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The La Crosse View app from La Crosse Technology, provides a world class, weather app experience. The app works by connecting to one of our new La Crosse View Ready Personal Weather Stations, connecting you to your home anytime, anywhere. Unlike most weather apps that show weather from a predetermined location you could be miles from, La Crosse View allows you to see your home environment, such as wind speed and direction, rainfall, temperature, and humidity, as well as customize alerts, study, track, and monitor your weather with graphs, personalize your sensor locations with personal images, and so much more! The La Crosse View opens your station to a whole new set of features that is displayed on your station using our innovative data stream technology. You’ll now enjoy weather data from the National Weather Service, time and date information from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, customizable display options, and the option of displaying sensor data from additional sensors. The innovative and easy-to-navigate design, ensures a user friendly experience for all ages. Download now to start enjoying the View!

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La Crosse View Customer Service, Editor Notes:

-Bug fixes -Performance improvements -Wi-Fi device connection improvements

La Crosse View Comments & Reviews

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- WiFi issues

When I first bought weather station, it would not connect to router because the router was too old. I got a mesh router and it solved the problem. It was worrying great for more than a month. An update for the la crosse app was released around 2/8/19 and after a few days, WiFi stopped working on weather station. I’ve tried troubleshooting in so many ways and according to the recommended solutions but nothing works. I restart, master restart, power cycle, deleted app and reload, press + - for 3 secs and WiFi says lost connection. Can no longer use the app. Also the WiFi setup in the app doesn’t work well. It doesn’t let you choose other available SSIDs to try since our router transmits two signals. This is frustrating. I think something changed w this app update because it was working fine. What happened?

- Lacrosse weather station doesn’t work

I had the device for about three months. Almost every single time I opened my phone app, it displayed only dashes as it did not show any of the information? Several days would go by and none of the digits displayed on the device would change? Clearly as cold as it has been, The temperature would go way down at night and back up again later in the day but the device did not display this? I contacted the company a few times and one of the times they replied back saying that the device will only update once every six hours. So basically four times within a 24 hour. The device changes which means at that exact moment it is displaying possibly the correct digits, but for the next six hours it’s only displaying what it was six hours ago?? In our case the numbers were not even changing and on the phone app it almost always displayed nothing at all. The company never contacted us back the other times and the information they gave us initially did not help so we finally returned the weather station. We purchased one for a Christmas gift for somebody and they are having the same problem. The information displayed even if correct is on our phone app on a regular basis so it’s kind of useless because we were to the understanding it would show the information from right outside of our home. Walmart sells a device for under $10 that shows your inside and outside temperature on real time not only once every six hours.

- Alarm/weather station with no program??

I really wanted to like the projector alarm clock weather station that I got at Costco, but am so disappointed by the app, that I might return it. I was excited by the prospect of allowing my kids to see the forecast as they woke up, to help them prepare for the day ahead, but the utter lack of design in the alarm’s program features render it almost useless. There needs to be a better way to program the alarm in the app, for which days it should be on and off. Seems like it would be really easy to add this feature, so that you can program a M-F alarm and not worry about turning it off every weekend and back on again for weekdays. Can this be incorporated into an update?? I hope so or I’ll be returning them soon. The app also doesn’t allow you to delete any erroneous stations that are inadvertently created. Which would be another easy fix. I like the display, and the projection features, but wish there was a radio option built in for the alarm. And even though you can turn on and off the alarm with the app, the change is not initiated right away, and so it’s hard to tell if the alarm is actually being set or not. And when I get frustrated and turn it on annually, if I forget to change the app’s “on” setting, the alarm will turn itself back off through the app. This could be a really great product if they make a few small changes, but as it is, I’m more frustrated than happy with it.

- Lacrosse view app review after 2+ years use

Best low cost WIFI sensor App package for remotely sensing A homes indoor and outdoor environments. This includes settable hi and low alarm points of Temperate Humidity sensors and wet/dry floor. 1 app combines multiple sensors signals all sent to a single station. Setup as many sensors a home might need then set parameters in the app to Alarm as needed. This will even send emails of any alarm. You will always know if your home AC or furnace quit should temps go out of thermostat settings. That dehumidifiers stops working no problem. You get an alarm on your cell phone. This thing is great! You can look at a history chart of each sensor too on the app. Easy naming conventions for each sensor and you can take a picture of each room that shows where that sensor is. I have 5 boiler zones heating system at home and have 6 temp sensors. Last winter one day I got a low temp alarm in 1 zone. It was -10 F. outside. I called a repair guy from Florida who fixed the boiler before pipes froze back home in Vermont. My Lacrosse View pkg paid for itself right then. I love it. Easy to setup and change as needed. Easy to use and watch what is happening at home while not there. Pj Couillard

- Lacrosse Weather Station

This system would be great if it worked, however since purchasing the system at Sam’s Club, the display module and the sensors worked great... However after about 45 days the system lost WiFi connection, contacted Lacrosse via email, since they have no customer service you can call and physically talk with a rep, no response... After @ 5-6 months, ran across something while surfing the web, was able to get a link that gave instructions on connecting troubles to WiFi and what to do... Went through the steps didn’t work, and the end of the tutorial, gave you another link to report a faulty display, Lacrosse notified me via email and said a new display would be sent, only display no power adapter... After a couple of weeks, yesterday I received my new display... Using the original power hooked up new display unit, was back up and running... That’s great right... Well today, wind gauge works, water sensors working and Display Unit working, can view all data on my smartphone... Great, not so great, well the outdoor temperature and humidity sensor stopped displaying, change the batteries brought it in, won’t sync... Watched another tutorial, need to reset your system to factory settings... Did that, now back in the same place I started... Display won’t connect to WiFi and Temperature & Humidity doesn’t work... Great... Just saying don’t waste your hard earned money on this system...

- Unexpected and Exceptional

Got this as a unexpected gift and had no idea the amount of detail it actually offers. The set up was good with one issue: No Wireless MAC Address label to be found. So I disabled my MAC filtering on the WiFi router, connected it, went into my router’s settings on the internet and saw the address that way, added it to my address list and re-enabled the filter. The app works seamlessly on an iPhone 7 Plus. I have experienced zero issues. You can also add other sensors that you buy for a cottage, barn, or dog house etc and use your personal pictures as a background for each location of the sensor you wish to see readings on. This set up with the app and device is working so far. I’ll update my review in 2 months but as of now it works perfectly. -Update- 4 months later and everything is going good sensor wise but display wise there’s issues. I just managed my data stream, deleted cloud cover which only reads a percentage and says auto/auto next to it in the ticker, deleted snow accumulation which read normal, added wind speed, and possibility of damaging thunderstorms, and for some reason it won’t update correctly and I get an error in the app. I took two stars away

- Discouraged Update

Got a replacement temp and humidity sensor from the nice folks at Lacrosse and finally have everything communicating nicely. Got station uploading to Weather Underground which allows me to use their advanced WunderStation app. This is a very nice option on the iPad for viewing my stations data. My wife likes the Lacrosse View app on her phone but we can’t figure out why, even though the station displays the outside temp as well as the “feels like” temp, when viewing the outdoor temp/humidity device screen, the lacrosse view app always shows outdoor temperature and exactly the same temp in a smaller font below it with the words “Heat Index”. This shows even when the temp is 20 degrees and the wind is gusting to 40 mph. Right now the station says “Outdoor 35 F” with a wind speed of 15 mph and “Feels Like 26”. The Lacrosse View App outdoor temp/humidity device page says 35 with Heat index 35. Any ideas about that one? The WunderStation App has it all right, up to the second. I’d like to get this Lacrosse View App working right for the sake of the phone. Thx for any help.

- Indoor temperature and humidity only. Really?

There are a number of personal weather stations on the market. Weather Underground has thousands they tap for neighborhood weather worldwide. At Costco it looked like this was an abridged feature set version of a full featured weather station. I could expect to get world wide access to the outdoor weather at my house. Cool. Only it's not so intuitively obvious. It will do both outdoor and indoor readings on the app, but only after you enter both the indoor console and any outdoor sensors separately. Setup is also dicey. You apparently need to not be just on the same Wi-Fi network, you also need to be on the same frequency band. That means going far away in your house where the 5 GHz signal is not predominant on your phone. The LaCrosse device is on the 2.4 GHz band only. Not spelled out in the instructions. Overall I guess it might be worth what I paid for it, but it's very poor marketing. Could it be fixed by better firmware and software? Of course. It's just we'll never see that on our devices.

- When Working.........

When this unit (CR8300) has connectivity, it is fun and easy use. We travel a lot and live on the coast, so remote monitoring and our set up alerts are important. However, we are now on our third unit. The first one would not connect to our Linksys router so LaCrosse sent us a new one. This one did not connect either so we bought a different router. This worked great for six (6) months and then it too lost connectivity. LaCross is sending us another base station as it appears the WiFi within the unit is now broken. We can only hope this unit works and works longer than six (6) months. If it doesn’t, we’ll be out of warranty and LaCrosse support states “we’ll see then if there’s anything we can do”. If it were not for these connectivity issues, we would have given this unit five (5) stars. It should be noted that each time we’ve called support, the unit has had to be factory reset, consequently losing all: 1 hour, 24 hour, monthly and yearly totals. This, the connectivity issues and the warranty concern is why this unit only get a three (3) star rating.

- Very impressed - Amateur Meteorologist

I’ve owned an AcuRite weather station for years so I was reluctant to change. But after having so many problems with readings and signal strength from my AcuRite weather station I thought now was the time. My first review of La Crosse technology weather station is impressive. The signal strength wherever I’ve placed it in my yard (and I have 1.5 acres) did not change. Strong signal everywhere. Secondly, the temperature/humidity readings are spot on accurate with the NWS readings. I was very impressed with this. Make sure that you follow La Crosse tips on where to place your sensors. This will give you the most accurate readings. Lastly, I like very much how you can place the sensors separately around the yard to get the most accurate readings and strength of signal. This was something I could never do with the AcuRite weather station. All the AcuRite sensors are built into one weather station. So far I am very pleased with my purchase of La Crosse Technologies Weather station.

- Ability to display dew point temperature with app needed

The software works fine with my main complaint being that it only displays relative humidity instead of the dew point temperature. It would be better if the gave an option to display a graph of dew point instead of the relative humidity. The display of relative humidity is not helpful since it is temperature dependent. For example if the morning low temperature falls to the dew point temperature of 68 degrees F the relative humidity is 100%. If you have a high temperature later in the day of 96 degrees F the relative humidity will be about 40%. If there is no change in the air mass such as with the approach of a cold front or storm system the dew point will be steady around 68 degrees F. A dew point of 68 degrees F will be uncomfortable for outdoor activities and lower dew point temperature in the 50s will feel much better. The display of relative humidity does not give meaningful information since it depends on what the temperature does. It would be a much nicer option to be able to display the dew point both on the screen of the device and the application.

- Great Support For Me

After reading some of the reviews, I was wondering if my issue would get fixed, but have to say, LaCrosse were spot on. I received my weather station in December and all was great till a few weeks ago. My app started showing all dashes with no data although my device id numbers were still showing up. Weather station was still showing most data, but not all the Accuweather forecast. I emailed support and the same day I received a response from Gary that gave me a couple of things to do to try and fix the issue and if they didn’t send them my device id number and mailing address, which I emailed back the info. Immediately I received an email that my issue had been turned over to warranty and I should receive a replacement weather station in 10-15 days. Well, my replacement arrived in 3 days and all is back up and running. Thank you Gary and LaCrosse for the awesome and quick response.

- Not a good fit for a weather nerd.

I really enjoy the concept of having a home weather station with access to raw data and being able to use an app that integrates everything. My frustration comes with the fact that without additional purchasing, you only have access to 7 days worth of data, or in some cases just 24 hours. It also doesn’t log the wind direction in the data, only on the view screen. The other frustrating part is that about a month ago my app is not getting access to the data at all. So when I open the screen to look at what the temperature was last night while I was sleeping, it shows nothing, no current data, no past data, nothing. Admittedly I could spend another couple hours on trial and error to see if I can’t figure that problem out (batteries and WiFi have been eliminated as the problem culprits). In any case, it’s great for looking at during a storm and keeping track of the data yourself, but not so much for archiving information or really gathering data at all. I’m giving it a 4/10.

- Unbeatable, top product in the game!

This app has it all! I have struggled finding a weather station that works for me and is accurate. The weather station I got not only tells you the outdoor conditions, but it also lets me know how warm my shop and my house is. I am currently sitting 5 states away from my house & was able to simply log on to this app to check & make sure everything is working okay. La Crosse Technology never fails to amaze me with their amazing products, friendly staff, and very competitive pricing! This product is very newly released so there has been a few minor glitches, but with a quick call to the company they have always gone above and beyond to fix the issue and make it right. After testing out many different stations, I have finally found a system that I love and trust. I would recommend this product, app and brand to all!

- La Crosse View unable to figure out WiFi?!?

Loved this when we first bought it. Was looking for an additional sensor for another area. Then upgraded our network to a mesh system. Every other device in the house was able to connect without any problem. Not the La Crosse View app! Other devices require 2.4 Ghz channel and are able to find it easily. Not the La Crosse ViewApp. Updates come out with “WiFi device connection improvements” I download in anticipation and try again. Still won’t connect. Instructions say if you have a mesh device you should turn off your satellites and move further away so you connect via 2.4 ghz. Ok, try that. Turn off satellites, walk away from house to get to 2.4 ghz band. Then the app loses the connection to the La Crosse base station. Walk back to house to reconnect to La Crosse base station. Phone still connected to 2.4 ghz but STILL won’t connect. Come on La Crosse, figure out WiFi! Every other smart device I own is able to do it, why can’t you? Bought this specifically because of the “anywhere access” now I can only see it when I am in same room.

- Won’t connect device to phone

I’ve trying for an hour to get the app to connect the device to my phone and it won’t. The app just keeps telling me “device connection to the server unsuccessful” and to move further away from the router to get on the 2.4 ghz network. I am on it. I’ve googled this error and searched the website as well and no results. I’ve googled every combination of synchrony phone and device and can’t find anything. It’s astonishing that there’s no help or faq for something so basic. Update a few days later: somehow, the device and the phone decided to synch up together on their own. I’m still not too thrilled about the original issue or complete lack of information on how to troubleshoot it. I do appreciate the developers advising to reach out to them on Facebook for help, but it seems to be an extremely arduous process for what I’m sure isn’t an uncommon occurrence. So bumping to 3 stars

- La Crosse Weather Station

I bought this unit a couple months ago. It was fairly easy to set up and connect to my WiFi. Everything works great on the base unit. However when I set up The La Crosse View app the outside temperature has never displayed. I’m getting the inside temp and the wind & rain readings on the app. The outside temperature has never displayed. I have tried removing and reinstalling the app several times but I still get the same results. I have deleted and reinstalled the outside temp sensor as well but it still does not display. Every time I send La Crosse a note describing this problem I get the same response telling me how to load devices. I can get the temp sensor loaded on the app. The temperature just doesn’t display on the app. Other than the issue with the outside temp and the app.. I like the system.

- Outstanding customer service experience

I purchased a unit way back in 2018 and it stopped connecting to my network a year or so ago. I reached out to support, well beyond an anticipated warranty, just to see if they had any troubleshooting steps to provide beyond the 2.4ghz network I’d setup specifically for the unit, in case my 5ghz was choking out the wider band signal. With absolutely no hoops to jump through, they stood by their product, informed me of a known issue with my model from that production period, and send me the new and improved model, hassle free and without charge, just like that. Customer service like this is where the market divides and where you earn loyalty - from this interaction, I’m a believer! Thank you, La Crosse, for the impressive service and for getting me back up and running.

- Love it! Great customer service

I received my unit as a Christmas gift. It is the big set with all the sensors; temperature, rain, wind, the large home base monitor, and the small remote monitor for another room. Set up was easy if you follow the instructions and don’t try to wing it yourself. The only issue I had was a few months after set up it wouldn’t stay connected to the WiFi and then the rain sensor went bad. I was worried that since I didn’t have the receipt or the box it came in that I would have issues with warranty. I called customer service and without hesitation the agent said they would send a whole new system. A week later it arrived, I set it up, and mailed all the old equipment back in the box provided. Everything has worked great since.

- WiFi setup too “clever” to work

They have a problem to solve: how do you get the ssid and password to the device with no real user interface (a clock from Costco in my case). Most IOT devices do this by advertising as an AP for setup which you connect to and then app can talk to the device and transfer the real ssid and password. I’ve seen some that use Bluetooth or a microphone or even a light sensor (watching the app blink out data on the screen) to get the data from the app to the device. All of these are kind of clunky but serviceable. After an hour with wire shark I think I see what lacross is trying to do: they have the app send packets with specific timing and try to put the ssid and password into the timing variations rather than the packet data. They probably also try to filter out weaker signals. The unit can’t tell who’s traffic it’s seeing but can see a regular pattern of packets in the air and extract what it needs from that. The problem of course is if there is traffic on your network (or any of your neighbors) it disrupts the timing so this won’t work well. Their FAQ helpfully suggests “your WiFi may be too busy, try again in half an hour”. I’m guessing this may be like the horribly slow and flakey method they use to pair sensors. So given this background my review is one star because it doesn’t work well at all in real life scenarios. I’m returning the clock and will avoid anything that may have their WiFi solution in it in the future.

- Great for monitoring in every instance!!

I love this app. for monitoring conditions while I’m home - but even more so while I’m away. Being able to keep a close eye on temperature and humidity indoors helps both my health and my kitty’s health in the winter. I can even have my cat sitter make adjustments while I’m away because of using this monitoring equipment Also the outdoor weather gauges are very useful; temperature, humidity, wind, precipitation gives a very realistic estimate of what’s actually affecting us at home and not just in my area. We have had unusual local wind/rain events recently, where knowing what’s happening at a nearby public weather station is not accurate to our specific weather even a half mile away. Very helpful app and equipment for people who monitor weather closely......

- App Severely Lacking

First of all, this weather station was nearly impossible to set up and I nearly returned it because of this. The app itself is super bare bones and doesn’t track all the data from my weather station. For outdoors, tracking barometric pressure is a must-have -as the trend is important to monitor for rising or falling pressure systems. I get the reading on my home base, not sure why it’s not even displayed on the app at all! The overall design of the app is clunky and not very functional. When you click on your device, most of the screen is a picture you selected and you have to scroll the data up to access it, which seems useless. Also, sometimes you’ll get some false readings that throw off the chart proportions, making it difficult to see the actual trend. It should allow you to filter out the outlier readings. For example if the wind is trending at 3 MPH, there’s no way it spiked to 120 briefly and back down again. Same for temp. It should allow for chart settings, and for me to customize default view. Lastly, it should save lifetime records for the device - record high, low, wind, etc., which wouldn’t be difficult to track if your data is in the cloud. I don’t need the ENTIRE history but a record of those events only, as this makes it more useful/fun to have if you’re doing your own personal station. Lots of room for improvement!

- Disappointed at first. Happy now.

I was excited to buy the weather station. When I got it home, had it mounted and got it connected to the app I was disappointed because the app only showed dashes. I called Lacrosse and was left on hold for 2 hours. When they answered they took my information and said the issue would be looked into and I would receive a call inn24 hours. Well I never received a call. So I called back. This time a very helpful young lady answered. She said a trouble ticket had not been entered. At this point I was livid. 😡. She too the information once again and said there is a known issue with the app but it will be fixed quickly. She told me to keep Checking the app. So 15 minutes later I checked the app and it’s working great now! If I would not have this issue I would have rated this 5 stars. But customer service is golden!

- Oh well

This thing actually connected to my phone with minimal difficulty (I was inputting the wrong network password; frustrating, but totally my fault). Many reviewers say it only shows the indoor temp and humidity. It will show the rain and wind speed on your mobile device if you follow directions and scan their barcode to add them to the network. The You Tube video made by Lacrosse was very helpful. Also, if you want all the info on one screen, tap the device name at the top center of the screen. It will display "quick view". Now the bad: as another reviewer stated, it stayed connected for about a day. It was nice while it lasted, graphs of temperature, wind, and (probably) rain; outdoor temperature recorded and displayed every 3 minutes or so. Pretty cool, until it didn't do it anymore. The base unit displays "no connect to app server", so I guess there's something I'm supposed to do to reconnect. This gets old, and most likely won't work when I'm away. Other than that, as a weather station "on site", it's pretty good. The remote units have a good range and haven't lost connection with the base as my previous station did several times each day. So, not bad, but not great. I probably won't be taking it back to Costco, but I also won't be running out to get another.

- Outside temperature not show!

I bought this unit a few months ago from Costco. It's pretty easy to setup and connect to my wifi, the La Crosse View app was easy to setup and connect to the unit without any issue, which is it was showing the outside temp for 24 hours, the wifi indicator on the unit shown too. But then since last few days, the outside temperature disappeared. The unit appears like it is a standalone unit: no wifi! I tried reset to the manufacture setup and reinstalled the app then set it up from scratch, no help. Reported to La Crosse, only got an email telling me to reload the device. Even I disconnect the power source, removed the battery and put them back and tried to setup from very beginning. Same issue: no wifi indicator, no outside temperature, even from the app where it connects successfully to the server but the app not show the outside temp either. Must be a weather station problem??!

- Okay but kind of finicky

Have owned model v21-wth and used the app for a little over a year. Initially startup was difficult. Unit was previously owned and returned to Cabela’s. Previous owner had registered device with Lacrosse and I was unable to get the weather station to even connect with the app. Contacted lacrosse support and was able to get that issue solved. Once I was able to register the device connecting the outdoor sensors went pretty well. Wind and temperature/humidity connected quickly and the signal strength indicator is helpful. Another issue is WiFi connection. Tried doing it in my living room where the home station would be located but could never get it to connect. Finally had to go into the room where my WiFi router is located and finally got it to connect then moved it back to the living room. Nice unit but a little finicky 🙄

- Station great, WIFI/app not great

The weather station works well and is easy to set up and view. A reliable connection with WIFI and ability to view on the app is not guaranteed. Any drop of WIFI or brief loss of power causes the app to become useless. If you can physically access the base station you can go through the reconfigure process to quickly bring it back on line... however, your phone and station must be within 10 feet of each other. Not helpful if you are away from home and want to monitor weather changes. This also seems to cause a deletion of data when restored. We were relying on this station to provide information about rain/snow fall. Disappointed, but at the price of the station we are not at a great loss. Will look for another more reliable station to provide this critical data.

- Don’t buy, Run!

We saw this at Costco and purchased it because it looked really cool. Came home and opened the box. It’s pretty small but the lights look great. The projected clock and weather on the wall was really neat. We have a small apartment. 900 sq 1 bedroom apartment. The set up was quick. Download app and scan clock. Simple and easy. Even tested out the alarm. Placed the clock on husbands nightstand. We even aimed the projected likes to aim right in front of him so he will see the clock. An hour goes by and we are heading to bed No lights. Everything is gone. The alarm had a different time. There is no weather. Future forecast is IN and OK. I tried to reconnect NOTHING. I read the instructions nothing. I took the clock and my phone (IPhone 7Plus) to the modem and router. Arris modem and Linksys router. NOTHING. The alarm changed again, the clock was actually right but everything else is gone. Tried to connect again... Nothing. We will return it tomorrow. Not worth the frustration.

- Interface is Horrible

I received a weather station that works with this app as a gift and almost returned it because the app is so bad. I still may... It’s so unintuitive. Oh, and the network setup through the app is broken. I don’t need a passive aggressive message that I’m not connected to the station when I can clearly see that I’m connected to the console. Ended up just doing that manually by connecting to the console with my computer. Anyway, this is an interface designed by computer programmers with not a single end user consulted in the process. Still haven’t figured out how to display barometer data on the app. I don’t think it can. Guess that’s because it’s an “extra” sensor even though it’s literally part of my main station. There’s those programmers again. It’s getting two stars because it’s better than nothing. That’s not saying a lot.

- Customer Service Fail

Complete, dismal failure by La Crosse customer support. Spent well over an hour being routed from one incompetent, uninformed, poor listener after another trying to resolve a connectivity issue with the La Crosse panel and La Crosse View remote app. System worked perfectly for two months, then simply stopped sending sensor data from the panel to the remote app. No issue with the panel, but the remote app’s will only display empty fields. Called CS to resolve, and was routed through a clueless contract call router, to a Tier 1 CSR who did not understand how the system worked or how to troubleshoot the problem. Got escalated to a Tier 2 CSR that disconnected the call while I was on hold. Called back to Tier 1, got re-routed to Tier 2, put on hold (endlessly) until the shop closed. Beyond rude!

- Losing patience

They’ve been saying for weeks that they are upgrading their equipment to handle the amount of users, but I’m losing patience. I don’t think they were ready for the Costco bump. The app works sometimes, even the most recent stripped down version. It doesn’t save any historical data, so you’re better off just looking at the weather center. Rain gauge hasn’t worked in the app for a long time, even though it works at the main base. How long will it take to perform as was promised when I bought this? Aside from that, the user interface is wonky. Why they feel the need for a picture that takes up almost the entire screen is unknown, it’s unnecessary. Also when it starts up it only gives one sensor, there should be a home screen that has them all on. You can get there by clicking the top of the screen, but you have to do that every time. Why don’t they make the app look like the base station?

- Not what I expected

After reading all the reviews, I couldn’t believe this app would only show the indoor temp & humidity. I figured everybody was missing a selection in the settings or something but nope, I just went thru the setup and linking process and just like many other reviewers complained....THIS APP WILL ONLY SHOW THE INDOOR TEMP AND HUMIDITY!!! Somebody really dropped the ball or, La Crosse thought they could fly this by and nobody would notice. None of the developer comments have addressed this issue....perhaps because this can’t be addressed without a rework of the hardware in the station itself. I purchased 3 of these stations at Costco and am happy with the price but, this almost defeats the benefit and need for having WiFi and an app. Maybe that’s why Costco is selling them 30% off. I’m leaning towards returning all three. I’ll wait a few weeks to see if La Crosse offers any assurance here of this being fixed in the future. La Crosse........CAN THIS BE FIXED THRU THE APP?

- The app goes wonky, and you won’t know why.

I love this kind of stuff, and this app is very cool when it’s working properly. But there is so much communication going on between your devices, your wi-fi router, this app, the NWS server, and probably a LaCrosse server out there somewhere, that something is bound to go SNAFU from time to time. Problem is, when that happens, it’s difficult to know what might need to be reset, and this is all against the backdrop of an insistence on a 2.4Ghz radio signal from your wi-fi equipment. I’m a retired IT guy and end up drawing blanks. If the engineers — and those who write documentation — made a priority out of elevating this app to top-class status, then LaCrosse would be able to charge triple for their wi-fi enabled weather stations. Until that happens, their business will not rise to meet its full potential.

- Incredible tool

I live in a very cold climate area of America (Alaska). It is extremely convenient to monitor the temperature of my living room while I am gone for winter trips. I have two complete independent heating systems in my modern 2500 square foot beautiful log home. If one fails, it could lead to serious freeze damage except the other system automatically kicks on. This monitor allows me to easily know if the systems are working and if one has failed. If both systems were to fail, I would get a text telling me the house temp was below 50 degrees. If that text came, I would call a repair man immediately or fly home. Gives me great piece of mine not having to worry if the heat is on in the house.

- No Combined View

The app works well but information management is quite substandard. One can use the drop down menu for selecting each monitor for a singular reading of what that specific monitor is sensing. However, when selecting either the “Control Center” or “La Crosse View” the information displayed is from the single sensor in the display unit. VERGING ON WORTHLESS INFORMATION, CERTAINLY REDUNDANT. In my opinion, as humble as it is the La Crosse View should have a combination of all the sensors. That way one could view inside, outside temperatures, rainfall and wind data by merely scrolling one screen rather than menus selecting this, that and the other. So, to those at La Crosse, good job but you have a way to go yet to make your good product a great and useful tool. Thank you.

- Good information, below average UI/info display

I realize this app is sort of a supplement to the physical display unit that is the “weather station.” But as a general note, it’s not that useful as it is currently designed. 3/4 of the Home Screen is a picture... that offers nothing as far as weather conditions go. You only have a small bit of information displayed from the indoor display/station. If you want to check your other sensors, you have to access them through an unclear drop down menu. It would be nice if you could have a display similar to the physical weather station. One that you could have different tiles displaying the info you most wanted, that could be arranged however the user wanted. All in all, not horrible, but could be much better.

- Rain gauge and notifications

I rarely give an app low stars but this app is bordering on awful. I created notifications then deleted them over a month ago and I still am getting notifications in my email to the deleted notifications. According to the app there are no rules set so why am I still getting notifications? The rain gauge seems to be measuring OK on the mail unit, showing me weekly, monthly and year to date statistics. But, the app was showing everything correct now all of a sudden I get the amount of rain we had last week as the total amount for every category including year to date. According to the main unit the amount should show 4.67. But the app shows 1.67 the amount we had on Friday for every category including year to date. Should the year to date be at least 4.6? I have tried deleting the app and also deleting the rain gauge from the app and adding it back in and still shows the same numbers. I have also sent an email to the customer service email on the app and have not received a response in a week. This app need major updates especially to the back end database and how it retrieves data from the main unit. Hopefully I will get a response from Lacrosse answering my questions.

- Be Patient

Did not appear to work properly at first. The app displayed base station data right away, but it took about 24 hours to start displaying info from the external sensors. Once it did though, it has worked flawlessly. I suspect it just took a while to sync up with La Crosse servers. I even added another sensor today, and the data showed up right away in the app. Very happy with my La Crosse weather station, this app, and the ability to connect my station to Weather Underground, which has also been working flawlessly. For the people who were having issues with their clock recently, NWS was having problems, which has since been resolved.

- Good, quirky unit

Like the data provided on the display and like being able to check house indoor and outdoor temps while traveling for business on my smart phone through the app. Set up was easy except for syncing with wi-fi. Had to check online board for fix. Be sure to sync w/ 2.4 (not higher 5). I had to unplug and start over, but once selected 2.4 it synced fine. It has a couple of quirks: like every time it syncs with NWS it shows “lost wi-fi” at the bottom of the display as it goes through it’s sync sequence with the remote sensors and NWS, then it updates and goes back to normal. Once you realize that, it’s fine but disconcerting at first “why does it keep dropping out?” you watch it for several minutes and realize it’s just a programming quirk and the unit is working. I have the display unit set up in our master bath so we can look at the current conditions and forecast icons before heading down to face the day. With the recent brutal cold weather it was nice to be able to check in house temps and outside conditions from another time zone. Overall pretty happy with the unit.

- Working just fine

Unfortunately I read all the negative reviews after I received the V-50 weather station as a Christmas gift. I expected to have issues connecting the outside temp/windspeed, direction sensor to my wifi. Well I must say I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of setup. It went effortlessly and I was viewing all my weather data within minutes. The only glitch was I inserted the batteries incorrectly in the outdoor sensor which I corrected almost immediately when I realized I was not receiving measurements. Definitely user error. I don’t understand all the negativity unless they’re reviewing a different product. I give it a definite thumbs up!

- Adequate but limited

Lacrosse could do so much more with their app. It provides the basics - access to current data, graphing, etc - but so much more is missing. Here’s a list of features that should be in the app: 1. For graphs - choose a period not just 1 day or 30 days, pinch to zoom or expand, have the scales remain visible while scrolling, average line to compare daily actuals against. 2. Export of data - why email us the data? Download it through the app and let us decide what to do with the data (and give us options for the format). 3. Landscape support - iPhones and iPads can be rotated; why doesn’t the app support orientations other than portrait, especially when graphing.

- Removed NWS Stream selectable objects in version 1.42 or 1.43

I was changing NWS selections and deleted them thinking I could re-add them. Things like NWS wind speed, NWS wind direction, etc. In the latest version or two this selection add function no longer works. Once I delete them they are gone forever! I can add only text to the configurable panel on my weather station. I hope this is temporary and i am notified when/if this function is re-added. Otherwise I see data from my remote temperature, humidity, wind speed, rainfall device sensors as well as the inside sensors fine and my wife loves her Christmas gift. She isnt too keen on using her phone or tablet Lacrosse View app, just he weather station, but I like to look at the data on my tablet over many days, and set alerts.

- Fantastic

My LaCrosse weather station arrived today. When I opened the box I was amazed. The packaging was well designed and after discovering that I needed to snip the two tie wraps it all came out of the box easily. No assembly required!! (Except for installing 2 AA batteries in the temperature and humidity sensor and 3 AA batteries in the multifunction sensor). Included were the base station with ac adapter, the multifunction sensor, the temperature /humidity sensor, and a short mounting bracket and post. I downloaded the LaCrosse View software from the App Store, installed it on my iPhone. The ONLY issue I had was with my home wireless network. I have a two band wireless router and I was using the faster 5 GHz wireless for my iPhone. So I did a bit of research and changed my iPhone back to 2.4 GHz and the V40 found my network and the rest is history as they say. The only things left to do are purchase a 1” diameter pole to mount the multifunction sensor, and find a suitable location for the temp/ humidity sensor. Overall I am extremely happy with my LaCrosse V40 Weather Station and have already recommended it to a friend.

- Historical data incorrect

Have been waiting for few updates, already, still no real improvement.. The app doesn’t display correct rain accumulations. Before the last update, it wouldn’t work at all. Now, it doesn’t show correct year/total rain accumulation.. for example, about a month ago, the total accumulation was equal year accumulation and displayed “34” (my settings are in mm, but it would be also nice if it had units displayed next to the number). 34? For the whole year? It’s less than 1-1/2” and there is no way it is that in Michigan. But, it doesn’t stop there, now, both year and total accumulation show 27. How can it be? Total value went down? Something just isn’t right! Please fix it. Besides that, the app doesn’t show the forecast, at all.. or am I missing it somehow?

- I like it. Needs some work.

Set up was easy. No problems connecting to WiFi and no problems with the units connecting. I have tested the app seems to work nicely but I wish I could see a few more details like chance of rain and all that. Also I’m a little confused. The station shows a 50% chance of rain or storms, but there is a 1% chance on and off today. I don’t know how it can tell if it will storm? I would like to look into some of the accessories but I’m unsure if they only work with the app or do they work with the station, or both? Over all I do love the product I had a much older model that didn’t do all this stuff so it was nice to upgrade.

- Works, sort of

Mine connected ok, after several tries. Instructions not great. I have also experienced the no data update issues reported here, but that seems to be better over the last month. But I do have a problem with rainfall reporting. The display unit in the house is showing me rainfall amounts and totals consistent with what the tv weather guys are reporting. But the app is reporting amounts and total on the order of 10 to 12 times those amounts. ( we did not get over 12 inches of rain last week. We got about an inch,). This bad data is showing up on the phone and the pad, and is also bad if I toggle over to mm instead of inches. I think the number in your data base is getting written wrong. Any suggestions?

- No problems Easy install

Dec. 2017 - whatever the problems were they have been fixed. This was an easy install using the app on my iPhone 5. I have a dual band router and never had a problem getting my station to connect to the correct frequency, it did it automatically. Wi-Fi works great and is saving one port on my router. It did take me a few minutes to figure out what the iPhone app was showing me and that I could swipe between screens. One screen shows outdoor temperature and one screen shows indoor temperature. The names you give to the devices show up on the iPhone. Thanks for a great little station.

- Working great

Really like the display on this V40A-Prov2. Tech support has been quick and helpful. I should add that the anemometer unit fits perfectly on the end of a 1" EMT conduit. This makes mounting options more versatile than the included plastic bracket, by more easily allowing stand alone pole installations for better wind recording. Use of Lithium batteries is also highly recommended to avoid alkaline corrosion problems. Lithium batteries also perform better during the winter cold temps. Swapping over to new batteries annually can then be done safely during summer weather, if the unit location might be dangerous during winter weather.

- It’s ok

I would give it something between 2 and 3 stars. The real time data is ok but it does a terrible job with 24 hr and longer history. For example, I watched it display real time wind speed of 39 mph and when I looked a couple of hours later it said that the peak in the last 24 hours was like 23 mph. Similar experience with rain where the 7 day total, 24 hour total and current hour all show the same (and it’s been raining every day for at least 3 days). These are things that they could easily fix with a software update if they paid a little attention.

- Often displays zero data in app

Husband bought the PWS on whim at Costco to replace our dead Ambient PWS. It was very difficult to use the app to connect to wifi. After multiple failed attempts, I finally had to connect it manually. When viewing the app, the default action is to display the photo in the background and you have to swipe up to view the info. I am in the app to look at weather info, not photos!!! While checking the app throughout the day, it will often display nothing in the detailed history, yet the LCD display is showing data and is connected to WiFi. When the detailed graph is working, if you tap on a high wind, it does not display the wind direction. This is not worth paying a yearly subscription fee.

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- Much improved app

Latest update has fixed a lot of issues which is great to see.

- On the fence

I’m frustrated that app alerts are sent to me in imperial units of measure and not the metric measure I have set as my preferred. Please fix. Also, data stream is cool but limited to just 3 when there are so many choices. Sad. Rain gage information is completely different on internal display than what appears in this app. We had a rainfall event with local totals over 100mm and our internal display reflects this. But the app says we had 30mm. That makes all historic data in the app completely useless.

- Rain gauge is completely inaccurate

Have had 21 mm in 24 hours according to our main panel yet the app is saying 3.3 mm. 21 mm is accurate. Can’t find any online fixes and your online support only seems to support US and Canada , I’m in Australia . Maybe you better make sure Costco isn’t selling your products in countries you have no interest supporting ? Is there a reason why your app is not accurately communicating with the main panel ?

- Rain sensor

It hardly rains here but I am on my second sensor first one hardly recorded the rain ! This one seems slightly better but still appears to be way down on the real , waiting for more rain to test.

- Poor wifi design and reliability.

Wifi connection drops out most of the time even though the weather station is within 10 meters of the modem, very unreliable. Then need to configure the wifi again and that process too is very poor and doesn’t work most of the time. The rain sensor doesn’t work and connect most of the time. I definitely would not recommend this product.

- Not quite what is promised

The app does not remember accumulative rainfall data, it also does not pick up weather data out of the US (this was promised). The team were very helpful in setting up the equipment but seem to have gone very quiet since I paid my 3 year subscription.

- Excellent product

Work well and is very reliable. I can highly recommend this product.

- Not happy

I’ve had the app about two weeks and for most of that time the sensors have not sent any data to display. To make that worse it display has lost wifi connection so it and the app are not giving any data at all. Not happy!

- Not bad

Phone app needs barometric pressure reading & trending for predictions

- Great app

Just needs a screen where you can see all the sensors at once plus the NWS data too

- Rain data

The rain guage ceased to work after 6 months and it never did provide accumulated data. Then I find the wifi frequencies used are illegal in Australia. Someone in your marketing department needs a good kick and your IT group should be sent back to school.

- Lacrosse weather station

Tried with 4 different wifi routers, all 2ghz. Will never connect base station to wifi. I can’t find anywhere in app that will let you view previous days data, or on the weather station itself. Poor products from Lacrosse.

- Impossible!

I have tried 6 times to add my device using manual insertion of the barcode as nothing happened when I made several attempts to scan it with the camera. This is a waste of time and pathetic in something that is so expensive and all plastic to boot. NOT happy!

- Great app

So happy with this app, very easy to use and setup, just wish it had a humidity alert as well.

- Poor interface for potentially good system

The devices randomly switch wifi networks and then don’t work. Overview is of little use, so need to drill down menus to see basic data. Doesn’t ever read data to phone but shows on device so app is USELESS

- Incorrect rain accumulation records...

Rain records is incorrect and entirely inaccurate. This app is trying to tell me that I have had only 0.3mm over the history of an entire year! I just checked. Very incorrect. This makes LaCrosse look very bad at keeping correct records of their weather stations and unreliable.

- Terrible support. Wifi won’t work

Logged support jobs and sent so many emails. Only received one generic response that didn’t answer any of my questions. Wifi never worked from the start. Ended up returning the product. Shame - nice device.

- Disappointed owner

I purchased my unit from ALDI in Melbourne they should never have been imported into Australia they just don’t work like they where designed too they are programmed to run on different frequencies to Australian standards nothing computes properly really totally useless for accurate readings 👎

- Sold to Australia, system set up only for Northern Hemisphere

Just unpacked V40A-PRO. Instructions say to mount LTV-WR1 with solar panel facing South. Never going to work this way South of the equator. Web site contact form only allows for USA/Canada addresses therefore impossible to email you.

- works, maybe

while the app provides correct( with a slight variation) on temps, humidity and wind, it is hopeless with rainfall. for example the indoor module showed 30 millimeters of rain in a single day, the app displayed 4.8 millimeters. the graph showed a max. of 0.5 in an hour although it was torrential rain for a hour or two. so really this function of the app is useless.

- Reasonable

App reads less rainfall than actual weather station, the station it self seems accurate

- Now not working

The station is now the only sensor that updates its data. Breeze Pro and Rain sensor, if I’m lucky, might update once a day making the whole system useless.

- Set up Instructions

The instructions forgot to mention the Southern Hemisphere solar panel orientation. Imperial measurements are default, most of the world is metric. The unit has a very poor DC Pin connector to the point of been faulty and not functional.

- How to shut the dam thing up

It’s no good for Australia. Only help they provide you with is if you are only based in USA or Canada. It beeps relentlessly can’t see why or any reason for it too. Need to deactivate the beeping.

- Not impressed

Today’s temp reached 38 and current temp is 25z yet the app is saying it reached 24. Why isn’t the app reflecting what the main display says?

- Don’t waste your money

A sub standard station with a sub standard app that does not report on all the data subsets it was initially purchased for.

- Incorrect reading

The rain sensor has not worked since installing and the app temperature measurement is now out by a factor of 20 degrees compared to the digital tablet.

- Alerts

Waste of money , of creativity , of time ...just don’t know .., read a book instead

- Waste of money

Returned to store. Rain gauge doesn’t work, base unit doesn’t connect show forecast unless you reset the wifi connection.


Brilliant App, works well

- Not what I’d hoped for

Had no end of drama getting the app to connect to the weather station. Won’t show rainfall at all. Good thing it was free I suppose!

- Can’t put 0... Useless in Australia

Why are the La Cross stations being sold in Australia? Solar panel has to face south, goes flat.. No subscriptions available, so limited to 7 days history. Rain gauge is rubbish, luck to record 10% of actual rainfall. (Yes mounted as per the instructions) Really disappointing station!

- Not very happy

I’m in Australia had nothing but trouble with my weather station

- Very disappointing

Not updating properly rain info inconsistent with reality

- Rubbish

Does not work and support is useless.

- Works as it should

The latest software update (1.81.13) has fixed a wifi connection problem I was experiencing in Australia. Now have access to all features, thanks!

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- Good weather station app

The app and associated weather station were very easy to set up; I had no problems at all. The layout of data in the app needs improvement. It would be nice to have all sensors from one location on one screen and ditch the wallpaper. The only tech problem was that despite the devices and app all being set to metric units, alerts are in U.S. units. E.g. set an alert for 0c an the notification reads 32f.

- Junk

Tried to connect to wifi for about an hour wouldn’t connect. Online help says contact wifi provider for help. I have the wifi that was supposedly required to connect. Taking it back to Costco.

- High on hype, low on capabilities

Bought it at Costco, projects time on ceiling Other than that, it doesn’t tell you the correct weather even though it’s internet based Every reading for snow, rain... etc is always wrong They give you web access for a month Then want you to pay a subscription, which they don’t advertise I’d be scared to buy add on sensors They will like be as inaccurate as the base system If you need a clock, buy it Otherwise Don’t bother

- Terrible app

Had problems connecting instruments. Got temp working but finally gave up on wind speed and rain gauge. They now sit on a shelf. I can’t believe they expect me to have to learn how to getting into my modem to make system changes.

- Always can’t connect to wifi

Can’t find wifi

- LaCrosse View App stopped communicating with weather station

I’ve had the system up and running for about 3 months now. It was difficult to connect to WiFi, but after a few hours of fiddling around it finally connected and all was well - until today. The app suddenly stopped communicating with the weather station, even though the weather station is still connected to Wifi. I’ve tried everything to get the LaCrosse View app to reconnect with the weather station, but it will not connect. Router works, iPhone works, internet connection works, weather station works, Lacrosse View app doesn’t work. W/E...

- Senseur externe

Ne fais pas la différence entre 4C et -4C

- Nightmare on LaCross Street

Come-on...connecting to my High Speed WI-Fi. Does. Not work..never connects after 1 hour trying..I spent my money on LaCross tech which is junk...I am a loser...I hope Le crosse tech reads this and helps us poor sucker buyers..

- Fun but no Barometer Trending

The instructions tell you to install all batteries then mount the sensors but there are code numbers on each sensor you need to pair them to the base station first. All sensors offer trend screens except the barometric pressure and this may be the most important sensor to predict weather changes.

- Works for 2 months and then dies

I have been through 3 main displays now . It connects for a couple months and then stops connecting to the wifi . When it works it’s a great product! I have followed the instructions from the company to the letter and has taken a fair bit of my time to go through all the troubleshooting. They are pretty good about responding and sending another unit out so the support is good but there is obviously a problem with the software or Hardware they have used. I will be on my 3rd base unit if they send me another one , although I am afraid when the one year warranty is done I will have to purchase another unit if the problem persists. My 3rd unit is now not working and my 1 year warranty is up . I am now going to look for a different company and purchase a weather station from them . I am now on my 4 th unit and it does not work again . They are sending me a new sending unit but it is not the sending units its the display units . Won’t by again !

- Connection to devices iPhone

Does not connect very well to iPhone and updates are hours apart Need fix

- Frustrating

This app is supposed to connect to the purchased unit on a continuous basis but doesn’t update on a continuous basis the temperature readings of the main display unit. To get this working is a frustrating experience as it isn’t user friendly. Additionally, it seems that a subscription is needed for the device to continue working in sending temperature information from the display unit to the app after an initial trial period. This aspect isn’t revealed at any time until the unit is set up. Very devious of the manufacturer to do this. I plan on returning this unit to the retailer where I purchased it. A waste of time trying to get this to work as advertised. Have a lot better things to do.

- Français

Ce serait vraiment bien si il y avait une version en français

- Junk

No instructions,things are not working out!Piece of crap so far!

- So far, so good

Just installed the devices. Follow up soon.

- Crappy/Support Sucks

Do not get straight answers trying to deal with problems!

- Would not connect to the internet

Would not connect to the internet even after trying with customer support.

- Connection?

App and display seem to randomly connect and disconnect. Have tried all suggestions on LaCrosse, but situation is the same. Would not recommend this.

- Can’t get the app to download anymore

Tried reloading, reset the home station. Still uploads randomly sometimes only once every couple days

- Wind speed inaccurate

Temp great but wind speed inaccurate and cust support will not reply to my email after two attempts.

- App got worse

I used to be able to connect my alarm clock to wifi, but no longer. Even when my phone is only connected to 2.4GHz, the app claims it can't find a 2.4GHz signal. I will try to return to Costco, but it may be too late.

- not working

It is not working

- Crap

Horrible app never updates properly always minutes to hours behind why have a app if it sucks and to begin I called La crosse multiple times and have yet to even receive the help I needed

- Used with lacrosse C83100 - no good

Very poor app. Check the equipment you got from them. No wind vane? You need to connect to internet to get wind direction. You cannot save data, you have to pay

- La Crosse

Waste of time can’t even set the time without a masters degree. They ask for way to much personal information bottom line you should be able to manually set your clock and you can’t with this useless clock !

- Junk

Won’t work at all save your money

- Way too unstable

This application is constantly failing, needs attention, highly technical. Unless you have lots of time and tech ability, avoid.

- Security Issues

I don’t like having to give both my home address AND wifi password to this app, it got my address automatically from the location of my cellphone!

- What am I expected to pay for?

They want you to to pay for a monthly service after you purchase the device which was not clear on the packaging, I suspect on purpose because no one would of bought it. The sensors are way off and not correct. If this wasn’t a gift I would return it. With all the free weather services apps out there that are free....and so much better it blows me away that any developer would charge money for this...I am still unclear to what you are paying for, connecting to my own wifi? I can’t help but feel this is a scam

- Station

How do you change from Fahrenheit to Celsius

- Weather station

Will not sync to my 4g network

- Second time fail

This is our second La Crosse weather station and we can’t get this one to work either. Very frustrating!! Plugged it in and won’t turn on

- No directions on wifi connection

Follow the instructions and nothing works. There is a lack of troubleshooting information online and no way to solve your issue. I’m on the correct wifi network and if your device has a problem it’s not my wifi it’s your device. Connect to the network they say and i get an error message saying follow the directions on screen. Repeat for a morning. Avoid entirely if possible and set it manually

- Works Great

Works perfect. Put the supposed outside temp sensor in my detached shop so I can monitor that temp. Will feel much more comfortable when I leave town

- Unreliable

This product is good when it works but regularly loses connection with the wifi. The Weather Station is 10 feet from my Router so it should have best signal. I have no other issues with my wifi devices. Lacrosse sent me a wifi extender but no followup as to how that would help. I don’t recommend this product.

- La crosse View

Rien en français dommage

- Consistently disconnects from WIFI

Not reliable connection between main unit and WIFI Tried everything Many hours wasted trying to keep the app, base units and sensors connected together.

- Does not work with Mesh WiFi systems and iOS 14.

Spent two hours of my time trying to fight with this app to install one weather station. Purchased a new 2.4G router and plugged it in, just to make this inferior tech work at first. But I had to move my base mesh away from the weather station, so that solution is broken. And this crappy app will not copy the login data from the ZenWifi to the display device. DO NOT BUY THIS INFERIOR TECH until they can figure out how to make it work seamlessly with Mesh WiFi systems.

- C82929

I have 3 C82929 - all 3 lost Wi-Fi connection & will not reset - it is not worth the buying

- Intrusive and complicated to set up

I was surprised and not happy to learn the extent to which this weather station encroaches on my privacy and location It is difficult to set up and my iphone wants me to reconfigure my entire security system I just want local weather! And still cannot get it It may well go back tomorrow

- Zero stars

Awful doesn’t work most of the time.

- Great App for Yesterday’s Weather

The app is unusable. Difficult to set up and then does not stay connected. You can never view current conditions as they are hours or days behind. It’s a complete joke and have to recommend buyers stay away Two months later and I would say it’s only got worse. The App is absolute garbage and it’s. Don’t buy this system

- Garbage

Lost internet...tried 10 times...cannot reconnect.

- Very disappointed

I have used LaCrosse Weather Stations for year. Always accurate and reliable. Now I bought new station with wi-do and app to see on phone. 40 days later still can’t see on phone. Their tech people are useless and said they would call back. Left me a number to call. Called and no such number in service. Not happy customer. Time to send back and by different

- C83100

Ou trouver le manuel d’utilisation pour cet appareil svp merci

- Unable to connect to wifi

Unable to connect to wifi. Worked once with some patience but unable to reconnect since. Will be returning the product.

- Garbage product and app.

I wish I never paid money for this alarm clock. I can’t get it to connect to my wifi network at all. All this is now l, is just a fancier version of a basic alarm clock. I’m throwing it in the garbage and deleting this app. I’ll just stick to using my phone as an alarm clock. Way better and easier.

- Good, needs improvement

In general, it’s good and easy to use. Be nice to make it easier to connect to WiFi at setup. Great data. I use mainly to track greenhouse conditions and then weather

- Love this weather station

Love this weather station had one of these older models and now I have upgraded to the newer one😉😊😊

- Weather station (v21-wth)

The data has way to many gaps, a lot of info is lost, the data stream needs improvement

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- Update review

I had originally given this App a low rating because it seemed to loose connection and I could only monitor the weather station temp and humidity (inside) and not the other devices. I would like to update this review because, although the setup instructions aren’t clear you can get all the outside units on the App. You just have to add each one the same way you you setup the weather station itself (enter each device by serial number). There does still seem some loss of connection but usually come back by itself. I am now starting to like the App, although it would be nice if it could connect to a 5 MHz network signal.

- Quality control is weak. Customer service is weaker.

Being a novice weather geek, I was excited to set this up right after Christmas. Unfortunately, within two months the head unit no longer received WiFi signals and had to be replaced, at no charge, and the rain gauge does not record rain totals for long. Specifically, it might record a rain event, but the cumulative total is constantly being reset. For example this month’s total is more than the accumulated year’s total. Also, from week-to-week the totals are deleted and reset. If I had bought this I would have returned by now. Finally, after sending the display unit back to Lacrosse, it stopped reporting data to the app entirely. After contacting LaCrosse, I was told they are aware of the problem and are working on a solution. That was about 7 months ago.

- Outside sensor not working

The outside temp sensor works on the station and bonus display but not on the app. All other sensors work on station and app. I’ll bump my review up to 3 stars if someone can help me fix the problem. A lot of work and hassle to get this app working correctly. Not excited to learn I had to downgrade my WiFi after purchasing. Getting ready to return to Costco and give them an ear fill. Update to Developer Response: I added each device separately several times, no success. I called customer service and they did a reset and all good now. I’m still holding onto the box and will return to Costco if future troubles occur.

- Working great

After a little challenge getting the device to connect to my WiFi, all is well. The base station did not want to connect through my WiFi extended network so I searched and connected to the main WiFi band and it works fine. The iPhone app and main station device are great! I’ll probably add a rain sensor in the spring once the snow melts. I’m curious to see how the outdoor wind and temperature sensor work when it is snowing. I have compared the temperature readings to my other thermometers and the seem to be very accurate. Bottom line, I would recommend this weather station.

- No longer works

This stopped working for me six months ago. I have done all the online support checking on the hardware, and the hardware is fine. The hardware connects to the Internet via this application without much issue; however, no weather information is received from the Internet. The app does successfully show the temperature and humidity of the location of the hardware; however,You receive no weather information from the outside world. The error on the hardware just constantly says check app. I have uninstalled reinstalled and spent hours in their Support forums to no avail. There is even a place in the Support forumsTo request a replacement device but when you click on that all it does is take you to a form where you can register your product. I would avoid this like the plague

- Nice but small — WiFi failed after 2 months

The unit seemed very well-made, which is I bought it. Instructions to load the mobile app, La Crosse View, and to set up the WiFi connection to the device all worked well. The unit showed outdoor temp. and a nice weather forecast image just fine for about 2 months. Then it failed to connect with the same home WiFi, and Nothing I did helped to re-establish the connection. Other than the above, this alarm clock is very small. Range of easy readability is about 6 feet. Also, the screen is unreadable when the device sits even a few inches above you eye level, as when you are viewing it while laying on bed. Not good! The projection feature works great.

- I had such high hopes but...

Among a multitude of other problems, the numbers reported in the app for each of the sensors rarely match the sensors or actual conditions outside. If it at least ballparked them it would be ok but it frequently seems to simply invent the data. Looking at a graph over time is even worse, example: the other day it told me the current outside temperature was 104 while the maximum temp reached that day was 98 (the hourly graph never went over 98 either). The time on my indoor main display has been one hour slow since DST changed. I’ve tried repeatedly to change the time on the unit, in the software, and even changing my time zone... I’ll feel successful but, sure enough: five minutes later, I’ll see it’s back to being an hour late.

- Quit connecting to internet

Works unreliability would not buy again. I have had this for two years. Worked great for the first nine months. After that quite reporting. Replacing the display. Started working again for 6 more months. Then quite reporting to the internet. Mobile devices could not see any current data. Within the last two weeks it has started to report every so often. May go a day 24 hours nothing then to within a few hours. Internet connectivity is sporadic at best. Al my other system never have any issues reporting so not the internet or router. This is the only system that consistently does not report to the internet. Most likely the display again and its wireless network failing like the other two which had been replaced already in two years.

- Weak app along with poor FAQs

Revising up to 3-stars based on some feedback from LaCrosse and some great Tier 2 support. Suggestions; 1. Although you can view temp, wind and precipitation on one master view, one should be able to set that as the default view as it is very easy to click from there to the specific rain/wind/temp page. Maybe there is a way I’m not aware of. 2. You can’t change chart y-axis range (esp precip) so you can better view when you’re not ever getting 2-4 inches ... heavy is maybe 0.3 inches in this area. Same for historical although that at least has options. This is a known item they can work on for next revision. 3. As others have noted, the station was losing connection to station so no data for sometimes hours. My issue was related to a dual band extension route. This was resolved by Tier 2 support and has been fine since. 4. One odd thing is my master station likes to show 83-88F on the indoor temp all the time even when the indoor gauge shows 67-70 (Even with a new master station). Not sure if the bonus (white) temp gauge is transmitting correctly indoors.

- Weather Station

This station work great! The app works fine also after 1 email, that was never responded to, this the 4 stars and one call to their help center. My outside temperature gauge was registering on the inside display but would not register on the app. After a few days after the call it started working, they did something on their end to get it to register and start working. Their customer service needs some work as far as communication is concerned. After all is said and don everything is working great! Just follow all the directions in the proper order and everything should work.

- Ansolutely Horrible

Had this device for less than a year. Wasn’t cheap. Loses WiFi connectivity constantly even tho it is 12” from my router and range extender. Constantly says decide not found when trying to reconnect to WiFi. I’ve never had so many problems with something like this in my life. Will NEVER buy another one from this company. Their solution is to send out another display and a range extender. Here’s a great idea. Why not fix your know issue? You know it doesn’t work, you know it fails. FIX IT! Or lose yet another long standing customer.

- Needs Work

The landing page should be a dashboard with a summary of all your devices from any location you select and allow drill down from there but instead I have to swipe to find my device I want to look at. The alerts are a joke. As an example, If I click on wind I can slide what I want to alert in which is great, but my alert options are limited to once per day or once per hour and email or push. That is not customizable, but just giving me a choice which could have been displayed on 1 page. Why do I need a customized picture of my house taking up the whole screen when you could have a banner with location of sensors with a small image if needed. I did like the use of sliders to make selections easy.

- I can’t tell if it’s something i’m doing wrong

My alarm clock worked fine for a few days and then the alarm set itself to 24:48 for no reason, so i tried to change it and went onto the app (which is personally stupid to have to use the app to change my alarm) and it said it was on set to 6:50am which is when i want to wake up. So i turned it off and then it changed back to 6:50am on the alarm clock instead of 24:48 and then my alarm didn’t even go off. I have to wake up a bit earlier tomorrow and i’m trying to change it to 5:15am and it stays at 6:50am. This could be an issue on my end but when i look up the issue online there is nothing about it.

- Exceeded my expectations

I’ve been using this App for a year and still finding new tricks like sharing access to my sensors. It had some issue, but it’s been flawless the past 6 months. I’m now monitoring my basement humidity, Well House temperature , neighbor’s home while they are in Florida, and set up lower priced station in my parents home to monitor it. The temperature alerts are easy to set and change, they work as advertised and they are free. I was worried about the WiFi set-up, but it was easy - never had to change anything about my WiFi like some reviews stated.

- App Updates Sluggish and Inaccurate

Although the sensors communicate effectively with the base station the app data from my sensors is inaccurate and is not updated in a timely manner. For some reason the Temperature and Humidity data may take 40 min for the app to update however the base station updates within minutes. Also for some reason the rain data on the app will report 2.22” of rain data several times a day when it’s not raining. The base station doesn’t report this. I haven’t found a way to clear data on the app like you can on the base station.

- Great device, app not reliable

Got my son the weather station for Christmas and was primarily sold on the app functionality of the unit and the capability of linking to Weather Underground. The weather station itself and its sensors work great, the app however has been disappointing. Christmas night we couldn’t connect, apparently the surge in traffic overloaded the server, which I can understand. Connection today has been spotty, while I’ve been able to connect, the app hasn’t been updating to the current readings. Right now, the temperature is as of 3 hours ago. I’ve double checked all connections and the device is connected to WiFi, and it still won’t refresh. I think this could be a 4-5 Star app once it functions like its intended.

- Love the App and WiFi

We bought our weather station in December 2017 and downloaded the app as we installed it and couldn’t be happier. We have an older weather station and can compare the data, and because this station has separate devices, we can now trust the temperature because this one stays in a protected location while the other one is all one unit so it has to be out in the open and the temperature is always way too high in the sun. Love the app showing our data via WiFi! Now I can see what’s happening at home no matter where we are.

- Promising but frustrating

This app shares weather info to my iPhone and iPad but it will not connect to the internet for time and forecast updates. So I assume I won’t be able to check temps once out of my home. Very frustrating trying to make it work as described. But I bought the device so I guess I’ll live with it. Update: no support from seller and still no Internet connection although it is connected to my WiFi and as long as my phone is on the same network I can see the display. Off network and no monitoring. Would not buy again.

- Could be better

All of the information is available on the app, but not in the most user friendly way. There should be a screen that essentially shows all of the information in one place rather than having the photo consume 2/3 of the screen. From there you could drill down for the details for the individual sensors. Adding a star. After using the app for a bit I discovered that the view I wanted is available by clicking on the top banner. I wish there was an option to have that as the default when the app opens.

- After a hiccup, this works great!

I got the complete setup for Christmas 2017, and it worked flawlessly as far as data showing on the main display- the View app wouldn’t collect or show data from outside sensor for temp and humidity, even after removing it and re- scanning it. After a phone call, they fixed this remotely on their end and it’s been perfect since! So nice to remotely see what’s happening at home, inside and out while we are away. It’s been -26 here for days in rural Maine and I feel better seeing the furnace is working at home while we are away.

- Works...

It works well enough, but documentation is sparse and the app view is sparse as well. Having to select each sensor (wind, rain, outside temp/humidity, and display) to see the data is not very convenient. I can't understand why the app can't poll the data from all the sensors and provide a unified view (like the display does), this should be very simple from an engineering perspective, and any device that is capable of running this app surely has the necessary compute power. But then again, what do I know? I've only been a software engineer for 18 years. Overall thought: the app gets the job done, but it could've been so much better with only a little bit more effort.

- Very Disappointed!

I just received my La Crosse weather station and connected to wifi & the app. I discovered the app only shows indoor information not outdoor. I could not believe this because why the app or even the wifi. 99% of the time house temp and humidity are pretty constant so why need the app. The unit's purpose is to show outside info as the numbers for that are much larger than the indoor info and shows weather via pictures. Also I had the weather direct Unit from years ago but they ended support for it last year and was supposed to contact when a new wifi unit was to be released and a discount was to be given to us users. Never received that info and I discovered it was under La Crosse - boy did they drop the ball.

- Works Great Now

I was worried when I first downloaded this app that I would not receive the data from the weather station or that it would disconnect like other reviews stated. I have been running the station and app for 2 weeks now and have had no issues. To the people who cannot see your outdoor data you MUST scan every sensor you have into the app, not just the base station. Once that is done all of you weather data shows in the app. My favorite part is the graph, it gives the user great insight to the changes of the weather.

- Hot and mostly miss

Got this as a gift for Christmas of 2018. The first two months it worked well, but ever since it won’t update for days, the temperature reading is off compared to a good old Mercury thermometer,there’s no wind speed even when there is a 5 mile an hour wind which was one of the main reasons I wanted this to begin with. The lacrosse view app is not very good I would think the manufacture will be able to write a better app.I am about ready to give up on this and go with a different manufacture altogether. For the money this cost it should work a lot more reliably than it does. One year in and 4th unit has been going for almost 3 months so it will probably doe anytime now. The app is no better either. Never again will I spend the money on a la crosse product.

- Great device horrible app

Would give zero stars if possible. The device is awesome. Love it. The app, however, needs significant revision. Why do I want to see a picture that takes up the full screen when I log in?? I want the weather data, not a picture of a crappy patio set set from Walmart (or any picture for that matter)? Just give me a dashboard with the weather data similar to the screen on the Device. Having to get via a drop down or quick view makes no sense and is overly complicated. The weather data should be immediately viewable. If there is a way to do that via settings, it is not obvious. If you can do that, please explain how. Again, great device, button truly awful software. Many similar comments in the reviews.

- Disappointed with new weather station’s

I have had a weather station from LaCross for over 20 years and I recently replaced my old unit with a new full weather station and I have had several different problems with connecting to the unit with wifi it took me several times to get it to load displays on the app The App is HORRIBLE as I can not see temp wind and rain details on a single screen and I don’t know why it has a separate or second unit for the wind speed as well as the wind speed in the multi unit Very disappointed even more when I tried 6 times to get the separate add on projection display to connect it just won’t connect The fact that I can not use projection display as a solitary stand alone is even more upsetting as I have been using an older version that is stand alone and still working except power supply was ruined by power surges from power company a few months ago after we had a tropical storm in New York area If I can’t get it to connect I will be returning it Very very disappointed with LaCross after so many years of total satisfaction

- Piece of trash

I have had this system for over a year, and really dispise it. Works for the first month, and then fails to measure anything that is an additional device (wind and rain sensors). All sensors show connected on the main device, but they will not update. I have followed the instructions on your page with resetting the system, replacing batteries, and NOTHING. Worse of all, your app won’t connect to my Wifi. I know it is on the 2.4 Ghz network, because that’s the only network that shows up. For the third time, I have powered off all, waited more than the appropriate amont of time, replaced all batteries, and the wind gage and rain gage are not registering speed and rain amount. The main temp/humidity sensor works fine. Just an overpriced temperature reader. Wish I could return it.

- Terrible product

I purchased this weather station through Costco. I followed the instructions completely and placed the sensors as recommended. Immediately, the rain gauge would not stay connected. I called customer support and they were helpful. They shipped a new rain gauge (it took 10 days to receive) and followed instructions again and it will not connect. I called customer support again and the guy on the line tried everything and no results. They have now moved it up the chain. Also I connected it to my WiFi system so I can check when I am away. The sensors are not updating as they should. According to customer support it should update every 45 seconds. My sensors will not update for sometime more than 30 minutes.

- Waste of money. Does not work.

I am a well educated and intelligent professional and I am adept with computers, software and modern technology. I have tried repeatedly to connect this device to my Xfinity high-speed internet WIFI network having to scan in the product ID over and over and over again every single time and then enter my password over and over again and the weather device simply will not connect to my WIFI despite every other device in my home connecting to my WIFI without any problem at all via bluetooth or WIFI connection like my Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max and my computer and home theatre sound system just not this waste of money technologically obsolete device that Sharper Image should drop from its catalog immediately.

- App not working

The LaCross View hardware & App worked great for the first 6 months. However I’ve had multiple issues ever since. First the base unit wi-fi stopped working, although it was replaced for free after I investigated it with La Crosse. Next, the App graphs stopped working properly following a La Crosse update. LaCrosse admitted having issues with graphs following the update, but never fixed this issue (I still have an email from LaCrosse admitting this). Lately (past 3 months), the App graphs are always missing data & some devices have no data for several hours to several days. The base still works & shows satisfactory wi-fi & connections to all devices, but don’t count on the app for status when your away - which is why I purchased this in the first place!

- App data is junk, they can’t get it right. . .

5179 inches of rainfall in a 2 day period? I think not. App data is not in sync with desk unit. After several calls to tech support - useless help, we are working on it. Fire your app developers and build it right from the ground up. The only way to go off DST on the desk unit is to do a total reset and lose all your data. Get it right or stop selling crappy products! Update: Now the graphs just have a big ! in the middle of them. Two more calls, passed on two more times, now passed off more more time to a Team “that looks at those kind of things”. My second trip there. . . The app has been updated twice since this first review! One more week if it’s not corrected, it’s back in the box and back to Costco! Update: still junk, calls not returned, now showing .79 for the month, year, and all total accumulation (down from the previous 5179 inches - they like the 79 thing). Fact is we have had a trace in the past month and none the month before. Is was semi accurate for a few days till the last update. Do they even have programmers? I’ve tried!


As with many others I am also having connection issues. I don’t think my weather data has updated since I installed it. Wi-Fi connection is up and down preventing updates from weather services. But I can change my background picture. The app should NEVER have been released to the public. I will not return the item to Costco over the app issue because the base unit seems to work well, except for wireless issues. I will wait for La Crosse to hire new techs who know how to resolve these issues and go back to the app later. It is a huge disappointment because I expected better quality from La Crosse. As you can see from the reviews and the fact they are at version 1.8 the wait for a useful app and system could be a while.

- Unit unreliable

This unit has a no ce look and great features Turned several friends on to purchase also. Unfortunately the unit is completely unreliable. Have to reset WiFi connectivity way too frequently. Also time does not automatically sync on time zone. Have to go through a complete reset sequence that does not always work. My WiFi network is rock solid. Everyone of my friends experiencing same exact issues. Be nice to have manufacturer release update to fix issues or send a replacement unit.


When I first got my weather station, it worked perfectly for he first two days. But now it’s stuck saying “NO CONNECT APP SERVER” and it won’t connect to be app no matter how many times I factory reset the weather station or reinstall the app. The app and weather station work fine when setting up and the weather station has no trouble connecting to NWS/NIST for the forecast, but it just won’t connect to the app for viewing the sensors or graphs. My guess is that La Crosse probably has issues with their server in the cloud that he weather stations connect to in order to transmit data back to our apps. I love everything else about the weather station, but the app connection needs a lot of work.

- La crosse technology weather station

Difficult to get app to sync with station but once connected can see indoor temp and humidity. Not yet sure in link will give accurate general forecast but I do like the appearance of the station and the way it has communication with the remote sensor even though that device is separated by two walls. I think I am quite pleased, be patient, I got mine as a Xmas gift and many people may have been trying to join the same time as I first tried but the next day things went smoothly.

- Good thermometer bad app

App worked for four days wonderfully. Then the fourth day it would say please add device. I would go to account to see if it was logged in and when I would touch account the app would crash! I uninstalled the app after multiple attempt and reinstalled it. The same thing would happen again! The way the app was working was great and wonderful but now this is terrible! I was going to buy a few more units to give to my friends and family but now my so sure I want to do that!

- Was a great app

I’ve had my La Crosse weather station for several months and everything, including the app, worked fine. Then there was an update for the app and the problems began. It used to update the weather data to the app every few minutes, now it “sometimes” doesn’t update for several hours. I have reset to the console, replaced batteries in all of the sensors and uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my iPhone. Nothing seems to fix the problem. I used the system to monitor the temperatures at my home while I was away so I could remotely make adjustments to the HVAC system. Now I can’t depend on the La Crosse weather station/app. I hope somebody from La Crosse reads this review and returns the app to the previous version so it will work dependably.

- Works well

I bought this unit about six months ago because I liked that I could monitor the temperature on my cellphone. So far, it has been working well with no problems. I downloaded the app and connected the system to my WiFi with no problems. I like to keep my house temperature at 77°F or less. The app alerts me when the outside temperature hits 76°F so I can open/close the windows and turn on/off my A/C when needed. It has help save me money on my electricity bill by not running my A/C at night when the temperature drops below 77°F. I have recommended that my neighbors do the same when I hear their A/C running at midnight and my weather station says that it is now 66°F. I still have my old weather station just to see how similar they report the temperatures....and they are always off just a few degrees. +/- But that doesn’t bother me. My con is that I cannot mount it just anywhere because I need to have an ac power source.

- Rain records

It has intermittent recording of rainfall. Not sure why this is. It used to have a rainfall totalizer showing weekly and monthly but that went away. This is what I’m most interested in. Update Customer service contacted me and they responded very quickly. They were very helpful and did resolve the current rainfall amount readings. They also explained that the weather station no longer provides monthly and yearly rain total. Happy with everything else about the unit but still hate that it doesn’t provide those readings. A+ Customer service.

- Great product in the beginning

Software “updates” have moved the product from a great device to a disappointing product. The historical data had minor problems in the original version have degraded into poor graphed results in the “current” window, text so small it is impossible to determine the low reading or the high reading. The graph shows the wrong time range, the one day setting and the week setting are totally useless. Too many problems to add in this arena.

- Last update killed app—please fix ASAP!

Worked fine until updated my app, now won’t pull any data from the sensors at all; and the weather display unit won’t allow me to access its features, but tells me to “check app”! So, this last update should’ve been tested better or something before release; because my overall weather station setup has been rendered almost useless. Winter Storm Gia is now underway, and I’d hoped to use my new weather station to monitor the conditions—oh well! I cannot toggle forecasts or pull any weather history, or anything—can only observe what’s happening at the exact second it’s happening, as shown on the weather display. Please fix ASAP!

- Works just as advertised.

Using iOS 11 on an iPhone X. This app works great. Shows all the info remotely from my weather station whether I am at home on WiFi or away on cellular. This app shows inside temp/humidity, outside temp/humidity, wind speed and rain gauge. Each view includes an hourly view, daily view, and weekly view. Has always worked just fine for me. Not sure why everyone else has so much trouble with it. Thanks lacrosse. And keep up the great work. Really enjoy your product, and the app that accompanies it.

- I Am God Of Weather

I don’t understand the low star ratings so many have given. Everything works as advertised. Slap in some batteries, plug in the main display, download the app, read the bar codes, mount your devices outside and... DONE! You can personalize your weather station, read every instrument remotely. Set the main display to flush out the micro weather with NWS real time weather and by golly you got yourself a rooting tooting full out weather station. What I’d like to see added, and it is not a problem because LaCrosse Tech didn’t promise my suggestions to start with is: 1. IP Camera 2. Wind direction 3. Hook up to weather underground. 4. Watch app. It may be possible to do these things and I just have to hit the manual harder. In any case I Love this WX Station. Great price at Costco. Don’t pay attention to the one and two star reviews. Running iOS 11.2 on iPhone X and iPad Pro 10.5.

- App & Multisensor

The app is limited to showing only one measurement at a time it should be able to show all 3 measurements on one screen in place of only going back into settings and selecting a device to monitor. Also, where’s the barometric pressure? It’s not on the multi-sensor at all, pretty disappointing. Nothing wrong with any of the units functionality just could have come with a barometer. I’m sure they can fix the app if enough complaints are received. Overall the missing barometer indicates the rating.

- Weekly data issues

Data issues seem to be intermittent again. Last weekend no data updates for hours reset everything to no avail. Then overnight it healed itself. Same thing going on now. No updates for over eight hours. The display is showing live data but nothing to the app. Getting old. A few other things. As I don’t live in monsoon region the rain data scale seems excessive. It should auto scale. They all should auto scale or be able to be set by the user.

- Good and bad

I have enjoyed the weather station, when it works properly. It will randomly go into test mode without any way to fix it and it will start beeping loudly on the middle of the night for no reason. I have no way to turn the beeping off or down without unplugging the unit, making it useless to even have. The pressure meter is constantly malfunctioning and giving false readings that aren’t even possible. Needless to say, I am becoming increasingly disappointed in the unit and am about ready to pitch it...only have had it for 4 weeks and had lots of issues. The “help desk” is very slow to respond and doesn’t actually do anything for fixing the issues.

- Not bad at all!

I don’t care what all the other reviews say. I’m having a great time! Personally I think the app works great! I’m just a 10-year-old kid! I think it’s pretty fun to see all those updates and stuff on my weather station. Setting up the breeze processor on my roof was also very very exciting! I’m hoping to soon expand my system soon. I will also post an update. Overall I do recommend getting this app (but only if you have any la Crosse items! Otherwise the app is useless!)

- Problem

We have had continued problems with our professional weather station since buying it just over a year ago. The latest problems involve the rain and wind gauges. I’ve left 3 messages now and still have heard nothing to help resolve the problems!!! I was contacted shortly after I had posted my problem Thank You!!! New sensors are on the way can’t wait to get it up and running!!!! Thank you Lacrosse for standing behind your products and solving my problems.

- App Needs Work

Less than 24 hours in so early to rate the devises. Connecting and install with App was super easy. But pretty disappointed with the phone app past install. I expected the app to show a dash exactly like the table top monitor that came with the system. The App read the barcode so it has the device info to replicate. Even as is the minimal info available via the app for each devise is disappointing. The pics in the preview show all devices on a single vertical scroll within the app. Can’t get that view with my version of the app loaded yesterday. The 2 stars is for ease of set up, device labels, alerts, ect. Ongoing I don’t see the app being very useful.

- Annoyed customer

Update: Bought a new weather station, same thing happened with disconnecting from WiFi. Station itself is good, the app side is totally useless just like their customer service. The theory behind these weather station is wonderful. They are good systems, the app is a total joke. They seem more interested in pimping new products on the help page versus assisting in trouble shooting. The contact page never gets a response, I sent 3 emails over a month period and still have not heard back. If they could give a real help page with solutions and a more intuitive way to delete sensors from the console/app and add new ones that would make this a 5 star set up. I guess it will be what it is, can be hopeful.

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La Crosse View iphone images
La Crosse View iphone images
La Crosse View iphone images
La Crosse View iphone images
La Crosse View iphone images
La Crosse View iphone images
La Crosse View iphone images

La Crosse View (Version 1.82.16) Install & Download

The applications La Crosse View was published in the category Weather on 2017-08-25 and was developed by La Crosse Technology [Developer ID: 954990846]. This application file size is 72.22 MB. La Crosse View - Weather app posted on 2020-10-14 current version is 1.82.16 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.lacrosse.WDSensor

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