BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live

BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Bigo Live allows you to live-stream your favorite moments, and make friends from all around the world. We enable people to showcase their talent, discover, and stay connected in a positive, healthy, and creative way.

We have over 200 million users around the world. Say no to FOMO, share your life, gain fans, receive gifts, make money and live in the moment. Bigo Live is a new way to experience life.

--Why Bigo Live?--

Sing? Dance? Have any hidden talents? - Show off your talents.
Get followers, gain fans, receive gifts, make money and become an idol to many.

We have an active community, and millions of talented broadcasters, dancers, singers, foodies, comedians, and more. Your favorite moment is here.

- Invite a friend to start a 1:1 video chat.
- Create a group video chat or video call with up to 9 people in our Multi-guest Room.
- No more loneliness. Want to meet new people, make friends or meet new people? Bigo Live can match you with locals around you or with people from all around the globe.
- We bring the fun. Check out our video filters and our unique stickers! We have tons of cool filters to choose from. Level it up!

- Talk in real time with people nearby or from all over the world
- Make use of our live voice chat with interactive voice emojis to have fun.
- Talk about life, sing along, or simply chat in different languages with people from all around the globe.

Remember PK? Same. It’s time to dare your friends on BIGO LIVE! - Broadcasters with the most points will win, and losers will be punished. Dare or not? ;)

* VLOG (Video Blog)
Share your life, show off your talents, and become a popular vlog star in BIGO LIVE.

Connect, stream or watch other’s live-streaming popular games, such as PUBG, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, GTA, Fortnite, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Rules of Survival and more.

Instagram: @bigoliveapp / @bigolive.usa
Facebook: @bigoliveapp
Twitter: @bigoliveapp
Instagram: @bigoliveapp

Your feedback helps us improve BIGO LIVE.
Any questions? Please contact us at

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BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Three rounds 2 wins PK mode is added, shorten the PK duration, increase the PK round, the win and loss is more interesting!

BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live Comments & Reviews

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- Missing feature

Explore tab is missing sort by countries. Thought it had been moved but it’s just missing. Just as an update I deleted the app. Just because I live in China doesn’t mean I want to see these boring Chinese girls. All they do is sit there and sing (as if they can). They can’t speak English and have I mentioned they boring ? I want to talk with people from all around the world. Since this missing feature only restricts me to China I have deleted the app, won’t recommend the app and of course won’t be spending anymore money. Maybe I’ll check back on this comment and if the developers have reinstated this feature I’ll come back.

- Banned or Glitched

I also had been permanently banned for no reason - but in the strange situation of things, it’s only through my mobile device I had received the ban notice. I’m still able to log in onto my desktop. After asking a bigo admin to verify - my account actually hadn’t received a banned violation. So why am I receiving a banned notice through my iPhone device? I’ve emailed bigo feedback countless of times and as of today, no response. The app can be fun and interesting if used the right way, it’s just unfortunate that I’m just one of many cases of users being banned for no reason, if not perhaps a glitch in their system and moderating? It’s a real shame because I did enjoy this app.

- svip

Where is my SVIP? i tried to email but they ignore my email. i tried to send a message in feedback, all my mesaages was ignored. dont download this app all bigo america admins was useless. Try different apps but not bigo.

- Hey

I just want to know why can’t I stream games

- Great App. But ONE Huge Problem.

I’ve been on this app for a week and have been enjoying myself. This community has been one of the nicest during these tough times. But if there was any issues I’ve have with this app. It’s the communication with the BIGO Live Team. A few days ago I was live on stream just drawing to my viewers. Then all of a sudden the stream stopped and I’m banned. And no one tells me a reason. If anyone on the Developer Team is listening. Please communicate with your community. Give us a reason why we’re banned instead of just randomly handing it out. I can’t take a picture of my ID all the time. Because I would feel like you are trying to steal my identity. Please fix this.

- Bad app

This app is PaukLoPelSarr app. U can see too many idiots on this app.I dun like this app.80% of this app user are ThorrrTharr.

- Banned !!!!

I was banned for life for no reason .. saying I look under aged when I’m 29 and I see kids 11 on there.. smh fix it ..

- Banned for no reason

They ban people on this app for no reason at all I had no reason to be banned i had to make another account and 1 month later I was banned again when I didn’t even do anything so they basically ban people for no reason so if you install this app expect to be banned for no reason

- Why am I banned

I went live. I was literally sitting. I was wearing a big hoodie, you couldn’t see anything. I didn’t even cuss. I was on live for 18 seconds and got banned. Permanently, I think.

- Sensorship

You sensor what’s type how bout blackmail is that ok on your site members 415223083 is using your site to blackmail men

- .


- Inappropriate

This app is not for kids there are people showing off their but and boobs plus the first five minutes on the app there were girls who started following me and there profile pic was inappropriate I immediately deleted the app and I am only 10 imagine there were people that were five years old seeing that I am truly disgusted please take action

- Please

Здравствуйте. У меня проблема возникнет когда я открываю трансляцию. Не работает программа VoiceOver, на телефоне Iphone. Это программа для слепых, который озвучивает управление эфира. В других трансляции работает идеально. Очень прошу исправить это в следующем обновлении. Заранее Спасибо 🙏

- Horrible service

I requested so many time for removing my account but they closed the case. Also I hated this app cuz too many women ask me to buy a gift card or help them with the money issues. Something tells me that’s a scammed. I’ll never use this app anymore and don’t wasted your time.

- Bro..

My account was permanently banned for no reason at all. Show me proof.!

- People will attack you and you page for any reason

I was on this app for 5 or 6 months and was band over a disagreement I also have seen people record other people and go to people house call people jobs if you have a major issue with them. There was no reason my account should have been band I would like to get my account out of this classA band. I did not do anything that granted a unwanted band that was given to me without reason or warning

- It’s okay

It’s a good app but I got banned from live-streaming 3 times in one day for literally just being there. I had made 3 different accounts so that I can still livestream and I got banned from all three. I wasn’t being inappropriate or anything.

- Terrible

This app is horrible everyone one on here is rude , it needs to be taken off the App Store.

- Bs

You get banned for no reason

- bigo is a joke



I’ve been banned after about 3 days and I don’t know why. Is there an email or phone number I can call to talk to someone to get my account back?

- Changed my life!!!

I love Bigo, it changed my life completely, i’m a host and because of the situation in my country (Venezuela) I can’t work, and since I met the app now I can work, do all the things that I want, get my life goals... I spend so much time on Bigo, it’s amazing because you can share your talent with other people, I met so many good friends also☺️ thank you so much for creating an incredible app like this one☺️ Love you Bigo!!!!😍

- Banned for no reason

I chatting with admin on Bigo Global Service and asking about how much I spend money and how many diamonds I sent this month monitoring team banned my ID with VIP count for selling diamonds 😂😂😂

- Cheat on us

.1. Bigo live you $uck

- Legal Virtual Panhandling - Hypocritical Guidelines

I got Class A banned for vulgar music. Yet ppl are half naked dancing like strippers on the Popular stage begging for money. I pay for in app services yet I don’t have full jurisdiction over my account? Bigo is the kind of app that will ban lowkey users and take their money but will keep the Virtual Strippers from getting banned because they are revenue assets. It’s an app predominantly for Virtual Panhandlers and Strippers to have another income stream.

- This app is pornography

It’s basically porn

- Sexual predators

I was on a live one time on this app and there were a bunch of old guys telling me to take my shirt off and to show my boobs or wear a bikini on live🤮 it was very gross

- Illegal and horrible

I am INCREDIBLY disappointed with the developer response. I would give this negative 100 stars if I could. They responded: thank you for using our app. Some disgusting adult male reached out to her on the app. She immediately knew something was not right and came to me, and we tried to delete the account. Thankfully, she knew the right thing to do, but the developers are allowing this to happen. There is NO option to delete. This app should be shut down and banned. They allow child predators on the app, there is no option to delete the account, and they are on notice that a minor is on the app and will not delete her account. These are awful disgusting people allowing this to happen. My original review: My nine year old created an account without my permission. I have now asked THREE times for the account to be deleted because THERE IS NO OPTION TO DELETE. They keep asking me questions and will not delete the account. They asked for her ID - she’s nine. I am not sending them anything with her info on it. The app is offensive and pornographic, even to an adult. It’s disgusting, and I am very disappointed that the account has not yet been deleted even though they are on notice that it is a minor’s account. DO NOT register for this app, even as an adult. If there are other agencies I can report this to, please let me know. They have now been on notice several days that a minor is ok a pornographic site and have REPEATEDLY FAILED to delete the account despite my REPEATED requests. I’m not sure, but I think the police and FBI will probably be my next steps. This is a very dangerous app. They told me to send a message to feedback. This has been done FOUR times, and they will not delete it. I am not sending my daughter’s personal information. I will now seek the assistance of any any all appropriate authorities to make sure it is known that this site knowingly allows children, who are being messaged by predators, to have accounts. This site is ILLEGAL.

- What!

I was just starting to go live then it said I was banned

- Racist

I’m just going to delete my account. It’s not fair how other race could come on live wearing nothing but a bra and shorts. But I have a shorts and a t shirt. My pictures are being removed. Smh I’m off this

- They ban for nothing

Warning to all girls. Do not dance, stand up so people can see your outfits or show anything more than your face or they will ban you. The new rules are ridiculous and extremely strict. The app has been around for four years but won’t make it 6 more months if they don’t change, it used to be a fun place to hang out and meet new people but now it’s ruined. They have successfully ran off many of their most popular broadcasters to other apps. If you want an app to hang out and just be yourself this is not the one.

- Feedback

You say to contact the VIP group admin about VIP points, but how do I even get in contact with them in the first place. I’ve spent approximately $3,000 on this app this month and sent out almost 200,000 diamonds. I didn’t receive nothing, no message, nothing. I send a message in the feedback, but get no response after a whole week. This is ridiculous. No help from BIGO. Why are y’all so vague with information?

- Changed My Life....

I started BIGO almost a year ago. When I first started it was very confusing. Lots to learn, learned things trails by error but I finally found my footing... so I thought. I created my own family and that unlocked a whole level of information I needed to learned. Being a founder of a BIGO family taught me things about myself I never knew. It also help my personally and professionally on how to deal with human behavior. Now I really was confident I knew everything about BIGO... so I thought. Then I was invited to create my own agency (OAK “One of A Kind” Agency). It’s been 5 months and it’s been the best decision in my life. It’s been so lucrative for me and my family and furthermore I made a lot of friends. I’m excited to continue my BIGO journey and learn so much new stuff. Since I’ve started the app has invested in itself to make things so much easier and clearer more than before. BIGO has change my life for the BETTER! Thank you BIGO

- Good Streaming App But

I’m on the app for a year and lately getting discourage with the app. An example is that there is a daily check in and task that can be completed for coins. There is nothing to redeem these coins in for. You can spin a wheel for useless items. There is a coin store but for what I was told it having technically issues with it. I tried for weeks and kept getting no items are available. Another useless items are these puzzle pieces that received during daily activities. No one knows what do with these puzzle pieces, get enough of one kind and received what the puzzle picture is. Thus what we were told. Overall, it’s fun to meet new people and interactive with them.

- Super recomendada

Me gusta mucho y se las recomiendo de corazón, puedes conocer muchísima gente de todos los lugares del mundo y crear muy buenas relaciones de amistad, divertirte y conversar de todos los temas posibles; además que puedes dar a conocer el talento que tengas, compartirlo con todos los que vayas conociendo y enseñarles también sobre eso si es lo que quieres. Yo e conocido mucha gente super amable y linda conmigo, hablamos de maquillaje, de la vida y por que no concejos de amor también. Los invito a que hagan parte y conozcan la app.

- bad customer support

i want to delete my account but their feedback email never responded. i used the in app support feature and they wanted me to send a picture of me holding my ID, no thanks.

- Bigo live

Esta es una aplicación muy buena que yo recomendaría a muchas personas na aplicación donde haces buenas y bonitas amistades con gente de otros países al igual te entretienes con sus live en vivo siempre y a la hora que quieras muy buena aplicación no me arrepiento de obtener esta aplicación bigo live tengo maravillosas amistades gracias a bigo live la recomiendo a todos gracias bigo live .....💕💕tengo varios compañeros de trabajo que se han unido a la aplicación bigo live y están muy contentos con esta aplicación bigo live muy buena Gracias la recomiendo al 100% 💕

- Excelente app

BIGO es una aplicación increíble, he llegado a conocer a personas maravillosas dentro de la aplicación, me encanta que puedo ver a tantas personas talentosas haciendo los que les gusta. Amo la manera de enviar regalos, sus diseñadores se esmeran en crear diseños nuevos para las animaciones a la hora de enviar regalos, son realmente bellos. Me encanta que puedo llegar a ver y conocer a cualquier persona en cualquier parte de el mundo y aprender sobre tantas culturas en una sopa app.. La interacción es increíble y realmente puedes llegar a hacer amigos ❤️❤️.. simplemente ME ENCANTA!

- BIGO live

Make it for kids is to inappropriate

- I loved BIGO!!

I’ve got so much love and support It’s crazy that I’ve got so much love and support from people who watch me on bigo live, it’s a fun app. Brings smiles and laughs sometimes tears, gives confidence and I never thought I could ever get of the lack of confidence, until bigo live changed it . I’m thankful for bigol live. Bigo live is an amazing app, so many cultures, trends, races, and it’s awesome how it makes them interact with each other! Something we need today. I never thought I would enjoy bigo live this much! Bigo live is an app I probably won’t get off of, it’s a way of expressing your talent, creativity and passion! I have over 17k in followers and it's a fun way to pass the time for me. I found it is a great success for me as I am now famous on both tik tok and bigo live! And I tried the Beta version and it was an awesome beta! Easy access and better quality! With many thanks 😊🌷

- Banned with 10 years on the device without no reason

So I just got banned for 10 year with my screen is my avatar, not the black screen, and did not do anything. And all of the sudden, I got banned the device for 10years which is like the ridiculous things ever. Now I can take all of my friend to a new live stream app just because this Bigo Live TV is even worse in policy restricted too. Those guy purchase the VIP point got more power than those guys who just want to drag more attention to the viewer???. Next time, think about policy changing before making any decision which may effect the customer right service. Sincerely and not recommend this app for live streaming. UPDATED: Just receive the message email from Bigo and still not provide any reason about why I got banned for 10 year. Also I heard from other user that you have to pay around couple of hundred dollar to get the account back. That will not worth for me and I will tell all of my friend and other user to go for another live stream app if this situation still happen. I will file a lawsuit if it necessary base on the amount of user got in this situation. Sincerely.

- Just another Live Streaming app😒

You will meet different types of people on here. The fakes are easy to spot for me. I got a message from Bigo saying one of my pictures was reported for some class A violation. Idk who reads all the rules and guidelines these days because they’re always so long but I’ve never heard of it. I just like to join Live’s and support the real people who entertain me or appear pretty chill; if that makes sense. If you want to join a family, make sure you meet the requirements such as location. I found out around two weeks ago that if you live outside the US then you can’t join an American family. However, there is something on Bigo called VIP points that you can use to pay Bigo to let someone in from outside the region. I recently downloaded LiveMe but there’s so many users who don’t even speak English on there. I have yet to figure out if there’s a way to change that. If I could go back to Bigo; I would hope that the people whom I’ve blocked don’t try to start drama with me because it’s a waste of their life to try and ruin mine.

- Not worth it!

I joined this app thinking it was a place for adults to get together and have fun especially with this pandemic that we are facing. Instead you spend lots of money and they ban you for things such as sticking your tongue out, having a little cleavage out, falling asleep, driving, drinking or smoking etc.I refuse to spend another dime on this app. I have been back broadcasting on LiveMe and I feel free to be an adult! Thank God! And I’m happy to bring other broadcasters to a better place!!

- Love the app!

I do have one question though. It says you can purchase gifts with your coins. But how do you do that?

- Trap

This app is a trap. Don’t get close and personal with nobody on here. Don’t download what they want you to. I just got suckered.


Allows us to Delete our own Post!

- I don’t liked

I want delete my account....😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡helpppppp

- Do not download cause you will get banned for no reason

This app people should not download because you will get banned for no reason

- Addictive but trash

This app is not good because if you have goals to achieve or things to do you’ll be on it all day.. oh yeah this app bans people for no reason which isn’t cool. I understand the pornography but wearing a tank top? That’s not good and the robots are always everywhere trying to talk to you and hack your phone

- Boring now

But it’s probably for the best. It was tough to see potentially underage women posting videos. No control at the site, but I hope self esteem wins

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- Block

Block that

- Not for +17 people

Bigo isn’t for people over 17 years old anymore. More like 12+ now with the new rules and restrictions. I am referring to : BIGO updated its community guidelines and standards. I feel like those standards are too strict for an app with age rating of 17+. On the other hand I like the standard because hosts don’t beg for viewers to give them beans and diamonds as much but still.

- Gross

The worst app in store don’t waste time and money

- I want a refund

I want a refund I want my money back.

- Banned account for nothing

Can u guys please review my account i got an ban regarding drugs even tho it's not true. I really spend nice time on this app but this was ridiculous there are a lot of people who does a lot of violations porns bla bla and i got ban besides . Please guys...

- Khoá nick idol vớ vẩn quá

Đang xem idol không vi phạm khoá acc người ta

- App is fake

Can't scroll down because it refreshes to the top of the lists Always banning people randomly so they cannot cash out. Always taking 90% money and not giving enough diamonds. Pure fraud.

- Bad ads

There are half naked girls in the ads and I saw the reviews on the app so except if you want to watch half naked girls I do not recommend downloading it

- Ban

They banned every person for nothing its annoying

- I hate it

I hate it

- App Search Optimization!

Raise downloads by 10 times! Aso services,daily installs can reach 3000+. Ping me at Skype:+8618903532913 . Every one can get a test promtoin fot 3 days now!

- posting

You can’t even delete or remove your past postings.

- Bad

When I go look at lives I see a lot of girly ppl And U only can play 17 or up

- This app is a joke

Ban for absolutely no reason. Joke of an app. Dont put any money on that app

- App is awful

This app is full of scams and people who are fake some girl msg me said they were form the states and in her profile it says Nigeria I think apps like this should be ashamed of themselves for misleading people your lucky I would give this app 0 stars for a rating

- Bad

This app is trash it asked me for my ID card like no and it told me I wasn't allowed to go live

- Needs a “Share live with all friends” button

It’s fine to tap all your friends/followers to share the live with them when you have a few hundred. When you have thousands, we NEED a “share with all” option. Can not believe this app has existed this long without one and still has a user base...

- Man

This is good application I use daily

- Winnipeg

This site is for wussy’s and punks and closest slu$$

- Got banned for nothing

Stupid app 🤦🏻‍♂️

- Just read...

I went on this app almost three years ago, first live I made I racked up 100 old men, telling me I was beautiful and a princess. I didn’t know what was happening since I was 9 years old. please ban anyone who violates a child’s privacy, such as myself. It would’ve been helpful.

- Love it

Love it

- Sksk

I can’t go live cause I did something bad it said, I did not do anything and I don’t know what happens so....I hate this app now

- Game

Hi i am iPhone user I don’t have option for game in bigo. Please fix this problem.


i went live for the first time for 2 minutes and i got blocked already for a year!!!!!!! i’ve appealed it already but it’s because they think i’m not 18. i entered my birthday and i’m 18, and they blocked me from going live so i had to send pictures of my ID!!! and me, i really wanted to get this app because my dad uses it and he wanted to go live with me and now we can’t:( fix your app this is so not fair!

- Should be 11 plus

This game should be 11 plus because a lot of 11 year olds would want this game

- Waste of time

Not fun or entertaining. Once you realize this, there is NO OPTION to delete your account. At all. Terrible.

- Admin is unfair

I made 2000+ beans in 30 mins 200+ viewers. I tired to audition for agency and they said I failed but didn’t say why. Everyone is confused. This is a bad look for the admin.

- Garbage

This app is not good. All the women get you to talk to them and then ask you to send them money. If you don’t then they won’t talk to you. Watch out for anyone with the name Aruba Jasmine. They are fake accounts. They will ask for a picture or several. Then try to blackmail you with said pictures

- Upgrade

Upgraded version please so slow

- Apparently twitch is inappropriate

I can’t put I stream on twitch because it’s inappropriate.

- Keep it 18+

Leave it at 18+ they already have “LiveMe” for underage users

- Nul

C’est application c’est de la marde tu peux rien faire si tu fait une grimasse bigo live va te signaler c’est de la vrais marde

- To many half naked girls

Don’t download there are half naked girls!!!! The ads advertising this have half naked girls dancing to get you to download this!! To many ads

- App

This app is so annoying because every 2 minutes all I see is girls thinking their hot but their not and it’s getting annoying

- Really

These peoples are trying to lure people by butting a bunch of thots in tight clothing grow up

- Absolutely trash

OK so first off after four tries of logging into YouTube so I keep getting banned for not even do anything just standing there asking them questions about how their day was and what they would like to do in the future, etc. And I just want to say this app is absolute trash for not even do anything you get banned and for saying the worst things that people didn't even do and I was trying to go live with one of my best friends but then we keep getting banned we got so bored of it we just deleted the app I do not recommend getting this absolute rashes app and and for no reason it bans you. thanks for reading please fix this bug.

- Your ad

The most sexist and offensive ad more offensive than hustle castle you are using women to click bait men advertisers should lose their jobs over this sexism and always taking advantage over young girls that cute dragon isn’t what it seems.

- horrible

i probably would have liked this app but the ads they have are disgusting, every ad i’ve gotten has been of half naked girls dancing. it doesn’t make me wanna get the app and using half naked girls to sell your app is disappointing.

- Trash

I downloaded the app and opened it up for the first time. The first thing I saw was half naked girls. This app should be illegal.

- Bigo

Garbage app, just a bunch of women begging for money...

- Game

How come I don’t see LUDO games on BIGO I can’t even play with my friends I want it back please

- Hot

Full sexy girls

- Lovely

That’s great

- Great Apps 🥰

It is Really Nice and Great Bigo Apps to use and those people who love to connect with new Friends from all over the world. I would like to thank you Somuch Bigo Apps. 🥰🥰🥰 I love the Bigo Apps. Have a Great Year... ahead... 🥳🥳🥳🥳

- good

the best one

- Bigo live


- Regarding game

Y can’t I see and join the games in multi broadcasts?

- Not for under 20

This app has porn and bad words in it it is bad would not recommend🤬😘

- Stop porn

I don’t like this app because it has some porn in it and kids might want this app but NO they can’t please make some more change into this app because it has so much nudity in it! I really really hope that this changes now!😡

- Bigo Love

I’ve been using the app for more than 3yrs & I liked/loved it in a sense of meeting new people,enjoying of sending & receiving gift from anyone,more activities within the app & most good thing about this app is they’re safe to hang out with.This includes explicity,nudes,indicent behavior,etc.I recommend everyone to try this app!

- bigo

This app is one of the best broadcasting apps!!! I’ve been on multiple apps, have had a huge amount of followers on another app but I decided to join this app to gain a new fan base that work well for me and was more convenient. This app will allow you to gain real cash that you can have, and you can meet great amazing people. Everyone’s friendly to talk to, you will really enjoy the new features on the app. Be respectful and wear nice clothing and the app it’s self will respect you as well as your follow viewers. I recommend this app 100% and wouldn’t go back to other streaming apps.

- Love Bigo

This App is Amazing I have been on this app for close to a year. And iabsolutely enjoy every aspect of it. It’s a good way to meet people and everyone i meet is super nice and chill. This app is a good way to pass time and I love the people i’ve met. I have never had a bond the way i have with some people on here. My family is super supportive and I wouldn’t change much on here. People complain about the app becasue they don’t understand how the app works. they get on for ONE day and then hate it. get to know the people and actually be chill. some people come in and start complaining then get kicked. So all in all, this app is super amazing. And i love everything about it.

- Banning system

This app is good at times I do like streaming, Reason I’m giving this 3 star is because of the banning system For no reasons at all the app keep banning me so no reason it’s annoying all I do stream is movies and gaming. I have seem a lot of streamers that almost half naked, people drinking and smoking infront the camera yet they don’t have any warning or get banned and also see a lot of pedophiles on there, people saying weird stuff like asking take your clothes off or they sexual.. If you’d think that’s ok then I don’t get why this apps meant to be family friendly. Things I do like about the app is that is very easy to use it don’t give out good confidence on streaming unlike YouTube too many trolls and bullying This app has less bully’s which is good. Also good to talk to people ( for me I’m shy around people so this app helps me to be more social and make friends )

- Review

This app is one of the best broadcasting apps!!! I’ve been on multiple apps, have had a huge amount of followers on another app but I decided to join this app to gain a new fan base that work well for me and was more convenient. This app will allow you to gain real cash that you can have, and you can meet great amazing people. Everyone’s friendly to talk to, you will really enjoy the new features on the app. Be respectful and wear nice clothing and the app it’s self will respect you as well as your follow viewers. I recommend this app 100% and wouldn’t go back to other streaming apps.

- Greet

Great app I love this app! I started off using it just to get over social anxiety and share ideas to people all over the world. Bigo Live is a bridge between me and friends, and helping me overcome so many challenges and make new friends. Also, I’ve met some amazing Host and broadcasters. The community is unique in a way where there are many demographics of people from all walks of life. There is literally a space/place for everyone. Thanks very much! Also, I would recommend this to anybody who is an artist of any kind! If you want to be discovered and reach a large audience here’s the application for you.

- Best livestream app

Been used app for 4 years and still keep going to use that’s wonderfull app, try and you will Discover more things,

- Very reliable app

Have been using bigo for a year now, this app is awesome and has great business opportunities for those who have talents. Streaming and earning money couldn’t be easier anywhere else. I would highly recommend this app to everyone. Get to know people around the world from the comfort of your own home. Become a host and earn easy money. Want to turn a good time into a lot of money? This is the app for you. And the ANZ management team is AMAZING ! Especially Sandy .

- 😄good

good excellent

- So many Fake account like Hick Smith

So many people hiding themselves behind other people, be careful of Hick smith this user uses Sommer Ray pictures and ask you for gift cards, a lot of people who message you try to be your friends and want you to buy gift cards

- Multi guest follow

Been using bigo from long time made so many friends down there. There was option of multi guest follow like the where your friends are sitting if they are not there at their own broad. So that you can go there meet friend of friends so that you can know more people but from today you can’t see anyone it’s gone quite boring so that’s why I’m giving one star

- Waste of time

Moderators are going overboard with the banning. People are getting banned for the sake of being banned, not because they were doing anything that goes against the broadcast rules. Moderators need to chill out. Was a good app until about a month ago. Now it’s not worth having....

- Quite entertaining and social

Good app. It is more about social. Ppl find friends and a big family there.

- Awesome app

If you have talent then don’t waste your time. Download this app it’s awesome. The more interesting thing I like you’ll get friends from all over the world. Stay home and enjoy yourself with new peoples

- An amazing app

This app has really made a difference to many people i know. Transformed a lot of people, by allowing connection, team work, love, self expression, joy, fun and laughter! I am so glad that i have come across this app as i meet so many people. Make a great bunch of friends who i call my good friends! Thanks Bigo for making it be so easy to connect to people around the world!

- This app is full offake

Fake girls that just want to Lure you to what’s app for nude photos or hang outs and buy them amazon card appsolute terrible

- Rules need to change and so for Penalty fines

Your app seriously needs to change its rules the more you’s Keep enforcing silly ridiculous penalty fines and Silly rules all the people that spent money on your app will end up taking their money else where and that’s the down side! Maybe if you’s make better rules then it would be a better experience for your app for keep your customers happy

- Also banned unwarranted

The service is entirely biased towards women, as a male, the slightest of mistakes will result in a permanent banishment with no coherent response or help getting it fixed. Tread lightly as a male, spending money with them won’t save you in fact if you have money in your account for gifting they will take that too. They don’t care at all. Lost a lot of friends, I don’t think they even understand how this affects some people. They also responded to me here with a facade of a response saying contact us and we will help, already have, they had already closed the case stating they won’t help, yet act like they will in front of the App Store. Pathetic, they took my money as well as they are the ugliest company on the App Store. “ Your account has been verified in violation of the rules of bigo live platform. Thus your application could not be proceeded. Receipt number【1586143233245】”

- bigo


- I hate it

This app is awful! A few months ago, I got this app thinking it was great but when a started live streaming, I got a permanent ban! I didn’t even do anything! Not getting this app again.

- Bring Back Ludo to the ios bigo

i do love the app but everyone on the ios has lost interest due to having one stupid game which no one will play on the ios bigo i want ludo and the other games back to ios bigo seriously bigo pull your finger out and do something ios users want they're ludo back 😡😡😡

- Hate it

This app has changed my family so much, my mum is talking with other people while my dad doesent do anything.i am 8 and I don’t lik this bingo ad kitty app and she is messaging someone and hiding it from me, and people are saying nasty things like “call me” “sexy” “can we call”and it’s very heartbreaking my dad doesn’t know about it, sometimes she’s on her phone and I see she’s messaging someone and when I go near her she gets off messenger!our family had been breaking apart since this app came out and we were such a happy family back in 2014 until this app came out..

- Great app but carful for permanent ban

Been using the app for almost 2 years and made many good friends there and then one day accidentally made a mistake making it not just the account being banned but also your phone is banned permanently no matter how you change a new account or use parallel space app or multi account Bigo Live still bans you from the login page not even allow you to watch your friends’ lives as guest. Simply all you can do is to DELETE the Bigo Live and buy a new phone as your phone IMEI number is marked as banned, if I am correct. Do I need to buy new phone every time I get banned? Interesting! Still missing some really good friends who I now has no access to. As well been spend hundreds bulks on the app. Told to use the “Ban and Appeal” option but no use. Heard that you can unban your account in few days if you are >VIP 3 or so.

- Full of fakes

I downloaded this app to try while thinking it got legit profiles provided they do phone verification etc to validate. However what turns out is far from reality:- - There are enormous number of fake profiles on this app where the owner of profile is a man but acting as a beautiful sexy girl. They would demand to talk off the app e.g. hangout, whatsapp etc. They would then want to lure you into their acts so you can give them money. - Once you create profile on this app there’s no way to delete it permanently. Seems very insecure and dangerous in today’s time but looks like some newbie has developed this app who doesn’t care much about user experience - The features of the app and very confusing. It will take a while for you to get used to it - The only good thing I found is quality of video.

- Great app to waste your time on

Enjoy using this app but would highly appreciate it if you guys could stop with the stupid updates, please bring ludo game for iPhone users.

- Makes money from Lonely weirdos!

- This app is based on gifting economy from lonely men mostly. - App is based in Asia and has an Asian style of management. -Rules are applied arbitrarily and fairness is least of their priorities. There don’t have an universal law that you can refer to .The laws and policies are created on the spot and they apply the policies randomly. The policies that they have published are not clear . They made that unclear on purpose so they can be tyrannical and fully control the users. You could get banned for the the same reason while other won’t . So you are basically at their mercy. If they don’t like you , you get banned . When you send them an email they will reply in bad English with no proper explanation. - 2 stars because the videos are clear and on the tech side of things it’s not too bad. - good to make friends but overtime you get bored as it’s not real and can never replace real life socialising. You feel and look more miserable when using this app.

- Banned for No Reason!

So I held my cereal up on my camera on my live, which supposedly looked like a nugget of cannabis. I got banned straight away permanently. Which means not only did I get wrongfully accused of doing something illegal and did not do, I also cannot access any other accounts on my phone. So which means that I cannot access Bigo whatsoever on my phone. I tried to submit application, yet it was denied. What do I do now?? Fix this PLEASE!!!

- Ruined

The app has been taken over, no longer is it about making friends. Its about scandalous women. Im disappointed how it has turned out.

- Allows porn on the app

I’ve been on this app for a little bit now and all I am seeing is cam Whores one comes to mind and her name is aussie Jess always says racists comments like peasants to people who support her,... it degrading and shameful

- disappointed

i have tried 4 times to do a purchase it's says payment received but i have never received money in my account

- I love your app

It is really good I love it so much please write back to me

- My mum says this is for dating

Hi my mum says this is for dating but I don’t know what to say because on the app you can’t do that stuff and that’s what I presume

- Feedback system

It’s absolutely horrible! It doesn’t accept screenshots done through the iPhone itself because they are “over 2mb” and you can’t use the app to screenshot a great deal of things going on in the app The feedback doesn’t produce ticket numbers for you to refer to an earlier ticket you submitted The character limit is annoying as hell both on feedbacks and reply to feedbacks and you can only send 1 reply to a feedback which is also annoying and limiting

- It needs to have a report button

I like this app it’s good, but it has some inappropriate girls and I would like to report them. If this had a report button it would be much easier than making a review over and over again.

- Innovation

Congratulations for the innovative App. I wish success to the Bigo Team! Greetings from Hub App Technologies!

- Great app

Good, but please add option for horizontal viewing.

- Good app, but a few knuckleheads

If you want to play music, chat, dance and date then this is a great app. But be careful of the inappropriate people on here. I’ve had numerous inappropriate pictures sent to me, all from men. I’ve been taunted, called names and asked for sexual favours. There are ALOT of inappropriate people, but there are also good people. There are some who are genuinely nice and actually do enjoy what you do. Though they are few and rare, they are around. So just be careful.

- Just softporn

All the popular girls here are basically sexual teases. They just flirt and show their bodies in a very indecent way. Very dirty and horrible app

- It’s Twitch but cheap and lazy

Don’t listen to the devs responding to your reviews, they pretend they are listening and improving things but they aren’t unless it’s really serious. If you like Thots, then you’ve come to the right place, either way... your dumb and never heard of pornhub... The devs are unstable, they will ban you if they are bored and will try to find excuses. If your a girl on this platform, your just gonna get popular just by looking like a thot just like on twitch and treat teen boys like mindless customers. If your a guy on this platform, your NOTHING and won’t get so popular that people notice you unless your that 2% that’s actually interesting. Let’s be honest... BIGO is twitch but less popular and more plastic.



- Rape, violence and the sexualisation of children

If the title didn’t say it all I don’t know what will. I’ve witnessed a rape, a hell of a lot of other violence including users crashing their car from live-streaming their commute and injuring themselves and others. This app is a complete disgrace but it’s still here and BIGO and Apple are profiting from the crimes of its users. I’ve reported this app everywhere I can but it’s still here. In fact, when you report crimes being committed within the app you get banned. This is an insult to humanity but clearly humans are so vile that this is a profitable app. I literally feel sick that this exists.

- ludo games

great app but since the games don't work anymore very boring now. when will the games start working again...

- Total Bekar

Hahhahaha Mainu ta smajh nai aa rahi loka di kive apni zindgi ton bhatak k time waste karn lagge aa paisa kmaun lai kuria ladies kive galat galat action kardia bigo te

- ดีมาก

รักแค่ “DJKANOM65🍼🍼” คนเดียว

- Sexist app with limited features

This app is a straight up sexist are allowed to flaunt their bare chest and when it comes to woman they ban everything. Look around app developers as this a modern world where women should be treated equally.ball up and Learn from instagram.

- Worst customer service I’ve ever experience

Froze my account for no reason, then proceeded to extort me to unfreeze, which they never did. Slow to respond and no resolution in sight.

- BEGO great

Good app fun and laughter well worth the download

- Great

Owsem app for entertaining

- bigo is amazing

love this app good way to interact and make new friends

- Privacy

I tried to cancel my account, unfortunately there is no option to delete my account, it is connected to Gmail so I leaved it as it is without cancelation.

Payoneer 💰

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- Amazed.

I discovered the app 3 days ago, free app where ppl watching you doing things in life or talking. I met two ppl Im in contact all the time. First free non fake app I found so far. Gj developers keep it going! Five stars from me for sure. I would put 10.

- I cant game live

I cant game live i can game live if i have a pc

- Super trash

This is not fair that only 18 and under can be on this app is super not cool and super terrible don’t buy it

- Not as expected

Omlet arcade is much better i dont understand why i cant stream my phone on bigo but i can on omlet arcade

- Sucks

U can’t play the games no more

- Great community

I love bigo! I’ve been a host for a few months and I can honestly say I’ve pretty much stopped using Facebook because I’m on bigo all the time instead 😂 thanks for making such a great app! Bigo id: gen33

- Not the best

A lot of old men asking you to undress a lot of under age people and You can’t wear a mask even if it’s below freezing and your outside or anything

- Thank you!

Bigo helped me so much with settling my life in Canada. Before moving to this country i found people from around here on this app so that i could know more about the culture and stuff. Some of them became my close friends and now we hangout together in real life. I also found my true love from UK whom i’m going to visit soon. I can’t thank you enough for this all.

- Magnifique

Can you please add the ability to switch cameras, I take my beautiful dog for long walks and I’d like to share to the world our walks!

- First time streaming

Many viewers for my very first stream!

- Review

This app should be used for any age from 11 and up because there are children who probably want to use the app but they can’t because it’s only 18 and up

- Can you make like a mini bigo live for kids

I want a mini bigo live for kids please can you do that no pressure. I just hate that i can’t go on this app because im not 18 or +.

- Question.

Is it illegal to smoke weed, cigarettes... or just anything pertaining to smoking in general?

- Nice

I love this aap

- Can’t hear anything

I removed my earphones, turned off Bluetooth connection to speaker, reinstalled the app twice yet I can’t hear anything.

- it would be great if you could go live and masturbate without having to lose your account .

Great app !!!! Nudity should be allowed !!!!

- Sup

Would be nice if you guys could add the greedy bigo game in my profile.. I have spent a lot of money but never got it still

- Awesome

Love app

- Хрень дешевая

Вы заблокировали 4 моих аккаунта, в то время когда я не нарушала ничего. Я на 4-ом аккаунте 6 минут трансляцию вела и вы меня заблокировали. Херня ваше это приложение, раньше вы никого не блокировали.

- Do not download

This app will ruin your life Once you create an ID you can’t deactivate or delete your account . Lots of harassment of all sorts on this App Also no way to send feedback to bigo support team , keep getting error messages saying “mailbox format error” And no other way to get in touch with these ppl - poor quality app

- Gaming live

Why can’t I do live game on bigo using ios 11.4. Can someone tell me how?

- Love it


- Fun and awesome app thanks for making bigo

Love the app to the people with negative comments about the app you are so wrong about it. I have meet some wonderful cool people on here

- Nice


- 🌝


- Super App

Très jolie filles mais j'ai l'impression qui me manque de quoi !!! :-)

- Yes


- Awesome

Great application 👍🏻

- Very good جيد جداً

Very good جيد جدا

- Decent App

Decent App. Good people, just need to stop banning for the wrong reasons such as falling asleep on stream, other than that, its pretty solid

- Works good

Yay ya !

- Te

Phát triển tinh nang live stream game cho ios thi tot

- Please fix bigo live

I can’t open bigo live



- Nice


- Fun


- Not safe for kids!

This app promotes inappropriate dancing from minors (primarily girls) and the only people use this app are them and old perverted SICK men that hit on juvenile kids. This app should have AGE RESTRICTIONS or BE REMOVED ENTIRELY. This app makes me sick!! How apple could allow this app to be DIRECTED TO CHILDREN!!!! Apples sick, the developer of this app is clearly the sickest and the old perverted scum bags that use this PUTRID APP

- Tồi tệ

Không thích quá tồi tệ

- ❤️

Love the app

- Bigo

Is chill

- Great app

👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 amazing

- Binggo lol

Fun app

- Pass time

This app eat lot of time

- Best in the world

Thank for BIGO live team

- Bigo app is evil

They banned me for smoking marijuana.

- Z

I like this

- The best

Love, love, love!

- Not bad

Fun but it needs more work

- Okay

Good, good

- The best

I honestly loveeee this app!! It's so fun to interact with everyone and I even became best friends with a few people on here. The only downside is that there are a LOT of perverts and weirdos

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- I cant stream my games on iphone 11

Can anyone or the creator tell me how to do this please thanks

- Horrible

I Hate this app a boy asked for pic of my Vigina I don’t recommend this app

- Sikandar raja

😜Brings smiles and laughs It’s crazy that I’ve got so much love and support from people who watch me on bigo live, it’s a fun app. Brings smiles and laughs sometimes tears, gives confidence and I never thought I could ever get of the lack of confidence, until bigo live changed it. I’m thankful for bigo life. Bigo live is an amazing app, so many cultures, trends, races, and it’s awesome how it makes them interact with each other! Something we need today. I never thought I would enjoy bigo live this much! Bigo live is an app I probably won’t get off of, it’s a way of expressing your talent, creativity, and passion! I tried the Beta version and it was an awesome beta! Easy access and better quality!😎 👍 👌 😜

- Bigo live

Absolutely vile Iv trued for 5 days to leave a review for this app but obviously never been printed must be for telling the truth about all these scammers who are in it & want you to send money /gifts sat about with either no clothes or hardly any clothes messaging you try get you to check out their nudes & their pay per view websites or other dating type apps which is exactly what this is a glorified prostitution app You can never delete your account either stay well clearly full of scammers & bullies Only giving 1 star as cant give none

- Good

A Refreshing Social App This app is a refreshing change of pace from the usual apps like Instagram and Twitter. It actually allows you to meet real people and develop real relationships. This has introduced me to many different people that have the same interests as I do. The person being filmed can respond to what the watchers say. For instance, if you want to ask a question if the person being filmed can answer you if they want. Also, if you find someone that you can befriend, subscribe to them and when they get on you would be notified. The last thing I really like is, many people can tune in to the person being filmed at the same time. And because they have very creative software developers, they keep thinking about new stuff that makes this application interesting. I recommend it to everybody. Give it a try. It’s for free and definitely, after the new upgrade, it makes very interesting!

- read below :)

It steals peoples content for its adverts and doesnt even ask for permission😬 that ain't trust worthy

- Just dnt

Most butter you up for a day then ask for money i wouldnt bother

- Change mobile number

I can’t change my mobile number so can’t redeem beans. Please help

- Bigo live

My brother offers Me this app My brother offers Me this app and I didn't disappoint for installing it because of its fun livestreaming. I already met some online friends that are very far from Me even abroad and they are very friendly. Also, you can be a host of your own live stream and there are many options to show on the audience when you are live like playing online games, watching movies, singing, dancing, drawing and many more. I really have enjoyed it and it's a pleasure to talk to people with common interests. Now I already got 10 thousand fans here. I can honestly say this app is amazing follow the rules and you will enjoy...been here over 1 year! I will recommend this to My friend. I would say its 85% to 90% of people would be enjoying this app as I am. Thank you Bigo.

- Review

I think this app will absolutely lead the way in the future This app is Great it has a lot of potential as more than just another social media site or dating site, I think this app will absolutely lead the way in the future as a new and exciting way of social media being used across the board... 👌I kept seeing this app on different advertised on different apps that I use I personally couldn't what the appeal was for so many people but I'm beginning to understand why is app is so enjoyable I mean I literally had nine people follow me before I even did anything lol and honestly I still have no idea how this app works to be quite honest it feels like a mix between Amino and Instagram that is the best way I can describe this app especially for anyone who's trying to gain followers.

- The best source of income to earn money from home for all the Talented Females on your free time.

It's an Excellent app to use and very user friendly. App is a great way to spend my free time and it’s really a fun to use. App is currently one of the Top Mobile live streaming app and best source of income to earn money at your free time. BIGO welcomes all the talents from all over the world and you can be a super star broadcaster in live streaming. It’s a great way to work from home or anywhere you prefer and make money with your own time. it's also a really good app to meet new people all over the world and build up really good friendships & relationships. We can have friends all over the world connect with them within minutes via live streaming. App is one the best in the market and I recommend everyone to download and use it. App have lot of features as it’s a gifting app, you can gift your best friends to show the love and support to them, you can play games and watch the BIGO superstars playing PKs and Livehouses. I would wonder if I can make a recommendation for the App developers to have a feature for users where they can make there Own GIFT. Every time someone sends your gift BIGO will give you a percentage of the GIFT depending how expensive the GIFT is. But in order to make that special GIFT app user would have to spend certain of diamonds or beans. I would think this will be a really nice feature for BIGO live to become more popular. And you can have a certain amount of gifts you can make so people don’t make a whole bunch of same GIFT. Lastly my time on BIGO live is an amazing experience and I invite all of you to come and enjoy it. BEFORE I GET OLD!!!! Bigo Bigo

- Amazing app

❤️Amazing App! I want to thank the entire community of bigo live for being so supportive of me and motivating me to be more consistent with the app. This app brings in lots of fun, where everlasting memories can be made through the touch of a button. Every time that I go live I hope to meet new people, and get to learn about them just as they get to learn about me. I’ve made so many new friends who live across the world. They also do real-life events in big cities where you can meet your fans and friends at an awesome party. Oh, and once you start getting big on the app you can actually start making a ton of money! Overall, I think this is an exciting interactive app that allows for various discoveries to be made, whether it is through sharing thoughts and ideas or seeing new people in general. Love you bigo live! ❤️

- Full of fakes

Don’t use this app Full of fake people asking for money so they can come live with you. Most probably some Nigerian or Chinese person wanting ur info and ur money. Stay away if ur wise.

- Horrible

Why won’t you let people under 18 in i deleted the app because all there is is gold diggers scammers and all and I got banned for nothing such a waste of time

- Bigo

I used this app,I think there is a scam on this app,I was chatting to someone in USA,all day .giving me she was cheated on ,loves me ,then asking for Amazon gift card,kept on asking for gift because it was her birthday,I blocked her and someone else on this site ,that was a bit wired.

- Bigo scam

Fucking scam app

- bigo admin

i am with the oc fam and we have loads of rubish with trolls and jellos people and hard people bigo try to cut down this

- NF

I had a problem with recharging diamonds, I sent a message to complain and explain what happened and was completely ignored for 4 days when it states it takes them 24 hours to reply, the app isn’t too bad but 0 customer service

- Need help

I did have an account. And still do. I need help as I showed a TikTok video but wasn’t put in the rules so I have no acknowledgement on what was right or wrong. I feel I should be given a chance as I’m just trying to make something of myself. All I need is a chance. I didn’t have the account long either. I would never do anything to violate the rules.

- Keep getting banned.

They sent me a email to join them and I did it seemed great socialising and getting paid at the same time. However I’m still waiting for my audition before payments can be made. I started using BIGO just exploring it but every time I went live streaming they would kick me out for no reason and wasting my time!!! When no rules in the guidelines were broken.

- Useless scum

Bigo live is completely waste of them and it is a scum. It double charges accounts without purchasing diamonds. Most of Bigo Live broadcasters are extremely racist sexist and abusive towards others. Also the app keeps going back to he top of the list when you scroll down on iPhone which is also irritating. You will never be able to contact someone if you face troubles. They have got admins in most of the countries but those admins remove the broadcasters ban in return getting cash to do so. There are a lot to mention about Bigo Live and I hope they will read this review and contact me to get more information as I speak multi languages and I personally have seen a lot on here which has made me sick.

- Profit

Shame that u women on bigo used for money profit and those cheap women dancing for others .and u let them do that .best thing i did that un installed

- I got banned from my phone but I didn’t get banned from my iPad


- I think bigo is great because you can make new friends interact with and communicate with people

I’ve found bigo great because I’ve been on it 3-4 years and I’ve made so much good friends

- App

It’s not good to spend your money, and I forgot I was smoking, and I went on camera and forgot I had cigarette, and now I’ve been banned for 10 year, just because I smoked on camera and I forgot. Please I need to use the app I’m in lockdown and I’m so board, please don’t block me for 10 years

- , losing valuable hosts

Hi , I am from India I came from other app to here because of my friend moved here .I came here especially for her .she is from UK . She really loved this app and she is doing here for like past 8months .When bigo introduced region rule it really made us upset. It made feel like we r not important only people from US,UK and Canada are important because they can send without any limits. I request bigo to reconsider this and kindly revert back and remove the region rule. I really don't know the reason behind it . Don't lose some valuable hosts because of this rule . Kindly reconsider it .Thank You ❤️

- Shameless

If you like beautiful (and not so beautiful) women demanding and begging for money all while they’re sat down doing nothing then having a full blown tantrum when strangers don’t give them the ££££££ they don’t deserve. Girls literally threatening guys with whatever they can think of to get money out of them. I saw one girl yesterday stood in her garden threatening chat that if they didn’t tip her 1000’s in the next 10 minutes she wouldn’t tip a bucket of water over her (she wasn’t wearing underwear) and literally not one person was asking her to do it yet she was threatening to leave and not do it for 30 mins straight. She got loads of tips but not enough for her self made goal so she logged out. That experience pretty much sums up BIGO. Stick to twitch/mixer for your gaming and chaturbate for the other stuff ✌️👍

- Why ??

I got banned a year ago and I still can’t get back into my account 😶

- I hate it

It will not let me go live and i dont know why its saying im a child but im 35! I dont like this app at all!


Even though I am 18 they banned me from live stream so I’m deleting the app I am so annoyed you guys should stop wasting your time on a game that’s gonna bam you for no reason nobody should install this

- Bad

Bad moderation , can’t vape an ecig on there , can’t drink , can’t do anything , should separate the adults from the kids in this and moderate not properly !! Love me better by miles

- Do not get it

They do really rude stuff and don’t do it all I’m saying they can stalk you so don’t buy it please listen to me don’t 😵

- Disgrace

I don’t like this app at all I went on live stream for about 2 minutes then after I was banned for a year because apparently I’m not old enough witch I’m 18 years of age I send my id and that through and They still kept me banned apparently it wasn’t good enough it’s a disgrace

- Not good

It’s full of fake people who actually think people are cash machines you get talking and after a few hours they love you , then they need help and it’s always bloody money lol it’s not bad if you can actually find a real person who understand what respect is , just keep a open mind and be very careful the first question they ask is where are you from what you earn or what you do for a living , if you mention you have children they want to know all about them but they should be trying to get to know you better they are worse than this virus

- How to raise downloads by 10 times?

service, daily installs can reach 3000+. Ping me at Skype and Whatsapp: +8615282351612 、Facebook:ASO880 . Every one can get a test promtoin fot 3 days now!

- Amazing App

I love to use BIGO to meet new people. It is great to chat and discover people from other countries and other cultures, I love that! The platform is really cute too 🌟

- Ban from posting videos/photos

I asked the customer service so many times to unban me from posting videos and photos and I never get reply.

- I don’t recommend

I have benn banned for 10 mnt for no reason , this apps is managed by kids ,amateur, don’t west your money , today is my last day. I found out another apps much better,

- Big issue

since i got a new phone when intry to type on a live it doesn’t show to anyone what i say😞😡😡 Pls fix this

- Caution

Watch out for the friends you make not the streamers just the friends they are scammers

- Some reported me

Hi Bigo, someone reported me on bigo 35 times and there was no reason, please can you unban me as I didn’t do anything wrong to get banned thanks.

- Ludo

Why have they removed Ludo for iphone users on Bigo? 🤨🤔

- BIGO live has banned me

BIGO live has banned me unfairly I have sent many emails to explain my setuation and no one has resolved my issue . I have lost contacting my friends for many months now and been in contact which their customer support but again no issue resolved. This isn’t fair

- Found my better half my soul 8 thousand miles away

I just want to start by saying a big THANK YOU 🙏🏿 There is no app where you won’t find people who are rude or out of order so that is normal we can not blame the app but for me what’s the best the app did for me was I found my better half my future my soul my husband exactly 2 years I met someone on this app we became friends at start we had a lot of fun on this app we got to know each other more and turns out we both were deeply in love ❤️ We got married and living happily ever after 🥰 So thank you so much for designing this app otherwise where would I have found someone like my husband 💜

- How to raise downloads by 10 times?

How to raise downloads by 10 times? service, daily installs can reach 3000+. Ping me at Skype& Whatsapp:+8615282351612 /Facebook:aso888. Every one can get a test promotion for 3 days now!

- How to raise downloads by 10 times?

How to raise downloads by 10 times? service, daily installs can reach 3000+. Ping me at Skype& Whatsapp:+8615282351612 /Facebook:aso888. Every one can get a test promotion for 3 days now!

- Bigo live


- Unblock my bigo account

Hey I want my bigo account back please

- Better apps out there for English speaking users

BIGO is good for one thing the stability but that’s about it! But if you are from American, Great Britain, New Zealand etc much better apps out there including Live Me which is pretty much the same as BIGO much a huge amount busier and people are a lot nicer. BIGO is renowned for awful customer service and only a tiny amount of users come from English speaking countries and most of the users are thugs and known criminals. BIGO don’t like to give people second chances, even though they have poor moderation they will simply fully ban your account and IP address for ridiculous reasons and don’t bother appealing it’s always rejected. BIGO treat all adult users as kids, can’t do this and can’t do that! No wonder the app is pretty much dead from America and UK. LiveMe is so much better and managed properly.

- bigo id hacked

some one hacked my bigo id . when i email bigo team i havent get any response .even i provied my mobile number .the id i used to use everything i provied them but havent get anything back.

- Cheater and expensive

If u have a lot money to waste then use it otherwise be far from it. You may loose everything that you got

- Not fair

If you purchase $10 of BIGO Dimond and send it to someone as a gift the receiver will only get $1 so it means 90 percent for BIGO and receiver 10 percent 🤔 Currently this app is kind of monopoly and they attracted millions of people . But there will be new apps from others companies better and fair .

- Complains

Twirk central,app quite expensive. Progative dancing that doesn’t get banned practically in there bras and undies issues with content being presented flirtation and real dirty words with dirty talk some of the top charting braudcasters. When converting beans to Dimonds the rate that bigo takes out is way to high. The app needs to be updated and changed braudcasts freezing and no games on the I phones no ludo ect so people can atleast experience playing games on the app.

- $15

I tried to download this app when i had no money in the bank. I couldn’t untill i had chucked money in the bank and when i downloaded it it took $15. This is meant to be a free app so I’m uninstalling it immediately. Scam.

- Money grabbing app this is

Guys this app is money grabbing cheating app ! Don’t waste your money on here , thanks!

- Good


- Stupid

I really do not like the app so I would like to get my account removed.can someone help me with this

- No games for iphone

I loved this app but they got rid of ludo and all games for iphone, I’m so mad right now 😩😡😡

- Good app

Good app impossible to delete o delete button or email !! Terrible

- Fun, social networking, one of the best I’ve used

It’s one of my favourite apps, great fun, social networking, BIGO team, keep up the good work 👍🏽🎶😎

- Great app

This app is so amazing I can live stream with other people around the world I really like it

- Great app! Mostly...

Love this app, always great fun until the occasional idiot comes on. Mostly I love coming back, but there are some people sending inappropriate messages and pictures. Of course this is to be expected since this app is so popular! To those who want to entertain people, I can’t recommend this app enough. Just expect that there will be the occasional knucklehead or two. 😊

- Nice interface

Perfect interface no lagging

- Band for no reson.

Sooooo the app keeps banding me because I’m under eighteen and my bff has this app and she is younger than me and she can post but I can’t sooo this ant fair

- Banned for no reason

Have been constantly using Bigo everyday livestreaming and then suddenly my account got banned saying I'm under 18 when I am 21 which states on my profile and even my Facebook which was linked to my Bigo account. Honestly find this so unprofessional because I am started to be really committed in using Bigo and actually having a stream schedule. And now I am banned for no reason. Emailed support but have gotten no reply.

- Game on

Such a good and fun app I have meet a lot of good friends

- Good app just one problem

Hello I love this app the people are always so good and fun to talk to. My accounts are always getting banned from live-streaming because I have Progeria ( I look younger than I am). Is there any way I could stop getting banned? Kind Regards, James

- Great and Social and SAFE

Helps if you are as Handsome and Funny and have a Great Personality like me aswell, also being Honest and not treating Humans as Objects just because there is a screen seperating you.... BE A GENTLEMAN IS MY ADVICE GUYS.... NOT HARD!!!

- Send some free diamonds 😆and beans 😕

Just kidding 👍 just give 100 free 🐉 Dragons😆

- Ew

I don’t understand why you would put hot Girls in crop tops grinding, biting lips and things l8ke that

- It’s so bad

Don’t download this app if you wanna stream games it will ban you for no reason so do not download a t will waste you time

- It is good

A good app with social connection all of the world! I love the pk function. Always have fun there Maybe more games inside

- Very strict and no free

Very strict and boring, I want to deactivate account but no option. I can’t understand people willing to pay money and purchase gifts for those strangers whose just singing karaoke, dancing and talk sh* at home. While you can use free options to watch and chat with million professionals performance on YouTube. Spend your time to learn on YouTube better than waste time and money on Bigolive.

- Purchase error

Bigo is stealing my money and I want it refunded thanks. I have unfortunately fallen into buying diamonds and as of late I have purchased over $10.00 worth of diamonds. Now you may say I am an idiot for purchasing these diamonds but i already know that. So if bigo could assist with my problem I would much appreciate it. On another note bigo is pretty good until I realised that purchasing from bigo is a bad idea. Don’t do it. Learn from my mistake. I tried to send 1 star but won’t let me wow what an app right. So just let me send this so people can see it or I’ll go on a bigger scale.

- Turf

Joined this site/app thinking it would be unique but nope. Despite having rules about pornography that’s doesn’t keep thots and slags coming into the app and showing off as much skin as they can. Also accompanied by these geeky looking beta males. Don’t join this garbage app if you don’t wanna see a bunch of slags getting their toes sucked by other men.

- Bigo

Great app..

- Me Mubashar

Excellent way to the main gate

- I luv da game

Yea yea yea, I like the game, buttttttttt! When I... :/ let’s say I want to do a gaming vid! Right? Once I put in the QR code, I wanna screen record, but it won’t let me ;-;... and I also wanna do a roblox vid, so when people click on the roblox game my vid comes up! But I still don’t know how to do that...=.= Now reading this to myself, nothn’ is wrong with the game! It’s just me who doesn’t understand anything...

- hi

why i cant stream mobile game

- Games

Hi are you ever gonna make live game apps for IOS/iPhone? It would awesome if you did that

- Concerned

When I downloaded bigo it wanted my phone number, I put it in and almost 3 seconds after logging in I got a call from a no caller id when I answered there was just a beeping noise. Is someone trying to hack me or is this coincidental?

- What?!

I wrote the word hi in chat and got muted from it?! WHAT

- Love it

It works better than YouTube live in my opinion and it is perfect

- How to stream games on iphone???

How to stream games on iphone???

- I like it

I like it

- awesome


- Wow

Cool app always satisfied with it wonder on how the apps was developed

- Better app than Bigo

Everyone should download instead of this wannabe as is much better

- Ms tamzy

My account has been banned for no reason I would like some feedback

- I love BIGO

I love BIGO

- Amazing


- Login error

Hi I love the bigo. But in this stage I can’t login to bigo on this phone. I don’t know why? It’s showing banded by bigo. Please let me know what is my issue and resolve my problem asap. Best regards

- Bigo

Good app

- Yes views

It awesome ! I'm shinning ♥️

- Too expensive

Just another way to get money out of ur pocket

- กก


- العراق

اجمل برنامج روووووووعه انصحكم بتحميله

- Gaming channels

Better than twitch streaming tv and can actually talk to the broadcaster.


In believable application Lots of peoples Dancing singing real life Awesome

- Very nice aap I love it Thanks

I really appreciate to bigo

- Very confused people while banning .

Bigo team , you ban unnecessary without prove .. You go as far to lie about why you ban people especially Nigerians, you don’t even want to listen or reply to people’s review.. You ban people especially during the month ends costing a lot of us so much money spent on DATA. Your ban rules is no where near what u ban people for. Take for instance banning someone for wearing skirt 😂😂😂 what nonsense is that.

- Lack of delete account option

The app has no option to delete account. When I contacted them, I was told several times to produce some information which I did and I was told my account will be deleted in 1-3 days. One week after, nothing has been done. The app developers need to work on giving a delete account option

I will keep sending my love to you guys 🤗 . . . . "The Go-chan Show" on Instagram airs every Saturday👇💖 ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼…

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BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live 4.35.2 Screenshots & Images

BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live iphone images
BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live iphone images
BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live iphone images
BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live iphone images
BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live iphone images
BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live iphone images
BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live ipad images
BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live ipad images
BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live ipad images
BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live ipad images
BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live Social Networking application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live Social Networking application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live (Version 4.35.2) Install & Download

The applications BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live was published in the category Social Networking on 2016-03-12 and was developed by BIGO TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. [Developer ID: 940017134]. This application file size is 240.42 MB. BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live - Social Networking posted on 2020-06-02 current version is 4.35.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence

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