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What is remote for roku tv mobile app app? RoByte is a simple and easy to use Roku remote control that works with your Roku Player or Roku TV.

• No setup is required. RoByte automatically scans your network to find your Roku.
• Easily change channels with one tap
• Adjust volume of your Roku or Roku TV
• Use your keyboard for quick text entry for channels like Netflix or Hulu
• RoByte is designed for iPhone as well as iPad
• Easily navigate without looking at your phone using the touchpad
• RoByte pairs with multiple Roku players.

RoByte Free features:
• Roku remote control
• Play/pause, fast forward, rewind
• Pair with multiple Roku devices

RoByte Premium features:
• Channel Switcher
• Volume Control
• Keyboard & Voice Search
• Touchpad

Quick Tips:
• Most problems connecting to your Roku can be resolved by simply reinstalling RoByte.
• RoByte can only connect if you are on the same wifi network as your Roku device.

In order for RoByte to talk to your Roku, the following must be true:
1. Your Roku must be connected to your home's wifi network.
2. Your iPhone or iPad's wifi must be turned on and connected to the same network as the Roku.

In most cases, RoByte will automatically scan and find your Roku device but there is a small case where if you have a more complicated setup, you may need to manually enter your Roku's IP address to connect.

If you're still unable to connect to your Roku, theres a good chance there's an issue somewhere within your network. Most common cases are Roku devices getting disconnected from your home wifi if it gets unplugged. You can also try reinstalling RoByte to do a fresh scan.

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Remote for Roku TV Mobile App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Remote for Roku TV Mobile App Version 2.1.1311 November 2021

Bug fixes.

Remote for Roku TV Mobile App Version 2.1.1230 September 2021

Fixes a bug that sometimes caused the volume feature to work incorrectly..

Remote for Roku TV Mobile App Version 2.1.920 August 2021

Bug fixes.

Remote for Roku TV Mobile App Comments & Reviews 2022

- Read this!

So here is the thing! So I got the app. And it was.......Awesome! I always thought it was cool using a iPad and it was so cool! Get the app! The only way is that to unlock it, is too... I meant that the way to unlock it is you have to there a device with a red and green. Press the red button. For sure, it will work, so people say it’s a 1 Star, but when try this, mind blown? Yes mind blown!get the app, please! But there well, you know you have a volume on your iPad. Press it, and there is a %25 on mine, and keeps leveling up! And that’s the only problem. But still get it. Enjoy! From: Anna

- Disappointed

I was convinced to purchase pro because I thought it would be an awesome upgrade. What I didn’t know is that the volume wouldn’t work even though my roku supports it. Also, if my family uses it, they have to purchase the upgrades themselves, which I can almost understand but it was not clear before the purchase. Further,if I want it on my iPad, I have to purchase the upgrades again, this I can not understand since it is my own device and I have already paid for the upgrades. By far the most disappointing aspect is the difficulty in finding away to contact support. Perhaps some of my issues are fixable however the only way I could find to contact support was through a review. No contact info on the App Store and if you click on app support you get a website with only basic information and still no way to contact the developer. Hopefully we can all get some support and information moving forward.

- Review

This app is great! I always lose my remote so when I do I don't have to worry about it. I can just sit in bed in the mornings and watch my morning shows all while using my phone while the remote is god knows where. Very useful. Even my family loves it! We are TV people so ALWAYS lose one of our remotes. The only thing that can be worked on is being able to customize the names of the TV's so you know if your connected to the right TV. Also, I think this might be a bug in the coding but sometimes my power button won't. So to those reading this, I recommend this app! But beware you might have a bug like me 😂. God bless those who read this.

- Price

The app works great. I prefer it to my remote. I love that i can scroll through my channels on my device, from another room, and type a search using my phone’s keyboard. The app itself is wonderful. The issue: I bought the 3.99 Pro version so i could control the power and volume, while my partner stayed with the free version. He can control the power and volume. I’m not sure if he was lucky or I just duped. I didn’t try the volume or power use on my phone prior to upgrading, so I’m not sure if they would have worked for free. You’re welcome for the free 4 bucks! 5 stars for functionality, -1 for my wasted money.

- ⚡️Great⚡️

Worked with my tv and is great if you don’t have a remote or lost it 😶but anyways I would recommend it to everyone. O and a little tip if it doesn’t work its either you the tv or you don’t even have a Roku device at all. Sooooooo don’t get mad at the app 👍 And just one last thing if you lost your remote like me. Haha never mind that I ment to say if you lose your Roku remote *not like me because I never lost it😉* then this app will do. JUST MAKE SURE YOU DONT LOSE YOUR PHONE I mean I totally didn’t but just saying. 👍👍👍 Well keep safe and stay healthy see ya.

- This is so so so so cool!!

Wow wow wow wow this is such I good app and it’s perfect cuase I lose things aloud like all the time and now I’ll have a app on my iPad so I can control it and it’s such a good app it even has I keyboard and it’s such a good app but I don’t no why it has bad reviews cause it’s like the greatest app ever!! So yeah byeeeee! Hey to the people who made he app thank you for making this ive had no problems so far but I just got it hahaha 😂 so yeah well anyway like I said before thank you so much for this app I’m sorry for the bad reviews those people are crazy so think you and byeeeeeee!!!

- Roku phone remote

I lost my remote and I tore my whole house apart looking for it and then someone told me about this app and I got it. Not saying I’m thankful I lost my remote, but I’m so glad I found this app because it’s so convenient and easy. I’m always on my phone when I’m in my room, so I can just turn on the tv just like that. The remote on the app is also really easy to control and figure out. The only thing that got me was they don’t give you the option to control the volume, but you can buy it for 1.99.

- Before you download....

Please do not download this app. It is a third party app and charges $1.99 simply to use the volume feature. And it doesn’t end there. It charges also to search the channels via the app page. I was confused. Please download the “Roku” app. I downloaded this one bc it was the first one in the lost. I always trusted the first app on the list when I search for an app. Not anymore. This third party is listed first but it is not the “real” app. I am not sure why Roku allowed this to be but it is wrong. The app does nothing until you purchase the features to use. This is a total rip off. We have to stand up to this kind of ridiculous greediness. Thank God my husband calmed me down and helped me realize that I did not download the same app he downloaded. Totally FREE and there are GREAT FEATURES ON IT.

- Scam app

I downloaded this app and it was neat, except you have to pay for volume control! Volume control worked for one day... sort of. When you take the phone out of the room the volume goes back to zero. I tried adjusting all sorts of settings, refresh the app, ect. Nothing worked. Now (the day after purchasing the volume control) it won’t adjust plume at ALL, it just stays on zero. Tried to get app support but there is no way to contact the company.

- It’s great!

It’s great, if your too lazy to go get the remote, download it on your phone, BOOM your in control of the tv! It has channels on the side, almost everything! The only thing I really needed was the headphones, which the other free Roku app has, but that one is usually glitchy, so I mostly use this one. I like the headphones so, the tv isn’t so loud in the house, so my family can mind their own business. Sometimes my siblings are a bit loud and I use headphones, and I can hear it better. That’s it, other than that, this app is great! -Kiwi

- Why do I have to pay to change the volume

One of the main features of a remote is changing the volume. My Roku remote recently broke so I had to download this app and I discovered that many options that came with the remote I got with the TV are are locked behind a pay wall in this app. It is ridiculous to me that a app as simple as a remote substitute requires you to pay actual money to change the volume! I have paid Roku enough money by buying the smart TV I don't want to have to pay them more money to change the volume on my channel. As we become more and more attached to the digital world we have to stand up to anti-consumer things like this! I wish I could uninstall this app but I am forced to use it

- Need volume button

I know this may be a petty request, but, my iPad case covers my volume key because it is an after market case. Anyhow it would be groovy to have a button on the remote screen. Also having the select button in the middle of the arrows can be a bit cumbersome when I’m using my phone. I had a glitch today that I had to stop using my phone and switch to my iPad. It wouldn’t let me change the volume. Weird huh? All in all a useful app. Thank you!

- Absolutely rip off!

Downloaded this app because my Roku remote broke and new one won’t be in until next week. I even paid the $3.99 for the “pro” version so it would control the volume. However most of the buttons don’t function properly. The up/down/side buttons don’t work right at all. If you push the down button, it opens an app instead of going DOWN the list. Same once you’re in the app, can’t move left/right/up/down. Every button you hit wants to start playing whatever show the highlit square lands on. No ability to scroll through and see what’s on and what you want to watch. Complete waste of money!

- Easy and Siple

Me and my brother tried finding my roku Remote, and we could not find it, so I looked up a roku app and saw this app at the top. So I bought the app and me and my brother didn’t know what to do. But then my brother pointed it at the TV and it worked! This is week 5 of me using this app! This app works amazing! People who have roku and have lost there remote should use this app! And that’s my story! Thank you so much for making this app!


got this app because i’m always losing my remote and the app has a feature that lets you use the keyboard to display on your Roku TV. but the TV didn’t take it and i had to press one by one like i would on an actual remote. usually i wouldn’t be writing a review but given the fact that i had so many ads that said to purchase for $4, i said why not? don’t know if i’m the only one who’s had this issue and could be just a personal experience but it’s still helpful if you can’t find your remote!

- Kid lost our remote

Our Roku remote is gone. We looked under couches, beds, in cabinets, in child’s messy bedroom, even in the freezer (hoping I didn’t have Alzheimer’s). The Roku App remote is a lot cheaper than a new remote and every bit as good, in fact, better, because it has an on/off power button, which the other remote didn’t have. We had another remote for that, which we don’t need, anymore. Thank you for your ingenuity.

- Better than the other substitute remotes!!

Love this app which I stated using for a substitute when my Roku tv remote broke. Now it's just a habit and it's just easier to locate your phone/tablet over searching for a lost remote! Works better than other apps I have tried which lag and have ads. The only con is that sometimes I have to close out of the app and go back into it so that my tv registers the commands. Other than that, definitely recommend!

- It works!

I got this app after I accidentally put my remote in the wash with all my throw blankets from the couch. It really works! I bought the upgraded version for $4 because the free one was kind of limited and $4 isn’t much to pay for a functional remote. The only problem I have is that I can’t turn my tv on or off with it, I have to use the button on the back of the tv for that. Besides that, it’s perfect! Definitely worth it.

- Pro Purchase Does Nothing

I’m really not sure how to rate this app. On the one hand, I like the interface, and it does work with my Ultra Roku. However, expecting that the Volume Controls and the Power Button would work with the Pro features, I paid the nearly $4 for it, but I see no visible differences in the interface. No power button. The on-screen message tells me that my Ipad volume hardware buttons will control the volume - they don’t. So, I have basic functionality even after having paid for the Pro upgrade. Update: There is a power button and it will turn the unit off, but not back on. I get the message that “Cannot connect.” So, I still have to use the physical remote, which kind of defeats the purpose. The unit responds to the Ipad hardware Volume buttons only in that the little speakers with the relevant “+” or “-“ symbols appear, but it has no effect on the TV or the Roku Ultra device.

- Better than my actual roku remote

Works better than the actual remote I kid you not, my roku remote even brand new has always been pretty crappy and had a major delay then I hen the battery goes the response time I so slow that it scrolls 10x after I stop pressing buttons and doesn’t respond until 30 seconds later so the fact that this app works almost instantly as a real remote would .... I LOVE IT

- incredible! <3

This app is amazing! I don’t usually write reviews but this app deserves it! I couldn’t find my Roku remote so I went to the App Store to see if there was a app for Roku remote and I came across this! It connected when I opened the app by itself! Which is way easier than trying to connect it yourself (if you don’t know how). I recommend this app for you to use!

- Read my review, it's honest, and I understand

The main thing I like is that I can use it on iOS 8. I use an old ipad2 as a media / comicbooks / remote. Many app developers go with Apple's planned obsolescence and make their apps require the newest iOS. These guys get it, the app performs perfect as is. I love this. Maybe the world isn't all businesses trying to exploit consumers. I paid for premium, and it was worth it. Thank you, developers.

- It Works But...

The remote works fine, just as it’s supposed to but it has this one extremely annoying quality. Every time I use the app (ex: to pause a movie/tv show) and then exit off of the app it turns my volume off. Literally every single time. It’s extremely annoying and I don’t know why it’s happening. Tried to reach out to support but there’s literally no way of contacting them. Pausing a movie or tv show isn’t worth having to turn my volume back on 100 times a day because of this app. I’ll be uninstalling this and just using the remote I have and pressing the back button if I have to walk away.

- Roku for iPad

I was glad to find this app amongst the numerous others with Roku in its title; my Roku remote control apparatus has stopped working entirely. I am able to crawl in a frustratingly slow manner using this app to access Netflix and PBS, but only barely as the app stops and completely freezes when I'm attempting to choose a show or film. The app is terribly glitchy. At least there is some sort of alternative to the Roku's completely limp apparatus. And yes, I've tried replacing the batteries.

- It’s really great just having it

It’s really good to use so I don’t have to wake up in the morning just to look for it and my phone is there how ever .... it have a couple flaws which was I downloaded a app just like this and it did not work for my tv so I would fix the fact that it say what tv and remote on the other hand it’s a 5/5

- Handy…But sadly only ALMOST Great…

It works well aside from One super important function..The volume controller..Sadly it is super buggy and lags to the point of uselessness.. If they could place a volume slider somewhere in the app(instead of using the iPad hardware keys) it would be 100% perfect IMO….. Seriously, fix the buggy volume bit..It’s beyond annoying, especially since the App is Terrific in all other aspects….Some times I just use the Play station instead of dealing with it…

- Too easy

Do it! All I had to do was download this app, like it says, no set-up. So much better than those cheap remotes and no battery to replace, plus you can see it in the dark. I do not have smart TV, just a 10 year old off brand, so I expected the app wouldn’t work, but it does everything the remote does only easier.

- Why?

I purchased the app and had trouble using it. I assumed because the reviews were so great I should purchase the application. WRONG! I cannot remember being so frustrated trying to use an application. I called someone that I knew had used the application and still was very frustrated. I gave up and deleted the application. To add insult to this situation Apple would not refund my money. I downloaded the free app from Roku and it worked like a charm. The question that comes to mind is why in the world would anyone pay for this application? Another regret I have is I cannot rate this application as much worse than a one star.

- Really good!!! One problem...

The only problem is is turning down the volume, I checked on my phone and iPad, and it works perfectly for turning the volume up but needs a bug fix for turning the volume down! It seems to work for about one to three clicks then just dont work until I turn up the volume really loud and then back down (which even then barely works) That’s the only bad part! Actually works

- The volume does work if u purchase it!

Love this app! It does work! All u have to do is use your buttons on the side of your tablet/phone to change volume on your roku tv! At first I didn’t think it did either I couldn’t figure it out for nothing till my 6 year old little girl was playing around on it! She was all excited lol

- Best app

My stupid brother keep taking my remote to work with his like he paid for my tv and this app saved him a beating frfr so download this app if you lost your remote or people trynna be petty and it connected to my tv with no problems! Only thing is volume and other extra features you gotta pay for but it’s worth it.

- Why pay for an App that does nothing different

This App is Ok but you pay for phone remote functions the App by Roku (company) provides for free. One main function the App by Roku (company) provides over this app is the ability to use your phone’s headphones for private viewing if someone is in your TV room and you don’t want to disturb them. This app does not bring enough in functions for the developer to charge such a premium. That along with the lack of support, save your money and take a pass on this App.

- I like it! But here are some thoughts...

Great app, performs well, there never seems to be any issue connecting to my Roku 3600x, and the latency on a Wireless N network is minimal at best. Exception: the typing. The lag between typing and the text appearing on screen is significant. Given that there’s little to no lag using other controls, maybe we’ll see a fix in an upcoming patch? Things I’d like to see: -Haptic feedback when pressing buttons -Moveable channels tiles, so I can sort my channels by my most-used. -Volume-level meter would be helpful, so I’m not eternally holding down the volume button -Show which Roku I’m connected to on the Remote tab/screen. We only own one Roku right now, but we will own another soon, so that could cause some issues.


This app worked out just fine before I upgraded and got all the features. Literally right after the upgrade, it hasn’t worked at all. We use 3 Roku TVs throughout our home. Before the upgrade it worked perfectly for each tv. After upgrade, it can’t discover any Roku devices. But the other Roku apps can discover all three. I’ve followed all troubleshooting advice multiple times and still not working. My advice, do not buy the upgrade. Hope this is useful.

- Best

This app is the best thing I have ever downloaded. I gave it five stars Because use when you lose a remote then you can use this. I have been using this app nonstop. I highly suggest downloading this app because it is so great. I am rarely ever Wright reviews but this is by far the best app I thought that I should because I loved it so much.


Its so good I amAddicted to this app it is the best it does not have any scams on it like I have the other ones it is really good and I really recommend to you download it it is really good for like if you have a Roku but if you don’t have a repeat will not work and it is it’s not a scam at all because a lot of the other ones are scams so yeah

- Just get the free app - save your money

The free app worked great, but I only gave a 3 star rating because of the paid features I was was enticed into buying. I should have saved my money. When I choose channels, sure I see all my Roku apps, but as soon as I choose one of my apps, I’m back to the free feature that has the arrows to navigate. At that point you need to be able to see your screen because it’s not on the app. Also, my volume control in the app doesn’t work.

- DON’T BUY!!! Not official

Waste. Doesn’t work. Bought PRO. Doesn’t work, even worse lol. Terrible waste of money and the hype isn’t true. Those positive ratings are false. Made up. Claims? Made up. Kiss your dough goodbye. I got the real Roku app available from Apple Store, it includes power, solid link, easy use and great operation. The other app saves battery life on the remote and it works for all my Roku stuff (3) without a hitch. This one drops TVs and disconnects all the time. Can’t believe I didn’t do my homework. This app is terrible compared to the Roku authorized app. Go get it.

- It's better than normal roku remotes even the original!

I love this app the only problem is it turns don't my volume to my Tv's and says to buy roku premium when I turn up the iPad on the app but it has it's perks I was telling my dad about robyte I turned his tv off to prove my point haha so you should get this app also this is NOT a fake review I genuinely like this app <3 thanks for reading this review uwu

- Better than replacing AAA batteries

I love that it can type from my iPad and quickly move between apps and home. The only reason I give it three stars is the volume control is not dependable. My iPad manual volume is broken and the only way to change volume is my iPhone. You cannot control the volume with touch screen controls. Even with manual volume down is slower than volume up.

- Seems like a Cash Grab but its the best among the competitors

It seems cheap to charge for being able to raise your volume but these annoying apps are mostly a service deal with membership so I have to give these guys 5 stars for at least being a one time small payment.

- Pretty disappointed

I downloaded this app because I lose my Roku remote a lot, today I bought two of the features the channels and the volume, I re-open the app and I only got one purchase was which was the volume, I still don’t have the channels button activated it even though it says it took the money. Pretty upset and disappointed, it won’t even let me pay for it again 😪


I paid to have this remote app. Then, my sister introduced me to another roku remote app that has way more awesome features AND it’s free ! It has the same capabilities as this remote app, but, the other one is so much better. It’s called ‘Roku’ and it’s a white background with purple letters. Has over a million reviews, get that one!


I feel so incredibly stupid. I didn’t realize there was an official remote available from Roku, this is third-party. I paid for the volume control and channel access and now it’s more confusing than ever. I now cannot use the directional arrows, it just keeps starting Netflix. I found the official Roku app and it works amazingly with access to channels and keyboard and everything- be sure you get that one and don’t fall for this one like I did!

- Love it

My remote was lost. I bought a new one and hated it it was slow and not WiFi. I found the one I lost and was happy until it died. As told by the customer service to download it on my phone but I have my iPad at my side when I am in my chair watching tv. I downloaded it and it is as fast as the original one. Very handy and not easily lost

- Sok

The fact they want you to pay ( too much in my view- you’re close to just buying another clicker) for the obvious convenience of selecting channels as opposed to the one step navigation that’s in the “base” version. Plus, I can’t turn on my tv or use volume- an extra?! Haven’t bothered to investigate. If you’ve lost your clicker ( or the dog ate Them as in my case!), and you can turn on your tv , it does the basic job of navigating thru up/down, l/r and select just fine.

- Stopped working

My Roku App Remote has stopped working. The issue is that once I click to open it it flashes for a second then it turns off. I’ve tried reinstalling and it still does the same thing, on my iPhone and the other three iPhones that I have it installed.

- Some features don’t work

So I got this by accident. Like most of us my kids lost the remote and I went looking for the app. I paid for the features which said it was a full key board. And it’s not. Thought it would be a lot easier to type what I’m searching then to push the arrow button. But still have to. What a rip off. Darn remote won’t turn my tv on. Phone and tv is on the same network. This has a lot of problems and need to be tested out by real ppl then placed back on the market. This app is upsetting!!!!!

- Terrible At Best

Not only does this app force you to pay for services already provided for free on the official app, it legitimately does not work. It’s almost never connects and if it does you can expect it to disconnect almost immediately while your Roku acts as if you are holding down the last button you pressed. Check the reviews too, I’d venture to say the majority are fake. I really do not know how Apple has not removed this hot garbage off the app store, but I am sure they will eventually. TLDR - don’t waste your time on this app.

- There are better Roku apps

This app works okay, but when using the “search” feature there is no keyboard to type in a search word. Instead, you have to use the directional arrows to move the cursor over the desired letter to enter it. (Click click click click enter. Then, click click click enter. Click click click click click enter, and so on). The official Roku app has a keyboard so you can simply type the desired search word. Much easier and faster. Get the official app. I did, and I love it!

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- Roku phone control

It works great but had to pay $2.99 for the volume setting and it takes your money and then let’s you know you can only use the volume setting if you have a Roku tv and doesn’t give you your money back.

- Good product but the pro version doesn't support all Roku devices

The free version works completely fine with my Roku 3 (Telstra TV). However I thought the pro version would allow me to control volume for the Roku which certainly didn't work for my device hence the low rating. Maybe a note on the compatible devices would rather help future users.

- You shouldn’t need to pay

It’s a good app and all but you have to pay for my to favorite features and the reason I got the app: the keyboard and the volume. If they make it that you have to pay is pretty annoying. Other than that it’s good.

- This app is awesome!

Wish we could turn volume up and down though otherwise it is awesome definitely recommended. You can even annoy you siblings by playing with their tv with this app by simply connecting it to their tv lol love this.😂💜🦋

- This is.....EXTRORDIARY

Well not really but it’s amazing the only down part is I can’t finger out how to use volume even tho I brought premium but at the end of the day I give it a 9.5/10 :3 :) :D :p

- Nicky L

Thought I’d have to buy a new remote after my dog ate it. Yes she actually ate it! Thankfully I found out I could simply download the Roku App and control my viewing from my phone! Can it get easier than that?!

- Fantastic

Great App. Especially when the kids have lost the remote or when your husband has the remote and you can still change the channel.

- ROKU 4700TL

I have paid to unlock pro features however they still don’t work- like volume, keyboard search / Voice search. Disappointed

- Amazing

10/10 would recommend. amazing app if your like me and you lose your remote 24/7 you can just pull out ur phone and boom magic 💕

- Great backup

My remote died without warning 😖so it was great to be able to pick up my phone & continue watching telly🤓

- Outstanding

For once an App that does everything that is promised. So easy to use and so much better than the original remote. Worth every cent.

- How much I like this app

My brother broke our tv remote and when I found this app I relished it will control our tv and my brother can’t break this. Thank you!!

- Volume doesn’t work even when paying for upgrade a freezes we have to restart app

The volume dosent work on any devices even when we upgrade and it free and

- No headphones button

Good does what it says but I wanted it for the headphones and doesn’t seem to have that option:(

- Volume didn’t work

Hi I paid for volume button it’s didn’t work please return my money back please

- Not Responsive

App does not respond well. Talk feature is bad, doesn’t obey commands. Volume pretty much plays up un-responsive. App is not worth the money they charge as it only dose basic function such as change channel that a normal remote can do. There is no benefit to this App. Complete waste of time!

- Volume control

Love the app but can’t work out volume control 🤔just a bit dull 😜

- Dosent work

I'm connected to the Internet and all, but it still says "Cant connect to Roku" And the main reason I got this app was because our IRL remote dosent work, Idk why but the right stick dosent work, like at all, if you press it, but when you do press it down, it just dosent work (dosent go right) So that's my problem with this app.

- Not worth the money

Paid for premium in order to type by keyboard and change volume like promised. Cannot do either of these things

- Remote

It is a lot easier I it is a lot easier with this appp

- Doesn’t work

Every time I use this I have to delete and re- download the app.. at the end of the night (or finish watching the TV) I turn the TV off and the app won’t work the next time I go to use it.... unable to connect with device...🤨

- Great work

This app is so fun and when I lose my remote

- App won’t work

Every time I enter the app it tries to get me to purchase the full version. I understand that some features aren’t available in the free version, but this happens before I press any buttons! So I cannot use the app at all

- Love it

Love it cause when u loss the remote you got your phone

- Not useful

Paid money for additional features and still can not change volume or turn the tv on/off using roku remote. Do not pay for additional features.

- Review

It would be nice to have control of volume on here

- Telstra remote

Work Great the dog chewed my old remote and it takes a week to get here but now I can use my Telstra tv

- Don’t buy pro and it’s great

I loved this app until I bought the pro fir $6 aud. I wanted volume and power to work but instead the whole thing no longer works.

- Jo

Controls not that easy to use on phone

- Jim

First time an app has done exactly what it’s supposed to do 👍

- roku app

A simple functional app that works well

- Disappointed

Very disappointed in this app. It was not easy to use and would not connect to my tv when I thought it had. I just wasted $5.99 on an app that won’t work

- Love it as I never loose phone..

Works great...

- Good App

Great for controlling the Telstra TV. All channels. Volume control which I purchased for $2.99 did not work. Please kindly disable the function on my app and return my $2.99.

- It’s just a remote

Oh it’s just a remote! It’s just a simple remote! I thought it’s like a TV app that u can install and start watching without a device! Oh well I don’t have a Roku device so this is frustrating!

- Crappy don’t waste time

When I first got it I was like wow this is so cool works really well and my sisters can’t take the remote off me. Then I don’t know what happened maybe an update or something but it just stopped working😡

- Rip off

I purchased this in good faith when it first came in out, l could freely use all areas of the remote.. now l find l am locked out of three of the major functions unless l pay additional fees for the privilege. I haven’t got what l paid for.

- Volume control doesn’t work

I paid to control the volume of the tv, every time I press the volume button on my phone the app freezes & have to restart it..

- Sorry, not connecting

Roku app is not connecting to our roku TV. And you have to pay money to unlock channels and stuff. Sorry Also does the app work on iPads?

- Volume

The entire reason I payed for this app is so I could control the volume however it dose not work so very disappointed. Any ideas?

- Remote volume not working

Not happy I bought the add on feature for volume it’s a waste of money doesn’t work .

- Not what I paid for

Volume control doesn’t work The On Off button doesn’t work

- Volume doesn’t work

I paid for the upgrade to control volume. Doesn’t work. Don’t pay. Keep the free version.

- Useless

Doesnt even have a volume control

- No volume

No volume selection unless you pay. Not going to happen when remotes are only $10 AU

- Pro is a rip off

I paid $6 for the pro version and it doesn’t even work!!! NONE of the features work! I want a refund!!

- Premium on iPhone

I payed for premium just to find out it doesn’t work on iPhones not happy Don’t pay for premium

- Useless app

Why should you pay for something like this

- Keep bugging for $$$

No volume or pro options Spend the money then nothing works 😡

- Won’t work

Says my wifi not connected

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- Add volume button

Much appreciated

- Get Rokie instead

Robyte wants you to purchase the pro mode to use the features already available on Rokie (an app which is free and has most features as far as I noticed) Rate 1 star so people can get the right app Fœtus

- Broken remote

I broke my remote and someone told me about this app and I get to watch my tv and movies again

- Yakking

Same things r forever losing single

- Meh

This is great when it works - since my husband constantly misplaces the controller. However, it would be nice if it worked for more than 5 minutes before I have to uninstall, reinstall and pray that it works, instead of having to repeat the process! At least half the time I have to uninstall a second time before I can get results. The App keeps disconnecting from the TV for reasons unknown to me.

- Keyboard doesn't work

The remote on this app works just like the Roku one but the keyboard doesn't work. That was money wasted.

- Paying for extra

My volume doesn’t work and I paid for it and it doesn’t do anything Why make someone pay for something that doesn’t work !! Great app sucks

- Mmmm not that great

You gotta pay for the volume button and it freezes and screams all over

- Handy but will try others

Paid for the keyboard upgrade , didn’t work ..... followed instructions and uninstalled and reinstalled, then restored purchases .... still doesn’t work

- This is scam. They are hackers !!

This is scam. It will let u use it for day or two then this will stop and ask for more money. They are hackers !!

- Volume

I can blast my tv but never have a way to turn it down do not buy doesn’t work

- Don’t buy

Doesn’t fully integrate. Bought the extra features and they don’t even work properly. Volume only goes up not down for example.

- Not all butons

There is no on off normes volume control

- 😠

App doesn’t work. Do not buy!!

- Keyboard doesn’t work

Everything works fine except the keyboard

- Roku ne fonctionne pas; que faire ?

Roku ne fonctionne pas...

- Convenience at fingertips

Interesting that I can now control my TV virtually from anywhere in my home barring barriers!

- Convenient

Works well. Great when you lose your remote lol

- App just as good as TV remote

Just found my remote after losing it and app is as good as TV remote

- Thank you

I list my rock device and thank God you was found to help me thank you very much

- I hate it

I hate this app because you have to buy a lot of stuff for it to do anything

- Paywalls for volume???


- Bluetooth

What a money grab. Returning my tv today and will be telling all what a rip off this is

- Love it

Great feature using my iPhone

- Holla

Love it

- It’s ok

I can’t just pick a channel with out paying

- I smashed my remote

Thanks for this app. Now I can use my roku tv again. It’s free too but I’ve had to uninstall 3 times. Then reinstall and check devices. Fix the disconnect when I get out of wifi range. Still a great app being free is the pot sweetener.

- Paywall

Don’t waste your time it’s all locked behind a paywall

- Horrible

This app is terrible don’t waste your time get the actual Roku remote App. This one can’t turn your TV on and half the time the controls don’t work! Even worse they want your money

- Roku

It is a good device for people that don't have extra money.

- roku

So far so good ... I'm getting used to the different interface!

- Not user friendly

Wouldn't recommend this app. It's not user friendly at all. The arrows don't navigate the way you intuitively expect them too and once you've made an error, it seems you have to go back to Home and start over each time. Bad roku app


very good spam

- Awesomely

Can’t believe how perfect and cool this remote control works!

- Hi I’m blank

Is rock a fruit

- Good App

Sure the base app is the same as Roku, but it was one advantage. It turn off. Roku app never turns off and run battery down if forgotten.

- Excellent

When I loose the battery, I find that application very useful

- 👍👍👍

I like it a lot it’s really good for messing with my little sister

- RoByte

This app works great. I will recommend this to anybody, Thank you.

- Sigh.

I had to pay $5.49 for the ability to turn the TV that I paid $1200 for on and off. Isn't capitalism fun?

- This app is great

If I can’t find the remote

- Does not work

No roku devices found

- Works


- Satellite down

Won’t freaking work.

- Don’t work

Garbage don’t work on ruko box

- Keyboard doesn't work

I bought this app for the keyboard, and it doesn't work. Rip-off.

- Not that good

This is for a missing remote not to pay money to type that is not that useful I was so mad not a good impression 😡🙎🏽‍♀️

- Scam

Other apps do the same thing whiteout asking for money

- Volume

Can not find the volume on this I paid extra for it you took my money and no volume control

- When I lose my controller I can easily just go onto my phone

Technically the title is right so yeah I read with the title because it

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Remote for Roku TV Mobile App 2.1.13 Screenshots & Images

Remote for Roku TV Mobile App iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Remote for Roku TV Mobile App iphone images
Remote for Roku TV Mobile App iphone images
Remote for Roku TV Mobile App iphone images
Remote for Roku TV Mobile App iphone images

Remote for Roku TV Mobile App (Version 2.1.13) Install & Download

The applications Remote for Roku TV Mobile App was published in the category Utilities on 2016-04-11 and was developed by Tinybyte Apps LLC [Developer ID: 1592418784]. This application file size is 7.78 MB. Remote for Roku TV Mobile App - Utilities app posted on 2021-11-11 current version is 2.1.13 and works well on IOS 14.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tinybyte.robytefreemium