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Love and relationship questions? Life questions? Career questions? Home questions? You can now chat to our live psychic chat team from the comfort of wherever you are. Our mobile friendly service puts you in touch instantly with a genuine, authentic psychic of your choice.

Get the honest and accurate answers that you need right now. Our team of psychic readers are all highly experienced and have all been through test readings.

Is it time to let go of that relationship that is proving to be hot and cold all the time? Is there someone else involved around them? How do they think and feel about you? Is there ever going to be a commitment? Is it time to walk away? Our live chat psychic reading team can help you with these questions and much much more.

Is there going to be changes in your career? Will you get that promotion? Who is causing you problems at work? Are you appreciated? Let us guide you today with honest and accurate answers into all of your work and career questions. Is it time to look for something else?

Is there a move of home in store for you? Are you going to re-locate? How will things pan out for you? Your future really does matter to us and you are just one step away from getting the answers that matter to you. Our live psychic chat team are ready and waiting to answer your questions.

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The applications Live Psychic Chat was published in the category Lifestyle on 2015-11-12 and was developed by Purple Dot Digital Limited. The file size is 8.60 MB. The current version is 2.12 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

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OMG!!! PREDICTIONS PASS!!!  MissMary17  5 star

I had endings from three psychos on this app all of them were on same page and gave me a timeframe which I didn’t believe. Guess what it come to pass today. I’m gobsmacked!!! Candy is the best psychic here. On the android app they have phone reading which is great feature. Please add phone reading feature on this app too.


Fake app  Jramire5  1 star

I’m getting the sense that this app has now become a fake. I used it last year and I felt like the psychics were real and genuine however yesterday and today I’ve been having issues getting psychics to answer my question. I noticed that with every psychic I would send them my question and minutes later, they would be “offline”. I sent my question to four different psychics within 24 hrs and the same thing happened. I notified customer support and minutes later, amazingly I get a psychic to answer my question, only for the answer to be vague. I’m pretty positive it’s a fake and it’s probably one person pretending to be all those psychics on there.


Genuine Psychics, Accurate Predictions!!!  Steph_9393  5 star

I love this app. Most of the advisors I had reading with were compassionate and helpful. Predictions pass within timeline given. Absolutely fabulous app.

Chiney babe

All predictions PASS  Chiney babe  5 star

So far all predictions pass for me. I’ve chatted with 5 of them and all of these psychics were accurate with their predictions and timeframe. Candy is my fav, she is quick in replying.



Psychics on this app are genuine and gifted. So far all their predictions have come to PASS. What I like most is the instant chat, I don’t have to wait like I do on other psychic apps. A+++


Sabrina and Christina  MicheleP950  5 star

These two women are AMAZING! Most of Sabrina's predictions came to pass and she is very accurate! Christina's predictions also came to pass, both are very accurate!


Rip off!!  Gggv4  1 star

I paid for a question. I never got a response! I contacted the sights customer 3 times! It's like no ones there but they for sure can take your money. Total rip off!!!

Marissa 1014

Best psychic app ever!!!  Marissa 1014  5 star

This is the best psychic app I've ever used psychic Katey is very accurate and professional


Best psychic app on the market!!  EltonJohn1289  5 star

This app is so easy to you there is so many talented and gifted advisers very affordable and The psychics answer so quickly!!! So many of my prediction have already came to pass Completely mind blown I love this app I use it all the time!!!!!!

Connie watson

Great psychic app!!  Connie watson  5 star

Great psychic app psychics are honest straightforward and very detailed highly recommended! :)


Absolutely Barmy AbsolutelyBarmy 3 star

Free Live Chat with Psychic Now #yourfortunetold


Absolutely Barmy AbsolutelyBarmy 3 star

Free Live Chat with Psychic Now #yourfortunetold


Absolutely Barmy AbsolutelyBarmy 3 star

Free Live Chat with Psychic Now #yourfortunetold

Sage of the Worlds

Triple Jumping Jax  Sage of the Worlds  5 star

Great App the advisors are Superb 😍😍😍😍👍🏾👍🏾😇😇😇😇


This app is very amazing.  Emily190678546  5 star

This app is so amazing and it's so fast, it's like text on the go. You don't have to sit at a computer or anywhere you could have your phone on you and just text when you need an answer. It's so easy and simple this app amazing and it's so accurate. I highly recommend it 👍👍👍👍🔮🔮🔮🔮


Great app, but FIX the crashing bug already!  Slee505  3 star

I love this app to ask questions and a somewhat fair price. However, on iPhone 6, it crashes when you go to your messages. To get around this, I had to favorite the adviser so that I could read messages that way, otherwise wouldn't be able to view w/o app crashing! Hope this helps others and hope they fix this issue, as the recent update claimed it would but it didn't!


Love this app!!!  Richierich!!!  5 star

I've been getting readings on here for a while now! and keep finding myself going back more often as predictions have come to pass :) Tina is my favorite and always great getting readings from her she'll never let you down :)


Great App  Girl\777  5 star

Ashlee is my favorite!her readings are so accurate and to the point you'll be shocked! Iffat, Darla and Sonia are accurate too! They are very positive and uplifting! I highly recommend this psychic app! It is the best out there!


This app is the best!  BabyGirl4242  5 star

I have not experienced anything negative with this app. I'm not sure where the negative reviews are coming from! For me, this app is the best psychic app I had ever came across too! A close friend of mine recommended me to this. I've been searching for psychic apps. I love the idea that you can see all of your past readings with each psychic. I love the customer support. They have been very nice to me. Their customer support is way nicer than Psychic Txt. I wish some of the psychics from Psychic Txt was on this app, Psychic Live Chat. I really love the idea of being able to text a psychic and their prices are affordable! You can even restore purchases too! I won't tell you which psychic to choose from and I won't say anything bad about them. They're all human and not everyone will connect with every psychic and not every psychic will connect with you! And just because their predictions didn't come true, doesn't mean that they're fake. It just means it was either bad timing or they didn't connect well with you. About the psychics. Well, for me, I had tried about 10 to 12 psychics, only a few of them has been very accurate and well connected with me. My friend recommended psychic Ashlee first. At first, I was skeptical of Ashlee, but when I tried her, I couldn't stop contacting her. I've spent most of my credits on Ashlee. I've also tried psychic Nina. Nina tells you the good and bad, even if you don't want to hear it and she is detailed as well. I've tried Tommy. I liked his readings, however; he doesn't always answer my questions and prefers to answer only one at a time, which was a waste of my money, however; some of his past predictions did come true which is why I gave him more chances! I've tried, Paris. At first, she was great, but she misunderstood me and didn't make me feel any better, which made me not want to contact her anymore. But her timeframe was accurate, just not the information she gave me. Did I mentioned that Ashlee's predictions have come true? Only a few of them. Also, Tiffany was okay, but her predictions didn't come true. However, she was accurate, so I'll give her credit for that! Lisa, she's wonderful! I tried her the first time and her first prediction came true a few days later. There are two Lisa's on this app, by the way! I am speaking about the one who has the most reviews! I've tried Tina. Unfortunately, Tina gave me false hope, but she was accurate on some things and SOME predictions have come true, but I will not be using her anymore and she barely comes on now..she did calmed me down back in May tho, I'll give her credit for that. Emily. She was accurate at first, but she wasn't connected to me that well, but I'll give her some credit for being honest and somewhat accurate! Sherry, she had calmed me down, but some of the things she said was confusing. She was somewhat accurate and sometimes she makes sure she gives you a detailed reading if you ask her. I'll give her credit for answering all of my questions and calming me down! Psychic Michelle. She's amazing! She gives me long and detailed responses like Tina, but she doesn't give me false hopes. I'm still waiting for her predictions to come true, but she is accurate. So far, my favorites are, Lisa, Nina, Michelle, and Ashlee. By the way, Ashlee is one of the newer psychics since June and she already has a lot of reviews! The ones I said that weren't connected to me, you shouldn't not try them because I wasn't connected to them. Remember, not everyone will connect to every psychic and not every psychic will connect to every client. This is really one of the best psychic apps. My top two favorite psychic apps are Psychic Live Chat and Purple Ocean. But I'm more comfortable with Psychic Live Chat than any other psychic apps! And I freaking LOVE the customer support! The customer support and some of their advisors have been very helpful for me and have been guiding me in the right direction. Although, some advisors can be frustrating and confusing, you should still try them! P.s. I'm giving this app a really good review because they aren't bad at all and they've been very nice to me. I've had bad experiences from Psychic Txt and their customer support, but Psychic Live Chat is way better in my opinion! And Psychic Live Chat has a way nicer customer support in my opinion!!!! Also, I've tried yodha, my astrologer, and other astrology apps. Although, yodha is accurate and sometimes their timeframes are accurate, but they are not as detailed or as specific as Psychic Live Chat. Psychic Live Chat, please continue to be active! I'm GONNA need some help from your advisors!!!!


Just breathe...  Blafray  1 star

So I have a few of these psychic apps, yes I can be a little obsessed. I am not pleased with this one because of the support...all of a sudden I can not access my messages that I paid for, contacted support with no response! Obviously they don't care about their service!

Write a review3222222222

Great App  Write a review3222222222  5 star

Stay away from Deborah and Hope very short responses. Best on here is Tanya, she's detailed and really cares about her life clients. Oh and Tommy read the reviews for yourself. He doesn't answer questions and will give you some general response and stop and ask you if you want to know more.... Therefore its bribery for you to spend more money.


Good sight bad moderators  Ldouble0321  1 star

I enjoyed the site until I got a half reading (literally stopped in the middle of a word) and attempted to leave feedback and contact support. As a result they blocked everything other than my ability to buy more readings. I couldn't see my past readings and it wouldn't allow me to leave feedback for the readings I purchased after. I then realized they had blocked most of my access. Also, they decide what feedback is posted so customers are not getting a true picture of the various psychics. Out of 12 readings, 10 of them were great. They just didn't appreciate the fact I complained about 1.


0 predictions  Pleaseeeee!  1 star

I like the new update on it, however I've been using this app for like a year now and tried every reader and none of the predictions ever came to pass. I feel they just tell you what you want to hear.

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