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The official game based on the hit comedy TV show, Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money is an idle game where you manage the Sunnyvale trailer park.

Get rich by upgrading businesses, earning customers and hiring workers! Complete challenges to unlock trunks and bust them open for collectible cards, liquors, hash and cash. Tap fast to win boss fights each season, get thrown in jail and restart your park stronger than before!

•TIME LIMITED EVENTS - Complete challenges to unlock rare characters and liquor!
•NEW SEASONS - Play all-new seasons and plotlines every couple weeks!
•BOSS FIGHTS! - Use your middle-finger strength to battle through boss fights!
•NEW! FACEBOOK FRIENDS - Keep your friends close but get your enemies toaster!
•IDLE FUN - Hire workers to automate and produce cash when you don’t!
•SUPPLY AND COMMAND - Make profit by upgrading businesses and earning customers!
•CHARACTER CARDS - Unlock and collect character cards to increase profits!
•DECENT! - Play through animated, mobile-only seasons the TV show doesn't have!
•JAIL IS AWESOME - Getting busted and restarting the park is part of the job!

It’s not rocket appliances. Download this free and greasy app game on your brain phone today. Smokes, let's go!


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Please note that Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money is free-to-play experience, but some game items are available for purchase using real money. Available to play offline without a data connection. A network connection is required for some features.

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Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money App Description & Overview

The applications Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money was published in the category Games on 2017-04-20 and was developed by Eastside Games. The file size is 143.50 MB. The current version is 1.1.4 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Make my words, it’s time to catch a boat to update-ity land!

Update NOW to get:
- Connect to Facebook and compete with your friends on who is further in the game!
- Get Liquor Bonuses from your friends!
- New notifications for event start times, so you can know earlier when the next event is!
- Some decent visual improvements!
- Lots of greeee-easy bugs fixed!

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Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money Reviews


Great Game  Nvr3d  5 star

R.I.P. John Dunsworth. Shitstorm not even Bo Bandi knew about.


Love it  Mysi20  5 star

Love it


Lost liquor and hash coins  Chriscraft84  1 star

I have found that the game does not add up the coins and liquor correctly and have actually witnessed liquor subtract when it's supposed to be adding Which makes me mad seeing as how I have spent money on this game. also not quite sure how upgrading actually works? Seems like times multiples don't add up correctly I have continued to spend money on his game to get nowhere fast seems like each lvl starts out fast liquor and hash coins coming then it just died off no way to upgrade unless you spend actual cash or u wait forever because goals at the end of the lvls are unobtainable


Horrible tech help  WhoSundae  1 star

These guys have a constant event bug that I've contacted them about multiple times. They refused to even acknowledge it. I'm taking time to bring it to their attention (with screenshots of the event bug not collecting cash) and they said "the only way this (non existent bug that they say isn't happening) could happen is if I was trying to cheat. Here's a little tid bit from one of their replies: "Unless you can provide step-by-step directions (or better yet, video proof) on how to reproduce this bug of not earning cash on any of your businesses, we can only go by the data we have available to us and countless examples of other players changing their device time and running into this same issue. Regards, Karma" So they are telling me that if I'm not trying to cheat (which I'm not) that I have to give them a "step by step guide on how to reproduce the bug". Apparently multiple screenshots that include the countdown timer don't count. This is my step by step guide 1. Event starts 2. I start playing it 3. The bug happens 4. Write tech because this is their department 5. Bug disappears after 4-8 hours of it occurring 6. Tech gets back to me (very slowly) claiming that it's a different bug 7. Repeat steps 1-6 about four times (I stopped emailing for a while because they just didn't seem to give af) 8. They finally acknowledged the bug somehow without actually acknowledging it. 9. Get accused of being a cheater Look, I like this game. It's literally open all day on my phone and I'm constantly switching back to it to collect cash throughout the day. I really don't know why they decided to ignore the evidence I've sent them (with every email) and accuse me of cheating. I don't know anyone that would try to cheat, realize that it actually HURTS their game (not collecting cash) and then keep doing it. This bug happens EVERY event. I don't collect the amount I should be collecting (or not collecting ANYTHING at all, like this last Halloween event) it makes the progress in the event slower. Which wouldn't be as much of a big deal if the event wasn't TIME SENSITIVE. I definitely wouldn't mind if I could put the extra hours in to make up for the 4-8 hour glitch where I'm not making what I should be making. Also their is no motive behind my emails to them about the bug except trying to get the bug recognized and fixed. I haven't asked them for hash liquor or cards in the past three months of my various emails. I think if I was cheating and then coming to them about a glitch I created in the first place, I'd be trying to get something out of it. I just genuinely like the game, and want to keep playing (without the bug). I'd also like for their tech help to smarten tf up. Who do you got workin down there? Barb? Whoever it is needs to hit up the dirty dancer for a night. I'll donate my liquor and hash so they can loosen tf up and get laid.


Addicted  Sjjdjfkdjzndnrndjndn  5 star

Never spent a dime. Almost always win the event prizes. I’m all the way through season 45, waiting for new seasons. R.I.P. Mr. Lahey. Let’s all have a little drinky poo.


Ho-lee F*ck Boys  Communist_Jesus  2 star

Hey buds, you all gotta go easy on these events. Those Raykens were impossible to get. Oh and y'all never fixed the hash coins not being distributed from sponsored ads.

Rangoon Red

Was good until it got greedy  Rangoon Red  1 star

I was enjoying the game, but then they started doing special events every weekend, all of which required the special game currency to even get to the first level of special prizes. This past weekend I used over 300 pucks ($20worth, or saved up over months of free play) and played constantly and didn’t even reach the first special character prize. Way too greedy for my blood.


Ok but...  celticgladiator  3 star

The concept and cut scenes are cool but the video ads for bonuses crash the app often. It's very hard to get the bonuses on special events unless you spend money so I often feel like it's just a useless waste of time.


Good idle game for a bit  THE ENGLISH TALKER  3 star

Once you get father along it becomes to time consuming unless you want to give them your wallet but other than that love it could offer little more in game for free


Great  joansie13  4 star



Tuấn Nguyễn baotoquoctoday 3 star

trailer park boys united states tour dates – play trailer park boys greasy money free


VideosgamesClub gamesandtrailer 3 star

Please ! #games #videogames 'Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money' Review: Pushing the Theoretical Limits of...…


Freelance Jobs freelance_jobs 3 star

I need someone to create a hashcoin cheat for the mobile game trailer park boys greasy money. I don't have a very …



Paid real money multiple times on several events.... last event was glitching out so every on got compensation and the people who did not got it this event still have not received mine .. some people even got it last event and this one...


TPB game review  Cervenkamatt  5 star

Fun game I love to play it at work. It is a strategy based game and is addicting once you get started. I hope they keep up the good work

Balling star

Game  Balling star  5 star

Fun game if u have seen the show it's pretty funny I would recommend it


Everything I could have ever wanted.  marquiqui  5 star

Did you read the title? Duh.


How do I restart  Zomiesrus  5 star

How do I restart from the beginning? I love this game


Funny but can drag on  Gdub8811  4 star

Time consuming


Great  Deanna_carter~  5 star

I've had no problems with the game. Runs good. Just like the show. I love it.!


The green bastard  Panxd5ex  5 star

This game is addictive as hell I’d recommend it to anyone


Must have  luckycontender  5 star

If you’re fan of the Trailer Park Boys this is a must-have it has all the greasy action in it along with fun gameplay as well takes majority of time but it’s fun to play!!!


Extra trailery  ChrisNorris00  4 star

Dialogue and story are the great. Gameplay and music average.

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