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The ESO App [Reference] App Description & Overview

The essential companion app for The Elder Scrolls Online community.

Explore Tamriel. Dive into Delves. Browse the Library.

Find lore books, skyshards and delves, easily either using the region maps or our in-built search option.

Mark off your crafting research.

Create and store builds.

This app does not use internet once downloaded. So no more long load times or incorrect positions. All lorebooks locations come with a short description to help you locate those hard to find books.

We hope you enjoy and please leave a review!!

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Nexu Industries Australia

This is an unofficial application with no affiliations to ZeniMax or Bethesda.

Important Subscription Information:
An ESO Pro accounts allows you to track progress of characters across multiple devices simultaneously as long as all devices are logged into the same account and have an internet connection. Subscription periods are listed on each option. Prices shown are for one subscription period of that length of time. This subscription automatically renews for the the price of subscription terms that you choose at the end of the current period. Your iTunes Account will be charged once you confirm your payment. Your subscription automatically renews. When this happens, the same iTunes Account as the initial purchase will be charged again with the same amount at the end of your current subscription period unless auto-renew has been turned off in your Apple ID Account settings at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. In case of a price increase, your subscription will not automatically renew and you'll be notified via your Apple ID Account email address to opt-in for this increase. In case of a price decrease, your subscription will still automatically renew, unless specified otherwise in your Apple ID Account settings. Turning off auto-renew or managing it, can be done at any time after purchase via your Apple ID Account settings. You can cancel at anytime. If you cancel, any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited. You can see this information and more by selecting "What is a ESO Pro Account" from the settings page of the app. Terms of use can be found at:

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Dragonhold and Southern Elsweyr have arrived.

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- A lot there if you can find it

There’s a ton of good information on this app. All of the maps and skills and achievements to check off as you go for each character- but sometimes it is a little bit hard to find. The lore books are not in the same organizational pattern as the list in the game so if you’re trying to check one off you’d better know where you found it. If you’re running around with a group and don’t have time to check it off as you find it then you’ll have trouble later. The crafting stuff is spread out with recipes and tools for alchemy in a different place from crafting research. Enchanting isn’t listed that I can find - yeah there’s no research but knowing what the runes mean would be helpful when leveling.

- Needs updated, badly.

EDIT, very out of date, most ability info is highly inaccurate and it’s plain missing a lot of new stuff, sets items etc. Rest of review will apply again provided they update this. This app has everything for eso. Seriously. Everything. Every single little collectible item is in this thing. It also has a pretty decent build creator. I kinda wish it had a filter for collectibles for the map, but somehow the person who made this has made the app extremely intuitive when selecting icons so this isn’t really an issue. An icon can be stacked right on top of another and you can still select either or very easily. The search function is also great, as some items listed in the in game guide aren’t actually in the zones claimed. GG ZOS. This allows you to figure out where the items are actually at in the game. This app also includes set information, has some listed pro builds, a place to save alchemy recipes, ingredient info, etc etc etc etc etc. I used to keep a notebook for eso because the wiki for ESO is kinda clunky and inaccurate at times. This app single handedly replaced my notebook and my need for the wiki. The meager $2 price tag has already saved me hours time fussing with the clunky wiki in the two weeks since I purchased it. It’s that efficient. This was edited from a four star review to a five star.

- godsend for ppl who like checklists/keeping track of stuff

I’ve been using this app for years!! I was so sad to hear about the office fire that happened, so for new users, just know the current app version isn’t updated w/ Greymoor yet, but as content to check off from all the other previously released zones. There’s honestly so much info per zone, and the lists to keep track of your are easy to manage. I love that you can double tap icons (like delves or world bosses) to mark them as “discovered” so you can easily see what you’re still missing per zone (I appreciate that they don’t go away, just semi-transparent so you can still reference the locations later). Other icons like sky shards disappear after you mark them, since you can’t get them in the game again, and helps free up map clutter. I’m super looking forward to the new app, and if you’re a new player, I would still definitely recommend it since there’s still so much non-greymoor content to go through ^_^

- Great Companion Application, Poor Instructions

Using an application with only intuition to go by somewhat detracts from the applications utility. True, this application has great maps and a lot of information but as a personal game tracker, I find it lacking. Perhaps if detailed user instructions, by platform, was provided within the application a more gratifying experience would be possible. I understand the inability to connect to game servers is a definite limitation to automatically tracking on user platforms but a simplified explanation as to how to manually track character aspects would lessen the disappointment. Currently I’m finding I cannot manually enter anything past a character. Map icons aren’t responding. All said though, the myriad of information available in one place makes this a must have application. As a retired system software engineer with years of design experience I appreciate the detail, thus my review is appreciative, but somewhat critical.

- Must have for ESO

Where to start?! The maps are incredibly detailed. You can zoom in on a city to see (for example) which building a skyshard is located in. The map icons (all of which can be toggled on or off) shows you where every treasure map location, mundus stone, wayshrine, lore book, special items (like everything you need to “acquire” to complete Kari’s Hit List for the Thieves Guild), etc. can be found. Delve and Public Dungeon maps help you find all the bosses and skyshards. The alchemy lab/recipe finder takes all the guesswork out of crafting potions. The set finder tells you everything you need to know to gear up any character (stats and where to find the set pieces, for example). And soooooo much more! Can you find all this with Google? Sure. But having all of this information readily accessible in 1 app is extremely convenient. IMO, it’s well worth the price for any ESO fan!

- Great Companion App for Console Players

I recently come back to ESO and dusted off this app. I was immediately impressed to see that this app evolved along with ESO and I love it. This is an absolute must for console players wanting to get the most out of the game. I love being able to check off all the big things to do in each zone and keep track of the motifs/recipes I’ve learned on my crafter. The only negatives I’ve seen is that by the nature of the app not being able to connect to your console, it requires your attention and input to keep it updated for your characters. I also do not know how often this app is updated, but there are a few things out of date and some misspellings, but nothing major at all. Overall, worth the price if you’re going to seriously get into ESO. I love it!

- A must have for ESO

This app is useful for keeping track of everything from recipes you’ve learned to fish you’ve caught. World bosses you’ve defeated and delves you’ve completed. But also gives the locations of all of the books, skyshards, treasure map locations and material surveys. I seen a few reviews commenting on how it needs to be updated. All of their app files were lost in a fire before the Greymoor Chapter was released. They are rebuilding from scratch. But except for Western Skyrim, everything is here. I honestly would be lost without it. This app is amazing. Btw, if you want to sync it to your game progress automatically, you must be playing the PC version. Console players will have to keep track manually.

- Pretty good. Need ui fixes. Better then before.

Good game companion, especially for console players. The crafting writ app add-on is great for crafters. The character build db needs some love. We need more instructional build info like whats listed on deltiasgaming website. A CP calculator would be a great addition. Maybe you can put in what your attributes are, then say what your abilities are and it could figure out what your optimal CP load-out would be with a given set of CP. Would really love to have ability to sync with my PS4 account because the amount of time required to look up info in game and then type it in app is a-lot. There should also be documentation explaining where in game to find the info to fill out. Wish there was an option in map to show icons that you didn't already have (if its there i haven't seen it). Some request: For the love of god, please make the text less vertigo inducing for list. Add some lines under the list items to differentiate them from one another. Ability in settings to make text bigger and change color palette would be a big plus.

- Only complaint so far

In the Public dungeons there isn’t a marker for where the group event is... in my opinion this is a huge oversight, the group events are worth a skill point and it would be super nice to be able to know where they are without searching the internet and to be able to keep track of what ones you’ve done already. Everything else is super nice and I haven’t found any other problems yet. Would also be super nice to be able to keep track of what pieces to what sets you have for each character! Still no group event marker for Public Dungeons...

- Amazing for console players

This app is great. Being a console player now, I lack the helpful addons that I grew accustomed to on PC. Being able to see informative maps and tracking what you’ve collected on said maps on a second device(my phone) is such a convenience. Edit: I figured out how to add skills and sets on the build creator by swiping from right to left. This feature is amazing and was my only issue with the app(even though I already gave it 5 Stars). I would now give it 7 Stars if I could! This feature is perfect for nerds like me who love to come up with interesting builds(and rarely get around to playing them all).

- Perfect for consoles, excited for further updates

It’s the perfect app for console players, the closest thing to an add on we have. Skyshard/Lorebook hunting has become much less of a chore, having to google Skyshards and (especially) lore books for every zone. Only thing I see missing are the striking locals, I would further like to see other features get implemented in, like more guides and tips in resources and a tab for suggestions to the developer. Other than the above, all the bad reviews are no longer relevant, for their problems have all been resolved, I personally love this app and can’t wait to watch it grow.

- Interface is lame. Swiping is cringe. Too tedious.

Be nice if I could like....upload my toons so can see all of what I do and don’t have. I even signed for the pro account and after the frustration of trying to navigate the app, to figure this out... I canceled the pro sub faster than I created. Don’t know if I can get a refund on the app but i have 12 toons to manage and if I can’t upload their stats than what’s the point of an app like this? To function the same way a lot of websites do? Waste of money and time. Maybe if my only question could be answered....uploading your toons info....which I could not find, maybe I’d change my mind. But I regret spending what little money I had on something that appeared to be what I need and description even made it sound like it too, but ultimately it wasn’t. Guess I’ll be more careful next time

- Super bummed about the lack of sync

This app was awesome when you could sync it to ESO database. Subscribed because I thought that maybe it had moved to a paid tier thing. There was nothing stating that the developer and the site had stopped working together. I had to go through reviews to find that information. I really hope the developer can work through this because the app itself is amazing. It really felt like a companion app. Now it feel like most of the other apps. It’s now just “pretty good” where it used to be an app I told people to go and download. Especially those in my ESO guild. I really hope the devs reach out and get something going soon because I can’t see myself subscribing to it again without the ability to see character profiles/progression.

- Best ESO companion out there!

This is one of the few apps I have ever actually recommended to friends. It makes everything so easy to find, definitely better than sifting through Google only to find a map not as detailed. My only gripe is that I wish this companion could also keep track of quests. I would love to have access to another section, much like the fishing portion of the app, that would allow me to manually keep track of each area’s quests and better find those sneaky quest givers! It would be an absolute godsend for a true completionist.

- Very useful

This is a very useful app for tracking all of your progress in eso. It also will help you find those skyshards, mage guild books, and zone collectibles for achievements. My only complaint is that for Research the Armor and Weapons are not ordered the same way as they are listed in game ui when looking at the research menu. Instead they are listed alphabetically. This would help cut a few minutes off when I forget to mark research down and go back later to fill it in. Other than that little gripe it’s fantastic!

- Highly Recommended!

This app was highly recommended by my fellow guild members as I am a console player. I am currently exploring all the features and functions this app has to over but so far it is amazing! I don’t have to keep Google up to look up locations in game and makes it easy to track my ongoing research. Only thing I wish was that it shows an updated ##/## completed rather than whether or not all traits were researched as I have at least 5 traits in all equipment but it shows 0 as none of them are fully researched.

- A great abandoned App!!!

There is a lot great information but there is still to improve on. Just an example to what can and should be added specially if you buy the app and begins to ask you to pay a subscription plan. Example of what this app offers in one region of the map. Mind you that this map is very small. Gold Coast- What it HAS Wayshrines(which should be able to check it off, but still visible.) Delves Striking Locales (Gold Costal) Bosses Skyshards (Gold Coast) Fishing spots World Boses Set Stations *World Events when the region has it. *Mundus Stones when the region has it. *Public Dungeons when the region has it Unfinished feature in the app Library Books(in some of the regions is incomplete in the app. Please fix it) What it does NOT have Quest Point of Interest Getting your Region Achievement For Gold Coast it will be following -Gold Coast Grand Adventurer -Bane of the Gold Coast -Litany of Blood -Gold Coast Master Angler Thank you developers for this good app. I hope it can be improved on. P.S. I still have the subscription.

- Everything in One Place

Maps are super helpful when clearing a zone to find missing items (sky shards, lore books, etc.) and app supports marking items as complete on your character so you check what you need. Crafting info is helpful to have in one place as well. Also supports a PC add-on to auto import some of this data for you. Great interface and just got a nice facelift update. Active developer on social media as well. Overall great companion app while playing!

- Very useful!

This app has helped me a lot, with my most recent characters. The icons on the map are easy to read. Clicking on the specific icon, gives a brief description on where exactly the item is located. This makes it so, you can collect the items quickly and at ease. The only issue I have with it, is that it hasn’t been updated for the Greymoore chapter. If you have the time, I would like to ask if someone could respond back to me if it’s going to be updated. Thank you, very much.

- Almost perfect

Amazing resource for console. You can build in your characters and individually track them which is awesome! Lore books and other collectibles tend to be dead on and you can remove them from the map after snagging them. I just wish that there was some way to sync to previously made characters prior to having the app and it would tick off the previously collected items. Besides that, it is up on my IPAD at all times while playing.

- Great App, Forget The Haters

This is a must-have app for all serious ESO players. I know it hasn't been updated in a while, but ignore what everyone else is saying. The developers had a major fire in their office and lost all of their program files, so they are working on rebuilding this app from the ground up, with the Greymoor update included. It might take time, but they haven't given up on this at all. I use this app all the time, and I'm excited to see it rebuilt.

- AWESOME!! Definitely worth the small price.

I have used this app now for the better part of a year, it is proving very useful and helpful. The “builds” are solid and get you pointed in the right way. The maps are also on track and lead you directly to your objective; very helpful for skyshards/lorebooks, treasure maps, surveys, mundus stones, way-shrines, etc... Overall it’s a well thought out and well constructed application, I highly recommend it and that’s why I gave it five stars.

- Good but not great

There’s a lot that could be added to make this app much more useful. Instead of just checking off recipes you’ve found, how about having a log we can check what we need for recipes that we have? One of the most annoying things in ESO is that you must be at a cooking fire in order to see the ingredients needed for provisioning. This app would be worth so much more if it offered a list of provisioning items needed for the recipes you’ve already acquired. Other than that, it’s a pretty good app. I look forward to improvements.

- Best ESO App

This is the best ESO app out there. The only issue that was holding me back from 5 stars was fixed literally a week after I downloaded, and a developer responded to my last review to let me know.. Very clean interface, plenty of features. ESO DB MAY have a few more informational bits, but it is less user-friendly and doesn’t seem to be updated any more, which drove me to try this one. Seriously wish I had a long time ago. A+!

- Not bad

I like that the developer is keeping up with the new DLCs. The Collectables checklist should include the locations instead of simply “Kari’s Hit List”. Regarding the checklist, it would be a lot easier if things were alphabetical instead of having to scroll up and down to find something. Also when you’re questing it’s unfortunate that you don’t know what to mark off when picking up new Lore. It’d be nice if there were syncing capabilities. I’ve noticed some things are missing- Shield of Senchal Style to the Lore Library- 4 Delicacies recipes- 1 Delicacies

- Great app! Needs some tweaking

I love this app, and have used it for years! I recommend spending the two dollars! However, it does need updating to the latest chapter, and I’m not happy about only being able to check off my full completes. I can’t use the app for an accurate list of what my crafter knows. I need to be able to go through and check off my partials as well. Hope the app gets a good update soon and keep up the great work!

- Great app

This is a great app for ESO. I know that it hasn’t been updated recently but I read somewhere that they lost all their app files a while back before they were able to update for the Skyrim release. Last I heard they were in the process of rebuilding, but it’s just going to take some time. For all other purposes/locations this app works great, but I’d never pay for the subscription, seems like a waste to me. Fingers cross the updates come out soon!

- The app is great at everything it does.

And it does nearly everything. I would love to see an achievement and skill point tracker added or for the crafting checklist to include furnishing recipes, but it literally covers everything else and makes gathering skyshards/lore books and finding/unlocking points of interest on the map so much easier for console players. The only thing missing there is a point of interest marker for those locations indicated with the eye symbol once uncovered.

- Super useful but one suggestion

I use this app a lot as I’m playing eso and it’s a good convenient resource for looking at the map without pausing the game or without add one. But my only suggestion is to mark icons by selecting with the map not having to look through menus to mark the location off just a little thing but other than that if you enjoy elder scrolls online this is a great tool to grab.

- What a mess

This is not worth the two dollars it cost. Completely unorganized mess that makes it so difficult to find a single thing that you are looking for. You will spend 20 minutes trying to find a one little recipe etc. Scrolling through an endless page with no filters or way to help you find what you need. DON’T BUY ! You are better off opening up google on a dial up internet and searching for what you need rather than using this piece of junk app. With how much comes with ESO you have to be an idiot not to come up with an app with a little more organization. Just plain lazy on the developers part.

- Great App

I seem to find myself using this every time I play the game, and the new addition of collectables makes me love it even more! But it seems like since the last update there is no longer a way for me to toggle treasure maps? Would love to see that feature come back, but otherwise it's a perfect app. Update: My bad! For some reason I thought you could at one point. Thank you 😊

- Great!

Amazing app to keep track of everything! The only things I wish were added are 1. The dark brotherhood kill locations. At least narrow down to the city and a description of the person and 2. The eye locations for each map 3. A way to sync between my iPad and my phone. However this app has already made finding lore books 10x easier!

- Best ESO app!!

Ok this app went from really good to freaking awesome! Whatever you need, whatever you are looking for in the vast ESO world, this app has it covered. You can change filters on that maps, tap on dungeons or delves and get a detailed map...i already spend too much time on the game and this app speeds up my game play especially when I grinding for gear or shards. Keep fine tuning guys but kudos to this app!

- Couldn't run my events without it

I've been running "Zone Farm" events- where we go through a zone doing Dolmens, world bosses, delves, skyshards, lorebooks, and public dungeons. I couldn't do it without this app! Also great for surveys and treasure maps. The only things I would like to see added are public dungeon group events and points of interest. Other than that it's perfect!

- Must have companion app!! (Review Updated)

Updated Review: Developer fixed the issue with items being blocked by the iPhone X notch. App is a must have for ESO! Very impressed by the fast fix. ———— Nice companion app for Xbox, since we can’t have the add-ons like PCs. My only suggestion is optimizing the app for iPhone X. Some of the different pages are blocked out by the infamous “notch” and almost unusable.

- Need to update for Dragonhold DLC

Love the heck outta this app. Is an amazing tool if you play ESO a lot. Really helps when you can’t find a Boss or an item or whatever. At least you can go where it should be and see if the dang thing is Proc-ing. 🙄 Great for keeping track of your build - eso if you aren’t doing an online build and doing something of your own. Love it and can’t wait for Dragonhold DLC update.

- Great starter app.

This is a good app for new players to learn the game and where to find important landmarks on each map. It had player builds and guides. I would like to be able to delete land marks I have visited and maybe a link to map location when clicking on the description of a map item. It would make it easier for the user to see what they have left to find. I would give it 5 stars if I could do this.

- Almost 5 Stars but...

I use this app for EVERYTHING!!! It’s my go to for every character but there are a couple things I wish would change. Please add the locations of psijic portals to the map! It’s a huge pain having to use another source for this! x.x I wish it were easier to interchange between which collectibles showed on the map i.e Kari’s Hit List, Wrothgar Museum Pieces etc.

- Love it BUT

this app is so useful, but they need to update it. Greymoor isn’t in, also, I didn’t pay enough attention I guess but when I purchased I thought I would be able to track what I’ve done or not via my eso plus. This feature is only for pc. I seriously use it every day I play though! Please just update it

- Great app for console

This app is great. I have had it for a few years now and it still gets updates. Info is accurate and there is a ton of things you can track. A must for new users is to read the in app FAQ once you do it all becomes pretty easy to use. One of the best things i ever got for eso

- Great app.

I’ve been using this app for a while now and it has always been a big help to keep track of almost everything. Just updated it today and will update review after going through some of the updated or new features.

- The app is decent.

Updates don’t really arrive as soon as I would like, it’s good for general info, but could use some improvements. Personally, I wish it would add a character sheet that shows additional build information such as max health, mag, Stam, as well as recovery, weapon damage, spell damage, Croats, resistances, as well as item quality options. It will tell you the set names but no set information. These changes would be effective in helping players theory craft builds so they have a general idea of build effectiveness.

- Features don’t work

Bought this because I play on console and wanted to be able to save my build and reference it on my phone so Instag on track as I level up. Only problem is, I started trying to enter my build, and you can’t enter skills or champion points in the character builder after you have saved the build, so you can’t tweak it. This app is worthless.

- A wish to track furnishing recipes

This app is almost perfect for me. I like being able to track everything in one place and check off things as I go. However! I really really wish they would add or make a companion app to track craftable furnishing recipes. I play on console and this would be super useful.

- Has lots of good stuff, but also missing stuff

Missing group delves and dungeons an group bosses in public dungeons. Also, new Jewelry traits are not in same order as game, which makes it more difficult to track research progress if you’re not paying attention.

- Great App, Not up to date

It’s a wonderful and helpful app, has tons of information and makes things very easy to find. Unfortunately it is not up to date with the Greymoor chapter. And if you’ve completed this, by the time this is updated, it will be far to late, with the exception of survey and treasure map icons. Please update the app! I’d love to be able to utilize it even more!

- Must-have for console users...

Love this app, have used it for well over a year now and it keeps getting better. I’d never have to switch between apps if they’d just add in the locations of the breaches to level the psijic line! That’s really my only complaint.

- Pro account doesn’t work

So I tried the pro account and it says it syncs on its own. Anyone wanna tell me how this works? My phone and Xbox is connected to the same internet WiFi and everything yet I still cannot find any of my characters. I give this 3 stars because other than that it does show you where important things such as sky shards are.

- Convenient!

Very convenient to not have to do the google searches! Pull up a map of the zone and it’s highlighted with all points of interest an you can click on each for a description of what it is!

- Great but missing a bit

Really like this app. It tracks so many things but I do wish there was a quest and achievement tracker as well. On console, there is no way to know what quests are complete. Also many achievements from the game are not included. Overall, great app!

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- Great app

Been playing eso from launch on console and this app is one of the must haves. You can see skyshard locations in inc delves, boss locations. Crafting stations for masterwrits. Most treasure chest maps and survey locations. All around one of the more useful and friendly apps - it's just easy.

- Very useful. But..

I was pleasantly surprised when I ended up buying this. I used the free version for a while before hand and assumed it would’ve been the same really but there are a lot more functions. I was excited to hear that it was linked to an addon for the game and would upload and track your characters but in the most recent update it was taken out. Makes sense why my account information wouldn’t sign in. If you could try to fix whatever problems there is with linking the eso-database addon I believe that would be a big sell point as I was very excited to try it out only to be let down by it being taken out.

- Excellent for console players

Easy to use, some information is outdated regarding lore book locations (from what I found). App runs super smoothly, thanks to it being offline and not needing to sift through multiple webpages. Would be nice if it highlighted the selected icon on the map so you don’t wander around for 10 minutes looking for a book you had already absentmindedly collected.

- Nearly perfect app

Outstanding app, precise skyshard and lore book locations, easy to use, just an all round awesome app. Although I would love to see quest starting locations, that would be really cool and would make this the perfect app

- Love this app, but it’s way out of date

Love the app - have used it for years but updates are well behind at the moment. It’d be awesome if there was a survey tracking app like the writ master one too.

- Northern Skyrim

I love this app and recommend it to all players. Just wondering when the latest chapter/doc will be added?

- Great companion to ESO

Excellent app with heaps of information on every zone except the most recent one in Greymoor chapter. this is a great companion to consult when playing ESO

- Great app

Use this app all the time, but could you please add in jewellery survey’s. Cheers

- Useful app

Great app if your on Xbox or PlayStation. Need to update the motif chapters. A few have been missing for quite a long time

- Good

ESO all about it inside my head

- Best ESO App

This is the best ESO app out there. All info in one place!

- Needs updating bad doesn’t even have western Skyrim

Doesn’t have western Skyrim or the reach. When will it be updated?

- Good but ood

Great app overall, but currently in desperate need of an update

- Fantastic app + my Wishlist

Great app overall for the price. Much better then some of the other options available. I would however like to see more in the class builder, the option to set gear and skills along with stat pools affected by those selections would make it the perfect app. Not a simply request I know 😹 but would be amazing.

- Absolutely fantastic

I've used this app to find skyshards and lorebooks for so many of my characters. UI is excellent and responsive and looks great. Descriptions of precise locations are bang on. Really helpful. The icing on the cake was that ability to use this in landscape mode, and that's why I'm here now. Value for money.

- Love this app

Great app, great and simple design, very helpful to track and find items on each map, add various alts is a great feature and love the build guides as well, will we see new guides as the meta changes in morrowind? That would be awesome, all up very happy with the app

- Great app!

Love the app mate, it's really helpful. One suggestion I have that would be very helpful is if we could check off which shards/books we had already collected.

- Easy to use

Great app! Functional and easy to use. Would like to see some more diverse builds though. At the moment there are only Templar healers so this wasn't able to help me!

- Great console substitute for mods

Been missing my PC mods for shards, books and stuff....this fills the gap. Great work 😝

- Pretty meh tbh

Should be a free app given the level of polish it has and lack of functions...

- Western Skyrim

When will you be doing the update??? It’s been ages Come on Has not been updated in so long

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- It’s only missing Eastern Skyrim (New)

Super great app but missing the new Greymoor part

- Craglorn world bosses

Hey, love the app but The craglorn world bosses are missing

- Update?

Great app. Any chance it’ll be updated though? Last update came out with Dragonhold which is now a year old.

- The most useful app

I love and recommend this app for playing ESO. The amount of content is great across the board when it comes to keeping track of in game locations for my characters. I use this on all my ESO characters to help in a collection spot and to help skyshard hunting. Some quality of life improvements would make this a stellar app, example being the just adding the star to the confirm list instead of having to swipe and the tap the star to mark a location or mofit. This app is great for people looking to fill out there world map, crafters and collectors. Well worth the money.

- Greymoor please!

Are you planning on adding the greymoor expansion?

- Love this App

Everything an avid ESO player needs. Would get a 5 if we had a Greymoor update!

- No longer supported?

Like everyone else, I’m expecting a greymoor update. I know it wasn’t much but I did pay for this and would like to see it continue being useful. I have loved it otherwise and will update the rating if this changes. As for someone mentioning lore books being in different places than on the map, it clearly states within the app that lore books can be found in multiple spots, and to avoid clutter they only listed one of the locations.

- great app for Elderscrolls Online

Got Greymoor? Why hasn’t it been updated yet?!?!

- Not updated

Love the app! But I’m finding lore books in places unmarked by the app, so the app is not reliable for locations of those, and I wonder what else is not updated.

- Motifs

When will the new motifs be added??? Love this app 🙂🙂

- Broken

Seems like a good app but many of the features just will not load anything for me

- Not complete

So this is a great app. But were is the list for patterns and praxis and blueprints and the other crafting recipes? This would make this app unbeatable

- Amazing!

Love the app, makes finding everything so much easier. Only thing I would add is a filter for the “striking locales” (represented by an eye on in game map)

- Happy and unhappy

The app is fantastic; however, I paid for the pro account which is supposed to sync between multiple devices and the 2 devices I was using were rarely in sync. I emailed the developer multiple times to try and get support, but didn’t even receive a response.

- So good for PS4

Amazing Support. Andrew C you are a star.

- Can only be used on one device

I bought this app one my phone and now want to put it on another device and its wanting me to pay.. again. I’m sorry but this just isn’t worth having to pay twice. I read on the information of the app that it supports family sharing.. doubtfully can’t even install it on separate devices.

- Crashes on character switch

Awesome app, but has started crashing every time I try to change characters.

- Graphic and navigation.

Map look like a crappy blurry picture that you can zoom in on and navigation in app is horrible. How do I find stuff? Love the map though that’s pretty nice and easy to use. But graphics on map are horrible. 3 stars cause this app works. But damn....

- All you ever need to know

If you are a serious ESO player this app is a must have, save all that time going around and put it into playing and enjoy the game.

- Search Function Does Not Work

On IPad Pro 2 or IPhone X. You can literally have the map of a region open, type in the exact name of a collection, hit “search” and nothing pops up. Kind of a deal-breaker considering this is supposed to replace addons (especially on console). Is this a known bug?

- Very useful app

Overall an excellent app and the fastest way I've found to get all the sky shards and lore books. A bit slow in updating to the new patches but great otherwise. Would be nice to be to see armour worn in the character section.

- Lifesaver

I can't imagine searching for skyshards and lorebooks without this app. The only thing that would make it better is if it included dolmen and wayshrine locations.

- A "Must Have" when playing ESO on consoles

This app is absolutely amazing. I couldn't play ESO on console without it. The maps show the locations of all important things like skyshards, lore books, bosses in dungeons and a lot more. It allows you to track what you've already completed. You can track things individually for multiple characters, which is great. I'm using an iPhone 6S and the app runs very well. Thanks to the author for keeping the app up to date with all the changes happening in the game.

- Cool but needs an update

I noticed that the alchemy combinations are not correct. But other than that so far it's a good app! Just needs a few changes

- A must have ESO app

This app is a wealth of knowledge and has great features for keeping track of your collectables and research. It also has an "alchemy lab" that will let you check to see what potions ingredients will make. You can make profiles for each character so you can track progress with each character individually. As a CS student, I aspire to make apps of this quality.

- Great

This app is everything you need and it keeps getting updates !

- Awesome

Great app... thanks for all the effort

- Updated

This recent app update is amazing. It was useful before, and now even more!

- Incredibly useful

The new version adds so much functionality. I was just thinking I would need to make a list to track the motif pages I've learned when this came out!

- Pretty good,

This is a great app to use while playing ESO online. It is a bit slow for me! But overall great, I wish there was a way I could add armor names and descriptions to my character that way I could finish the whole set and have it in front of me!

- No longer supported

Was a great app but unfortunately it’s no longer supported. Last update was 2019 but it’s still usable for content created before 2020

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- Almost Perfection

This has pretty much everything you want. Maps, maps inside delves, stats, builds blah blah blah. What it needs to make it a 5+ would be to add in the mechanics for the different dungeons and a more easily searched set item library and more user friendly alchemy interface.

- Great app but I have several issues

Love the app and am connected to ESO but I wish the dev would show if the connection was successful or not as well as the sync as I don’t see any changes. I cannot delete a Character from the app. Am using an iPhone X and tapping on the top bar from the achievements panel does nothing. Also tapping on a Character does nothing. Isn’t it supposed to show more details about the Char?? Would appreciate if the dev could reply here. Thanks for supporting this app! 👍🙏

- Needs update

This app is very good but it’s missing provisioning recipes and a few other small things. Over all it’s excellent to keep track of other things. Definitely worth what I paid for it though.

- Great but...

This app is wonderful for character creation and planning, but it could be so much more. It needs every map location. Example: city and dwemer ruin icons are nonexistant. I think the app should also have a quest checklist for each zone as well as questlines section.

- Update

Will there be a update anytime soon? Also i love this app but i wish when you look up the motifs it should be in alphabetical order and it should say where to get them from. Overall great app though ❤️❤️

- Great app

This app has been very helpful for me as a console player- would love to see them add furnishing plans to this app! It helps you to track achievements etc, a great way to keep your game organized

- Fantastic App

As a console player, it's nice to have something that's accessible from my phone. I love that you can save individual characters info and track collectibles. I highly recommend it.

- Good app. Needs an update

Great app to keep track of what you’re doing and what you have. Needs the Greymoore update with map and sky shards. It appears they don’t update it but still want your money.

- Great resource and still improving!

I bought this app years ago and it has improved so much in its level of helpfulness and resources since then. Still a work in progress, but even at its earliest stages it was worth getting; even moreso now.

- New content

When is the new content going to be added? Greymoor has been put for a little while and the app still hasn’t updated with that content

- Why the differences?

I like the app, but there are differences between my app and other peoples apps. Mine has a way to track recipes you have learned, a guy I know doesn’t have that. A girl I know can see all the lore books in a zone but I can’t and I can’t figure out how to make that work.

- Great app!

This makes finding things so much easier for console players. Find things and mark them off so you know what you’ve already done. Best $1.99 I’ve spent.

- Awesome app but needs updating

I love this app. It’s helped me a lot with my zone clears and keeping track of what recipes and motifs I still need. But it hasn’t been updated in 7 months for new content. Would also be awesome if they get furnishing plans listed but I know it’s a lot of work compiling it all. Hope the maker of the app updates soon.

- Great App

It’s a great companion app for those who google every question or location of items or specific things. Easy to use and extremely helpful.

- Wonderful but...

Can you update the Craglorn map with Skyshards. Kinda bought the pro version because I thought it would’ve had it on there. But overall a wonderful and very useful app!

- Great for DB of crafting motifs

I love this app for keeping track of the crafting motives by main toon has. Makes it a lot easier my decide which master writs I should accept and which I should sell.

- The old gal.

I have been playing ESO for all most 4 years. I use this app throughout my gaming. Usually the first thing I go for a lot in many instances. This old gal is 68 thank you for the help.

- Best ESO app

Very happy with this app, I use it primarily for keeping track of builds, however it’s other features work very well too. As a note to the developer, some issues that are present, that I have come across include: -Unable to select armor enchantments -Killers blade icon doesn’t display -Champion point allotment is still set at 720 (iPhone X) Some features I believe that could be useful: -Copying builds -Manually reordering builds when listed in menus

- Out of date

There is a lot of stuff that is out of date. More books are sometimes in the wrong locations and things like that. For a paid app it should be up to date at all times

- Pro account doesn’t sync

I really enjoy this app and always tell others to get it, in-game and on sites like Reddit. But I recently bought a 6 month pro account only for things not to sync between my iPad and iPhone which is very disappointing. :/

- Be warned: This project may be dead

For the most part the app is helpful but it’s never updated regularly. The author has no problem taking money for the purchase but the support is very minimal for it. I personally would like to see more support and more features added. Shame. Updated: this project may be dead it hasn’t been updated in a very long time

- Waiting for updates!

This is a great app with one issue. They are slow to update with new expansions and DLC’s. I use this all the time and was well worth the .99c. I recommend this to all my guild members!

- Not above a two star!

I’m not sure how this has such a high rating, this app is messy AF! They are too lazy to put each class in its own tab, so you are scrolling through every spell in the game, your class or not. You are better off using google than a developer who actually doesn’t care about there app. This was thrown together ASAP to make a buck on the App Store.

- I love it

I love this app i hope you guys never stop updating it and keep everything up to date its amazing and good job you guys this app is so helpful

- Love but

Love this app. It’s amazing and makes it so easy to track all myCharacters and what I’m doing on each just wish there was a collection for my furniture blueprints.

- Tim

I actually have a question for the developer. How can I sync with my playstation? I can’t sign into it so I can see my progress with my character?

- Helpful app

Wish there were more builds to follow from a variety of players. But others wise very helpful to keep track of your character.

- A lot of missing info

Not all the skyshards are on the map in the zones that you provide. Edit:Developer explain that every delve have a sky shard. Great app and developer

- Greymore?

Greymore has been out a little while now and it’s still hasn’t updated. It’s a great app, but when you pay monthly for it, you’d think it would be updated when new expansions come out.

- Love this app but..

This app has made my life so much easier when it comes to Eso, I have been spoiled by it therefore please update soon for Skyrim!

- You pay to pay

I purchased this thinking I would be able to mark and track my progress but after purchasing it I found out there is another subscription fee you have to pay to create an account with them to track. Guess it’s back to the pen and paper.

- Review

Love the app it’s very helpful. My only complaint is there isn’t a pub dungeon section with detailed boss locations. If there is I’m missing it hard. Regardless it’s great. Would recommend.

- Updated for Summerset... mostly

Summerset update has gone out, but there are still several missing items like potential drops for the new DLC and jewelry survey locations. Are there plans to complete the updates for the new DLC?

- Update!!

Is there ever any updates. I have been using this app for years and they are far between. If it was updated regularly it would definitely be a 5 star rating.

- Solid app

App is really helpful and a good way to keep track of your progress in console version. Would be helpful if the phone and iPad apps did a sync

- Awesome

Just needs Group Event Bosses also many sites have the achievement locations very easy to locate alcast has a lot and so does lovely north.

- Has some problems, but still better than anything out there.

See title.

- Can’t connect my account

Used to use this app before and could connect my account. I don’t know why but reinstalled the app after getting back into the game and I don’t have the option to connect my account anymore. All I see is the plus sign for manually entering a character

- Doesn’t work

Downloaded it on my iPhone X and iPad Pro and neither device was able to simply set up a character. Might be fine for more and checking out dungeon sets and maps but if one of the core functions of an app doesn’t work the second I download it I give it a big Fail.

- Makes lvl 10 mages guild easy

I recommend this app to everyone on ps4. Should add the precursor target dummy parts for easy finding. 😎

- Please update :-(

This app badly needs an update. There have been multiple additions to the game with zero updates here on this app. Is the app dead? It would be the most amazing tool for ESO if it got the new content.

- Awesome app

This app is amazing stays up to date with dlc maps. My only complaint is I wish it had psijic questline portal locations. Other than that it’s perfect.

- Great Help for Crafers

So handy to have this app to coordinate research on multiple characters. Plus, it’s good for trying out alchemy combinations for Master Writs and learning the trails of all the reagents.

- Motifs page broken

Doesn’t sync motifs correctly and after opening a motif chapter, you need to reload the page to continue.

- Hard to configure not user friendly

It has a lot of info about the game but its not categorized. Its easy to get lost and not come back to the screen that you once before. You might as well just play the game guideless or get stuck in this app for hours trying to configure it.

- Basic Companion app.

I like all the maps, and the map icons are pretty much spot on. I play ESO on PS4. I like the app. I only give it 4 stars because it doesn’t sync with consoles.

- It’s good for maps

It’s great for maps, shows where everything is, but it won’t let me select anything. I can’t put what motifs I have, I can’t put what skyshards I have competed. If I figure it out, or it works later I’ll change my review.

- Updates?

Will we be getting an update any time soon? Blackreach, greymoor ect???

- Solid start

Upgraded from free app, love the recipe lists, would love to see furnishing lists as well. Enchanting is entirely missing from here. Both apps would benefit from the group event being marked in dungeons.

- Developers gave up

Totally out of date. I believe the Developers have given up but I imagine there isn’t that much demand so I don’t fault them, probably isn’t worth the time. Check the date before you buy this, maybe they will come back.

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@pjryan51 @Michael32930248 @energystatsuk @octopus_energy It’s called the National Grid ESO app on either google or iPhone respective app stores. It’s a great app 👍

Paul Papadimitriou

@christianhern I recommend you download the National Grid app too. You get a real time picture of the energy mix, to see / plan when it’s greener to do certain activities (dishwasher, etc.).

Countess of House Ravenwatch

Grrrrr! My App data for ESO got corrupted in my PS4 so now I have to reinstall/update all over again. This is the second time this has happened this week!


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@Ricrodriv i'll keep an eye for it. thankfully solo le hice defrag al hdd porque al ssd no me dejaba, thanks for the tip and help! voy a ver si con eso puedo ver que esta pasando if not then i'll prolly do a factory reset porque entiendo que es un app fucking up.

James Kelloway

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LG Energy Group

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The ESO App 2.8.8 Screenshots & Images

The ESO App iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

The ESO App iphone images
The ESO App iphone images
The ESO App iphone images
The ESO App iphone images

The ESO App (Version 2.8.8) Install & Download

The applications The ESO App was published in the category Reference on 2015-12-13 and was developed by Andrew Carlton [Developer ID: 556790961]. This application file size is 82.17 MB. The ESO App - Reference app posted on 2019-11-12 current version is 2.8.8 and works well on IOS 9.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: Nexu-Industries.THE-ESO-APP

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