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Chris & Heidi Powell, trainers and hosts of the worldwide hit TV show ‘Extreme Weight Loss,’ have developed the most complete transformation experience ever created. Now they want to coach you, day-by-day, through your own transformation!

Whether you want to lose weight, sculpt a lean & muscular physique, or develop strength & stamina, we have the transformation for you. Each transformation includes:
• Individualized meal plan based on your personality, lifestyle, and goal
• 3-month to 1-year workout progressions and audio coaching through each workout
• Video tutorials and injury modifications for each movement, from our library of 400+ exercises
• Weekly Life Lessons & mental coaching
• Progress tracking with pictures, weight, and measurements
• Automatic troubleshooting & adjustments until you reach your goal
• Full Community access
• Immediate access to all transformations. When you’re finished with one, start another!

TRANSFORM Weight Loss - created by Chris & Heidi Powell - is the same powerful weight loss program they use on their hit TV show: ‘Extreme Weight Loss’.
• Bodyweight workout challenges introduced by Chris & Heidi daily
• Workouts ranging from 5 to 30 minutes. No equipment or gym necessary!
• Progressive cardio ‘Accelerators’ to maximize weight loss results
• For sedentary to active individuals

TRANSFORM Physique is created with Pro Physiques, one of the most reputable coaching organizations in the competitive physique industry.
• Men’s and women’s specific programs, designed to sculpt your body - from cutting down to a shredded physique, to gaining solid muscle and mass
• For novice to advanced
• For individuals with access to gym equipment

TRANSFORM Cross Training is created with Brute Strength, a conglomerate of CrossFit Games athletes and world class strength & conditioning coaches.
• Improve strength, power, stamina, endurance, and speed
• For novice to advanced
• Choose based on equipment available - Bodyweight requires just a pull-up bar and box. Equipped is for those with access to functional training equipment

• Our unique technology will adjust every meal specifically to you and your goals
• Choose from hundreds of meals from our award-winning chefs, ranging from gourmet to quick prep meals, and even grab n’ go meals – for your lifestyle
• Fast food locator and menu guide
• Revolutionary technology that auto-adjusts meals and portions if you plateau to get the scale moving again

TRANSFORM Progress and Community
• Document your entire transformation with weekly pictures, weigh ins and measurements
• Chris & Heidi will share powerful Life Lessons with you every week to help create the mindset for lifelong transformation
• Access to the entire TRANSFORM community. Connect, share, and transform with friends for motivation, support, and accountability

TRANSFORM Subscription Terms and Pricing
• The download of TRANSFORM with Chris & Heidi is free of charge, and you will receive your first week of transformation absolutely free of charge also! If you choose to continue with your full custom transformation, your credit card will be charged, based on your subscription selection.
• You can select from the following subscriptions:
o 1 Month $14.99 $3.45/Wk
o 3 Months $38.99 $2.99/Wk
o 12 Months $119.99 $2.30/Wk
• Prices shown are for United States only. Price of subscription is subject to country of residence.
• Subscription automatically renews if it is not cancelled within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for the next subscription period up to 24 hours prior to the current subscription expiring. It is not possible to cancel an existing in-app subscription. You can disable the automatic renewal function at any time by adjusting your account settings.

• Terms of Service and Privacy Policy:

Transform with Chris and Heidi App Description & Overview

The applications Transform with Chris and Heidi was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2017-02-28 and was developed by Transform Management LLC. The file size is 70.41 MB. The current version is 2.0.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

1 - New recipes added.
2 - Search Meal.
3 - Add meal to favorite.
4 - Minor enhancements.
5 - Bug Fixes.

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Well worth it, it’s changing my life.  lilp777  5 star

I purchased the app in April 2017 after a few months of changing my habits by taking meals to work instead of eating out sometimes 3x a day. I wasn’t seeing change even with going to the gym 5-6 times a week. I have steadily lost weight on this plan. I started at 247 pounds at my heaviest and was 227 when starting this app and with the help from this app I’m down to 186. I don’t follow it 100% (I don’t do any of the exercises right now) and I still sometimes eat something I shouldn’t just because I want to but it’s showing me that I can be committed to change for myself.


Ready to make a change?  mlockard2.0  5 star

If you’re ready to make a lifetime change, this is for you! Easy to follow, no calorie counting needed! Just make the meals as directed and there ya go! Plenty of things you’ll enjoy for a long time. There are fully explained videos of workouts, modifications if you need, tons of recipes, and emotional support as well through the app and the amazing Facebook group. Plus, you still get to eat donuts or your favorite treat! No “diet” works for the long haul, which is why this is a transformation/lifestyle change.


Amazing  Scripts22  5 star

This app really is amazing. The people at Transform are constantly looking for ways to improve the app. I’m on week 5 of physique and feel amazing. The recipes are awesome and easy to prepare. Highly recommend!!!

Rebecca PAC

Best tool out there!  Rebecca PAC  5 star

I love this app. It has held true to its name. I am transforming in body, mind and spirit! I have always been overweight. I weighed 205 when I graduated high school and at the age of 49 was 215. I was tired of pain and fatigue. I started the program 3 months ago. It is so easy to follow, is customizable and doable! The support team goes above and beyond. I truly feel that their hearts desire is to help each person be the best they can be. They work tirelessly to answer questions and give encouragement! I feel like Sonny Goodman is s long time friend. I have lost 22 pounds in 12 weeks. I am feeling better then I have in years. I ran at 7.0 on the treadmill for a solid minute. I’ve run a 10 k and done more burpees then I can short I have done things I never thought I could do. I FEEL GREAT! Nothing is stopping me. I am driven! I AM TRANSFORMED 😘


LOVE It!  Kallymi  5 star

I love this app so far! You would never get a meal plan, personal trainer, and mentor for such a small investment! The team is so supportive and really motivational. The positive reinforcement and help with mind shift and focus on a can do attitude is so helpful! Thank you!


The BEST workout and nutrition App  Ronnniieee  5 star

My fiancé and I really enjoy the Transform app. It has been the best training, nutrition and educational workout routine we have never used. Thank you Chris & Heidi! 💙


Awesome app !!! Great content  Regnur617  5 star

This app like most has a few glitches every now and then. But it is fantastic I love Chris and Heidi Powell and the work that they do to help others. They are so good hearted and someone on their support team has even offered their phone number to me to call personally to get extra help. The recipes are delicious and healthy. Team meal planning portion of the app is very helpful. The video demonstration of exercises is very helpful and the life lessons are very encouraging. I’d give it 10 stars if they were available.


Excellent  Proxanne  5 star

Excellent app you get a lot of bang for your buck! A lot of workout programs to choose from along with your card cycling plan and macros !


Transform App is the best out there!  MamaVickic  5 star

This app is a life changer! It takes the confusing concept of Carb Cycle and makes it easy to understand and navigate! It’s like having Chris and Heidi right by your side! It maps out your nutrition and workout plan customized to you and your goals! The support staff is amazing as well!


Smartest health app  arzabud  5 star

This app is a personal trainer, a dietitian, a life coach all in one. If I have hit a plateau or slacked, the app troubleshoots with me. It’s smart. It lets me change my goals. My kids love the recipes. It has helped me find new muscles and long-forgotten sizes. Couldn’t suggest any app more. A steal when you consider all that it does.


Love it!!  xxKerryxx  5 star

I love this app, it's so easy to use!

Kimmi Kitti

Great potential but too many glitches  Kimmi Kitti  2 star

I love that you are able to meal plan but You can not add when you eat out to the food log. I also found that I was unable to access the workouts at times and had to reset the app numerous time to get it to work. Also when I measured progress it kept showing gains because every time I input new measurements it reset the previous inches to 0... so it looked like I gained every week. Also it would be nice to track water. Another is I was looking for instructions on why I was doing certain things but you can only unlock the videos as you go. I had to google a lot of the information I was wanting. I even looked at your books but they did not match up to the app.


Great App!!  tdtldavis  5 star

This is by far the best experience w any weight loss coaching I've ever had. The app covers it all. The food, workouts, the mind set and the support is nothing less than amazing. It's brand new so there's been a few bumps in the road but the tech support has been extraordinary. And yes.. I'm losing weight. The program is set to adjust to your sweet spot. The recipes are very tasty and the options are there to accommodate your life style. The work outs are based are your goals and there's daily video coaching. Well worth the money !!!!


Amazing All-in-one  CB431  5 star

I've never been so happy with a fitness app/program. It's realistic, easy, and has every component including mindful exercises to really focus in on your thoughts/feelings. As a therapist I'm super impressed with the psychological component of the transform app. Very happy with the program! Chris and Heidi are amazing.


Not enough meal options for vegans  DeniseAJo  3 star

This app is great if you're omnivorous. I used the nutrition macros as a guide and was on my own with respect to creating my own meals because rice cakes, peanut butter and protein shakes weren't going to keep me motivated. I also wished that you could keep track of your weights in the app. I was still using my app to keep track of my weights.

Hey deezle

Everything I have been looking for  Hey deezle  5 star

I have downloaded more apps than I can count trying to find that perfect one... the looking is over folks! This app is it...everything, and more! Thank you Chris & Heidi for pulling this masterpiece together... I'm excited to use this and have been for many weeks now. I've deleted all the other apps that don't even come close to this!! I've even paid a personal trainer $100 a month to give me the same guidance that Chris & Heidi give in this app from macros to the workouts and the coaching. This app is worth every penny and inexpensive compared to personal trainers in your hometown! Chris & Heidi, a BIG THANK YOU!!


Improving  pianonurse  3 star

6/29 Finally have password problems resolved. Hooray. Appreciate the efforts to improve. Still... Now the app will not save "My Why." Not at all. There's no "Save" button anyway. You have to tap on something else to go off that page, then you're prompted to update. Choosing to Update does not save your changes. :-/ Would ❤️ LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️ an option to add a cool down to cardio ("accelerator") workouts.

Nancy Mikhail

Amazing App!  Nancy Mikhail  5 star

I love this app! I saw results right away and I love how everything is so customizable. I love how the meal plan is so specific to me. I had results within the first week. Customer service is also the best I've ever received!


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Five Stars  CSGFit  5 star

Best App I have ever used!!! Gives me a meal plan to follow and all the meals that fit this plan. Workouts are amazing and so much more!!


Exactly what I needed  Shwtfitness  5 star

Exactly what I needed to rev-up my workouts. Easy to follow how to guides, trackers, and delicious recipes to keep me from cheating. Highly recommend to everyone I know.


Such a waste  Emusitano  1 star

Thought I would check this out! Guess what. It's another scam app from the Powell's. trying to earn money off those of us who want to lose weight. They scammed on their TV show and it was cancelled now they want to scam via App. No thank you. Deleting.

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