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Ordering through the Dunkin’ app is fast, easy and contactless!

Order ahead and skip the wait
All users can place their order ahead through the app and skip the wait in store. Try all of our contactless pickup options - carryout, drive-thru and curbside pickup! Options will vary by store. Check app for details.

Save your favorite menu items to make ordering even faster!

Join DD Perks and earn rewards on every Dunkin’ run
$1 = 5 points. Every 200 points earns you a free beverage. Plus, get exclusive bonus point-offers.

Check out faster
Whether you’re stopping in store to scan your app or ordering ahead, load funds to your account to save time on your run.

*Location and Notifications may be required to receive promotional offers.

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Dunkin' Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We’ve made several updates & bug fixes in this release to improve your app experience. DD Perks members – check out our new & improved ‘Order History’ page to view points earned on purchases and see your in-store orders! Looking for a contactless way for us to bring your favorites out to you? Try Curbside Pickup in the app today! Tap the ‘I’m Here, Start My Order’ button in the app and our crew will start your mobile order and bring it out to you. We’re always looking to improve, so we’d love to hear from you! Leave us feedback under ‘Provide Feedback’ in the ‘Get Help’ section of the app. The safety of our crew & our guests is our top priority. You can read more on what we’re doing to help keep you running safely on www.dunkindonuts.com. We’ve got your back, America.

Dunkin' Comments & Reviews

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- Use it everyday

I am disabled and speaking is difficult for me but I have to have my daily dose of Dunkin’ and the app allows that! Thanks I wrote this but unfortunately things have been on a slow decline. I am unable to use the app- says my information is not valid. Nothing in my life has changed! I thought maybe my debit card had been hacked so I had to go to the bank - let’s remember I’m disabled and unable to make phone calls. Going to the bank during COVID- not easy. Not open only drive thru. Problem not my debit card - so I add another credit card. Still won’t allow me- I email- I tweet them. I’m so fed up bc I cannot order w a person unless I write it down & that can be embarrassing. I love Dunkin but please fix your app! Here I go again! Still disabled and STILL unable to use my fn app! It’s as if they want me to use my money at Starbucks! I was contacted two weeks in response to this review & told I was a priority! Well obviously I’m not! I tried contacting them 2 more times. So I have had to walk in & hand a sales associate a hand written note w my order on it! Not to mention I DONT WANT TO BE INSIDE IM A CANCER PATIENT! This is it for me and Dunkin! I give up!

- Terrible function

My biggest problem with this app is it rarely works. If you ask it to refresh and show the balance on your pre-loaded card, it constantly says the wrong balance according to what they scan at the register and say that I have. It’s told me before I had $12 for example, and the people scan at the register and say I have three. The rewards are practically worthless. I go there twice a week and I might get a free cup of coffee every other month. But none of that matters compared to trying to load my card with value. It should be simple but every single time I do it there’s a different problem either preventing me from putting value on, or showing me a screen that says there’s an error so that I do it over and over again end up with $60 added to my stupid Dunkin’ Donuts card. Then I go through an entire order on the go process and at the very end when I try to pay and be done with it it says my location doesn’t support ordering on the go. Do you think you could’ve maybe told me that beginning before I went through a ridiculous 30 steps to try to get an order in? Terrible terrible execution on this app. It’s absolutely ridiculous that they can’t make this app function properly, never mind Be worthwhile to use.

- So Many Times Not Working

I want desperately to leave my Starbucks app and go to DD. Unfortunately, I have had so many issues with this app. At least 5 times I’ve tried to use it within less than a mile of DD stores and it can’t find any stores. (Yes, location services are on.) Other times, it indicates that the store in question doesn’t participate in order ahead even though I’ve used that store at least 50 times. Another time, it read insufficient funds even though there was more than enough on the app to cover the charge. Another time, I participated in the MasterPass special option to give a $10 DD card using MasterPass and get a $10 credit on your DD app/card. It didn’t work, I contacted DD 3 times via email and first got an automated answer explaining what MasterPass is. (Yes, I know...been using it quite a while.) The second response was from a person who basically copied and pasted the first response and I never received a response to the last email. I just feel like DD could get so much more business if they could work out all the kinks in the app. When I’ve asked about it at the stores, the employees acknowledged that they have a lot of customers saying the same thing, but they aren’t seeing much improvement either. Come on...help me ditch my Starbucks addiction and acquire a DD addiction. I’m willing...just waiting on an app that works more than 50% of the time.

- Consistent issues

My app freezes, has a fancy “favorites” feature but when I try to use it to reorder I get an error message that it can’t add it to my order right now. It’s just a medium ice coffee-nothing special or seasonal. It will let you add everything to your order and then tell you that it can’t process it now. The Dunkin’ Donuts I used to go to regularly just stacks all the orders in a small spot so several times only half of my order is there when I get there and I end up having to ask someone for help and I’m in the store longer than people who didn’t order through the app. My order isn’t large, sometimes two drinks and a sandwich but something is missing or someone accidentally took it. When I’ve ordered seasonal flavors if they’ve run out the app doesn’t tell you. I ordered a pumpkin ice coffee and was very upset when I got to work and realized they put no flavor in my coffee because they were out of pumpkin but the app made it look available. Plain Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee with no flavor or no sugar is not very appetizing and i has to just dump it. I thought the app would make me go to DD more often but I actually go less. Even when you earn a free drink if you wanted something special like an almond milk or turbo shot they charge you extra for it. So the free drink reward is really a limited free drink reward. Come on DD. You can do better than this! I’d like to be a regular again.

- I’m a loyal Dunkin’ customer

I have had so much problems with your app... I will reload it then I will get to the store to use my reward card and I get a app error message. It’s happened way to many times lately. When you first come out with this, it was working well, now I’m just wasting time on trying to get my $ off of my card account just because your not willing to finger out the problem consumers are having. We are on our way to work, appointments, etc and we don’t have any time to keep trying to get our funds off of your companies reward card account just because you have decided to change around your application. It’s not easy to use funds that you have already accounted for when we get to your facilities (restaurant) just to find out we are out of luck with using our DD Perks card because of technical difficulties. Can you please fix this problem. I’m going to have to find a new coffee shop (Coyote Coffee), it’s not about the money, it’s about service to constantly whose dependable on their perks card! I actually have no idea if you read these messages but I hope that you are. Thank you

- Good idea. Bad execution

This app is a great idea. It lets you order whatever you want from Dunkin' and skip the line. Just run in and get it, leaving all the other customers in the line wondering why they didn't order ahead instead of waiting in a long line. HOWEVER, the actual execution of this app falls short of all the hype and promise. The auto reload function has been completely disabled, which in the long run has saved me money since I've stopped going as much. I have chosen a Dunkin' as my store for pick up but when I hit the confirm start my order button I noticed it defaulted to a totally different location. This has happened at least 4 times. I have ordered a 2 coffee order 15 min ahead and yet neither coffee was made when I entered the location (this happens more than not). I have received strange combos when ordering a turbo shot for an iced coffee. The turbo shot came on the side in a small paper cup. I have been told what I'm getting is what I ordered when I can look at the receipt and see they clearly messed up my coffee but refuse to change it. I have changed my go to location thinking it was just the employees at the store messing up my order. I can go on. Instead I have chosen to use up my few remaining free coffee coupons and find a new way to get my coffee in the morning or any time of day.

- App forces user to give up credit card info

My wife went to the closest location to get bagged coffee for home, and they didn’t have our favorite. I decided to try using the app to search nearby stores in order to find the next closest location with our favorite coffee. Much to my surprise the Dunkin Donuts app won’t allow customers to use any part of the app without giving up credit/debit card info. Unfortunately, because we buy several bags for ourselves and other family, this and rude staff at more than one nearby location has us discussing switching our coffee choice to a competitor. The only answer to this is an all inclusive one. Many people have mobile devices, but don’t have credit/debit cards. Many others don’t want to give up their credit/debit card information for obvious reasons. Those customers should not be excluded from at least being able to shop their local stores. The number and type of poor reviews about this app, and other customer service issues mentioned is a direct reflection of how disconnected Dunkin Donuts management is from their customer base. If they continue to fail their customers they will certainly join companies like Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr., Pizza Hut, etc. which are becoming dinosaurs due to their inability to effectively comprehend their customers desires.

- Love this app

I think this app is a great idea! I love that I can order ahead of time and my order is ready when I get there. I believe that this app can go through some improvements, though. For a week, I have ordered from one location, but somehow, the app defaulted to another location. So, I had to sit and wait at the window for my order to be put together. Twice, in the past week, I drive up to the window to get my order, and they are out of everything. So, now what? I have to sit and wait for my alternate decisions, and even so, my order still doesn't come out right. One of the improvements I think this app should have, is to list items that are available to order, per location. If someone ran out of a product, I think it should be listed on the app. Waiting to get to the store to find out they ran out of everything you ordered, is a complete waste of time. 15 minutes is the most time I waited for my order, and I was late for work.

- Love the idea, but ...the stores don’t execute

I got this app thinking it would be as awesome as a certain competitor’s app. You order and pay ahead, then just pop in and pick up your ready-made order at the counter. That’s how it works with the competition’s app. Except no. The Dunkin’ shop doesn’t put the order together until you get there. There is only one Dunkin’ near me, and due to their long lines and constantly getting my coffee and food orders wrong, I seldom go there. Seeing this app, I thought I’d try them again for a very early office meeting. I needed a couple dozen donuts and some donut holes and a coffee w/cream and sugar. Simple stuff. I ordered the night before for drive thru pickup. Because the app only confirms during store hours, the next morning I confirmed and tapped “on my way” on the app about 20 mins before I actually arrived at the shop. When I showed up at the drive-thru, they said they had received my order but I had to pull into the parking lot and wait. It was at least an additional 8 minutes before they brought it out, and huffily at that. Unpacking at the office I realized they shorted me the number of donut holes I ordered, even though the correct number was clearly listed on the receipt. Turns out a great concept and app can’t fix a shop with consistently poor customer service.

- Great when it works, worthless when it doesn’t.

I loved this app so much that I told friends and coworkers about it. But for the past few months, I have not been able to load value from a credit/debit card or even from a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card. Every so often I try again, but as of this morning I’m still getting app error when trying to add value. My cards have been hit multiple times on occasion but still did not add value in the app. Then calling the customer service number is ridiculous. The call wait time said about 30 minutes and was well over an hour. This is not an exaggeration. I only stayed on hold waiting only because my card had been charged six times for the value I was trying to add in the app and it still did not show any value added. When I finally did speak with someone I was told I’d have to wait for the charges to just fall off. They did but it took a few days. Not even sure why it charged me when the app said it wasn’t completed. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and that didn’t fix it. Seriously this app is worthless if you can’t even add value with an already paid for Dunkin’ gift card. I waited before leaving this review hoping they get it together and fix the issue but it hasn’t happened.

- Worst mobile ordering app ever

I’ve seen college kids build better ordering apps, that actually work. The location settings are completely bogus, searching for a location manually hardly ever works, reverts you automatically to the wrong DD. The actual ordering, sure add everything to your checkout cart, might HAVE TO ADD IT 5 times before it actually appears in your order. Then it takes forever to process the order, which for me it hardly ever does and I’m using high speed data or even on great WiFi, always an issue. Never an issue when they want to add money to your card though, they great that as soon as you hit confirm but try to confirm an order and it takes forever. Today I tried for 15 minutes to simply order one thing, didn’t work. Then I was logged out, try to log in says all my details were wrong...they weren’t, change my password anyway, I sign in on the browser website works fine, sign into the app, error... What a crock. Save your time and sanity, coffee costs the same at Starbucks, any handcrafted drinks may be $2 more but honestly it’s worth it, the Starbucks app never fails and the rewards come quicker. Load $20 at Starbucks you’ve got a fair amount of drinks and will have 2-3 free drinks in between. Once this money on my card and my birthday reward are redeemed, deleting this crap for good.

- One of the Worst Mobile Ordering Systems

Dunkin’ needs to get with the program and use a geo-fence or check-in system for mobile ordering, like every other major national chain! It seems the order is made immediately when it is placed, because my frozen drink was melted and my hot food was cold when I received it. I placed my order from my car, only one short block away from the store, but because of the huge line at the drive-thru (only option because the franchisee who runs this location is still not allowing people inside), I received my order over 15 minutes after I placed it. I prefer to use mobile ordering, because the person running the drive-thru never hears people correctly, and has to ask people to repeat themselves several times. Having to wait until you’re at the store to place a mobile order to avoid melted drinks and stale food defeats the purpose. Overall, the app is buggy and poorly programmed. The app has access to my location while using, but it does not use this information to determine my location prior to me starting an order; I have to wait a minute for it to load this information before I can select a store to order from. The card reloading screen also gives an error message on the first attempt to reload a card, every time.

- Terrible updating and mobile order abilities

The app does not update accurately with the amount that is still available on you DD perks card. It does not update at the time of purchase as I have been waiting 15 min plus to see how much is left. Furthermore I went into the app and looked before mobile ordering to see how much I had on my card. Then when I went to go order it had change from $10 to $6 or just decided to update from weeks ago and I had to load more money. Then I try to submit my order and I get an in app error saying they are unable to complete it. Then I go the the Dunkin’ to make an in store order and when I am waiting at the pick up area there is a mobile order for me, the one the app said did not go through. So then I look at the app to see my balance, however I can’t tell if they charged me for the mobile order because the balance has not adjusted for my in store purchase let alone the mobile order. With all of these inaccuracies, it makes me want to spend more on Starbucks because at least when I pay it updates automatically right after I order. The only portion that takes a little longer showing is their rewards. Overall the Dunkin app just makes a simple task complicated because of its inability to function properly.

- Awesome app saves time and money

I’m surprised by the poor reviews because I’ve had nothing but success using this app and I use it daily sometimes more than once a day. I’m happy to not have to have long conversations at drive thru’s and I just say “hi I placed an app order for (name)” and they say “great come on down”. No lengthy repeating my order to a busy associate who is juggling a hectic morning commute. I like the creativity in my favorites and being able to apply my specials and earned points to my orders and know exactly what I am spending each visit. I get tons of free coffees because it’s easy to accumulate points. I took away one star because there is absolutely no way to add a tip to the order during or after the transaction. After my order is complete my Starbucks app asks me if I want to send a tip and what percentage I would like to send. So the technology exists why doesn’t Dunkins use this too? I get awesome service at my local Dunkin’ and I want to add a tip. Let’s face it- we app users seldom carry cash. That would be my only suggestion but I believe it’s a much needed improvement the developers need to address.

- This app keeps charging me twice when i reload my card!

The app is great as far as being able to order and not standing on a long line every morning, especially for dunkin donuts with really slow employees. I no longer have to leave my house earlier and risk being late to work depending on the pace of the employee behind the counter and the amount of people waiting in line. However, when i re load my card through the app thats hooked up to my bank card it charges me twice! I always have to call my bank and explain to them so they can refund me. This happened again yesterday. Its about the 6th time they have over charged me. Now my bank is telling me to contact the app creator and they are not removing the double charge! Who ever created this app needs to fix this issue. For example, i hit add $10 to my card and i am getting charged 2 $10 fess from my bank with only one $10 charge available on the dunkin app to spend. On another occasion i added $10 and it only showed up as adding $4 on the dunkin card when $4 was not even an option! These quirks need to be fixed. I don’t like throwing money away and i am sure no one else does either!

- Select Drive through as pick up option if you want an order to be pre-made

New user of app here. It needs to be clearly communicated that if you are pre-ordering via the app that your expectation is that your order will be ready when you arrive. Right? Isn’t that the point of pre-ordering? This is only the case if you select pick up in store, if you select drive through then they actually don’t start making your order until you arrive in the drive through line and inform them you are there to pick up a pre-order made through the app. What’s the whole point then of the pre-order then? You are not saving any time, you can place your order when you arrive in the drive through line like everyone else. I was not told this which made for a very frustrating experience Since I placed a large order for a meeting that I needed to be at early in the morning. I placed the pre-order and select a drive-through expecting to be able to pick up my order already prepared in the drive-through line. That is not the case if you want to pre-order and save time you MUST select pick up in store otherwise they will not start making your order until you arrive in the drive-through line.

- Great....When it works

Not much to say, it’s a digital wallet app for Dunkin. Tracks what you buy and gives you points for each purchase. When you get enough points you get a free coffee. Makes paying a little quicker. Also able to take advantage of various promotions they run from time to time (like free donut with coffee purchase). The only problem is a recurring error message when trying to add funds to your Dunkin Wallet. There is no “rhyme or reason” that I can find as to why this error occurs. Some days it works, some days it doesn’t. I’ve currently been unable to use the app all week because every time I go to add funds I get an error message. Tried re adding my card info, closing the app and reopening it, even deleted it and downloaded it again. Still the same issue. Conclusion: more useful than many other similar apps out there (especially if you drink coffee regularly) but big issue with recurring error when trying to add more money to be able to make a purchase. Would have rated it higher but the error happens too frequently and is rather annoying.

- If you enjoy being annoyed, this is the app for you

If you enjoy watching a cute processing icon for excessive lengths of time, followed by error messages and retry buttons that result in more spinning icons for over 30 second each time ... at every step of the order process... just to do the simplest things.... then to finally get a basic order in, just to get errors and failures while trying to enter a credit card,.. then this is the app for you. If you’d like to spend your entire 20 minute commute frustrated and struggling to get an order in, just to ultimately give up and just wait in line for you order.... this app will be a delight. The app used to work fine. However, for months now it’s been inconsistent and unreliable. Yes, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it. My wireless signal is strong. Some days it still works, if very slow in responding. However, some days it just won’t work; spending extremely long times in the processing screen at each step/change and then showing a blank credit card list but gives me errors that I already have my credit card entered when I try to add it again. Extremely frustrating for something that used to work great.

- On the go ordering

I am a frequent user of on the go ordering. However, there is a glitch in the process. I submit my order and I say I'm driving through and I am prompted with a question asking if I am ready to pick it up because they want to make sure my order is freshly prepared. However, when I get to the drive-thru, my order is never ready. It is only ready if I say I'm going inside. I don't understand the reasoning behind this. Obviously, if I'm ordering on the go I am wanting it to be available quickly. And I'm driving through because I don't have time to run into the store. It seems like a contradiction that the order would be ready if I say I am walking in but not when I'm going to the drive thru. My feeling is that if I say yes, I am ready to pick up and I have submitted the order, my card gets charged regardless of whether or not I show up. In my opinion, The order should be ready whether I walk in or go through the drive-thru.


There are 4 main problems with the app. 1. They don’t actually prepare your order until you get there no matter how much notice they have so you aren’t really saving time. 2. You have to load their DD card with money before you order and this is how you pay for the order. So DD always gets a few extra dollars because it’s impossible to pre-load down to the penny. While it’s a scam for their customers, I’m sure this adds up quite nicely for them. 3. What you order on the app is not necessarily what you’ll get bc the individual store may be out of what you ordered or just not have it that day. For example, I ordered a dozen donuts and picked out what I wanted in the box. When I got there they kept insisting I only ordered 8 - apparently the other 4 they don’t carry. Once they realized I had indeed paid for 12 this caused confusion. I kept saying I didn’t care, just pick 4 at random & eventually the message got thru, but it was yet more time wasted. 4. You can only order 1 dozen donuts at a time in the app. If you want more you need to completely finish 1 order (including telling them you are ready to pick it up) before starting another. This makes no sense. The point is to make things faster, especially for large orders that would slow down the line, not only the the customer within the big order but for everyone in line behind them. Great idea; poor execution. Maybe DD should study some other, more user friendly apps, like Chipotle, and try again.

- App needs improvement

The app is nice for ordering in advance, however there are a few improvements that still need to be made: 1. The ability to say how many pumps of a flavor shot you want, the same way you can with dairy, flavor swirls and sweetener. 2. Coupons should be reflected in the order total before you submit. Currently, you cannot see if you were charged correctly until after you get the receipt and by then your card has already been charged. 3. Happy hour prices need to automatically update and be reflected in the total. Again, you have to wait until after the receipt is processed to see if you were charged correctly for happy hour and often times, you were not...but now your card has already been charged for the incorrect price. 4. If the location charges extra for whipped topping or an extra pump of flavor swirl, that needs to be indicated on the order total. It wasn’t until I sent a ticket into Dunkin’ that I was advised why my subtotal and amount that was actually charged consistently had a 30¢ difference.

- Great App

Very well done. Great Design, smooth UI, most things are intuitive. Will be using from now on. Some features I’d like to see: Allow me to tip and leave a review of the store. I understand this may get limited use but I had a fantastic experience at the drive thru and very much wanted to let the employees know how positive my experience was. Since I had already paid there was no way for me to go back and leave a tip or let them know. Allow me to create a favorite order without actually ordering the food. Additionally I’d like to be able to edit the actual food items once I’ve created a favorite list. After getting my order I realized I had accidentally ordered a hot coffee instead of cold. Since I had already favorited, I couldn’t go back and update it and when I got home and attempted to create a new one, I was unable to do so and almost ended up ordering my meal again.

- Auto refresh total & confirm location

I love almost everything about the Dunkin’ Donuts app, but I would like to see two changes. I would like for the total on the card to automatically refresh without having to push the button. Many times when I sign into the app, it shows me a total that did not subtract the previous order, so it looks like there is more money on the card than is actually there. I would also like to see a check system in place to make sure that you have the correct store. Even though it says it, if I am ordering in a hurry, or if something happens to distract me, I press submit out of habit, and it automatically sends the order to the last store from which I ordered. This is fine for those who never order from different places, but it makes me less likely to use the app while traveling. I have had instances where I have sent it to the wrong store and it’s ALWAYS a pain to resolve. There’s already a stopgap in place if you order from a different store than the last one, but not to confirm every time.

- I love DD! I do have feedback on the app though

I really love Dunkin’ Donuts and I’m happy that they have an app. I love that I can order ahead and my order is waiting for me when I got there either through the drive-through or I can walk into the store. Some cons to the app, I can’t custom tailor my order at all! There is no way to comment and or add anything to my order through writing and /or spot to add/drop things to a food or drink. This is disheartening because that leaves me to have to then go to the store and have them adjust my order therefore leaving me to have to wait for my order to be finished (this then the gates the whole pre-order process). Second con, I ordered on the app the other day and when I got to the store (I went in) they did not 2 of the donuts I needed for my order. The cashier has no protocol as to how to refund my money (she ended up giving me cash back... is this even the process??). I’d love to know if I’m missing something on my two comments or if other people have the same issue. Again I love Dunkin’ Donuts then I’m a loyal customer.

- When it works..

This app is awesome.. when it works. It has amazing features for ordering on-the-go, points, rewards, etc. Unfortunately, (for months now) I ALWAYS experience some sort of error when trying to pay, adding value, or adjusting payment options. I want to use the app and take advantage of the benefits, but now I just don’t want to use it at all because it is ALWAYS a hassle. Trying to get through your order quickly to pay and move on is impossible and frustrating when you finally get to the end and realize you still have to manually order and you can’t even get the points on the app because it doesn’t work. I think we should all get an extra free coffee coupon when the app is updated for all this trouble we have experienced and points that were lost from not being able to use the app. I will not be using it again until there is an update. You should be striving to make your app (and business) better than the competition, the Starbucks app doesn’t have these issues. Just saying.

- Glitchy

Over the last couple of months the app is ridiculously glitchy, add “value” doesn’t show up but my bank shows successfully reloaded Dunkin Donuts then later that day or the next it shows up of course AFTER I add more value. Then if I order and pay it doesn’t deduct from the app, it deducts from the value but the app doesn’t update what I have left, so I’m thinking I still have $6.00 since that’s what the app shows and the clerk says you have $.39. Donut selection is rarely correct - sidebar: did you know not all DD’s carry the same selection? Anyway I’ll get there to pick up my order and find out (by me checking the order) I have to order a different selection (who doesn’t carry chocolate glazed) because the clerks play it off like I clicked on the “surprise me” donut. Plus the app only allows you to order 12 donuts per order but I buy 2 dozen, 1 dozen and 2 half dozen for our smaller departments. Wouldn’t it make sense to be able to place your whole order at once? Well I’m reloading the app, maybe it will start working right again.

- Loading struggles

I greatly appreciated this app, despite the UI issues and messy information architecture. However, recently the app has been very slow, even on strong WiFi. Today, I placed an order and it took multiple tries to actually add stuff to my cart. The tap targets for the bottom right buttons aren’t well placed for an iPhone X (they run into the swiping area). I went to say that I’m ready for pickup, and it never loaded. I got several minutes of the animation, one timeout, and then a “we're undergoing maintenance” message. First, I’m not sure why rush hour is a good time for maintenance. Second, since my order didn’t seem to go through, I was ready to skip it. I decided to go to the store anyways and just order in person and saw that other pickup orders were there. I went to check and my order was ready. Had I decided to skip it, I would’ve been charged for an order that I didn’t know existed. I realize that the app needs to make a lot of network calls, but 1. please don’t do maintenance at peak hours and 2. sacrifice the animation in favor of actually giving me a confirmation message.

- Stolen money monthly

Every month I have $10 automatically re-loaded to my account. As of September 2018, when I receive my brand new phone and everything was transferred over, my Dunkin’ Donuts app did not transfer my card or my money over. Upon noticing this immediately within the next month in October I logged in and and tried to remove my credit card from the account, but it is not even listed.? Since then money has been withdrawn from my account every single month, and when I call the customer service number listed in the app I get a message that says that they are open Monday through Friday 7 AM to 7 PM Eastern standard time and that they are currently closed. At the time I am writing this review it is 11 AM on Friday and I just called three times and received a message stating that Dunkin’ Donuts is closed but they are open Monday through Friday 7 AM to 7 PM. ??? If I cannot reach anyone by this weekend I’m going to have to go to my bank and file a dispute. This is ridiculous because I cannot even get a live person to fix the problem and I cannot get online to remove my card, my cc card is not listed on the app on my new phone.

- Crappy

There are so many great, user friendly, restaurant apps out there and this is not one of them. Half the menu options aren’t available for ordering, which means if I want any type of muffin besides blueberry and coffee cake, I’m out of luck for ordering ahead. Same with many of the donuts or bagels or even the cream cheeses. You have to go through 3 steps before your order is submitted to the store, including determining whether you’ll use the drive thru or walk in. I don’t know what the drive thru line looks like when I’m ordering from 5 miles down the road so how do I know which option is going to save me time? You have to tell them you want your order made now because it can be placed up to 24 hours in advance. Do people actually order their coffee hours in advance? The rewards are not worth the hassle. One free beverage for every 200 points, and it doesn’t even prompt you to let you know you have one you have to go looking for it. I’ve had this for awhile and kept hoping they would improve it but no luck. I’ll use up the balance on my card and delete the app.

- Well built app with no real purpose

I downloaded this app because I wanted to order my morning coffee in advance to avoid the long lines. My problem is that you HAVE to buy DD gift cards in order to do this, so it’s a pain in the neck process of having to manage and reload the cards...... Please just let me use Apple Pay or store a credit card number. I don’t need another chore to manage, I just want my morning coffee quickly and without hassle! I haven’t even bothered entering all of my info to sign up and purchase gift cards and enroll in another rewards program and accept the terms and privacy policy and figure out which train will arrive at Penn Station first because honestly it’s easier to just use the Keurig in my office. Hence the title of this review (which was also probably less of a hassle to write than signing up and managing a process of reloading and monitoring gift card balances for no reason). I will however say that the app itself does look nice (if not a little busy) and definitely seems well built, so I’m sure it’ll be delightful to use if I ever have a reason to do so!

- Great App But Some TweaksWould Improve It

I love the Dunkin’ Donuts app, I use it quite frequently. I like being able to see all of the items available and be able to place an order on the go. It is fairly easy to use and navigate around placing orders and submitting them. I wants placed an order and accidentally sent it to the normal store I buy from rather than the one I was actually at. It would be nice to be able to have an option up here to select the store of each transaction. That is only a minor thing as I normally order from the same store. What I would really like to see in the app is the ability to add notes or options for items on the side. For example, this morning I picked up a hot coffee for a coworker. I do not know how they like the coffee so I ordered it black. It would be great to be able to put an option in for cream and sweetener is on the side. I asked in the store without issue but think it would be a great feature in the app.

- Good app but it has its flaws

I really like this app and I think it is really convenient when you are in a hurry to make a mobile order. But it does have a few flaws. The main issue I have with it is the way you choose the destination. It will automatically send the order to the previous destination that you ordered from without confirming if this is where you want to send your order. So if you want to order from a different location you have to remind yourself to manually change the destination before you place the order. I have lost money twice for being in a rush and quickly placing a order only to realize that I sent it to the wrong location. It extremely frustrating to lose money like that. Another issue I have is with the offers that is advertised on the app not applying to my mobile orders so I have to make the order in store and have the worker scan it. Again very frustrating. If these problems were fixed then it would be a perfect five out of five star app.

- Great when it works

I love the app when it works, but for the past 2wks, I’ve been getting an error message saying it’s experiencing technical difficulties, so I can’t use it. I’ve tried resetting my phone, deleting & re-downloading the app, & I still get the same error message. If this is a bug, please fix it ASAP! I go to Dunkin’ almost every morning & it’s been very convenient being able to have my order ready when I arrive. I als wish there were a way you could select the kind of munchkins you want, because when you add munchkins to your order, it automatically makes them assorted & I’d like the option to select only one kind (for example glazed, jelly, chocolate, etc.). Every time I go to pick them up, I have to let the people behind the counter know I didn’t want assorted, & then it inconveniences them because they now have to change it to what I actually wanted. Other than those 2 issues, I love everything else within the app.

- Needs fixing!!!

I enjoy DD coffee more than its competitors, however, this app is less user friendly and the DD perks are not as good. It takes too long to earn a free coffee! Half the time the points don’t get added correctly, especially the bonus points. There should be a log that shows when and how many points were added that can be checked on the app. There are hardly any incentives with extra bonus points to encourage you to go here over a competitor. You should be able to create your own customized favorites whenever you want. You should be able to order coffee before you get to the store like competitors apps, instead of when you’re sitting in the drive thru line. I’ve already paid for it, why not go ahead and get it made and out of the order queue? Also, if you’re building an order and switch screens to double check a friends order, and switch back to DD - the entire order is gone and you have to start over!! All of these things should be fixed. It’s sad that people are choosing another retailer simply due to this bad app. Please fix!!!!

- Ripping You Off

Initially the app was great. Then, it required you to have the balance for a whole order before coupons and perks were applied in order to place a qualifying on-the-go. Inconvenient yes because they are essentially forcing people to reload a minimum of $10 when even though their balance might have covered the order after the coupons/perks were applied. But the real problem is that the perks discounts aren’t actually being applied to orders now when you mark that you’re ready to pick up. It happens to me on a consistent basis and I only order certain thing because of the discount. I’ve contacted support about it and they claim I have received the discount and it can only be viewed in transaction history and not order history. When I go to transaction history it is the same cost as what shows in order history which is not discounted! If this happened once in a while it wouldn’t be a big deal but it has happened enough times now that I could have reloaded my card once or twice with the money I was supposed to be saving. Ridiculous. If they don’t fix this I’ll just stop going to Dunkin.

- Expectations vs reality

I LOVE the new options of the app: ice amounts, and quantity of things in general!! However, when I order on-the-go (which I do most of the time because I have kids in the car), I RARELY- if ever- get it how I want. I stopped requesting less ice because I still got regular. I would Select “start order” when I left my driveway, just to see them frantically make it when I pulled up to the window. I’m a regular here- because there’s NO other DD on my way to work or close to me. I choose that because my kids hate being in the car as it is, so any time I can shave off the better. If it’s not going to be properly implemented and CONSISTENT among stores, franchise or not, it shouldn’t be an option. I am actually wrapping up this review after just getting my on-the-go order. If there is a standard for how much cream is added to each size drink, it’s not being followed. Today my drink is almost WHITE- and my last drunk was dark tan. I do love the product, but the inconsistency is very frustrating. Thank you so much for taking the time to read these! We appreciate it!!

- App steals your money

I just got the app and put in my card number and it made me create a Dunkin’ card and put money into it. I chose $50 because I didn’t know any better and that Is where I went wrong. The app automatically took $50 out of my account straight to the DD card. I can’t get it off. I’m out $50 on Dunkin' Donuts on stuff I didn’t buy. 1.) why would anyone spend $50 on Dunkin’ Donuts 2.) why can’t I just pay with my own card. Why do I have to make a Dunkin’ Donuts card? I find this system completely useless. Once the money is on the DD card there is absolutely NO WAY of getting it back. I have tried everything. I guess I have always wondered why Starbucks is more popular than Dunkin’ Donuts and I think I know why now. Dunkin’ Donuts is unhelpful. I did try to contact customer service but they make you put in a order number before anything else. I didn’t order anything so that is unhelpful aswell. Dunkin’ Donuts needs to make you be able to pay with your own card instead of their already dumb system. I have no idea what to do because I’m out $50 on the worst business in the nation. Dunkin’ Donuts, I would like my money back.

- Holidays Hours / App Conveniences

Please have stores holidays hours reflected in apps. What an inconvenience to submit your online order, have it go through, drive to store only to find out that the store is closed. Moreover, if store is closed, mobile ordering should be turned off. Secondly, I echo the requests of others to bring back the option of being able to choose when I am ready to pick up my order. This is especially convenient when I am commuting because I could create my order before driving and tap a link when I was ready for my coffee to be prepared. Maybe create a setting for 1-step OR 2-step order submission. I don’t mind the extra step...it allows me to plan ahead and drive safely. An option to submit comments would also be great. This is a great feature and provides you the opportunity to communicate the things you would in otherwise communicate when ordering in person. Ex: caramel swirl on top of whipped cream Also...please enable stores to refund mobile orders. Customer service calls take at least 30 minutes for a voice and the stores are the ones handling the orders. Sometimes they don’t have items that were ordered. Or, sometimes there’s a long wait for something that should have been ready. Allowing stores to do refunds takes the risk out of using the app. Just a few ideas that would greatly increase the convenience of the app. Thank you.

- It has its flaws

I go to Dunkin everyday (I shouldn't, I really shouldn't). So of course I got the app to earn free beverages since I'm going there anyway. If we ignore how many times the order gets messed up in preparation, id say the app itself is not bad. There has been multiple times where I go to reload my card and it says it was unable to, so I try again and then I end up getting charged two, sometimes three, times. And every time I try to contact someone about it I get a response 2-3 days later giving me an apology and then saying I need to send more information on the transaction. I've never gotten my money back when that happens. I'm also someone who, when I get iced coffee, asks for less ice - and there is no button or even a write in option for on the go ordering. I understand not wanting to get complicated orders, but people asking for less ice is pretty common. So I don't even use on the go that much because I can't get what I really want, so I only use the app to try and rack up points.

- Love the app!

I love this app because it allows me to earn free beverages. When you earn 200 points you get a free beverage (any beverage any size!) also I get a free beverage on my birthday. They even offer different perks once in awhile to earn beverages (ie: 3x points when you purchase certain items; most of the time it’s on the beverage I purchase which is a plus). If you frequent dunkins I would highly recommend this app, all you have to do is preload money onto it (like a gift card). You can add money in the store or from the app. Sometimes the app lags but only if you have your wifi on and your in the store, sometimes your phone gets stuck trying to load the app but the wifi/mobile are both trying to run. If this happens I would suggest opening the app before you get to dunkins or shut your wifi button off. Great app! 👍🏼

- Very frustrating

Due to Covid-19 Dunkin’ and making you use the app to lower the transfer of cards and money which I fully understand and commend that choice. I do however hate the fact that their app is not updated for stores. I wanted 5 strawberry donuts and my daughter wanted a shamrock one. I was under the impression shamrock ones were out due to it being past st patties day. But the app said they had them so I selected that. I tried to select strawberry donuts but it did not give that choice. In fact it only gave me about 5 donut choices. I had to select something other than I wanted and put my order through. I get to the window to find out they do have strawberry and that they don’t have shamrock. If we are going to have to order through the app it needs to be accurate. I don’t even want to go to dunkin anymore do to this annoying issue. It may seem little to some but it’s a weekly order of ours to get strawberry donuts and coffee. We don’t like many other options.

- Great concept But small inconveniences

Tbh the app and the rewards it came out is the best thing to have happened I use it religiously but what really gets me annoyed is not knowing what my actual balance is, i put in a small amount so I kind of know how much I have left but I’d really like to see the actual value when I refresh it. It used to properly work but ever since a new update it has stopped working for me and it’s just annoying I want to know how much I have before I go and have to pay with my regular debit card and not get the points. I’d rather pay and be accumulating points towards a free drink then just pay which is why I really like it, but I’d really like this to be fixed so I won’t have to basically go in blindly with how much I have on my card. Other than that I like the app and everything works besides the refresh button And maybe sometimes it not reloading since it’s stuck on this loading screen. PLEASE FIX !!

- Convenient app but..

This app was a welcome addition to my commute experience. I like that you can purchase your orders ahead of time and submit it when you’re ready to go and pick it up. However, the app itself can certainly use a bit of UI and UX update. One huge problem I had that actually stopped me from using it for a couple of months was when I went to place the order, the app simply just returned a cryptic error message saying “Ordering temporarily unavailable at this location. Please try again later. P002 (ncr-empty-reponse-order)”. Yes, it actually misspelled response too. Given that response, I assumed the store was just unavailable but after returning to the app a month later, I got the same message. In light of this, I decided to google the issue and found a forum on reddit that explained that it was due to my dunkin card balance apparently being lower than it was showing. So I tap refresh on my balance and it turned out that was the issue. A gentle suggestion from one mobile dev to another; Dunkin devs, I think you should update your error parsing and surface customer friendly & helpful messages! It would also be helpful if you guys dynamically updated the balance properly on the checkout screen, as I had to actually tap refresh on the card to get my actual balance on it. Overall, the app is great for what its trying to do but a nice UI overhaul and some critical updates to way it handles errors would greatly improve it.

- Really? A Visa ad?

Let me start by saying that I love this app. It's great to be able to bypass the lines. As others have written, it is frustrating that not all choices are available, even basic ones like onion bagels. I updated to the newest version last week, and every time I open it it asks me to turn on location services to find the nearest dunks near me, even though the one I always go to comes up after I click the "no thank you" button. The number of clicks to place an order for just a cup of coffee borders on excessive… Now adding another useless click makes it even worse. Give me location services in the menu if I want to go there, don't force it on me every time I open the app. But the kicker was this morning, after I clicked past location services yet again. A full screen ad for Visa came up! Are you kidding me? I spend a lot of money at Dunkin' Donuts… I don't appreciate ads being forced upon me without being able to opt out of them. Never once got an ad on previous versions.… as a consumer, you have turned me off.

- Great idea, poor execution

The On-The-Go ordering feature only works half the time. Many times you'll go thru all the trouble of putting an order together and the when you hit Submit, you get an error message saying you should try again later. The app doesn't link to the local restaurants as far as being in sync with their inventory. You can order a sandwich and ask that it be made with a croissant only to find out they ran out of croissants three hours earlier. If you try to order a muffin, you never get all the varieties available at the restaurant you're ordering from. Usually you pick only corn or blueberry. If you like the Honey/Bran/Raisin muffin, you can't order it thru the app. The other issue I have with the app is that when you use On The Go, the app automatically places the order at the last Dunkin Donuts you ordered from. It doesn't even ask, or confirm if you're sure you want to order from that location. So, you have to be mindful to remember to change the location every time. Finally, every so often, i have to re-enter my credit card information because the app just deletes it from its memory for no reason... not because my card expired, or because I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. It just deletes it. That gets very annoying when you're at the drive-thru window about to pay and find out you have no card linked to the app. I love the idea of the app. It just seems to have too many bugs and design flaws that need to be worked out.

- Need more customization options

We should be able to customize the amount of anything a drink may be made with. For example, I always get a large latte with caramel swirl. The large is made with more espresso than I can handle so I have to call the store and tell them to make it with less espresso when I submit an order. Would be nice to NOT have to do that anymore. It would also be super cool if we could order Munchkins and select which ones we want instead of having to get a variety. ***Update: What was the purpose of taking away the list of recently used stores when using on the go ordering??? I don’t turn my location services on unless I absolutely have to and there shouldn’t be a need to when I’m trying to order from the store I go to every morning. Hitting the star to mark the store as a favorite does nothing. I have to set as a favorite every morning after I search for locations near me. Definitely an annoying change on top of the issues that I STILL have with the app from before this update.

- Modifiers/card balance refresh

So I do the coffee run for my floor at a hospital and it would be so much easier to order on-the-go for 15 people then hold up a busy store, their staff, while customers turning away there business because of the wait! People like what they like and when DD let us mix flavors it was really OUR drink. The favs are out there, and during every season! Some things people love to mix, i.e. flavor of Iced, hot, frozen, DD beverage. We/they can't order on-the-go and are losing out on great deals and revenue for you by our deal redemption and continued purchasing of your product. Please help and fix! :) also a delay in fund adjustments. Sometimes the refresh says it is refreshed but has the current time with a past balance. It's Crappy to have to redo the order and make ppl what to load money and key back in the order! Or show u with none! Just a couple idea, from a loyal customer. Love the app otherwise!!

- “Sorry, app can’t connect ...”

I don’t know what happened to this app, at last revision, but I am, as well as many others in here, are getting this message, whether I’m our homes, in the store, or even on the road with a full signal that can function PERFECTLY, other than this app. I appreciated not having to go through physical contact, with a card, especially in these times. As in employee having to physically TOUCH my credit card, in order to pay for my order. This is ridiculous, since I also have no access to my account, accumulated points, bonuses, MY MONEY ... !! I will probably have to lose any credits, for recent purchases, on my account. Maybe I’ll have to stop doing business, there, until they get their act back together, since they ruined an otherwise great app. Oh well. There’s always Starbucks, which I don’t like as much as DD, but it’s out of necessity to stay safe. Or instant coffee on-the-run. Maybe, if enough people complain, here, somebody in Corporate or IT will pay attention and do something about this. I WAS a good customer, for years. Oh well.

- Was a good app while it worked! Poor customer service through email!

I love the app esp for the on the go ordering bc I’m always in a rush in the morning to get to work on time, but for the past 2 weeks now it hasn’t been working. It hasn’t allowed me to add money to my card (so now I’m losing out on my points and definitely lost out on 2 free coffees, not to mention I actually have to stand on the line and have become late for work now) and gives me an error that I need to validate my information.... yet I have used that card in the past with no problem. I have emailed customer service about it and they got back to me pretty quick the first time. As soon as I emailed them with all the pictures of the errors I’m seeing and all the info they needed abt the app they haven’t gotten back to me. It’s been close to a week since I have heard from them. Kinda poor customer service from corporate.. the staff in the store i visit all the time is always helpful.

- Needs An Overhaul

The Dunkin app used to be great, and the perks were always fantastic. Now the app never shows the correct balance on my card even after I hit the refresh button over and over, so half the time I end up needing to reload my card which holds up the line behind me. I don’t know why you need to continuously reload the app using cards anyway. You should just be able to add a debit card or bank account and draw funds directly from there instead of having to reload the app every two visits. Furthermore, the perks system changed a while back and is terrible now. I go to Dunkin every day, sometimes multiple times per day, and I used to get a free beverage reward once or twice a week. Since they’ve changed it I only get it maybe once every two weeks, and I also think I don’t even get rewarded for points every time I use my app as well. I really wish they would change that back to the old points system because as of now Starbucks Rewards has a way better points system...

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- Make sure you make all the clicks on the to go order

A couple of things. The app allows orders to be made to order and submitted and walk in or drive through for pick up - very convenient. Can even pay using the app or pay at the window. The donut I wanted to order however did not appear on the menu when using the app? However, next time I went to order using the app, that donut was there. Whether they just added it or it’s there only on my app cause I ordered it, I’m glad. The app requires multiple clicks to make sure the online order is submitted, it’s easy to think you have ordered, but there’s still several close cake necessary to confirm the order. One good thing is it keeps track of the points and lets you add a free drink into the order at checkout. Overall, pretty easy app to get used to and to use.

- Good... when it works

I use this app all the time but lately there’s always a problem with it. I’ll order something and then when I get to the restaurant they won’t have it I’ll end up waiting longer than if I just went in and ordered in person. I’ve also recently been having trouble with using the coupons and “rewards” I’ve earned. It’ll seem as if my reward was taken for the order but then I’ll check to see that I’ve been charged full price. I’ve reached out to Dunkin’ on multiple occasions and have yet to receive an answer. The final straw is the fact that I’m unable to update my credit card information. They only let you add new cards and not take them off. They also refuse to let you simply update a card you already have on file if the expiration date changed. If you try to add it as a new card they state that the card is already added to your account. Technical glitches I can understand but the customer service (or lack thereof) leaves much to be desired.

- DD used to be loved

I’m not gonna lie, I used to be addicted to iced coffees up until the app existed. Honestly I’ve only used it maybe for one or two locations and always seem to have issues with it. For the main store I use, it always give me an error msg when trying to reload the DD card so most of the time I just go inside to order only to find out other ppl can order online just fine. The dd card I might add is also annoying bc u have to add a $10 min to it for a .89 cent hash brown. More convenient to offer Apple Pay or credit card to pay. Lastly, I’ve had an issue where I’ve ordered on my app and doesn’t pop up at the store. Imagine being in a rush for work and they never got the order and now you’re arguing with whomever for your food or refund to show you’ve already paid. DoorDash, McDonald’s app, etc isn’t this complicated. I expected more user friendly for such a simple interface but 🤷🏾‍♀️hey what do I know I just drink Dunkin’ coffee

- Going backwards

All these updates have added button clicks that make what used to be a streamlined process complicated and vulnerable to user error. Why do I need to change my store to the dunkin I go to every morning? Why is it no longer saved? Why do I need to select a payment amount, hit reload my card (an option placed too close to other buttons to be easily selected on a mobile screen) and then also click to process payment? These things seems Knit picky, but the point of a mobile ordering app is to make the process easy and user friendly. I don’t have time in the morning to double check I have re selected the correct store or to take the time to stop to reload my card. This morning I placed an order that included stuff for a co worker, so more money than usual. I accidentally ordered to the dunkin closest to my house, not my work. So when I got to my dunkin the order was not there but 20 minutes away with no way to cancel it. A waste of food, a waste of money, and a waste of my time in the morning. I admit to being caffeine deprived at the moment, so this review is a bit harsh. But I have felt aggravated by my experience with this app at least twice a week and today’s snafu has been the limit. I will think twice before ordering in the morning, and in the long run it will help me to save money. So maybe the poor functionality is a blessing in disguise.

- Never shows my auto re-load!!

Every time it’s auto reloaded and I check the balance it doesn’t show! I have 3 cards linked to my account. The other 2 will refresh, but NEVER does the main card designated as auto reload when it’s been uploaded! I fell for it once thinking maybe it didn’t go through? So did a manual upload waiting $10 cause No it DID, I seen on my receipt. It all of the sudden worked after I upload another $10.. That right there is a rip off and a scam to make you reload! All other cards were refreshing, but the primary card! And they put an expiration date on the free coffees we out right deserve! I like to save them up because I buy macchiato and don’t always want a large (as I buy the biggest size for my rewards) and I love an ice large macchiato when it’s hot! So why put a date on them at all? For what I pay for my macchiato I think they should give at least 3-4 months. A lot more tweaks need to be done also about on the go, but other here already expressed that for me!!

- Terrible customer service.

I used the app to pay for a $27 order. I never received my points for the order. I emailed customer service and was told I would need to supply a receipt for them to consider giving me my points. I explained that I do not have the receipt, I have no need to keep them and I’m sure they can look in my transaction history and verify the purchase. I then took it upon myself to screenshot the purchase in my transaction history and attach it to another email. No response to either email. I emailed them again through the app and referenced the original case number. No response to my last 3 emails. I will delete the app once the balance is used. I will take my business to Starbucks after this awful experience. That is no way to treat a customer that spends money there every morning.

- !

I love Dunkin and love the on-the-go ordering! I’ve only had 2 situations where my order wasn’t waiting for me to be picked up. 1 time the machine didn’t go off, and the other time they were just very busy. The app is great, but could use a few tweaks. First off is the balance being updated. Here recently the refresh balance button isn’t even working anymore. I’ve tried closing and re opening the app, but it seems like the balance doesn’t update until you attempt to have them scan it, and it shows that you are out of funds. It’s simple to quickly add money since I have it set up with Apple Pay, but that forces me to do quickly upload money, while I’m at the front of the line, and I have people waiting behind me. More variety with the on-the-go donut selection would also be nice 😁

- Does not work and customer support does not care

So I had the app and it worked for a while until I had to reload money into the Dunkin card. I’ve been trying daily for weeks and it does not work. It is clearly a problem on their end so I called them and their line hung me up after I was on hold for 20 minutes. Never spoke to rep. I emailed and they didn’t respond. I emailed two more times and they didn’t respond. I called again and they hung me up after the same wait time. I saw a guy who tweeted them and they somehow responded to the tweet but then did not get back to him after. This is some of the worst customer support I’ve ever witnessed in my life, frankly I’m baffled by how ridiculously awful their customer relations team must be. The only explanation I have for all the five star reviews is that when the app does work it works great, however it worked for me maybe 4 times before essentially banning me from ever using it again for no reason. That if the reviews are fake, I can’t imagine how someone would be pleased with the experience I’ve had.

- Terrible update

I use the same Dunkin’ Donuts every work morning. It used to stay on that location unless I changed it. Now, I have to pick a location EVERY day. It’s inconvenient when you’re on the go. I’m closer to a Dunkin’ Donuts in the opposite direction, so that one pops up - EVERY day. I think I can choose which location I want to go to. I don’t need the app to choose it for me, especially when it has no idea which direction I’m going. Thanks! I was literally at the Dunkin’ I go to EVERY day, and the app pulled up the Dunkin’ 2-1/2 miles away. Also, asked ‘walk-in’ or ‘drive-thru’. It’s a walk-in only at that store. So, I ended placing an order 2-1/2 miles in the opposite direction! Couldn’t go get it ‘cause I was on my way to work. So, I lost that money. *Continues to go down hill with each new update. Haven’t been able to “add value” to my card, so I just don’t go to Dunkin’. I had bought a gift card to see if that would work, but it won’t allow you to add it ‘cause it doesn’t have a PIN. On the bright side, I’m saving myself money, while they lose money.

- Works for me

This is a review of the APP, not Dunkie's employees nor any particular Dunkies shop. I've never had a problem ordering. I've never had a problem with online reload. I've always been able to find the home screen – I've never been locked into a specials page. I've always been able to use my reward points if I chose. In short, I've dodged the bullet on the APP problems others have reported. I can't help thinking that with a 4.6 star rating, many other users find the app trouble-free. In fact, I find the Dunkie's app superior to S-------s's app, in that it lets me order, then wait until I'm close to the store before sending the order TO the store. With S-------s's app, I have to wait until I'm actually at the store to make an order with any hope of my beverage being fresh. Yay Dunkies!

- Unreliable and frustrating

When the app works it’s fantastic. But most of the time it doesn’t. The card I have saved works, there’s nothing wrong with it, and I use it every time. However, frequently it says that there are technical difficulties when I try to pay. I’ll place an order and it will tell me the location isn’t accepting orders, and then I’ll try a couple more times until it works. Then, I get to the location and they tell me they received my order multiple times. Usually, they realize it’s an error and don’t make multiple orders but how would I know that they are receiving it when it fails on my end? Lastly, multiple times I have ordered, it is confirmed, I go to the location and they never got it. Then I have to prove to them I was charged for it and wait for them to make it. I’m using the order ahead feature when I’m on my way to work in order to skip the wait, but that purpose is often defeated by the unreliability of this app.

- New Update

I'm very disappointed with the new mandatory update. I've been a very loyal DDPerks member for years- even going out of my way to go to Dunkin in the morning before work. I loved the On-the-Go (no lines and I don't have to talk to people? sign me up) and thought the perks program was great, I recommended the app to everyone. Over the past couple years the perks and bonuses being offered in the app are no longer anything special- and they used to be amazing (free coffee when the patriots win, then 87 cents, and then nothing- great bonus offer weeks in previous years). On top of that disappointment the new app update is no longer compatible with my phone (which is up to date). The quality of the app has been declining for a few years, but it didn't matter much to me because I could still use it. I have been very loyal to Dunkin and would be happy to remain so, but if I can't use my app (and my earned rewards?) then my Keurig is going to start getting a lot more use.

- Unreliable and Not Worth It

Dunkin does not want my money. Every time I try to load money I get a App4205 error. This has been the case for months. The updates have been purely cosmetic and don’t address the underlying bugs in the system. I would much rather go to Dunkin but Starbucks has been getting my money consistently because their app actually works. Let’s talk rewards. Starbucks makes purchasing into a game and rewards you for brand loyalty with consistent opportunities to earn stars. Dunkin never gives bonus points. It’s a straight dollars to points conversion. “Perks and Offers” only ever promotes the latest products and lists the current promotions. There are rarely, if ever, offers exclusive for app users. This means the app basically functions like a punch card with little added sophistication. If the app doesn’t let me add more money and the only reward for my loyalty is one free drink after spending an egregious amount why even have the app? I honestly would rather have a punch card than this sorry excuse for a rewards app.

- Disappointed

On several occasions my balance has been wrong, I have taken screen shots of the transaction history and even that will show that the available amount should be more than what it is showing. For example. I will add ten dollars on a Monday use it for $2.62 two times and it will tell me I only have $1.10 left on Wednesday, despite showing the $10 reload and then only two transactions after that equaling less than the amount subtracted from the original amount. I have tried to call the support number about this on two separate occasions, both time I was left on hold for over 30 minutes. I have a job that I can not sit on the phone waiting for someone to pick up all day. If this continues to happen I will probably stop using the app all together and start going to Starbucks instead once they open close to my house. Edited to add that I have emailed as well and never received a response and that was over 6 months ago!

- For me, orders are NEVER ready

I’ve been using the app for over a year now. I’m not sure if it’s just my area, but my orders are NEVER EVER prepared ahead of time. I can say I’m ready to pickup an hour before I’m actually at the store and they still have to prepare the order when I check in. For me, this app is an over glorified in-store kiosk. Since the last version, which removed the “I’m ready to pickup” button, they STILL don’t have it ready. More recently I’ve had issues where I place the order and I get a confirmation screen, I drive to DD and they can’t see the order, and then the order disappears from my history. Additionally, it’s slow as heck to load between screens even on WiFi, and is glitchy. Sometimes it lets me used my stored payment, sometimes it looks like I don’t have payments stored, then if I re-add the payment it says I already have the payment stored, and sometimes after that dance, it shows the same payment method twice. Glitchy, slow, and the orders aren’t ever ready. What more could you ask for?

- On the go ordering is too much work

This app is great for earning free drinks by paying with your Dunkin’ gift card, but the On-the-Go system is just too cumbersome to ever use. You can wait in line and then spend 10 seconds ordering a “Large iced coffee with Caramel Swirl, Extra/Extra” or you can spend 15 minutes trying to find your drink, pick what you want and then figure out how many teaspoons of sugar and cream are in an extra extra coffee. Then STILL have to wait in line because your drink won’t be done any faster. The app needs to be redesigned by people who actually order coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. Simplify ordering by using the same language you would in the store, or better yet set it up so I can tell Siri, “Order a Large iced coffee with Caramel Swirl, Extra/Extra from Dunkin' Donuts.”

- It needs a few changes

I use this app a lot, like 2 or 3 times a week. The rewards add up fast & before I know it I have 5 free coffees. I always take advantage of the double points offers they have. It’s really great how fast they add up. However I usually prefer to go through the drive-thru & if I order through the app, say I’m ready to pick up & leave my house it’s never ready. I was told by an employee that when you select the drive-thru option the orders take longer to come over. So if you’re in a hurry just select walk-in & it ready & waiting in under 10 minutes. The pick up option I choose shouldn’t effect how long it takes for the order to arrive at the store. I would find it very helpful if, like Starbucks, I could get a time for when my order would be ready. Even an estimated time is better than nothing.

- Get ready to be charged the wrong amount!

Arguably the worst feature of Dunkin’ Donuts cards is it time to promotions. These promotions can be used on a Dunkin’ Donuts card, but not when paying cash, credit card, or other payment method. So, I decided to purchase a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card, I registered it to my account, loaded it with money, and used it to pay for a two dollar latte. Would you believe it, I was charged nearly five dollars on the gift card! The deal was not applied. I reached out to Dunkin’ Donuts to see what’s up, and not surprisingly, am put on a 30 minute hold. Understandably, their support line is not at all like their store hours, but at least you can check to see if they're working on your order in there. I’m giving this a one star because it’s not the first time it’s happened to me, charged the wrong amount, while following all the terms of the offer. As others point out, Starbucks and McDonald’s both offer a more efficient app as well as keeping its end of the bargain when it comes to deals.

- App does not work for mobile orders

When I first started to use this for on the go mobile orders it worked great & I loved it even more then the Starbucks app because you can order ahead at least 24 hrs in advance & then go back in when you are ready to pick up & let them know you are on your way & then it’s ready when you get there, which you can’t do with the mobile app. The last few months when I try to use the on the go mobile order I can not get my order to go through. I keep getting an error saying unable to add item or unable to find location. I even tried deleting the app & reloading it & then it wouldn’t even let me sign back into my account. Now I’m frustrated to the point where I haven’t even purchased items from Dunkin Donuts. I just go straight to Starbucks where I have zero problems with my app. Now during perks week I decided to try once again & now it’s even worse. How can you offer these mobile order perks when we can’t even use them??? What a waste of my time.

- EVERY time you have a free drink or any other free offer, the app NEVER works.

I’ve placed orders via the Dunkin’ app 50+ times. The process is always straightforward and works efficiently. But, whenever I want to redeem a free drive I’ve earned, their app magically “isn’t working”. By that I mean when you put your order in and attempt to place is, there’s an error message that comes up saying “there’s technical difficulties with the app and to try again”, but when I pay with my own money, there is no “technical difficulties” with the app. Very clever, Dunkin’ Donuts 😉 this also applies to the free donut Friday’s and free medium coffee Wednesday’s. Whenever something is free on their app, there is ALWAYS technical issues redeeming it. Coincidence? I think not. Dunkin’ is being cheap and doing this purposely so customers can’t redeem their free items via the app and wants them to go in store and order to redeem the, which they know most people don’t have time to do hence why they’re ordering on the go. This is their cheap and sleazy way of saving money.

- Great Coffee - Horrible App

Let me start by saying I truly love Dunkin’. Good coffee for a good price. The rewards program is also a great addition. It’s a lot of coupons and deals, which is very beneficial. That being said, the payment process of the app is one of the worst things I’ve experienced from an electronic payment. Initially, the app never updates what the store does or doesn’t have. I’ve ordered ahead a drink with a shot of espresso or with a certain flavor offered on the app numerous times to show up to that location that doesn’t sell that flavor or has their espresso machine down. This results in a very awkward cycle of me getting the short end of the stick in which the order can’t be cancelled so I either get a flavor I don’t want or have to pay for espresso without getting it. Secondly, any and all discounts on drinks (whether that be app only perks or the $1.50 iced coffee deal), it will NOT show that discount in the app until after you’ve hit submit. Therefore, if there is a mistake or you’re not sure if the deal is actual or not, you’re stuck with that purchase. An app should show you what you’re paying for (exact price after discounts) before you agree to pay it. That is simple customer care and etiquette. Again, I love Dunkin’ and will be there again later today after writing this review. However, these concerns leave me to write a 1 star review because of how angry and how much money I waste playing guessing games with it.

- Burned by app constantly

The franchises aren't synced up appropriately with the app. The app allows you to order items the store doesn't carry. It also doesn't give you an updated amount on your card so you don't find out you don't have enough money until you submit your order. Then have to go through the process of adding money and then try to place your order again. I've lost so much $ because each time I've asked for a refund (because they don't have what I've ordered or havn't even started the order) I'm told to contact corporate (each location has told me this). The problem is the phone# isn't listed anywhere on the receipt. The last franchise looked up the # and gave it to me. However, corporate never answers. I was hung up on a few times because the lines were to busy "said the recorder" and I was on hold for 45 min when I finally gave up. This app is horrible. If you patron DD- walk in - don't use the app. They don't even check their machine anyway. The service is just as bad.

- Continually takes my money

The app will let you order, says you have to reload your card (and lets you do that), but then when it’s time to pick up your order the app is suddenly unavailable. Then, surprise!, they take the money off of your DD card, but you never got your order. AND you can’t use the app/“card” in store, so as the app is perpetually “unavailable” you’ve essentially thrown your money away, never to be seen again. Update- several weeks later. I contacted customer service (as the developer response told me to do) and I got the least helpful answer ever!!! She told me how to order, and what button to push to finish/pick up my order. She didn’t even respond to what I had precisely said (explaining my ordering steps, which were exactly her steps, except that it doesn’t allow my order to go through), she never offered to help fix the problem or even look into it. Just gave a very smart-alleky response that made it seem like I was the one doing things wrong. Complete fail, Dunkin’ Donuts.

- Good and convenient

I’ve not run into the bugs others describe but I keep a very close eye on the details as I move through the ordering/reloading process!!! Improvements SHOULD be made: first and foremost being able to tip using the app. (Most of) those folks work hard, and mobile ordering makes it easy to run in, grab your stuff, and not even remember about tipping! The printed out receipts the employees use to create the order don’t appear to go into as much detail as the user gets to choose online so if I reduce the “standard number “ of creams from 5 to 3 in my XL drink, that doesn’t happen. If the user makes a mistake and wants to remove a drink there is no way to do that except canceling the whole order (you can go down from an accidental 2 drinks to 1, but if there’s only one drink, no “minus” sign appears to remove it, only a plus to add more) This is a solid app that could easily be made excellent.

- Nice when it works

The app is nice in that it gives a good way to track purchases, order for pick up, use gift cards, and get perks and specials. Problem is that it doesn’t always manage balances well. I have refreshed my card balance to make sure I had enough money to purchase something only to find out that the balance was incorrect when I’ve used it to make the purchase. Most recently the app was not working with the stores point of sale system. I added money to my card on the app and it was reflected there, but I couldn’t use it in the store. It seemed to work a couple of times, but the balance would not update. After many days of this I refreshed the balance and it came back as $0. That didn’t seem right so I went to check the transactions on the card and there weren’t any. So now I can’t verify whether the balance is correct, if I was charged multiple times, or if something else happened. Not great.

- Needs Improvement

Why does the new app does not show the full DD number? Before the update, I could still use my app to pay at locations that did not have a scanner. The employee simply had to type in the number, it was a pain and I always apologize to them but at least I could get my points. Now because the number does not show I am an able to receive points when I purchase at airport locations. I am at flight attendant so that’s kind of important to me!:-) Also the balance on my card is rarely updating.… It’s embarrassing when I’m in line and then the balance does not come out properly and I wind up away more money and I waste time and hold up the line because I am having to dig in my purse or add more funds right away. I added $20 for days ago… Sent a $20 gift card… And it still has not updated! PLEASE FIX!! Thanks! Other than that...love my rewards and perks!

- Do you even look at your reviews?

I swear, nearly every person has said something about your app being unreliable. Which it is. It’s a really bad app. Half of the time the reloading doesn’t work. Consistent errors. Also, this morning I was really excited because i thought everything worked, including the reload (which it never does) but for some reason when I tried ordering it simply wouldn’t work. It said the app currently wasn’t working at the time. It did the same thing on my mother’s phone too! Like... what? How can the app just “not work”? How bad can your app be to just NOT WORK AT ALL?! I can’t even tell you the amount of times where we’re close to the Dunkin’ Donuts and we’re about to order food and a drink and we have to go to work without breakfast because we’re in a rush and your app is SO UNRELIABLE. Here’s some advice: DON’T MAKE AN APP THAT DOESN'T WORK MOST OF THE TIME! You’ve obviously lost some valuable customers because of this terrible app so take what we’re all saying and make some use out of it!

- Very disappointed last evening!!

Last evening we had friends visiting from Rhode Island, who wanted to go for coffee at DD, it was about 5pm! We/they were very disappointed with our DD at Miller Rd. Even shocked more when we/our friends witnessed 6 cars leaving in front of us, and behind, after we waited 5 minutes to drive through to order, and no one took our order! Then we proceeded to the window and still had to wait and yell for someone to come to the window to take our order! After careful thought and consideration only 1 person ordered a small coffee! We were ready to spend $20 on drinks, but instead we purchased only one small coffee! Not sure what the problem was, but thought someone should be made aware, since ya’s do such a great job in the AM HOURS!

- Refunds

There needs to be a way to get money back if an order is accidentally sent to the wrong store, or a store that is already closed. I myself am upset at the fact over 10$ has been stolen from me by Dunkin’ Donuts for accidentally hitting a button and having no way to get the money back..... it is very frustrating and makes me not want to even get a coffee from here knowing I’m still owed some. As well as balances and money adds should be recorded if they are not already. The options for donuts and drinks is not complete and I can’t choose a couple simple donuts like chocolate frosting, or chocolate milk.... stores should have to update this menu individually, as well as update if they are out of a donut of something instead of once again spending money through the app that gets wasted because they don’t have what you want so now you just lost that money with no refund!!!!

- As a former DD employee and loyal customer...

I love to order on the go. It’s a great concept however I do feel that some things should be changed. The app doesn’t refresh even when I manually hit refresh. It will say I have money left on my card and when I go to pay using my app the cashier tells me there’s nothing left on the card. This makes it inconvenient and makes it very hard to keep track of my money. Also it is frustrating when I order on the go and when I go to pick up my order up, one of the employees tells me they are out of stock on something I ordered. There’s usually never a manager there for me to get my refund. This has happened multiple times where I have paid for product and haven’t been able to get what I actually wanted or my money back. Each store should have to update when they are out of stock on a certain product.

- Well

Here’s the deal...I LOVE my Dunkin’!!! But here lately I can’t enjoy it like I want. See I use the app so I can get my exclusive deals, my points, my free coffee. But I haven’t been able to use this app for over a month. I can’t load any money on it, always tells me it’s a technical issue. I can’t order on the go because I need to add money..cause it WONT let me! I work at the hospital, I honestly try to avoid crowds and would love to go back to just ordering and picking up and getting to work. Yes, I can use my card, but what’s the point of an app if I can’t. use. it?! This issue has been going on since the last update and prior. You would think that the people behind this would get it corrected by now. Get with the program. You’ve got a lot of angry people here...

- Love using the app, but I think it needs some work

I think you should be able to add $5 minimum and it drives me insane that the menu within the app is a bit off of what a location actually has/offers, for example donut selection within app ordering is not accurate of all the true options, in addition to this I think you should be able to pick out your munchkin donuts when you order them. I usually want all blueberry and you can't chose that within the app. ALSO, the survey for a free donut that comes on every receipt should be within the app and then the donut should be added to your rewards. I think there should also be a comment section available when ordering an item such as a breakfast sandwich because if you go to a Dunkin location you can get whichever sandwich on whichever bread type you'd like yet there's no way to switch it within the app.

- Very useful but some flaws

I loved Dunkin', I go there constantly. I like the order ahead option because I hate ordering but at my Dunkin I'm comfortable enough to order in person. But I have used the order on the go option multiple times. I get two flavors in my coffee and it wouldn't let me choose both if they were both under the swirl category when it used to and I re ordered an old one that let me do both flavors and it still canceled it out so when I got there I had to tell them to add it and they were busy enough, but they did it. Also would like more donut options like the ones you have on a normal basis that what makes me not use the order on the go all the time because my donut isn't listed. Otherwise I like the app and getting perks!

- App can be tricky

You must be very careful bc the app will say "error" when adding money but when you try again, it will have added twice the amount you intended to add. Also, be careful when ordering bc the app will ask for money (when there is not enough to cover the order) but will add the item to your basket and you might end up ordering two of the items you wanted. (I learned the hard way.) Also, Dunkin' Donuts does not answer emails when any problems you might have arise and I have called the number on their webpage and each time waited over 45 mins to speak to someone. The first time I was walking and I mistakenly ordered to another store in the area (I work in Downtown Manhattan where their could be several stores within walking distance)! When I got to my regular store the order was not there. I couldn't go to the store I mistakenly sent the order to bc I was late for work. The only reason I use the app is bc of the freebees. If they ever remove the freebees I will not use it.

- Pretty good, but too many “loading” screens

App has been steadily improved since mobile ordering was introduced, and largely delivers on the promise. A previous reviewer mentioned that Auto Reload was disabled; I haven’t found that to be true. Also, yes, the in-store service can be hit-or-miss with respect to fidelity to what is ordered and whether it is prepared quickly, but overall my experience with locations in the Northeast U.S. has been positive. A couple of complaints: The store selection process could be more intuitive. My wife has on several occasions placed orders at locations dozens of miles away when we were 1/10 of a mile from the location we meant to order from. They seem to be subtly tweaking this part on occasion, so maybe improvements are coming. Overall, I see the “This Screen is a Few Sips Away” loading page way, way too often. This app needs to be more aggressive about caching (how often do the locations of the stores really change?) and predictively loading resources to make it a smoother experience. Finally, while completely usable, the decision to create their own design language instead of using standard iOS user interface elements is annoying. But, it’s relatively well done so this is forgivable.

- Upset With Update/Can’t Use

Disregard below, they fixed it... I use to absolutely love this app because of it’s convenience but the new update has rendered it useless. They got rid of the recent location option where I could just choose my daily store and you wouldn’t have to use the map. Well my location hasn’t populated on the map since the previous update, even when I am right on top of it. I literally used this every work day and now I can’t get my location to pop up. Dunkin needs to revert back to the previous more user friendly version that WORKS or I simply can’t use it. Absolute shame since I gave them in excess of 35$ a week. Another feature I would like fixed is the pre-load money feature. It would be more convenient to just have a card on file and do a transaction every time. Last feature they should fix is when I order a coffee it doesn’t save the way I ordered it. I have to adjust my flavor/cream/sweetener settings every day even though I want the exact same order. What’s the point of updating your app if I can’t use it. I get trying to improve an app but if you render the underlying utility of the app useless, it’s a waste.

- Love it but can be better

Love the app and at first I had an issue reloading money into my card but I realized it was a problem with my bank and not the app, sometimes it does give me an error and when I try again it reloaded money twice which is upsetting. If I may suggest I refund option because sometimes either the store does not have what I selected and they force me to get something of equal value or (my mistake) I order from a wrong location due to being in a hurry to get to work and I find myself forced to call and ask that location if they could please allow me to come at a later time because I ordered at the wrong location. Sometimes the reps are kind enough to allow me to get that order from them and not charge me since I paid (rare) but other than that I enjoy the app.

- Love the idea, but app doesn’t work

Pros: As a Dunkin’ regular, it’s nice to be able to get a reward for my money spent with the points system. I don’t know the exact logistics of how many points you earn per dollar, but I do know you earn them pretty quick (at least quicker than on the Starbucks app that has a similar system). It’s 200 points to get a free drink of your choice, in any size which nice. The app is also fairly easy to use-and reloading money is easy and quick. Cons: The app doesn’t work half of the time. You can’t refresh your balance or add money, and can’t use in store when this happens. It’s frustrating because this is like almost every other day. I know it may not seem like a big deal but like I said, I do spend money there almost daily and when the app is down it makes me not want to spend as much because I want my credit, lol.

- Perfect.

I love this app. It keeps my morning going, cut the lines, and gets me to where I need to be faster. The only thing I would change, and it's something that they used to have but now removed, is that when they give you an option to add a flavor they only include the swirl which has the sugar included. They removed the option that allowed you to order the sugar-free syrup option. My local store knows me and they put it in for me every time I place an order, but it would be nice to have that as an option again for an app because when I visit stores that are not my local store at least I know I wouldn't have to ask for the sugar free flavor shot to be added to it. Again, it's a perfect app with one small change I recommend.

- Still needs some tweaking

We use the app at least once a day But it’s been having some issues… The main one for us right now is for some reason whenever we order our ice coffee we always want the default amount of flavor swirl (3pumps)but for some reason when it communicates to the store it shows one pump which is not enough for our taste.. the associate showed me on their screen it says one, I showed them on my phone it says three so it’s definitely an issue with the app. The other thing I would like to see is if I have a free drink earned I would like to be able to use it with on the go ordering without having to reload money on my card. Sometimes when things are tight I count on my free drink and if I don’t have enough money to reload my card I can’t use my free drink unless I go into the store even though the ending total will be zero dollars. That’s something I would like to see changed. Thank you.

- Horrible

This app is good in theory, but horrible in execution. They have their offers that never seem to actually apply. It says a 2$ medium latte from 2-6, yet I keep paying full price. It’s supposed to be 1.49$ large hot coffee, yet it’s always full price. I follow the rules and pay with the app like it says I should. I ask the people in store and they tell me they can’t do anything about it. It doesn’t actually take the discount off until you hit ready to pick up, so you never even know if it will work until you’ve already ordered. Other times, I place an order and the app charges me more than what the total adds up to. It will charge me 6.50$ and when you add up the items and tax individually, it totals to 5.37$. There is a Dunkin literally right across the street from my job which is why I go often, but it is not even worth it anymore. They are literally taking my money. My boyfriend has the same problems with his app as well. It’s completely ridiculous.

- Lots of technical issues

Ordering ahead is great as it’s easy and saves me so much time for getting to work/class. However, the app itself has so many issues. It always tells me it can’t connect to the store I’m trying to order from however I get there and other on the go orders are popping up as we speak but for some reason won’t accept mine. Also, if I am able to submit my order, when I go to click “ready for pick up” it also tells me ordering is not available—however, every single time this has happened my order is sent anyways. I learned this the hard way as I got to Dunkin’ Donuts, ordered in the line then saw my on the go order sitting there. So basically I ended up ordering the same thing twice because the app told me my order didn’t go through. So if that happens don’t believe it and check the pick up window first!!!

- A Mess

This app tries way too hard, but misses the mark and functions horribly. It would take far too long to outline everything that is wrong with this app, so I will just give my top three issues. First, it takes too many clicks to submit the order. After you confirm your order and hit submit, you are taken to a screen that thanks you for your order and offers a couple of options. You can save the order to your favorites or say you are ready to pick up your food. If I just hit submit, why would I not be ready to pick up my food? many people see an order confirmation and pay no attention after. Why would they? No other mobile ordering app does this. If DD wants to offer a later pick up time, why not have that option before the final order submission? This of course leads to a lot of wasted time when you do not see and tap that button. Second, the pickup location function stinks. I cannot tell you how many times I search for and select the location I want, but after I submit, it actually placed the order at my default location. Which is not what I want. Not helpful. Third, the menu does not include seasonal items. My kids love those, but I cannot use the app to order them. My recommendation: just copy the Starbucks app. It does not have these issues, it looks cleaner AND it allows you to tip in the app.

- Almost great

I have a couple issues with the app. The fact that a discounted price for an On The Go order is not shown until AFTER you made the purchase is just ridiculous. It doesn’t make sense to me that you can’t see the actual price you’re going to pay. You just have to hope the discount will be applied and if it’s not you’re out of luck. No other ordering app is like this. Also the fact that you need to have enough money on your card to make the full purchase even when you’re making a discounted purchase is just frustrating. I shouldn’t have to add more money onto my card when I don’t have to. I hate that DD is forcing me to add unnecessary money and it just shows their greed. HOWEVER I’m so happy that they finally made “less ice” an option for iced drinks with On The Go ordering. I have been waiting YEARS for this. Thank you for finally listening to your customers and giving us the option!!

- I love this app but..

I love the app and Dunkin’ but at the same time you have to have card information so you can redeem points. For most people this is wonderful but I would rather not put card information in there unless it’s a gift card in which I don’t have any gift cards for DD. I really wish that there would be a receipt scanner so you don’t have to put in your cards to g set points so then it’ll be easier for a lot of people like me. I hope the app can change to put this in there to so I can redeem points because for how many times I’m in three I could have had so many points. I hope the app will change this so I can use it more than just getting updates for Dunkin’. ~it would be very helpful if this was noted so it can happen but overall I love the app.

- Worse with every update

I’ve been a user of this app since it was first released and every time there’s an update, it seems like there are more hoops to jump through to place and order, pay for an order, reload a card, check your ACCURATE balance, check your rewards, apply your rewards, choose your store, choose your method of pickup. I loathe being forced to choose my pickup method when I order rather than when I say I’m ready to pickup. Depending on how long the drive thru line is I might choose in store pickup to avoid sitting in a drive thru line where I feel trapped. I have issues with being trapped in spaces I feel i’ll never get out of. I suppose I’ll just always choose in store pickup now. Now I can’t login because like many others, I was logged out after I updated the app. Your app developers need to bring in real world users for usability testing to get this app back to a streamlined working order.

- Great Idea, Needs Work

I visit DD often, and who doesn't like to be rewarded for loyalty? I take advantage of many of the offers. However, there have been quirks here and there, and it can become frustrating. They seem to be worked out for the most part, I'm guessing through updates and such. Also, this is a great idea if only all of the stores followed suit. On-the-go ordering is very user friendly. I can order in a pinch (and I do mean in a fast pinch!) and my order is waiting for me in only minutes. There are stores who excel in this, and others don't bother until after you get there, which defeats most of the purpose. Overall, I am happy with the app. I've definitely enjoyed my share of perks. If the quirks can be worked out and all restaurants on the same page, it would be genius.

- Only good for ordering drinks

Placed first on the go order today and showed up to find out they had NONE of the items I had ordered. This was an inconvenience, certainly, but what made me angry was then being told that because my order had already been paid for through the app (which is a requirement to place a on the go order) there was no way for them to refund my order... They would be happy to get me something that I didn’t want as a replacement. Umm, no. This is not ok for a company to put their customers and their employees in a situation like this. The only resolution they were allowed to offer was to write my name down on a piece of paper and (assuming that doesn’t get lost somewhere) give me my items for free at another date. Horrible business practices. If DD wants to utilize an app like this, they need to give their brick and mortars some way of dealing with app orders that come in that they can’t fulfill, or at least let the shop be able to refund credit or cash.

- Stick with Starbucks

I don’t know why DD decided to change their app. Now, unless I’m at home, I can not add money to the app because I don’t have an internet connection. I’m not going to hunt down an internet connection just to give you my money. I used to be able to check my balance and add money while in line at the drive thru. When I asked an employee to add funds so I can keep accruing points I was told they can’t because the transaction was already started. Fair enough, but don’t tell me you can’t walk over to another register and do the transaction there. It’s very frustrating when you place your order in the drive thru, go to pay and your app doesn’t have enough money because the balance shown is wrong, and despite having your cc stored in the app, you can’t reload because again, no internet connection. I’ve left the drive thru without my order. I do not have these issues with Starbucks, so it looks like I will be going back there.

- Always shows the wrong balance

I don’t like to keep too much money in my Dunkin’ Donuts account so I just reload it every couple weeks as I spend the money that’s in there. But in order to reload it I need to know what the balance is on the account. The balance that shows up on the app is wrong close to half the time. It doesn’t update based on the most recent transaction, even if that transaction was a while ago and the app has been reloaded. E.g. my last transaction was three or four days ago. I opened the app to use again today and refreshed it. It shows an account balance of $12. I buy $8 worth of food and coffee. Then the cashier tells me I still owe $1.15 (or something close to that). This is because the balance on my account wasn’t actually $12. It was actually below $7, but I didn’t know this so I wasn’t able to reload before the transaction. When it’s only a dollar or so it’s not a big deal, just annoying to have to fish around my car for cash. But I find it frustrating when I buy a large order and end up being short like $15 (because the money that I pay in cash doesn’t count towards any points on my account for free beverages). All in all I just find it really annoying and I haven’t had this problem with any other apps. It’s been happening as long as I’ve had the app (several years) and I finally decided to leave a review.

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The applications Dunkin' was published in the category Food & Drink on 2015-11-17 and was developed by Dunkin' Donuts [Developer ID: 318953209]. This application file size is 120.19 MB. Dunkin' - Food & Drink posted on 2020-08-28 current version is 7.8.0 and works well on IOS 12.0.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.dunkinbrands.otgo

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