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Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker App Description & Overview

What is flo period & pregnancy tracker app? Discover the most popular female health & well-being guide chosen by 300M women, co-created with 100+ leading health & medical experts, and acclaimed medical institutions.

• Your data protected and securely stored. Your health data will not be shared with any company but Flo, and you can delete it at any time.
• The first period and ovulation tracker to achieve ISO 27001, the internationally recognized standard for information security.
• Content, reviewed by 100+ doctors and health experts
• Partner of the United Nations Population Fund in the area of reproductive health
• App of the Day in the App Store in over 30 countries

As a one-stop solution for all things female health and well-being, Flo provides all-in-one tracking for period start date and length, fertile window, peak ovulation days, PMS symptoms, flow intensity, birth control, and much more. Follow your baby’s growth weekly during pregnancy.

Your cycle is so much more than your period. Every woman experiences different symptoms, mood swings, and energy levels each cycle phase. With Flo, you can log 70+ symptoms and activities to get the most precise AI-based overview of your body’s patterns. Together with a team of 100+ health experts, Flo helps you to understand your body better. Explore accurate cycle predictions and tips on how to benefit from your cycle phase and hormone levels for clearer skin, better workouts, and increased energy levels.

Discover a personal journey to motherhood with Flo. Get pregnant as soon as naturally possible for you by identifying your most fertile days and receiving tailored insights. Flo’s pregnancy mode gives you access to beautiful images to follow your baby’s growth weekly. Calculate your due date, set a countdown, and learn the essentials of newborn care.

Get access to your monthly health report with personalized cycle graphs, and indications of your body’s patterns. A virtual health dialog will provide proactive information based on your unique profile and symptoms.

Safely discuss intimate topics, ask questions anonymously, and get support from one of the largest female communities worldwide.

In Anonymous Mode, Flo transfers only essential data, like cycles and symptoms, to a new account that does not contain any personal information, such as your email, name or technical identifiers. This way, you’ll be able to continue enjoying personalized insights and accurate predictions, but with the option to remove any connection with your identity.

Flo offers a subscription plan that gives you a more personalized experience and unlimited access to the entire health & well-being multimedia content library

• Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period
• Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal
• Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase
• Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable

For more information please visit the link https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039
Privacy Policy: https://flo.health/privacy-policy
Terms of Use: https://flo.health/terms-of-use
Accessibility Statement: https://flo.health/accessibility-statement-ios

Flo uses HealthKit to export your Flo activities to the Health app and to read menstrual cycle data.

Flo’s predictions should not be used as a form of birth control/contraception.


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App Name Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker
Category Health & Fitness
Updated 15 September 2023, Friday
File Size 187.69 MB

Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker Comments & Reviews 2023

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Close to great, but missing the mark for me. I was very excited about downloading Flo to take more ownership over my cycle & gain resources / insights regarding my intimate health. However as soon as I tapped over into the “secret chat” feature, I found an overwhelming presence of ideological (predominantly Christian) conversations. I know that spirituality and sex lives can be tightly connected, however as someone who doesn’t identify with organized religion, it felt like I’d just arrived to the wrong brunch party. This also immediately made me skeptical of the information being shared within the app. I’m a VERY strong believer in comprehensive sex education, which is commonly seen as being at odds with Christianity in this country—is this app actually balancing science and religion? After looking at their extensive board of medical professionals, I’d like to believe so but I’m still highly skeptical. This is where I also learned that the app was founded by two men (tech entrepreneurs), who (let’s face itttt) probably only care about women’s health in so far as $$$. All in all I wish I hadn’t paid for this app and had opted for a free alternative, as I don’t think the secret chat feature will be useful to me and I have skepticism issues regarding their approach to science / commitment to women’s well-being. The UI is beautiful, I’ll give it that.

Latest Update HORRIBLE. I have been a lover of the Flo app for years now (nearly a decade!) and I’m really VERY disappointed in the latest app update. Flo used to be a straightforward, simple way to track my health. Now it’s GO TO PREMIUM, ads, banners, DID YOU SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM??? bizarre articles, chats I guess??, 87% off premium!!, every time I open it, multiple times. It’s frustrating to suddenly be unable to see basic information due to all the clutter. I’m now asking myself how I could possibly migrate this much data into a more straightforward, simplified, calmer app. BECAUSE SERIOUSLY, on my period, I don’t want to be harassed. I don’t want to be confused. I don’t want to be sold. Even the idea of an ongoing subscription instead of a single-time purchase feels like a low-key way to continually ratchet the price & pull more money from me. Apparently I have to pay an even bigger price for my female health. When states are working to ban things like the pink tax, this feels like bad form. I’d even be willing to pay a single purchase price *IF* Flo promised that classic, simplified interface… even if I hate the idea on principal. I understand the need to support the developers. But here’s an idea—maybe your app didn’t need all of the bells & whistles you thought were necessary. MAYBE simple, aesthetic information was your sweet spot. I suspect the new business model isn’t geared for that. Total shame.

Love this app!. I used MyDays to track my cycle for years, I saw a sponsored ad to try Flo about 2 years ago and it’s been extremely helpful! I’ve always had pretty regular cycles, but this app is so much easier to use and I feel like it’s been very accurate for me. I have been able to successfully time ovulation and conceive my first child with the help of this app! I love the pregnancy mode and the helpful daily insights. One feature I’ve really come to love and appreciate is the insights being more tailored to me. I was a little apprehensive of being asked to identify my race/ethnicity a few weeks ago, but now I’ve noticed that the insights have been so much more relatable and I think that’s absolutely amazing!!! I read so much stuff online about pregnancy and childbirth and my first thoughts are always about how the material relates to certain groups of women, compared to others. I love that the developers have taken this into consideration. I would like to suggest that not only Flo, but more if not all, pregnancy and childbirth resources provide more info and materials for single women or women who are not in traditional man/woman relationships or marriages.

So Incredibly helpful, but not enough. I have been using Flo since I was 11 years old in 7th grade. As a middle school girl who, like every other girl who got their first period, i didn’t know what to expect. Flo was incredibly helpful with mapping my cycle and figuring out my symptoms and it made it super comforting knowing that there were so many other girls going through the same thing. I loved reading the stories and the daily insights because they helped me understand more about my cycle and flow and what to expect. Unfortunately, and very disappointingly, there is now a Premium Plan where you have to pay to access most of the more helpful features of the app. I understand that it might be some women's choice to pay for this app, however, there a millions of 10+ year old girls who are not willing to pay for the app and therefore, they don’t have access to the stories that help them realize they are not alone, or to the Flo Help Assistant and Daily Insights because it always cuts off right as they are about to explain why they are feeling one of their symptoms and how to possibly help with it. I adore this app immensely, but i feel it isn’t fair to the girls who are figuring out their cycle and could use the help- that this app used to provide for free- that they are not getting.

okay but why 16+??. the app store says 12 and up but when i tried to enter my birth year it said due to legal registration you need to be 16. it's doesn't make sense to me because most women get their periods around 12-15 that's the normalized age so what about the women who want to track when they get their periods and can't because of the age limits? its not inappropriate or disgusting to have your period ITS NORMAL. it may be because of their secret chats but this is every period app!! i would like to know when i will start my monthly bleeding but that's impossible because for every period app, i have to pay for tracking something i don't get to choose, or i have to lie about my birth age so i can track my period, or my email has been spammed to pay for extensive or premium editions. like trust me i would choose not to get my period if i could but i can't so why? can someone out there please make a period app tracker that is safe and appropriate for anyone with a uterus who gets their period at ANY AGE. like i don't need a secret chat to track my period. can someone please make it free and useable without ads for your extras popping up everywhere because I PROMISE YOU. you make a lot of business with all of these ad spamming age restricting apps out here. the period tracker was pretty accurate otherwise

Too much for too little. I downloaded Flo when I was a sophomore in high school (now a sophomore in college) and I really enjoyed the app. Back then, the calendar of the app and it’s prediction capabilities were most appealing to me. All of the added perks that came along with Flo such as tracking your symptoms and the available informational articles were something that I enjoyed greatly. There were even little surveys that you could take that I enjoyed doing in my free time! Now, it seems that the creators of the app care more for those who upgrade to the premium version than those who use it for free. While it is expected to have some in app purchases that accompany programs such as these, it is very disheartening to see that you can access virtually nothing without subscribing. While I do still only use the app as a way to track the regularity of my period, I feel that I would be inclined to use it more often if I knew there were more things that I could access that were free. I also find it particularly annoying when I am using the automated messaging feature about something I am curious about with my cycle, I’m led on to believe I am going to get some answers. Instead I am given the go-around and can’t access the information without being pressured in to subscribing. I really enjoyed this app when I first downloaded it, but I am now disappointed in the fact that there is visually nothing that can be accessed unless you subscribe :/

Not woman-owned, Paywall is a slap in the face. I’d been using Clue up till now. I read that Flo had some additional tracking options (such as indicating when you change your chosen period collection method and, if applicable, how much you collected). They must have still been rolling out the feature because I didn’t have it or find a way to enable it. But the paywall is why I’m writing this review. Literally everything except tracking your period and a generally unhelpful and unmonitored community chat is locked behind that $50 subscription. If I track a symptom consistently and the app recommends an article to me, just let me read it. Or at least a portion of it. Don’t immediately hit me with the ad to subscribe. The frequency of that ad alone is enough to make me not want to subscribe. And don’t get me started on the community chat. It NEEDS to be moderated. There is some straight up harmful garbage there (not all but enough). I also did some digging and the app is not woman-owned or founded (which is important to me). Some entrepreneur guy founded it and as far as I can tell they don’t use revenue from the app to support any women’s causes. I think I’ll be going back to Clue, where at least it’s designed by women, for women, and has a more thoughtful paywall.

Not Accurate. This period tracker is not accurate, although I will say I only have the free version so not sure if this is the reason. I log my cycle every month yet this thing still seems to be off by 3 days minimum in predicting when my next cycle will start. I’ve been using this tracker for well over a year and even with all of this data, it still can’t predict when my cycle starts. There have also been 2 occasions when this tracker claimed I was 3 days late and I almost had a heart attack worrying that I was pregnant! It rly bothers me that there are ads online claiming to ease women’s minds because this supposedly gives them confidence in knowing when their period will arrive. Lies! Let me give an example; I recently went to a summer festival and bought a pair of off white shorts to wear. I specifically double checked this tracker to make sure the day I planned to go wouldn’t be on my cycle or otherwise there’s no chance in life I could wear those shorts. I was very happy to see Flo predicting my period to come in 3 days after my event! Fast forward to the day of the festival and as I’m taking a shower before beginning to get dressed, I notice that I’m actually starting to bleed. Wow. Thanks for nothing Once again Flo and now not only do I have my period, I have nothing to wear.

Too much. I started using Flo years ago because of its design and simplicity. I just wanted to track my cycle for dates because I hate trying to remember when to buy supples and for tracking symptoms against some other health issues I have to see if there was any correlation. It was great. I could tap it in and done. Now, in addition to the premium subscription there are so many options on the screen, articles constantly popping up, the help center chat, promotions, it’s just annoying. I see the value for many users for this content, but it’s like walking through a gauntlet of ads to get to where you need to go. Busy, distracting. I miss the simple, clean interface, and the symptoms logging page with the picture icons that was fast and easy to use. I’ve started looking for another option, but then my data will be lost. So I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. Also, I have been reading through the reviews and it looks like the price point is affecting the ability for many young people who have their periods under 18 to access valuable information that they may not otherwise have. Perhaps there’s an age gate where some basic health content is free to users under 18 that might currently fall under the premium plan. Something to consider. Same for some of the chat stuff.

It’s nice but.... So I used this app for my period And it was great up until my period change and I came on a week early which was perfect for my weekend away because we were planning to get pregnant and my ovulation date was set for a specific day. Well I was on my period a day or two longer so I figured it would probably change my ovulation date. Well my trip was set to be at least about 2 to 3 weeks away and I kept checking the app to make sure and to see if my ovulation date was going to change well it didn’t change it stay the same and make sure that I refresh my app just in case and it stayed the same. Now the day I get to my destinations for my trip is my ovulation day that was on the app that’s what we were depending on. Three days later I go on the app to mark the fact that we made love and the ovulation date changed to the day before I arrived on my trip. Immediately I was upset because it seems as though we may have missed the ovulation day due to the fact that the app didn’t update until after my ovulation date that was set originally. So I deleted the app because of that. It’s very upsetting when you’re trying to get pregnant and your ovulation date just seems to change along with your fertile days changes I just think that that is something that they need to look into I no longer want to use this app.

I use it everyday. I just got this app yesterday and already love it. It’s so easy to use and very informative. Setting up your period (or pregnancy) might be a little confusing at first but once that’s done, you’re fine. I love how precise they try to be and get to know you with surveys (they’re optional). I also love how they give you all different articles to read about (romance, hygiene, body, clothing, exercise, etc.). You also get to chat anonymously with other women and girls - we really help each other out. I could write so much more but don’t want to take up too much time😂. I tried other apps and like this one the best - I would definitely recommend it!! I just finished my period so I don’t know how accurate this will be but based on my calendar at home, it’s right on track. This is the app to use! No app will be perfect, but this is the way to go - i can’t even say how much I love it (weird to be saying about a period app haha!) I’ll update my review once I’ve gotten my next period to see how accurate they are. One thing I don’t like is that they limit how many words/how long your comment can be which gets very annoying so if they can change that, it’d make the app even better.

Capitalizing Off Of Young Women. When I found this app, it was like a revelation, and immediately downloaded it. The moment I open the app I was bombarded with advertisements about a premium plan, but I ignore it and continue on tracking my period. However this week I have been feeling incredibly ill due to my menstruation, so I go to the articles section for advice. I tried clicking on one and it immediately showed prices for premium plans to be able to get period advice. This is an absolutely ridiculous way to capitalize off of young women’s bodies. The fact that I have to pay to be able to be healthy in my own body is outright absurd. I am just looking for ways to help myself in a difficult situation that I never asked for and now I’m all of a sudden asked to pay just so I can make sure I’m not sick is terrible. I read other reviews and the replies from this company were the same “to keep other parts of the resources free.” The only resource they are giving for free is to literally track the days you have a period. I can do that on pen and paper! And before anyone thinks that I am complaining for no reason, the articles and resources used to be free! This is disgusting that they are charging 5 dollars a month just so I can read a discussion to make sure I don’t have any issues in my body. DISGUSTING.

Chat Boxes and More (very important). I’ve had this app for almost a year and I was cool with it and all but they took the chat boxes/comment section away. I understand the articles like up to your daily log ins, but when they had comment sections, you really got to talk to people with similar problems and get advice. Now, it’s just article after article. I used to spend close to an hour on the app in a day but now it’s five minutes to quickly jot my mood. I hope you bring back the comment section because I got a lot of help from it. Also, update the moods or what you are feeling and the symptoms like headaches backaches. What about stomachaches? They don’t always fall under cramps. And the sleep monitor, you should be allowed to manually input the minutes. I don’t like that it rounds my 26 minutes to 30 when it’s less because it’s not 100% accurate. Lastly, you should have different times of the day where you ask how we are feeling. Like, at 7-8am you ask our morning mood, then around 11-1pm you ask our mood then because no one is consistently happy from when they wake to when they sleep and no one is angry either. People have periods when their emotions change hourly so that should be taken into account.

Developers- please read. The concept of the app is great actually! But what makes me upset and I feel a lot of other women is how you have to pay for simple tips to help you. If you are a teen or younger girl who is new to menstrual cycles, and you download this app to actually help you, you have to pay a pretty decent amount after adding all the money you’ve given to this app. Not to mention some people don’t have that extra money. You literally have to pay to learn on tampons, menstrual cups, and other basic things a young woman should know about herself. Also, if you started your period younger than most like me, you’re not going to want to tell your mom, or guardian “hey can you please pay for this app to help me track my cycle and teach me?” Its humiliating to MOST kids. Especially when a lot of parents don’t have “ the period talk” as they find it “inappropriate/ disgusting “ or it’s to akward to talk about. I understand “you have to make money” but maybe adds at least? Yes, there are many people that teach about this on social media platforms, but some kids aren’t allowed to have access to those types of apps. Overall, great concept of an app, but if you see this, please try to reconsider the fees and other requirements to have the app and actually be able to learn and get help. Thank you- a 12 yr old girl who started at 9/10.

Disappointment as the app “grows”. I understand that Flo is run by A LOT of people that need to be paid so while I understand that premium is needed in order to make their ends meet to pay everyone on board. I think there are a few select things they could do to for people who can’t afford premium. Firstly, go back to letting us see more than just two months predictions of our menstrual cycle. I don’t understand why that had to be limited if it doesn’t really seem like a “premium feature”. Cycle predictions, at this point, and along with period tracking, seem to be the only TRUE free features of this app up until this update. I feel like next, “My daily insights” are also going to be a Premium Feature and I feel like that would be overly selfish of a “free” app. Another thing y’all could do is provide SOME free content of the Insights we currently have to pay to see. Like a preview if you will. This would have been a great app had it stayed accessible to teens barely getting their cycle. Women’s health is hardly talked about and a lot of girls end up feeling insecure about themselves because they see changes and feel things no one wants to talk about and a lot of that is seen here in this app. While it is a shame that Flo had to start charging, it is understandable but work on making important information accessible, please!

Love this app.. So I paid $2 for another app cuz it said it could tell me what phase of my cycle I was in and also send updates to my husband when I was in a new phase and give him heads up for ideas to support me, which is so awesome in theory, but the app is pretty dry, I don’t like the layout, and the insights about the phases weren’t as helpful as I would have liked. AND I could only track certain symptoms at certain times of the month, which is just plain stupid. So I came back to this free app because I like the design and the tracking features because I have random symptoms all month that I will never remember and need to reference at appts. That said, the ideas behind that other app are great. I would love to have insights about each of the phases and the opportunity to sign my husband up for emails that help him understand my cycle as it happens, too. I would even pay for that. (Not a lot, lol don’t gouge me.) I never understood much about my period and lady bits until I was older, so this has been very helpful overall. And it is usually pretty accurate at estimating dates (within a few days), even though my period can be really wonky and frequently comes early.

Disappointing, to say the least.. I've used this app for years, and I used to swear by it. With recent updates, it's near impossible to enjoy any of the content other than the bare bones period tracking without being bombarded by the 'premium content' label on everything. This app used to be informative and accessible to all which is what drew me to it, but now I can't read an article or my health insights without paying for a subscription, which isn't really an option for me since I don't have money to spend on that. Flo developers, you'll lose a significant amount of your users through your lack of inclusivity. It's only been more disappointing to come to the app reviews to see the same complaints as me, and also see that your response is always to contact you guys directly. Unless you're making this content more accessible and inclusive, there's no point in saying the same thing to you all through an email or a feedback message directly on the app. I'm sure this review will get the same generic response as you've given most recent reviews, but this app went downhill so suddenly and disappointingly that I can't help but speak my mind. Will be looking for another period tracker app that isn't constantly telling me I need to have money in order to understand my body.

Not a fan of new format. I used to love flo. I’ve been using the app since my junior year of high school (I’m now a senior in college). I appreciate how I’ve been able to track my period through the years, as it’s been enormously helpful to my overall health, well-being, and awareness of my body. That being said, I have really struggled with the new updates that flo has undergone. Not only has the app become significantly less user-friendly, but the constant push to “go premium” has really negatively impacted my experience. I understand why they have a premium option, and I respect that it is there, but what I don’t respect is how I’m constantly being mislead in order to be trapped into signing up for a premium subscription. I find it really irresponsible that women who don’t want to pay for this app, will be given insights about their menstrual health, only to find out that they can’t have access to the information behave they don’t have an account! I used the chat feature a few times before, and it’ll leave me responding to chats for about 5 minutes, and right before they give me an answer about my health, they say I need to subscribe! It’s honestly cruel that an app meant to help women feel more secure about their health, is constantly misleading them like this, or trying to buy their desire for basic health info! Most of which can be googled, btw. I’ve really loved using flo, but am honestly considering shifting gears if things don’t change soon.

I reached my goal I can tell you that. So like many other girls I used to not track my period cuz I thought it would be a waist of time. I felt like it came when it wanted to cuz before flo my period sometimes lasted for two weeks and I got scared or it didn’t come at all for the whole month. It was acting weird so one day I ran across flo on some advertisement on Instagram and I decided to give it a try. After see how flo has the option to log when you think you may get conceived and when you have sex I started logging my information in a little more accurately. I kept taking a whole bunch of pregnancy strip test and I thought that the store was selling fake ones cuz they kept turning out negative and I was sexually active with not protection. Then one day I took the test think it’s no use it’s probably negative again and when I looked at that strip I was so excited to see a second pale line trying it’s best to hide from me but I saw it😁I was probably two weeks pregnant and I could tell because I tract the first day of my last period on flo. I’m still using it today to track my pregnancy!

Go back to the old format. I’ve had this app for a long time - at least 5 years. I love how it was originally, I could open it and track my symptoms and it would accurately predict when my period would come. Now theoretically, I could do this myself with any other combination of apps that pre exist on my phone. Flo has made that easy for us and I respect that. It used to be simple but now opening the app, there are two pop ups insisting I sign up for premium. After I get through those, there is a banner suggesting premium, that I can’t close out of. The symptoms log is no longer the first button I see. They have moved that to a section where you have to scroll LEFT to find it. There’s another symptoms button that is FAKE and behind the premium subscription. So another push on the premium subscription. I get it. You want to make money. We want to track our periods. Why not put two and two together. At this point I would do a one time purchase of the original Flo with no chat and no premium ads. I would buy the original app if you don’t touch it again. I will never sign up for a premium subscription for my period. You should rethink how you want to promote this app because you will be losing users in droves if you keep forcing the premium version to us.

Great for period tracking only. I downloaded this app to track my periods, was great for that and plenty of little helpful insights/articles on the feed.. I used it to help conceive as well. Once I actually became pregnant and switched to “pregnancy mode” the little helpful insights diminished to almost none, maybe one every few weeks.. what would frustrate me also would be when I would click on the “For You” and it would show an insight article but then disappear before I got the chance to click on it. (Happened about a 100 of times on different occasions.) also the app doesn’t really have any symptoms tracker differentiations for the pregnancy mode... which seems kind of bizarre. Another thing is that in pregnancy mode it doesn’t say anything about the development of the baby at however many weeks you are. Not even a brief little description of what’s going on in your body at this time or a brief description of the development changes your baby is experiencing.. nothing at all.. I’m a first time mom so I use (5) different pregnancy apps to kind of bring all the information together, given that not all say the same thing or some say things others don’t and/or are more informative. I find myself using this app less and less as it isn’t very helpful in the pregnancy mode. I am currently 27 weeks so I’ve used it from the very beginning and nothing is getting better about it.. hopefully this review is helpful

Amazing but needs a touch.. Don't get me wrong, Flo is amazing and you'll never use another app after you download this but it could use a few touches. The one idea I have isn't really important but if you want to have more fun with the app you should also have the choice of using your own photo for a background picture. Doing this would make it a little more fun along with being able to choose the color of the circles or bubbles. Also, it would be cool if people could make their own articles for everyone to read but make a separate column you can click on, incase viewers don't want to read other people's. And lastly, the articles usually talk about tampons. Not everyone wears them including me. It would be great if you could tell everyone how they work and if it hurts. I personally am really sensitive about "down there" and it would be great to know what it's like. Or even talk more about pads. Right now I read things I can on the internet and see how to insert them and everything. But I rly think sticking something up there is really nasty. Again just my opinion. But overall this game is really good. If it was just a little more fun and fit for everyone I would be giving it 5 stars. But hopefully something I said can come true. To Whom Ever It Regards, - Unknown☺️

Bloated software.. PROS: Accurate predictions. Tracking of a variety of symptoms and fertile windows. CONS: The rest of the app. Constant nagging to upgrade to premium every single time you open the app, and then several times within the app in the form of extra tabs or banners. “Secret Chats” are more bloat than function. There’s everything from shortform smut to sensitive anecdotes. Why is this in a tracking tool? It should be separated into its own forum app. After watching some of the educational content, I believe more can be learned from a Google search. Then there’s privacy issues. The app tracks way more than necessary. I urge people to check out tracking apps like Drip that store data locally and don’t collect identifiable data. The existence of such apps proves accurate tracking can be done without a laundry list of linked data tracking requests. In their privacy policy, Flo promised to not sell to third parties, but will comply with law enforcement. It’s up to the user to interpret their level of comfort with policies and laws that could change in an instant, and reminder that online trails are never truly private. I used to like this app before the rabid push to go premium, but now I’ve found much sleeker, more intuitive apps to perform the ONE function of tracking menstrual cycles. Just use the Health app or something like Drip.

love it!. this app is super useful for tracking periods, and has given me mostly accurate predictions so far! it’s been off by a day or two a couple times when i first started using it because it wasn’t adjusted to my cycle yet, but since then i haven’t had any issues. i love the insights where it gives info about my period and the different changes that come along with a period, and i especially love that you can comment anonymously on posts and get help from and give help to the community. by far, my favorite thing about the Flo app is that you can have it give you reminders to drink water, take meds, and weigh yourself if that is something that you’re concerned about! the reminders are super helpful for me as my meds are for adhd, so i need a reminder so i actually remember to take them lol! the only thing that i would adjust is that my water bottle has metric markings, but i live in america, so i have to convert the metric to ounces to track my water because the only way to use metric for water is to switch the entire app over to metric. this isn’t a huge deal because google is a pretty good converter but it’s just something that i’ve noticed. overall, this is a great app and i’ve recommended it to friends and family, and now i’m recommending it to you!

New update ruined it... There should really be a way to turn off virtual assist and my daily insights. Some of us came to this app because it was clean and simple, all these new updates and features are ruining that. It’s getting more and more intrusive and cluttered with every update. I don’t need or want all this crap on my screen. If I could toggle it off it’d be great but they give you no options, just shove all this stuff in your face. Why can’t anything be simple? Why do we need advanced AI and health stories on the front page? We don’t! Just a simple app that tracks and predicts our cycles and does it well. Please get rid off all this extra junk or at least give those of us who don’t want it a way to toggle it off. I hate this app now and will be finding a new one. To the developers- please don’t ask me to contact you for a solution. It seems to be your canned answer to every negative review and I will not be contacting you. If there is a solution to this issue or you have future plans to fix this issue, please just let me know here so the whole community can see it too. Nothing is going to be fixed in this situation by me contacting you. You used to have amazing customer service and really care about your users needs. Not anymore, there hasn’t been a genuine reply to any users feedback in a long time. This use to be a great app with caring devs behind it, but I can’t say that is true anymore sadly. Zero stars.

Starting to deteriorate. The app was great a few years ago because all the information that I received from my stats were really useful. However, recently there has been a premium version added to the app (a little pricey for me) and you can’t get away from their ads. Now, when you open the app you have to wait 3 seconds to close their own ads, not ads from other companies, Flo ads. It’s starting to feel like a cookie clicker game where you have to watch their ads to use the app. Also, now when I receive my stats, I have to go through this virtual assistant where I punch in pre-made answers and it seems a bit redundant to me (and at the end they suggest you pay for premium). I have recently switched to the Apple version of Flo in the health app because it has a lot of the same features but you don’t have to be bombarded by their suggestion to pay for a premium version. Really disappointed that the app got to this point because I used to always suggest that my friends use the app, but not anymore. I might be more interested in getting premium but $50 a year or $10 for a month seems a little pricey for something I only really spend about 5 minutes a day on every few days and I worry the premium version might not get me away from more ads to come from Flo.

Another review on the deal pop-ups. I will start by saying that this app is one of the best tracking systems on the AppStore today. But my frustration comes from the fact that every time I open the app, I am bombarded with suggestions to upgrade to a premium account, which I have no interest in doing, or I get pop-ups of extras or articles, that I’m not interested in. Most of the time there’s not an option to “X” out or skip, so I have to close the app. I’m high-functioning ADHD, I don’t have the mental time or space to close out an app and remember what I want wanting to log in the first place. I need this app to be more fluid. I use this app simply for tracking and I want there to be a setting where I can turn off all the other things. When I first started using this app a long time ago, there was not any articles to read or communities to join, which are probably good for some people, but if you’re going to have an app that’s inclusive, you also need to consider the ones who don’t want all the things and just need a basic tracking system. Thanks for reading. <3

Best app for tracking, haven’t found one like it for free yet. I don’t think I’ve really ever left a review on the App Store, but I want to with Flo. I’ve used Flo since I started having periods 3.5 years ago. They offer great deals if you want their premium feature (it doesn’t have that much different things from the regular feature) and the app has a great base structure. It’s easy to use and has insights and tips everyday. There’s also the AI assistant. It’s been sooooo accurate with their predictions, like when it says it’s my day to start and I don’t it already logs it as late/possible day without me logging it. I just think that’s considerate because I can be a lazy person sometimes. I do, however wish that they could possibly put in a birth control feature other than the pill and the morning after, and possibly make predictions around that according to what day you got what you did. They also make sure to say they don’t sell your personal data and information. “Your body. Your data.” And that you can delete your data at any time. Good on you, Flo! I don’t think I’ll need another app!

some suggestions. first let me say I really like the app and the period predictions have been pretty accurate, or at least they were! i’ve been having a lot of stress and my cycle has been all messed up so it’s not the app’s fault. however, I do have a suggestion: there are options in the symptoms menu under “other”. u can mark travel, stress, disease/injury, and alcohol intake. all of these can affect your cycle. my proposal is to add an option that’s “on new medication”. it would be helpful if you could come up with a MEDICALLY ACCURATE list of possible interaction these medications might have in reference to menstrual cycles. i’ve recently been on a new journey trying to find some medication that works, and I’m pretty sure it effects my cycle, but my doctor is a man when I asked about it he didn’t know. I know a solution could be to get a new doctor but you don’t know how slim the pickings are around me! another idea: maybe y’all can collaborate with costar or the pattern and have a fun section where u can read your horoscope. definitely make it optional but i can see a huge market for this! could be kind of fun!

Not an educational tool. The symptom tracking is great and allows me to follow my period more closely. As a concept overall, I love the app, but in practice, there are some major downfalls… One large issue is the exclusive premium content. Almost NONE of the content is free, not even the most basic articles. I understand that the app needs to profit, but it leaves many users curious about topics they can’t even read about. My other issue with the app is the forums. New posts are rarely added, leaving the feature unusable after going through topics. Though, the bigger issue with the forums is the lack of admins and experts addressing responses. Having a poll concerning medical issues and allowing just anyone to respond has led to many top comments that are totally misleading. I honestly find this dangerous and neglectful. Women already have a lack of sexual education, allowing posts to perpetuate harmful and misleading ideas only hurts them more. I can’t even count the number of posts I’ve seen discussing risky forms of “birth control” and comments scaring young girls with the idea that sex should be painful. Without admins and experts actually going though comments, posts are becoming conservative echo chambers that are not fact based.

Currently On a Free Trial. I’ve had Flo in the past and loved it. I didn’t have a phone for a year so I just recently got the app again and noticed a lot of changes, including that some features are only available through a payment. The payment is only around 14$ for the entire year. I don’t think that’s so bad but if it’s out of budget I understand. The features on the free trial are pretty awesome so far, it’s like having access to a gynecologist because the information you give about your period has so much feedback. It’s really surprising what the app tracks and the amount of feedback you get about symptoms, tips / tools, workout ideas, food recommendations, yoga, meditation, and self- assurance. I wanted to take the time to write a review because I was really hesitant to redownload the app with the reviews talking about payments but I’m glad I did and it appreciating the free trial so far. If you’re unsure try the 1 month free trial and see how you like it. Bonus for the awesome private community conversations that are available to everyone, so that you’re able to anonymously speak with other women/ girls on the app and freely ask questions or help respond to others. It’s just really awesome. I appreciate the app

Definitely the best period app.. After I got my first period I used the same app for years to track it. It never predicted my period right. For the longest time I just figured I was super irregular as many girls are when they start there period, but eventually I realized It said I was consistently late by approximately the same number of days every cycle. I just dealt with it for awhile. When I finally decided to check for a better period tracking app I found Flo. This app is SO MUCH BETTER!! It usually predicts my period pretty accurately, sometimes spot on. When my cycle shifts it always makes adjustments and often becomes more accurate. I also love that it doesn’t mark your period late until A certain number of days after your cycle was supposed to start (I think 5, which is the “official” number of days that make a period considered late. It doesn’t just mark it late when your period doesn’t start the day it was predicted to. I was especially impressed when I missed a period after my wisdom tooth surgery and when I logged my next period the predictions continued to be accurate immediately after. It seems like the developers did a great job on the actual software as well as put lots of thought, research, and expertise into it. It’s a great app!!

Mostly good & helpful, but too much monetization. I love this app for tracking my period. As many other people said and I agree, the app is pretty accurate when predicting period start dates, ovulation dates, etc. It has been super helpful for me to track my period on this app because I can recognize consistent and non consistent patterns in my period. Whenever there are changes with my period, the app calculates that in and new predictions are still just as accurate. However, the only problem with this app is the constant push for the “premium subscription.” I get that many apps have that and it’s a part of making money, and I have no problem with the features that are specifically for premium members only. I personally am fine with just the core period tracking aspect of the app and that’s it. But everyday it offers the premium subscription when I open the app which can be annoying. I also hate getting a notification on my phone telling me “you may have tender breasts today, see why.” Especially since I’ve never had that symptom. But they push that notification to push an article that is for premium subscribers only. Other than the annoying monetization techniques they use, the app is really good and it has been super helpful to me.

Great app with a minor-but annoying-issue. I’ve been using Flo for years to track my period cycles, and I’ve subscribed to Flo premium for two or three years. Thanks to the fertile/ovulation predictions on the calendar, I got pregnant the second month of trying. I switched the app to pregnancy mode. The app turns into one of the best pregnancy apps I use. BUT there’s one problem that’s pretty annoying. I went to my first ultrasound toward the end of what I thought was my 8th week of pregnancy, and the OB estimated that I was really almost a week ahead of what Flo predicted (based on my last period and average cycle length). I tried to change how far along I really was on the app, but it wouldn’t let me! There’s an option to change how far I was, but it would let me select an option that was ahead of the app prediction. I even tried to change the due date in hopes of changing the week I am in, but that didn’t work either. This is annoying because the “daily insights” aren’t synced up with my biological timeline, so I don’t have much use for the app anymore. I cancelled my premium subscription and I’ll be using a couple other pregnancy tracking apps that have let me change my progression time.

2+ Year User and still Loving it !. I have been using this app for awhile now and have been very dedicated to tracking my body's cycle. With this app I avoided pregnancy successfully for 2 years without hormonal birth control by working around my fertility rhythm using the information Flo provided. The longer you use it, the more accurate it it becomes. I think it is essential to track our menstruation. Apps like these can be life changing for women; Reproductive knowledge is empowerment for women. I always enjoy the updates and community sections. Tried other period trackers but I always just come back to Flo because I enjoy the aesthetically pleasing interface and ease of use. This is an app that gets better with time. Only until recently have I desired more; after giving birth I'm breastfeeding of course, and that can often cause you to go a while without a period. I wish there was a way to log this information as I await to have my cycle again, in a similar manner to flipping a switch for the pregnancy mode. When you look at past data, pregnancy shows up as yellow days in your year calendar. Just a thought. Could continue to aid in accurate predictions if this info was considered.

LOVE but read before downloading.. This is an amazing app, on the first day of high school I bleed through my jeans and said never again, and decided to get a tracking app so that I could better see when that day would come, and this app helped TREMENDOUSLY. I love it, it’s pretty accurate, it gives you a lot of cool information and ideas when it comes to your own body and what’s happening to us during this time period. And often, little chats will pop up where the robot will “talk” to you and tell you more about what’s going on with YOUR body. And I feel like this app is very personal and that’s why I love it. With that being said, I don’t pay for premium and I don’t think I ever will but I can see that paying for premium has a lot of benefits! Like better tips, articles you can read, all kinds of things. And I also think the app does ask me to upgrade a lot but a simple click of the X button and it’s gone, no big deal to me. Long story short, great app, recommend getting, especially if you’re going to pay for premium, but I can see myself shopping around for a different, better tracker soon.

Good, but having issues (now MORE issues?). UPDATED CORRECTION: My ovulation week (which happened weeks ago) jumped up an entire week too for. So now my period and ovulation dates are changing for seemingly no reason. This has never happened before. I understand the developer’s response, but I’m still not sure if you’re understanding the issue or if I’m failing to see something. Like I said, I’ve never had issues with this EVER, so why is every single thing changing. My period date. Changed over 6 times in the last few days, and so did my ovulation too. This makes no sense. I never had issues with this before, but this month, the day on when my period is going to start keeps changing. Every day it gets bumped up to the next day. First it said the 18, then 19, and now it’s up to the 21st. I don’t know if there’s an error occurring in the calendar or what, but it’s really annoying and confusing. I can’t tell what day is the correct day for my period to start, and now I’m worried everything else is wrong or the dates are offset (like for ovulation, as an example). Note: this has nothing to do with periods being late, as this is many days prior to when my period should even start.

Best period tracker app ever. After 5 years of having an IUD, I finally had it taken out 18 days ago. I was so excited to have a period again! My period finally came, and I was able to track it on the Flo App. I’ve never tracked my period before in my life ( being 16 when I got the IUD ). As an adult now, this is my favorite app. It teaches so much that I’ve never known. I am using this app to help me recognize all phases of my menstrual cycle and to track my period, and to practice the FAM method for preventing pregnancy for when I have a boyfriend in the future. I am learning so much with this app, like recognizing symptoms of pre-ovulation and much more! I’m like, oh! That’s what that blob is ^ . ^ haha. Seriously it is teaching me so much about my body. After 5 years of the Mirena IUD causing depression, unnaturally produced hormones, depersonalization, and lack of control, getting it taken out along with downloading this app were two major improvements to my life this year! Being in control and knowing what’s happening when makes me love my period ❤️ Lastly, I the Flo App and recommend it to anyone who can get a period.

Absolutely love, but am a broke college student :/. I’ve had this app for a few years now and can honestly say I love it. It’s helped me with so much, including with figuring out how my medications affected me, where before I was so confused with what was going on. Watching this app evolve has been so cool, and I used to have a subscription in the earlier days, which was super handy. I also just tried the free trial of the newest premium version, which is absolutely amazing, and provided me with so much information that I actually feel somewhat educated on my body and how it works. I am a newfound broke college student and am bummed I don’t have the funds to pay for it right now (which I believe is an essential part to keeping this app running, because though we should have the right to free access about the health of our own bodies, I know I can trust this app based on the knowledge that hundreds of hours of work have been put into this by real doctors, instead of finding less trustworthy and sometimes misleading information floating around the internet). I will continue to be loyal to this app and will also hopefully soon be able to take advantage of the healthcare advice again!

I used to love this app way more. I got this app when I was a freshman in high school as they do not teach much about female cycles or anatomy. When I first got it, I found tons of useful information on the app and it was all free and amazing. I learned the different parts of the cycle and it helped me manage my symptoms better as well as understanding what’s going on with my body. While I understand that programs like these need funding in order to run, I find there is no need to bait people into paying for a subscription. Like the chat feature. It pops up prompting you to interact for a bit and making you think it’s going to tell you some useful information but then it tries to make you pay before you can access it. There shouldn’t be as much push for people to pay. It’s irritating especially for people who can’t afford more payments like myself. I would much rather there be a pop up when you open the app asking if you want to pay for premium rather than being tricked into thinking I’m going to be getting something useful for free. Also I am a strong believer that all the info on this app should be taught to girls in school or be free public access but google is not a reliable source and this app has loads to offer but for a price. It’s already bad enough that women don’t get taught anything about their own bodies and it’s a “luxury” to access this information.

Too many ads. I only want notifications that tell me when to anticipate my menses start date or ovulation, but I constantly get notifications like “Feeling frisky today? Your hormone levels are up!” “Set up a workout today” “It’s normal to feel down when your hormones drop” and other inappropriate statements that are embarrassing to receive when I am showing a work colleague something on my phone. I reported the issue to Flo and they said I had to turn off notifications altogether! It’s ridiculous how we cannot filter what we want to be notified of. Also, at the doctor’s I was asked the first date of my LMP. That’s what Flo is for. It took a full minute to open the app and click out of the annoying in-app pop ups that try to get me to use their features when all I wanted to do was go to my calendar. I don’t want to speak to your health advisor or whatever else you want me to do. I want a simple, unmessy, easy app to track my period. Lastly, I’ve been having issues opening the app and all I see is a huge ad saying “87% off Flo premium. Click next” and there is NO X at the corners to get away from the page. The only thing to click is “next” but I don’t want your premium. I have to close the entire app and reopen it to get the ad to disappear. Your app has a lot of people using it but it seems to be devolving into something sloppy and profit-hungry. I miss the days where it was a no-hassle, modest period tracker.

Cannot view without being bothered with the upgrade. Great app. It’s a shame they just won’t let you be. I understand asking for an upgrade but to be baited when I have a question is wrong. The auto assistant answers just enough of your questions only to shut you out before you get to the actual answer needed. I don’t believe stringing people along falls in line with their entire “we’ve got you!” “Women are awesome” “Women are great” “We are your friends” “We are here to help” mantras. An actual friend would do that. Now they’ve decided to hold my valuable time hostage and made me answer several questions before I could even view my cycle schedule. I’m a busy person and mom just like to rest of the moms out there and I had about 7 seconds (at that moment) to view my cycle calendar before my toddler got in to something. I wasn’t able to view my cycle calendar because of their making me jump through hoops. I ran out of time. I made time to write this review (I never write reviews and I especially don’t bother if it’s a bad one.) to tell other women to find another app. These people border on rude. Pretty shameful for software to come across as rude. But they irritated mo over and over again - no less than 100 times so I had to write my FIRST BAD REVIEW OF ANYTHING EVER. That’s how disappointed I am. It’s a shame. The function of the app is phenomenal.

Eh. I like this app, it’s good for tracking period and ovulation, it’s very accurate. I actually got pregnant (after 3 years of trying with no luck) by tracking my ovulation through this app, and my doctor even said my due date was on point and everything, BUT I don’t think premium is worth the price, it’s not MUCH different than the free version and tbh it’s kind of unaffordable. Healthcare is already unaffordable as it is, but now this app is making it hard for all moms but especially young moms who just want access to information but are now having to pay outrageous prices for an app. I’m not saying it should be free because I understand that nothing is free, but I think they should have a more affordable option, and maybe even a student plan for moms in school. My premium plan didn’t give me very much more information than what I get from the What To Expect app, and that one is free and also offers more personalized information based on the gender of your baby. Overall I like the free version of this app and really appreciate that it helped me get pregnant, but I don’t like the price of the premium plan.

Good For Keeping Track of Period Dates Only. I’ve been using the Flo app since 2017 to track my period and of all the apps of its kind it’s always been mainly reliable and accurate. I also enjoy the option of tracking and recording my period symptoms. Years ago Flo was very educational and would offer quick articles or chats related to the symptoms you’d log so that if you wanted to know more about how to combat those symptoms or what causes them you could find out. Now it seems as if the only way to do anything beyond tracking the dates of your period and logging symptoms you have to subscribe to the premium membership. This would be fine if the app didn’t have articles (“You logged bloating, this simple tip may help”) that told you after the first slide “Unlock Premium to continue reading.” Like others have mentioned even the “chat” with the AI misleads you into thinking you will get information by having you answer questions for two minutes before telling you to unlock premium for this “benefit.” Aside from needing premium to do basically anything on the app I wish there was an option to check off that you skipped a period or two by skipping your placebo week of birth control pills. For a few months I used my birth control to skip my period all together but there was mo way to notate that on the app so Flo to this day thinks I had an irregular cycle where I was “late” for 94 days 🤦🏻‍♀️

Love this app. I actually love this app. I rarely buy apps or subscriptions to anything. I, like many others, really think long and hard before downloading an app and especially if I have to pay for it. I originally downloaded the app for ovulation tracking while trying to get pregnant. I found the tracking and inputting of info to be really easy. It took a few months to get enough info for an accurate reading, but the app mentioned this was necessary several times so I understood it took time. I’m also a healthcare professional so I have an understanding of how the body works. I also really liked the interactive health assistant feature. I found it to be really informative and liked clicking on the related articles to learn more. I love how all the articles are written or reviewed by licensed OBGYNs. The info/education is vetted by actual experts as opposed to info you get from just googling. Overall it’s really eased anxiety around the ovulation and conceiving process. It can be a stressful process, especially when things do go as planned. The educational info is really what keeps me coming back. Would highly recommend.

This app is ASTOUNDING!!. I honestly don't even have the words for awesome this app is. You can tell that the thought, time, and effort put into developing this app was phenomenal!!! A place where women from all backgrounds can come together to talk about ANY AND EVERYTHING and you find out that you all can relate; and the best part is that they respect your privacy without making you feel insignificant! They have physician advice to read over as well as anything that can be going with u from sex, cycles, relationships, kids, pregnancy, just life in general! Im so attached to this app and it's something I can just lay in the bed and do..... This is a great way to relax and open up and just talk with no judgement...And its predictions are pretty much spot on as far as dates of cycles, ovulations, etc etc... It takes you step by step as far as everything and its geared specifically FOR YOU and your body for whatever you could be going thru. I had the basic free plan but I opted for the yearly plan because it's well worth the money! You all have done an amazing job and I just want to say thank you so much! This app is def MY favorite!

Not Alone. Before, I would always keep the details of my sex life, menstrual cycle, and other feminine problems to myself. After Flo, I feel so much more secure and content with all of the aforementioned issues. The app is well-designed and visually pleasing, as well as easy to use and practical in those uses. Not only can you track your period with Flo, you can also access a community page to share stories, take surveys, and read articles. The period tracker itself is very accurate for me and is usually always on point. The period tracker also gives you the details on your ovulation cycle and such, which gives me a sense of security and preparedness. While I don’t use this feature of the app, there is also a pregnancy mode which can track your pregnancy’s phases and tell you about said phases. I’ve come to love the app and it quite honestly bests all of the other period tracker apps I’ve tried. Flo is great for any woman who loves planning and organization, or any girl looking for advice on her first experiences. The community is accepting and welcoming, and all shared stories are anonymous for those who want to vent. Overall, a wholesome app with a feel-good vibe. Definitely a keeper for me.

Almost Perfect. I love this app, and all the options it allows. Especially the symptoms it allows you to add day by day, it really helps me figure out my cycle and how my body is responding to my life. The app is relatively easy to use, and pretty customizable. The two main things that I wish to see updated in this app, is the option for the app to tell you how many days late you are. Currently if you are late, instead of reflecting that, it just keeps pushing your "expected period" date to the next day. I have been trying to find a way to see if i'm missing a setting to add this feature but so far no luck. I really like that feature on other apps so hopefully Flo adds it. And number two and perhaps the most important, I wish it allowed you to add a PREVIOUS pregnancy. It allows you to go through add previous periods so it can give you an accurate cycle length/prediction, however no options to add previous pregnancies which I think would prove very helpful to the app being able to predict future periods/pregnancies. Also I would like to have the option to add a personal picture instead of just the avatar but it's not really that big of a deal. All in all I love this app and highly recommend it!

Extra features only available with premium. I originally downloaded this app to track my period and my symptoms. I do still like it for that, but I also really loved when more features were added such as giving helpful bits of info about the whole cycle. This info wasn’t always that helpful for me because most of it I knew already, but I do think it’s helpful for younger people. I didn’t learn much about the menstruation cycle in school, and I just can’t imagine much has changed. It was also helpful that they gave you tips seemingly based on the symptoms you plugged in. However today I went to log my symptoms and noticed they added in stories on why we get cramps, etc., but they are all only available to premium users. And when I went to the screen that used to have helpful articles, mostly all of the information is locked for premium users. This is all information that should be provided for free. Now kids are still going to have to wade through inaccurate information on the internet because apps like this are charging for the most basic information. I understand that you need money to survive, but information menstruation shouldn’t only be available to people with money. Also you would think they could get a moderator for the chat rooms or a professional to help answer questions, but no. So the chat rooms and answers are inaccurate and overrun with teens who don’t know anything because apparently female anatomy is only available to people with money. It’s such a shame.

Good app but could be better. While I do like this app, I’ve began to reconsider keeping it. I totally get having to make money to keep the app running or make updates and what not but there are people like me who can’t afford to add stuff like this to bills. I hate when I’m trying to understand why my period is late or whatever else that I wouldn’t have to google because google can be misleading. Anytime I try to find out information it will say that I have to subscribe to the app and pay for basic information. Like I said I totally get it but it’s really frustrating. I see that it’s a common issue among ALOT of these other users so why not change it? Why make basic users like myself feel less welcome just because we don’t pay to know something from the app? You could definitely find a way to do better and have people still pay for other things on the app. Instead you choose to mislead people out of information that could have been really helpful. And if they google it and it says something that isnt true then someone will end up going to the dr when nothing was actually wrong and then said person would probably waste a lot more money on that trip than if the app would have just helped them in the first place.

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Excellent App overall!!. “Flo” is a fantastic app that effectively caters to its overall purpose, record, predict and calculate the average in your own period cycle and ovulation. As a long-time user, and someone who has a fairly regular cycle, with no children or other medical conditions that could result in irregular periods, I’ve had nothing but a great experience with the app. As a busy woman who forgets when her cycle is coming up, Flo notifies you if your period is coming up soon, but this prediction feature works far better when you log in your period symptoms (bloating, flow level, acne, etc) lastly start and end dates. The user interface is simple and easy to follow when setting up your account plus navigating throughout the app is simple and seem less! Would highly recommend!

Love it. I absolutely love this app and it helps so much and is very accurate. Usually I’m not exactly regular but a few days off from the last one and it still predicts it perfectly. Flo feels like a personal doctor because it knows me so well AND there is also a great community of people on it to support you. I love that it is anonymous and it talks about issues that need to be discussed and I feel so much better about myself cause everyone just brings me up and shows me I’m not the only person suffering with different things. The only thing that is bad is that if you post something later on you have to find that post again and look. I would rather if there was a section that told you if you got a reply. Other than that I think this app is great and I really recommend it.

🚨 Flo please pay attention 🚨. As you know, trans people get their periods as well. They don’t always identify as a female or use she/her pronouns. As I see lots of chats and insights and different things that say “Womanhood” and “girly chats”, using she/her pronouns a lot and basically a bunch of other things that make it seem like cis women (people who are born female and identify as female) are the only people on the app. A suggestion is to change “womanhood” to “adulthood” and “girly chats” into “secret chats” and changing she/her pronouns to they/them so we can make this app more inclusive and everyone can feel comfortable with their bodies. The only other thing that I have is having to pay money for Flo premium. When I got the app I thought “Cool! I’m finally gonna learn about what’s happening to me without feeling awkward!” Then I realised most of the insights that I want to learn about and most of the questions that I want answered are only accessible to people who pay. I definitely don’t think someone should have to pay to be able to learn about their body. Overall a great app but a few flaws that are making people like me mad.

Good but unhelpful new feature. I’ve found Flo really helpful for establishing and understanding my cycles. However, they have a feature (which I’ve only noticed this month so assume is new) called “possible pregnancy prediction”, which between ovulation and period tells you what day of pregnancy you could possibly be on, and what could be happening at that stage. I find this significantly increases my stress around symptom monitoring as well as general anxiety around trying to fall pregnant. It also instructs you to do a pregnancy test 2 days after a missed period, and then when you log the result tells you it’s too early to check! Overall good for period tracking but I will be looking for a different option for trying to conceive.

Chat rooms. I don’t know about other age groups but in the 13-17 group there’s a LOT of girls requesting a chat room or something similar for sharing our problems, rather than having to scroll all the way back down through the insights to find one with comments. If any of you developers actually read the comments, you’ll notice how many of them begin with “off topic, but...” To me this really indicates the need for an improved feature on sharing our thoughts and issues. Suggestions: - chat room as an added feature - being able to “favourite” some of the insights so that we don’t have to scroll down - notifications for when someone has replied to our comment - more insights that encourage Flo users to comment on a diverse range of topics (in order to mitigate the “off topic, but...”)

Has been getting annoying. Now, I don’t want to deter anyone who’s recently gotten their periods or looking for a new tracker, but this is coming from my experience alone. I’ve had my period since I was 11 years old, and going through different tracker apps to track my periods so I know when they arrive. Recently, I have not been notified 5 days before my periods (which I have set to let me know) and my predictions have failed to reload again and again. I tried deleting the app, creating another account, and more, but the problem keeps popping up time and time again. Because of this issue, I don’t get notified for when my periods start. At first, it was a brilliant app for me, but now it’s starting to not be so good anymore. I’m having to delete this app from my phone and move to get another app as this is becoming extremely annoying. I like to know 5 days ahead cause mine can be heavy when they first start. I was so happy to use this app for 5 years now, but as soon as the new updates roll out, technical issues appear more often. I’m sorry for those who might want this app, but don’t go off it based on this review and another review. Try for yourself first cause this just could be my account/s or the app on my end itself. Please fix this major issue for the future updates!

Great app but... I really enjoy using Flo and reading through articles which gives me a better understanding of my body but I am extremely disappointed now that there is a premium feature. We all should be entitled to read information and receive personal data but now we all need to pay for that. I feel there is no need to pay for certain features such as reading articles as you can so easily go onto the internet to find these things out. Everything used to be free and it was helpful but now we need to pay for information about our own cycles. I have had Flo for a few years now and the change has left me disappointed. I love the app but the premium feature doesn’t help.

Great but.... I’m 13 I have had my period for about 3 years. now and I was just scrolling through the App Store looking for a good period tracker because all of my ones tell me over a period of 10 days I could have my period within that time frame but the never actually tell me the date it’s due but I saw this and thought it looked decent so I downloaded it and all I gotta say is I love this app you can get accurate predictions and you can leave anonymous comments on chats but I don’t like how you have to pay for premium I feel like you shouldn’t have to pay to learn about your body and there are a lot of things you can read to find out what to do in embarrassing situations but you have to pay for them those could’ve saved me in a lot of situations but I’m not paying for something we have the right to learn about for free I would’ve given this app 5 stars if i didn’t have to pay for most things

💖🌸AMAZING🌸💖. I’m 13 and I’ve had my period for ages now and so far I haven’t found much apps that are really good. But I saw Flo come up on my Snapchat and I downloaded it, I wasn’t expecting too much as every other app I have tried was horrible. But I love flo! It’s amazing! There are heaps of surveys on there to help you! Of course they are optional. But I absolutely love this app. This app tracks your ovulation, and helps you if your sexually active, and it has a pregnancy tracker in case your planning on getting pregnant or if you are pregnant. You can either have this mode “on” or “off”, of course mine is off but this app is just amazing! I definitely recommend you to this app and I have recommended it to my friends too. There are in store purchases but I’m not sure what they are I’ve never bought anything, it’s completely free. And it’s amazing. I wouldn’t recommend any fix ups, it’s just great.

I am not a pregnant person.. Loved this app until it recently started referring to pregnant women as pregnant ‘people’. This app is concerned with menstrual health and period tracking, something experienced by 50% of the earth’s population — the word we have for these people is women. It has just occurred to me that the people at Flo do not even have a definition for the word woman anymore as according to them, adult human females are not necessarily women. Woman is not a dirty word. Adult human females need a word to describe ourselves and the specific health issues we face. Flo should know that better than most. Keep identity politics out of our health apps. Can Flo define ‘woman’? Does Flo even have a word for its target audience? Or are we separated into our body parts? Menstruating people, people with a cervix, pregnant people… this is both dehumanising and medically irresponsible.

I live by my Flo Tracker. My Fav by Far and it really helps prepare me for upcoming Events and outings as well as having the graph I am able to clearly see the changes each month as I want to show my Doctor once I have enough information stored. Would love for example when Ive chosen angry or mood swings if there was option was it caused by work, partner etc because I use the note section alot to write what was the cause but it does not show on the graph. Also alot of questions are off Topic which is a great read and helpful I was wondering can there could be a colour option or Icon to be clicked for Off Topic comments so its easier to get to the gold mine of help and experience for that subject. Lastly its invaluable having other Women of the World to reach out to, THANK YOU DEVELOPERS for this App and making it Free 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

The ‘upgrade to premium’ prompts are infuriating. I am so thankful to have an app that I can use to track and predict my period. However, I am getting so fed up with the constant offer of information, only to find I can’t see any of it without signing up to a subscription. The app never used to be like this. I have floated in and out of the paid version but after some time All I really wanted was the ability to track my symptoms and dates. But like today for instance, I jump on, log my period and some of my symptoms. Then, a prompt opens ‘your latest symptom tracker said ‘cramps’ find out why you’re having these symptoms’…so I tap the box, it opens to a story, I get through two taps only to find I’ll have to subscribe to find out more. This feels so stupid to me - yes I know you need to make money, but don’t bait people with information only to be told they can’t read it. If there is a free version can you just remove all access to paid components, instead of this little teaser of info? I find it almost a bit unethical and a bit sneaky. It makes me not want to use the app.

Great app till you had to pay for everything. I used to rely on this app to track ovulation and periods and analysis my symptoms throughout my whole cycle. I’ve been using this app since 2017 and it’s always been my favourite app but with all the features slowly being taken away and being paid subscription only it’s not as helpful as it used to be. There’s no point even logging symptoms because you have to pay for the insights. All you can see on the free version is period predictions which so many other apps offer with less ads anyway. They have slowly been increasing what you have to pay for for years and I understand why the app creators would charge for things but to slowly take it away from long term app users who rely on Flo to assist with medical conditions has sucked and I can’t even access my old data that’s entered in the app as I can’t afford to pay for the subscription.

READ THIS IF YOU WANT THIS APP. Now i see that the only way for app creators to get money is to charge $$$. But i dont see why app creators just go to Apple and say can you make this app this much money. I see that its called marketing because i do that for the school i go to but i really just hate hate hate apps like that. It makes you answer all these questions so that artificial intelligence can help you with girl stuff, just so you can go through all that trouble to weigh and measure yourself and then out of nowhere it says ‘ monthly pay’ ‘ yearly pay’ ‘ 3 day trial’. This is everything youll ever want but i never got to experience it my self because my parents said they wont be spending any money on apps. And if you have a ‘ 3 day trial’ option just think that whoever if using it will want to use this app but some people can barely afford phones or technology or housing. I saw a homeless woman in her 30s with 2 kids on the street with a phone without a back on it, an iPhone charger all ripped up plugged into the charger point in the subway with a pack of pads and a tint bag of food. Just think about it. Im just trying to help. If you send back to me developers DONT because i dont like getting into fights at all! No hate towards anybody!!! 🙏🙏❤️❤️

Very Limited. Great for tracking when your next period is coming, I’ve never had an issue with that and always very accurate for me but the fact that what feels like 95% of everything on the app requires the premium subscription makes me want to find something more inclusive for people not willing to pay an overpriced subscription. There’s a very small amount of free information on there unless you have paid for premium which I personally think is overpriced for what you’re getting since majority of the information you can just look up on google instead for $0. I know what I said might sound like it contradicts itself but I just think that is what could be improved in this app. I’ve been using it for a while and there used to be so much free stuff, but it’s very disappointing to see that basically all I can do on there is log when my period is and the symptoms without even finding out SIMPLE information without having to pay for it when the app is specifically for periods, ovulation and pregnancy, but yet you have to go somewhere else to find the info unless willing to pay.

Great until recently. Have used the app for a few years and have loved it. I’ve just decided to make the switch to a different highly rated period app after contemplating it for a fair while. The main reason is that features on Flo are constantly being restricted to premium members. I believe top notch features could be a paid subscription model but not sure why this is the case when earlier versions of the app had almost everything for free. If you don’t mind a very simple app for free, or paying for the details - get the app, or at least consider it near the top of your choices I don’t like the increasing content restrictions. It feels like profit is the priority now, not open information. I’m sure a large number of the target audience are young, somewhat vulnerable and unsure of the things they experience during menstruation. They’re also probably a group who has less access to money for the app. Sexual liberation is also becoming a focus for the app, but it feels like this is a marketing ploy to gain more paid subscribers as it’s not free for the masses.

Amazing but please add this update!. Hello, I have been using Flo for about 6 or 7 months now and so far it has been really accurate and very informative to young girls like my self, I have learnt so much not just about periods but about general health and what normal and what’s not. One of my favourite features of the app is how you can share experiences, stories and information anonymously. This may sound weird and TMI but in the days leading up to my period I tend to urinate a lot and I have asked some of my girl friends and even my mum about it and they have also said they have realised it too. I think that excessive urination should be added as a symptom option, I really think it could help women like me. Thanks,

Good but.... It is totally awesome how you can know when I could have my period just in case I forget, and the emotion things and stuff are pretty cool too (no other app that I know has that) but... I’m 11... so yeah... I can’t track my own! I only help my 13 year old cousin with setting it up because she got her period not long ago(she got it about 2 and a half months before her 13th birthday and when she could, she downloaded the app for all the other stuff that isn’t on other apps...because before that she had one that makes age not matter). And most of the 5-6th graders at my school have their period too. And also some 4th grades and 1-5 3rd graders! I really want this app and to rate it 5 stars but I can’t because I’m “too young”. Even if when I’m 13 and I do get this app... I won’t change the rating unless I KNOW younger people can track their periods. Please fix this, Sincerely, this random girl who put too many words into a review...

Excellent for all stages of life. This app is excellent for first time young adults right up to menopause for tracking your periods, ovulation and monthly symptoms and pregnancy. It is intuitive and changes with the more information you give it tho u may not notice at first. I only have the free version which is more than enough for me and well thought of to not add pressure to buy any extras so it still gives you the critical needs of the app all for free. I urge all women to download and enter this app daily and watch as your body tells you subtle signs of what’s to come. Thank you for this well made easy to use app! For years now It’s Helped me track my period and then ovulation and now pregnancy. The added private chat subjects weekly opening up the ease of conversations women just should have and all private so no stress discussing anything. And best of all... it works perfectly fine for free for critical information so your not held at ransom at all. Highly recommend for young women new to the world of their body and periods or those trying to conceive for tracking body symptoms that you may otherwise miss. Very detailed daily multiple choice entries of symptoms to help the app predict what your cycle is doing. So easy to use and links with health app for added benefits and info all in one place. The best app I have on my phone.

Subscriptions. I’ve been using Flo for a while now and it’s a pretty good app and quite accurate, the one problem I have is the amount of stuff you can’t do without a subscription I get that the app needs to make money but I feel like there is so little that you can do for free, for example the chats with the health assistance, you get half way through and then they ask you to pay for a subscription which isn’t really an option for me, and the annoying thing is I would find those chats really useful if I didn’t have to pay, as well as the insight section, you can’t read any of the things in that section which is another thing I would find useful if I didn’t have to pay. I just find it very inconvenient because I have a lot of things I want to find out and most of the time they have a thing for that but I can’t read it without a subscription. Other than that I think it’s a pretty useful app I just wish they would expand what you can do without a subscription :/

Just a quick issue I had.. So around last year, I had Flo and I followed all of the guidelines, which everyone should. But for some reason I kept getting reported? When I say reported I don’t mean a small suspension or anything, I had a suspension for MONTHS! To the point where, when I posted a comment I would time how long it would take until I got a message from Flo saying I’m doing something wrong. I mentioned this already, but it was still really irritating. Other than that issue, this is a great app and I love how there’s a secret chats (without that issue I had) but everyone is also really supporting and nice, it’s the best! I remember I would read some romance stories before going to sleep every night, either romance or period memes which I love just as much!

So Good!. I had no hope for this app, just thought it was be one of those crappy apps. But this is super reliable, gives you everything you need to put down and more things like that. I only had a little bit of information on my cycle and it’s literally so accurate already which I DID NOT expect at all ( that’s why I had no hope for it ). But it’s just SO GOOD, simple and easy to function for the younger people like me out there. The only thing is, when you are logging in your daily symptoms or period symptoms there isn’t an option for aching. A lot of people I know get aching in their back AND in other areas in your body that just take over your body and eventually your body is aching so bad. For me, my main period symptom is this horrible aching in my thighs to my feet and I have no option to log it in. So I was just wondering if you guys could add in a feature to make that an option to log down :) Thank you for making my period regular!!! I seriously recommend it! <3

Features to add. The app is great and helpful but I feel like a feature that should be added is energy levels or something similar to that, plus with the stress it should allow you to select an option as to why (work, school, personal life, no reason etc.) and more emotions to choose from such as agitated and depressed also in the exercise section walking should be put there as another option other than that everything seems perfect! Other feature that should be added is instead of just having days have times during the days as for example I find I lot of the time my period sort stops or I won’t bleed during the night but will during the day and a lot of the time I’ll start my period very late in the afternoon making the amount of days the app says I have slightly inaccurate

Super useful for tracking. Love this app, although, I would like it if you could still see when you’re ovulating even with contraception reminders. With the pill if you miss one or are sick you’re more likely to get pregnant - and seeing as no contraception is 100% it would still be good to have your main ovulation day lit up on the calendar regardless of contraception reminders. Other than that, I love the reminder feature. Would like a little more options in pregnancy mode as well. None of the data input options change, despite that there’s heaps more stuff going on in pregnancy that can be logged (like morning sickness, spotting, carpel tunnel, restless legs etc). Had to download a different app during my recent pregnancy, which sucked because I prefer flo and don’t enjoy having a tonne of apps around.

Great for periods but not for inclusivity. This app (even just the free stuff) is an awesome period tracker: it predicts when your period will arrive with high accuracy, it gives you personalised data about your cycle length, ovulation, etc., it gives you advice on dealing with period symptoms, and you can chat with other people about a whole range of topics. However, it’s not inclusive of transmasculine people - which I guess is understandable given it’s designed for women. Still, I’d at least like to be able to change my name and display my pronouns to other users (eg in chats, in my bio, and/or on my user page for others to see). I’d also like to see more content for us trans guys in the future, eg binding advice, the effects of HRT/testosterone, etc.

It’s all about the Subscription. I should have never updated my app. I used to enjoy using Flo to track the basics (for years!) - to track my cycle and my pregnancy, and I used to even enjoy reading some chats every now and then, but now nothing is free! Everything is “Choose your plan”. Every window that I try to open this prompt pops up to get you to subscribe for access. Everything is now locked compared to years ago when basic information was free. I know, I get it, that’s how they make money. But it’s just so disappointing when the basics that used to be free are now taken away. I used to look forward to reading a bit about the baby on a new week (again, basic information that I can find on google) but the point was, I could just go on to this app and be able to read about this. Now to access anything, you have to subscribe. Just disappointing. Thanks for all the years with free access. But for now good bye.

Good depending on your cycle. I found this good for general tracking and being able to see patterns however as soon as my husband and I started trying to conceive i realised the ovulation prediction was wrong. I have a cycle that moves around up to 5 days, although it is not classed as irregular it’s hard for Flo to predict ovulation. Due to my personal circumstances (hard to track O) i started charting my basal temp - and subscribed to natural cycles. In Natural cycles you can plot the temps, and through that it was easy to find that i ovulated on the 20th day, not 14th. Flo is great if you like to track all yr PMS symptoms, log as much info as much as possible. You can add yr temp in Flo, but natural cycles generates a chart. This saved me some $$ on OP sticks. It’s always down to personal preference. If Flo generated a basal temp chart i’d give it 5 stars.

this app actively strives to make me hate it. All I want to do is track my period on the calendar and I can’t do that without 12 millions popup ads. No, I do not want to pay for the app, I don’t need the premium features. I also only want notifications for when my period is expected ect, all the extra notifications and beyond annoying (yes I’ve gone in to settings to see if I can turn them off). Also there’s no way for me to change my name, I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app multiple times to try and pair it with the names on my Apple ID and it just won’t work. So I’m stuck with my dead name, I have contacted support for this too and they were absolutely no help at all. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find any other options so I have to keep using this app, it’s beyond infuriating. I’m having intense pms, trying to check when I’m due and I get so many popups that I just give up and end up crying. Come on dude, this needs serious fixing

Great, but needs bug fixes. This app is seriously a life saver! It’s predictions are incredibly accurate and I haven’t had an issue navigating the app whatsoever. I am able to use the free version and get everything I want from the app. It’s so useful! However, lately it hasn’t been logging my data. Even when using data or wifi, it is not saving any of my logged symptoms or periods. Recently I’ve been taking the pill for my endometriosis, and logging that seems to have thrown off the app, or maybe it’s just a bug, but my past 3 cycles were logged and recorded and were then deleted and the whole app has now reset my predictions. I don’t know when my periods occurred so I can’t edit or fix the mistake. It’s also saying my cycle on average is 15 days when my cycle is usually 23 days long. I don’t know what happened, but I updated it and it’s still bugging out. Thank you for taking the time to look at my review. Although I’m upset by the bug, it’s still the best period app available!

Good until the latest update. I used to love this app, have been using it for over 2 years. It was accurate and provided a lot of information. Would have easily been 5 stars. That is, until the latest update. Now it asks you to upgrade to premium for any and all information. It gives you a little teaser then automatically directs you to upgrade to premium where you have to pay (but they keep shoving down your throat a free one month trial even though cc details are required for that). Used to be a great free app, not so much anymore. Unfortunately will be looking elsewhere now. Reading the other reviews, they give a stock standard answer as to why they are making more content for premium users only but I read a response from them one year ago saying they valued the free subscribers and would maintain the same level of content for them. Guess they lied and decided they wanted money instead of loyal customers.

Not In love with the new update. I used to love the simplicity of this app. I was able to track my period, symptoms and ovulation and get a quick breakdown of the month every time I logged my period and it was perfect. With the update, some of the things I used to love about the app are unavailable without the membership and I get constant pop ups for information about the premium version and quizzes, that if you take will have you at a sign up page to join the premium membership. The constant pestering about the new membership makes me not want to go on and long my period or symptoms because a quick 5 second action now takes a few minutes of adds about premium features. I understand and appreciate the effort that has gone into creating the premium app, but I am at the point where I’m ready to get rid of the app all together as it’s just not what it used to be , and the changes haven’t benefited my experience.

Great app for first pregnancy need more options for pregnancy after loss!. This app was great for my first pregnancy, the tracking and information was really helpful. Sadly we lost him at 30 weeks. It was obviously really hard to go into the app and say I am no longer pregnant. It then got even harder in my current pregnancy as it feels like all the information is aimed at people who haven’t suffered loss. It would be great if there was a rainbow pregnancy tracking option which focused on different things as this app now feels too positive and unrealistic to me. It was also really hard when I went to track this pregnancy when it asks how many children you have because that question is not cut and dry, and also triggering for someone who has had a stillborn baby. So more options for pregnancy after loss would be great!

_Wonderful! SUGGESTION-PLEASE READ. Flo is such a simple and effective app to use, it has everything a girl/woman needs to keep track of her period, ovulation, pregnancy and everything in between. The health insights are an absolutely fantastic idea! To make this app even better, I have a suggestion that I think every person who uses this app would enjoy. In the discussion insights, there are many users who talk about their want for a section just for discussions. The idea is that for there to be another feature, in which everybody can anonymously post their stories, questions and thoughts and feelings, any be able to give and receive advice (especially in the psychological sense). I believe this will make Flo even better, and I speak for everyone. Please take this idea into consideration! Keep up the good work!

Not very useful but chatrooms are great. If all you want is an app to help you know when ur period is coming, this isnt the one. This is because, firstly, you have to constantly be declining adds for it's paid version while the actual tracker bit isnt even that good - it doesnt notify you when you need it to (maybe the day or days before ur period), it also doesn't pick up the patterns in the symptoms you put into it eg i always have mood swings before my period and but only register that they are swings when my period starts - it would have been rlly helpful if the app could have notified me when id be getting that symptom instead of me putting the info in retrospectively every month for no reason. It does, however, always clearly tell me when ill be ovulating which is not info i care about rn. Overall not v useful app. However, I will say that the chat groups on this app for taboo topic like discharge and vaginismus are a rlly good idea and very useful too.

Developer won’t cancel subscription. During trial period, I tried to cancel my subscription before I incurred any cost as I didn’t find the app suitable for my needs. I couldn’t find it under my usual subscription location to be able to cancel, so I emailed the developer who explained to me that I must not have an active subscription and that I won’t be charged once the trial period ends. Today I noticed I have been charged the premium fee, despite attempting to have the subscription cancelled. Again, I have emailed the developer who has given me a long list of things to try (which I tried the first time) in order to cancel it again! This is really poor on your behalf, there should be a simplified “opt out” not making customers jump through hoops and be charged unnecessarily even after they’ve contacted you asking for it to be cancelled!! I’m still awaiting a response and refund!! If I could give you zero stars, I would.

negative connotations. The basis of this app are great, and there are no issues with functionality. There is great access to several resources and features even in free version. I find it very disappointing though that so many of the symptoms and moods you can log carry negative connotations. There are 9 negative emotions to choose from, compared to 2 positive ones. This sets a precedent of periods being negative and heavy things women* have to deal with. True, no one really has a good time during or the few days leading up, but getting notifications like “you’ll probably have a headache today” or “you might feel bloated” is honestly not helping. Many women feel strong, energetic or sexy during other phases of their cycle, which should be equally highlighted as when we’re feeling less so. Why not add things in such as “hey you might feel strong today, try get a PB in whatever you’re doing” or ‘energetic’ ‘confident’ to the mood choices. Let’s lift women* up. *Women or people that menstruate

Great app. I have used this app for years for basic tracking of my period. It works great. I just saw someone else’s review complaining about the use of “she/her” etc. and requesting that the terms should be “gender neutral”…….. Honestly if the creators of Flo change the terms to add “he/him” or “non-gendered”, I’m deleting the app instantly. It’s a freaking PERIOD TRACKING APP. Females have periods because we have female reproductive organs. Anyone using the app is a female. The pronouns for a female are ‘she/her’. These are facts. They aren’t debatable. If someone wants to identify as a cat, by all means, call yourself a cat. But DO NOT expect and demand the rest of the world to buy into your delusion.

great app. i love flo! very productive, check on the app almost everyday to see when my next period is! i’m not sure if it’s efficient though because i did put it when i started and finished my period from the last month but the next month i could start days before what the app had said i started. i hope you understand what i mean, sometimes it can’t be 100% efficient also with the pregnancy’s and stuff because i’m young and i’ve definitely know i’m not pregnant or going to be, anytime soon. besides that, i still continue to use it because it’s better than using a regular calendar and counting up the days because my days are very random so i don’t blame the app for not getting the right days. Love the app! Would recommend!

I like this app. Flo is really useful, I’ve been tracking my periods on it for 4 years now (the app just told me it was our anniversary today, glad she remembered cause I didn’t haha). It been a great way to see approximately when my period is coming and easily log my symptoms to see where patterns arise. There’s also good educational content (less so if you don’t have Flo premium) and a nice little anonymous discussion section suited to your place in life, which is great to read every now and then. The only nitpick I have is that I don’t really like the Flo premium avatars. It doesn’t affect the usefulness of the app at all, but it would be nice to be able to pick the animal separately from the accessory - I want to be a frog but I don’t want a gold chain 😅

Love this but pls take note. I love this app and it is very helpful although it does have some features that I don’t like or would like to improve. Please can you add more options in the daily log, like different feelings, types of medication/vitamins, more types of exercise, any unusual bodily functions, things you ate today, how your skin/hair is etc would be amazing!!!! Also can you please bring back the chat room things where we talk about subjects and offer advice? I loved those and I know that so many other girls did too. Or even can you make a general chat room for girls to talk about anything? That is a request I’ve seen a number of times and I know that Flo users would adore that feature. I definitely support the whole don’t be afraid to talk about your period thing and the videos with famous women about periods are awesome but I reckon the Flo users liked it better when you just had the daily advice and chat rooms. Love the advice too! But can you broaden your advice page to how to deal with relationships and stuff? Thank you so much!!!! I love Flo so much and I only want to see it improve so if you can improve any of these things above that would be amazing! xx

Great insights and features!. I’ve had this app for a few months now and I absolutely love it! It’s easy to use, has great features for logging symptoms and tracking your menstrual cycle! But the best part of the app are the personalised recommendations! I only have the free version of the app, but I am still given a few custom articles and tips every day that are tailored to fit my symptoms and needs. I rely on this app every day now to search my symptoms or to read about women’s health and educate myself on something new! The app interface is easy to use and you can set a custom background and themes to make it even more personalised! Seriously cannot recommend this app enough!

Free version is now useless.. I have been using this app to manage and track my endo symptoms and cycle for +5 years and in that time I have seen the developers remove more and more features to the point it is no longer functional as a free app. The last straw for me was seeing that recently they removed the feature that simply shows what day of your cycle it is, now you must pay for this. I didn’t mind not having access to the premium features, I was even willing to tolerate the constant disruptions pushing “discount offers”, but now that the essential function of the app - basic tracking of your cycle - has become a paid feature, I’m finally saying goodbye to Flo as it is useless to me now. I checked out the trial and can say as a paid app it is overpriced for such basic features, such as generic advice and simple tracking and predictions that you can do for free in Apple Health.. Or a calendar, honestly, which is probably safer for US citizens affected by the overturning of Roe v Wade, given Flo’s lack of guarantee for the security of their user’s cycle data in the wake of this.. I understand app developers need to make money but this is blatant capitalisation on what is a necessity for menstruating people. Bye Flo.

I love it but to improve.... I love the app because its so helpful, informative and easy to use to help track your health. It also suggests articles about your body (such as acne) to improve your overall health and wellbeing. If you want to go the extra mile, you can take courses to provide a more in-depth solution to any problems you may be experiencing by answering questions to make the courses personalised to your advantage. However to improve the app, if some courses and other resources are made free or are more affordable (especially since younger teen girls may be using the app) then I think the app would benefit and be enjoyed more by its wide and diverse audience. I also think if this is changed, Flow could benefit significantly by attracting more users as the app is one of, if not the best app for providing information about health and wellbeing for girls and women.

Impressed. I have been using Flo for almost a year now on the free version and loved it to track everything then recently I changed it to the premium just because I had the chance with the free trial and all and all I have to say is wow I’m actually impressed. The the daily guides, info packs and even your cycle summaries are so detailed. If this is the new flo I don’t think I’ll end up going to the free version it’s actually worth paying for now which I never thought I’d say. It’s very informative and the information is so valuable! The only change I’d make is I wish you could custom a few icons and add things like meals etc. or toilet movements but I mean other than that it’s great!

Prediction is off. This app isn’t like any other app, it helps a lot! Whatever you’re unsure of Flo has the answers. I’ve used it for about 2 years and other apps aren’t as helpful as Flo. There’s only one thing about Flo I don’t like and that it’s always getting the prediction of my period wrong. It would always say one day late and then two days late. I’m not even sure if I’m able to fix this but it really frustrated me, and worried me. Sometimes my period would skip a month and that REALLY stressed me out. But apparently it was only because of stress. That one little issue with the app is that stressful but regardless it’s a really helpful app. There are articles you can read to help you understand your body and what happens as you get older. I would only wish for the app to fix that issue.

Cluttered. I can’t open the app without it trying to direct me to a personalisation quiz, or a bot chat room with “fun facts about periods”, or an article about sexual health, or unsolicited advice about my exercise/hygiene/dietary habits, or random mythbuster facts about generic biological functions like goosebumps, or... And for the love of god, I’ve turned off every notification except “your period is due”, and STILL multiple pop-ups a day chirping about my hormone levels, and new deals on the app, and whatever else this thing thinks I need shoved in my face. Look, I just want to mark the day I woke up in a pool of blood, maybe log a few symptoms, and check the graph to see how this compares to last month. Get out of my face. Please. Every time I check in there’s more useless add-ons to wade through before I can get to the basic core functions I want to use.

Good but there are issues. Flo is overall a pretty decent app. It tracks quite accurately, and has a ton of information available for users. My one issue is the app’s attitude towards LGBTQ+ people and matters. I think the app should have a choice at the beginning for what gender you are, so if you don’t identify as female you won’t be misgendered every time you open it. I also have a massive problem with the secret chat, as my comments keep getting deleted. I have ones with lots of likes that are then removed because they violate the policy. I can’t help but notice that they are always the ones in the LGBTQ+ sections, talking about LGBTQ+ topics. I get very annoyed because I’m not discriminating against anyone, not being offensive or swearing excessively, not being political (unless gay is counted—which, in the gay section is very strange), and I’m not promoting anything illegal! It’s always on topic and completely relevant, but they always get removed. This is exceptionally frustrating when I use the app as a way to connect with other queer people/women and need the sense of community; which is impossible when comments get removed. Apart from that, it’s pretty good. Please take this into consideration for future updates.

Thank you Flo!. I had received 3 positive pregnancy tests, so I was certain I was pregnant. Did my ultrasound and found out I was 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I saw my gestational sack but no yolk sack yet. I cried and was so worried because the lady had said she couldn’t see a pregnancy, prior to seeing the gest sack. I had been anxious from the minute I left to the moment I woke up in the morning the next day. I downloaded this app and maybe about 6-7 other pregnancy apps and honesty I have loved every second of reading on Flo. Helped me calm my anxiety of my mild cramps, helps me keep track of my symptoms and the tracking of my baby development! Absolutely get if you’re an anxious mama like me, will help relieve your stresses and I hope for a successful pregnancy for you! May God be with you 🙏

Loyalty lost!. I have been using this app for more than 3 years now, and found it very reliable and helpful. It helped me a lot during my first pregnancy, especially the insights, tips, and calendar etc.. So easy and simple to use! BUT for the past few months flo has changed from a lively insightful women's app to a useless space waster on my phone. No notifications whatsoever anymore. At first I thought it was my phone, but when I checked the settings I realised it was because I now have to pay to continue using it. The pregnancy calendar tracker no longer gives insights like it used to. I clicked on the insights a few days ago and was happy to see some information, only to be bitterly disappointed when it disappeared before I was able to read it! That was the last straw, and I have now downloaded another app, and will be deleting yours, seeing as you are now too commercialised to care about your long time users!

Almost perfect. I love almost everything about this app, but there are a few certain features that it lacks so I actually have to use it combined with another app. Ovulation test results should also cater for the digital kind, so that you can log low, high and peak fertility- and then the app should adjust the predications accordingly. And on that note- when logging a peak (or positive for the non digital) ovulation test, basal temperatures should still be taken into consideration with the predictions as OPK can show peak but ovulation can still be 12-36 hours away. I love that I can see the cycle days on the calendar, and my predicted period/ovulation days- makes it easy to look ahead when making plans. I do also wish that when logging a miscarriage, that the app would discount all of those days instead of showing as a super long cycle which just throws out all of the other calculations.

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The app is good but.... Flo is good app but I find it creepy how it knows when I am late for my period. I don’t tell it anything and somehow it just knows and most of the time it doesn’t even get it on the right days.

Gender neutral options. This app is amazing and helped me a lot with my period and stuff, but sometimes the way it addresses me bothers me. I’m non-binary and i would prefer if the app used my preferred pronouns they/them. it just makes me uncomfortable when people call me a girl or she. there’s also a lot of trans men on the app that are trying to track their periods but are being called girls too. i would like it if there was a setting so we can choose our gender or pronouns that we want the app to use.

TOO MANY ADS AND ALERTS.. I just log in to track my period I dont need 30 million pop ups and ads in my face.

Women aren’t the only ones who have periods. Could you add a category for trans men or AFAB non-binary people? Women aren’t the only ones who get periods, there’s some other people who get them too.

Used to be good. I’ve been using this app for yearssss. There’s SO many pop ups and annoying stuff now it just drives me nuts. I just wanna log my per!od like please. And the emails and constant notifications about the premium thing. Just ask me once and accept my answer jeez. I’m just gonna find a new app cause I don’t have the patience.

New layout is terrible. The new layout is terrible. I preferred the old one as it was more clean and easy to the eye. The new one just makes me not want to use the app anymore. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD LAYOUT. I’ve provided a review a couple weeks ago regarding the same issue. Why was it deleted?

I like it... but.... I like the app cause I can keep track of my moods cycles and more But recently whenever I’ve tried edit my period dates, it kicks me out of the app all together and I kind of rely on that function a lot, so I think I’ll start looking for another app to use...

Good app. Solid app, reliable 100% But y’all can you chill with the pop ups, I just wanna see if I’m being moody cuz I’m hungry or if it’s pms, or plan my vacations around my period lol I don’t need a bunch of stuff popping off in my face, I just wanna use the app, not have a information pop up that I can’t click out of

Awsome, but I have a request. So this app is awsome! I love it, but I do have a request. So I’m a trans guy (ftm) and I still have my period, so I was just wondering if there could be a secret chat for trans guys? I just think it would be nice to talk to others about this? Anyway great app!🖤

Helpful. Excellent

Not trans inclusive. Needs to be people with periods not women as nonbinary people and trans men also have periods and can elect to get pregnant

Suddenly they’ve made free features paid ones?. It was never like this. Now I can’t even log my symptoms or view the daily report WHICH WAS ALL FREE before. Constantly shoving “87% off premium!” I had to cross off it every time. Didn’t bother me. Now it does with having taken the basic stuff away. Screw that. There are other apps out there. Disappointed

Offensive insights. The features of this app are good, and I like the functionality and interface. After using it for 3 months, it’s quite accurate. However, I find some of the “insights” to be offensive. Recent insights I’ve received include a post about making sure your vagina smells good, and a survey asking about “homosexual” sex. It’s clear that this app is not designed or maintained by women. I’ll be switching to a different app.

Belle application mais... La Fonction graphique n’est pas suffisante.. il n’y a rien pour visualiser sa température, etc.

no. if you’re in america don’t use this app

Pretty good. It’s a great app, it lets you track your feelings, your weight, symptoms etc. Also, it’s quite accurate and it lets you log any day as your period if it does come unexpectedly. The only problem I have is when you add your age, you must be 13 or older to log your period. And it irritates me as I’m 11 and many girls my age and even younger get their period at such a young age. Anyways, overall this app is great for tracking your periods and cycle. Goodbye now.

UNSAFE. this app is unsafe! They sell your data and with the new US roe overturn, you’re in great danger for abortions and miscarriages if they bring your period cycle to court!!!! pls don’t use

Whyyy. Great app for period tracking except every time you try to check your period it forces you to click on 500 things that you don’t need

Track pregnancy. I used to LOVE this app for tracking my pregnancy. But needing to pay to see my babies size and what’s new that week? Seriously? It was free before why do I need to pay now? Don’t market the app as free when it clearly isn’t anymore, we need to pay to use any feature and I’m sick of it!

Don’t bother unless you’re willing to pay. Honestly Flo used to be good but now it’s garbage. You can’t access anything without paying for premium. Not even the “health insights” that used to be free. They went from being a great source of information and period tracking to being a money grab. You could say the whole community aspect makes up for it but that has way more to do with the users than the app. The app seems to want to start divisive conversations and often asks really outdated and sexist questions. Seriously thinking of deleting it.

tampon tracker. would be nice to have the option to put in the time of your last tampon change so people like me who often forget can have that

Good, but irritating ads. This app is good for what it is, it keeps track of your periods, with the added benefit of having mood and symptom trackers. I knocked off two stars because of the extremely irritating ads that pop up constantly on the screen trying to convince you to buy premium. There isn’t an X anywhere on the screen, you have to click the button to the purchase page before you can exit the screen. It happens every time you use the app, sometimes multiple times in one session. It’s so irritating that I barely use the app. The only reason I haven’t switched to a different app is because this app has years of data. I’ve notified customer support, they said they’d pass it on to marketing, to be fair.

Use a different app. It used to be really good and informative but now it just wants you to upgrade to give any information. Not worth it! There’s a thing called google which is free.

Too many pop ups. I used to love this app now there’s a pop up everywhere and it’s really difficult to use!

What happened?!. I loved this app up until a few weeks ago when it started spamming my phone like crazy about things that I am not interested in and are somewhat offensive. I have played with the settings to no avail and contact support who told me to turn off the notifications all together. But I do want the ones relevant to me! I’m disappointed to uninstall.

Not helpful to me. First of all, I’m gay- so the consistent need to tell me i might be pregnant and continually ask me if I may be pregnant is extremely unhelpful and annoying. I wish there was an option to eliminate any questions or feedback around pregnancy. Second, I have PCOS. With irregular, extremely unpredictable periods it’s not helpful to be quizzed every time my periods late and have the flo assistant continually ask me what my usual cycle is- I don’t have a regular cycle and can’t pinpoint a close guess as I have between 2 and 10 periods a year. The only use for this app for me is to use it as a calendar to track my periods for health care providers. I can do that on any app that has a calendar. I think this app has great potential and if you have a regular period and are concerned about pregnancy I’m sure it’s great. I just get very little use from it.

DELETE THE APP. I used Flo for years. However, after discovering that Flo has been selling women’s data and information to Google and Facebook in efforts to support legislation that places more restrictions and control over women’s bodies, I could not delete it fast enough. I am so unbelievably disgusted and enraged.

Terrible for non women. I am a trans male and i wanted somthing to track my period and i keep getting misgendered, It would mean the world to me if you add a non feminine option and a pronoun option.

Ads. Today I went to log my symptoms and got an add for a sale that I could not exit out of until I clicked "get my offer". I just want to track my symptoms, y'all. Please don't make it so we have to go to a purchase page to exit out of an ad.

they track your info. if i could put 0 stars i would

not like it used to be. i’ve been using flo for almost 6 years now and so many things have changed, and i don’t say that in a good way. nothing is free anymore, you have to pay for everything.

.... It use to be a great app...until they updated it and you have to literally pay for everything. It’s very pricey as well. Imagine being young and just wanting to get some insight on your body, and people are trying to make profit off of that...that’s shady. I honestly do not recommend this app.

Please don’t download this app. With the new abortion rules flo sends your information to the government and can tell if you have had an abortion.

Late by. This new update removed the late for period by x days and now for each day late it just puts the start of your next period for the following day. It seems much less helpful now. It no longer tells you when you were originally expected to start bleeding

PINK TAX, NOT FREE. Having a period is extremely expensive, and Flo thinks it should cost you an extra $10 a month to track it.

Toxic community and flo is unfair. The community is very toxic. Some of the girls call you slurs, and their comments don’t get delete but my comment gets deleted for standing up for myself?? Flo keeps your data too. Wish I could give 0 stars for this trash app

DELETE THIS APP. this app sells ur data and can know when ur pregnant and can see if you’ve gotten an illegal abortion in the usa and other places so they can put you in jail, this is absolutely disgusting not just that ABORTION IS ILLEGAL also that old men are deciding what’s best for OUR BODYS NOT THEIRS, OURS. We are moving back in time, not forward, MY BODY MY CHOICE

It’s OK. I really just want to use the app to log my period dates but it’s constantly bombarding me with unskippable ads for the $$$ premium version to unlock papers and track pregnancy, all stuff I’m not interested in, and as someone who struggles with infertility issues it is a really upsetting issue at times and doesn’t feel good when you are constantly being berated by your period app being like “you’re 1 day late, you’re probably pregnant, wanna spend $80 to find out????”. I can never get pregnant, but I can’t tell my app that, and the sliver of hope it gives me is shattering every time it’s wrong

Disappointed. When I came off birth control to start trying to have my son, I just needed an easy spot to track my period. While there were some other bells and whistles that were interesting, that was really all I ever used it for. Now a couple of years later, it’s essentially unusable for that purposes without paying for a subscription. All I want to do is enter my period dates, and I have to watch/click through ads (multiple) to do that? It’s way out of hand.

Latest update. The latest update took away the ability to track your weight. I dont know why this is but i emailed them and they said they took away this feature. Well actually tracking your weight is a very important part of pregnancy and general health. And taking away something medically important just for woke reasons is ridiculous. Ive been a premium member for years and have just cancelled and will no longer be using this app for tracking or anything.

Great app but way so pushy for Premium. I used to love this app and it still has a great layout and functionality. But it’s SO pushy to get you to upgrade to their paid premium version. Constantly giving me options and buttons to use and then shoving me to the paywall. It’s annoying enough to get me to quit using it.

Delete it. Delete this app it sells your data #prochoice

Whats the big deal?. Honestly i dont really care if facebook knows when im having my period. I dont care if everyone knows im on my period, in fact i would like them too know. So people need to stop freaking out over the fact that our data is going to facebook. This is a great app over all

Constantly requesting subscription. I have had Flo for probably 8 years now and it has changed so much since. It was great at the beginning, now it constantly requests you to upgrade to premium. Opening the app I have to dismiss and click through way too many things. I just want to track my cycle, they’re making it too complicated.

Bad. Used to be ok but now it’s none stop pop ups and everything cost money now. There’s other better apps now. The pop ups are infuriating, a couple is fine but they’re getting way too greedy

ehh. its alright ig just i don't understand why u need a subscription to use this app? like periods are natural u might as well carry around a paper tracking your period then pay for someone else to do it when really in the first place its none of their business.

Why new version. Why can't I changed the layout of my symptoms anymore? And I can't track my temperature anymore! Bring that back, I just paid for pro and now I need to look into other apps.

Sharing data with Facebook. Flo shared private data with Facebook. Not the way to go.

Was super good until the premium happened. I feel like its the best app but the premium thing is so annoying specially when you’re in the middle of reading something and then you cant continue cuz you have to pay for premium to continue it.

Used to be perfect now it's annoying crap. I regret that I updated the app. This has been the best app I've used for years with nice reminders when it's time for a period. Now it's a damn annoying thing that sends me notifications every single day! I turned off all reminders except for the start of a period, but I still get those annoying daily notifications. I can't turn them off completely, as the main function for me is a reminder of the upcoming period. The interface has changed to something crazy with a bunch of blocks, hints and other trash information I don't need. Every time I open the app I am asked to buy the premium which I will never buy as there are so many similar apps out there and the way the app has changed will never make me even consider paying for it. I would consider it for the app it used to be, a simple calendar with managed reminders, but not for the piece of crap it has become now. Too bad I'll have to find an alternative to this app, I'll miss the perfect app it used to be.

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No assessment after questionnaire and cancellation was ridiculous. After filling out an online questionnaire I was lead to believe I would be receiving some sort of health assessment or report…. NOPE! The only way you get a health “report” is by filling out how you feel for 30 days and the report isn’t any sort of recommendation, it is more of a compilation of the data you entered WHICH we can allll do by a simple diary. What a joke. Then, cancellation was a circus. Go here and try, then here and try… that didn’t work? Contact us! Received an auto-attendant email that suggests ANOTHER link to go to and try to cancel. I mean, they WANT to make it difficult to cancel. Just put a feature inside the app that lets you cancel IN THE APP not gives you 4 sets of instructions to try that require going to different spots on your phone and/or web browser. I hate when companies do that. It’s the “let’s wear them out so they get tired of trying and want to go back to it later but forget to do that and we get one more billing cycle out of them” tactic. Just be more transparent. For a female focused app I felt like there were a lot of traps/pot holes set up during marketing/cancellation which made me feel like they were trying to take advantage. I would never recommend this company.

Love it but need some improvements. Even before I discovered that you can text other people it was really helpful. But now that I’m able to contact others anonymously and talk about real world stuff that you would be embarrassed to about outside of the app, it’s a hundred times better. I only wish you could see notifications for when people respond to your comment. Like an social media (I don’t think this is social media) it’s stressful putting something out there in the world and waiting for answers. Especially if it’s important, having to scroll through so much just to learn that you didn’t get a response it’s annoying. Having notifications that tell you if someone liked your comment or commented on it will relieve stress and make things simpler. Also, if your looking for a period app this one is really cool. It has easy to work period schedules, hooks right up to your iPhone health app and has really cool information. I know I have definitely learned a lot from it, and I feel much better about myself after reading articles on it. It’s also a great community of girls, girls who will stand up for you and are really empathetic and helpful.

Love the update!!. I can’t believe there are bad reviews for this new update. Why do people expect everything to be free? I’m American, so I have absolutely no expectations that anyone will give a **** about my wellbeing without me digging into my wallet. I’m also very poor, but this app is in my budget, because it’s important for my physical and mental wellbeing. Are there more than three options here that I’m not considering? 1) Tracking your period is really important and you pay for premium 2) It’s not that important so you keep the free version or 3) You simply cannot afford the premium even though you want it. None of those are the developers’ faults. When I gave my first payment for this app, it was something like what I was looking for. They’ve taken my money and everyone else’s and have turned it into something that is nearly PERFECT. Please don’t complain about your budget or income in an App Store review. Work it out. Requests: more info on nutrition depending on the cycle day and more moderation in the community. THANK YOU FOR THIS GLORIOUS APP!

Super useful but needs an update!. I’ve been using the app for about a month now and so far I really love it! Obviously I haven’t really had the chance to see how well it does with period/ovulation predicting, but the main reason I love it is for its day-to-day functions. I love the insights given about possible changes and reasons my body might be behaving differently. I only knocked off a star because I’d like to see a few things added to the symptoms category on the calendar; 1) along with food cravings I feel as though there should be a place where you can log what it is you’re craving (as cravings for different foods can indicate that your body is lacking a certain nutrient), 2) you should be able to log whether or not you’ve had a loss/gain in appetite, 3) I had read another review about maybe starting in-app chat rooms where you can message groups/individual people about specific problems and I thought it was a great idea! The insights that the app gives are helpful but not the same as advice given from people with the same experience. Overall I highly recommend!!

Not great anymore. I’ve been using this app since 2017 and because of recent updates, I have uninstalled it. This app really helped me over the years keep track of my period so that I could talk to my doctors about it. However, within the last year or so, the app has been very heavily pushing ads for the premium features. I can’t even open the app without the first thing I see being an ad for premium. I am incredibly disappointed. I understand that they’re trying to make money and further develop the app, but the ads make the free version unusable now. I don’t need the premium features; I’m not trying to get pregnant and don’t need the “insights” that premium offers. I just need something to help give me a heads up when my period is coming. Nothing more. In addition to the ads, there are so many pop ups that you have to close before you can access your period log. All of the pop ups are like “check this feature out” and when you do you get a message along the lines of “actually, you need premium for this.” I was trying to pull up the date of my last period at my doctors office recently and had to close like 3 pop ups just to get to it. I’m sad to see this app go, but it’s become unusable.

Review. I love this app, it’s very helpful, but I do have some suggestions. In terms of mood options, maybe you could add some moods tailored to mental health such as “depressed” or “anxious”, I feel like it would help me personally as opposed to labeling it under “mood swings”. Additionally, if there were an ovulation app without pregnancy that would be helpful. I’ll use myself as an example; I’m not looking to get pregnant any time soon, but it would be helpful for me to see when I’m ovulating so I can plan around it. Also, I wouldn’t mind more insights, quizzes, and interactive questions/polls that fit with my inputs. I find it very insightful to hear what other women have to say about a particular topic. Lastly, if our mood fluctuates throughout the day, we should be able to input our current mood, the time we began feeling that way, and an option to explain why we’re feeling that way. I’m just thinking of those with depression much like myself, and it would be interesting to see when, how, and why my mood changes. There might be a pattern that can help us identify a problem or issue.

Hate the chat bot. I’ve used this app for the past five years and it has been great until about a year ago. There was lots of good information, even the stuff not covered by the premium membership was helpful information to hear. Then, they added this awful chat bot that is unavoidable and time consuming. You HAVE to either exit out (which is laggy anyway) or take 5 minutes of your time to wait for the “typing” to stop, read what the bot has to say, and then click the predetermined response. Then it wants you to hear about Flo Premium, which I am not going to buy no matter how many times it tells me about it because I’m not trying to get pregnant. Then it starts to tell you about something in your cycle only to stop halfway through and make you once again say you’re not going to get premium, and then click through two more screens to close out the bot. The whole experience is annoying enough that I want to stop using the app altogether but I have 5 years worth of data that will be useless. I would LOVE it if the devs would add an option to turn this bot off! There’s truly enough reminders to buy premium anyway, it’s not like I’m going to forget it’s an option.

Another review on the deal pop-ups. I will start by saying that this app is one of the best tracking systems on the AppStore today. But my frustration comes from the fact that every time I open the app, I am bombarded with suggestions to upgrade to a premium account, which I have no interest in doing, or I get pop-ups of extras or articles, that I’m not interested in. Most of the time there’s not an option to “X” out or skip, so I have to close the app. I’m high-functioning ADHD, I don’t have the mental time or space to close out an app and remember what I want wanting to log in the first place. I need this app to be more fluid. I use this app simply for tracking and I want there to be a setting where I can turn off all the other things. When I first started using this app a long time ago, there was not any articles to read or communities to join, which are probably good for some people, but if you’re going to have an app that’s inclusive, you also need to consider the ones who don’t want all the things and just need a basic tracking system. Thanks for reading. <3

It’s great but... I appreciate how much research and content that goes into this app. it’s definitely more than a cycle tracker app. however, not only women have a uterus ! i understand making the app women centered; the majority of the people who use it are probably cisgender women who just want to track their period or try to get pregnant. but there is a percentage of people using the app that are trans like me. Hormones like testosterone greatly affect a persons body in many different ways, including irregular periods and irregular discharge. i want accurate information about my body just like all the women on this app, but there is not another app out there right now that has such accurate and researched information for free. i think at the very least there should be a “Trans man” and/or a “Non-binary” option that you can chose while making your profile. just like asking height and weight, asking gender identity can help curate the information to each person and their needs. as a group we are past the notion that only women get periods. i know an acknowledgment of my gender identity and what hormones might be in my body would make me feel better about using this app.

The best Free app for periods. Ive been using flo since i was a young teenager. If you log your period the way it happens you will get accurate results! Ive never been the type to keep up with apps about health etc.. but flo keeps you coming back because of how spot on it is! I will start every time she predicts and end right on the day. When I was trying to get pregnant, she predicted the best time to try and within a month or two I was pregnant. Also is amazing if you’re not on a pill and active , it lets you know the chances of the day so you can be careful! I recommend it for every girl/ woman. Weather you’re tracking your period, or ovulation schedule/ pregnancy chances, this app is 100% for you! Ive tracked all of these and they are accurate to the T .. at least for me ! Even with the added in app purchases , this app is still amazing free . I use it to track my period and it does the job! For free! I usually don’t leave reviews but flo has really helped me and I hope it helps others as well ! Keep up the awesome app Flo!

Great if you’re able to pay for premium. When I first downloaded Flo, I had the premium membership, and it was great. The chat boxes were really insightful, and the tracking provided me with lots of useful information about my health. However, when my circumstances changed and I had to cancel the premium membership, it is literally just a calendar on your phone where you can log your period and a few symptoms, and read a couple of articles. I understand that Flo requires funding to exist, but I was incredibly disappointed by just how limited the free membership is. Without payment, it is just another cycle-calendar app. The reason I’m writing this review now is because my period is late and a little chat box just popped up that claimed it was going to go over the possible causes. When I clicked into it, the first screen was a list of things like pregnancy, stress, diet etc (stuff I could simply find online), and when I clicked next, expecting some sort on insight tailored to my input, it just said the next bit is for premium subscribers only. I couldn’t believe it. So far, I’ve found the app is basically pointless unless you’re willing to pay.

Love it, but I wish it had a few more options.... I have been using this tracker for about a year, and I love how far it has come in a short period of time. The ease of use, ability to set reminders- all things that I have come to really enjoy about this app. However, I do wish it had the ability to work for my spouse. Something like- giving him updates or alerts for fertile days, etc. Just something that helps both of us toward our goal. Also- I wish the app had more options when it comes to symptoms and moods. Stomach aches are common for me on my period, and I wish there was the ability to track them to see if perhaps there was a way to avoid them, or at least have a better idea when I could expect them- we all know our cycles are linked to something! For moods- I feel like angry and panicky don’t always fit the bill for me. I’m more grumpy or just generally annoyed, rather than something that harsh. If not adding more options, perhaps the ability to add custom options that we can then track. All in all, I absolutely love this app and look forward to future updates!

Flo May Not Be Safe Right Now. With the disheartening news of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, it isn’t safe for women to track their periods on this app. I personally have been using this app for over two years now and I have just recently found out that they’ve been known to leak period information. This could be detrimental to women as this information could potentially be used against them in court. I’m not 100% on this but this information has been regurgitated by many people and influencers. As a young woman, I am unable to guarantee the safety of your information using this app as of right now. There is also an article I found from January 13 of 2021 where Flo had to settle with the Federal Trade Commission over allegations that they had sold private health information to third party companies including Facebook and Google. They’re supposed to be adding an anonymous feature with the announcement of the overturning. I just don’t know how long it’s going to take or how safe it’s actually going to be. This is a devastating blow to the rights and safety of all women living in the United States of America. Stay safe.

Favorite app for cycle & pregnancy. I’ve been using Flo since 2019 & I absolutely love the app. It’s very user friendly and helps me keep track of my irregular cycles & log multiple symptoms/activity. I was then able to use the same app for the “Getting Pregnant” option & now I’m using it to track my pregnancy! It’s been super helpful to give my doctors accurate information about my reproductive health. It can be difficult to carry a journal or to take time to write things out. With this app I can just select a few options & then if an option isn’t available I can write it out. It’s quick & easy. I love how easy it is to use with the free version as well. Even though they’re always trying to get you to pay for the premium 😅 I do find the premium articles to be resourceful! I also love the community! Folks just sharing their experiences with all kinds of things. Such a beautiful app. Minus the issue they had a few years back with selling our data to third parties 😭

Great app, but needs a few changes.. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome affects 1 in 10 women. As a woman who is affected by this, conceiving has been extremely challenging. Flo has been a huge help so far with seeing my patterns (since they are really irregular). However, I wish the app was more PCOS friendly. For example, if I didn’t have a period that month with a negative pregnancy test, it would start showing me daily videos on being pregnant. Minor, I know, but it can be frustrating. in the initial questionnaire when setting up an account, I think there should be some sort of setting for women who respond they have PCOS. Or heck, even in the flo assistant when you have to answer a whole bunch of questions, not ONCE did it ever mention PCOS as a possibility. It affects SO many women, some who don’t even know, and it’s not even brought up as a possibility as to why Someone could be late for their period. There are tons of women out there with fertility problems like me who use a tracking app to help conceive. It would be nice to see that reflected in the program we so desperately need.

This is NOT a healthy App. Flo tries too hard to integrate swiping and tapping into their information sharing as if it was Instagram with pop ups constantly. It’s annoying to be constantly tapping through “conversations” that talk about hypotheticals. Don’t engage with the conversation articles if you are a natural health worrier. The app isn't the smartest. Example being it routinely asks me questions at an inappropriate time such as “did you know you can log pregnancy and change the mode of your app to pregnancy” after I just logged a negative pregnancy test. Lol. At the end of the day the app is preprogrammed with one set of expectations on what your cycles, fertility and expectations of how sex should look like to include promoting a specific brand of prenatals without any context as to if they are safe or not and for whom (paid promo?), promoting fertility clinics (which is also a rabbit hole of unhealthy physical and mental things) and promoting how to master your orgasm (unhealthy neurological changes). So if you don't subscribe to that particular approach this app is not for you and in fact it will be hard to ignore that while it keeps reminding you via constant pop ups and the need to “ask you questions” every single time you log something.

Not as good as it used to be. I’ve been using this app for nearly 10 years at this point, I’ve only used it to track my periods and nothing else because I’ve not been trying to conceive. However, today I randomly thought to check my ovulation which has always been free but suddenly you have to pay for it. All the things that have been free all these years you have to pay for now and I think that’s pretty ridiculous. Idk. I’m sure developing apps is expensive but this app have over 1M users judging by there 1M reviews and 5star average. I’m sure most of those reviews can be credited to the fact that things were simple and free on this app. Subscription based pricing for something that literally has not upgraded or changed (showing your ovulation) is absolute greed. And the worst part is it still shows the different colors and different dots or circles on the calendar but it doesn’t let you see what they mean unless you pay. I’m very disappointed about that. And there’s way too many ads. Like literally too many ads and pop ups as soon as you open the app you have to “x” our so many things it feels like. The app is not worth it anymore.. I’m gonna get used to using the free period tracker that comes with Apple Health App.

Helpful but has some quirks. I love this app as a period and ovulation tracker, and thought it was really cool to have it switch over to a pregnancy tracker after I got pregnant. I like the daily pregnancy advice and the videos and other content. However, I find that there is a lot of questionable information in the week by week details about baby’s development. The fetus sizes were WAY off during some weeks—when anything seemed weird, I would just Google it and sure enough, way off. For example, during week 16, it says the fetus is 7 inches long. That seemed like a huge jump in one week so I Googled it and it should actually only be between 4-5 inches. That’s just one example. I still read the week by week, but I take it with a grain of salt. I sprung for the paid version, which is honestly hit or miss. The secret chats are sometimes cute and funny, but most of the time, they are really depressing. Another thing is that I have seen a fair amount of sex-shaming in the secret (of a pregnancy chat?? What???). I have reported these comments but nothing ever seems to happen with them. I don’t know if anyone is even paying attention to reported comments 🤷🏻‍♀️

Completely ruined my childhood tbh. I am really sick of these premium subscriptions being forced done our throats. They not only cost a ridiculous amount for something that can be paid only once but they take every feature away that I could access when I used the app a while back. I didn’t like being bombarded by subscriptions for things that I thought I could do for free. Not only that, but they wasted my time with that long quiz when you get the app. If I’m not able to access that information then why make a 20 minute long survey of getting our hopes up? They gave us the basic crap that we can literally do without the app. It’s sad to see this app turn into a complete sham after all my history I had with it. It doesn’t surprise me that it’s never talked about anymore because it turned into a product of money hungry suits. This app was supposed to help women with their health and get this information without a dramatic charge. I’m sure a lot of people have suggested a one time payment or something to help the devs get some sort of compromise. Until then, paying a monthly fee or $40 a year is insane for something like this.

Worked Well for Many Years. I was happy with this app for the about three and a half years I’ve used it. It is quite helpful and well formatted. I was not always a fan of the bombardment of information. The algorithm gave me a lot of grief about my irregular cycles which I have had all my life. I did however appreciate the free and available woman’s health information. Recently, I’ve began looking for a new tracker as the predictive portion of the app’s algorithm does not suite my new method of birth control. The app offered an option for oral contraceptive so I could track it, but then fixed my cycle to 28 days without prediction for ovulation. I take the mini pill which does not regulate your cycle as rigidly as the combined pill and doesn’t prevent ovulation as readily, thus I was unhappy with the rigidity of the algorithm. I have found another app which allows for specification of pill type and reflects this in my cycle prediction. While I did greatly enjoy this app, it no longer suites my specific needs. I wish this specification could be implemented in Flo.

Corporate Greed: The App!. Have you ever wanted more monthly period expenses than just sanitary pads and tampons? Well, Flo has you covered! Marvel at the bounty of knowledge you aren't afforded the luxury of learning in school, would be lucky to discover on your own and cannot access via Flo without wringing out your pockets right down to the last ball of lint. Watch with awe as useful features such as cyclical symptom prediction are locked one by one behind a paywall—because why should anyone without grotesque sums of money to spare be afforded the right to even the smallest of comforts? Don't women have it easy enough already? I used to really enjoy Flo; now I open the app to find myself greeted by a blurry, monetized mess that doesn't even have the decency of telling me upfront which features are premium and which are not. Predatory, dishonest and invasive business practices are Flo's bread and butter. To the developers: you guys had a shot at really helping a lot of people. A subscription model is fine; the amount of money you demand from your user base is not. But as long as people continue to pay, you won't consider those who can't. Why would you? You've made it clear where your priorities lie, and it's not with us—it's with our wallets.

Premium ads are literally everywhere. The app is good for tracking your cycle, and that’s about it as far as the free version goes. I wouldn’t even mind how bare bones the free version is if it weren’t for the constant reminders and ads encouraging you to upgrade. There’s always a “limited time deal” going on, and the pop up every time you open the app is super annoying. The chat feature is misleading and will bait you into spending a few minutes answering a few questions or whatever only to ultimately tell you that you can’t see your results unless you upgrade. It’s just very obvious bait, and the dishonesty of it (the fact that they don’t tell you BEFORE you invest your time answering questions) is really gross. The app used to provide useful information about what to expect on each day of your cycle, but they’ve since even removed that, so now it’s as bare bones as can be. The premium features are nice, but not nice enough to justify the price. It feels like things have gotten severely more cash-grabby over the years, with intrusive and annoying ads. I would recommend a different app for tracking your cycle unless you intend to pay for the premium version, solely due to how disruptive the ads are to the experience.

No longer worth it. The app was great when I started. After so many years of irregular periods thanks to Depo it finally started to regulate so I downloaded Flo to track my cycles. A few months in I ended up getting pregnant and switched to the pregnancy tracker feature which was really nice. However, I’m now 38 weeks pregnant and suddenly everything is locked and you have to update to premium for. I get that the ‘basic’ tracker features are still free, but this is pretty upsetting. At least having a limited amount of resources still be free for those who are pregnant, such as “Your pregnancy at week __” or “Your baby at week __” would be nice. I’m definitely going to switch to another pregnancy app for the short remainder of my pregnancy. Very sad that I’m literally in the home stretch of my pregnancy and the app developers decide to do this. Also, please don’t respond with paragraphs upon paragraphs of explanations about how you’re keeping basic features free, the extensive lists of doctors you pull articles from, and your excuses as to why you’re charging so much for “premium” features that have been available for free for quite a while. No one cares, and they can look at your other responses to the upset reviews about this sudden change (for the second time might I add).

I Love This App!. I have been using Flo consistently for years! I started using them when I was about 15 maybe 16 (I'm going on 22 now) to better predict my cycles and give me a heads up (I worked and went to school so I didn't always keep track of days) and have never strayed from them. Not only does it track my cycle down to a freaking T-literally always accurate- but I used it during my pregnancy and loved the insights and tools it had for this mode as well! Though it does offer premium now (which I don't personally have) the free version is perfect for a simple tracking app! But don't let the option for premium make you think you can't enjoy all the other things it offers-with the free version I still do certain surveys pertaining to my health and can get basic insight on things I may be concerned about around my cycle dates-if anything premium just gives you a bit more so if you want that bit more than I'm sure premium would be great. Overall THANK YOU for keeping the app as amazing with the free version! I hope this never changes!

Flo got my pregnant after only 4 month. Was trying for 2yrs before flo. I had the free version of Flo, after i was told by a friend to get it for trying to get pregnant. I downloaded it and me and my man we’re trying for almost two years, using fertility sticks to know when I had the better chance to get pregnant which cost ($50 for the cheapest ones) did everything we could and couldn’t conceive and had suffered sadly four miscarriages. I downloaded flo and used it daily, logging my sex, symptoms everything I got pregnant with my rainbow miracle baby only four months after downloading the app!! I swear by this app if your trying to conceive then conveniently I just switched he the pregnancy log flo in the app. Also since I was logging all my sex, and symptoms, spotting it helped my obgyn figure out my real due date since I have two periods a month and ovulate at odd times compared tor regular women. Now my daughter is 18 months and I’m trying for my 4th baby using the app! I recommend this to any one who is trying to get pregnant!!

Money Trap. I have used Flo for years to keep track of my period and it’s pretty much spot on. As of lately I have recently become pregnant and love that it offers a version to track your pregnancy. However, as a first time mom not knowing what to expect, all the articles and insight they have to offer are all locked without a premium subscription. Not just some, not even most, I mean every single article or insight offered in this app requires a subscription. I had to look for other apps like What To Expect and Baby Center which offers soooo much more free content to learn about the things I am experiencing as I continue throughout my pregnancy and they are great. Flo is a money trap. If you want the bare minimum then that’s what you’ll get here. Very disappointed that not even some of the articles are offered free. It could even rotate them out but no. Be prepared to spend some money or look for a different app if you want to learn more about your health. Not really much of a reason to keep the app now as it’s just taking up space. I’ll probably redownload it when my period begins again as the one free feature to track my period was helpful but that’s honestly the only good thing about this app.

Word of caution for ED sufferers. This app is wonderful so far for tracking my period. Tracking my cycle and symptoms is the primary way I use Flo. The “health assistant” function with the fake chat is cute, and I thought it seemed like a wonderful health education tool about the menstrual cycle. It gave me the warm fuzzies thinking about the good education there for girls and women. However, the chat for my “end of cycle” included messages that were triggering for my eating disorder, and I wanted to extend that warning to others who may have complications with eating. If it would be upsetting to you for a robot to insinuate you should keep less food at home or to suggest over and over to avoid certain food types altogether; avoid clicking on the health assistant. Otherwise, I have enjoyed the period tracker function. The symptom tracker is detailed and user friendly, including many emotions to choose from. There’s even a way to mark high stress times, like if you were traveling. So cool. Would love to add the remaining star if I could feel good to recommend it to other ED sufferers without that caveat.

Pushy Advertising, I’ve About Had It.... I get the need to push users towards the subscription version of the app so that the company stands a better chance of getting funds for future development and continued support, but wow! Every time I open the app now, I am locked out of it by an ad for a discount on the subscription unless I kill the app and immediately reopen it. No exit button, and waiting does not get rid of it. Must be killed and immediately reopened. Flo has been steadily ramping it up with the pushing over the past couple of years, and it’s led to very poor advertising flows that are more irritating and less functional with each update. I only stick with Flo at this point because I have no way of transferring years of cycle data over to a different app. Another thing: stop it with the pop up that blocks access to the ‘My Daily Insights’ area that has suggested symptoms that are not relevant to me, at all. They’re always symptoms that I never have, rather than ones that are common at that point in my own cycle, per the years of data that the app should have on my cycle. Either make it tailored to the person’s data from within the app, or just get rid of it.

STEALS AND SELLS YOUR DATA! DELETE THIS APP!. STOP USING THIS APP, FLO STEALS AND SELLS YOUR SENSITIVE HEALTH DATA! SEARCH FTC SETTLEMENT! DELETE IT TO PROTECT YOURSELF NOW! I used to love this app, but the latest iterations have incorporated a series of disappointing changes that make me dislike using it. It used to be a clean and user friendly interface. Now it is totally cluttered. But most of all the app now constantly pushes you to sign up for paid content at every turn. I’ve reduced my interactions with it to only entering basic tracking information because anything beyond that immediately frustrates me. I don’t like that I’m constantly having to navigate around forced “sign up with email” or “subscribe for premium content” pop ups. Super disappointing. This used to be a great resource for women. And for what it’s worth, most apps don’t need to have a premium subscription model to pay their employees and keep their lights on. They harvest and sell our data, that’s how “free” apps pay the bills. And this app has an absolutely vast database of menstrual cycle and pregnancy information that researchers and corporations could extract immense value from. After how long this app was actually free, Putting everything behind a pay wall now just seems like a tactic to increase profitability.

Good but not great. I like this app for the convenience of being able to track my period, input exercises and symptoms, however, I don't think it's very accurate on it's own and it doesn't allow many options to override the software. Sorry in advance for the length... For example: After trying to conceive for a few months with no success, I started charting my fertility and discovered that I usually ovulated a few days after Flo predicted (Flo goes by the typical "day 14" rule, which doesn't change no matter what data you add unless it's results from an ovulation test, and many women do not ovulate on day 14!). My second issue is with the period logging. I miscarried last month and had to switch back from pregnancy mode. While I logged all of my miscarriage bleeding as "period" in the app (basically three weeks worth) and now it's telling me that my period should start now. I understand that the whole point is for the app to predict your period, but miscarriage throws your cycle out of wack. It is very frustrating knowing that I'm going to have to go in and fix the period log every day and have the app tell me that I'm "late." I wish they could come up with some way to fix that.

Awareness. I have been using this app for quite some years now, which back in the day I’d give it 4 stars. After checking the app today I thought it was time to check out the reviews again. It seems like everyone including the developers know- taking these features off the free plan has made basic information harder for people to obtain and shows no consideration for children and women in other countries who aren’t taught properly about their menstrual or anything that comes with it. Looking up certain topics only helps so much, most of the time the search is completed with a link to this app. There’s no getting around pink tax as a women why must we profit off of what should be basic knowledge right? There are other ways to make money on this app, the learning experience has been taken away and now kids and adults have to literally subscribe at a price to track their own periods and look at advice that should be free public knowledge. A social community where women can come together and not pay pink tax (or deal with money hungry developers but let’s face it we all are these days) would not only be awesome, but the right thing to do.

No premium, no content. Again, but not by mistake this time, they’ve removed all content aside from a calendar. You have to be premium to see even the most basic of articles. Super annoying and seriously just no thanks. $10/month? I pay less for Hulu/Netflix. Lol. There are other apps with more free information and yet still I chose you guys. Been using this app for years but Im officially done. It should be health over money. Good luck. I’ve been reading through reviews and well you seem to have a lot of upset users now. Y’all should really reconsider what you’ve done to the app. I have been using this app for a couple of years now. I am now pregnant and have switched the settings. I’ll be 20 weeks tomorrow and aside from seeing just how far along I am, I have to subscribe to premium for any other information. I was able to read the what happens at 19 weeks insight last week with no issue and now it is labeled as “premium content” So if I want to read anything about 20 weeks tomorrow, I have to get premium?? It’s usually a short insight so to have to pay $50 for the year or $10 a month for just that, sounds unreasonable. Is this the new norm?? No premium, no content?? Just a calendar. Guess I’ll be on the hunt for a new app with more info.

This app is time consuming waste!. For starters, signed up for the free 7 day trial, so I could have a few days to navigate and decide if I liked or not. The ONLY option I had to sign up for the free trial was by selecting what option I would like to subscribe to at end of trial. I chose the monthly, and 3 hours into a 7 day free trial, I was charged the monthly subscription rate. After the app installed and I signed up, entered some basic info, the only way I was able to navigate around on the app was letting a slideshow of features of the app play out on its own. It lasted 27 minutes. Even then, every time I would open the app back up, the slideshow would be back again. This is not first pregnancy, and have spent years monitoring ovulation on my own anyhow, but being an older mom this time around, wanted to utilize an app source to help give best chances of getting pregnant. This app is not worth the hassle. Even seeing “fertility dates” on the calendar are so bizarrely weird and off. How can my most fertile day be 7 days after the start of a cycle? Really? When I have a 34 day cycle? Try again. Feels weird and fake and mostly about featured videos and bios on different doctors and the actual act of sexual than an ovulation and pregnancy app.

Good app but could be better. While I do like this app, I’ve began to reconsider keeping it. I totally get having to make money to keep the app running or make updates and what not but there are people like me who can’t afford to add stuff like this to bills. I hate when I’m trying to understand why my period is late or whatever else that I wouldn’t have to google because google can be misleading. Anytime I try to find out information it will say that I have to subscribe to the app and pay for basic information. Like I said I totally get it but it’s really frustrating. I see that it’s a common issue among ALOT of these other users so why not change it? Why make basic users like myself feel less welcome just because we don’t pay to know something from the app? You could definitely find a way to do better and have people still pay for other things on the app. Instead you choose to mislead people out of information that could have been really helpful. And if they google it and it says something that isnt true then someone will end up going to the dr when nothing was actually wrong and then said person would probably waste a lot more money on that trip than if the app would have just helped them in the first place.

The App Is Very Useful & Accurate. I started using Flo about two years ago and I have to say it’s the easiest and best app out there. There is a community of doctors and other women just like you that can help you understand your symptoms and remind you that you’re not alone. The app allows you to track your weight, water intake, daily symptoms and your period flow (heavy or light). Not only is the period tracking part fun and easy the pregnancy tracker is too. If you’re trying to get pregnant this app can assist you and give you tips on how to conceive. I’m 8 weeks pregnant and this app has given me so many gems on how to keep my little one and myself healthy. The app is always a step ahead comparing you and other women who are experiencing the same symptoms and reminding you what’s normal and what you should be on high alert for. OVERALL I think every woman should at least give Flo free trial a try and if you love it come join our community we have group chats for so many different things and everything is discreet . Rate 10/10

Chat Boxes and More (very important). I’ve had this app for almost a year and I was cool with it and all but they took the chat boxes/comment section away. I understand the articles like up to your daily log ins, but when they had comment sections, you really got to talk to people with similar problems and get advice. Now, it’s just article after article. I used to spend close to an hour on the app in a day but now it’s five minutes to quickly jot my mood. I hope you bring back the comment section because I got a lot of help from it. Also, update the moods or what you are feeling and the symptoms like headaches backaches. What about stomachaches? They don’t always fall under cramps. And the sleep monitor, you should be allowed to manually input the minutes. I don’t like that it rounds my 26 minutes to 30 when it’s less because it’s not 100% accurate. Lastly, you should have different times of the day where you ask how we are feeling. Like, at 7-8am you ask our morning mood, then around 11-1pm you ask our mood then because no one is consistently happy from when they wake to when they sleep and no one is angry either. People have periods when their emotions change hourly so that should be taken into account.

Best period tracker app ever. After 5 years of having an IUD, I finally had it taken out 18 days ago. I was so excited to have a period again! My period finally came, and I was able to track it on the Flo App. I’ve never tracked my period before in my life ( being 16 when I got the IUD ). As an adult now, this is my favorite app. It teaches so much that I’ve never known. I am using this app to help me recognize all phases of my menstrual cycle and to track my period, and to practice the FAM method for preventing pregnancy for when I have a boyfriend in the future. I am learning so much with this app, like recognizing symptoms of pre-ovulation and much more! I’m like, oh! That’s what that blob is ^ . ^ haha. Seriously it is teaching me so much about my body. After 5 years of the Mirena IUD causing depression, unnaturally produced hormones, depersonalization, and lack of control, getting it taken out along with downloading this app were two major improvements to my life this year! Being in control and knowing what’s happening when makes me love my period ❤️ Lastly, I the Flo App and recommend it to anyone who can get a period.

Great tracker. I love this app! I have used both the free and premium, while the premium offered a lot of great extra tips and insights to you cycle, I don’t need them at this time, so I continue to use the free. With the free I am still able to track my cycle and link up with other apps like my fit bit! Side note to developers, not relevant to new customers interested in the app just reading reviews. My one main annoyance is the newest update with the change to to symptom checker page. It’s just an aesthetic thing mostly for me, but it takes me a second longer to look through the images to find my symptom because they are not laid out in a cohesive order/list as they were before, now they are all clumped together with emojis which just seems lazy, sure it’s in one view on one page and I don’t have to scroll to the right to find them, but aesthetically it was much more cohesive and appealing, it made the app look and feel more put together before. I would rather scroll and see the other graphics :)

I love this app!. As a young woman my goal is to track my period and symptoms and make sure I am healthy and there are no massive changes in my cycle. Little did I know I was getting more than just that! These secret chats have literally saved my life. I talk with other people my age about common insecurities and problems. I feel more confident in my body knowing I am not alone in some struggles. I wish there was no premium because I feel like learning about my body should be free. But I get that without money Flo could not survive so what if Flo gave premium content to everyone and added a feature where you could get a custom period or pregnancy box once a month. It would take some time to get right but I know for sure I would buy it. Women would have to take quizzes on how many products they use in a cycle and what products they prefer and all that. They should also include some type of food maybe fuzzy socks and a book! All things you can personalize. Of course this box would not be cheap but it would be worth it!! And if you think you might be pregnant maybe include a pregnant test! Please consider this ♥️ But all together a great app 👍🏼

Love this app but not accurate. I have been using this app for about two years. I started using it after my previous app became outdated and the developers never updated it. Immediately I loved the features and look of this app. I have been tracking my cycles and ovulation using apps for about 6 years so I consider myself knowledgeable. Well, we decided to start trying for a another baby early this year (2018), following the ovulation days in Flo. We had no luck the first few months. Now this would be our third baby and the last two were conceived our first month trying, while using my previous app. My cycles are very regular and ovulation was always accurate. I noticed my body’s ovulation symptoms were not lining up with the dates on the app, they were about a 5-7 days before the app predicted. Sure enough, we then tried the week before the app predicted and we are now pregnant! FYI: my husband works away from home so we literally had to schedule for him to be home when I was ovulating. Also, I now have the app in pregnancy mode and the due date is off a week. I really like the app but would love for it to be more accurate.

I love Flo! However,. Flo is a remarkable app and I prefer it over any other tracker. There are a few concerns I have. One being the chat rooms. With so many people commenting this on Flo and the App Store, and you claiming to read our reviews....I’m surprised you haven’t changed this. Two words: Group Chat. This will help us all help each other more frequently! I mean, I haven’t had an insight in 6 months! Anyway next, we all miss the quizzes page, with all the interactive quizzes you could take about all the different topics! I don’t even know why you removed that, it was amazing. Also, some features that might add some pizzaz to Flo is being able to change your profile/comment icon, change the app icon format on your screen, getting notifications when someone replies to our comment instead of having to scroll scroll scroll, and also a search bar, so we can search for our insights instead of having to legitimately go on a quest for them on the insights page. Another thing is with the new update i can’t see the secret chats anymore? i used to and now i can’t? is it premium? Best regards! I hope you make some changes!

Use to be a fan of flo. I’ve been with flo since the beginning. It’s definitely been well over 6 years now. The amount of spam to go premium is insane. They even hide the “x” so you can’t click out of all of the ads. I saw the developers say that premium helps further develop the app, but who does that help, us or y’all? If the app is free then let it be free. Do you even consider the majority of your audience who don’t want to go premium? Or are you just trying to force us into it to support your app development? It’s truly a shame. I deleted flo when the controversy of abortions became illegal and flo changed their privacy notice stating they will share information with the courts. But being a resident of California where it doesn’t apply, I decided to add it back again a year later. To my surprise the ads have gotten even more out of hand. These apps just want money and will take away basic features like telling me the chances of getting pregnant — which flo use to share for free— and making that a premium feature. I will probably delete again and just go back to my calendar.

Use it!. I downloaded this app a few years ago and it was super helpful. I used it all the time and it was so great at predicting when my period would start based on patterns of symptoms I logged in previous months. It helped me become more aware of my body and its patterns. I don’t even have a uterus anymore but I still use this because I can say “why am I exhausted today?” And look and see Flo telling me that my period might start today (I usually log it even though I don’t get it). This is helpful because while I don’t bleed, I still have symptoms and knowing what’s going on and what’s out of the norm has been so helpful. I never used the paid membership, mainly because it was only a real option after my hysterectomy, but the free version is worth a lot regardless. It has proven to be indispensable for me, especially as someone who never had regular cycles. I highly recommend Flo. It’s so great if you want to make plans for vacation or special events because you can look ahead at predictions and see that you might need backup on xyz days. Thanks for keeping me sane, Flo!

Almost!. This app is (was) perfect. Before the update, it had super useful articles, perfect for a young woman who just started her journey. I loved it when I started mine, it helped me learn about my body and how I can support it throughout my cycle. There were some that were unavailable, due to in-app purchases but that was understandable. However, this feature has been completely removed for those who don’t wish to pay $10/month! This was so upsetting, as this was one of my favorite features of the app. Women should be able to learn about their bodies for free, especially young woman who may not have someone teaching them or have someone to turn to! This app still has helpful features though. There are graphs and reports you can view that sum up your personal cycle and there are monthly reports that sometimes include information about what a full cycle consists of. There are conversations where you can chat with girls about various topics (feels like a sleepover!). Not only can you track period flo, products and symptoms, it is great for tracking everyday habits like sleep and water intake. I only rated it a 3 because they put their profit over women’s needs!!!!

Embarrassing push notifications!. I really like this app for tracking my periods. Sometimes it decides to track my period for me when it thinks I should be getting it and it is often always wrong, which is annoying but I can overlook it. I like keeping track of my symptoms too and my doctors always appreciate that I keep up to date with my body. I rate 3 stars because of the really embarrassing and inappropriate notifications and random graphically-titled articles on the app. While I believe sexual wellbeing is very important, I did not download this app to learn “how to orgasm better” … 😭. The most infuriating part is that I get push notifications about these sexually themed articles. I’d turn notifications off but the rest of the notifications are helpful. I recommended this app to my 13 year old kid sister to keep track of her cycle, however I don’t think she should be learning about “how to have sex on her period”. I wish there was a way to remove the random vulgarity and I realize i’m probably in the minority in wanting this, but the option would be greatly appreciated.

Love this app ( have a suggestion for the app). This app is amazing. Has helped me so much through my periods and even if you don’t have your period yet it gives girls great health tip each. My favorite thing about the app is the The community. You can give your opinion, advice, ask or answer questions, tell your story or experience on all different kinds of topics. You can read other people’s questions, experiences, tips etc. and the great thing is is that everyone is Anonymous so you don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed asking a question or something. All my friends use this app and you should too it has changed our lives. My suggestion is about the Community. I feel like it is a very difficult if you have asked a question and you are going back to see if anyone has answered and you have to try and find the section you wrote it in. I feel like there should be a certain button to press that takes you to all of the questions and things you have every done on the app no matter what topic it is. so you just have all of your questions and answers tips etc. all in one place.

More of a media maybe?. This whole app is real nice with the tracking part but the “insights” articles should have a separate chat on it (I heard there use to be) but it should totally come back. There’s so many nice people supporting each other and so many people getting answers to their questions on topic or not. For all the consistent off topic chats it would be awesome if there were a separate part where we could make a small chat. I don’t know how I imagine this would be but it would help sort the people with the same questions so if someone does know the answer they don’t have to keep repeating and repeating and repeating themself’s over and over again so they only have to say it once where everyone who had the same question could see it. Also it would be cool if you could have a check box or something in the settings to where you can manage your “don’t show me post like this” so you can say “on or off” so if you don’t want to see the post on that topic now but might change your mind later...I’m not sure how difficult this would be for the people actually making it for but it’s something to wrap your minds around I guess... O.o

Do not try flo premium worst customer support. I tried out the Flo premium to see what it was like since they had a one month free trial. I didn’t use it much and wanted to cancel it. I contacted support on how to cancel it and they sent a list of steps on how to cancel it. I was having an issue with one of the steps where the screen would pop up blank and then disappear. I let support know and they responded with the steps of how to unsubscribe. I asked if there was a support number I could get further assistance or a manager I could be passed on to and was sent the steps of how to unsubscribe. The next day I contacted support again asking if there was a support number or a manager I could speak with and asked if they would please not send me instructions on how to do it myself since I was experiencing issues and I was unable ti unsubscribe myself. They responded by sending me the steps in how to do it unsubscribe myself again! Flo has the worst customer service experience I have ever received. I don’t think they even read my message. They kept sending me the same information. I regret ever trying Flo premium and am still unable to unsubscribe. I don’t understand why they are unable to unsubscribe me from this membership. I have never been so frustrated with an app in my life.

Not woman-owned, Paywall is a slap in the face. I’d been using Clue up till now. I read that Flo had some additional tracking options (such as indicating when you change your chosen period collection method and, if applicable, how much you collected). They must have still been rolling out the feature because I didn’t have it or find a way to enable it. But the paywall is why I’m writing this review. Literally everything except tracking your period and a generally unhelpful and unmonitored community chat is locked behind that $50 subscription. If I track a symptom consistently and the app recommends an article to me, just let me read it. Or at least a portion of it. Don’t immediately hit me with the ad to subscribe. The frequency of that ad alone is enough to make me not want to subscribe. And don’t get me started on the community chat. It NEEDS to be moderated. There is some straight up harmful garbage there (not all but enough). I also did some digging and the app is not woman-owned or founded (which is important to me). Some entrepreneur guy founded it and as far as I can tell they don’t use revenue from the app to support any women’s causes. I think I’ll be going back to Clue, where at least it’s designed by women, for women, and has a more thoughtful paywall.

Sells information and they purposely removed my scathing review because I am telling the truth. They deleted my other review because I said how I used this for years until more recently the overturning of womens rights that republicans have destroyed in the USA. Shame on you Flo for selling womens information and hunting down my sisters trying to get abortions. This app sells your information!! do not trust her, she is a LIAR. They keep responding to others here that they don’t do this but read the fine print they are liars and anti choice. Shame on you Flo for being anti-choice and I hope you guys get cancelled “As per NYT: Users with privacy concerns might have found comfort in Flo’s promise to keep select information collected through its app secret, noting that, even as it might share some personal data with other companies, it would not disclose details about “cycles, pregnancy, symptoms notes and other information that is entered by you.” It turns out that promise was misleading, regulators say. From 2016 to 2019, the company behind Flo, which was founded in 2015, passed on certain intimate health details of its users to marketing and analytics companies like Facebook and Google, according to the Federal Trade Commission, which filed a complaint in January saying it had reason to believe that THE COMPANY MISLEADS ITS USERS”

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 9.34
Play Store org.iggymedia.periodtracker
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

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The application Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker was published in the category Health & Fitness on 03 October 2015, Saturday and was developed by FLO HEALTH UK LIMITED [Developer ID: 1149787531]. This program file size is 187.69 MB. This app has been rated by 1,145,559 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker - Health & Fitness app posted on 15 September 2023, Friday current version is 9.34 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: org.iggymedia.periodtracker. Languages supported by the app:

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Dear Flo Community, This is a technical update that helps us improve our app and make performance even better. Thank you for updating! Always yours, The Flo Team P.S.: If you like our app, please don’t hesitate to rate and review us

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