frisco, TX. I would actually like my money back if that’s possible.

- Worthless

When it works the quality of the filming is horrible. If for some reason you lose the live feed it takes you back to the beginning of the game it doesn’t pick up the live feed where you lost it. I’ll try a couple more times if the same problems persists I’ll be canceling. Update I was watching on the web site.

- Thanks

I connected my iPad with a Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter - Lightning to HDMI adapter - to a HDMI input of my TV. It worked well and was it much better than watching the game on a small phone. Thankful for this service during COVID!

- Constant buffering

Constant buffering on every game no matter which school is broadcasting. Several times during the game a message comes on the screen that says another device is using the app and I have to exit and come back in. I’m the only one watching. It’s ridiculous that this app charges money for such poor service.

- Good app but terrible at the same time

I know it’s only for high school football but I would appreciate if I spend my money on this app I will be able to actually have a good quality of the game and be able to hear it for Topeka high school games and if we can at least see the plays whoever is recording is never really following the ball

- Yeah Poky Boys

Thank you so much for bringing us closer to our grandson! We live in Oregon and love being able to cheer for our grandson’s team playing in Idaho.

- Terrible coverage

The app keeps looping the same content over and over again. It freezes , then starts the same thing over and over again. Sad that it’s not a guarantee to see a full game. The grainy images make for a hard watch as well. Not worth the subscription. I’m extremely disappointed.

- Absolute garbage and waste of money

I was skeptical at first and now it’s confirmed. Spent 45min just trying to get the app to load the game and kept freeze on 1 play over and over. I never write reviews but this app was such garbage that others need to know. Wish it had a zero start rating cause they took my money and I got nothing in return. Thieves!

- Worst Broadcasting Site ever!

I tried to watch on two separate occasions the finals for boys and girls soccer. They never fixed the problem of the broadcast not connecting. They also charged everyone still to watch a black screen! Worst broadcast I have ever dealt with!! I recommend that NHIAA chooses someone else to broadcast for future games so families don’t have to deal with this terrible streaming!!!

- Terrible app

App constantly freezes you have to constantly refresh commercials are way too long terrible terrible app I’m mad I paid $11 for this. Tried to go to the website on my PC that didn’t work either constantly freezing not worth the subscription. If I could giveNegative stars I would!!

- Garbage product

The app is only ok if you want to watch the games on your tiny phone screen. If you try to cast via Apple Air pls (the only option) the games freezes every 10 seconds or so until you pause the live game and restart it. I am on a high speed fiber optic connection and nothing is fixing the issue. Garbage app.

- Rip off

I have paid and tried this app many times. They always say the game I want to watch is live when I click on it it says delayed. Which it isn’t. DO NOT BUY THIS APP. CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE AND YOU HAVE TO SEND AN EMAIL THAT THEY ANDWER DAYS LATER. TRIED TEXTING AND 45 minutes later got a response, told them my issue and never did get another response. They will not refund my money. Total rip off. BEWARE!

- Video is awful

Grainy video. Can barely make out jersey numbers. I’m watching on my appletv using app. It’s no better on iPad Pro. And really for the money you can’t put scores at the bottom of the screen? I guess when you have a monopoly on parents wanting to watch the game from home during this Covid You just enjoy your monopoly

- Disappointed

I paid to watch our high school team in the playoffs...the first half was great. But the second half never happened...just said there was no live event for my team. How can that be? You broadcast the first half and not the second? I want a refund!!!

- Horrible

The quality of picture horrible when the app does work and that’s if the app works. When watching, it freezes up, delay to air the game while the game is on, or the quality of picture is awful. Do not pay for the prescription. Very disappointed.

- Very poor

I was writing a complete review and it timed out before I finished. So here is the quick version. Spent the money, have yet to see a game. Some legal issues between NFHS and the school have not been resolved. The school invested in equipment, etc., but nothing has happened. The whole fall season is wasted. I have received ZERO benefit.

- So buggy it’s worthless

The feed constantly crashes. On TV version you don’t get volume / down / distance and time; only on mobile devices. Kid announcers on some games - super annoying. Customer Service nearly nonexistent. Great idea; poor execution.

- Rip off

I subscribed to watch my daughter’s game which was listed but when I tried it it kept saying the game was delayed. An hour later I sent an email trying to cancel and get my money back. They responded the next day and canceled my subscription but still charged me for the first month.

- The pay

I am disappointed that I have to pay to pay just to see my brother play a flute we are very far away from him I’m just very very disappointed and I hope next time I get to see my brother played the flute without having to pay more money than the tickets.

- Awesome

Great video recording, and I like that we can watch the older basketball games.

- Terrible quality

There’s nothing like paying $11/month to watch choppy standard definition feeds of games when local teachers can broadcast from the same arenas, in clear HD, for free during the regular season. Shame our local principals association sold out to NFHS for more money in the playoffs...

- Mostly garbage

Out of focus shots are further ruined by pixelation. Camera operator at games seems lazy/confused and you frequently miss the action. This a single-camera shot with no announcers, but they want money. I’m confused why this exists.

- Cancel Subscription

Ow that HS football is over, how do I cancel my subscription???

- Game broadcast “delayed”

Paid to watch a live feed of football playoffs and the entire game was not broadcast. Had a message stating there was a delay. Phone and email for customer service unavailable. Service is awful. Do not waste your money.

- Poorly organized

Pay to watch games and they don’t have the correct team the correct score or the correct time majority of the time

- Worthless

I have high speed internet and strong WiFi. The video freezes, when watching live and “on demand” is just as bad. Several of my friends had the same issues. What a disappointment.

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- Good

It’s fine I guess, just a lot of bugs while using it


I just want to watch the game LIVE without pay!! I don’t understand!! We are in a pandemic and clearly can’t go to games because we can’t... the last thing I was to worry about is PAYING to watch my sons game!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so upsetting, like give us a break!!

- Garbage

This app is garbage. Had people over to watch a local game and had nothing but problems. It kept saying I was streaming multiple devices and I’d have to restart. Ended up just listening to the game on the radio.

- Too many glitches

Fix the app , a lot of bugs

- Nope

Can the camera stay on what’s happening!?! The camera is never on what’s going on with the ball! Also it kept cutting off stating I was trying to stream on other devices when I wasn’t. Frustrating

- Won’t allow access

The app requires that you create an account and log in. I’ve attempted multiple times to create an account, to subscribe to the service.... my initial impression is this app isn’t worth it!

- Not enough bandwidth on their system

Video constantly pauses and gets interrupted. I don’t have this issue with any other apps and I have very fast internet. Very disappointing. If I could give zero stars, I would

- Good app for watching High school games

I’ve had the NFHS app for about 2 years. In my review I will give the pros and cons I’ve experienced. Pros: 🙂Able to see high school games such as; football, basketball, soccer, baseball etc 🙂Can watch games from the passed even years back by clicking the *On Demand* button. 🙂Can watch games live on any device that has internet connection via app or link 🙂Can share games and highlights with friends 🙂Can buy video of games 🙂 Watch other schools games from all over the United States 🙂Some Middle school games are also available 🙂Can watch other activities like High school cheer competitions or band competitions 🙂A part of your membership payment goes to the selected school of choice in sponsorship form 🙂Easy payment option of $9.99 per month or you may choose to pay an annual fee Cons 😕***Very bad lagging*** during Live games. Sometimes you will only get to watch about 45% 50% of the actual game because it will not load 😕Streaming interruptions during live games and *On Demand* viewing with commercials 😕Only one person at a time can watch the app. If more than one is viewing it will kick both people out. 😕Commercial interruption despite being charged for the service. No commercial free option 😕Sometimes it will show *half a screen* of picture you have to go in and come out over and over to get the full picture 🤷🏽‍♀️ 😕Not all HS games will be available. Not sure if it’s because of the school or not 😕*Sometimes* you may experience audio issues Over all I give the app 4 ⭐️ because when you work or have other kids parents may not get to see their child participate in sports etc. We even sit down and let our kids watch themselves so they can see anything they may need to work on or highlights they wanna showcase. I’m thankful for this app because my husband and I would have missed some memorable moments if it wasn’t for this app. I definitely recommend this to all parents with kids in HS or MS

- Horrible

Horrible distribution. Twice they have screwed up playoff games. Our local non playoff network does a much better job for free. I just paid and can’t even get the game to stream.

- So Disappointed

I purchased a monthly subscription for my television app. My hometown high school team was playing. It was suppose to be LIVE, but it never came on. Waste of a monthly subscription. Can’t wait to cancel!

- Love NFHS Network

Really like the app and the coverage is phenomenal! Keep up the good work.

- Terrible

Don’t waste your money terrible Service quality u name it. Site crashes on Friday nights and video glitches. Good thing i can’t watch Friday night games for the price i pay

- Crappy crappy crappy!,,

The picture quality is not worth the fee. Upsetting to look forward to an event, only to be disappointed with nothing but blurred movements of players.

- My subscription is not been very good

Lots lo

- Crappy app

Horrible overall, couldn't watch my games half the time and when I could the quality was horrific.

- Not worth it

Quality is poor - try to watch basketball and you can’t even see the whole court, hoops, etc Volume very poor as well

- App review

This app would be such a good app if it was 10 $ dollars a month that is way to much, it should be free because it is high school

- Scam service

Do not subscribe. If the live game does not work (likely) you will not get a refund. There is no technical help. Takes weeks to respond to email.

- Cannot get rid of it!

This app has been deleted from all my devices but they keep charging me every month! Don’t do it!

- Not a Live feed

The feed is almost like 5 mins behind. Games usually get spoiled by max preps or twitter notifications.

- Terrible; glitches, gets stuck in one spot. Waste of money and should be free

Terrible; glitches, gets stuck in one spot. Waste of money

- Very unreliable

Very few games are actually able to be viewed. Frustrating.

- There is no SOUND

I want to watch my daughter’s volleyball game live but there’s no sound?!

- satisfied

got what I needed 😀

- Save your not buy

Watched 3 minutes of a game and now it’s just buffering. Sounds like a common complaint. Buyer beware!

- NFHS issued cameras are horrible

Our area is using NFHS in Western Pa. ALL cameras have condensation in one of the lenses making the games unwatchable. This is true for every school around here using their cameras. Heritage conference schools penns manor northern Cambria homer center

- Horrible experience

Quality is so bad can’t read the numbers, can’t understand the announcer AND it keeps hanging. Pathetic

- Overpromise, underdeliver

Football season and basketball season are the same. This company doesn’t have the technology or infrastructure to deliver on its service model.

- Disappointed

Paid for the app worked for only 1 game, difficult to get cancelled and refunded

- Not very good

Buffering & a lot of technical difficulties. Even after live game was over & I tried to watch the game On Demand the video ended.

- 1 for 5 on attempts to watch video.

So far seems the vast majority of videos will not play. Just spinning widget. So far waste of money.

- Unable to open and subscribe

Biggest waste of time. No support, no response. Nothing

- Not worth the Price

Horrible HORRIBLE HORRIBLE app for streaming games!! The subscription price is ridiculous for the POOR performance .


This app is the biggest F’in piece of dog S!! Non stop buffering. Big chunks of the game missed. If this happens again in week 3, I’ll be canceling and asking for a refund.

- Dissatisfied

Bought the Judson vs DeSoto game on roku. $ 10 and something. No sound no score no clock no Qtr. no nothing. Absolutely Terrible. Waste of $$$

- No manned cameras or scoreboards

No attention to details! Camera follows the geese, cheer squad and disappointment sets in early and often

- Replay Option

I love the idea of this app for friends & family members to be able to watch our team play, but it would be a nice feature to be able to watch a game after it takes place so parents or anyone who attended the game in person or the players can re-watch after the game with the commentary!

- Jomission

Glitching out, pauses

- Zero stars not an option.

This app is pitiful. I paid for the app, attempted to watch a high school football game. I was getting intermittent video feed. 3-5 seconds of stream, with 15-20 buffering... and before you say it, it was not my internet feed. My speed averages 160 Mbps and that night was no exception. I was able to stream the local school video feed, unfortunately, not of the game but, the press box. But, still a full video feed. Our local school could not broadcast because of some idiotic rules, likely because of NFHS lobbying the MSHAA association, the high schools are prohibited from broadcasting playoff games. To be fair, I did get the broadcast for the halftime, which was only commercials. Also, I had more video than not in the second half. It was a seriously bias broadcast from the other high school. If I’m gonna pay, no one should have to listen to such a one sided announcing crew. I know, they are just rebroadcasting team feeds but, when people are paying for it, the homers should not be so obnoxious. I will never purchase this service again! And I will actively lobby others not to waste their money!

- NFHS is always unprepared

I have had this app now for the 4h year. I have always intended to use it to watch my son’s basketball games when I cant make it or football games. EVERY beginning of the football season, the app is unstable and usually crashes. Clearly they dont keep up with iOS updates and find themselves scrambling to get the app working. THAT I blame on NFHS. Its also highly unpredictable whether or not a game is actually going to stream. About 30% of the time, there are technical problems preventing the streams. Probably the schools and their wifi issues. Or equipment. Or frankly, just user error. I have a hard time blaming that on NFHS. But in short, be prepared for the fact that you might not be able to stream. My son is out of the school after this I have one more year of pulling my hair out. There really are no other options. Some company somewhere is going to actually do a good job with this. By then, it wont matter for me. In the meantime, NFHS is a complete joke.

- More than frustrating

Half the season is over and the live stream finally worked. I was unable to watch but found the game on demand. Purchase to watch it says, so I do. At this point I can’t find the game I just had showing or any other game on demand for a replay. I had already contacted customer support to make sure I would be able to watch replays if I paid for a subscription. Yes you can was the answer. In reality, NO YOU CAN’T! Customer support was still really helpful telling me how to get with apple for a refund, not on why I can’t watch a game they told me I could watch with a subscription. If you are feeling bummed out about being deployed and missing your kids sporting events, don’t make it worse by getting your hopes up with this app!!!!!

- Embarrassing Representation - Waste of Money!

Absolutely disappointing NFHS is the representing body for high school athletics live. Screen is covered in ads and forced to watch ads every time I choose a different mat EVEN THOUGH I PAID FOR A SUBSCRIPTION....PATHETIC. I pay less for my monthly HBO subscription.... I purchased to watch 2019 ND State Wrestling and the live feed comes up in accurate with playing feed from few rounds earlier. I missed the dual I wanted to watch because they were replaying earlier rounds. Dear NFHS, As a registered official, I'm embarrassed of your Representation of athletics by lack of care of your paying subscription holders and their viewing experience. Shame on you...

- Crap app

I’m the idiot for NOT reading the reviews first! I got caught up being excited that I found an app to watch my daughters games that I couldn’t be at. What a waste! This app is total JUNK!!! Every time I tried to stream a game I would get a message saying “game delayed” I sent a message to customer service and got a response from a “Luke” at NFHS he said the “Production team was notified and will have the event up and running in a moment” what a crock! Two and a half hours later game over and nothing! I tried streaming another game and same issue! Save a lot of aggravation and don’t waste your time or money on this app!

- Great for Out of Town Fans

I absolutely love this app. They've got a ton of good games from all across the country. My high school's football team is on there almost every week, and since I don't live near the school anymore, I watch them on here. It's super easy to use, and most of the broadcasts look like something you would see on ESPN. Well worth the $10/month fee.

- Complaint

You are a ripoff and if you are associated with MaxPreps, who is absolutely the worst source for information regarding High School sports, then I can understand it. You make everything so confusing trying to find the event I am trying to tune into, but also once tuned in, the screen goes blank with a bunch of circular dots and by the time the game returns, I have missed at least 2 minutes of action, which happened today while watching a Massachusetts State Championship Basketball game.

- Worst app ever!

The option of zero stars was not available or I would have selected it. Tried to watch NC cheerleading competition. Continual breaking up. Completely unwatchable. I had an internet connection of 300mbs and tried two separate iPads. Both froze up. Finally the event just completely disappeared from the site. Bottom line if you want to adopt the app developers as your favorite charity, you might want to consider this app. If you really want to watch an event, this is a total waste of time and money. Avoid at all costs.

- Looks so much better, long time fan

I’ve been using this for a few years and while sometimes the school streams aren’t the best, the app itself looks and performs so much better this season! I like how easy it is to find my nephew and nieces games since moving out of town. Big dubs.

- Must Have!

Absolutely a must have for a parent of a high school player or a high school sports fan in general. Watch your child’s game if you can’t make it. Scout the teams you will play on coming days. Watch other teams games that have an impact on your playoff hopes. This is seriously the best app on my phone.

- Ripoff

I downloaded and paid for this app so I could watch 2 state championship soccer games. It allowed me to access the first game but during the second game it was disconnected and was never able to reconnect. It kept bringing up a screen that said I needed to pay to access the game which I had already done. I wasn’t going to pay twice since it is supposed to give me access for the entire month. I contacted NFHS but was told since I purchased it through my iTunes account, there was nothing they could do about it.

- Straightforward interface

I like how they keep the app interface simple and to the point. It was pretty easy to find my nephew's school and game with the search filters. Only live games are available which is fine as I don't particularly enjoy watching pre-recorded sports.

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Ruston High Radio and Media

Varsity Boys Basketball - Ruston High School vs. Sterlington High School. Stream high school sports live and on demand on any device with the NFHS Network.

Ruston High Radio and Media

Varsity Girls Basketball - Ruston High School vs. Sterlington High School. Stream high school sports live and on demand on any device with the NFHS Network.

Nick Brown

Varsity Girls Basketball - Ruston High School vs. Sterlington High School. Stream high school sports live and on demand on any device with the NFHS Network.

NFHS Network 2.0.18 Screenshots & Images

NFHS Network iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

NFHS Network iphone images
NFHS Network iphone images
NFHS Network iphone images
NFHS Network iphone images

NFHS Network (Version 2.0.18) Install & Download

The applications NFHS Network was published in the category Sports on 2016-05-23 and was developed by NFHS Network [Developer ID: 692917410]. This application file size is 51.85 MB. NFHS Network - Sports app posted on 2020-10-31 current version is 2.0.18 and works well on IOS 10.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.2048media.nfhsnetwork

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