Transform with Chris and Heidi

Chris & Heidi Powell, trainers and hosts of the worldwide hit TV show ‘Extreme Weight Loss,’ have developed the most complete transformation experience ever created. Now they want to coach you, day-by-day, through your own transformation!

Whether you want to lose weight, sculpt a lean & muscular physique, or develop strength & stamina, we have the transformation for you. Each transformation includes:
• Individualized meal plan based on your personality, lifestyle, and goal
• 3-month to 1-year workout progressions and audio coaching through each workout
• Video tutorials and injury modifications for each movement, from our library of 400+ exercises
• Weekly Life Lessons & mental coaching
• Progress tracking with pictures, weight, and measurements
• Automatic troubleshooting & adjustments until you reach your goal
• Full Community access
• Immediate access to all transformations. When you’re finished with one, start another!

TRANSFORM Weight Loss - created by Chris & Heidi Powell - is the same powerful weight loss program they use on their hit TV show: ‘Extreme Weight Loss’.
• Bodyweight workout challenges introduced by Chris & Heidi daily
• Workouts ranging from 5 to 30 minutes. No equipment or gym necessary!
• Progressive cardio ‘Accelerators’ to maximize weight loss results
• For sedentary to active individuals

TRANSFORM Physique is created with Pro Physiques, one of the most reputable coaching organizations in the competitive physique industry.
• Men’s and women’s specific programs, designed to sculpt your body - from cutting down to a shredded physique, to gaining solid muscle and mass
• For novice to advanced
• For individuals with access to gym equipment

TRANSFORM Cross Training is created with Brute Strength, a conglomerate of CrossFit Games athletes and world class strength & conditioning coaches.
• Improve strength, power, stamina, endurance, and speed
• For novice to advanced
• Choose based on equipment available - Bodyweight requires just a pull-up bar and box. Equipped is for those with access to functional training equipment

• Our unique technology will adjust every meal specifically to you and your goals
• Choose from hundreds of meals from our award-winning chefs, ranging from gourmet to quick prep meals, and even grab n’ go meals – for your lifestyle
• Fast food locator and menu guide
• Revolutionary technology that auto-adjusts meals and portions if you plateau to get the scale moving again

TRANSFORM Progress and Community
• Document your entire transformation with weekly pictures, weigh ins and measurements
• Chris & Heidi will share powerful Life Lessons with you every week to help create the mindset for lifelong transformation
• Access to the entire TRANSFORM community. Connect, share, and transform with friends for motivation, support, and accountability

TRANSFORM Subscription Terms and Pricing
• The download of TRANSFORM with Chris & Heidi is free of charge, and you will receive your first week of transformation absolutely free of charge also! If you choose to continue with your full custom transformation, your credit card will be charged, based on your subscription selection.
• You can select from the following subscriptions:
o 1 Month $14.99 $3.45/Wk
o 3 Months $38.99 $2.99/Wk
o 12 Months $119.99 $2.30/Wk
• Prices shown are for United States only. Price of subscription is subject to country of residence.
• Subscription automatically renews if it is not cancelled within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for the next subscription period up to 24 hours prior to the current subscription expiring. It is not possible to cancel an existing in-app subscription. You can disable the automatic renewal function at any time by adjusting your account settings.

• Terms of Service and Privacy Policy:

Transform with Chris and Heidi App Description & Overview

The applications Transform with Chris and Heidi was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2017-02-28 and was developed by Transform Management LLC. The file size is 58.15 MB. The current version is 1.1.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Added New Meals.
Added New Workouts.
App Improvements.

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Transform with Chris and Heidi Reviews


Best app!!!'  hollybks  5 star

So amazing and easy to use!!! LOVE it!!!

N8 Nesci

Me...Transforming  N8 Nesci  4 star

I'm happy with the app so far. It's very easy to follow the custom macros laid out for me, as well as the custom workouts and accelerators. I'm a little discouraged that I didn't lose weight this week, but next week will be better. Thanks for making this app!


I'm in control!  Losingweightandfeelinggood  5 star

I'm incredibly grateful for the Transformation app and all the individuals behind it. I lost 60+ pounds on weight watchers and then lost another 10+ pounds through low carb diets, but for the first time I genuinely feel in control of my diet and nutrition- while losing weight and toning muscle! I've had a brief hiccup in progress, but the support staff quickly worked on educating me on the different programs and how going from a low carb diet to essentially another low carb program would slow my progress and not challenge my metabolism. Great app, great staff, great vegetarian food!


HELP.. I'm lock out of week 2  dmjac  5 star

I was locked out of my week 2 - day 1 and 2 I contacted support they got me up and going.. other then that glitch I love this app.. the food choice are easy and good .. this has been an app I've been looking for .. each day I'd planned


Probably a good app  CMD_H  3 star

The app looks loaded with great info but isn't conducive to use in the gym. The app pauses every time you switch to another app (music, for example) or put your screen to sleep in order to slide it in your arm band. That stops the timer, which Heidi and Chris say is so important. So... not very useful. Also, my vegetarian meal suggestions for a low carb day were 5 protein shakes. Not only is that not healthy, that's insulting to vegetarians. Fix the timer bugs and add vegetarian options and this will be a great app.


Great  Gilbert9115  5 star

Great, easy to use.


Great app  Jermsal  5 star

It makes losing weight so easy and fun, the app does everything for you!


Great App  B-Roit  5 star

I've found a lot of success following the workouts and diet plan. I am able to do the workouts with minimal equipment. Most of the time I don't need equipment. That makes it easy. The diet doesn't leave you starving at all. Most diets I've tried leave me with little to no energy and give me cravings at the end of the day cause I'm so hungry. I've lost more weight than I was hoping for. Already crushing my goals. Thanks Chris and Heidi


Worth the $! But...  Meeghs  4 star

The best app out there for macros and workouts combined- takes the guess work out! 3 things would be awesome if they were changed: 1- more fruits and vegetables in the meal suggestions- getting carbs from mainly starches alone makes you feel gross and isn't healthy. 2- the gym workouts to be slightly more geared to the every mans gym where you can't use 4 machines at one time for a giant set cause it's always busy AND it's a planet fitness and doesn't have the equipment that a big lifting gym has like a hack squat, adjustable barbells, lying leg curl :-/ Having to modify every exercise isn't fun and most people go to cheaper, basic gyms. 3- partner with a calorie tracking app if you want to use the macros provided but not the menus. (MyFitnessPal , Loseit)


Well worth it, but still a bit flaky  pianonurse  4 star

Just got the app and subscribed for a year. I have really missed the Bod•ē app that has been defunct for a long time now. So I searched the App Store and found Transform. 👍😎 The app was extremely well-thought-out. I'm thrilled to death that Transform lets you plan meals for NEXT week as well as for the current week. This is huge. Love being able to share accomplishments. Helps with accountability. Videos, videos EVERYWHERE! That's so helpful for motivation! One thing I can't find anywhere is the amount of time you should put between meals. That bothers me. (Update: 2-1/2 - 3 hrs. seems to work.) The recipes are fantastic and easy. That is important. Would LOVE to be able to "Favorite" meals/recipes. I like the way recipes are categorized. Would like to be able to enter my own meals using nutrient guidelines. Would also love to see some of the recipes from the old Bod•ē app, especially the Chicken Caesar Salad! One thing though - on "Reward" days, I'd like to see some better choices for food, though there are a few. Eating ice cream, Ho-Hos, and M&Ms is not my idea of reward. It's gross. You should let us pick from the good food categories for reward days - not just from the crap food category. Some things are a little flaky, but nothing major EXCEPT the fact that after completing a workout, the app does not save my workout time! When I tap "View completed," the minutes and seconds are both ZERO. This happens virtually every time. Also, I've used the Shopping List every week, and still have not gotten the badge. 😒 But it's a great app and plan! I know you guys work very hard and will keep making it better!


Finally, a decent health/fitness/food app!  sshep9  5 star

I love this app. It's the best I've ever seen to help reach personalized health goals. It even has recipes and says what's the best to eat at popular restaurants!

Roza Ivezaj

🙁  Roza Ivezaj  1 star

So disappointed in this app. It does not even compare to the BODE app which reminded me to eat every three hours. It woke me and reminded me to have breakfast shortly after then every 3 hours. Transform should do this with its own ringtone to remind us when and what to eat since it's the most important part of transformation. You should make a free app with limited nutritional reminders only. Transform is useless to me if it can not do this. Let me know if and when you have done this and I will consider it. The BODE app was my best friend.


This app is really cool but...  mattc124  4 star

This app is really cool but I would like there to be a way to add your own foods to the nutrition area. It would count your macros like the Fat Secret app. For $15 a month I don't see why that couldn't be a thing. Especially since the other macro counting apps are generally free. The other elements of the app are really good. I love the words of encouragement from Chris and Heidi. I believe they really want the world to be a more fit and much healthier place. If they could add that element to this app it would be five stars all the way.


I am falling in love with this app!!  SusyCR36  5 star

I have been following their advice and I have never felt so good about changing my mindset towards accomplishing my goals. This app is great, it is not one of those "count your calories apps" this app has real coaching, and training, it includes great recipes, food alternatives, and great work outs that are actually made to fit individual needs. On the other hand, it would be great if Chris and Heidi could also include popular restaurant alternatives (dining out not only "grab'n go") It is still a great app, cannot wait to see more results!!!


One stop shop  cdub09  5 star

I have downloaded multiple apps to keep me on track at the gym. I always felt they were lacking. My husband would give me a hard time that I was working the wrong muscle groups together. In addition to that if there wasn't a machine I needed at the gym I would have to search other areas for different options; this app has all that built in. I also like that there are several options for meals that you can eat at the portions are all listed. Sometimes I just cannot stomach certain ingredients so the ability to customize is awesome! I think Chris & Heidi did a great job with this app, I would and will definitely recommend it to friends!

Barb Schild

FitNana  Barb Schild  5 star

I am a 70 year old "Nana"who has been a Beta Tester for 2 months with a 16 pound weight loss! Never has the weight come off so quickly! Love the food! Love how easy to use! Love the App! 😊


Great app and only getting better!  srj243  5 star

The app is definitely in the beginning stages, but it really has gotten me pumped to work out and reach my goals. The content is amazing! I don't think there is any better content out there when it comes to a fitness app. The only areas it lacks in is a few troubleshooting areas that I'm sure will be fixed in the very near future. It has great workouts. I love how it gives you a tutorial video for each workout. For the beginners it really helps to make sure the workouts are being done correctly. The nutrition program is really great and the macros assigned for the different goals are right on. I'm sure as the app grows there will be more and more options for food. I'd like to see an option that allows you to enter in your own meals as well. Overall this app is definitely worth at least trying out. It has great workouts and nutrition plans that really work!


Loving this app...  Juice00000000000  5 star

This app is great! Every aspect is customizable based on my unique dimensions and my goals. You can focus on losing weight as well as maintaining or even gaining weight! Also, there are variants to each exercise, meaning I can do pretty much EVERY EXERCISE at home. Seeing some of the other reviews, I can't speak to cancelling but customer service was super helpful for an issue I had (I had marked a workout as completed when it wasn't). Also, you can and should input as much data about yourself as possible. They ask for weight but you can also add in specific measurements. That said, it may take a bit of playing around with the app, but I did not have any problems. For what it is worth, I still track my meals (calories and such) using the free version of my fitness planner. However, I now use this for not only my workout prep but also my food prep (awesome). Pure gold.

uh huh yeah

Not user friendly  uh huh yeah  1 star

Can't change features. No settings for app. Not user friendly. Can't enter weight. I paid for a subscription.


Would like to see what I am buying first  dahminator325  1 star

I would really like to know what I am buying before giving you my credit card (and not sure it will be easy to cancel, based on other reviewers!). I just feel like i should be able to try it for a week, then if I like it, give you my credit card then... Please let me know if this is an option. I will go back to my manual chart for meal tracking :-(

Transform with Chris and Heidi Comments

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